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Friday, April 28, 2017

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 32

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at Focus

Our numbers for 2016 are:

Total of pregnancy tests were:   152

Not Pregnant were:   127    

Pregnant were:   25

Clients that came into Focus Pregnancy Center were :   3,248

2016 was a very busy year!!!!!

When I arrived at Focus there was Martha & Frank & Linda were in the center. Frank was waiting for me to give him money for the pac'n plays that we can get from our $500.00 Grant from the Diocese of Rochester.  Praise God!!  Later on he came back with three pac'n plays & we can buy four more.  So happy :))  I received a call yesterday form a mom who is scheduled for a
C-Section on January 10th, & she needed one for her new baby, now she can get one.  Thank You Diocese of Rochester!!!!

Linda S. cam & we talked for a short time then back to work.  She vacuumed & Martha helped Frank take out the trash!!  I was in the office doing my work..  Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative & she was instructed about abstinence.  Was receptive.  
It was a good day  :))


Wednesday, January 4, 2016 at Focus

What a day!  First I noticed, when I was driving in the parking area, that he had blocked the opening with a huge recyclable trash can & two city cones but I got through.  Martha came just a few minutes after me & she got through. Lynda came & she got through.  Then later on he put huge tree branches at the entrance/exit & blocked us in the lot.  Not sure why!!  Lynda placed the branches to the left of the entrance & got out, when she left. When Neyoka came to drop off some donations she said "there are tree branches at the entrance of the lot across the street".  He did it again!! Later on I went out with Martha & we put the many large tree branches to the end of the lot. Where he got these things I don't know.  I will probably call the police tomorrow if he continues this bad behavior.  Thanks city of Rochester for not helping wrong.

We have three precious baby's born!!  Lynda called & was successful today in reaching our clients!!
1. Baby boy Remy was born on June 26, 2016 & baby was 6 lbs. 15 oz..  Mother & son are doing well & will come into Focus if needed.

2. Baby boy Xavier was born on August 5th., 2016 & was 5lbs. 11oz..    
Mother & son are doing well.  
           3. Baby girl Nileidys was born on December 8th., 2016 was 7 lbs. 6 oz..            
          Mother & daughter are doing well. 

Tim S. came in with lots of toys & things for the clients & put them in the front room.  After he had left a woman & boy came in all upset.  She had just lost her job.  I gave her our Job Description newspaper & other information to help her get another job.  Her son took the huge toy that Tim just brought in for our client's children.  Hope all goes well for her.

A pregnant woman came in & told us that her husband was in jail & she was having her boyfriend's baby, again.  She is a Mormon.  I did tell her the truth about her situation & strongly suggested that she Repents.  She gave me a hug when she left.....  Hopefully she will Repent.

We had a drop off from a mom.  We appreciate all doantions.

We had a mother with her four daughters come in & we spoke about having a Muriel on the wall of Our Lady of Gaudelope.  She has to have surgery in February & will recover & will come to do the painting, hopefully in March.

Thursday, January 5, 2016 at Focus

What a day!!!  I was at Staples purchasing things for Focus when I received a call as I was leaving the store.  It was John from the City. He asked me to write a letter to the owner of the building across the street asking for permission to park there, it would be better coming from me.  He said that he would email me hi address.  He said the the owner still owes back taxes.  I said that I was going to park there until I heard back from him & he said "okay".   I said "thank you & good bye" & hung up the phone.  As I was in Tops now buying things for Focus the phone rang again & I picked up the phone & it was Martha.  I said "what is it Martha" & she told me.  She said that our Landlady called & said that we couldn't park across the street because he had paid hi taxes & the City no longer owns the property.  What I said back.  I told her that I just got off the phone with John form the City & he told me different.  Paid parking on the street again  :(((  I was heart broken.  I finished my shopping & went to Focus & Frank was there to get the bags out of my car.  I then parked on Windsor St. & put quarters in the slot.  Here we go again !! 

I then went into Focus & greeted Martha & Frank.  She made lunch & we ate it almost. The doorbell rang & a young girl & guy came in & said that Mike told them to come to Focus. Martha asked if they were at Planned Parenthood & she said "yes".  I asked her what she needed & she said " a pregnancy test". I looked at Martha & asked if she would assist the client with one.  She said "yes".  The client then asked for coffee & I smiles & said "we are a pregnancy center dear".  Martha made strong coffee & the client, Frank & Martha had some.  I noticed that the young man had taken a brochure for the table on Post Abortion for Males & I asked him if he had lost a child through abortion. He said "no".  i was glad to have heard his answer.  The pregnancy test was Positive & I gave them lots of literature & DVD's to take with them.  I suggested marrying the mother of his child.  We'll see.  I walked outside to give her Breast Feeding literature & she was grateful.  Martha later told me that he asked if we take donations & she said "yes" & he said that he will bring some of his children's things to us.  So maybe they won't get married  :((

Martha said that our Landlady told her on the phone that the neighbors call the City every other day to complain about Focus & they are working (something) to get us out of here.  The man next door even goes into Planned Parenthood & complains about us. About what I don;t know for we aren't doing anything wrong.  We are upping the anti & praying for the neighbors even more  :))  Maybe Harassment charges in the future or a letter in the City Newspaper or Fox News report, maybe a Petition of thousand client s for the City to look at.  Just behave dear neighbors for we're not going anywhere!!!!

Linda came in & Jackie also to help us today.  Kathryn is not feeling well & Barb was to busy to come.  She had three Funerals this week.  Mike M. came in & took my picture while I was in the office on the phone, which is not nice because I take bad pictures.  He's getting ready to film two mothers with baby saving testimonies.  Yeah!!  He gave me a nice hug as he left.  

We had a huge donation from R.A.I.N. & she brought many BIG things for our clients. The Main Room is full.  It will go quickly though.  Nice things......
I received a call from a young girl & she asked for a pac'n play & I asked her who referred her to us & she said Catholic Family Services.  I said that she could come in & receive one.  Frank had earlier went out to WalMart & bought three more pac'n plays for our clients through the Grant money from the Diocese of Rochester.   She later came in & I asked how old is the baby & she said "1 years old".  I told her that that was the age of the child that leaves the pac n' play & it would probably not work out for her child.  I asked where her child was sleeping & she said "with me".  I said that that was not a good idea & Martha suggested that she buy a crib mattress & put it on the floor for her child.   She said "okay" & left.  About 10 minutes later I received a phone call from the Social Worker saying that the client said that we refused to give her one.  I said that that wasn't the case & we talked.  Apparently this client has many problems & that the pac'n play would solve some & her baby is a little baby & would fit into the pac'n play, so I said "okay she can certainly have one then". The Social Worker was very grateful.  A man came to pick it up about 30 minutes later.  He was nice.  All worked out well with more information.  A Stressful Day!!!
We have seen 40 people, in 2017!!!  Another busy year perhaps :)))



Tuesday, January 10, 2016 at Focus

I arrived at Focus later today for I stayed at my apartment waiting for the UPS man to come to deliver my brochures.  I was told that he would come around 1:15 pm today but didn't.   I did a couple of errands & went to Focus. Martha called me while I was driving so I stopped at the side of the road & put my flashers on & talked to her.  She was by herself & I told her that I was on my way.  When I arrived there were two women & three young children in the room.  I went to move my car across the street & there was Frank putting in quarters in the meter.  He came to help us out today.  He did a lot of work. I did tell the women not to take to much & they said "okay".  

I was at my desk & I heard the voice of Sarah.  She went to France during Christmas time to be a Godmother of her husband's sister.  They also had fun with the family.  Little Helen was with her & now she is talking more & walking more too.  Sooooo cute!!!  Sarah did the Thank You letters & Martha was thankful.  

Frank came into the office saying that a girl wanted a pregnancy test.  So I got things ready & let her into the office.  She just stood in front of me saying "Do you do Adoptions"?  I said you know that you are pregnant?  She said that she hadn't had a period in two months.  I said that we will talk after the test. It was Positive.  She then told me that she has had two abortions.  I asked what religion she was & she said "Catholic but I haven;t been to church is a very long time".  I gave her a Rosary & a brochure on the Church & How to Make a Good Confession.  I did tell her that she soul was in jeopardy of going to Hell & we did also care about that.  I gave her St. Stanislaus Church address & phone number & Confession time.  I hope & pray that she will go.  I asked if she wanted an ultrasound appointment & she said "yes" so I called Embracing Options & made an appointment for next week.  

I had asked if Gene would send me the Focus Newsletter on line & he did. Looks great!!!


              Wednesday, January 11, 2016 at Focus

Thank God so far this week we're not having any problem with the man, across the street, in the parking space.  I hope it continues. 

When I got into Focus there was Martha & I saw Gabriella & her friend Minnie working, for home school credit.  How nice was this!   They were terrific & such a help & it was so good to see Martha sitting in a chair relaxing  :))  Yeah!!

The first client that came in & told Martha & I that she got a job at the hospital because of us.  We have job hunting pamphlet on our table & she took it & called & was interviewed & got the job. Terrific!

I called over to Embracing Options to ask if our client that came Thursday with her boyfriend who was going to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test which they don't do on Thursday cause they kill babies on this day. Mike V. led them to us at Focus.  I was told that she just showed us, she was 2 hours late, but there was a doctor available so they were getting her ready for the ultrasound & will call me back later.  I said "thank you"  & hung up.  About an hour later I received a call back & was told that she was too early & they couldn't see the baby.  They repeated the pregnancy test which was still Positive so they rescheduled her to come back in two weeks.  Praise God!  I asked Rita, at Embracing Options, for her correct phone number so I could reach her, in the future.  She gave us an incorrect phone number.....girls  :((

Mike came in & showed me the design of the new sign for the window that faces Planned Parthood which reads 'Free Pregnancy Tests'.  Then our Landlady came in to see the changes & we got to talk today for awhile which pleased me.  Frank came to help us today too.

I had soooo much to do in the office today & my head is spinning.  

I got to meet Minnie's father & brother today as he was picking up his daughter.  A nice man & he gave us a large monetary donation, for our work, at Focus.  How nice was that !!!

It was a productive day!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017 at Focus

What a day before I even got here!!  I received an email from Jay from Pregnancy Help News & he wants to do a phone interview about Focus & our problems with some of the neighbors.  I scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm.  Then I received a call from Martha saying that she had called 911 to report the neighbor who lives across the street were we park.  He had a message for us in his window & Martha was upset.  Two police cars came driving down University with their sirens on & talked with Martha. They said that they could not do anything unless we have written permission to park there.  Then if he misbehaved he could be arrested.  Okay!!  Back to square one.  We both parked on the street today & I took a picture of the window with the sign which you couldn't read.  Martha must have good eyes.  She was upset which upsets me.  We try to resolve problem quickly, if we can.  Sometimes not.  This man who lives there is so unreasonable & unkind.  Go figure  :((

Frank came in & I gave him cash for a new pac'n play which he bought & brought in to the center.  Thanks Frank  :))

All of a sudden two young people came into the center & Martha was talking to them,  I went out to assist her.  They asked for a pregnancy test.  Martha brought the young girl into the room & I stayed out with the young man who was so nervous.  Then the girl came walking out so quickly saying to the boy "come on lets go".  I stood there perplexed because she didn't have the pregnancy test done yet.  I talked to them for a few minutes & she went back into the room to complete the paperwork which she didn't want to fill out earlier.  Her boyfriend went in to help her with the Intake Form.  I did have a chance to talk to him earlier & he said that he wish he didn't do it.  I was concerned for the baby if she is pregnant which thank God wasn't.  Martha & I gave them lots of brochures to educate them.  I caught him praying when she was in the bathroom......good idea son!
A young girl came into the center & said "it smells good in here". Martha was already cooking the sausage for our supper early.  She had huge gold colored earrings on.  I said to her "are you with someone"/ & she replied "my mother is coming".  "Okay" I said back. A few minutes later a woman came in with a big belly & I asked her when she was due & where she was parked & I heard her mumble under her breath "so many questions".  She walked into the Material Aid Room & I followed her saying "that was disrespectful of me when I asked you where you are parked for we are having trouble with our neighbors & I don;t want you to get a $50.00 ticket.  Everything is free here & we want to help you".  "you hurt my feelings" I lastly said. She said "You hurt my feeling doesn't that count".  I said back "asking you were you are parked shouldn't have" & I walked away.  She later apologized & said "thank You" a couple of times.   As she was leaving I said "your pregnant & your hormones are on a ramp page go & have a nice day".  I did see that a man was in the car, parked at the front door without his flashes on.  So I went out side & asked him to move up a little further & to put his flasher lights on, which he did.  Just trying to help. 
Someone put a trash can next to our stairs.  A big green trash can with tree branches popping out.  I tried to check who left it there on camera but I couldn't at this time fine the culprit.  So much to do<<

Martha looked tired I am starting to worry about her a little.  Then two young girls came in asking where was Planned Parenthood?  Martha asked why.  I came out & said "to kill your baby".  "Yes" she said back. Martha said "no come on in the other room & we can talk".  "No I have to be there before they close", she replied.  How horrible was this event.  She said that she was to young to have a baby & wanted an abortion.  I said "you want to do this to your body"?  I showed her a picture of an abortion, to which she said, "how awful".  Then it came to our intention that she needed a pregnancy test & so Martha gave her one which was Positive.  She said that she would not have an abortion but refused an ultrasound .  I said that she could call me to schedule one when she was ready.  Her girlfriend agreed & said that she was a virgin.  I said "please remain that way until you get married".  I handed them a Truth packet & all the DVD's I could give them.  Amen!!

It was a rough day!!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, January 17, 18 & 19, 2017 at Focus 

I am doing this way because so much happened these three days that it is hard to remember everything each day so I am doing it this way this time. 

We had this happen:

A Positive  pregnancy test of a young girl who is immature.  We couldn't get her to talk & she refused the ultrasound, which worried us.  She came back the next day with two girl friends & I still couldn't get through.  I asked if she was still pregnant & she said "why are you asking me this.....yes"  Thank God!!  I told her to come back to Focus again.  We will call her next Tuesday.  Hopefully Sr. Nancy, at the 'What's Next' program got through.  We all care!!!

We had another Positive pregnancy test.  She was not abortion minded which relieved us.  I scheduled her for an ultrasound.  I helped her to come back to the Catholic Church & gave her
Fr, Mickey's phone number.  She was grateful.  She seemed happy!

Another Positive pregnancy test & our client was scared & wanted an ultrasound done right away.  I asked Embracing Options if she could come the next day for an ultrasound.  I received a call back & I was told that Dr. Karen said "yes" & I told our nervous client that she could go at 11:45 am.  She was relieved.  I was told the next day that she was there real early & is 4 months pregnant.  She has a Social Worker helping her for she is alone.

A young girl had a Negative pregnancy test & didn't fill out the Intake Sheet properly & refused all literature.  She was a rape survivor so I told her my story.......I hope it helped her be at peace.  She is not alone!!

I just had the police over today to report something stolen, from our bathroom, a white wicker towel shelf with three shelves.   We have her on film taking it.  I had a DO NOT TAKE!  on it.  So much going on at Focus!!  I called the police & she came to Focus.  As we were talking the woman called me saying that she took it & wanted to return it.  The police said it was to late, for there will be a Warrant out for her Arrest.  So when she receives the paper please come in right away.  They hung up.  After she left I received a call from Officer Katie saying that they can't find her in the system so we needed her birthday & we don't have it, so they couldn't issue a warrant.  Oh no!!  I called the worker who needed 8 hours of Community Service & stole our property & told her she will not be arrested & to return our property back.  She called later & told me that she knew what she did was wrong & returned our shelf.  I told her that we will be praying for her & that she needs help & not to ever come back to Focus again.  I said "good bye & God bless".  I feel badly for her & her newborn baby.  I felt sick seeing her on camera stealing our property.  I felt betrayed for Martha & I were out back, on the porch, taking out the trash to made her move.  How sad!!!

It was a tough week but a good week too :(((  :)))


 Sunday, January 22, 2017

Roe V. Wade day

I attended the Pro Life Mass celebrated by our Bishop Matano, at Holy Apostles Church.  It was a Spanish / English Mass on Roe v. Wade day......44 yeas & 59 million babies killed since 1973.  How horrible!!
When I returned home I received a call from my stepsister that her father my stepfather, Fred Lang, had died this morning, in peace.  The Mass is going to be at Guardian Angels  Catholic Church on Wednesday at 10 am.  I gave her my condolence & told her that I will be there.  May he Rest in Peace!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at Focus

I brought in many bags of donations from my car with Frank helping me.  Then the clients came in & we were busy.  I asked Sara when she came in later on with her sweet 18 month old daughter Helen to call our pregnant clients to see how they were doing.  Two were scheduled for ultrasounds & only one answered the phone & said she was coming for her ultrasound appointment tomorrow.  The rest of the clients had bad phone but she did leave messages on some phones. It is so frustrating!!

I asked Martha to call three girls that we are worried about having abortions & she got hold of only one of them.  This woman said that she was planning on aborting her child & even went over to Planned Parenthood but changed her mind.......thank God!!!  She was happy we called her & we worked on making an appointment for her to have an ultrasound tomorrow at Compass Care.  We were so glad to hear that she will not have an abortion  :))
It was generally a good day!!!

 Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at Focus

Martha came & picked me up to take me to the Mass for my stepfather Fred Lang who did died of old age on Sunday.  I knew it would be difficult for I haven't seen my family in awhile. Sad, but it usually doesn't work out when we are together.  A greatly dysfunctional family which is heart breaking.  M adopted sister which is my sister's daughter through a rape & her husband Alex & her son & daughter were there.  My biological sister, who was the victim of rape was not there & her family.  So sad.  I wish they would get out of DENIAL!!!  I gave my stepsister my condolence & told her to cry as much as she likes.  She said she would. 

I arrived at Focus & Martha & Frank were there.  I had gone after the Funeral Mass to Tops to get more things for Focus.  Then Linda W. came & worked in the Layette Room for awhile.  Team Work  :))  

I t was a little after 3 pm that the girls form Elim came to assist us here at Focus....they worked hard.  Then Donna & her two children came into the office to surprise me which it did for I haven't see Dona since last summer.  She still looks great!!  Then Mike came in to get the Mega phone form me for the March for Life on Friday.  They both are going !!!!
It was a well talked out time about our new President & pro life issues.  It was wonderful to hear.  Donna got some pro life signs to take with her & the girls & she called her husband & he said that he now can go!!  Yeah!!  Mike took the mega phone & I gave him a hug & he was gone.  I can't wait to watch the March for Life on Friday!!!  Martha's coming over to watch with me  :))

Earlier I received a call from Embracing Options saying that one of our ultrasound clients had had a Ectopic Pregnancy so she didn't go, of course.  Our other client did go with her boyfriend & they both were happy!!  Good news there.  

Thursday, January 26, 2017 at Focus

I arrived at Focus at 12:10 pm today.   Martha was happy for she was alone.  I asked who the girls were with signs standing on the sidewalk if they were on our side or the other side.  I was sad to hear that they were on the opposite side spreading their lies that killing babies was their right.  I went in to the center to start my work.  We saw many clients again today & we are so happy about that.  Barb our Landlady came in a little later & we talked about the Historic Society pow wow at the City Hall next Wednesday at 6 pm.  Barb called our Attorney Mary Aramini & she will represent us at the hearing.   Thanks Mary.  The neighbors don;like our 'Free Pregnancy Tests' sign in our inside window.  Poor souls!!  They keep trying to persecute us.  We are bad for Planned Parenthood's business...yeah!!!
I Texted one of our clients who is pregnant & was thinking of having an abortion & she will call Compass Care to make an Ultrasound appointment for Monday.  I was glad I know how to Text.....

Elizabeth came in to Focus to assist today nice young lady.  She asked Fr. Jim Pastor at St. Joseph's Parish & he said that she can have a diaper & formula campaign at the church in February.   Great!!  Barb, our client, came in to help us today too.  It was a good day!!!

I was in the office for most of the afternoon doing my work......never done!

Tomorrow is the 'March for Life' !!!  
Check out:
Martha is coming over to my apartment to watch it all day. Can't wait  :))

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at Focus

I parked in front of Focus & put my flasher lights on to take the formula & diapers that I just bought at Tops market when I saw the neighbor from across the street taking a picture of our back porch with our 4 cans placed neatly right next to each other......I am a neat freak!! I told him that he could go up the stairs to take a better picture & he just walked passed me with a irritating look on his face.  I did say 'hello" & he did answer back to me but I think he was not happy.  He walked to the side of the building to take more pictures but to my knowledge there are no problem there.  But unhappy people can create something out of nothing.  He mentioned tomorrow when our neighbors will attend the Historical Building Preservation meeting in City Hall at 6 pm to proclaim their complaints.  Should go well.  

Before I parked for the afternoon I asked Martha why she wasn't parking across the street. She said that the parking lot was filled with cars & they were showing the apartment building.  The lady with the baby & her husband waived & I waived back & asked them if they were thinking of buying the building & she said "yes".  Great I responded back.  The one man came up to me & I asked if we could park there & he said "yes" I thanked him & went & got my car & pulled in to  park for free.  Thank you Lord!!  Martha latter on moved her car in the free space.  Yeah!! 

Frank was inside Focus helping nice was that.  He went to the store to get us vacuum filters & then vacuumed.  How nice was that again!!

Jackie came in to help us & then Mike Mc Bride came in to take more pictures for tomorrow.  We are well prepared....

Some clients came in & Martha & Jackie helped them for what they needed.  Our Focus Fundraiser meeting will be tonight at 5 pm. Christine has some good ideas!!  

It was a good day!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at Focus  
(Linda's car accident)

Martha & I were at Focus for a couple of hours before we got help. Lynda is sick today.  Brittany came to put things away & then the four Elm Bible Students came to assist us with all the donations that Neyoka brought in yesterday.  It went well.  I worked mostly in the office.  We have our City Hall session tonight & the neighbors are trying to take our 'Free Pregnancy Test' sign down inside our window.  Barb wants to make it 6 inches shorter. As long as the girls can see it from across the street & come to Focus for help.  We want to save babies!!!

Martha did a pregnancy test of a 15 year old girl & her two friends were thinking she's pregnant but she wasn't.  Her girlfiend's baby is named Love.  Martha taught some abstinence teaching but I don't know if it registered for she is so young & is a victim. She has had an abortion, her mother made her.  For this is her mother's sin, of murder.  This society is so evil & teaching the wrong things to young girls.  Where are the good parents.  Scary!!  My heart aches!!!  
Linda W. called & told me that after she left, one day in December 2016, she had a car accident up the street by Wendy's & it was her fault.  The woman got out of her car saying "now I can get a new car"......Linda thought that was odd.  Now she's being sued.  Lord have mercy!!   Linda is so nice a woman & was concerned about the woman she hit.  No one went to the hospital or the ambulance was called.  People are for themselves now.  How sad!



 Thursday, February 2, 2017 at Focus

Lost our case!
We lost!!  I was told last night that the neighbors had a deal with the Historical Society Board that if we get the awning with the words FOCUS PREGNANCY CENTER we cannot have any signs in the window or on the front door......I am so upset!!!  But we won that the A-Frame the City said we could have just so that it doesn't infringe on the people on the sidewalk.  No problem so we will have the A-Frame sing by the corner on the property with all our signs from the front door on it.  It looks awful but it is informative.  Mike has order 2 more A-Frames withe word on it saying 'FREE PREGNANCY TEST' with my phone number at the bottom. Should work!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at Focus

It was a very hectic day.  When I arrived Martha & Frank were here also there were four young girls that were sent by their school for credit.  They were kept busy & so was Frank.  There was so much to do & it makes me nervous.  I checked the camera & saw that there was a man all in black with a hat on walking a white small dog who took our sign down two days in a row.  Latter on Kevin, from Doyle Security, came & caught him on a Sunday morning doing the same thing.  Our Landlady told me that I couldn't put the two pictures that were taken of his crime on the A-Frame to catch him.  She said that she will check in the neighborhood to find him.  Okay!!  

Sarah & her little daughter Helen came to help us out.  I asked if Sarah would write our Thank You letters & she did. Jackie didn't come today, her father-in-law is deadly sick. I am sure she is with him.  Lynda came in at 4, & called some of our pregnant clients, to see how they were doing.  We have one client going for an ultra sound tomorrow & she said that she will go.  

The angry man across the street came into Focus & complained that we are parking in the parking across the street, which he does not own.  I walked over to the parking lot & confronted him & his roommate.  The one was becoming nasty so I asked why are they treating us like this,  The money for the meters is being used for babies why is that a problem?  I then mentioned that they cannot Tow our cars because they have no contract with a company or a sign.  He said here is the sign behind the bushes & it was blank, it was so old.  I told him that he wasn't paying any rent & he said that he came from work.  Okay. He said "just move your cars now" & I said "no" & walked back to Focus.  He hollowed something but I didn't care.  Our Landlady told me when I returned back in the room that the building across the street is considered vacant & is For Sale.   Just leave us alone....will ya!!!!

Wednesday & Thursday, February 8 & 9, 2017 at Focus

Our A-Frame sign was down, on the ground, again.  I called 311 & I was told that it was NOT a crime to touch our sign.  What!!!  This means that the neighbor can do whatever he wants to do to OUR sign & it's okay???  Later on I put his picture on the sign but it probably won't change a thing.  It didn't. 
Our new sign is coming on Monday & we'll see what happens.......again!!!

We had a client come in & wanted a pregnancy test but couldn't give Martha a specimen.   She said to me "I can't pee so I'll be taking the pregnancy test home with me"  I said "no, just come back another time".  She had a ride waiting for her & she left quickly.  I latter sent her a letter for a correct phone number.  Hope she calls me with it. 

My heart goes out to our clients in need & so does the team of faithful workers that I am blessed with.  Thank you Lord!!!

We had the Elim Bible Institute students come in to help us. They worked hard & we appreciate them.  

I received a call back from Barb S., from Project Rachel, regarding me getting help with the loss of family members by abortion.  It's time!!!!!!!  
Pain & heartache is no fun!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at Focus
St.Valentine's Day!!
Took our A-Frame sign down today!

What a day!  Just before I got to Mass at noon I received a phone call from Tim saying that the alarm was not on when he came into Focus to drop off some donations.  I said that I would check it out when I get there.  A few minutes later on he called me again & said that the office door was slightly open.  "What"!!  I said back. I went to Mass with a heavy heart & gave it to the Lord.

I arrived a Focus after Mass & Agnes was there delivering paper products for us.  How nice was that!  Also, there were two clients that came in for assistance. I hurried in & saw that Tim had locked the office back door, He didn't put the alarm back on which was okay.  I called Kevin, from Doyle Security, to see if he would check the cameras which he did later on & found that Ney had not shut the office door after taking out the trash & thus the alarm would not go on which she thought that it did.  I spoke with her latter on  & she said that she will be more careful in the future.  Okay!

Martha came & then her ex came in & he helped us again!  Later on Fred came in to help us too. What a team!!   Our front door was covered with snowy salt & it looked awful.  Fred cleaned it up & it looks good.  A little while latter Paul came in & asked if he could do our windows, I had to say "no Paul we are good".  I didn't have any money to give him anyways.  All is well.
I was in the office when I heard a man talk to Martha & I went out to the Main Room to see what it was all about.  His name is Carl Clifford & he is the Code Enforcement Officer in Rochester, NY..  He told us that the neighbors have complained that they do not like our A-Frame & so it has to come down.  We are in the Historic  Preservation Section of the City & there are different codes in this neighborhood.  WHAT!!  They even want us to stop doing pregnancy tests...."no way" I said.  He was a nice man that I could talk to but I was not happy to what he was saying. He understood.  He even asked for the '10 Commandments' that we pass out to our clients as they leave.  Like I said he was a reasonable man.  I later on called our attorney to tell her of our situation & got pictures of the mishaps in the neighborhood. This is soooooo evil & sad!!!  I went home very upset & sad. I went to my Holy Hour & gave it to the Lord!!!  Amen!!  He'll take care of this problem.  I will continue to pray for their souls.  
Linda  W. worked in the Layette Room &  Lynda H. put away donations & Sarah & her toddler daughter Helen, came in to help us with writing 'Thank You' notes ( NOT HER DAUGHTER).  Lynda treated us to a supper from Wendey's & we had a good talk.   Thank you Lord for taking care of us!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at Focus

As I was driving to Mass at noon & the cell phone rang.  I saw that it was Neyoka so I pulled over to the plaza & called her back.  She told me that Nicole had texted her that she was not at the address that she gave us but at the other address now.  Okay!!  I called Carol & thank God she was still there at her office & she wrote down where she was to go.  It all worked out for I received a text from Nicole while I was at Mass. Thank God!!

I got to Focus & Agnes was there in the front dropping off paper products.  I was grateful to her for her donations & her kindness.  I told her about the signs & she said that she will continue to pray for us....thank you!

Martha came & a few minutes later Frank came too.  He is a BIG help!  Focus is looking good  :))

It was busy & I was in the office when Martha's phone rang. It was for me so she handed me the phone.  The man said "Mary this is Fr. Leone calling".  I said "oh, hello Fr. Leone what can I do for you".  He told me.  There is a young girl who is pregnant & her grandmother is trying to talk to her about NOT having an abortion & is having some difficulty with her & she asked me if I would call her to get her help.  After a long conservation with the grandmother I said that I would call her (Elizabeth) to tell her about the Focus Pregnancy Center.  After I hung up I did call Elizabeth & talked with her for a short time & invited her to the center.  She said that she will try to come tomorrow. She said that she had a Strep Throat & didn't take the medication for it made her sick so I suggested that she goes to the Emergency Room to take care of herself & her baby.  I talked to her about life & she sounded good.  No hang ups or bad talk,  I only hope & pray that she will continue to 'choos life'!!  Her grandmother told me that someone at the Urgent Care told her to go to Wortman's for an abortion.  He killed two family members of mine.........  What was this medical person thinking??????

Memo came & worked on the paperwork for the Post Office for Focus mailing for our fundraiser in April.  He is so mice & helpful.  The only thing was that I told him most of my life story in 10 minutes.......thanks for listening Memo.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017 at Focus

It was a semi busy day I had a lot to do in the office & Martha had a lot to do in the Material Aid Room.  There were many bags to empty.  Fred & Frank came to help & help they did,
Frank put up shelves on the wall so know we have a literature rack!!  Yeah!!

The phone rang a lot so I was kept busy.  Martha had been out on the front lines earlier & came in & was so cold.  We had Elizabeth & her friend Erin to help us & I asked for some help in the office.  

Mike came in to tell us of the celebration at Annunciation Church at the end of February for the Mass for our two Rochester Martyrs who died trying to save the Holy Eucharist during a fire at St. Philip Neri's Church 50 years ago. Should be great!!!  It was a good day :))

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at Focus

It was a good productive day, for we had lots of help!!! Frank & Fred came in to do men's work & there was a lot for them to do & they did a great job!! Then came Jackie & she did so much & then came Sarah & her little daughter Helen & then came Lynda.  They all worked so hard doing what needed to be done.  I was in the office, most of the afternoon, doing my much to do! It was a good day at Focus!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at Focus

I came to Focus after Mass & then came Frank to help us.  Martha came soon after & then came full of angry Fred.  It was a good team.  They did their projects.

I haven't heard from my attorney or Carol's attorney yet so I decided to take more neighborhood pictures with my cell phone camera.  A house on Windsor is a mess & so on.
We called Mr. Clifford up again & he suggested for us to talk to the neighbors before reporting them to the City.....we'll see.  You really can't through liberals.  I'll wait.

The Elim Bible Institute students came & finished up all the work left to do,  Unfortunately they got a parking ticket on Windsor.  Focus paid for it......bumper!!

I called Embracing Options to see if Elizabeth showed up for her ultrasound. She did & it was to early to see her precious baby.  So she made an appointment for 2 weeks to come back for another ultrasound.  I was told she still didn't make up her mind for an abortion. She was well instructed by the counselor there at Embracing Options.  The three Elim girls & Martha & I & our client Karen prayed that she will choose life!!!

Karen our client asked if she could volunteer at Focus a couple days a week until she can go back to work.  She is in remission of her lung cancer.  I said "yes"!!!!

A mother came in & needed size 5 diapers for her triplets.  Nice lady!!

Christina came in & brought her 1 month old baby daughter Linda Roseanne. She is sooooo cute.  Christina said that they will do the surgery in one month for her Thyroid cancer.  She cannot be around her family for one week.  I said that I hope it goes fast.  It was great seeing Christina again  !!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at Focus

I was at Tops Market this morning & I decided to call Martha, at Focus, to ask her if had made a salad for supper tonight for Rob was going to eat with us. She said that she did & then she said "guess what's in the window"?  I answered "the Free Pregnancy Test sign".  "Yes" was Martha's reply. Oh Martha !!  I knew what was ahead & it came to pass.  When I arrived at Focus we talked & then I received a phone call from our landlady asking if I was at Focus to which I replied that I was & then she said sternly "take down the sign from the window".  I gave the phone to Martha & they talked for about 10 minutes & I reached out my arm & took the phone & spoke with our landlady for another 10 minutes. Nothing was accomplished much but more frustration, for me, to be sure!!!!!!

Tuesday February 28, 2017 at Focus

When I arrived at the center Martha & Frank were already there.  Frank did some work then he put a rope on two signs & put on his shoulders.  One of the signs read "FREE PREGNANCY TESTS' & the other read 'LET YOUR BABY LIVE' & went outside & walked in front of our center up & down for more then 3 hours.  When he came in he said that a neighbor came up to him saying "you cannot do this there is an agreement".  Frank said back "I will be doing this until Christmas, so leave me alone".  The man walked away.
He said that he got some good honks & it felt good doing this.  I agree!!!!

We had a lot of help but few clients.  I think it's because of the no signs on the door or in the window.  On client called me asking if we were open & she was parked across the street.  How sad!!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at Focus

Ash Wednesday

Martha & I went to Mass to receive our Ashes on our forehead & then went to Focus. Frank & Fred came about 10 minutes later & so did Linda & our client Barb.  Later on we had the three Elim Bible Students come to help us too.  There is so much to do but our center is certainly looking better  :))

Our landlady called & asked if all is well & I told her my sad story she will be coming in tomorrow.  Neighbor problems are no fun  :((

I called Embracing Options to see how our client did with her ultrasound.  she did well & is due in October.  I am so worried about so many clients that they will have an abortion......I pray that they won't.

Neyoka came in to drop off donations from A Second Thought Resale Shoppe & she told me that a client came in for diapers & formula & told her that she was heading to Planned Parenthood for an abortion.  WHAT!!!  Neyoka told her that she will keep her items until she comes back to get them.  She did & told Neyoka that she was to far along.  I know that they gave her Wortman;s number the abortionist in Brighton that does second term abortions. She took the phone number & will call her later tonight.  Also, another client who I was called by Fr. L. & her grandmother is worrying me.  Also two other clients one who is young & the other had an abortion after a rape & wants to get pregnant now.  So much going on!!!


Thursday, March 3, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!!   Before I arrived at the center I received a phone call from a reporter Charles Malineaux, at Channel 10, asking if he could do an interview at Focus Pregnancy Center, tomorrow at 12:30 pm.  I said "yes, of course". Our benefactor, James who is a lawyer, called me telling me that a reporter will be calling me regarding a story about the Gates Knights of Columbus giving us a donation from the Friday Fish dinners, at St. Jude's church, during Lent.  This is wonderful I thought.  I called a couple of people so I hope that they will be hear tomorrow.  One of our volunteers was adamant that she doesn't want to be on TV, I don't blame her for I don't want to be on TV either.  We'll see!!! The General Manager & Vice President, of Channel 10, his wife, Dr. Karen, will be talking at our next Focus Fundraiser in April!! Thank you Lord!!

Another fantastic thing that happened before I arrived at Focus was that Miss E., who I wasn't sure was going to have an abortion, IS NOT!!! Praise God!!! Embracing Options called me to tell me that she had called our client & she talked with her for awhile & Miss E. will be coming for her ultrasound next Wednesday.  Yeah!!   Good so far today!

I arrived to see that Frank was already hear with Martha who is always hear early on Thursdays.  He was rearing to go.  He worked so hard & got so much done. Thank you Frank!
Barb, our client, came & told us that she will be caring for her newborn daughter, who was just born a couple of days ago.  So much is going on in her family right now.  I was told by Martha that she has a nice apartment but it has literally NO furniture in it.  So we helped her get some furniture at Focus that we had on hand.  It was a dinner table & two nice chairs.  She got some curtains & a shower curtain & other small things. All she needs now is a sofa & tables & some lights, etc..  Maybe her church can help her with the other things she has.  She has baby things for the newborn.  She was so nice that she bought us supper from Wegmans food store, to thank nice was that!!!


Friday, March 3, 2017 at Focus
I received a phone call this morning at 8 am asking for adoption information for a girl she is trying to help not get an abortion on line.  I emailed, my list of people, for prayers.  Hope this precious baby will be born!!

I was expecting channel 10 to interview our clients today & there were many!! Praise God. The news reporter Charles came in with Todd the cameraman & it went very well. Yeah!  I will watch tonight at 11 pm on Channel 10 News.

Martha was here when I arrived & I was soooooo happy & then came Lynda ^ then our new volunteer Karen & then Linda came after the news men left about 5 minutes later.  She said that she would have broke the camera but that's not true!!  I hope I didn't, camera are expensive to replace.  I did talk about the nasty neighbors & the reporter suggested that we set up signs on our parked cars on the street, thank you for that sounds good!!!   Both men were very nice & it was a pleasure speaking with them.  They were off for the Fish Dinner at St. Mark's church mmmmmm good.

Barb called & told us that the newborn baby had just arrived, she will take great care of this little one.

Us girls took care of other clients & then after they left we all sat down at the table & talked. There were many hard subjects.......this ministry is sooooo hard!!!!  I thank God that He is with us to serve.  

After all had left I went into the office to do some work & the doorbell rang it was after we closed at 3 pm.  She said that she had some donation & I was grateful.  The after she left the doorbell rang & it was a lady with a bag of donations & I said "thank you, & keep warm".  I went back into the office & around 4:45 pm the doorbell rang again & there were 4 young people standing there.  They said that Neyoka was going to give them a baby layette. Since she was in Boston & invited them into the center & they shopped for many things.  A nice group of young people.  I said "get married" & the young man said "that's what my grand mom said"  I said "she is right".  Hopefully they will.  What a day!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at Focus
Great news I was told that the good Sisters of Life were planning on coming to Focus tomorrow, for a visit. Fantastic!!  What a surprise!  We got Focus ready for tomorrow putting bags of donations that Neyoka had just brought in for the Second Thought Resale Store.  We were busy.  Frank was here & he helped us immensely.  Than you Lord!!

A young girl came in for a pregnancy test which she did & it was positive.  She had called me this past Monday saying that she had the test done at Planned Parenthood & they wanted her to abort.  he said no & left.  She mus have come to Focus & got my phone number & called me & came in today.  She was a nice young lady & is happy with her pregnancy.  Her parents are supportive.  I scheduled her for an ultrasound for tomorrow & she filled out a Fidelis application & I called Sr. Nancy  from 'What's Next" ministry.  We got the ball rolling.  

I knew that Miss E. was not abortion minded & was in good care now so I wasn't worried about her so much.  We pray hard for our girls & their babies.

Jackie couldn't come in today but will come in tomorrow.  Sarah came in with sweet Helen, she small daughter.  Watching her grow is special.  

Linda W. & Linda S. came in to help.  Team work.....cannot due without it!!!
Client count is  512 people, so far, in 2017.  WOW!!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at Focus

Went to Mass with Martha, at noon, & then went right to Focus to wait for the Sisters of Life. Check out their website:   They came around 1:30 pm & we were so happy to meet them.  Jackie, who volunteers at Focus & Hollie, from Women;s Care Center, came to greet the nuns (that look like nuns).  Sister Veronica Mary & Sister Mary Loretta came & we were blessed.  Never the less Rochester was having a mini Hurricane today & the winds were hollowing & the front glass window was shaking.  Later on a lot of people lost their power & were in a mess with trees down on their cars & houses.  We were hoping that Planned Parenthood would blow away...........

We had such a great time sharing & Mike & I were taking pictures of the team, with the sisters & then separately of the sisters.  They asked & I shared some of my intense story, with them, which they were empathic. They said that they will have a young lady contact me that was also gang raped & is problem, please have her call me anytime. Healing is not alone!!!

I saw a woman walk down the sidewalk so I stuck my head out the door & called her over to Focus which she came.  The two sisters ran out to greet her holding their veils in the high wind.  So noble.  She came in & found out that she wasn't going to Planned Parenthood but was hungry so Martha gave her a bowel of her home made good.  The she went shopping in the Material Aid Room.  She said that she didn't believe in abortion & we all clapped.  A nice lady!!

One of our regular clients came in & said it was her 40th. birthday & we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  It sounded good.  She was happy with a big smile on her face  :))

It was time for the dear sisters to leave & we all hugged & prayed & then they drove away.  What a surreal afternoon.

I called Embracing Options to see if our two clients came for their ultrasound appointments & they did,  Miss E. has to go for an advanced ultrasound on Monday for Dr. Karen couldn't see the baby, again.  Client is certainly pregnant.  Dr. Karen thinks that baby is hiding in mom's tipped uterus.  Little dickens!
Our second client did well & I spoke with her later on.  She has an appointment with Fidelis Care & with Sr. Nancy.  Wonderful  :))

I asked Mike for pizza & he bought it for us......Salvatore pizza,mmmmm good!!  He couldn't stay, for his 92 year mother was home, with the heat & lights off power. He took her to the hotel for the night.  Good son!!!

What a fantastic day!!!  Thank you Lord above!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017 at Focus
I received a call from Martha saying that she was leaving with Frank to go to Frank Junior because he was sick.  "Okay' I said & hung up.  She is like family so I was praying that all would be well.  I had to go to the Post Office & then to the bank for a Focus deposit first.  When I was about to get into my car the cell phone rang & it was a man asking if we were open I said "no, 1 pm we will be just wait & I'll be there in 15 minutes".  He said that he will wait.  I hung up * off I was to go to Focus, alone.  When I arrived I saw Martha's car, in the parking lot, so I knew that Frank, her ex husband was with her & that made me feel better.  I saw a car parked on Windsor so I called over that we were now open.  A man & A woman came out of the car & went into Focus.  They needed clothes & they shopped for about 20 minutes.  

Tom came in from praying on the front lines, at Planned Parenthood, to put his eye drops in & then he left.  I went into the office to continue my work when I heard the locked door open & heard her sweet voice say "we're back". "Yeah", I said & walked out of my office to greet both Martha & Frank.  They were here & I was not alone anymore.  What a Baby! I am!   She said that Frank Jr. was surprised to see her & said what the problem was, which soothed her soul.  He'll be fine.  She's a good of the BEST!!!!!

We ate lunch, for I brought in a tuna salad, & we talked until someone came in & we helped her & her children.  Frank put in batteries in the toys that the two children gave was delightful to watch.  Her newborn baby just cute.  Later on I went back to my office to do more paper work.....delightful.   A good day!!!

March 14, 15 & 16 at Focus
Rochester had a terrible snow storm for two days!!   Focus Pregnancy Center was closed.  We couldn't get out of our homes to go anywhere.  Poor Martha lost her heat & light.  She stayed with her daughter & her family. My heart & lights were not affected.  Though I did re hurt my back, the Wortman injury in 1986.  He was a Resident at Highland Hospital & is now an Abortionist.  e grabbed my right arm & flung me around causing a Nerve Root Compression at L5, causing my right leg to be numb & lower back pain, when irritated.  My pillow fell behind my recliner on Wednesday & I lifted it up slightly to get the pillow thus causing pain gain!  Because of this I did not come in on Thursday.  Martha & her friendly ex husband Frank took over & did a great job assisting our many clients.  Thank you Lord!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at Focus

It was a nice day having Jackie come in to help us.  Frank & Martha was already in the center when I arrived at 1PM.  I had a church Thank You letter to write so I asked for some assistance , in the office, for the format was giving me trouble.   I was assisted & the letter was now done.  Office work is hard at times.  I have to work on a Embracing Option project & writing a new template, for another Thank You letter, for donations.  It is time consuming but my pleasure.  

Later on Sarah came in with her sweet daughter Helen, to help us. She told me that she will be gone for two weeks on vacation.......we'll miss them both. Helen is 18 months old now & walks around the room saying "cookie".  Sure why not, we just have to ask mom first.

It was a good but busy day, putting away donations, which we get lots of, thank God.  This means that our clients get a lot of nice things for themselves & their children.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at Focus

We were seeing some clients this afternoon but I have received fewer phone calls since our A-Frame & fron door tear offs were taken down due to the neighbors complaints.  How horrible they have treated us at Focus!  We pray for them daily. 

Lynda came in at 3 pm & so did the Elim students at 3pm today.  I asked for help in the office which the students did with smiles on their faces. Lynda called our pregnant clients, to see how they were doing, & we have two more babies born.
Baby girl Kai was born on February 21, 2017 & was 6lbs. 5oz..  Mother & daughter are doing well!~ 

Baby girl Katerina was born on November 11, 2016 at 7 lbs.. Both mother & daughter are doing well~  Glad that we were able to finally reach our client.  

Linda W. came in & worked in the Layette Room.  Soon we will be putting out spring & summer clothes out in the baskets.  It was a fast winter & not to bad until the end, when we received a lots of heavy wind & the a week later a lot of snow.  It's over now, so the flowers can come up & the leaves can appear on the trees, once more!!!

I got ready for the first Board Meeting in 2017 & it was going to be a big one & it was.  I will elaborate later on.  Suing & buying, that's all I can say, at this time.  Sorry!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017 at Focus
What a day!!  When I arrived at the pregnancy center there was Martha & Frank already there,  I guess there was an incident out on the Front Lines in front of Planned Parenthood this morning.  A woman came out of the killing mill & went over to Tom, who was standing there, & started trouble.  She said that that she was going to spit on him & then she said that she will hit him in the head.  He told her that he will call the Police if she does & then she came up to him & threw his pro  life sign on the the sidewalk.  I asked Tom if he had called the Police & he said "no".  What can I do for him?  Anyone that touches you or your property wants trouble & can be dangerous & you should call the Police on them.  Why he didn't I don't know why????

I had gone to Tops Market to buy diapers & other things for Focus & when I arrived at the front door I asked the volunteers to take the things out of the car for me, they did. How helpful!

The center was so busy for there were donations galore from Mother of Sorrows Church & personal donations & five volunteered helping to put the many things away.  We had clients come in so it was very hectic to say the least.  Sometimes I shut down & walk back into the office for I have so much to do there.  

Martha did a pregnancy test & it was Negative.  I worked on getting a car seat, from the City, for one of our pregnant clients. 

I am worried about Martha she seems upset with me so much......I'll just pray about the situation.  We're both getting older, so maybe that's it  :((

Barb was with us today & she brought her newest grandchild in to see us. The mother & father took the precious baby back home after they received some things for the baby.. 

Our client who was in jail with her husband came into the center to get some things for the children, who are still in Foster Homes.  I was stern that she should wait until she gets the children back & she was offended.  It was so upsetting for me to see her face on TV 10's website & on TV, that she & her husband had been arested in Buffalo.  She said that they were innocent but they have to go to court. If she was innocent the case would have been dropped, I think.  My heart aches a lot!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at Focus

I came in with an irrigated back & right leg, at L5,the Wortman injury.  Lord have mercy on his soul.  I do offer this up for his soul.  It is a problem.  I told Martha so she is aware of my issue.  Frank & Martha were at the center when I arrived so I got to work in pain.  I did a pregnancy test & it was negative, she is a long time client & she had a martial problem that she shared.  Life is so hard at times but God is with us always. I wish our clients would not listen to their friends.  Usually they are wrong....... 

I am waitig for Gene, for a fundraiser interview, for our next newsletter.  I will speak to him about the good Sisters of Life coming to Focus a couple of weeks ago.  
I went out to the main room & saw a cart leaving the center & I went out the back door by the office & I saw a car parked right in front of the garage on Windsor St. & asked him to move.  Then I saw that he had parked at the STOP sign, at the corner of the street, & asked him to move across the street on University Ave..  The woman was gone.  When I came back into the center I heard a loud stream saying that her shopping cart was gone!!! There was no way to calm her down.  Gene had just arrived for the interview so Martha & Frank were out there trying to calm her down.  Martha called the Police.  I told Gene about what can be pit in the next newsletter.  I mentioned the Channel 10 interview at & our time, with the two Sisters of Life at Focus, on the day of the Wind Storm.  I told him that we had something big going on, but couldn't tell him about it, at this time. Sorry Gene.  Hopefully something can be put in the next newsletter, if I get permission.
Martha did two more pregnancy tests today & they were both Negative. Neyoka came in with lots of bags of donations from the Second Thought Resale Shop.  The main room is filled once more with bags.

Jackie & Sarah & her daughter Helen couldn't come today, boy did they miss a lot.  Linda S. came & helped to put things away.  She is faithful  :))
I got some things done in the office but not much!!  Hopefullly tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at Focus 

Thank God a quieter day than yesterday!!  Our client, who had the shopping cart stolen yesterday, called to tell me that the police did not call her back because the woman gave the wrong address at Focus.  I told her that we would buy her another cart & she was pleased.  This poor woman, who has some brain damage, was put through so much because someone took what did not belong to them. "Thou Shall Not Steal", a Commandment of God, it is a Mortal Sin!!   We hope she repents & never does this again. 

Martha called me out of the office & I saw that there were five police cars across the street where we park,  hey didn't look at our cars so I felt better so we figured that they were planning a raid somewhere.  Best to you police officers.  The man had the string tied up on the entrance today & Frank took it down.  He will never stop  :(( harassing us.

In comes Elizabeth with all the donations of baby formula & diapers form St. Joseph's Church in Penfield.  She asked Fr. Jim awhile ago & then spoke after Mass about our need.  The parishioners came through with so many items that made our heart warm.  Thank you lord for their generosity!!!  God bless them all!!!  What a help for our clients.......

I worked in the office & Jackie texed to say that she will be in tomorrow instead of today.  It will be good seeing her.  Lynda called me yesterday to say that she will not be in today & she will see us next Wednesday.  She is going on an out of town Retreat.  See you next week Lynda.   

The three Elim Bible students came & did so much work for Focus, they did a terrific job!!
Mark A. came to wish me a Happy Birthday tomorrow & we got to visit for some time.  It's always good seeing him & spending time with him.  Hope he comes back again soon!!

Frank was here today helping us too.  We saw some clients to help at the end of the day. Four women came & two were pregnant,  They were very nice & did not believe in abortion.  We don't either!!! 
I faxed over the Fidelis application for our pregnant mom.  Nice girls.  They left happy with clothes & formaula for their children.  I was glad that Martha stayed with me, for she was walking down the stair to go home, when the girls arrived.  She's such a trooper!!!  Can't do without her  :))


Thursday, March 30, 2017 at Focus
My Birthday!!
Image result for happy birthday

I arrived at Focus around 2 pm ,I was slow today, & I had to go to Tops Market to get somethings for Focus.  When I arrived I saw a huge sign on the wall saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY & a balloon!  How nice was that :))  
Martha then said that John Arena, the City Inspector, came by & said that the decal sign on our door needs to come down.  "What" I said loudly.  Martha told him that we have no address numbers only on the decal sign & the fire trucks might miss us or the mailman might get mad because he doesn't know where to deliver the mail.  He seemed to understand, after she said that.  He took some pictures & said "it seems like you might have a case".  Thank you John!!! I was upset & Martha said that she spoke with our landlady about what just had happened.  Persecution & Prejudice & Harassment!!!  
Not good people....where is your love for the unborn babies & their mothers & fathers???  We will continue to pray for you all!!!!!

Wonderful people came in with many pizzas & a beautiful cake from the Bakery, my favorite...yellow cake & chocolate frosting mmmmm good!!  I received many well wishes of Happy Birthday & many beautiful cards & generous gifts.  Thank you Lord!!  It was certainly a special day for me at Focus, with my many dear friends!!!  
A great day!!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at Focus

Jackie, helped me find 16 clients, that I need to report on how they did after their ultrasound at Embracing Options.  I couldn't find a few of the client in my files, so we prayed to St. Anthony, who is the Patron Saint of lost items, & our prayers were answered. Thank you Lord who answered them & good St. Anthony who asked Him.  Intercession is wonderful. Now I have the 16 clients to report on.  

Jackie also helped Martha, out in the Main Room, with the donations that came into the center.  We are so blessed, by God, with so much to give out to the community.  The clients leave happy  :))

Linda S. came in later on & she helped us out.  And Frank was here, to assist us, thank God.  We feel safe knowing that a man is here with Martha & I now. Thank you Lord!!!

We have three clients going for an ultrasound tomorrow.  Hope they all show up for the test.
Barb & Jessica came to talk to me for a few minutes.  They said to rest assured that God is with us in our attempt to regain our 'Free Pregnancy Center' sign back in the window.  We are suing the City of Rochester, Preservation Committe & the Grove Community.  Discrimanation & Harassement & Predjustice & Racism is what they are doing to us.  This is still America!!!!!  We have rights too!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!!    I arrived after Mass & Frank pulled in the parking lot right after me.  How nice he was with us for I thought he was going for a job interview but changed his mind.. Yeah!!!  When we got in to the center he went outside to put the trash cans back on the porch.  I opened up the center.  We had a woman come in who's cart was probably taken on purpose or by mistake.  I ad called & spoke with her husband & asked him to tell her to call me but she didn't.  I asked her if she wanted another cart & she said "yes" so I told her to come back next Tuesday & I will give her one.  I then said for her to shop in peace for no one else was here at this time.  She smiled at me & off she went in the Material Aid Room.

I came out of the office to see Martha now here speaking with a man & he handed her a business card.  I introduced myself to him & he said that he was from the Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper & wanted to talk with me.  I lead him to my office & we sat down & he interviewed me regarding the case against the Preservation Organization.  He took pictures of me & the center a I lead him around.  We had a lot of volunteers & some clients spread all over the center,  It was remarkable!  He took my picture outside holing the 'Free Pregnancy Test' sign & I pointed to the window where it was once & hopefully will return through the grace of God.  He was so nice & is name is David Andreatta.  

Embracing Options called & told me that all three clients showed up for their Ultrasound appointment but their babies couldn't be seen, for they are to early.  New appointment were made for all three clients to return in two weeks.  They will see their precious baby then.

I was busy in the office & Martha was busy with help in the Main Room.  Barb, our friend & client, came in with a Wegmans meal & we all ate together later this evening.  Barb's girlfriend came in & we talked to her about coming back to the Catholic Church, where se was Baptized. We asked she to check out:  Hope she will!!

It was a very good day!!


Thursday, April 6, 2017 at Focus
Martha said that Planned Parenthood was busy this sad!!  It was a rainy day & we had our faithful team out in front of this killing mill, to try to save little children, in their mothers womb.  It is a hard day!!!

Martha & I worked hard to get thing done because we had to go to the His Branches- Embracing Options Banquet, where we send our clients for their Ultrasound tests.  It was at the Diplomat on Lyell Ave.. We had a nice time with our pro life friends. It was a cold wet day but we got through it. 

Our D&C interview with David, the reporter, about Focus Pregnancy Center situation with our signs, was in Sunday's newspaper.  Here it is:


Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at Focus
A busy day, at Focus, with many donations for our clients.  I had Martha & Frank with me & Jackie came later & so did Sarah & her 19 month daughter Helen.  Later on Linda S. came to help us too.  

We are suing the City of Rochester, Grove Community & the Preservation Committee for discrimination.  We were working on the case most of the afternoon.  Jackie will be our representative for Focus in the community.  She is well educated & articulate.   Keeping her busy with Focus as she works on her son's nearing wedding in Toronto, Canada.  

Mike came in with food from a nearby supply church.  We now have more food, for our clients, in need.  We will find a space for it all.  

Barb came in & told us that her son's girlfriend, who just had a baby, was admitted to the 
hospital for a threat she made.  It was serious.  Barb did not sleep when she came home, from the hospital, after being there for 24 hours.  So sad!!!

So much to do & we give everything to God, for He is in control, of Focus Pregnancy Center!!!



Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at Focus

A busy & heart filled day filled with much pain.  When I came to Focus after Mass today I was hit in the heart from a phone call from Neyoka saying that one of our clients who had an ultrasound last Wednesday but couldn't; see her baby & was rescheduled wants an abortion!!  We hurried to call her but she hung up on Martha who continued to call her several times later.  The phone was busy so I figured she took it off the hook.  Not to long after that I received an email from Woman's Care Center that one of their clients wants an abortion too.  What!!!  How sad is this.  I emailed our client & to try to save this little baby's life.  Martha called Sr. Nancy to try to communicate with her & the other client from WCC, from her agency.  We are trying & prayer changes things!!!

Lynda came with two fish sandwiches & fries which I ate while she was reading the City Newspaper.  Check out:  It was an awful article on LIFE!
The newspaper had a picture of Lynda hold a Crucifix & a graphic sign & me holding a graphic sign but not on the on line article.  Graphic pictures helps to save lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We received a big donation from A Second Thought Re-Sale Store from Jerry & our helper put it all away for our clients.  Mike brought in lots of food for our clients.  Then our attorney that will be representing us was here to take a look around & to speak with me for awhile.  He says that he sees me at Our Lady of Victory Church during the week.  I did not recognize him there.  Now I will.  Barb, our landlady, was here too & he spoke with her for a short time. When he came in we had some client s here & the place was a mess but active.  He is real nice man!!  He said that Jim, our Knights of Columbus friend, that recommended us to Channel 10 called him today for i met him after Mass this afternoon & I told him what was going on at the center.  We are in good hands with both of them.  

Frank was here helping us a lot.  I saw him outside speaking to Jim Martin a man with many issues & asked Frank to come on in.  Jim Martin hollered to me saying "Mary" & then said to Frank "now you're in trouble" to which I replied "no he isn't".  Focus is suing him & his neighbors, no time for casual conversation.  
Linda W. came & helped us too.  We can't do without our beloved team......thank you Lord!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at Focus

Easter was beautiful on Sunday April 16, 2017
A busy at Focus so much to do.  Paul came & washed our windows which is always good. Martha & Frank were here when I arrived.  I saw a car seat application on the table & started to work on it from the City.  It is time consuming but I am glad that they are free.

Mike came in & set up the curtain, in my office, for the up coming You Tube he is going to do with 3 of our clients that 'choose life' after Martha, Sheila & I spoke to them as they were walking into Planned Parenthood to have their precious baby killed.  It should be a powerful video.  He said that he will film it next week at Focus.  Great!!!

He also had brought a bunch of food, lots of bread. from a church on Dewey Ave. for our many clients to receive.  It has been a blessing for us!!

Sarah has become a Catholic on Easter Vigil.  We are so very happy!!!  I gave her a big hug!!  She had gone to St. Margaret Mary's beautiful church to receive her Catholicism with her husband, who encouraged her & was her sponsor..  He is from France. He & their daughter Helen came for a visit & it was so nice to meet him & to see little Helen.
I got to talk to him & he said that France is so pro abortion......I was sad to hear that.  He helped Sarah to make up Truth packets to pass out to our clients.   How nice was that!!!

Linda S. came & helped us tonight.  Neyoka came & dropped off many large bags of donations, from our friends, in East Rochester.  It's always a help, so we can give out clothes, to our clients.  They are thrilled!!!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at Focus

A lot got done today in the office!  So happy!  One of our clients went for her ultrasound today at Embracing Options & saw her precious baby with her mother & aunt, who had brought her to Planned Parenthood, last year, to terminate her baby.  Time can changes things.  Our second client re scheduled for tomorrow for she didn't have a ride today.  Martha called her & she is all set tomorrow.  Thank God!!

Miss N. came in yesterday & talked with Martha & I about her messed up situation.  We tried to help her for she know s we love her.  She is pregnant with baby  number four & does not raise her children because of her mental issues.  Martha called Willow (a facility for abused women to find help) to put her name on their list for shelter.  She is being abused, by the men she finds, in her short life.  Our hearts ache!!!

Our Elim students came & put everything away in the donation bags that Neyoka left us yesterday.   It looks good in Focus now.

Tim S. came & dropped off some donation to Focus.  I got to talk yo him for a short time.  It was good seeing him.

Jackie came & did so much to help me in the office.  Embracing Options now has the information regarding our 16 clients that we referred for ultrasounds in 2016.  Yeah!!

Memo came to ask me questions regarding last year in 2016.  He will hire an Accountant for our tax form & we will pay for the service.  I try hard to keep all receipts.  Memo, will be a grandfather in August, a little boy!!!!!!  He's so happy  :)))

Frank treated me to a chicken sandwich, from Wendy's,,for lunch & Martha & I to a pizza for supper.   How nice is that  :))

Lynda has to watch her grandson today & Linda W. is now in Florida with her twins for vacation.  We miss them both  :(((

Thursday, April 20, 2017 at Focus

When I arrived there was Martha & Frank in the center.  We already had clients getting what they need.  Martha had already done a pregnancy test which was Positive & she will call me on Monday for an ultrasound appointment.  I called over at Embracing Options & was told that our client had had her ultrasound appointment & she was happy, though everyone in her family & her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion!!!  Lord have mercy!!
She said that she will go over to Embracing Options next week to discuss Adoption.  Martha called her & she said that she needed to get out of where she was.  She was helped with a shelter near her.  She was happy to hear this news.  We will keep in touch with her. 
Barb was here to volunteer & was a big help.  We saw some Fathers today which always makes me happy  :)))

A young man, named Rob, came into Focus after talking to our Rob out on the front lines, in front of Planned Parenthood, where he was trying to save babies from being aborted, by Rachel Phelps, the abortionist there.  Rob is going to the Eastman School of music down the street & wants to volunteer in September when he returns back to school.  A nice young man & we can sure use him. Thank you Lord!!!

We were busy today & a pregnant client wants to come to volunteer at Focus. I said "okay". It looks nice in here with so many donations this week.  Neyoka should be happy tomorrow!!!
Rob said that he spoke with the mega phone saying "this is a preservation zone why don't you want to preserve the children"???  So right Rob!!!
We have seen 783 clients, so far, in 2017!  Praise God!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2016 at Focus

A very complicated day with lots going on with clients that had fires & water damage. Frank went & got the food from our new food storage.  He brought back a lot of fresh food & bread for our client s who are appreciative.  It was so hectic in the center.  Jackie came & we worked on the website to which she will be the Administer.  It took time. Then Sarah came in with her 19 month daughter Helen & worked in the main room.  Then Barbara came to help us out as some girls were making & eating a peanut butter sandwich, at the table.  Fran was kept busy with cutting up boxes & putting then in our overloaded dumpster.  Neyoka came & dropped of bags of donations for the Second Thought Resale Shoppe in East Rochester.  Then Barb our Landlady came & I gave her the rent & she got the shutter from the apartment next door to us but it was bent.  She will contact Chris to tell him to replace it for it was on his time this shutter fell off the window after he painted the building. She does a prison ministry & will not be with us at our Focus Fundraiser on Thursday & either can Sarah for she will be at a meeting about Catholicism.  She is a new Catholic at Easter time.  

We saw many clients with many needs it must be word of mouth for we have no advertisement out front, because of our neighbors which we are suing. They said at the monthly meeting that they will continue with the case for we don't have a chance of winning. You don't know GOD!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at Focus

Our three Elim Bible Institute students are leaving us at Focus to graduate in May, today was there last day with us  :((  They have been fantastic & we will miss them!!!! 

Martha, Frank & Lynda was here when I arrived with more formula & diapers & everything else we needed.  Frank helped me unload the car when I arrived. Todd, one of our board members, had some time so he came in for a short visit.  He brought a OPEN & CLOSED sign, for our front door.  Because we have changed the time on Saturdays I asked Mike if his sign friend could make another sign for the front door with our days & hours & my phone number & our address on it but bigger & in small letters say : Free pregnancy tests & ultrasound referrals & children & adult clothes, on the decal.  It would more sufficient. Don't know if this is okay with our neighbors who still don't understand that 135 University Ave. has NEVER been residential & it will never be because of the layout of the building.  If it doesn't look like a house it's not a house!!!

Our client did not show up for her ultrasound today, at Embracing Options. She was unable to reach by phone & no email address to contact her. Hopefully she fogot her appointment & did not abort her precious child.
Neyoka told me that one of our girls, who has five children & no husband, but made me believe that she did, just had an abortion of baby number six......sorry Lord & precious little one, who I named Jacob.  I will say she is not welcomed back into Focus unless she wants post abortion information. She will need it, for her life, will never be the same again.  Killing children is not acceptable.  Why are women killing their children?  It is murder of your flesh & blood.  Adoption, Adoption & Adoption!!

Getting ready for tomorrow for it will be a busy day.  First, I need to be at Focus at 10 am to be with Michael, when he does the two YouTube videos, of mothers that were going to have there precious baby aborted but (thank God) but changed their minds, due to Martha & Sheila, who were out in front of Planned Parenthood, counseling them.  They both want to tell their stories to help other women to 'choose life'.  Then we have our Focus Fundraiser at St. Ann's Conference Room with Dr. Karen talking about Natural Family Planning & other GYN issues.  I will speak for 10 minutes & Martha for 5 minutes. Should be a nice evening.  


Thursday, April 27, 2017 at Focus
Focus Fundraiser Evening
I had many nightmares yesterday while I was sleeping.  I don't even watch horror films & what I got was horror. People changed into monsters that run very fast......ick.  But, through the grace of God, I got up at 8 am & was at Focus at 10 am.  Mike & Frank were already here, so I let us of all, into the center.  Mike started to set up his camera, in the office, for the two YouTube videos that he was going to do this morning.  Both girls did show up & gave fantastic testimonies.  It is healing for them too & will save some precious babies from being aborted. Praise God!!

I received a phone call about 10 minutes later, it was 10:15 am, to ask if we were open.  I said "yes come on in".  We were busy this morning when we really aren't even open.  Go figure!

Linda W. came to hep us & she is a blessing.  Malaysia, with her baby & pregnant Nicole & Christina came in with her little Linda.  He had Thyroid surgery & will go for her Radiation in a couple of weeks.  She has a good prognosis, thank God!!  She said that she will go to work full time when she recovers.  Go girl!!!

Frank went to St. Theodore's Church, to donate bread, & then later on he went to Stephanie's house, to get her donations, for our Focus clients  
Thanks Frank, what a blessing you have been!!!
We had a client, with many problems, who is going through a divorce & he's not paying child support either & the shool teacher won't help her with her 7 year old son who cannot talk well.  She is so frustrated!!  Linda helped her with a good PEDIATRICIAN phone number.  Another woman came in, with her baby in a stroller, & she started crying.  The father of the baby hit her, he was on Heroin, & she now has an Order of Protection against him.  Martha gave her WILLOW's phone number for help for abused women.  Linda W., my friend & volunteer, father gave $$$ to build the new center & he has his name on one of the rooms.  It is sooooo sad sometimes.  

Focus Fundraiser, will be at St. Anne's Community Center, at 1600 Mt. Hope Ave., from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.  Dr. Karen Dalton will be the speaker.  She worked with us at the old Focus for about a year, & went on to work with Dr. William Morehouse, in her GYN practice.  She also does Natural Family Planning teaching.  Good pro life doctor!!!  Thank you Christine for your fundraiser work.  How nice if you & Jack!!  God bless!!
What a day~~~~


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