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Sunday, August 20, 2017

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!!  Lord have mercy & He does.  Time Warner was suppose to come to Focus between 1 pm to 2 pm so I had to hurry to get there.  I was hoping to receive some checks from the Post Office today but there were none.  I am a little short with the rent check this month.  God will provide!!

I was in the center when Frank hollered there is the Time Warner truck so I knew our address number is not very evident that out on the door so I went out to flag the truck down.  When I opened the door I saw, to my right, five people walking down the street towards Planned Parenthood, they were workers at the killing mill.  As they walked by me the females were smirking at me.  I told them to stop killing children & to stop hurting women who we try to put back together here.  They crossed Windsor to come face to face withe dog lady.  They all bent down to pet the dog & made a big fuss with him.  I hollered over "you care about animals but you don;t care about humans, who you kill".  I also said that they will see someday all the children that they helped kill.  They will!!!  They then walked into Planned Parenthood to do more damage.  It was upsetting.

I then went back into the center & answered the phone & it was Time Warner asking if I was at home because he was ringing my doorbell & no one was answering.  I said are you at the door & he said Yes.  Then he mentioned my living address & I said to him that the problem was in the city at the business.  He said that he was residential so I had to call to set up an appointment with the business service.  He gave me a number but it didn't work.  I called a toll free number & got through to a person.  He then connected me with another person who said that someone will call me within an hour to set up an appointment.  No one has called since.  Waiting is NO fun!!

Then there she was Sarah!!!  It was two & a half months since we have seen her to have her baby. She brought sweet baby Louise with her today but Helen was with her Grandmother.  The Cookie, Cookie girl (Helen) could not come today but Sarah said that she will bring them both in 2 weeks when they come back. Yeah!!  Just before she left she wrote Focus out a big check & handed it to me.  Praise God!!!  Now I can now pay the rent & some other bills.  You are faithful Lord!!!  Thank You  :)))

Wednesday &Thursday, August 2 & 3, 2017 at Focus

The death of Attorney Mary Aramini, Wednesday, August 2, 2017


All afternoon & evening Ken was here with Mike at Focus to set up my new computer it took 8 hours.  I felt badly for his wife Mary, our Pro Bono attorney & friend, who I have known since 1999 wasn't feeling to good but he said that she was at home resting.  I felt better after he said that.  She was with her dog named, Ramson, who loves her so much so I felt even better.  He instilled my new computer & we all left at 8:30 pm to go home.  It was on Wednesday morning that Michael called me to tell me that Mary was dead.  She had just died on the way to the hospital via ambulance.  Ken had called Mike to be with him during this very difficult time.  Mike asked me to call Fr. A. & I did but he didn't return my call until around 3 pm.  I was unable to go to Focus today for I was distraught but dear sweet Martha was at Focus with Frank to help with the many clients that came in to receive what they needed. She is a God sent! 

Today Thursday I went to the Post Office & then to the bank to deposit the checks & bought some formula & diapers, for our clients children.  God does provide!!!  When I arrived at Focus there was a car parked out in front with it's flashers on but I couldn't park behind it to unload all which I had just bought.  All of a sudden Rick, our board member, came out of the center.  I asked if this was his car & he said "yes it was".  He helped me bring things into the center & gave me the new & improved Focus brochures that he had copied. What a blessing this was!  God's timing is perfect.  He left to go to a meeting & was now running late.  He drove off with his flasher lights still on so I called & left a message for him to turn them off.  

Before I went into Focus I went over to to Mike Warren, on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood, who I was with in court in 1999, with Mary as our attorney, to give him a consoling hug. It is hard for both of us.  As I walked back to the center I saw the neighbor,across the street, just standing there watching the pro lifers.  I said as I walked by him "we are your friends not your enemies you just can't see it for you are blind, sorry to say"  He mumbled something but I just walked in the center to be with Martha.  No volunteers today.  Brittany did not show up for her required hours.  She did call or tex me.

Martha & I spent some time talking today at the table in the main room.....unusual.  She said that she will help me tomorrow, at Focus, & we will order lunch at Wendy's then go see Mary, layed out, at the Funeral Parlor. Martha & I should be together.  Mary A. helped us out so much during 1999, in Federal Court in Buffalo, all summer long until this year 2017 in January which she helped us out at the City Hall with the neighbors persecutions.  A remarkable woman.  May she Rest in Peace!!!

Two young girls came in together & one asked for a pregnancy test the other girl said that she was 4 weeks pregnant.  Her cousin was Negative.  I got to talk to the young girl while Martha was doing the pregnancy test.  A good conservation we had.  

A young mother with her adorable little boy who found a doll & hung onto to it while driving the large truck.  He was so cute.  The mother had a sour face & when she had left I saw her from the office walking up Windsor St. saying "shut up" to her precious son.  I called out to her asking for her to love her son. She said that he doesn't listen, so I asked her again to love her son, to which she replied "thank you".  I hollered back "you are welcome & God bless".  

Memo came later & we worked on the receipts of last year.  A couple of things to go through.  I was having trouble printing the '10 Commandment" & he didn't know what the problem was, so it didn't get fixed.  A new computer..... After he left Martha, Rob & I ate a delicious chicken supper. They went home but I stayed for I needed to do more office work & make up more Truth packets.  As I was looking in the Material Aid room form the window I saw a car pulling out of the driveway next door & it said on the car door  IT.  I quickly opened up the front door & went over to the car pulling out of the driveway & asked if he could help me with my computer.  He did !  He came in & after 15 minutes later all was well!  Alleluia!!   He fixed all my computer problems.  I gave him my new brochure & card & asked him to send me a bill in the mail. Also, when the '10 Commandments' got printed I gave them to him.  I introduced myself to him as he did me & I asked him if he had any children to which he replied he had two .  He said that he doesn't understand abortion & I said that I don;t either.  He gave me his card & I said that I will call him again if I need him, I said "for you know what your doing & you are for life"  He smiled & left. 

What a Focus miracle & thank you Lord for always providing for us at FOCUS!!! Glory to God in the Highest!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!  When I arrived Martha & Frank were not here.  I was surprised not to see Frank because he was going to help Neyoka in Pittsford with house items for our clients.  But Martha!!!  I waited as I was helping our clients with their needs & again Martha!!  I was worried.  Lynda called & she said that she will not be able to come tomorrow & I told her that Martha wasn't here yet.  They saw each other at Mass & it was longer today but it was after 1:30 p so I knew she would be hear by now.  I was thinking of call the hospitals to see if there was a car accident with her in the car.  It was 1:50 pm when I saw Martha walking form behind the bushes across the street they were blocking her car.  I was so happy & Lynda called & I told her that Martha had just arrived.....thank God!!!

A woman came in & I told her to pull up her top which was to low...she did not like that.  After she signed in she asked for baby formula & I told her that we are going to give it so freely this time & I need to ask her some questions.  She did not like that & left abruptly.  Question asking is to help the client.  

Mike came & he brought in so much bread & perishable food for our clients. Thank you Mike we really appreciate what you do for us at Focus  :))

Neyoka came in with two strong men & brought in two cribs & other things for our clients.  I did check on the cribs & one was recalled & had to be thrown out.  The other is promised to a client.  

Jackie came in & helped us a lot.  We are blessed.  Earlier Fr. Cushing came in to show me a 10 minute video tape of an interview with Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood worker, who has converted & became Catholic. She worked for them for 8 years & now is pro life & works to end abortion.   Fr. C. said that he would add this to one of our DVD' nice is that!!  He heard my Confession & left.  What a wonderful Priest!
Stress...what a wonderful thing!!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at Focus

It was a painful day....again!!  I had a Conference Call today with three people at 1:30 pm.  It went well but it really doesn't concern the Focus Center, unfortunately.  We are all trying to end abortion!!!

Martha was the only person with me today for Brittany couldn't be hear for she has a job interview.  Hope she gets it if the dear Lord wants her too.  We will miss her though.

Martha said that she had to go to the Lady's Room so I knew something was going to happen & it did. Sometimes that is just what happens when there is just one person.  A man came in & asked to speak to the one in charge.  That was me I said.  He said the owned a company in Rochester & drives by & wanted to donate to us.  He handed me his card.  I introduced myself  to him & then showed him the center.  Martha came out of the bathroom now.  As he was leaving I asked him if he was Catholic for his business in right near the church & he said that he was once Catholic & now isn't.  He said that he went to a Catholic College & was thinking of being a Priest then he heard the Bible Studies on the radio & became Protestant.  What!!!  He wouldn't bend & we talked for awhile.  I offered him the '10 Commandments' & 'Heaven & Hell' literature but he said "no".  I was disappointed to say the least.  He left & we will pray for his return to the church founded by Christ, the Catholic Church.   This was a painful event, though a seed was planted. 

Carla & her daughter came in to bring us some donations.  They went fast.  A man came in for formula & I spoke with him for a few minutes & gave him some formula for his baby.  We want all babies fed.

Two woman came in & I felt not at ease with them.  I heard some noise in the Layette Room which was open I have asked Martha to make sure the door is always closed but this does not always happen to my dismay. I got up from my seat to see this woman put in her bag all the Toothpaste &  Ivory soap a 6 pack & something else in her bag,  I quickly told her that she need to put these ting back & got up & showed her the sign  that reads DO NOT ENTER THIS SPACE.  I did't see it, I was told.  Okay!  I then remembered that these were the two women that came in about a month ago & took so much.  She said that she was homeless but said something that made that untrue.  I was told after they had gone that Linda had lost her drinking cup that day which made me suspicions that she had taken it.  I asked them both to leave.  It took about 5 minutes & they left & I locked the door behind me.  I also told them not to come back again.  Hopefully they will listen.  It was upsetting!!  

We also talked with two women about their Faith & I gave them some literature & a Rosary each. Hopefully they will become Catholics.
Souls matter!!  

Thursday, August 10, 2017 at Focus

It was a good day!!  I arrived at Focus to see Martha & Frank here working with the clients, how wonderful.  I had answered the phone while stopping with my flasher lights on Penfield Rd. to hear my downstairs neighbor say that she was going to the hospital to get checked out.  She said something bizarre but I had to get back on the road for tit was dangerous the way i was parked. I called her a little later to see how she was doing.  She is having a difficult time with life right now but she does love the Lord & He will see her through. She later on called me to tell me that she was alright & was coming home.  "Okay" I said "that is good news".  It is a worry when a friend is having problems. Martha & I didn't see eye to eye yesterday with the woman who stole the things from the Layette Room but we are fine now.  I do not like to fight with a friend.  No fun!  Martha has a lot on her mind with her twin sister having problems.  She & Frank are going to the family reunion this weekend. Her sister doesn't want one but don't say that to Martha.  She's going!!!  You are in my prayers dear heart  :))

We had a large family that has been in America for only one week & they needed a lot of things. One of the Spanish speaking girls lost her ID & it's all in Spanish so I can't red it.  It has her picture on it, though.  I hope she comes back to get it soon.

One of the girls left her cell phone here until she came back to get it.  I handed it to her & then said "don't do that again & keep it in your pocket".  Someone lost a cell phone yesterday, for this is two phones in three weeks.  Not good  :((

Martha & Brittany were busy & Frank was too, for there is so much to do at Focus.  Tom came in to chat before he left to go home, for he prays out in front of the killing mill Planned Parenthood, in the late mornings & early afternoons. Later on Adolf came in to say that there wasn't many people going in & out of PP today & last Thursday.  He thought that maybe they had changed their day to do surgical abortions.  No, I thought, for they know that we would be there on that day too.  It was around 4 pm when Mike came in & we talked for awhile.  It is always good seeing him  :)))

Rob came in at 4:30 pm & before we had supper Karen came in & we invited her to sit with us at the table.  She wan't hungry so she didn't eat with us.  We enjoyed good conversation.  After Rob & Martha left, Karen stayed for another hour, & left.  I went into the office to do more work when I heard someone pounding at the door.  The CLOSED sign was on the steps but it didn't make a difference.  It was 7:20 pm.  I saw a man standing there & he asked for food.  He looked familiar so I let him into the center.  He gave me some compliments & said that I shouldn't be alone here so I said a prayer.  I gave him food &he needed shoes so he went into the Material Aid room to get some for his children. As he was leaving he asked for the large brown bear that we just got in.  He said it was for his niece.  I said good bye & locked the door.  I checked each room, as I always do before leaving, & I left at 8:10 pm tonight.  It was a good day!!  Thank you Lord for being with us ....always!!
As I was leaving I got a call in the office for formula but she said that she will come to get it tomorrow.  Please Lord we need more $$ or formula!!  Thank you!

 Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at Focus 

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven!

Martha, Frank & I came at the same time today.  We all got right to work. Neyoka did such a great job on Monday & we are blessed.  Focus looks so good. We had some clients come in & we assisted them with their needs. Later on I heard a sweet voice & it was little Helen with her mom & her baby sister. It was great seeing them all !!  Little Helen looked at me & said sweetly, almost in a whisper "cookie".  Okay little one & I went to the cupboard to get her a vanilla thin cookie.  She said in a sweet voice "tank you".  My pleasure  :)))
A little later Linda came & we were happy to see her too. Martha & Linda helped our other clients that came in to get what they needed.  We had a family come in asking for a microwave.  I gave her a frying pan instead.  I received an email for a Washer & Dryer & one of our clients needed them. I gave Sharleen her phone number to contact.  Hope it works out okay!

Frank went to get the food from the Food Pantry & brought back so many good things.  Our clients are happy to receive them.  
It was a fine day!!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at Focus

I received a call in the morning stating that she had "Bad News".  I waited for her to tell me & she did. She had lost her apartment, car & Focus keys.  Oh no!! She sounded so stressed that I was concerned.  I asked her to look some more & then call me for I had planned to get my car inspected this afternoon & I had to stop at the Post office to pick up a check & then to go to Tops to deposit it. Martha did call back to say that she had found her spare apartment & car keys but no Focus key.  I told her that I will meet her at Focus & then I will go to the Monroe Muffler to get my car inspected & an oil change too.  I am praying that they will not find anything really wrong with my 2002 Saturn. Please Lord please.  When I arrived at Focus there were two women & a young child already there & two women with two young children walking across the street towards Focus.  I told both car owners that there were parked on Private property & had to park on the street with their flasher lights on. They moved their cars.  Off I went to the Monroe Muffler.  I get there & they told me that it will take some time because there is only one person.  I called Martha & she picked me up to take me back to Focus until I hear from them.  When we arrived at Focus I was greeted by Lynda who has been ill for about two months so hasn't been with us .......we have missed her!

I went into the office to work & Martha, Frank & Lynda was working out in the main room.  I asked Frank if he would go to the Hardware store to get a copy of the Focus key & he did........thanks Frank!!!  It works.....don't lose it Martha!!

I'm trying to get enough people to be out in front of PP's challenging.   Jim & his wife, from the Station of the Cross Radio Station, will be out there with their children in the morning.   Praise God!!!  Marcy is trying to get out there in the afternoon.  Rob is away visiting his parents in North Carolina & Mike W. is away too.  They are afternoon people.  Rob will spend one more Thursday, when he comes back next week, & then school will be staring again....he is a school teacher.  Hope we can get more people.  "40 Days for Life" will be starting at the end of September......thank God, a few more people, at least.
It was a good day but Martha & I forgot to bring food for our supper tonight. Stress is a pain!!!!



Thursday, August 17, 2017 at Focus
Before I arrived at Focus today I received a phone call from a woman who said that she had a Positive pregnancy test from the Drugstore & wanted another test & an ultrasound.  I asked her to come in today & if she was pregnant I would schedule her for an ultrasound for next Wednesday or Thursday.  She quickly spoke & said "I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it"  My stomach went into spasm.  I quickly said back "it's an Human Being & your child so please do not kill your baby"!!  She hung up on me right away.  I tried to call her back but all I got was someone speaking Spanish & with no ring to leave a message.  Later on Martha called & the same thing happened.  I will continue to pray, for her & her precious baby, who wants to live......

I had to go to the Post Office & then to Tops Citizens Bank & bought diapers & formula too.  I went to Staples in the plaza, to by special rubber bands for Focus.  It's usually many errands for me.

Martha did a pregnancy test on a mother of four children.  She said that her blood test was Positive but our urine test was Negative.  I asked her if she had a GYN doctor & she said that she doesn't want them to tell her she has enough children, for no one is going to tell me to kill by baby.  I was impressed to say the least.  I gave her our short amount of pro life doctors, in our city, to call. Hopefully she will.  I told her that all we say is "don't have sex outside of marriage".  She smiled.  
Later on Martha did another pregnancy test of a young girl that had a pregnancy test from us in the past.  I looked at her & said "no sex until marriage".  She said back "that's right & I will find the right man & we can wait".  I said "yes in deed".  She smiled & left.  Hopefully she will listen to her words of wisdom.
Tamara was out there praying in front of Planned Parenthood.  Praise God!!  Then Mary Ann came & so did Bob.  Tom had just left.  Then more people came out praying on the sidewalk.  Then the Police came for someone called not PP & complained that the small group of people were blocking the sidewalk & were harassing people. They weren't of course.  The Police said that PP did not make the call.  There was an angry woman walking around the sidewalk I was told so she could have called or the neighbors of death.  We really don't know!!  Earlier Jim, for the Station of the Cross, came on the sidewalk with his wife & five children praying, The PP Security guard came by & read the Injunction to them,  How nice is that  :((  Jim said he spoke with him & told him that he could help him get another job.  He said that he was fine.  WHAT!!!  It's so sad!!!  I spoke to a PP worker on her way to go to the coffee shop down the street but she just gave me a sick smile.  Death people are so deaf, dumb & blind!!  Pray their eyes will open!





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