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Saturday, March 24, 2018

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


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I have the numbers for 2017!!

Pregnancy Tests   110

Pregnant    23

Not pregnant   87

Number of people that came into Focus in 2017 is:

3,345 clients


Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at Focus

What a start to a new year!!!  When I arrived there was Martha & Frank already here.  I came in & then walked into the office & all of a sudden a loud ringing occurred & it was awful.  It got louder & louder & I couldn't hear.  We were trying to look at what this was & it keep on ringing.  I called the Security Company & they said that they couldn't turn it off because it wasn;t on.  Okay I said what do I do now?  They sent someone to come to check out the problem.  He turned off the security system & looked around & then said "Mary, it was your mega phone".  "What" I said with dismay.  Yes it was the mega phone that mysteriously went off & didn't shut off until Matha pulled the warm batteries out.  I thanked the man who came & while he was here he changed the time on the security alarm.  It all worked out nevertheless.  

I had a client that was having some trouble with our rules & then she said to Frank 'is it because I'm Black"?  "No", he said back, my Son in Law is Black & my Grandson.  I said to her that we love & care about you.  She settled down now.  Little dose the people that come into Focus know about us for my sisters children & Black children. 
We are NOT Racist !!!

We were somewhat busy for the rest of the day.  Linda & Jackie came in to help us today.  


Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at Focus

It was a more quitter day today  :))  We worked hard to make sure that Focus is helping many people.  Linda has come in & cleaned & it looks sooooo good!!  She is such a hard worker.  Thank you Lord.  

Our clients are appreciative of us & we try to assist them the best that we can.

Linda came in with her friend Bettey a Mental Health Nurse.  Martha was that too at one time but has retired.  They had a lot to talk about.  She liked helping us out at Focus!!!  We will see her again next week......thanks Betty!!!

Our client was sick so she didn't go for her ultrasound today, & we made another appointment for her, for next week.  She is post abortive x2 so we are careful to keep in touch with her.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018 at Focus

We had Tim, who came in with a large donation, move the two tables along with Barb & Martha.  We are rearranging our main room.  Looks soooo good!!!  I am so very happy to what Focus looks like now....changes make the difference!!

We had a client that was helped by Women's Care Center with a car seat & A pack n play & a Layette.  The mom wasn't ready when baby decided to come a week early.  I called Hollie & she said that we are working together & I agreed.  This is so wonderful to be able to work with other pregnancy centers.  Team work......... They give away car seats & we hand out formula.........

Martha did a pregnancy test & it was Negative.  Educational literature & DVD's were given.  We want our client to go to Heaven!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at Focus

Parkin our cars was somewhat difficult but I got through the parking lot across the street.  Hope I can get out.  Martha & Frank were her so we had enough people to help our clients.  

A woman came in for diapers & she said that she was here less than a week ago so I just reminded her that we did not supply your monthly diaper supply so she left with a huff.  We are trying to make them independent not dependent.  I told her we were here for a necessity.  Hope she understands.  

We had a steady stream of client that came in for many different things.  Martha did a pregnancy test & she was Negative so she was given the appropriate information.  I got to talk to her boyfriend who was waiting for her in the main room.  No sex until marriage!!  They usually say to me "I know".  God's rules don't change.  

Matha called two of our clients to remind them of their ultra sound appointment tomorrow at Embracing Options.  Neyoka did a pregnancy test yesterday & it was Positive & called in for an ultra sound appointment tomorrow.  Hope that they both show up!!
A client came in who had her baby real early baby was born 1 lb. 12 oz. & is now over 3 lbs..  Will be coming home soon.  What an adventure for the mother.  Came in to receive some things for her son.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at Focus

Death of Brittany Coombs

We were given bad news today that Brittany Coombs, worked at Focus in 2017. overdosed & died in November in 2017.  She worked at Focus helping us out for a program that she was in got addiction.  Our hearts are aching now!!! 

Many people came in today & Martha helped them.  We had Elizabeth, from St. John Bosco School, & her children come in to help us.  Quite a productive team.  Barb came in too.  

I had to call Neyoka to tell her that Brittany was no longer with us & she was upset too.  A sad day for us at Focus!!!

A woman, from the Pathway Houses of Rochester, New York, which is affiliated with Syracuse Behavioral Heath Care (SBH) for alcohol & drug abuse treatment.  We now have any agency, that can help our clients, in need.  They are located on University Ave. by Wegmans, not far from us.  Good referral.
A client came in who had her baby real early, was born 1 lb. 12 oz., & is now over 3 lbs..  Will be coming home soon.  What an adventure for the mother.  Came in to receive some things for her son.  

Thursday, January 11, 2018 at Focus

Saying good bye to Sarah!!!
I got my hair cut today so no one will recognize me.  Martha & Sarah liked it but I need some time to get used to it for I had long hair for such a long time.  Oh well.....

It was a good afternoon for Frank was with us & he gave us lunch.  When I came in I had to say "good-bye" to Sarah, who will be going, with her husband Guillaume & Helen & baby Louise, to live in France.  She will come back to Rochester to see her parents & us again sometime this year.  We will greatly miss her & her family!!!!  We were blessed with her presence  :)))

Martha is tired today she is a morning person who wakes up at 6am. No wonder~~~
Adolf was here today, for he was in the hospital, for surgery, he looks good!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at Focus

I got to Focus late because I had to go to the Post Office & to the bank for Focus & then to Tops for formula, diapers & sidewalk salt.  I also had to go to Subway for lunch via a request form Martha.  I am so grateful that I have Martha, Linda, Frank, Jackie, Lynda & Linda, so I do treat them well.  Cannot do without them!!!!   We had to park on the street so I had to get quarters for the meters.  Cannot wait for the free parking lot to clear up.  Tim was here after a drop off  of donations & he shoveled the front sidewalk for us too. 

Martha called a client who had a Positive pregnancy test on Friday but left quickly so Neyoka couldn't talk with her about an ultrasound.  She said that she called & spoke with her yesterday & had the impression that her husband did not want this precious baby & asked her to come into Focus today to speak with Martha or I.  She did not come so I asked Martha to call her & she did & she is now scheduled for an ultrasound for tomorrow at 12:15 pm.  She knows where His Branches Medical Center is & does not need a ride.  Hopefully she & her husband will show up!!!!!!

Martha called the two clients that did not go for their ultrasound appointments last week.  Cannot reach them  :(((

Linda & Linda came today to help us & Frank has now gone home.  We will see Jackie in 2 weeks.  Her son is getting married & she & her husband will take a vacation to Florida for 1 week.  We do miss her  :((  We also miss Sarah who we said good bye to last week.  Hopefully we will see her when she goes to visit her family in the summertime.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at Focus

It was a hectic afternoon but we got through it, thank God!!!  We saw many clients today & most of them needed formula.  Lynda was here & she was kept busy too.  I took a message off of the office answering machine & it was our client  who was scheduled for an ultrasound today, said she had a flat tire, & couldn't get there.  Martha called her & we rescheduled her for tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:30 am.  Jessica will pick her up at 11 am for she needed a ride. 

Tim came & dropped off more donations & took out the trash cans for pick up tomorrow.  We measured the floor for water proof carpets that will hopefully help with the water problem form the boots. 

Linda came around 4:30 to help us out & she will be here for an hour.  So much to do!!!!
Our next Focus Newsletter is done.  You can look at it:  
Thank you Gene for a fantastic newsletter!!!!


Thursday, January 18, 2018 at Focus

It was a frustrating day for me.  First, I went to the Post Office to see if we had any mail for Focus when I asked why I am not notified, as before if we had mail.  I didn't get much help.  The Supervisor did give me a email address but nothing more.  The man behind the counter said that they stopped the notification process & the Supervisor said that they renewed the program & we were probably thrown out......REALLY!!!  

Then I went into Tops market to get baby formula & all they had was two cans left.  I said "what"  please order more formula because I run a pregnancy center & I depend on Tops to supply formula,  for our clients.  I went to look for something else & they didn't have it.  This is a store????

When I got to Focus there was a family, that has come in for several years now, so I asked them to speak English, for you live in America.  I wanted to see what their situation was in order to assist them better but I can't communicate with them..  I spoke to one of the ladies with a "I don't speak English" phrase.  Are you kidding........

I called USPS after looking at their website & was on the phone waiting for 60 minutes.  Thank God I have enough minutes on my phone & I did some work while on speaker phone.  All I want is to be notified for mail from our PO Box, as before & no one can help me :(((((  Finally got through & spoke with the Supervisor & I have to wait until they come to me for the  PO notification
A woman came in for formula which a friend told her we have.  Martha asked her some questions & she is not on WIC & works, with a pay check, coming in every other week.  Because we are low on formula, I asked Martha to ask the client to buy some, as she said that's what she does.  We are an emergency supplier, not I have to pay my bills so I will get free formula, agency.  Baby first mom!!  Maybe I'm looking at this wrong  :((

I was thinking of a past client today & she came in to see us.  She is post abortive x2 & she put us through a lot trying to save her second baby, with a lot of tomfoolery.  After she did abort her precious 15 week baby at Wortman's because he could put her out I didn't talk with her until on day I answered the phone & she said that she need things for she will deliver in two weeks.  She came in today & I asked her if she has been getting help post abortively & she said "no".  I asked if I could give her some literature & she said "yes".  She said that she referred us to her friend that was soon to deliver her baby.  We hugged & she left with a thank you & a smile on her face.  Thank you Lord that Christina is doing better :)))  Embracing Options will send me some information on post abortion healing.  

Our client did go for her ultrasound but she doesn't know who the father is & if it's the one guy she might abort because he's crazy.  What!!!!  Embracing Options is also working with this mom to save her child's life.  Thy spoke with her for a time & they will contact her when the test is revealed late January.  

Barb came to measure the floor for waterproof rugs & she wants now to move the table....what!  So much going on when I just asked for a waterproof rug......but the room will look better.  I must be open to other suggestions!!!

Daniel Beyer, came in from Monroe Plan, & he was a delight.  Such a nice young man.  He will come back for more items for his clients.  MIMO, referred him to us.  Thank you Maria W..
A young man came in to get somethings for himself, he has no children.  He asked Linda if he could take the statue of the Blessed Mother Mary & she said "yes" & asked if he was Catholic which he replied that he was.  I gave him How to Make a Good Confession & the Catechism of the Catholic Church
plus the 10 Commandments & a Rosary.  He was so nice & he will continue to be a good Cathloic!!!  A breath of fresh air for men  :))

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at Focus

Spectrum TV News reporter, Breon Martin, called me yesterday, Roe vs. Wade 45 years of killing children day, for an interview. I gave the news reporter Mike Warren's name & I called him but he was in Illinois so he couldn't be contacted for the interview.  Then I thought of Jim Havens & called him & he said that he would be at St. Mark's Church for a Holy Hour & he would give the interview there.  I called back the reporter & gave him Jim's cell number.  I watched Spectrum News, with the same news over & over again, until 11:10 pm to watch Jim give his interview along with the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, at Planned Parenthood, & the NOW people gathering at the Unitarian church on Winton Rd..  I am familiar, for this is the place, that they always meet.  It was hard to listen to their mixed up deceptive words, so Evil.
This is what Jim had written on the Spectrum Facebook.  

I was interviewed for this story yesterday and it seems to me in the final cut that aired, the best points were left out. I take the opportunity to share them here:

1. Our community has experienced the disastrous results of abortion. Obviously the tre
mendous loss of life, but also the tremendous number of women who have experienced the horrible pain of abortion: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you have experienced the pain and hurt of abortion, there is a community here to love on you and help you. Please think about attending a 
Rachel's Vineyard or a Project Rachel, Help after Abortion retreat to help you process what you've been through and receive some real healing.

2. Abortion has nothing to do with health care. Abortion is one big lie. The lie of abortion tells women who are in unplanned and/or unsupported pregnancies and who are dealing with real difficulties, to wrongly perceive that their child is the problem and, to such a degree, that they ought to destroy him or her. The child is never truly the problem. Such women in our community do have real problems that need to be addressed: financial hardships, relational difficulties, family pressures, etc. We need to come together as a community to address these real problems, while we also need to stand up together and proclaim that every human person is valuable and has equal rights. Abortion truly solves nothing and only creates far greater problems. Pro-life is pro-woman, pro-love, pro-humanity.

3. If you are experiencing the difficulties of an unplanned and/or unsupported pregnancy, we have outstanding local resources to help you to address the real problems you are facing and to help you love and protect the child already alive and growing within you. We have great medical pregnancy help centers like 
CompassCare Community and Embracing Options His Branches, Inc. and terrific non-medical pregnancy help centers like 
Focus Pregnancy Centerand Women's Care Center ROC. You can also turn to most faith communities for help, although some faith communities do have things upside down on abortion, but I can tell you as a Catholic, that you can turn to any Catholic parish and we will welcome you with open arms and we will help you. Please reach out for help. You are not alone. We love you and we are here to help you.

4. The U.S. Supreme Court wrongly upheld racial segregation laws in Plessy v. Ferguson and it took 58 years for SCOTUS to eventually get it right and overturn Plessy with Brown v. Board of Education. Sadly, it's been 45 years since Roe, but just like Plessy, SCOTUS will eventually get it right and Roe will be overturned.

5. We also have the precedent of other human rights atrocities that were once accepted in American society like slavery. Slavery was once wrongly considered normal and was wrongly accepted. Thanks to abolitionists like Frederick Douglass who kept pushing, slavery was eventually made illegal and then became unthinkable in American culture. Abortion is following that same trajectory. We must keep pushing to make it rightly illegal in law and unthinkable in culture. Ask yourself the question, "what is the most effective, non-violent action available to me, and to us as a community, to end abortion as soon as possible?"

Spectrum Facebook page:  

Jim is a blessing to the pro life movement here in Rochester & the Buffalo area!!  He has a Radio program on the Station of the Cross called' Love Will End Abortion'.  Please check it out:

Elizabeth & her three children came & helped us out today.  Frank was here & he worked hard.  So much to do........

We had a young client that was about to give birth & she received many things from Focus!!  

Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  The man, that was with her, said that they were married & they had three children but the mother just had her tubes tied with her last baby.  She said that doctor told her too. Their son has a heart problem & needs surgery soon.  How sad is that!!  She might be having a tubal pregnancy so I gave her our pro life doctor's list & told them to go to the Emergency Room if she has any symptoms.  Nice people.  They were grateful & said that we helped them out, when they were in need, in the past. 

Thank you Lord that we are able to help people.  This is your ministry!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at Focus

It was a busy day!!  Martha & Lynda was here helping & we were eating lunch when I received a call saying that two car loads of clothes & things were coming, in less, then an hour.  "Okay", I said & "thank you".   We saw some clients & then they came with so many things our heads spinned.  The room was covered with great things for our clients.  A client took a crib that we had & so many people got nice things for themselves & their children.  It was from a mother & her daughter & friend.  Another Focus blessing  :))

It was good seeing our four Elim Bible Institute students back at Focus....they were missed.  They were such a big help & we are grateful for their prayers & presence.  

We saw a few men here today which is always good.  Many people came in today.  A good day!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018 at Focus

I had to go to get my window wiper fixed for I had to stand on 441 last night wiping the water off of my window with my flasher lights on.  No fun!!  The nice man at Monroe Muffler today took a screwdriver to it & fixed it without cost.  I said to him "God bless you & thank you so much".  He had such a huge smile, on his face, for he knew God. 

I then went to the Post Office & then to the bank to deposit the donations.  We are blessed!!! When I got to Focus there was Martha & Frank working hard.  I went to the office to start my work.

We have seen many men this year, so far, helping them with their children's needs.  A mother came in with a small baby in the stroller cute!!  She lives in a Shelter so I called Joel to see if he could help her with a residency.  She & her children were in a fire, last week,& lost everything but all  survived.  Thank God!!  She seemed still in shock.

Surprise, Dr. Bryan came in today, to assist us at Focus.  I spoke to him regarding our, sexually abused support group, starting at Focus in February.  He gave me some information & said that it is well needed.  It was good seeing him & he said that he will be back next week.

Joan came to help us for a couple of hours & then Scotty showed up for a visit.  Later on Linda came & brought her friend Betty, they were such a help.  It was a good week.  We have seen about 200 clients, in 2018, so far.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at Focus

Martha went to layton this weekend to see her twin sister Mary because she is sick & she was coming back on Wednesday but I received a phone call , from Martha, this morning saying she was back in Rochester.  I screamed "Marha you're home, yeah"!!!  She said that she was going to sleep for awhile & will come to Focus when she wakes up.  "Okay". I said "I'll see you then".   I was soooo happy!!!  :)))

When I got to Focus, Frank's truck was in the parking lot, & a second later Christine's car came into the lot.  We have help today.  I was relieved, for I received two phone calls from two young ladies, asking for a pregnancy test today.  We have coverage.

Jackie came & we were talking & then I heard Martha's voice from the main room.  I got up & hugged her, with a big smile, on my face.....I was relieved that she was back safe & sound.  

Jackie was calling the pregnant clients to see how they were doing.  All is well!!!  We are working on our Sex Abuse, self-sharing group, in February.  
Elizabeth & her three children came in to help us too.  The Focus Pregnancy Center looks fantastic!!!  Neyoka cleaned it last week. 
Paul came in today, we haven't seen him in awhile.  He cleaned our outside windows.  He said that he will come back sooner next time.  We have a Focus fundraiser meeting with Christine today at 5 pm.  Then my Holy Hour & then the State of the Union address tonight.  A good day!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at Focus

I got to Focus with my right leg not working well at all but I got through the afternoon.  It's because of the fall last Friday when I tripped, over my throw rug, which was over the carpet, in my apartment.  Bummer   :((

We didn't see many clients today but we got a lot done with our four Elim Bible students & Linda.  Our center looks great  :))  It will be Eva's 19th. birthday tomorrow.  We all sang Happy Birthday to her as they left to go back to campus.  Great young ladies.  

Our client, that came in on Friday for a pregnancy test, saw her 16 week old baby today...she & her boyfriend were happy.  Hope they get married & raise this child together.  Be responsible parents.  She lost many pregnancies through miscarriages, in the past.  Hope this baby is born healthy.  

Thursday, February 1, 2018 at Focus

I got to Focus a little later, for my right leg, that was injured intially by Morris Wortman in 1978, that hurts now.  It is a L5 injury that got irritated by the fall, last Friday, in my apartment.  Wortman is an abortionist now.  I sidewalked counseled, in front of his abortion mill with others, for many years.  He also killed, two of my family members, by abortion.  I named them Chris & Pat.  I pray for his & other abortionist conversion daily.

When I arrived there was Martha & our client who has emotional problems trying on coats.  She got a blue jacket.  My heart aches for her.

Hollie came for a short visit.  She is the director of the Women's Care Center.  She is a blessing to us.  We refer our clients to her if they need a car seat, layette & pac'n play.  She has helped many of our clients with their needs.

I called Jim H. & he told me that a precious baby was saved today in front of Planned Parenthood.  Janet was out there with Adolf & she talked with this mother & she changed her mind.  She said that she was going in to cancel her appointment & Janet said "please don't go in there" but she did.  She went in & came right out a few minutes later.  Janet offered her help & showed her Focus Pregnancy Center to which Janet has a key to the center to assist this mother in need.  Thank you Lord!!!  

Fr. C. came in with his monthly box of DVD's for our clients education.  I was so happy to see him & he heard my confession & gave me the Sacrament of the Sick.  He is such a wonderful priest.  What a blessing to Focus over the years.  He is a baby saver.
We are preparing for the Winter '40 Days for Life' campaign which starts on February 14th., Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  Which means more people & more hours, out in front, of this killing mill.  Planned Parenthood has now opened up the back gate to let people out that way but Tom goes back there & stands with a sign.  You can run PP but you can't hide.  God is watching you......

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at Focus

When I arrived there was Martha & Frank all ready here.  we ate lunch together & talked for a while.  We didn't see a client until later with a mother & her four children.  Husband is addicted with pronography & they are separated.  She is doing better since she last came in.  She spoke with Linda who has been affected with an ex husband whi is addicted with pronography that has effeded her marriage & family of three children.  she is divorced & Church annulled.  He still causes her much heartache.  He is now so called married to his adulterous lover.  Ick!!!  So much pain in this world!!!!   Before this mother of five left I got her a nice dark blue coat for the material aid room.  She tried it on & it looked so nice & then Linda gave her a pink scarf & she looked beautiful.  All the children were polite & so cute.  Lets pray that this man repents & goes back to his family soon. 

A woman called to come for an interview to volunteer at Focus.  Hopefully it will work out for we do need more volunteers.   Linda came to help us out this afternoon.  She was sorting Holy Cards & put them in a open container, for our clients to take, & to be blessed.  It was a good day & I was able to get some things done in the office.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 at Focus

I had to go shopping for Focus today & also order more paper & envelopes with our name  address on it.  It took some time.  When I arrived at the door with my car filled with bags & boxes Martha came out to bring the things into the center.  Mike W. came over from sidk counseling to help nice was that.  Then I moved my car across the street to park & went into the center. 

I went in the office & started working on things that I had to do. Martha worked in the main room putting things away.  We just had a big donation form Saints Place & there were 10 boxed filled with baby & children clothes .....our baskets in the material aisd room are now filled up!!!  Thank you dear Lord.  Martha had said that Kara, who we interviewed last evening, came for an hour to help out & will be back in two weeks after her mid finals.  Hope so!!

Fred came In to do somework & then Barb came in & then Frank & then!  Mike came in for a quick visit before going out to the front lines to pray.  Haven't seen him in awhile.  He lost all his hair but he is still Mike  :))  It will grow back.  It must be hard & I should be more empathic with him.  

A lot got done but still more to do, always.  We saw some clients today too. 



Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at Focus

I got to Focus late because I had to go to do Focus errands first.  When I arrived there was Martha, Frank & Barb our helper here.  We saw some clients & then a young girl came in & wanted a pregnancy test.  Martha assisted the client in to the office & came out a long time later.  The test was positive.  After she left Martha said that she wants an abortion.  We all prayed in the office & I put a prayer request asking our prayer warriors to pray that this precious baby will be born....not aborted.  Her girlfriend had an abortion at Planned Parenthood & is not doing well....she is post abortive & is experiencing the syndrome for the rest of her life.  God does forgive when asked but it takes forever to forgive one's self. Please don't kill your baby Miss S..  We all prayed for her in the office.

Jackie came & is doing the paperwork for a $500 Grant from the Diocese for pac'n plays. Hopefully we will receive it.  

Linda came to help us out.  She is wonderful.  Barb our landlady came & brought us a new water proof rug & the Electrician came to see if he could put in some new switches in the kitchen.  That would be great.  
We are getting ready for the winter Kick Off Rally for the '40 Days for Life' event.  We are having Fr. Jim Hughes talking & then we will go to pray in front of Planned Parenthood & then come  back to Focus for food.  We are praying for the end to abortion.  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at Focus

Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent
St. Valentine's Day

I went to Mass, at St. Jerome's church, to receive my ashes & then I went to the Post Office & then to the Bank & then to Focus.  When I arrived, there was Martha & Frank working, in taking care of the clients.  I went into the office to start my work.  At 3 pm the four Elim students came to help us out & they won't be here next week.  Final exams.  Lynda said that she won't be here today, for she got home early in the morning, from Florida with her husband Bill.  A nice vacation in the sunshine.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was negative but she is post abortive.  So sad.


Thursday, February 15, 2018 at Focus

I arrived to Focus after going to Tops to get Barbara Birthday gifts.  We got her flowers, pickles, she likes pickles a lot & lots of Lemons, she likes Lemons a lot.  Martha made her a Cherry!
She helps us out a lot & is so kind.  She's been with us for a long time.  Afterwards we had a nice meal of homemade Macaroni & Cheese & beans with potatoes & chicken & a veggie tray.  Barbara made & brought in the food.  We had Barb, Martha, Linda, Betty & Frank at the table.  It was fun!!!!

Martha did a pregnancy test & it was Negative but the woman had had two past abortions......she cried.  Women please behave yourselves!!!!!!  No abortions!!!!!

Frank fixed the office back door & went to the store & got two front door keys made.  One key is for Jim, for he needs it for Fridays when he is at PP all day, from 7 am to 3 pm.  Now he will have the key to Focus, for the bathroom & all.  He wants another Sidewalk Counseling class, at Focus, on Saturday, March 24th..  I said "sure".  He is certainly been a blessing to us all.  Thank you Lord  :)))

Marha called Miss S., who is abortion minded, & she is nauseated.  Martha said for her to eat ginger cookies or Ginger Ale to help with the nausea.   We are so happy that she is choosing life, for her baby, but we will continue to pray for her & Martha will continue to call her to see how she is doing.  Sr. Nancy called her today too.  It was a very good day!!!!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at Focus

When I arrived at Focus there was Martha & Frank there.  I greeted them & then asked Frank to fix my cart that I use to bring in my groceries to my apartment for two of the back wheels feel off.  He did.  Thank God for men that fix things.  He took out the six trash cans to the curb for pick up tomorrow.  How nice is that.....

We were somewhat busy today & was able to spend some time with the clients.  Jackie & Linda came in to help us & all went well.  

Martha called Miss S. & she is still pregnant but nauseated.  Has not told her mother so far.  Martha said that if she needs to get out of her home we will find her somewhere to stay.  She said "thank you".   We will continue to pray for her.  She has a good connection with Martha.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at Focus

Lynda is back!!!!  She's been away for three weeks....unbearable.  She is so good a woman that helps so many of our clients at Focus.  She & her husband went to Florida & enjoyed themselves...yeah!!!  Well deserved.

Martha & I were pleasantly busy.  We had our first Sex Abuse meeting but no one showed up.  We are asking them when would a good time be for them to attend.  Some things do take time.  Jackie, Martha & I spoke with three girls, about the 10 Commandments, that came in with their children.  One of the girls was not receptive but we will pray for her to be.  It takes time. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018 at Focus

A precious baby was saved at PP today!!!!

I was in the office when Rob came in & told me that a young girl came out of PP & he brought her here at Focus.  I went out & spoke with her.  Martha was asking if she would like an ultrasound & she said that she already had one today at PP.  I then asked her if she was going to have an abortion & she said "yes" but changed her mind.  When she left PP Rob brought her to Focus where we talked with her & gave her what she needed for her two other children.  She said that she will have her baby now.  Praise God!!!!!!

A new mother of a 11 day old baby boy came in & Martha & Linda spent a lot of time helping her with her needs.  The father of the baby is GONE.  She has no one to help her but we will.  We got a Taxi to take her home.  A nice young mom.

Barb came in with a light replacement for the office.  I will ask Frank to put it in next time he comes in.  He always has work to do. 

We saw mothers & fathers today.  We instructed another mother who came in for a special infant formula & diapers about Chasity & to respect oneself.  

Martha opened the door & spoke with two young girls asking about pregnancy tests.  Martha told them what we do here at Focus.  She asked if they wanted one & they said that they would like to take it home with them & she said "no".  They were starting to leave when Martha said "don't go to Planned Parenthood where they kill babies.  Then they hollered with their hands in the air YEAH!!!!  Sick young girls.  They walked up Windsor St..  More people to pray for!!! 

Sunday, February 25, 2018 from Focus

Please continue to pray for Miss S., for she is still pregnant but nauseated which will pass.  She is has not told her mother yet.  Pray that she will be supportive of her daughter.  We will find her a place to live if she is not.  

Then there was a young woman who came out of PP on Thursday & Rob brought her  into Focus for assistance.  Miss S. (another Miss S.) has now chosen life.  She has two other children & we helped her with some things for them.  She was influenced by the sidewalk counselors.  We will schedule her for an ultrasound at Embracing Options. We said that we will have a Baby Shower for her too which made her smile.   
Jim was out on the sidewalk on Friday & spoke with Miss K.. When she came out of PP she said that she was not sure what she was going to do.  Jim gave her his number & she gave him hers.  Jim gave me her phone number & I called her & offered her an ultrasound, which I will schedule tomorrow, at Embracing Options, & a Baby Shower, which she said was great.  I told her that Focus was open & she came into the center & Neyoka administered to her & her young child, who is under one years old.  She has now chosen life her friend said.  Praise God!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 201 at Focus

Before I arrived at Focus I received a call from Janet stating that another Miss S. decided to keep her baby & was scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow at Embracing Options.  Praise God!!

When I arrived at Focus there was Martha & Frank & Fred working.  When I got there there was so much to's Tuesday!!!   I was just about to call RG&E, about a problem across the street  where we park, when I saw two lage RG&E trucks pull up the street & stopped.  I walked over to truck & talked to the Supervisor & asked him to check the facility, which they apparent problem.  Just want to make sure for there are some bad guys around breaking windows down the street in the plaza where we were for over 9 years.  Wish they did good things instead of bad things.  

Mike was hear waiting for Bernadette for an interview for our next newsletter. They were talking in the office but Martha had to do a pregnancy test so they went to Wendy's to continue their interview.
Should be good :))

The pregnancy test was Negative but the young girl said that her boyfriend is abusive so Martha talked with her & gave her Willow's card so she could call them to get away.  So sad!!!!

Linda dropped off the baby swing, that we bought Miss K. for her 6 month old child, but Linda just had oral surgery & had to go home to rest.  Thank you dear heart!!!

We saw some clients today & one woman was 5 meters centimeters so baby was on his way. Another woman took a car seat & a nice big castle for her older daughter....should have fun with that!!  It was a good day!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at Focus

It was a disappointing day for the two women who came out of PP did not go for theri ultrasound.  Can't reach either on so this is quite upsetting, to say the least.  We can only hope & pray that they did not change their minds to have an abortion for they will never be the same. 

We saw a quite baby who came in with Mom & Grandma.  So cute  :)) 

The dog lady, in the neighborhood  was waking up Windsor St. with the death worker, from Planned Parenthood.  How sick  :(((  Repent both of you!!!!

Martha & Lynda are helping our clients with many things.  Praise God!!!

Lynda called our pregnant clients, one had a sad.  The other clients are doing well.  Yeah!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018 at Focus

What a day!!!  I had many Focus errands today so I did not get to the center until later.  When I arrived with formula, etc. Frank told me that he & Martha had a difficult time with one of our clients today.  We had trouble with her last time she was here too.  She was aggressive, rude & insulting especially to horrible.  Frank called 911 & they came after she & her quiet sister had left.  The two police officers said that if she comes back again just call us & we'll take care of it.  OK!!!  Sounds like a plan.

We all sat down & ate together but Frank & Martha was still upset.  I don't  like seeing this.  Dr. Bryan came in today & we talked with him.  A couple of clients came in when he was here.  A very nice man.  

Earlier I received a phone call from Jim saying that he has been working on an ultrasound van to come to Rochester in May now will take place.  The van is coming 4 hours away on a Wednesday for the all day Thursday killing at PP.  It will be quiet effective & it is an answer to prayer.  Thank you Lord!!!

Martha called Miss S., from last Thursday at PP, & she is still pregnant & will be going for an ultrasound at her doctor's office.  Praise God!!  I had a lot of work to do in the office & Martha went home still upset.  Unacceptable to be treated badly by our clients, we will not tolerate it, under no circumstances......just sit down with us & talk so we can help you......

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at Focus

There was Martha & I for Frank had to work & Linda couldn't come due to church activities.  It was a good day nevertheless.  We helped many young moms who have nothing & made them happy.  We saw some men today that needed clothes.  We have men's clothes too.  I did much office work that never seems to be finished & Martha wrote the many Thank You letters to be sent out.  We are so grateful to all you give.  God bless you all.....
Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at Focus

Barb wanted the phone number from the letter that is on the door across the street.  Maybe she will buy the property & make a parking lot out of it.  That would be wonderful for Focus!! 

Lynda came & was such a help. Then the Elim students came & were a blessing.  One of the girls was adopted from Russia.  Her biological parents were Gypsy & had many children already & placed their daughter up for adoption in the USA.  She is so nice & wants to go back, someday, to meet her birth parents & siblings.  Hope she will be able to.  We all sat down & had a conversation about Planned Parenthood & abortion.  They answered well if ever confronted. 

I was informed, that some women kill their precious little babies, by smoking & drinking a lot to cause a miscarriage.   What is wrong with women??????
We helped many mothers who need pack n'plays today.  I spoke to a woman who was pregnant & had a baby in the stroller with another child in school.  I spoke to her about abstinence & her relationship with the Lord.  She said that everyone believes what they believe......really.  I gave her information that would be helpful to her repencence & her soul.  Education & prayer is so important.

Thursday, March 8, 2018 at Focus

What a day!!!    When I got to Focus & there was Martha & Joan working.  I parked across the street & went into the center.  There were a client that Martha was helping & I went in the office to start my work.  The ladies in the morning did a pregnancy test which was Negative.

A client & her brother came in with their children, one was his & one was cute!  Then we found out, by two women that were walking down the street to pray at PP, that the man across the street had called the police because she was parked in front of the yellow house to long.  I asked her to move her car & saw that she was talking to the red haired man, in the street.  I went out to talk to him too.  I asked our client to go back inside & then I tried to talk with him.  He made no sense & was angry that he received a parking ticket today, now he wanted everyone to have one, too!!  How nice is that!!   He said that he has a business at the blue house, which is right next to Planned Parenthood.  Really!! I said to him that he should have made sure he had parking before he took that property for that was his responsibly.  I told him he could park across the street where we are & he started to ask me all kinds of questions.  I said "if you want to park there you can & if you don't want to park there then don't".  Then he said that "those people called the police on me", meaning the sidewalk counselors.  "No" I said, they did not call the police on you maybe the neighbors did.  He said "no, they know my car".  Okay then.  Then he said "what about this window that got broken & pointed to the yellow house.  "I don't know anything about that", I said. He said that they were chanting & the window broke.  Then he said that they should have known not to talk in front of the house with a dog.  Are you kidding.  I said back that you can walk & talk on a public sidewalk, really.  Then he said "those people" again & I lit into him by saying that these people are trying to save lives, for they are killing babies, in there right now". I knew that I was not going anywhere so I said my name is Mary & I'm the director here.  I asked him what his name was & he said "Mike".  I said "good bye & walked back in the center, exhausted.  Here we go again....talking to liberals is no fun  :(((  
The electrician came in to put in plugs so we can have the radio on during the day!!  Yeah!!  He will be back on Wednesday to fix the problem in the basement.  Thank you Barb!!  She came in later & we talked.  She said that the property was not available across the street but it will be demolished in the spring for it is condemned.  Many violations in that building.  Oh well......hopefully we will have free parking lot parking for awhile longer.  Please Lord!!!

Linda came in to work & we had a discussion at the table.  I simply asked her if her older son wasa going to Mass & she said "no not every Sunday".  I was surprised & distressed.  I said "you know that is a Mortal Sin, Linda.  I can't tell him what to do he's an adult & he's busy.  She then said that she didn't think it was a serious sin.  LINDA!!  You are a good Catholic woman & you should know that it is a serious sin that could put him into Hell.  God doesn't put anyone into Hell, we put ourselves there.  She said that God is merciful.  I said 'Yes, He is, but you have to confess your sins, to the Lord, in the Sacrament of Confession.  He is merciful, He forgives us.  The Bible sayes 'now is the acceptable time', meaning don't wait, to confess your sins, for you might be to late!!!!!  Don't play Russian Roulette with your precious only have one.........
I spoke with Janet, a volunteer at Focus on Thursdays, on the phone & she said that she was out there in front of Planned Parenthood & a Spanish speaking woman came out & she started talking to her. She said that she was 8 weeks pregnant & will be back on Monday at 10 am for an abortion.  My heart sank.  Janet said that she will be out there on Monday & will call her this weekend to talk with her again.  She showed her a precious 12 week old rubberized baby & she put it in her hands & she said "oh oh oh".  Maybe she then realized that she is pregnant with a human being.  Great job Janet & we hope for good news from you on Monday.  Planned Parenthood kills little babies every day!!!! Monday tru Friday......serial murders!!!!  Repent!!!

Our client, that had an ultrasound yesterday, was possibly miscarrying.  They did an ultrasound & saw no baby put the pregnancy test was positive, when they did it after the ultrasound.  She said that she will go to the hospital tomorrow for bloodwork to see if she is still pregnant, for she had been bleeding earlier on.  Lets hope & pray she is, God willing. It was a rough day!!! 


March 13, 14 & 15 at Focus

Martha won't be with me for two days because she is going for a routine test.  I will miss her.  I was blessed with enough help that I was not strained.  Thank you Lord!  I had Frank, Linda S., Jackie & Linda W., with me so all went well.  Jackie & I was hoping that Miss Kay would come for lunch but when I called her to ask what she wanted to eat she said that she was sick so she couldn't make it.  Jackie spoke with her & then Janet went over to her house to see if she could help her.  She is 9 weeks pregnant & is abortion minded.  We will continue to text her to see how she is doing.  I asked Dr. Bryan, who sometime volunteers here at Focus on Thursdays, about nausea & he said that Vitamin B6 helps along with anything ginger. Dr. Bryan & his family will be moving to North Carolina, in the Fall, for more education for his wife's career.  We will miss him.  

Lynda, on Wednesday, called a lot of our pregnant clients & all are doing well in their pregnancies.  Thank God!  

Martha came back on Thursday & I was so happy to see her.  She did well with her test & she is fine.  Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at Focus
It was a mellow day without problems.  I had Martha & Frank here to help & then Linda S. was here for an hour later on in the day.  All worked out well.  We had a Focus Board meeting with our group of people.  It went very well & was productive.  I need to write a letter to Johnson & Johnson, they indorse contraceptives & a Bulletin insert to St. Anne's church, in regards to the Focus fundraiser, we are having on April 19, 2018.  So much office work.  Martha was helping the clients, that came into Focus, & she always does a great job  :)))

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at Focus

It was a busy day with Martha, Lynda & I.  Lynda called our pregnant clients & a lot have given birth already!!  Praise God!!  She called Miss K. & left a message & it was returned with "why are you all harassing me"?  "No", Lynda exclaimed, "I am with the Focus Center & was calling all our pregnant clients to see how they were doing".  She calmed down but didn't say she was still pregnant.  LETS HOPE SO!!

A man came into Focus & asked if we had Latex.  Lynda told him that we were a God fearing family organization that respects one's own body.  He left quickly.  Good job Lynda!

The four Elim Bible Institute students came to help us out for a couple of hours.  They sang "Happy Birthday" to me, for my birthday is Good Friday  :))  We won't see them until after Easter!!

Our client did not go for her ultrasound today at Embracing Options.  Asked Neyoka to call her.  

I did a lot in the office today.  We saw clients & helped them with what they needed.  It was a good day!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018 at Focus

When I arrived a t Focus after going to the Post Office & to the Bank & to Tops there was Martha & Frank there already.  We have a great team of workers!! 
I settled into the office to do my work & I then walk into the Main Room to see the clients after Martha greets them & helps them with what they need.  It is a good system.  Scotty came & said that he will be having surgery soon so we will continue to pray for him....dear man.  

Neyoka came in looking tired with donations from the Second Thought Resale Shoppe.  She called the client from yesterday that didn't go for her ultrasound.  The client said that she went out of town yesterday & forgot to call & cancel.  She said that she will go to her doctors for the ultrasound & Neyoka asked if she would go to Embracing Options instead.  She said that she will call Neyoka if she changes her mind,  She is post abortive.

Adolph came in, after praying in front of Planned Parenthood for a couple of hours, & Martha gave him some Apple Betty that she made with the apples that he brought in a week ago.  It was very good & he was happy.  He has a long trip back home. 

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