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Friday, July 03, 2020

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers





Source for locating a crisis Pregnancy Center in your time of need!




Option Lines



    24/7 HELP LINE


800/395-HELP (4357)



 Focus Pregnancy Help Center 

135 University Ave
Rochester, N.Y. 14605
  Help Line 585/ 200-9477  

Free Pregnancy tests, baby & children & adult clothes & items


Embracing Options

342 Arnett Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14619




  Woman's Care Center

3252 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14612

Phone 585/865-0360

Hours: MWF 1-4, Th 6:30-8



  Compass Care Pregnancy Services

200 White Spruce Blvd., Rochester, NY 14623

Phone: 585/232-2350 & 800/672-2296

Hours: M-Th 9-5; F 1-4




Crossroads Pregnancy Center

10 Cedarfield Commons

Rochester, NY  14624

Phone 585/  368-0746



   Care Net Pregnancy Center - Pittsford

421 Marsh Rd, Pittsford, NY 14522

Phone: 315/597-2233 & 800/395-4357

Hours: Th 1:30P - 6:30P




24 Hour Help Line


Eastside Office: 320 N. Washington Street,

Suite 116

Rochester, NY 14625

Phone: (585) 385-2100




819 W. Main St.

Rochester, NY 14611




 Crisis Pregnancy Helpline

24 x7 Help Line




  American Pregnancy Association







Crisis Pregnancy Centers: New York




  • *Elizabeth Ministry

585/586-5675 ext. 345

64 South Main St.

Pittsford, NY 14534


Who might benefit from this ministry:

  • A woman who recently has had a baby & needs help
  • Any pregnant woman who feels alone or needs support
  • A pregnant teenager & or her family
  • A woman with a medically difficult pregnancy
  • A woman who is expecting twins or multiples
  • A single parent pregnancy
  • A mother grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth
  • A mother experiencing an infant or child health crisis
  • Anyone experiencing the pain of infertility or failed adoption
  • Anyone hurting from an abortion






  • *Life before Birth



  • *



  • *LifeSite



  • *The Elliot Institute News



  • *American Family Association



  • *Breast Cancer/Abortion Link



  • *Sexually Transmitted Diseases



  • *Abortion & Sexuality



  • *Abortion Facts



  • *Rochester Area Right To Life Committee, Inc.



  • *ProLife Info Site



  • *Eternal Perspective Ministries




*Pregnancy Aid 



  • *Right to Life - LIFESPAN











  • *



  • *Baker Victory Services



  • *American World Adoption



  • *Bethany Adoption Services



  • *Birthright



  • *NightLight Christian Adoptions



  • *Care Net



  • *Heartbeat International



  • *Mercy Ministries of America







  • *NFP Outreach



  • *Natural Family Planning International



  • *Family of the Americas



  • *The Big Lie



  • *Fertility Care System CREIGHTON MODEL



  • *The Couple To Couple League

On this home page you will find information on the Sympto-Thermal Method of natural family planning. They also have a bi-monthly publication you can subscribe to called Family Foundations which discusses the Sympto-Thermal method as well as other issues such as ecological breastfeeding.

http://www.ccli.orgecological breastfeeding.



  • *The Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning

Are you planning to achieve or avoid/postpone pregnancy? Either way the Billings Method, developed by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings of Australia, will help you during all the stages of your reproductive life.



  • *Family of the Americas

This website offers an overview of the Ovulation method (as they call it). It also has pages on achieving pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, and on the anatomy and physiology of the reproduction system. They also have a great page (click here) on all the studies done on the method and how successful it was at preventing pregnancy.



  • *Natural Family Planning

The pages linked to this index introduce the important biological and physiological processes underlying natural family planning as exemplified by the Billings Ovulation Method.



  • *Examples of Misconceptions: Periodic Abstinence

This page discusses the problems with the Rhythm Method, an early form of abstinence-based birth control not to be confused with Natural Family Planning.



  • *Ovu-Tec Fertility Detector

This web site offers information that is never mentioned in NFP classes or books. A crystallization-fertility link was made by researchers over 40 years ago. This company sells a small microscope which you can view your saliva (Yes, I know it does sound weird...) and from the pattern determine if you are fertile or not. This works because the varying levels of estrogen in your saliva will cause certain patterns. I don't know anyone who has done this or if it works so if you have, please let me know!



  • *Pope Paul VI Institute






Faig Morgos M.D.

1081 Long Pond Road

Suite 120

Rochester, NY 14626


Fax: 227-8590


Raymond Naassana M.D.

484 White Spruce Boulevard

Rochester, NY 14623


Fax: 292-5173


Katherine Lammers  M.D.

Greece Obstetrics & Gynecology Group, LLP

120 Erie Canal Drive

Suite 200

Rochester, NY 14626


Fax: 225-3472


William Morehouse M.D.

340 Arnett Blvd. Rochester, NY 14619


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