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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Black Genocide




Klan Parenthood







In this photo made Feb. 11, 2010, an anti-abortion billboard is shown in Atlanta.

Georgia Billboards Link Race, Abortion

New Publicity Campaign Labeling Black Children an "Endangered Species"

 Gets Mixed Reaction



Obama promotes abortion


  Biracial Barack Obama's election is being hailed as a triumph for blacks. Obama's pro-abortion stand, however, is negatively impacting the black community.

New York State Health Department statistics reveal that in 2006, 41.5 percent of all babies aborted in our state were black.

Nationwide, blacks make up 12 percent of the U.S. population but have 35 percent of all abortions. Half of black babies conceived are aborted. Obama supports Planned Parenthood, which has 78 percent of its clinics in minority neighborhoods and whose founder Margaret Sanger was a racist, according to

Alveda King, niece of the late Republican Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told, “I know in my heart that if Uncle Martin were alive today, he would join with me in the greatest civil rights struggle of this generation — the recognition of the unborn child's basic right to life.” Obama needs to stop promoting the abortion genocide that is destroying black children in disproportionate numbers!

Petrina Fadel



Download "Killer Angel" by George Grant

A Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger






Abortion Causing 'Black Genocide,' Activists Say

By Randy Hall Staff Writer

February 07, 2005

 ( - During America's commemoration of Black History Month, some pro-life activists are charging that legalized abortion has led to a "black genocide" of more than 14 million unborn African-American babies. They condemn, in particular, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, whose president Gloria Feldt announced last week that she's resigning.

"For every five African-American women who get pregnant, three have an abortion," Clenard Childress Jr., director of the Northeast Chapter of the Life Education And Resource Network, told the Cybercast News Service. "This is a horrific injustice to women, and it's decimating our communities."

Childress runs the website, which quotes a number of disturbing statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

-- Since 1973, more than twice as many blacks have died from abortion than from heart disease, cancer, accidents, violent crimes and AIDS combined;

-- Blacks make up about 12 percent of the population in the United States but account for 32 percent of the abortions; and

-- About 1,450 black infants are aborted every day in this country.

Childress, who also serves as senior pastor of the New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, N.J., said he started the site "to tell the truth about what abortion is, to expose the lies of the abortion industry and their targeting of unsuspecting young women -- especially African-Americans -- and to let others know the horrifying statistics of the abortion rate for blacks in this nation."

The website got its name in part from a speech delivered in 1977 by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who now states that he supports abortion rights.

"Abortion is black genocide," Jackson said in 1977. "What happens to the mind of a person and the moral fabric of a nation that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience?" he asked.

Later in that speech, Jackson wondered how America might be affected 20 or 30 years down the road. Childress said we now know the answer to Jackson's question. "You can see for yourself. We have a genocidal mindset. There's no sanctity of life; there's no reverence for life itself," Childress said.

Death culture

Another reason for Childress' use of the term "black genocide" stems from what he sees as the sociological impact of abortion.

"Many poor children see their mothers, often in a single-parent situation, begin to have their stomachs rise and talk happily about having a child," Childress said. "But at some point, there's no more talk of a baby. And the children hear the mother say: 'I got rid of it.' These children, often at a very young age, hear or see or understand that this life, which was once being celebrated, has been terminated."

Childress said this has long-term consequences for the surviving children. "The child says: 'Well, there was a problem, and Mom got rid of it.' So later on in life, when the suggestion is made to 'get rid' of another problem such as an unintended pregnancy, it's not as repulsive to them as it would be for me at that age," according to Childress.

Today's entertainment reflects this culture, he stated. "Usher, who is number one on the music charts, talks about how he was upset with his woman because she wouldn't have an abortion," Childress said. "There are other songs about making her have one or punching her so she would have one. And these songs sell. That's scary to me."

Another part of the website deals with "the targeting of black women by the abortion industry." According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 94 percent of all abortion providers are located in metropolitan areas, which generally have high black populations.

Childress said that this targeting occurs for two reasons.

The first is "unquestionably the love of money," he said. "The abortion business is quite lucrative. If it was not lucrative, it would not be legal."

Since about one-third of all abortions are performed on black women, the abortion industry has received over $4 billion from the African-American community, he noted.

Childress was particularly critical of Planned Parenthood, not just as the nation's top abortion provider, but also because the organization operates a disproportionately high number of facilities in areas with large minority populations.

Mark Crutcher, founder and president of the Texas-based pro-life group, Life Dynamics, agreed with Childress' criticism of Planned Parenthood.

"Think about it from the standpoint of any service or good or product that you might sell," Crutcher said. "I don't care what the product is. If most of the ice cream companies were in minority neighborhoods, then they'd probably buy a disproportionate percentage of ice cream cones."

An analysis by the Cybercast News Service compared the location of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics with population data from the U.S. Census in 2000. The results appear to bolster the charge that the organization targets black communities.

Planned Parenthood does not provide a comprehensive list of the organization's clinics that perform abortions. However, the locations of 160 Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are available from the website of Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) International, a subdivision of the aggressively pro-life American Life League.

Using the Census information, the percentage of the black population in each community where a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic existed was compared to the percentage of the black population statewide. In nearly two-thirds (62.5 percent) of the comparisons, the communities with a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic had a higher percentage of blacks than the state did as a whole.

In Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts and Ohio, the communities containing all of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics had much higher black populations than their respective states, while Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming -- all of which have low black populations -- have none of the organization's abortion facilities.

Two states with high black populations -- Louisiana (32.5 percent) and Mississippi (36.3 percent) -- also have no Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, due in large part to the strength of pro-life forces in that part of the nation and state laws that restrict access to abortion, according to Jim Sedlak, executive director of STOPP International.

For the full analysis on Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and black population percentages, click here.

Racist in effect, not intent'

Childress added that the abortion business targets blacks for another reason besides financial returns. Whether intentional or not, he said, the abortion industry is following in the footsteps of Planned Parenthood's "founding mother," Margaret Sanger, a leader in the eugenics movement who in 1939 created the so-called "Negro Project" to promote birth control to black women.

Crutcher's organization has its own website criticizing Sanger's philosophy and the disproportionate number of black abortions. It's called and features the sarcastic motto, "We Are the Hood in Parenthood."

Nevertheless, Crutcher said he believes abortionists' motives are not as much racial as they are economic and elitist.

"I'm not convinced that any of the people who have run Planned Parenthood over the years have said, 'Let's wipe out all the black people,' but that's been the effect of it," he stated. "Their attitude toward poor whites is basically the same as their attitude toward poor blacks."

Marjorie Signer, communications director for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) with a similar-sounding name to the Planned Parenthood founder, agreed, telling the Cybercast News Service that higher abortion rates among black women are more due to financial factors than race.

"We're talking about low-income women here, some of whom are minority, some of whom are not," Signer said. "I prefer to talk in terms of income level because it really is much more a matter of individuals who have access to resources and health care than it is race."

Signer added: "If better, comprehensive, medically accurate, realistic, honest sex education were available at an earlier age, this would make a difference in terms of what people do, what women at all income levels do."

Childress said Signer's perception is "somewhat jaded because anyone can say, 'I'm not ready to have a baby because of money.' Anyone can say that. Their excuse is the economy.

"If you really want to tell the truth, most women have abortions because they don't want the change in lifestyle," he added. "Abortion has now become just a means of contraception."

Nearly all abortions, Childress said, are the result of a woman not wanting to go through pregnancy and motherhood. "Of course, we admonish women to have their children with their married spouse, but to say that we cannot afford and therefore we then kill is unconscionable and immoral to me," he said.

Education is the answer

While Childress, Crutcher and Signer offer different reasons for the high rate of abortion among blacks, they agree on the best solution to the problem: education.

"Pro-life organizations have to do a better job of getting our message out," said Crutcher of Life Dynamics, who's hopeful for the future. "Polls show people are becoming increasingly pro-life, with the highest percentage of those individuals among the young."

Crutcher referred to a poll conducted last year by Zogby International that showed similar sentiments among African-Americans. Of the blacks who took part in the survey, 62 percent said abortion should never be legal or be legal only when the mother's life is in danger or in cases of rape and incest. Only 38 percent of the African-Americans in the poll favored abortion for any reason at any time during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Signer at the RCRC pointed to a number of programs operated by that group, including the Black Church Initiative, the teen-oriented Keeping It Real and Breaking the Silence.

"We work with African-American churches throughout the country regarding faith-based sexuality education," she said. "In those programs, we work with churches, clergy and educators -- with the permission of the pastor -- to help youth and adults think about sexuality within the context of their faith and become spiritually and sexually responsible human beings.

"We also try to help individuals and families break the silence," Signer stated. "In African-American communities, sexuality and abortion often have not been discussed. Even sexual orientation is not a very comfortable topic. We try to help people begin to discuss these things so they're better able to deal with them in a way they feel is appropriate.

"Of course, we always stress abstinence, but we recognize that many people are already sexually active," Signer added.

Childress agreed with Signer on the importance of education, but he differed with her regarding what should be taught.

"If most women knew what an abortion was, they would not do it," he said. "Ninety percent of women who see a sonogram choose not to abort, but it's sold to them. It's deceptively, subliminally sold to them, and they are deceived.

"If Roe v. Wade were to end tomorrow, that would be all well and good because the laws of the land should reflect the God it was founded upon," Childress stated. "But has the conscience of America changed? Would it mean that women then would say, 'Oh, abortion is wrong'? No. There needs to be massive education.

"Most women don't know that at 21 days, there's a heartbeat," he said. "Most women don't know that at 48 days, there are brain waves. If I was to get in an accident in my car and was unconscious, the first thing they would check is if I have a pulse. They would then rush me to the hospital to check if I still have brain waves.

"Well, that doesn't mean a hill of beans in the womb," Childress noted. "You can have a pulse, you can have a heartbeat, you can have brain waves, and you can still be killed. That is, to me, extremely hypocritical. It's an outrageous injustice that goes beyond bigotry."

Inflammatory imagery

Signer told the Cybercast News Service that abortion among blacks "is a very complicated topic that has drawn perhaps the most disturbing kind of rhetoric from some groups that oppose abortion. They have said that there is a holocaust. They have really gone far beyond a discussion of issues into a very dangerous and demeaning place.

"I'm not African-American, but I work with a lot of people who are," she said, "and I know that there is a feeling in this community that goes way back to how women feel that they need to have control of their bodies because, for so long in this country, they did not.

"The use of this really disturbing and -- well, inflammatory is not a strong enough word -- imagery having to do with abortion as a holocaust and killing black babies and so on is very unfortunate," Signer stated.

"It does not help anything, really, and demeans people. It suggests that African-American women who choose to have an abortion or use birth control methods and so on, don't know what they're doing and are being taken advantage of," she said.

"We in the RCRC would not say that. We would say that women who have information are really very capable of deciding what's best for themselves and their own needs on their own terms," Signer said.

"Those who use this kind of language -- holocaust and so on -- really, really should give it more thought and really are not being fair and certainly are not being moral."

Childress strongly disagreed.

"That's what they said about the holocaust. That's what they said about slavery," Childress said. "It scares me when people worry about other people hearing the truth, because the truth has been suppressed for so long.

"A hairdresser at a barber shop has more regulation and scrutiny than a clinic that performs abortions," Childress added. "That's not state-regulated, and abortion is the most practiced operation on women in America today.

"If you stop a heart, to my understanding, you just took a life," Childress added. "Under what conditions is that not taking a life? Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right. Slavery was legal. Imprisoning Jews was legal. But that didn't make it right."

See Earlier Story:

Planned Parenthood: More Abortions, Fewer Clinics (Jan. 18, 2005)

Randy Hall.



Poll: Hispanic Immigrants Take Very Strong Pro-Life Stand on Abortion



Margaret Sanger's Century




Margaret Sanger

Founder of Planned Parenthood


In Her Own Words



Black Genocide:

Planned Parenthood's Evil Roots




 Margaret Sanger

Founder of Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood's Racism

(Information compiled by Lynn K. Murphy, Life Research Institute, June, 1994)

Facts about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood:


(Though much quoted herein is old, I will show later that Planned Parenthood today vigorously upholds Sanger's philosophy.)

Margaret Sanger said about her 1939 <Negro Project>, "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." [1]

Clarence Gamble, president of the American Eugenics Research Association, said, "There is a great danger that we will fail because the Negroes think it a plan for extermination. Hence lets appear to let the colored run it as we appear to let [the] south do the conference in Atlanta."[2] Under this policy, Planned Parenthood of America hired a full-time "Negro Consultant" in 1944.[3]

The entire operation [Sanger's 1939 Negro Project] then was a ruse--a manipulative attempt to get Blacks to cooperate in their own elimination.

The project was quite successful. Its genocidal intentions were carefully camouflaged beneath several layers of condescending social-service rhetoric and organizational expertise. . . Soon clinics throughout the South were distributing contraceptives to Blacks and <Margaret's dream of discouraging "the defective and diseased elements of humanity' from their 'reckless and irresponsible swarming and spawning" was at last being fulfilled.>[4]*

In a 1926 speech at Vassar, Sanger said the nation needed to follow the "drastic immigration laws" of 1924 with methods "to cut down on the rapid multiplication of the unfit and undesirable at home."[5]

In a March, 1939 letter, Margaret Sanger explained to Frank Boudreau, director of the Milbank Memorial Fund: ". . . That is not asking or suggesting a cradle competition between the intelligent and the ignorant, but a drastic curtailment of the birth rate at the source of the unfit, the diseased and the incompetent . . . . The birth control clinics all over the country are doing their utmost to reach the lower strata [the minorities] of our population . . ."[6]

To stop this "multiplication," Sanger could be harsh. Her book, <The Pivot of Civilization>, has a chapter called "The Cruelty of Charity." In it she blasts as "insidiously injurious" programs to provide "medical and nursing facilities to slum mothers." In other words, Sanger wanted ethnic cleansing. Instead of helping the poor, she considered them (particularly Blacks, Hispanics, and Jewish immigrants) slum dwellers who would soon overrun the boundaries of their slums and contaminate the better elements of society with their inferior genes.

Throughout the 200+ pages of <The Pivot of Civilization> Sanger called for the elimination of human weeds: "for the cessation of charity, for the segregation of morons, misfits, and maladjusted," and for the sterilization of "genetically inferior races."[7] In this same book she argued that organized attempts to help the poor were the "surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding, and is perpetuating . . . defectives, delinquents, and dependents."[8]

"Margaret Sanger is responsible, more than anyone else, for keeping alive international racism. She played the attractive hostess for racist thinkers all over the world. Organizing the First World Population Conference in Geneva in 1926, she invited Clarence C. Little, Edward A. East, Henry Pratt Fairchild, and Raymond Pearl--all infamous racists."[9]

"In 1932, it [the <Birth Control Review>] outlined *Margaret's 'Plan for Peace,' calling for coercive sterilization, mandatory segregation, and rehabilitative concentration camps for all 'disgenic stocks.'*[10]* In 1933, the <Birth Control Review> published 'Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need' by Ernst Rudin, who was Hitler's director of genetic sterilization and a founder of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygiene.[11] And later that same year, it published an article by Leon Whitney entitled, 'Selective Sterilization,' which adamantly praised and defended the Third Reich's racial programs."[12]

Margaret Sanger and former Planned Parenthood President Alan Guttmacher were both listed in 1956 as members of the American Eugenics Society, Inc.

Today, Planned Parenthood vigorously supports Margaret Sanger's philosophies:

In 1992, Planned Parenthood's immediate past president, Faye Wattleton, won Planned Parenthood's coveted Margaret Sanger Award. The following is quoted from Planned Parenthood Federation of America's 1992 Annual Report, page 13: "THE PPFA MARGARET SANGER AWARD, *<Planned Parenthood's highest honor*>,* was presented in 1992 to former PPFA President Faye Wattleton. Planned Parenthood's national leader from 1978 until March 1992, Ms. Wattleton exemplified the courage *<and ideals>* of Margaret Sanger,*PPFA's founder."

Planned Parenthood also has a Margaret Sanger Clinic.



The Racism of Planned Parenthood today:

"A racial analysis of abortion statistics is quite revealing. According to a Health and Human Services Administration report, as many as forty-three percent of all abortions are performed on Blacks and another ten percent on Hispanics.[13] This, despite the fact that Blacks only make up eleven percent of the total U.S. population and Hispanics only about eight percent.[14] A National Academy of Sciences investigation released more conservative--but no less telling-figures: thirty-two percent of all abortions are performed on minority mothers."[15]

"During the 1980s when Planned Parenthood shifted its focus from community-based clinics, it again targeted inner-city minority neighborhoods.[16] Of the more than one hundred school-based clinics that have opened nationwide in the last decade, <none> have been at substantially all-White schools.[17] <None> have been at suburban middle-class schools. <*All have been at Black, minority, or ethnic schools.>*"[17]*

Planned Parenthood itself reports[18] that of the 132,314 abortions it did in 1991, 23.2% were on African Americans, 12.5% were on Hispanics, and 7% were on other minorities. Thus, the total abortions on minorities is 42.7%. But minorities comprise only 19.7% of the U.S. population.[19] Therefore, relative to population

  • Planned Parenthood preferred to abort minorities three times[20] as much as whites.*


"'There is no way you can escape the implications,' argues Black financial analyst William L. Davis. 'When an organization has a history of racism, when its literature is openly racist, when its goals are self-consciously racial, and when its programs invariably revolve around race, it doesn't take an expert to realize that the organization is indeed <racist>. *<Really now, how can anyone believe anything about Planned Parenthood except that it is a hive of elitist bigotry, prejudice, and bias?*>* Just because the organization has a smattering of minority staffers in key positions does nothing to dispel the plain facts.'"[21]


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Provided Courtesy of: Eternal Word Television Network 5817 Old Leeds Road Irondale, AL 35210




Campaigning Issues


The Silent Holocaust

Auschwitz and Birkenau - Death Camps 62nd Anniversary of the liberation of the death camp

27 January 2007

Never Again - Never Again - Never Again!


 'Never again' - was the cry at the liberation of the death camps at the end of the Second World War. (1)

'Never again' - would we allow the killing of unwanted human lives.

Yet, in Britain and around the world - 'the killing is happening again'.

Every time an unborn child is killed by abortion and every time someone is starved or dehydrated to death or given a lethal injection by a doctor, nurse or by others - 'the killing is happening again'.

Some have said that comparing the Nazi killing centres and modern abortion and euthanasia programmes should not be made. However, if there is a difference, those who promote or accept abortion or euthanasia should tell us 'where the difference lies'. The truth is - there are direct historical links and influences between them.

Since the 1967 Abortion Act came into force, six million two hundred thousand (6,200,000) children have been killed by abortion in Britain alone. (2) Every week in Britain, 3,500 children are deliberately killed by surgical abortion and an untold number of tiny human lives are killed because they are unable to implant in their mother's womb as a consequence of their mother's taking the Pill or the 'morning-after pill' (otherwise known as 'emergency contraception'). Still further thousands of tiny human lives have been deliberately killed during IVF and human embryo experimentation.

Every time someone promotes abortion or contraception, euthanasia, IVF or human embryo experimentation, 'the killing is happening again'.

Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest' led Darwin's cousin Sir Francis Galton to develop studies into eugenics, (eugenics means: of good genes, of good stock) applying Darwin's theory to humans. The Galton Laboratory was founded in University College London in 1904 (3) to conduct eugenic experiments. The Eugenics Society , a popular rather than a scientific institution, was founded in 1907 to implement Galton's teachings. The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Galton Institute in 1989. The archives of the Eugenics Society are held at the Wellcome Library (4)

One of the major concerns of the Eugenics Society was how to stop 'undesirable groups of people' from breeding. Margaret Sanger, a member of the round table discussions of the American Eugenics Society was also founder and president of the American Birth Control League and both founder and editor of the Birth Control Review. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood of America in 1942 and became president of International Planned Parenthood Federation, otherwise known as IPPF - which has its headquarters in London. IPPF is responsible for the fpa (Family Planning Association) around the world, (5) including ' enthusiastic support ' (6) for the Chinese forced one-child policy - which was one of Margaret Sanger's aims. (7)

Marie Stopes, founder of the first Birth Control Clinic in the UK, was also a supporter of the Eugenics Society and in her will gave her abortion and contraceptive clinic and archive papers to the Eugenics Society. (8)

Elasah Drogin, in her book 'Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society', provides the shocking and profound information that 'Harry H Laughlin, contributor to the Birth Control Review, April 1933, on his Eugenic Sterilisation Law adopted by Hitler, led to an honorary Degree of Medicine in 1936 from the University of Heidelberg - a centre for racial discussion'. (9)

Elasah Drogin continues, 'in 1936 Dr Marie Koop, who was working in Germany, read her paper on eugenic sterilization at a meeting of the American Eugenic Society claiming that the German sterilisation law was not hastily enacted but that the German's had done so only after a careful study of the sterilization programme in California carried out by the Human Betterment Foundation, today known as the Association for Voluntary Sterilisation. The Germans considered it impossible, according to Koop, "to undertake such a venture involving a million people without drawing heavily upon previous experience elsewhere". Margaret Sanger was in attendance.' (10)

Millions of British tax payers money ends up in the coffers of IPPF, 'Marie Stopes, fpa, the UNFPA and other like minded organisations funded from the NHS and other UK government departments.

If you view our BBC page you will see that the BBC World Service has worked closely with IPPF in promoting IPPF's eugenic agenda of abortion and contraception around the world.

Sex education in schools has been one of the main vehicles for promoting the eugenic agenda. The book Lessons in Depravity by Dr ES Williams shows how sex education has achieved such a goal.

People do not realise that when they partake of modern contraception they are unwitting victims of the eugenic movement's plan to end unwanted human lives.

As for the issue of euthanasia in Britain - I want to bring to your attention my own experience of this debate. I want to mention Tony Bland who was a victim in the Hillsborough football disaster. His doctors and his parents sought a court decision to have his food and fluids removed so that he would die by starvation or dehydration. The court order was granted and Tony Bland died some days later.

After Tony Bland's death I attended a meeting at the Cheltenham Friends Meeting House on the subject of euthanasia and its implications. Members of the Humanist Association were at the meeting including Dr Harry Stopes-Roe a member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society and son of Marie Stopes. During the meeting I stood up and claimed that the Voluntary Euthanasia Society were not really dedicated to ONLY killing those who ask for it otherwise they would have opposed the court decision in the Tony Bland case on the grounds that his consent had not been gained. At this point the Humanists turned to me and in one voice shouted out "We had the parents' consent!" at which I said, "Precisely. You had the parents' consent - that was not HIS consent - you have just moved from proposing voluntary euthanasia to involuntary euthanasia". At that point Dr Harry Stopes-Roe said, "Sir, that is non-voluntary not involuntary euthanasia." In other words, with my 'slip-of-the-tongue' Dr Stopes-Roe confirmed the type of killing that Tony Bland underwent. (11)

In conclusion then - the eugenicists are still very active both here in Britain and around the world.

Teachers, lecturers and governors of every secondary school, college and university should be making their students aware of the information highlighted on this web page. Health workers, social workers, youth workers and leaders, adoption and foster agencies, parent's groups, teenage and young peoples groups, public policy makers, NHS staff, journalists and those in the media, local and county council members, MPs and church groups, preachers and pastors, ministers, priests and bishops, all need to be aware of the contents of this web page and speak out accordingly against the killing so that 'Never Again' does mean 'Never Again'.

We recommend the reading of the book entitled 'Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society' by Elasah Drogin listed at Easton Publishing , 'Abortion the Silent Holocaust' by Fr John Powell, Lessons in Depravity by Dr ES Williams, The Men Behind Hitler, A German Warning to the World by Bernard Schreiber and Architects of the Culture of Death by Donald De Marco and Benjamin D Wiker. We also recommend visiting the Eugenics -Watch webitse.


  • Never Again - written on a wall at Dachau concentration camp in five languages. (Back to text)

    Based on UK government abortion statistics. (Back to text)


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    Wellcome - a well known pharmaceutical company in Britain. (Back to text)


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    Population Research Institute - Reports on human rights abuse around the world - especially by population control organisations like UNFPA and IPPF. (Back to text)


  • Margaret Sanger, in her book - Pivot of Civilization - first published 1923. (Back to text)

    Wellcome Library - Eugenic Society. (Back to text)


  • Elasah Drogin, Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society, page 26. (Back to Text)Ibid., page 13. (Back to text)
  • Involuntary euthanasia: the killing of a patient for his supposed benefit, contrary to his wishes. Non-voluntary euthanasia: the killing of a patient for his supposed benefit when he is incapable of asking to be killed. (Definition taken from: 'Briefing on Euthanasia and the case of Mr Tony Bland', published by SPUC.) (Back to text)







Bottomfish Blues: The Coming of Black Genocide & other essays

Reviewed by Oreja in Turning The Tide Vol. 8 #4, Winter 1995-1996

Considering that U.S. imperialism is an enthusiastic sponsor of genocide, and that the history of this country is solidly rooted in genocidal practices, it's striking how little attention this subject receives even among those who consider themselves anti-racists and anti-imperialists. Genocide in our midst is the ultimate "dirty little secret" — the undigestible reality that threatens to destroy all our pleasant illusions about peaceful change and "multicultural" democracy. True, it's common to express horror about genocide in Rwanda, or Guatemala, or Bosnia. Many on the left correctly argue that the U.S. bears significant responsibility in these instances, and should be held accountable. Hitler's Germany is studied and restudied as an object lesson, so that "it can't happen here." But in the back of our minds we know that it has happened here — it is happening here. The land that European Americans live on was seized through genocide. The wealth of this country is substantially based on genocide. And the current attacks on African Americans represent a dangerous intensification of genocide — a genocide that Paul Robeson and other activists raised before the UN as early as 1951.

It is convenient for white Americans to stay in denial about home-grown genocide, because confronting genocide calls into question the legitimacy of white society, white territory and white culture. It casts white people in the role of Hitler's "good Germans," who pretended not to know and didn't want to know about the fate of the Roma and Jews. But it is not just white people who are in denial about genocide. A reality this brutal is hard for everyone to look at. It violates our fragile sense of normality. Jews in Germany of all political persuasions were unable to come to grips with the Holocaust until it was too late. Here in the U.S., the term "genocide" — even when utilized — can assume a rhetorical or formalistic character, unconnected to everyday politics.

The Coming of Black Genocide is a tough- minded attempt to break through the wall of denial, and to place Black genocide at the center of radical politics. Easy to read stylistically, it is actually an almost unbearable book, because it holds up a mirror to the brutal destruction of African Americans as a people, and to the complicity of so many of us in that ongoing process. But it is also a flawed book. Overly conspiratorial in its analysis and burdened at times with sectarianism, it will not appeal to casual readers.

But for radical feminists, for those who support African American independence, for anyone committed to destroying white supremacy. The Coming of Black Genocide can be literally liberating, as it strips away layers of economistic wishful thinking, exposing what the real human stakes are in the struggle for freedom. It reframes left-wing debate about national oppression in the U.S., pushing us to fully acknowledge that imperialism builds up, uses, and violently discards whole populations and peoples in its parasitic quest for profit. That millions of “ordinary” people take part in this process on various levels to further their interests. And that today, in a period of turmoil and rapid transformation, the "unthinkable" endgame may be at hand for the Black nation.

Mary Barfoot views white women as a pivotal force that could help shift the balance in the war between African Americans and imperialism. Her book does not simply describe Black genocide, therefore. but also bores in on the need for white radical feminists to know where the battle lines are drawn and to totally repudiate the goal of equality for white women with white men inside a genocidal system.

The Coming of Black Genocide is a series of essays reprinted from Bottomfish Blues, "an under- ground Amazon publication that has appeared anonymously and episodically in NYC since 1986." The first essay, "Kill the Kids First: The Coming of Black Genocide," takes up fully half of the book. Here is where Barfoot builds her most comprehensive case against Black genocide, describing the conditioning of white America to view Black people as criminals, the isolation and institutionalization of Black children, a historical decision for genocide reached by the ruling class during the 60's in the wake of immense Black uprisings, the strategies and mechanics of genocide, and imperialism's plans for Black and white women within the genocidal process. She details the use of drugs, urban redevelopment, social programs and cultural demonization to attack African American communities. Particularly important to this analysis is Barfoot's attack on "integration" as a means of dispersing Black people into "scattered individuals and reservation inmates isolated as alien refugees in a white society." She argues that initiatives for "housing integration" were a smokescreen for physically destroying concentrations of Black people near white power centers. (What the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, appointed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967, called "spatial de-concentration.") Looking at the striking changes in Black class structure, which cause the Black working class to shrink while both the "under-class" and the middle class grow, she points to "a political-military campaign ...masked as integration."

Educated Black people are encouraged to distance themselves from the Black grassroots as much as possible, while the Black underclass is being encouraged to die as much as possible.

Barfoot maintains that white women "live the contradiction of having white privileges without white power." Noting the impetus given to women's liberation by the Black movement in the 60's, she castigates both mainstream and radical white feminists for abandoning their historical responsibilities.

If the just-starting women's liberation movement had survived it would have divided white society, and would have seriously endangered the plans for Black Genocide. Born out of the sparks from Black Liberation, with its own revolutionary pulse, women's liberation might have sabotaged the machinery of genocide

Instead, she says, the power structure "neutralized women's liberation by smothering it under the nutrasweet women's movement for white equality."

Radical feminists believed in the unity of white women just as much as their liberal sisters did. While sisterhood demands the disunity of white women.

Women's liberation was lost because feminists wanted to separate somewhat from white men while still dining at the same long table. Jane didn't want to share Dick's bed (and certainly didn't want to pick up after him), but she was hooked on the goodies in Dick's house. Jane wanted to be Dick's favorite sister, with a little room other own in his big white house.

But, as Barfoot puts it, "with Dick's goodies comes Dick." White women who struggle only for equality with white men leave patriarchy firmly in control, complete with violence against women.

Like Black Genocide, male violence against women can only be stopped with a 9mm, with political-military methods. ...But the women's movement for white equality can't lift a finger to stop male violence, because it wants to join the patriarchy as junior partners, not abolish it. There is no way to have "career advancement" while risking your life to end oppression.

Other essays in the book flesh out Barfoot's description of black Genocide: "Bit of History," which draws parallels with genocide against Native Americans; "The Martinique is Koch's Genocide," which discusses the destruction of housing in the Black communities of New York and the creation of'Afrikan-american reservations" in welfare hotels and projects; "AIDS and Black Genocide." Other essays keep genocide in mind while discussing violence against women and the need for armed self-defense as a response. ("War Against Women," "U.S. Certified Violence," "Lou Lou and the Cops.") One particularly fascinating article is a report on "Rote Zora," an underground women's army in Germany which has targeted traders who "import" Third World women for the sexual use of German men, as well as fascists and tormentors of immigrants. This piece reveals a great deal about what kind of armed movement Barfoot would like to see in the U.S. The essay "Integration" revisits the theme of integration as a mechanism of Black genocide, concentrating on relations between white and Third World women.

In the middle of Black Genocide is a short, brilliant essay that is worth the price of the book all by itself. "Lords and Warlords (and us)" takes off from the highly publicized "wildings" rapes in Central Park in 1989, launching into a breathtaking depletion of "warlordism" as the dominant new social form in much of the world and the U.S.

Warlordism is a society without any real civil government, a chaos where gangs and armies of armed men not only have a free run but are the only true authority. It's what you see in much of the Third World, say in Beirut or Colombia — or, increasingly, in New Afrika. Warlordism is created in the social vacuum when an op pressed people have thrown off colonialism or made direct colonial rule impossible, but do not yet have national liberation and effective self- rule. It is a natural form for neo- colonialism.

White settler amerikka can no longer patrol and control the daily activity of millions of New Afrikans. It gets harder and harder for them to police the giant New Afrikan cities (can you see a few dozen klanners or skinheads trying to intimidate folks—would they last five minutes?). Posses and drug gangs are our backyard equivalents of Jonas Savimbi and UNITA.

For Barfoot, the Central Park rapes were where one blind group crashed into the other at our unfenced but very real inner border. Our sis ter of patriarchy, working off her nervous high from wall street deals, her walkman turned up, didn't see she was in any trouble. She ran into some junior warlords in basic training, who also didn't see that they were in trouble.

Barfoot characterizes the rapes as an intersection where "the chaotic warlord culture that the captive New Afrikan nation has been plunged into" impinged on the consciousness of those living in the white bubble. The biggest victims of this culture overall are not white women, but African American women and children.

Black Genocide is hard to critique, because it comes at you from all different directions at once. History, theory, polemics, current events, poignant stories, rants, ironic asides, withering sarcasm — all converge to construct an overall framework, a political gestalt. It can seem churlish to pick on the subsidiary points — especially when the main message needs to be heard so badly.

For instance, Barfoot's contention that a ruling class decision was made to promote Black genocide for counter-insurgency reasons in 1968 is not well supported. She relies mostly on anecdotal and circumstantial evidence plus a keen appreciation of the importance of the Black movement in the 60's. Dramatizing the ruling class and its machinations, Barfoot sometimes turns imperial parasitism into a big plot. Yet her description of how genocide works on the ground is so clear, and rings so true, that one is tempted to let the issue slide. Who cares how genocide started, it's here, isn't it?

It does matter, though, if we hope to gain a clear view of the enemy. Black insurrection has always struck fear into settler society. Genocide has always been a strong aspect of white America's relationship to Black people — right from day one. (Robeson and other Black radicals pointed those facts out forty-five years ago.) It is crucial to understand why genocide appears to have now become the dominant aspect — now, when the Black movement poses less of a direct threat to the imperialists than during previous generations.

Since Barfoot's counter-insurgency explanation is so one-sided. Black Genocide is occasionally forced to allude to other time lines and other causes for genocide — the desire to profit from urban redevelopment, for instance, or imperialism's decreased reliance on Black labor and white settlers. Barfoot touches on the latter when she speaks of Black people "who can't be trusted as servants and who are no longer needed in factories. Afrikan-american labor is being replaced by even cheaper labor from Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti and many other countries." Yet this key observation remains peripheral to her theory, which heavily stresses political-military factors.

Another weakness of the book is how it relates Black genocide to other forms of national oppression within the U.S. Early in Black Genocide, Barfoot talks about Black and Puerto Rican children warehoused in New York welfare hotels, but as she explains the connection between this atrocity and Black genocide, the Puerto Rican kids tend to drop out of the picture. Native American genocide is treated too much as a lesson from the past and not enough as a current reality (a reality important for its strategic, as well as historical, relationship to the Black movement). Similarly, the book doesn't examine the extent to which Puerto Ricans, Mexicanos/Chicanos, Southeast Asians, Pacific Islanders and other oppressed nationalities face the same attacks as African Americans — warlordism, criminalization, urban removal, institutionalization, homelessness, destruction of social ser- vices, new class divisions, etc. If all these nationalities are subject to accelerated genocide, Barfoot’s political framework seemingly needs modification. If not, the uniqueness of the Black crisis needs to be brought forward more explicitly.

Black Genocide situates itself squarely within the "Thanks, I needed that" school of political discourse. It falls into what Mao Tse-tung used to call the "ruthless blows and merciless struggle" style of ideological debate, above all in its criticisms of white feminists. This sometimes-sectarian approach is more suited to firming up the ranks of the already-convinced than to taking advantage of contradictions in white society. Barfoot makes a strong case that Black genocide is the central fact of U.S. politics today. In that case, the job of white activists is to mobilize every possible positive factor among white people to help stop the process. Reductively flattening out the political landscape into a choice between being a guerrilla or being a parasitic tool of the patriarchy is unlikely to accomplish that.

None of which should discourage readers serious about understanding and fighting genocide. Beneath the occasional harshness of Black Genocide is a righteous anger at the white power structure, coupled with a determination not to allow radical feminism, one of the brightest hopes for white anti-imperialism, to be quietly undermined by white supremacy. Few white readers, female or male, will be able to claim that Barfoot's acerbic criticisms are irrelevant to their own lives. Our egos aren't the issue here, the issue is Black genocide. And Barfoot's book is an original and potent weapon against it.


People & Events: Black Genocide

In 1959, President Dwight Eisenhower emphatically told the nation that the American government would not and should not support birth control, stating, "That's not our business." With the advent of the Pill that position changed sooner than anyone ever expected. Just five years later, President Lyndon Johnson established federal funding of birth control for the poor. Although many social welfare advocates applauded the move, not everyone welcomed the development. Within the African American community, federal funding sparked a serious controversy over birth control, especially the Pill.

Well Grounded Fears

In the 1960s, many African Americans around the country deeply distrusted the motivations behind government funded birth control clinics, fearing it was an attempt to limit black population growth and stunt black political power. Their fears were well grounded in past experiences. In the South, black fertility had a long history of being controlled by whites. Under slavery, African American women were encouraged to have children to increase a plantation owner's wealth. After the Civil War, when African Americans were no longer valuable property, the view among white supremacists abruptly shifted. It became desirable to decrease the African American population in the South. Sterilization abuse of African American women by the white medical establishment reached its height in the 1950s and 1960s. Women who went into the hospital to deliver children often came out unable to have more.

A Conspiracy to Hold Back Blacks?

As African Americans grew more aware of their history in the 1960s, they became increasingly suspicious of government-sponsored birth control and the Pill. For many it seemed plausible that birth control was part of a larger plan to keep the black population down and limit black political power.

In a cover story for Ebony magazine, popular comedian and activist Dick Gregory spoke for many when he wrote: "First, the white man tells me to sit at the back of the bus. Now it looks like the white man wants me to sleep under the bed. Back in the days of slavery, black folks couldn't grow kids fast enough for white folks to harvest. Now that we've got a little taste of power, white folks want to call a moratorium on having children."


In some communities, rumors spread that there was two kinds of Pills -- one for white women, that temporarily prevented ovulation, and one for black women that caused sterilization. The African American newspaper Thrust struck a chord when it asked in an editorial, "Why couldn't blacks get basic health care like a free aspirin for a headache, but when you are a black woman old enough to look sexy you can get a truck load of birth control pills for free?"

Political Motivations to Oppose the Pill

A significant faction within the black power movement believed that population growth was key to increasing black political strength. At the 1967 Black Power Conference in Newark, New Jersey, attendees passed an anti-birth control resolution declaring birth control to be the equivalent of black genocide.

In the summer of 1969, the situation reached a boiling point, moving beyond inflammatory words to actual threats of violence against a Pittsburgh Planned Parenthood office in the African American neighborhood of Homewood-Brushton. A small, vocal group of men in the black community vehemently opposed the clinic and the dispensing of birth control, especially the Pill. Determined to take action, they threatened the clinic with firebombs and riots. In a panic, the clinic shut down.

Women's Personal Needs

African American women were caught in a bind. Although they shared some of the same suspicions and resentment about the mostly white-run clinics, in the end their need to control their fertility prevailed over racial politics. Black liberation activist Tone Cade spoke for many women when she wrote, "I've been made aware of the national call to Sisters to abandon birth control... to picket family planning centers... to raise revolutionaries.... What plans do you have for the care of me and my child?"

In Pittsburgh, the epicenter of the controversy, approximately 200 women arrived together at a town council meeting to save their clinic, and the Planned Parenthood office was reopened. In the decades that have followed, African American women have continued to choose the Pill based on personal, not political, needs.



Planned Parenthood's Founder: A racist

Posted on 02/04/2001 14:11:00 PST by JMJ333

To suggest that Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist is to raise the ire of many of the present-day leaders of Planned Parenthood and other anti-life organizations. However, the facts do speak for themselves.

For example, throughout the pages of the Birth Control Review, Mrs. Sanger's journal, there are countless quotes which not only suggest that she favored eugenics, but that she provided a forum to those who wished to spread their fear of human life, when that life was conceived by someone other than a member of society's elite.

This brochure is devoted to familiarizing you with the most outrageous of the statements to which Mrs. Sanger gave credence, as well as to a few of her own. Since books have been written about her, it is not necessary for us to go into her sordid background at length, but simply to give you a taste of the hypocrisy which has led so many people into the web Planned Parenthood weaves, even today. It is a web that distorts, misrepresents and ultimately cheapens the beautiful gift of human sexuality which God gives to each and every person at conception.

Who Was Margaret Sanger?

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an adulteress, racist and bigot, a supporter of Hitler's Nazi party, and a believer in eugenics - the purification of a particular race of people by selective breeding. Her magazines and journals were filled with writings and articles by well-known eugenicists and members of Hitler's Third Reich.


Sanger made every effort to promote philosophies which would assist the state in controlling the size of families. However, with regard to her own family, her first husband William Sanger, her children, and her subsequent divorce, she wrote in her 1931 book, My Fight for Birth Control:

"'My first marriage failed, not because of love, romance, lack of wealth, respect or any such qualities which are supposed to be lacking in broken ties, because the interest of each widened beyond that of the other". "From the deep waters into which I had been swept by the current of events it was impossible to return to the shallow pool of domesticity'"

The wife who is able to stay at home and care for her family because she wants to is characterized by Sanger as someone who is simply drowning in a "shallow pool of domesticity," an attitude con-sistently promulgated in today's society by the feminist movement and those who have relegated motherhood to the lowest level of achievement.


After a failed trial marriage at 18, she married William Sanger in 1902 and soon engaged in extramarital affairs while encouraging her husband to do the same. She pronounced the marriage bed to be "the most degenerating influence in the social order" and advocated a "voluntary association" between sexual partners.

At the beginning of her "mission" to bring birth control to America, around 1912, she saw birth control as a tool in the class struggle and was clearly on the side of the poor.

However, her involvement with well-known socialists and eugenicists of the day (Eugene Debs, Emma Goldman, Will Durant, Clarence Darrow, and Ellen Key) changed her mind completely. Over a period of eight years she began to turn the birth control movement against the very people she had set out to help.

Jesus Christ:

Mrs. Sanger, who did not have faith in God, and detested all those who did, wrote:

"I never liked to look at Jesus on the Cross. I could not see any good it did to keep looking at him. We could not help him, as he had been crucified long ago."

To know Christ and to appreciate His suffering, death and resurrection for each and every one of us would obviously have been foreign to Mrs. Sanger. To her, after all, many of those created in the image and likeness of God were simply less than human.

The Pivot of Civilization:

Instead of helping the poor, she considered them slum dweller(particularly Blacks, Hispanics, and Jewish immigrants) who would soon overrun the boundaries of their slums, contaminating the better elements of society with their diseases and inferior genes.

Throughout the 200+ pages of this book Sanger called for the elimination of "human weeds," for the cessation of charity, for the segregation of "morons, misfits, and maladjusted," and for the sterilization of "genetically inferior races."[4] In this same book she argued that organized attempts to help the poor were the "surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding, and is perpetuating . . . defectives, delinquents, and dependents."[5] She called for coercive sterilization, mandatory segregation, and rehabilitative concentration camps for all inferior Blacks, Hispanics, poor Whites, and Catholics.

Sanger's brand of prejudice was based on what author John L. Keller labels "Scientific Racism," the belief that as long as people demonstrated "a good quality gene pool" they were esteemed a valuable part of society. On the other hand, if a group, including Whites, demonstrated undesirable traits, their fertility had to be curbed along with other "inferiors and undesirables."

George Grant stated in Grand Illusions: "In her book Women and the New Race she asserted that the 'most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it.'"


On October 19, 1939, Sanger outlined a plan for stopping the growth of the Black community. She predicted that "the most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their rebellious members."[8] Her planning, which included being careful to make it appear that hand-picked Blacks are in control, is followed with success even today. Faye Wattleton's position as President of PPFA was testimony to that fact.

The Birth Control Review:

The Birth Control Review, founded by Sanger in 1917, was totally committed to the eugenics philosophy. The official editorial policy of The Review endorsed I.Q. testing, which classified Blacks, southern Europeans, and other immigrants as mentally inferior to native-born White Americans and called them a nuisance and a menace to society. In the 1920s she tried to use the results from I.Q. tests, which classified the U.S. soldier as a near moron, to back up her own findings.

Sanger truly believed these groups were a "dead weight of human waste" and "a menace to the race."

Abortion and Birth Control:

It was in the December, 1918, Birth Control Review that Margaret Sanger wrote perhaps the most ingenious comment of all: ". . . I assert that the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in America each year are a disgrace to civilization. . ."

How do you sell the practice of contraception to a public that is totally opposed to it? In 1918, when she wrote the above, no religious denomination accepted the practice of contraception. Well, you sell it to the people by insisting that with better contraception there would be less abortion! It sounds very familiar, doesn't it?

Today, it is only the Roman Catholic Church that stands for the truth with regard to contraception, and among its members it is said that eighty percent practice contraception anyway. Would Mrs. Sanger be proud of her campaign if she could see the results we live with today - more than 50 strains of VD as well as the deadly AIDS virus?

And would she agree with current Planned Parenthood president Pamela Maraldo, who writes: "As Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders has so succinctly put it: 'We've taught our children in driver's education what to do in the front seat, and now we've got to teach them what to do in the back seat.'"

Today American youth are told that the "responsible" thing to do is use contraception, be realistic and formulate your own values as you go, and if your contraception fails, get an abortion.[13] Responsible? Mrs. Sanger would be proud.

Thus through Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood has molded the sexual ethics of the day: Sex is a natural thing for a teenager to desire and if a teenager feels that he is to be sexually active that is his decision; all society asks is that he not produce children.



This quote from collaborates her desire to enlist black ministers to further her efforts to exterminate them: “In 1930, Sanger opened a family planning clinic in Harlem that sought to enlist support for contraceptive use and to bring the benefits of family planning to women who were denied access to their city's health and social services. Staffed by a black physician and black social worker, the clinic was endorsed by The Amsterdam News (the powerful local newspaper), the Abyssinian Baptist Church, the Urban League, and the black community's elder statesman, W.E.B. DuBois.”



 San Francisco Chronicle

Berkeley preacher calls for blacks to fight abortion

Monday, January 7, 2008



Abortion, poverty and Black Genocide Gifts to the poor?



 The Wall Street Journal Home Page




The NAACP and Black Abortions
July 15, 2008; Page A17



Life Education and Resource Network



On Margaret Sanger

and her racist roots is up and running!


You can watch it here:


 Ignoring issue of black abortions
Washington Times

The National Association of Black Journalists' Conference on Health Disparities has all the trappings of a well-run effort. Speakers at the Jan. 30-31 meeting in Atlanta include Dr. Kevin Fenton of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Marian Wright Edelman of the Children's Defense Fund, Phill Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute and Linda Blount of the American Cancer Society. The focus is on enlightening journalists on health issues that plague blacks, such as mental health issues from incarceration, heart disease, breast cancer, strokes, HIV/AIDS and childhood obesity. No mention of a procedure that ends one out of every three black pregnancies? According to the Guttmacher Institute, which compiles reproductive health statistics, black women abort their children at five times the white rate and twice the Hispanic rate. The rate is 11 abortions per 1,000 white women, 28 for every 1,000 Hispanic women and 50 for every 1,000 black women. I contacted the NABJ and asked why there was not at least one workshop on this topic. Everyone knows abortion is connected to health care.



 Margaret Sanger is responsible, more than anyone else, for keeping alive international racism."
(Drogin, Elasah, Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society)



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(Secular) Movie Guide Review of Film



Let My People Live

BBB, CC, HH, V, S, M) Very strong moral worldview with some strong Christian content as well as some strong humanist perspectives; no foul language; discussions of violence, including abortion; discussions of sex; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; and, a strong Christian sermon in the end but several references to class warfare.


MAAFA 21 is a very carefully reasoned, well-produced exposé of the abortion industry, racism and eugenics. It proves through innumerable sources that many founders of Planned Parenthood and other parts of the abortion movement were interested in killing off the black race in America and elsewhere.


MAAFA 21 is a very carefully reasoned, well-produced exposé of the abortion industry, racism and eugenics.

Subtitled “Black Genocide in the 21st Century,” this video traces the abortion industry back through its eugenics roots. It proves through innumerable sources that the founders of Planned Parenthood and other parts of the abortion movement were interested in killing off the black race in America and elsewhere. The movie exposes some of the most powerful leaders of the socialist and humanist movements of the 20th Century as some of the worst racists, on the same level as Adolf Hitler but much more clever. The argument is presented so well here that it is irrefutable. The taped excerpt of President Nixon saying “kill the black b*st*rds” is horrifying. The filmmakers behind this video calculate that abortion has reduced the black population in the United States by about 25%!

Although MAAFA 21 could be condensed, the filmmakers are clearly interested in getting all the evidence on the table. If this movie gets wide circulation among the African American community, it should bring an end to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

The only problem with this documentary is that there are several references that sound like class warfare. These are balanced by a good Christian sermon at the end, but it would have been better if it had a coherent Judeo-Christian worldview toward the topic without the accusations of elitism.

That said, clearly the people perpetrating this abortion genocide are elitist in their own minds, and they need to be called to account. MAAFA 21 is must viewing for every adult in the world whatever their race!

In Brief:

MAAFA 21 is a very carefully reasoned, well-produced exposé of the abortion industry, racism and eugenics. It traces the abortion industry back to its eugenics roots. It proves through innumerable sources that the founders of Planned Parenthood and other parts of the abortion movement were interested in killing off the black race in America and elsewhere. MAAFA 21 exposes some of the most powerful leaders of the socialist and humanist movements of the 20th Century as racists, on a par with Adolf Hitler, but much more clever. The argument is presented so well that it is irrefutable. The filmmakers calculate abortion has reduced the black population in the United States by about 25%!

This movie could be condensed, but the filmmakers wanted to get all the evidence out. If MAAFA 21 gets wide circulation in the black community, it should bring an end to Planned Parenthood. Several references, however, sound like class warfare. These are balanced by a good Christian sermon, but a more coherent biblical worldview without the accusations of elitism would be better. That said, MAAFA 21 is a powerful call to hold the people in the pro-abortion movement accountable.


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Maafa 21 Trailer
2 min 18 sec - Jul 1, 2009
Albuquerque Planned Parenthood-Maafa 21 Part 2
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Rep. Lowey (D-NY) Defends Eugenics, Margaret Sanger

On Tuesday in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey of New York read an article in defense of Margaret Sanger, eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood.

Lowey began by praising Sanger for “her commitment to improving the health and lives of women” and stated that she was “proud to recognize Margaret Sanger for her tireless efforts on behalf of women and for fighting for those unable to fight for themselves.”

The article, entitled “Margaret Sanger - Setting the Record Straight” is by Dr. Ellen Chesler, a lecturer at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Chesler argues that Sanger’s reputation has been “savaged by opponents who deliberately misrepresent the history of birth control and circulate scurrilous, false accusations about her on the Internet.” Chesler excuses Sanger’s most vile comments as being “lifted out of context and tragically misquoted.”

Unfortunately for Dr. Chesler, this negative view of Sanger is rooted not in the Internet but in Sanger’s own books and actions. Sanger was an outspoken Social Darwinist who condemned charity because it supported a certain population that she termed “human waste.” In her 1922 book, Pivot of Civilization, Sanger devoted a full chapter to this viewpoint called “The Cruelty of Charity.” “Organized charity itself,” she wrote, “is a symptom of a malignant social disease… the surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding and is perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents and dependents. My criticism, therefore, is not directed at the ‘failure’ of philanthropy, but rather at its success.”

Sanger’s solution to her perceived problem? Mass coercive sterilization and segregation. She stated, “…we prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded.”* By supporting coercive sterilization, Sanger can hardly be called a liberator who wished for women to have “the ability to plan their pregnancies, and ultimately control their own destiny,” as Rep. Lowey asserts.

Dr. Chesler states that Sanger’s language had “no intended racial, ethnic or class content.” However, according to New York Times journalist Edwin Black, Sanger surrounded herself with some of the eugenics movement’s most outspoken racists and white supremacists, including Lothrop Stoddard and Leon Whitney. Stoddard, author of The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy was invited to join the board of directors of Sanger’s American Birth Control League, a position he retained for years.

Margaret Sanger herself wished for the League and other organizations such the Eugenics Research Association and American Eugenics Society to unite, seeing that the groups had much in common. Leon Whitney, the executive secretary of the American Eugenics Society, reported to colleagues that Sanger “felt very strongly about eugenics and seemed to see the whole problem of birth control as a eugenical problem… Mrs. Sanger took very kindly to the idea [of the merger] and seemed to be as enthusiastic about it was I was.”*

This is the same Leon Whitney who commented on the Nazi gassing of 50,000 to 100,000 of those who were deemed unfit by saying, “While we were pussy-footing around … the Germans were calling a spade a spade.”

Dr. Chesler calls Sanger “actually an unusually advanced thinker on race for her day” and cites examples in which Margaret Sanger opened birth control clinics for rural black women in the south. Dr. Chesler seems to naively attribute these actions to a concern for blacks rather than a desire to control the black population, despite the evidence that Sanger’s views leaned toward the latter. In a letter to Clarence Gamble dated 1939, Sanger said, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Even after her organization changed its name to Planned Parenthood, Sanger still pushed a eugenics agenda. In fact, in reviewing the goals of International Planned Parenthood, Sanger replied to a colleague, “I appreciate that there is a difference of opinion as what a Planned Parenthood Federation should want or aim to do, but I do not see how we could leave out in its aims some of the eugenic principles that are basically sound in constructing a decent civilization.”*

Thanks to the efforts of those such as Margaret Sanger, some 60,000 Americans were coercively sterilized and thousands were barred from marriage or forcibly segregated into “colonies.”

This is the woman whose name appears on the award recently given to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is the woman that Representative Lowey praises and recognizes “for her tireless efforts.”

Let Representative Lowey know the truth about Margaret Sanger by contacting her office at 202-225-6506.

*Quotations from War Against the Weak, by Edwin Black


Clinton Accepts Blame for ‘Global Warming’ Role, Ponders Link Between Climate Change and Family Planning


Of Diapers and Deficits


Earlier this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for the government's economic stimulus package to include a healthy increase in spending for what she called “family planning.”  (If you didn't already know, “family planning” is generally code for abortion.)  Pelosi said that this would save state and federal governments the cost of having to pay for the health care and education of poor children.  Of course, it's pretty hard to argue with that sort of logic.  After all, dead children are less expensive to care for than live children.  

In any event, Pelosi's remarks came on the heels of Barak Obama signing an executive order allowing money taken out of the paychecks of American workers to be used for abortions in foreign countries!  In other words, the Obama administration’s position is that we are running out of money to take care of our own children but we have enough to pay for the executions of other people's children.  Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood (America's number one abortion profiteer) continues to be given approximately one million dollars a day in taxpayer funding and there are calls within our government for that amount to be doubled. 

So let's recap.  In last year's presidential campaign, Obama labels babies a “punishment” and, now, one of his co-degenerates is claiming that babies contribute to our country’s financial woes.  In this environment, it is probably no coincidence that the abortion lobby is ratcheting up its rhetoric that the faltering economy is a justification for abortion.  The sense of evil is palpable when you hear them almost gleefully predict that the abortion rate is going to increase as women rely on it to compensate for bad economic conditions.  

But the question is, are babies really to blame for our economic collapse?  And the answer is that they are.

Let me explain.  It has long been known that as consumers approach retirement they spend less money.  The two areas where this is felt the most is in the sales of cars and houses – the two industries that form the backbone of the American economy.  The good news has always been that, as older people began to buy less they were replaced by younger consumers who bought more.  It was a cycle that was repeated from one generation to the next.  But here’s the problem we face today.  The American baby-boomer is the wealthiest generation of people in the history of the world and they spent money like there was no tomorrow.  In that process, they created an economy that was (a) the envy of the world and (b) completely dependant on that level of spending in order to survive. 

While doing this, however, they aborted more than one-fourth of the next generation of consumers.  This guaranteed that, once the baby-boomers started reaching retirement, the spending frenzy of the last forty years would be over.  And now, that is precisely what has happened.  In 2008, baby-boomers began reaching retirement age, the sales of cars and houses plummeted and that put the entire economy into a tailspin.  Further, we are just at the very beginning of this phenomenon.  By any realistic measure, there is a financial tsunami rolling toward the United States that will make our current environment seem like “the good ole’ days.”  From now until 2026, baby-boomers are going to reach retirement age at the rate of 10,000 a day!  And even if we learn how to live with less consumer spending, the effect of that is going to bankrupt our social services infrastructure. 

One obvious place you can see this is in the area of Social Security.  In the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore bored us to near suicide with his incessant droning about the need for a "lock box" to protect the funds being held by the Social Security system.  Of course, he was lying.  He knew good and well that there is no need for such a lock box because Congress was running a Ponzi scheme with Social Security and there is no money left to lock up.  Over the years, Congress grabbed it, left an IOU in its place, and then squandered it to buy votes.  While Bernie Madoff rightly deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, the only differences between Madoff and Congress are that his crimes were on a far smaller scale and he got caught.    

Now we’ve reached the day of reckoning.  The money to fulfill the government’s social obligations to the baby-boomers is long-gone.  The result is that we will soon be at a point where younger taxpayers will be forced to send in boxcars full of their money to pay for the services that were promised to them.  The fact that this money has already been collected once is irrelevant.  The children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the baby boomers are going to be taxed into oblivion replacing money that was stolen by Congress.  What most Americans don’t realize is that this problem has been made exponentially worse by abortion.

The designers of Social Security based it on an assumption of an ever-growing, or at least stabile, workforce.  They could not have foreseen that America would one day legalize the wholesale slaughter of its own children.  But on January 22, 1973, that’s what happened.  The result has been that, over the last 36 years, over 25 percent of the taxpayers needed to replace the money baby-boomers paid into the system were executed.  To appreciate the impact of this, consider that since abortion has been legal, birth rates in the United States have often been below replacement levels.  In fact, if one removes immigration from the census figures, America's population has been at best flat or, by most reliable estimates, in decline.  For the Social Security system, that has been a disaster waiting to happen and the wait ended in 2008.  Like nations all over the world, America is beginning to discover why the shrinking populations they wanted are a barometer of economic disaster.

This reality is also going to have a devastating effect on the Medicare and Medicaid systems.  I think this is probably the main reason why there is this sudden panic in Congress to implement socialized medicine.  They know that the money to take care of the baby-boomers was stolen.  After all, they are the ones who stole it.  But they certainly can’t afford for the voters to find that out, and a perfect way to make sure they don’t is to dump the boomers into to a government run universal healthcare system. 

Another way abortion affects the economy is seen in the immigration issue.  Today, there is a vigorous national debate about whether illegal immigrants are only taking jobs American workers don't want anyway.  While that may or may not be true, what is undeniable is that illegal immigrants are replacing the millions of workers who were killed through abortion.  The problem is, beyond the financial burdens that illegal immigration imposes on the U.S. economy, it also contributes to the diminished demand for American consumer goods – including cars and houses.  That’s because a very high percentage of America’s illegal immigrants live in poverty conditions so they can send money back to their families in Mexico.  Over the years, this amount has grown to the point that it is now consistently one of the largest sources of income for the entire Mexican economy.  And any way you look at it, this is money that, without abortion, would have been earned by Americans and spent in America.  But those Americans don’t exist so it ends up being earned by Mexicans and spent in Mexico. 

Sadly, this has also eliminated any chance for the Mexican economy to become as strong as it should be.  It is time for someone to point out that there is no reason for Mexico to be a poor country.  It has a wealth of natural resources, a good climate and a population made up of decent hard-working people.  However, it is not possible for any nation to have a vibrant economy while sending millions of its youngest and most productive workers out of the country.

In the final analysis, this is a system that costs the American taxpayer trillions of dollars, threatens the stability of the U.S. economy, keeps Mexico poor, and cynically exploits the illegal immigrant.  But it will continue because every member of Congress knows – whether they have the guts to admit it or not – that immigration is the only way to replace the workers who have been aborted.

So yes, babies are indeed the cause of our economic collapse.  Not for the reasons the Obamas and Pelosis of the world have you think, but because America has murdered the babies who would have supported our economy and financed our social service obligations.  In 1973, our nation bought the lie that we could savagely execute millions of innocent human beings without consequence and, now, the chickens are coming home to roost. 

 Having said that, however, we should never reduce the abortion debate to one solely based on economics.  Even if this holocaust had lined our streets in gold, it could still never be justified.  It would serve us well to understand that the fallout from the legalization of abortion will ultimately go far beyond financial considerations.  Let's not forget that a generation that killed its own children whenever it found them inconvenient, unhealthy or expensive is now entering a stage of life when it will soon become inconvenient, unhealthy and expensive.  The survivors of a generation whose fate was in our hands, will soon have our fate in theirs.  Given that sobering reality, maybe our only hope is that God was just kidding when He said that man reaps what he sows.  But the early indicators are that He wasn’t.



Margaret Sanger is responsible, more than anyone else, for keeping alive international racism."

(Drogin, Elasah, Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society)






 Blacks for Life



 Slavery and Abortion -- Trauma and Self Hatred



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