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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 11


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

We were very busy at Focus today giving away many bags of baby clothes to our moms for their children. Paul, had bought us lunch at Wendy's again. I will be turn into an hamburger real soon.  How nice of you Paul & thank you for the hamburger & French fries it sure hit the spot before I was to go on the front lines.  Martha, Paul & I brought out the literature box & the signs to the front lines today.  I was just about to join Martha & Paul outside when a client came in for a pregnancy test so I stayed to do that. I spoke to her about abstinence & chastity.  She was receptive to me because I was telling her the Truth.  You really can't come against the Truth.  She was convicted by the grace of God & will not have sex until she marries her fiancé, later this year.  Praise God!  He grandmother said the very same thing.  Thank you dear Grandma!  We said "good by" after I showed her the Material Aid Room for after she marries.  She was happy to see that she would receive assistance, after she marries & gets then gets pregnant.

 I was on the front lines with Paul.  Martha was in the center, putting away children clothes & doing other things, in getting ready for the Mass tomorrow at Focus.  A young woman walked up the sidewalk  & as she passed by me I asked her if she would like a packet of information.  She said that she has one already & I asked her if she had read it.  She said "some of it".  I asked her if she was going into Planned Parenthood & she said "yes but not for an abortion".  I asked "for what then"?  She said that she was going in for birth control.  I said that birth control wasn't good for her & did she read what the brochures said about the different kinds of birth control, in the packet that she received?  She then said that her family wants her on birth control because she's going to go to college.  They wanted her on it 'just in case'.  "What", I said "are you kidding".   I said "you can keep yourself chaste by not being alone with the boy by making sure that other people are around you & also by not taking off your clothes or not getting drunk,  Let him get to know you by dating you, for possible marriage.  He will respect you & you will respect yourself too.  It can happen.  You also need to pray for strength & to come against temptation.  God will give you the graces that you will need to be abstinent & chaste.  Just then a car drove up, by the sidewalk, to let a young girl out.  I said to her "I hope that you're not going into Planned Parenthood".  The mother in the car screamed "yes she is she's going in for the shot".  I said that the shot can cause bone fractures, for it pulls the calcium out of the bones & can cause osteoporosis, a thinning of the bones & she can have a broken arm or leg at any time because of it & besides it can cause early abortions.  I had to spit this out in matter of less then a minute.  The mother flagged the girl to keep on going as I was making the sign of the cross.  The mother screamed at me "are you a Christian"?  I said "yes but you're not", you don't care".  She hollered back to me "what did you say about me not caring".  I didn't want this to become a fight, I figured I said all I could say to this woman who was not receptive of the Truth & just wanted to scream & not to talk & get the information that she & her precious daughter needed.  As I was dealing with this situation I noticed that the young girl that I was talking to went into Planned Parenthood.  I hope that she realizes someday soon what she will be doing to her body & her soul by using birth control.  What a misguided family she has, like most.  I now walked towards the fence & just let the mother who wanted to fight, fight with herself.  When her daughter starts to have all sorts of womanly problems maybe then she will realize what I was trying to do that day to prevent that from happening.  This poor daughter to have mother like that!  Maybe she felt she was ding good by her daughter, only God can judge her heart, I was just judging her actions.  Because she was so angry I felt that she knew, deep down inside, it was wrong & was being convicted by the Holy Spirit.

Melissa, the Death Escort at Planned Paretnthood, is pregnant.  She looked terrible though, as she walked passed Martha & I on the sidewalk, to get to Planned Parenthood, to put on her blue apron to greet & deceive the girls going into this Killing Mill.  It made me so sad to see her there again & now bring her precious baby, in her womb, there too.  I told her that she was now 'pro life', because she was pregnant.  These girls determine when they want to have a baby.  If they don't want one then they have the baby killed but if they do want one then they let the baby live.  It's all about them & their 'choice'.  How sad.  I was very happy that she 'chose life' for this precious baby for she didn't with her first baby.  She even held a sign once on the sidewalk that read "I don't regret my abortion".  How bad was that!  Hours later as she was leaving Planned Parenthood, Martha offered her baby clothes at the center after she delivers her baby, but she just walked by us to go home & she just looked straight ahead with no emotion.  We are praying for you dear Melissa, we are here for you.  I hope & pray that this little baby will change your life, through the grace of God, & you will have a 'new beginning', with your sweet baby.   Where there is Prayer there is Hope.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at Focus for our first Mass of 2011

This was the day we were having our Mass at Focus.  So much to do when we are having a Mass.  I was in the center but decided to go out to the front lines for a minute & there come out a young girl who was receptive to learning the Truth about the Depo shot.  She was invited to follow me to the Focus Center & I gave her a Truth packet & told her about the what the Depo shot will do to her & her unborn baby.  I showed her around & she looked at the pictures on the wall that showed the Truth about what abortion looks like.  I then brought her into the Material Aid Room where she picked out a couple of dresses for her little sister.  I showed her a kitty stuffed animal & I said "why don't you give this to your little sister".  She said "wow" & took it.  I asked if she would like a bag to put it in & she said that she wanted to hold it.  I think that it is hers & not her little sisters.  I told her to be careful that no one steals it on the bus, hold it tight.  I told her that if she needed us for anything please just call & please read the literature packet & don't go back to Planned Parenthood for another Depo Provera shot that can cause bone fractures & acts as an abortificant, an early abortion.  I also stressed abstinence & gave her literature & a CD on that.  So was a very sweet & my heart breaks that Planned Parenthood makes victims of these girls & ruin their lives , bodies & souls.  Planned Parenthood kills babies & the women's spirit!!!!!  Evil................
After she left the center I decided to stay to get some work done in the office & to get the Great Room ready for the Mass tonight.  Martha came later & was concerned about the frosting on her cake, which was a hit!!  Paul came later & helped us to set up the room for the Mass & get the food ready that was already purchased.  Pat brought two pizza's & the food came as the people came to attend the Mass.  Father Bill Amann arrived & he was a complete delight, what a great Priest, so loving & pleasant.  The people started to arrive.  Colleen came, who I haven't seen in awhile.  I was so glad.  She  brought me a decoupage that she had made & a check from the Finger Lakes Pregnancy Center. Colleen & I have a bond because we did the protest when Rachael Phelps, the abortionist at Planned Parenthood, received the 40 under 40 recognition by the Rochester Business Journal.  She even spoke to Mayor Duffy at that time & she told him that an abortionist was receiving an award today.  He looked puzzled, she told me later, for I was on the other side of the hotel protest.  After the Mass we had David give his testimony that his mother tried to abort him but wasn't successful, thank God!!!  For he is alive & well by the power of God.   also gave my testimony about my Grandmother's aborting my Aunt in 1920 at Johns Hopkins Hospital & my grandfather didn't know about it, until he was on his death bed.  She was going to repeat another abortion, 2 1/2 years later, which would have been my mother, to which I or any other member of my family would not be here on Earth.  How very sad that she would have done this.  Lord have Mercy on her soul!!  Also, Pat our grandmother & great grandmother was at the Mass & she gave her testimony after mine.  Grandbaby # 4 is on the way, expected to be born in June, another girl!  We at Focus love this family & try to support this family as much as we can. 
 I just want to take this time to thank all of you prayer warriors & friends of Focus, for all your prayers for our clients & staff at Focus, for you are making a difference!!  I also want o thank Suzanne Stack for being our client advocate on Thursdays from 1:30pm to 4pm or later.  She calls our clients to see how they are doing & what we could do for them at Focus to help them during their pregnancy and after they deliver their precious baby.  She also gives pregnancy tests & works in the Material Aid Room helping our moms get clothes for their children.  What a blessing she is to Focus.  Also Sandy works at Focus on Tuesdays in the Material Aid Room putting away children clothes in the Material Aid Room & helping our moms. Also, thank you. Elaine works on Mondays at Focus doing pregnancy test & helping in the Material Aid Room. Of course, I thank our dear Martha too, who I couldn't do without & there would be no Focus without her!!  God bless you all and also all those who are on the front lines praying and sidewalk counseling.  Our new members are Sheila, Paul, Mike, Adolf, Addison & Dan on Thursday mornings and early afternoon.  I will not forget Pat, Bill, Mary S. & Bill Smith, our 82 year old Korean Vet, who have been praying on the front lines, for years. Thank you so much for your faithfulness.  Also, I want to thank Donna & Carole, who had to leave the front lines, due to changes in their personal lives, God bless you & we miss you! Thank you all so much for 'saving lives' for Christ!!!  God be the Glory!!  He will reward all of you someday when you stand before Him. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

This is Sheila's experiences on the front line

At 10:30 Pat, Bill, and Paul were praying. Pat has a wonderful prayer on the back of her sign. I asked her about it, and we prayed  it together. She said she would bring a copy for me next time she comes. She will not be here next Thursday, so it will be awhile before I see her.

Paul and I handed out packets to several carloads. The first man and woman were getting information about PP for a friend. I urged them to steer her away from this evil place, and gave them a packet and DVD. The next car to stop took a packet too. The man (who was driving) was receptive.  The girl was in a hurry to get away.  The third car held two women, and a child in the back. One of them had been to PP for a check up. They also took a packet and promised to pray. They were pro life, so I asked them to especially look at the pamphlets about birth control.

The next encounter was heartbreaking. A man and woman came out of PP toward their car. It was obvious they were in anguish. They stopped and comforted each other. She had just killed her baby. “Oh nooooo….I am soooo sorry!!!”, I called out to them, saying how sorry I was. What had been done could not be undone, but I urged them to come and talk to me, since I am not allowed to go into the parking lot. I had information that would help them deal with the sorrow and guilt.  They did come out. I said I wished they had come to talk to us on the way in. There are plenty of options, and we at Focus could have helped.  The man was the father. I gave him a packet I took out the rubberized baby, showing it to him and saying that it would be too upsetting for her today. I asked him to look at the packet, and give her what he thought she could handle today, and save the rest for later. I pointed out Project Rachel as a wonderful agency to help with healing.
They promised to urge any friends who might get pregnant to stay away from PP, and to come to us at  Focus for help. I briefly touched on abstinence until marriage also. This couple was quite receptive to the information  we gave them. I wrote their  names down, getting the correct spelling from them, and said I  would keep them in  my prayers, and asked them to pray for us too.

A young lady who walks by often gave us encouragement. She had already  been given a packet so did not take one. She expressed her support and gratitude for what we do.

Paul and I were alone until  it was nearly time for me  to go.  At 1pm Adolf and Mary arrived, and Bill sprinkled holy water around  and situated himself across the street.  Mary S. was  across the street during her lunch hour praying.

I arrived to the center to see that Sheila & Paul were on the sidewalk praying & counseling.  I was wondering where the other two men were & I later found out that they had brought a friend to the hospital.  I got to speak to Sheila briefly to hear such a sad story that happened on her time in front of Planned Parenthood.  It was painful to hear her tell me, though I know that she must.  I wanted to get the sidewalk set up with the signs & the literature box because I expected the photographer from the Town Newspapers to be there to take our pictures.  I was interviewed via telephone earlier this week regarding my pro life experiences over the past 26 years as a pro life activist.  I was hoping that Martha would show up in time to have her picture taken but she came after he had just left.  I was disappointed.  When I & Paul were bringing out the graphic & non-graphic signs there was the reporter.  I introduced myself to him & he said that he had arrived a little early.  I said that was okay, so he walked about taking our pictures.  There was Bill, across the street sitting on his stool holding the graphic sign of Malachi, the aborted baby that was found in a dumpster many years ago, at an abortion mill.  I told him that Bill was a Korean vet so he went over across the street to take his picture.  As the photographer was taking our pictures Rick Bartell, the Public Relations man from Planned Parenthood, came out onto the sidewalk looking around.  Just wait when this article comes out in all the Town Newspapers bad mouthing Planned Parenthood.  He took all of our pictures & asked our names.  Adolf had showed up so he was included in the pictures & before Sheila left he had taken her picture too & asked me what her name was.  So we'll see how this pans out with the article & the pictures of us on the front lines.  I hope that they do us well to get this very important message out about how horrible abortion is.  God is in control!

Martha came about 5 minutes after the photographer had left.  I was disappointed that she wasn't included in the photo session.  Next time dear Martha.  Paul had to go but Adolf was with Martha & I on the front lines & Suzanne, our Thursday counselor, came into the center to start to call our clients to see how they're doing. 
Three young girls walked by us on the sidewalk & we asked them if we could help them.  I offered the Truth packet to them & one of the girls took it.  I said :please don't let anyone in Planned Parenthood take the packet otherwise I'll call the police".  I think that they heard me for when they came out about 45 minutes later the one girl had the packet & the other two girls asked for one each.  I asked if they were friends or sisters & they said that they were sisters.  So I gave them a DVD for educational purposes.  They opposed abortion & were upset with what they saw on the graphic signs, & said that they were at Planned Parenthood for condoms.  I doubted that because they were in there for so long & to get condoms it only takes a minute or so.  I was so happy that they were receptive to receive the additional packets, to help change their young lives. 
A mother was walking by us to go get her other son at the school at the corner up the street.  She covered his face with his light weight jacket, for it was a warm day.  She was upset but I told her that is what Planned Parenthood is doing to the babies in there.  When she came back walking down the street with her now two boys I told her about our Material Aid Room which has 'free' clothes for her boys & I directed her to the center.  She was happy to go in there & came out about 20 minutes later with 2 bags full of clothes for her boys. She is a very protective mother but so are we. 
I was by myself, for Martha was in the center with a client.  I looked down the street to see 3 young girls walking.  As they were getting closer & recognized the one girl especially.  I tried to tell he about how condoms don't protect them from sexual transmitted diseases but she said that she gets tested.  I had mentioned that prostitutes get tested too & she got mad at me, even to this day.  She wasn't receptive to me as she & her friends walked by me to go into Planned Parenthood.  I said out loud "it's only a matter of time".  When they came out about 5 minutes later I just let them walk passed me for I didn't say a word to them again.  Silence is golden.  I pray for all my girls to change their lives.  It's just a matter of time, for at least some of them. 
Leanne came back to us, for she was away for about a month, adjusting to her first pregnancy.  Leanne helps us out at Focus on Thursdays for about an hour or more doing office work & making Truth packets & sorting out clothes in the Material Aid Room.  It was so good seeing her again & having her back with us.  By the way she really liked the purple wall in the office :)
We just learned that one of our moms, that gave birth to a baby boy last summer, had made the loving choice to let her sister adopt him, as she was not in a good position to parent.  This is the first adoption we have heard of at Focus!!  Please pray for her as she is pregnant again and plans to raise this child herself.  And please continue to pray that more moms would choose adoption as a loving option!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I went to the center after the Mass & when I got into the office I saw that there was a water spot on the ceiling right above our new piece of furniture that Mark just gave us.  I asked Martha if she would call the landlord to tell him abut this mess & he said that he would come right over, which he did.  He took the ladder from the storage room & went up to the ceiling to see what the problem was only to find that the basin had missed the spot.  He readjusted the position of the basin for the next rain fall.  I asked if he would please change the ceiling title & he said that he didn't have anything to cut it with.  I told him that we have knives in the kitchen.  He went over to where the ceiling titles are stored, at the end of the hallway leading to both bathrooms, to tell me that it looked like one was a perfect fit for the replacement.  He & I were very glad of this good news.  He replaced the ceiling title in the office & that was that.  I asked him to throw away the old wet title & he jokingly said "you ask to much of me".  No I don't Bernie you just think I do :)  Martha & I said "thank you" & off he went to the restaurant, 2 doors down from us, to see if there were any leaks in there.  Icky for a restaurant to have so much water damage. 
Just then the office phone rang & it was Sandy saying that she wasn't coming today for she was trying to buy a car & not doing well in her search.  I was disappointed but wished her the best.  Martha & I continued to put things away so that we could get out there on the front lines to pray & to counsel.  About 20 minutes later Sandy came walking in.  She had changed her mind & came after all to help us, which she did.  She put clothes away & diapers that I had just bought at the Dollar General for our moms children.  Martha & I finally got out onto the front lines & he was raining lightly.  So I had to go back to my car to get an umbrella for the gray rainy day that was ours today. 
We got the usual finger people that are so sad to my spirit, for I know what lies ahead of them in years to come if they make it at all.  We handed out some Truth packets & gave away some Rosaries which made us happy.  A man & a woman were going into Planned Parenthood with a baby in a stroller & I called to them about what Planned Parenthood does to babies & the man turned around at me & said "I'm going to have an abortion & put his hands on his stomach".  What was that all about.  Later when they came out I asked Martha to talk to them for I was disturbed with what the man had said to me earlier.  They asked to go into the center to receive some clothes for their child which Martha brought them into the center to service them with baby clothes for their lovely baby in the stroller.  Later on Martha told me that they told he that they didn't believe in abortion.  I hope that this was true.  They received some nice things for the Material Aid Room for their baby. 
Martha was now back with me on the front lines so I asked her if I could go into the center real fast to get a bit to eat for I had just cereal for breakfast & I was feeling weak.  She said "sure" & I asked her if she would be all right until I get back & she said "yes".  So I went back into the center to make myself a quick sandwich.  Well I was wrong about it being 'quick'.  I had just made my sandwich & had taken at least two bites when I saw a man coming in to the All Purpose Room.  He said to me "my name is Angel do you remember me about 6 months ago when I needed  a bus ticket you helped me".  I said that I had called the church that had given you a check & they said that you could have gotten a ticket with that.  He said that he didn't have any ID so they wouldn't take it.  He now said that his mother had just died yesterday & he needed a ticket, one way, to go to Buffalo to be with his family.  He also said that her tried many places but they wouldn't give him any money for the trip back home for the funeral.  I thought about it & decided to give him the needed $20 lets say ' to take a chance that he was telling me the truth'.  I went into the office to get the money & the form for him to fill out, which he did & I told him that if this was a scam that he would have to answer to God for it, not me.  He said "no it's not a scam & then took out his wallet to show me his child".  "Very nice"  I said, & the very best to you during this very difficult time.  I think that he almost cried.  If this was another scam, for this is his second time that he's been to us at Focus for help, only God knows, but I would say if it was he is really convincing.  Lord have Mercy!! 
After he left I finished my sandwich & then went back out to the front lines.  Martha & I counseled & she really was the one who prayed too.  I spoke with s young girl & guy & convinced them to some to Focus for a pregnancy test.  They came around the bushes & Martha lead them into the center for a pregnancy test.  I was by myself for about 20 minutes until they came back out & was walking back to Planned Parenthood to pick up their car.  I asked them as they walked by me if they were okay & the young girl said that it was to early.  I said wait awhile then come back to Focus next week for another test.  She smiled & said that she would. She was still holing onto the Truth packet & said "thank you" & went back to the parking lot to get their car & then left.
Martha came back to stay awhile longer & then Cleveland came for food.  I asked him to help us put our signs away for it was getting late & he did.  After he helped us Martha gave him some Ramon noodles to take with him & he left.
Martha was putting away children's clothes & the doorbell rang & it was a mother & her older daughter getting some things for the baby that was just born about 6 weeks ago.  He is a big boy & is taking larger sizes that we had a good selection in. 
I was working in the office when Dan came to help us out in the center but he couldn't stay for supper tonight, which was disappointing for I brought lots of food.  He helped us out & then left.  So grateful for his service to us at Focus.  I decided to get supper ready which I did tonight & Martha & I had supper together & talked about tomorrow as we plan to go to Buffalo o to hear Abby Johnson speak, who was the former Director of a Planned Parenthood in Texas & was convicted to leave after she witnessed an ultrasound abortion in her clinic in 2009.  Praise God that she left Planned Parenthood & is now going around the country telling people about what they do & how they lie & deceive people.  Her & her husband also became Catholics at Easter time.  Check out:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at Focus & in Buffalo with Abby Johnson

What a night I had tonight!!!   Martha & I got to Buffalo on time at the Banquet Room which held 500 pro life people who were there anxious to hear Abby Johnson speak.  I was so happy to see my old friends Kathy & Aaron, who lived in Rochester & had to move to Buffalo for his new job. Aaron bought me a Perfect Manhattan on the rocks which I hadn't had in so many years.  It was so good.  Enough about my drinking choices which is usually red wine.  There were people that I knew from Rochester & a couple that are donators for Focus were at our table with her daughter & her boyfriend which she met on  I might consider in looking at this sight.  He was real nice & so was she, so I expect Wedding Bells to be announced very soon for this nice couple.  I also saw two ladies that orientated with Martha & I on the front lines during the 40 Days for Life last Fall.  They are fighting Planned Parenthood where they live in Dansville. Martha was busy with the Silent Auction tickets to see if possible s he could win something, which she didn't nor did I.  The conversation was terrific & the food was delicious.  After supper Abby went to the podium to start speaking which comes naturally to her.  She spoke about her past years as the Director of Planned Parenthood in Texas & how assisting with a ultrasound abortion changed her life & lead her to come over to the pro life side.  Yeah!! Check Out:  She also said that she received the Director of the Year which was presented to her at the same banquet when Hillary Clinton received the 'Maggie Award' back in 2008 from Planned Parenthood.  How sick it seems to her now.  She spoke so much on how the evil Planned Parenthood works to increase their abortion numbers & other deceptions there too.  After her talk she received a standing ovation.  I wanted to speak to her briefly & hand her our Focus Brochure.  I saw that she was sitting at the table signing books so I decided to stand in the line without my three books that I have at home & at the center in order to speak to her.  I met Helen, while I was standing in line, for she is the Co-Founder of STOP PLANNED PARENTHOOD along with Jim Sedlak, who is now working at American Life League.  Check Out: &

It was my turn to get to talk to Abby at the book signing & Martha was next to me.  I looked at her & said "welcome to the pro life movement & to the Catholic Church".  She beamed.  Then I said that I was a director of a pregnancy center 2 doors down from a Planned Parenthood in Rochester, where we sidewalk counsel.  She beamed again.  I then gave her our Focus Center brochure & asked her if she would sign the other brochure for I left the three books of hers at home.  She smiled & signed the brochure with her name & Psalm 30.  I beamed.  Martha said something to her & off we went to get her talk tonight on CD.  What a wonderful evening!!!  A room filled with 500 pro lifers it couldn't get any better than that  :)   I do remember what Abby said to everyone there tonight.  She said "make sure that this isn't your one pro life duty of the year, you are all leaders here tonight & then lead  where God puts you to save lives".  Amen, new sister in Christ!! 
Martha & I said "good bye" to the people that we knew & off we went back to Rochester gearing up to do the work that God has us for us do at Focus & on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood to save & change lives for the Lord & for His purpose.  Thank you Lord for such a marvelous experience tonight in Buffalo & getting to meet Abby Johnson & to here her speak & to speak to her.  It was also great to see my old friends too.  I do regret that I didn't have a chance to say hello to Pastor Bob Bean, the Father of pro life in Buffalo. We go way back to 1999 when we were in Federal Court, in Buffalo, to come against Elliot Spitzer & his gang, when Operation Rescue was coming to Buffalo to peacefully protest the abortion mills there.  Planned Parenthood in Rochester & the abortionist Morris Wortman, in Brighton, piggy backed us to Buffalo to try to get an Injunction for us during the court proceedings.  What a 'Kangaroo Court' that was.  A court of lies!  We did win on appeal & got back to the other side of the street where Judge Acara, a crazy pro abort Judge, had us protesting 80 feet away from Planned Parenthood, across the street, for more then 2 years before we won the appeal.  Check out page 1 of Front Line Weekly to learn more about the case against us pro lifers.   

Thursday, May 19, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthhood

This is Sheila's experiences on the front line

I arrived at 10:30. Jerry and Paul were there. Paul helped me bring the sign out. We gave out many packets, in fact we gave out all that we had! First a girl was walking from PP, and I crossed the street to speak to her. She wasn’t sure if she is pregnant. She refused a free pregnancy test, because she was waiting for her boyfriend. We spoke of fetal development, and abstinence and she took a packet. When he arrived, I briefly reviewed our conversation for him, asked them to pray, and gave him a rosary for himself. (Hers was in the packet). Jerry left around 11:15.

A Christian lady brought a young girl to Planned Parenthood for rape counseling. She was pro-life, did not want a packet, but promised to pray for our ministry outside Planned Parenthood.

Several more people took packets, DVDs and spoke to Paul and to me.
One couple pulled over to talk to me after exiting Planned Parenthood. She had a medical abortion on Tuesday, and was back for a checkup. They giggled nervously. I asked if they were kidding me or were serious. They became serious. They don’t believe in God, so we mostly spoke about lost parenthood, and a baby that will never have the chance to grow up. I told them I had been agnostic when I was younger, and my effort to pray for someone who asked me to, even though I was in doubt, showed me that God DOES exist, because I saw Him working in my life. He changed my heart. They promised to say the Our Father every day for a month. God loves them, and He will show them the way if they ask Him to.

A man came out of Planned Parenthood, and was on his phone but motioned that he would talk to me when he finished. I was in Focus to get more packets and met up with a girl who wanted clothing.  While I was helping her, Paul brought the man inside to me. His friend was at Planned Parenthood for an exam. He is searching for God, so he also promised to pray the Our Father (the perfect prayer, given to the apostles when they asked Jesus how to pray). I gave him a rosary. We discussed the evil of abortion, and Planned Parenthood’s agenda. He and his friend will read the materials in the packet.  He has access to children’s clothing from a friend who closed his store, and said he would bring some to us.

Mary S. prayed across the street during her lunch hour, and Bill came to sprinkle holy water and pray over there too. Dan and Addison were outside Planned Parenthood, on the near side, when I left.

It was a busy afternoon in the center.  One of our past mothers who gave her baby to her sister to adopt was pregnant again & will parent this baby.  Her father was with her & he gave the center a beautiful prized photo of a pink flower which I put in our purple walled office, on the shelf.  It looks so nice & thank you so much.  She told me that it was the ten week old rubberized baby, which we gave her, that changed her mind not to abort the first time. Thank God!!  She picked out some baby clothes for her precious baby which is due in July. Peace dear one.

Suzanne called me telling me that she was running late.  Then the doorbell rang it was her friend that she was going to ordinate to the Material Aid Room especially because she was planning to come one Wednesday a month to help out in that room.  Very good.  I introduced myself to her & then asked if she would mind making up some Truth packet while she was waiting for Suzanne.  So I gave her a quick ordination on packet making.  She did very well.  I was just about to go back out side to be with Martha when the doorbell rang & it was our dear lady who we help time to time.  She was hungry so I fixed her a quick meal.  She said that she just came from the hospital for she was jumped by a gang of women on the street.  I can't tell you for sure if this is true but we love her anyhow when she comes in.  She says that she wants to help us out on the sidewalk & at times she does.  She told me that she helped Tucker out last Wednesday while Martha & I were in Buffalo.  She ate & took some soup from the Material Aid Room & off she went back to her life on the streets.  I think that she does stay with family or someone at night, thank God. 
I was just about to leave when Suzanne came in the door saying that her car was hit from behind.  She said that she had called the police for a report.  She seemed shaken a bit which I can't blame her, I would be too.  I gave her a hug & told her that her friend was in the office making up Truth Packets.  She went into the office to greet her & I went back to the sidewalk to be with Martha who was alone.  When I got outside she told me that three young people just went into Planned Parenthood, it was a young guy & two young girls & he was carrying one of their back pack.  How nice of him as he leads them into the Killing Mill.  How sad this ministry is except when a baby is saved & is born & when we help the mother with her pregnancy, otherwise it's the most painful ministry that exists. 
Martha had to leave early today for she was going to supper over her daughter's then to her grandson's graduation, so that left me by myself.  I then saw hours later that the three young people where coming out one girl hold a brown paper bag, which means that she probably had an abortion.  I called over to them telling them that they were accomplices to a murder & that they will all suffer for what they did in there, if she had an abortion.  I said that I pray that you will ask God to forgive you & your baby.  One the way out the young man gave me his middle finger.  Their life of living hell has just begun.  I pray that they all will repent & be saved by God's Mercy for what they did here today by killing this precious, innocent baby of one of the girls. 
I got a call on my cell phone from Suzanne around 4:15 saying that she had to go & that there were some women in the Material Aid Room getting children's clothes.  I asked her to make sure that all the doors to the center were locked & when Rick come to drop off the brochures I'll ask him to help me bring in the signs & then I can be in the center.  She said "okay" & hung up.  Rick came about 10 minutes later & dropped off the Focus brochures & helped me bring in the signs & literature box into the center.  I said "thank you" & off he went.  I went into the Material Aid Room when I saw that these two women were making such a mess of the baskets with the clothes in them & were taking to may things, so I had to deal with this situation & told the women that they could have 12 pieces of clothes per child.  They were from another country do I don't think that they understood so when she was putting in her bag about 6 dresses & grabbed the other two & said that she had enough & that we need t be able to serve our other clients.  The doorbell rang & it was two other women who needed children's clothes.  I asked them to wait in the hallway & then I asked nicely, the other two women, who were in the room for a long time taking many things to leave.  They smiled at me & left.  Then I invited the other two women into the room & apologized that the room was such a mess, which I can't stand.  They were fine with it so I let them shop in peace.  After they left  I got a call on my cell phone from a mom of ours that delivered her baby not to long ago.  She needed diapers & baby clothes.  I told her to come on over that I would stay until she gets here.  She came & it was so good to see her & she said that she would bring in the baby when the weather got better.  I said "that would be nice I'd love to see her".  She was happy that she found so many nice things & I gave her a bag of diapers & she left.  I did some more work in the office & decided to eat my supper at home since Martha wasn't there & Dan wasn't coming tonight.  I had gone to the Red Mass, which is for the lawyers, at noon before I came to the center, so off I went home to have some supper & to sort out my feeling from the 'day of death' at Planned Parenthood. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
What a horrible day on the front lines like always.  It took Martha & I a little while to get out on the front lines today. Paul helped us to get the signs out & to help us get set up, on the sidewalk.  He went back inside the center to help Sandy put away the bags of clothes, books & toys, that were donated to us, into the Material Aid Room.  So Martha & I were outside praying & witnessing.  We were hit, right in the heart, soon after we came out onto the front lines.  I called out to the people who were leaving the parking lot & said "they kill babies in there" only to hear the passenger reply "to late I already did" as she was eating her much awaited hamburger from McDonald's.  Martha & I looked at each other & said that we just wanted to vomit & almost did.  I was numb for a short time & just sat on the wooden ledge by the bushes & just couldn't say anything for a few minutes, I needed to get my composure, then I decided that I needed to get up & get going to try to help someone not to have an abortion here at Planned Parenthood today or any other day.  We felt sick to say the least.  Then Praise God a young girl was talking to Martha, as I was coming back from the center, to get more signs to set up on the sidewalk.  As I was coming towards them Martha told me that this young girl 'chose life' today.  She was in Planned Parenthood & was told that she was pregnant & Planned Parenthood wanted her to have an abortion & she said "no" & got out of there.  I handed her a Truth packet & noticed that she had a cigarette in her hand.  I said to her "are you smoking" & she said "not yet".  She meant that she hadn't lit her cigarette up yet.  I looked at her, as she took the packet of information from me, that smoking could hurt her baby & that the baby could be born with a low birth weight.  I pointed out to her where our pregnancy center was & what we offer & she said "thank you" & off she went down the street more educated then before.  We were so happy that she wasn't going to be talked into, by Planned Parenthood, to have her baby be killed.  Kudos to you dear one & call or come to Focus if you need anything.  This was great news compared to what we had just experienced a short time earlier. 
I was told that we were in the Brighton Pittsford Post Newspaper & here is the article @
I was by myself on the sidewalk for Martha was in the center with a client. I saw that the death escort Barry Swan was speaking to another man as he went into his car, in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood, he then drove out of the driveway. When he came passed me I saw that he had two small children sitting in the back seat of the car. I screamed to him not to bring these children to a place where they kill children & is so evil. I was so upset to see this. As he was driving away I heard a voice from a guy on a bike riding down the street saying “you bank, blank, why don’t you mind your own business you blank, blank. A car almost hit him as he was severing back & forth on the street. I was so afraid that he was going to get killed. Then I remembered him as the nasty man that has harassed us, pro lifers, in the past years. I think at one time he got right in the face of the male pro lifer & wouldn’t go away until I got out my cell phone & pretended to call the police, like I did this time too. It usually works. It did off he went him & his tortured self riding down the street. He also said “you crazy people stating the End of the World”. I know that it wasn’t me who said that the end of the world was May 21st. Get real sir. After he left I felt so discouraged that for the last 15 years that I’ve been on the street everyone seems to be the same , no one to my knowledge has changed, & I & others pray for their conversion, repentance & salvation every day. It’s in God’s time not mine & some people don’t want to change either. How very sad!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

Martha & I were in the center before we went out to the front lines today. Paul was here in the center yesterday helping to put away baby & children clothes while Martha & I were outside counseling & praying. He is such a big help since her retired from Strong. He come to the center twice a week to help us out & he prays on the front lines too on Thursdays. I was working in the office & Martha was working in the material aid room putting away the bags of donations that we recently received from good people to our center. We had a quick lunch & was planning to out to the front lines when the door bell rang & it was three people from St. Pius X parish dropping off some bags & boxes of clothes, for the center. They also dropped off a high chair, baby bath tub, a baby bouncer, diapers, baby wipes & some baby formula. We were so grateful for their kindness to Focus.  The one lady left after the drop off.  I brought, into the office, the head of the ministry to talk to her for a few minutes while her husband was waiting for her.  She said that she will go back to the parish & ask the committee for diapers & wipes & formula for our center.  She also mentioned non perishable food for our food shelves too.  Our food shelves are almost bare & we need to have some food for our moms & for the people who come into the center to get some food until their food stamps kicked in.  I was so grateful to her & the parishioners of St. Pius X  for their generosity to our clients.  I said "thank you again & God bless you & good bye".  She & her husband said the same back to me & off they went.  I hope & pray that I hear back from her real soon. 

After they left Martha & I looked over the new donation & put some of the things away.  We decided to go out on the front lines & it was now 2pm.  We brought out the literature box & a few signs with us for we knew that Tucker would be coming around 4pm to 5:45pm to witness out on the sidewalk.  When we arrived on the sidewalk we came against evil right away.  People were screaming at us as they passed by us driving by.  The same old woman on the bike added her two cents this afternoon too.  What's wrong with people why do they want these precious children to be killed at planned Parenthood?????  What's wrong with this society that kills their very own citizens??????   It's always heart breaking on the street & some times in the center when we're counseling some one who is abortion minded.  Otherwise the center is the joyful part of this two fold ministry, where we get to see & serve our moms & to see their children, it;s a happy place.  We have one of our moms come in regularly who almost had her baby be killed at Planned Parenthood which was 'saved' for being aborted because God used us out there.  She is so sorry that she ever got that close in killing her precious baby who she loves now & calls her "the apple of her life".  She is really "post abortive' in a sense too, because she came so close in having her baby killed.  She has the same symptoms that a woman would have if she completed the murder of her unborn baby. Next time she comes into Focus & will give her the Project Rachel brochure so that she can talk to some one who can help her feel better about her situation.  She is suffering with so much guilt & shame, every time she looks into the face of her child, that she almost aborted.  Reality bites. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

Sheila wasn't able to be her toady so i told her that I would come at 10:30am to take over for her this week.  It was a day from hell & my heart still aches from the trauma that this day brought me let alone the murders of so many innocent children.  Paul & I got on the front lines & already the cars were coming out of the parking lot with post abortive women in the passenger side of the car.  I counted three cars in the the 20 minutes that I was out there.  A mini van pulled in with a mother & her daughter.  I called out to them but I saw the determination of the mother to bring her daughter in to terminate her grand child rather than raise this child or place this child up for adoption.  What a horrible mother & her daughter will hate her someday & I hope that she will be able to forgive her for what she did to her & her baby today.  They were in there for 4 hours when they finally left in the afternoon.  How evil.
I was calling out to the people who were driving into the killing mill & when I was at the fence calling out to offer them help I heard a loud voice screaming at me saying all sorts of bad words.  He stopped his car on the street & just screamed at me with vulgarity.  I said to him to repent & went on calling out to the people going into Planed Parenthood that were having their baby killed here today.  The usual abortionist, Rachael Phelps, wasn't here so there was another abortionist that took her place in killing these innocent, voiceless children today. 

They were coming in one after the other it was making me sick.  I spoke to a young girl that was going in there for birth control, which I told her was bad for her & sometimes acted as an abortificant which can cause an early abortion & gave her the Truth packet.  She came out a few minutes later saying that all they were doing today were terminations.  Don't you just want to throw up.  Then a few minutes later a nice young man came passed me & I offered him a Rosary which he took then he presided to go into Planned Parenthood.  i almost dropped over on the sidewalk.  He came out a few minutes later, which I knew was going to happen.  I asked him what he needed & he said a test for STD"S I offered him the Compass brochure but he refused it, for he was on his cell phone talking to someone.  How sad is this?? 

Then Addision & Dan came to pray & I asked Paul if he would go into the center to work on putting the clothes away, which he was more than happy to do.   Anne & her 5 year old daughter came to pray on the front lines too.  I greeted them both & Anne & the gentlemen started to pray the rosary.  I continued to sidewalk counsel.  Just then a van drove into the parking lot & stopped.  On the truck it stated Howe and Bassett Co. with their phone number on the truck.  I said to him "do you know that they are killing babies in here".  He answered back to me saying "good let them kill more babies so that I can stay in business".  I said "you're sick & you're receiving Blood Money & to repent".  He drove into the parking lot & parked & got out of his truck & went into the side door.
Anne was upset that he said this in front of her 5 year old adopted child from China so she she went into the center to help Paul. I looked at the phone number on the side of the truck & called the number.  When the person answered I asked to speak to the supervisor.  He told me that he was out on a job.  I asked if he was at Planned Parenthood & the guy said "he could be".  I told him what he just said to me & that I wanted to speak to someone higher than he in the company & asked for a call back & gave him my cell number & hung up. I called the next day again & said that if I don't receive a call back that I was going to boycott his company & tell all my friends to write or call this company regarding the part owner Stephen Howe's horrible comment from yesterday.  I called some of my friends & they will email Stephen Howe & tell their friends to do the same .  The web site is to contact him is: &  Please do email & pray for this man.  He is also wanting to kill off his future customers too how dumb is that, since that's all he cares about is his business & not the children that were being killed at the same time that he drove into Planned Parenthood to do some work for them!!  How bizarre & evil & sad too.

A couple of young boys went passed me & asked me what was that, the sign that I was holding?  I said that the picture was a baby that were killed by abortion. They said "oh no".  I turned around briefly when I then heard a thumb & looked over by the driveway to see that one of the Planned Parenthood workers, who always parks next to Rachael Phelps the abortionist there, had hit the kids on the bikes as she was coming out of the driveway.  I screamed over to her saying "you could have killed these boys. You have these tall bushes out on front here so your victims can't see us or here the truth from us out here on the sidewalk, so peole coming out of her are driving blind"!!  Off she went with no expression on her face, that same face as she looks always.  I didn't see any fear in her face that she almost killed or could have hurt these boys & she didn't even say anything to them either.  A plastic, non expressionist face.  Scary. 

It was about 1pm now & I was expecting Martha & Suzanne our counselor at 1:30pm.  I was wrecked to say the least as more cars were leaving that the woman was now post abortive & more cars were going into have their  precious baby be killed.  There was nothing I could do to stop the murders except to call out to them offering them help & to pray to God to stop it.  Addision & Dan stayed with me until Adolf came for he was running late for he was suppose to be there at 1pm & now it was after.  he finally arrived &said that he had overslept.  I saw Martha's car earlier but she wasn't out on the front lines yet.  I figured that she went into the center to help Paul & Anne in the Material Aid Room, with the sorting & putting away all the children's clothes.  I was retching at this time.  So heart broken to what was going on in Planned Parenthood.  Just then another car stopped to scream out vulgarities at me. These men who do this are probably Post Abortive fathers & they have no respect for women .  I am not, what they scream out at me, which is quite insulting & disturbing to say the least.  My cell phone rang & it was Suzanne who was calling me to tell me that she was running late for time got away from her as she was cutting her grass.  She said that she'll be in after she takes a shower.  Okay Suzanne.  I found out later the reason that Martha didn't come come out right away was that about five moms had come in for assistance in the Material Aid Room, so it was very busy in there.  Bill came & threw Holy Water around the sidewalk & the Death escort came out to the sidewalk to see what Bill was doing.  I hope that she got some Holy Water on her as he passed by.  He stations himself across the street with a graphic sign & hollered "choose life, your mother did".  I was praying for relief for this was a very difficult day & I was on the front lines since about 10:40am & it was after 2pm.  I was so sad that I could hardly function.  Adolf was with me & then Martha did come out to take over while I went into the center to go to the bathroom & get a fast sandwich & to talk to Suzanne for a few minutes before she started to call our moms to see how they were doing. Great news to report to you.  Babies # 10 & 11 are born in 2011!!   Baby boy Jeremiah was born this February.  Please pray for mom for she has a viral infection & was in the hospital recently.  Thank you so much. Baby girl Ariel was born on February 23rd. at 8lbs. 4ozs..  Mom & baby are doing well. 
I came back out to the front lines again & Martha told me that she thought that a little girl was by herself in the car.  Later on I knew that she was right.  Adolf had gone home & Martha was back in the center helping a client.  I saw that a woman had come out of Planned Parenthood & walked over to the car with the man & young child in the car.  I hollered over to them that the child in the car will be greatly affected when she finds out someday that you had her brother or sister killed here today.  I also said "how can you love one child & kill the other".  When they pulled out of the driveway I looked at them both & said "I hope & pray that you didn't have her baby killed here today if so repent of the sin of murder".  The male driver threw out the window, at me, his plastic bottle of water & then I knew for sure that she did have an abortion here today. My heart ached for the little girl in the back seat of the car never growing up with her brother or sister & finding out someday that her parents had brought her to the place where they had he or she killed, let alone had left her all by herself in the car, when the father went into Planned Parenthood to see how his wife was doing in the killing of their child !!!  You think it can't get any worse!! 
Martha came back out to be with me once more & a car pulled into the parking lot & parked near the fence.  I called over to the man & woman & pleaded with them not to have their baby killed that there was help for them in the community & that their baby had an heart beat after 18 days after conception & that abortion stops a beating heart.  He thought I was funny.  I don't think so sir.  I think that you are in the wrong place with your girlfriend & maybe was about to do the worst thing thing that you could possibly do to another human being & that it to have them killed.  What's so funny in trying to save a life sir???  I took the mega phone & the prayer card "My Life Depends on You" over to the brick side of the building to say the poem out loud for those who were in there could here me & be touched by the words of the poem & turn away from having their baby be killed.  As I was crossing the street to come back over to be with Martha on the bush side of the sidewalk a car was coming out of the parking lot & the male driver gave me a demonic look like he just had come from the pit of hell or was heading back there to the 'Lake of Fire'.  I must admit it was a terrifying look to scare me which it did send chills up my spine.  That's the look of someone who just killed their child, a sacrifice to Satan.  Lord have Mercy on him & her & all of them today & everyday that they kill your children, at Planned Parenthood.  
A young girl was walking passed Martha & I & we started to speak to her.  We offered her a Truth packet & she told us that she had an appointment at Planned Parenthood to get a STD test.  I knew that this might be false because the young man, about 30 minutes earlier, came out after wanting a STD test & because they're killing babies in there all day today, he was told to leave.  She said to us "I'm not doing anything wrong I'm just getting a STD test, I'm engaged & I want the test".  I said that I would call Compass Care that give out STD test for free & they are good people that protect life.  She said "okay", so I called.  I received a long phone message & then left a message for someone to call me ASAP & hung up.  We tried to talk to her so that she felt comfortable while we were waiting for the call back.  It seemed to take to long so I called Back & got a person.  As I was talking to her on the phone I saw that our young lady was walking into the Planned Parenthood.  My heart sank & I told the woman on the phone that the client went into Planned Parenthood.  I said "thank you" & hung up.  I felt so sad & frustrated.  What a horrible day of death & victims.  A few minutes later the young lady came out & told Martha & I that she went into Planned Parenthood to cancel the appointment?  Okay so I called Compass Care again & got the same woman on the phone &after I told her why we were calling I handed my phone to the young lady to speak to the woman to make an appointment.  After the call I was handed back my phone & she walked into the center to receive clothes for her two children at home, in the Material Aid Room.  he make an appointment for next week.  Martha drove her home for she had bags of clothes & things that she couldn't carry on the bus.  Thanks Martha that was so nice of you!!  I felt just a little better that we were able to help one person today after all the babies that were murdered at Planned Parenthood today. 
Martha wasn't back yet in taking our new client home.  I was on the sidewalk by myself & I looked up to see Memo our Data Entry person.  I greeted him & he helped me bring in everything that I had on the sidewalk, into the center.  Then we went into the office to do office work for about 1/2 an hour.  He also helped me cancel my old Facebook & got me own my new Facebook page because some one messed it up for me by interfering with my page.  He caused me much pain & frustration.  I have forgiven him & I wish him well though.  When Memo left Martha had returned & we ate supper & then went to Confession & Mass at St. Jude's Church at 7:30pm.  Lord I need you & I'm so sorry that Planned Parenthood kills your children today & every day.  Why do women want their babies dead???? 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha was giving Holy Communion to the residents of a Nursing Home this morning & she told me that she would be at the center when she had finished her rounds.  So after Mass today I went to the center alone.  Paul, who was also at the Mass,  was nice enough to go get us some lunch at Wendy's & to bring it back for us to eat it before we went out to the front lines.  Just as I was pulling into the parking lot, of the center, I saw Sandy coming.  I parked my car & then greeted her & told her that today nothing was in my car to get out.  She was happy about that.  I said that most of the work is in the Great Room, to finish up there & then we'll be all done, until we receive more donations again, to put away.  I did some odd & end things in the center waiting for Paul & Martha.  Paul came first to bring the lunch which I quickly ate & then Paul & I went out to the front lines.  The temperature was about 90 degrees.  He brought out the signs & I brought out the literature box & stool to set it on & the mega phone & started to speak.  I saw a young girl standing by her car near where I was standing by the fence.  I told her that they kill babies here.  She said that everyone has a choice.  This I do not want to hear.  I said that you never have a choice to have your baby be killed you can only choose other things like cars or ice cream flavors not to kill a child.  Then she said that she had her daughter in the car.  I said "what! you brought your daughter into a place that kills children???  If you brought someone here today that is having her baby killed then you are an accessory to murder & why would you want that on your conscious for the rest of your life??  She will hate you someday that you brought her into Planned Parenthood to have her baby be killed & you did nothing to save her or her baby's life.  Your friendship will end.  She put out her cigarette & went back into the car.  I turned around to see Martha standing there, boy was I happy to see her.  Paul went back into the center to help Sandy with the donations to put away. 
Martha gave a Truth packet to guy in a grey truck & talked to him for  a few minutes, while he was coming out of Planned Parenthood.  Later on he drove by us & threw the Truth packet at us. I went over to pick it up & to put it with the other Truth packets in the literature box.  His lost, for it had a lot of information in it that could help him.  It's a good thing that he didn't hit me with it, otherwise it would have been a 911 call.  What's wrong with people???  As I went on sidewalk counseling I heard a familiar voice of old the neighbor from across the street Dr. Jim screaming tome saying "Mary, Mary, for I didn't turn around, why don't you leave these people alone & keep quite".  He was getting his windows cleaned, to his condo, which is right in front of Planned Parenthood.  Unbelievable to buy a home right across the street from an abortion mill.  Him & his buddy, right next door, Jim Bovey which is as bad as he is in harassing me.  Lord have Mercy on their souls.  Ignorant people & after all these years too.  They will have to answer before God someday & I hope that they haven repented first.  I pray for them daily & I know that another pro lifer does too.  Maybe they'll change & maybe they won't.  I'm  thinking of calling my Attorney regarding them harassing me while I am engaging in my Constitutional Right to protest & engage in my freedom of speech, at the abortion mill.  I'm also thinking of contacting the Thomas More Society regard these two men.  Enough is enough!!!  
Tim showed up to work on the cabinet in the Material Aid Room where we store the signs, literature box & other things.  The hinge fell off on the one side of the door, so he wanted to take a look at it so he knew what he would need to bring with him when he comes back on Thursday to repair it so it will be strong & sturdy.  Thanks Tim!!  I was in the center with Tim for awhile so I asked Paul to go outside to be with Martha on the front lines.  He was nice enough to go out to be with her so that she wasn't alone.  Tim also came into the office to work on the computer for me to expand the time frame before I have to log in again.  Poor guy, he was hungry so he took a protein bar from the bowl, in the office & also A protein drink that just came in.  It's sort of a Ensure drink with vitamins & minerals & protein.  He should be all set until supper time. I wish that I had time to have made him a sandwich but it's so crazy out on the front lines & I needed to get back.  He was appreciative for the two food items in a pinch.  Tim left & I went back to the front line with bottled water & a protein drink too.
I thanked Paul to come out to be with Martha & he went back into the nice air conditioned center to once again help Sandy with the Material Aid.  That's okay Paul, I understand, we need you in the center too.  Just as I had offered Martha a nice cold bottle of purified water two girls came down the street one was pregnant & the other girl was not.  Martha offered the two girls the bottle water that I just brought out & they took it & thanked us for our kindness.  Martha mentioned that we had baby clothes in the center & the pregnant girl said that they would stop by another time for they needed to go home so that her friend could change her clothes.  She knows where we're located so when she needs something for her baby daughter, who will be born at the end of July, she knows where to come.  Bye girls & enjoy the water.  After they left I woofed down the protein drink before Martha gave that away too, ha ha. 
Martha was in the center for she needed to get more water for it was well passed 90 degrees out today.  I stayed out on the sidewalk by myself.  I saw that a man in a wheel chair was being wheeled by a woman & I was ready as they passed by me to offer them a Rosary.  They didn't pass by me for they went into Planned Parenthood instead.  How sad I thought.  They came out a few minutes later with bottle water & a bag of condoms on his lap.  Ick!!   I asked why they would go into Planned Parenthood & he said "for some water".  I said for condoms too. He looked surprised.  I went over to the literature box to get two Rosaries & a Truth packet & handed it to them.  I tried to talk to themas much as I could about what they were doing to their souls & lives.  I was disappointed to learn that later on Martha told me that they went back into Planned Parenthood, for she said that someone in a wheel chair went in with a woman.  Maybe they went in to tell then off  after reading the Truth packets brochures.  There is so much we'll never know.  The only thing that we need to be is faithful to God in our ministries.  He'll let us know someday & remember it's all God's grace, we are just His instruments & are doing what is expected of us as Christians.  God be the Glory!!  
I twas time to go into the center so Paul came out to help us bring the signs, back into the center.  I stayed out for a little longer by myself with the one sign & the literature box & mega phone. I stopped a young girl & started to speak to her.  She said that she was going in there for a Depo shot.  I told her the dangers of that shot & how it can kill your baby if you do become pregnant on it.  It also will mess up your Reproductive System & can cause bone fractures too.  I gave her a Truth packet & told her to hide it so that no one would take it, at Planned Parenthood, for she wasn't a strong person.  She came out later on & said that this was her last shot but I said that it maybe one to many.  I said that if she needed anything or even just to talk to come by the center when we're there, the days & hours are on the door.  As she was walking away she said "thank you" & I told her that I cared about her.  She seemed to believe for she gave me a smile back.  I think that she is being used by the man or men in her life.  Poor baby for she's in my heart & prayers. 
I finally went in for the many girls that were going into Planned Parenthood ignored me but I at least gave them the Truth before I left to go back into the center.  When I got to the center there was Pat sitting in the Green Room talking to Martha & Sandy for Paul had left earlier on.  I went over to her to give her a hug & a kiss on the cheek.  We all talked for awhile & Pat had already picked out some nice things that we had in the Material Aid Room.  We were talking for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden a man walked into the Green Room holding his chest.  Pat said "hi Jerry" & the we all realized that this man was probably having a Heart Attack.  I called 911 & asked for them to sent an ambulance stat (immediately) & the 911 operator then asked me about 7 or 8 questions regarding the situation with this man.  After I finished with all the question & thanked her & had hung up I went outside to wait for the ambulance to arrive.  In less then 5 minutes it arrived.  I lead then to the gentleman & they started to work on him.  They gave him aspirin & a nitroglygercin tablet right away, under his tongue.  The one ambulance attendant wasn't that nice but that's okay as long as he took good care of the patient.  About four men from the Fire Department came through the door & were told by the ambulance attendant that he had every thing under control so they left.  They finally placed Jerry in the ambulance & took him to Strong.  Pat will check on him later.  She said that she saw him walking down the street going towards Scio St. where he lives, so she picked him up.  He was in the van, which Martha & I didn't know about for awhile & it was so hot out today.  I think that Pat forgot that he was in the van.  Hopefully it wasn't a Heart Attack but maybe nerves for he was looking for another apartment which can be stressful to say the least.  I will see how he's doing tomorrow. Please pray for Jerry.  Thank you.  Pat stayed for a little while longer then she left.  Martha & I started to cook supper & sat down to eat when Dan came in.  He wasn't hungry so after we ate he did some odd & end jobs for us & he said that he'll come by tomorrow again.  He is a God sent to us same as everyone else that works to help us at Focus.  Thanks everyone!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood
When I arrived at Focus I saw that a young couple were walking into Planned Parenthood.  I grabbed a Truth packet from my car & walked over to Planned Parenthood to try to speak to them but I was to late for they both were already in the building.  I tried to call out to them, in my own voice, to give them important facts about Planned Parenthood & how I can help them.  As I was there by the fence a woman & her children came out of Planned Parenthood & I started to talk to her.  As she was leaving I offered her the Truth packet & she stopped along side of me, on the sidewalk.  She said to me that she wasn't there for an abortion.  I told her that I knew that but you by being here you keep this place open so that others can kill their children.  I then said that they were racist & then she took the packet from me & I said "thank you" & then she rode away.  I stayed for a few more minutes then went to the center to be with Martha to do some work in the Focus Center.  We decided to go out to the front lines around 2:45pm & stayed for an hour and a half.  It was such a windy day that all we could only bring out one sign to hold & one sign to tie around the tree & the literature box.  I went back into the center for a few minutes to get something & when I came back out Martha told me that she had passed out two Truth packets & I was so happy to hear this.  No one was responsive to the Truth today. Martha went to her car to get something & I was alone standing on the sidewalk when someone threw, from their car, a plastic water bottle at me (darn those water bottles, for this is the second time this year)  & ran over it & it made such a bad noise, which sounded like a gun shot.  I was happy when Martha came back to be with me.  Two are better than one out here.  Martha prayed & I counseled.  As one of the workers drove out of the parking lot I asked her to Google the word 'sin', for it does exist.  Martha & I stayed outside & tackled the wind until Tucker came at around 4:20pm to relieve us.  We talked briefly & Martha & I went back into the center to do more work there.  I had to make up some Truth packets & to make some phone calls.  Martha called the Station of the Cross & the Focus Pregnancy Help Center donated to their fundraiser & challenged other pro lifers to call in to the station to donate to its great work in Evangelize others, who listen to the Station in Rochester & in Buffalo, NY..  They announced our challenge on the air.   
Our landlord came to collect the rent & Martha I  sat down to have a talk with him for next month, for our rent will go up $200 due to an agreement that I made with him in September of 2010 regarding new indoor/outdoor carpet to be installed in the center.  Focus paid for it & Bernie reimbursed us until the carpet was paid in full, which it is now.  He was nice enough to increase it only $100 more, so next month our rent will be $1,700.00 & if we fail to pay him in full then we can add it on to the next months rent.  We talked about some fundraiser  ideas.  This man has changed & it was because of prayer. We have a better relationship & can communicate now, it's so much better.  Thank you Lord for touching Bernie!!!    If anyone wants to donate to our work in helping moms & their children you can make a donation to the : Focus Pregnancy Help Center, PO Box 25513, Rochester, NY 14625 & we are a 501(C)3 organization.  Thank you & God bless you for your goodness. 
The doorbell rang & it was Dan.  Martha prepared supper & I continued to do more office work until the supper was on the table.  Dan ate with us but didn't have any sausages but he enjoyed the baked beans & macaroni salad & the homemade Rhubarb pie for desert, that Martha made.  After we ate Dan took out the trash & fixed the ceiling title that was all wet from the rain storm.  Our Landlord is patching up the roof as best as he can so that we don't have many more leaks from the ceiling.  I asked my friend from the taxi company to clean the rug from the water stain on it from the last flood that we had from the rain storm about a month ago.  He is so nice to do it in the shared All Purpose Room ( I keep everyone busy, 'delegate' that's my motto, in getting things done).  Focus received a gift certificate from Sam's Club for diapers, so Martha & I decided to go tonight in Greece to pick up the gift certificate & to buy diapers with it.  As she went to the corner to get gas & worked on the American Life League order for Rob to call in & to order more brochures for our Truth packets.  I called him & gave him the order for him to place it tomorrow.  Martha returned, from the gas station, & Dan had left to go home.  I followed Martha to Sam's Club, on Ridge Rd. for the gift certificate that we were just blessed with to buy diapers for the Focus Center.
I'm sorry that I don't have an update on the condition of Jerry, who had chest pain yesterday at the center & we called 911 for an ambulance but Pat didn't call me back regarding his condition.  I don't know his last name otherwise I would have called the hospital.  When I know something I will let you know but please continue to pray for Jerry & thank you & God bless. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood - Ascension Thursday
This is Sheila's report on the front lines
Ascension Thursday --When I arrived at 10:25am , Pat and Bill were there. They left when Paul got there.  We prayed and spoke to people all morning. We met a young lady who was there for birth control, informed her of the abortive nature of those hormones, and spoke of abstinence until marriage. She promised to read the information in the packet, and pray.

Next a gentleman went in, saying he was just cutting through. He was soon back with us,  since the surrounding fences are secure. He was pro-life,  but felt a woman should be able to choose. So we talked about free will. We can choose right or wrong. I could choose to kill Paul…..(we laughed), but I wouldn’t. It would be wrong….it would be murder. He wouldn’t kill anyone either. And yes, a woman can choose to kill her baby, but it would be wrong……it would be murder. He selected a rosary, and promised to pray for our success outside PP.

A woman and man and older baby came by. She was going for a checkup.  She had an abortion in November. Why? Because she didn’t have a car, or enough money to look after two children. As we spoke I could see she was getting upset. She should be…she killed her baby! Would she kill the baby she already has if it were inconvenient to raise him? No, of course not. I urged her to come to Focus if she became pregnant again. We could talk to her about many alternatives, such as adoption, and we could suggest agencies that could help if she decided to keep the baby. She already received a packet last year, so I gave her Project Rachel information from a packet, and a rosary. She promised to pray.

A woman (pro-life) who has four children came out. She had just gotten an IUD inserted. She doesn’t want any more children. She has had trouble with various forms of birth control (bleeding), but likes to know it is in place. We talked to her about the abortive nature of IUD’s, and also about adoption as an alternative if she were to get pregnant. She is married, so I told her about Natural Family Planning. She thought it was the old rhythm method, and she is irregular. I was too, and it worked for me, even for indicating my first ovulation after childbirth. She liked the idea that it is natural….no side effects, and FREE!! She was in a hurry,(children in the car) so she gave me her address to send information .
Paul was planning to go to noon mass, but when a woman came by for a pregnancy test at 11:50, he offered to stay, and find a later mass. This woman used RU486 a couple years ago, and would never ever have an abortion again. We did her test, and she picked out some nice clothes for her three month old baby. She took home a packet, and some thoughts about abstinence until marriage, because she knows that is what God wants of her. Dan and Addison and Adolf  were outside on the front lines when I left.

Hurrah!!  No abortions today!!  The Death Abortionist wasn't there & at times the parking lot was empty & the workers left early.  The regular abortionist Rachael Phelps hasn't been there in two weeks but was replaced by another abortionist because last Thursday was a Blood Bath.  I'm sure that she'll be back for I get hopeful & then get disappointed.  She's probably on vacation or out on tour across the country speaking of how to 'Prevent Teen Pregnancies' to which she seems to be an expert, for what reason I don't know, for her methods are destructive not constructive.  When I arrived on the front lines I was greeted by Sheila who sidewalk counsels from 10:30am to 1pm, on Thursdays & is a blessing to the team.  She counsels in such a gentle & informative way.  She tells the tough truth with love & gentleness not like me that gives the truth with tough love & more sternness.  We all have our own 'special' way to get the truth across & we are all guided by the Holy Spirit.  She's  a blessing to us & is a vital addition to the team, in her work, on the front lines & in the Focus Center, in saving & changing lives for Christ. 
Sheila came into the center, as I was preparing to get the graphic signs to go to the front lines, to give me a review of her time spent on the sidewalk & in the center.  After she gave my a run down she had to leave & then I went out to the sidewalk where Martha was praying along with Paul, Dan, Addison & Maryanne.  Dan & Addision handed my both a check for our work at Focus so I went back into the center to put the envelopes on my desk, for a future thank you letter.  I went back outside & a few minutes later Suzanne, our Thursday counselor, came & she greeted me out on the sidewalk & then went into the center to make some phone calls to our clients to see how they were doing. 
There were two old male Death Escorts, one who has been a Death Escort for many years & the other only a short time.  How sad it is to see them come over to the cars & lead these young girls into the Killing Mill.  The 'Pied Piper' mentally.  It's so sad & disturbing to see how the girls don't have any boundaries & are so naive & gullible, it's scary.  I saw that a young girl was talking to one of the Death Escorts so I went over to the brick side of the building to try to reason with her & while I was there & called over to Martha that someone was t walking up the sidewalk.  I saw that the young girl had stopped to talk to Martha & I continued to speak to the girl that I was trying to get through.  After she went into Planned Parenthood I crossed over to the other side of the sidewalk where my usual post is.  I spoke to Bill who was protesting across the street to ask him if he knew the name of the man who usually harasses me & another pro lifer.  Bill told me to go to the library to find out his last name.  I guess it's public information, we'll see.  My next project.  He needs a letter from a lawyer or the Thomas More Society to stop interfering with us as we try to save lives & educate people without his screaming out to us in a offensive way.  It's going to be a long summer. 
I went back to the sidewalk as Martha was finishing talking to this young girl & she was given a Truth packet & was told to hide it so that the Death Escorts wouldn't take it as she was going into Planned Parenthood.  I asked Martha wheat was she going in for & she told me "for the Patch, which is another form of Birth Control, which is dangerous & it has taken lives too.  I told Martha that I thought that it was taken off the market because it had killed some women & is very dangerous but I forgot that Planned Parenthood doesn't care about these young girls or any women.  Duh!  She came out of Planned Parenthood a few minutes later & the Death Escort was talking to her which does make my blood boil, I'll admit it & it's because they lie & deceive these girls & are sick & evil acting people that I don't want any of these girls to fall into their trap.  Thank God she came back over to us on the sidewalk & I escorted her into the Focus Center to the dismay of the Death Escort.  As we were walking in the center I asked her what had changed her mind for she had told me that she decided not to get the Patch.  She said it was because of what the other lady had told her about the Patch.  "Great" I said back to her.  I lead her into the Rose Room which is our pregnancy testing/counseling/literature room & gave her a brochure on the Patch.  I also gave her some other pieces of literature & spoke with her for a few minutes until Suzanne came in to speak to her too.  She said that she had been there at this center before for a pregnancy test.  I don't know who gave her the test but she was receptive of hearing the Truth & receiving the information that we gave her today.  This incident made me very happy.  She was now in good hands with Suzanne.
Paul was in the center helping to put away baby & children clothes & small items.  Thanks Paul.  I knew that Martha was in good hands outside  with Adolf, Maryanne & Bill so I quickly made up a sandwich & wolfed it down with some ice tea.  I went back outside & was pleasantly surprised to see Val, our client who just had given birth to twins, a boy & a girl, about 6 weeks ago.  Martha & I got to talk with her & she even held a sign, as a witness to others driving by.  You go girl!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I wanted to get to Planned Parenthood earlier, for I feel so badly that no pro lifers are their witnessing, calling out or praying on the sidewalk, when the girls are going in for the RU 486 chemical abortions.  I got to the center & unloaded my car of the bags & boxes that I had of diapers & wipes & food for supper etc..  Then I went out to the front lines with a some literature packets & my sign.  Just when I arrived a woman came out onto the sidewalk & I began speaking to her.  I offered her the Truth packet & she walked over to me to receive it.  I asked her why she would come to Planned Parenthood & she told me it was for a Depo shot.  I told her about the Depo shot & told her that there was a brochure in the packet, that I just gave her, that will give her more information in regards to the shot that she just received.  I spoke about God & how He wants us to be married first before having sex & about eternal life & to repent to the God that loves her.  She was very nice & receptive to what I was trying to say to her.  Her ride was now here & she said "thank you & good bye".  I said to her "God bless you & have a great day".  I then went over to the fence to speak to some people that just drove into Planned Parenthood.  After they went into to that horrible place I went back to my car to go to the 12:10 Mass downtown at Our Lady of Victory Church where I sat with Martha.  After the Mass, Martha, Paul & I went to Focus.  Paul was nice enough to go to Wendy's to get us our lunch while Martha & I put away some things & dealt with another water leak that was coming down from the ceiling.  She called the landlord & he said that the air conditioner was leaking & that he would come on over, which he never did.  I'm sure that he will come by tomorrow to fix it.  What a mess on the carpet again.  Water, water & more water, on the new indoor/ outdoor carpet, ick!! 
We ate our fattening Wendy's lunch of hamburgers & French fries, mmm good though.  It gets us through the afternoon battle out on the front lines.  We finally got out on the sidewalk.  Paul helped us with the signs & then he went in to work in the Material Aid Room which he enjoys.  He cleans the toys & puts our donations away awaiting the next mom to come in to get what she needs.  He's been such a blessing to us since Donna & Carole had to leave, on the front lines, as their lives changed.  God does provide for us at Focus.  So Martha & I were out on the sidewalk praying & sidewalk counseling.  As Martha went into the center to get something, I was out there by myself.  As I was alone a car had drove by & a female voice hollered out her window saying "I hope you die".  I called back to her saying "we're all going to die, I hope that you repent".  How sad, for I can figure out, that she's probably post abortive.  I wish that she would have stopped so that I could help her.  I guess she's an angry woman that's still in denial.  How sad.  I hope & pray that post abortive women, which are many, will get out of denial fast & seek God's forgiveness for their grievous sin of having their baby killed, & to get the help, that they need, through the different programs that are out there in the pro life community. 
Paul can out, from the center, for a few minutes out on the sidewalk & I asked him if he would write, in chalk, a pro life message, on the sidewalk.  So he took the blue chalk & wrote:  Crisis Pregnancy Help, 1-800-395-HELP. 24/7.  I said "thank you Paul" & he went back into the center to continue his work.  Martha said that she would get the chalk that glows in the dark so that our message will be seen even at night.  Yeah!! 
Martha & I handed out many Truth packets & we talked to many people today, on the sidewalk.  Some even went into the Material Aid Room for some children's clothes too. 
We didn't see the abortionist Rachael Phelps car there but at one time Martha said that she saw a young girl come out of Planned Parenthood slumped down in the front seat of the car.  So there was probably another abortionist there today.  Usually on Tuesdays they do the RU486 chemical abortions, which is sad, to say the least.  Lord have Mercy on us!!!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha came right over to the center after the noon Mass downtown.  Sandy came today instead of yesterday, for she was picking up her new car, will not brand new but new to her. She worked putting away things & cleaning things that were brought into the center for the Material Aid Room.  Martha & I did spent some time in the center first before we went out in the blazing heat which never stops us nor does the cold.  We witnessed out there, for a couple of hours, keeping hydrated with water & me & my ice tea, which is my favorite drink next to a glass of good red wine, which I can't have on the front lines, but some days I wish that I could.  I depend not on wine but on God's power, through the Holy Spirit, to guide me to what to do & what to say out there when I approach people I don't even know but love & care about. 
The neighbor Jim, who lives in one of the condos across the street, who has given us, especially Rob & I a hard time for many years now hollering nasty things at us & disturbing our efforts in trying to do our work in our ministry, well I have had enough in trying to deal with him.  I contacted my attorney & she said that she will write him a letter that will inform him of our rights out there on the front lines & to get his home owner insurance ready, for he might have to use it for a law suit in the future, if he doesn't behave himself.  I rest my case.  I prayed for so many years for this scenario to change & then I heard the quite voice of the Lord who said to my spirit "then do something about it".  I was then lead to call my attorney & I did something about it so my prayer was heard & answered.  He will receive a letter form my attorney on Tuesday, of next week.  So many times we pray & expect God to do everything, though He is capable, but remember He uses our voice, hands & feet to accomplish many things & in this case he used my hands to pick up the phone to call my attorney & my voice to tell her the situation & now the results should be that he won't bother us anymore or be sued.  I know that Christians aren't suppose to sue anyone so I probably won't sue him.  I just want him to stop screaming my name out from across the street & stop saying bizarre things to me as I'm trying to do my job, in saving & changing lives, for Christ.  I don't bother you Jim so please stop bothering me.  Harassment 101. 
Martha & I spoke with people, on the sidewalk, & she brought in some people to the center for some children's clothes.  One of our clients, who just delivered twins, came in to get some things for her babies & her other children.  It was so good to see her & she looks so good & relaxed.  Praise God!!  He takes care of us for He is our Father. 
It was about 4pm & Tucker came in to get his chair & sign to go out to the front lines but he didn't stay to long out there & he came in early today & told Martha & I that it was to hot for him out.  Hopefully next week will be better for him to stay out there a little longer. 
Martha & I worked in the center, she in the Material Aid Room & me in the office.  We had supper together & then went home. 
Thursday, June 9, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I arrived to the front lines at 10am for I wanted to get their early for this is an abortion day.  Sheila is on vacation & will be gone for 2 weeks.  I certainly miss her but she does deserve some time off & some relaxing time for she is such a pro life warrior. When I arrived I saw that there was Pat & Bill praying so I went into the center to get the literature box & sign & mega phone & out I went.  It was so good to see Pat for I haven't seen her in such a long time & it's always good to see Bill.  I gave then each a hug.  They said that they just arrived & were going to pray.  I was worried that I might be bothering them with me on the mega phone & offered to go to the brick side of Planned Parenthood but Pat thought that it would be better for me to stay on the bush side of Planned Parenthood with them.  Pat said that I didn't bother them while they were praying.  She told me that she wasn't going to be there next week, for she'll be on vacation in Florida, but Bill said that he will be here praying next Thursday.  I intend to be there next week at 10 am again.  I was calling out to the people that were walking into Planned Parenthood to have their precious baby be killed, for this is their surgical abortion day.  It was now about 10:30am & Paul had arrived & I was glad.
I walked over to the fence to talk to a man in the van with his two children with the radio blasting loudly informing him what abortion is going to do to his family & relationship with the woman that he brought in here today.  I talked & talked & talked some more but it fell on deaf ears.  About 2 hours later he pulled out of the driveway with a woman in the front seat with her head down.  Another dead baby & wounded family for years to come & maybe generations to come.  How evil is that.  Just imagine to find out years later that your parents brought you to a place that had killed your brother or sister.  I can't......................
It was 12 noon & Mary S. showed up & we gave each other a big hug for I hadn't seen her in awhile either.  She went over to the brick side of the building to pray.  Then Maryann came & went over to be with Mary S..  I told her that one of the pro lifers wanted to apologize to her for being quite abrupt, with her, last week when she told him that she had voted for Obama.  He was quite upset with her to say the least but realized that he was a Christian & wanted to apologize to her, for how he spoke to her last week.  She said that the apology was accepted & that no matter what happens out here, on the front lines, she will still be hear saying her Rosary.  I just informed her that we don't usually talk about politics, when we're here on the sidewalk, for our mission is to try to save lives & souls through love & truth & educational brochures & DVD's & CD's.  She seemed to understand what I was saying but when she went over to be with Mary S.  I saw that she was probably talking politics again, which I found out later I was correct.  Mary S. said that she held her own & stood strong about what she believed in.  This is what sometimes happens when some one new comes to join us, which is a pain & it takes away for what we are really are called to do out on the front lines which is to pray & to inform & to witness to the people that we meet out there.  Lord please continue to protect out ministry & to guide us.  Amen & thank you.
Just then Addison & Dan arrived.  They went across the street to pray & then I was so surprised to see that Martha was now here at 12:30pm.  I was so happy to see her that's for sure.  Planned Parenthood was surrounded by praying pro lifers on all three sides of the abortion mill.  It was marvelous to behold.  Suzanne called in to say that she will be late today & she will get to the center as soon as she could.  I am grateful for her presence every Thursday for she is a very busy woman.  When she arrived she made some calls to our moms to see how they were doing.  When Bill came he walked around the sidewalk & sprinkled Holy Water then went to witness across the street with his graphic sign Malachi.  Then Addison & Dan went over to the brick side of the building to pray, for Mary S. & Maryann had gone.  Around 2:30pm Adolf came to pray & I was so glad because I was in the center for awhile & was concerned that maybe Martha was by herself, out there, & I was so happy to see that Adolf was now with her & that she hadn't been alone.  Praise God!  We had a total of 11 pro lifers here today from 10am to 5pm at all different times but it was always covered during those hours.  It was a great witness & blessing, that's for sure.  Maybe because of this a couple didn't go in but drove right passed us & their baby was saved from being killed here today.  I hope so. 
This afternoon Paul came into the center to work in the Material Aid Room cleaning & putting away our donations.  He's been a big help, since he's retired.  We are blessed with many donations especially from my friend who runs a second hand store.  We get things that are so great to give to our moms.  What a blessing this is to us & to them.  We receive other donations from good people in the community too.  Our little room is always jammed packed with so much, it's unbelievable!! 
It was depressing, out on the front lines, for to my knowledge no babies were saved from being killed by Rachael Phelps, who came in at 10:45am this morning & hasn't stopped killing little sweet babies just created by God since.  How could she????  How could they????
I went into the center to get something & I saw that Bernie, our Landlord, was there trying to fix the leaky air conditioner which is causing water, from the ceiling, to come down onto the floor in the All Purpose Room.  He got his ladder & tried to fix it saying that he thought that he did.  Later on we found out that he didn't & Martha called him to come back the next day to try again.  I wish that we didn't have so much water problems at the center.  The carpet is a mess &  it's not even a year old yet. 
The Death Escorts were there, greeting the people coming into Planned Parenthood. They come right up to the car & greets them & then walks them into the mill after first holding the door open for them, giving them the wrong impression for sure.  Grandma & Grandpa death, the two older people that should know better, were there. Then Berry Swan came driving in & it was a trio of deathers.  It made me sick to my stomach.  I try not to go there & call names or to get personal but I lost it today & told Berry Swan that he was old & fat & was heading for his grave unprepared, for the next life, which is eternal.  I told him that I hoped that he doesn't have a Heart Attack or a Stoke that will take him unexceptionally & if he hadn't repented yet, that would not be so good for his soul sake.  I always hope that he does repent & does it now, as I hope & pray for all the death escorts & staff & all abortionists, throughout the world. 
I went back into the center to talk to Suzanne about some things & when I was there the doorbell rang & it was Israel.  I hadn't seen her in a long time & I gave her a big hug.  I said that I was so happy to see her & did Martha know that she were here?  She said that she had stopped on the sidewalk to say to Martha & I was glad to hear that.  She had her priestly collar on & her rainbow belt on with the tattoos on her arm & her very short hair with purple stripes in it but we still love our Israel & we don't judge her but we still tell her the Truth.  I introduced her to Paul & Suzanne.  I told her about the march a week from this Saturday & Paul said that he would pick her up for it & they both exchanged their phone numbers to make arrangements for that day.  I was content that she will join us in the 'March for Life' on June 18th. at 1pm at Our Lady of Victory Church parking lot.  Then we will march down St. Paul Blvd. to Main St. then to Gibbs St. to University Ave. then we will pray, the Rosary, in front of Planned Parenthood.  The Focus Center will have deserts & refreshment for the marchers afterwards.  I hope & pray that we will get a good turn out & that no pro deathers (choicers) will be out there to confront us. 
Martha & I talked to some people who were walking on the sidewalk & we handed out some Truth packets out to people that were open to the Truth, but to my knowledge and I can be wrong, no baby was saved from killed here today.  Only God knows for sure & maybe I will know for sure some day that I was wrong.   We are to be obedient & let God do the rest. 
It was about 5pm & everyone had left including Martha for she had plans tonight so I went into the center.  I walked into the office & I put my head down on the desk & slept for an hour only to be awakened about three times when the phone rang & no one answered.  Then I was really awakened by the door bell, for I was expecting Dan tonight.  I got up to answer the door & it was the pizza man for Kaybee, who works in the Taxi company.  I put my head into their office & boldly asked for a piece of pizza to which I was given two pieces.  I ate them with my iced tea & the doorbell rang again.  I got up to see who it was only to see Dan standing there.  I was glad to see him.  I opened the door to let him in & then feed him some leftovers that we had in the refrigerator.  He was happy.  After he ate I put him to work to do some odd & end jobs that only Dan can do.  I am so grateful for his weekly visits to Focus to help us out.  What a God sent, he is.  After we finished our work in the center I went over to St. Jude's Church, to go to the prayer service there.  After the service my cell phone rang & it was my friend Anne & I talked & walked all around the campus of the Church until I hung up about 15 minutes later & went on home to have a glass of red wine & to relax a little & to reflect on this very difficult death day at Planned Parenthood.  I was grateful to God that we did have such a great turn out of prayerful pro lifers today, though I did miss Sheila, who I hope is having a great time in England.  I wish I was there with you Sheila!!!  :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha , Paul & I arrived to the center after Mass this afternoon & Sandy came about 10 minutes later to help out in the center.  Paul went again to Wendy's to pick up a hamburger & French fries, which is not low cal but quick.  When he came back we all ate.  I showed Martha the letter that I received from my Attorney, regarding the pesty neighbor across the street, in the first condo.  It informed him that, in lay man's term, that if he doesn't behave himself, I get his house.  There!!  I am hoping that this letter will keep him away from us, especially me. We'll see when we go out on the front lines.  I was hurrying both Martha & Paul, for we were running late, in going out onto the sidewalk.  Finally we arrived.  Paul helped us get set up with the signs, then he went back to the center to help Sandy with the donations.  All of a sudden I saw the neighbor Jim & it looked like he was coming across the street towards me, so I turned around, then I heard a loud voice from across the street & he was screaming at me saying "Mary, Mary you belong in a mental asylum, keep quiet".  I turned around to see him walking down the sidewalk.  A man who was going into the vets approached him, & confronted him on his rudeness towards me.  He talked with him for a few minutes then continued to walk down the street towards Gibbs St. & then I knew that he was walking to Seldon St. which is off of Gibbs St. to get his mail.  This is the front of his house.  I was hopefully that when he received the mail & opened up the envelop from my Attorney that he would be nice & never harass me again.  I was wrong, as always.  Earlier it was very cool outside, a very strange day for June & I was wearing my black light weight coat.  It was becoming warmer so when Martha went into the center, with a young woman who just came out of Planned Parenthood, exclaiming that she was pregnant & was going to Focus to fill out an Intake Sheet so that we can call her to see how she's doing, I gave Martha my jacket to take into the center. Oh Darn!!  Just as she had just left there comes Jim out of his condo & comes right over to me with a measuring tape. He said "Mary lets see where the buffer zone is, & he looks around to see the faint yellow line that Planned Parenthood painted.  I reached for my phone only to realize that I had it in my coat jacket, which was in the center.  I walked swiftly to go get it & to tell Martha want was going on out there.  When I arrived back to the street he was still there measuring the sidewalk.  I used my new cell phone with the camera & took his picture.  He smiled & even posed for the picture, oh brother.  I pretended to use the phone to call my Attorney & he was saying in the background "Mary are you calling the police, I hope so or are calling your Attorney, I think that I'll call her" & off he went back to his condo, which might be mine if he doesn't wake up & cool it.  Some people never learn.  The young pregnant lady came walking passed me & said "thank you".  I said "you're welcome & we'll be calling you soon to see how you are doing".  She smiled & went back into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood to get her car & off she went .  As she was leaving I waved good bye to her & she waved back.  A few minutes later Martha returned to the sidewalk.  I felt that some one was looking at me & I looked across the street to see that the neighbor Jim, was hiding in the bushes in the front yard of the first condo, taking our picture.  Creepy.  I sometimes feel like I'm in a bad movie that won't end.  I had it !!!  I took out the letter from the envelop & called my Attorney for real this time.  By the grace of God she answered the phone.  I told her what he was doing to us.  She said that he called her office & had left a message & that she will write another letter addressing the fact that he has no right in involving himself with the Injunction for this was a Federal issue not a Local one or a Neighbor one.  The Federal Marshals have to be called & they have to come to see if we are breaking the Injunction & if someone is new on the sidewalk since the Injunction was written has to read the entire 28 pages to the person that wasn't mentioned on the Injunction that we won on Appeal back in 2001.  She said that she will sent me her letter when she composes it & of course she will send Jim one too.  This ought to be good.  Maybe this time he'll leave us alone for he will lose his power that he thinks that he has over us.  He just doesn't understand that but he will soon.  He's just angry that he bought an expensive condo, early last year, in front of place that has protesters.  He's retired & has so much 'free' time on his hands & he was in the Vietnam War & is probably suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.  I have been a victim of two sexual crimes, one with a knife to my throat, & I also suffer with Post Traumatic Stress.  Check out: &  As I was on the phone, with my Attorney, he went back into his condo & never came back out again, to bother us again.  Yeah! 
Martha & I were challenged by two young girls who came out to talk to us. One of the girls looking at the graphic pictures that it was a "choice".  I walked over to her to tell her that deciding what flavor of ice cream was a choice not to kill or not to kill a innocent baby in the womb.  Once your pregnant you just stay that way & let your baby grow & be born just like your mother did for you.  Then one of the girls asked if Homosexuality & Masturbation was wrong.  We answered the both questions.   You can be Gay & not sexually active & that's not a sin, it's the sexual activity that's the sin, just like with Heterosexuals.  Masturbation is a sin because your not suppose to engage in sexual activity with yourself only with your husband.  Then the one girl said that she was an Agnostic.  They left to back into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood, as we found out a few minutes later they were being picked up by two guys that were not nice.  As they were leaving I told her that if she didn't believe in God then just ask Him to reveal Himself to her, then I stretched out my arms to form a cross & told them that the Lord loves them & died for them.  They left laughing & mocking me.  At least I got a reaction, which was better then being stoic, which really scares me, that usually means that they are really lost.  There is Hope for them, hopefully soon rather than later. 
I was standing there sidewalk counseling when a car that just had pulled out of the parking lot stopped right next to me on the sidewalk.  She said that she was here for birth control & she started to spot off if  I would take the kid.  I said "yes I would & we also refer the moms to the Bethany Christian Adoption Services, which is a great organization, that helps moms who are pregnant & can't raise their child".  Well I can't afford a kid then she picked up her new & expensive looking cell phone.  I said "but you can afford that phone, so you can afford a baby if you get pregnant".  She quickly answered back to me saying "you don't know who gave me this phone".  Off she went in a huff.  I did hand a Truth packet earlier, to a young girl that was on the passenger side & she just looked & didn't say anything.  I was happy that she didn't throw the packet out the window as they left.  There is Hope here. 
Martha handed a Truth packet to a woman in a car that had stopped & she told Martha that she was here birth control not abortion.  Martha asked me to get, in the literature box, the NFP brochures for this couple were married.  I handed the woman a couple of Natural Family Planning @ &  brochures with names & phone numbers of women that can help them get started.  He was more receptive then his wife was about this new method rather then the dangerous birth control methods that act as abortificant & that has dangerous side effects for the woman or young girl.  Hope that he can convince her to call one of the NFP counselors.  There is Hope here too.
Martha & I looked up the street to see that a police car was coming our way & now was stopping in front of us.  I bent over, which is painful, to talk to him.  He was asking how we were & making a comment about the cold weather.  I asked him what was he doing here, getting ready for anything at this point, & he said that he just wanted to stop by to say "hi & to see how we were doing".  "What I said to myself this is great, a police officer we cares"!!!  I asked him if he new Officer Chris & Officer Mike P. but he said that he didn't for he usually works nights.  We spoke for a few more minutes & then said "thank you officer for stopping by" & he said my name is Sergeant Matteo.  I then said "thank you Sergeant & have a great day".  Off he went.  What a very nice encounter of one of Rochester's best. 
A couple walked down the sidewalk & thanked Martha & I for a Rosary that we blessed them with awhile ago. They were disgusted with what Planned Parenthood does to babies.  They were very sad that women would have their baby's killed, I agreed, I don't understand that either. They said "thank you after Martha gave them another Rosary & off they went down the sidewalk.   Later on a man came walking down the sidewalk & said "it worked".  We asked him what did he mean.  He said that after we gave him a Rosary he found a home to live in.  Thank you Mother Mary & Praise God in answering this man's prayer.  Yeah!! 
Cleveland, our street friend, came walking down the sidewalk, so I knew that Martha was going to go into the center to feed him & that I would be by myself for awhile.  That's exactly what happened.  I then noticed that someone had put a big bottle of ketchup at the entrance of Planned Parenthood's parking lot.  I was wondering who was going to run over it...... it was the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, when she drove out around 5pm.  The red ketchup spilled out & covered the driveway, how apropo.  I had a chance to speak to her for about 20 seconds, for the traffic was heavy.  I told her that I know that she didn't like to write up Death Certificates for the babies that she kills in there & that she discredits them, as human beings, by calling them Zygotes, Embryos & Fetus's, so that they can be easily killed.  I then reminded her that she was once a Zygote, Embryo & a Fetus.  I said "if you ask God to forgive you for killing His children, He will".  Then she drove away.  I hope there is Hope for her.  I hope so.  A few minutes later Eric, the Supervisor, with the stoic face came out to clean up the mess.  I told him that someone had put it down there & but the strangest thing was that the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, had run over it spilling out the red contents all over the entrance to the parking lot.  He picked up the bottle & then went to get a pail of water & threw it on the red contents, thus making it disappear, just like what they do in there with the babies.  Lord have Mercy...........
I was so happy to see Paul come out & ask me if I was ready to come in.  I quickly said to him "yes, I am".  He then started to put things away.  I stayed until he came out to get the last signs & things & then we both went back into the center.  He was still working on the huge donation that we just received from a mom in Hilton, that Jose had picked up, for us, & had brought to the center.  I went into the office to start to make up the Truth packets for we had no more.  On the front lines today we handed out many Truth packets & DVD's & CD'S,  for educational purposes.  Martha said the Rosary & prayed the Divine Mercy Prayer at the 3 o'clock hour, when she was with me this afternoon, on the front lines.  We also had some moms come into the Material Aid Room today to get some nice 'free' clothes for their children.  It was a busy afternoon on the front lines & in the center.  I thank all the dedicated people who make these two ministries happen.
The doorbell rang & it was Dan. He said that he couldn't make it tomorrow so he came today instead to eat with Martha & I & to help us in any way that we needed help.  Martha was working putting away children's clothes & then she put together supper which I brought in for tonight's meal.  She had to leave early to go to a meeting at her Church at 7pm.  I did the dishes & Dan did the vacuuming & took out the trash.  He said that he will be back next Wednesday.  Thanks Dan, & I'll see you then.  I went home around 8pm. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Went to center & did some work & ate lunch, homemade chicken salad by Martha.  Many clients coming in for children's clothes.
Carole came back, from being away for awhile working for her friend, she'll be back with us again on the front lines 2 days a week.  Yeah!!  We went out on the front lines  while Martha stayed in center to help out Paul putting away our donations into the Material Aid Room.
A man driving by on University Ave., gave me a sexually explicit gesture.  Usually they say foul mouthed things out of their car window.  I'm only mentioning this because he's not the first nor the last man that will do this to me & these are probably post abortive, men, who are still in denial & need help, from their abortion involvement.  It's got to be eating them up inside.  I pray that they Repent!!  They are some mothers, sons. 
I was trying to reason, with the people going in & out of Planned Parenthood, speaking Truth to them but they don't care!!!
A woman, at veterinary hospital across the street, hollered over to me across the street saying "go away".  I said back to her that I will 'go away' when Planned Parenthood closes down.
A mother with 2 small children & a baby, in a carry on, walked into Planned Parenthood.  I got sick to my stomach as I called out to her telling her what Planned Parenthood does in there.  She seemed not to care.  Planned Parenthood workers waving at us.  New strategy??
Martha, Carole & Paul had to go. The doorbell rang & a client came into the Material Aid Room for children clothes.  Then 2 young girls came in with a cute little girl about 6 years old & the one girl asked for pregnancy test. It was Negative but she was post abortive.  Sad story.  Her precious baby was killed at Strong  Hospital by abortionist Nancy Stanwood, she was referred  to her by Planned Parenthood.  Regrets it every day & cries every day & asks her baby to forgive her. She has asked God to forgive her too. I  spoke to her about abstinence & gave her lots of brochures & asked her to call Project Rachel, a post abortive ministry, she said that she promised that she will.  She got some clothes for her 2 other children, who were at home with a friend.
A mother & her boyfriend with their 6 month old daughter came in to get baby clothes & she requested a pregnancy test which was Positive.  She is In denial & will come back next week for a repeat.  She is not abortion minded but her boyfriend might be.  Gave her literature.  Stay strong dear one.
A very pregnant mom, who is due at the end of this month, came in for books especially for she had a nice baby shower & got some real nice things this past weekend.  Is so happy & would never have an abortion & the father of their baby wanted her to have one early in her pregnancy & bugged her again when she was 5 months.  She refused.  You go girl!!  Then she said that her cousin was planning to go to Wortman's (the Butcher of Brighten, who has killed thousands of children, since 1986, including 2 of my relatives) to have her 6 month old baby killed.  I felt sick to my stomach.  I asked when will she be seeing her.  She said that she lives down the street from her so I gave her all that I could find to give her to give to her cousin & prayed.  I gave her the DVD of the 'Hard Truth' & very graphic pictures & adoption information too.  She said that she will go over there right now & call me tomorrow.  I pray that her cousin will change her mind & let her baby live.  Lord have Mercy!!
I made up some Truth packets, to hand out, & did some office work & then went home with my heart aching. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011 in front of Planed Parenthood
Thursday the surgical killing day has arrived as it arrived every week.  I got to the front lines at 10am & there standing on the sidewalk was Bill praying.  I hollered over to him that I was going into the center to get the signs & literature box & will be right out.  He nodded that he heard me & off I went into the center.  I opened all the center's rooms & went to get the sign, mega phone & literature box to go out to the front lines.  Just then Paul had arrived so he helped me carry out the signs.  He continued to go back & forth to the center until he got all the signs set up on the sidewalk, as a witness to what they are doing in there to these little precious babies by aborting them in their mother's womb's.  I needed to quickly go back into the center for more Truth packets when I saw Martha pull into out parking lot.  I was so surprised & I gave her a big smile to say the least for it was just a little after 10am.  I didn't stop to talk to her because I wanted to get back on the front lines to call out to the women & girls going in there to have their baby killed & to try to convince them not to do this to them or themselves.  As I was walking back to the sidewalk I saw a mother with her baby in a stroller going into the center so I knew that Martha wouldn't be out with me to pray & counsel for awhile for she would be busy with the mom in the Material Aid Room helping her get things for her little one.  I was on the sidewalk with Paul for Bill went home & there comes two young girls walking up the sidewalk.  I asked if they needed a pregnancy test & one of the girls said that she did so I pointed to them where to go to get one for 'free'.  I asked Paul to go with them to the center so they knew where to go for I knew that Martha was still in the center & she could do the test.  So Paul & the two girls headed to the Focus Center to receive the help that they needed.   Thank God that Martha came early today for this was such a surprise.  I can't wait until Sheila returns next week so she can take over in the morning & I'll be there in the afternoon.  It's so hard to have the cars come into Planned Parenthood knowing that the little baby in the womb of the mother will be killed in the next hour or so.  It's really a nightmare, at least for me it is.  I know that all the people, on the front lines, suffer so much & offer their suffering to the dear & offended Lord who created us all & died for us all. 
Thank God that Martha was now with me so I asked Paul if he would go into the center to work in the Material Aid Room & put away our donations, which have been so many, to which I'm grateful.  He was more than willing to go do this, in the center, for he doesn't particularly like the front line ministry, which I can't blame him.  Just then a woman was coming out of Planned Parenthood & I said to her that they kill babies in there so please don't patronage them.  She said back to me that she wasn't there for an abortion & I said that I knew that but you keep the doors open so that they continue to kill babies.  I offered her a Truth packet & Martha gave her the packet & she told her that she was there trying to talk someone out of having an abortion & her name was Valerie & she was from the local church in the community.  Now I know why she was there & we both told her that we would be praying for her & Valerie.  Off she went & our hearts ached to hear that Valerie was in there contemplating in having her precious little baby be killed at the hands of abortionist, Rachael Phelps.  It made me sick to stomach.  As this was happening Maryann had arrived to pray & then came Dan & Addision to pray at the brick side of the building.  I was so tired due to this Fibromyalgia & I told Martha that I was going into the center for a bit.  I offered up my suffering to the Lord & went into the Great Room & shut the door & lied down on the sofa there to take a 10 minute nap, otherwise I was afraid that I wasn't going to get through the afternoon in counseling & fighting against the evil that is there.  But I remember Scripture which says "in my weakness is my strength".  Thank you Lord.  I rested for 10 minutes & got up & went back out onto the front lines.  It was less then 5 minutes later I saw that the woman from the church that was in there earlier to try to talk Valerie out of having an abortion & she was driving out of Planned Parenthood.  I asked her if she got Valerie out of there & she gave me the thumb's up.  She wasn't in the front seat but was in the back seat, thank God!!  I was so very happy :)  There is something to say about suffering......................
It was now about 12:45pm & I looked up the sidewalk to see Rob, who has sidewalk counseled, out in front of Planned Parenthood for the past 15 years, walking towards me.  I was so happy to see him for he is a wonderful counselor & keeps on talking to get the message out to those who need to hear it.  A new Death Escort was being showed around by the PR guy Rick Bartell, at the abortion mill.  He was walking her around the premises of Planned Parenthood & even came out to the front lines to let her see what she was up against.  A few minutes later there comes the old timer, Sylvia Rose, who is the Mother (I use that only as a term loosely) of all Death Escorts, who has been there almost as long as Rob & I have been out there, for 15 years.  You'd think that she would have listened to the Truth by now, for all those years that it has been spoken, & had turned away a long time ago but no not yet. For she, as all the other death escorts, are still blinded by the darkness of the evil that they do there at Planned Parenthood.  Lord please remove the blinders from their eyes, ears & heart, so that they would be 'set free' & repent & do good.  Thank you Lord. Amen!
A Budweiser beer truck parked right along side of Martha & I on the sidewalk where we were standing. Rob went over to the brick side of Planned Parenthood to be with Dan & Addision to counsel & to pray.  Maryann had prayed & had left.  I asked the passenger, who was in the truck, if I could help them in any way.  He spitted out the window & said "no thank you".  Just then a older women who was on a bicycle came over to us & stopped.  She was very strange to say the least & I say that in love but with good discernment.  She challenged Martha & I.  Martha said to her that she was concerned that she was crossing the street without really looking both ways & she didn't want her to get hit by a car.  She told Martha that she was capable of crossing the street & asked if the beer truck had given her a beer.  Martha said that she doesn't drink to which the woman stated "it figures" & was starting to ride away & as she passed by me I said to her "but I do".  He face twisted.  Off she went to the brick side of the Planned Parenthood building where the men were & stopped her bike, & was tslking to them.  Later I asked what she had said to them & Dan said that she told them that it wasn't any of their business to be out there & that it was up to the woman & not the man, to have an abortion.  Dan had set her straight & told her that it takes a man & a woman to make a baby & that it was also their issue too.  Off she went & it had crossed my mind that she was post abortive & I prayed that she would return so that I could give her some post abortive literature to help her for she was a mess, no offense.  My prayer was answered for she came back about an hour later & Martha was in the center at this time.  She stopped & I asked her if she was post abortive & I had some literature in my hand to give to her.  She looked at me with her dark & distant eyes & said "oh is that what they're calling it now a days".  I answered back "yes".  I asked her what she had said to the gentlemen who were over on the other side of the sidewalk & she said that she told them it was none of their business.  I said that it takes two to make a baby & not just one & I went on & then all of a sudden she rode like the wind down the street & disappeared at Gibbs St.. I put the brochure that I was going to hand to her back into the literature box & felt sad that she was not open to the Truth & maybe that I did a bad job in conveying help for her, though I don't think that she was open to the Truth at this time.  I hope & pray that she will come back again at another time & I or someone else can help her.
The wind was blowing so hard that the signs were moving in the wind & falling down on the sidewalk, many times.  I had to bend down so many times to pick them up, that I ever wanted to, to put the signs back up after they had fallen down from the gusts of wind.  Also, the literature box fell down & all the Truth packets & literature dumped out of the box TWICE, what a mess.  I don't ever remember this happening before.  I got through it, through the grace of God. 
Suzanne, our Thursday client advocate, came & brought so many big items from her Parish that didn't sell at their Garage Sale.  There were strollers, highchairs etc..  Also, Frank, a friend of ours at Focus, had gone to pick up some big times from Maria, who supplies a lot of baby clothes & small items for us, which were baby gates &  a toddler bed & a crib, which I don't really want to deal with.  It needs a crib mattress & it has to be exactly the right size to fit the crib which is a pain because no one is going to bother to get the right size probably & our mothers can't afford it & neither can we at Focus.  Also, the toddlers bed needs a mattress too.  Our moms can't afford a mattresses, for the bed & either can we at Focus.  I just want to deal with clothes, books, toys, stuffed animals, strollers, pac'n plays, bath tubs & training toilets, highchairs, baby gates & nothing more then that.  I get frustrated very easily.  I have to make a decision in what to do with the crib & bed which is taking up a lot of room in the Great Room in the center. 
Rob &  Martha & I tried to talk to all those who were entering the parking lot & telling them that we can help them.  None listen & like always some babies were killed here today.  Hopefully someday we'll find out that some people left, with their babies still where they should be, until they are born.  God did not intend that not one baby  ever be 'aborted'. 
Suzanne was busy calling our clients to see how they were doing & calling the companies to see if the strollers that she had brought into Focus were safe & that there were no 'recalls on them.  Paul was busy putting our donations away & Martha was helping out in the Material Aid Room with our mothers in need.
Rob & I were the only ones now out there on the front lines, like the many years that we have been out there witnessing.  We started together 15 years ago this last May.  He is such a blessing & I am so happy that he will be with us on Thursday afternoons this summer until school starts back up again in September.  As he was talking into the mega phone speaking to the people in Planned Parenthood a man came walking down the street holding a can of iced tea, but in this case it was a can of booze, for he smelled like it.  He was pleasant & wanted to stand with us to protest until he had to go to the bus terminal to pick up his son.  He took a sign & put the can down on the wooden ledge by the bushes.  He was in the street & I told him to get back on the sidewalk where he will be safe & legal.  He talked about the injustice of abortion & how he likes to defend the environment too.  The environment doesn't need defending it needs to be taken care of, the babies need defending.  It might have  been the liquor talking.  He said that he believed in the Morning After Pill.  I then educated him on what that pill does at sometimes by causing an early abortion & we don't believe in that.  He held the sign for the cars driving by to see for about 15 minutes & then said that he had to go pickup his son.  We said "good bye" & thanked him for his peaceful protest & wished him a happy Father's Day too.  He smiled & off he went, without his ice tea can, walking down the street to go pickup his son, if this was true at all.  He seemed lost in away & I'm sure that he has a 'story to tell'. 
I was told, on Wednesday by one of our clients, that her cousin, who is in her second trimester was going to go to abortionist Morris Wortman, in Brighton for a second trimester abortion.  I gave our client, who is due at the end of this month, everything I could give her,lots of  literature & a graphic DVD called the 'Silent Scream' & a Growth & Development DVD too, to take with her to give to this abortion minded mother & to talk her out of keeping the appointment to abort her precious baby. I prayed for this mother, along with our client.  Well I called our client this afternoon & she said that after she spoke with her cousin & showed her what I gave her, which was effective to convince her, & through the grace of God, she has decided to keep her baby & not go to abortionist Morris Wortman, for the abortion. Praise God! 
It was now about 5pm & Rob had to go.  Suzanne had left at 4:30pm.  Martha & I were in the center & I was making up more Truth packets & she was busy putting away children's clothes along with Paul who was still with us.  God bless him.  He finally left to go home & Martha & I had supper together & then headed over to Mercy High School to hear Dr. Janet Smith speak, in person.  After her talk I went up to her to meet her & to shake her hand.  It was an honor to have met Dr. Janet Smith, , who is such a wonderful, knowledgeable woman.  I introduced myself to her as a director of a Pregnancy Center & also that I sidewalk counseled in front of Planned Parenthood. She said that being out in front of an abortion mill was the hardest ministry in the world.  I totally agree with her.  She has such wisdom & insight.   It was a blessed evening & I got to see so many of my friends, who were there too. 
See you next week Sheila & I hope that you had a nice & restful vscation in England.  We all missed you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011 our march to Planned Parenthood along the streets of Rochester 
Article taken from'View from the Choir' @

Planned Parenthood - Praying Twice!


Today I had two opportunities to pray outside Planned Parenthood.

This morning I joined the regular group at the Planned Parenthood in Greece, N.Y., to pray. We said a Rosary and a Divine Chaplet, among other prayers.

Then this afternoon I joined with another group to march through downtown Rochester to Planned Parenthood's headquarters on University Avenue. Another Rosary!

There are so many committed, prayerful people here: Planned Parenthood doesn't stand a chance!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

When I arrived for Mass & saw that Martha wasn't there in the church,  I wasn't worried for I knew that she tried to call me but couldn't get through, to tell me that she would be at the center this afternoon.  I was right, for when I arrived at the center I saw that her car was parked there in the parking lot. As I was getting out of the car I asked Tickabo, one of  the taxi drivers, if he could help me get the bags & boxes out of my car & bring the donations into the center.  He said 'sure' & he helped bring all the things into the center from my car.  He is so nice & is such a big help to us at Focus & I thank God for his assistance.  He is a God sent. I greeted Martha & she said that new that I sleep late & she had to go early to bring her friend to the doctors to get a heart monitor put on & she doesn't have a cell phone so she couldn't call me to tell me that she wasn't going to be at Mass at noon.  I was so glad to see her when I arrived at the center.  There was so much to do in the center putting away our donations so I said to Martha that maybe we should put the things away, since Paul wasn't her to do it & then go out to the front lines later this afternoon.  She agreed.  As we were working Sandy came, who has come on Tuesdays for the past 2 years to help us.  She gave us the news that she got a car & a job working in food service at the Strong Museum.  I was happy for her but sad for us at Focus.  She said that she would try to come after work on occasion to help us & to see us.  I hope that she does.  I'm happy that she got a nice car & a great job!!  Lord please sent us some more help in the Material Aid Room please & thank you.  Amen!!  
The doorbell rang & it was Carole.  It was around 1:15 when she arrived & said that she could stay until 3pm today.  I said that we were working in the center this afternoon so she helped clean up children toys & put away children's clothes, in the Material Aid Room.  We all had a great time together working & talking & eating.  I made lunch & for desert we had Martha's homemade chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting & I wonder why I haven't lost any weight!!!   I was happy that all the bags & boxes, of children clothes, were empty now.  We were given a crib & Martha call the company to see if there was a recall on the crib.  The woman on the phone said it was 22 years old & to throw it out, which we did.  Paul came by later to help us & he put the crib in the dumpster, which is in the back of the center. If something is not safe it goes.  We take no chances at the Focus Center with the safety of our children.  Safety is out priory!! 
Sandy had left & so did Carole, around 3pm, so I said to Martha "lets now go out to the front lines to pray & to witness".  She said "yes, lets go".  She we did.  We took two graphic signs, the mega phone, the literature box & of course the poster of our Mother, Our Lady of Guadeloupe with us.  It didn't take long for the evil to show its ugly head.  I found, on the ground in front of the business next to Planned Parenthood, an empty package of Plan B, which is the Morning After Pill with Planned Parenthood instructions with it.  The package was empty, so the young had taken the two pills, & thrown the package away.  This particular 'killing pill' is for girls from 17 & under.  My heart ached that a young girl had taken the two pills & off she went as if nothing was going to happen to her.  These pills are potent steroids & something will happen to her & if she was pregnant it will kill her baby too.  What monsters, you are,  Planned Parenthood .  Girls please wake up!!!   Martha picked up the empty package with the instructions & put it in out literature box for us to bring it into the center later on.  I have a whole file of Planned Parenthood 'trash'.     
Martha went to the center to give Cleveland, our street friend, some food so I was alone at this time.  I saw at the fence that the death escort Barry Swan was talking to a man & a woman so I started to talk to them too.  Well this man was no gentleman & he gave me hid middle finger so I  said to him "don't show mw your IQ for your the one at Planned Parenthood.  Just then he came closer to the fence & was staring to pull down his paint to show me his other IQ.  I said to me "you better stop right now for I have other who did this arrested, I'll take down you license number too.  He quickly pulled his pants back up, good decision mister, & he got into his car with the woman that  he was with him.  I hurried to get a piece of paper & a pen but I couldn't find a pen in the literature box & just then I remembered that I now have a cell phone that can take pictures.  Hurrah!!   As he was driving out I took his picture & the license plate number too, to which the woman in the car gave me her middle finger, as they drove off.  What did I say to them but the Truth, which was very convicting to both of them that's for sure.  Come Holy Spirit come......  I hope that they repent!  
Martha was now back with me on the sidewalk & was staring to pray the Rosary.  Just then I head a loud voice from down the street all the way to the corner of University Ave. & Gibbs St. a males voice that said "shut up you .......".  I said that I loved him & that I hope that he repents from his sins & that he didn't respect women or himself either"  He disappeared around the corner along with the other male that was walking with him.  At least he was silent.  War is Hell.
We hadn't been on the front line for more than 10 minutes when this all came down.  What evil it is when people decide to have their precious baby killed, so that they can live as they want too.  This is from Mother Teresa, a great & humble woman. 
Martha decided to pray & witness across the street so I was by myself on the side of the sidewalk where the bushes are.  One of the workers drove out wearing purple scrubs.  I asked her to stop murdering babies.  I noticed that she was driving into our parking lot where our center is located.  I walked over to see where she was going, maybe it was to the Focus Center, you never know.  Read the former director of Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson's book.  But in this case she got out of her car & went into Assemblyman's David Gant's office.  Poor choice!!!  She was in there for about 3 minutes & then left.  As she was at the corner of University Ave. & Gibbs St.  I offered her a Truth packet but she drove away.  She is a 'new face' at Planned Parenthood, hopefully not for long.  I hope & pray that she will get a job, in her medical experience, in saving lives & not talking lives.  That's just plain sick. 
Martha hollered over to me from across the street that Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother of 4 children was turning into the Focus parking lot.  I went over to the parking lot to greet her & to let her into the center.  Just then Paul reappeared & I asked him if he could please stay with Martha while I was in the center with Pat.  He said that he would.  Pat & I had a great talk & she was able to be blessed with some nice things, for her great grand children, that we just received including a pink day bed with side rails for little Akira, my Godchild.  She will be so happy in her new princess bed. 
The doorbell rang & it was a very pregnant young girl asking to get some baby things. She was blessed with many nice things for her precious baby boy who will be born soon.  She's thinking of naming him David or Michael, from the Bible.  Great!!  The doorbell rang again & it was another mom that needed clothes for her children.  It's blessing to bless others!!
Martha & Paul came in from the front lines with Scott, who is blind, who was dropped off by the Lift Line & was lead in by Paul who was intending to take Scott to Blessed Sacrament Church for the Mass at 5:30 & then Paul was going to come back to help us out some more & then go to his Prayer Group. 
Martha, Pat & I sat down & had a nice talk.  Martha told us then when the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, was driving out of the Planned Parenthood's parking lot she said to her "your hair is up so when you get home put your feet up for you had a hard day today in deceiving all these young girls".  Good for you Martha!! 
Pat had left & will hopefully come back tomorrow to get the door gates that we are expecting tomorrow.  Does she have a 'story to tell', that's for sure!! 
Martha & I did more work in the center & then ate our supper of lasagna & salad & then went home to face another day tomorrow at the 'Killing Mill' which is Planned Parenthood & a nicer place, the Focus Center.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at the Focus Center
We were blessed by newly ordained Fr. Scott & were given individually a blessing by him, on our knees & then kissed his hand.  We were blessed with a Plenary Indulgence. Check out this information:  



1. What is an indulgence?


 "An indulgence is a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven, which the faithful Christian who is duly disposed gains under certain prescribed conditions through the action of the Church, which, as the minister of redemption, dispenses and applies with authority the treasury of the satisfaction of Christ and the saints."


2. What is a plenary indulgence?


An indulgence is plenary if it removes all the temporal punishment due to sin.

After Mass we went to the center.  When we arrived at the center we were greeted by two young girls & one of the girls had her 6 years old son with her, what a cutie he was.  The other young girl wanted a pregnancy test, which Martha gave. The other young woman went into the Material Aid Room & got some nice things for her son.  He got some nice toys & was so happy :)  We had so much to do at the center that we never got out on the front lines this afternoon, which breaks my heart. The doorbell never stopped ringing.  Tim came to fix the cabinet in the Material Aid Room that the hinges were falling off the doors.  This is the cabinet that we put out signs & literature box & mega phone in plus other supplies there to.  We also have a shelf that he made more sturdy so that things that we put on it won't fall off.  He did a great job.  His daughter will be having open heart surgery this September.  He & his wife Molly & his family are in our prayers.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was Frank bringing a large donation of big items to the center.  I called for Tickabo, working in the taxi company to help carry the things into the center & to bring them into the Great Room.  There was an old fashioned carriage, probably worth about $100 or more.  A wickered bassinet, baby gates, two bouncers & so many more items for our mothers.  Frank hurried out door he had to go somewhere else & Tim was nice enough to help us set up the antique baby carriage, that we probably will try to sell on Craig's list, to help pay our rent, so that we can continue to assist our moms & their children at Focus. 
Martha & I sat down briefly to eat a fast lunch.  The doorbell rang again & it was a young mom with her precious baby, in a stroller, needing some diapers & more clothes for her lovely baby daughter.  I went outside to get something from my car & a man came walking up to the front door.  I asked if he needed any assistance & he told me that his girlfriend was in the center getting baby clothes for their daughter.  Okay Dad come on in. 
The doorbell rang again & it was Bruno bringing in some donations from Our Lady of the Americas church on East Main St. which is about a half a mile down the street from the center.  He said that he's busy studying to became a Deacon.  He has three more years of study.  God be with you & your family Bruno.  What great news this was that's for sure. 
The doorbell rang & it was the carpet cleaning man.  He came to give us an estimate to what it would cost to clean the carpet with all it's water stains on it from all the backed up rain water that happened this past rainy Springtime.  He looked around & gave Martha & I an estimate.  I called Bernie & he spoke with him for a few minutes & then hung up.  He stayed for a few more minutes & then left.  He was nice & I'm sure that his company was good but Bernie has another plan.
About 20 minutes later the doorbell didn't ring, for Bernie, the landlord, has his own key to get in.  We discussed with him about the carpet & he said that $150 was to much for the carpet to be cleaned.  He has another plan to get it done.  I'm certainly not going to worry about for this, for it is his responsibility & he will come through for Focus.  Martha reminded him that we have a Mass in the Great Room in 2 weeks & we'd like the place to look good & smell good too.  He went, to fix the toilet,  with Martha's assistance. He had to put the sealer around the toilet, in the Great Room bathroom, where we store in secure bags, our winter baby & children clothes.  He also has two more other projects that he will did, one tomorrow & the other on Saturday.  Thanks for coming, to fix what needs to be fixed Bernie, to make this place a better place for us & our clients. 
I went into the office to make up some Truth packets & to do some other office work when the doorbell rang again & this time it was Tucker.  He was sick last week so he wasn't on the front lines praying.  H e felt better today & was here.  We talked for a little while before he took his sign, with the three babies on it & his chair & went out to be on the sidewalk to pray& witness for 'life'. 
I went back to the office to continue to make up some more Truth packets & the doorbell rang again & this time it was Cleveland, our street friend.  He was hungry & Martha fixed him up a nice meal.  He sat on his favorite chair & ate his macaroni & cheese dinner.  Mmmmm good!!  I then went back to the office & made up about 6 Truth packets when the doorbell rang again & it was Memo, our Data Entry man.  He came to get our receipts & the Material Aid Room writ in sheets, that we ask the girls & women to fill out when they first come in to get the free baby & children clothes & small items.  We also discussed some other things too.  He was there about 20 minutes & he had to go.  We are so grateful for all the help that he has given us over the past 2 years.  We also appreciate everyone who helps us out at Focus with their time & talents.  God bless you all...................
I was again in the office when the doorbell rang again.  I heard Pat's voice & Martha was saying to me "Mary there is a surprise for you".  I was just starting to get up from my desk when the brood came walking in.  There was Pat, the grandmother - great grandmother & her granddaughter Katherine & her two sons.  One of the sons was almost killed by the Ru486 drug  2 years ago. This baby was saved by the grace of God by God using us at Focus to take her to our doctor who took the deadly pills out of her cervix & the baby was saved from death, by Planned Parenthood's abortionist Rachael Phelps. This was such a wonderful surprise to say the least!  It was Katherine's, the mom of the 2 sons, Birthday tomorrow, for she'll be 18 years old.  We all talked for awhile & we gave them the wicker bassinet for her other granddaughter is due at the end of July with another daughter.  They also took two of the door gates & a toy horse for Kymeir, the boy that was almost killed by Planned Parenthood. They also took the baby bouncer & a toy car & a couple of things for Akira who was born 1 lib. 7 ozs. 2 years this July & who is also my Godchild.  The picture of me holding her will be on our new brochure, when Leanne finishes it.  It is such a great picture of me smiling holding Akira as she's looking right into the camera.  She's not shy!!  But I am.  They packed everything in the van & off they went.  I've know Pat & her family for over 2 years now since she first stopped at Planned Parenthood seeking help.  What a wonderful woman, Pat is, to say the least.  What a blessing it is for me to know her & her family. 
Martha went back working in the Material Aid Room putting away the clothes that we just received so I decided to get supper ready.  It was around 6:30pm so I thought that Dan wasn't coming for supper & to do some odd & ends at Focus, so we decided to eat.  We thought that after supper we would go to the Thrift Shop to get Cleveland some pants & a shirt, so that was the plan.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Dan.  I said to him that we had just finished our supper & that we were planning to go to the store to buy some things & the store closed at 8pm, though it wasn't to far away from the center.  He said "no problem".  I fixed him up a plate of lasagna  & salad & he was a happy camper.  I then gave him hi assignments to which he was most cooperative in accepting.  He is another blessing from God to us at Focus.  Martha & hurried out to go to the Thrift Store to get there in time to look around & to find something for our street friend Cleveland.  I hope that Martha when she was later on going to Wegmans to buy a bar of Irish Spring for his long anticipated shower.  How can he be so fussy about soap???  I guess he has a right to use the soap of his choice, after all, he's the one taking the shower.   At the store we got a nice pair of pants &  a shirt , for Cleveland & Martha got a pair of sunglasses & I got a turquoise blouse & pearls & two candle holders  What fun we had :) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

This is Sheila's experiences on the front line

I joined Pat and Bill and Paul at 10:15. Paul brought out  signs. Rain had been forecast, but the weather was fine all morning.
A man came out of Planned Parenthood after a brief visit to see a worker friend. He is pro-life, and took  a packet to read and show his friends. 
Next two pro-life women came out with birth control in their bags. They also took a packet, and I directed them particularly to the “birth control” pamphlets, to read about the abortive nature of the pill. They go to PP just because everyone does, and  it’s there.  They were  surprised to hear that the abortionist is a pediatrician, trained to nurture the life of children, and yet she is killing them. I asked them to pray for those of us trying to stop this slaughter at PP, and urged them to find a good doctor.
Several more packets were given out….all the recipients agreed to pray for us,  and I will pray for them.
A Muslim man walking, stopped to chat. He did not take a packet, but will pray on his own prayer beads for the success of our efforts outside PP. He agrees that abortion must cease, and felt the root of the problem is that men don’t want to take responsibility for  the children they make, so they pressure the mothers to “get rid of them”. The mothers are confused and are afraid to go it alone. I told him about Focus, and the help and moral support we can provide. He  will pass the message on to his friends.
I called out to a man smoking outside PP, urging him to call his friend on her cell  phone and ask her to stop.  Please don’t kill her son or daughter.  He didn’t listen. Later he came out and I asked him again to try to stop her. He looked at me. We at Focus can help, I told him. God has a plan for every human life that is conceived. He went back in. An hour later they both came out and sat on the bench.  It was done, and couldn’t be undone. Now they will have to live with the guilt the rest of their lives. I told them of Project Rachel. After resting fifteen minutes on the bench, they  walked away down the street. I told them to come and see us when they are ready to deal with their guilt, and we can put them in touch with helpful organizations.
Another man was waiting for a long time in his car. I called out to him for awhile. Then he rolled up the window so he couldn’t hear me. Later I noticed it was open again, so I spoke to him once more. Then he moved the car to the far end of the parking lot.  I guess he didn’t want to hear what I was saying.  He eventually drove out with a girl in the passenger seat, looking sick.
Paul was with me all morning, and around 1:00 Dan, Martha, Mary J. and Rob took over.

When I arrived to the center I was greeted by to clients that needed some things in the Material Aid Room, so I stayed with them & one of the woman's child to get what they needed for their children.  I saw that Sheila, on the sidewalk with Paul. Sheila  just came back from London, England, safe & sound to us.  We are grateful to God for her safe return.  After the moms were finished I went outside to be with the team. I saw that Maryann was also there praying, on the other side of the street.  She came over to me when I got on the sidewalk & handed me White Linen perfume that she just got out of her car.  How nice of her.  Now I smell soooo good!!  I spoke with Sheila for a little while to catch up with her before she had to go.  She gave away 5 Truth packets & had a bunch of names of girls to pray for, that she met at Planned Parenthood, this morning.  She had to go so I said that I would call her soon to find out more about her overseas vacation in London.  After Sheila left then Mary Ann had to go too.  Paul brought out the signs & a few minutes later Rob came & took the mega phone & a bag of Truth packets over to the brick side of Planned Parenthood to pray & to counsel & to witness the Truth, to the people going into Planned Parenthood & to those people driving by too.  I was wondering where Martha was.  Then Carole came & was holding a sign as a witness on the bush side of the sidewalk where I was standing.  Paul went into the center to work on our donations by sorting things & cleaning toys & things  putting them into the Material Aid Room.  Just then we saw that the neighbor, Jim Bovay, who lives in the middle condo was harassing Rob then Carole & I.  What is this??  He received a letter from our attorney about a year ago which says that if he continues to harass us we will sue him.  Not here he goes again.  Then the guy Jim Martin, who lives in the first condo was in his upper window video taping us on the sidewalk for about an hour & a half.  What with that.  He just received a letter from my attorney about 3 weeks ago stating the same thing that if he doesn't stop harassing us on the sidewalk that we will sue.  They are proving that they are not afraid of being sued.  Their harassment is distracting us in doing what we're called to do out on the front lines & that is to try to save & change lives for Christ.  I called my attorney & hopefully she'll get back to me tomorrow regarding Mutt & Jeff, the twin insane neighbors, on University Ave. who chose to live right in front of an abortion mill.  Crazy isn't it!! 
Martha called to tell me that she couldn't find her keys so Carole & I prayed to St. Anthony & he came through.  She was there with us about 25 minutes later.  Thank you St. Anthony who finds everything that's lost.  Adolf came along with Dan & they went across the street to pray in front of the condos where our two friends reside.  All three sides of Planned Parenthood was covered in prayer.  I saw that Rob was talking to a young man on the sidewalk who walked over to him.  Later I found out that he & his girlfriend had sex yesterday & he was there getting the Plan B abortion pill which is also called the Morning After Pill.  Where did a McQuaid High School student get $60 for these pills & why were they having sex &  why was he here at Planned Parenthood, Rochester's Killing Mill.  Did their parents know that their children were engaging in sexual activity & possibly killing a child through the Plan B drug??  Where are the parents & why is this happening?  Rob talked with him for awhile & then gave him a Truth packet to educate him.  He also told him & to tell his girlfriend, to go to Confession, to confess this very serious sin against God.  Hopefully they will & never have sex again until they get marries to each other or to some one else.  I also hope & pray that she doesn't take the two pills today & that she will throw them out.  It could cost them their immortal soul..  I was sad to be told this week that a student from Aquinas High School had an abortion here at Planned Parenthood.  Her aunt brought her in for the abortion.  Lord Have Mercy on their souls.  I wonder if the mother & father knew that the aunt was bringing their daughter, for an abortion, here at Planned Parenthood?  Lord have Mercy!!
A car came into the Planned Parenthood parking lot with two girls in the front seat of this red sports car.  They went in & then came out not to long afterwards but they spent a lot of time doing something to their car, in the parking lot.  Rob was talking to them for awhile & I tried to talk to them too amongst the bushes, where I was standing.  When they left the parking lot they were handed a Truth packet & a Rosary, to which the girl on the passenger side of the car remarked "look at this I can now wear it".  Not really young girl, you are suppose to pray the Rosary.  We have the instructions along with every Rosary we hand out, so that the Rosary will not be disrespected but said with reverence & love, for it is a prayer bead not jewelry  Three young girls who were driving a very expensive car drove into Planned Parenthood.  I called over to them but they went in.  I don't know If one of the young women was here for an abortion, all I know is Thursdays are abortion days & not much more goes on in there on Thursdays.  I feel sorry for their friendship after today, if they brought their friend in here, to have her precious baby be killed.  Their friendship will be over, in time, with lots of pain, grief, regret & bitterness, to say the least. 
Two women were walking down the sidewalk & Carole asked if we could help them.  The one woman said in a sarcastic tone "we're not going in for an abortion dearie".  Carole said "I'm glad that you're not going in for an abortion & please don't call me dearie".  When they both walked out of there, a little while later, Martha was also on the sidewalk & they again were sarcastic.  The one woman said to all three of us pro lifers "you white woman were having abortions in your time".  What!!!  Not one of us three white women have had an abortion.  I tried to tell them to ask God to forgive them for their sins because we are all sinners & to realize that Planned Parenthood hates them & are racist.  I said that God loved them & so did we.
Rob was taking to two women in a car, over at the veternary hospital across the street.  I went over to add my two cents.  The woman who was sitting on the driver side said to me, which was a first, for I never heard this before & I hope & pray I never do again.  She said "I don't beieve in abortion for my parents said that it was wrong but if they don't have an abortion then they'll kill the baby after it's born".  What!!!  I said to Rob that he could continue to talk to these woman without me being here.  I needed to walk away, for this comment was so unsettling to me, to say the least.  I knew that she was in good hands with Rob.  I can say a prayer for her, for she's all mixed up.  I know, Prayer & Education are the Keys.......but with this comment my heart sank.  Rob continued to talk to the two women after I left & made some progress.  I know that she was a good woman but just confused a bit to make a comment like that.   
I saw that Rob was speaking to another young man now & he called over to me to say that he had brought a girl in there for an abortion but he was trying to talk her out of it.  Carole went over to try to give Rob some support, in this matter.  When Carole came back to where Martha & I were she said that he went back in but she felt that he was very weak & wasn't sure if he would be successful with his quest to save this baby's life.  It was about 30 minutes later that the young man came out with two young women.  I said to the women.  "I hope that you didn't kill your baby here today".  I was hoping that he was successful in taking her out of having an abortion & she would say to me that she had changed her mind & that they were all going home.  I was so wrong.  The words that came out of these two girls were the worst ever.  They used words that I don't even know the meaning of but I knew they were disgusting for they got a reaction from Carole who was upset when she heard them.  The young man even put his hand over the one girls mouth, the one who had the abortion.  I told them that their hell had just begun & to ask God for forgiveness for the murder of this innocent child that was killed here today.  When they drove out the girl who had the abortion was slumped down in the front seat of the car, while the other mouthy girl was driving.  The young man was sitting in the back seat.  Abortion changes people & them & their lives will never be the same again & I hope & pray that they will repent ASAP!!!  How disappointed I was.  How evil is this place that murders God's littlest children, that He just created in His image & likeness, with a plan for them in this world.   
I was now by myself on the sidewalk for Carole had to leave.  Martha was in the center helping one of our clients, in this case it was a father & his two children.  His daughter who was 4 months old & his son who was 4 years old.  How sweet.  I was standing there on the sidewalk when a man stopped his red truck right in the middle of the street & wanted to say something to me.  I new that he was going to be trouble & I needed to protect myself so I asked to him to talk to the man on the other side of the sidewalk, which was Rob.  "No" he said, "I want to talk to you".  "No" I said "talk to the man up the street".   I went back to the fence to talk to the death escort again.  Every time that I started to talk he blew his horn, this went on for a few minutes.  I was worried that he was so mad that he was going to get out of his truck & beat me up.  Thank God that the angels were protecting me & he drove over to where Rob was standing to harass him.  Rob said something to him & as this man was driving away he threw Rob the 'finger'.  How sad.  You can't talk to someone that's this angry, the discussion is usually ineffective & goes no where.  I've realized this after many years of trying.  So I was glad that he left without incident.  I pray peace & repentance for him. 
I was again by myself & I noticed that a car was stopping right by me on the sidewalk.  It was former Officer Jim.  I was so happy to see him.  I asked him how his son was doing & he said "the same" & then we talked about a couple of other things.  I told him about the two neighbors across the street & he felt for us peaceful protesters.  When Jim was on the police force he was the only one that protected us the most out her on the front lines.  Just then Rob had crossed the street & now was over to where I was & he said 'hi" to Jim.  He's working part time at the RTS but now has the summer off until September.  We said that we will keep him in our prayers & we'll see him in September.  I hollered "good bye Officer Jim" just like the good old days.  I pray that the Lord will show mercy on his son for all that Jim did to protect us pro lifers in the days that he was on the police force.  Thank you Lord!!
The rain came down hard & fast so Rob & I started to put the signs & the literature box into the center.  I got so wet that I had to change my shirt, thank God that I brought an extra one just in case.
Martha, Rob & I sat down & was having supper of Martha's homemade macaroni & shrimp salad, for Martha had to go to her granddaughter's graduation & Rob had to leave right after supper.  Just then I heard the voice of our landlord Bernie & he had a gentleman with him.  The man whose name was Lee was going to clean the carpet.  I almost flipped.  Praise God for touching Bernie Lord for he is changed man.  Martha & I were so excited that he was trying to get the jobs that needed to get done, completed.  Yeah!!  We offered Bernie a bowl of Martha's salad & he enjoyed it.  We talked a bit & after that Martha & Rob had to go so I did the dishes & then went into the office to do some work before I went to St. Jude's for the Holy Hour.  I also hired Lee, the carpet man, to come over to my apartment next Friday to clean my living room carpet.  He charges $25 a room, unbelievable!!  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood

When Martha & arrived at the center after church this afternoon there was client waiting for us already at the door to come in to receive some clothes for her children.  After I let her in & opened all the doors to the center I went back outside to get the things out of my car.  We are so overwhelmed with donations but thankful too but we don't know where to begin.  Just as our regular client left there was a ring at the door & it was a nice woman who had emailed a couple of weeks ago dropping off more donations.  She said that maybe her 13 year daughter can help us in the Material Aid Room sometime this summer.  "That would be great" I said.  She is a mother of 9 children, God bless her for she did it right.  Not everyone will be blessed with 9 children but she & her husband let God be in control rather than them.  Yeah!!  After she left Paul came in to help us to put the donation away.  Martha made her & I a sandwich but I need more Mayo next time Martha but thank you anyway.  I was told that I might have some demonic rosaries, in the center, & sure enough I did.  I put the demonic rosaries in a bag & then put in some Holy Salt, with the Exorcism blessing, in the bag too & threw them in the dumpster.  How evil those people were that sent my friend the rosaries & then she, not knowingly, gave them to me & I had put them in our Truth packets that we give to those who want one. Thank God that my friend had them blessed as she didn't know that they were demonic rosaries.  God have Mercy on the ones responsible for this evil.  All is well now for I replaced the demonic rosaries, in the Truth packets, with the blessed rosaries that give honor to God & pleases Mother Mary. 

New Age rosary..........


New Age Rosaries with demonic symbols  have appeared at apparition sites throughout the world and in most cases are given away for free. They are made from white, pink, and blue plastic, and stamped as having been made in Italy. Since they are available at places of pilgrimage it makes Catholics automatically think they are fine to use.

These rosaries are considered New Age due to their demonic symbolism. For example, if you look closely behind the figure of Christ there is a caduceus, which is an upright pole, representing mediation between Heaven and earth. This pole is an ancient herald’s wand that was carried by messenger gods like Hermes or Mercury. The rod is also a divining rod to measure the earth and its energies of power.

Satan is shown behind the figure of Christ and is depicted by a coiled serpent, which represents latent power, concealed but not yet fully manifest, a dormant power. It may also represent to Satanists that the devil is Co-Messianic, Redeemer and Mediator with Christ. The circles on the crucifix are from Egyptian Graeco-Roman, Phoenician, Baal symbols called the Pentagram, which is a major occult sign.

The pentagrams have five points, which represent spirit, fire, earth, water, and air. The pentagram at the bottom is upside down and represents the devil’s goat. The four circles with dots in the center signify gold or the sun in alchemy.

These rosaries cannot be cleansed through prayer because they were created for the purpose of evil. They must be destroyed!!!!  Sprinkle them with Holy Water first before you throw them away, preferable in a dumpster, & cut them up firt so no one can use them. 

I said to Martha that we should try to get to the front lines this afternoon.  She agreed.  So we left Paul to continue to work with all the donations that even overwhelmed him.  Martha & I set out to the front lines.  The death escorts were there all that time so by the time we arrived to the front lines they stayed only a short time & then left.  Yeah for they are a pain in the butt.  They approach the cars & are friendly, in order to get the victim to come into Planned Parenthood, to get lied to & deceived.  Just like a 'snake in the grass' they are.  It was good that by the time we got out to the front lines they were gone shortly, maybe this is a new strategy on our part through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
A older woman who was driving a big red van looked at the graphic pictures with intensity when she drove into the Planned Parenthood's parking lot.  She parked her car & didn't get out.  Martha was in the center helping a client so I was by myself out there.  I tried to talk to her for about 10 minutes off & on.  Finally she left & before she drove away, without anyone other than herself in the van, she took a Truth packet & a DVD which has a lot of information on it.  Only God knows why she was there.  Martha came out a few minutes later & a young man came walking down the sidewalk with his underwear hanging out & his pants were hanging down passed his butt.  She & I get so disgusted when we see this kind o stuff & please don't call it fashion or a fade, it's disrespectful & degrading to them & to us, who have to see their underwear.  Well Martha lit into him like a match & then he responded back to her.  I added my two cents in too.  He walked up the street putting his hands up in the air, what does that mean???  It was sad enough earlier that a young girl came into the center, Martha said, for I didn't see her, that her shorts were so short that you could see things that only a doctor or a husband should see.  She talked to the young girl, to say the least, as she was giving her diapers for her little one.  Education works wonders & a loving reproach works well too to make a change in someone's life & behavior. 
I received a call on my cell phone & it was two of our regular clients that called to say that they were in our parking lot & wanted to go to the Material Aid Room at Focus.  I said that I would be right over to let them in.  I asked Martha if she wanted to go or did she want me to go.  She opted for me to go to assist the women in the center, which I did.  It was good seeing them & to see the young boy that they brought with them, he was such a gentleman & well behaved.  Good job!! 
We tried to talk to an unwilling, unresponsive bunch of people.  It was sad to have this happen.  I tried to talk to a young man who was smoking outside & pleaded with him not to have his precious son or daughter be killed her today by the abortion pill RU 486.  After his cigarette he just smirked at me & walked back into Planned Parenthood.  I hope & pray that he didn't bring anyone in there to have their baby be killed or to prepare to have their baby be killed there in Thursday which is the surgical killing day at Planned Parenthood.  Lord have Mercy!!
Martha & I decided to go back into the center to help Paul.  So we packed everything & went back into the center.  I worked in the office & then Leanne came to help me with the new brochures for the Focus Center & the letters to the priests to request tithing money, from their parishes, to help us pay our rent & bills.  She brought a whole bunch of things from her husbands co workers Garage Sale too.  Paul was looking a little bit tired, to say the least, bringing everything in from the car with pregnant Leanne's help & a little of mine help too.  After that we went into the office to work on the two projects that Leanne was inspired to create, for the center.  Just as we were working on these things together, in comes Pat into the office, our grandmother & great grandmother.  I was surprised to see her.  She said that her great grandbaby baby was born last Thursday.  Oh my!!  Her name is A'aleeyah & she was born 4lbs. 3ozs..  The mother had a difficult time delivering, but both mother & daughter are at home now together, with the rest of the family. She's with her grandmother & two sisters & her brother, they are all helping her with her new baby.  So she was telling us all about the experience that she had at the hospital.  I got up & gave her a hug & told her that she could go into the Material Aid Room to get what she needed.  She needed formula but we don't have Enfamil so Paul gave her some money to buy some cans, at the store.  She gave him a kiss on his cheek & he blushed.  Pat had picked up a girlfriend of one of her granddaughters & brought her to the center & she told Martha & I to give her some information oh how to behave herself so that she won't get pregnant until she's married.  I first told her to lengthen her shorts for they were to short & that attracts the wrong guy & gives the wrong message too.  We loaded her up with lots of information from the counseling room which she was grateful for.  I also told her not to drink or do drugs, for that makes you vulnerable, or to put yourself into a bad situation or be alone with the guy.  No walking in the woods alone or in the house alone etc..   Don't believe what he tells you if he's trying for you to have sex with him & don't you or let him start taking off your clothes & if he touches you in places that he shouldn't then leave quickly.   
After Pat & the young girl left Leanne & I continued to work in the office.  We went over the brochure & letter & made some changes.  We just found out that Leanne & her husband will be having a baby girl in November.  Yeah!  I think her name will be Mary, after the Blessed Mother.  How beautiful!!  Before she left she told me about her new home that her & her husband just bought in Henrietta, it's a big house & they got a great deal on it.  Praise God!!  What a wonderful person Leanne is & what a blessing she is to us at Focus, as all the other wonderful people, that help us out too.  God bless you all!!
I was preparing supper when again the doorbell ran & it was Valerie who just had twins, a by & a girl.  She needed more clothes for them & her other two children.  It was so good seeing her.  She even helped to sort out the baby & children's clothes in the Material Aid Room.  Looking good!!
Martha, Paul & I had roasted chicken & potatoes & Caesar salad & strawberries & Martha's homemade chocolate chip cookies for desert.  Mmm good!   We shared the salad with Kaybee, from the taxi company, & some strawberries with Valerie.  I did up the dishes & Martha drove Valerie home.  Paul was nice enough to stay later & he said that he'll be back again tomorrow to finish up the work, putting the donations away, so as to make the Great Room ready for the Mass that will be celebrated in there, next Wednesday. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood

Martha, Paul & I spent a lot of time in the center this afternoon for we have been given so many donations by generous people this summer. It takes some time to clean the stuffed animals, toys & to sort out the clothes to see if they are in good condition to put in our baskets in the Material Aid Room for our moms children.  Then we have to put the right size clothes in the right baskets & when bigger items come in we have to call the company to see if the product in on recall,  Some items are not recalled but need, from the company, to send us the repair kit for the stroller before we can give it away safely.  Then we have to make decisions if a product looks safe enough to keep or to put in the dumpster.  We don't mess around if it's not safe it goes out to the dumpster, as soon as possible.  We have been blessed with many strollers this summer & child gates & bouncers etc..  We received a crib that we had to throw out for it was to old to give away.  I made a quick lunch for Martha & I for Paul had already had eaten earlier.  We ate in shifts for the time that we were going to sit down to eat the doorbell rang.  I got up to greet Kay & her husband who are from St. Pius X Church & they were bringing food for our food shelves & some diapers, which we can always use.  I told them that I was very grateful for their donation to Focus.  As Martha & I were heading towards the lunch table the door bell rang again.  Martha got up this time to answer it.  I swiftly ate my sandwich.  The young girl that came in requested a pregnancy test to which Martha gave her one.  The doorbell rang again & some ladies needed clothes for their children so I asked Paul to assist them at this time.  After Martha was finished with the pregnancy test which was negative but she did instruct her about abstinence.  We were trying to get outside to sidewalk counsel & to witness to the people with our graphic signs.  We finally went outside around 3pm & Martha started to pray & I started to talk to the people going in & out of Planned Parenthood.  A young girl walked passed us & I  asked if she needed a pregnancy test which she said that she did.  I asked Martha if she didn't mind doing the test & she said "yes" & walked the young lady into the center.  I stayed outside by myself to witness to the public, nice & not so nice. 

When Martha came back after the pregnancy test she told me that she was pregnant & was happy until she called her boyfriend & then her facial expression changed.  We will call her to check in on her to see how she is doing & offer her assistance & encouragement & anything that she needs in her pregnancy.  She is post abortive & she could do it again if her boyfriend insists that she does.  Stay strong my dear & know that there are people who care about you & your baby. 
We talked to some of the people walking on the sidewalk & we gave away many Truth packets to those who wanted to learn more.  I'm always so very happy to give out a Rosary & a Truth packet to people.  We went back into the center around 5pm & continued our work there.  Martha was helping Paul with the children's clothes & I started to make up more Truth packets for our front line ministry.  It does take time to make up the packets but I enjoy it.  I was also working on the computer & answering the door for  more moms came in to get some 'free' clothes for their children.
Martha, Paul & I had supper together.  I prepared the supper & we ate & shared the day with each other.  After the clean up & more work, in the Material Aid Room, we all went home.   

Thursday, June 30, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
This is Sheila's experiences on the front line
Today was a busy  day. Dennis and I arrived  before 10:30, and joined Pat and Bill who were praying. Pat came into Focus with us to get the umbrella she had left last week. She had never seen our wonderful material aid room nor the beautiful rose room, so I showed her around.   We brought out the large sign   and the new box of informational materials and truth packets that Mary had prepared for us.
Paul arrived soon, and Pat and Bill had to leave.
A woman walking by stopped to get a packet. She was pro-life, and will share the information with her friends.
Next a woman arrived on a bike, and stopped to talk before she went into PP for an exam.  She was strongly pro-choice She even wore a T shirt  with those words on the front. She refused to take a packet, but did agree to pray to her God that His will be done here. She thinks it is already being done, but will pray for this intention anyhow.
In the parking lot a woman and four children came out to their car. I invited them to stop over to see me on their way out, and they did. The driver was not at PP for herself, but for her daughter who was in the passenger seat.  She was pregnant, and considering abortion.. Her mother said she NEEDS to do that because she already has too many kids. This daughter look to be in her teens, and the three beautiful children in the back seat were HER kids. Despite her mother’s protests (at least she didn’t drive away),  she took a packet and will read it. There are many options, including adoption if she really feels she cannot handle another child. Her son or daughter has been given life by God, created for a purpose by Him. She loves those kids in  the back seat, and the child in her womb needs her love also. I showed her where Focus is, and told her we can help with moral support, and by connecting her with agencies to help during the pregnancy and afterward.  We also have free clothes, food, diapers, etc.  She agreed to come to Focus to talk to us beforehand if she decides to go back to PP for an abortion. Please God, help her to be strong, and do the right thing!
A gentleman asked us for a rosary to wear.  I told him it is not jewelry, and took out the instructions and briefly explained them. He said he would say the prayers.  He already knows the Our Father, and is pro-life.
Two pro-life men walked past PP. One of them was glad to take a packet  to read himself, and then to give to his two daughters.
Many other cars drove into the parking lot and then out later, ignoring us both times as we called out to them.
Lastly, a lady came for material aid for her two grandchildren.  She is raising them herself, and was grateful for the help, since she has lost her job.  Mary Ann, Mary J. and Rob took over outside when Dennis and I left, and Paul went into the Center to eat his lunch.

I arrived close to 1pm to relieve Sheila & today her brother had joined her along with Paul & Mary Ann, who was praying across the street.  Pat & Bill were there earlier to pray the Rosary, thus asking God to change the hearts of all who enter the gates of hell here at Planned Parenthood.  I was upset with myself, for I am trying to get to the front lines earlier on Thursdays, for this is the day that they do the surgical abortions.  Don't get me wrong for they kill little precious babies every day & every day is important to be out there, in front of Planned Parenthood, for every baby no matter how small is a Human Being & deserves to be born & not be killed.  Every day that I am in front of Planned Parenthood is very difficult for me & for the team, who are so faithful & dedicated in trying to save & change lives for Christ.  We depend on the grace of God & good people constantly praying for us for our protection & guidance, in word & action. 
I got out of my car & went right over to Sheila, I didn't even go into the center to open up the doors or put my tea in the refrigerator.  As I was walking over to them Mary Ann came over from across the street to hand me a Macy's bag & telling me that she had some perfume for me, just was left over from many uses.  I was appreciative though & put the bad down.  I saw on the ground by the bushes that there were two more New Age rosaries.  Sheila said that she had found them in her bag.  I told her that I would take them for my friend wanted the priests that she knew to see them.  I put them in the Macy's bag, along with the perfume, & then put exorcised Holy Salt in the bag, for the rosaries are demonic.  I had a brief chance to say hi to Sheila's brother who I haven't seen in awhile for he lives in another State.  I started to talk to Sheila to get a brief report for what she had experienced during her time out on the front lines.  Just then a young girl was walking up the sidewalk heading to Planned Parenthood.  I asked her if she wanted a 'free' pregnancy test & she said "yes" so I asked her to follow me to the center to receive one.  Martha & Rob weren't there yet & I knew that Suzanne our Client Advocate wasn't to be there until 1:30pm but I knew that I could manage through the grace of God.  As we were turning the corner going into the parking lot there I saw Rob helping Suzanne bringing into the center some big items from her car.  I was happy to see both of them.  I then asked Suzanne to do the pregnancy test which she did & Rob continues to bring in more children items for her car. I quickly opened up the rooms & introduced our new client to Suzanne.  She took over from there so I was able to go back outside.  As I was walking back Sheila & her brother were walking towards me for they had to go.  I said thank you & good bye & that I would call her next week.  They both said "good bye" to me.  I went back to the sidewalk to be with Paul & Mary Ann had to go to.  I was glad to see that Carole, Dan & Addision were now out on the front lines.  I had a bag of Truth packets, information, some Rosaries & the mega phone to give to Rob when he comes out to go to the brick side of the building to witness & call out to those who are entering Planned Parenthood.  He finally came out & I gave him the bag & the mega phone & told him that my step father was going to call soon to schedule tomorrow for the pick up, from his storage place, of things for the center & when he calls I'll give you the phone so you can work the time tomorrow with him.  It was about 15 minutes later that the phone rang & it was Fred so I went over to give the phone to Rob to talk to him. I waited & then after he hung up I then went back to the bush side of the sidewalk.  Martha was now there too so I asked Paul that after he goes to lunch & takes a break if he would go into the center to work in the Material Aid Room, he smiled & said "yes".  Thanks Paul, for you have been a God sent, a prayer answered.  Thank God for retirement too. 
I felt that the front lines was in good shape with counselors & prayer warriors so I had to go to the center for something.  I though that I would say hi to Suzanne & to review some things with her before I went back out side.  I was surprised to see that she wasn't there.  The office was locked but her things were in there so I knew that wherever she was she'd be back.  Paul was in the Great Room & he told me that she had to go to Physical Therapy, for she had sprained her ankle, when she was in Piffard at the Abbey of the Genesee, check out:,  last week on retreat.  I was sorry to hear this & then I saw that she had left the infamous chocolate chip cookies that the good Monks make there.  The best chocolate chip cookies ever!!  I was just about to go to the Ladies Room but the doorbell rang so I went to the door to see three short young girls & one was holding a baby.  I opened up the door & asked "which one of you is the mother"?  I should have know the one who was holding the baby but I though that they were all the children & the mother was at home.  I was wrong.  I opened up the door to let them in & walked them into the Material Aid Room for some shopping.    She then said that she was going into Planned Parenthood, for an abortion last year but because she saw our graphic signs out on the sidewalk she couldn't go through with the abortion & now her baby boy is 6 months old.  She was glowing & was so grateful for her precious son!  Praise God for this great news!!  I helped her in the room for a few minutes then I went to get Paul to stay with them so that I could go back outside to be with the team.  He said that he would.  I said good bye to our mom & her sister & her niece & looked at her precious baby & found myself thinking that this precious baby boy wouldn't be lying down on the bumper pad if he was killed at Planned Parenthood that day.  Thank you Jesus in letting us know about this 'save' on the street.  The mom was smiling from ear to ear as I said 'good bye'.  As I was heading towards the door to leave there was Theresa, the director from the Women's Care Center coming out of her car along with her daughter.  They came to drop off some newborn boy & girl clothes that go so fast at Focus.  I greeted them & lead them into the center & showed them around our humble center.  We talked for awhile & I thanked Theresa for all the newborn clothes for our center.  She took some literature for her center & I was happy to give them to her.  After that left I went to the bathroom & then went back out on the sidewalk.  I saw Suzanne for she was talking to Rob & then she walked over to me.  She said that she had to go to Physical Therapy down the street for her treatment & was back.  I said that I was sorry to hear that she had hurt herself at the retreat & she limped off to the center.  While she was there she made some phone calls to our clients to see how they were doing & if they needed anything. 
I went back in counseling along with Martha & Rob & the prayer warriors were praying earnestly.  Then the nasty neighbor came out of his condo & as he & his wife drove passed us he swirled his second finger over his right ear as if to say that we were crazy, imagine that Jim Bovay!!!  Martha was giving away Truth packets & talking to some people walking down the sidewalk.  Rob & I were calling out to each & every person that went into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  One of the girls came out & told Martha that everyone was in there for RU486 abortion pills or having surgical abortions.  How sad & evil is that!!  Our hearts ache out there on the front lines.  Hopefully our suffering will save babies.  
I saw that a police car was parked over in the parking lot across the street.  He was there for awhile then I saw that he had pulled over along side of Rob & was talking to him .  Then he was headed over to where I was standing.  "Hello, Officer Mike", I said.  He said "hi".  Then he said that no one had called 911 or anything but he just wanted to know where we are allowed to stand.  I said "no offense Officer Mike but this is not a local issue but a Federal issue, meaning that the Federal Marshall's have to be called & to see with their own eyes if we go into the Buffer Zone then they have to get the Injunction & read it to the one, who was not on the list back in 1999 & therefore would have to read all the 27 pages to the person, so that they would now be informed of the Injunction, without arrest.  He looked at me & said "really".  I then replied "yes, really".  I then said that it was good seeing him & that I pray for the police for their protection.  He said "thank you " then left.  It was a very information encounter with him.  Education & Prayers are the Keys.......
A woman, who was at the vets across the street with her daughter with short shorts on, came over & walked up to one of our graphic signs that we had tied on the poll & just stared at it.  She then walked over to where Martha & I were & started talking.  She became combative & even nasty.  I did tell her that her daughter's shorts were to short & she told me that she was 16 & a virgin.  I said to her "you want her to stay that way don't you"?  I said "your shorts were fine" & she said "for goodness sake she's 16 & I'm not".  "Doesn't matter" I said,  "you want her to look respectful so that she won't attract the wrong kind of guy & lose her virginity don't you"?  She said condoms were okay & that God said it was, as she was wearing a cross, around her neck.  Martha was trying to talk to her setting her straight & she got right into her personal space.  It was sad that he wasn't receptive to what the Truth was.  Martha asked her if she had had an abortion & as she was crossing the street going back to her daughter at the vets, she made us believe that she had.  We called over to her that we hoped that she repents & to get the help that she needs & to ask her daughter to forgive her for taking the life of her brother or sister.  She hugged her daughter who had the dog with her & they both went into the vets.  They came out about an hour later & when they drove by me, for I was now by myself on the bush side of Planned Parenthood, & said that I loved her enough for her to receive the Truth so that she will go to Heaven.
Martha was now with me & a car was coming out of the driveway with a woman driver & a young girl who she just picked up with three children in the back of the vehicle.  I said "I hope that you didn't have an abortion here today".  She replied back to me saying "I have three kids & that's enough".  Oh my Lord how horrible!!  The mother of the girl stopped her vehicle along the sidewalk & told us not to judge.  I said that abortion is murder & you are an accomplice to this crime of murder by driving her in here & picking her up & for her to repent for  she is jeopardizing her soul.  Martha said something to her but I couldn't hear what she said & she took offense& said something back to her & sped away.  Lord have Mercy for this family will now suffer for this murder here today & the loss of the three children of their brother or sister is unbearable. 
Martha was in the center helping someone for baby clothes & Carol, Dan & Addison had to go so there was Rob & I out there.  I tried to talk to a young guy who was sitting in the truck probably waiting for his girlfriend to come out after her abortion.  He lashed out at me but I couldn't hear what he was saying.  It was fruitless & oh so discouraging, to say the least.  Lord have Mercy on all those who had their precious babies killed here today or any other day!!!
Suzanne had to leave but before she left she called me on my cell phone informing me that this Wednesday after the Mass, she will be able to give her personal testimony.  I was so happy to hear this good news.  Later on I added this to the flier & sent it out to the Focus email list to remind of the Mass this Wednesday at 6:30pm celebrated by Fr. Brian Carpenter.  We have much to do before Wednesday getting the Great Room cleared away from all our donations. 

A young woman, who was wearing scrubs, drove out of Planned Parenthood yesterday telling me that it was her last day at Planned Parenthood & that she's not getting involved with abortions again.  Yeah!!!!  So keep on praying for her & know that some good things are happening!  God is in control & on His throne always.   

Planned Parenthood does kill many precious babies & it's heart breaking, to say the least, for us to bear.  We must give our pain to God otherwise we would be useless out on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood, & in the Focus Center.  We know that God is using our team to save & change lives, one life at a time, through your prayers, that gives us Hope. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at the Focus Center
After Mass today Paul & I all went to the center & never left.  Martha joined us later today.  When I got to the center first there was our client waiting for me at the door.  I let her in & she got some things for her child & then she saw the bouncer & asked if I would keep it for her to pick up tomorrow when she had more transportation .  I said that I would put her name on the bouncer & keep it for her to pick up tomorrow before 2pm, for I told her that we were having a Mass tomorrow, & I needed her to be here before 2pm.  She said that she would make arrangements for that to happen.  She left very happy to say the least.  Then Paul came in with a Wendy's hamburger for me.  I was just about to eat it along with my ice tea when the doorbell rang.  I went to the door to let a husband & wife in with their little baby.  They were from the Congo & the man had had his right arm chopped off in the war there.  Very nice people & they took many nice things & some big things too.  Thank God that Carole was now here helping me out with the clients & so was Paul.  I had asked Tickaboo, from the taxi company, to put up the ceiling tile in the ceiling, for there was none.  I was so grateful to him for that.  So later on when Bernie, the landlord, came in he didn't have to do it.  He was glad & he told me that he was going to go buy more ceiling titles for when we need them in the future.  He never came back so I gathered that he'll get them another time & bring them in when he can.  We are getting along better with dear Bernie, thank God. 
Carole went to work cleaning all the toys that came in & also helped another client that just had come into the Material Aid Room.  Now Martha had arrived for she was giving out Holy Communion to the people in the Nursing Homes, what a blessed ministry that is.  To give Christ's Body, Blood & Divinity to others.  Now Martha was helping the clients coming in to get children clothes.  I was working in the office doing what I know how to do.  We all have our roles there at the center to make it work, it's Team Work!! 
Carole & Paul had to go for it was now pass 4pm.  Paul was good enough to get what I had in the car out of my car & into the center before he left.  How nice a guy is he.  That left Martha & I for we were to busy, putting things away, to go to the front lines today but we'll be there for a time tomorrow to catch them off guard, before we have to set up for our Mass at 6:30pm & then listen to Suzanne's testimony after the Mass & food afterwards.  It will be a blessed time.  Fr. Brian will also bless our salt & water after Mass, for us to sprinkle it out on the front lines, for Spiritual Warfare. 
I was so tired so I decided to take a quick nap on the sofa in the Great Room while Martha get on working.  Some director am I.  I was asleep when I heard Martha calling my name saying "Mary, Mary the little baby is here".  Okay Martha as I quickly got up from the couch to see Pat, our very dear grand mother & great grandmother with our newest addition to our family.  She had just come from the doctors office because a few day s ago she had to call 911 to take the baby to the hospital, for the baby who was born 4 lbs. 10 ozs. about 2 weeks ago, wasn't breathing.  Pat had resuscitated the baby & she was brought to the hospital for treatment & stayed there for a couple of days.  I used my cell phone to take some pictures of the baby sleeping & then Pat holding her.  What a prize these pictures are.  Pat got the big buggy to take with her plus some other things for the new small baby girl.  What joy this visit gave Martha & I for sure. 
I had bought some white spray paint to paint the cabinet that was given to us by my mother & my step father, that I put in the All Purpose Room, next to the other white cabinet of a different size, but it still looks good & it's functional too, for storage. I was planning to doing it sometime tonight & preferably if Dan could do it but he never came tonight so later on this evening, after Martha & I ate supper together, the guys from the taxi company brought the cabinet, out back in the back where the dumpsters are, & I sprayed away after putting my mask on.  It looks great now & later on after it dried they brought it back into the All Purpose Room.  Then I cleaned up the three tier shelf, that was also given to us, & spray painted that too, to Martha's disbelief.  It now looks good in the All Purpose Room, which I like to call the 'Green Room' for it's green. 


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