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Saturday, November 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 12
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at Focus for the Mass

When we all arrived at the center after Mass we got right to work putting things away from all the donations that we've been receiving in the last week or so.  So there was Martha, Paul & then the doorbell rang & now it was Carole too.  I went off to the office & made up Truth packets & did office work, while everyone else worked to get the Great Room emptied out for the second Mass of 2011 that will be celebrated at 6:30pm tonight by Fr. Brain Carpenter from Peace of Christ Parish.  He will also bless water & salt so that we can use these Sacramentals against the enemy at Planned Parenthood.  Will also will have a pot luck supper after Suzanne, our Thursday, Client Advocate, gives her personal testimony which will be after the Mass tonight.  So we needed to keep busy to make it in time, for once we've cleared all the donations out of the Great Room, then we have to set up for the Mass & get the altar ready & to set up the tables for the supper & put the chairs in the room for our guests, for the Mass.  Must to do & time was a going but we made it.  It was now 6:00 & the doorbell was ringing & people were coming in.  Martha had worked hard getting the tables ready & the food & beverages for later.  I was greeting the people.  One couple came in while I was brushing my teeth, how embarrassing.  Fr. Brain arrived at 6:30pm but he didn't have the readings with him so he came into my office to obtain them on the web.  My computer gave him a hard time & it took longer than he wanted it to take but finally he got the readings & made a copy of them & all was well & the Mass got started.  I always sit in the back so I can hear the doorbell ring for the late comers so when I have to get up that I won't disturb anyone.  Tonight because we started so late there were no late comers for all were there to attend the Mass. There were three new faces, which was great to see, & some people that I haven't seen in awhile were there too. The Mass got started & It was beautiful.  Fr. Brain gave a memorable homily, which brought tears to my eyes.  After the Mass I introduced Suzanne & she gave her personal testimony, her journey back to the Catholic Church.  It was now around 8pm & I remember that I didn't hear the doorbell ring or anything like that but I got up from my chair & walked into the hallway, to which I saw two young girls & a child, around 3 years old.  I didn't hear the doorbell so the taxi guy must have let them into the building.  I asked what could I do for them & the two girls asked for a pregnancy test.  I can't believe I said this but I told them that we were closed, maybe it was because I didn't want them think that we stay open every day at this late hour.  I then said "okay' but first would you follow me into a room where someone is giving her testimony & then after that you will get your pregnancy test.  They said "okay" & they all followed me into the Great Room where Suzanne was giving her testimony.  I was hoping that after her talk she would give the girls the pregnancy tests but that didn't work out the way I had planned.  The girls were getting anxious, with the little boy, who was really well be haved, but I didn't want them to leave before they got the tests so I went over to where Martha was sitting & asked her if she would do two pregnancy tests, for me.  She looked at me with a surprised look on her face, for she was listening to the testimony & didn't expect doing a pregnancy test tonight but said "yes" & got up from her chair.  I explained the situation to her quickly.  She brought one girl at a time, into the Rose Room/ Pregnancy Testing Room, while the other girl was in the Material Aid Room with the little boy, getting some things for him.  They were at Focus for about 20 minutes & were not pregnant but one of the girls had had an abortion, in the past, so Martha ministered to her & gave her some post abortive brochures & helpful numbers to call for her to get the help that she needed.  I was happy that they received the assistance that they needed & the little boy got some nice things too.  After they left Suzanne was finished with her talk & the people were gathering to the tables that were set up in the All Purpose Room to dig into the food that was brought for our meal.  Fr. Brain did the blessing & we all started to eat.  I got to meet two out of the three new people that came & I found them quite interesting to say the least.  I would like for them to come & give their personal testimonies after our next Mass.  One of the woman is a convert to the Catholic Church from the Universalist/Unitarian Church "for nothing is impossible with God".  Also, she was pregnant out of wedlock & 'chose life' for her precious child who is 13 years old now.  The other woman was from Hawaii & had an interesting testimony too.  What a marvelous evening.  After much food & great conversation I asked Father to bless the water & the salt.  He got his Book of Blessings out & we all stood in a semi circle to listen to the words of the blessings.  It was wonderful & such a blessing to all of us who were Catholics.  Then Fr. Brain went to every room of the center to bless it with the Holy Water that he just blessed.  It was an awesome event.  After that we all continued to share & eat some more.  After mostly everyone had left except Martha, Paul, Suzanne & Rob I asked Fr. Brain to hear my Confession & to administer the Sacrament of the Sick to me because of my chronic health problems & pain & discomfort.  We went into the Rose Room for the Sacraments to be given.  After that we talked about the chronic abdominal pain that I have had all my life & how to pray to God about it.  He was so kind & helpful.  He left late only to have to get up early the next morning to celebrate Mass in his parish.  I said "good bye & thank you so much Fr. Brian for blessing us tonight".  He said he had a blessed evening too.  God is Great!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
This is Sheila's experiences on the front lines
When Dennis, my brother, and I arrived Pat and Bill were there. Paul came soon. Several men passing by took rosaries  and  will pray for our success in stopping abortions at this PP. A man drove up because his wife asked him to get a rosary for his daughter. She had stopped previously and received a packet and rosaries for two of their children. He took one for himself also. Two men took packets to read and pass on to others. They are not Catholic, but will read the instructions and pray the rosary for us.

A woman and her daughter came out of  PP and pulled over in their car. They were there for rape crisis counseling.  She went there originally because she didn’t have insurance. They helped her get some. Now she can go somewhere else, rather than support a place that is in the business of abortion. I gave her a truth packet and a list of good places to go for counseling. Hopefully this will prevent PP from ensnaring her and her young daughter .When they need other types of support they will be in  touch with people who  will steer them in the right direction. They are Catholic, and will pray the rosary for our success.

An abortion minded woman arrived at PP in a taxi.  I called out telling her of our Center down the street. She came back out within five minutes. She walked past us, telling me to mind my own business. I walked with her, urging her to let us help her and when we got to the Focus parking lot, Mary J. was there. The woman did listen to Mary’s counseling.  She left, still angry, but I think Mary touched her heart.  Mary’s main point was that this baby is a precious gift from God, given especially to her and to no one else. God picked her to be the mother of this child.
Rachel Phelps was not there, but abortions were definitely going on.

When I left at 1:00, Addison, Bill, Mary Ann, Mary J, and Martha were all there.

Martha & I went to jail this morning to see one of our clients who was there.  It was an unique experience to say the least. We spent an hour talking to our girl who explained her side of the story which was the first time I heard it.  I felt better after we talked, that's for sure.  She has two court dates coming up, next week, one in Family Court & the other in Criminal Court, I hope that they are lenient with her.  Her grandmother & grandfather are talking care of her precious baby, & are doing a great job.  Her mother has come once & her father several times & she saw her son a couple of times & she said that he smiled at her.  I hope & pray that she will get out of jail soon & all will be better.  After the visit Martha & I went to eat lunch at a nice restaurant & then went over to the center.
This was the first day all week that we were able to be out on the front lines, due to so much work in the center, putting away the donations, doing pregnancy tests & giving out children clothes & small items.  When I arrived at the center I got out of the car & saw that Sheila was talking to a woman on the sidewalk by the parking lot.  I debated  if I should go over there & but in but I was lead by the Holy Spirit to walk over to where they both were standing.  I stood there looking at Sheila & then the woman & say "hi'.  Then Sheila said to me "I think that she is considering abortion".  I almost swallowed my tongue but I said "no, why  do want to have your baby killed".  She said that she has a child at home & has had an abortion in the past & it really didn't bother me & I can't afford another baby & besides God understand & He forgives".  I looked right at her & her head was down & said with firmness "no God does not understand for He said "Thou Shall Not Kill".  She was visibly upset & as she was walking down the street, for now I had walked to the door of the center & Sheila was still standing on the sidewalk, & she was screaming as she was walking down the sidewalk saying "I'll be praying for you".  I walked back over to where Sheila was standing & we talked about this event, for a few minutes.  She said that I handled it very well & I gave all the Glory to God, for He had me there at that particular time to say what He wanted me to say.  I'm not saying that God wasn't using Sheila for He sure was.  She was the one that planted the seed & I just watered it. This situation was upsetting to us to say the least.  It's hard to hear a mother say that she was getting ready to have her baby killed & she thinks that God doesn't mind if she does it either.  Wow, that's heavy!!  Sheila went back to the front lines & I went into the center where Martha was getting the signs & mega phone & literature box to go out on the front lines.  There was Bill pulling into our parking lot.  Yeah, he got here today, I'm glad that I told him on the phone the other day, to go a different way to get to the center where there wasn't much street work with detours, which was confusing to Bill who is 82 years old.  He is faithful on the front lines & has been with Rob & I for the last 15 years, witnessing to the people going in & coming out of Planned Parenthood.  He is on the other side of the street & he hollers over to the people in the cars when they get out saying "choose life, your mother did".  You go Bill!!!  
As I was leaving to go out to the front lines Sheila & her brother came to the door.  She handed me two envelopes & I knew that it was donations from the two gentlemen Addision & Dan who comes & prays with Sheila from 12 noon to 1pm.  I hopefully will see them next week for when I finally went to the sidewalk they were gone.  I got to talk to Sheila for a few minutes & I told her that I would call her next week to 'catch up' with what went on earlier today.  We briefly discussed the woman that we talked to earlier our on the sidewalk & will keep her in our prayers.  Later on I will request prayer to the Focus email list & Prayer Warriors.  I feel because she protested to much that she got convicted by the Holy Sprit not to have another abortion.  Please read Isaiah 55:11  "So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it."  I will be encouraged with what God just did in letting this woman know that abortion is not what God wants her to do & it does not please God & He doesn't understand.  He says to "Trust in Him".  She will be in our prayers that's for sure.  Sheila & her brother had to leave & I said "thank you & you did a great job & I'll see you both next week".
I knew that Rob would be showing up soon, to be with Martha, Bill, Adolf & I out on the front lines, to pray, to witness & to call out to the people going into Planned Parenthood to have their sweet children killed.  Suzanne, will be coming in the office at 1:30pm.  When she arrived she made calls to our clients to see how they were doing & what they needed.  We have two car seats & a bag of baby clothes too, we are expecting two moms to come in to get them.  One is due any day now & the other mom is due real soon too. 
I gathered up some more signs & went out to be with the team, for the afternoon to try to save & change lives for Christ through his grace.  There was one car after another going into Planned Parenthood to kill their precious & defenseless baby that was just created by God to  have a life on this earth.  He is the author of life & death NOT us!!!!   Just then two trucks pulled into the Planned Parenthood parking lot & a team of people got out & started working on putting up security cameras on the building of Planned Parenthood, one facing us on the front lines & one by the front door & some in the back part of the building facing the parking lot where the staff parks.  The company which is located in Syracuse & is called the Eastern Security Services, didn't care that they killed babies where they're doing their work, as long as they get paid for it.   Please give them a nice call telling them that when they do work at a Planned Parenthood they are receiving Blood Money for their services.  Please check out:  One of the guys said that tomorrow they were going to put cameras on the Planned Parenthood in Syracuse & he didn't care when Rob said that people will boycott them.  "So, we're in Syracuse", said one of the workers.  So blasé, how sad. 
I received a phone call from a Pastor of a church & she needed some information about Focus for she was ministering to a girl who was abortion minded.  I told her that I would drop a package of literature & CD's & DVD's to her, so she could the information for the girl, who she is trying to talk out having an abortion.  I told her that I will put the prayer request out on the Focus email list & they will all pray for her & for you too.  She was grateful & I told her that I will drop off the information to her church very soon.  She said "thank you " & hung up.  I got to meet her on Monday & she is a wonderful woman who loves God & cares about His children both big & small.  My prayer  " Please God love & protect this Pastor & please give her the right words to speak, through the power of your Holy Spirit, to this girl to save both her life & her baby's life. I pray that Mother Mary & all the Angels & Saints will also intercede for this girl & for the woman who Sheila & I spoke with earlier too & for all women who are seeking an abortion that they will not have one & for those women who did have an abortion that they will seek out God's forgiveness & be healed.  Thank you loving Father, in Jesus name, Amen".
Martha & I were on the side of Planned Parenthood where the bushes are & Rob was on the side of the building where the brick is.  A car pulled into the parking lot & Martha called out to the people in the car offering them help.  One guy hollered over to us saying "it was a mistake" to which Martha replied "you're not a mistake so why would you're baby be one".  All three of them walked into the front door lead in by Barry Swan, the Death Escort, a school teacher no less.  He walked over to where Rob was standing & said to him that he was on the right side.  I don't think so Mr. Swan, for you are on the death side & you don't realize it after all these years????  How deceived you continue to be.  Lord have Mercy!  He was wearing a T shirt that read.  'Beethoven had a single mother'.  Check out:  Can you figure this one out??? 
About 10 minutes later a car pulled out of the parking lot & there were three people in it, one guy in the back seat & one male driver & a woman on the passenger side.  I said "they kill babies in there" & showed them the graphic picture to which the driver replied "oh yea, I've killed three".  Then the woman who was sitting next to him started to laugh.  I was in shock.  I hollered for them to repent & told her to get away from that dog.  Lord have Mercy on me & please forgive me for I should have said "that person", for no human being is a dog.  The Lord did say, in the Bible, "And He said to them, "Go and tell that fox, (referring to Herod) 'Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I reach My goal.'  Luke 13:32.   But He didn't say dog, the Lord said fox. 
I was so upset to hear, that he had said that he had killed three innocent babies, in his past, & at this point didn't care.  He could have said that trying to pull my leg but personally I don't think so.  I think that he was confessing in a bizarre way.  She was no better, for what kind of a woman would think that what he said was funny, unless she was guilty of murder too.  I will pray for them.  It was evil!
Rob & I stayed on the front lines until 5:30 & then went into the center to be with Martha & have supper together. Then Martha & I went to church, to be with the Lord, that loves us & died for our sins so that we can forgiven.  Thank you Lord!!!! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at Focus & on in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I spent a couple of hours in the center before we went out on the front lines due to being so busy in the Material Aid Room with our moms & their children.  There was one mom after another & Martha & I were so busy taking care of them.  At one point I tried to go to the front lines & two more moms were coming into the center.  We gave away baby clothes & changed diapers & even cleaned up vomit in the hallway.  A  little girl & her mom were so tried & hot when they came in looking for bus money to get home.  I gave them each a bottle of water & the little girl, who was about 4 years old, upchucked.  I think that she was so upset & tired & probably a little dehydrated too.  I finally joined Martha out on the front lines & thank God that Scott, who is blind, was with her.  I was glad that she wasn't alone while I was in the center taking care of our moms & their children.  I brought out more signs only to realize that it was a hot but windy day & the signs were flying all over the place.  I went back into the center to get the literature box & the other mega phone too.  It was one event after another even if we got out there late today.  We had a man just stand & stare at us on the other side of the street.  I think that he's a neighbor who lives off of Gibb's St. & he does think that we make to much noise.  Just like everyone else sir in the good old summertime, just come on down to my street in East Rochester.  Well I just surmise that was what he was thinking but I don't really know for sure because all he did was stand there & stare at Martha & I.  I said something to me at one point & then just thought it was a waste of time so I didn't say anything else to him again.  He finally left & he turned around when I said, without the mega phone, "repent" to someone coming out of Planned Parenthood.  Maybe he thought I was saying that to him, for him to turn around.  Good bye Mystery Man....
The next incident was a woman on a so called bike, I don't know what you call it for she was lying down on it & peddling it with her legs, it was a 'funny bike'.  Well she stopped the second time for the first time she just rode pass me for Martha was in the center giving pregnancy tests to tow young women who came up to us asking to take one each.  I asked Martha If she wanted to do it or did she want me to do it & she said that she would do it.  I introduced the women to Martha & off they went into the center for the tests.  A few minutes later the woman who was on the funny bike stopped on the sidewalk & said that she would like to ask me a question.  I said I remember you from last year, you stopped & I spoke to you then.  I said a fast prayer to the Holy Spirit for wisdom for I had a feeling that this was going to be different.  I was right.  She asked me a question to which I really don't remember what it was but I answered it to the best of my ability.  I knew that she wasn't trying to be nasty or difficult but she was very confused about many things that was disturbing.  We talked for awhile & then Martha had now joined us in conversation as she was praying her Rosary.  This woman didn't believe in God only in neutrons & neurons & cellular combustion etc. & everything was all right to do, it seemed.  She was nice & likable to say the least.  I asked her name & she said that didn't like the name her mother gave her so she had it changed but she didn't give it to me.  I told her that faith was a gift & that I would pray that she would receive it.  She replied "please don't bother".  As we talked more & Martha also added to the discussion she said that she had to go & as she was leaving I said "good bye & my name is Mary".  She said "good bye Mary" & off she went up the street on her funny bicycle .  Martha then prayed, in agreement for the Lord to give her the gift of Faith & I put her into my heart & then I gave her to the Blessed Mother to put into her Immaculate Heart & asked her to put her into the Sacred Heart of her son Jesus.  I felt that now she was well taken care of & that it would be just a matter of time that her whole life will change  & be dedicated to Christ. 
The next incident was not pleasant at all.  I was standing by the fence while Martha was praying the Divine Mercy prayer on her Rosary beads, I was talking to a car with some females in it.  I said what Planned Parenthood does in there & that we can help them & talked about sin & the like.  All of a sudden the one woman got out of the van & went over to the trunk & then pulled her dress up for me to see her naked butt.  I was surprised to say the least because it's usually the guys that do that kind of thing, not the females.  I was nasty unfortunately, for I said to her that her buns needed to be firmed up a bit & she had some cellulite to work on.  I guess I said that because I didn't want her to think that it rattled me.  I also told her that I have called the police on people that have done what she just did & one was arrested & had to go to court.  Well that didn't phase her in the least because she did it again only faster this time around.  It was sad to me that she disrespected herself that much that she would pull up he skirt to show me her derriere without decent underwear on.  Icky to talk about this on the web page, and I do apologize if this does offend anyone, for this is the reality of bad behavior at an abortion mill.  As they were leaving I took her picture on my new cell phone & either she or the passenger hollered out the window "say cheese".  No, I'll say that you both need help but mostly you need the Lord.  I feel that what I said to her earlier, through the power of the Holy Spirit, convicted her & this is how she reacted, in a negative way.  I told her like a rapist, the rapist is the one who is doing the evil & should feel badly, not the victim that did nothing wrong.  They will be in my prayers too.  After they drove away I realized that Planned Parenthood just put in new cameras all over the place & when people do these kind of things I don't have to take their picture, for the cameras are doing that for me, if I need to call the police in the future, all the police have to do it to retrieve the film as evidence in the case.  Yeah!! 
The last incident was when the abortionist Rachael Phelps was leaving Planned Parenthood around 4:30pm.  I asked the Holy Spirit to speak through me again.  As she passed the bushes to go out on the street I noticed that her window was down, probably because her car was hot.  I looked at her & said in a nice tone of voice " Rachael Phelps, I'm sorry that you can't have children but you don't have to kill other women's children, you could adopt.  Please stop killing these children, please", I was begging her as she drove out onto the street. 
Martha & I went in around 4:45pm & we did some more work.  The doorbell rang & it was a nice couple that dropped off some children clothes & we spoke for awhile as I showed then around the center.  They said that they had some CD's from Priest for Life that they will drop off sometime& also some non perishable food too.  They are on my Focus email list & thanked me for my emails that I put out at times.  I was humbled by the complement.  Earlier in the day Carol B. dropped off a very nice car seat for some blessed little child.  I called two of our clients for car seat pick ups & the one mom Martha reached & she will pick up the car seat tomorrow if she doesn't go into Labor in the meantime for she is due any day now.  The other mom is due on July 25th. & I was not able to reach her for pick up of the car seats with two bases.  I'll try again tomorrow to reach her.
Martha started supper as I worked in the office & asked Dan, the Realtor, who rents a room up the hall, to send out a fax for me.  He did & I said "thank you Dan for that".  Elroy, our account, who rents a room up the hall next to Dan's room gave me some place mats & silverware for us & for our clients.  Thanks Elroy, for that was very thoughtful of you. 
Martha & I ate supper & I did the dishes as she took out the trash.  She said "good bye" to me & off she went around 7:10 pm.  I stayed to do some more office work & then the doorbell rang & it was Dan, our friend who tries to come once a week to say "hi" & to help us in the center.  We sat in the office & we talked for about an hour about something's that were very important.  Maybe I'll share at another time, I'm not sure yet....  Then we both went home around 8:30pm. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha, Paul & were very busy in the center until Martha & I could get out on the front lines to pray & to witness.  Thank God that Paul was there in the center while Martha & I were put on the sidewalk.  Before we went out we had a quick lunch & gave away children clothes to our moms.  Once we were out there n the sidewalk we began to witness.  It was another windy day & the signs were blowing in the wind.  All of a sudden I saw coming from the bushes in front of Planned Parenthood was Scott, who is blind, who was lead by a young man walking over to us on the sidewalk.  I was stunned for I never expected Scott to come from the parking lot of Planned Parenthood!!  I said "hi Scott" & then he began to explain that this young man saw him walking down the sidewalk & stopped to give him a lift.  I was in shock!!  I said "thank you young man, for you have restored my faith in mankind & would you like a Rosary" to which he replied"yes I would".  I was happy to hear this & I went over to the literature box where we have the Rosaries & found a nice blue one for him & gave it to him to which he replied "thank you".  My heart was so happy with this encounter.  Off he went, back to his car & Scott took his place on the bench, in front of the healthy bushes, which were planted to block our vision, so that we couldn't see the people going into Planned Parenthood & they wouldn't hear the Truth from us.  Fat chance.  We mange to talk a little louder so they can hear the Truth from us. "You shall know the Truth & the Truth will set you free".  They want people to be in bondage & we want people to be 'free' & not victims or victimizers. 
Martha came out from the center with a sanitary napkin on her elbow.  I said "Martha what happened"?  She told me.  I was smiling when I saw what she was using to cover her nasty scratch that she got from the door latch, a little while ago.  I guess I have to get a Emergency Kit for the center with tape, band aids, gauze, & antiseptic in it.  A large band aid would have been better than a sanitary napkin but it worked to cover to protect her wound.  You use what you got.  I really thought that this was ingenious of her, well she is a nurse, so what would I expect!!!  Poor baby :(
A young girl came into the center & she had a large gauze wrapped around her upper arm.  Martha could have sure used some of that.  I was suspicious to what I though it was & I was right.  This was serious for she had the implant put in her arm for birth control.  I didn't address this issue first for she needed help in the Material Aid Room first to receive some children clothes, so I dealt with that first.  When she was finished shopping then I gave her the brochure on the Implanon implant.  Please check out for more information:  I told her about it & strongly recommend for her to get it removed ASAP by a good doctor then I handed her our list of the doctors that we use for our clients.  She was receptive but I'll never know if she took my advice.  Only if she starts to have some of these awful side effects that she might have it removed.  Planned Parenthood is sooooo Evil!!!!  They kill children & hurt women........& men too.   They dishonor God, who has created us all & has died for us too.  God will not be mocked.  There will be a Judgment Day, for us all, if not on this Earth then in the next life.  I pray that they will repent!!  Change their lives......

Thursday, July 14, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood's 'Death Camp'
This is Sheila's experiences on the front lines
Dennis and I joined Pat and Bill at 10:30, and Paul came shortly after. There were a lot of cars in the lot, but as they left over the next two hours, only one driver pulled over to talk to us. The abortionist must have been very busy killing children, because quite a few couples drove out either ignoring us or mocking us.
One man waiting by the bench outside PP had two young boys with him. I pleaded with him to call his friend on her cell phone and ask her to walk right out of there. He didn’t. When she came out an hour later, they sat together on the bench for awhile, then they and the two boys got in the car minus their brother or  sister who was dead now at the hands of the abortionist.
Another man in the parking lot, when I asked him to come and chat while he was waiting, said “not a chance!” He didn’t call his friend to stop her either.  When that couple left she gave me a big smile, telling me she didn’t need my truth packet. We will still be here when  you do need us to come to terms with what you have done.
A woman drove out with the “morning after” pill. I urged her not to use it. If a child has been conceived, it will kill him or her, a sibling of the boy in the car with her. Since she is not married she knows God would like her to live a chaste life. She promised to read the information in the packet, and to pray.
Several people walking past accepted packets from me and from Dennis. One man has three children by the same woman, but they are not married. They have talked about it. He knows God does not accept his  lifestyle, and will pray for guidance.
A man I spoke to has a pregnant daughter. He almost wished she had terminated the pregnancy. This child has come at an inconvenient time. She is in college, her boyfriend is irresponsible, and yet she has chosen life for her baby. He took a packet for her, and I asked him to tell her about Focus.  We can help her. I think he is feeling more joyful about her decision now.  After all, the baby is his grandchild! Hopefully she will choose abstinence in the future. That’s the one sure way to prevent pregnancy.
Some workers waved, and some looked away. I invite them to come over and find out what we are saying  to people. I invite them to pray that God’s will be done here at PP.
Paul, Dan, Addison, Bill, Bobbie, Mary J. and Rob all were on duty when Dennis and I left at 1:00.

When I arrived to the center I saw on the front lines, Sheila, her brother Dennis, Addision, Dan, Paul, Bill & Bobbie, who I haven't seen in awhile.  I didn't want anyone to go before I had a chance to say "hi" to everyone, so I walked over to them before going into the center to get the signs, literature box & mega phone & to put our supper in the refrigerator.  I greeted everyone with a smile & looked over to the parking lot & almost cried, for it was full with cars.  Sheila walked back to the center with me for we wanted to look up one of our clients phone number to call her to see how she was doing.  I found her in our files & I put a note on her Intake Sheet for Suzanne to call her this afternoon when she got in to see how she was doing.  I later found out that the number was not in use at this time.  It was probably a cell number that ran out of minutes & she couldn't afford to put on new minutes.  I hope that she will call me.  I spoke with Sheila for a few more minutes & then she helped bring out what I needed for the front lines.  I knew that Martha was going to be late today, for she was taking her friend to the doctors first.  Rob had just arrived & he took his bag that I had for him, filled with Truth packets, Rosaries, DVD's & some CD's, to take to his post which is on the brick side of the building, during the summertime, when he is with us on Thursdays.  We all headed out to the front lines together.  I was there for a few minutes when I noticed that some women were going into the center so I asked Paul if he would go into the center to assist them in the Material Aid Room.  He said that he would. He doesn't like to help the moms in the room as he likes to clean the toys & to put the clothes & items into the Material Aid Room.  He was very nice to do something that he didn't like to do but Suzanne wasn't there yet & I needed to be out on the front lines because Sheila & her brother Dennis had to leave & so did Bobbie, as she handed me some money for diapers for the center. Thank you Bobbie.  Dan &  Addision are prayer warriors not counselors & Bill was witnessing across the street, sitting on his stool holding a graphic sign of baby Malachi. Rob was starting to talk, on the mega phone, to the people coming into the parking lot, of Planned Parenthood, that were being greeted by the Death Escort to go in there to have their innocent baby be killed.  It just makes you 'sick to your stomach being out there' but we have to.
My hell was just beginning out there today.  I saw that a young woman was walking past me & I started to engage her in conversation.  I offered her the Truth packet & asked if she was going into Planned Parenthood.  She said that she wasn't going for an abortion but for a Depo Provera shot.  I told her that this shot causes early abortions & can cause her some serious health risks too & one was osteoporosis, the thinning of the bones, which can cause fractures & can mess up her reproductive organs too.  She told me that she has two children & didn't want anymore.  I asked if she was married & she said "no" so I told her about abstinence.  I said to her to repent & to concentrate on raising her two children.  As I was talking to her I saw that Rob was talking to a young woman on his side of Planned Parenthood.  Then I saw that she was walking over to me.  I just figured that she needed some children's clothes in the center or some more information but I was so wrong.  She stopped to where I & the woman were standing.  I then said to her "can I help you".  She said that the man over there told her to come over to me to talk to me.  I said "are you going into Planned Parenthood"?  She had no emotion on her face & said that she was going in there right now to have an abortion.  I almost fainted.  I quickly said to her "oh no, please don't have your baby killed for we have a pregnancy center right next to this yellow building & we can help you with free baby clothes & a car seat & a pac'n play & anything else you need.  She said "I can't afford a baby, I'll have this abortion & in a couple of years from now I'll have a baby."  Oh my God, such an attitude, a kill & retrieve mentally.  She did look at the two graphic pictures that were on the sidewalk & said "is that what abortion looks like".  I said "yes it is".  Then the young woman to which I was talking with before this young girl came over said "I don't believe in abortion & I wouldn't have one but she has a choice & she should do what she thinks is best".  I asked her sternly but politely to leave, for she wasn't any help to me & she was going to drive this young girl into having an abortion, as I was trying for her not to have one. She then left us & walked into Planned Parenthood.  Just then a car was driving into the parking lot & I heard Bill say to the people in the car, "choose life your mother did".  The young guy in the car said " shut the ..... up".  I couldn't respond to that guy I was trying to save a life here & now.  Then I saw that the guy got out of his car & walked over to where Rob was standing & I thought that he was going to punch Rob in the face.  After he dropped off his girlfriend to have their baby killed off he went out of Planned Parenthood's parking lot as fast as he drove in.  This took only a few minutes & I was still talking to this young girl as I was seeing all what was going on around me.  I then took out the Growth & Development pictures out of the Truth packet & showed her the pictures.  She read the part of the baby at 9 weeks, to which she was. I told her that her baby had a heartbeat & that women do die from abortions to, which is true.  I offered her to come with me to the center to talk to Suzanne, which I was hoping was there now but if she wasn't then I would take her to the Rose Room & let her watch a  DVD until Suzanne arrived to take over the counseling.  She then said to me that she was late for her appointment & that she would talk to them at Planned Parenthood.  I told her that they will just tell her to terminate her pregnancy for that's what they do & they're racist too, helping to kill the African American race through birth control & abortion.  She said that she was going in now & I continued to plead with her not to go in there to have her baby killed.  She went in never the less.  Do you know how it feels to know that as she was standing right in front of me on the sidewalk so was her precious baby, knowing that I couldn't do anything more to save this innocent baby from being killed .  Do you know how helpless & horrible a feeling that is??  I started to pray & I hoped that she would change her mind but about 3 hours later I saw her in the foyer & flagged her over to come talk to me.  She came around the bushes & as she was nearing me on the sidewalk I said to her "please tell me that you didn't go through with it".  She looked at me & said that she did.  I aid "if you took the pills then you could go to the hospital to have your stomach pumped & if you had put any pills up inside you then the doctors at the hospital can flush them out", for I though that maybe she had an RU 486 abortion & there was still hope but she looked puzzled at me & said "what pills they went in this way & had pointed to her private parts".  I was devastated to know that there was no hope & that her innocent, loving baby was dead.  I had also told her earlier that her baby would give her unconditional love & she would love her baby & her baby would love her.  She just was selfish enough not to listen & did what she wanted to & that was to have her baby be killed by Rachael Phelps here today. She then said to me "every one in there was doing it there were at least ten".  I said "if all of these people were jumping off a bridge would you follow them"?  Rob was now over to where I was standing & he spoke with her as I walked away.  I went into the center, as sick as a dog, but I went into the Rose Room & got 3 pieces of literature for her, for she was now Post Abortive.  I walked back to where they both were standing & handed them to her.  I told her that she took a life here today & that she needed to repent, for she has now put her soul in jeopardy of going to hell.  She will experience many unpleasant emotions, as I told her before she went in for the abortion earlier this afternoon.  She didn't look like the same person as she looked earlier, nor will she ever be that same person again.  I spoke to her for a few more minutes, for I was very upset.  I said "good bye" & walked away & so did she. She had been on the phone earlier, when I saw her in the foyer, probably calling for a ride home for she had walked to Planned Parenthood earlier this afternoon for the abortion.  I helped her out as much a as I could after she had her baby killed at Planned Parenthood.  I was heart sick & was still hoping that she was just fooling me for I was in denial.  What do I do which this pain Lord, I have to give it to you ASAP.    
The girl that I was talking to earlier, that I dismissed to speak to this girl who was going in for an abortion, came out of Planned Parenthood.  She stopped & told me that while she was in there she told the girl that was in there for an abortion, saying to her that she wouldn't have an abortion & even didn't believe in it but it was her chose & her decision that was best for her.  "What"!  I said.  The first part was just fine but did you have to add the second part about that it was her 'chose' & she should do what was best for her??  I said "abortion isn't what's best for her, now her baby is dead & so is she now emotionally & spiritually".   I said "you're being a hypocrite for I told you earlier that you being on the Depo shot that you're also aborting earlier on in your pregnancy, if you conceive, which you could with this birth control as well as any other".  Please ask God to forgive you for having sex outside of marriage & using birth control & maybe aborting your child too, for God is a forgiving & loving God.  Then I said "start over & don't have sex or use any birth control & concentrate on raising the two children that you have & please read the material in the packet that I gave you earlier".  Then she told me that while they both were in the waiting room, in Planned Parenthood, she said that no matter what we told to her outside, on the sidewalk, she was still going through with the abortion.  As if that was a comfort to me!!! 
What I have realized, in all my 26 years out on the street sidewalk counseling, that if a woman or girl wants an abortion there is nothing I can say to change her mind.  I then realized that I was there on the street for the woman or girl that was on the fence with her decision to abort her baby & I was there to help her to 'chose' life.  That's the only way I can get peace to keep on keeping on......for the girls that needed & wanted my help.  I told Sheila, on the phone later that evening, that I never wanted to go back again on the street & she just calmly said "you have to".  Thanks Sheila for the Lord spoke through you.  Yes, we all need to come back for maybe the next time we're out there on the sidewalk a baby & mother will be saved & that's a 'good thing'.  Mother Mary please give these woman & girls your Extraordinary Graces not to have their sweet babies be killed by abortion.  Thank you, my dear Mother & Amen. 
My hell out there on the front lines continued.  I saw that there were two children, probably around 7 & 10 years old, sitting on the bench in front of the windows of Planned Parenthood along with a man, who I thought maybe was the older brother but found out later that he was their father.  Thanks Dad, for today you brought both my sister & I to this place where mom is having our brother or sister killed...... Ick!!!  The father was enjoying watching the 'Blue Angels' flying in the sky for he was looking intently on the entertainment while his son or daughter was being killed inside of Planned Parenthood & the two girls were playing by the fence on the ground, like it was a park.  How evil!!  Later on, for now I was standing across the street holding a graphic sign, I saw that the husband was helping his wife, who wasn't walking very well, to the car & the kids hurried to get in.  As they were leaving the parking lot the mother, with a look of hell on her face, & the father both gave me their middle finger thus showing more abuse to their children who were in the back seat of the car. I do hope that the two girls didn't give me their middle finger too. I wouldn't be surprised if they did, for look at their examples, their parents!!!!
I have seen an increase in parents, now bringing their children there to Planned Parenthood, while their sibling were being killed.  Talk about psychological problems in the future for that child or children.   Earlier today, Sheila told me, a father had brought his 2 sons there while the mom was aborting their sibling.  Such child abuse, to say the least, to scar these children for the rest of their lives & this is also the fastest way to destroy a family, that's for sure.  Lord have Mercy on us all!!! 
I saw that Rob, the sidewalk counselor, on the other side of the building was talking to a woman who just had come out of Planned Parenthood.  After a few minutes I saw that she was walking over to me.  When she approached me I recognized her from the past.  I remember faces more than I remember names.  I asked her why she was at Planned Parenthood & she said that it was personal then all of a sudden she said that she had been raped in February & lost her job & has nothing.  I told her that I had been gang raped at Strong Memorial Hospital back in 1971 & lost my twins 6 weeks later by a miscarriage.  I only mentioned this so that she didn't feel alone.  She said that she was sorry & I told that I was sorry for what had happened to her too.  It's a sisterhood from pain.   I handed her our list of Rape Counselors for her to call to get the help that she needs.  One counselor who is on the list does it for 'free' if you can't afford to pay her otherwise she runs on a sliding scale payment plan.  Then she said that she wished that she had some money to go to Wendy's, I said that I could help her with that request.  Then she said that she wished that she had some money for her Bridal dress.  I told her that she could find a nice one at some of the second hand stores but I couldn't give her any money for that.  She said that she did find one that was $325, which I think was a bit high for a second hand store.  About this time I don't know what to think but I went to my car to get her some money for Wendy's.  When I returned she said that she was going to go to Focus to get some food.  Okay I said thinking that she know about us & what we have to offer.  She went to the center & came out about 20 minutes later with some bags & had some of the food from our food shelves too.  (I wish the shelves were better stocked with non perishable foods for the people who need it.  I'm trying to work with the Recourse Center, in East Rochester, for food & diapers etc..  I'll see how they can help us for our center in Rochester, maybe they have rules & can only help those who live in East Rochester, for their needs.  I'll see next week when I go to the Resource Center).  She then gave me a hug & off she went up the street to Wendys for lunch & hopefully for some more healing after she speaks to the counselor Becky.  She was a beautiful woman with a tender heart & sweet spirit & had such a soft spoken voice that spoke love & kindness.  I hope & pray the very best for her.  Maybe I'll see her again someday. 
I was by myself on the bush side of the sidewalk for Martha wasn't there yet & all the team had gone except for Rob who was on the brick side of the Death Camp.  I saw that a young guy from the parking lot was walking over to me.  I got my cell phone ready, that takes pictures.  When he came around the bushes I saw that he was wearing a cross around his neck.  I said to him right off the bat "I see that you're wearing a cross & you're at an abortion mill that is killing His children, why is that"?  He said that he didn't want me to address him & I said "I do have Freedom of Speech & to Protest & if you don't like it then go in there & get your girlfriend & your baby out of there & go home".  I then took his picture because I couldn't trust him.  He then said "two can play this game" & he took out his camera & said "now I'll take your picture".  I lifted up the sign I was holding for him to take this little baby's picture instead.  Hopefully his girlfriend wasn't doing this to their precious baby.  He left to go back into the parking lot to be with the other guy who was waiting to have his baby killed here today too.  Misery loves company.  I saw that Rob was observing & if there was anything going on he'd be there in a flash to protect me, as I him. 

I knew that Suzanne was in the office & Paul was in the center helping our moms when they come in to get the things that they need for their children.  Martha had arrived & so did Adolf, a prayer warrior, who had come earlier on.  I then decided to go across the street with my sign & a Truth packet, so that all sides of Planned Parenthood, would be covered.  I was there for about 15 minutes when a car drove into the parking lot it was now about 4:45pm.  All of a sudden I saw that a woman who was walking very fast & with determination was walking towards me, I was standing across the street with a graphic sign.  She stopped at the mouth of the driveway & hollered over to me "you ........., I got to do this".  I hollered back over to her saying with a stern voice, "no you don't have to do this".  She then gave me her middle finger & walked briskly to the entrance of Planned Parenthood.  There were no Death Escorts to greet her or to open the door for her, for they had gone.  Her boyfriend or husband gave me his middle finger too.  No surprise there.  Martha told me later, for she was closer to her than I was.  Martha heard her holler "this pregnancy is killing me" & Martha called back to her saying "as long as you don't kill the pregnancy".  She acted out because she didn't expect us out there showing her what she was about to do to her precious baby.  Later on when the boyfriend or husband came out, for a smoke, I told him that he should take her to a good doctor or to the Emergency Room, to which he showed me his IQ again, by giving me his middle finger.  They didn't want help they came to Planned Parenthood for an abortion & that was that.  He now joined the other 2 guys were sitting on the bench by the Administrative Entrance, the 'boys club'.  There was another guy waiting too in his car but he didn't join the others, who were sitting on the bench, all waiting for their problems to go away.  What kind of men are they????  They are all 'post abortive mothers & fathers' now.  I hope that they REPENT, very soon!! 

Two of the guys earlier, had their girlfriends purses in their hands & they were bringing them to their cars.  How thoughtful of them, while the women in their lives, were in there killing their son or daughter.  Their priorities were all wrong.  We know who wears the pants in their relationships.  A couple of hours later, the woman who had come towards me in anger & her boyfriend/husband, who only knew how to give me the 'bird', drove out of the parking lot, in their bright red sports car. Their problem was solved, their baby was now in a jar in Planned Parenthood's refrigerator.   That's how they solved their problem, by killing their little baby, as if this child was a problem, only in their minds & hearts.   How evil, how selfish!!!

Martha, Rob & I ate supper together trying to forget the horrors of this afternoon.  Martha & I went to Holy Hour at St. Jude's & Rob went home. 


Monday, July 18, 2011 in front of Morris Wortman's Killing Mill. 
I went to Morris Wortman's abortion facility, at 2020 Clinton Ave. South, this evening after Mass at St. John Fisher College.  When I arrived on the sidewalk I saw a man in Wortman's parking lot & I spoke to him saying "he kills children in there".  "What did you say", he said I repeated myself saying "he kills children in there".  Now he was walking up the small hill coming right towards me.  He said "sometimes it's necessary".  I said "it is never necessary for it's intrinsically evil at all times & if you have had your baby killed then I pray that the Lord will have Mercy on your soul"  I didn't say "repent" for that's all I say in front of Planned Parenthood but I felt that the Holy Spirit was speaking through me & I was at peace to what came out of my mouth.  He came at me & called me very nasty names & said that he was going to call the police, I guess it was because I told him the truth & he didn't like that. "Be not afraid" right!  I felt that he was a post abortive father & was so angry & filled with rage & took it out on me, which was okay.  I prayed for him after he drove away.  Then I joined the 'Bound for Life' people.  Brandon, who is the head of the group greeted me & then asked me what went on over there, I told him what had happened.  He said that he was watching the situation closely & if he had come any closer to me he was coming right over.  I said " that's good to hear Brandon & thanks do much for looking out for me".  He then gave me the red tape & wrote on it 'LIFE' & I put it on my mouth & started to say my Rosary & then my Divine Mercy prayers.  The 2 police cars came about 30 minutes later & pulled into Wortman's paking lot later. They didn't even get out of their cars to speak to me & a few minutes later they left.  Before the police came a young man was walking down the sidewalk & when he got close to Brandon, he took off the red tape from his mouth, & started to talk to the young man.  I was so very happy that he took the time to speak to him & did so for about 20 minutes.  At the end he even invited him to come to his church this Sunday, I hope he will be there.  It was a wonderful witness to this young man that Brandon spent time talking to him about abortion & about the Lord.  As Brandon was talking to him I was praying that 'today would be the first day of the rest of his life'.  Thank you Lord!!
I wish there was help for the post abortive fathers here in Rochester to address their pain & anguish too.  I know that Vicki Thorn, who started Project Rachel, also has done some work for post abortive men & has had conventions for them in San Francisco.  Project Rachel has also helped some men but there is no organization that solely is for post abortive men, here in Rochester, NY.  I pray the Lord will raise a man or men to start up an organization here in Rochester & put it out to the public so that men know where to go, to get the forgiveness & help they need.  I see so many men bringing women & girls to Planned Parenthood thus making them 'post abortive men'.  They need help too. 
After the hour was completed, all of us who were there in prayer took off the red tape & started to share our thoughts & experiences, we had, while we silent for over an hour.  There was some great sharing.  Then I shared some of my story & the team of 2 woman I had just met & Brandon, who I've know for a few years now, prayed for me on the sidewalk, for my healing.  I was touched by their love & kindness to their sister in Christ.  My heat was filled with joy.  Brandon had to get home, for his wife Crystal was due to have daughter #3 any day now & are preparing to have the baby at home with a mid wife at home with them.  What a natural experience & God will be with them.  If anything goes wrong then they will call 911 right away but all will go well for this wonderful family that loves the Lord!!!  We all gave each other a hug & said "good bye".  It was now getting dark & windy & we all left to go home. 
A letter was email to all my Focus prayer warriors & this is what I said to them on July 8, 2011. 
I received a call from Pastor Genny McGee from Faith Temple on Elmwood Ave. today. She is counseling a young girl, Miss M. that is 7 weeks pregnant that wants an abortion, so that she can continue her plans, for her life.  So please pray that she 'chooses life' for her baby & also please pray for Pastor Genny Mc Gee, who is so dedicated in helping her & others, in unplanned pregnancies.  She requested some literature for which I will sent her everything I have at Focus to assist her in her ministry.  Thank you for your prayers regarding this situation dear Prayer Warrior.
When I arrived at home I retrieved my phone messages & this is what I heard from Pastor Genny:
I just received GREAT NEWS that our prayers were answered.  I just received a call from Pastor Genny & she just told me that Miss M. has 'chosen life' & is NOT going to have an abortion & is in a 'good place' now in her life.  Pastor Genny wanted to thank you for your powerful prayers, and gives Glory the God, for He answered your prayers for Miss M.. Pastor Genny was so happy, as I was to, in receiving her call.  I wanted to pass this onto you & thank you for your prayers & for not giving up but remaining faithful.  You are a blessing & this is your 'saved' baby too. Yeah!!!  The mother is in good hands with Pastor Genny & when the time come we can help her out at The Focus Center with baby clothes & things.  It will be our pleasure. 
This message made my day & then some.  We must never give up praying & suffering  & fasting for the end to abortion & to save lives & souls, through the grace of God.  Thank you Lord, for answering our prayers.  Mother Mary, thank you for your intercession to your son Jesus, for many Rosaries were said.

Tuesday, July, 19, 2011 at Focus
Paul & I & Carole held down the fort today while our Martha is on vacation, which is well deserved. Paul bought me a hot dog & a ginger ale before we started to get busy.  My first hotdog of the summer.  Thanks Paul.
We kept very busy in the center & I had an appointment for 1:30 pm with a client that had changed her mind of having an abortion on Sheila's time on Thursday about 3 weeks ago.  She missed two of her appointments, at Focus, so Suzanne sent her a letter & some brochures & she called me to make another appointment for today to meet with me for more information & support. She kept her appointment & all is well with her, thank God.  She just said that she was so tired & missed her appointment last week. I greeted her when she came into the center & she was also greeted by another pregnant mom & they talked about using Cocoa Butter on their bellies to prevent stretch marks from happening.  It was so cute to hear them talk. I then brought her into the Rose Room & we spent some time talking about the different agencies that could help her during her pregnancy & after.  After we were finished I brought her into the Material Aid Room where Carole & I helped her pick out some baby clothes & blankets & things, for her son, which she was very grateful for.  Carole had to leave so she brought our mother home.  Thanks Carole. 
A young woman came to the door for baby clothes & then when she was in the Material Aid Room she told me that it was because I showed her the graphic sign out in front of Planned Parenthood months ago that she changed her mind & went home.  Her baby is due in a couple of months. Yeah!!  She told me that before the abortion she met with a (death) counselor there, at Planned Parenthood & all she talked about was her having an abortion.  She said that she mentioned adoption at one point but the counselor went back to talking about abortion again.  She made an appointment & then it was then that she saw us protesters with the graphic pictures, in front of Planned Parenthood & changed her mind,  She was so happy that she did & so was I.  Praise God for this baby was saved & that He let me know about it too.  Thank you Lord for your goodness & grace.
Later on I did two pregnancy tests & both were negative. They saw our sign outside on the sidewalk & came in to Focus.  I was glad that they did.  I got to talk to them about God & abstinence & her short shorts & the other girl to go to church with her sister friend.  The one girl works for Wegmans pharmacy & she talked about all the anti depressants(post abortive) & antibiotics (STD's), that are dispensed there because of all the colleges nearby.  The one girl is going to school to study Pediatric Nursing.  Go girl.  I talked to them about abstinence again & gave them some brochures too.  I asked then to seek out God to forgive them for  'sex outside  of marriage'.  One girl wasn't a believer (yet) the other girl said that she was working on it .  I told her to be sincere & to hurry. 
One of our clients that had a baby 2 years ago is pregnant again.  She came in for diapers for her daughter. We will follow her progress. 
Our client will be released from jail & will be in counseling with anger management & will be able to have suppressed visits with her son.  Grandmother & grandfather are still taking care of child.  The mother & father are starting to come into the picture now to help their daughter.
Paul & Kaybee (from the taxi company) helped to put the Truth packets together
I did some office work & then panted the cabinet again & gave the microwave, that was just donated to us, to Tickaboo (from the taxi company) for his relative that has nothing.
Sandy, who once volunteered for us on Tuesdays before she got a job at the Strong Museum, brought in some Enfamil for our moms on Monday. Thanks Sandy & we miss you!! 
I left around 8:15pm & headed over to the Dollar General, for diapers for the center, & some other things too. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at Focus
As I was getting ready to go to the Women's Care Center I received a call from Kate telling me that she would like to come over at 1pm to drop off bags of food from St. Pius X Church in Chili for our Food Shelves in the Material aid Room.  I was so happy to hear that.  I told her that I would be there at 1pm today.  I also called Rick & asked him if he could print more Focus brochures & I also emailed him the PDF file that Leanne had just sent me of the new brochure.  He said that he would print some & then bring them to the center today.  Great Rick & I thank you so much!!!
I received another call on my cell phone & it was a young girl calling to see what we had to offer at Focus.  I told her all that we offer our clients.  She said that she would be coming by this afternoon & I said "I will see you later".  I decided to go to the Woman's Care Center to pick up the baby food & formula & diapers that they had for Focus.  I was going to ask Paul but I forgot & it worked out better that I went to pick up these items before Mass at 12:10pm today.  I got to see Teresa, the director of the Women's Care Center, & to meet her new co director who was in training & the 2 volunteers that were at the center working, sorting out baby clothes.  I obtained some literature that they had & I loaded my car with the boxes of things that we were just blessed with by these wonderful people that thought of us.  Thanks guys & if you ever need anything from Focus please just call me.  I got to Church in time for Mass with a few minutes to spare to be blessed with a beautiful prayer spoken by Paul & then we all went up to kiss the Relic of St. Anthony.  After the Mass I encountered Paul & he said that he had to pick up Leo, who is 90 years old, to take him to the doctors & then he'll be at Focus later on to help me, for I was alone, while Martha was away on vacation.  I hope that you're enjoying yourself dear Martha, you deserve to be having a great time!!! 
When I got to the center around 12:50pm there was Kate & her husband ready to unload their car that was filled with about 12 bags of non perishable food plus baby food too.  Yeah!!  Thank you Lord for your goodness to us at Focus, we are trying to help your children, big & small.  Kate handed me a folder & told me that a gentleman was just there & no one had answered the door so he gave this to me to give to you, Mary.  It was Rick & he had made copies of the old brochure & the new brochure.  There were a couple of problem with the new brochure & I will email Leanne, with two suggestions, later in the day.   Kate & her husband unloaded their car & brought in so many bags filled with food for the good people of St. Pius by the Social Committee there.  She also told me that they are planning to also next time bring me diapers & formula too, & the plan was to come every other month.  Sounds good to me Kate & thank you so very much!!! 
Just as I was I was leaving the center to put our sign out on the sidewalk I saw a familiar face & it was Pat, then I realized that I had an appointment with Pat that I forgot about.  I greeted her & showed her our center to which she was most impressed.  We went into the office to talk about the new ultrasound that the Knights of  Columbus want to put in the clinic on South Ave..  I was all for it & told her so.  She asked me 13 questions & I kept her 2 hours talking about Focus, not realizing that Pat had her poor husband in the car all that time. I'm so sorry I didn't know.  Paul came in around 2pm & I was glad to see him.  He started to put the bags of food away in the Material Aid Room.  After Pat had left with all the information & then some the doorbell rang & it was Sandy.  I was so happy to see her & I thanked her for the baby formula & the hangers & the microwave that she gave Focus.  I told her that I will give the microwave to Tickaboo, from the taxi company, for his cousin who has nothing.  She was glad that she was able to help someone.  Paul & Sandy were putting away the food in the Material Aid Room & we had an overflow so we put the white shelf in the Great Room, which has 3 shelves, to put the rest of the food on it.  We also gave the taxi guys some food for they are so skinny & they aren't getting the hours, that they need, to survive.  The taxi business doesn't do well in the summer months. They were all very happy for the food.  They help us out when we need it, for we work well together, like family.  
Tucker came in to get the sign & the chair to go out in front of Planned Parenthood to pray.  The doorbell rang & it was a woman asking for a Rosary.  She said that the man outside told her to come to us at Focus.  I gave her a Rosary & she immediately put it around her neck.  I explained that you say the prayers & then put the Rosary in a case or in your pocket not around your neck.  She asked if she could talk to someone.  I made an appointment for her to speak to Suzanne tomorrow at 2:15pm.  She was happy about that.  One thing lead to another & I finally found out that she was at Planned Parenthood getting birth control.  I asked which one & she told me & then I gave her the brochure on both.  I think that it left an impression on her & also I gave her the Truth packet & some other pieces of literature too. I spoke to he about abstinence too.  Then I showed her the Material Aid Room & she got a couple of things for her two children.  She aid that she will be coming tomorrow to talk to Suzanne & I said that I would email her to inform her of the appointment * said "good bye".  I hope that she come back tomorrow. 
I went back to the office to do some more work & Sandy had gone & Paul was working on making up more Truth packets, when the doorbell rang.  I answered it & it was a young mother who needed some baby food.....perfect timing.  She was told about us through another client of ours.  I was happy to hear that.  She also took some shorts for her son too who was in the car with her mother.  She was very grateful & I was happy to have been able to help her. 

I received a call from a mom needing formula but we didn't have what she needed.  We finally have some Enfamil but it wasn't the kind that she uses.  Sorry that we weren't able to help her.  She did say that she had an appointment with WIC (who gives out formula for mothers for their children)  tomorrow at 2pm & she did receive one can of formula from the Bethany House, (temporary housing for abused women), earlier on in the month.  I don't know what she did today but I'm sure that God did provide for her child tonight.  He never fails, for He is God, & He loves the children that He has created.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
This is Sheila's experiences on the front lines
Dennis and I brought our signs out and joined Pat and Bill on the sidewalk at10:30. Paul came too. The abortionist was at PP but the three clients we spoke to, were there for birth control and STD testing. They were all provided with a Truth packet, and counseled about living according to God’s will. His plan is for us to be abstinent until we are married. Then we are ready to provide a stable family life for children.  These women were invited to call Focus anytime they need moral support. We are always glad to listen.

Two men passing by us said that they will pray for our success.
There were several women being driven out of the parking lot who looked sick and guilty. When their drivers were  waiting in the parking lot, I had encouraged them to call their friends and ask them to walk out without going through with the killing. One man swore at me, but when I told him I couldn’t hear what he said, he was too ashamed to repeat it.  He just shook his head.
One pregnancy test was done, and the woman didn’t need a packet because she already has one, as do all of her friends. Why do they continue to conduct their lives in conflict with God’s will? Do they read the literature we give them? I guess it’s hard to change, but it can be done. Just because everyone else is living an immoral life, that doesn’t mean it’s ok. Start by changing your own behavior. I provided her with lots of literature about self worth, and waiting until marriage to be physically intimate with your boyfriend.
When we left, Carole, Mary Ann, Rob, and Mary J. were there.  It was very  hot today, so some of our regular prayer warriors did not come out. We were shaded by a tree in the morning, so it wasn’t too bad, but this afternoon was worse, I’m sure.

I arrived to see that Sheila, her brother Dennis & Carole were out there on the front lines.  After I went into the center to put some things away, from my car, I went out there to greet them.  As I was walking out Rob was coning in so I gave him the bag of Truth packets & Rosaries & the mega phone & he took some with him too, so that he could go to his post, by the brick side of the building.  I was happy that he was there because Martha was still on vacation & it was to hot, it almost hit 100 degrees, for Bill, Dan & Addision to be out there today due to health issues & age.  When I got out there I greeted them & asked what had happened on Sheila's watch.  We spoke briefly & then we went into the center to get a clients phone number for Sheila so she could keep in touch with her.  Carol, Dennis & Rob were out on the front lines.  Suzanne came later to be a client advocate. 
I said "goodbye" to Sheila & Dennis & then went back to the sidewalk to be with Carole. Just then, the same woman who was at Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, was coming out of Planned Parenthood again.  She says she's there for Rape Counseling.  She wanted to come back to Focus to make some phone calls & to get something to drink.  I walked her into the center & gave her the phone & some writing paper, a pen & a bottle of water, now she was ready to make her calls in a comfortable atmosphere.  I said that I had to go back to the sidewalk but that Suzanne was coming in about 15 minutes.  She also wanted to talk to Suzanne too.  Better Suzanne than someone at Planned Parenthood.  She was content sitting at the table in the Green Room & I felt that she was safe & at ease, so I left to be with Carole.  Rob was already talking to the people coming into the abortion mill, using the mega phone.  No death escort was there yet for I was glad & knew that this was God's plan for  in a few minutes there would a life that would be spared from being aborted.
In front of Planned Parenthood, where it was hotter than Hades, a life was saved today!!  A woman parked her car right up to the fence, this is where the death escorts park to block us from the people.  They do this so that no one can hear the truth, from us.  We stand, by the fence to try to talk to the people going into Planned Parenthood. I told her, as she was getting out of her car, what was happening here today.  She said that her friend was pregnant & was here for an exam.  I told her that Thursdays are their surgical abortion days.  She ran in there.  I said to her "go save this baby's life & we will support you in prayer".  She came out a little later & I called her over to me to receive our Truth packet.  She came over to receive it.  I asked about her friend & she said that she was in there for an exam & that she was now in the back room.  I said that was the abortion room & your friend lied to you.  She said that she was going to go back in there.  She went back to her car & looked over the brochures in the Truth packet & then went back into Planned Parenthood.  She came out about 10 minutes later & as she was leaving I called to her.  She stopped her car in the street & said that her friend had 'changed her mind".  I said then where is she?  She said she's in the car right behind me.  I said "great job" & she rode away.  As her friend was leaving I pointed to her our Focus sign up the street.  God used her friend, who was quite upset to realize that her best fiend was going for an abortion, which she doesn't believe in & she went in there & talked her out of it, through the grace of God.  Alleluia. 
I thought that you would want to get some 'good news' from Focus!  Thank you again for your prayers for our 2 ministries, that go hand & hand, 'for prayer changes things".  I spoke with Joan, the director of Birthright yesterday & she told me of a prayer that she says, so I'm going to pass it onto you. The prayer is: I can't, you can, please do!
Rob went to help Suzanne get the donations that her neighbor gave us out of her car, for  some of the things were heavy.  Then Paul came back to help us out again in the center after he got some lunch.  Amy came form 3 to 5pm.  She'll be coming to help out at the center on the third Thursday of every month for those two hours.  I'm so happy about that.  Paul & Amy put all the donations away.  Great job you guys & thank you so much!!  Suzanne was busy in the office  with many things for time flies when she's there. 
Two young girls were walking with a baby in a stroller & I told them that Planned Parenthood kills babies.  I gave a Truth packet to the one girl that was with the mother & her baby.  I told her not to give the Truth packet to anyone or let anyone take it from you, she said that she will hold onto it.  They all went into Planned Parenthood & my heart sank.  Just a few minutes later a woman, in her thirties, was walking up the sidewalk & Carole & I tried to talk to her.  She said that she was here for STD Testing.  I told her about Compass Care to go to, for they don't kill babies there.  She had attitude & flipped her hand at me & went in.  A couple of hours later they all came out together, the two young girls with the baby in the stroller & the older woman.  I talked to the two young girls & pointed out to them the Focus Center for 'free' clothes.  She said to me "why didn't you say that to me earlier".  Oop's, "I forgot for I was desperately trying for you not to go into Planned Parenthood but you wouldn't listen & off you went in a mad dash into the place of death".  Well then was then & now is now.  Off they went to the center to get the real help that they needed. I was glad.  I looked over at the older woman who was trying to cross the street & with a stern tone to my voice I said "and you should never have went in there & I hope that you never will again".  No response from her so I turned back to talk to Carole & to get another bottle of water & to put some more sun screen lotion on my neck, upper back, arms & legs, ick!  Later on I poured some of the bottled water on my head & went to the car to get my hat but it was much later in the afternoon when I did that.  Not to smart.  Later on I did get a headache & I felt slightly nauseated.  To much sun......
Rob & & I had supper together & I did some things in the office while he did the dishes.   Team work.  Rob went home.  Great job there today on the front lines, like always for the past 15 years, kudos to you Rob :)  I went to my Holy Hour at St. Jude's Church still feeling sick.
I missed Martha this week but I was happy that she was with her family & friends & hopefully having a great time & I will see her soon.  Yeah!!!
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
What a fast & furious day, to say the least.  If I put everything down of what happened this afternoon it would be just to long, so I'll try to give a synopsis of what happened.  When Martha & I arrived at the center there was already a mom & her son coming to pick up the pac'n play for her nephew.  Then Carole came & we were planning to go to pick up a donation, with her van, at Peace of Christ Parish.  They had a garage sale & we were told that we could have what was left over of the children's things that didn't sell.  Off we went leaving Martha on the front lines with Donna, who came by to say "good bye" to us for she was with us for 2 years on the front lines, saving lives through witnessing with her homemade sign & passing out literature packets & praying.  Her & her husband are moving to another State where he'll be going to grad school.  We all wish & pray the very best for our dear & faithful Donna.  I said "good bye" to her & gave her a card & a candle & a big hug.  Mary S. came by to say "good bye" too.  Martha wasn't alone on the sidewalk while Carole & I were gone to pick up the donations.  We arrived at the church & said  I said "hi" to Fr, Brian, for he just celebrated a Mass at Focus about a month ago.  He said that he was just sending me an email just at the time that I arrived, unknown to him.  This is the email that he sent to me:  I emailed him back later that evening & asked him to get 3 more priests & do the same thing, in front of Planned Parenthood, on University Ave.  No response as of yet.  It's a hard in the Diocese of Rochester - with no real leadership.  Lord have Mercy!!  So Carole & I picked some very nice things  for the Material Aid Room at the center & off we go back to Focus. 
When we returned Martha & Donna were still on the sidewalk & Mary S. had to return to work. Later on Donna came in to say "good bye" to us again & she told me that Jerry was now with Martha, out on the sidewalk. I was happy that she wasn't alone otherwise I was going to go outside to be with her & leave Carole in the center to take care of the moms, but that wasn't necessary.  Carole & I got some of the taxi guys to help us bring everything into the center & the doorbell never stopped ringing.  One mom after another was coming in for baby & children clothes & small items, which is what we really want to happen.  Paul, who helps us at Focus during the week, wasn't here today & won't be for the rest of the week, for he was moving, which is a 'pain' to say the least.  So we were short handed in the center, which is always so very busy.  I decided to stay in the center with Carole to help out the moms & to start to put some of the things away that we just got.  I figured that Martha was already settled in out on the front lines, which I prefer to be at rather then the Material Aid Room, for whatever reason, so I left her out there rather than bring her in & for me to go outside instead.  Both places are very important to be at, that's for sure. 
I was very busy & then the cell phone rang.  I answered it & it was Jerry on the phone telling me to come out on the sidewalk right away.  I told Carole that I had to go right away for something was wrong out there on the front lines, so off I went to where Martha & Jerry were standing.   As I turned the corner & I saw just Martha & Jerry I thought that they wanted me to come out on the front lines to take Martha's place so that she could get out of the sun & be in the center instead.  I was wrong, that wasn't it.  There had been a confrontation just a few minutes earlier & a nasty young girl came around the bushes & started to scream at Martha & then preceded to say to her "if you pick up that mega phone one more time I will bas your head in with it".  She also said some other nasty unrepeatable stuff too.  I said then we'll call 911, for that was a threat, & we always call 911 with any threats that are made to us.  So just then the girl comes around the bushes again & said "if you're going to call 911 I'll just stay here & wait".  I said "that's fine for you made a threat to this woman & of course we're going to call 911.  I then decided to use my phone to take her picture, for I didn't think that we would be able to get her license number for identification.  She said "you're taking my picture", as she was moving closer to me.  I said "yes I am".  I then the phone to Martha to call 911.  When she got the operator the girl was making so much commotion that Martha had to hang up on the operator, until the girl went back to the Planned Parenthood parking lot.  Then as Martha was calling back the 911 operator we heard the nasty girl on her phone calling 911 too.  Martha got through & completed the call to report a threat to her life & personhood.  A few minutes a police car went right into the Planned Parenthood parking lot & got out of the car.  The reason was that her call got to the police first.  We heard her say, whatever she was saying to the policewoman, for we still have a right in this country to peacefully protest.  Then the policewoman,  which is not always good to see a woman, for most of them are 'pro choice' & are biased, comes around the bushes to speak to us.  There was Martha, Jerry & I standing there.  The first thing that she said was "what happened here".  Martha tried to explain the incident  & then Jerry said something benign & the officer hollered to him to "be quit".  The she spotted me, for I was trying to lay low for I wasn't out here when this incident came down & so I wanted Martha & Jerry to be the ones to explain the situation.  The she said, in a not so nice tone of voice, "just don't say anything to them walking in there just let them go in there".  Well now I needed to say something & if she arrests me for 'whatever' so be it.  I said "officer we live in America & we have 'freedom of speech' here & by talking to the girls we save their babies lives & their lives too".  I said "you really want to talk to this woman" & I pointed to Martha for it was her that was threatened by that nasty girl at Planned Parenthood.  I started to walk away & go back to the center for it was so very busy & I figured that Martha & the officer could handle this now.  But as I started to walk away I turned around & walked back to the officer & said "officer, what is your name".  She made me aware of her name pin & said "officer P....... & if you want to speak to the captain you go right ahead".  Oh, so defensive???  I said "thank you" & walked back to the center to help out Carole, who was beside herself.  I don't remember so many moms & kids in one afternoon, in the center, as this afternoon.  Wow!!! 
About 15 minutes later Martha came into the center & Jerry went across the street holding Malachi, the picture of the aborted baby at 20 weeks, & praying the rosary.  Carole had to go & we said "good bye" to her.  Then I said to Martha that we need to call Attorney Mary A. on this one.  I called her office & thank God that she was still there.  I gave her a short synopsis & then handed the phone to Martha & she took it from there.  We aren't messing around any more & we want justice for the threat that was just made to Martha & respect from the police officers, ( some of them are so nice, so don't get me wrong) .  When Martha got off the phone she said that Mary A. wanted to see her tomorrow at 10am to talk.  She later called back & said that the Captain was coming over to Focus to write out a report, which he never did.  Martha got a phone call from officer S. instead & he tried to placate the incident.  Wrong!!  Martha said to him "are you going to do something after I'm on the sidewalk in a pool of blood".  She rested her case!!!   Go Martha :)  You tell him.  Another police officer to be reported.  Does anyone care about the VICTIM????? or just the victimizer?????  Not any longer..........
As I was walking in the hallway there was Pat, our grandmother of 4 grown children & great grandmother of 4 babies.  One of the babies was saved at Focus & was a RU 486 baby & had 30 more minutes to live before he was aborted by the abortion pills RU 486 & the other baby was born 1lb. 7ozs. & I & Suzanne, our Thursday counselor, are the God mothers of her.  The other 2 babies were more or less safe from being aborted, thank God.  Pat was with another older woman.  I greeted them both & Pat, who had our little Akara with her said that this woman knew of someone who was pregnant with triplets was going for an abortion.  What!!!  I said.  Pat said that they went over to Planned Parenthood to see if she was there but they wouldn't give them any information.  I said that Wortman, in Brighton does 2nd. trimester abortions on Tuesdays but it's now 3pm!!  Then the lady that was with  Pat said "she left early this morning".  I said "what do you think happened to these precious babies by now"?  I felt very heart broken to say the least.  Pat went & got some nice things that we just received from Peace of Christ Church earlier this afternoon & she was blessed.  Pat has to have surgery & is in much pain too.  I pray for this family & Pat who is a remarkable woman.  I hope & pray that she will be recognized for all that she's done to save the lives of her 4 grand children & her 4 great grandchildren, hopefully someday!
After they left the doorbell rang & it was one of our guys who comes in for food mostly & sometimes for diapers, for his child that doesn't live with him.  I was so tired, for I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, & I lead him into the Material Aid Room to get some food, &  I said to him "just take what you need", for we had a good selection of food products, that we just recived from the good people of St. Pius X Church, in Chili.   Stupid me, I trusted him & I went into the Great Room to do something.  When I came back to the Material Aid Room a little later I noticed that a full bag of Rosaries, that we have in the literature box to hand out to people, was gone!!! Never again will I trust him & when I do see him again I will tell him that he is banned from Focus FOREVER!!  How upsetting :(
Martha & I sat down to eat some supper & to discuss the events of the afternoon.  This incident is not over, it just started.  The 'new police force' needs to be informed, by the Captain, on what is going on, in front of Planned Parenthood, & what our rights are, as the peaceful protesters, out there on the front lines.  I hope this the beginning of something 'new' :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

Martha & I went to see Attorney Mary A. at 10 am as requested.  We were greeted by her husband, who works in the office, & their dog Lucky.  Mary got to talk to Martha & I just kept quiet, I was under orders.  They spoke with the Sergeant & made an appointment to make a statement tomorrow at 1pm for a Warrant for the Arrest, of that nasty girl, who threatened Martha yesterday.  I felt good about that & so did Martha.  We said "good bye" to Mary A. & her husband & dog Lucky & off to Mass we went.  We got to the center right after Mass to work in the center & to help our moms, who were coming in for clothes, for their children.  I did some 'catch up' work in the office & we were keep pleasantly busy this afternoon. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

This is Sheila's experiences on the front lines

When Dennis and I got to Focus at 10:30am, we were alone for awhile. We set our signs up, and prayed. Soon a young lady came out of Planned Parenthood with an appointment for a pregnancy test.  I invited her to come with me for a free test at Focus, and she did.  After the test was done, we discussed at length how God has a plan for each of us.  Even when we make poor choices, He continues to direct us, and helps us on the path to salvation.  She left armed with many brochures pertaining to her state in life, and renewed herself, to resolve to live as He wants her to live.  She also selected some nice clothes, for her two young children, in the Material Aid Room, in the center.  Praise God!!

The rest of the morning we gave out Truth packets and Rosaries to people passing by.  One of our clients came early to pick up a pac'n & play, in the center, so she prayed the Rosary with us, out on the front lines.  She is Catholic but had forgotten how  to say the Rosary, so she is now ready to start praying the Rosary, by herself, using our little instructional booklet.  Her child also learned about the Rosary.  He was given his own Rosary, and read the prayers from the booklet with us.  How wonderful!

Dan & Addison were with us for awhile praying, and then Rob, Bill, Carole, and Mary J. were there by 1pm, when it was time for us to leave.


This was a most upsetting afternoon.  When I arrived & was greeted by Sheila & her brother Dennis & her team of Addision & Dan who prays while she sidewalk counsels.  Both her & her brother Dennis handed out 6 Truth packets & she did one pregnancy test too.  She's amazing & so effective in getting the Truth out to the girls who are so lied to & deceived by the evil Planned Parenthood.  She came into the center with me while I was trying to get things ready to take outside.  Carole just came in & was getting her signs to take out to the front lines.  Then along came Rob & he went to get his signs & the mega phone & the bag of Truth packets, that I had ready for him to take to the brick side of the building, to sidewalk counsel.  Sheila reviewed what had happened on her time from 10:30am to 1pm on the sidewalk.  As I was returning to the sidewalk I saw that the 2 Jim's, who live across the street from a Killing Mill were being bothersome to Rob & Bill, who sits in front of their Condos, with a graphic picture of Malachi, who was aborted & left in a dumpster, many years ago.  A pro lifer found his or her mutilated body & the Pathologist put the baby back together again, as best as he could, under the circumstance.  So they were mocking Bill too.  When I came out they started in on me, which after all these years, I have learned to ignore them, for they are 'crazy' & you can't get through to them, then they have no more fun & they finally go back into their 'homes of horrors'.  The one Jim peeks out of his bedroom window & takes pictures of us, how strange!!  I pray that they both Repent!!  Something's never change!!

I set up the literature box & put some signs on the sidewalk.  Sheila, Dennis, Addision & Dan all have left now & the second shift is out there trying to save lives.  Martha was with our Attorney & the Sergeant, doing the paperwork for the Warrant.  Maryann was there with a sign & she was, in front of Planned Parenthood, but she was standing in the street.  I was to far away to say anything to her to get her out of the street & get her on the sidewalk, so a passer by policeman did the job for me.  He pulled along side of her & asked her to move onto the sidewalk to which she did promptly.  As he drove pass me I said "I'm sorry officer".  That was that. 
I told Carole that I had to go into the center for a few minutes to talk to Suzanne, our Thursday Client Advocate.  I was gone for about 10 minutes & when I returned Carole told me that the nasty girl was back.  I knew that Martha was making out a report for her arrest, hopefully very soon, & hear she is again.  I was preparing for the worst & that's what I got, on this abortion day.  Carole said that she drove in with her friend, who we found out afterwards that it was her friend that was going for the abortion & not the nasty girl.  It really doesn't matter which one, for a precious baby was going to die, at the hands of the abortionists, one of many babies that will be slaughtered at this abortion mill today.  How very evil.  When the girl saw Carole she hollered out the window "I see that you're back here today again".  When I came back outside they were in Planned Parenthood & I know that Rob was talking to them as they walked into the Killing Mill to try to save this innocent baby from being murdered today.  About 10 minutes later I saw that she was taking Rob's picture where he was standing.  He was a good sport about the intrusion & stood there with both signs in his hands speaking Truth.  I saw that he started to talk to her & then he was walking across the street over to where Carole & I were standing.  Then I saw the nasty girl walk towards us.  As she walked passed me she showed me her child's picture, on her cell phone, & said "I have a daughter so don't speak to me about abortion".  She & Rob were walking to the center.  Okay, that'll work.  About 10 minutes later they both come back out onto the sidewalk again & she had two books with her.  As she passed by me she said "I took these two books because they're expensive & I didn't give my real name or address on you Sign In Sheet & I lambasted everyone who was in there too.  I later found out that she said to Rob, "you know that blonde, she's a "witch" & Rob replied "no, she's the director of the pregnancy center".  OOP's!!  What a character difference.   She was itching for trouble or whatever.  So she decided to sit down on the wooden bench that surrounds the tall bushes used to block our vision of the people going into Planned Parenthood, which it really doesn't, we can see everything, for we have the eyes of Christ.  Well she started talking & I started to talk back too.  I must have hit a nerve for she told me not to talk to her again, so I tried not too but she was so bothersome that I just had it & I told her that she was going to be arrested & was going down.  I lost it.  Carole & I did have enough of her remarks & bothersome attitude so I flagged a police car that was coming down the road & the car stopped right in front of me.  I looked into the car & said "hi Officer Chris".  Oh my goodness the Lord sent me Officer Chris to our rescue.  He got out of the car & I briefly told him what was going on & then he spoke with her.  She said to Officer Chris, that I said, that she was going to be arrested & she was going down.  Well that's the truth.  Some part of me wanted to warn her what was going to happen to her, in the near future, & part of me was being nasty too.  Not to happy with myself & that happens on a regular bases.  Officer Chris came back to talk to me & said that the Sergeant was trying to contact Martha yesterday to make out a police report but they couldn't reach her.  I said that she gave her home phone number, for she doesn't use her cell phone, so I don't know what happened there.  Just then the girl came around the bushes & asked to speak to Officer Chris again.  He walked over to her & they both went into the Planned Parenthood parking lot, to talk.  They spoke for at least 10 minutes or that's how it felt & when Officer Chris returned to where I was standing he said " the warrant usually takes 72 hours before the arrest".  I later found out that she said to him that she had to go because her friend was in there (Planned Parenthood) having an abortion.  She told the wrong police officer that, for he's 100% Catholic & 100% pro life.  That statement must have made his stomach turn.  He's not biased, he's just right.  He also mentioned the reporting of the woman police officer.  I said that Martha was doing that & that if he had answered the call, on Tuesday, none of this would have happened, for he's fair to both parties, when he answers a call.  He said that he was with his children & he can't be in two places at once.  I said "that's true".  He got back into his car & I said that we are praying for him & his safety & I started the St. Michael's Prayer, as he drove away.  He smiled.  Thank you Lord for sending me Officer Chris.  We have a 'special' bond for it was a couple of years ago that a friend of mine said that I should have reported the gang rape back in 1971, for I could have saved other women, of the same fate.  He made me feel so badly about that, even though I really didn't know, at the time of the attack what really happened to me, until 6 weeks later when the miscarriage occurred & it still didn't register in my mind, for my mother told me to "flush it" down the toilet.  I also flushed it from my mind that day too.  Well one day after I came out of Mass at Our Lady of Victory I saw a policeman & I went up to him & said "I would like to make out a report of a gang rape back in 1971 at Strong Memorial Hospital".  He looked at me tenderly & said "I'm sorry that happened to you but that the stature of limitations was up".  I said "I thought so but I just wanted to report it to a police officer because I never had the chance to after the rape happened ".  I then told him I got pregnant from the rape & miscarried twins 6 weeks later".  He was sensitive & caring, there was nothing he could really do legally, but he did a lot just by his reaction to what I had now told him.  So we have a 'special' bond.  I can tell you though, if he every would stop me for a traffic violation I'd get a ticket from him in a flash, for he goes by the book.  So I hope that I never get sopped by Officer Chris.  He's 'special'.  Thank you Lord & please always protect Officer Chris & all the Offices that protect us every day, from danger.
One car after another came out of Planned Parenthood, with the post abortive mothers, giving me their middle finger.  One car even had her mother, as the driver.  How evil is that?  Just then I saw the nasty girl & her 'post abortive', so called friend, & she was as white as a ghost standing by the car, which I got her license number earlier on.  Our eyes meet through the bushes & the pain in my eyes hopefully penetrated & convicted her, for what she had just done in there today, by having her baby killed.  As they drove out I said to the driver "I'll see you in court" & for them to repent.  I was glad that Martha wasn't back yet so she didn't have to see this or be a 'victim' of her again.  Martha will have her day in court & there will be justice, for the threat that she made to her, on Tuesday.  She didn't even try to save this precious baby's life or her friend's life too, for she will never be the same again.  Their friendship won't last, for very long, for one will blame the other for today's killing, that's what usually happens. 
Martha finally arrived & she was smiling.  She got to the sidewalk to pray & to witness. What a trooper!  She said that she completed all the paperwork & it was now just a matter of time.  Also Martha & the policewoman & an arbitrator were going to have a meeting to clear up a few things, for the future.  You Go Girl!!
An older woman drove out of Planned Parenthood, that I never saw before, & as she was leaving I said to her "are you the one that's been killing all these children here today"?  I looked up on the Internet a picture of Nancy Stanwood, the 2nd. trimester abortionist, at Strong Memorial Hospital, & she looked a lot like her.  Lord have Mercy!! 
A car drove into Planned Parenthood & out come four women.  Three of the four women were dressed, in long dresses, representing them coming from another country. The American woman started to walk towards us that were behind the bushes.  As she made her turn around the bushes she said to us "I am a Pastor & I used to do what you're doing & we're not here for an abortion but one of these woman had been raped". I hurried over to the literature box to get out the paper with the three names & numbers of people & agencies to call that can counsel a rape survivor.  I handed it to her & asked her to go to one of these agencies instead, for they've killed God's children in here today & you just told us that you were a Pastor:  She took the paper & went back to the three women leading them into the front door of Planned Parenthood only to be told that they needed to go to the back door instead.  I hollered over to her saying  "you said that you used to do what we're doing, I want you to know that we wouldn't do what you're doing right now".  The back door closed & they were all inside the 'so called clean part' of Planned Parenthood'.  What a lie. I do get upset & I must realize that it's in God's time not mine for people to change & do the right thing.  I can only hope & pray that for the next appointment, for her to receive counseling, it won't be at Planned Parenthood, but that she will call one of the numbers on the paper that I gave her instead to get the 'excellent' help that this victim & all rape victims deserve.  They deserve better than Planned Parenthood!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I recruited the father & son, Ryan & Ryan Jr., who just turned 12 years old, to come out to the front lines today. The father said that they had to go to the library first & then would come on over.  I said that would be great.  Martha & I got to the center after Mass & Carole will join us later.  Paul is still settling into his new home so hopefully we'll see him soon.  We were busy in the Material Aid Room & assisting clients tat were coming in for children's clothes, etc. but we also wanted to spend some time out on the front lines too because this is the day that the girls come in for tests, urine, blood etc., so that they come back on Thursday, to have a surgical abortion.  Tuesdays are very important days, to be out there on the front lines, along with Thursdays, to try to save lives.  All three of us ladies got to the sidewalk with all our signs,mega phone & literature box, ready to witness to the public.  We were out there for a short time when Ryan & Ryan came, so because we had so much to do in the center Carole & I went back into the center & work on putting the donations away.  So Martha & Ryan & Ryan were going to stay on the front lines a little while longer.  It was about an hour later when Martha & Ryan & Ryan came back into the center & she told me that one of the neighbors, that has a business on University Ave., came over to them & started to tell them that he will call the police if we don't stop feeding Cleveland, our street person, that we've been taking care for the last 15 years.  He said that he's scaring off his customers & that he's on drugs.  He said that he was trying to stop the drug problem on the street.  I know this guy, for he used to do some of our printing for the center.  He did our brochures, business cards, our paper & envelopes, at one time, until we found someone less expensive.  I thought that he was nice & this is the first time he's ever done anything like this in all the 15 years that we've been out in front of Planned Parenthood.  How bizarre!  Call the police!!  What!!  He said that it was against the law for us to feed Cleveland & if we want to feed him then feed him, in the center, not on the sidewalk.  Cleveland might be arrested for pan handling but I'd make sure that I was the one to go to jail & not him.  We, as Christians, are called to feed the hungry & love one another & by the grace of God go I.  We give him Ramon noodles, in a cup, in front of Buckpitt, the business right next door to Planned Parenthood & so far so good no trouble with them, this summer.  Now we have to deal with another business, up the street, no less.  If it's not the two Jim's across the street, in the condo's, harassing us then it's someone else on University Ave.. Also, in front of his business is a large parking lot, before you get to his front door, so no one is bothered there.  Cleveland just walks on pass, on the sidewalk, to come to us who love & care about him.  Blame someone else for your failing business & not Cleveland. Shame on you Mr. V.!!!  Repent......  I was upset when I heard Martha tell me of what just happened out there on the front lines.  I thought that I would talk to Tucker, who knows this guy too, to talk to him, the next day or I would go over to his business to talk to him & try to reason with him, either or this has to be resolved soon. 
I went into the next room to do some work when a I heard my name being called in a panicking voice "Mary, Martha's just been stung by a bee"!!   "What", I said & walked very fast to where she was in the office.  What happened was that she was going into her purse that she hides under the desk, to get some money out to go next door to buy Cleveland a bottle of pop when all of a sudden she was stung by a bee, which she is deathly allergic to.  Oh no!!  She must have brought the bee in with her from the outside for I didn't see a bee in the center while I was in there working.  If so I would have taken care of it.  So I hurried to get my head on straight & get my car keys & ask Ryan & Ryan to lock up for me.  The father said that they would stay until we get back from the hospital.  I said "that's so nice of you & thank you so much".  Martha & I were gone.  I drove her to the General Hospital as fast as I could but being careful & praying all the way there.  I was hoping that I would see a police car & stop & ask him or her if they would take Martha to the hospital a little faster than I.  She didn't want to use her Epee pen, which is a huge needle, that you jab into your thigh, so you won't go into shock.  She just told me to take her to the hospital & they would take it from there.  Okay Martha, anything you say, you're the boss now.  We got to the Emergency Room & I let her out of the car & went to go to park in the parking lot nearby.  I had to make a fast phone call first to Kristen, the director of Place of Hope Pregnancy Center, to tell her that we won't be at the 'Condoms in the School' meeting tonight.  I left a message on her cell phone.  I then walked into the Emergency Room waiting area & sat down next to Martha who had already signed in.  I received some calls from Ryan saying that some moms were there picking up some lager items for their children so I told him to make sure that they sign the Liability Sheet before they left the center.  We made contact more than a couple of times during the evening.  After the last phone call with Ryan I heard him say to his son "what is on your leg, it's all red & swollen"?  He said that he was going to lock up the center & take his son to the Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Room to check it out.  Oh no not again.  What are the chances that all us were ending in the ER this evening.  I said thank you to him & please let me know how Ryan makes out with his medical crisis too.  Then the doctor comes into Martha's room.  We thought that he was going to send her home but he added more hours to the treatment plus an IV line & some medication to boot.  It would be now 11:30pm that she could possibly go home tonight.  I said that I would go upstairs to go see my ex boss, who had been in the hospital, for the last 6 weeks.  Most of that time he was in ICU which means family only.  After that I told Martha that I would go back to the center & do some work there & when she was ready to go home I'd come back to pick her up & bring her back to the center to pick up her car.  Does this sound like a plan or what!!!  I said so long to Martha & off I went to find my ex boss's room on the 5th. floor.  His wife is a friend of mine & I've been keeping a progress report through her almost daily.  I arrived to his room only to see that he was so emaciated looking it really bothered me at fist glance.  We talked for a little while & I ordinated him a bit for he thought that it was 8am & not 8pm.  Hospital life is so confusing & depressing, to say the least.  I even was an ex nurse & I hate hospitals now.  Go figure.  Maybe because I was gang raped in one & my back was twisted in another by a so called doctor & now have permanent L-5 back injury & was molested by the doctor who took out my appendix.  I later reported him to the AMA.  I wish that he was arrested by my word against his work kind of thing.  He was reprimanded by the AMA though, which I guess was some justice.  Well I degrees of my dislike of hospitals for people die, in them, but some people get better in them too.  After my visit with my ex boss, his company closed on 2009,  decided to go back down in the Emergency Room to be with Martha to keep her company instead of going back to the center, so I surprised her when I came into the room about 40 minutes later.  We spent some quality time together, eating Jell-O & watching the Food Channel together.  Misery loves company.  It was now around 10:15pm when the doctor came back in the room.  He talked with Martha & I & then decided to admit her to the hospital, just in case she might have a later reaction while at home all by herself.  Okay Doc whatever you say.  I then said to Martha that I was going to go back to the center to check the rooms & then go home to eat.  The plan was that she was going to call a taxi in the morning after she was discharged to take her to go get her car at the parking lot at the center.  This sounds like it would work.  I said good bye Martha & please call me when you get home tomorrow to which she said that she would.  I then went back to the center & turned off the radio & computer & went home & ate late & had a big glass of red wine to boot then went to bed around 3am, which is much to late.  I've got to be better about going to bed so late!!!  Sleep tight dear Martha & don't let the bed bugs bite. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at Focus
Martha was admitted, in the hallway, at the General Hospital & didn't get any sleep that night so she was at home & will try to catch up on her sleep today, instead of coming to the center, so I'm on my own today.  I figured I'd stay in the center & do some' catch up' work today.  I worked mostly in the office & made up some Truth packets to hand out to the people.  I was at my desk & there was a face that came around the door.  She was one of our regular clients & wanted a pregnancy test.  I asked how she got in for I hadn't heard the doorbell ring & she said that the door was open.  "Okay", I said.  I got up to take her the Rose Room for the pregnancy test.  There was another pregnant woman in the hallway with two young children.  I asked if I could help her & she said that she was a friend of my regular client, who wants to get pregnant.  I have to continue to convince her she will not be able to compensate for the loss of her son, who the father has custody of.  She needs to get the help & healing she needs to be more complete & to see her son on regular visits, like she's doing.  She picked up a couple of trucks for him in the Material Aid Room today.  My heartaches for her. But at this time I needed to give her another pregnancy test which was negative, thank God.  Her friend took some very big items for her 2 boys & another boy on the way, her husband has the other son.  One of her sons, that is with her today, plus the baby in her womb is from her boyfriend who is the father.  Her life is so complicated that it made my heart hurt.  They were both very grateful for what they received at Focus today for their children.  I said "good bye" & went back to my office & almost cried. 
Before I got started with more office work I went for an ice tea, which after red wine, (just a little) is my favorite beverage.  I was going back into the office when I saw another woman in the hallway, I thought that the door is not closing.  I don't mind my clients coming in but I don't want someone else to come in looking for trouble.  I asked if I could help her.  She said that she needed a pregnancy test.  I lead her into the Rose Room to fill out an Intake Sheet for me.  She looked familiar & I do see so many faces daily.  We talked first & after she filled out the sheet I lead her to the bathroom for a specimen.  She took the pregnancy test & she was positive.  She had a strong feeling that she was.  She's going to keep the baby & she just had a miscarriage a couple of months ago & I gave her a booklet to help her to heal.  She already has some grown children, with another man, & this baby is her boyfriend's.  She was post abortive, so I talked to her about that & gave her a brochure on Project Rachel, a post abortive ministry to call to talk to someone if she so chooses to & I gave her a brochure on marriage too.  I don't force anyone to marry because she is pregnant, by the father, but we do suggest & give out some brochures on 'marriage'', to inform.  So many of the girls think that the guy will marry them if they get pregnant & this is mostly untrue.  He usually either tries to talk her into an abortion or leaves her flat or strings her along to think that they will get married someday & in some cases we are talking about 5-10 years waiting.  These girls are so used & abused & they really don't know it until someone comes along to tell them the Truth & the cycle is broken.  My heart goes out to our girls who we love & care about at Focus!!!
Tucker came in to get his sign & chair to go out to the front lines to witness for an hour or so.  I had called him, on the phone, earlier today & asked him to talk to Mr. V., for he knows him to, regarding his concern of us feeding Cleveland, on the street.  I guess all guys stick together.  He said that Mr. V. asked if we would feed Cleveland at the center & not on the street.  I said "that's not going to happen for we're on the sidewalk counseling & sometimes we don't have time to go into the center to feed Cleveland but we go quickly to our cars, to get him a package of Ramon noodles, to take with him".  "What so wrong with that"?  He walked away form me so I followed him in the hallway & said that it was rude of him to just walk away.  He said that he thought that the problem was resolved by what I had said.  Okay, I don't want to quarrel with my fellow pro lifers, even when we don't see eye to eye.  I hope that this problem is resolved otherwise I will go up the street to speak to Mr. V. myself. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
This is Sheila's experiences on the front lines
Dennis and I joined Pat and Bill just before 10:30am. I gave Pat a Truth packet so she would have one if any one came over to talk  to her on Thursday mornings. Pat left a bag of information on Mary’s desk to be used in packets or for counseling. We were very happy to see Paul coming down the street toward us shortly afterward.  We missed him last week!
Soon a young lady came out of Planned Parenthood with condoms, telling us she was “all set”, and wouldn’t need help with an unplanned pregnancy. She walked fast, and was unreceptive to any other viewpoint. She did not want a truth packet. She did agree to pray for us, when I asked her to as she crossed the street.
Our next contact was a lady with her beautiful year old daughter in a stroller, and her nephew walking alongside. She accepted a packet, and some extra information for her friend who had an abortion recently. She will consider switching her health care to one of the good doctors on our list, so she does not continue to patronize Planned Parenthood, where they sell abortions. She will also come in to Focus for material aid during our open hours. Her sister, who has a newborn, needs help too.
A gentleman from Trinidad stopped to talk to us. He is appalled by the evil that goes on at Planned Parenthood, and will pray for our success on the sidewalk.
When it was 1pm when we left. During our time outside of Planned Parenthood today we saw two women in passenger seats leave, looking guilty, sick & post abortive. They ignored us.

I was hurrying to get to the center before Sheila & her brother Dennis had to leave.  Today I wanted to see Dennis especially.  I said hi to Dan & Addision as they handed me their monthly donations, for the work at the Focus Center, in helping our moms & their children & also our single girls, who come in for pregnancy tests & that are negative, to try to teach then self respect & abstinence.  So thank you all :)  I spoke with Sheila for a few minutes as always it's a pleasure to get to speak to her & to get a brief report for what had just taken place from 10:30am to 1pm, when we get there to relieve the team.  She's keeping a record of the names of the girls in a 'special;' book that she bought in London, when she was there this summer, so that she can lift them up to the Lord, in prayer for them, & their needs.  God bless you Sheila for that is a wonderful idea!!   I said good bye to Sheila & Dennis & to Dan & Addision & God bless this team of prayer warriors & our sidewalk counselor Sheila.  God bless to you all.  Just about now Rob showed up but he had to use the computer, in the office, to send out some pictures to the American Life League on the 'Pill Kills' day, a couple of weeks ago.  So he wasn't with us right away.  Thank God that Carole & Adolf showed up & our Martha showed up about 1:15pm or so.  Paul, thank God was in the center putting away the donations & it was so good to see him again. We missed you Paul.  Sandy was looking for you on Tuesday.  I went to the cabinet to get the graphic signs, the mega phone & literature box to take outside.  Bill was across the street with his sign & MaryAnn was on the brick side of the building praying the Rosary.  She later came over to me to tell me that she had some lipstick for me & that she'll bring it next Thursday, thank you MaryAnn.  But all I can really think about, on Thursdays, is that babies have already been murdered & more will follow this afternoon, on my watch.  My heart breaks & there is no way to describe the pain that I feel.  Just them Jerry & his lady friend & my friend Bobbie came to pray the Rosary. I like to tease him but I must be careful not to go to overboard.  I guess I was so glad to see their faces today, more people to pray outside of this Killing Mill.  He was my stress release, for a moment, but I take this day very seriously like I said. 
Now Rob was on the brick side of the building & I felt better for he speaks to the people going in & out as much as we try to do on our side where the tall bushes are, that were planted to block our vision.  We still can see, thank God, through the bushes.  I went into the center to speak to our Client Advocate, Suzanne, for a few minutes.  I felt like I could leave the front lines because we had a good team today out there.  I reviewed some things with Suzanne & she showed me two fairly new car seats for our clients.  They were so beautiful & I was so happy.  No recalls & they are in good shape to give away.  Yeah!!  After I spoke to Suzanne I offered Paul & her some of my banana nut bread to have as a snack.  They both thanked me & I was off to the front lines again to join the team.  It is always heartbreaking to see the girls come out after the abortion.  One girl came out & her father was driving & she was smoking a cigarette & they both looked straight ahead like mannequins.   How very sad.  About an hour later another girl with her friends came out & the girl who had the abortion was laughing with her legs in the air.  It'll hit then all someday, that's for sure.  I hope & pray that they repent real soon before they die, for we don't know the day or the hour, the Bible says, we just have to be ready at ALL times. 
I was standing with Carole, on the sidewalk, when a young man came around the bushes but with a camera.  He didn't want our pictures so I realized that he was probably taking pictures for Planned Parenthood's Hip Teen Program.  Give me a break!!   Poor kids!!!  Then Eric Hogg came out of Planned Parenthood & spoke with the young man & the three young girls who were now with him.  I was able, which was a miracle, to give one of the girls all our information.  I gave her our Truth packet & a DVD & CD, which is so educational.  Just wait when they see this Planned Parenthood.  You'll have a lot of explaining to do, that's for sure!!!
I was standing there on the sidewalk & a car was pulling out so I put my two arms out like a cross & the woman hollered at me saying "I killed it, I killed it".  What do you do with that but cry & give it to the Lord, so you won't go insane. 
All of a sudden a young woman came around the bushes & started to talk to me like she new me.  She said that she just suffered with a miscarriage not to long ago & it was very painful & traumatic for her.  I told her that we had a booklet on Miscarriages in the center right next to this yellow building & if she wanted to follow me I'll bring her there & she can also talk to a Client Advocate too.  She said that she would like that, so she followed me into the canter to get the information.  As we were walking into he center I asked why she was at Planned Parenthood & she said that he friend was there for a bacterial infection.  Something sounded fishy to me but she said that she wasn't there for an abortion.  I said sometimes the girlfriend asks the friend to bring her there for an abortion unbenounced to the friend.  She said that they brought her to the back room & when she wanted to be with her friend Planned Parenthood said "no", which she thought was strange.  She said again that she wasn't there for an abortion, for she was giving her tampons, the other day. I hope for her sake her friend wasn't there for an abortion for this betrayal would break her heart & my heart too.  I do doubt that they do anything other than abortions on Thursdays??  I introduced her to Suzanne & we brought her to the Rose Room to talk. I gave her the booklet on 'Healing from a Miscarriage' & other pieces of literature & left Suzanne & her to talk alone.  I went back outside & she came out about 10 minutes later.  She thanked me & gave me a hug.  What a wonderful young woman she is & I hope that she will now heal.  Thank you Lord for Danielle today!!
After Suzanne had left I went into the office & saw that she had left me a not on my desk & it read:  Baby #12 was born on July 23, 2011 & she was girl named Joyce & mom & baby are doing fine. Mom was grateful to Focus for a car seat, layette, stroller & moral support.  Thanks to you & your prayers & generosity that we were able to furnish this mom with what she needed for her baby.  Great news & that made my day too.
I was in the center when Carolyn, our grandmother & great grandmother, who is taking care of her great grandson, while his mother is jail, plus her grandson who is a teenager, came into the center today to receive some children's clothes.  She brought her other granddaughter, who is pregnant & was abortion minded, so I gave her everything that I could have grabbed from the Resource Room.  The last thing that I gave her was a 10 week old baby pin & that's what the Lord used to change her mind to abort.  Praise God!  A couple of days later I received a call from the grandmother saying that she was bleeding slightly so I told her to call 911 to take her to the Emergency Room if she's bleeding heavily, otherwise call the doctor in the morning for a check up. I'm so sorry to report that the mother, that I asked you to pray for yesterday, that 'choose life' because she was so touched by the baby's feet, of a 10 week old baby, did have a miscarriage.  She is so devastated & so is the grandmother.  I still ask for prayers for her, for the grandmother said that she hasn't stop crying since the doctor told her that she had a miscarriage.  She is in mourning.  Please also keep her grandmother & the entire family, for it's a very complicated situation, in your prayers.  Thank you so much. We bond with our clients in a 'special way'.  When they hurt we hurt too. God is in control....................
I went back outside to be with Rob & we were out on the front lines until 5:10pm today & then I had to go back into the center because Leanne was there to bring the new Focus brochure & letters to the Parishes, to request their financial assistance, to Focus.  Everyone had left, the front lines, & Martha needed to go into the center earlier because the bees, were a many today, & we didn't want to repeat Tuesday's trauma all over again.  Rob brought everything back into the center around 5:30pm. After Leanne had left, for she's expecting her first baby in November, a little girl named Mary, after the Blessed Mother, then Martha, Rob & I had supper together, this evening.  Rob left to go home & Martha & I went to St. Jude's Church, for the Our Lady of Fatima Holy Hour & Benediction & to pray against abortion, which greatly offends the Lord & Mother Mary.

Monday, August 8, 2011 at Focus

I was on the expressway heading to go see Fr. C. to pick up the DVD's & CD's that he burns for us at Focus to hand out to our clients & the people on the sidewalk.  My cell phone rang & I pulled over to the side of the expressway to answer it, with my emergency lights on.  It was a girl who wanted a pregnancy test.  I said that I could be there at 3:30pm, for I wanted to go to Mass at St. John Fisher at 4:30pm & then go to T-Mobile to get minutes put on the cell phone & then to go to the Dollar General for supplies for Focus.  I had it all planned out but the joke was on me, later on.  I picked up the CD's & DVD's at the Rectory & thanked Father & he gave me his blessing & off I went to the center.  When I arrived there I asked the taxi guys to help me empty out my car of the donations I received from Ana, at the Second Hand Store.  She stops by my apartment & puts the donations in my garage & I then put them in my car & then take them to the center.  How nice is that!!   After the guys helped me put the donations in the Great Room I started to do other things & to get the Rose Room ready for the pregnancy test.  As I opened up the office there was a envelope on my desk & we received a nice check, for the baby pins that I just purchased for the center, from the Fingerlakes Right to Life, how great was that.  Thanks Colleen & all at the FRTL.  God bless you.  The doorbell rang & I went to answer it & there was a woman & three children with her, one was a toddler in the stroller.  I asked if she had called me for a pregnancy test & she said "no, but I'd like one".  "Okay" I said & lead her into the Green Room to fill out the Intake Sheet first.  I was sad to see that she was post abortive & I later talked to her about that.  She said that she has asked the Lord to forgive her & it was done this year at Strong Memorial Hospital by Nancy Stanwood , who does abortions in the 2nd. trimester.  She said that if her mother ever finds out that she'd kill her.  I gave her many brochures on Post Abortion & then gave her the pregnancy test which was negative.  I also spoke to her about abstinence.  Her children were having fun in the Material Aid Room & they picked out some toys & books.  I told her to come back another time to get some clothes for the children.  She needed diapers today so I went into the Great Room to get them & baby wipes for her.  Just before they left my appointment for 3:30pm had arrived.  I settled her into the Rose Room to fill out the Intake Sheet & then went to say good bye to the mom & her children.  I went back to the Rose Room to concentrate on her.  I saw that she was only 15 years old so I gathered up some brochures that would hopefully help her to abstain & also a DVD & CD too.  Her pregnancy test was negative, thank God & she was happy about that too.  She could have been abortion minded or her family could have been.  After she left I was cleaning up & was ready to head over to the College for Mass.  I locked all the doors & then as I was leaving a mom with her baby, in the stroller, was walking towards the door.  She said that she was here to pick up a bag that was left for her, for she received a call from Suzanne, last Thursday.  I said that I would go get it for her & then race to get to Mass on time.  I reached for my keys to find that I didn't have them on me & all the doors to the center were locked.  I knew that God had another plan for it wasn't for me to get to Mass at 4:30 for it was now 4:20pm & it takes about 15 or more minutes to get there from here.  I brought her into the hallway & then brought her to the All Purpose Room, which I call the Green Room, to wait for Martha to come for I just called her.  Thank God that I had my cell phone in my pocket & she was home otherwise I would have had to sleep on the carpet floor.  I did other things while waiting for Martha plus I was taking to our newest mom, for this was baby # 12, little Joyce, who was here with her mother, waiting here for her carry all bag.  Martha finally arrived & she let me into all the rooms & I found my keys in the basket, in the Material Aid Room.  I must have put them down while trying to pick up after the children that were there earlier.  Dumb, Dumb!!!   We ordered a taxi to take our newest mom home for her load was very heavy & then I treated Martha for supper at the South Wedge Restaurant, which is my favorite diner.  After that I went to T-Mobile, for phone minutes & then to the Hardware Store to get Martha's wasp & bee trap & to make extra keys, so that I can hide them in the Green Room, so if this ever happens again I can retrieve them quickly to get my keys from the locked door.  Then I went to the Dollar General to get supplies for the center & went home.  God is with me always!   You too!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 in Focus
It was rainy but that's not why were weren't out on the front lines today, it was because we had so much to do in the center to put away the many donations that we have been blessed with.  We have to have the center in order, to be able to serve our clients properly.  So Martha, Carole & then came Sandy & I were busy at work in the center today.  The doorbell rang & a mother came in for children clothes & went into the Material Aid Room to be blessed with clothes, diapers, wipes & formula for her baby.  Martha & Sandy assisted this mom today.  I was in the office for some of the time & in the Material Aid Room for some of the time too.  Martha I had lunch for Carole doesn't eat lunch & Sandy hadn't come as yet.  After lunch Martha was ready for a nap for she didn't sleep well last night.  Poor Martha :( 
I was walking up the hallway to see our regular client that has been in the center taking repeated pregnancy tests.  I answered the door & she asked to take another test.  I just received a new test that is very accurate so I said "one more time then you see a doctor".  In she came & she took the test & it was negative again.  I said to her that she needed to see a doctor to get to the root of the problem.  I know that she has some issues so I hope that the doctor will see that & address it too.  We love our girls & want what's the very best for them. 
Carole had to leave & Sandy left soon after, so it was Martha & I once more.  I worked again back in the office to do more 'catch up' work & Martha was busy with other things. We prepared supper & just after we finished a young girl appeared in the Green Room, asking to take a pregnancy test. I asked Martha to do the test for I wanted to get the room ready for the meeting tonight.  She said "yes" & she lead this young girl into the Rose Room for the test & to be counseled.
Focus was hosting our first '40 Days for Life'  Campaign meeting tonight from 7-8pm. This year it will start on September 28th. & the 'Kick Off Rally' will be at Focus on September 27th.starting at 6:30pm, the three speakers will start at 7pm to 8pm.  We have Dr. Kate first to speak & they want me to ask Fr.Tony to speak next.  We have to ask the third speaker Jann, who works for the Diocese as the Life Coordinator, if she'll accept to speak that night.  I'll call the rectory tomorrow to see if Father Tony is available to be a part of the 'Kick Off Rally'.  For first meeting we had a total of 9 people which was great!!!  What a fantastic start :)  The meeting was so productive & fun.  It was good seeing everyone & at times I acted a little silly.  I don't get out much. 
We finished the meeting a little late but it was so productive & I was so glad of that.  I was so happy that Sheila was able to came, for she lives very far away, & we were able to talk for a short time afterwards.  These meetings will resume every Tuesday from 7-8pm until the 'Kick Off Rally' starts in the end of September.  
After everyone had left Martha informed me that our young client that came in for a pregnancy test around 6:45pm had such a sad story.  She's living with her girlfriend because she was kicked out of her mother's house because her mother thinks that she might be pregnant. Her mother told her that if she's pregnant & if she gets rid of it then she can come back home to live with me. Ick you devil.  The guy that she made a mistake with said that if she's pregnant than he wants her to have an abortion.  Another devil.  Lord have Mercy.  I called her on her cell phone & asked her to come back this week to repeat the pregnancy test & that we care about her at Focus.  Lord please protect this young girl form her mother & this guy & please keep her safe as she lives with her girlfriend.  She now knows that she has us for support, poor baby!
Martha said "good bye" & off she went & I stayed to straighten up a bit.  I like things neat.  Earlier today our landlord come over to see how things were going after the heavy rain.  It looks like he has some work ahead of him back on the roof for there was some water leakage on the ceiling titles.  We get along real well now & he's a blessing to us.  I just pray that he gets to know the Lord, who loves him & saved his soul. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 in Focus
I must be burning out, for just a short time on the front lines, for Martha & I stayed in the center today doing mailings & making up Truth packets & servicing clients, etc..  We will be out on the street tomorrow when Planned Parenthood is killing innocent, precious babies.  It would be nice if there were more people outside sidewalk counseling & we in the center taking care of our clients in there.  We are the only center that runs a street ministry & a pregnancy center, a double ministry.  We pray that there would be more people either in the center, to take care of our clients, or more people out on the front lines, praying & counseling there.  I pray that Martha & I will be able to do both ministries for another year, through the grace of God, for He never fails us.  I feel sorry for those people that don't do anything & have to answer to God someday for their lack of 'caring'.  The Bible says that "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth".  Revelations 3:16.  Will that be you???
Clients & their children came in today to receive diapers, wipes, food & children & adult clothes.  One mom came back to get a dress for herself.  Martha & I made up Truth packets & wrote 'Thank You' letters to people that blessed us with food & monetary donations, that we were blessed with.   We did a mailing of 43 envelopes that we stuffed with a Focus letter, our new brochure & a prayer card of Fr. Frank Pavone, from Priests for Life, to end abortion.  This Fund-raiser takes time.  We were there from 1p to 8:30p & I still have more work to do, that I took home to finish.  Don't get me wrong, for I'm not complaining for I love helping our clients to make their lives a little better, all I'm saying is that I wish that we had more people to help us in our pro life work??? 
It was good to see a client of ours that we haven't seen in awhile & she looked more peaceful this time & said that she 'found God' & she gave her heart to Him.  No wonder she looked more peaceful.  She come to us for things for her daughter's children & some personal items for herself, like lotion & soap.  After I left the center I went to the Dollar Store to buy more baby wipes, plastic bags for the Truth packets, & personal items, for the clients that ask for them.  We aim to please.     

Thursday, August 11, 20011 in front of Planned Parenthood
When I arrived I saw that the team was out on the front lines witnessing.  I went into the center & opened up all the center's doors to get ready for the afternoon.  Martha was already there & I was so glad to see her & then Carole showed up & took her sign from the cabinet in the Material Aid Room to go out to the front lines to witness the Truth.  When I arrived there was a regular client in the Material Aid Room with the son who she took on to take care of, he's not her biological son but he was dropped off at her doorsteps & she's been taking good care of him ever since.  I admire her so much & I think the young boy is so happy to come to Focus to get some nice things on a regular bases.  Nice boy!  I gathered up the mega phone & the literature box to go to the front lines.  Before I went out I did some fast office work first.  I went out to the front lines & said 'hi' to everyone.  I noticed that the Planned Parenthood parking lot was empty & I thought, for a brief moment, that it was closed but reality set in when I spoke with Sheila for a fast review of what when on during her time.  She threw the cold water on me right away & got me back into reality & out of dream land.  Sheila said that an abortion had already taken place & there was an abortionist there today.  She spoke with the sister of a young woman who has 5 children that decided to kill baby # 6 this morning.  Her sister tired to save this precious baby's life but her sister 'choose death' for this child & deprived the other siblings of a brother or sister & took a life that ONLY God has the right to do.  It was a sad beginning.  After Sheila & Dennis & Addison & Dan had left it was Bill, across the street, Martha, Carole & I for the rest of the afternoon.  Paul came back after lunch to work in the center helping out in the Material Aid Room & then making up Truth packets, for us to hand out.  I was there when we were blessed with a donation from two moms of many nice things & then they went shopping in the Material Aid Room for their children.  I made a quick phone call to Pat, out grandmother & great grandmother & told her that I just received a check for her for her family & to come & to receive it & also to get some other things too.  She arrived about 45 minutes later & It was so good to see her again, for I miss her, for she is an inspiration & a wonderful person that has raised her 4 grandchildren & saved her 4 great grandchildren, from abortion.  I wish I or someone else could write a book about her life.... it would change lives. 
I said good bye to Pat & off I went back to the front lines again for a short time.  The cell phone rang & it was Suzanne saying that she was running late today.  I said "okay & I'll see you when you get here". I went back into the office & Suzanne had arrived & blessed up with a cucumber salad & some home grown cherries for snacking & some big yellow & green squashes to give away.  Thanks Suzanne.  Martha had made another chocolate cake & had one cookie, in the middle of the plate.  Suzanne took the cookie & wolfed it down, with a smile on her face.  Good for you Suzanne, enjoy!  She then went into the office & started her work there. 
I went back out to the front lines & the phone rang again & it was our new girl who will be working 20 hours at Focus for DSS, until she can find a paying job.  She said that she was coming in to get something's for her child & will stay awhile & will start her 20 hours starting this  Monday at the center.  I was so happy to hear this & it was a prayer answered too.  Our Monday sidewalk counselor will be happy about that too.  This way he'll get have some help in the center while he's out on the front lines on Monday evenings sidewalk counseling & praying.  Thank you Lord!!
Carole had to go so it was now Martha & I & she was getting tired & wanted to go into the center.  I asked if she would stay with me for awhile outside & I would take over, for her throat was dry.  She was nice enough to stay with me so that I wouldn't be alone.  About 15 minutes later Cleveland, our street friend, was coming down the street to receive some food that we had for him.  Then all of a sudden there was the man, who I thought was a nice guy, for we've done some business with him in the past at Focus, for he has a printing business about 3 doors down from Planned Parenthood, on the brick side of the building, was walking towards Martha & I .  He chased Cleveland into the street & I told Cleveland to come on back to the sidewalk so that he wouldn't get run over by a car.  I was so upset & so was Martha.  A car had just come into the parking lot so I had to address them first, to offer them help, before confronting Mr. V. to give him a piece if my mind.  The nerve of him approaching Martha & I & starting an altercation on the sidewalk with us because we're feeding Cleveland, our street friend.  The nerve!!!   He was talking to Martha before I came back from being by the fence.  He said that he had talked to a police officer & he said that we could be arrested for aiding & abetting a street person.  What!!!  I never heard such a thing.  He looked at Martha who was standing right in front of him & said "I can picture you in jail".  What a nasty thing to say to this wonderful woman.  Martha then asked if could see Jesus in Cleveland & if he had any children & that she was going to pray to an Italian Saint like St. Padre Pio & St. Anthony.  He said to her that he does printing for Planned Parenthood & he just lets us stay here, on the street.  What!!!  He has no power over us & our Constitutional rights to protest & our Freedom of Speech, in front of an abortion mill.  He's changed, he's not the same man that I did business with awhile ago at Focus.  I think it's because he's compromised & is now doing work for Planned Parenthood & receiving 'Blood Money".  I told him to take responsibility for his business doing badly & stop blaming Cleveland for your miss management.  Off he goes back to the Clinton Printing Company & we hope that he repents!!  After he left  I suggested to Martha that we call 311 & talk to some one in the City.  She called & explained the threat to her on the phone of us being arrested if we give food to the poor.  She answered "no" then she put someone else on the phone & he said that there wasn't anything in the books that indicate that could happen.  Thanks 311 & then we called our attorney Mary A. & left a message on her phone & also to inform her that Martha has an order of protection now from the girl that threatened her person hood with the mega phone & she has an appointment with the arbitrator & the woman police officer, next Thursday at 1pm, that answered the call that day of the threat.  I'm sure that our attorney will get back to us regarding this 'new' event on the front lines. 
We went back into the center & Paul came out to help us bring everything back into the center.  After he left our new young lady came to introduce herself to us again for it was about 2 months ago she came in for some children clothes & asked if she could volunteer at Focus.  She's on DSS & has to do 20-30 hours weekly.  Later on I received a call from her case worker & had to fill out a form & she was suppose to start the next week but she never showed up.  On Tuesday this week I received a call from her asking if she could work at Focus for she dislikes where she was sent.  I said 'okay' & had to fax a letter on the Focus letterhead to her case worker.  Now she was here to help us out in the Material Aid Room especially.  Yeah.  As she was there at the center a young mother came in for children clothes & she helped her out in the clothing room.  I had to take a 10 minutes nap for I was drained & Martha was in the Material Aid Room to help the girls out.  After I got up from the sofa in the Great Room I decided to go over to Mr. V.'s business, down the street, to get his address so as to give it to our attorney if she wants to sent him a letter.  So I went into the office to get a pen & paper & told Martha that I would be back very soon.  Now Martha & Alexis were making supper.  As I was walking up the street I saw a police car with his lights on.  It looked like a minor accident so I decided to go to se if I could talk to him.  I discerned that no one was injured or worst so I just leaned against the building & waited for him to finish his paper work.  He looked over to me & said "can I help you".  I said "I know that you're busy officer but I have a quick question".  We protest Planned Parenthood & someone told us that we could get arrested for giving food to a street person.  "Who said that"? he asked .  I said "the guy up the street that owns the printing company".  I then said all we give Cleveland is Ramon noodles 7 sardines & how would he like that for his supper tonight"?  The officer said that you couldn't get arrested for giving food to anyone unless you're blocking the street or sidewalk or causing a commotion".  I said that just doesn't happen.  "You're all right then".  I said "thank you officer & have a nice evening & walked back to the center.  When I was walking passed Planned Parenthood & went over to the fence & looked in the parking lot & I saw a young girl in the foyer.  I called over to her & it looked like she was crying.  I told her if she had an abortion to ask God to forgive her & to get counseling from Project Rachel.  She just looked at me & then looked down.  I made the sign of the cross & then went back to the center where  Martha & Alexis were eating.  I guess I was gone longer than I thought.  We had a nice supper & conversation & our new helper I feel will work out great.  After supper Martha said that she was going to take Alexis home & then from there she was going to the Holy Hour of Fatima, at St. Jude's.  I said that I would do up the dishes & clean up & then I'll meet you at church. I said "good bye" to Alexis & gave her the schedule of the days & hours at Focus. She will start on Monday.  Thank you Lord for answering this prayer for more help at Focus.  I started to clean up & then I heard the phone ring in the office & I went to answer it.  It was our mom who's pregnant with twins & she said that she'll be there in a few minutes to pick up the car seat.  "Okay", I said & then hurried even faster in the clean up of the dishes so that I could be ready when she comes, so that I could get to church on time.  She came about 15 minutes later just enough time to do the dishes for we had a very big meal tonight.  When she arrived she was happy to pick out a car seat for her boy twin for she had the car seat for her girl twin.  She had to go to court today in regards to the father of the twins & she said that it didn't go well.  I didn't want to press her into anything more than that.  She went into the Material Aid Room & picked up some nice things for her twins that will be born in October.  She said that she was ready to push.  I said "no, not tonight, you have to wait a little longer"..... She had to many things to carry so I got her a cab from the office next to mine.  She was happy that she didn't have to take a bus tonight.  I said "good bye & please try to stop back in before October".  Off she went home & off I went to church.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at Focus

I received the bad news that on Sunday there was a terrible storm in Rochester & our pregnancy center was hit hard for it had flooded.  I was told that the water went up to the door way & had seeped into all the rooms of the pregnancy center & the taxi room & the accountant's office & even the Realtor for the first time ever.  When I arrived there on Tuesday it was a mess to say the least & it stunk like no body's business.  We had our work cut out for us.  It was so bad that Martha & Carole had to go outside to pray & witness & I Paul stayed in to do the clean up. Alexis couldn't make it today due to her daughter being sick.  The landlord was there & had been for two days using the wet vac on the carpets & in some of the rooms it didn't really make a difference for the carpet was so thick that he couldn't suck up all the water that was underneath it.  He had to go buy a dehumidifier, costing $300 & had to fix the other one, that was broken, so that we had 2 dehumidifiers, to do the work.  The accountant took his computer home to do his work there & lit a candle to help with the smell, which lasted for the entire week.  When the people came into the center, to go into the Material Aid Room & for pregnancy tests, I tried to warn them first, but it they just came into the center through the front door, for we had all the doors opened, even though the air conditioner was on, they said "wow what smells"?  I then explained that we were working on the water problem & it was only temporary so come on in & get what you need for your children & for yourselves.  They were very nice about the icky atmosphere & were supportive of us.   
After awhile Carol & Martha came back in & helped with the mess.  Then all of a sudden Martha says to me "lets call Christian Carpeting & get an estimate for new indoor / outdoor carpets for the Material Aid Room the Rose/Pregnancy Testing/ Literature Room & for the Office".  I said "okay Martha lets do it", so I called & made an appointment for the next day at 3pm.  We will trust in the Lord to how to pay for it because the carpets, in the 3 rooms, are not mold & mildew resistant like the carpets in the Great Room, Green All Purpose Room & the Hallway are. There was a big chance that the carpets that had gotten wet in the 3 rooms would be growing mold & mildew real soon & that would not be healthy for us or for our clients & their children & it would smell in the center, & we wouldn't want that.  So this was the answer to our problem, new carpeting.  The landlord was there still wet vacing the carpets in the other offices down the hall.  He said that he would prevent this from ever happening again for he will put a hole in the wall of the men's bathroom & put a huge pipe through it so that the accumulation of water on the roof from a heavy rain will travel through the pipe to the outside rather than regurgitate through the men's & women's toilets & go onto the carpets in the center & elsewhere.  He was planning to do the work on Wednesday, which he really should have done about 3 years ago.  Talk about putting a project on hold.  This time not just us but everyone was upset with him & now he had to do something about the problem plus he was tired of spending time using the wet vac in so many rooms.  He said that he got home late two days in a row, please give me a break.  We are trying to get along with our landlord & so far we have a nice relationship with him & we don't want to go back to what it was like, at one time in the past, so I gave him no trouble in this shocking event.  What would the Lord do???  He would have me do what He would do, through His grace. 
Carole & Paul had to leave so Martha & I continued to do more work in picking up wet papers from the floor & throwing them out, now I will put everything in plastic tubs, just in case this ever happens again.  When it has happened in the past the water only came into the Green room & some of the Great Room but never down the hall to where our center really is & to the other offices too.  This was a real hardship for us at Focus.  I asked the Lord to turn this mess into something good, so I figured it was the new carpeting that we will be getting, it will also make the center look even better!!!  Thank you Lord!!! 
Martha & I ate supper together, even threw the smell, & then people were coming in for the '40 Days for Life' meeting, so we had it in the Great Room where the damage was the least.  It was great seeing everyone & the meeting went very well too.  After the meeting Martha & I went home only to be challenged again tomorrow through God's help.  God always has a reason for what He allows to happen. 

Wednesday, August 17, at Court & at Focus
Martha had to go to court today & I went with her for support.  We met at Focus & rode together to the court house. This is the case of the young girl that threatened Martha's life, a couple of weeks ago on the front lines, & we called the police & then the attorney that day.  So today is the day of justice.  We arrived early & sat down in the huge lobby where two girls were also sitting.  I mentioned that we had a Pregnancy Center, two door down from Planned Parenthood, where they kill little babies.  They both were surprised for they didn't know that & they seemed upset with the new information that was just given them.  The one girl said that she has 5 children & so I handed her our brochure & also gave the other girl one too.  I said that we give out free baby & children clothes & small items & what days & hours that we're open.  They thanked us & I asked if anyone knew where the bathrooms were.  The one girl with the 5 children said that she knows where it was & I followed her.  When we got to the bathroom she told me that she almost had an abortion at Wortman's on Clinton Ave. but changed her mind.  I said "thank God" & then asked her what made her change her mind & she said "God".  I said "God is good, God is great".  She said that Wortman was a creepy man & I said that I agreed with her for he has murdered over 26 thousand children since 1986 when I first protested his abortion mill in Brighton.  I also said that he permanently injured my back by twisting me in the hallway of Highland Hospital where we both worked in 1978.  He is a monster & she agreed.  We both walked to back to the Lobby.   Martha & I said that we hoped to see you both at the center sometime picking out clothes for your children.  I don't know why they were at the court house & they didn't ask us why we were there either.  We then went around the corner to a little coffee shop where Martha wanted a quick cup.  I got started talking to the woman who has run this very small coffee & beverage shop for the last 6 years.  She said that she has many health issues but that God has blessed her with this job.  I handed her our business card & told her briefly about Focus.  She asked if we take clothes as a donation.  I answered back that we do & if you would like to donate please feel free to call me.  She said that she would.  We said "good bye" & off we went to the court room & sat down.  We were there a little early so we were able to hear many cases before Martha' attorney arrived & spoke with her for a few minutes.  Miss F., the young girl who had threatened Martha, had already arrived & was sitting on the other side of the room.  Then her name was called & there she was standing by the attorney that was hearing all the cases this morning.  The DA was right next to her.  Judge Y. spoke first then Miss F. said to the Judge that she knew that she had an Order of Protection but she needed still to go to Planned Parenthood for her health care.  This is when I made my first face that I made by rolling my eyes.  The Judge stated that she didn't have to seek out another health care facility & she could still go to Planned Parenthood but she had to keep away from Martha Malone, when she was there. I think that this was my second face that I made?  Then the Judge gave her 16 hours of Community Service & it seemed to be agreed to by Miss F. but when then she said that she didn't agree & wanted a bench trail.  I know that this my another face that I made.  I didn't want to stay in court forever & how dare she not take this deal which she deserves.  Her & her attorney walked out of the court room to discuss this matter.  Then all of a sudden the woman Deputy is standing in the middle of the aisle between the two places of seating & stands there & is saying something looking over to me.  I couldn't heart her & I thought  that she was talking to someone behind me but when I turned around I saw that there wasn't anyone behind me.  I then guessed she was speaking to me but I still couldn't hear what she was saying to me for I wasn't talking, eating or drinking or using my cell phone like the sign on the wall stated.  She walked away & Martha attorney & has been mime in the past for she defended me in Federal Court back in 1999, turned around, for she was sitting in front of Martha Who I was sitting next to & said "Mary behave yourself".  I was still puzzled for I had done but the only thing I came up with was that I was expressing myself with my face.  I didn't know that you couldn't do that for it was written on the sin that was posted on the wall.  I guess you have to sit there & have NO emotion on your face otherwise you will be scolded by the Deputy.  A lesson learned today.  The girl & her attorney came back into the court room after being gone for about 10 long minutes & she took the deal for 16 hours of Community Service.  The Judge said for her to call the number & have it completed in 3 weeks.  Then Miss F. said to the Judge that she was a mother & a student at FingerLakes Community College & had a job.  Isn't it funny that she got away form all her responsibilities on  a Tuesday & a Thursday a couple of weeks ago to drive her friend into Planned Parenthood to help her get an abortion & to threatened Martha & to bug & disrespect me & she can't find any time know to do her Community Service???  The Judge told her that she will have 3 months to complete it.  I hope that I didn't make another face at that time & if I accidentally did that the Deputy didn't see me otherwise I might have been arrested for Contempt of Court or something.  I don't know why I get myself is so much unnecessary trouble.  I told Martha that I look young & act immaturely at times.  I'll never grow up.  After Miss F. left the court room Martha & the attorney left the court room.  When I got up from my seat I walked over to the Deputy & touched her gently on her right shoulder, which I never do to strangers especially those who are in authority & said "I'm sorry if you thought that I was disrespecting the court it's just that it's emotional".  She replied stiffly "Yes this is a highly emotional place".  I then said "good bye" & left to join my two friends, who one was a bit nervous meaning Mary the attorney.  She said to me "where were you"?  I said that I was just talking to the Deputy for a minute.  She seemed more relaxed  then.  She said that she was very happy that the court took her suggestion of the 16 hours of Community Service, for she thought that her attorney would try to get it down to 8 hours which she didn't so Mary the attorney felt it was a victory for her, which it was but by the grace of God.  Thank you Lord!!   Martha & I said "good bye" to Mary who was know speaking to the girls attorney & off Martha * I went to the ramp garage to find the car & go to Mass at 12:10, so we thought.  It took us 20  minutes & some tears & prayers to finally find the car & we got to Mass after the homily.  After Mass we headed back to Focus to do some more dirty work there. 
We ate lunch together Martha & I & then Alexis, our new volunteer, came to help us.  I did a pregnancy test (really it was 2 tests to make sure) on a girl who's grandmother brought her in & it was positive.  The grandmother will support her & her baby & if her mother has problems with that then her mother (the grandmother) will have a talk with her that's for sure.  It was good to see this support & even though she was only 14 that she would not have her baby be killed by abortion.  If you are old enough to have sex & get pregnant than you are old enough to have a baby & if you're to young to raise the baby then adoption is your answer. 
It was after 3pm & the Jason from Christian Carpeting came for an estimate & for me to make a carpet choice in the 3 rooms.  He said hi to Bernie who was not happy if he has to spend anymore $$$$.  Jason looked over the 3 rooms & with the carpet , labor & the baseboards for the 2 rooms it will cost $1,201.00 without tax for we are tax exempt.  I went out side to ask Bernie if he would pay for the carpet & he said "no, it's not necessary for these carpets will dry out in time".  I said that they will be breeding mold & mildew for the carpets didn't dry completely.  I was disappointed & started to walk away when he said that he would pay for half.  I said "okay & thanks".  I went back into the center & said we will have new carpeting put in the 3 rooms, to Jason.  He said "fine & we'll schedule for next Tuesday at 9am.  I looked over at Martha for she is a morning person & I'm a night person & that souned to early for me but I want the center to get in shape & back to normal after this horrible water damage, as soon as possible.  I asked her & she said that she'll be there at 9am & I told her that I'll be there around 10am.  There's really nothing we can start to do, until after they finish each room, so that would be later in the morning.  Jason said that it probably will be a 5 hour job.  Thank God we'll have to help us on Tuesday: Martha, Carole, Paul, Alexis & myself to put the rooms back together.  We also will have the '40 Days for Life' meeting at 7pm & we'll have to make some room somewhere to have the meeting.  I know we'll work real fast plus take care of our moms & their children too.  Thank you Lord for Focus & for all the volunteers too :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Some days you just want to vomit for your stomach hurts so badly & your heart does too so the knife feels even shaper as you try to talk someone out of having their precious baby killed but didn't head the call.  That's what happens every Thursday in front of Planned Parenthood for they do the surgical abortions on that death Thursday.  Don't get me wrong my heart & stomach hurts every day that I'm out there because Planned Parenthood kills babies through RU 486 abortion pills & by birth control, every day.  It's always difficult & I cannot do this ministry without the grace of God & my friends support & to shed tears for the losses that goes on in there.  I ask God to forgive all the people that took their child's life & then I try to comfort God & Mother Mary for their loss of the children that God just created & cared for & mapped out a future for.  Then they console me in my grief.  It will never, ever be easy but through the grace of God I will continue to try to save & change lives for Christ & to help the moms during & after their baby has been born at the Focus Pregnancy Center, which is located 2 doors down from the killing mill Planned Parenthood.
When I arrived today I saw that Sheila wasn't outside so I figured that she was inside doing a pregnancy test.  What she was doing was trying to stop a young girl who had her friend with her in the center, with an older woman waiting for them outside, which I thought was the mother of this young girl.  I later realized that I was wrong.  Sheila told me that she was scheduled for an abortion this afternoon so I brought her into my office & showed her some graphic pictures on the wall.  It showed how an abortion was done in the 1st. Trimester & what the baby looked like after the abortion.  She was taken back at what she saw.  I also showed her the Growth & Development pictures of her precious little baby & gave her a rubberized model of what her baby looks like now.  I said for her to just "go home" & not to do this to her baby & to herself.  I was so hopeful that she wouldn't go through with the abortion, for she saw the truth of what an abortion looked like, but I was wrong, for I was told when she left Focus her & her girlfriend went right over to Planned Parenthood with the older woman, who apparently had called her on her cell phone, while she was there talking to Sheila & I in the center.  We were very sad to know that they went into the Killing Mill but I was also hopeful that she'd wouldn't go through with it after seeing the truth & would come out & go home, with her baby still in her womb.  I was wrong, for many hours later her & the girlfriend & the older woman came out of Planned Parenthood.  She was barely walking to the car & as I saw her I said "I told you not to do it" to which she gave me her middle finger & she literally crawled into the back seat by herself.  As the car was coming out of the driveway I looked at the woman driver & told her, point blank, that she will be held responsible for ruining the lives of these two girls, to which she gave me her middle finger, as she was pulling out onto the street.  I hollered out "repent you witch".  (I try not to call names out on the front lines but sometimes I do & today I did it several times & I asked the Lord to forgive me in the Sacrament of Confession, for I want to represent Christ out there on the street.)  This precious baby was just sacrificed to Satan like all aborted babies are.  Lord have Mercy on their souls who have murdered a child through abortion & for those who have helped her to do it. 
Sheila & her brother Dennis were leaving so I went to the car where Dennis was sitting to say good bye to him, for he was taking a plane the next day to go back home.  He got out of the car & gave me a big hug it meant so much to me for he was with Sheila on the front lines for weeks praying in front of Planned Parenthood & also handing out literature to the people walking on the sidewalk or coming over from Planned Parenthood after hearing the 'Truth Message' from Sheila, on the mega phone.  He also blessed Focus with a very generous donation to help us pay our rent & bills.  God bless you Dennis, I hope to see you again sometime in the near future.
Martha was at Arbitration with the police officer that took the call when Martha was threatened, in front of Planned Parenthood a couple of weeks ago & for we were in court yesterday for.  The woman police officer didn't handle the call very well so Martha was with her & the arbitrator to work out how the call was handled.  Carole, Dan, Addision, Bill was across the street, & Mary Ann was praying & Rob was on the brick side of the building, they were with me on the front lines.  Rob told me that he had to go around 4pm today & Suzanne, our counselor, was not going to be with us today for she was at Bible Summer Camp today.  Martha wasn't coming back to Focus after the arbitration.  I received a phone call from her earlier this morning, at home, stating that her daughter's husband's ex wife's son, from a previous marriage, who he  had adopted, had been shot to death last night on Rosemary St., at his mother's house.  Martha wanted to be with her family after the meeting with the police woman today.  I respected her wishes. 
I wasn't yet on the front lines because as I was talking to the young girl trying to save her baby's life along with Sheila, who first spoke to her on the front lines, there was three other young girls waiting for me, one of the girls wanted to take a pregnancy test.  They were getting impatient so after everyone had left I brought them into the  Pregnancy Testing Room to give the one girl the pregnancy test.  She said that her friends could stay with her.  As I was giving her the test I asked if she was abortion minded & she said "no".  Thank God, someone not wanted to kill her baby, refreshing, to say the least.  As we waiting for the results I talked to the girls & gave the one girl some informative literature to take with her.  I briefly mentioned the murder on Rosemary St. of Aaron Young.  One of the girls said that she lives on that street & that she saw Aaron on the scooter about an hour before he was shot.  I asked her if she would call 311(a city number that you would call instead of 911 to report information) to give this information to the police & she said that she would.  The pregnancy test was negative & the three girls went into the Material Aid Room to get a couple of things before they left.  Later on I called 311 & then Crime Stoppers & then the Investigator on the case to give them the information about Aaron was on the scooter before he was shot.  I thought that maybe this was the motive of the murder to steal the scooter.  Later on I found out that he went to his mother's house where there was a party going on & was he was shot there. The neighbors heard the three shots & called the police & when the police got there people where jumping out of the windows but they caught some of them & arrested them.  Aaron died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  The para medics told the family that Aaron was talking to someone before he died they believed that he was talking to God.  This gave the family a great deal of comfort. 
Paul was now in the center along with Alexis, our new helper.  The center still smelled from the flood but we had all the doors opened & I tried to air out the center the best that I could.  I finally got on the front lines.  When I arrived most of the people, that were there earlier were gone, but Adolf had just arrived & Bill was still across the street & Rob was still at his post, witnessing to everyone who was driving in, & pleading with them on the mega phone, not to have their baby killed.  I took the mega phone & the graphic sign & started to witness & to speak, to the people, on occasion.  I saw that there was a man with a young child in a stroller walking up & down the Planned Parenthood sidewalk.  I called over to him asking him to go in there to save his other child, this child's brother or sister.  I pleaded with him over a very long time.  I said that he was stupid for what he was doing.  Finally the wife or girlfriend came walking out with a brown bag in her hand, which is filled with contraceptives & paper work.  He then walked over to me, where I was standing by the fence, & as he was approaching me I told him that I would call the police if he comes near me.  He then said that he was going to call the police because I told him he was "stupid".  I said that wasn't a crime & I apologized & said that I didn't harass him because I never threatened his life.  Rob came over to protect me & to give me support.  As they drove out I said "God bless you", thinking that maybe she didn't have an abortion & he gave me his middle finger.  I had told him that abortion would effect him too plus his child in the car & also his relationship with this woman & that it might not last, if she had an abortion today.  Abortion effects all aspects of a relationship or a marriage!!!!  They usually break up soon afterwards. 
A woman who was going into the vets across the street was screaming at me about our ministry.  I tried to talk to her & then she gave me her middle finger.  I said they're killing children over here & he's not killing cats & dogs over there & why don't you care you moron.  I felt badly that this came out of my mouth but I get angry like a mama bear defending my little ones & how can someone care more about animals then about human beings??  I asked the Lord to forgive me & I hope that she didn't hear me, for she was now walking into the vets office.  Never the less I was wrong in calling her that name if she heard me or not.  What would Jesus do & it won't be that>>>>
A car went by & then it turned around & drove into Planned Parenthood with a man driving & a woman in the front seat & young boy in the back seat.  He & her & the child went into Planned Parenthood.  Both Rob & I called over to them asking them not to kill their son's brother or sister & that we can help them.  They didn't care & went into Planned Parenthood.  I was upset & sad that this was the second father that had brought his child in here today to have his or her brother or sister killed by abortion.  A family unfair.... What is wrong with people?  I'll never get used to the pain this ministry gives me.  Nor should I.  
Martha surprised me & came after the meeting with the police woman.  She had spent some time with her family earlier in the morning.  She was still going through a tough time & didn't want to be on the front lines today.  I understood.  She stayed in the center instead.  Earlier I went back into the center & gave a pregnancy test & gave her some educational information & talked to her about abstinence since she had  a husband that was estranged from her & a boyfriend.  I said that her children that she already has needs a mother that can care for them without all this mess & I asked her what about her soul, with all this stuff that's doing.  Her test with her boyfriend was negative.  Her mother had brought her in & I spoke to her too. She was receptive & not defensive of what I was saying to her daughter.  Mom please be a mom to your daughter & teach her well. 
Rob had to leave & that would leave me by myself if I had stayed for everyone had let now.  I was sad that I had to leave so early for it was only 4pm & I want to stay as late as I can on Thursday's for it's the abortion day.  Rob helped me bring everything into the stinky center & then left to go to dinner with some friends of his form the new school that he'll be starting to teach in September.  I pray the very best for him in his new adventure.  Martha was in the center along with Paul & Alexis doing some work .  I told Martha that I was going back outside to get her wasp contraption off of the fence that Sheila had put there awhile ago so that the wasps would go in the yellow container & not sting her, who is deathly allergic to wasps.  As I went outside there was the last person that Rob & I spoke to, the father with the son.   He was walking up the sidewalk with his son & my heart ached with such an ache.  I tried again to talk to him but of no avail.  I decided to wait by my car as he & his son were starting to walk back to Planned Parenthood, where his other child was being killed, probably at this very moment.  As he passed by me, with all his tattoos all over his body, he looked at me & said "WHAT"!!.  I looked at him, as he was holding his dear sweet boy who was so innocent, & said to him "we can help you".  He then went on a tirade of the 'F' word at me & used it in so many ways.  I then said to him as he was walking away from me, heading back to the Killing Mil,l that he was abusing his son who had to hear such vulgarity.  Then I went back into the center to join Martha, Paul & Alexis.  I felt numb & so helpless for only God could touch his heart, not me.  I am only the instrument of God's power but we all have a 'free will' to make good decisions or evil ones.  It was a very sad experience for me.  I still see the beautiful face of the sweet boy, that he was holding, & know what his life will be without his sibling.  
Paul brought Alexis home & then Martha & I ate supper together & went to the Holy Hour of Fatima at St. Jude's to receive the love & healing from the Lord.  I went o Confession for we had a wonderful Priest tonight at Benediction.  I was blessed & forgiven.   

Monday, August 22, 2011 at home
I just received a call asking for newborn clothes from a grandmother whose granddaughter just gave birth to a little boy, Manuel, 6lbs. 5oz. over the weekend & both mother & son will coming home today.  The grandmother said it was because we were out on the front lines that day that her & her daughter were going into Planned Parenthood, to abort this precious baby, that was just born.  Praise God!!  She thanked me that we were out there on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood, that abortion day.  After they both saw our signs & after we spoke with her & her daughter she said that she told her daughter "not to do that" & they both left.  I had mentioned that Focus was there for them & if they ever needed anything, then please call us.  The grandmother did today.  We can give her daughter baby clothes & some small items but she needs a changing table & we don't have one.  We'll be able to get her one in time for I have connections & the Lord always supplies our needs for Focus.  This was great news that helped me to heal from last Thursday.  God is Good , God is Great!!! 
Another wonderful thing that happened was that Sheila had called me on Sunday saying that Fr. Mark, from Holly New York, which is in the Buffalo Diocese, will be willing to celebrate a Mass at the Focus Center in September or early October.  Thank you Lord & Mother Mary!!!!  How wonderful!  Thank you too Sheila are such a blessing ! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I received a call form the carpet man at home this morning stating that we have a mold problem, on the floors, as he ripped up the carpets in the 3 rooms in the Focus Center & that he wanted the landlord's phone number to get him over here to paint the floors to prepare them for the carpets.  I was devastated to think that we could be getting sick & the carpets won't be laid down today for the center is a mess.  I do so want to get back to normal with the new carpet.  I called Martha & she told me that she opened the door for the carpet men this morning & then went back home & called the Department of Health.  I said that was fine because we might have a bigger problem on our hands if mold is involved.  I met with her later at Mass.  The carpet guys pulled up the carpets & went to another job & said that they would be back on Thursday.  What!!!  Thursday!!  That's not going to work out for that day is very stressful because there are killing precious babies over at Planned Parenthood  & we need to be out on the front lines.  After Mass I pulled into our parking lot & there was Bernie, our Landlord, standing by the door.  "Hi Mary", he says "How are you"?  I said "not very well thank you after the phone call that I received this morning from the carpet guys".   He said "oh they just want more money the floors are fine I was just in there & isn't any mold on the floor".  I felt a bit of relief.  Martha was just pulling into our parking lot & I told Bernie to tell Martha what he just told me.  We went into the center to see for ourselves to find out that he was right, thank God.  He said that he had spoken to the boss at the carpet center & told them to come back tomorrow for then the floor would be dry & they can put the carpet down then.  I was relieved to hear this too.  Thank you Lord for working this all out for good!!! 
Martha & I had our work cut out for us that's for sure but at this point we really couldn't do much for we had to wait for the carpets to go down first before we could put anything away in the center.  Paul just had come & said that he had an errand & if we wanted a anything at Nick Tahou's.  They are noted for their hamburgers so I said to Paul could you get a hamburger with hot sauce, for they are noted for their hot sauce.  Martha wanted a hot dog with hot sauce.  What are you kidding Martha I know your stomach & think that you are going to suffer with this one, which she did.  Paul said that they had great square potato fries, okay I said I'll take that too & I gave him $5 for the meal which I was excited about.  Carole just came in after Paul had come back with meal.  Paul, Martha & I ate in the car his in his & I in Martha's car.  It was the worst hamburger I ever had & also the fries were so  bad too.  Ick!  No more Nick Tahou's ever again.  What happened to them??  Carole was already outside across the street from Planned Parenthood witnessing to the people going into the abortion mill with her favorite sign.  Paul  & Martha joined her after the awful lunch we had Martha suffered with GERD all afternoon, poor baby.  I stayed in Martha's car & slept, for I was bone tired & I knew that the front lines was covered by the best.  I fell asleep only to be awakened by Carole who came to the car to tell me that Planned Parenthood was so perplexed by us being there & the silence that occurred with the use of the mega phone.  The Death Escort & Rick Bartell, who is the Public Relations person at Planed Parenthood, came to the sidewalk to see what was happening & also brought the new older Death Escort with them.  Carole thought that they were training her who looked like se was in her early 70s, she guessed.  I said that was great Carole & thank for letting me know this information.  She then left & I decided to join them on the front lines, with the mega phone.  I was by myself by the side where the bushes are, Martha was at the brick side of the building & Carole was across the street, so Planned Parenthood was covered on all sides, with prayer & witnessing.
A man a woman passed by me on their bikes & the woman hollered to me "It's my Body & my Choice".  "No it's not" I called back to her.  I said "It's a baby & why would you do that (meaning having an abortion) to you body, don't you care about your body"?   Off they went down the sad!   Martha came over to where I was standing & a few minutes later a young man smoking a long  tin cigar came around the bushes where we were both standing. I got my cell phone ready & when he came around the bushes I took his picture.  He asked why I took his picture & I told him it was because many people threaten us so I wanted your picture just in case, for a back up.  "Okay" he said & started talking to Martha & I.  The first thing he asked was "how many children have been killed by abortion".  I said "over 56 million".  He then said "did you know that Hitler's mother wanted an abortion & someone talked her out of it & how many people did he kill, so if she had the abortion then there would have been no Hitler".  Wow I said to my self here we go again with some weird thinking.  I know that I should be more understanding & realize that we all come from different backgrounds & life experiences but this is crazy thinking.  I said "that life Hitler) is still a life & you can't take that life no matter what they do with it, you never do an evil (abortion) to bring out a good (no people being killed by Hitler).  God will work the evil out for good & He is in control.  I asked him how do you determine who is going to do what when they grow up to abort them now in the womb??  He couldn't answer me.  We asked him what he was doing at Planned Parenthood where they kill children.  He said that his girlfriend was here for birth control so she wouldn't have an abortion.  How wrong is that statement.  Woman who are on birth control are more apt to have an abortion, if they get pregnant, & they can get pregnant on birth control, than a woman or girl who isn't on birth control.  The reason is that the female on birth control is stating that she doesn't want a baby & if she gets pregnant then she will make that happen, by having an abortion.  He looked a little green at this statement & was puffing his cigar a little faster.  He then said to me "why do you wear so much make up, the lipstick & all, maybe your husband doesn't mind"  I let that one go.  Then religion came up in the conversation & Martha asked if he was a Catholic & he said that he was.  I said "do you realize fornicating is a Mortal Sin (deadly sin to one's own soul & if you die in a Mortal Sin you could end up in Hell for all Eternity).  He looked at us & said "I go to Confession & then to Mass & Holy Communion & then during the week I have sex again.  Martha said to him "beware of the near occasion of sin".  I said to him that you are making a mockery of the Sacrament & you are in presumption of God's forgiveness, for you have to be truly sorry for your sins, & try not to repeat them, through the grace of God & through daily prayer & the Sacraments, that give you strength to avoid temptation.  He said that his girlfriend was not a believer in God.  I said "then maybe you should get yourself a girlfriend that is a Catholic so that you would be evenly yoked in your relationship for you will want her soul saved & she will want the same for you because you care & respect each other & the teachings of the Catholic Church".  He said that the priest in Confession didn't say not to have sex.  I said that was a given, he doesn't need to tell you that for you to know it's wrong.  He must know that it's wrong otherwise he wouldn't be going to Confession.   He is young & confused in this time of his life.  Martha asked him his name so that she could pray for him & he said "no, that's okay".  She asked again & he said that is name is Aaron.  Martha gasped for her daughter's husband's son, from a previous marriage, whose name is Aaron was shot to death here in Rochester, in his mother's house, a coupleof weeks ago.  I was gasping to because that was the name that I chose for my son, who I miscarried along with his twin sister, after the gang rape at the Strong Memorial Hospital back in 1971.  For this touched, our hearts, both mine & Martha.  We offered him a Truth pack, he surprised us by taking it, & also a Devotional Book of the Catholic Church too.  Martha & I were very happy at that point.  He said "thank you & good bye" & went back into Planned Parenthood to be with his girlfriend.  The pleasure of sex is not worth going to Hell for, that's for sure.  We will pray for this young man & his girlfriend, either that they will repent or break up.  As they were driving out of the parking lot about 10 minutes later I looked at him & said "by Aaron" & touched my heart & pointed it to him.  He looked at me & smiled.  I was delighted.......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
After Mass I went outside & asked brothers Bill & Jim if they could come to Focus later on tonight to help us out.  Bill said that he would try.  I also said that I needed help to put our shelf back together again.  A man who had just came out of church turned around & said that he could come over to help us out for an hour.  My prayer was heard & answered by the good Lord.  He came on over & I showed him that we needed to put the wooden shelves back together, in the Material Aid Room.  Frank, Martha's ex husband had to saw it in half so that he could get the huge shelves out of the room so the carpet men could lay down the carpet.  The man from church whose name is Dennis said that he had to go home to go get some screws & his electric screw driver.  He came back later on & fixed the shelves so now it is sturdy so that we can put our baskets of clothes on it again.  I painted the area which was pretty bad from the sawing the screws & all.  It looks okay now & serves the purpose in the Material Aid Room for all the clothes baskets that we put on it for our moms for their children.. 
Martha will be at the center until 4:30pm today then she'll be going to Aaron's wake.  Alexis, who is helping us out, said that she will be leaving too at 4:30pm, to go to a meeting.  Paul was nice to get us a hamburger for our lunch & then we all got to work trying to put back the center after the flood about a week & a half ago.  What a nightmare, to say the least.  We all worked so hard to try to get Focus back on track again & it will be even better than it was before.  I had to call the carpet company to come & fix the carpet in the Rose Room, which is the pregnancy testing & counseling room.  They will be coming back to fix the carpet next Tuesday at 1pm.  What they take out of the room, that Paul & I just put back together, will put back everything that they more or take out of the room.  I'll be there to guide them!  They'll have to put an edging along the wall to fix the problem, for they cut the carpet to short.  On the whole, the carpets do freshen up the rooms & they look so much better.  The landlord will be cleaning all the other carpets that were effected by the flood by a professional carpet cleaner.  He finally fixed the problem & we will have no more floods at Focus again.  This doesn't mean that we won't have to worry about the ceiling water leaks.  He's been on the roof a lot this summer with his tar can to do patch work.  We usually have ceiling leaks but it's because the roof is so bad & it would be to expensive to replace it.  I guess nothing is perfect & I see that he's trying to make the building better.  The flood would not have happened if he had fixed the problem awhile ago when he knew that was what he had to do.  It unfortunately took a flood to fix the problem.  He just doesn't understand what pain he caused all of us including the Taxi Company & the Accountant & the Realtor, who also have offices in the hallway, where we have the Focus Center.  I had to forgive him & to pray for him.  He's not a Christian & he just doesn't understand how his actions or lack of them can effect others.  Though some Christians don't realize this either.
Mary A., our pro life attorney, called me on my cell phone & told me that a police officer had volunteered to be our liaison in what happens to us pro lifers out on the front lines.  It was Officer Chris, my angel.  He was the one I told of my gang rape back in 1971, after church one day.  It made me feel like I reported the rape which I was unable to do in 1971.  This was great news that he will be the officer we can go to if we have a question or a problem, at the street ministry.  He will contact our attorney & then she will contact us pro lifers, who are out on the front lines, to have a short meeting with Officer Chris.  He is a Catholic & a  pro lifer too & he is fair & unbiased.  He accesses situations very well.  He will be great to work with, if we need him for anything, that happens to us out on the front lines.  This is a blessing for us, thank you Lord.
Martha & Alexis left at 4:30pm & Paul & I continued to put the rooms back together.  We got the Rose Room & the Material Aid Room done. It was so nice that Bill came by after work in his nice clothes & helped us for about 45 minutes.  Thanks Bill, I do appreciate it.  I couldn't complete the office because I need a desk or some kind if furniture that will hold papers & things in the drawers & on top.  I prayed that the Lord will bless me with that so that I can get the office completed.  I also had asked Maria, my friend that has a furniture ministry, for a refrig for ours doesn't work very well.  I went into the office & saw that I had an email from her.  It was good news that she had a refrig for us for Focus we just had to get a truck & some help to go get it.  Thank you Lord & Maria & to Geoff who offered the refrig to us.  Martha was gone for today so I'll have to discuss this with her tomorrow to see if she will ask her ex husband Frank if he will go get it on Friday.  Martha will be going to Aaron's funeral tomorrow morning & will come to the center when she can.  Paul & I stayed until 10pm tonight & I thanked him so very much for all his help.  Focus is looking much better!  Thank you Lord!!!!

Thursday Aug.25, in front of Planned Parenthood
As usual, Pat and Bill were praying outside PP at 10:30. They witnessed some excitement during their time there -- fire trucks and sirens.  The PP building was evacuated. We don’t know why. All was back to normal by the time Paul and I arrived.  A couple drove out at 10:40, and she said she had considered abortion, but decided to keep her baby. Her boyfriend was in a hurry to get away, and didn’t look very happy. I wonder if the chaos there this morning gave her time to think and change her mind. She took a packet, and although she was Catholic, she was glad to get the rosary instructions, since she didn’t remember how to say it. Her friend actually accepted a rosary also, so that they could pray together.
Those who seemed to be there for abortions ignored us as they left. Appointments start at 8:00am. The parking lot was full when we got there, and nearly empty when  left at 1:00.
Three different pro life people stopped to encourage us, and will pray for our success outside PP. One of them came over to the material aid room to pick out a few nice fall things for her baby boy. I mailed her a list of good doctors. She said she wouldn’t support that evil place any longer. I also sent her a 40 Days for Life flyer, because she showed some interest in coming to pray with us in the mornings before she goes to work.
When I left Martha, Mary, Adolf, Dan, and Addison were all there to offer loving options to these girls who feel they have no choice other than to kill their babies.
When I arrived, Pat was waiting for me at the door with two young women who went to PP for pregnancy tests and were turned away. PP is busy with surgical abortions today.  Pat gave them truth packets, and waited with them. While I was helping them Pat organized my signs outside. Thank you Pat.  When I was finished, Pat and Bill were gone and Paul was on the sidewalk.

A man drove in to pick up his friend. He said he was against abortion, yet he drove is friend to PP to have her baby killed. I explained the rosary to him, and gave him a packet, which he promised to read and give to her. There is information in there to help her repent and deal with her guilt. I suggested that he will feel remorse too, for his part in this killing. He will pray for us, and we will  pray for him, and for her.

Next a rape crisis client came over. She is pro life.  She was sexually active in the past, but is now committed to remaining abstinent until she is married.  She took a packet full of good information to help her counsel her friends.

One more pregnancy test was done. She is now sure she will not be having sex until marriage. She had a good supportive friend  with her. They both have packets, and will pray for us and our mission outside PP. When I left, Mary J, Mary S, Addison, Ken, Bill, and Rob were all there.

I was driving to the bank to make a deposit & the cell phone rang.  I'm trying so hard not to answer the phone while driving.  First because it's dangerous & second it's against the law.  I did answer it & it was one of the pro lifers telling me that he would be late today.  Great, he'll be late & Martha won't be there either until later in the afternoon.  The cell phone usually brings me bad news.  After I went to the bank & was driving again the cell phone rang again & this time I didn't answer it but as I was driving towards downtown the phone rang again.  There by the light is always a police officer parked on the corner of Main & Clinton so as I want through the green light I stopped the car by the curb to answer the phone.  It was a client asking for information regarding Focus, the days & hours she could come in for clothes for her children.  I gave her that information quickly & told her that I had to hang up or maybe get a ticket.  I said to come on in to get want she needed & then good bye.  Off I went to the canter without anymore calls.  Next time I go to T-Mobile to get more phone minutes & if we have enough money in our Focus account I will maybe get a hands free device that I can answer the phone while driving & it not be dangerous or against the law, otherwise I have to train myself not to answer the call & to check the incoming calls later on & call that person back.  It's because I'm on call 24x7 & it's just me taking the calls.  Talk about stress! 
When I arrived to the center there was some clients coming in with their children to get some things in the Material Aid Room.  Paul who usually stays in the center to put the donations away in the afternoon was at lunch & Suzanne won't be here until 1:30pm or later & Carole wasn't here yet either so I had to assist them before going out on the front lines.  I noticed that the Rose Room light was on & the door was closed so I figured that Sheila was in there giving a pregnancy test to someone.  I was right, she was.  A few minutes later she came out of the door with a client who was now leaving.  I spoke to Sheila for a few minutes & she told me that she did another pregnancy test earlier that morning & that they were both negative, thank God.  Not like last week when we were both trying to talk the young girl from killing her baby, at Planned Parenthood that afternoon, & she went ahead & did it under the influence of the older woman who was with her & her friend. 
As the mothers with their children were finished shopping two other woman came in & still I was alone in the center for Sheila had to go home.  I assisted them the best I could & then the pro lifer came & I gave him his bag & mega phone to go over to the brick side of the building to start to counsel & witness.  A few minutes later Paul & Carole came & I asked Paul if he would assist the two ladies that came in & he said that he would.  Carole took her sign & went across the street to be with Bill, who is 83 years young.  I finally got outside & said hi to both Addison & Dan before they had to go.  Adolf came a few minutes later.  The graphic signs & literature box were now out on the front lines & I also began to counsel.   I was out there for about 10 minutes & the very same ladies that were in the Material Aid Room walked by me & were heading into Planned Parenthood.  I called over to them & said that they could not come back to Focus again for we don't do business with Planned Parenthood nor does our clients for they kill children in there & are racist & other things too.  They went in & as they came out one of the woman said to me that they were there for condoms. II told her about condoms & to respect their souls & bodies & that condoms don't prevent pregnancy or sexual diseases either.  They said what they said but I hope they heard my message too.  This was very upsetting. 
I looked to see that the abortionist car was the only car in the driveway but that doesn't matter because I know that she will be having babies to be killed by her in a little while.  A car drove in & I called over to her & she said that she wasn't here for an abortion.  When she later came out she said that she had no choice to be here & I said for what & she said for STD testing.  I said "yes you have a choice you can go to Compass Care" & I repeated it again, as the man in the car drove away with her. 
The cars were now coming in for Rachel Phelps, the abortionist there at Planned Parenthood, to killed.  It's so very painful to be out there on the front lines knowing that people are going to be slaughtered & there was nothing that you could do but to pray & to call out to them, offering them help, which most of them refuse to take, for to them it's easier to kill their child then to raise him or her.  How selfish & evil is that!! 
I walked back over to the center to get more Truth packets & Carole was now with me on the bush side of Planned Parenthood.  As I was walking back to the center I saw a police woman go into the Ethiopian Restaurant.  I just though that she liked Ethiopian food but come to find out that they were broken into last night, the night that I left around 10pm.  I walked over to the restaurant to see that the glass door was  broken in a hundred pieces.  I spoke with the owner who just drove up & I said that I was sorry that this happened to him & Ester, his wife.  He said "thank you".  I asked if the robbers got anything & he said that they did some money.  That was to bad because it is very hard to make a living in the restaurant business.   Hours later the glass door was repaired & they were back in business once more.  So that makes two break in so far.  Mack's business, right next door to our center, & 2 doors down from us, the Ethiopian restaurant.  Hopefully we'll not be next because of the taxi business being in the building where our center is located.  They stay late so they need to be careful, though I don't think that they have any money in the office, thank God.  What is this world coming to??  I went back to the front lines to be with Carole & Bill & Adolf were across the street & Rob was on the other side, so Planned Parenthood was surrounded by prayerful pro lifers. 
Suzanne was in the center now & Martha came after the funeral & she wanted to help out in the center & not today be on the front lines.  A young girl came out of Planned Parenthood & as she was walking by me I asked her if she wanted a 'free' pregnancy test & she said that she did, so I walked her over to Focus for one.  She was there for about 20 minutes & as she walked by me she said "thank you & I'll see you in 2 weeks".  I assumed that she was negative & she was coming back for a repeat test in 2 weeks. 
A car had pulled in & two people got out of the car, a man & a woman, they parked right by the front door.  I called to them & offered them help & told them that their baby had a heartbeat & that they were stopping a beating heart by abortion.  I didn't have much time to say anything else for they went right in.  Still always hopeful that they & all the people that go in there will come back out still with their precious baby in the womb's of their mothers.  Then another car came in & parked right next to them & a man & a woman got out of the car & I called to them too & so did Rob, on his side.  The young man made some gestures with his arms as if to say "what can I do".  I went over to the brick side of the building & read the poem 'My Life Depends on You' so whoever was in there would hear it & come out still pregnant. It was about 20 minutes later that this last young man came out of Planned Parenthood & went over to where Rob was standing.  I pointed the graphic aborted baby sign for him to see.  Then I saw that he was walking over to where I was standing, for Carole had gone at 3pm & they came in a little before she left.  I said to him "please go back in there to save you baby".  He replied "it's not my baby".  I said "so what if it's not it's still a baby, a human being created by God & should live & not die here today at Planned Parenthood".  I offered him a Truth packet to give her & he said "no the guy over wanted to give me the packet to but I don't want it".  I then took out the Grow & Development brochure & asked him to go back in there to give it to her.  I also said that because you drove her in here today it will effect you also for the rest of your life.  He took the brochure & walked back into Planned Parenthood.  I was praying to the Blessed Mother for Extraordinary Graces to be given to her & to all the mothers in there that they wouldn't have their babies killed.  It was about 10 minutes later & I saw that this young man was outside sitting on the bench.  I spoke to him again & he finally went back into the Killing Mill.  It was about 4pm that they left.  It was only a little more than an hour that they were in there. It usually takes 2 or more hours for an abortion & recovery to take place before they leave the parking lot.  As they drove out the guy that Rob & I had been talking to slowed down near me, on the sidewalk, I said to her "I hope that you didn't have your baby killed".  Off they went down the street.  After that I had one attack after another, which gave me hope that the devil was mad that he didn't get that little precious baby.  A car filled with young people drove pass me & hollered & I said "repent".  A few minutes later the car came back over to my side & the young girl driver said something very bad to me.  I answered back to her saying "I love you".  I could see her head twist for I don't think that she expected to hear that.  I hope & pray that today their lives will change, though the grace of God.  Then another person said something bad as he drove by & it went on & on.  I again rejoiced because I felt very strongly that through the grace of God & Mother Mary's intercession & by God using Rob & I, that she had changed her mind & didn't go through with the abortion.  I might never know but in my heart I do.  Thank you Lord & Mother Mary....
It was a short time after that car had left that the abortionist left.  She had to stay at the entrance of the parking lot for a bout 15 seconds due to the traffic so I had a little time to tell her to please stop killing children & that she need counseling for she wasn't well & that she needed the Lord.  Then she flew out of the parking lot.  Do you know how horrible it is to meet a serial killer face to face.  It's traumatic. 
I went into the center to do some office work while Rob & Martha was fixing supper.  I ate with them but was very upset because of the dynamics that I experienced earlier.  Martha did the dishes & she left to go to church for Mass at St. Jude's Church & Rob left a short time after.  I stayed to finish my work at the center & I left to go to church & Confession before Mass.  I sat in the back of the church during Mass & I cried for most of the Mass & then went home after & cried some more.

Friday, August 26, 2011 at Focus
I'm on call 24x7 & I received a call from Carolyn, the great grand mother of the little baby that one of our clients abused.  This great grandmother & her husband now have custody of this toddler & she was calling me to tell me that her granddaughter was getting out of jail September 12th..  I told her that I received a call earlier this morning from her sister asking for clothes for the toddler.  She said that she didn't know why she had called me for she has custody until the mother gets counseling & will have supervised visits for a long time, in the future.  She said that her sister doesn't have any children, to get clothes from Focus, so she will look into this call from her.  I said 'thank you & good bye" & I hung up.  Then right after that I received another call from a young woman asking for information where the Food Pantries are in Rochester.  I have a list of them at home so I gave her some names & the phone numbers too.  She said that she was already at most of them & you can only visit them once a month.  I asked her to call FoodLink & to call me right back to see how she made out.  She called me back about 5 minutes later & told me that you have to call 211 & they tell you where to go for food but she said that she had been there already this month & that the Catholic Family Center didn't answer so she had to leave a message on the machine for a call back, which probably won't happen.  I asked her for her name & phone number & if I could reach her in the next 5 minutes & she said that I could.  I decided to take a chance in calling Martha to see if she was available, to go to the center, to service our mother of 4 of her own children & 2 of her brothers children, a total of 6 children under her care, with food from our humble food shelves.  I called her & she said that she would go to the center & I told her that I would meet her there.  She said that Frank & Aaron have the truck & a dolly to pick up the refrigerator that was given to us by Geoff, at the   Recreational Center.  I said I have to make one stop & then I'll meet you at the center.  I hung up & called the mother back & asked her to come to the center by 2pm to receive some food for her family.  She said "thank you, I'll be there at 2".   I was in so much pain & could hardly walk from all the bending I had to do this week at the center in trying to clean it up.  It affects my right leg with the nerve root problem at L5 from the Wortman injury back in 1988 plus the Fibromyalgia too.  But I have no time to feel sorry for myself especially when our moms need us & we need to get the donated refrigerator in the center too. 
On my way I stopped at a Second Hand Store, on the way to the center, to see if they had a piece of furniture for the office so that I could put things away, for we had to throw away the moldy broken desk that was there before the flood.  I hoped & prayed for a piece of furniture that had some shelves & some drawers & had a nice top to it.  I found it at this store & got a discount to boot on it.  The Focus Center bought it & they put it in the car & it fitted perfectly.  I got to the center 5 minutes later. 
Martha had just returned from taking the mother home because she had to many bags to carry.  When Martha was taking to her for awhile she had mentioned that she was once a Catholic but she left the church when someone told her to talk her crying child out for she was disturbing the Mass.  Maybe they were telling her to take the child to the 'Crying Room", which most churches have for the children.  Well she must have taken a burn for she said that she never went back to church again.  Oh how said to hear this.  There is never a reason to leave the one true Catholic Apostolic Church.  She also shared with Martha that she had an abortion in the past, so I hope that she went to Confession before she left the church if not I hope & pray that she will come back to the Catholic Church for she needs to go to Confession for the abortion & not going to Mass over these past years, which is a serious sin.  Martha mentioned that she was walking distance to Our Lady of the Americas Church on East Main St..  I hope that she goes back to church & receive the Sacrament s for herself & her children, which have not been baptized.  Oh Lord please help her.  I intend to sent her some information.  She also told Martha that she will be back to Focus again to get some winter clothes for her children.  Oh yea!!   We at Focus try to help the Body & the Soul, of our clients. 
The guys were there, at Focus, with the donated refrigerator with all the mold spores at the bottom of the refrigerator.  I said "WHAT"!!!  Martha said there were two refrigerators & they took the smaller one, just before the guys left, she said "I opened it up to find this mess".  I asked if the guys would be willing to go back to get the other double door refrigerator & they asked me to call the man at the Recreational Center first.  I did & he said to come & get the other refrig & not to bring back the one that we took.  That's fair.  Dan, the Realtor up the hall, saw the two refrigerators & asked to take them so that he can give then to his tenants.  We said "sure Dan they're both yours".  Off we went to get the other refrig & brought it back to the center & plugged it & we are still waiting for it to get cold.  On Monday I'll have to call the repairman to come to see what the problem is with this refrig & hopefully to get it fixed without it costing to much money. 
The guys left & I took Martha out for a Fish Fry at my favorite diner the South Wedge.  While we there at the restaurant Martha said that when she was waiting for me to come to the center she saw two more clients & one was Carolyn, the great grandmother that I spoke to earlier on the phone, to get some diapers for her great grandson & the other was a woman who came in & asked for all the pro life literature we had on abortion, for she had 3 abortions, in the past, & thinks that she's pregnant again & she doesn't want to be tempted to kill again for she said to Martha that "it was easy to kill" & she doesn't want to do that ever again.  Martha gave her DVD's, CD's & literature so that if she is pregnant that she will 'choose life' this time.  Martha was very busy at Focus, on a day that we are closed, in helping people.  We need volunteers, to help us at Focus, so that we can be open on Monday,  Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday mornings or afternoons, for at least 4 to 6 hours, each day, to help our girls.  Lord, please sent us some more harvesters for Focus,"for the harvest is full but the harvesters are few".  
If anyone is interested please email Mary @ Thank you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood
I really started to sidewalk counsel right after Mass today.  I was walking with Martha to the parking lot & I saw 2 women with a baby in a stroller across the street.  I wanted  them to have a Rosary & our Focus brochure, so I walked over to them to offer them one.  The mother was walking her baby with an older woman, maybe the baby's grandmother.  The older woman said "yes I'd like a Rosary to put around my neck".  I said that it was for praying & not for wearing.  I let them pick out the color that they wanted & one  older woman asked for one for her husband.  I said "sure".  Then the mother asked for one for her 6 month old baby.  I said "no, it's a piece of jewelry but a prayer & your baby is to young now".  Then we started to talk.  It went well for a few minutes & then it got upsetting.  She said that she had gone to Planned Parenthood & all they wanted was to end her pregnancy & they wouldn't help her if she continued her pregnancy.  I thought that the young mother was 'pro life' then she said something so weird to me.  She said "I know that Catholics are pro life but I'm a Christian & I'm pro choice".  I almost flipped when I heard her say this strange & inaccurate remark.  I told her that you can't be a Christian if you're pro choice, for God said in His Commandments "Thou Shall Not Kill".  I can only wonder now if she had an abortion in her past & is trying to justify it, which you can never.  I said that the baby' heart is beating at 18-21 days after conception & she was arguing that too, saying that it was 24 weeks, where did she get that?  Another thing that she said that she believes in abortion if the girl was raped or incested.  Where is this conversation going,  I said to myself, before I had to go to the center.  I said that the baby shouldn't be killed for the crime/sin of the father & that the mother becomes a murder rather than a rape survivor & her life will miserable.  I said that the pregnant mother can get through the trauma of rape & incest through good counseling & support from good people.  Earlier she said that if the girls knew that they could get help maybe they wouldn't go for an abortion.  I said that she only has to open up a Phone Book to find a Pregnancy Help Center to assist her with her pregnancy.  I said that I had to go now.  I was happy that the older woman seemed not to agree with the younger girl.  I said to them that 'education & prayer' are the answers & have a great day & I left to go to the center.  Martha had left earlier so she was there by now.  I am already worn out before  I got to the center but was glad for the opportunity to give someone the Truth even though they don't agree, at this time.  At least a 'seed'  was planted, sometimes the earth is a little harder.  I pray that someone will come to water the seed now for the harvest to grow.  Thank you Lord & I hope that they will come to Focus sometime to continue the conversation for now they know where we're located.
I got to the center & I was already tired & there was a mom & her baby in a stroller, that was being dropped off by the driver in the car who was a male & she was with her girlfriend.  Bernie, the landlord was there & he was having the carpets shampooed & he didn't want the stroller in the hallway so she picked up her baby & left the stoller outside & they went into the Material Aid Room to get some nice things.  They were there at 12:45pm & I asked for a few minutes to get some things done first for we are open from 1pm to 6pm. We took them right into the center after Martha & got some things out of our cars first. The carpet guys were coming to fix the problem in the Rose Room & to put strips down by the doorways.  Thank God that Bernie was there & when the carpet men came he was able to talk to them about the carpet, only to find out that the carpet men didn't do anything wrong in the Rose Room.  The problem was that there were 2 carpets that were put down, on top of each other, before & that's why the carpet looks the way it does now.  Oh well!  I called Jason, at Christian Flooring, for the men's earnings were held until I called to say that the job was done & that they did a good job, to boot.  I called & now they will get paid.  So many problems but the Lord delivers us out of them all.  The next problem was that the refrig, that we got on Friday, is still not working & we need to buy another one tomorrow.  That's something I didn't want to do but I have no chose, for we need a refrigerator, at the center.  Tim is coming by tomorrow & he is our last hope to see what the problem might be with the donated refrigerator. 
Carole had now arrived.  Martha wanted to stay in the center for she was a bit nervous that the wasps were a many outside & she is deathly allergic to them.  Carole said that she would take the two signs & two Truth packets & go out by herself.  I said that I will try to join you as soon as I could get out there.  I trusted the Lord that she would be fine.  Later on I found that she was standing across the street which was a good position to take.  She said that a car had stopped to talk to her & said that she loved Planned Parenthood & that they helped her.  Oh yeah, that's what you think now until you wake up, I thought o myself when she told me. 
The carpet guys had gone & Martha & I were so busy doing so many things.  I wolfed down a sandwich & I decided to go out to the front lines to be with Carole for awhile for I was a bit worried that she by herself out there on the front lines which can be dangerous.  I told Martha that I was heading out & she was busy putting bags of clothes away.  As I was leaving with the literature box & the one graphic sign & the mega phone I saw that there were 2 young girls heading into the center.  I knew that Martha could handle to take good care of them.  As I went onto the sidewalk I saw that on of our regular mothers was heading to Focus with her baby in the stroller.  I said that Martha was busy with two other young people but that she could go on it to get some nice things in the Material Aid Room.  Now I was deciding to go back into the center to help Martha out but again I knew that she could handle the situations that were occurring.  I decided  that I needed to be with Carole now, on the front lines.  I stayed on the bush side of Planned Parenthood to witness.  I was now using the mega phone to call out to the people going in & out of the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood. 
The first scenario was a man from Emcore Betlem Heating and Cooling company was there at Planned Parenthood & as he passed by me to go into Buckpit, the heating business next door & he said to me "I have to feed my family".  I said "with Blood Money"!!   He came out with two men, from Buckpitt, & they all went into Planned Parenthood.  They all compromised together & I told them, when they came back out & passed by me on the sidewalk, that in time it would bother them for doing business with a place that kills babies.  They didn't seem to be bothered at all, it just business to them & nothing else.  Just tell the babies that Planned Parenthood kills that.  It just showed me how weak the human spirit can be. 
Then I offered a Truth packet to a young girl going into Planned Parenthood & she said that she was there for her shot.  She said that she had taken a packet before & I said that I hoped that she had read it for the Depo shot is very dangerous with many side effects.  She said that she was ding fine on it.  I said that 's what you think as it messes up your Reproductive System & thins your bones causing Osteoporosis ( the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density over time. Symptoms: There are no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Symptoms occurring late in the disease include: Bone pain or tenderness...)  Just wait until you have a bone fracture when you didn't do anything to cause it, then you won't think that you're doing fine on the Depo shot.  It just seems to me that they have to 'hit the brick wall' before some of these girls wake up, unfortunately.  It's so very sad!!! 
A young girl came around the bushes & said "hi, do you remember me, I was holding a sign for you when I was pregnant & my mom was pregnant too at the same time".  Her mother was going into Planned Parenthood for have a RU 486 abortion & we talked her out of it, through the grace of God.  I said "yes I do remember you & your mother & congratulations on your new baby".  I asked her why she was at Planned Parenthood & she said it was for a check up.  I gave her a list of 'good doctors' that we have & I gave her the Truth packet too. I asked her not to come back here again, for their kill little babies. Then I asked her if needed anything for her baby & she said that she did, so I told her to go into the center where Martha could help her.  She said that was the nice lady that took her home that day. I think it was Donna who took her home that day, it was awhile ago. So off she went to Focus to get some nice baby items.  I pray that she will never come back to Planned Parenthood again.  Sweet girl & I hope that her mother is doing fine also.  It's to bad that I remembered the scenario after she left the center, otherwise I would have asked more about how her mother is doing & if she had her baby.  I remember that Donna went to visit them a week later & took some blankets for them & she brought me to see them a couple of weeks later but they weren't home & then we lost touch of them.  The young girl looked well & I hope that her mother is doing well too. 
There were plenty of other people to talk to out on the front lines & I found out that Martha was so busy in the center that she didn't even have time to go to the bathroom for hours.  She did two pregnancy tests & counseling & helped so many mothers in the Material Aid Room too.  I was torn to stay outside to be with Carole on the front lines, with is in my heart, or to be with Martha helping her out in the center.  I knew that Martha could handle anything so I stayed where I was on the sidewalk.  Finally around 4 pm Carole had to leave so I decided to go into the center at that time rather be by myself out on the crazy front lines.  I handed out a Truth packet to a young girl that had stopped her car along side of me after leaving Planned Parenthood.  I asked her why she was there as I was handing her the packet of information & she said "for birth control'.  I said that in the packet there was a lot of information for her to read & that it sometimes acts as an abortifiacant & can cause breast cancer & heart disease too.  She said that she had a baby recently & I said "congratulations" to her & that she wasn't married then she mustn't have sex & if she was married then be open for children for God is in control.  She smiles at me & said thank you & then drove away.  I felt good about her response to what I was trying to tell her.  The Lord & Mother Mary will help her to what is right & good.  After she left I left to go into the center to be with Martha to help her out before our '40 Days for Life' meeting at 7pm.  One of our regular clients came in to Focus with her son & stayed shopping in the Material Aid Room for about an hour & a half.  Martha brought them home.  How thoughtful of her.  When she came back she worked on supper. She just keeps on going lie the 'Everyready Bunny'.  I think that we have serviced at least 35 clients in the Material Aid Room during our post flood period.
Dan came for he comes when can to help us out in the center doing odd jobs to make our center run well.  Pat came early so we all ate together in the Great Room before the meeting. Hamburgers, salmon, green salad with dressing & macaroni salad homemade by Martha.  Very good!   Dan was nice enough to do the dishes & the meeting took place with, Rick, Pat, Lee, Bill, Martha & I.  We discussed many things & then Rick showed us a short video that he is planning to show at the '40 Days for Life' Kick Off Rally, on September 27th. from 6:30pm to around 9 pm.  We will have a candle light procession which will be from Focus to Planned Parenthood, after the rally events.  This is to start off the '40 Days for Life' Campaign.  I can't wait.  Rick showed us a few minute but very powerful video for the "Kick Off Rally.  Go get your Kleenex & here it is.
"An Interview with an unborn child" @ 
Very meaningful & intense.  Mind provoking!
Everyone had left around 8pm & Martha & I cleaned up & went home too.  Another very busy day on the sidewalk & at Focus.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at Focus
Focus has been under attack, for the last 2 weeks, from the flood in the center & the aftermath of it, it hasn't been any fun to say the least but we still were doing pregnancy tests & assisting moms in the Material Aid Room during the clean up & smelly phase.  Focus looks & smells better now with new indoor/outdoor carpets in the 3 rooms to replace the old ones, & then our refrigerator conked out on us.  But things are looking up for us today for when Martha & went to the store to get a second hand refrigerator for Focus there waiting for us, when we returned, was a mother & father & their twin girls.  They lost everything & needed everything so we tried to assist them as much as we could with food & clothes.  We also gave them names of Food Pantries & introduced them to the Realtor, up the hall from us, to help them get an apartment for their family.  On the way out the mom said to me that she was so grateful to Martha, for it was last year that she was going to go into Planned Parenthood to have an abortion, & Martha stopped to talk to her, out on the front lines, & then brought her into the Focus Center & counseled her & gave her literature.  Well, the twin girls are about 8 months old now & are as cute as can be.  Praise God!!   It was so nice of the Lord to show us our babies & your babies too.  Thank you for all your love, prayers & support to Focus, so we can help people in need.

Thursday, September 1, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
When I arrived I spoke with Sheila for a few minutes & she gave me a run down of what had transpired over the past couple of hours in front of Planed Parenthood.  She mentioned that she had spoken to a 17 year old young man & he said that his 17 year old girlfriend was in there having an ultrasound done & that they won't do that, having an abortion.  Sheila mentioned to him that on Thursdays Planned Parenthood does abortions all day.  He went back into Planned Parenthood & was there for about 15 minutes & then came back outside & when Sheila called him back over to speak to her, he refused to come back over to speak with her.  I feel that's because he learned the truth & was very devastated by what he found out when he went back into the Killing Mill.  She asked me to try to give him the Project Rachel brochure when they leave, he's was wearing an orange shirt, she said.  I said that I would try but unfortunately I was called into the center at 1:45pm & when I came back out to the front lines, the car that Sheila pointed out to me, was gone.  Sorry Sheila, that I wasn't there when they left.  The girlfriend, for I felt that the boyfriend didn't really know what she was going to do, is at the Mercy of God.  I pray that he will recover from the shock of being deceived & losing his precious child today.  What pain people are experiencing by abortion.  Abortion effects so many people especially distant family members but especially the siblings, the brothers or sisters or both, lost in their lives growing up.  Never experiencing their sibling or siblings, in their lives, & the interaction of their relationships.  What a tragic loss & the survivor guilt of the sibling is mind boggling.  Why me ?  Why was I spared?  Why wasn't I the one aborted?  I could have been the one aborted & not be here at this time?  Why would my mother do that?  How could she?  It just goes,on & on & on.  Much healing has to be experienced by the surviving sibling to have a normal life.  The loss is excruciating.

Martha, Adolf, Bill & I were out on the front lines praying & calling out to the people going into Planned Parenthood, & giving them information about their baby & themselves too.  We offered them help with their pregnancies & that they we not alone & that their baby had a heartbeat & that abortion stops a beating heart & please don't trust Planned Parenthood & there is a pregnancy center right next to this yellow building & they can help you, etc.. 
I saw that a young man was talking to a woman in a car smoking & I asked him if he was here having his baby killed.  He looked straight at me with his thumb up.  I nearly threw up.  This is the most evil place on the face of the earth & hardly anyone seems to care!!!!   You don't see these killings on CNN. 
It was now time for the cars to come out after they had an abortion this afternoon & one car after another did.  One young girl was waiting by the front door, with her brown bag (which PP gives the girls after the abortion which has condoms & literature in it) in her hands, waiting to be picked up.  Just then a car drove into the parking lot & stopped & she got in.  As the car was coming out I saw that there were two older women in the front seat & I told them that they were both an accessory to murder.  The passenger, in the car, just looked at me & then the car drove away.  Lord have mercy on their souls. 
I looked across the street only to see that Jim, who owns the condo, across the street, was spying on us.  I saw him looking at us in his bedroom window.  How icky.  I waved to him & said "hi".  A few minutes later I saw that he was gone.  Jim, now that you are retired, please try to do something better with your time & life, maybe you can join us on the sidewalk, across the street to where you live, in front of Planned Parenthood, a Killing Mill, & save lives!!  How sad.
A man on a bicycle stopped to ask me some questions.  I answered them & he was satisfied with the answers.  I always ask the Holy Spirit to assist me at all times.  
A car had pulled out of Planned Parenthood & I said "I hope that you didn't have your baby killed".  The passenger in the car threw out the window, at me, the condoms that were in her bag that they give you after you have an abortion.  There were about 6 of them in a row.  I picked them up off the street, for I didn't want anyone else to pick them up & use them.  I knew that she was post abortive & I pray that she & the driver of the car repents.  
The neighbor, who we have had to deal with these past going on 16 years, came walking down the sidewalk with her dog, on a leash.  I tried to make sure that the dog didn't pee on any of our signs, which has happened in the past.  I felt his cold nose against my leg as they walked by.  I don't hold any animosity towards the dog.  Another pro lifer & I pray for her conversion daily.  I don't know what happened to her that she acts the way that she does towards us pro lifers.  She's made it clear that she is 'pro death'.  My landlord knows her, for he said that she has lived next to Planned Parenthood, for the past 20 years. Icky, no wonder she is what she is, living right next to a place where they are killing people all the time!  I wish that our landlord was a believer, in the Lord, & that he would also pray for her, but we are praying for him to know the Lord too.
I went back into the center again to say hi to Suzanne, our Thursday Client Advocate, & to get a drink.  She got her hair cut that's why she was late today.  Her hair looked marvelous & it suited her pretty face.  Thank God that Paul was in the center putting away the many bags of donations that we have recently received.  I went back out to tell Martha that Paul had bought her a chicken sandwich & French fries, from Wendy's, so she went into the center to gobble up her lunch & then she came back out to pray & to witness once more.
Everyone had left, on the front lines, & it was late so Martha & I went back into the center to get supper & to get ready for our 3rd. Focus Board Meeting, of the year.  It was from 6pm to 7pm & we were voting Patricia in, as our new board member.  The meeting was well attended & went very well, which pleased me to no end.  After the meeting Pat stayed to help me put away some more children's clothes, in the Material Aid Room.  I was so sad that I didn't make the Fatima Prayer Group, at St. Jude's Church tonight.  God comes first, I need to remember this!  Everything else can wait, for there will be another time to finish these projects.
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at Focus
Martha & I stayed in the center & did a lot of work!!!  I picked up the DVD's & CD's that Father burns for us & bought a new printer/copier.  Bill came by & he tried to fix it but said that the motor was shot. The one that I bought will be more affordable in the end.  Martha wasn't feeling good so I told her to go lie down on the new sofa.....she slept like a baby. 
Moms came indoor children's clothes & we helped in the Material Aid Room.  Sandy came by to help us & to tell s that her car isn't working to well & that her job is not what she thought it would be but she's grateful to have one. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

Happy Birthday Mother Mary!!!!
This is Sheila's experiences on the front lines
As usual, Pat and Bill were praying outside PP at 10:30. They witnessed some excitement during their time there -- fire trucks and sirens.  The PP building was evacuated. We don’t know why. All was back to normal by the time Paul and I arrived.  A couple drove out at 10:40, and she said she had considered abortion, but decided to keep her baby. Her boyfriend was in a hurry to get away, and didn’t look very happy. I wonder if the chaos there this morning gave her time to think and change her mind. She took a packet, and although she was Catholic, she was glad to get the rosary instructions, since she didn’t remember how to say it. Her friend actually accepted a rosary also, so that they could pray together.
Those who seemed to be there for abortions ignored us as they left. Appointments start at 8:00am. The parking lot was full when we got there, and nearly empty when  left at 1:00.
Three different pro life people stopped to encourage us, and will pray for our success outside PP. One of them came over to the material aid room to pick out a few nice fall things for her baby boy. I mailed her a list of good doctors. She said she wouldn’t support that evil place any longer. I also sent her a 40 Days for Life flyer, because she showed some interest in coming to pray with us in the mornings before she goes to work.
When I left Martha, Mary, Adolf, Dan, and Addison were all there to offer loving options to these girls who feel they have no choice other than to kill their babies.
As usual, Pat and Bill were praying outside PP at 10:30. They witnessed some excitement during their time there -- fire trucks and sirens.  The PP building was evacuated. We don’t know why. All was back to normal by the time Paul and I arrived.  A couple drove out at 10:40, and she said she had considered abortion, but decided to keep her baby. Her boyfriend was in a hurry to get away, and didn’t look very happy. I wonder if the chaos there this morning gave her time to think and change her mind. She took a packet, and although she was Catholic, she was glad to get the rosary instructions, since she didn’t remember how to say it. Her friend actually accepted a rosary also, so that they could pray together.
Those who seemed to be there for abortions ignored us as they left. Appointments start at 8:00am. The parking lot was full when we got there, and nearly empty when  left at 1:00.  Three different pro life people stopped to encourage us, and will pray for our success outside PP. One of them came over to the material aid room to pick out a few nice fall things for her baby boy. I mailed her a list of good doctors. She said she wouldn’t support that evil place any longer. I also sent her a 40 Days for Life flyer, because she showed some interest in coming to pray with us in the mornings before she goes to work.
When I left Martha, Mary, Adolf, Dan, and Addison were all there to offer loving options to these girls who feel they have no choice other than to kill their babies.
As usual, Pat and Bill were praying outside PP at 10:30. They witnessed some excitement during their time there -- fire trucks and sirens.  The PP building was evacuated. We don’t know why. All was back to normal by the time Paul and I arrived.  A couple drove out at 10:40, and she said she had considered abortion, but decided to keep her baby. Her boyfriend was in a hurry to get away, and didn’t look very happy. I wonder if the chaos there this morning gave her time to think and change her mind. She took a packet, and although she was Catholic, she was glad to get the rosary instructions, since she didn’t remember how to say it. Her friend actually accepted a rosary also, so that they could pray together. 
Those who seemed to be there for abortions ignored us as they left. Appointments start at 8:00am. The parking lot was full when we got there, and nearly empty when  left at 1:00.  Three different pro life people stopped to encourage us, and will pray for our success outside PP. One of them came over to the material aid room to pick out a few nice fall things for her baby boy. I mailed her a list of good doctors. She said she wouldn’t support that evil place any longer. I also sent her a 40 Days for Life flyer, because she showed some interest in coming to pray with us in the mornings before she goes to work.
When I left Martha, Mary, Adolf, Dan, and Addison were all there to offer loving options to these girls who feel they have no choice other than to kill their babies.
As usual, Pat and Bill were praying outside PP at 10:30. They witnessed some excitement during their time there -- fire trucks and sirens.  The PP building was evacuated. We don’t know why. All was back to normal by the time Paul and I arrived.  A couple drove out at 10:40, and she said she had considered abortion, but decided to keep her baby. Her boyfriend was in a hurry to get away, and didn’t look very happy. I wonder if the chaos there this morning gave her time to think and change her mind. She took a packet, and although she was Catholic, she was glad to get the rosary instructions, since she didn’t remember how to say it. Her friend actually accepted a rosary also, so that they could pray together.
Those who seemed to be there for abortions ignored us as they left. Appointments start at 8:00am. The parking lot was full when we got there, and nearly empty when  left at 1:00.
Three different pro life people stopped to encourage us, and will pray for our success outside PP. One of them came over to the material aid room to pick out a few nice fall things for her baby boy. I mailed her a list of good doctors. She said she wouldn’t support that evil place any longer. I also sent her a 40 Days for Life flyer, because she showed some interest in coming to pray with us in the mornings before she goes to work.
When I left Martha, Mary, Adolf, Dan, and Addison were all there to offer loving options to these girls who feel they have no choice other than to kill their babies.

I was running late today, for I received a phone call from Miss M., who came to visit us at Focus on Tuesday asking for help for her girlfriend that was scheduled for a second trimester abortion, at 14 week gestation, the next day at Strong Memorial Hospital.  I was told the bad news.  Her friend went through with the abortion yesterday.  Her friend's boyfriend Hank came home around 3am while Miss M. was sleeping on the couch & he told her that he wanted to talk to her & that he had a gun in his pocket.  Miss M. got up & went right out the front door, of the apartments on Franklin St., downtown.   Miss M. went to her car & texted her girlfriend, who was in the apartment & told her what had just happened, & that she needed her clothes.  She later texted her back & told her that her things were at the front door for pick up.  Then Miss M. called the police & asked if an officer would go with her to the apartment to get her things & that it wasn't an emergency but that the guy in the apartment was crazy & that she was afraid.  A police officer came an hour later to help her to get her things & then off she went back to Virginia at 5am & drove non stop to get back home.  She thinks that her friend went ahead with the abortion that day.  I talked with her on the phone to try to comfort her for she tried so hard to talk her friend out of the abortion but the new boyfriend wanted her to have it, like most women she listened to him, the messenger of death & destruction.  Her friend was post abortive & usually if the first abortion wasn't dealt with then there is usually a second, third or fourth abortion......   Now please continue to pray for this young lady Miss M., who is suffering from her friends decision to have the abortion.  Also, please pray for the girl that had the abortion & her boyfriend that wanted her to have the abortion that they will repent.  Thank you & God bless you for praying & know that any prayer said is never wasted.   Please keep on praying & never give up!   Jesus is Lord!!
When I arrived I was so trying to drop off some things in the center before going out to greet Sheila & the prayer warriors but just as I was leaving a couple of moms came in to get some things in the Material Aid Room.  Thank God Paul had just come back from his lunch break foe he's with Sheila on the front lines in the late morning early afternoon with her.  I asked if he could help the moms & their children in the Material Aid Room while I headed outside to be on the front lines.  He said that he would but first he handed me a bag of food, from Wendy's for Martha & I.  I thanked him & off I went with the literature box & some graphic signs.  Just as I was walking in the parking lot there was Suzanne driving in.  She was early today so I told her as she was getting out of her car that some people were already in the Material Aid Room.  She said 'okay' & off I went to join the team on the sidewalk.  Martha wasn't there yet but I knew that she was coming soon.  I walked over to Sheila & said "hi" & gave her a hug then I said 'hi" to Dan, Addison & Maryann too.  Sheila gave me a run down of what had happened on her time on the sidewalk & said that Bill & Pat, who were out there earlier saying the Rosary & calling out to the girls to offer them help, said that there was an Fire Truck there earlier, at Planned Parenthood's parking lot, & people were being evacuated out of the building.  Pat & Bill weren't told anything by the firefighters & after a short time the Planned Parenthood people were told that they could go back into the Killing Mill again. All clear of what we don't know.  I talked to Sheila for a few more minutes then said "good bye" to her & said that would call her soon.  Before she left she said that she was going to call our 'post abortive grandmother' who brought her daughter here to Planned Parenthood a couple of months ago to have her grandchild be murdered by Rachael Phelps, the abortionist, here.  Her & daughter, who both have had abortions, are in great pain & the mother of the daughter called me asking to be connected with Sheila, to talk to her, for she found her very nice & helpful.  Sheila said that she will call her soon.  In the mean time I called Kathy who is post abortive & has been in the healing & forgiveness process for many years & is a part of the "Silent No More Awareness Campaign' @  So she said that she will also call the mother, who has had an abortion in the past
I noticed that Carole & Bill weren't there.  I later found out that Bill, our 82 year old Korean War Vet, had fallen just before he was to come to join us in protesting & he had hit his head, so he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance & had to stay the night in the Intensive Care Unit.  He's home now & is doing better, thank God.  Carole wasn't back from visiting, in another state, her daughter & her grand daughter, who was born 1lb. 7ozs.(about a year ago) & is doing quite well except that her eyesight was effected by her birth weight but the family is coping they're just so happy that she's alive.   Martha & Adolf  just showed up & the rest of the team had gone, for their time was over.  Paul, was in the center working on putting away our many bags of donations & Suzanne, our Client Advocate, was in the center making phone calls to our clients to see how they were doing.  Outside on the street, Martha went over to the brick side of Planned Parenthood & Adolf was across the street with his sign that read 'Planned Parenthood Kills Babies' & was praying the Rosary & I stayed by the bush side, of this evil killing camp.   
I received a call from Alexis, who was caring for a sick Grandmother & she said that she was coming back to us & that she will be there at Focus very soon.  I was glad for I missed her & we also need her very much.  After she worked in the center for while Paul took her home.  How nice of him  for he has been a God sent to us at the center.  He's retired now & can spend some time with us helping us out.  Yeah!!
A young man was walking by & asked for the beards, which meant the Rosary.  He said that it was good luck for him.  I said that luck had nothing to do with it for it was a powerful that must be said & not worn as if it was a Good Luck Charm, which it wasn't.  He took one with the directions of the 'How to Say the Rosary' with him & he turned around to ask for one for his mother, which I gave him.  Education is so important to teach people the Truth.  Mother Marry please help this fine young man & his mother to grow closer to you & to your Son, Lord Jesus.  Thank you, Amen.  Just then there was a another young man walking down the sidewalk but I had a bad feeling about him so I decided not to speak to him as he passed by me, for he was talking to himself.  As he walked passed the last graphic sign that was tied up on the post he turned around & spat on it.  I called to him saying that if he had his baby killed by abortion then he needed to ask God to forgive him & to seek out help for he was going no where.  Later on Martha went to the center & got some disinfectant to spray on the sign & wipe the spit away.  Poor aborted babies how even they were killed in such a gruesome way are being abused by man.  Lord have Mercy on this young man & I hope & pray that he will repent soon. 
Martha was now back with me on the side with the tall bushes.  Adolf had to leave & was gone.  Just then a car with 2 girls drove was driving into Planned Parenthood but had to stop to let the car coming down the street pass.  In the meantime the driver rolled down her car window & I said "this is what they do in there",  for I was holding a graphic sign.  She then said to me "I'm going to come back & kill you now you f..... b.... & then drove into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  I waited so that I could see what she was wearing as she & the other girl with her was walking into the door so that I could give a description to the police  when I call 911.  She was blonde wearing a bright pink top & black pants with a black purse & so was the other girl wearing the same thing but had red hair.  I gave the description to the 911 operator & she said to wait there for the police to arrive.  I said "thank you" & hung up.  Right after that episode another car drove into Planned Parenthood with 2 young girls in the car.  I went over to the fence to show them the graphic picture of what abortion looks like & to offer them help.  The 2 young girls came around the bushes with a precious baby in a stroller.  Martha & I started to talk to them.  Then the girl with the baby said "don't you remember me you told me to go to Dr. N. for my pregnancy & I did I like him so much.  The other girl that she wanted to go into Planned Parenthood, for an ultrasound, to see how far long she was.  Martha & I said "oh no we'll call Compass Care right now to see if they can see you now for a 'free' ultrasound.  Martha called & she had an appointment as soon as they could get to the office at 300 White Spruce Blvd., across the street from Monroe Community College.  I said it's just before you get to Dr. N's office you'll find it.  Then one of the girls said "the police are here".  I walked over to the fence to see that the officer  was walking into Planned Parenthood & I called over to him saying "officer I was the one who called you not them".   He walked over to us who was standing on the sidewalk.  He took me aside & asked what had happened & I told him.  Then he asked me what I wanted him to do.  I said "to make out an Incident Report.  He said back to me that he couldn't do that unless he has her arrested, so I said okay then arrest her.  He said "I'm  going into the building & bring her out so that you can identify her".  I said "okay officer" & off he went back into Planned Parenthood.  Another police car had just pulled into the parking lot.  Then I saw that the other police officer, that I had just spoken with, come out of the front door & was talking to the other officer that had just showed up.  They were talking on the phone & to each other for about 20 minutes.  Then it dawned on me that they were waiting until the girls abortion was over to talk to her.  Oh my Lord how horrible!!  They were finally lead into Planned Parenthood & then arrested the post abortive girl with the blond hair.  The police officer came over to me now & told me that he had spoken to her & wrote her out an appearance ticket, for her to go to court when she was notified.  He handed me the Criminal Report number & his name on a piece of paper.  Then he asked me my name, birthday, address & phone number & said for me to wait for a phone call or a letter, for it will be the decision of the DA, to what will happen in this case.  I said "okay & thank you officer".  Off he went to his patrol car & drove out & waved at us & so did the other police officer, when he left too.  You are in our prayers along with all the other police officers, here in Rochester, NY..  As all this was going on Martha & I said "good bye to our 2 young ladies & the precious baby & handed the pregnant mom a Truth packet & a Growth & Development DVD.  They waved good bye, as they drove away, with a smile on their faces.  I hope & pray all went well & I'm sure that it did at Compass Care, which is terrific!
After I had called the police I saw a man, up the street looking at us, & I recognized him as Kate's husband, who was bringing non-perishable foods to Focus this afternoon for our Food Shelves, for the people in need, who come to the center.  I walked up to him & said "hello" he said that he was waiting for his wife I said to him that I was waiting for the police, for my life was just threatened.  I said that Paul & Suzanne were in the center & that they could help with the food delivery when Kate comes.  He said that he talked with them in the center a few minutes ago.  I said "good bye  & please say hi to Kate for me".  He said that he would & I saw that she had come a few minutes later but I was to busy on the front lines to go to talk to her.  I'm sure that she'll understand. 
Martha was bringing the signs & things into the center & I stayed out on the front lines for a little longer by myself. I don't have a Death Wish bit I do have a Life Wish, & I want to stay out there as long as I can to speak Truth to the people & to offer them help.  I saw that a young girl was sitting on the bench in front of Planned Parenthood & I offered her help but I knew that it was to late to save her precious baby for she had been in there for many hours & was carrying the infamous brown paper bag with the all the condoms that she'll need for awhile until her next abortion.  Wen will this behavior stop???  Just then a car pulled into the parking lot & I called out to them & they said that they were just turning around.  I believed them until saw that they were picking up the young girl on the bench.  I told the drivers as they left that they could be accessories to murder.  Lord I hope & pray that they all Repent.  I was wondering if they or to her will be in church on Sunday Praising the Lords after they had just murdered their baby or helped in the murder of the baby of one of their friends or relatives??   Lord have Mercy on this Society.
I had to go into the center now for I was expecting Bill to come to set up our new printer/copier that Focus just bought for the office.  He was so nice & got it all set up & it works perfectly & will be a blessing in our work at Focus.  When he left the phone didn't work but a few days later the good Lord gave me Elroy the account right nest to my office to figure out the problem & to get it working again.  And I didn't even have to call Time Warner yeah!!!!   God supplies all our needs at Focus & I praise Him for it!!!!!
Martha & I ate super together.  Later on I met her at St. Jude's Church, for the Fatima Prayer Group & Benediction.  It was good to see the Lord, in the Blessed Sacrament & to receive the Lord, in Holy Communion too. 


Acknowledge our sins and tell God that we are sorry for them.  Sin is the big and the little ways we've turned our backs on God and fallen short of the wonderful ways Jesus taught us to live and to love.


Tuesday, September, 13, 2011 at Focus & front of Planned Parenthood

It was so busy from the time I got to the center until I left the center around 9:30pm.  I received a phone call while driving after Mass when I had just turned on my cell phone which I had 'off' during Mass.  I pulled my car along the side of the road & answered the phone.  It was a gentleman who wanted to come by to donate some baby items to Focus.  I said that I was appreciative & gave him our days & hours that we are open.  He said that he would come by in the next couple of days with the drop off of things.  I said "thank you" & hung up.  When I got to the center neither Martha nor Paul were there, so I asked for help from one of the taxi guys, to help me bring things into the center from my car.  It was Tickaboo, from the taxi company, who was kind enough to help me.  We put all the things on the table in the Green Room, which is the All Purpose Room, which means anyone can use it but we use it the most.  All of a sudden there was on of our clients offering to help put things away until she had to pick up her son at 2pm.  I said "sure".  Then Martha came saying that she was trying to go to where her daughter works to tell her of the Mass, on Thursday, that will be dedicated to those who have lost children.  Then Carole came back to us after seeing her daughter & granddaughter, who was born prematurely.  I was glad to see Martha & Carole & to have Donna's help too. Just then Tim came with a delivery of items for Focus.  This was his second delivery from a Garage Sale that he went to a couple of week ago where the woman was trying to sell these things but couldn't & gave them to Focus.  How nice was that.  Tim left the information on my desk in the office for me write a Thank You not to thank her for her generosity.  As this was going on with Tim bringing these things to Focus his little Margaret Mary, was being prepared for Heart Surgery, this Thursday.  She is seven years old & is a sweet little girl with a heart defect & hopefully this surgery will cure her & she will go on with a normal life with her family.  She has been in our hearts & prayers for awhile now & we will continue to pray for her & her devoted & loving family.  Tim was nice enough to leave me his breakfast pizza for my lunch.  The microwave wasn't working so I had to eat it cold, but it was still good.  Thanks Tim!!
I was wondering where Alexis was, for she should have been there at 1pm, & it was heading towards 1:30pm now.  Always something to stress me out.  Then Paul came in & I was just kidding him when I said "where have you been"?  He said back to me "I told you that I was coming today I just didn't say when".  Good answer Paul.  I had just eaten a Mounds candy bar, for my desert, which is Paul's & mine favorite.  I gave him one as a truce.  I never saw anyone devour a candy bar so fast in my life, even though it was one of those little ones you can eat in one bite.  I was in the office when Donna said "there's someone hear to see you" & in comes Alexis.  I said to her that I expected her at the center at 1pm, for that was the agreement.  She said that she had to walk today to get here.  I forgot to ask her why she didn't take the bus.  I did ask her how her grandmother was & she said that she was doing better.  I was glad to hear that.
Martha & Carole decided that we should stay in the center today to put things away rather than to go out to the front lines.  We had so much work in the center, putting away the summer clothes & putting out the fall/winter clothes, into the Material Aid Room, that I agreed.  It was mass confusion for we had moms in the Material Aid Room while all this was going on.  I felt badly for one of our clients has had so much trauma & loss that it made my heard spin.  I told her that I pray for all the clients every day & she said that was appreciative of that.  She said that it's been so horrible that she needed to get out of her house.  I was glad that she decided to come to Focus to unwind & to get some nice things for her many children. Lord please help this fine woman with all her pain & sorrow & the loss of her children, in her life, & now her relatives loss of her baby too.  Thank you Lord for healing this family & setting them free, in you!!  Please deal with the justice of what happened to her friend's baby, that died, while she was away & had a 17 year boy watch the baby.  Please bring the Truth to your light.  Thank you Lord in giving peace to this mother.  Amen
Just then a young girl came in for a pregnancy test which Martha gave.  All of a sudden she came into the office & said "Mary is it positive or negative"?  I looked at the strip & saw two lines & said "yes, your pregnant & congratulations too".  I saw Martha at the office door so I thought that she just wanted confirmation, which I just gave.  I asked if she was abortion minded & she said "no".  She had a girl at home & was hoping that this baby was a boy. " It really doesn't matter does it" I said.  Martha continued to assist her & she need the number of the Jordan Health Center for Compass Care was to far away from where she lives.  So I looked it up on the Internet & gave the 2 phone numbers to Martha which she gave to the client to call.  Martha also gave her lots of information too &  A DVD too.  I gave her 'Healthy Pregnancy' &' What God Says About Abortion' brochures & put them into her Truth packet.  She couldn't get a hold of the Anthony Jordan Health Center for they had her on hold for a long time.  I asked, as she was leaving. if she wanted to try again now & she said that she will try again when she gets home.  The last thing that I handed her was a Compass Care brochure just in case she couldn't reach the Anthony Jordan Health Center.  Martha & I said 'good bye" to her & told her that we would call her from time to time to see how she was doing.  Then she left.  I went back to the office to continue to do my paper work when Martha came in & shut the door & told me that she had gone out to her car to get something when she saw that the girl with positive pregnancy test that we just ministered to went to Planned Parenthood & had dropped all that we gave her in the bushes.  My heart sank & then I asked Martha if she would go & say a Rosary out on the front lines right now  she said that she would.  She tool a graphic sign of baby Malachi & her Rosary & her picture of Jesus & went to the sidewalk to pray.  My heart & prayers & concern went with Martha.  Carole & Donna had to leave & Alexis & Paul were very busy with putting away & cleaning up the donations, that we had received.  I went back to the office & started to make up the Truth packets & do some more office work, with a heavy heart. 
After Martha came back into the center I went out to the front lines.  I was greeted by 2 woman who approached me asking for help.  The older woman, who was the mother of the 19 year old, said that it was hellish in Planned Parenthood & she wanted out of there.  She took her daughter there because she didn't' know where else to take her for a check up, but she got the 'willies' when she was in there.  She was glad that I was outside to help them.  I brought them to Focus & Martha took over from there & I went back out to the front lines still hoping to see our client that came to us for a pregnancy test, then went to Planned Parenthood, hopefully not to schedule to have her baby be killed there this Thursday or any other day. 
I called into the Planned Parenthood parking lot to say what I said & to offer help to the people in the building & in the parking lot.  Just then 2 young girls walked over to me from behind the bushes.  They said that they wanted a packet for the other woman had give the one sister one but the other sister wanted one too.  I gave her one & asked what they were doing in such a horrible place.  The one young girl said that their sister was in there for the Depo shot & it was a good thing because if she gets pregnant again she would only have another abortion, for she's had 11 abortions, & she's 32 years old.  She has 2 sons & then after they were born she's had one abortion after another.  I said to them if they would follow me I could take them to the center to get them more information about Post Abortion Counseling that would help their sister.  They said "yes" & they followed me to Focus where I gave them lots of brochures.  The one married sister said that she's been unable to conceive & I gave her Debbie's & Anne's phone #'s  & that they could possibly help her, through Natural Family Planning.  They went into the Material Aid Room for clothes for their family members.  Martha was just finishing up with the mother & daughter, that I brought in a little earlier & the daughter now wants to volunteer, at the center.  I gave them some more information & also the '40 Days for Life' flier & invited them to come to the 'Kick Off Rally" in 2 weeks, here at Focus.   Then the mother said to me that they weren't Christians & I said "but you believe in God don't you"?   She said "yes". "That's good", I said.  Then I said that we don't believe in 'birth control' or 'condoms' or 'sex before marriage' & they both agreed to that.  I said "you passed", to volunteer here at Focus but we still would orientate you.  I gave them the days & hours that we're here & said that you can pick any day & time that would work out for you.  The mom said that her daughter home schools her daughter & that she would take over when she's here at the center.  I said "that sounds like a plan".  I hope that they will come to know, love & serve the Lord in time, & become Christians but in the meantime we are called, as Christians, to love them & to pray for them too. 
Paul, who had called me while I was driving earlier today, came to give us a donation & talked with Martha & I for awhile.  A very interesting man & a convert to the Catholic Church.  Yeah!!  This was a very nice experience. 
Martha told me that when she saw that the abortionist was leaving she had both of her windows down & Martha said to her  "ma'am, did you know that this was an abortion mill where they kill little babies"?  Martha said that the abortionist put her hands to her mouth then rolled up her windows.  Very strange.
I noticed that the soap for the dishes was gone & so many baby wipes were gone & also the bag with the Mounds candy & some more dish soap & deodorant was missing too.  Very strange & upsetting @ Focus!!  I wish that I had a hidden camera at the center!!!
Martha had to go to her Parish Council Meeting at St.. Theodore's Church & she said that she will call the client when she gets home, to try to talk to her, who after she was at Focus went right over to Planned Parenthood & dropped everything that we gave her on the ground, except the bag of clothes that she got in the Material Aid Room, at Focus, for her 2 year old.  I emailed her later on & it came back to me, so that was a lie too.  How sad!!
Dan came to help & while we were eating the doorbell rang & it was Bill & another person, a lady named Karen who is visually impaired that heard about the '40 Days for Life' campaign, on the radio of the Station of the Cross.  The meeting was canceled tonight & Rick tried to tell as many people as possible about  the cancellation but it's hard to reach everyone.  I spoke with Bill & Karen until they had to go home.
Earlier on today Rick dropped off the new Focus brochures & they look marvelous & they're filled with lots of important information.  Thanks Leanne, for writing & making up the brochure & for Rick for printing them up for Focus so that we can hand them out to people. 
Dan helped me to clean up & off he went home & I stayed a little longer to do some more work then I went home around 10pm. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows
When I got up I called the Police Office to see if Officer Chris was there & he was.  I wanted to talk to him about the girl who threatened my life a week ago & if he knew anything about what was going on with the case.  He took down the Crime Report number & the name of the attending officer & said that he would get back to me as soon as he found anything out.  I said "thanks Officer Chris, I'll wait to hear back from you & thank you again" & then hung up.
Thursdays are the killing day at Planned Parenthood, really every day they kill little babies.  I always get sick to my stomach on Thursdays especially.  I was still at home getting ready.  I was going to go to the bank first to deposit the money that we receive from good people that help us to continue our work at Focus, in trying to help people have a better life & to make their burdens a little lighter until they can get both feet on the floor.  After the bank I would be heading to the front lines hopefully by 1pm or earlier, to relieve Sheila, who has been there on the sidewalk starting at 10:30am to 1pm.  Martha & Adolf & Bill & I will then take over to 'fight the good fight', over evil in the name of the Lord.  Just before I left the phone rang & it was Sheila, it was about 11:20am.  She wanted me to talk to the sister of the girl that was in Planned Parenthood.  Her sister came in at 8:30am & was told to shallow 3 pills to start the abortion process which will be completed at 11:30am.  Sheila wanted me to talk with her, for she had been taking with her for awhile, & she didn't want her sister to do this.  She said that Planned Parenthood told her sister that after taking the pills if she changed her mind & not have the abortion that the baby would be retarded or have heart problem or be a Down's Syndrome baby.  I told her to get her sister out of Planned Parenthood & to take her to the nearest Emergency Room, for them to take care of her & to save her baby too.  She said that she would go back into Planned Parenthood & try again. I said "good & I'll keep you in prayer" & hung up the phone.  Then I looked at my TV clock only to see it say 11:28 am.  To late.  Lord have mercy on the death of this precious little baby that we were unable to save from being murdered by the hands of the abortionist, Rachael Phelps & her co horts of evil.  I felt sicker to my stomach as I started to go to the front lines, with one baby already killed, & many more will be also killed this afternoon.  Do you know how difficult this is for us to know that innocent, defenseless children are being killed & there's nothing we can do to stop it but to pray, hope & speaking out to the mothers to try, through the grace of God, to change their minds of having their own child their own flesh & blood, be ripped apart without mercy,  for their convenience. 
When I arrived on the front lines at 1pm Sheila whispered in my ear "she went through with it".  My heart sank again for one always hopes that a 'miracle' will happen & sometimes it does but not today.  Just then a police car drove up to the curb & I looked to see that it was Officer Chris.  I said "hi Officer Chris" & he got out of his vehicle.  He said that an Incident Report was made out & the girl told the officer that she didn't threaten my life but only swore at me when coming into the Planned Parenthood parking lot.  I told Officer Chris that Martha was my witness that this girl indeed threatened my life.  He said  "I know Mary & I'll continue to look into this & I'll get back to you, is there anything else"?  I said "Planned Parenthood is killing babies here today".  He said "yes I know" & put his head down, for he is a good man.  He got back into his car & I told him that we were praying for him & he said "so is my grandmother".  I said "she is a  wonderful woman".  He smiled & rode away.  I feel in my heart that, in this world, she'll get away with what she said to me but not in the next world.  I'll just have to wait for justice until then.  If she was capable of killing her own child, then why wouldn't anyone think that she wasn't capable of killing me too, especially when she said that she was going to????
Martha was in the center & Adolf had to leave & Bill didn't come today, so I was by myself out on the front lines, which always is not good but what can I do when there isn't anyone else to defend life out there.  Where are ALL the people???   Just then two young people, a man & a woman drove in & got out of their car.  The guy was walking over to me & taking my picture with his cell phone camera.  I saw him through the fence & walking towards me & I said "if you come any closer I'll call the police".  He backed away & while he & his girlfriend, I bet, were walking into Planned Parenthood he said to me "we're going in to make a donation".  I said to him "she's just using you as you're using her, there's no love here only lust".  Then the front door shut behind them.  The Death Escort had left so they had to open the door by themselves.  When they came out about 10 minutes later he said to me "see, that didn't take to long now did it".  I hollered over to him saying "you just put a curse on your finances".  He stopped dead in his track. Oh well that didn't take long now did it.....  When they were driving out he looked a little pale & she had her camera phone taking pictures & she had a sickly smile on her face too. Icky...  I had my cell phone camera ready & I took their pictures too.  For two can play this game too.  I said to them "you're both going to suffer much" as they drove away.  I thought to myself that I usually say to the people to"repent" but it didn't come out of mouth this time, maybe because they left before I could say it.  Lord have Mercy on them & I do hope & pray that they will both be converted & repent & make up for what they did here today, in giving their money, to help to kill more precious voiceless babies.  How sick was that encounter.
Martha came out, of the center, & she said that she noticed that the people driving by today were especially hostile.  One driver hollered out his window "kill the babies"!!!  How sick.  One after another of evil words or dirty gestures, passed us by, on the street today.  We just gave them all to God to deal with them later on.  One girl after another were coming out of Planned Parenthood, after having their baby killed, with their heads down in the car.  It's hard to grasp this concept that their precious baby is now liquefied in a container in the refrigerator in Planned Parenthood ready for Strong Memorial Hospital to pick up & to be sent to the Pathologist & then thrown into the incinerator.  They wouldn't do that to the dogs & cats at the vets across the street, now would they?   For if they did, they would have the Peta people protesting up & down University Ave.,the abuse of animals, & rightly so.  I have a cat.  Where is the outrage that they are killing people at Planned Parenthood, I only see apathy.  Where are the people protesting this grave evil that is going on at 114 University Ave.?  There is none, only but a few dedicated & blessed prayer people, protesters & sidewalk counselors, who will receive their reward in Heaven someday, for defending the unborn from being killed!!  Thank you & God bless you all..........
There is good news.  I reported that we had a client go into Planned Parenthood on Tuesday after having a positive pregnancy test.  Well, she came back to Focus to get an umbrella stroller & Martha was in the center at that time & asked her why she had gone to Planned Parenthood after leaving us at Focus.  Martha also said that we tried to get a hold of her but couldn't.  She said :I know for my grandmother told me you all called".  Oh yes, next time my dear give us a phone number that we can reach you & not bother your grandmother who told Martha that she hadn't seen you in awhile.  Well she told Martha that after she left us & she couldn't reach anyone at the Anthony Jordan Health Clinic that she would go over to Planned Parenthood to get an ultrasound done to see how far long she was.  She said that she was 5 weeks along & she said that after they did the ultrasound that they asked her if she wanted an abortion.  She told them "no" & got out of there as soon as she could.  Martha & I were out on the front lines waiting for her, to come out of Planned Parenthood, but we had missed her that day.  Martha & I were so happy to hear this great news & that we found our girl & her baby safe & sound.  Yeah!!!
I saw one of the men who work for David Gantt, who's office in at the other end of the mall like plaza, that our center is located at.  I said to him "what are you doing to save your race from being killed over there at Planned Parenthood?  I then pointed towards where they were located, as if he didn't know.  He went into the office & shut the door behind him.  How sad is that!!
Martha & were going to eat supper, & then go to a Healing Mass at Holy Apostles Church.  It was a Mass for those who have lost a baby in the womb or outside of the womb.  For each baby or child lost you would light a candle & stick it into the sand by the altar, as a remembrance of the person that is no longer with us but is waiting for us in Heaven.  Symbolism.  We were told to share our loses with the people who were sitting the closest to us.  When I shared that I miscarried twins from a gang rape the one woman said to me that they were probably better off.  I said "what!!  I would have been a good mother & would have taken god care of them"!!  I thought that this was suppose to be a healing service but not for me at this time with such a comment.  She should have said to me "my dear. I'm so sorry for your loss".  Now that would have been healing.  Lord have Mercy on us, for sometimes we say & do things we really don't mean.  I forgave her, for she didn't say it to be mean.  After Mass Martha & I talked in the parking lot for about 10 minutes to review the day & then we went home.  Praise God for this evening of healing by you dear Lord, in receiving  Holy Communion, your Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity.  For you are the Healer & the Deliverer of our pain & loss & anguish.  Amen


Tuesday, September, 20. 2011 at Focus
I woke up today like I was death warmed up.  I almost didn't make it in today for I felt so badly.  But I must rely  on the grace of God.  So I got up & started to get going to get dressed & go to church, then to the center.  If  I gave into feeling sick all the time I would be doing nothing in my life to help other or to take care of myself so I thank God for His graces to keep on going.  Though I'd like to be healed & a little relieved of the pain & discomfort I'm in all the time.  One comforting thing is that my suffering is redemptive, for God's purpose to be used to save lives & souls, for Him.  That gives me some comfort.  He is in control & he knows what I'm going through for He went through worse for me, on the Cross.  I'm saying this because I feel guilty for I & the team didn't go out on the front lines this afternoon.  We stayed in the center to do work in the Material Aid Room putting away summer clothes & putting out the winter clothes.  I only wish that we had enough people that could be out on the front lines & in the center to do the work that needs to be done.  Where are you all, we need you??? 
Martha came into the office with her mouth open, taking a Truth packet & getting Post Abortion brochures, from the Rose Room.  I heard her taking to the girl & I wanted to know more so I got up out of my chair & went to see what was happening.  I went into the Material Aid Room & asked her what was going on.  She had a young boy in the stroller & she said that her sister was at Planned Parenthood having an abortion & that the nurse told her, the sister, to take the boy out for he was making to much noise.  So she was walking down the street & saw our sign, out on the sidewalk, & came into Focus to get some things for him.  I asked her some questions & she said that her sister  thought about it all night long & then went to have the RU 486 abortion today.  I asked if she had brought her there & she said "yes. I didn't want her to be alone".  I said "you shouldn't have brought her to Planned Parenthood, for that made you an accomplice to this murder, & you should have just let her go on her own if she was determined to have her baby killed, even though it wasn't right".  I said "now you will be affected by this for the rest of your life".  She looked at her nephew & said "I didn't want him to suffer".  I said "oh he'll suffer, for his brother or sister was killed at Planned Parenthood today".  I said for her to go back into Planned Parenthood & to get her sister out of there & to bring her to us & we'll get her to a doctor that will take the deadly pills out of her .  I said that we did this to one woman & her baby is 3 years old now so it can turn out okay.  She said that she would try & off she went back to Planned Parenthood & we never saw her again nor her sister.  It was either to late or her sister wanted to continue the process of having her precious baby be killed.  Only God knows.  Martha's & my heart hurt real bad.....


Wednesday, September, 21, 2011 at Focus

Martha & I stayed in Focus today doing the work there.  We had a delivery from Assumption Church with so many great baby & children clothes & items & formula & diapers, in all sizes.  What a blessing it was for us at Focus.  New clothes to give to our moms, for their children.  We are grateful for all the donations that we receive from everyone, that's for sure.  Then after they left the husband & wife team from St. Pius X Church came by with bags & bags of food for our food shelves.  They said that they will be back next week too.  Wow!!  What blessings, that's for sure. 
What was difficult for me today, was that I had to ask the young lady that was helping us at Focus, when she wanted to come & when she was with us so many strange things happened, not to come back again.  I told her that she would have to go down to DSS (Department of Social Services) to get another assignment, for she was finished at Focus.  This was hard but it was the right thing to do & I really should have done it earlier when I saw that there were problems & strange things happening like things missing etc..  Live & learn.  I asked the Lord at Mass today to help me in this situation & He did.  When I went to the center I was told, by Martha, that she was telling Carole that I
I didn't sign her paper for DSS.  This young lady asked me not to sign the paper & I hope that she didn't sign my name on the paper & put in the hours, that she wasn't at Focus, because she wasn't at Focus at the days & times that she agreed to be there for DSS.  Not good.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, written by Abe Lincoln.  Very wrong & non professional behavior, from this young lady, over a long period of time.  Enough is enough. We try to help those who are in need & to make their lives a little better, especially if they have children, but Lies & Stealing, I do not tolerate, at Focus Pregnancy Center!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood & in Focus
What a very busy & stressful afternoon, to say the least!!  When I got to the center, thank God, Martha was there already & I saw Paul to & he said that he had put out the signs & all on the front lines. I was grateful.  He said that he was going to go to lunch now, for he is with Sheila from 10:30am to 1pm, praying on the front lines.  After lunch he then comes back to Focus & helps us out there.  Suzanne, our Client Advocate, wasn't going to be with us this afternoon, so I prayed even harder that the Holy Spirit would direct our paths today, as always.  I went on the front lines to say hi to Sheila &  to get a review of the morning & early afternoon with her.  She said that she gave 2 pregnancy tests today & thank God that they were both negative.  She spoke with the mega phone to the people going in & out of Planned Parenthood offering them help.  She also spoke to the brother of one of the workers in Planned Parenthood, who works as an receptionist.  Sheila gave him some information about the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who was a white racist who wanted the Black Race done away with.  Sheila gave him our muti informational DVD to show his sister.  Hopefully after she sees the DVD, she'll leave Planned Parenthood, in a hurry!!  I said 'good bye" to Sheila & thanked her for her great job that she does.  I saw Bill across the street & waved to him.  He'll be 82 on Sunday.  He also said that he had to leave at 2pm promptly.  Adolf will come at 2pm & he'll stay until 4pm.  Carole was now with me on the front lines & Martha couldn't leave the center for she was so very busy.  A couple of girls walked passed us on the sidewalk & the one girl even cried when she saw the graphic signs & they were heading to Focus.  When I was called in to help Martha on my cell phone when I was walking down the hall she say me & said "you were the one that was out there".  I said "yes".  I then was asked by Martha to assist a mother of a two year old & is 5 months pregnant to get housing assistance.  I called RAIHN  (a not-profit, non-denominational group of faith communities helping homeless families achieve sustainable independence) @

 & they said for her to call on Monday & then they can help her, for she was soon to be evicted.  She also needed food & received some non-perishable food from our Food Shelves.  I gave her a Referral Sheet, for more assistance.  Martha had given two pregnancy tests & filled out an Intake Sheet on our client that was 5 months pregnant, so that we could follow -up on her progress.  After I helped this client I went back out to the front lines where Carole was by herself for the time I was in Focus. 

Cars were in coming in & out of Planned Parenthood & I called out to all of them that we could help them & gave them more information too.  As Carole & I were standing on the sidewalk a girl with short hair & lots of tattoos, on her body, went by us & she spit twice, on the sidewalk, close to where I was standing.  I said "is that what you think of yourself", as she walked into Planned Parenthood.  I said to myself that if her spit got on me I'd call the Police right away, for people have so many diseases now a days & it's a crime to spit on anyone too.  About 2 hours later she finally came out.  She said to me "you don't know why I was in there, why don't you take care of the children that are already here".  I said to her as she was walking down the sidewalk "these children are already here, you just can't see them".  How sad a concept.  Kill those who you cannot see & make them non persons, so that you can easily kill them.  I hope & prays that she wakes up, for I told her that Planned Parenthood is making a fool out of her. 

Martha came out & I went into the center to help out in there.  Martha told me, later on, that she thinks a young girl had changed her mind today at Planned Parenthood, in having an abortion.  Her & her boyfriend drove into Planned Parenthood & he was smirking at Martha & Carole, who were standing on the sidewalk praying & witnessing with signs, as they drove into the parking lot.  They both got out of the car & he followed her into the building.  It was less than 5 minutes later they both walked out & they got into the car & as they were leaving the boyfriend gave the #1 gesture to Carole, who was holding the sign, which reads: What does abortion cost: One Human Life.  I was in the center because we were soooo very busy with clients wanting clothes, diapers & pregnancy tests. Martha & I were in & out, on the front lines & in the center, all afternoon.  I was happy to hear this, that's for sure.

The man, I think that his name is Tony, was at the vets today, across the street.  He has a big sign on his truck that states the Strong Hospital didn't care for his wife properly & she died.  When he came out of the vets he waved over to me & I remember speaking with him months ago on the sidewalk.  He is still grieving that his wife was gone.  It's his way of protesting Strong Hospital for their actions, that he deemed inexcusable, & is letting everyone know about.  I certainly have my own personal feelings about Strong Hospital, (for this was the hospital that I was gang raped back in 1971) & some social ones too (they do second trimester abortions & fetal experimentation's) there too.  Planned Parenthood refers all their victims there for a second trimester abortion by Nancy Stanwood.  They are hypocrites, for a hospital is suppose to save lives, & not take lives, through abortion.  I heard that a woman who was pregnant with triplets was referred to a multi birth expert & he was doing a n ultrasound on her when he said "one is yawning & the other is sucking it's thumb & & the other is sleeping, which one do want to terminate?  "What, none of them"!!  she said & out the door she went.  Good woman, who was insulted & appalled by this  doctors statement, by this so called killing expert, at Strong Hospital. She shouldn't have had to go through this.  I wonder how many woman given in & had one or two of their precious babies terminated, which means killed, through this doctors advice.   See what I mean, if they do any good they sure do so much bad!!! 

One of our moms came to the sidewalk & said that she had some baby clothes to give the center & no one was answering the door.  I said "just keep ringing the doorbell & someone will answer, we're so busy in the center today".  She nodded her head & as she was walking away I called over to her saying "how are your girls doing?  She responded back & said that they were doing well.  I smiled back at her as she turned the corner to go to Focus, once again.  She is a sweet girl & I wish that I walked over to give her a hug for I remember her well.  But I had to turn around to call out to the people going into Planned Parenthood, that were planning to have their precious baby be killed by Rachael Phelps the "death doctor' today.  How sad that so-called doctors are killing their patients children.  How messed up can they be??  Very messed up................

Carole & Adolf had to go & Bill had left awhile ago so Martha & I were out on the front lines by ourselves.  I noticed that a young girl was sitting on the bench in front of Planned Parenthood talking to a young man.  I started to address her especially for this day is a surgical abortion day at Planned Parenthood as Tuesday is a RU486 abortion pill day.  As I was speaking to her, the young man blocked her with his body, by standing right in front of her.  I knew that she had an abortion today & was waiting for a ride to pick her up.  I noticed her, when he moved away from her for a few seconds, that she her face was very sad looking & she probably had been crying.  I felt for her but I really felt for her precious baby that was ripped apart & thrown way in a jar & then put in the refrigerator, who won't have a life of his or her own & the generations that won't be because of her decision to go through with the abortion today, even through there were people out in front offering her help.  I just don't get this Lord!!  This is a very painful ministry, it's only through the grace of God, that I come back to the front lines 3 times a week.  Just then a car had pulled into the parking lot it was a middle aged woman in the car.  The young man gave the girl a hug & then walked up the street, away from us, towards E. Main St..  I saw that she was heading to the car when I heard the I guess it was her mother or aunt say "then why did you go through with it"!!!  She sounded very upset.  As the car drove out the young girl had her head down so that she wouldn't see the graphic, but how did she know this unless she had seen them going into Planned Parenthood first.  As the car passed by me I said, "I hope that you didn't have your baby killed if you did I hope that you'll repent".  I usually say this, for I think that I'm in denial & also I don't want to accuse any woman or girl of having an abortion, if they didn't. Lord have mercy!

Martha was still with me & we had seen a tall man in camouflage clothes go in & out of Planned Parenthood many times this afternoon & at one point he walked up the sidewalk probably because he didn't want to want in there.  He finally came back & I called over to him saying "I hope that you didn't have you r baby killed here today"?  He was now walking over to where Martha & I were standing on the sidewalk by the tall bushes.  He said "are you the one that runs the center down the street"?  I said "yes".  Then he said "you'd think that you'd be a little more nicer then".  I said back to him "sir you're evading my question, for I asked you if your baby is being aborted today, for I think that is the issue here, don't you think"?  He said that his girlfriend was in there for the birth control Mirena, really an IUD, which always acts as an abortifacient, to destroy the already fertilized egg, which is a human being, a male or a female.   I told him what the IUD does & that it acts to destroy life in the womb.  I handed him a Truth packet & a DVD, which he took.   I spoke to him about abstinence & to respect her & for her to respect him too.  Just then another young man, holding a little boy, came into the conversation.  His girlfriend, he said, was in there for the Mirena too.  Both guys brought their girlfriends here today to get the Mirena birth control inserted into their uteruses?  So odd.   This 'so called new birth control' which is really another type of IUD, can cause early abortions & has many side effects too.  You play with fire you get burned.  Martha tried to talk to them both, to be the 'voice of reason'.  The second guy took a Truth packet too.  The first  guy said to me "I know that you probably had sex before marriage".  I said that I had waited to be married first.  I said this isn't about me but about you & your girlfriend & about your souls.  Just then I looked down the sidewalk & I saw Memo walking towards me.  He said that he was coming today to pick up the information that he needed to record, for our records.  He comes to do our Data Entry for Focus, about every six weeks, or so.  I thought to myself, perfect timing Memo, thank you Lord, for I think that these two guys would just go back & forth, with Martha & I, until they were called back into Planned Parenthood by their girlfriends.  They both could be making up this story about the birth control Mirena & that they were really waiting for their girlfriends to recover from their abortions.  Only God knows for sure & they will have to answer to Him someday, for their actions.  I then greeted Memo with a short hug & we both went into the center, for me to give him our Material Aid Sign In sheets & our spending receipts & our donor's names & addresses, for our records.  He takes them home to work on them there, by putting the information in the Database, for Focus.  This data will be used for our Federal 990 Form, for 2011.  He has been with us for 2 years now.  He's a blessing to us at Focus, thank you Lord!!! 

Martha was unfortunately left outside still taking to these guys by herself & when she came in a little later I asked her how did it go after I left.  She said that they went back to their cars & one of them started up the loud obscene music & then she stopped talking to them, at that point.  She asked one of the taxi drivers to help her bring the things in from the sidewalk & he did help her & was reward later on by a few hard candies that he likes.  No act of kindness is left un rewarded. 

Paul was helping us out all afternoon in the center by putting away the clothes, in the Material Aid Room & cleaning the toys that came in & doing so many other things too.  Tony came by with the coat rack that he returned, for it didn't have all the parts, in the box.  I asked if he had time to put this one together & he said "sure".  Now we have a coat rack in the All Purpose Room for our winter coats.  Thanks Tony great job!   We saw so many mothers & their children today at the center, it was crazy but rewarding.  

Martha & I had supper together & then went to go to the Holy Hour at St. Jude's to be with the Risen Lord, who is so greatly offended by our sins & that loves us so much & when we ask Him, with a sincere heart, to forgives us for our sins, He does, so that we can 'start over' by His grace.  I love you Jesus & I thank you for the precious gift of 'Life'.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at Focus.... '40 Days for Life','Kick Off Rally' today!!
This was our' Kick Off Rally' day form 6:30pm to 9pm tonight.  I wasn't able to make Mass because of a couple of reasons.  When I arrived at the center Martha was just pulling from the Church.  A man had just pulled into the parking lot & cane over to my car & asked if he could help me bring the bags that I had in my car into the center.  He & his fiancée are now raising 2 children of his sisters who is incarcerated in Pa. how sad is that.  Thank God for this couple who is taking responsibility for caring for these two children.  He was nice enough to help me bring things into the center & Martha took over in assisting this family.  The doorbell rang & I went to the door & saw a very pregnant mom & her sister, she said.  I asked what we could do for them & the pregnant mom said that she needed a car seat & a bassinet.  I asked when she was due & she said "tomorrow".  I asked "why did you wait until now to obtain these things".  I was nice about it but I felt a little frustrated for sure. We gave her a pac'n play & I called over to Kirsten, the director of the Place of Hope Pregnancy Center, on Bay & Goodman St..  She said that she had one & for her & for them to come on over for it.  I gave the sister, who was the driver, the address.  The sister saw that we had a double stroller & asked for it but I told her that it was promised to someone else & if she doesn't pick it up soon then I will call her for here to pick it up.  Off they went to the Place of Hope for the car seat.  Just then I received a phone call from Tim & he asked if we wanted lunch & said "yes".  He said "I'll get some chicken sandwiches for you guys & I'll be over in about 20 minutes for I need to look in the Material Aid Room for Margaret Mary, his 4 year old daughter who just had open heart surgery & is doing very well but her scar is high & she needs clothes that will cover it.  I said "come on over Tim".  He came with 4 chicken sandwiches & Martha & I ate one each & we gave the two sandwiches to the guys in the taxi company. 
It was so warm & uncomfortable in the center so Martha called the landlord to come on over to get the temperature back to normal.  He came by around 6pm & fixed the problem but it was still warm in the center.  Earlier Martha had called her ex husband to come on over to replace the ceiling titles & he did.  Thanks Frank. 
The doorbell rang again & it was Valerie.  Martha took care of her but I have a feeling that thing weren't good with her & her situation.  I spotted her in the Material Aid Room & I gave her a big hug & I told her to come on back anytime & that she always has us.  She smiled.  I went back to the All Purpose Room to do some more work getting ready for tonight.  The doorbell rang & it was Kathy, our new  volunteer, at Focus.  I orientated her briefly & then off she started to work putting away the clothes, with Carole's help.  I felt like I was a chicken with my head off this afternoon.  I looked up from the kitchenette & saw two woman walking towards me.  One woman looked familiar.  I said "hi" & asked them what I could do for them.  I spent the next hour in the office making phone calls to help one the woman to get furniture, clothes & food for her situation.  We also gave them food from our food shelves.  I tried to help them to the best of my ability.  The one woman said " I thank God that you're hear".  I was happy to hear that.  After they left more clients came into Focus for children's clothes & some food.  It made my heart feel good.  It was now 4:30pm & Kathy had to leave.  I worked her hard & she enjoyed it & will be back on Thursday from 1-4pm at the center.  I saw Suzanne, later on at the Kick Off Rally, & I asked her to orientate Kathy to the office & in doing pregnancy tests, on Thursday, of this week.  I also expressed to her that I wanted Kathy to work on updating the Referral Sheet, by making phone calls & obtaining information that will assist our clients more efficiently.  Suzanne said that she would.
The door bell rang & it really didn't stop for a long time. At the door was Rick then Jose. Bill, Pat & all those who were attending the 'Kick Off Rally tonight.  They all helped to set up the Great Room where the Kick Off Rally was to be.  I was happy to see everyone.  Thank you Lord!  It was 6:30pm now & the people were coming in to attend the Rally.  They brought in desserts, there was a great selection, of all kinds. Some brought in some non perishable foods, for our food shelves.  How generous they all were for the people that will be blessed by the food items.  I was in the office when Dr. Kate Lammers came in & then I saw Fr. Brian in the hall & I asked if would hear my confession after his talk.  He said how about now.  So we went into the Rose Room & Father heard my confession.  I felt better.  He came out & headed to the Great Room where Rick introduced him.  He gave a wonderful talk & it was a blessing to us all who heard him.  After the talk Father couldn't stay for desserts but we gave him a box of chocolates as a thank you gift.  He was so happy, for he said that he really enjoys chocolate.  We gave him a cake to take back to the rectory for the other priests to enjoy.  He said "thank you" & we thanked him again for coming tonight.  What a blessing Fr. Brain is.  Then Rick introduced Dr. Lammers as the next speaker.  She got up with her cane & started to say that she was a little nervous so she would like to start with a song for that relaxes her.  Then she sang a song invoking the Holy Spirit to come.  She went on to give a terrific talk that blessed us all, very knowledge & informative, on many topics of pro life.  After her talk I presented her with one red rose, as a thank you, for her presentation.  Then Rick introduced the last speaker who was Carol Crossed.  She gave a wonderful talk & was presented with one red rose as a thank you too.  Then Lee Strong sang & after that we all received a candle & a prayer sheet & walked over to Planned Parenthood to pray in the late evening with the lighted candles.  After that most of the people went home &  Martha, Dan & Rick helped me to clean up.  What an evening to always remember.  Thank you Lord!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at Focus
When I arrived to the center after Mass today I saw a lot of people praying in front of Planned Parenthood, which was a good feeling.  I walked over to where they were standing & said 'hello to the people which some of them I already knew.  I was introduced to someone that I hadn't met before & one thing lead to another in sharing.  All of a sudden she said that she sells the natural products called ReLiv @ She asked if we could meet so I said for her to stop by the center next week Wednesday around 2pm, if that was okay with her, which it was. She said that it could help with some of my pain, so lets see if that's true. God works in strange & mysterious ways. I said 'good bye' to everyone & headed to the center where I had a lot of work to do & since there were people already out there then Martha & I will stay in the center to catch up, for we've had a lot of donations that have been dropped by & need to be put away now.  I was expecting the Elim Students tonight to be helping out tonight from 4 to 6:30pm.  That was good that they are starting back up during the school semester this year & early next year too.  What a blessing they have been for us at Focus.  I was anxious to meet the 3 new girls that were assigned to us.  Martha & I were busy  doing pregnancy tests & assisting in the Material Aid Room in helping out our mothers.  It was now pass 4p & no Elim students?  Then my cell phone rang & it was Danielle, the leader, calling to tell me that they got lost but were in the city, that they just couldn't kind where we were located.  I tried to give her directions & then my cell was ringing again so I had to go.  It was about 20 minutes later they pulled into the parking  lot were we are located.  We all took a deep breath & I gave them a "hello" & a hug.  We all went into the center &I introduced them to Martha & we all sat down at the table & introduced ourselves to each other.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother coming in for a visit & to get some things for the children.  I introduced them to Pat & we all talked for a few more minutes.  I then assigned the girls to their assignments.  Danielle said that they needed to change their times on Wednesdays to 2pm to 4:30pm, which was fine with me. It works out better for Martha & I & it will give them a better chance to meet our mothers & to assist them in the Material Aid Room.  I asked if any of the girls were computer savvy but they said that they weren't so I was a little disappointed in that but I didn't let them know.  I was hoping to get some office work done by someone that could use the computer.  Oh well, I'm just so grateful that they are here with us for many months.  What a blessing!!  Thank you Lord!!  They did good for the time that they were here & a lot got accomplished.  See you next week girls a little earlier.   Pat & Martha  & I talked for awhile & she got what she needed for her family & she had to go.  Always great seeing Pat, that's for sure.  After Martha & I ate together a delicious meal & cleaned up she went home & I stayed to do some more work especially in the office.  I was happy that there were people praying outside today, the first day of the '40 Days for Life' campaign. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
When I arrived I went into the center to went to get the signs & the literature box & the mega phone.  Suzanne will be here this afternoon, to counsel.  Kathy was there so that was good & Janet will be coming later on & she brings her 3 children that she Home Schools to put things away & to assist our mothers in the Material Aid Room.  Paul was there too & I asked if he'd work on putting the diapers in the bags for our clients.  I arrived out on the front lines & spoke with Sheila for a few minutes, for a report of what went on during her time.  She has started her own ministry during her time, she's a one woman dynamo.  I thank God for her & her team.  I know that they have saved lives during their time.  Sheila had to go so I was there know with Carole & Adolf & Martha came a little later.  I called out to every car that went into Planned Parenthood offering them help & to try to save the life of the precious child.  No one would listen.  I called over to a woman who was driving into the parking lot & offered her some information.  She said that she was going to pick up someone & she didn't know what she was here.  I informed her that they do abortions on Thursdays.  She said that if she had an abortion then she will have to answer to God for it.  She said that she didn't believe in it.  I said "we don't either".  She parked her car & then walked over to where I was standing.  I offered her a Truth packet, DVD & a CD to take with her.  She took the information.  Then I saw that she was wearing a peace sign necklace & I just informed her that the peace symbol was an inverted cross.  She took offense & gave me back all the information that I just gave her for her niece.  As she walked away I said to her that she was letting her stubbornness & pride get in the way of helping her niece especially if she was in Planned Parenthood having an abortion.  She went back to her car waiting for her niece to come out.  As they drove out I saw that her niece, who was in the front seat, look at the graphic picture that I was holding & I read her lips saying " how horrible".  I can't say for sure that she was there today for an abortion, I sure hope not.  There's not much that they do other than abortions on the Abortion Thursdays.  Only God knows for sure. 
The neighbors from across the street never bothered us today, which was good.  We had enough grief just being in front of Planned Parenthood.  Just then a woman from across the street at the vets engaged us.  She asked if we were Christians which we replied that we were.  She then said "that we were dragging the Christians down".  She was madder than a wet hen & as she drove off she had her coffee mug on the roof of her car.  I don't know when it fell off, of the roof of the car, onto the road.  Poor baby, so confused......I think Christians that are trying to save lives & souls are not giving Christianity a bad name but actually being Christians by the work that we are doing for Him, that He expects us to do. 
They were busy in the center & we were busy out on the front lines which is so evil & so difficult to deal with.  I stayed by myself until 5:30pm when Martha came out from the center to help me bring everything back into the center & she put it away.  We ate supper together & cleaned up & then went to St. Jude's Catholic Church for Confession & Mass tonight, what a blessing for our souls.  To soothe what was ripped open by the evil of abortion.  I'm so sorry Lord & Mother Mary for all the killing of God's littlest ones & I'm so sorry little babies that you lost your lives today & in such a violent way.  May you Rest in the Peace & Love of Christ & His Mother. 


Sunday, October 2, 2011 at Focus for the ..... Annual 'Life Chain' Sunday
I forgot that this was the scheduled Sunday for the annual Life Chain so when I made my appointment about 3 months ago I never thought of the Life Chain so today is my prep day for my Colonoscopy for tomorrow morning.  Oh darn.  I have to start the prep while I am hosting the Life Chain & then go home to do the intense prep, that you can only do at home.  It worked out okay but I hope that I never do that again. 
When I got to the center I set up a table outside with a sign in sheet & some signs for people to take with them up the street on East Main  St., to witness to the public from 2pm until 3:30pm, then come back to Focus for desserts & some cold & hot beverages.  People were stating to arrive on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  They Sign In & were give a sign or two & were directed to walk up University Ave. to East Main St. to stand on the sidewalk for an hour & a half to witness t the cars that were passing by the evils of abortion & God healing love & forgiveness.  After I felt that no more people will be coming I looked on the list to see that we had some new names & faces & some wanted a tour of Focus when they returned.  The funny part was that the people all came back a half an hour earlier then they were suppose to but that worked our well for me for I needed to get home to continue my prep for tomorrow.  I showed a couple the Focus Center & they were amazed at what we do there & the wife said that she wants to volunteer on Thursdays from 10:30am until 2pm, she just has to check it out first, then she'll call me if she can.  I hope to hear back from her because that time would surly help out Sheila who is on the front lines on Thursdays.  All in all it was a very fruitful & blessed event!!  Thank you Lord for making that possible!!
PS.  When was your last Colonoscpy?  Or you haven't had one yet & should but you're putting it off.  Please don't, please make an appointment today.  It could could save your life!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood & in Focus
After Mass Tim stopped by to fix something's in the center one project was to put up the new white board in the off onto the wall.  We use the white board to put sown our clients name, addresses & phone #'s & the time that they are requesting so when it comes into the center we can call the mother for her to come to pick it up.  Our smaller white board fall down & we know lean it against the wall which isn't to good.  So Kathy, our new volunteer had a larger one at home & wasn't using it so she was nice enough to give it to us to use in the office.  Thanks Kathy.  Carole came in & Martha & her decided to go out to the front lines, I was to busy in the center to join them.  I wanted to help them bring the things out to the front lines though & when I opened up the cabinet in the Material Aid Room I saw that the two battery inserts, which we put into the handle of the mega phones, were gone.  I retrieved the papers of the 3 clients, that signed the notebook when they came into the Material Aid Room yesterday to get some things in there. that the pro lifer saw on his time yesterday. Martha called them all & left a message that if by mistake that they took the batteries from the cabinet please return them for they are for our mega phone that we use in our outside ministry.  We never received a call back from any of them.  Martha & Carole took some of the signs & the literature box & went out to the front lines, to pray & to witness & to counsel. I stayed in the center & went on line to see if I could order two new mega phones ASAP but I was pleasantly surprised to know that I could just order the inserts at $5.00 a piece plus S&H for a total of $15.00 instead of $140 for 2 new mega phones.  I ordered the two battery inserts & hopefully they will arrive early next week for us to have them, so that we can use the mega phones again.  Martha came in later on with a sore throat from hollering for 2 hours out on the front lines.  Poor Martha :(
Kathy was helping with putting away the donations along with Paul, that we just received.  So much work to do to get the center ready for tomorrow's Mass at 6pm.  I worked in the office doing catch up work & answering the phone & making phone calls too.  We had many clients come in to be blessed in the Material Aid Room, for their children.  There was a delivery of a box filled with Mary Kay cosmetics & jewelry & other girlie things.  The Mary Kay representative had lost her business & she was nice enough to think of donating the samples to us at Focus, for our moms.  The mothers were so happy.  One never knows what we'll be blessed with at Focus, it's always a nice surprise.  Thank you dear Lord :)
Carole & Martha were now coming back into the center, from being out on the front lines.  Their report to what had happened out there affected them a lot.  Martha said that when Carole & her were out there on the sidewalk two young girls came out of Planned Parenthood walking.  As they came towards them the one girl was literally being held up by the other girl, who was with her.  She threw down some papers onto the ground & when Martha was trying to call out to them to offer them help a young man, who was nicely dressed, came along the sidewalk & kicked over the literature box onto the ground & then went from sign to sign & kicked the images of the precious babies, that were slaughtered by abortion.  Carole threatened to call the police on him but he really didn't look scared about tat possibility, Carole said.  They were trying to address these two traumatic events, as they came at the same time.  Carole didn't call the police but later on told me that she should have.  Through all the commotion they lost the effort to assist the young girl that came out of Planned Parenthood limping.  Martha retrieved the papers that she dropped & it was post abortive care information. She had a surgical abortion, she just had her precious baby killed & she might die to, of a post abortion complications.  Martha gave me the paper & we read it & it was all lies & I put it into the office in my Planned Parenthood file, of the papers that we have retrieved from off the street, over the many years.  This experience affected both Martha & Carole very hard. 
The '40 Days for Life' meeting was canceled tonight due to having the Mass at Focus tomorrow.  This gave Martha & more time to do things to get ready.  Carole, Paul & Kathy had all gone home & I was so grateful for all that they accomplished today in & out of the center.  What a great group of volunteers that the Lord has blessed Focus with. My prayers have been answered.  Also, I just found out that we will possibly be getting one of our past volunteers, who works very hard, from the Department of Social Services, back as a volunteer with us, if all goes well.  We will be blessed having her back again at Focus.  More help the better!!  Martha & I ate supper together & she had to go to the store to get the ingredients for the Chili that she'll be making, for tomorrow's Pot Luck Supper, after the Mass & testimony.  You go girl & happy shopping!!!  Mmmmm good!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011  the Mass at Focus, with Fr. Scot Caton
This was the day for our Mass with Fr. Scott Caton, who is a newly ordained Priest and a professor of history at Roberts Wesleyan College.  He is a former Protestant minister who converted to Catholicism 12 years ago and is a married father of six.  Martha & I were very excited & we had lots to do & one was that Martha had to make her famous Chili, for the Pot Luck supper, after the testimony, which will occur after the Mass tonight.  There was so much to do but I expected the 3 students from Elim Bible Institute today from 2:30pm to 4:30pm to help us get set up for the Mass tonight. It's what was happening to me before Martha & the girls & Paul arrived that made my head spin.  It was non stop busy, in the Material Aid Room, from the time I got there at 12 noon until 2pm when the Elim students came.  I got worried about Martha & I was so strung out that I called her at her home around 1:30pm to see if she was okay.  She answered the phone & I told her that I was stressed out to the MAX.  She said that she was finishing up her Chili & would she will be there ASAP.  Thank God that she was okay & that she was on her way to the center to help me out with all the clients & situations that were occurring.  I don't remember this happening before like this.  God is in control & I'm only His instrument, which I felt like a string instrument this afternoon.  Only kidding Lord!  The minute I came into the center it was one mother after another with their children.  I also had to minister to the mom who is Adoption minded & had her call Compass Care to make an appointment for an ultrasound.  She was with her mother & her son who was very inquisitive.  I had connected her with a family that is interested in adopting a baby, they have three girls of their own.  My friend will meet the mom & have lunch with the her this Friday.  I hope & pray that it works out for both parties.  A total of five mothers & two children came in while I was alone in the center & I was suppose to be on the front lines today along with Martha for the '40 Days for Life' campaign.  I was so frustrated.  I can't remember why I went to the front door, but when I did I saw a young girl with a piece of white paper in her hands, walking down the sidewalk.  I opened the door & called to her asking her if she needed any help, for we were a pregnancy center.  She said "no" but I persisted & I said that we also had many brochures for her to look at.  She walked over to me & I let her into the center.  I spoke to her for a minute & then asked if she needed any baby or children's clothes from the Material Aid Room & she said that she didn't, for she didn't have any children.  I asked if she had any family members that would be blessed with some baby items & she said that she did.  She looked around & took some things for her family member.  I know that it was the Holy Spirit that lead me to ask her to follow me into the office which I never do.  I was getting some information for her when all of a sudden she said "that's my cousin".  I said "what did you say"?  She said the picture that you have on the refrigerator is a picture of my cousin Aaron Young, who was shot & killed in front of his mother's house, about a month ago.  I nearly flipped, for Aaron young Sr., the father of Aaron Young Jr., is married to Martha's daughter.  I asked if she could stay until Martha came, hoping & praying that she was on her way over to the center.  She said that she needed to take a bus home that was to leave from downtown very soon.  I said to her if she waits, that we will have a taxi to take her home, or even Martha might do it.  She said "okay".  I asked her if she knows who shot & killed Aaron & she said that the police know but the family is waiting to see what they will do about it.  I was surprised to hear that he was shot outside of the house because I thought that he was shot inside of his mother's house, where there was a party going on.  He was earlier on his bike & it ran out of gas so he went over to his mother's house & called his girlfriend to come on over.  When she arrived later on the para medics were wheeling Aaron on a stretcher into the ambulance where he later died.  The ambulance attendant told the family that Aaron was talking to someone just before he died & he thought that he was talking to God, just before he passed.  I think so too.  Well Martha finally arrived & I told her that this young girl is the cousin of  Aaron Young.  Now she almost flipped.  She spoke with her for a long time & found out that her mother had kicked her out of the house & that she was living with a cousin & that she needs a job too.  Okay.  Just then the Elim students came into the center, one of the girls had a cold, no hug for her today.  The two girls helped Paul, who also just came into the center, to help us out setting up for the Mass tonight. One of the students, Danielle, spent some time with this young girl, who needed a job & some prayer & advice.  After they talked for awhile Martha brought her home.  Thanks Martha.  We hope & pray the best for this young girl, who is going through a rough time, right now. Lord please help her & thank you!

Now things have settled down somewhat so everyone was helping with the setting up for the Mass.  The altar is being prepared & the chairs & tables are being set up & I'm in & out of the office & answering the phone.  Martha had put her Chili in the crock pot & was warming it up for supper later on tonight.  I had taken the leftover desserts, from the Kick Off Rally about a week ago, out of the freezer & I also had bought a pumpkin cheese cake for tonight (which was a big hit).  People started to arrive early & we were almost ready, though when the people came in no one had a dish to pass, so I started to get worried that there wasn't going to be enough food for everyone, especially Father Caton, but I needed to trust in the Lord for He is forever faithful, like the parable of the loaves & fishes in the Bible.  Me of little faith, sorry dear Lord.  The mother who was going to give her powerful testimony about losing her son to Potters Syndrome was now there so I introduced myself to her & said that after Mass you will be introduced to then give your testimony.  She smiled at me & said "thank you".  Dotttie brought in about a dozen of pro life cupcakes with little baby's feet in sugar on top, pink & blue.  Just then the doorbell rang & it was a young girl wanting a pregnancy test so I asked Martha if she could assist her, which she did,  She was negative for her test but needed to see a doctor.  So Martha called Dr. Morehouse, on Arnett Blvd. to make an appointment for tomorrow which she was happy about & I hope that she kept the appointment with him.  I don't see why she wouldn't.  Martha gave her some information & she was pleased that she received help here at Focus.  We were glad that we could help her.  Sandy had come to help us earlier but wasn't feeling to good so she stayed on the couch & one thing lead to another in conversation  I suggested that she goes to the Sacrament of Confession.  She said "yes'"so I asked Fr, Caton, for he came early tonight to set up for the Mass, if he could here her Confession which he said "yes".  So I gently lead Sandy into the Great Room for the Sacrament to cleanse her soul by confessing one's sins & receiving God's forgiveness.  Wow, how awesome that !!  She came back out of the Great Room, about 10 minutes later, looking bright & beautiful, such a transformation in her face, then when she went into the room earlier.  She said that she would stay for Mass & Martha & I were glad to hear that. Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother had arrived with Amyeir, who is 10 months old now.  He's so cute.  They sat down on the couch & Martha & I got to say a few words to her before Mass started.  Sheila came in & it was so good to see her & have her there for the Mass too. Everything was ready except that I didn't light the altar candles so Bill got up & I knocked on the taxi door asking Alex, the only smoker, if we could borrow his lighter.  He handed his lighter to Bill & off he went to light the candles on the altar & then he put the lighter in his pocket.  Sorry Alex you'll have to wait awhile for another smoke.  The Mass began.  Like always there were 5 people that came in late & they settled into the Great Room for Mass, in honor of the Blessed Mother.  Paul was the altar server & Janene, was the reader.  The Mass was so beautiful & Fr. Caton gave us a wonderful homily, that blessed us all.  After the Mass Father introduced Janene to the people & she begun her powerful testimony.  I was sorry that I was going to miss it but I needed to attend to the needs in the Green Room with getting the beverages out & putting the frozen casserole into the microwave, etc..  Joyce came out to set up her homemade humus dip & chip plate.  I put the desserts out onto the table & did some other things by that time Janene was finished with her testimony about her newborn baby that died in her arms & the father & their family all were able to hold the baby & to say "good bye" to him.   He lived about 90 minutes after his birth for he was born without kidneys.  There wasn't a dry eye in the room not even Fr. Caton, who has 6 children of his own.  They were all headed now into the Green Room to eat supper & for conversation.  I deeply regretted that I didn't personally go over to Janene, to thank her for her testimony & time tonight, which was such a blessing to us all.  It's tough to try to do so much & then the one thing that you should have done you didn't do!!  I'm so very sorry Janene & God bless you & your family.  May your son Rest in Peace in the arms of Jesus & Mother Mary for all eternity.  Amen.  After Father had eaten I asked to speak to him privately so I lead him into the Rose Room.  I told him of my traumatic past & he said that he would keep me in his prayers, which I was grateful to hear.  hen Father gave me a blessing & I asked him if he would hear my confession which he did.  I was so happy for his blessings & for his time.  When he left the room he was looking for Joyce who also wanted one on one time with Father.  They both entered the Rose Room for counseling & prayer.  I had asked Pat if she would like to go to Confession but she wasn't ready yet.  The Bible says 'now is the acceptable time', but before you go to Confession you must be truly sorry for your sins with the hope that you don't repeat them again.  If she wasn't ready then it was best for not to go  but I hope & pray that she will be ready real soon, for I love her & her soul.  Please Mother Mary give Pat the grace to confess her sins with an sincere heart & for her to know that God does forgive & if we fall again we must get back up & back to Confession again for it is an ongoing process.  I pray also Mother Mary that you will give Pat the grace to forgive all those people who have hurt her & her family.  Thank you dear Mother, in your Son's precious name.  Amen. 

People were all delighted in the ample food selections & dessert table too.  Thank you Lord for coming though once again.  I knocked on the door to the taxi & invited Alex & Afendi to our meal.  Bill handed Alex back hi lighter & thanked him for the use of it.  I hurried into the office to write Fr. Caton a thank you note & then handed it to him & thanked him for such a wonderful evening of prayer & reflection & socializing.  He was delighted in the experience & I hope that he will say "yes" next year when I ask him to celebrate Mass at Focus once again.  There were a total of 25 people that attended the Mass tonight which was wonderful!!   Martha's Chili was a big hit & we all had enough to eat with leftovers too.  Pat said that she would go home to drop off the baby & then come on back.  I said "okay we'll still be here".  She came back about 15 minutes later & Martha & I talked to her for a short time & then gave some of the leftovers & some other assistance.  She was very grateful.  She left & so did Martha.  I asked Paul to hang in there with me to put everything back tonight so that we could start fresh tomorrow without having a mess to clean up then.  He was nice enough to stay with me until everything was back to normal.  Thanks Paul, I really did appreciate it.  The center looked great to start another day tomorrow with whatever God had in store for us then.  Thank you Lord for such a blessed evening in honoring your Blessed Mother Mary, who gives the honor & glory to you, her beloved son.  Amen. 


Thursday, October 6, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

This is Sheila account of the time that she's in front of Planned Parenthood
Bob, Pat, Bill, and Paul were on the sidewalk when I arrived.
Many people were walking past us today, since the weather was beautiful and warm. Everyone I spoke to professed to be pro life.
A young man took a packet to read, show to his girlfriend whose baby is due any day, and then pass along to their friends.
Next came a lady going to PP for HIV testing because she is in a new relationship. I urged her  to never go to PP again. Why support a place that is killing children? She took a packet, and on her way out I spoke to her again about God. She believes in Him, and she does know He doesn’t condone sex outside of marriage. Hopefully she will change her lifestyle. She promised to consider our discussion, and pray the rosary.
Bob spoke to a gentleman who was gathering scrap metal, and he accepted a rosary and said he would pray for our cause.
A pro life couple was next. Her son is the result of her being raped. Against pressure from friends, she let her son live. She asked for a  packet, and they will pray the rosary.
Two youths on bikes professed to be atheists, and then backed down and said they just don’t know if there is a God or not. They did, however, agree that killing children by abortion was wrong. I told them that when I was young I was agnostic for awhile. This is not uncommon. They did  agree to pray the rosary.  I showed them the instructions in the rosary packet. I hope they do pray. The rosary is a very powerful prayer, and I know God will listen, and guide them.
An older lady who already has a packet at home deplores the killing taking place at PP, and will pray that it stops.
A woman was going to PP for a checkup. She has another doctor, but PP is more convenient because it is near where she works. She took a packet, and came to realize she was supporting an abortion facility. I hope she doesn’t  go there again.
Another woman  said “I’m against abortion”. I gave her a packet to look at and share with her friends.
A young father came for material aid. He received a packet, and we showed  him how to say the rosary by praying a decade with him.
Two mothers walking by with their children in strollers took packets and will pray for our success.
While I was there, from 10:30 to1:00, Maryann came and went, Pat and Bill left at 10, Paul was there for the day, Chris and Lucy prayed with us, and spoke to Mary about  volunteering on a regular basis, wherever she needs them. Dan and Addison came at 12, and Adolph and Mary and Carol at 1:00.There were several others as well, on the front lines. The 40 Days for Life Campaign has blessed us with a greater presence on the front lines.

I arrived at the center to see many people praying, in front of Planned Parenthood, that are always there on Thursdays.  I beeped my horn to let Sheila know, who is on the front lines form 10:30am to 1pm, that I was there now, for I am her relief.  I couldn't find a parking space so I had to go around the parking lot several times before I saw that someone was leaving, to take his stop.  I then went into the center to see that Kathy, our new volunteer from the Church of the Holy Spirit, was already there & so was Paul but he had to go to lunch & he said that he'd be back & then he'll stay until 3pm today, which I was very grateful to hear.  Martha wasn't there yet & I had a feeling that she was going to come a little later today for we have been very busy this week & I know that she was tired.  Carole was already on the front lines & she came to get some more signs to take back out on the sidewalk.  As I was helping some moms, that just came into the Material Aid Room, to get some things for their children, Sheila came in & brought with her Christopher & his friend Lucy, they were both were interested in doing some volunteer work at the center or to sidewalk counsel, on the front lines.  I asked them some questions & asked for them to write their names, phone numbers & email addresses down for me.  I can't wait until I receive an application form for volunteers from Teresa, the director of Women's Care Center, so that we will have the proper papers for our new volunteers, to fill out.  They are a young couple & we will be blessed by having them work at Focus, thank you Lord for hearing & answering my prayers for more volunteers.  I asked them if they could wait until Suzanne came so that she could ordinate them to the center.  Chris said that he had to leave but that was okay because he won't be doing any pregnancy tests or counseling work.  Lucy said that she could stay until Suzanne comes & I was happy about that.  Sheila said that she had to go, for it was getting late for her, & then my cell phone rang.  It was Dean, from the Knights of Columbus, who is working on getting an ultrasound machine in a Catholic Health Center, here in the city.  The only thing is that the volunteer who answers the phone refers people to Planned Parenthood or to Highland Hospital for birth control & abortions.  This should never happen to say the least, in a Catholic Health Center.  Dean, was calling me at a very bad time, to tell me that he & Jann, the Life Issues Coordinator in the Diocese of Rochester, had met with Sr. Chris, who is the director of this particular center yesterday & they told her what we found out in our undercover phone call, about 2 weeks ago, that Sheila made to the center who referred her to Planned Parenthood & Threshold, for birth control & to Highland Hospital, for an abortion & she was surprised.  She said that she will look into the matter but this is not the first time this has happened either.  She needs to screen her staff & volunteers better or we'll take this portable ultrasound machine to St. Anne's Home to be used at their facility where we will know that none of our girls would ever be referred to Planned Parenthood or Threshold or to Highland's abortion clinic.  Enough is enough.  I had to get off the phone & Dean said that he will meet with me next week.  I said "okay & thank you & good bye".  Off I went now to the front lines a little late while Lucy & Kathy were working putting away our donations.  Just as I was going out the door Suzanne came in & I told her about Lucy & introduced her.  She also said that her front door key still didn't work so I had to solve that problem first before I actually got out on the front lines where they're killing little precious babies, in Planned Parenthood.  My heart aches always when I'm out there & many hours & days afterwards too. 
Carole was there on the sidewalk where we usually stand by the bushes & Addison, Dan & Adolf, were praying the Rosary across the street, where it's a little quieter, for they don't have to hear me holler especially when we don't have any mega phones today until the battery inserts are delivered from Fed Ex on Monday. They were taken from our cabinet, which is where were store the megaphones & signs, in the Material Aid Room.  I had to order 2 more inserts for the 2 mega phones & I hope that they come on Monday so that we can use the mega phones again on Tuesday, because at the end of 4 hours of constant hollering, to get the message across to the people driving in for abortions & other things, Martha & my voice were shot.
Carole & I were standing on the sidewalk holding our signs & the people at Buckpitt, the business right next door to Planned Parenthood, who dislikes us because the Buffer Zone, puts us pro lifers right in front on their business, & they still resent us.  They never tried to have Planned Parenthood removed from the neighborhood only us pro lifers they still give a hard time to, who are trying to 'fight the good fight' with prayer & information, in trying to save lives, next door.  How bizarre is that!!  Well, a truck came by Carole & I, who were standing on the sidewalk, & he drove so close to us where we were standing, & he went into Buckppitt's parking lot & he got out of his vehicle.  She said "boy they drive so close to the sidewalk where we stand, I think that they want to hit us".  As the man got out of the truck,  I automatically shook my finger at him saying, not loudly, "you should be ashamed of yourself trying to scare women" or something like that.  Well he was one of the owners who doesn't like us & I think that he must have seen me do that, for about 10 minutes later, one of the workers came out to tell me that they were having trouble seeing when they're leaving their parking lot to go onto the street.  "Oh here we go again, you ridiculous people"!  I said to myself.  It's been so many years now & you still don't know how to get out of a driveway, onto the street, without blaming us that you can't see".  What a joke this complaint was for I do take lives & safety very seriously, when it's merited, this was a 'pay back' for me waving my finger at him & I didn't even know it was the owner.  Carole & I were just upset when his truck came so close to us on the sidewalk, that we felt thretened by it.  I said to the woman from Buckpitt, who I didn't recognize, that all you need to do is pull your car out a little further & then you can see better.  Then I showed her a car that was legally parked right in front of their building on the street & in order for them to see pass the car they have to pull out a little further to see on coming traffic.  Don't they know this by now??  Then I turned around, for I didn't want to go back & forth with this same old complaint, that's not valid & I needed to get back to my sidewalk counseling ministry, to try to save lives.  So she said "I was told to talk to you & since you're not being cooperative then we'll call the police".  I turned around & said "I'll be waiting right here for them when they arrive, to settle this hopefully, once in for all".  Off she walks back into the Buckpitt building.  I said to Carole "lets just wait for the police to hear our side of the story".  Just then Kim, who believe it or not is married to one of the owners, who are brothers.  It's not the one that drives his vehicle up to the sidewalk where we stand, which by the way I never mentioned to this woman when she said that she was going to call the police on us, though I thought that I would mention it to the police officer when he or she arrives.  Anyway I called over to Kim & asked to speak to her & I told her what had just happened.  I then said to her that if your husband or your brother-in-law have any complaints or concerns with us I will talk to you only, for I can talk to you reasonably, not anyone else at Buckpitt.  She said that she would go in to see what was going on, which she did & the police never came.  What a waste of precious time, out on the front lines, where they're killing people.  I did ask Martha, who just arrived, to go talk to the male pro lifer who was legally parked in front of Buckpitt but was standing in the street with his sign which probably bugged them too.  He also had his music turned up loud but he turned it down on his own or someone told him too, I really don't know which.  It's like I having to baby-sit out there at times when we're all adults & the reason that we're out there is to try to save lives.  He was angry at first but he did move from the street onto the sidewalk, in front of Buckpitt with his sign, but first he tried to put it on his car but I had to call over to him that he had to take it off for it was in the Injunction that it was considered to be protesting in the street too.  He did leave soon after all our requests but bottom line he was there to peacefully protest, to pray & to inform the public of what was happening at Planned Parenthood, the problem was that he was right in front of Buckpitt in doing it, which made them mad.   Like I said earlier, they don't try to get Planned Parenthood out of the neighborhood, it's just us they try to make miserable??  How  confusing is that after all these years, 16 years next May, that we've been out there, on the front lines????  Can't we just all get along......I guess not.
All the prayer warriors had to leave & Carole had to leave too, & Martha was in the center, so it was I alone, out there on the front lines.  The neighbor Jim, from the condo across the street, came out & looked at me probably noticing that I was loud enough without the mega phone, for he didn't harass me & he went back inside his condo across from a Killing Mill, without a 'peep'.  Yeah!  For I didn't want to have to deal with him today too along with Buckpitt nasty neighbor was enough to deal with, for one afternoon.  I calling out information, to the guys who were sitting on the bench, in front of the main door to Planned Parenthood, & they were waving at me.  Can you imagine that they are waiting or even might have paid for this baby to be murdered here today & they're waving & mocking me.  How sick & evil is that??   When the girl, who had the abortion, got into the car with the two dead heads, as they were leaving the parking lot, she gives me her middle finger & the driver honked the horn & the two guys waved their hands out the window, at me.  Their hell had just begun, which saddens my heart.  I couldn't reach them now but I hope & pray that the good Lord will send someone, into all of their lives soon, to turn them around so that they can repent & to ask God to forgive them, for what they did here today to an innocent human being, by taking his or her life.  Life is cheap at Planned Parenthood.  I hope that they make it into Heaven.  Another car pulled out with two young girls in it, the one girl who just had her baby killed, & the other girl who supported her & drove her here, to have it done.  As the car was leaving the girl, who had the abortion, threw at me the condoms, that were in the brown paper bag that Planned Parenthood gives you after the abortion, so that you come back again & do the same thing that you did here today.  Abortion #2.  Most women & girls come back again for a repeat abortion, how sad :(
All four packs of condoms, that she threw at me, ended in the Buffer Zone so I had to wait for the right person to retrieve them for me.  I asked a guy on his bike, as he passed by me, if he was on our side.  He gave me a sign with his right hand & I think that it was either the sign for Satan or it was the sign for love.  I'm not sure which one because they are quite close in comparison.  To make sure that it wasn't the evil sign I asked the Lord to protect me from all curses & if that was an evil sign, for it to be sent to His feet right now & for Him to cover me with his Precious Blood, so it couldn't touch my soul, spirit or body.  I asked the Lord to forgive him & I forgave him too, if he met me any harm.  If it was a 'love sign' then I asked the Lord to bless him.  Not to many people really 'love' us out there but one never knows, maybe he does.  I then prayed for an angel & a few minutes another young man who was on his bike was coming up the sidewalk.  I asked him to stop, which he did, & I asked him four things.  One, was he a Christian, which he said that he was.  Second, I asked if he was pro life, which he said that he was.  Third, was he having sex, which he replied that he wasn't.  Forth, I asked him if he would go over there & pick up the condoms that were in the street & on the sidewalk & hand them to me.  He did.  I told you that I prayed for an angel & the good Lord sent me one.  I thanked him & off he went.  I didn't want to leave the condoms there for some young kid to come by & take them & use them on his so called girlfriend & she gets pregnant & they both get an STD.  On the back of the condom it says 'that when using this properly it prevents pregnancy & STD'S & HIV'.  What a lie!  You could hardly read it for it had a white background with light gray printing on it so that you really couldn't read it.  How sick & evil it that!!  Poor young people of today, are so lied to & deceived. 
When I went back into the center I was greeted by this wonderful news that was obtained by our Client Advocate on Thursdays, Suzanne Stack.  Here it is:

Yes, three more new additions to the Focus Family.  Praise God!!

1.)  Baby girl Justiyah Eliana was born on 6-18-11 at 7lbs.10 ozs..  Mother & daughter are doing fine & will stop by at Focus for some clothes & to show us her baby next week!

2.)  Baby girl Jamania Trinity was born on 7-2-11 at 6lbs. 11 ozs..  Mom was abortion minded & she 'chose life' for her precious daughter.  Thank God!!  Mother & daughter are doing fine & will be coming into Focus next Tuesday for baby clothes & items for her newborn. 

3.)  Baby boy Javar was just born this past Monday, October 3rd. at 9lbs. 5ozs. & 22 inches long.  Believe it or not mother & son & her sister came to Focus on Thursday (yesterday) & showed us her new son.  She also received some baby items to take home.  Her son has so much black hair & is so cute too. 

Thank you Lord for these three new babies & their mothers & for all the wonderful prayer warriors that pray for Focus & for our moms & their children.  Please bless all those who pray for our intentions at Focus & thank you Lord for them too!
We need God & your prayers, to save & change lives!!

God bless & please keep on praying, for prayer works, as you can see!!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I arrived at the center after noon Mass & we were greeted by Donna one of our faithful clients that comes to help us out some days.  We all started to do some work putting things away of the things that I brought from my car, like diapers & the like.  Kathy wasn't there yet & Paul wasn't at Mass so that meant that he wasn't going to be here today to help us out.  He comes when he can & we are very grateful for that.  I knew that I had some office work to do & then Christopher came to volunteer, for he will come on Tuesday afternoons for a couple of hours, to help us out.  I asked him if he was computer savvy & he said that he was, maybe I can learn some new things!  I saw that Martha was out on the front lines so I brought out the literature box & some signs for her.  She was by herself which bothered me.  I went back into the center & Kathy came in, she was late because she was saying "good bye" to her daughter who was going back to college.  I asked if she could bring some water for Martha & she said that she would & that she would stay with her to pray.  I said that was a good idea.  Carole wasn't there yet & I asked Kathy when Carole comes could she then come back into the center, for there was much to do.  Se said "yes'.  I asked Chris to work on a project of an application form, for new volunteers, so that they can fill out the paperwork when they are interested in volunteering at Focus.  The original paperwork came from Teresa, from the Women's Care Center, & I thank her so much for it.  I have received many great ideas from her to help us at Focus to be more productive.  Networking is so great!   
Chris scanned the information that I just received from Teresa, by mail, & he put our Logo on the top part of the application form.  He did a great job!!  Then Kathy came into the center for Carole had just arrived to be with Martha to pray & to witness.  I asked Kathy to give Carole her favorite sign, out on the front lies, which she did.  Kathy came back into the center & put clothes away & diapers into bags & she made new labels for our clothing baskets too.  Just then Allisaya came into the center, for she had volunteered here, many months ago.  She needed a letter of recommendation for DSS (Department of Social Services).  I went into the office to write the letter.  I hope that she will be ale to come back to help us out at Focus, in the near future, for she is a good worker, no problems with her. 
Kathy came into the office to inform me that there were two girls, who just came in & the one girl wanted a pregnancy test.  I said I will be right there.  I got up from my desk & greeted the two girls who were seated in the Rose Room.  I closed the door & asked who wanted the test.  The one girl say "I do".  I then asked her to fill out a Intake Sheet.  She said that they had gone to Planned Parenthood & she was told that her Medicaid card wasn't working & that they charged $7.00 for the test.  I asked how they found us & the one girl said that she saw our sign that was on the sidewalk.  I asked if they were friends & they said that they were sisters.  The test was performed & it was negative.  So I talked to her about abstinence & gave her a Bible & other literature & a DVD of 'Starting Over'.  Her younger sister already had a child who was 2 years old, so after the test & counseling I brought them into the Material Aid Room to pick out some things for her toddler son.  Then they left Focus & I was told by Martha later on that they went into Planned Parenthood.  She knew that because they had a bag of clothes that they received from Focus, that she recognized.  I don't know for what reason or for how long that they stayed at Planned Parenthood.  The one sister had the Depo shot at one time & she didn't like it at all & I told her what it could do to her & her baby if she gets pregnant on it.  She said that she wouldn't go back on it again.  I don't know why they would go back there after they told me that their Medicaid card didn't work & that she had a negative pregnancy test.  Maybe they went in there to tell them off??  One never knows. 
Chris had left & so did Allisaya, she had a chance to pick out some nice things in the Material Aid Room for her children, before she left.  It was Kathy & I still working in the center.  I had to do paperwork & make copies & make phone calls etc.. Then all of a sudden I heard Martha talking loudly at the front door.  I got up from my desk to see what was going on.  She told me that a young guy was harassing Carole & her on the front lines.  He pretended to want to join Martha & Carole & then all of a sudden he has in his hands a large piece of paper which read "these two women are lesbians & they just got married".  She said that he said this to every passing car that went by too.  I went outside to meet this irritating person & there he was on our parking lot.  I asked him to leave our parking lot for he was on private property & that if he didn't leave I'd call the police & they could assist him.  I got on my cell phone & pretended to call 911.  He didn't leave & he was still being obnoxious.  I then put the phone back into my pocket & went over to him on the sidewalk.  Martha had gone into the center to get the Blessed Salt & was pouring it onto the parking lot.  He asked what was that & I told him it was Blessed Salt, for exorcism.  He bend down & put his finger onto the salt & then put it into his mouth & said "oh it is salt".  "Yes" I said but it has power against evil, for it's not ordinary salt.  He then said something nasty to Martha & I lit into him like a match & I told him to watch his disrespectful mouth. I then saw that Carole was leaving so I went over to her & gave her a hug good bye.  I realized that he would now say that I was also a lesbian but he didn't which was fine with me because I'm not.  He said "well you call names out there, you call them murderers".  I answered back to him "yes, because they are".  He looked startled.  Oh yea! for "you shall know the Truth & the Truth will set you free" from the Bible.  He told Martha that he wasn't baptized & Martha told him that she could tell. We will pray for his conversion hopefully someday very soon.  He asked me what time we will still be out there today.  I told him until 7pm.  Then he said "I'm going home to get some chalk & then I'll be back".  Just then I saw a police car coming down University Ave. so I flagged the police over.  The police car pulled over to where Martha & I were standing & I knew that Martha could talk to the police woman, who just so happened to be the same police woman that Martha took to arbitration about 7 weeks ago.  How ironic is that!  I walked down Gibbs St. to try to catch the guy to take his picture on my cell phone but he was long gone.  I think that he 'flew like the wind' when he saw that I was stopping the police car. A guy at the corner restaurant asked what was going on & I told him briefly then I walked back to our parking lot to talk to the two police officers who came in separate cars.  I explained what was going on with this guy & they said that they would stick around for a little while & that they will come back often to see if he had come back.  I said "thank you officers, I really do appreciate it".  They were faithful & they parked at the vets across the street for a good long time.  This guy never came back again & if he did & acted badly, then I would really call 911 the next time for sure, no pretending. 

Martha & I went into the center to talk & then the doorbell rang & it was a young lady asking to take a pregnancy test.  Matha lead her into the Rose Room for the test.  Afterwards Martha & I & the client got talking & she asked us "are you the ones that are out on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood too?  We said "yes".  Then she said that last year her friend was going into Planned Parenthood for an abortion & she saw our signs & she said to herself "is this what abortion looks like"?  Then she went into Planned Parenthood.  She asked them inside if that's what the baby looks like after an abortion & they said "no" it's nothing like the signs that they hold out there but she felt uneasy & she came back out to look at the signs again &  after that she went back home. I know that it was the Holy Spirit  who lead her to come back outside again.  Great News!!  Her baby girl was born in September of 2010 & mother & daughter are doing very well.  God was so kind to let us all know that there is another baby that has been saved from being aborted, through your prayers, love & support, of our work. Thanks again & please continue to pray, you 'life saver' you!! 

Also, please pray for a young man & his girlfriend.  He spoke with Martha yesterday, on the front lines, & he told Martha that he doesn't want his girlfriend to have an abortion this Thursday or ever.  He took all the information that Martha could give him including the 'Silent Scream' DVD & the 'Growth & Development'  DVD, of the baby in the womb, & the Truth packet, which has lots of information in it.   We pray that they will not come back to Planned Parenthood on Thursday & that the mom will have a change of heart & their precious baby will have a Birthday!  

Wednesday, October, 12, 2011 at Focus
I stayed in Focus & Martha went on the front lines with Lucy, our new volunteer, to pray & to witness.  Then Lucy came in & she made up Truth packets for our girls & guys.
We have some moms that came in for children's clothes from the Material Aid Room. 
I worked in the office & then the Elim Students came in & I out put them to work putting away our donations.
Officer Chris came to Focus because I received a reject letter from the Judge regarding my case of the girl who threatened my life at Planned Parenthood.
I called my doctor to find out about the colon polyp that he removed last week & Praise God it was negative.  I'll see him in 5 years from now, if I'm still alive.  I recommend that everyone gets a Colonoscopy after 50 or earlier if colon cancer is in the family.  It's not a bad exam & they put you out :)  No pain. Make your appointment NOW!!! 
Martha & I ate a nice supper of cubed steak & potato with sour cream & a tossed salad.
Martha won't be here tomorrow for she's taking her friend, to visit her friend, that's in the hospital.  It will be difficult without her out on the front lines but she must do what God called her to do tomorrow.  I hope & pray that the woman gets better.  God will protect us, who will be out there tomorrow, & He will give me the engery that I need to do the counseling without her. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
(The feast of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima)
Martha had informed me yesterday that she would not be here today due to having to drive her friend to Pen Van to visit her sick friend, who was in the hospital, who later the next day went home, thank God.  So I knew that I was going to be by myself at times.  Thank God that Carole, Bill & Adolf was with me at most of the time.  Lucy stayed to pray with us until she had to go around 1:30pm.  When I first arrived I went into the center to put some things away & the doorbell rang & it was our new volunteer Kathy, I was so happy to see her for I knew that she'd be helping our moms in the Material Aid Room if someone comes into the center while I was out on the front lines.  I brought out to the sidewalk the literature box & the mega phone & I asked Kathy to bring out some signs for me.  I asked her if she could make me a sandwich & to bring it out to me around 1:30 or so for I needed to stay outside this afternoon, for Martha wasn't going to be here today.  She said that she would & I said "thank you" & then left to go outside.   She did waht she said she'd do & at 1:30 she brought me out a chicken sandwich & my ice tea, which I was only able to eat half of the sandwich, due to all what was going on today.  At least I didn't faint, thank God.  I spoke with Sheila, who was on the out on the front lines, for a few minutes before she had to go.  She gave me some very important information that we may be blessed with two new people, that she met this morning, out on the front lines.  They came to pray for the '40 Days for Life' campaign.   Also, she told me that Bill, who prays with Pat on Thursday mornings, in front of Planned Parenthood, had a seizure on the sidewalk this morning & Pat was with him praying when this happened.  He has suffered with these seizures since he was a child & is on medication.  The seizures are not life threatening & they last for a few minutes, then he's back on track again.  Sheila also told me that she thinks that it was Eric, who works at Planned Parenthood, as a supervisor, that came out of his car to assist Bill & offered him ginger ale.  I will thank Eric next week when I see him either driving or walking out of Planned Parenthood for his charity in offering help to Bill & Pat.  He & all who work at Planned Parenthood are in my prayers every day, for their conversion, salvation, repentance, deliverance & healing.  Amen. 
I saw that Suzanne, our Thursday Client Advocate, was driving by Carole & I, who were on the sidewalk & she was heading to the center.  I was happy to know that she was now at Focus so if anyone needed anything like a pregnancy test she'd was there to do it.  The cars were coming in & out of Planned Parenthood but some of them stayed for the length of the time it takes to have their baby killed & to recoup, from the taking of the life of their very own child, about 2 to 21/2 hours.  I saw that there was  a young man smoking & talking to on of the Death Escorts, the one was standing & the other was sitting by the front door, in a chair that she brought with her.  I called over to him that we could both the girl that he brought in & gave him lots of information.  Just then I heard him say "what about the death penalty"?  "What" I said back in horror.  What!  "You're killing your precious son or daughter for a crime he or she didn't commit". I said.  I went on to say that abortion is a death sentence of a innocent human being which so happens to be your flesh & blood & deserves to live & not be killed.  Your child shouldn't be murdered because you had an orgasm.  You just wanted your pleasure & not the responsibility of this child that was conceived from you & your girlfriend having sex.  Adoption if you can't or don't want to raise your child, not abortion in ending your son or your daughter's life.  He went back inside the building.  It wasn't long after that he & his girlfriend came out & into the car & as the car was coming out of the parking lot she opened up her window & threw something out the window at Carole & I.  I hollered that you can be arrested for throwing things out the window at people but on the other hand I was so happy that they were leaving & I said to Carole that he might have gone inside to get her out & she was angry that he did, even though she doesn't need his permission, to have his child killed.  It's all the 'so called' rights of the mother & not the father.  I turned to Carole & asked her what she threw out the window & she said "some loose change".  I was glad that it wasn't anything that could have hurt us, that's for sure.  Lord thank you for getting her & him & their baby away from this place of death & please continue to protect this precious baby in her womb if she was here for an abortion & may you continue to bless & protect us from harm, out on the front lines & thank you again.  Amen. 

Before Sheila had left she introduced me to a man, from the insurance company, who wanted my statement regarding the woman that works at Buckpitt that fell down on the sidewalk in front of Buckpitt & broke her foot in a few places, last February.  He was representing the Liberty Construction Company who did the street & sidewalk work this year.  I think they want to sue this company for negligence.  It's so funny that Buckpitt, who doesn't like us except for Kim, one of the owners wife, the nicer one. He told me that Buckpitt told him to talk to Mary for she saw what happened.  What!!  I told him, as he was writingdown my words, that Martha & I saw her after she fell & was down on the ground when we went over to help her.  I said that she fell on the ice for the sidewalk had been repaired for I had called the city to complain that the sidewalk needed to have more cement on it for it had spaces & that people could get hurt, by getting their heels caught in the spaces, with their shoes, & break their leg or worse.  I had put an orange cone that I found, where the spaces where, on the sidewalk, to protect the public.  I think that it was about 2 weeks later that this company came to repair the sidewalk.  Just to long a time when people could get hurt.  But the sidewalk had been repaired at the time that this woman had fallen & it was the ice on the sidewalk that she slipped on.  I asked him to come back next Tuesday to talk to Martha for she was with me when this incident happened.  He said that he would & then he asked me to sign the statement for his report.  I said that I trusted him to have written down just what I had said, for I didn't have time to read the report, for I need to get to my sidewalk counseling ministry.  He said "thank you & good bye".  I said ' you're welcome & I'll see you next Tuesday".  Off he went & I started to counsel, to all the cars that were driving in, to have their baby killed & for anything else that they were here for. 
Carole was standing on the sidewalk holding her sign & then as always one of the brothers & part owner of Buckpitt, the business next to Planned Parenthood, hugs the curb, by where we are standing, to get into his driveway.  This time Carole hollered over to him "what are trying to do, kill me".  I was by the fence, calling out to the girls going into Planned Parenthood, when this incident happened.  It happens all the time & this time was the 'straw that broke the camels back' .  I then called over to him & asked him to be more careful when he goes into his driveway.  He started to walk over to us & then he turned back & as he was walking into the building he hollered over to us to "keep out of the street".  I said "she wasn't in the street".  Then he was gone into the building fuming, for he has a temper & needs to go to Anger Management classes.  As one of his customers, drove out in his company's truck, he took our picture on his cell phone.  "Say Cheese", Carole.  What's with that, we wondered?? 

I was again by the fence calling out to the people who were driving in or standing at the front door smoking,  Just then I heard a familiar voice, "on no" I said to myself & I turned around to see the disturbed neighbor who has a condo across the street from Planned Parenthood.  He was calling over to me saying "Mary & Bill" ( who is our oldest pro lifer who sits across the street from Planned Parenthood witnessing & calling out to people, it so happens he's very near to this man's condo) "you just woke me up & I have to work tonight".  Here we go again I thought to myself, I need this like a hole in the head.  He was getting nasty * I saw that Bill who is 82 years old was telling him to stop it.  I tried not to pay any attention to him, for that's what he really wants, & I needed to concentrate my efforts at Planned Parenthood, not across the street dealing with him.  But I had enough for he was relentless in calling over to me being annoying.  I pretended to call the police to hopefully intimidate him to go back inside his condo & leave us alone, for we have a right to be there doing what we're doing, but instead he said "Mary why don't you call the police, this time, instead of just pretending".  Oop's, then I've done this before then!  Okay, have it your way, so I called 911 & asked for our pro life advocate, Officer Chris, to come to settle this nonsense.  We've been in front of Planned Parenthood for almost 16 years now & he's been living across from Planned Parenthood for the last 3 years, you'd think that he'd know, by now, what we do on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, across the street from where he lives.  It's confusing for he told us that he was retired & he was in the war & has a Ph.D., in something, is a Catholic & is pro life too.  I wish that he could prove the last two.  I know that we are noisy but we're trying to save lives which none of the other neighbors are doing.  Go Figure!!  Adolf, who stands across the street, in front of the neighbors condo, but just prays & doesn't call out to the people going in & out of Planned Parenthood, went over to him to talk to him until the police came.  Well it was about 10 minutes later & a police car pulled up in front of us.  I looked who was in the car & said "hello Officer Chris".  "What's going on Mary", he replied.  Then he got out of his car & I told him briefly what was happening with the neighbor & then he went across the street to talk to him.  Well, poor Jim got it all out of his system, for he chewed the ears off of Officer Chris for at least 10 minutes or longer.  A full 3 year report he gave him, which doesn't mean a thing because we have a right to be there & to do what we're doing.  Finally Officer Chris came back over to Carole & I & the first thing that he said to me was "he really doesn't like you".  "This I know" I  replied.  I don't really think that he dislikes me that much but the noise that I make, with the mega phone, when sidewalk counseling. He also complained of how I sidewalk counsel & that he didn't like my tactics.  Remember that he was in the war & is probably suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which I feel for him for so do too suffer from PTSS, from all the past abuses & crimes that we committed against me, in my life. So I don't hate him in the least but really I feel sorry & concerned for him & I pray for him often.  Officer Chris told me that there is no law to video tape us, for that is what the neighbor does every time he come out to harass us pro lifers.  I said "yes I know that".  Then he said that he reminded him of that it was our right to be there to pray & to protest, even with a mega phone. So it wasn't a waste of Officer Chris's time to help educate the neighbor once again of our rights.  Officer Chris said "I will ask you, for I said that I would, but it's certainly up to you Mary, he's asking if you don't use the mega phone on Thursdays".  I looked into his eyes & said with sincerity, "no I can't do that because Planned Parenthood is killing babies on this day".  He said "okay, I understand, I just told him that'd I'd ask you & I did".  I said "thanks Officer Chris & by the way could you please talk to them at Buckpitt, the business next door to Planned Parenthood, & ask them not to drive so close to the curb, where we're standing on the sidewalk, it's dangerous".  Just then he received a phone call & after he hung up he said that it was the Lieutenant & that he had to go but he would talk to them next week.  I said "thank you & you are in our prayers too".  He said "thanks & gave me a smile & he was gone.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with Officer Chris as our pro life advocate in times of trouble.  I noticed that he was looking out his living room window & I then picked up the mega phone (which isn't loud, for it's on # 3 volume, which is legal) & used it for the people at Planned Parenthood, so our neighbor would see that I will not compromising the lives of these children who are going to be killed at Planned Parenthood. I rest my case Jim or at least I thought.  A few minutes later he came back outside with his video camera & started up again & then went back inside to get a pair of red ear muffs & put them on his ears, as he was using his video camera on us.  Then I did talk to him saying "what are going to say to the Lord when you die & say that you didn't save on baby of His & you lived right across the street form an abortion clinic"?  I don't know if he hear me or not for just then he went back inside & came out a few minutes later & drove off.  The End for at least for today.  He'll be back they always do until he's converted. 
Now the good part.  As Carole & I were witnessing on the sidewalk, while Officer Chris was over talking to the neighbor, a car stopped on the street by the curb & got out of his car & walked over to us.  I noticed that he had a K Love ( a Christian radio station) bumper sticker on his car so I knew that he was going to be a nice man, as he approached us.  He said "hi, do you take donations"?  I looked at him with puzzlement & said "yes we do & we have pregnancy center right next to this yellow building too".  I then turned around to get our new brochure for Focus, from the literature box & I handed it to him.  He said "thank you so much".  He then went on to say that he was given the same Bible passage twice & that convicted him & his wife to help those who are doing God's work, at the grassroots.  I said that we appreciated this donation very much.  He asked me how to make out the check, after he asked for a pen.  I said "to the Focus Pregnancy Help Center".  He wrote the check out & then handed it to me.  I didn't look at it then & I thanked him & his wife, for their kindness, in our work for the Lord.  He said "good bye" & then walked back over to his parked car on the street.  Just at that time did I look at the check to see that it was for $380.00.  I almost flipped & I called over to him, for I saw that Officer Chris was walking back from talking to the neighbor, asking if he was sure of this check that he just gave me.  He replied "I'm sure" & he got into his car & left.  An angel was just sent down from heaven to give us this check today.  He didn't even know us or anything.  Thank God for our new brochure which tells about all our ministries that we offer.  Thank you Lord for this wonderful surprise for I had gone to the bank this morning before I came to the front line & made a deposit & then I asked for our total amount in our account & saw that we were okay for the next months rent, which I was grateful for, but I didn't have a lot of wiggle room to purchase more literature for our Truth packets.  Now everything has changed & I can now order more brochures that we're running out of, for the packets that we hand out to the people.  Thank you Lord for answering my prayer for more wiggle room for the center.  When Officer Chris had come back to our side of the street the first thing that I said to him, before we started talking was, "guess what, the man that just left just gave me a check for $380 for our pregnancy center"!  He said "great" & he meant it too.  Praise God, for such a nice & unexpected surprise, as we were being persecuted, by the neighbors today, on the front lines.  Lord please have Mercy on them all!  But Jesus was saying, “ Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34.  Amen.

I looked from behind the fence & saw that a young man was walking to is vehicle, a large red SUV, & was putting something in it.  As he was walking back, to go back inside of Planned Parenthood, to wait for the death of his baby, he was almost hit by a car that was coming out of the back parking lot.  When the car came from behind the bushes to pull out I saw that it was the president & CEO of Planned Parenthood, James Stewart.  I said to him "you almost killed that man, see you have the spirit of death with you".  Off he went into the street & drove away. 
A young girl, holding a brown bag, probably filled with 'free' condoms & who was wearing very short shorts in cool weather & had tattoos on her arm & a skull decal on her car was getting into her car when I called over to her.  I said that Jesus loves her & I will not repeat what she said back to me for it was very offensive to the Lord.  She doesn't know the Lord so how can she love him.  As she was pulling out her mouth was going a mile a minute & thank God that I can't read lips for she was very angry.  I showed her the Crucifix that I was holding along with a graphic picture of a baby that was killed by abortion.  Lord help her!! 
Just then I saw a SUV that was high up from the ground for I saw a toddler in the back seat through the window sitting in a car seat facing the front.  I though what a cute child then I noticed that the father who was driving had his finger pointing to his intelligence, at me.  How beautiful this moment was for a few seconds turned so ugly so fast.  I hollered "child abuse" to him.  This poor child to be subjected to this nasty man.  I hope & pray that he repents & does it very soon!!!  Poor baby in the back seat!! 
I saw that one of our clients was walking down the sidewalk.  She stopped & I said "hello".  She acted like I could help her & counsel her on the front lines so I told that I was sidewalk counseling & that she could go to Focus for Suzanne was there right now & she could talk to you & to help you.  She said "thank you" & went to Focus for assistance. 
Tim came by to tell me that he was here today to put up the white board on the office wall.  This board is what we will use to put the names of our clients that need a particular large item like a stroller, pac'n play,  high chairs & car seats & the like.  He also said that he would put the Volunteer Application, on a master sheet, for copying.  I said that I was most grateful for all his help that he gives to Focus.  His very young daughter, who is under 5 years of age, just had open heart surgery just about a month ago.  God bless Molly, his wife, & all their children.  What a blessing he has been to us at Focus. 
Adolf had to leave at 3pm & Carole & Kathy, whose been working in the center all afternoon since 1pm was also leaving at 4pm.  It was now close to 4pm & Carole had to leave so I would alone until 5pm when Pat comes for the '40 Days for Life' campaign. She was concerned that I would be alone for I hour.  I said that I've been alone before & that the dear Lord is protecting me out here from danger & harm.  She reluctantly left to go home to let her dog out which she loves but he takes some of her freedom away.  That's love for you!   Just after she left Kathy came out to say "good bye & told me that the center looked great.  I thanked her for all her hard work in there today & every day that she comes.  She said 'thank you" & gave me a big smile & left.  A few minutes passed & then I saw two women who were walking up the sidewalk with a side by side double stroller, with two small children in it.  When they got closer to me the one woman said "hi".  I said "hi" back.  Then I saw that one of the toddlers had a yellow Rosary around his neck.  I took it off of him & told her that the Rosary wasn't to be worn around the neck & especially around the neck of a small child who might be strangled by it. That it was a prayer & should be prayed.  She said "okay".  Then I asked if they were going to Focus & the one woman said "yes".  I still saw Suzanne's car in our parking lot so I said just go right over & get some nice things.  They said "okay" & off they went.  I resumed my sidewalk counseling then about 10 minutes later my cell phone rang & it was Suzanne informing me that she had to go right away.   I was trying to think & then she said "I have to go good bye & hung up the phone".  This is the time that I really missed Martha just being the only one on the front lines & now I need to be in the center was just too much.  I had to act quickly for I didn't want them in the Material Aid Room alone for to long & I needed to bring everything into the center so that no one would steal anything.  I took as much as I could handle & made my first trip to the center & made another trip & another until everything was now in front of the door or inside the door of the center.  Suzanne waved good bye as I was making these trips by myself but she had to go & I am responsible to what goes on in the center.  I then saw that the two women were busy shopping for their children.  I talked to them for a few minutes & then went into my office to see what was going on in there. I would have to take care of the paper work later on, certainly not now.  I went back to the Material Aid Room & the two women were leaving.  They had taken what they needed for their children & thanked me & I said you are more than welcome & come back when you need to.  They said "okay & thank you".  I then decided to go back to the front lines again but just with the one sign & the literature box & the mega phone.  When I got back out on the sidewalk I was just in time to tell the Death Escort, Sylvia Rose to repent for the thousandth time, as she was leaving the parking lot to go home. I guess.  Earlier when Officer Chris came, she peeped (definition: to look quickly and furtively at something, esp. through a narrow opening) her head, through the bushes, to give me a grin, from hell.  It made me quiver it was so evil looking.  Ick!!   I later told her, as she was cleaning up the front of Planned Parenthood of dead foliage that it was I who called the police & not the neighbor & that she needed to clean up her own soul & not to worry about the clean up at Planned Parenthood.  Earlier, I did call her a  Sylvia Rose a witch, when she was talking to the young man that was waiting for his baby to be killed.  I said to him that he was talking to a witch.  He then went inside but that doesn't matter for his baby was murdered in there today.  How cold & evil is that.  I do try not to call names & have been criticized for doing so but sometimes it's just the plan truth.  I will not make a habit of it though.  I do want to represent Christ, to the people out there, on the front lines. 
A young man was leaving Planned Parenthood & I said to him "where is your baby"?  He responded back to me that he was here because he has Herpes.  I said for him to ask God to forgive him for having sex, outside of marriage, I presumed that he wasn't married (I could be wrong) & that God would forgive him & He will give him the grace to go on & to lead a better life.  He looked surprised & then drove away.  This message is so foreign to people, the notion that they must ask God to forgive them for their actions (sins), that offend Him, for He is a forgiving & merciful God, who loves us so much.  But we must do our part too. 
I was standing there one the sidewalk all by myself when a young girl came around the bushes.  She looked very familiar & I started to talk to her.  This was Martha's daughter's husband son, who was shot on the sidewalk in front of his mother's house, almost 2 months ago, cousin.  I met her about 2 weeks ago walking down the sidewalk & had invited her into the center & ministered to her & also did one of the Elim Bible students, she talked with her for awhile & prayed with her too & Martha brought her home that Wednesday after talking with her for a long time.  I asked why she was here at Planned Parenthood & she said it was because of insurance for Planned Parenthood will give you free services if you apply with them.  I said "that's how they get you into their trap".  I asked if called Fidelis Care @ . the information that I gave her when she was at the center, & she said that she didn't & I asked her to make the phone call as soon as possible.  She said that she will.  I told her that Martha & I are concerned about her.  She can't get any help from Department of Social Services because of her age & that she has no children & her mother won't sign for her for there is problems between them.  Poor sweet girl.  I told her to call us at Focus whenever she wants to talk & she said that she would.  She walked down the street & my heart ached for her & her situation.  Lord please help her & thank you.  Amen
It was 5pm now & Pat had arrived & so did a young girl named Mary for she was dropped off by her father.  They were holding the '40 Days for Life' signs to witness to the cars that passed by.  I was still talking to the people coming out of Planned Parenthood as they were leaving now after having their precious baby killed in there.  It is so difficult.  The worker, who always waves at me as she leaves, I told her today if she was so nice & friendly then why is she working in a place that kills little babies?  I'm so confused to say the least by her.  How weird! 
Then my cell phone rang & it was Sheila asking how long I was going to be at the center tonight.  I told her until about 7:15.  Just then I saw the Buckpitt man locking up the front gate & I said to him "can't we just work out our differences".  I asked if he could just drive further back as he enters his driveway & I said that it feels like you're talking off our legs.  He hollered back "what did you say, what did you say".  I repeated it calmly "it feels like you're taking our legs off"  He replied "then just get out of the street".  We're not in the street & you know that, so I'm just letting you know that a police officer will be speaking to you next week, in regards to this problem.  He answered angrily back at me that an officer was going to speak to me too, so just be ready.  I thought to myself "sure you do" & I'm always ready, for I have the Holy Spirit with me, at all times.  I apologized to Sheila for being so rude to her on the phone.  She was so nice to forgive me.  I saw her later this evening, she stopped by to talk to me at the center, before she went dancing,  What a terrific person she is & I have been blessed by our friendship, over this last year, since she joined the team on the front lines.  I try to talk to her, after hours once a week, on the phone, keeping her up late at night but she's so pleasant & easy to talk to, I just want to share more with her.  She has such wisdom & such understanding & is so kind & I thank God for her in my life.  Good people are hard to find & she's one, that's for sure.   I ate my supper, while I was talking to Sheila, & then she had to go.  I finshed up a few things & then went to church.  I sure missed Martha today :(


Tuesday, October 18, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
When Martha & I arrived at Focus we did some inside the center first.  Martha had to make coffee for she was real tired& that's how she stays awake even though she got up at 11o'clock this morning.  She needs vitamins for sure.  Then Kathy came & she brought the clothes that she had washed at home.  Thank you Kathy.  Then I received a call on my cell phone & it was Tim saying that he had some books that his wife Molly bought at a garage sale & he wanted to bring them over to the center. Then he asked if we wanted a sandwich at Wendy's.  I said that would be great & then he asked how many & I said one for Martha & one for me, for Kathy had already eaten before she came to the center.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Marianne, for she had bags of baby clothes from the Church of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you Father Fred Helfrich, the Pastor, & all the parishioners who were so generous to Focus.  God bless you all for your goodness.  I introduced Kathy to Marianne, they go to the same church.  It was so nice that they meet, for Kathy has just returned to the church, not to long ago, & ended up at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Praise God!!  Carole had now arrived & she got the signs out to the front lines after she talked to Martha for a few minutes.  She told us that she wasn't able to come this Thursday for she had to work.  I was disappointed but thank God that Martha will be with me this Thursday & also Bill & Adolf.  I went out side to be with Carole.  As I went outside I saw that Eric & two other women walking with him down the sidewalk to go to lunch.  I hollered over to him & I got his attention.  I said "thank you Eric for stopping to care for one of the pro lifers who had a seizure last week, I appreciate what you did for him".  I saw that he was nodding his head in recognition to what I was saying.  I then joined Carole out on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood.  As Martha was waking up after she had her coffee & the Wendy's sandwich, that Tim brought us, she came outside to be with Carole & I. 
It was a sad afternoon for we think that they were doing abortions in there.  The first indication was that a young girl, on the passenger side, was slumped over in the car.  Another indication was a car had pulled out & I called over to them & told them that there was Black Genocide going on in there.  Then the passenger said something but I couldn't hear what she was saying, she seemed upset.  I offered them a Truth packet & then the car came over to the side of the street to where we were standing & stopped.  I went to the literature box & got a Truth packet from it & then went to the car to give it to them & then Martha took over from there.  When she came back to the sidewalk her heard was down & she had made a face & then she said "when I went over to the car to talk to the girls I noticed that there was a piece of paper, on the lap of the girl who was on the passenger side, that said ' What you do after an abortion'.  Poor Martha for she felt sick to her stomach after seeing that & then so did I.  So were figured that this was a 'Death Day' today plus on Thursdays too. 
Two young girls were coming up the sidewalk & when they passed me I offered them a Truth packet.  The one girl said that has already received one.  I then said to her "have you read it & if so then please pass it onto others".  She gave me a puzzled looked & kept on walking.  It looked like they were passing Planned Parenthood but they went into the parking lot & went into the door which was opened by no other that Syliva Rose, the dedicated Death Escort, who loves her death job, unfortunately.  They came a few minutes later & then sat on the bench for a few minutes & then left.  As they were walking up the sidewalk they spoke to a young girl & a young guy as they passed by them.  This couple walked into Planned Parenthood.  I called over to them but they went in never the less. How sad was that. 
A man in a car was coming out of Planned Parenthood & I started to talk to him.  I then saw that he was touching something in the front seat & I noticed that it wasn't a person but a large skeleton.  I then said to him "that's what you're going to look like someday so repent"!!  Off he went into the street.  Creepy man!!  Then a young girl was coming out of the parking lot on her cell phone.  I reminded her that it was against the law to be on the phone while driving & that she could cause an accident & even cause a death, maybe  her own.  I also told her that the ticket is expensive & it's like throwing money away.  Be safe rather than sorry. 
I said to Martha that I was going to go across the street to see if I could here her on the mega phone, for I was tired of the complaints of the neighbor across the street.  I crossed the street & stood in front of the neighbor's condo.  I was assessing the situation when the neighbor drove into his driveway.  He immediately got out of his car & came up to me, of course.  He said "Mary, what brings you to my side of the street"?  I said "I'm standing on my sidewalk & I then paused & continued & said "your sidewalk too".  "Yes it is" he replied back.  He  then went on to tell me that he doesn't object to me doing what I was doing but it was just to noisy & he didn't like my style of doing it. I said "what, are you judging me"?  I said that I wasn't here to please him but I was here to give the Truth to the people that don't know it.  He said that he has me on tape & has recorded many hours of my sidewalk counseling.  I felt a little uneasy & then said "I hope that you enjoy the reruns".  I said to him "you say that you're Catholic, do you go to Spiritus Christi"?  He answered back that he does at times but that he goes all over even to Brockport.  I said that Spiritus Christi wasn't Catholic.  Then I said to him "you're just mad because you bought a condo right across from an abortion mill".  "Oh now you're blaming me", he responded back.  I said "didn't you first check to see what Planned Parenthood was all about first before you bought your condo"?  He said back to me "I agree with 90% of what they do in there".  I was feeling sicker in my gut.  I then said to him "do you believe in contraceptives"?  He answered back "yes".  I then said to him that he wasn't a Catholic then because contraceptives takes lives & ruin lives too".  He disagreed.  I said to him to go to Confession to confess this sin.  He said that he goes to Confession & I said "do you confess this sin"?  He said that I was antiquated.  What does that mean??  I believe in the True Teachings of the Catholic Church & I don't make up my own rules, like so many other so- called Catholics do.  Check out:  I then mentioned about hell.  He said "I'll take my chances".  What!!!  I said "Why would you take a chance of spending all eternity in hell"??  I then walked away from him back on over to my side of the sidewalk for this discussion was going no where.  He went inside of his condo only to be prompted to come back outside by one of the neighbors on the side street.  What a disaster that was.  As he was waiting for Jim to join him in the school of harassment I asked the neighbor for across the street with my mega phone "how many children have you saved"?  "None he replied "how many have you saved"?  I & Carole hollered over to him "many".  I said "what are you going to say to the dear Lord when He asks you, after you die, for you do live so close to a Killing Mill, of how many babies did you save"?   I said "you & the other neighbors never came against Planned Parenthood from coming into your neighborhood you all just let it happen & know you complain that there is pro lifers protesting this Killing Mill"   How strange it that.   I was then talking to someone on the sidewalk as they passed me by & then Carole said to me "Mary he just called you a bitch to the neighbor with the dog who just came up the street".  I hollered over to him "how dare you call me such a name, you don't respect women"  I then heard him call me a 'she devil"  He has the wrong person.  These men are so confused & disrespectful towards women & I hope that they treat their mothers & wives better then how they treat me.  Lord have Mercy on them!!   As I was talking to the girls going into Planned Parenthood or coming out they would holler to them "don't pay any attention to her".  I just gave them "a you're crazy sign, by twilling my finger over to the right side of my head, sometimes words just don't work, maybe they'll understand this better.  I don't really want to go down to their level & I want to stay a Christian in a Christian matter.  Lord please forgive me.  Off they went, all three of them over to the neighbors house with the dog, to continue there talk about me.  Please get a life & save a life too. 

Two young girls had walked out of Planned Parenthood with their children in strollers & I offered them help & told them we had a pregnancy center just down the street to receive 'free' baby clothes.  The one girl with her child seemed interested but the other girl did not.  I did say to them that they need to care about their children by not bring them to a place where children are killed.  Martha was also offering assistance to them too.  Just then the one young woman called over to us, for they had just crossed the street to the other side, & said  "..... you" & gave me her middle finger.  I said "that's not nice & you're giving you child a bad example, knowing that if she's doing this kind of behavior now then when her child does get older, he or she will do the same thing by the bad example of the mother.  Which I think is really 'child abuse'.  I then mentioned to her that the middle finger really means 'rape' & I don't think that you knew that.  As I was telling her all of this, the nasty neighbor Jim, was hollering over to her saying "don't pay any attention to her".  It figures!   It was so sad to experience this negative behavior from the both the mother & from the neighbor  :(
I saw that a man had come out of Planned Parenthood & he was walking passed Martha & I on the sidewalk.  Martha started to talk to him & he stopped to listen.  He did ask for condoms & Martha said "I have something that will change your life" & handed him a Rosary & told him how to pray it.  He told her that his niece needed help & then Martha told him of our pregnancy center & handed him a brochure.  I found out later, from Kathy who was the center alone all afternoon, that his niece did stop over to Focus & did receive a 'free' pregnancy test & some information.  What a blessing that was the client & for us at the center.  Kathy did a great job.  She put all the client's names & requests & phone numbers on the new white board that Tim put on the wall, in the office.  This new white board Kathy gave us, as a donation to the center.  What a difference it makes, for it's larger than the other white board & Tim did a great job in reinforcing it on the wall too.  
Martha & I were now back in the center & we were doing some work, Martha was putting away children's clothes & I was working in the office, when the doorbell rang.  It was Pat, out grandmother & great grandmother, of a total of 8 children.  She was coming in for some brand new children's clothes for her great grandchildren, that we just received from the Church of the Holy Spirit.   I told her a few days ago that we going to be getting in some new clothes & for her to come in to get what she needed for her family & the rest we were going to save for our clients for Christmas time.  She was so happy & just took what she needed.  We asked if she would like supper with us & she said "yes".  So Martha set her up a plate & we had chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, a mixture of white egg plant & yellow squash & a mean tossed salad with lots of good things in it.  She was happy to be blessed this way.  We all got to spend time together & to talk.  It was getting late & she had to go.  We said "good bye" to her & offered her some cake to take with her but she said "no thank you".  Martha & I cleaned up & then she left.  I'm always the last one to leave, but that's okay, for I have lots to do in the office.  Martha is such a blessing & she works so very hard all the time at Focus & on the front lines, praying & sidewalk counseling, too.  God bless all of the volunteers at Focus & for Sheila & Rob, who are sidewalk counselors, & for all the prayer warriors, who are out on the front lines, trying to 'save & change' lives for Christ.  You are the best!!!

Wednesday, October, 19, 2011 at Focus
Martha & I arrived after the noon Mass as always & my intention was to do some work at Focus then go out to the front lines to sidewalk counsel & to witness the Truth about what Planned Parenthood is doing in there but it just didn't happen.  When I arrived to the center there was a gentleman, from the carpet company, to fix the carpets at the entrance of each room that was starting to fray. I said "hi" to him & then said  "I thought that you were coming around 3pm, for that's what I was told, but that's okay I'm glad that you're here now".  He smiled & I brought him into the center & showed him what the problem was.  Martha & I were busy putting things away, so we were everywhere.  The gentleman was at the center for a short time & when he left, after fixing the carpet, he said "keep up the good work that you're doing here".  I said "thank you & we will".  He then said that the carpet had a year warranty & if we had anymore problems just call us back.  I said "thank you for this information & good bye & have a great day".  Off  he went & a few minutes later the door  bell rang & it was Lucy, she's our newest volunteer, & she came to help us at the center.  I went to get my blue stand up bag, that I have everything in, that I had put behind my desk after Mass this afternoon.  I was going to give her a project to do for me in the office.  When I got to the bag I thought that I would now make the copies of the 6 checks that I had received yesterday at the Post Office & brought in today to make copies & then Martha & I would write out the Thank You letters for their generosity.  The total of the checks was a little over $1,000.  I had put the envelop on top of all the papers that were in the bag, so when I looked in the bag & didn't see it I panicked, to say the least.  The feeling was horrible.  I asked Lucy if she would help me to find the envelop & I dumped the contents of the bag onto the floor but it wasn't there.  I was sicker than a dog & we all prayed to the dear Lord & to St. Anthony, the Patron of Lost Things @, who has helped me so many times in my life.  I didn't know what to do now, so we looked again, it just wasn't in the bag & I knew that I didn't take it out of the bag.  I unfortunately called the carpet place & asked the man who answered the phone, who was one of the owners, that we had some checks missing & I don't what to do, for this is a very difficult phone call.  He said that no one would put his job in jeopardy for some checks that he couldn't cash.  I said okay thank you & hung up.  I felt badly making that call.  I told Martha & Lucy that I was going to go back home & look in the closet to see if it dropped in there, though I didn't think that it did but I had no more options.  I asked Martha to keep the Three Elim Students busy while I go back to my place to look & she said that she would.  The girls come from 2:30pm till 4:30pm.  I said good bye to both Martha & Lucy & off I went back to home to look, feeling sick to my stomach.  I prayed in the Holy Spirit all the way home.  When I got there I quickly went up the stairs & opened up the front door.  I immediately went over to the closet & took everything out.  It wasn't there!!!  I then went to the trash can & opened that up & took everything out & it wasn't there!!  I felt sicker to my stomach.  I then called the bank, where I have our pregnancy center's account, & asked Heather, who I know from the bank if anyone could cash the checks & she said "no" but they could use the bank account number at the bottom of the check.  Well, hearing this didn't make me feel  sicker, if that was possible.  Then she said that you should call the people up & put a 'stop payment on the checks.  I said "no" that would work & then the phone went dead.  I though that she hung up because I'm going on & on with this & that she had to go but I do know her & she is a professional who works at the bank & she would always say "good bye"  to her clients first before hanging up.  I was to stressed out to call back again to find out what happened.  (When I went to the bank the next day I asked her if she had hung up on me & she said "no, the bank has a problem with the phone lines & will be getting them replaced real soon".   I felt better after speaking with her.  All is well there)  After that call my cell phone rang & it was Martha I was so hoping that she had found the checks but she called to say to me "why don't you put a stop payment on the checks".  "Martha I can't & I have to go so please keep on praying" &  I said "good bye" & hung up.  Then I looked the number to the carpet store on the Internet & called them back but this time with more panic & stress.  I asked the owner to now call the person who came to fix the carpet if he took it to just give it back with no questions asked". I also said if I do find the checks that I would call back to apologize for my acussion. He did call the man said that he didn't.  I said "okay & thanks & good bye" & hung up.  I walked around the apartment for a few minutes & I heard a soft voice to go to the trunk to look again.  I didn't want to argue with the Lord & I grabbed my keys & went downstairs to open up the trunk, which I looked inside earlier when I was at the center.  I hesitantly looked in my purse, which I did before & it wasn't there & just then my eye caught our brochure that was in the see through bag that I carry to church with me which has rosaries & prayer books & the like.  I quickly opened up that bag that earlier I didn't see & there the envelop was with all the checks in it.  I screamed at the top of my voice on the street.  "Thank you Lord & St. Anthony for finding this envelop.  I remembered what I promised the Lord when I found it was that I would NEVER bring any checks that I get from the Post Office to the center to make copies of , that I will let the bank do that on Thursdays which is my banking day now.  I quickly went back to my apartment & called Martha & she was so happy & Lucy was to.  I said that I was coming on back tot the center after I make one more call.  I called the carpet store & apologized & asked the name & phone number of the man that I accused.  They gave it to me & I thanked him & said "good bye" & hung up.  I quickly called Rick up & started crying with my sorrow for what I did to him.  I asked him to please forgive me for what I did to him & to please not to hold it against me.  He sweetly said "I do forgive you & don't worry I won't hold it against you & no problem".  I was still crying & I said "thank you so very much & God bless you & have a nice day & good bye".  I was still sobbing when I got into my car heading back to Focus with the checks safe on top of my desk in my home office.  What happened was, before I left for Mass I remembered that at the back of the church there were no more Focus brochures so I went to my purse & took out out 4 of them & put it on top of the envelop in the blue bag, which I forgot that I did, for I do things so fast that it doesn't register in my brain.  When I went to church this afternoon I grabbed them to put in my clear plastic bag which I bring to Mass which holds my rosaries that I pass out to people & my prayer books.  After Mass I scooped up three of them * put them on the table at the entrance & exit of the church.  What I didn't know was that I  grabbed the 3 brochures leaving one on top of the envelop in the clear plastic bag.  How unthinkable on my part!!  Thank you again dear Lord & Mother Mary & St. Anthony for finding the envelop with all the checks in it & teaching me a valuable lesson too. 
I was so happy to see Martha, Lucy & now the three Elim students, Danielle, Bee, & Amy, we all grouped hugged.  I then talked to Martha, Danielle & Lucy for another 20 minutes & Lucy had to go.  I thanked her for all that she did for me today & that I will see her again next week.  I got busy doing what I needed to do in the center & at 4:30pm the Elim girls had to go.  I thanked them & said that I will see them again next week & thanked them for their prayers too.  I gave each of them a hug & said good bye to them & waved to them as they were getting into the car saying for them to have a safe drive back to school. I had to make a phone call on my cell phone & the message was, which I para phrased 'put some $ on the phone for you have no more minutes left'.  What!!!  Hear we go again, this day is not without it's problems.  I called the cell phone company & told her that I just spent $34.00 about a week ago which put on 1500 worth of minutes & I didn't call that many people in a weeks time so please look into this problem.  She did & all was right with T mobile now.  I just want this day to end & hope that tomorrow will be better but I knew that it wasn't going to be because it was Thursday & it's the day that they murder little babies in their mother's womb's, without mercy. So I knew that it was going to be a painful day, without question.  Martha & I worked at the center, she taking care of clients & I doing paper work in the office.  We ate supper together & then went home. 


Thursday,  October 20, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I received a phone call from a woman asking for a pregnancy test.  I looked at the clock to see that it was 10:20am & I knew that Sheila would be there at 10:30 so I told her that a counselor would be there at 10:30am to administer one.  I described what Sheila looked like & just then the woman said "I think she just got out of her car".  I said "great & have a nice day, good bye" & hung up. I was so happy that it worked out so well.  Thank you Lord.  
I arrived at the center a little before 1pm, just after I went to the bank to deposit all the checks, from  yesterday.  I asked the bank teller to make me copies of the checks then I black out the account number on the bottom of the check.  I use these copies, of the checks, to write out the Thank You letters.  As I was driving into the parking lot I beeped to Sheila, out on the front lines, to let her know that I was here.  I was hoping that Martha wasn't going to be to late today, for I'm so stressed out on Thursdays & now on Tuesdays, for we think that they are doing abortions, on that day too.  I saw that one of our regular clients was in the center & I figured that the taxi man let her in but later found out that it was Sheila.  Which is okay for I need to start to trust people & Donna has been with us for several years now.  I don't want to be paranoid for all the other things that people have done to us by stealing.  She had made coffee & said that she could help us for a little while before she had to go.  I said that would be great.  Just then the doorbell rang & it was Kathy, our volunteer & I let her in.  I had gotten more donations for her to put away & to sort some of the clothes in the Material Aid Room.  Just then Paul came in, which was great for we haven't seen him in awhile.  He was also hear to help us out.  Great!!  I knew that Carole wasn't going to be on the front lines today for she had to work so it would be Martha, Adolf, Bill & I for a couple of hours to defend life.  I asked Paul to help me bring the literature box, signs, stools & now the orange small cones, about 10 of them, that we put out on the edge of the sidewalk near the street so that the cars won't come by us to closely & hit us as we protest out on the front lines. It does make a statement & because they're orange people will look at them & see our signs that we have out there on the sidewalk.  He did & I was appreciative of it.  Sheila talked to me for a few minutes, to inform me of what went on, during her time.  She told me how the pregnancy test went & more about the client & then told me of what went on the front lines too.  Then she had to go.  I said "thank you Sheila & thank you so very much & have a great day too".   There was Dan & Addison praying the Rosary so I was happy to have them for about a half an hour more on the sidewalk.  Then Adolf came & Bill was already on the sidewalk across the street witnessing with the graphic sign Malachi who was torn to pieces at 20 weeks, in utero.  Thanks mom for killing me!  I wonder what her life is like now & all the other women, that have had their precious baby killed, in such a gruesome way. Lord have Mercy on them all.
About 10 minutes later Martha came & I was so glad to see her & then about 10 later Suzanne came to be in the center so I was happy about that too.  I had asked Kathy if she would make me a sandwich & to bring it out about 1:30 or so but today it was about 2pm because she was helping out one of our regular clients in the Material Aid Room.  Which was fine with me.  Our clients come first.  I wish that I didn't need to eat out on the front lines but as I said before I start to feel very faint around that time & I don't want to so I eat a fast sandwich instead.  I try to be discreet about it.  I go in the corner near the fence by the bushes & I will have another sidewalk counselor there, to speak out to the people going into Planned Parenthood, before I start my sandwich.  Martha took over while I ate quickly.  It wasn't busy at all & it was 2pm & I said to her "it's quiet before the storm", which happened about 15 minutes later.  Rachael Phelps wasn't there because her car wasn't parked where it's usually parked, so I knew that there was another abortionist, talking her place over these last three weeks.  Now one car after another pulled into the death parking lot.  Mostly couples.  As one car pulled in the male driver smiled at me.  I remember when he left with his girlfriend that just killed his baby he wasn't smiling.  That's what abortion does, it makes you a father & mother of a dead baby, that YOU had killed.  Paid murder!!!  His & her life & all of them, that come here to have their baby killed, will never be the same again & I hope & pray that they ALL REPENT!!! 
It was a hard day of death & when some of the guys started to realize what they were doing, it was to late.  One guy walked passed me & I spoke to him & he said things that I can't repeat here.  But when he was driving his girlfriend out as she was screaming at me, who was standing there holding a graphic sign, he looked like the spunk that he had earlier, was gone.  I was in the center talking with Suzanne when he walked back into Planned Parenthood  Martha said & that she didn't say anything to him, for I had told her what he said to me earlier.  She said that as he walked by he looked at the signs.  But it was to late at that time.  How sad.  Another car came out & the two young people were so cold & callus about just murdering their own flesh & blood.  They came back about 5 minutes later & as they were driving back into the parking lot I said to them"did you forget something, your baby"?  But they didn't care, they had come back because they had forgotten something & it wasn't their baby, for they wanted their baby dead.  I said to the guys who were smoking & waiting for their 'problem to go away', "do you always kill people that are inconveniencing you"?  "If people get in your way that you don't want to be there do you have them killed"?  "Then what is the difference of what you're doing here today"?  "You're killing you own child because he or she is inconveniencing you in your life".  "How selfish & self centered is that plus you're jeopardizing your soul & could dam it to Hell for all Eternity, if you don't repent for the sin of murder".  Just then a young girl was being driven out by, I suppose her mother.  I told the mother that she was an accessory to murder & to repent for it. The girl had a far away look on her face.  Anyone who helps a woman or young girl to have an abortion is an accessory to murder & must repent. 
Later on around 5pm, Pat came to join me, for the '40 Days for Life' campaign & Martha had gone inside the center about 30 minutes ago, for she was tired & cold.  I stayed with Pat for 30 minutes until I was called into the center because our favorite grand mother & great grandmother Pat, yes there are two Pat's, came to get some money that was given to me to give to her.  Martha & I visited with Pat for about an hour.  We all even ate together, we had a chicken & rice supper, very simple.  Martha helped me to clean up & then she left to go home & I started a little while longer to do some 'catch up' work in the office, my special domain.  Martha does so much but she doesn't do 'office work', which is okay, for I have some 'office helpers', thank God.  She is such a help to me at Focus & I appreciate her & everyone else, with all their 'special talents' to help Focus, assist our clients to have a better life, through Christ who loves them so much.    


Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at Focus
We were so very busy today so Martha & I had to stay in the center.  Martha drove to Victor to get the Fatima stature from her fiends & we will be blessed at Focus, for two weeks with the stature, of the Blessed Mother.  We had many clients come in today.  Martha had a hairdressing appointment so she was going to come a little later today, so after Mass I went directly to the center, after saying "hi" to my friends first.  I saw that two young girls were walking into Planned Parenthood so I walked up the sidewalk to talk to them but I was to late, for they already went in, but there was a man that was standing there praying from the "40 Days for Life campaign.  I introduced myself to him & he said that we had meet before.  Sorry about that.  He was so nice & he said that another prayer person was on the other side of the building by the brick.  She was hard to spot for she was on her knees & praying.  I told him that I had to go back to the center for one of our regular clients was asking me if we were open now & it was 12:45pm.  I told her that we open up usually around 1pm but I would open up the Material Aid Room for her.  Thank God that Kathy came soon afterwards, for I was busy talking things out of my car & bringing everything into the center.  I got her settled in the room where she could get things for 'free'.  I then went back outside & saw that the man who was from the '40 Days for Life' was giving a Truth packet, to one of the girls that I saw about 10 minutes before, going into Planned Parenthood.  I called over to them from across the street & asked them if they needed a 'free' pregnancy test that we could help them at Focus or if they needed any 'free' baby or children clothes. They shook their heads "no" & then I went back into the center to see how our client was doing.  She was doing fine & Kathy was there helping her pick out clothes for her children,  I was grateful.  After she left many other clients came in. There were two pregnant moms who needed something's for their babies..  One of the moms is due December 22 & we gave her a car seat.  She was happy about that.  Another most recent client came in with her little girl & she is pregnant & is due in April of 2012.  She wants to volunteer at Focus.  I asked her to fill out an application & I interviewed her even though I spoke with her as a client not to long ago for this is different.  She said that I helped her to 'choose life'.  I said that I thank God that she did.  She will start on Thursday & she will give me 3 or 4 hours then to help out at Focus.  Thank you Lord for we do need more help in the center.  After she left there were about 4 other women who came in for assistance.  Kathy gave  a pregnancy test to a young girl & it was negative.  She did some teaching too.  I did some much needed office work until I ran out of ink, making the copies.  I will have to go later tonight, before I go home to Staples, & buy somemore ink cartiages, so that I can finish my work tomorrow.  I will ask Lucy tomorrow to type out two 'ThankYou' letters to the two churches that recently blessed us with tithing money, from their parishes.  It will look more professional.  I finished the application to St. John of Rochester parish for tithing money, to help Focus out, with our needs.  They blessed us last year but it took a little longer this year to fill out the application & to sent it back to them.  It's never to late, for it will come when we need it the most, for God is good & God is great! 


Wednesday, October 26, at Focus
We were so very bust at the pregnancy center today & Martha & I were unable to go outside in front of Planned Parenthood unfortunately.  Martha sort out clothes & to put them away.  I got the things that I brought out of my car, which were diapers & supplies etc. & put them away.  The phone rang & it was Lucy who was planning to come to help us.  She called me to tell me that she was unable to come today for she didn't get the car from her mother, she forgot to tell her that she needed it earlier on.  I said "okay & I'll see you next week & good bye".  I was disappointed but that's what happens at times & I have to accept it.  I knew that the three Elim girls were coming at 2:30 to 4:30pm today, so that helped.  I needed someone to assist me do some letters in the office so when the girls came, it was Danielle that volunteered, for the assignment.  We were able to get a thank you letter written & typed out to thank one of the parishes that just blessed us with a generous donation.  The other two girls helped Martha out in the Material Aid Room, with some clients.  Much was accomplished during the two hours that they were there at Focus.  The phone rang & it was an attorney asking me, what was the legal name of our center, for his client was putting us in his will.  I asked who it was but he said that he couldn't tell me so I asked him to thank the person for his or her kindness & he said that he would & then said "good bye & hung up".  I told Martha the great news that someone thought, that much of our work, that he or she put us in their will.  God bless the person for their kindness & generosity, to the work at Focus, for our clients & their children.
After the girls left I received a phone call from Danielle asking if I found a gray wallet in the parking lot near the door.  I went outside in the rain & looked & I told her that I didn't find it unfortunately.  I hope & pray that they will find the wallet.  I felt so badly for her for it was a week ago that I thought I lost the checks but found them.  It's not a nice feeling, that's for sure.  Martha had to go at 4:30pm today for she had a meeting at her parish at 5pm so I did some more work in the office & left by 8pm to go home & I ate supper there. 


Thursday, October 27, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

I arrived at the center to go to the front lines & I do try to get there before 1pm in order to talk to Sheila first so that she can leave around 1pm the time that she needs to go.   So I was there around 12:50 to get started.  Paul was in his car & going out, of the parking lot, when he stopped me to tell me that he would be back after lunch, for he's on the front lines with Sheila on her time.  I asked if he would get me a hamburger & Martha a chicken sandwich for our quick lunches later in.  I asked him if he wanted some money now & he said to pay me later.  I said "okay" & off he went.  I went into the center to go get the signs, literature box & the mega phone & then Kathy came in to work in the center this afternoon.  Carole had to work so she won't be with us again today.  I was now outside & started to get an update of what was going on at Planned Parenthood.  Sheila gave me a report & then had to go & as she was leaving she told me that she would call me later.  I said "okay & have a blessed day".  I was hoping that Martha would be there with me at 1pm but she came around 1:20pm & said that there was an accident on the expressway.  I was so glad that she was here now, safe & sound.  Addison, Dan & Adolf were with me praying the Rosary & they went across the street to continue to pray & I was alone on the side where the bushes are in front of Planned Parenthood.  We called out to every car that came in & went out of the parking lot.  Paul indicated that the lunch was ready but it was another 45 minutes later & now about 2pm  when I asked Martha if I could run into the center to woof down the Wendy's hamburger & said "yes".  I went into the office & started to talk to Suzanne our Thursday client advocate when I heard someone walking down the hallway.  I peeked out the door to see two police officers walking towards me.  Hi officer Chris how are you.  "Fine" was the response back.  I then said "now what did I do"?  The officer Chris said "nothing Mary this is officer Vincent & he's with the Crime Prevention Unit.  "Hello" I responded back.  "Can we talk in your office Mary, there's no problem" officer Chris stated.  I walked in & said to Suzanne "could you leave for a few minutes Suzanne.  Then officer Chris said :that's not necessary.  I then introduced Suzanne to the two police officers.  Okay what's up I stated.  The officer Chris said that the business Buckpitt who is next to Planned Parenthood wrote a letter to the Mayor.  "Oh really" I said back what about?  Then officer Vincent told me all the bogus complaints which said that we we're nice & that they didn't like the graphic pictures that we have out there on the sidewalk.  I know that we are really right in front of Buckpitt & not Planned Parenthood but that's because of the Buffer Zone, which isn't our fault.  They were told that we had a right to be there & to protest the way that we want to & they couldn't do anything about it legally.  Officer Chris also asked them to drive their vehicles not to close to the sidewalk where we stand on the sidewalk.  I said "thank you officer Chris" for he is our advocate & go between if we have any problems on the front lines.  Then officer Vincent said that you wrote a boycott message on a sign & put it on your car in front of their business.  I said that was about 2 years ago & I had written on it:  'Boycott Buckpitt for they don't care that children are being killed'.  Then officer Vincent said that wasn't in the letter, for in the letter it stated something different & trust me it wasn't nice & I would never talk that way, so I'm really mad now.  I asked if I could write a letter to the Mayor & officer Chris said that anyone could write a letter to the Mayor so I said then I will.  Then I said "what about mediation"?  Then officer Vincent said that he wasn't interested in that & I then said "well I am very interested in that & I hope that will take place in the near future".  I thought please writ that down in your report & that I didn't write what he said that I wrote on the sing too, to clear my name.  Then officer Vincent asked if Buckpitt opens it's gate by where we stand we know not to be in front of the entrance way.  I said that we knew that & they have opened it up on occasion & we don't stand in front of it or have signs in front of it.  Then officer Chris sated that we've been out there protesting for the past 16 years.  I said "yes we have & we know the rules".  I said that we used to talk to some of the men who come into Buckpitt but we don't do that anymore or haven't for years & that we took the sign down from the tree which is in front of their business which is on the public sidewalk & now the pole which is right near the entrance of Buckpitt & now have it on a stool by the fence.  The officer Vincent stated that a car was leaving Buckpitt &  he said that he couldn't see & Martha told him to move a little further out, it sounded like good advice to me but the driver complained to Buckpitt about it.  I said that Martha isn't rude to anyone & it probably was me that said it.  I said you have no idea what some of the guys in there say to us as they come in & as they get out of their car & when they leave & we put up with the abuse & don't bother the Mayor with this nonsense.  It's all kid stuff & when we want to concentrate on talking to the girls & guys going into Planned Parenthood where they're murdering little babies.  We want to save lives & not to be bothered with Buckpitt whose mad because we're in front of their business.  Okay thank you Mary & if you need me for anything then just call 911 & tell then that I'm the advocate for you.  I said "thank you so very much officer Chris for all that you do for us pro lifers".  Then he said that he tried to contact the par legal with Judge Morris's office in regards of the woman who made a threat to my life about a month ago, as she was driving into Planned Parenthood.  The Judge doesn't look at a threat as a reason for a warrant.  I disagree with him that's for sure & he looked down & said "yes I know & gave me the definition of harassment & that was one of them.  Judge Morris (Rainbow) is pro life but much mistaken about this decision.  When one threatens your life one should be held accountable especially if one is going into Planned Parenthood to have her baby killed by the abortionist in there. What's wrong with this picture?  I took my hand out of my pocket & said "my hand is sweaty & then I shook each of their hands & said then I said "thank you again officer Chris for trying to make the arrest happen, good bye & have a great day".  "Good bye they both said back to me" & left.  I quickly ate my hamburger & then left to go back outside & when I did I saw that the two police officers were parked on the other side of the vets who are across the street.  I then went around the corner & only to hear someone shouting from across the street, it was a woman who was screaming "woman's rights, women's rights", she was standing near Adolf.  I observed for a few minutes then I saw that she had hit his sign that was holding.  I walked over to the 2 police cars & hollered Office Chris is Officer Chris hear.  "I'm hear Mary", he was in the car on the right.  I said "there's a woman on the sidewalk who's hollering & I know that she has a right to do that but she just hit Adolf's sing & there might be a problem".  "Okay, I'll be right over" said Officer Chris.  The two police cars went over to where the woman was standing next to Adolf who appeared calm.  A few minutes later the one officer's car left & Officer Chris was getting back into his car.  The woman kept on saying to him "women's rights they have a right".  As officer Chris went back in his car he turned his head around to say to me "every thing is all right Mary".  I hollered back to him "thanks Officer Chris".  He drove off & Martha informed me that she was trying to talk to her but all she did was swear & say some very not so nice things back to her.  The woman hollered to Martha that she had been raped twice & that she married her second rapist.  Why I don't know why she did that what reason did she have & it sounded that they're not together any longer.  Martha told me that the mega phone just gave out so she said that she would go back in the center to get the other one & bring it out.  In the meantime & tried to holler over her voice saying "choose life, choose life over her "women have a right , women have a right".  Then I set off a mental shock to her, I mentioned that I was gang raped & conceived twins in that rape & that I didn't abort them".  I could see that she was taken back & we connected.  She was now leaving to go to her car that was parked in the vets parking lot & the doctor was now outside in his parking lot talking to her & showing her the sign parking for Customers Only all others will be towed.  Then he pointed over to our parking lot & I thought on no that's to close to us if she's on the verge.  I pray that she gets help but she won't listen to Martha or I at this time maybe later on we can try if she comes back again which she told Martha earlier that she was planning to come back again.  She got into her car & drove away.  I fell so sorry for her & I know her pain but she can't advocate for the victimizers that are killing children, in cold blood, in Planned Parenthood.  I wish her the very best & lots of healing & for her to find the Lord, first & for most, who loves her with an everlasting love.  Martha was now back with the other mega phone & we continued to sidewalk counsel, to try to save lives.  Now it was time for all the people who came in to kill their precious babies were coming out now, with their sweet & innocent babies dead,  who are now in the refrigerator in Planned Parenthood.  How horrible is this to process. 
Just about an hour later the UPS truck with the driver that doesn't like us either drove so close to the curb  & stopped his truck right in front of Buckpitt front door on the street.  Martha said that she was going over to talk to him & tell him to keep away from the curb where we are standing.  I said "Martha I don't know about that" & she said "I'm already in Dutch", she was referring of me telling her that her name was mentioned in the letter that Buckpitt wrote to the Mayor.  Over she goes to where he was & asked him to drive more  carefully & not so close to the curb.  He just looked at her with a blank face & didn't say a word & walked into Buckpitt with the packages.  After we went into the center later on I called to make out a complaint against him & his driving & his attitude & that this was a second compliant that I have made.  He will be called into the office to explain his behavior & hopefully he won't get to close to the curb when we're standing there anymore.  Hopefully we won't have any more trouble with him again better yet just get another driver for this route for I'm tired of fighting him too over all these years.  Nothing seems to change.  Same old, same old problems with the same old people. 
When I went into the office, for Suzanne was gone now, I saw a note on the desk that one of our babies were born. Beautiful baby girl, Leah Rochelle, was born.  Mother & daughter are healthy & mom is back in school. Praise God!!  See it's worth the good fight to try to save lives.  This was baby #17, who was born from our center.  Not all the moms were abortion minded but they did come into Focus for a pregnancy test & we assisted them during their pregnancies & we are proud to know that their babies are now being born.  We celebrate in this great news today at Focus!!!  :)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at Focus & on the Front Lines in front of Planned Parenthood ( All Saints Feast Day) 

I went to Mass yesterday for or Holy Day of obligation for this wonderful feast day because I knew that I had some people coming in at around 1pm to the center & the Mass downtown was going to be longer than usual.  I was glad because Marianne came to drop off some big items to us at the center for our clients.  Both Kathy & Miss T called me saying that they were both coming a little late today & I said that was fine.  Then Kay & Jack came from St. Pius X Church & dropped off many bags of girl clothes from a parishioner there.  I said that I would sent a 'Thank You' letter to her & Kay said that she would appreciate it very much.  Then after they left our Landlord came to get his rent check & Martha & I asked him for a deal which he took.  So really he has paid for the new carpet that was installed recently at the center.  We will be going back to our usual rent of $1,800 in January of 2012.  He was very nice.  While he was there I asked him if would turn the heat down, for it was to warm & it was uncomfortable for us.  He did.  Someone had put it up to 73 degrees & he put it down to 69 degrees which was better & if someone puts it back up again then he asked me to call him.  Okay, but I hope that we all can get along, in the building & not be angry about this.  Then another drop off of occurred.  It was a nice lady & her husband came & dropped off 3 car seats & some other things for the center.  I said "thank you' so very much for your kindness to us.  In the meantime Martha was giving a pregnancy test to a young girl that came in for one.  She was also educated & was grateful for Martha's help.  Then Carole came in & Kathy & Miss T.  I was glad to see them all.  Carole said she had some clothes for Cleveland, our street friend, like pants, a shirt, shoes, socks & a jacket.  So when we see him again we'll get him ready for the colder days ahead.  Then Carole told Martha & I that she got a job & won't be with us for the next 3 weeks.  I was so disappointed but she has to do what she has to do.  She's working on pricing a whole house for an Estate Sale & once it's over she'll be back with us, unless she gets another job, but I doubt it because of the winter coming, probably not until next spring.  She says that she doesn't like to drive in the winter.  Oh no!! 
Martha was heading out to the front lines with Miss T while I was going to help Kathy in the center but somehow it got reversed.  Martha was inside & I was outside.  I was with Miss T for awhile but she got hungry & wanted to go in to eat lunch, for she said that she & her unborn baby were hungry.  She's over 2 months pregnant, how sweet.  I was by myself for about an hour or so.  I wasn't prepared to stay outside so I had my reading glasses on & not my sunglasses.  Ick!  I talked to a young guy that was sitting on the wooded ledge to where I was sidewalk counseling.  I gave him a Truth packet & some other pieces of literature for him to read.  Then he went back into Planned Parenthood.  He said that he brought his girlfriend here but he didn't know why.  I told him before he left that they do abortions here & the abortionist is here right now.  He asked if they did other things too.  I said "yes, but they are evil".  I was glad that he took the packet to give to his girlfriend.  Then I looked down on the sidewalk & I saw a lot of disturbing phrases, that someone wrote in chalk, on the cement.  They were to disturbing to share with you.  So  when Martha came out on the front lines I went into the center to get some hot soapy water to get rid of all that disturbing stuff that was written.  Some very sick dude, that's for sure.  As I was about to rejoin Martha, three girls came into the center asking for a pregnancy test.  I asked if all three girls were planning on getting a pregnancy test & the one replied that it was just her.  I asked her if she wanted the other two girls in with her when she takes the test & she said "yes they can stay".  I said back "okay, lets get started".  Before & after the test I gave them some educational brochures & DVD's & a CD for free.  The I talked to them about birth control & how dangerous it was & to live lives of Chastity that would please the Lord.  As the one girl was leaving she said that she wanted to be a OB/GYN doctor someday & to save lives.  While the girls were there the on girl said that she had a daughter & she liked to be pregnant & to feel the baby grow & kick.  They were not abortion minded, thank God. 
I hurried to get the pail of water with the soap suds to go back out to be with Martha.  Boy was I shocked to what she told me when I returned to the front lines after being away for 40 minutes.  Poor baby!!  First the guy came back with the chalk & wrote more junky stuff on the sidewalk where Martha was standing.  He even said some really bad things to her too.  It figures.  She kept on praying.  After he left harassing her then one of the Buckpitt workers came so close to the curb where Martha was standing that her burned rubber.  I said that I was going to call 911 on this.  About 10 minutes later Officer Mike came & took the report right in front of Buckputt & Co.'s business.  I hope that they heard us taking through the windows.  I asked if Officer Chris was on duty, for he is our advocate, but he wasn't on duty.  the officer said that he will look up the license number & then call the guy on the phone.  Thanks officer Mike we really do appreciate it.  Then Martha told him of the creepy guy with the chalk & the obscenities.  He said if he comes back again just call the police & we will talk to him at that time.  I said" thanks Office Mike, we will".  He said "good bye & went back to his car, hopefully to call this nasty guy at Buckpitt who has bothered us for many years.  What's wrong with these people in there????
Martha went into the center & I stayed outside for another hour & then Miss T helped me bring everything back into the center.  Today I saw so many cars come out of Planned Parenthood with the mother driving their daughter.  One young girl made a freaky face at me.  It was so disturbing, to say the least.  How sad was all of this.  We think that Planned Parenthood changed their abortions days to Tuesdays & Thursdays.  We'll just have to keep on being out there to try to save lives, for Christ, of both the babies & their mothers & fathers too. 
Kathy & Miss T had left & the door bell rang & it was on of our regular clients.  She came to get some diapers & clothes for her 4 children & to spend some quite time with us.  We invited for a chicken supper which she accepted.  We had a nice three way conversation.  Then she went into the Material Aid Room to look at the clothes & to look at the books for herself & for her older boy who's 12, for she has a 2 year old & she just had twins about 6 months ago.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Rick at the door for the last '40 Days for Life' meeting.  We talked about the Victory celebration at Focus this Sunday, which is the last day of the campaign, at 12 noon.  The doorbell rang & it was Pat coming to the meeting so there was us four.  After the meeting ended Martha took our client home & I did some last minute things in the office & went home too.  What a day!!!!

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