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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 13



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Wednesday, November 2, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

This Mass was long because it was the Mass for the Poor Souls in Purgatory & when Mass ended I left & Martha stayed & came to the center about 10 minutes later.  When I went to the parking lot the school buses were in the parking lot so it was hard to get out.  I was hoping that Lucy would be there so I called the taxi company & asked Tickaboo if someone was there already & he said "yes".  I said please let her into the center & tell her that I will be there in a few minutes & thanks.  He said "okay" & I hung up.  I was there in less then 3 minutes.  I thought it was Lucy that was waiting for me at the center but it was one of our clients.  I said hello to her & then opened up the Material Aid Room, for her to get some things for her son.  She said that the father of her baby was giving her lots of problems.  I was sad to hear this.  Then Martha walked in & went right into the cabinet & got the Holy Salt & started to walk outside sprinkling the Holy Salt everywhere were she walked.  Then we turned the corner only to see that the business next to Planned Parenthood, which we have had problems with over the last 21 years, had opened up the gate that is where we stand to talk to the girls going into & coming out of Planned Parenthood.  This was retaliation for calling the police on the young kid who almost ran Martha over going so fast & getting so close to the curb.  I looked at Martha & said "I guess that Officer Mike hot a hold of the young man & told him to cool it on the road".  We were happy about that but not about the gate being opened.  It restricts our sidewalk counseling quite a bit.  We have to stand further away to talk to the people at Planned Parenthood, which isn't good & it's not that effective.  I believe that Buckpitt & Co. is not pro life!!!  Lord have Mercy on them.  Martha & I went back into the center to get the literature box, mega phone & some graphic signs to take out to the front lines.  As time went on I realized that Lucy, our newest volunteer, wasn't coming today & I found out later that she was out of town.  I hope that she comes next Tuesday, for we really need her.  Martha & I did the best we could being so far away.  We did talk to the girls that came up & down the sidewalk to give out Truth packets & to talk to them.  We had no one helping us on the front lines today & in the center & we had a lot of things to put away but I knew that Kathy & Tazia & Paul would be there tomorrow.  I expected the three Elim girls at 2:30pm today but I received a phone call saying that on the girls came in contact with peanuts & she's highly allergic to them.  She gave her self a Epi shot but after that she needed to go to the Emergency Room for observation.  The Elim girls brought their friend to the hospital to give her support.  Danielle said "thank you for understanding".  I said "no problem & I hope & pray that she will be fine".  Thank God for Martha otherwise I'd be by myself on the front lines & in the center.  After so many hours out on the front lines we decided to go into the center to do some work in there.  Then Tucker came to pray & hold a sign for about an hour out on the front lines.  I just reminded him that he couldn't block the entrance of Buckpitt, where the gate is open.  He said "okay" & then left. 
Martha & I stayed in the center & worked.  She worked in the Material Aid Room & helped the clients that came in & I worked in the office, going lots of paperwork.  We ate supper together of chicken, sweet potatoes & salad & then went home. 


Thursday, November, 3, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I got to the center at 12:50pm & Martha came very soon afterwards.  Kathy was already there Miss T is on her way & Paul was still on the front lines with Sheila.  Suzanne will come later.  I went out with Kathy helping me bring out the signs & mega phone & the literature box.  On the sidewalk when Martha & I came out was Adolf & Dan & Bill too.  It was a good team of prayer warriors & people that also witnessed to the Truth about the evils of abortion.  I got to talk to Sheila for a few minutes for a report of what went on during her time & then she had to go.  Paul went to lunch & I asked him for a hamburger at Wendy's, his favorite place, & that he was coming back after that to help in the center to help Kathy & Miss T.  I am so appreciative of the indoor team too.  Martha was praying the Rosary & I was sidewalk counseling.  I saw that a young girl, who was probably going in for an abortion, saw the graphic sign as her & her, I think, boyfriend drove in.  I lost sight of them & I don't know how long they were in there & I wonder if her seeing the graphic made a difference & she & her boyfriend left with their baby still in her womb.  I hope so.  One woman drove in smiling & waving but not in a nice way.  She was there to pick up her daughter & she didn't look to good as they were leaving.  I would like to do some research on the mother - daughter connection & how it affected their relationship, that a mother brought the daughter in to have an abortion.  I know of one & it effected their relationship quite a bit.  The daughter blamed the mother for supporting her in her decision to abort her child & not trying to talk her out of doing the very same thing that the mother once did in her past.  Generational sin? 
It is always horrible, to say the least, out there on the front lines.  Martha & I were happy that Buckpitt & Co. closed the second gate today so that we could be by the fence to see & to try to talk the girls out of having an abortion. 
I'm so excited of what the good Lord reveled to me today that I want to share it with you too.  Martha & I were on the front lines this afternoon in front of Planned Parenthood, on the day that they do surgical abortions, when a car stopped & the older woman who was the passenger called over to us saying "keep up the great work that you're doing out here".  We said that we would.  Then the young girl who was driving said that she had her 5 year old daughter in the back seat & I put my head in the car to see her, how sweet she was.  Then Martha told them about Focus & the 'free' children's clothes that we have in the Material Aid Room & told them where we were located.  They said "thank you & good bye".  We were happy that they took our Truth packet filled with brochures, etc. & our DVD's & CD's for educational purposes & to pass it on to others to educate them too.  We were so happy & encouraged by their positive presence out there on the front lines.  About 20 minutes later one of our volunteers from Focus came out to tell me, for Martha was now in the center working, that when they were in the Material Aid Room the daughter told the volunteer that it was over 5 years ago that she was going into Planned Parenthood to have an abortion when she saw our signs & turned away & had her precious daughter who I just met today.  Praise God for this wonderful news!  God is Good, God is Great!!  My heart was touched by this fantastic news!!

Martha went back into the center around 4pm & I stayed until 5pm.  Miss T. came out every once in awhile to see how I was doing.  I was touched by her concern.  Such a dear girl.  I went in at 5pm & all the volunteers had left so it was Martha & I.  We did some work in the center & then ate Martha's famous chicken & rice dish with a salad.  Mmmmm good.  Then Martha left for Holy Hour & I stayed to some more work & then I left to go to St. Jude's Church for the Holy Hour.  This is where we get our persistence & strength to keep on going back to the front lines, only through the grace of God!!!  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

Martha & I were coming back from noon Mass downtown & we saw a young girl, who we found out later, that she was 12 years old, walking down the street towards our center.  By the time we parked our cars she was by the front door.  She had her pajamas on & was barefoot & was carrying a big stick.  Martha asked her to put the stick down, for she said to me later on, that she thought that she was going to use the stick on us.  For whatever reason I wasn't afraid nor worried that she was going to use the stick on us for I saw her expression on her face & noticed that she looked petrified.  I asked her if we could help her & she responded with caution that she was looking for her grandfather, who rents an office in the hallway, that we have our pregnancy center at.  We invited her into the center & I knocked on his door to see if he was there.  He wasn't.  I planned to call him after I found out more about the situation & of course her name.  I invited her into the Green Room & she sat down.  I asked if she wanted anything to drink & she said that she would like some hot chocolate.  "Yes" I said "we have hot chocolate" & preceded to prepare it for her.  Martha & I started to ask her some questions & found out that she was 12 years old & developing, so I though she was much older.  She ran away from her abusive mother who was about to beat her again with an extension cord.  She hide in a vacant house on Conkey Ave., which is a very dangerous street, & after she stayed there for a time, she left with the stick that she picked up there, to go to see her grandfather.  I gave her a pad of paper to write down her feelings & called her grandfather. I was unable to reach him but left several messages for him to call me back ASAP.  After about 5 calls I decided to call 911 & ask to speak to Officer Chris, our police advocate, & ask him what I should do in this situation.  I waited to here back from him.  In the meantime one of our regular clients came in with her 10 year son.  They spent some time in the Material Aid Room.  She also wanted me to write a referral letter, for her, to the Asbury Church for she needed some household items for her new house that she had rented, along with her 4 children.  Martha & I were happy to hear that she was blessed with a big house for her family.  I went into the office & wrote the letter & gave it to her as a referral for Asbury Church.  I then offered, our young lady, if she'd like some lunch but she said "no thank you".  I was worried that she needed some food but excepted her answer.  I then asked her to go into the Material Aid Room to go get some clothes for herself to put on & Martha gave her a wash cloth, a bar of soap, a tooth brush & paste & some baby powder, to refresh herself.  She picked out a skirt & a blouse & went into the bathroom to get cleaned up & change into street clothes.  When she came out she looked better.  She sat back down in the chair by the table to write on the note pad.  The doorbell rang & I walked down the hall to answer it.  It was Officer Chris who said "what's going on Mary".  I invited him in & told him what was going on.  When he walked in the Green Room, our poor girl looked at him with shock.  I told her that he was a nice officer & that he was here to help her.  He talked to her for a awhile & then called another police officer to come to take the report, for he had to go.  Then they called a Social Worker to come to speak to her.  Just then the grandfather called me back & I told him what had happened & I gave the phone to Officer Chris to speak to him.  I was told that the grandfather was on his way to the center.  I was glad.  About 15 minutes later the Social Worker came in & took our young lady to the office to speak to her but before that happened her grandfather came into the building & when she saw him she ran over to him & gave him a big hug & started to cry.  It was so touching.  In the meantime we had other clients come into the Material Aid Room & Martha helped them out, for Kathy our volunteer, was away this week & will be back next week.  I thanked Officer Chris, which told me that I wear my heart on my sleeve & to take a deep breath. Okay.  He left & the other police officer stayed, to finish the report.  The parking lot was filled with police cars, what a scene.  After the Social Worker was finished with talking to our girl she left with her grandfather, who was taking her to his home, for the night, & then was going to take her out for a big supper. He had gone over to his daughter's house to pick up some clothes & things for her, while she was talking to the Social Worker.  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he went over to her house.  It's really none of my business for I know way to much about family dynamics.   Before she left she walked over to Martha & gave her a hug & then she walked over to me & gave me a long, big hug that touched my heart & all who saw it.  She was so grateful for our help & we were happy that she was now 'safe'.  I cried after she left.  This is what the Lord had for Martha & I this afternoon at Focus.  What a day!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I were the only ones out on the front lines, as usual.  The weather was warm & breezy today quite unusual for this time of year but I'm not complaining.  Martha prayed the Rosary while I counseled.  The neighbor who lives in the condo across the street that I sent literature on What the Catholic Church Teaches on Contraceptives & Humane Vitae & How to Respect People, holled over to us saying "shut up over there".  I guess he didn't read what I sent him.  How disrespectful to us women.  Then a young girl heard what Martha was saying for now she had the mega phone & responded with giving Martha her #1 IQ.  I was angry when I saw her do this to Martha & I told her so.  I said "how dare you show this wonderful woman such disrespect, do you know that that symbol means something very bad & would you do that to your mother?   Then I said "Lord have mercy on you" & she hollered over to us saying that she was Jewish.  I said to her that you will see the Lord after you die & have to make an account of your life to Him & He is the Messiah".  I saw her looking intently at the picture of the Lord holding an aborted baby in His hands, that Martha was holding n her hands & then she went on the war path again using her 'feminist finger' at us again & then saying the dreaded F word.  Such a lady!  The last thing that she heard me say to her as she was angrily driving out of the parking lot was "shame on you".  Even though this was unpleasant it's always better to see that the girls that holler the most still have a conscious & are not stoic, which scared the bejibbidies out of me.  Something that Martha said did bother her & she reacted.  We hope that she finds the Risen Lord & repents. 
I  received a phone call & it was a man I met during the '40 Days for Life' along with his wife & lovely daughter Mary.  He said that he was at the front door of the center to drop off a donation of money & some boys clothes for the Material Aid Room.  I said that would be right over.  I told Martha & went over to greet him & to let him into the center for the drop off.  His daughter did a Fundraising Event at their parish & sold her famous pro life cupcakes after all the Masses & made for us $240.00 as a donation to our work.  God bless her & her parents for such a wonderful gift of her time & love to our mothers & their children. 
A mother & her young son who about 5 years old were walking up the sidewalk & Martha asked if she needed any help & that we offer free pregnancy tests & free children clothes at the center which is right next to this yellow building.  She said that she was going to go to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test.  Then Martha said to her why don't I give you one in the center & she replied "okay'.  Off the three of them went to the center to be taken of & treated like real people, with respect & love & kindness.  I continued to call over to the people going in & coming out of Planned Parenthood when Danielle one of the Elim students came over to me.  It was now 2:30pm & all three girls had arrived to work in the center for 2 hours, which I'm very thankful. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

I arrived at 1pm & went to the front lines to ask for assistance from Dan & Chris, who were with Sheila praying, if they would bring out more signs out to the front lines, for me.  I gave them my keys & while they were gone I spoke with Sheila & asked her what had happened on her time.  She said that a mother & father had brought their daughter to Planned Parenthood to get the depo shot &  they told her that they were pro life.  What!!  Then Sheila gave them the Truth packet to read & to get educated to what was going on here at Planned Parenthood & information about the deadly depo shot.  They took the packet which pleased Sheila.  Another couple were walking down the street & Sheila spoke with them & they told her that they were pro life & she gave them a Truth packet & off they went walking down the street.  She was happy about that too. Sheila had to go so I said "thanks Sheila & good bye".  Martha was in the center getting a cup of hot soup for she was cold & hungry.  I knew that she will join me as soon as she could.  I spoke with Chris, on the front lines, for he started to ask me questions when the graphic signs started to arrive outside.  I could tell from his voice that he had some issues with them. I know that the signs saves lives & that's all I care about.  I can't get into peoples heads to how they will respond to the violence on the signs, for abortion is violent, I can only hope & pray that the girls will see the Truth & not go into Planned Parenthood to do that to their own baby.  I have been told by so many women, though one was enough for me, that by seeing the signs when they arrived at Planned Parenthood that they couldn't go through with  the abortion.  That's what I want to hear!!  I left him with some food for thought & I respected him to challenging me to how he felt.  We're there not for ourselves but for the mothers & for the babies that have 'no voice'.  I hope that he comes back on my time soon, though I think that he usually comes when Sheila is out there.  I doubt that I scared him away.  Martha was now out on the sidewalk with Chris, Dan, Bill who was across the street, Adolf, who had just arrived, & I.   Some cars where now driving in & I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to take the prayer car 'My Life Depends on You'  to the brick side of the building to read it to those who had just come in.  I read the poem using the mega phone & then started to talk some more when all of a sudden I heard a voice screaming at to "shut up, just shut your mouth, shut up, I don't care".  I looked around to see that a man was in a truck parked in the parking lot not to far away from me.  I said that they were killing babies in there & he hollered over to me that they couldn't afford a baby.  I started to jump up & down stating that you don't kill babies for any reason & that your child has a heart beat & they we have a pregnancy center 2 doors down the street & that we could help & that adoption was a loving thing to do but not murder for that was what abortion was.  Just then the Death Escort came over to the truck & stuck her head into the truck telling him not to get upset & for him to move his truck down further in the parking lot but before she could finish there was a white fluffy dog in her face trying to lick it.  Poor doggie!  Dogs don't know good people from evil acting people for I can't blame him for getting so close to her.  Bad taste little doggie.  Well when I saw the dog I flipped & said to him that the dog was more important then your own son or daughter?  Hoe could this be for it's twisted.  Just then the Death Escort left the truck & the truck moved further down the way.  What I learned later on was that he was in the truck but so was the girlfriend I just couldn't see her for she was the one who was driving.  A few minutes later I saw a girl walking to the door of Planned Parenthood & I called over to saw a few words to her before she went into the Killing Mill.  Again, I didn't realize that she was the girlfriend of the guy I was talking to after I read the poem.  Then all of a sudden the guy drove out of Planned Parenthood & went over to the vets & walked his dog into the vets for care.  I hollered over to him that he cared more for his dog than for his own child & that if could afford a dog then he could afford a baby too.  Tom was walking up & around the neighbor saying his Rosary & when he was walking passes the vets I told him that the guy in there was having his baby killed over at Planned Parenthood & he just stood there just looking at him in the waiting room not saying anything just praying.  The man went into the examining room & was gone.  I then told Martha that I was going into the center for a few minutes to recoup for my heart was aching.  I was in the center talking with Suzanne who had just arrived & then came back out to the sidewalk.  Martha said that while I was gone his girlfriend walked out of Planned Parenthood & crossed the street to go to the vets & almost got killed as she was crossing the street.  Martha said that she screamed over to her to tell her to watch out & she responded back to Martha to "shut up".  Martha said that she was trying to save her life.  I know that she must have seen the graphic, signs when she crossed over to the vets, which hopeful affected her. to change her mind about going through with the abortion.  I walked over to the fence & I saw that they were giving each other a kiss as she was starting to go back into Planned Parenthood.  I called over to her saying "how can you kill the product of your love"?  In she went into the front door opened up for her by the friendly Death Escorts, for there were two of them now, on guard duty to the Killing Camp.  The boyfriend or husband got into the truck & off he went up the street.  I said to the Lord "if she come out in 20 minutes then I'll know that she didn't have her precious baby killed".  After 10 minutes I had to go back into the center to eat my hamburger from Wendy's that Paul had bought me.  I was gone for about 10 minutes & when I came back out I noticed that the truck with the girl & guy were driving out of Planned Parenthood.  I hollered over to them "God bless you" & they both gave me the #1 symbol to which I was glad not sad because they, through the grace & power of God had changed their minds to which they will be forever grateful especially in about 7 months when they'll be holding their precious child in their arms.  Thank you Lord for this battle was fierce but victorious.  The team knew that I was upset & they prayed that much harder. I was so very happy that I went up to Martha & gave her a big hug then went back into the center for they knew what was happening out on the front lines for I told them when I came in for a fast lunch.  I screamed even before I got to the center that a baby was saved & continued the screaming when I went into the center to tell Suzanne, Paul & Janet & her children.  They were all so happy too :)
In the meantime, one our regular clients came in for some guidance from Suzanne, & to use the phone.  I was a little upset for she goes into Planned Parenthood for rape counseling too.  Today I asked her to make a decision if she wanted us to help her or them & that it couldn't be both.  I told that she deserved an advocate that was pro life & not pro death & they're in the same building, where they're killing, little babies.  I said that we will connect her with the Catholic Family Center for an advocate.  I wanted to be patient with her for I am also a rape survivor & I didn't want to secondly wound her, for I wanted to be gentle & loving yet stern, in a good way.  She said that she wanted "justice" for what happened to her & I said that you might not get it & will have to wait until the next life but that I admired her for trying & that we wanted to help make that possible for her too.  I then aid "you might get justice I just don't want you devastated if you don't receive it, that 's all".  Her expectations are so high that she might be put in a depression if it doesn't go her way.  I just wanted to protect her.  Suzanne spent some time with her in the Rose Room & I left to go back out to the front lines.  It was Martha's turn to go into the center to get warmed up for the day was cold.  We had some very nice days earlier this week but now it was turning cold, like it should be.  I didn't dress very warm today but I didn't mind. 
A lady came into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood & she waved at me.  She didn't appear to be trying to get my goat or anything like that so when she came out about an hour later & waved at me again & asked her why she was waving at me?  She rolled down her window & said"  I was here for I'm a deaf interrupter".  I then quickly responded back to her saying "I remember you, you're a nice lady that doesn't like to be here, but has to".  "Yes" she said & I want to tell you to keep on doing what your doing, for it's making a difference in there, I thank you & I love you all".  I said "thank you so much for we will keep on fighting the good fight & thank you for your words of encouragement & God bless you".  She smiled & as she was driving out onto the street she hollered back at me again "I love you"!!  Boy, thank you Lord for giving us another blessing this afternoon :)  WOW..... we needed that!!
Martha was back outside & I asked her if she would go over to the brick side of the building to pray the prayer again of "My Life Depends on You".  She took the prayer & the mega phone & went to the brick side of the building to pray the powerful prayer.  Dan & Adolf were still with us praying for Chris & Bill had gone. I was by  myself on the bush side of the building by the fence by Buckpitt & Co..  The older woman Death Escort had left so there was just the young woman greeting & opening the doors for the women to have their babies killed.  In the meantime I was trying to talk to two young men that brought heir girlfriends to Planned Parenthood to have their children killed.  One was smoking by the front door & I told him to be a man & to protect his child & the girl that he brought in & that you can't smoke in Planned Parenthood but you can have you son or daughter killed in there".  The one young guy went to his truck to let out his big brown dog.  It made me feel sick to my stomach that he cared more about his dog then his own flesh & blood.  This was the second time today that someone brought their dog with him but the first guy & girl went home, I didn't think that this would be the case with these two men today.  I then centered my attention to the young girl who was wearing the blue apron that stated on it 'PLANNED PARENT ESCORT'.  How wonderful for you to advertise your position.  How sick, how very sad.   I told her a couple of things that she should know about & then I continued to sidewalk counsel others, that were going into this horrible evil place, that murders little people.  It was about 10 minutes later that saw a police car drive up the street which wasn't unusual but this time the car had turned around & came over to the curb, where Martha was still talking on the mega phone & he got out of the car & walked towards Planned Parenthood & stopped to speak to the escort.  I couldn't imagine of any complaint against any of us out there for we just tell the Truth & we never threaten anyone or swear or curse anyone.  About 3 minutes later Dan said that he would stay with me until the police left.  I said "thanks Dan that's real nice of you".  Then I saw that the police officer was walking over towards me.  "It figures" I said to myself.  I realized that I was the one mostly talking today so it would be me that the police would be called about something, perhaps.  I said "hello officer, what's the problem".  He walked over to me & said "we received a call about you harassing the woman in the blue apron but I told her that it wasn't harassment".  I said back to him "what was it I said".  He replied "you said something about if she doesn't repent then she's heading for the firs of hell".  I said "that's correct officer".  He said back to me that I should try not to be insulting".  I said "Officer we try to save lives & souls out here".  I then added that we have a pro life advocate & his name is Officer Chris".  He said that he's his friend".  I said "that's great & please say "hi" to me from me & thanks".  Then he said "just don't go over the yellow line & added that I know more about the ins & outs out here, then he does".  "Okay Officer & thanks so much & have a great day"!  Another police car came & he told him that all was well & for him to go.  After they both left I was so happy that she finally responded to what I was saying to her & I felt for the first time that there was hope for her soul.  It was about 15 minutes later that she took off the apron of death & walked out to the sidewalk to go home.  As she was leaving I said to her to "Google the word HARASSMENT", in a nice tone of voice.  She turned around at me & gave me a half smile.  Martha said a few words to her too as she walked passed her on the brick side of the building.  Then the Holy Spirit got a hold of my tongue & spoke these words through me on the mega phone.  "When you are finally are convicted that what you are doing at Planned Parenthood is so wrong & so evil & need a shoulder to cry on we will be there for you & when you have nightmares 3 in the morning just call me & I'll be there for you, for Planned Parenthood won't be, for we are here for you"!!  She seemed to have listened & I hope that she won't be back & that she will repent.  Like I said "if she ever needs us we will be there for her during her difficult time when she realizes, what she has done over these past 2 years, as a Death Escort, at Planned Parenthood.  Lord have Mercy on her soul & thank you for her response which means that she's getting convicted.  In all my 27 years, on the front lines, I have never had an Escort at an abortion mill ever called the police on me.  Yeah!!!!

Now the girls were coming out after their abortions & it's never pretty.  A car drove into the parking lot & picked up a young girl & reversed back out instead of turning around.  His car windows were tinted so I couldn't see who was driving but I knew it was a guy by his actions with the car.  A young man came & picked up a young girl that was walking funny & was caring a brown bag full of post abortion instructions & condoms, for some of the girls while leaving, have thrown them at us.  Dan & Adolf had left & Tom, who says the Rosary, up & down the street & all around Planned Parenthood was still with me, for Martha had to go into the center for she was to cold to be out there any longer.  I wanted to wait for the two guys, that was smoking & the other who was walking his dog, to leave with their girlfriends.  Just as Tom & I were talking the UPS truck came whizzing by us, blowing some our signs down, that are on the sidewalk.  I asked Tom if he had any paper & I took out a pen from my pocket & he went over to the truck to get his license number & the truck number.  When I call again the UPS it will be my third & final time for if there is no resolving the situation this time I will call the police & make out a report on him for his unsafe driving.  If two compliment were made in the past then why is he still driving so close to the curb where we are standing???  When it starts to snow & it's slippery out there, he could jump the curb & hit us who are standing there, so that the people driving by can see us with our signs.  We are not in the street & where we are standing we have a right to be there & not to feel threatened by a UPS truck.  I only wish that UPS would transfer him to another route & replace him with a good UPS driver, who will be careful as he delivers packages daily, to Buckpitt & Co next door to Planned Parenthood.  Please Lord please!!! 

Tom & Martha brought the signs into the center & I stayed outside until the two guys left with their so- called girlfriends, the mothers of their children who were killed here today, without mercy.  I heard the front door open of Planned Parenthood & saw a young woman walk out & heading to the truck. The guy was in the truck & another man, who was older, was in the drivers seat.  He probably was her father & the young man was either her boyfriend or brother.  When she walked to the car I told that she needed to repent for what she did in there today.  She gave me her middle finger with such anger.  I then called over to her saying "don't hate me for I was trying to tell you not to do it"  When the truck was leaving she reached in front of the young man next to her & continued to give me her middle finger.  I told them all to repent for the sin of murder & to ask God to forgive them & to get help.  My heart is so heavy & sad.  Then about 15 minutes later, the guy with the big brown dog, came out with his girlfriend.  I said the same thing to both of them.  As they drove by me, on the sidewalk, the guy said something to me out the car window & the girl just glared at me.  I then said to them that they're life will never be the same again & to repent for the sin of murder.  I only hope & pray that all of them will repent & never repeat this abomination & Deadly & Mortal  Sin, ever again .  So many woman, who have had one abortion, will  go for a repeat abortion in the future.  I only hope that they won't. 
I finally went into the center & did some paper work in the office while Martha was making supper. After we ate & talked we went to the Holy Hour at St.Jude's Church.  Praise God for this day, that a precious baby, that God just created & mapped out a life for, was saved from the perils of death & so were their parents. Amen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I arrived to the center after the noon Mass & Martha was there before me because I stopped after Mass to talk to two friends.  When I got to the center there was Kathy.  It was so good to see her for she was away last week.  She helped me get the things out of the car & into the center to put away.  It was so good to see her again.  I knew that she was going to be busy today & she was.  Martha decided to go out to the front lines & I wolfed down a cheese sandwich first, then the doorbell rang & it was Pat.  I was happy to see her & we talked in the office for awhile.  I was worried about Martha being out on the front lines by herself, for she doesn't have a cell phone, & it can be rough out there.  As I was about to head out & Pat went into the Material Aid Room to get some clothes for her 4 great grandchildren, the doorbell rang again & it was Val & she came to get some things for her children & after she left Valerie came into the center.  She didn't look to good & I asked her what was the matter & she said that she lost  the house that she was going to move in with her 4 children.  She said that she was angry at her Case Worker for it was because she didn't do the proper paper work to make this happen.  I talked with her for a few minutes & excused myself for I was worried about Martha out on the sidewalk.  I knew that Kathy & our great grandmother Pat would take good care of her, so I said "good bye" & left.  Pat said to me that she was planning to come outside to say "good bye" to both Martha & I before she leaves to go home.  I said that will be fine & out the door I went. 
When I got outside to be with Martha she said that she had some confrontations while she was there alone.  She said that a young guy hollered over to her from behind the bushes to "be quit over there".  He came around the bushes & when he saw Martha & the picture she was holding he seemed to calm down.  He asked Martha what was the picture that she was holding & she told him that it was a picture of Jesus holding an aborted baby.  He seemed so different after that & she was able to talk to him & to hand him a Truth packet to take back to the car with him.  She told me that he gave her his name, which I forgot, but it was such a blessing for him, that he met Martha today.  The Lord is merciful, that's for sure!! 
Pat came out to say "good bye" but so she stayed for awhile to tell Planned Parenthood off.  She used the mega phone to tell them what she thought of them including the Death Escort, Sylvia Rose.  She was delighted in her action & I knew that she felt good in doing this for Planned Parenthood almost killed her first great grandbaby by the abortion pill RU486, two years ago.  She had a lot of anger to deal with today & had the opportunity to vent it out.  Sylvia Rose went in to get Rick Bartell & Eric to save her from the wrath of Pat.  It was sad  to see them all out there, grouped together wandering what was happening.  Pat hollered over to stop the killing of the Black babies & the White babies too, in there. She went on & on & I was proud of her .  She even gave out the Truth packets to the girls who were walking out of Planned Parenthood & to those who were just walking down the sidewalk.  You go girl!! 
From around the bushes there was a young woman who said to us that because of what we were doing out here that was she was going to give Planned Parenthood a $20 donation.  When she came to the front lines she saw our new sign of an aborted baby with just a hand & nothing else for the rest of the body was severed from the body.  I think that when she saw this picture, her life will never be the same again, & I can't believe that she would give Planned Parenthood a donation after that.  I also told her that she would put a 'curse' on her life & finances, for it was Blood Money now & she wouldn't be blessed.  After about 15 minutes she left & we noticed that she was from another state.  How sad that she was so confused about 'life' & how we were out there to defend it!!!  Maybe someday.....
A young woman was walking up the sidewalk & Martha & I engaged her.  Come to find out that she has worked for ABC (Action for Better Community).  We told her never to comprise & they do.  She said that she didn't believe in abortion & that she was here for a physical.  We gave her a Truth packet & some DVD's to take home with her.  Also, I gave her a doctors list & since she asked about STD testing I gave her a Compass Care brochure.  We also told her about Focus that we give out free children's clothes & she said that she has a 4 year old son.  I said come on over when you get done for we have many nice clothes.  She said that she will & off she went into Planned Parenthood.  She came out about 20 minutes later, so I think that she was there for STD testing & she then walked over to the center, for some clothes for her son.  While she was there, she meet Bobbie, who comes often & they hit it off right away & became instant friends.  Yeah!!  When I went into the center I saw Donna who I haven't seen in awhile, for she's going to MCC & I said "hi" to her as she was leaving. 
I was back outside with Martha standing on the sidewalk & then a young man came form around the bushes.  He asked what we were doing out here & we told him.  He said that he brought his girlfriend here for birth control & he didn't believe in abortion.  I told him that's exactly what his girlfriend is doing by talking the Depo shot & offered him the Truth packet, for educational purposes, which he took.  He took with some skepticism at the graphic pictures that I was holding & that were out on the sidewalk.  I told him that abortion was legal up until 9 months & he didn't believe me.  I don't  blame him for I don't want to believe it either but I have to, to be in the ministry that I'm in.  So very painful & difficult.  I told him that sex outside of marriage was wrong & was a serious sin & did he believe in the Lord.  He said that he did & I said then what would the Lord say to you & he said "to wait until marriage".  "That's right" I said, as he walked back to his car waiting for his girlfriend to come out.  She came out about 20 more minutes & I didn't say anything to them on the way out because & didn't want to, for he all the information that he needed to 'do the right thing', through the grace of God.  I wish them well & for them to repent & to start over. 
Kathy, who volunteers at Focus on Tuesdays & Thursdays, stayed until 5:30pm tonight & she was so very busy all afternoon in the Material Aid Room helping the clients that came in for baby & children's clothes.  She also put away many bags & boxes away that I had brought in from Ana, from the Second Thought resale store ,here in East Rochester.  She supplies our material aid room.  Thanks dear Ana !!. 
After a long afternoon Martha & I went back into the center to do more work & to get ready for the director's meeting of all the pregnancy centers in the Rochester area, & also Donna the co-director of the Bethany House on Joseph Ave., at Focus tonight.  I was serving Mexican food.  The meeting went very well tonight & I learned so much.  Thanks ladies & I'll see you, for our second meeting, next spring.  :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at Focus

After the noon Mass I arrived at the center.  Martha was taking a friend for a test & would come after that.  When I arrived in the parking lot I saw a red van driving into Planned Parenthood.  I couldn't find a parking spot & I was frustrated for I wanted to talk to the person in the van before he or she went in.  I finally found a spot & quickly went over to the bush side of Planned Parenthood.  Just then I saw a man & a boy who was about 4 years old coming out of Planned Parenthood & getting into the red van.  I called over to him, without the mega phone for I just got out of my car, I hollered over to him that this place kills babies.  He said "yes I know I was here to get directions, & then he got back into the van.  When he came back out he stopped where I was standing & said "I was her getting directions to the place where they give out free diapers".  I said "come & follow me for I will take you there for it's just around the corner".  He said "great" & followed me with his vehicle.  He came into the parking lot & got out with his son & walked over to where I was standing as I was holding the door open.  I introduced myself to him & said that we were here to assist him with his needs & opened up the Material Aid Room so he & his son could go in.  I gave him a bag & told him to get what he needed for his family.  He said that he & his wife had 4 children & would never abort any of them.  He said that he couldn't understand anyone that could.  I agreed with him, for I can't either. He said that after being over at Planned Parenthood he's going home to take a shower.  I said that I couldn't blame him.  I then asked him when he went in there & asked for free diapers what did they say to you.  He said that the girl at the desk said "they're over there".  I said that I was glad that the good Lord had me there when you came out for we are hard to find unfortunately.  He asked for some diapers for his 2 smaller children & I went into the Great Room to get them & some baby wipes too.  He was so happy.  He introduced his son to me & said that his name was Mohammed.  He looked Oriental for I think that he was adopted which is a very good thing.  He thanked me again & as they were leaving I told him to come back anytime that he needed us.  He said "thank you" & off they went.  What a wonderful experience this was.  Thank you Lord. 

I opened all the rooms of Focus & then went to the car to get out what I had brought with me, to bring into the center, for the pregnancy centers, directors meeting tonight at 6pm.  I brought in Mexican food for our supper.  I hope that everyone likes it.  I went into the office to do some paper work when the doorbell rang.  It was Valerie coming to pick up a bag of clothes that she had picked out yesterday but couldn't bring with her, for she had a big bag of blankets to carry on the bus yesterday.  I was happy to see her.  We talked for a few minutes & then I gave her some phone numbers to call to see if they could help her get a house for her & her 4 children.  The youngest are her 6 month old twins, a boy 7 a girl, then a 2 year old girl & then a 10 year old boy.  She's working with DSS but they made a mistake & it's been difficult for her & her family until they make 'a wrong a right'.  It'll work out for God is always faithful.  Thank God that Martha showed up & after that it was a blur, for the doorbell never stopped ringing & there were 3 requests for pregnancy tests, which Martha administered, while I was busy with other things.  The doorbell rang again & it was our newest mom with her 2 week old baby & her mother, the grandmother, of this beautiful baby girl.  Thank God that she 'chose Life' with the help of her mother.  She received some brand new infant clothes & I asked if she could stay until the three Elim Bible Institute students arrived.  Today they were 10 minutes late for Danielle stopped to treat the girls to hot coffee.  They were so delighted to hold a newborn baby in their arms today.  I thanked the mom & her mother that they waited for the girls to arrive, to bless them with this wonderful experience.  We all said "good bye" to the newest Focus family & off they went back home with many nice things for baby. 

A woman came into Focus for a pregnancy test & it was positive.  This will be her 5th child.... Praise God & she's not abortion minded, yeah!!  She discovered that we had many nice things for her children & also well needed diapers too.  This helped reduced her stress.  Her husband was in the car with the family waiting for her go come out.  He lost his job & is over qualified to obtain work at this time but is looking, of course.  She was happy about the pregnancy & also about the Focus Center helping her family out during this very difficult time.  Glad to be a help for your family & for all the families that need us & our services.  You all are in our hearts & prayers. 

The three Elim girls were putting the new diapers into baggies & they were also straightening up the Material Aid Room while Danielle was making up more Truth packets for our outside ministry on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood.  Tucker came to pray the Rosary & hold a his favorite sign, of the three babies, out on the sidewalk for about 40 minutes.  Martha & I were to busy to go outside this afternoon unfortunately.  I was sad that there were no other people out there, when Martha & I need to take care of our clients, at Focus. I wish that I could be two places at once but I can't be & besides where are the people??  There should be other people either volunteering at Focus so that Martha & I are out on the front lines or they are on the front lines while Martha & I are in the center helping out our clients, who need us.  Apathy is killing our children!! 

Martha gave out two more pregnancy test which were both negative & she counseled them, with literature, in the Rose Room.  Many more moms came in today to receive the benefits of the Focus Center, thanks to our wonderful & generous benefactors.  God bless them all.  The Elim girls had to go for it was 4:30pm now,  & said that they won't be here the following week, for it would be the day before Thanksgiving.  I said that I would miss them & gave each of them a hug good bye.  They are such a blessing to us at the center & they really enjoy it too.  Martha & I plan, the next time that they come back, to spend some quality time with them & to sit them down & we will all have a great talk to get to know them a little better, if of course that we're not to busy, & the doorbell isn't ringing off the door. We'll see if it will work for sometimes my plans don't.   

It was about 5:15pm now & I was starting to get the supper ready for the ladies, & our first directors meeting, that I hope we will be able to have, at least twice a year.  This would be great so that we can all share ideas, & that we can hopefully implement them to our center, so that we can better serve our clients.  It's real hard to get everyone together, that's for sure but I tried.  

The first meeting went very well & I learned so much about the Bethany House on Joseph Ave.  What great work they are doing.  I also learned more about the Woman's Care Center in Charlotte & what wonderful work that they're doing in the community.  So much to learn.  The more I know, the more I can share with our clients, to get them the assistance that they need to have better lives in Christ.  What a very busy but very fruitful day, in the Lord, in serving Him. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

This is always a horrible day out on the front lines when little precious babies are being murdered at Planned Parenthood.  I arrived a little earlier today so that I could do some things in the center before I went outside on the street. I spoke with Sheila first to get a report on what went on & she told me that she spoke with a woman who was picking up a young girl.  I don't know if she had anything to do with it or not but she did stop the car to receive a Truth packet.  Sheila saw the face of the young girl & said to her "did you have an abortion"?  She replied with tears in her eyes that she just did.  Sheila told her what she had done was wrong & a serious sin that God can forgive & not to do it ever again.  The woman driver said "thank you" & then drove away.  This scenario could have been that the young girl was brought in by a taxi or a so-called friend & then needed a ride back home & then called her mother who didn't know that she just had an abortion & was heart sick about it & wanted some information.  Only God knows the stories, we only judge the current situation, that they are here to have their baby killed, & not their hearts. Abortion is a very serious, deadly & mortal sin that must be forgiven by God, with an sincere heart, otherwise you're condemning your soul to the fires of eternal Hell.  Lord have Mercy!! 
Sheila had to go & there was Bill, who sits across the street, with his sign & then Adolf, Martha hadn't arrived yet. She came later around 1:20pm or so. I saw that they were demolishing the garage & the telemarketing building, across the street by the three condos.  This is where we were thinking of having our pregnancy center re located but God had other plans & that was for us to stay where we are but in an improved atmosphere.  All is well where we are now, some changes had occur first, for this to happen.  Thank God.  There were big trucks & the workers, then the two Jim's came out of their condos, next door.  These are the guys that are disrespectful & are annoying to us who are across the street trying to save & change lives.  Then there were more men, I guess in the neighborhood, coming to watch.  It's such a shame that for this entertainment they all come out but when little children are being massacred (deliberately and violently kill a large number of people) at Planned Parenthood they all stay in their houses. They only come out to harass us, on the front lines.  Go figure??  Their proprieties are all off.  How sad, how evil!  Silence is Acceptance..... how could they??  Their lack of caring, where they're killing innocent & defenseless people, is inhumane & dangerous, to one's own soul.  The sin of omission, is as serious & even more so, than the sin of commission.  Do something to end abortion, through prayer, making phone calls, writing letters, or peacefully protesting, in your community, an abortion mill.  Just do something!! 

I went back to the center to see Suzanne, our client advocate, for a minute, for Kathy, our volunteer, who was already there working in the center.  As I was leaving after just a few minutes gone from the front lines though Martha was there I saw Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother pull into the parking lot.  I walked over to her & said "hi Pat".  She said "hi" back to me.  She said that she wanted to be on the front lines to speak the Truth.  I said that sounds good to me.  Off we go to be with Martha.  Pat took the mega phone & she gave Planned Parenthood a piece of her mind.  She told them to stop killing Black children & White children too.  She went on & on & on.  You go girl!!!  She rattled their cage for Rick Bartell walked out with the Death Escort Barry Swan to see who was speaking.  The saw Pat.  I walked over to the other side of the street to witness there, while Pat & Martha was on the other side of the street along with Adolf, Bill had left.  I walked over to the men who were standing there like a bump on the log looking at the building being demolished & I said, as I was holding a graphic sign, this is what they do over there.  Go away & shut up will ya, said one of the gentleman, I use this word loosely.  It was so disturbing the disrespect that these older men give to us woman across the street.  I walked by them praying & then Jim Martin who lives in the one condo who is the neighborhood busy body said "Mary leave these men alone" & then he walked fast into his condo, as if to call the police.  I knew that the police couldn't do anything to me but it's still a pain.  They never came, thank you Lord for it would have taken my precious time away from what I need to do out there, on the front lines.  I finally returned to be with the team across the street & witness there.  Pat finally had to leave but she spent about an hour & a half out there in the cold witnessing.  She said that she will be back with some more grandma's.  

Martha went into the center around 4pm that's her limit for it was cold today.  I try to stay out until about 5pm.  It's always very hard to see the girls come out, in the cars, after they had their little babies killed.  The driver is a mess too or they are belligerent.  I tell them to repent of the sin of murder & to the driver I say repent of being an accomplice to murder if they were the ones who drove them in.  God only knows why they would do this to their baby & to themselves for now they have put their souls in jeopardy of going to Hell.  Please Repent, otherwise you'll never be with your child in Heaven!! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at Focus
All I can say is that Martha & I were in the center all afternoon helping out our 9 moms in the Material Aid Room & doing three pregnancy tests today.  Just before the first doorbell rang we put out a spread of cookies & quick breads & an apple betty, out on the table, with milk, coffee, & juices for our girls that came in to get things for their children.  We had three pregnant mothers come in to get some things.  Two of the mothers are about to deliver this year & the other mother will deliver next year.  So much went on that Martha's & my head were spinning.  We were soooo very busy all afternoon & we couldn't go out to the front lines today.  I did go out to see if the abortionist Rachael Phelps was there & she wasn't.  Thank God.  She probably was with her family & friends getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving & will be ready to start the killing again next week. Thank God that no babies will be killed this Thursday.  We worked until late then Martha & I had supper.  What a busy day at the Focus Pregnancy Help Center. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at Focus
I was so busy all afternoon in the center.  Martha wasn't going to be there with me at the center today, for she was at the hospital, in the emergency room with her mother-in-law & ex husband.  She was there to give them support.  How thoughtful.  I knew that Paul was coming to help me at 2pm. Tim came over to the center to help me after he stopped first at Wendy's to get us a hamburger.
I had to go outside to get something out of my car & I looked  up the sidewalk to see that Adolf was there praying, out in front of Planned Parenthood.  I walked over to him to say hi, I didn't have my coat on & it was chilly.  As I was there speaking to him a car was pulling out of Planned Parenthood.  I saw that there was a black woman & the male driver was white, in the car.  As I was speaking to the woman, I noticed that she was looked at me intently as I told her about Planned Parenthood's agenda of the Black Race & how they are targeting her race & killing her race off through abortion & birth control.  I also said that they don't care about you.  The male driver was making a right hand turn & he  slowed down where I was standing & as he drove by me he said an offensive word to me.  I hope that this young woman will have her eyes opened up about Planned Parenthood & her boyfriend too.  I pray that today will be the first day of the rest of her life!!  Thank you Lord....  As Adolf & I were talking once again a young girl was walking down, on the other side of the street, talking loudly to herself.  We both looked at each other .   As she was coming closer to us I called over to her & she walked across the street to where I was standing with Adolf.  I got to tell her Truth about no sex before your married & she replied back to me that she wasn't taught that & she already has.  I said to her that she won't be held accountable to what she didn't know about but once she knew it she will be held accountable for the sin.  She agreed that was only fair.  She said "all over the world they're having sex right now".  I said "yes that's probably true but you have to be married first.  I said that people changed that rule, but God never has changed that rule that you can't.  I pointed to where the Focus center was if ever she or any of her family or friends needed us.  She smiled & said "thank you" & off she went walking down the sidewalk.  I had to say "good bye" to Adolf for it was getting colder but first he challenged me on my approach to people on the front lines, at times.  I was cold & I had to justify my style of sidewalk counseling, so here it goes.  "Adolf", I said, "I am not perfect & I pray & rely on the Holy Spirit to speak through me & at times I'm even surprised of what comes out of my mouth, for He knows the people better than I do".  It's a call of urgency of what they are about to do to their baby & their own life, at Planned Parenthood.  It's a call of 'tough' love & pleading with them to 'choose life' & not death.  Also, I don't want to come across as a victim out there for none of us are but we freely give information & assistance to those who want it.  If there was a child crossing the street & a car was coming, I think that you would raise your voice of impending danger to this child, & run into the street to save him or her from being killed.  As for the graphic signs they 'save' lives & that's what it's all about out here, I to try to save lives of these tiny innocent babies that are about to be murdered, by their own mothers.  I saw that he seemed to understand more than he did before. I then said "good bye & thanked him for being out here praying.  He said that everyone should do something & I agreed.   
I went back into the center & then the doorbell rang.  It was Valerie, one of our clients.  She was nice enough to stay to help Paul, once he arrived to put the things away into the Material Aid Room.  She also received some nice things for her 4 children too.  Tim stayed only briefly but was helpful.  He took the papers to made a revised copy, of our application for our new volunteers, then he had to leave.  Thanks Tim.  At the end of the day most of what was in the Great Room was put away.  Thanks Paul & Valerie.  We had still some cookies out on the table with some drinks for the clients that came into the Material Aid Room.  We mad it as festive as we could for Thanksgiving Day.  I stayed late to continue to do catch up work in the office.  I had time today to make many copies of many things that I needed to make copies of & also I made up about 15 Truth packets & got an order ready to call in on Monday for our literature packets.  I also want to do a mailing campaign.  I want to send the people who give to Planned Parenthood some information on Planned Parenthood, to educate them.  They have their 2010 annual community report & here it is: This makes me sick to my stomach.  Just think the young girl Taylor Smith, is sitting on the steps with her mother Bernie Todd Smith, & smiling.  I feed & changed Taylor's diapers & sang to her & her twin sister Morgan & took good care of the twins for 3 years before I left.  I am to  find out that's she's been brain washed by her mother, who is pro death & has been involved with Planned Parenthood for so many years.  That's the reason that I left her employment. This is very upsetting.  I hope that her twin sister Morgan isn't on board with her sick & evil acting  mother & her sick agenda of fornication, contraception & abortion, which is the philosophy of Planned Parenthood. She once wrote in a Planned Parenthood newsletter that she wanted contraceptives & abortion for her daughters.  What kind of a mother are you, wanting what is evil for your daughters??   Lord have Mercy on your soul Bernie Todd Smith!!!  Repent, for Hell is forever!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood

There was Martha, Kathy, Carole, Paul & Pat our great grandmother, our client Valerie  & myself there to work in the center & be out on the front lines.  We started out with Martha, Carole, Kathy, Valerie & myself.  We all worked in the center putting away the baby items that we just received from Maria, which were high chairs, car seats & a bassinet, etc..  Then we had some of Martha's homemade cinnamon bread & I make a quick sandwich & wolfed it down.  Then Carole & Martha went out on the front lines in the rain.  While I was there for a few minutes, helping to carry some of the signs out on the sidewalk, Rick Bartell, who works in this death place waved at me while he drove into Planned Parenthood, as he always does.  He is so evil acting & he has helped to kill children for many, many years there, which is horrific to me.  I think that his wife works there to because in their Community Report which is there Annual Report of 2010 there is another Bartel listed as a worker in there, it could be his wife or sister??  Whoever it is, it's so sad.  After Martha & Carole were settled with all that they needed to witness the Truth out on the front lines I went back into the center.  I'll be truthful I was very tired for I do have Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue, so I went into the office & put my head down, for a few minutes.  Then I heard Valerie say "is Mary taking a nap"?  I was feeling guilty so I got up & opened the door & then started to work at the desk. Then Kathy came into the office & said that a client was there for a second pregnancy test.  I got up & went into the hallway & I saw two young girls standing there.  I talked with them for a few minutes & I gave them a Truth packet & our brochure & said to them if they needed our assistance we will be there for them.  I asked if they needed a pregnancy test & the one girl said that she already had one.  I was told later by Martha that the two girls had come out of Planned  Parenthood & the Death Escort, Barry Swan, literately walked them across the street, then they must have seen our sign & came into Focus to see what we were all about.  I only hope that she was negative & if she was positive that she will 'choose life' for her precious baby & that the packet that I gave her will help her to 'choose life', for it's full with the Truth.  Amen.  Please Lord!! 
I went into the Rose Room where out client was filling out the Intake Sheet.  She had her son, who is 11/2 years old, in an umbrella stroller with her.  I gave her the cup to take to the bathroom with her & I stayed in the Rose Room with the boy.  I noticed that he was all wet & I said to the mother, when she came back into the room, that we had clothes for her son to change into for I didn't want him to get sick.  After the test & we talked for a few minutes & she then went into the Material Aid Room to get some dry clothes for her son to change into.  I found out that she knew Valerie.  I saw that there was a couple of mothers in the Material Aid Room getting clothes for their children.  We were very busy.  Then the phone rang & it was a woman who wanted to volunteer at Focus so I made an appointment to interview her on Wednesday at 5pm.  I hope that it will work out for the sake of Focus for we are so busy.  I hope that it will work out for her to be with us & that she can come on Mondays, to help out Rob on Mondays for he's by himself & he's out on the front lines too & another day, I don't care which one, from 4 to 7pm.  That would be great!!!   
I said "hi" to Paul who was working in the Great Room cleaning the big items.  Kathy was now vacuuming the floor & I discussed the spots on the carpet.  She said that she had some carpet cleaner & that she will bring it with her on Thursday when she comes in.  I said "thanks Kathy".  She did tell me that Tide & cold water work very well.  Later on this evening I went into the Dollar General to get some for the clothes that I take home to wash with the stains.  I hope that it will work. 
Just then Martha & Carole came in for the rain & thank God that the temperature was about 53 degrees but they were still wet.  They told me what went on on the front lines & that the two die hard Death Escorts were there.  First there was Sylvia Rose then there was Barry Swan.  How sick!!!
Martha took Valerie home & then returned later on & in the meantime Pat, our great grand mother came by.  She wanted to go out on the front lines so I went with her for I didn't want her to go by herself.  So in the dark & in the rain we went out with one large sign & the literature box & the mega phone.  I witnessed with the sign & she took the mega phone & spoke about Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood & also the writer of  Amazing Grace, that almost everyone knows.  She witnessed that he was once a slave owner & then realized what he was doing & repented & then wrote the lyrics to Amazing Grace.  She rattled some of the people coming out.  She also spoke with one of the girls that came out of Planned Parenthood & quickly befriended her.  She spoke with her & I handed her a Truth packet.  She was at Planned Parenthood for a STD test.  Pat spoke with her not to have sex before marriage.  Amen sister. 
Then Martha returned.  I saw that she drove passed us when we were on the sidewalk.  She went into the center & Pat & I stayed out on the front lines for about 15 minutes more.  Just then a young girl came walking over to us in a huff.  She came from our parking lot.  She said that not everyone is at Planned Parenthood for an abortion & that the picture that I was holding was .......well I'd rather not repeat what she said for the sake of this baby that was mutilated by the abortionist at the request of the mother.  May this child & all the children that were ripped to shreds "rest in peace' in the arms of Jesus & Mother Mary.  I said to her not to disrespect this baby in that way & Pat lit into her like a match.  She walked back to the parking lot & was heading towards the restaurant.  I said to her "you have a nice supper at Abyssnia's restaurant & if you've had an abortion in the past please repent.  Pat was upset & she kept talking to her too as she entered the restaurant.  I looked in the window & I saw that she was sitting by the window with a guy.  Poor fellow :(   Then Pat & I went back over to Planned Parenthood & resumed what we were doing previously, until  the mega phone gave out, because of the rain & dampness & then we went back into the center to be with Martha.  I did holler out to her, while she was in the restaurant,t not to disrespect the children that were murdered by their mothers.  I know that she heard me because Martha who was in the center in the back room heard me .  Amen. 
Just before we ate a supper of turkey, sweet potatoes & stuffing, salad & cranberry juice Mark came & dropped off the car bed that we had promised to one of our clients.  I tried to reach her but left a message with her friend to call me back tomorrow so that I could make arrangement for her to pick it up.  After Mark & his father in law left we three par took in a Thanksgiving meal together & had great conversations.  Thank you Lord for this day & all the days that you bless us with. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at Focus
Martha & I were very busy at Focus today & we didn't have a chance to go out onto the front lines.  Where are the people that should be there??   Why do they rely on Martha & I always & not themselves.  We are busy in the center & some people should be out on the front lines if we can't be there.  Where is the outcry of them killing babies & ruining the lives of men & women???  I don't understand & I'm angry!! 
We had a client come into the Material Aid Room with her 2 year old daughter.  She had been physically & verbally abused by her ex boyfriend that she had broken up with.  He texted her a horrible & threatening message on her phone.  He had her arrested for he was drunk& said that he was going to go to pick up his 2 children by another girlfriend & so our client had thrown the keys out on the lawn & she called the police because he physically beat her & the police arrested her for petit larceny.  Go figure.  I hope that she will have her day in court real soon.  I spoke with her for awhile & then when the Elim girls came in I brought them into the Material Aid Room to talk with our client & to pray with her too.  After awhile I asked the two Elim girls to help Martha & I in the Great Room & the Office, leaving Danielle in the Material Aid Room to continue to minister to our client.  They talked for about 45 minutes & she prayed with her again.  I asked the taxi to take her & her daughter back home, it was our treat.  It was a difficult story that this young girl had but we think that she's seeing things more clearly now. She even went back to church because of all the problems. Thank you Lord.
We had some mothers & a couple of fathers to, come into the Material Aid Room, to get clothes for their children & food items too.  I worked in the office making up Truth packets & doing other things while Martha sorted out the clothes that were brought in, through donations.  I received a phone call from Kay & her husband Jack & they were coming with food items from St. Pius the Tenth Church in Chili.  When they came later on they sure blessed us with many non perishable food items.  Thank you Lord for providing for us.
Later on Martha gave an interview to a woman who was applying to be a volunteer at Focus.  I hope that it will work out, especially on Mondays with Rob.  While Martha & I were eating I received a phone call from friend of Randall Terry's.  He's a long tile pro life activist & his son Jamiel who was 31 years old died this morning in a head on car crash at 7am in Georgia.  I was asked to notify Fr. Tony t say the funeral Mass at Holy Apostles, on Lyell Ave..  I called Fr. Tony who was on Retreat & gave him Randall Terry's phone number to make arrangements.  Lord have Mercy on his soul & may he Rest in Peace.  Amen. 
The doorbell ran & it was the Joyce & Alyssia Joy.  Mother & daughter.  They brought in 2 plastic bins full of clothes & some bags too, for our mothers children.  After we put the clothes in bags, for they wanted the bins back, which I can't blame them, Alyssia cut my hair.  She's a stylist & she did a great job.  Martha left to go to Holy Hour at St. Theodore's Church & after my hair cut Joyce & Alyssia left too.  I finished up my work in the office & then I went home.  A very busy day at Focus.  


Thursday, December 1, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

Carole called to tell me that she had to go to the doctors for her arm that she hurt the other day by falling down on the sidewalk while she walked her dog.  She was told by her doctor to go to the Orthopedic doctor at 3pm today to check it out.  So Carole won't be with Martha & I out on the front lines this afternoon.  I was disappointed but worried about her arm too.  I arrived at 1pm & Kathy arrived a little later, for she had called me after I spoke with Carole earlier this morning, to tell me that she wasn't feeling good but I asked her if she could still come in.  How horrible I am & I did apologize to her later on for being so insensitive to her & her ill health.  Poor Kathy, she did forgive me thank God!!   Martha came around 1: 15pm, did a pregnancy test right away when she first arrived, for a young lady saw our big sign, on the sidewalk, as she was walking to Planned Parenthood.  Yeah!    Paul & Suzanne came around 1:50pm or so.   Adolf came a little bit later & then Sheila & Dan had to go, for they were on the second shift, after Pat & Bill, who come around 9am until 10:30am, then Sheila & her team are there until 1pm, then Martha & I from 1pm until 5pm or later, if possible.  So now I was by myself, on the front lines, standing on the side where Planned Parenthood is located & Bill & Adolf were praying across the street.  I am always devastated out there in front of Planned Parenthood when they are killing little babies, depriving them of their could they be so self centered & self???   Lord only knows.  Abortion is the ultimate child abuse & these babies die an horrifying death that the same people won't do to an animal.... oh no, but to their own children they can!!!  I'll never understand it nor do I want to. 
The first car pulls into the parking lot & two young girls get out.  I called over to them tying to save this precious baby, but no, they were determined to have this precious human being killed, so he or she won't have a life nor be apart of their lives or society.  How evil & selfish is that!  Well this 'quick & easy' fix will haunt you someday & cause you so much pain & you will have to deal with it, to get any relief.  That's why we're out here, to tell you that too.  What about your soul??  Abortion is murder in the eyes of God & it is a sin that can lead a person to Hell.  If you've had an abortion or you were involved in an abortion in any way don't wait to ask God to forgive you for you might not have tomorrow.  The Bible says to "be ready at all times for we do not know the hour".  Don't play Russian Roulette with your immortal soul.  Repent, for Hell is forever!!! 
As I was talking to the people in the next car that pulled into the parking lot a man who was walking down the sidewalk started to speak to me.  I asked him to wait a minute for I was trying to talk this couple out of having their precious baby be killed.  When the couple went into Planned Parenthood to do the evil deed, I turned towards him to hear what he had to say.  He said that he was a 'survivor', for his mother was going to have an abortion but decided to place him up for adoption instead.  He was forever grateful to her in making the 'life' choice.  Abortion is NOT a choice, you just don't do it under any circumstances.  Parenting or adoption are the only 2 choices.  You don't 'choose death' for someone, do you?  Especially someone that can't speak or run away or defend themselves & did nothing wrong, to boot.  How immoral & inhumane is that?  I said to him that I was so happy to hear this & I too was glad that his mother did the 'right thing'.  He walked away very happy. 
A van drove into the parking lot & the older male driver let out two young girls.  I called over to them as they walked into the mill.  The driver drove out & I called to him as he was leaving. I noticed that he had drove into our parking lot next door.  About 10 minutes later the two girls walked passed me on the sidewalk & I spoke with them as they were walking down the sidewalk.  They couldn't look at the graphic pictures that I was holding, which I understand.  Later on when I was talking to Martha she said that these girls came into Focus for a pregnancy test.   Yeah!! 
I was so frustrated out there by myself with all this evil around me that I walked to center to see where Martha was.  She was still busy in the center, for before Suzanne arrived Martha counseled 4 young girls & did 2 pregnancy tests.  Suzanne was running late but finally she did arrive to take over & then Martha joined me out on the front lines.  When she came out she insisted that I go into the center to eat my sandwich that Paul just brought in.  I said the I didn't want to leave her by herself knowing how horrible it is but she said that Adolf was across the street & that she would be fine, for Bill had now gone home.  I said "okay, I'll hurry back" then left.  When I was eating my roast beef sandwich from Arby's for Wendy's was packed Paul said.  I spent a little time talking with Suzanne to do some 'catch up' with her.  In the back of my mind I wanted to hurry back to be with Martha. 
When I returned back outside Martha told me that a young girl got into a taxi & she slumped down in the back seat.  Then one after another came out after having their precious baby killed.  It was so disgusting to say the least.  One of the men, he was about 40 or older, came to pick up his wife was so nasty to me.  I called to him first & maybe pricked his conscious but I really don't think so.  He was angry because he got caught in doing such an evil against his very own child.  How evil it is out here, it just makes you want to cry.  Sometimes the pain is so unbearable.  It's so horrible to be standing in front of a place that is killing people all day long, by pulling their heads, arms & legs off of their torso.  The frustration is that you can't do anything to get through to the people, to change their minds, only God can if they let Him.  We are out there for the women that are on the so called 'fence' that are likely to be persuaded to change their minds, mostly by seeing the graphic pictures that we have out there on the sidewalk, not the stiff necked women with stony hearts that want their baby dead, at all costs.  The determined lot of men & women who are their for one thing only & that is to abort their child.  I say to them "that sex was not meant to kill" & "that you wanted the feel good feeling of sex but the not the person that was conceived in that sexual act".  Selfish!!! 
Martha went in at 4pm & I usually stay out by myself until 5pm.  Adolf had gone too.  I looked over at the parking lot & I saw that some young girls were walking out from the Administrator's entrance.  As the first car drove out & bent down & said to the two young girls "girls, what are you doing".  As they looked at me the both responded in unison "smoking".  Yes, that were starting to smoke, for they both were lighting up a cigarette, in the car.  The car pulled over to the curb to where I was standing alone.  Then the driver said to me "stop hollering, for we were here for rape counseling".  I said back to them that I also was raped & that I wouldn't go to them for anything.  The driver replied that her rapist was going to jail.  That was a good thing.  She then said to me again to stop hollering.  As they were driving away from me I called to them saying "you survived they didn't", meaning the babies that were killed here by abortion.  I could hear them screaming something back to me & it wasn't nice. I wondered if they or one of them was post abortive.  Which is worst: abortion or rape?  Please don't say both, for rape it really bad but you survived.  I know that it is a life long process to be healed but at least it wasn't your fault & you are alive.  With abortion it is your fault & the baby is dead!!!  I'm not heartless but realistic.......
I went into the center to do some work there & I called Pat, our great grandmother to come pick up the car bed that was dropped off by Mark & his father-in-law ,the other day.  She came & had supper with Martha & I & then the taxi guy Alex helped her to get the bed into her van. Martha had left to go to church & I will met up with her later.  Then the landlord Bernie came to get the rent check & to talk to me about the Great Room being colder then the rest of the center, for Martha had called him, on the phone, about this earlier on.  He suggested for us to buy a space heater & I said "why don't you get it for us" & he finally agreed to get us one.  Thanks Bernie, Martha will also be pleased. After he left with his friend Moses I went into the office to revise the Intake Sheet, for the pregnancy tests.  Earlier I had asked Suzanne to add on the sheet a line that asked the client if she had ever encountered sexual abuse of any kind.  Suzanne wanted to add on the sheet how did the client find out about Focus. Suzanne had put this information on the revised Intake Sheet but I wanted to change the wording a bit.  I stayed & completed this job & then I meet up with Martha at St. Jude's Church for Holy Hour.  God is   Great!!  He is so offended by our sins against Him. Lord have Mercy on us!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
It was a very busy & sad day at Focus.  Kathy one of our new volunteers won't be coming back to work at Focus again.  She had to resign due to a conflict of interest which was the sidewalk ministry where we show graphic signs & are confrontational (it goes with the territory, in front of Planned Parenthood).  She wanted to come out to the sidewalk to pray but gave me the impression that working in the pregnancy was okay too.  She always told me, "I'm here to serve".  Great but when  I wanted you to serve in the center, where you were most needed at the time, you said "good bye" & not even to me but to Martha alone. Later one when I went back to my office there was a card on the desk for me & it was from Kathy saying why she had left & hoping that I will find peace.  Thank you Kathy but I have peace & this isn't a 'flat line ministry it's  filled with much emotion, for many people are being slaughtered, in cold blood, 50 feet from where we are standing, on the sidewalk & we can't do anything to save them.  If you can't be upset about abortion then what can you be upset about???  I never had a chance to discuss this matter with her & maybe I could have offered her another alternative.  It would be that her & Martha could have gone out on the sidewalk on Tuesdays for a while to witness & to pray & then after that we would bring out the graphic signs, after she was gone.  I would never promise no confrontation, for that's not realistic out on the front lines, in front of an abortion mill.  There must have been a more personal reason that I don't know about.  I feel like a scapegoat.  I have to let go & pray that the dear Lord will sent us another volunteer to help out in the pregnancy center.  He did, for I received a call from a woman named Ni & she wants to come in for an interview, which she did & she can come to help us out for a few hours a couple days a week.....great!  It's not a paying job & people come & go & I know that.  All I need to say here that even though Kathy maybe didn't realize that what she was doing in the center was vital for our mothers & their children, it was.  Sorting & putting away children's clothes & helping our moms in the Material Aid Room & occasionally doing pregnancy tests is soooo important, that's for sure.  Thanks Kathy for the 15 days of service that you blessed us with & it was so nice to have meet you & I pray the very best for you & I hope that you'll find the ministry where God wants you to serve. 
Carole & Paul came to help in the center.  I said to Martha "why don't you & Carole go out to the front lines & after I run to the bank for Focus & pick up the CD's & the DVD's that Fr. C. had burned for us, I'll come back & join you on the front lines & in the meantime there is Kathy (before she quit at the end of the day) & Paul working in the center."  She replied that that would be fine.  So off I go to the Key Bank, in Irondequoit, to deposit a check, so that we would have some money in the account & to pick up the materials that Fr. C. had for Focus. I was doing my errands, which was the first time that I had left to do so, at the time that I'm at the center & on the front lines.  I don't make a habit of it.  Well I went to the rectory to pick up the box of CD's & DVD's that Fr. had left on the porch & went into the church for a few minutes to say "hi" to the Lord & Mother Mary & the Saints & then I went down the street to the bank to make the deposit.  As I was leaving the parking lot the car next to me was honking as we were waiting for the light to change.  I paid him no attention & then at the next light he beeped again & showed me his IQ, the #1 gesture of disrespect.  The only thing that I saw that I had that he could see in his car was the Rosary that I had on my car mirror, poor fellow, I said some prayers for him on my way back to the center.  Lord have Mercy!!
When I arrived back to the center I got out on my car & walked over to Martha & Carole who were still on the front lines.  They looked fine but I know that anything could happen at any time out there & I asked them if anything had happened to them while was I was gone.  Well, this is what they said.  Oh yea this is what happened to us while you were gone Mary.  A  car stopped in the middle of the street & a man got out of his car & started to ramp & rave about what we were doing out there.  His eyes were rolling in the back of his head & he was spitting too.  He was swearing & cursing, even at the picture of Jesus holding an aborted baby & He was crying, that Martha was holding in her hands.  It was awful.  Then she went on to say that Carole had dropped her glove on the ground & he walked over to pick it up for her & then he became more calm.  Martha said that she then asked him a question which was "has anyone in your family ever had an abortion", to which he replied that his ex girlfriend, the mother of his son, had an abortion after she was raped at RIT at a party.  This was the problem we thought, maybe he paid for it & even drove her there to have the abortion, & now he  deeply regrets it but can't express his grief in an normal & healthy way.  He then said that he had to go now to pick up his son from school. Lord have Mercy on him, I hope that he finds peace real soon for his sake & for his son's sake too!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2011 at Focus for Randall Terry's son Funeral Reception

What a day I had today!!!  Martha too.  Martha had to go for a procedure this morning at 7:30am & they were going to put her out to do it.  A tube down her stomach which is an Endoscopy.  But this was the day that Randall Terry & his family & friends were coming to Focus after the Funeral Mass for his son that was killed in Georgia last week in a car accident.  We told them all to come to Focus for the Funeral Reception after the burial here in Rochester.  Randall & family live in Virginia but his father is buried here & his mother still lives here.  Martha had scheduled her procedure way before this tragedy so there was a conflict.  Martha had it all planned though.  She made a pot of chili & a cake to bring to the center in the afternoon after she recovered.  She ordered small subs from the Deli to be delivered around 4pm today.  I had brought in a cake & brownies, a veggie tray, cheese & crackers, humus & salsa for the tortilla chips & a bag of potato chips for the sandwiches.  I knew that we were going to have a new recruit come in today & his name is Pastor Everett, for he called me yesterday, & the 4 Elim Bible Institute students, which was their last day today until them come back to us in January 2012, to help me to set up the tables & chairs in the Green Room, so I wasn't to worried.  Around 1:30pm I called Martha to see how she was doing & I woke her up.  She said that she would call me later on & she did to tell me that she was on her way, her ex husband was bringing her to Focus & I will then bring her home later on tonight.  We have a plan :)

Pastor Everett came first & I introduced myself to him & then I put him to work setting up tables & chairs for tonight.  Then he went into the Rose Room & watched Maafi 21: Black Genocide in the 21st. Century.  Very shocking DVD of the history of racism here in America.  Then the Elim girls came & I gave them each a Christmas card from Martha & I.  Then they went to work cleaning the bathrooms & working in the Material Aid Room. The doorbell rang & it was two young girls asking for a pregnancy test.  They were sisters & their mother told them to come to us for a pregnancy test.  Thank God that they were both negative & I then talked to them about abstinence & gave them each a Truth packet & more brochures to take with them  They also took a pin of a 10 week old baby that we have on the table in the Pregnancy/ Counseling/ Literature Room.  They both pinned it on their coat, to witness to others.  As they were leaving I asked the Elim students & Pastor Everett to pray with them & I brought them into the Great Room for prayers & then they left.  It was wonderful for them to have that spiritual experience & with a Black pastor too.  I wish them well in their lives & hope that today will be the 'first day of the rest of their lives'.  Amen!

Then Paul came to help us & then Frank brought in Martha.  Yeah, Martha was back, for I depend on her, so very much plus she's a hoot & she's so like the Martha in the Bible too.  We were all a buss doing things like set up the tables with the food & deserts & beverages.  Then the doorbell rang & it was friends of Randall & ours at Focus.  Kathy came in from Buffalo & we were so  happy to see her tonight.  Then the doorbell rang again & again.  We were blessed having Fr. Tony & two other priests from other areas to join us.  They were a blessing to talk to.  One of the priests had been to Guadeloupe, NM to see the true cloth of Our Lady & the other priests had meet Mother!!  Then Randall & his wife, very nice & 4 young sons, very cute, came & his mother & brother & other friends & family members too.  It was a blessed time with Randall & all the people that showed up.  There was enough food for everyone & some left over for tomorrow too.  He really appreciated this gesture of love for us at Focus.  We gave coffee & some cookies for the two guys that help Randall run his pro life ministry for they were heading back to Virginia tonight.  God speed guys & don't fall asleep at the wheel.  Great pro life men.  When everyone had left, Paul & Martha helped me to clean up.  I told Martha to relax for Paul & I had it in control.  After we got everything done I took Martha home.  What a day we had at Focus!!!!

 P.S. This article just came my way & I am hopeful for 2012:


Thursday, December, 8, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

The feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Mass was a little longer today because it was a feast day in the Church.  I had already called Sheila who I replace that I would be there, on the front lines, around 1:10 & she has to go at 1pm, so I said that if I wasn't there at 1pm then just go.  When I arrived I saw that Paul was bringing the signs into the center & I said "no Paul, I'm here now so please bring everything back outside", which he did.  Sheila was gone for it was about 1:12pm when I arrived.  I knew that Martha was soon to arrive because we sat together at the Mass.  I ran out of church after the Mass leaving Martha to arrive when she could.  Bill, was sitting across the street with the sign & myself.  I looked over from the fence & saw that a young girl, was sitting on the bench, by the door smoking.  I called over to her & pleaded that she goes back in there to save her friend or sister & her baby.  She was as cold a ice.  No reaction at all.  I see dead people.  I said to her that if she had brought someone in here to have her precious baby killed that it will also effect her to & also the person that she brought in here today.  I said to her, that this would make her an accessory to murder.  She coldly walked back into Planned Parenthood, after her smoke, to rejoin the girl that she brought here today.  So disturbing & so sad.  It was 10 minutes later that Martha & Adolf arrived to join Bill & I as a team.  It was one event after another & it's sometimes just to painful to write about.  It's so evil & horrible to say the least.  I was calling out to the girls giving them information that they have never heard before & as I was finishing I heard a female voice call out saying "it's not a baby".  I said "if it's not a baby then you weren't pregnant".  She looked shocked & her boyfriend, as he passed by me on the sidewalk he looked at me with his evil eyes & waved mockingly at me.  Your nightmare has just began. 

A car had pulled into the parking lot & two young girls were in the car.  It was later in the day so I didn't think that they were here for an abortion, but you can't be 100% sure thus take no chances.  As the girls were getting out of the car I started to talk to them of what is going on in there.  The driver of the car who was the girl closet to where Martha & I were standing said "I'm going to call the police you  (blank blank)" as she was giving us her middle finger.  I said back to her "we're not doing anything wrong & we do have a right of Freedom of Speech too".  Then she said that she was here because she had been raped in the past.  I said quickly to her that I am also a rape survivor & that we were sisters & that I wouldn't go here for anything & that she deserved better & one more thing, they don't report statutory rape thus protecting the rapist thus the minor will probably be raped again.  Then they were in the building but at least I said what I said to them.  I waited until they came out about an hour & a half later by this time Martha was in the center & I was alone on the front lines.  I tried to talk to her again & I hope that I made an impression on her.  I said to her that God cried when this happened to her & that it was the 'free will' of the rapist to hurt her & that it wasn't her fault no matter what & that we were sisters & that I loved her & that I will pray for her too.  As they were at the parking lot exit they both were lighting up cigarettes & the music was very loud so I called over to her one more time to tell her not to be self destructive & it will take time to heal & that she will.  Off they went into the dark, cool evening of December.  I cried for her & her pain. 
Before Martha left this afternoon to go back into the center a young girl with very short hair came from around the  bushes where we standing.  Martha said "go ahead & take our pictures" & the girl replied that it wasn't a camera but a video camera.  I held up the graphic sign so that she could take the picture of this baby that lost his or her life from abortion.  She then went back into the parking lot.  Martha a went into the center & was gone when she  came back a few minutes later. She said to me "can I ask you some questions"?  I said "yes".  She then said "what if the girl is young & she's pregnant & she has no money".  I said "you don't kill someone because you're poor otherwise a lot of us would be dead.  She can go to get assistance form Social Services & the churches & the agencies in the community & the pregnancy center & we have one right down the street her & we provide free baby & children clothes.  I said to her "then why don't you go home & kill your 2 year old because he or she can't do things like make their own supper, bath & dress themselves, or talk using clear & definitive sentences.  You get the drift".  I don't know if she had a 2 year old & I greatly doubt it for it was only an allegory & not meant figurative.  She understood what I was conveying for she was in a huff.  You shall know the Truth & the Truth shall set you free".  The Bible.


Tuesday, December, 13, 2011 at Focus

Martha had brought her friend to noon Mass today & after Mass she brought her home.  I went to Focus right after Mass & opened up.  I hide the chocolate cake in the segregator & hid the ice cream in the freezer, for Martha's surprise Birthday celebration, before the Board Meeting this evening.  I was please to se that we received a tithing check from St. Joseph's Church in Penfield.  Thank you Lord.  Martha arrived & I made us each a ham sandwich.  Carole came to help us & answered the door & helped our moms get things for their children in the Material Aid Room.  After a quick lunch Martha & I set up the festive table in the Green Room with cookies & fruit punch for our clients & their children.  They were quit pleased.  We had a grandmother & her little granddaughter who was about 4 years old come into the center.  She told me that she wanted to be a ballerina & then she said that she was finished shopping in the store, which was the Material Aid Room.  Then she said in her sweet voice that "God is with us always".  Her grandmother asked if she would state her evening prayers, which she did shyly.  She was so cute & I told her grandmother that she was doing a great job with her & she said "thank you".  What a doll.
The phone rang & it was Pat, our great grandmother.  She said that she was coming over to give me a letter that she wrote to the CEO of Strong Memorial Hospital in her disappointment of how her granddaughter was treated in the Emergency Room when she took her there about 4 months ago for excessive bleeding.  I told her that I would give the letter to Suzanne to look over & then type up for her, to send.  She was pleased with that plan.  Martha made Pat a ham sandwich & she ate it & we talked for a few more minutes & she had to go to the doctors, for she needs many surgeries on different parts of her body.  She said that she will be back tomorrow to meet with Pastor Everett.
At 3pm Paul came in & Martha & Carole went outside to be on the front lines while I stayed inside to do more office work & to make up more Truth packets.  Paul was putting things into the Material Aid Room, which was s a great help.  Thanks Paul.  About an hour later Martha & Carole came back into the center & Carole had to leave.  Martha & Paul were working in the Material Aid Room while & was working still in the office & then making supper for us all.  Pat, one of our Board Members came early from work so we invited her for supper too.  Rob came at 6pm & he sat at the table while we were all eating for he had already had supper earlier.  At the end of the meal I went into the office where I now hid the cake & put the yellow candle on the chocolate cake & brought tit out singing Happy Birthday to Martha's surprise & to the other peoples surprise too.  I only lit a few candles for I didn't want to start a fire in the office.  Pat lit the rest of the candles after we all sang Happy Birthday & Martha made a wish & then blew out the candles all by herself.  The she cut the cake & I brought out the ice cream to boot.  It was delicious for I got the cake at the bakery in East Rochester.
After all the festivities & after I gave Martha the Susan Boyle DVD, that she wanted, we all got to work.  We had a fantastic Board Meeting. We thanked God for what He accomplished in 2011 & what He will accomplish in 2012 at Focus!!! 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at Focus    

When I arrived after the noon Mass to the center, Martha was already there in the center, I saw that someone had put graffiti on the yellow Buckpitt & Co. building by our center.  I was told by the landlord's friend, that was helping him check out the roof, for it was leaking in the store next to our center, that a gang was responsible for the message & that this building was more visible than ours.....thank God.  I don't want to wish any problems on anyone else but what goes around comes around Buckpitt, for you have been most unkind to us pro lifers, for many years.  I wish you well & please paint over the graffiti ASAP, for it looks terrible!!  I spoke with the landlord, for a few minutes, teasing him about the building etc., saying that he shouldn't have used his magic maker in a destructive way.  He laughed & then I asked if he could fill in the parking lot & he said only if you pay me more if $1,800 wasn't enough every month.  He said, when he walked into the hallway & saw that we had our clothes rack out in the hall, that "we were taking over".  Well Bernie, we rent most of the space in the building.  I am used to him by now.  I promised him a Christmas present next week, for I said that you caught me off guard today & I wasn't ready for you.  I told him that we appreciated all that he did for us at Focus & that we loved him.  It's the truth.  I wasn't trying to soft soap him, for Martha & I, know how to deal with him now!  He's hoping that I will give him a bottle of Sweet Walter White Wine, for Christmas.... how did you know Bernie....  have a great day!  I finally went into the center to join Martha, who was wondering where I was, since we both went to the same Mass at noon. I told her what just had transpired in the parking lot. She told me that she had baked some sugar coolies & after lunch we set up the table, in the Green Room, with cookies & strawberry/ banana punch, for our clients & their children, to enjoy.  Martha also put some cheddar cheese Goldfish crackers into small cups especially for the kids.  It was a nice festive Christmas time table. 
Martha & I stayed in the center, all afternoon taking care of our many mothers, who came to receive many nice things for their children, it being clothes, toys, books & small items, etc..  I received a phone call from one of our clients that is pregnant with baby #2.  She left her abusive boyfriend who is in jail now, thank God, & she has a two year old daughter & they need a place to stay at for the next two weeks until her apartment is ready for them through the Department of Social Services.  They have been living in a cheap hotel on Chestnut St. called the Cadmic Hotel a very bad place for a woman to be at let along a pregnant one with a child.  When she called me I asked her to try to get to Focus & I'd see what I could do for her & her daughter.  She said "okay that she will try" & she hung up.  Poor baby!!  Just then the doorbell rang & it was Pat our grandmother & great grandmother of 8.  She came to talk to Pastor Everett this afternoon.  I told her that I received a call from him saying that he had just brought his wife home from the hospital today & that when you come to Focus, for me to call him & he'd try to get away to stop over to speak to you.  So that's what I did when Pat arrived, I called Pastor Everett, & he came over to meet & talk with Pat, regarding the pro life issues, of the Afro American community.  He will get more people & they will protest Planned Parenthood next Wednesday.  Yeah...finally some Black representation out on the front lines in front of the racist Planned Parenthood.  Black Genocide is going on there.
As I was speaking with Pat after Pastor Everett had left our client with the 2 year old came in all upset, for she hadn't gotten a place to stay as yet & it was about 4:30pm.  I tried to calm her down & then she used our phone to call the R.A.I.H.N. (Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network) program, for temporary housing.  She was on the phone when Pat said that she could stay with her & the family for 2 weeks until she gets her apartment.  She called her family & they said "yes" to the idea.  So awhile later after they both went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for their children drove to Pat's house all together.  (Unfortunately it didn't work out & our client did end up with a family from R.A.I.H.N, but that's okay as long as her & her child are safe & are cared for.  It really did work out in the end for everyone). 


Thursday, December, 15, in front of Planned Parenthood

I hurried to the bank before I arrived on the front lines today.  I was there at 1pm but I wanted to get their earlier to put some of the things that I had in my car.  Martha was already there for I called her earlier & told her that I was running late today & that I needed her to be there at 1pm, if she could, in case I'm not.  She always comes through for me & she's a great partner as Rob is, he's a sidewalk counselor,  for we started together 16 years ago, on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood.  I ran into Paul & asked him if he could get Martha & I a sandwich from Wendy's, which he did, & he also gave Focus a generous donation towards our work. Thanks Paul.  I was just heading out when Sheila came into the center & told me that she did 2 pregnancy tests today.  One positive ( she wasn't abortion minded) & one negative (she is post abortive & would never do it again).  She also told me that she spoke with a husband & wife earlier this afternoon.  As they were leaving Planned Parenthood they stopped the car to where she was standing & asked why she was there.  She told them that she was here to save babies from being aborted.  Then she asked the woman if she had an abortion & she replied that she just did.  She said that her & her husband had 3 children & talked it over & decided that three children were enough, so she was here for the abortion.  She asked "what is that" & pointed to a Rosary.  Sheila said that it was a Rosary & she went over to the car to give her one saying "here is the directions to pray it & to ask God to forgive you for having your baby killed here today".  The woman took the Rosary & said that she had to go to work & then they drove away.  How sick!!  How evil!!  Their poor children, for they will miss their brother or sister, that was murdered here today, for not being in their lives. The parents will have to tell them someday what they did here today at Planned Parenthood, for the children will already know.  Families are being destroyed by abortion & divorce.  When Sheila told me this I felt sick to my stomach. 
Sheila then told me that she had to go & that her brother Dennis was there today visiting from Texas.  He is a wonderful man & I am blessed to have met him & his sister, Sheila.  I quickly went to the car & peeped in to say "hi", for I haven't seen him since this summer when he was visiting for a while & then went back to Texas.  He smiled at me & said "hi" back.  Sheila said that all 6 Truth packets were given out by her brother, for she was in the center most of the time, doing pregnancy tests.  Great job Dennis!!  I said "good bye to them both & left to join Martha on the front lines along with Carole, Bill, Dan & Adolf.  When Paul returned to the center he stayed in there to do work in the Material Aid Room.  Suzanne, our Client Advocate, called to tell me that she was running late & that she will be there around 2pm instead 1:30pm.  Okay. 
It was a rainy & windy day, out on the front lines, which I think is the hardest to deal with.  I'd rather deal with snow than the wind & rain.  Martha's umbrella broke because it was so windy & the signs are hard to control too.  But we always manage to continue our ministry, never the less.  Then I looked up the sidewalk to see that Pat our great grand mother was walking towards us.  I was so happy to have her there, for she & Pastor Everett were planning to come next Wednesday.  She said that she wanted to start now so I gave her the mega phone & off she went giving the message of life from her heart.  It was so strong a message that Rick Bartell, the Public Relations wimp, from Planned Parenthood, came out to see what was going on out on the sidewalk.  Pat saw him & asked for him to come over to speak with her , which he declined to do.  He went back into the hell hole Planned Parenthood with a smirk on his face.  Pat called him on him giving a smirk & she was angry, to say the least.  Then the Death Escort, Barry Swan, came to get the girls to go into Planned Parenthood.  He puts on a blue apron which reads PLANNED PARENTHOOD & he approaches the cars, when they drive in & then when the girl or girls get out of the car they follow him into the 'death mill' to have their precious baby be killed.  He's a Vulture.  I scold the girls telling them that they have no boundaries, to talk to & to follow a man that you don't know, into a facility is unwise. He appeared a little puzzled by Pat & he walked out on the sidewalk to see what was going on out there.  He saw Pat & Pat saw him & she had a few words for him too.  When he went back, he walked into Planned Parenthood, to probably notify Bartell who had already been out there, of the commotion.  She didn't mince words for she know all to well that Planned Parenthood is committing Black Genocide on her Race.  She's not going to take it.  She talked to the girls walking down the sidewalk & to those who were coming out of Planned Parenthood too & gave them a Truth packet.  Her voice rings louder than ours because we're not Black.  After a good hour or so Pat had to leave & at that time the cars, with the girls in it that had just killed their baby, were leaving, which is soooo very difficult for us to see.  She said "good bye" & we said "thank you & good bye" back to her & we told her that she did a great job here today too.    
A car pulled into Planned Parenthood & I hollered to them "please don't kill your baby" & she hollered back "I'm not".  Then Martha, who saw that there was a young child in the back seat of the car saying "we have free diapers".  Then the woman hollered back "I'll be right over when I come out".  When they came out I told them to follow me & I lead them to the Focus Center.  I quickly went to the front door & rang the bell hoping that Suzanne would answer it but it was Paul instead.  I went down the hall to the office where Suzanne was & told her that I had just brought in two young girls & a child ,for diapers, that were just at Planned Parenthood.  She got up from her chair & greeted them at the door.  Later I found out that she was also given a pregnancy test which was positive & she wasn't abortion minded either, thank God.  So we were able to help her in a couple of ways today & to get her away from Planned Parenthood too.  Praise God!!    



Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at Focus
All I can say is that I knew that we were going to be busy at Focus & we were.  Martha & I took care of 12 families for their children at Christmas time.  I was sad that we didn't have a chance to go out on the front lines today but we needed to be at Focus taking care of moms who chose life.  We had a mother of 2 girls who is pregnant now placing her baby up for adoption. The adoptive mom was chose & will be blessed real soon.  How courageous!!  We set up the table in the Green Room with punch & home made cookies & chocolate mint brownies.  It was a 'special' time for our moms & their children.  We had two fathers come into the center too.  Very busy & frustrating at times but we made it through!  Thank you Lord!  It's Martha's birthday tomorrow & I'm giving her presents & going to the bakery to get her a pie, I thought it would be a nice change because we had a cake for her last week at the Board Meeting.  She is a 'special' human being & Focus wouldn't be the same if she wasn't with me to help me with the work!!  God bless you dear Martha & thank you so very much!!!  
 I typed the letter that Pat, our grandmother wrote to Dr. Beck, CEO of the U of R Medical Center, complaining of the care that her granddaughter received in the Emergency Room, about a month ago. Pat also was given the run around when she tried to get someone to help her granddaughter, who was bleeding & in a great deal of pain. The receptionist at Dr. Beck's office was rude & insensitive & threatened Pat, with her calling security, to remove her from the office door.  Yeah real helpful!  I hope that this letter will change something, to increase better patient care, in the ER.  I will give it to her tomorrow when I see her.  Pat & Pastor Everett planned last Wednesday to come this Wednesday to protest Planned Parenthood.  It should be fantastic!!!  For they are trying to raise awareness in the Black community to inform them that Planned Parenthood is killing off their race through birth control & abortion.  Black Genocide!!!!  Wake up Black America for Planned Parenthood is killing off your Race!!!   Please wake up, before it's to late, for they've had 90 years to do it so far!! 
Prayer & Education & Protest , are the keys, to unlock the door of ignorance.........


Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at Focus & on the Front Lines 

Martha's Birthday & the beginning of Black representation in front of Planned Parenthood.
I met Martha at Mass at noon at Our Lady of Victory downtown.  I wished her a Happy Birthday, for Martha is 70 today, but a young 70.  I asked Paul at church if he could help us at the center today & he said "yes" but first he was going to Nick Tahou's for lunch.  I asked Paul if he could please get me a hamburger & macaroni salad & Martha a chicken sandwich & French fries, I would pay for both of the meals when he gets to Focus.  He agreed.  When I drove in the parking lot one of our clients was there already & she came expecting a Christmas present for her son, who lives with the father due to her past.  Most of the cases with our girls are heartbreaking.  We just try to make a difference through Christ who changes them with love from Him & from us.  After that it was so busy once more.  I sat up the table with cookies & punch.  It was so nice & the girls & their children like it too.  I'm thinking of doing this more often even after Christmas.  It's no big deal to get the punch & the cookies & set up the table in the Green Room.  It's more time that we can spend with our girls to get to know them & they us, so that we can better serve them with their needs for their families. 
The doorbell rang & it was Martha's daughter & her son in law, Aaron who is Black.  His son, from a previous marriage, was shot to death this past summer & they haven't found the killer yet but the police know what happened.  They came to wish Martha a Happy Birthday & to help out in the center.  Then Paul came in with the food & I ate my lunch & Martha waited a little longer for she was busy putting away children's clothes along with her daughter.  Aaron sat in the Green Room talking to me while I was eating my lunch & then the doorbell rang & it was Pastor Everett & another Black pastor.  I was so glad to see them, for they set up this day & time last week, along with Pat to come to Focus & then to be in front of Planned Parenthood to protest them killing the Black babies & the White babies there.  I called over to see where Pat was & I was told by Erica, her granddaughter that she was on her way to Focus.  A few minutes later there she was, for she had arrived to the center.  I greeted her at the door & she was glad to know that Pastor Everett was there along with another Black pastor.  The meeting started & Aaron got involved to what he was hearing & I gave him the DVD of Maafia :21 Black Genocide in the 21st. Century.   This was the DVD that changed Pastor Everett, for he had no idea that this racism was going on at Planned Parenthood.  I said that Planned Parenthood was scared of you all.  So they got up & went out to the front lines, in front of Planned Parenthood,  with literature packets, graphic signs & the mega phone.  Before they left we agreed that this ministry will be based on Prayer, Education & Protest.  Prayer & Action is what the Bible teaches.  They also stated that they will lead their congregation in a knowledgeable session about Planned Parenthood & then march to Planned Parenthood after that.  I said that Martha & I wanted to be a part of that event!!   Just then the Landlord Bernie came in to give Martha & I a big plate of cookies all wrapped up looking beautiful.  He just starred at the group meeting that was going on.  He is married to a Black woman & he is White too.  He's not a believe in the Lord or at least he tells us that but his wife is a Baptist.  I once asked him how this works out with them & he replied that they don't talk about religion & politics.  How boring!!  I'm praying for his conversion & for him to know & love the Lord & to have Him in his life too.  I thanked him for the cookies & handed him a bottle of Sweet Walter white & a card form both Martha & I to him & his wife.  He thanked me & I said "we love you Bernie".  I hope that he takes this right.   
While the trio was out on the front lines giving all they got to help & educate the victims of Planned Parenthood I was in the center along with Martha & Paul assisting our girls & their children.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Kay & Jack from St. Pius X Church, dropping off many boxes of non perishable food, to us at the center.  I wrote a Christmas 'Thank You' card for them at St. Pius X church, for they bless us many times, of the year.  Thank you Lord for the food.  It was a few minutes later that the doorbell rang again & it was Andrea, from Archangel School, dropping off bags of children clothes & diapers for us at Focus for our moms.  Thanks you all at the school & the parents.  I will write a 'Thank You' letter very soon for your generosity & may God bless you all for your goodness to us.  The doorbell rang & it was Martha's other daughter coming to say "hi" before she went to work.  How nice was this for Martha!!! 
A few minutes later the trio came in & gave me a report of how it went out on the front lines.  Pastor Everett sated that "people loved us & people hated us".  I said "that's right Pastor Everett".  He smiled.  After the two pastors left I told Pat that I completed y letter for her to Dr. Beck at the U of R Medical Center with her complaint of how she & her granddaughter were treated, in the Emergency Room, a couple of months ago.  She will sent the letter Certified Mail.  She stayed awhile to talk & to get some things for her great grandchildren to take with her. 
Paul was nice enough to buy a pizza, at Salavortor's, for us for super for Martha's birthday.  How nice of you Paul & the pizza was delicious!!   After supper we had carrot cake from Leo's Bakery.  All in all, Martha had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!  You deserve it dear lady......



Thursday, December, 22, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood
I know that this war, against abortion, is a spiritual warfare & we fight 'not against flesh & blood but against the Powers and Principalities of the nether world.  It's so hard sometimes to make this differentiation.  I know that Satan is using these people to make the worst decision of their lives, a decision that will take the life of their very own child, something a mother should never do, & that she will suffer the consequences of this violence against her child, for the rest of her life, & those who were involved with this murder too. 
When I arrived at the center their was a mother already there ringing the doorbell, wanting clothes for her child, yes we do open from 1pm until 6pm so I needed to address this first.  I called down the sidewalk to tell Sheila that I was here & waved to her & then went into the center with our client to open up the door to the Material Aid Room, for her to start getting the things that she needed.  She was thankful.  Just then a mother & father & a young child, in a stroller, arrived to get some things in the Material Aid Room too.  I was frustrated for I was hoping that Martha would be coming very soon to help me, I depend on her so much.  She didn't arrive until 1:40pm & she had to stay in the center for it was very busy & I had to stay out on the front lines, with Adolf & Bill & Dan (Jacobs) arrived to help me too, thank God.  Martha, said to me later on that she had to go to the doctors early in the morning to get some treatment for her sinus & respiratory problems that she's been suffering with all week & then had to go to the drug store to pick up a prescription & then she went to pick up the knitted blankets, for the center, from a house bound woman that had blessed Focus with them.  When I came out to the front lines I noticed that Sheila & her brother had gone & I had a Christmas card for them too.  I started out already very upset, on the front lines.  Sheila had called me twice this morning asking me questions about a young pregnant girl & her mother regarding more assistance for them.  I suggested that Sheila call at Compass Care, to set up an ultrasound for the pregnant young girl.  She made an appointment for 2pm today.  The pregnant young woman & her mother were at Planned Parenthood, this morning, to get set up with health insurance.  The young girl made an appointment to come back to Planned Parenthood, before she met Sheila, for 2pm on Tuesday.  Sheila asked her not to come back.  I suggested, over the phone, to call  Fidelis Care, which they did.  Sheila brought them into the center to make these calls & thank God she wasn't abortion minded & Sheila had her make out an Intake Sheet, at the Focus Center, so that we can follow her through her pregnancy until birth & even afterwards.The mom & her were scared but Sheila said that we could help them & they were confronted.  Great job Sheila!  Suzanne, our Thursday Client Advocate, will call her to see how she's doing next week.  We are here for her & her mother.  Everything will work out just fine, just trust in God. 
Sheila told me earlier,on the phone, that Planned Parenthood was busy while she was there from 10:30am until 1pm.  This was very upsetting for me. I try to get there earlier, on the front lines, which is next to impossible for me, for whatever reason.  Maybe, subconsciously I don't want to be there, but I know that I must be there, to try to save lives form being killed by abortion. 
The first challenge, on the front lines, was that a young woman was walking on the sidewalk across the street.  I called over to her to offer her free children clothes at the Focus Center but I got no response.  She then crossed the street, with her daughter, & was walking towards Planned Parenthood.  I asked her if she was going into Planned Parenthood & she said "yes I am".  I was sad to hear this & to see that she was going in there with her daughter too.  When she came out about an hour later she walked over to me & was very defensive.  Se was upset that I spoke about God & the devil.  She was upset that her daughter was now asking questions & I told her that she must now answer them.  She said that she was here for a physical. I told her that she , by being here keeps the doors open for Planned Parenthood to kill innocent children.  I offered her our doctor list but she said refused the offer.  Why?  I was getting no where with her so I said "good bye".  When she walked away Dan took over & spoke with her for about 5 minutes which I was happy about.  I asked him, after she left  what he said to her.  He said that she spoke with her about the racist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, & for her to look her up on the Internet.  Thank you Lord for sending Dan her today.   I was nervous that I had left the mothers in the center without any supervision so I asked Adolf if he would go into the Material Aid Room to see how things were going on.  He said "yes" & he did.  Thanks Adolph.  
A man walked over to me saying " hi Miss Mary, I need diapers".  I said that I needed to be here on the front lines, I was still waiting for Martha to arrive.  I  then asked Dan if he would go into the center to get some diapers for our client for his children & he aid "yes" & he did.  Thanks Dan.  what a help.  The man as he drove passed me about 10 minutes later honked at me waving.  I was happy that we were able to assist him in his needs, for that's what it's all about.  Saving & changing lives, for Christ. 
A Black woman was walking out of Planned Parenthood with two children, as she was getting into her car & I asked her not to compromise here at Planned Parenthood.  Well she got madder than a wet hen.  It was down hill form there.  She pulled her car along the side of the sidewalk where I was standing & lit into me like a match.  She was screaming at me & she reaching over to the passenger side of the car & I thought that she was going to go through the window & come out onto the sidewalk & take a hit at me.   I knew that I was going no where with her.  I started to pray the 'Hail Mary' prayer & then I looked at the back of her car & she said "go ahead take down my tag number I don't care".  I then told her to calm down for the sake of the children she had in the back seat so that nothing would happen to them.  She then called me a some very bad names, in front of the children, who were in the back seat of the car.  "Goodbye" I said & thank God she finally did leave.  But sadly enough she came back to Planned Parenthood later on  but thank God without the children.  She had probably dropped off someone there to have an abortion & was upset when she saw the graphic signs out there on the front lines.  Too bad!!   Planned Parenthood is murdering innocent people & you all are angry at us for exposing their evil .  What's wrong with this picture?  
A car pulled into the parking lot & two young girls got out.  One of the girls who was the passenger who was the one who was probably going for the abortion was wearing very pink pajama's.  I said "are you going d=for an abortion & all ready to go home e to recoup after the killing of your baby".  She came out ours later with her so called girlfriend with her head back in the passenger side of the car.  I said that they were both responsible for the murdering of an innocent human being.  Ask God to forgive you both.   
Martha had arrive & she was so busy in the center. Then she came ou,t on the front lines, when she could & then she told me to go into the center to eat my lunch, that Paul had bought for me.  Don't you just love her.  
Someone took my Kangaroo from my office today. The door to the office was left open by mistake.  It's hard at Focus sometimes. I won't let what someone did today spoil it for the rest of the moms & their children.  I have to accept that these things happen & to 'let it go' & 'to go on'.  The angel that I had hanging on the door knob of the white cabinet in the Green Room was taken too. It's too bad & it's disappointing too. Lord have Mercy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at Focus
Martha wasn't with me today for she was with her daughter that came in form Pennsylvania with the grandchildren to visit Martha for her birthday & for Christmas.  I hope that she had a great visit, dear Martha, for you deserve it.  I'll hear about it tomorrow.  In the meantime Paul was with me at the center, thank God, for I couldn't do without him today, for we were busy.  When I arrived at the center I saw that a car was driving into Planned Parenthood's driveway & also I saw that a young girl was on her cell phone walking on the sidewalk near the Killing Mill.  I got out of the car & walked over to Planned Parenthood & called out the Truth about this evil place, by the fence.  I called to the young girl, who was on the phone, to come over to where I was standing, & she came right over to me.  She heard what I said about abortion being murder & she agreed.  I then asked her if she needed anything at our pregnancy center two doors down the street & she said that her sister was pregnant & that she would like to see the center.  I was overjoyed when I heard her say this, to say the least.  We walked over to Focus & I introduced myself to her as the director of the Focus Center & I lead her into the Material Aid Room.  When she saw the room her eyes lit up.  I was happy to see that.  I asked her to sign in the book & she did.  I gave her a plastic bag to get some things for her sister & then I went to the Rose Room to get her a DVD, of the Growth & Development of the baby in the womb & a list of good doctors & our Truth packet with the 10 week old baby model in it.  She was overjoyed to receive all of this information for her sister.  I gave her a book on Pregnancy month to month & what to expect.  She was happy about that too.  She said that she wanted her sister to come into Focus when she finds out if she's having a boy or a girl, to get some things for the baby.  I said "thank you for being so open to the Truth & to keep away from the racist Planned Parenthood for your exams & to call one of the doctors on the list that I just gave you, you'll be happier about doing the right thing".  It's better to have a doctor take care of you that's not an abortionist.  You deserve that.  She smiled & said "thank you" & I reached over to get her our brochure & I handed it to her &  said "thank you for being so open to the Truth & have a blessed day, my dear".  I added "I hope to see you again real soon here at Focus".    She said "yes you will".  Off she went a much happier person than when she went into Planned Parenthood to get her exam.  'You shall know the Truth & the Truth shall set you free".  The Bible. 
Paul had arrived & I gave him my car keys & he went to my car to get all the plastic bags that I had in there filled with children clothes.  I then made a ham sandwich & I was eating it when the doorbell rang.  Paul answered the door & it was Dan, from the Knights of Columbus & his wife & son.  They were dropping off bags of clothes & diapers, from the Knights, for our moms.  Paul was asked to take our picture on Dan's cell phone so that he could out it into put in the Knights Newsletter.  Three strikes you're out & that's how many times I had to stand there & smile.  I hate my picture taken but I'll do it for the cause.  Dan's son needed a project for his 'Eagle Scout Project'.  We all were looking around all the rooms in the center, to see what it would be.  The decision was to build a large food cupboard enclosed, that will be in the Great Room so that we can put our non perishable foods in it & it'll be hidden.  It will look great & it will look like furniture, rather than exposed food shelves, that it does right now.  Yeah!!  I can't wait to see it & have it in the Great Room too.  Thanks Lord for this wonderful surprise!!  The had to go to lunch & I said "thank you & please keep in touch".  Before they left I had two more surprises.  One was that McQuaid High School was doing a diaper drive for Focus so that will be a blessing & it'll save Focus some money, that's for sure.  Another was that Dan's wife asked if I would speak at her church in May to tell them about Focus & what we do here & on the front lines.  I will be honored I said back to her & I'll bring Martha too.  She said "that will be great & thank you so much".  I said "no problem & I thank you for asking".  Off they went to go to lunch, what a blessing this was.  Thank you Lord for this experience. 
I quickly went back to finish my lunch & the doorbell kept on ringing now for most of the afternoon.  Thank God that Paul was with me today for I couldn't do without him.  I was asked to give a pregnancy test.  Two girls came in & I brought them into the Rose Room for testing.  A friend recommended them to Focus.  I noticed that she had a blank look on her face & when I asked her to fill out the Intake Sheet the first thing she asked was "are you going to tell my parent's"?  I replied "no".  After the negative test I talked to her about abstinence & gave her two CD's, on chastity, & lots of brochures & the Truth packet too.  I asked her if she had a Bible & if she knew the Lord.  She said that she is Catholic.  I asked to her to go to Confession & to start over now with God's help.  She never smiled.
I talked with a mother who is raising her grandchildren & came in for lots of clothes & toys for them.  She is a regular but needs our support.  Another two woman came in from an agency of disabled person's & she thanked me for having this center to provide the many items that we give out plus food.  I gave her our brochure too.  Very pleasant lady.  
Then the doorbell rang & it was Pat & she was ready to go out to the front lines to protest.  I called Pastor Everett & asked him if he was planning to come today.  He said that was in court all day & that he was planning to come tomorrow.  I told Pat this & she went alone out to the front lines after I gave her the mega phone & the signs & the literature box.  I went into the center to do more work there but was uncomfortable leaving Pat alone out on the front lines by herself.  So I got my coat on & went out to join her in the rain with two umbrellas.  When I arrived she was talking to a man who had his girlfriend in there being treated for Chlamydia. 
Check out:  I gave him some information to give to her & asked him never to bring her here again.  Pat had already given him a Truth packet.  We need to get these people the right help at the right place & to get them away from this Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood, where they are lied to & deceived.  He was open to the Truth, now I hope that his girlfriend was too.  Bottom line is that Planned Parenthood Kills Children !!!!!!!!!!!! 
Pat had to go get her gloves & when she returned she told me that there was a woman who wanted a pregnancy test.  I asked her if she would be okay out here by herself while I went into the center to give the test.  She said that she would be fine so I went into the center to give the pregnancy test.  She asked me if I recognized her & I said that she did look familiar.  After the negative test we talked about chastity.  She had one Depo shot & hadn't gotten her period in 12 months.  How bad is that.  I gave her some CD's & A DVD & other brochures & the Truth packet.  She said that she lost a child when she was 2 years old.  So I called the Elizabeth Ministry to come to talk to her so that she could get some healing from these great women.  She left her name & phone number on their answering machine & I know that they will call her back ASAP.  She went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for her other two children.  She was happy that we were there for her. 
I went back outside to be with Pat & we stayed there for another 20 minutes & them she wanted to go in because she was cold.  In the meantime a voice was screaming for me to "shut up" for the Planned Parenthood parking lot.  I told her that I had a right to speak for I had a Constitutional right to.  I said that Planned Parenthood is making you their victim.  When she pulled out of the parking lot, in her all white car, she gave me her middle finger.  How sad!  She'll find out someday that I was right.  I hope then she will get help & forgiveness, for her soul, from the good Lord, who loves her so.
Pat & Paul & I sat at the table in the Green Room & talked for about 45 minutes.  I went next door to Mac's to get her a good cup of coffee.  Paul ate his favorite Mounds bars.  We are happy campers, to say the least.  After they had left I stayed for about another hour or so doing some 'catch up' work in the office & in the Material Aid Room.  All is went today & I'll see you tomorrow dear Martha.  Paul said that he will come back tomorrow to work some more.  Thanks Paul.  I was told by Tickaboo , from the taxi company, that our volunteer Ni came in on Monday & cleaned the Green Room & she organized the area, from under the sink.  It looks marvelous Ni & thank you so very much :)  I called her & left a message on her voice mail thanking her for her wonderful surprise!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at Focus & on the Front Lines.

'Feast of the Holy Innocents'
I was so happy to see Martha once again at Mass today.  She has returned to Focus.  We arrived at the center, after Mass & Paul came about 10 minutes later.  He misunderstood me & he thought that Martha was on vacation but once he was told that wasn't the case he stayed to help us out never the less.  I told him on Tuesday that Martha's daughter & grandchildren were visiting, from Pennsylvania.  He though that she would be out for the entire week.  It worked out in our favor because we sure could use his help today.
The door bell rang & it was a father & mother wanting diapers for their young son.  We provided them for this family & they were grateful.  We were happy to be able to provide for them, thanks to our benefactors.  Martha was nice enough to make a quick ham sandwich for her & I to eat quickly.  As we were eating, our lunch, the doorbell rang & Paul was nice enough to answer it for us so that we could finish our lunch.  As we were about done with our lunch the doorbell rang again & since Martha was finished with her lunch & she answered the doorbell at this time.  How nice of you Martha.  After I finished my lunch my cell phone rang & it was Pastor Everett.  He was coming to protest Planned Parenthood around 2pm today.  I told him that I would call Pat to tell her. I called Pat right away & she wasn't able to come today due to family issues.  Her heart was in the right place but her body wasn't able to make it today, which sadden us both.  When Pastor Everett arrived I set him up with the mega phone & the literature box & the 2 graphic signs., for the front lines protest.  I decided that I didn't want him to be out there alone, on the front lines, so I came out to join him.  It was Rochester's first real snow fall today so it was cold, about 23 degrees, & we had snow on the ground.  I didn't have enough clothing on, so I was cold.  I made the sacrifice because of all the people that lost their lives, there at Planned Parenthood, over the many years that they have been murdering children.  Pastor Everett was by the fence with the mega phone speaking Truth to Planned Parenthood, also he was offering help to the girls going in this place of death. 
The first girl was walking up the sidewalk to enter Planned Parenthood.  As she passed me by I offered her the Truth packet.  She said that she had already received on in the past & I asked he if she had read it & she said that she had.  I then asked her why she would be going into a place like Planned Parenthood then?  She mumbled something & then walked into the Killing Mill.  She came out less then 5 minutes later & was walking passed Pastor Everett & I.  He called for her to come over to him to talk to him & she did.  I was amazed at her response to his request & noticed the importance of him being out there on the front lines.  This goes for Pat too, for she is also African American. What a difference they make out on the front lines!   
I was calling out at times & I heard a voice that said "shut up you white b.....  Oh I thought that wasn't nice.  Then she came from around the bushes, to where I was standing on the sidewalk, & I tried to talk to her.  She let me speak to her for a few seconds but then she saw Pastor Everett & she changed completely.  She was subdued & cooperative.  He got to speak to her & so did I & she didn't call me any more names after that. She took a Truth packet too.  What a transformation I saw with the influence of the Pastor being out there, on the sidewalk. 
A woman was leaving Planned Parenthood & she was walking on the brick side of the building.  Pastor Everett called over to her & she responded.  She turned around & came over to where we were standing to talk to him.  She said that had 3 children & that she had her Tubes tied.  I said that wasn't right & that she needed to ask God to forgive her for that.  She aid that she will ask for God's forgiveness for that.  He told her to keep away from Planned Parenthood for they are destroying the Black Race through abortion & birth control.  She agreed with him & said that she will keep away from this place.  She was given a Truth packet too.  A job well done Pastor Everett.  Kudos to you!! 
He was cold  & so was I so we decided to go into the center to warm up.  Martha made coffee for him & I offered him her special cinnamon cookies to his delight.  Our street friend Cleveland was there warming up & getting something warm to eat.  Paul was nice enough to give him coffee & hot bowl of spaghetti O's.  I said to him when I first came "Cleveland, you need a shower".  He then said back to me that he needed some soap.  Okay that's fine with me & I went over to the basket, in the Great Room,  to get him a bar of soap to take with him to use.  Please use it Cleveland!! 
After Pastor Everett had left, Martha was calling the car seat company of the two car seats that were given to us at Focus, to see if they were okay to give away.  They were okay to give away but they didn't have the instruction manual with it, so Martha called the two companies for them to email me to make, with the instructions.  I made a copy to put on the car seat to hand out.  This was important but took a lot of time. 
After awhile Paul left & Martha & I ate supper together.  Then after supper the doorbell rang & it was Donna & her friend & her new baby daughter & we had a 3 hour visit.  She lives in Virginia now & is studying to become an attorney.  Yeah!!  She's determined to close down Planned Parenthood through the court system after she graduates. Yeah again!!  It was soooo good seeing her, for I have missed her so.  Thank God for the emails that we write back & forth to each other, otherwise it would be worse.  Praise God that I was able to see her today & to have time to talk to her too.  Great!!! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011 in front of Planned Parenthood

I arrived at the center at 12:50 & then went right over to the sidewalk to speak to Sheila & her brother form Texas, for a rundown of what had happened during the time that they were there this morning.  Sheila told me two incidents that occurred.  The one, was a woman with her daughter drove into Planned Parenthood & as the mother & daughter were walking into the abortion mill Sheila had offered them assistance & the mother called out saying "shut up & don't talk to my daughter for she's going in for a infection or I'll kill you".  I told Sheila that she should have called the police to report this threat but it was her decision not mine.  The police want us to call them when a threat has been made.  This mother, I wish, would been confronted by the police, for what she said to Sheila.  I pray that all pro lifers, out on the sidewalk, will be safe through the protection of God & Mother Mary.  God love Sheila for handling this situation with love & kindness & her being calm.  I just want to make sure that she's protected, that's all. She told me that when the mother & daughter walked out of Planned Parenthood that she was there to help them & for them to come over to talk to her & she gave them the day & time that she is out there.  She's so cool, not like me.  When they drove passed her the mother didn't say or react in any way to her, thank God.  The second incident, was the husband of the wife that he brought in Planned Parenthood to have an abortion stopped to talk to Sheila, on the sidewalk.  He said that his wife has diabetics & has had 12 miscarriages & they decided to abort this baby because she wasn't feeling well.  Sheila told him to name their baby & that this was the baby that the Lord was going to bless them with & that they killed their baby.  She said that he should have trusted the Lord & to repent for this serious sin.  She handed him a Truth packet & our Focus brochure & two Rosaries to take with him.  He left & then came back later on to pick up his wife who had just had their precious baby killed by Rachael Phelps, the abortionist at Planned Parenthood.  I feel sick. 
I then said "hi" to her brother Dennis & to Paul.  I saw that Rob had drove by us & he then came to get the mega phone & the literature box & a few of the graphic signs to take with him to the brick side of the building., to protest.  I set up the signs where I was standing after Sheila , Dennis  & Paul had left.  I was waiting for Martha to arrive to be with me on the side if the bushes.  All of a sudden I saw the two Pastors that I met at Focus last week.  I was so happy to see them.  Well they took the mega phone & off they went & spoke with Truth & Conviction for the next 3 hours.  This was a monumental event & a turning point, in our sidewalk counseling, in front of Planned Parenthood.  It was a prayer answered in the 16 years that Rob & I have been out in front of this place of Death.  This is one thing that Planned Parenthood fears the most is the uprising of the African American community, the very Race that they are targeting.  They spoke powerfully & I was convicted that this was a prayer answered.  Thank you Lord.  They told Planned Parenthood that they were not going away & they will be back with more people.  Planned Parenthood is shaking.  They should.  This is promising that Planned Parenthood will close down.  I'm encouraged. 
One car after another went into Planned Parenthood to have their baby killed & then drove out about 2 hours later.  How horrible.  I tried to talk to a young girl & a guy who in a car until they drove out of the parking lot.  As they were leaving I said that abortion was murder to which the girl  called me the same old name that I'm called every Thursday.  They're all alike.  The Pastor thought that this was a save but I wasn't to sure.  Unfortunately they came back & picked up another girl for Planned Parenthood.  As they drove out f the parking lot I said "murderess".  To which the girl that I dealt with earlier on said the same thing back to me.  How original.  I hope & pray that they repent for this cold blooded murder.  Lord have mercy on their souls.  A car drove passed us & I knew that they missed the turn & sure enough the driver did miss the turn & made a U Turn, up the street, & came back to Planned parenthood.  They killed their child too. 
In the meantime I received many phone calls.  One was that this mother needed some food for her family.  I told her to come on over to Focus to receive some food from our food shelves.  I received other calls to, out on the front lines.  It was hectic.  Suzanne & Paul were busy in the Focus Center handing out children clothes & a fairly new car seat for a baby who is due in 2012.  What a blessing this was for her. 
The two Pastors had left but before they left they told Martha & I that they will see us next Thursday, on the front lines & I know that Pat, the great grandmother, will probably join them then too.  Martha then went into the center & Rob & I stayed out there, on the front lines, a little longer.  Just then Donna drove up & she had her new camera with her.  She stood by me & took a picture of the girl that given me her middle finger when she drove into the parking lot about an hour earlier.  She also said some very bad words to me to which I replied "you have a very bad moth you brat".  Donna didn't know about this so she wasn't targeting her.  After she took her picture she screamed to Donna "why did you take my picture"?  Donna replied that she was doing a story about Hochesten to which the angry woman replied "Hochesten" what's that got to do with anything, she called back.  Donna said "this is a story that I'm doing about Planned Parenthood & it doesn't apply to you so just go".  As she drove out of the parking lot she geared her car to try to hit Donna.  Lord thank you that the spirit of murder didn't get Donna.  Post abortive women are scary until they repent. 
After Donna left I stayed out there on the sidewalk for about 10 minutes more & Rob was bringing the signs back into the center.  He couldn't stay for supper but Dan came by & he ate with Martha & I .  We had chicken & salad & candid sweet potatoes.  Mmmm good! He's coming back on Tuesday to help Martha & I wtith the mailing that we're going to do.  I have three brochures, that talk about Planned Parenthood, & we intend to mail these out to the businesses & donators, that are involved with Planned Parenthood, to educate them to what they're all about.  They're not what you think, people!!   Ni, our most recent volunteer, came by to help us out at the center, by putting away the children clothes, from the storage bathroom.  Thank you Lord for all the helpers that you bless us with at Focus.  The Great Room looks great once more until we get another shipment of clothes & things from my friend, Ana, from the Second Thought Resale Store in East Rochester.  What a blessing Ana & this store is to us at Focus, for they supply most of the material aid for 'free', so that we can give out 'free' clothes & items to our mothers who are in need. 
Suzanne also left me a note to say that one of our clients will be moving into her own apartment with her 2 year old daughter the first of the year. She had been placed in a R.A.I.H.N home until that happened & she came into Focus to tell us that she was grateful to the R.A.I.H.N program for having a place for her & her child to stay until her apartment was ready in early January 2012 & for us for helping her with her 'new start'.  We are happy to hear this & we thank God for you, my dear.  The very best to you & your daughter & the new baby, who is due in April, of 2012.  God bless! 
Check out a great website:


Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I went to the center after church to start our work there.  Paul was nice enough to join us today & said that he will come back on Wednesday too.  Thanks Paul, what a help you are to us.  Also, thanks for the Wendy's chicken sandwich for Martha & I for our lunch....mmmmm good.  The doorbell rang & it was someone that was donating clothes & a TV & many large items for the center.  Wow!!  I asked Alex who works at the taxi company next to us at Focus if he wanted the TV & he said that he did, so I said okay Alex it's all yours.  He smiled & thanked me for this TV.  I received a phone call form on of our clients asking to coming in for a pregnancy test.  She had a baby about 3 years ago & gave her baby to her sister through adoption & then just this past year she gave birth to another boy & is now raising him.  She had sex with the father, of the two children, & then found out he married someone else.  What a nasty man. She was negative but if she was pregnant he wanted her to have an abortion but she wouldn't do that, thank God.  We are there at Focus to try to save lives & to change lives too, through the grace of God.  The doorbell rang again & again, we were busy in helping our clients to get what they needed, in the Material Aid Room.  Then we had a visit from Valerie & she told us that she got an apartment today & was moving in.  Paul said that he will help her, what a blessing this was for her.  How nice of Paul.  She said that she will come by tomorrow to help us out at Focus.  How nice.
Martha & I decided to go out to the front lines to pray & to protest even though the temperature was 15 degrees.  We bundled up & out we went with the mega phones & the literature box & 4 graphic signs to witness.  As we were out there we prayed & witnessed the Truth to the people who were going into Planned Parenthood.  Willie came by & we greeted him today.  Willie was almost aborted by his mother but she decided on adoption instead, thank God.  He is happy to be here on earth.  We are too dear Willie.  Then I heard a voice, form up the street, saying "you bitch".  I said "no I'm not, I'm a chaste, happy & holy woman & if you know such a woman, I feel sorry for her, repent".  Where are the 'good men' ????
Then comes down the sidewalk comes Cleveland, our street friend.  As he walked closer to me I noticed that he had a white film covering his mouth.  I encouraged him to go to the center & have Paul get you some thing warm to eat & drink. He said "okay" & he walked to the center looking freezing.  Poor baby!!!! 
There were nasty young people coming out of this death mill giving Martha & I a bizarre wave & smile as there were leaving.  Don't come back on Thursday dear young people to have your precious baby killed by the hands of Rachael Phelps the abortionist here.  Don't ruin your lives at Planned Parenthood for it will take a life time to get back, if at all. 
A young Black girl walked passed us & I asked her if she would like a literature packet & she said that she would & that she would never have an abortion.  I was happy to hear this.  Then Martha asked if she had any children & she said that she had a little girl so she directed her to the center along with Valerie who had just come outside to join us.  When she came back outside she was sooooo happy. 
Martha & I went back inside the center & I did some office work while Martha took Valerie back home.  When Martha returned she was kind enough to start supper.  I received a phone call from my sister saying that my mother who is in the hospital after having hip surgery on Sunday had an anxiety attack & was moved from the Ortho floor to the Medical floor for further watching.  She had fallen in her bathroom on Saturday morning when she forgot to lock one side of her wheelchair & fell to the floor & broke her hip & was brought to the hospital via ambulance.  I called my step father & I told him that I was planning to go visit her tonight & then said "hi to her". 
When Martha & I were almost finished with the ham & sweet potato supper Dan came into the center to join us.  After supper he put up the light, under the kitchen cabinets above the sink in the Green Room, that I bought at the Hardware store yesterday.  Martha said that she couldn't see very well when she was washing the dishes, so I hope that this light will work, so that we can see better when we wash the dishes, at the center.  Dan said that he will come back tomorrow to help stuff the envelopes with the 3 brochures that talk about the evil Planned Parenthood, that we're sending to the supporters of the Vagina Monologues, the sick play that Planned Parenthood puts on yearly, here in Rochester, NY, to inform them of what Planned Parenthood is all about.  Thanks Dan!  Maybe some of these companies will quite giving them support.  Let's hope so!!!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood

Martha & Paul & I were busy in the center.  Martha & Paul were working in the Material Aid Room & in the Great Room cleaning & putting away children's clothed & small items & I was in the office getting the address off the Internet of the businesses that give to Planned Parenthood, from their annul report, to send them three brochures about Planned Parenthood to educate them.  Dan stopped by to help us to address the envelopes of the 100 businesses that we are sending the information to, in the Rochester area.  I hope that they will wake up, about the evil of Planned Parenthood, in our community.  We can only hope & pray!  We had one of our clients come in to help us in the center & she was a big help to us.  She stayed to eat supper with Dan, Martha & I tonight & I asked the taxi to take her home & I paid him when he returned. Thanks so much.
Dan & I went out to the front lines to witness with a Truth packet & my big mouth.  A young girl came from around the bushes & I offered her a Truth packet.  She said that she was there for the Depo shot & I told her that it causes bone fractures & that it acts as an abortafacient & it stops he periods too.  She then said an alarming thing to us.  She said that she is taking the Depo shot to Stop her periods because she doesn't like them.  Oh No!!!  I said that you can't mess up your body like that & that your body is a "temple of the Holy Spirit" too.  Dan said to her that God didn't make you half a woman.  She took the Truth packet & walked away down the street.  How sad!!!
I noticed that a woman was walking down the sidewalk across the street with her young daughter.  Dan & I crossed over to talk to her & to inform her of what we offer at Focus for her daughter.  I think initially she was nervous when we walked over to her & she started to walk fast as I was talking to her then she slowed down so I could tell her about Focus.  She final y stopped & was very nice to us.  She was happy to hear this for one of her fiends just had twin boys & is in need of clothes for them.  Yeah!!  I told her where we were located across the street & what days & times that we are open.  She was grateful & said that she will stop by tomorrow around 4:30pm.  I said "okay that'll be great & we'll see you tomorrow & have a great evening".  We said our "good byes" & off they went down the sidewalk.  Dan & returned once more to our stop across the street, near Planned Parenthood.
I had given away our only Truth packet so I had asked Dan if he didn't mind to go back into the center to get me a couple more packets to hand out.  He said that he didn't mind & off he went to the center.  I was standing now by myself & I called out to the people in the parking lot.  I heard a woman's voice ask me what I was hollering about.  She pulled her car along side of me & I told her what they do in there & that is that they kill babies.  She said that she didn't know that & she was here for a Urinary Tract infection & was now sick to her stomach that that's what they do in there.  She then said to me that she was a Catholic & I said that I was too.  I then asked her what parish that she belonged to & she said "St. Rita's Parish in Webster".  I then asked her if she knew Linda Smith & she said that she did.  I told her that she was one of my best friends & that I've known her for about 30 years.  I asked her to pray for her & she said that she would.  She also said that she suffers from anxiety & I told her to give Linda a call for support.  Dan had returned back to the sidewalk & he gave her our Truth packet & our brochure.  I told her that my phone number was on the front & if she needed anything just please give me a call.  She was very grateful & said good bye.  I waved so long to her & her precious child who was in the back seat of the car.  Wonders never cease.  Praise God for this encounter. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012 in front of Planned Parenthood

I spoke with Sheila, our sidewalk counselor, who was on the front lines along with her brother Dennis & Paul, who helps us out at Focus.  Sheila told me while she was there this morning, a car had stopped before going into Planned Parenthood, to speak with her.  She said to Sheila that she used to work there for many years since she was 16 years old & she just quit about 6 months ago.  She said that she was here to get some papers & was leaving immediately.  Sheila asked her what she did in there, & she gave a reply that is still upsetting me & will be for such a long time, in the future.  She said that for years she took the pictures of the babies that Rachael Phelps the abortionist just murdered in cold blood.  I felt sick to my stomach when I heard this & now again as I write this.  The woman said that she couldn't take it any longer & had to quite even if it was $26 an hour.  Thank God that she got convicted & converted.  She asked Sheila if Focus had paying jobs to which Sheila answered back to her that we are all volunteers.  She looked disappointed.  They exchanged names & phone numbers to communicate back & forth.  Thank God that she left this place of death & destruction & is on the right road now.  I hope that she finds God in a deeper way & makes reparation for her sins, of the past, in the pro life movement.  She will also need counseling, as these images of these precious children, flash back into her mind.  Peace dear sister in Christ. 
I will look into this grizzly practice by getting in touch with Abby Johnson, the former director of Planned Parenthood, in Texas & Jim Sedlak the founder of STOPP International @ &  By the way, I just emailed Jim about this & when I receive an answer, I will put it on this page. 
There was Martha, Dan, Adolf & Carole who has returned from visiting her granddaughter, who was born 1lb. 7ozs. & is doing well, except for her eyesight that is a problem somewhat, out on the front lines today.  Cars were coming in & out of the parking lot on a 'killing day'.  How horrible.  Paul & Suzanne were in the center working there.  Pastor Everett had returned on the front lines & he told me that he was committed to come here every Thursday, thank God.  He took the mega phone & he called out to every person going into this death place.  I had to go into the center for a minute & in came two young girls for a pregnancy test.  Suzanne took them into the Rose Room for that.  After they were finished I was told that one of the girls is having a 'ghost spotting' in her apartment, on the corner of Main & Culver.  Suzanne called two priests, Fr. Brian & Fr. Mickey that we know, & she left a message for one of them to go over to the apartment to do an Exorcism in there.  I hope that will take place real soon.  Really weird things are happening where she lives. We at The Focus Pregnancy Help Center tries to help our clients, in every aspect of their lives. 
It was horrible to watch the mothers pick up their daughters, after having their baby's killed, & then using their cell phones as they drive out of the Killing Mill.  The hearts of men & women have grown cold.........Lord have Mercy on us!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at Focus & in front of Planned Parenthood
Martha & I were walking to our cars in the parking lot next to church & there was a young woman walking in the parking lot with her son in the stroller.  We stopped her to tell her about the 'free' clothes & items at Focus & where we are located down the street.  She said that she will walk over to get some things for her child.  I met her at the center where she received many nice things for her son.  She told me that he was only 2lbs. when he was born at 32 weeks.  he looked very healthy  & was so cute.  She also said that her cousin was due in a couple of weeks & could she bring her here for some things because she didn't have very much.  I said "sure she ca come & get what she needed for her baby".  She smiled & said "good bye".  I said that we will hopefully see you soon again. Then she left with many nice things for her precious son. 
There was Martha, Carole, Paul & I at the center today, working putting away the many bags of donations, that we're received over the past week. After lunch I decided to go outside to sidewalk counsel.  I took the literature box & one graphic sign & the mega phone outside & I planted myself across the street in front to Planned Parenthood to be more visible.  I gave away a Truth packet to a young man who walked passed me & he stated that he had a young son so I told him about the 'free' items that we offer at Focus.  He said that he will stop by soon.  "Great" I said back to him as he was walking up the sidewalk.  He smiled back at me.  Martha came out to pray about an hour later.  It was so sad to see the cars going in & out of Planned Parenthood.  I finally went across the street to join Martha who was by the bushes & a car came into the parking lot & the guy in the car with a young child in the back seat waved at me.  I unfortunately told him to 'shut up'.  I 'm so tired of the 'bizarre wave' at me.  I spoke to him & so did Martha & when the woman & he & the poor child pulled out onto the street he was still waving at me.  I told the female in the car "not to ruin your family's life" & off they went down the street.  Another car pulled out of the parking lot, about 10 minutes later, with a flat tire driving slowly down the foolish. 
Martha & I returned to the Focus Center where Paul & Carole were busily working.  Carole told me that she & her husband would be going to Florida & won't be back until May.  I almost fainted.  Great for her but bad for us at Focus.  We will surely miss her that's for sure.  Can't wait for May!!!  Paul won't be with us tomorrow for he's going to take his friends from, the Ukraine, to the Emergency Room to be checked out.  I told him that they should try to establish themselves with a doctor.  He said that he will try for this to happen.  We'll see Paul back in the center on Thursday.  Between Carole & Paul they put everything away & also assisted our clients that came in for children's clothes.  The Material Aid Room looks GREAT!!  Thanks so much you guys :) 
The doorbell rang & it was our nice lady with more things from her home to drop off at Focus.  Thanks so very much kind lady.  About an hour later there comes Valerie & her so & sure enough the things that our nice lady just dropped off Valerie she took.  There was a plastic table & chairs & a bench & two large pillows to boot.  Yeah, I'm so glad that she was helped by the last donation.  I asked the taxi driver to take her & her son home & she said that she will see us tomorrow, for she has more time on Wednesdays to help us out in the center.  We always have something to do there & thanks Valerie!! 
Carole & Paul had left & Martha & I were working in the center when I pulled the area rug down so that it would be in the middle of the room ,for it moves around all the time, & there appeared a dead mouse.  In all the years, & it's been almost 7 years that I've been in this space, I've never seen a mouse until today.  It must have come into the building & slipped under the big center carpet & someone must have walked over it & crushed it to death.  Martha just stood there in shock just looking at it & I took action & asked one the taxi guys to pick it up & put it into the dumpster in the back.  He said that he would, but he wanted to pick it up with a broom & dust pan.  No problem whatever way that you wish to dispose of it is fine with me. I then sprayed the broom & dust pan with a disinfectant spray when he returned from the dumpster.  Thanks Alex.... how brave you are.  It was his way of saying "thank you" for all the wonderful things that we have given him recently to take home from the donations that we have received.  He is a big help to us at Focus & it was our way of saying "thank you" to him.  It's a two way street. 
Martha & I ate supper together & then she had to leave to go to her Parish Council Meeting at St. Theodore's Church.  I stayed to do more office work & then went home.   

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 on the front lines at Planned Parenthood

My intention today was to stay in the center & to catch up on my office work but God had other plans.  After Mass I went to the center but never walked into it until about an hour & a half later.  After I got out of my car I walked over to Planned Parenthood without my cell phone, or literature box or signs.  I just wanted to observe what was going on in there & I ended up staying until Martha came out to relieve me so that I could get a sandwich.  Valerie, our client & friend, came out with the literature box & some signs & the mega phone but for the longest time I was without anything but just myself & my voice that the Holy Spirit used.  Needless to say I was thrilled to see Martha come out to join me with her very large rosary, to pray.  She said that she had made me a sandwich & that it was in the refrig but when she said this two women walked passed us & we talked to them & offered them a Truth packet.  Then they said that they were going to Focus for a pregnancy test so Martha went with them to the center to give the test.  I was still on the front lines but this time I had the mega phone & the literature box & the signs.  I had to go to the car to get my phone which I put in my bag after church because I wasn't planning to be out on the front lines today.  I opened up the car & got the phone & put it in my pocket & then went back to the front lines to continue to sidewalk counsel.  I was standing by the fence after I had just prayed the Hail Mary prayer & then I was finishing up the St. Michael prayer when I head a voice & turned around to see an older man on a bike.  He said that I couldn't be where I was & say what I was saying & that he was going to call the police & he did right at the entrance to Planned Parenthood in the street.  Real smart guy!  I asked him to stick around so that I could have him arrested for making a false report but after he called me two very bad names he rode off.  I called put to him & asked him to ask God to forgive him for his many sins & that God will.  He called me a blank, blank & continue riding.  Martha was just coming out on the sidewalk & she heard him talk disrespectfully to me & added "you shouldn't speak like that while riding a bicycle".  I have dealt with this man in the past especially in the summer months but because the winter is so mild everyone thinks that it's summer so we have the same problems that we do in the summertime, with people.  Lord have Mercy!!  About 10 minutes later the police came. He got out of his car & walked over to me & said that he wouldn't have any problem in what we were doing except using the mega phone. I said that it's in the Injunction of 2002 & that we could use one & that I could go to the pregnancy center up the street to get it for him  to look at. He said that it wasn't necessary & I said "thank you officer". I told him that I've dealt with this man in the past & that he was probably a post abortive father & he just can't deal with it & that I wish that I could get through to him so that I could offer him help.  But so far that's a no go, which saddens me.  I then told him that Officer Chris was our advocate & when you see him to please ask him to stop by, for I have his Christmas card waiting for him. I said that I saw him a couple of weeks before Christmas when he stopped by to say "hi".  He said that he would & I then shook his hand & I got his name & I said that I'd be praying for him, to which he replied "thank you & have a great day".  I said "oh yes officer, you too".  Off he went in his police car up the street.  What a nice officer he was!! 

Martha then told me to go into the center to eat my sandwich so I left but just then a pregnant woman was walking down the street & we offered her some baby cloths in the center.  She said that she was due in a couple of months & that she had been walking for a long time & had to go to the bathroom.  I said that we at the pregnancy center around the corner had a bathroom & we also have nice baby clothes too.  She said that she lives right  up the street on University with her husband.  Very good I replied back & started to walk with her down the sidewalk to the center so she could use the bathroom.  As we were walking she told me that she was having twin girls so I stopped to tell her that Martha was a twin & had a twin sister too.  So I walked back to where Martha  was & asked her if she would go with her so that she could tell her of her twin sister.  It's called bonding.  Off they went into the center.  A few minutes later I called the office of the center & asked Martha to send out Valerie to be with me.  Valerie came out & I asked her if she didn't mind to be there alone for a few minutes so that I could go to the car & get my bag with food in it & put it in the refrig for it was left in my car for a long time now.  She said that she didn't mind so I went to my car & got the bag of food & quickly put it in the refrig & then came right back outside.  She said that she wanted to go back into the center to help out the moms for she was afraid that if anyone did anything to me that she would get real mad & cause a scene.  I said no problem & I will be fine until Martha comes back out.  Off she went back into the comfort of the center to do work in there. She puts the diapers into plastic bags so that we can hand them out to our moms & she helps them in the Material Aid Room too.  Thanks Val!! 
I was now alone & I was still unable to get my ham sandwich which was fine because the main reason I'm there is to help people.  The only thing that I was worried about was that I had only cereal for breakfast & I was starting to feel a little woozy.  I knew that if I fainted there was a good chance that I would be still on the ground when Martha returned, though we do have our faithful friends that give us much support when they drive by.  They give us a beep from their car & a smile & a wave too.  So maybe technically I wouldn't be on the ground for to long.  Lets hope that I never have to test this theory.
A few minutes later Martha returned, on the sidewalk, & I then went into the center to eat my sandwich,  While I was, in the center, Valerie was assisting our clients with clothes & non perishable food items.  It's so good to see the smiles on their faces.  Just then a little girl came into the Green Room, where I was eating my sandwich, with a pretty pink coat on.  I said to her "oh you so pretty in your pretty pink coat" & she smiled at me & looked down at her coat.  Just then there was a little boy coming out of the Great Room which is next to the Green Room & I asked the little girl if he was her brother.  She nodded 'no'.  He dashed into the Material Aid Room & I then called out to all the moms to please make sure that you have your child near you at all times, so that the right child will be with the right mother.  All is well.
When I returned to the sidewalk, Martha went back into the center, to help out the moms in there.  I was now by myself again. Then there were two girls that came from around the bushes.  The one Afro American girl had long blonde hair & she put her hand on her belly & said "I'm going to keep my baby".  I asked her if she just found out if she was pregnant & she said "yes".   I then asked her if Planned Parenthood asked her if she wanted to abort her baby & the two girls giggled.  I said "I thought so".  Just then Valerie, our client helper, came outside so I asked if she would bring them to the center to show them around.  The girls said that they needed to catch the bus to go to work but Valerie brought them to the center for a quick tour so that they would know where we were located so that in time the mom can come back to get some nice things for her baby.  I gave them a Truth packet & a DVD of growth & development of the baby & our brochure.  They were very grateful for all the help.  Wishing you both well & thank you for not being talked into having your precious baby be killed there at Planned Parenthood.  Yeah!!!!
As a car was driving into Planned Parenthood I offered her some information to which she replied that she was there for condoms.  I told her that condoms were bad & no sex outside of marriage.  She hollered over to me about what the bible says about judging & I said that "God will not be mocked" & that we as Christians are to judge righteously the actions of the person.  We are not to judge the heart, for God alone judges the heart.  She came out about 10 minutes later & stopped her car along side of where I was standing on the sidewalk & say that she was only playing with me & that she needed the name of a good doctor.  I went over to the literature box & got the doctors list & the Truth packet & a CD called 'Premarital Sex is Stupid'.  She was grateful for all the information & said "thank you & please be careful out here".  I said back to her that I will be careful & that God is watching over me at all times.  She smiled at me & then drove away.  Nice lady & a good encounter. 
Just then the abortionist, Rachael Phelps was leaving the parking lot, after all the damage she does everyday, at the killing mill Planned Parenthood.  I said to her, as she had to stop to look to the left & then look to the right, "you are evil & you are a sick woman, & please stop killing God's children & ask Him to forgive you & He will".  Off she went down the street.  It's always disheartening in confronting evil, it makes your stomach churn.
I turned around & there was Tucker coming down the sidewalk to take his Wednesday evening position with his sign with the three babies on it.  Just as he was standing next to me a tattooed guy drove into the parking lot & parked right by the fence to where we were standing.  Just then I saw that a young girl was walking towards the car with her middle finger right up in the air.  I tried to talk to her about what was going on in there & then told her that the middle finger was a rape gesture.  She looked awful & I wondered if she had an abortion in there.  She got into the car & as they were leaving the parking lot he stopped & rolled down the window & he said "what are you saying, no one here is having an abortion, I'm adopted".  I then said, as he was pulling out of the driveway, "I'm glad that your mother didn't kill you".  Just then she swung with a all her might a soda bottle from the car with such force to the sidewalk & it almost hit Tucker.  I'm glad that she didn't hit him, thank God.  If she threw it a little higher it would have hit him & it could have caused him some pain.  I'm glad that he wasn't hurt. The car gassed up & drove very fast down the street to get away before I could get the license number.  God saw it all & He has taken notice of it & they will have to answer some day for what they've done. Lord have Mercy on their souls!!! 
I went back into the center to do some office work & then, one of our clients came in with her cousin, wanting diapers & wipes.  We haven't seen her since Martha & I visited her in jail for child abuse.  Her grandmother & grandfather are caring for her son now.   She dropped them off at the center & they will have to catch a bus home.  Our client had a far away look in her face.  I don't think that she fully comprehends what she did to her son.  The consequences are great.  Hopefully someday she  will, soon.  At least the child's not with her & is with his grandmother & grandfather & is safe.  I was told by her grandmother that she's sorry for what she did to him, so there is hope.   This case was very upsetting to both Martha & I, this past year, to deal with.  Much joy but much sorrow in this ministry. 











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