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Saturday, November 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 14

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Thursday, January 12, 2012 on the Front Lines
A day of slaughter of the innocents.  I was driving to the front lines when I saw that there had been a car accident on the corner of University Ave. & Chestnut St..  There was the ambulance present.  I said a quick prayer for all who were involved & also thanked God that it wasn't me, for it could have been, for this is the route that I take, to get to the center.  It didn't look as if anyone was killed, thank God & I said another quick prayer.  I then drove into the parking lot & beeped at Sheila to let her know that I was there.  Paul, who volunteers at the center, came up to me & said that he was going to go to lunch & when he comes back he requested that he not be alone, in the center, without a woman being present.  I told him that Suzanne had called in today, for she had a class tonight & was going away tomorrow, & she had to pack.  I told him that when a client comes into the center for him to call me & either Martha or I will come in so that he won't be alone, for appearance sake.  We live in a time of ' false accusations' & he doesn't want to take a chance of any, nor do I. 
Martha told me yesterday that she would be late today in coming, for she had to go to her nursing supervisor to sign something for a case, & that this was the only time that they could do it.  I was hoping & praying that Pastor Everett would come today, as promised, to be with us on the front lines.  I was now with Sheila who was about to leave & I got to talk with her for a very short time when the cars started coming into the parking lot......and they never stopped all afternoon.  I spoke with Sheila later on this evening, on the phone, & she told me that she spoke with a mother who here for an ultrasound & was not, thank God, abortion mined.  Sheila gave her the phone number of Compass Care & she called them & made an appointment for a week from tomorrow.  Planned Parenthood wouldn't do it today, for they were to busy killing children, & they told her to come back tomorrow but after speaking with Sheila she said that she won't come back here.  Sheila told her that they kill babies & now she didn't want anything to do with them, thank God!!  Great job Sheila.  She also told me that this morning was also very busy too.  How sad is that.  Sheila had to go & there was Bill, Dan & Addison with me praying.  Just then a young girl came form around the bushes & I started to talk with her.  She stopped & said to me that it was to late for she already did it.  I said "did what".  She said "I already had an abortion".  I said "when".  She answered back " a year ago this month".  She asked me, as she was looking at the graphic picture, if abortion looked like that.  I said that abortion does looks like this & she started to cry.  I tried to comfort her.  I then asked her why was she here, at Planned Parenthood, where they had killed her precious baby".  She said that she was here for an IUD.  Check out: &   I told her how bad was that & I then gave her a Truth packet & a brochure & I told her that if she wanted to sue Planned Parenthood, for emotional stress, then just call me, & I showed her my number on the brochure, & I told her that I could connect her with somebody that could help her.  I also told her about Embracing Options & I gave her their phone number & address & for her to call them today to make an appointment for some post abortion counseling. Check out:  She took all the information & said "thank you" & walked down the street.  My heart was heavy for this victim of Planned Parenthood & many more like her. 
I set up the signs on this rainy & windy day but the mega phone wasn't really working very well so I got the other one & it wasn't working very well either.  I don't know why but I didn't have time to worry about it today.  I called out to the cars coming in with my own voice begging them to 'choose life' for themselves & their baby.  I was so upset because I knew, from seeing evil on their faces, that they had no intention of changing their sick & selfish minds.  Just then a car had pulled up by the fence where I was standing & a young girl & it looked like it could be her mother come out of the car.  I showed her the picture of the aborted baby & tried to plea with them both.  To no avail & they both walked into the killing mill.  A few minutes the young girl came back to the car to get something & I tried to talk to her again & just as she was walking back into the mill she turned around & waved at me.  My heart & stomach sank within me.  There is no greater pain than being in front of a killing mill, when they are killing little babies, & there is nothing that you can do to save their tiny lives, nothing.  You feel so helpless.  You pray that much more, for only God can change their stony hearts, not me, I can only try to tell them the Truth about what they are doing & hope that they will turn around & go home.  Some have, thank God. 
Praise God, for Carole was walking down the sidewalk, towards me.  I was so happy to see her.  She took a sign & then started to witness.  It was now about 2pm & I then saw that Pastor Everett was walking down the sidewalk, I was so happy to see him too. I told him that the mega phones were not working & he said that he could use his natural voice that God gave him.  He has a hardy voice, that carries, very far away. I knew that Martha, was in the center with Paul & they were very busy in there, helping out our clients.  A car had just came in & a man had dropped off a woman & was pulling out of the driveway now.  He stopped his car & pulled down the window on the passenger side.  Pastor Everett walked over to him.  The driver asked Pastor Everett if he eats meat & the Pastor responded "yes".  I knew what was coning so I started to walk down the sidewalk so as not to hear what was coming next, for someone in the past had asked me if I eat eggs, the same crazy response, I knew, was going to happen to the Pastor right now.  Sure enough it did.  I walked back over to the Pastor to give him support, for I saw the look on his face.  I've been on the front lines for 27 years now but it still is unbelievable to what people say to us.  Well this man said to Pastor Everett that abortion was the same thing as eating meat!!  The egg lady told me, years ago, that I was eating chicken embryos & that was the same thing as an abortion.  They just changed the animal.  How unbelievable to say the least.  I keep on asking this man to go back in there to get her out of there & to be a 'real man'.  I guess he didn't want to be, for he drove out of the parking lot onto the street, & drove away.  Pastor Everett said that he will be praying for this young man for a long time & he still looked shocked.  I felt badly for him.  Just then another car pulled in & then another & then another.  It was a massacre, of innocent lives, today as it is every Thursday.
We heard some screaming from up the street & saw that there were many young kids walking across the street.  Carole was disturbed by the noise but I told her that kids usually make a lot of noise.  Just then about six police cars, where speeding up the street, some cars coming from the side streets.  The police didn't get out of the cars but the kids were running down the street towards us. It looked like a flash mob?  Check out:  What is happening in today's society?  Where are the parents, they're at Planned Parenthood, killing their children.  They will always be the parents of the child they had killed, by abortionist, Rachael Phelps, but of a 'dead baby'.  How evil is that!!!! 
Another car came into the parking lot & out came two young women an older woman, I think the mother of the two girls, & then two small children.  On child was about 16 months old & the other a little girl was about 7 years old.  How evil is that???  The Pastor called over to them & pleaded to them not to aborted the baby.  The driver hollered back that not everyone wasn't here for an abortion & then walked in with all the family members.  Hours later the passenger of that car had to be escorted to the car, by one of the killing nurses, because she was unable to walk be herself.  I smell a complication from having her baby killed here today.  If they can kill they can lie.  As they were driving away the mother of the two girls rolled down her window & waved at me with a smile on her evil face.  I hollered to her that she was a witch.  It broke our hearts to see this, for Carole had just left, for it was 4pm now. 
Pastor Everett left about 10 minutes later & Martha came out to the front lines to help bring some of the signs into the center.  I try to stay outside until about 5pm or later if I can.  Before Pastor Everett had left he told me to hang in there & that he'd be back next week & in the meantime he will be praying for the team & the ministry.  I said "thank you Pastor Everett & that you are also in my prayers too".   One of our clients had just passed by me & stopped his van & called over to me saying "don't give up".  I hollered back to him "thank you for your encouraging words".  He was the gentleman that I met about 2 months ago coming out of Planned Parenthood looking for the place that gives out free diapers.  He's been with us ever since to get what he needs for his children. 
Just then I took the large graphic sign of Malachi the aborted baby & was shaking off the rain drops.  I was temporarily blocking the sidewalk & then come from around the bushes was two employees of Planned Parenthood, Kathy Pexton & Eric Hogg.  They had to have seen the sign & I knew that they couldn't walk on the sidewalk, because I had my sign on it, & it took all I had in me to move the sign to let them go by.  So I know that my Guardian Angel did it for me.  I said to them, as they walked by me, that they will have to answer to Almighty God someday.  Then I called them a witch & a warlock, when they went down, the sidewalk.  I was so angry & I called more benign names today then I can ever remember before.  I was so upset for this was a blood bath of innocent babies.  I also told two companies, that were doing business with Planned Parenthood, that we were going to Boycott their business.  The one company was NorthStar Delivery at 585/288-4030.  The other was Cintas Fire Protection at 585/286-3603.  I called them both to tell them of the news.  They both hung up on me??? The woman, who answered the phone at NorthStar Delivery, asked me "who are you, who are you"?  Really, I'm nobody, but a woman who doesn't like babies being murdered at Planned Parenthood or any other place.  You should be ashamed of yourself, in doing business, with people like that!!! 
I turned around & there was Memo.  He told me that he was coming today to get the remanding papers that he needed for 2011, for the 990 form. When all the information is gathered & recorded I will then submit it to our accountant, who has an office up the hallway from our center, to complete.  Thank God all is working out well with Memo & Elroy, with our yearly records.  They are a God sent especially Memo.  I didn't really want to leave the front lines but I'm responsible for the center too.  I was so sad to know that all the babies lost their lives today....non were saved from being murdered at Planned Parenthood.  Lord have Mercy on us!!   Martha came back outside so Memo & Martha & I brought in the remainder of the signs & literature box into the center.  I brought Memo to my office & gave him all that he needed for 2011 records.  I thanked him & then I went back out to the front lines to stay there for awhile longer with some Truth packets in hand.  The girl & her mother that had came in around 1:15 this afternoon were still in there & it was now about 4:30pm.  They finally came out & I told them to repent.  She didn't waved at me this time.  There were so many that came out looking so bad.  One girl stopped & told us that we were crazy.  I told her that it wasn't us who were in a Killing Mill it was you & your friend.  She gave me her middle finger to which I said that it was her IQ.  Off she went with I suppose her so called friend next to her on the passenger side.  Some friend driving her into an abortion mill going for an abortion supposingly.  There goes this friendship down the toilet as it will be for the boyfriends & girlfriends & the mother & daughter & the sisters & the husbands & wives.  No relationship can endure murder that will be between them.  I par that they will ask God to forgive them real soon with an sincere heart of the sin of abortion which is murder.  He will. 
About 15 minutes later I went back inside the center & did some office work while Martha made supper.  I did some odd & end things & then I joined Martha at church for Holy Hour to be with the Lord who loves me & will comfort me in my travail.  I wanted to comfort Him too, for the loss of so many of His precious children today at Planned Parenthood, that He had just created & wanted to be in this world.  I am so very sorry dear Lord!! 


Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at Focus & on the Front Lines

There was Martha, Carole, Valerie on of our clients & myself in the center.  The winter day was slightly rainy but warn for winter for it was in the lower 40's.  It seemed more like spring than winter weather.  Carole wanted to go out on the front lines & I had office work to do & Martha was finishing up her work taking care of our clients & then was going go to be with Carole out on the sidewalk while Valerie & I were going to stay in the center to do work in there.  Valerie put away the bags of clothes & items that we recently received & also to up the shower curtain on the extension pole, in the Great Room, so that we could hide our busy hallway with all the things on the shelves.  Looks so good now :)  Valerie was busy in the center helping our moms while I worked in the office.  A mom came in & asked if we had an infant swing & it so happened that we just got one in.  I had to call the company to make sure that there wasn't a recall on it & to print out the instructions, for the mom.  She was very happy to say the least.  I went back into the office after she left & then I saw coming into the office was my friend Agnes.  I haven't seen her in such a long time & she brought us some new baby outfits for our new moms.  How nice of you nice lady!!  We visited for a short time for her husband was in the car waiting for her.  I told her to keep up the great prayers & witnessing at the Planned Parenthood on W. Ridge Rd., in Greece.  She has a team of about 10 to 12 people that pray the Rosary & the Divine Mercy prayer every Saturday morning.  You have saved lives & changed hearts, through the grace of God, working through you all.  God bless you dear Agnes who has been out there for many years now.  We gave each other a hug & then said "good bye".  Earlier today after Mass my friend Sue stopped me in the parking lot next to church & went to her car to give me a box of diapers & a bag of older boy clothes, thanks to you dear Sue.  The kindness of my friends means so much to me. 
I was somewhat finished with my office work & I told Valerie that I was going to go outside to be with Martha & Carole & that if she needed me to come & get me from outside.  She said "okay".  I took another graphic sign & went outside.  I don't know what it is about me out there on the front lines but I get so much flack from people.  Maybe it's my approach.  I know that I'm getting more angry & to the point with the people going in & out of the abortion mill.  When will they wake up & get their lives on track before they can't.  The deeper you fall in the pit, the harder it is to get out.  It saddens my heart, that's for sure.  The first girl as she drove out of the parking lot waved at me sort of mockingly & the other girl gave me a double bird & the young Black man gave me his IQ too.  I told them that knowledge is power & that you can't go any lower than to be her for there isn't a place that lower than Planned Parenthood.  I usually offer then help when I call out & I tell then the Truth & to repent, etc..  Very informational words.  I sometimes tell then tat we love them enough to tell then the Truth & that God always loves them but doesn't love the sin, etc..
A girl & a guy were having it out up the street & the neighbor Vitto called the police on them & two police cars came.  I was hoping that one of the police was Officer Chris for I do miss him & I have his Christmas card to give him.  I figure, I'll give it two more weeks, & if I don't see him during this time then I want until next Christmas, to give him the card.  He'll never know.  
When I went back into the center Elroy, the Accountant down the hall from us told Martha & I that he found mouse turds on his desk.  Remember his office is right next to mine.  The only time that we've seen a mouse in the center was the crushed mouse under the large throw carpet that's in the middle of the room in the Green Room.  I went over next door & asked Mack if  he's seen any mice & he said that he has & has killed a couple.  Oh darn!!  I called Bernie, the landlord ,to tell him this icky news & he said that he'll bring by some mouse traps tomorrow.  Okay Bernie but I'm not going to pick up any dead mousses, so I hope the guys will come to the plate on this & remove them ASAP!!!!  Always something. 
Cleveland, our street friend, was hungry so we brought him into the center to feed him & to give him a piece of Martha's fantastic homemade chocolate cake.  Mmmm good :)  He thought so too.  Dan, the man, came to help us in the center.  We had the back door, of the center, open to air out the room because Cleveland hasn't taken a shower in weeks & maybe even months, I gave him a bar of Irish Spring soap to take with him & I hope that he uses it.  I used the opportunity to go to the back, of the building to call out to the workers that were leaving the Planned Parenthood building.  Their parking lot is right in the back of our center.  Dan took over & he used the mega phone to call out to them to repent.  I see robots, people with no emotions, who have a blank look on their guilty faces.  How sad to say the least.  No Injunction restrictions, in the back of the center, & that means that we can get right up to the fence when they leave & use our "Freedom of Speech' to protest them & it's all legal. 
Valerie & Carole had gone home so it was Martha, Dan & I for supper tonight. Martha had made a pot roast with roasted potatoes, corn & fresh green salad.  It was soooo good & then we had her famous chocolate cake for desert. What a supper :)    

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I went to the center after Mass this afternoon & worked there all afternoon.   We saw clients & helped them out with children's clothes & diapers. I had gone over to Mack's next door & asked him if he had my DVD burned for me & I bumped into Janet, who is on our Board of Directors though she not productive at Focus & didn't make the last meeting.  So I asked to speak with her & she said that she would stop over in a few minutes, which she did.  I offered her a seat & then I asked her if she still wanted to be on the Board of Directors at Focus or not & if she did she had to be more productive at Focus, for that's only fair & that's what it's all about is to be pro active in the center's well being & to have it flourish for our clients. She then decided before she left that it would be best to resign & I accepted.  We left in good terms for she is to busy to be productive at the center & we need people that are.  She gave me a hug & we said "good bye" with no heavy hearts. After she left I asked Martha if she would call the young man that she spoke with last Thursday evening that called the center's phone number & asked if we did abortions. I initially spoke with him & he hung up on me when I told him that we do not refer for abortions & that we could help him & for him to be a 'life saver'.  Then I asked Martha if she would call him on Friday & she said that she would & she did.  She told me that he told her that he was calling for his buddy that got his girlfriend pregnant.  Martha offered him help to pass onto his friend's girlfriend, then he hung up.  I was thinking of him today so I asked Martha if she would call him to see if we could help again in this situation & hopefully get some good news that his friend's girlfriend won't have her precious baby be killed.  Martha left a message on his voice mail & he never called back.   Not good news that's for sure.  This is a throw away society where if you don't want your child you can pay to have him or her killed by the local abortionist.  Fast & easy, you think, but it will haunt you for the rest of your life, don't you know!!  After the phone call Martha & I stopped to have an egg & olive sandwich for our lunch.  Then the office phone rang.  I got up to get the phone when a female voice was on the other end asking if this was a doctor's office.  I said that it wasn't thinking that she just got the wrong number but I was so wrong.  Then she asked me if we were an abortion facility.  I quickly responded "no, we are not for abortion kills the baby & that we help mothers here".  She hung up on me.  My heart sank.  Just then I received a call from our newest volunteer  telling me that she received so many nice things from her employer & that she would like to write a 'thank you' letter for her generosity.  I was so distraught from the last phone call that I couldn't concentrate on this call so I apologized to our newest friend & said that I would see her tomorrow at the center & said goodbye & hung up.  I asked Martha if she could retrieve the phone number of the last call for she has a phone just like this one at home & she does it there but she couldn't do it here.  I then went to ask our account up the hall if he could & he couldn't & he suggested to me to call Time Warner Cable Company which I did.  They said that they would need a court order to give me that number.  I said that this was life or death & the operator seemed to understand & he was very sensitive to my request & my noticeable pain, on the phone.  He said that he was sorry & he hoped that everything will work out well.  I said to him that I hoped it will too & I said "thank you" & then hung up the phone.  I then took hold of the phone & prayed that I could figure out how to retrieve the number of the last caller & to my amazement I did.  I know that it was my Guardian Angel who found it for me.  I was very upset to say the least & I asked Martha, my faithful co director if she would make the call & she did.  She got the woman on the phone & told her that we were a pregnancy center & that we could help her.  She hung up on dear Martha.  Martha called her right back & the nasty woman said that she would call the police for harassment.  God figure lady, your planning a murder & your bothered about someone helping you not to commit this crime against God & your child.  You're nuts to say the least & so are the women that think this way too.  Society is so toppsy turvery, when evil appears to be good & good appears to be evil, like the Bible says.  What's wrong with women today that they are trying to find someone to kill their own baby??  They're hiring a hit man, searching someone out to pay, to have their very own son or daughter murdered in cold blood.  How hideous & heartless!!!  No matter what your situation is you never solve the problem with having your child killed..... it's always evil.  If you are forced to have an abortion, DON'T....  go to a safe place, the nearest pregnancy help center, & they can help you there. Check out the phone book or on line at Option Line @ or call 1-800-395-4357 24x7.  Please get away from those who want you to kill your very own flesh & blood...  you will never be the same if you do it.  They don't care about you, the abortionist doesn't care about you or the so called staff at the abortion mill, the only people that do care about you are the pro lifers at the pregnancy help centers. They love you & your baby & they can help you in whatever you need during your pregnancy & after the baby is born.  There is also adoption ,the loving thing to do.  There are good people that can assist you with that process as well.  DO THE RIGHT THING & you'll have nothing to regret!!! 
The rest of the afternoon we assisted clients & saw the smiles on their faces.  It's so worth it!!  We did have this one unpleasant experience with one of our regular clients.  We have to be careful that we are not duped, that's not what we're all about.  We pray for discernment. She is an older woman with this man that she brings with her.  He just stands there & doesn't say to much & is much younger than her.  She said that she was pregnant about 4 months ago & she came in looking the same.  We offered her a pregnancy test which she refused. She filled one bag up & then asked for another bag theat's when I flipped.  I then confronted her by saying "you're not pregnant so stop making this up".  I restricted her in what she could take from the Material Aid Room. I've never seen her children, if she has any at all.  When she talks about them the ages are always different, like she can't remember their ages?  What is that all about?  I don't know if she gets what she wants & then sells the items or what, for she's nt being honest with Martha or I.  We can't tolerate dishonesty at the center.  I left the room & then Martha took over the situation until the woman & man left.  It's always a challenge to run the center with interiority.  We are not saps so don't try to pull one over on us for we have the Holy Spirit. It can be hard at times, that's for sure, but rewarding too.  This situation seldom happens for most of our clients are truthful & pleasant & they appreciate us at Focus, as we do them. 
I worked in the office for awhile & then Martha & I made up some Truth packets for the sidewalk ministry.  We ate supper together & then I left around 8:4pm to go to the post office, to check the PO Box for the Focus center.  I was so surprised to see that we were blessed with two checks that were very generous.  Thank you Lord!!  I went home happy.  


Thursday, January 19, 2012 on the Front Lines

I got to the center at 1pm to be told by Paul that he was going to go to lunch & then come back to work in the center until 4pm.  I asked for a tuna sandwich but he never went to lunch because when he got into his car it wouldn't start.  he called the tow truck & he was towed to the dealer which he just spent over $500.  Can you imagine!!  So there goes lunch & our helper in the center today.  Suzanne had emailed me to tell me that she wasn't coming this afternoon because of a cold & Carole won't be back until May!!  We need more people to help us that's for sure.  I looked to see that Sheila was by the fence & no one else was with her for Paul was earlier.  She had done a pregnancy test this morning of a young girl whose boyfriend gave Sheila the finger as they drove into Planned Parenthood but was nice to her when they drove out.  She offered the young girl a pregnancy test & she took it.  Planned Parenthood only kills babies on Thursdays & that's that.  I was happy to hear that she came to Focus for assistance this morning.  AS I was getting ready to go to the front lines Martha drove in.  She had to stay in the center because there was no one else there to assist the clients.  I stayed outside with Bill, Dan, Addison & Adolf were with me until Pastor Everett came around 2pm. He called out to the victimizers of Planned Parenthood there to have their precious baby killed.  Just then, the two Planned Parenthood enthusiastic, came walking from the bushes walking down the sidewalk.  I spoke to Katlin about her Lesbianism & for her to repent of the sin & for her being apart of this killing mill, Planned parenthood.  The other girl with her I see coming in & out of Planned parenthood & I know that she's apart of this horrible place.  I knew that they were going to have lunch at the Ethiopian restaurant that's in our strip plaza & it made me sick that evil was now going to be on the premises, where we have our pregnancy center, a place of life while they have a place of death.  It's a horrible feeling to say the least, to be around evil acting people.   Martha came outside with a ham sandwich & my believe it or not ice tea, I grave it.  As she was there I asked her to get some Blessed Salt & go over to the entrance of the restaurant & sprinkle it by the door, & she did.  About an hour later as they walked by me to go back to the killing mill I said that they walked in Blessed Salt & they will have a spiritual experience tonight.  They both smirked.  One never knows how God will deal with you both. 
No one to my knowledge had changed their minds in having their precious baby murdered today.  One car left with a picture of Our Lady of Guadeloupe picture hanging from their car mirror.  I was so upset when I saw this.  Lord have Mercy!! 
Dan, the Realtor, that rents a room in the hallway of our center, from the landlord, stopped to tell me that he fixed the bathroom door.  Thanks Dan. I then introduced Pastor Everett to him & then, for whatever reason, they exchanged phone numbers.  Maybe the Pastor wants to buy a house or something.  A couple of hours later the Pastor had an idea to speak to me at a time that we can discus how to get more people out here on the front lines.  Just then Rick stopped by to give me more Focus brochures that he just had printed up so I introduced Rick, the '40 Days for Life Coordinator, here in Rochester, to Pastor Everett.  I told Rick of what we were just talking about & then invited Rick to join our meeting too.  We thought a week from this Wednesday at 4:30pm at Focus.  I will seek out other people to join us in this effort.  It all starts with an idea that's inspired by the Holy Spirit.  
The cars were going in & coming out to which I called out to them to repent for the sin of murder & the driver too, for you are an accomplice of this crime, against God.  One finger response after another or the girl would be eating or waving at me or on the phone or slumped in the seat.  It's so sad to see.  They have to be made aware that what they did was so evil & wrong & a grievous sin against God & to ask His forgiveness with a n sincere heart for what they've done.  They will suffer, there's no getting around that, & it's a matter of time for that to start.  I hope & pray that they will not commit suicide & that they will seek out God & a good counselor, to start the healing process of hope & healing, for this will take a lifetime to achieve.   
The guys left to go home but not until poor Bill, our 82 year old Korean Vet, took a fall on the sidewalk.  He sits on his stool, across the street with his sign, & it fell to the ground & he bent down to pick it up & then lost his balance & fell backwards on the sidewalk.  We all ran across the street to pick him up & to see if he was okay.  He said that he was & no broken bones.  I hope not Bill but I'll call you tomorrow to make sure.  I was so upset with myself, & I blame myself for not going across the street, to help him pick up the sign that he dropped & then he wouldn't have fallen.  I could kick myself!!!  I don't want anything to happen to our boy Bill, who is so dedicated in the pro life movement, for so many years. 
Pastor Everett & I were now manning the front lines alone.  He had to go inside the center for a few minutes to warm his hands for he couldn't feel them & then he came back out to re join me once more.  I had a phone call from a gentleman who is raising his 3 grandchildren for his daughter is in jail.  He found out about Focus & came to get some clothes & things for the children.  I saw that he was in the center because he mistakingly went to Planned Parenthood thinking that it was Focus & the Death Escorts told him that he was in the wrong place.  When he walked passed me I directed him to the center & later on asked Pastor Everett t talk to this young man & offer him support for he had none.  He went in & spent some time with him & then brought him home & then came back to the front lines.  Great job Pastor.  Martha was very busy with the clients & putting away all the bags of clothes & things that was left in my garage by Ana, from the Second Thought Store hear in East Rochester.  Thanks dear Ana for keeping our Material Aid Room filled with many great selections for our moms children.  God bless you!!
I'm hard on some of the girls, at times, for some of them are hard girls & you can't appear weak otherwise they'll make mince meat out of you.  You have to stand against them & stand strong.  They need to see that you are serious, yet sensitive, in what you are saying to them, but with convection & truth.  A young woman pulled her car out to see if she could get onto the street.  I gave her some good information & she then gave me the 'bird'.  I then said to her "I know that's your IQ because you've hear at Planned Parenthood".  I hope that she thinks about the important information that I gave her before I gave her these words.  I'm not kidding you, I was speaking to a woman in her car as she was about to pull out of the parking lot, I do try not to cause an accident but this is a great opportunity to give them some information before they leave.  A very tall man who was big in stature came walking down the sidewalk towards her car wearing a shirt of a human skeleton, with ribs & bones & all.  I couldn't believe it.  I told her as he was walking closer to her car for he was walking down the sidewalk where her car was pulling out of Planned Parenthood that this looks like the Grim Reaper, see that's what they do in there!!  She safely pulled out onto the street with a cigarette in her mouth looking a bit bewildered to say the least.  I was a little taken back to what he was wearing too.  As he passed the graphic signs, that were on the sidewalk, he let out a scream.  Yes, I know how you feet Mister Skeleton Man. 
A young boy who appeared to be about 12 years old came walking up the sidewalk with no coat on & it was a cold winter's day.  Pastor Everett & I just looked at each other in utter amazement.  When he approached closer to us we asked him where his coat was & he said it's hear & he showed us his jacket that he was holding in his hand.  The Pastor asked him if he was cold & he said "no" & I responded "it must be refreshing for you then".  He smiled  at us as he walked passed us & then, the shock came, for he was walking into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  Another shock this afternoon!  He was such a dear boy & it broke our hearts to see that he was going into the building of this death mill.  Then I realized that his mother probably works here, how sad is that!!   This nice boy deserves not this that's for sure.  I hope that he turns out okay having a mother like that. 
A black SUV speeded up to the edge of the sidewalk stunning bother the Pastor & myself.  I hollered for the driver to "slow down".  The vehicle pulled into the Buckpitt's parking lot, which is the business next door to Planned Parenthood & the young disturbed man, who works there got out.  I then went over to the vehicle & got the license number.  I then realized that this vehicle was not his but one of the owner's of this company.  I knew that some time has gone by with no problems so we are about due for some more problems with this nemesis that we have been plagued with for 11 years now, since we've won the Injunction Appeal in 2001 that brought us to where we are now. They have resented us being where we are for all these years.  How sad is that! 
The Pastor had to leave for it was after 5pm so he helped me to bring the signs & the literature box into the center.  The plastic part of the mega phone that hold the batteries got broken so I had to call the company to order another.  I went into the office to do some quick paper work then I joined Martha with her tasks.  Ni, our newest volunteer, came by to drop off some very nice things for the Material Aid Room, that she received from her clients that she does work for.  Thanks so much!! 
Martha & I had supper of her famous chicken dish & Ni joined us for the remainder of the delicious chocolate cake that Martha brought in on Tuesday.  Mmmmm good.  The snow was now falling & we all had to leave to go to different places.  Ni had to go home to make supper, Martha was going to Holy Hour, at St. Jude's Church ,close to where she lives & I wanted to go to the last day of the retreat at the Church of the Holy Spirit.  Afterwards in the gathering room I got to see my friends & Focus benefactors & I got to meet Brian, a member of the Knights of Columbus, & he invited me to come give a talk to the Knights about our work at the Focus Pregnancy Help Center.  He asked me if I was  ever on TV.  I said that I have been in the past & then he mentioned that he saw me on the Rick Castellano Show @  at 1am, when he was channel surfing.  I said that Rick & his camera man were driving down University Ave. about 8 months ago & they stopped for an interview of us, who were on the front lines.  I also told Brian that he slipped me a $100 bill, for real, for the expenses of the center.  Nice guys & so Pro Life too.  He told me later on that this show was one of his highest rated shows ever.  Thanks Rick & camera man.  He sent me a  DVD copy of the show & I have it in my desk drawer at Focus.  I should watch it again.  Brian told me that it was possible that the Knights would do a Fish Fry fund-raiser dinner for us at Focus this Lent.  Way to go Brian, thanks so much & it was a blessing to have met you tonight at the retreat in this snowstorm.  Thanks Lord for again blessing us at Focus, so that we can continue our work in helping our clients to have a less stressful life with their children, so that they can concentrate in raising them, with love & patience & in the ways, of the Lord.  Amen. 

When I arrived home & watched on EWTN,  'Life on the Rock', an interview with the producer of 'Bella', the hit movie a couple of years ago, & he mentioned his next movie called 'The Last Summitt', that will be released sometime this year. Check out:  or  


 Sunday, January 22, 2012 at the Church of the Holy Spirit for the

'March for Life'
Martha picked me up at my apartment.  We took my car & Martha left her car in my garage.  We got to the church were we were all gathering before boarding the bus to Washington, DC, for the 39 annual March for Life.  We got our papers, our box lunch & our tickets for the subway.  We were now entering the church for the prayers before we go.  I was interviewed by the reporter at the Catholic Courier, a local Catholic newspaper here in Rochester, NY, who was assigned to go with us on the bus to DC.  After the prayers I went to my car to get my heavier boots for I was told that it was going to rain in Washington for the march.  I didn't want my feet to get wet so I opted for the heavy boots that I knew were waterproof.  I brought my umbrella too but I left it at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It figures but no big deal for I can buy another for $5.00 at the Dollar General.  All a board we were now entering the bus.  I picked the seat & I wish that I didn't for there was two ladies across from Martha & I who were taking & knitting with the light on all night long.  I said something on several occasions but to no avail did I much sleep on the way down to DC.  I was upset to say the least & they were my spiritual challenge from the start of the trip to the end of it.  Lord have Mercy!!  I guess  that I didn't expect my fellow Catholic pro lifers would be so inconsiderate of me & the other 47 passengers on the bus, as it traveled from 10pm to 6am, in the dark & cold of winter.  I did finally put in my ear plugs but they really didn't work very well for these women had good & hardy voices especially when they laughed.  We finally arrived at the Basilica, in Washington, DC & the first thing that Martha & I did was to go to the 'real' bathroom to freshen up & to brush our teeth.  We then made our way to the Basilica & got a seat towards the front.  Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York was to be the celebrant of the Mass.  He will be a Cardinal in February, Praise God!!  After the beautiful & powerful Mass Martha & I went to plant ourselves in the long breakfast line.  We waited there for about 20 minutes.  I had a good breakfast of a pecan roll, oatmeal, bacon & eggs & water & skim milk.  I had a potato has brown but it was cooked to much so I didn't eat that but otherwise it was a good & hardy meal.  I was happy to see form afar my friend Sister Joseph Maria, a Dominican sister.  She was so happy & she looked so good.  I asked for her prayers & she said that she would pray for me & all who are on the Front Lines of the abortion mill Planned Parenthood.  I said "thank you sister & you have my prayers too".  We said "good bye " & Martha & I were on our way to the streets of DC.  We decided not to travel with the Rochester group but to go it alone, for we are independent women.  We took the subway but got off a little to soon for we had to walk an extra mile because of that mistake but it was okay.  We saw the motor cave of either the President or the Vice President, on Pennsylvania Ave.  I thought to myself "how could this person want the death of innocent little babies"?  It really doesn't make any sense???  Lord have Mercy!! 
Check out:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at Focus & on the Front Lines

Martha & I went to the 'March for Life' in Washington, DC yesterday Monday, January 23rd.  I went to bed at 4am Tuesday morning & Martha had to get up earlier than I, to go to take care of her patient, for she's a Liscensed Practical Nurse.  We met at Mass & then we went to Focus to start our work there.  Before I went into Focus I went over to the front lines because I saw a red car drive into the parking lot & it parked by the fence where I could call out to the girl that just got out of the car.  I said what I said to her as she walked into the Killing Mill, she did turn around to see who was talking to her, though.  I saw that there was a man with glasses in the car.  I tried to talk to him for a while & then I went back into the center to put the donations of clothes & things away & to assist our clients, along with Martha.  My heart was still thinking of the front lines & especially of the girl in the red car.  Our first client came in with her rambunctious 2 year old daughter, who said everything was "hers".  She was so fast moving & I had to get her out of my office & the hallway, in the Great Room.  I haven't seen her daughter in awhile because when she does comes to Focus she's usually alone.  I remember her when she was just born & in a stroller & look at her now!  Soooo cute!!  After she left another client came in with her son & her friend.  The friend needed food & she went into the Great Room & she was nice enough to arrange our food shelf & said that she'll come back to help us out.  That'll be great & thank you so much, for we do need help, at our center.  Then after they left a husband & wife came to get food from our Food Shelves & Martha was nice enough to give them our Referral Aid Sheet & called the St.Theodore's Church food cupboard, so that they can go to it tomorrow, to get food. They were very appreciated for the assistance that Martha gave them.  We were blessed, with a monetary gift from St. Pius Tenth Church, & I spent some time writing a 'Thank You' letter for their generosity.  Thank you Lord! 
Martha made a grilled ham & cheese sandwich,for lunch & after I wolfed it down I went back outside to the front lines again.  The red car was still there, which was parked by the fence, & I talked to the gentleman once more then I went back to the center to continue my work there.  We were very busy & I spent another hour there before I went back outside with the literature box & a graphic sign.  The red car was still there & I again talked to the man with the glasses who was in the car.  It was difficult to see that some one wasn't interested in the Truth to get help for the young girl that he brought in.  It was almost three hours later when she came out & she just looked straight ahead when they left.  I call it the death look', which is when the person has a far away look in their eyes.  As the car passed by me I asked her not to chop up her precious baby on Thursday, the surgical abortion day.  Lord have Mercy!!  I stayed out on the front lines, for about 30 minutes, as the police & the fire truck passed by me as I was praying for their safety.  Where is the safety for the person in the womb???  I also handed out a Truth packet to a young girl that passed by me as she was entering the Death Camp.  I only hope & pray that she reads the material & that it will educate her & change her life, which it's suppose to do, if the person who receives it is open to the Truth.  I called out to a man who was getting into his car & he called back over to me saying "I don't believe in abortion".  I said that's great but Planned Parenthood does.  I offered him a Truth packet  & a informational DVD, as he was leaving the parking lot, & he was nice enough to stop & to take it.  The car window didn't open so I had to open up the car door to put it on the seat & then I invited him to come out to join us on the front lines.  I said that there was a black Pastor who come out on Thursdays from 2 to 5pm & then he said "it doesn't make a difference" & I responded "no it doesn't for God made us all".  The said 'thank you' & then drove off.   I do think that having someone of the Black Race, does make a difference, out on the Front Lines, though.  Planned Parenthood does target the Black Race & the girls would rather have some one from their Race talk to them than from the White Race, I imagine.  Not always though. 
I saw that Planned Parenthood had an old woman as the Death Escort today.  She walked a young girl out to the sidewalk & I called over to her some information.  I hope that she heard me. 
I went back in the center & it was a short time later, that Dan came to the center, to help us.  He glued the strip that covers the kitchenette counter top.  Plus he taped one of our signs that was in bad shape.  Just then the door bell rang & it was one of our clients.  He had brought his two sons who are adopted & who have Autism.  His wife just had a baby girl, about 4 months ago.  He came in for diapers & for shoes, for his sons.  He stayed for awhile & then left.  Dan had to go & he said that he'll be back tomorrow to do more work for us.  Thanks Dan the Man.  Martha & I ate supper & then she left.  I finished my work, which is never finished, & then I went to the Dollar Store to buy diapers & things for the center & then went home. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at Focus 

I went to the front lines after I got out of my car after Mass this afternoon before I went into the center.  I wish that had a Truth packet & I plan to have one or two in my car at all times so when I decide to walk over to the front lines I will have some information to hand out with me.  I was there calling out to the people as Martha was opening up the center to assist our clients with their needs.  I spoke to a woman who was driving a van that said Apple Transport, on it. Check out  She said to me "why are you hollering"?  I said "because they're killing babies in there"!  She responded that they are killing people everywhere.  I said "you just don't get it don't you"!!  She flagged her hand at me & I told her to wake up & shame on you & please don't come back here again"!!  She drove off.  Then I spoke to a young girl that had just let Planned Parenthood & was walking up the street.  Then I moved my position, on the sidewalk, & I saw that a man was sitting on the bench, in front of the Killing Mill.  I eyeballed him & I started to call out to him the Truth.  He got up from the bench & walked over to me.  I'm never thrilled that some one approaches me when I'm alone, on the front lines, that's for sure.  He was defensive right away.  He approached me by saying "are you a Bible thumper".  I looked at him & then he said to me "are you a Christian"?  I said quickly "yes I am", with a big smile on my face.  He then said "she's here for birth control".  I then said that it acts as an aborificant & that it kills babies early on in the pregnancy.  I then said "no sex before marriage", to which he replied "I'm married & have four children" to which I replied "if you're married then you must be open to new life & let God be God".  He walked away from me & was heading back to the abortion mill.  I said, as he was walking away from me "birth control will destroy your marriage & then what will happen to your children"?  How sad that people don't want the Truth but I hope that what I said to him, will resonate, in his heart & mind.  He walked pretty close to me so I reached into my pocket & I got out my cell phone, to intimate him.  He did say "don't talk to me" & I said back to him "this is still America & I have Freedom of Speech".   Then I saw that a truck had driven into the parking lot & it was the Physician Sales & Services at  I told the driver that his company was getting 'Blood Money' & that there wasn't any Physicians here but an abortionist.  If you don't know this, a doctor doesn't kill their patients, just say "no" to delivering anything here.  After he left I stayed about 5 more minutes more, for a young mother came out to the front lines, to get me to help her out in the center.  Martha had gone to Wendy's to get lunch for us.  The taxi man, who has an office in the same building where the center is located told her that I was out on the sidewalk.  I then left the front lines to go to assist her & her friend, in the center.  On the way she told me that last week she had dropped off some clothes to the center.  I said "thank you so much, that was very nice of you, & we certainly appreciate it".  We arrived to the center & I lead them to the Material Aid Room to get what they needed for their children.  They asked for diapers so I went to the Great Room to get them.  They said "thank you" & then left.  Martha had returned from Wendy's & we had just started to eat our lunch when the one lady returned, who just had left, she asked if we had any bar soap & toilet paper.  I said that we did & I got up from the table & got her soap & one roll of toilet paper.  She was so grateful.  I got to talk to her & found out that she was interested in the Catholic faith, so I got her a couple of educational CD's & a two booklets to take with her to educate her about the Catholic faith.  She said "thank you" & went on her way.  I rejoined Martha, for lunch & I finished up my grilled chicken sandwich.  I was so proud of myself because I refused Martha's French Fries.  It was soooo hard. 
I went to the office to perfect my 'Thank You' letter, to St. Pius Tenth Church, for their generous donation, that I just received.  I then realized that the three Elim girls were to come back today at 2:30pm. Yeah!!  Paul was now back form lunch at Nick Tahoo's & he had a plate of baked beans, for he's watching his cholesterol.  Good idea Paul.  Martha was putting away the clothes in the Great Room into the Material Aid Room.  I was in the office when the doorbell rang & it was the girls.  I got up form my desk & greeted them.  They were so happy to be back to Focus.  We talked for a few minutes & then I put then to work.  I asked the one student to do the Tax receipts & the other girl to make up some Truth packets & the other girl to help  Paul in the Great Room putting away the donations & to greet the clients & to assist them in the Material Aid Room.  So much to do & I was so grateful for all the help today, thank you Lord!! 
Later on today we had so many clients that came into the Focus Center to receive free clothing for their children, diaper & non perishable food.  Martha was kind enough to take one of our girls home because she had so much to carry.  The only thing with this decision was that the young lady didn't know how to get to her new home, for she was living there for only a couple of days, so Martha went way out of her way to get her home.   Thanks Martha!! 
Fr. Bill called me to schedule a Mass at Focus.  I'm so excited about this!! 
Martha left early today so that she could have supper with her daughters, she has 5 children & 10 grandchildren.  She wanted to go to Friendly's tonight.  Have fun Martha, you deserve it!!  :).    Tim & his son came into the center to drop off some donations & I gave him our Tax exempt number so that he can pick up bread from the Panera Bread Company, every Tuesday, & he'll drop off some of the bread to the center for our clients.  After they left I painted the kitchenette table & then put on the new tablecloth.  It looks so nice.  I went outside & saw that there were people praying across the street.  I went over to them & introduced myself to them & asked them for diapers & non perishable food items for the pregnancy center.  Then they prayed for me.  Thank you all for this wonderful & blessed experience.  God bless you  all. 
I then went back to the center to finish up my work & then went to the Dollar General, to buy food, for our clients. 


Thursday, January 27, 2012 on the Front Lines

I arrived at 1pm & Sheila was in the center doing a pregnancy teat with two young girls.  She had prayed with them & they were saying "thank you" as I was coming down the hallway.  I was delighted.  I quickly brought in the bags that I had in the car into the center & I put my lunch in the refrig.  I quickly spoke with Sheila before I headed out to the front lines.  Martha said that she will be coming a little later today, for she had a commitment.  I went to the sidewalk to see Andrew & Bill there already & Paul had put out the literature box & the signs, that we use for our afternoon ministry.  I was hoping & praying that Pastor Everett, will be coming today, for he had minor surgery yesterday.  I was so angry & I had spoken with that tone.  I was actually screaming, to the people going into Planned Parenthood, "what kind of people are you"?  "How can you be killing your own flesh & blood"??  And so on.....  About 45 minutes later a couple pulled out of the parking lot saying "thanks, you made a difference"!  I said "congratulations on your precious baby & then I handed them our Truth packet, with lots of information in it, & a DVD of the Growth & Development of the baby in the womb, plus other information.  I gave them our Focus brochure & Martha had just showed up & showed them where Focus was located, so that they can receive assistance & 'free' baby clothes & items, in the future.  They were smiling from ear to ear as I waved 'good bye' to them.  We all were so very happy!! 

Andrew had to leave but Pastor Everett had now arrived & so did Adolf, so we had a good team of pro lifers out there on the front lines to defend life.  Then another couple was going into Planned Parenthood, & they stopped their car & we spoke with them for a minute, I told them that Planned Parenthood was racist, they seemed not to like to hear that & then they drove into the parking lot & stayed in their car for a few minutes.  Pastor Everett started to speak to them as they were sitting in their car.  A few minutes later they drove out saying "thank you for being here".  I gave them our Truth packet & the DVD as drove away, with a smile on their faces.  Praise God!!  The other case was a mother & daughter & they weren't in there for very long when they drove out, so I'm hopeful that this was another baby saved too.  Only God knows for sure.  Thank you for your prayers & encouragement, for the Focus Pregnancy Center & the Front Line ministry too!!  I was sad to see that the man & young girl that I spoke to on Tuesday was now here at planned Parenthood.  The red car had parked & the girl got out as the man with the silver rimmed glasses waited in the car as he did on Tuesday.  I felt so bad. 

It was one person after another going into the Killing Mill & then 21/2 hours  later they were limping out .  It's a horrible sight to behold.  It was raining, so we got our umbrellas, & continued our ministry of 'life'.  Paul & Suzanne were in the center working to take care of our clients & also putting away all our donation that we are blessed with, especially from the Second Thought Store, in East Rochester, kudos to you all especially my friend Ana :)

Martha had to go back into the center to warm up so it was now Pastor Everett, Dan, who had just arrived, & myself out on the front lines.  A young man had walked passed us & I stopped him & asked him if he would like a packet of information.  He said "yes" & then said that he goes to the Mocha Center, @, which is located in the city.  He said that there are mostly gay people there but there are some girls that are pregnant who come to the center & they don't know what to do.  I then reached into the literature box & took out two more Truth packets & a DVD & about seven Focus brochures & handed them to him to take with him & I told him if he runs out then call this number, as I pointed to my cell number on the front of the brochure, & I will replenish your supply".  He smiled & said "okay" & then he walked up the street.  Thank you Lord for letting us know about this center!  Dan went into the center & it was the Pastor & I out on the sidewalk.  Just then a young guy was riding hi bicycle on the sidewalk where we standing & rode into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  We called out to him to educate him about what goes on in there.  He got off of his bike & walked over to us. 

He said that he was hear to try to talk his girlfriend out aborting his child.  She has a child by another boyfriend.  he said that she called him to tell him that she has passed our signs & it made her feel badly & he didn't want her to feel bad.  He said that he was expecting her any minute to arrive.  I said that I hoped that she won't come & I offered him our Truth packet & he told me that he had it all in control.  I offered the packet to him again, for back up.  He said "okay" & took it, I went over to the literature box & quickly got one of our brochures & then handed it to him.  He took it.  I said that we will be supporting him & we were going to pray for him too.  He said "thanks" & then he went back to the parking lot & went into the building of Death & Destruction.   Dan was now coming back form being in the center so I walked over to him asking him if he'd go into the center to asked the team in there to pray for this young man & his girlfriend that she will 'choose life'.  He said "why don't we pray right now here on the sidewalk".  I said "that's a great idea".  We walked over to Pastor Everett & we all held hands & prayed for this situation.  I was so hoping that she wouldn't show up especially after she saw the graphic signs & they made her feel uncomfortable but I was wrong.  it was 10 minutes later that a car drove into the parking lot & two young girls with a baby in a carry all came out of the car & walked into Planned Parenthood to have this precious baby be killed.  How horrible!!  She had the support of her boyfriend & had seen the pictures of what she was going to do to her own baby & she went in there to do it.  She even brought the baby's brother or sister with her to the crime of abortion. How evil is that!!  I felt badly for the boyfriend & I was still hoping that he 'had it all in control' & that they all would be leaving in a few minutes .  I was wrong.  It didn't happen.  She went through with the murder.  It was about 15 minutes later when a car pulled into the parking lot & a young girl got out & she ran into the building.  The mother of the girl got out of her car so I started to speak to her.  For what ever reason she was combative & I didn't help the situation so it went around, & around & around but when no where.  Then I saw that the young man who was the father of the baby that he was suppose to 'save' came out for a cigarette.  Instead of crying he was smirking, at me.  How evil is that????  My heart sank.  There is no way to describe, the feelings that you feel, out on the front lines.  No one can even imagine or understand.  The girl came running back to her car & her mouthy mother joined her.  As they were leaving & was holding a graphic sign & a Crucifix.  As they were driving away the young girl said to me "I'm going to have a baby".  Okay then why would you be so defensive of what I was telling you about Planned confusing, to say the least. 

Pastor Everett had to leave & I know that his heart was broken too.  Before he left he brought some of the signs back into the center.  I appreciated his kind gesture.  Dan came back out & went to the brick side of the building & held up a sign, for about 15 minutes.  It was about 5pm when I turned around to see Memo, our data entry man standing there behind me.  I said "hi Memo" & gave him a hug, which I always do when I greet him.  We spoke for a few minutes & then he helped me bring the rest of the signs back into the center.   We had to discuss, some office work, for our 990 Form for 2011.  We are blessed at Focus with Memo & all the help he's given us for the past 2 years.  Thank you Lord!!  After Memo left I went to the office & on the desk  was a note.  I was delighted when I read it.  Suzanne, our client advocate, called one of our clients to find out that she had her baby boy Tommy, who was born last year.  Mother & baby are doing well.  So many of our clients are hard to reach because of their phone situation but we keep trying & today was a blessing to find out that Tommy was born!!  Praise God for this great news that we needed desperately!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at Focus
We were soooo very busy at Focus today that Martha & I weren't able to get out to the Front Lines.  This is a case that we wished that there were more people to help us either in the center or on the Front Lines.  The center is so busy & we need to be there to assist our many clients, to which I'm even amazed at the volume of people that come in for assistance.  I did orientate a doctor who now stays home with her family but does other volunteer work, in the community, too.  She will join us on Wednesday's & Thursday's in the afternoon until March, then I hope she can change her schedule to Tuesdays & Fridays, so that we can be opened up, on Fridays too.  We'll see.  For that would be a prayer answered.  Paul was helping us out in the center & so was Valerie, one of our clients, that has befriended us.  She's such a great help.  Martha was there to working taking care of clients & all.  I was catching up on my office work & doing many other tasks too. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at Focus

Again we were so busy at Focus that I didn't get to be on the Front Lines today.  But Martha did.  When I got to the center after Mass, I saw that she was out on the windy but nice winter day, protesting in front of Planned Parenthood.  I called out to her & I was planning to join her but I needed to orintate our newest volunteer first.  I brought Karen to the office & I asked her to work on the Referral List of Food Cupboards & other services that were pertinent to our clients, who we service, in the Rochester area. As she worked on this the door bell rang it was a nice man who needed diapers & wipes & food for his precious child. I gave him the diapers & wipes & then lead him to the Great Room where we have most of the food but there wasn't very much to choose from because most of it was given out yesterday, our most busiest day of the week, foe whatever reason.  He was grateful for some food that I was able to give to him.  He also needed a job so I knocked on the door to the taxi company & I asked if they we hiring.  He said "no".  I then suggested to this nice young man to go over to the restaurant across the street to fill out an application, at least, for one never knows.  He said that this was a good idea.  I was happy that he thought so & off he went.  I hope & pray that he will find work soon for his family sake.  Lord have Mercy!!  Martha came in from the wind & she said that she had to go to the Nursing Office, of the company that she works for, to sign a Patient Report or something & that she would be back as soon as she could .  Okay Martha. 


Thursday, February 2, 2012 on the Front Lines & at Focus

I arrived at Focus after the Candlemas at our Lady of Victory where Martha & Suzanne & I sat together.  When I got there Sheila had to go, for the Mass went later this afternoon, because it was a Mass where the candles were lit & were blessed & the Eastman School of Music were singing.  I got a fast report from Sheila & I said "good bye & thank you" to her.  Bill was already on the front lines, sitting across the street on his stool, witnessing with his sign & Paul was there setting up for the afternoon team before he went to lunch but he was coming back to help us out in the center after he ate.  Martha & Suzanne were now at the center, coming from Mass. It was hard for them to find a parking spot in the parking lot, so Martha had to park out on the street, with the parking meter :(   I noticed that Karen, our new volunteer wasn't hear yet, so I gave her a fast call on her cell phone.  She came about 15 minutes later, for she lost track of the time, because she was working at home on our revised Referral List for our clients.  Thanks Karen for you are a 'go getter'.  Welcome to the Team!!  When Karen arrived she helped Paul, who was now back from lunch, in the center.  Our regular client Valerie came to help us too & she brought a pac'n play with her to give to one of our clients that needed it.  Thanks Valerie how nice that was of you :)  So Suzanne, our client advocate & Karen & Paul & Valerie were now all in the center helping our clients & making phone calls to see how they were & putting away donations too.  Suzanne was orientating Karen a little more of what we do &  how we do it at Focus.  I went to the front lines & Martha joined me soon afterwards.  Along came Addision & Dan, who just had a fender bender.  Thank God that they were okay!!  Then along came Adolf & Pastor Everett. Tom was there earlier praying.  What a team!!! 
The cars were going into Planned Parenthood but some of them didn't stay to long & left.  We won't know until after we die if they had changed their minds through the grace of God.  We only hope so.  I felt that the abortionist did kill some children today but I pray that some got away.  Martha had mentioned that she felt & I agreed, that something felt different today.  Maybe the hearts of people are changing, through the grace of God.  We only hope so.
I had to go into the center to direct Mark the IT man, that I had called to check out the computer, for it was acting funny.  He took a look at it & fixed it & updated the anti virus software too.  Thanks Mark for a great job & charging a very reasonable amount too.  I appreciate it.  I definitely will call Mark again, if I have any computer problems, in the future. He did a great job fixing my computer at home too.  What a God sent he is.  A friend of mine recommended him to me when I was having computer problems at home & he came & fixed it & it works very well now.  Yeah!!
After Mark had left I went back out on the front lines to rejoin the awesome team of life savers.  I was there with them for about an hour when I had to go back into the center for Memo, our Data Entry man had just arrived.  He was going to copy all our data on a disc as a back up if anything happens in the future with the computer.  I hope not but just in case we now have our files saved on a disc.  Also Memo burned a disc of information for our 990 Federal Form that I will give to our accountant, up the hallway from Focus, to work on.  Thanks Memo.  I asked him which team he was for, for the upcoming Super Bowl was playing this Sunday night, & he said 'Go Giants' & I said "Go Giants" too.  I told him that I will have a 6 pack of dark beer, the best kind, for all his hard work that he does for us at Focus, when he comes back again.  He said that wasn't necessary but I said that it was &  I won out :)
After he left I went back outside to join Martha & Pastor Everett, for every one else had gone.  Martha said that she was cold & was going into the center.  I stayed with Pastor Everett calling to the people going into Planned Parenthood.  Pastor Everett & Martha had earlier, in the afternoon, talked with a young girl who had stopped her car to tell us that she thought that we could do something different out hear rather than screaming out to the people going into Planned Parenthood.  I told her that we've been out here, for a long time, & this format works in saving lives, through the grace of God.  I offered her a Truth packet & she said that she knew all about that.  I said back to her "if you did know, you'd not be saying what your saying".  I felt that I should just let Pastor Everett & Martha take over & for me to be quiet.  I then saw a young girl & two guys with a stroller, walking up the street, & I quickly walked towards them & told them about Focus.  The mom said "what, free diapers, where is this place."  I then directed them across the street to Focus to get diapers& some nice things for the precious baby in the stroller.  I think that the young woman saw first hand that we really mean, to help women in need with their children, & along with what Pastor Everett was saying to her & Martha's love & kindness, the young girl broke down in tears. Martha held her for a few minutes to comfort her.  After she felt better she did take the Truth packet & then left. Martha told me what had happened, later on, when I was in the center.  God works in strange & mysterious ways, that's for sure :)  I wish her well & much peace. 
Pat, our grand mother of 4 & great grandmother of 4 babies, had now come to be with Pastor Everett & I out on the front lines.  We stayed there for about 30 more minutes before Pastor Everett had to go for it was now after 5pm.  I said "goodbye" to him & that I will see him on Wednesday at 4:30pm for the recruiting meeting, at Focus, along with Rick & hopefully Pat, if she can get away, from her family & of course Martha & I.  I hope that the other Pastor will be able to come too. 
Pat stayed with Martha & I &  she had two cups of coffee that Martha made for her.  We had invited her for supper but she said that she wasn't hungry & she meant it too, for we ate in front of her & she didn't change her mind & tonight we had chicken with pasta & vegetables & large shrimp with a green salad. Thanks Martha for bringing this all in for our supper tonight :)   We gave Pat some clothes & diapers for the children & she had to go for she had about 4 calls from her granddaughter asking when she was coming back home.  Missy, leave her alone for awhile, gee!!  She needs some time away, don't you think.  Martha & I cleaned up & she left to go to church & I stayed, to do more work, in the office.  What a blessed day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at Focus & on the Front Lines 

Martha had to get her car fixed so she wasn't going to be with us today.  I was so happy to have Karen come to help us out at Focus today & Paul came after he went for lunch & later on Valerie came to help us out too.  We had some clients come into the Material Aid Room to get the things that they needed for their children.  Also, a social worker brought in a client to get things for her children.  She was nice enough to give us some children clothes that she had in her car, thank you so much.  Karen had brought me, a completed Food Pantry Referral Sheet, for the Food Pantries in  the Rochester area for our clients, that she's been working on for a week.  How wonderful & thank you so much Karen .....great job!!  I had mentioned to her about how I was upset with one of the reporters at Channel 10 & I wrote her an email about her comment.  Then all of a sudden Karen said to me that her husband works at Channel 10 News.  I was shocked, in a good way.  One never knows, does one.  Karen said that she was going to tell me her testimony tomorrow, I can't wait. 
After Karen, Paul & Valerie had left I decided to go to the Front Lines by myself.  I got the literature box & the graphic picture of the precious aborted baby & off I went to confront evil, through the grace of God.  It was still light outside, so I wasn't afraid, for I know that the dear Lord is watching over me. I saw a couple that was walking down the sidewalk, on the other side, of the street.  They just looked at the picture of the aborted baby so I called over to them that Planned Parenthood does this to children.  I invited the couple to come across the street for a Truth packet.  The young man walked over to me & he asked me where did they kill the babies & I pointed over to Planned Parenthood.  He then said something to me that was most disturbing, he said "my ex girlfriend killed my baby, a couple of weeks ago, & I was looking for where she did it, I was looking for this place".  I felt like the Holy Spirit was speaking though me & I said to him "don't kill her, otherwise you'd be as bad as she, for what she did, & you'd have to spend the rest of your life in jail".  He said "I had a dream that I did it".  I said "it was just a dream don't make it a reality & ruin your life, your child wouldn't want that".  I looked in my literature box for some brochures to give to him to comfort him & some phone numbers to call for help.  I found some to give him along with a Truth packet & he was grateful.  I told him that I felt his pain & I was sorry for his loss. He just smiled at me & then he ran back across the street to his female friend.  My heart sank, for what this man was feeling & what he was going through, to lose his child to abortion.  Lord have Mercy! 
I was standing there on the sidewalk & I saw that Jim Bovay, the neighbor from across the street, had put out two green plastic tables on the sidewalk for trash pick up.  So I went over across the street & I picked them up for the center or to be used at our street ministry.  Thanks Jim & it's so nice of you & the other Jim, who lives next to you, not hassling us anymore.  I hope that it stays that way even in the summertime!! 
Then I saw that the abortionist at Planned Parenthood, Rachael Phelps was leaving, it was around 4:30pm.  When she was at the mouth of the entrance/exit I said to her "if you want the Truth I have it & we're praying for your conversion every day that you'll stop killing children".  She looked to the left & then the right, to make sure that there was no traffic coming, so as not to kill anyone, (which is a good thing).  I just wish that she would realize this at Planned Parenthood too. 
I was calling out to a young man who had left earlier & was now coming back.  Then all of a sudden he was walking towards me from around the bushes.  I wanted to get my cell phone to show him that I could easily call 911 if he become threatening but I didn't reach for it.  I must have felt that he was okay.  He asked me some questions about abortion like "what would you do if you were raped by your father who had AIDS, would you have an abortion"?  I said "no, for it wasn't the fault of the baby that was conceived to deserve a Death sentence for a crime that he or she didn't commit".  "What if the baby develops Aids after birth", he said.  I said "then you treat the baby with medication & lots of love".  "No one has the right to kill, only in self defense, & this isn't it", I said.  Then he asked me more question & made more statement that were a little strange.  Then he said what I though that the would say "I'm an atheist".  He said that he was once a Christian but isn't anymore.  I asked what happened & he said "science".  "Oh", I said that's what got you confused.  I suggested to him if he didn't believe in God then just you ask him to show himself to you.  The I pointed to a the tree next to us & said "this is a tree no matter what you say it's a tree & they are bushes & I pointed to them & there is the sky & it's the sky & not what you want it to be or think that it is, it will always be the sky".  "There are absolute Truths & God is an absolute Truth, no matter if you think so or not", I said.  Then I asked him if he had ever commanded a day to dawn & he said "no" & I said "God commends a day to dawn every day & it does."   I told him that he will come back to the faith & he said no & I said oh yes you will someday come back full circle.  All this time I was praying to the Holy Spirit for wisdom in speaking to him.  Then Cleveland came walking down the street & I asked him to come back in an hour & I'll give him some food.  I said we try to take care of our part of the world, it being the littlest ones & the poor & needy.  He asked me how why God allows bad things to happen & I said that we all were created with a 'free will' to do good or evil,& God will turn evil into good".  I then asked him why he was at Planned Parenthood.  He was nice enough to tell me that his girlfriend was here to prevent abortions by birth control.  I said "that's not true for she's causing abortions by using birth control".  "How can that be", he asked.  I then went on to tell him how birth control works as an abortificant, which causes the tiny baby to be dispelled, out of the mother, into her menses (her period).  That is an abortion, the loss of life.  Then he asked about the condoms.  I said "they break don't they".  I went on to tell him that when he's having sex he is committing sin against his own flesh, the Bible says, & that you are now one in spirit with that person for all eternity".  "Do you want that"?  He said "yes, I want to be united in spirit with lots of women". I said to him "in time you'll wish that you weren't".  I quickly stated that married people are to be one, in flesh & spirit, with their spouse & not single people.  Then I looked to see that one of our clients was standing in front of me .  He said that no one was in the center & that he needed diapers for his 2 children.  I said "okay".  I saw that the young man was becoming a little more jittery & as he was starting to walk back to the parking lot.  I called over to him saying "what's your name".  He hollered back & said  "Ben".  I hollered over to him saying "my name is Mary & I'll see you in Heaven someday Ben".  My heart ached for his conversion.
Our client helped me to carry the two tables & the literature box & sign back into the center.  When we got there his son was in the hallway turning on & off the lights.  I don't know why he left him alone, in the hallway, & didn't take him with him to the sidewalk.  I should have said something to him about that.  The child was only about 4 years old & something could have happened to him, being alone in the hallway. He could have opened up the door & ran away.  Lord have Mercy!! 
After I got our client the diapers that he needed I went back out to the front lines once again until it was dark.  As the workers, of this place of sin & death, drove out of the parking lot, I asked them to "come to the light of Christ, for He created you & died for your sins & loves you".  I said to the one woman, who always waves to me "we can only hope".  I also called out to the people that God said "thou shall not kill" & that the Commandments are written in our hearts". 
I went back into the center & did lots more work until I left at around 8:30pm to go home & have supper.  I spotted the landlord & his wife, when I left the center tonight, & he said that Ester, the owner of the Ethiopian restaurant next door, was closed due to a death in the family.  How sad. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at Focus

They say that pro lifers never have an fun, well that just isn't true!!  We are happy people because we have the Lord & we have the truth.  What could be better.  I arrived at the center after Mass & I was going to open up the center & do some other things while I wait for Karen to arrive.  Martha had to get her car back after they repaired it & Paul had another commitment today, so he wasn't planning to come to Focus this afternoon.  Well there he was in the parking lot after Mass.  I said to him, "I thought that you weren't able to make it today".  He said that he had another commitment but he had 15 minutes to help me out first.  I was so happy & I thanked him for his thoughtfulness.  Just then Tony & Joyce pulled into the parking lot with a donation for the center.  Tony was walking with crutches so I asked him what happened.  He said that yesterday he had knee surgery where they went into his knee to clean up the loose particles that were moving around in there causing him great pain & discomfort.  He was still effected by the drugs that he took yesterday & the doctor wanted him to walk around, to keep moving.  I was grateful for their 4 donation bags that they blessed Focus with.  We talked for a few minutes & they had to leave & after Paul helped me out for 15 minutes he had to go too,  Just then a grandmother of two small boys got out of the van &  was walking towards the center when in comes Karen with boxes of diapers, size 4, our most popular size, & size 5 which is a runner up.  She also brought in some donations & some paper towels & toilet paper too.  Thanks so much Karen, we really do appreciate your thoughtfulness & generosity to the center.  She was nice enough to spend about 40 minutes in the Material Aid Room, with the door closed so that the two young boys wouldn't escape, so that the grandmother could shop for them.  Her daughter is having baby # 3, another boy, real soon.  So she is one busy grandmother that's for sure.  She said that she's moved to South Ave. & is not in walking distance to the center as she was before.  As long as she has a van she can come when needed.  She filled 3 bags of things for her family & got some diapers & off she went.  I then spent some time with Karen talking with her, she's a very interesting person, that's for sure & a blessing to Focus too.  Martha then came in from picking up her car & then she went out to the front lines, by herself, with some signs & the box of literature, for educational purposes.  She was out there for about an hour & a half while we stayed in the center to do the work.  Karen again assisted another client that just came in for much needed items for her children.  She then packaged the diapers, in individual baggies, with about 10 in each package & then she marked them & then put them in a box, in the hallway of the Great Room. It was now time for her to leave but before she left she gave me some great ideas, for our clients that have been sexually abused, to get the help that they need.  She's going to try to find a 800 number, in New York State, that is NOT affiliated with Planned Parenthood"s Rape Counseling Services.  These poor girls need people that respect life....not those who take lives, to talk to.  We, at Focus, want to start to deal with the sexual abuse victims too, so that they can get help & healing, from what had happened to them.  We will work on this project continually. 
Just before Karen had to go the 3 Elim Bible Institute students arrived.  I said "hi" to them & then they introduced themselves to Karen before she left.  I was happy that they all got to meet each other.  I always ask them to go wash their hands or to use the santatizer, because I don't want anyone to get sick if I can avoid it.  After that I gave them each their own assignments to do.  I asked Amy to make up the Truth packets & for Bea to package the rest of the diapers in baggies & for Danielle to call on the pac'n play, that we received last week, from one of our regular clients that received it from her cousin's basement.  Danielle had opened up the pac'n play to try to find the phone number to call to see if there was a recall on it & to make sure that the instructions were in the package but when she opened it she hollered out "there's a rat in it".  I hurried over to see & what I saw was a dead mouse that was surrounded by unpopped pop corn kernels.  At least he died a happy death.  He probably ate to much or he was crushed, either one.  I said "lets get it out of hear right away & we'll put it out in the dumpster.  I opened up the back door & out it went into the dumpster, cur plop.  We got a good laugh out of this one & we will always check out the items that we receive from anyone, which we try to do before we give it away to one of our clients.  Thank God that no client received this horror. 
Tucker came & we talked for a few minutes in the office & then he went out to the front lines to pray & to peacefully protest Planned Parenthood.  Yeah Tucker!!!   After the girls left they prayed for Martha & I & for Focus.  I prayed for them too.  Before that I had shared part of my testimony with them.  I had a few minutes to freshen up before the recruiting meeting at 4:30.  I had called Pat to see if she was coming & she said that one of her great children had left & has not returned home & this is the 4th. day missing & she was going to go out to look for her again.  She is the grandmother & the great grandmother that I met 3 years ago in March in front of Planned Parenthood.  Her great grandson was the RU486 save.  I asked if she had called the police & she said that she could go to places that the police couldn't to try to find her.  She must have an idea where she went, I hope.  Now the doorbell rang & it was Rick.  Martha, Rick & I sat down & stated talking about ways that we could get more people out in front of Planned Parenthood to pray & protest.  It was about 20 minutes later that Pastor Everett came into the meeting.  He apologized for being late & he went on the discuss his ideas with us.  It was a very fruitful meeting to say the least.  Praise God!! 

Thursday, February 13, 2012 on the Front Lines
Thursdays are a day from Hell.   I arrived to see that Martha was already there & had done a pregnancy test & it was positive. There was Paul, who was driving out of the parking lot, & he stopped to tell me that he had to go with his sister to take her cat to Lollipop Farm because she was having physical problems because of him.  How sad.  He said that he wasn't going to be able to come back to help out this afternoon & I said that was fine & thanked him, for all the help that he does for us, at the center. I got to talk to Sheila before she had to go & she told me what had happened on her time.  She said that a car had stopped to talk to her & the passenger told her that she just had an abortion & that she regretted it right away & was crying.  The girl said that she was going to go to Mass this Sunday, for she's been away form the Church, for a long time.  Sheila suggested for her to go to the Sacrament of Confession before going to Holy Communion.  If a woman has had an abortion, she is atomically Excommunicated, until she goes to Confession to confess, with a sincere heart, this Mortal sin.  Sheila gave her a Truth packet.  Then the driver, which was her cousin, told her that she thinks that she might be pregnant & if she is, she might have an abortion, too.  She said to the driver "why don't you go to Focus right next to this yellow building for a pregnancy test.  She said that she might but made some mention of going to the drug store for a pregnancy test.  She told her that abortion wasn't the answer just look at your cousin & the shape that's she's in.  Sheila mentioned that we can help her at the Focus Center. Sheila asked the passenger for her phone number & she gave it to her. Then they drove away.  Sheila is planning on calling the girl, that had the abortion soon, to see how she & her cousin were doing.  Our hearts sank at this situation. 
Sheila had gone when Karen came into the center.  I knew that Martha was out on the front lines so I spoke with Karen for a few minutes before going outside to join the team.  She was nice enough to have brought in more donations to Focus which I'm very appreciative of.  I left her doing work in the Material Aid Room.  I wasn't outside for very long when a car was driving into the Planned Parenthood parking lot.  I called over to the woman & told her that they were racist & she replied that she was Baptist.  It's sometimes difficult to get the point across sometimes.  I spoke with her a few seconds & then told her about Focus & what we offer there.  I pointed to where it was & she backed out of the parking lot & followed me to the center one building down.  I rang the doorbell to give Karen a heads up, for Suzanne, our Thursday Client Advocate, wasn't there yet.  I then opened the front door with my key & as we entered. Karen was now walking towards us.  I introduced the woman to Karen, for I had already introduced myself to her when she got out of her car, in the parking lot, where the center is located.  I lead her to the Rose Counseling Room & asked Karen to speak to her & to see what we can do for her & for her to fill out the Intake Sheet, for the woman said that she was pregnant.  I went & got a Truth packet & a Focus brochure & gave it to her & then I closed the counseling door.  I then went back outside to the front lines & resumed my position there.  Dan, Addison & Adolf had now arrived & were with Bill, on the other side of the street, to pray & to witness the Truth about abortion. 
I had asked Martha to go to the brick side of Planned Parenthood to read the prayer 'My Life Depends on You', which has saved a life about 2 years ago when Martha had read it & a young girl responded to it & went home with her baby still in her womb.  That little one is probably about a year & a half now & walking & trying to talk.  Thank God :)  So I asked Martha to read the poem, to try to soften the hearts of the men & women, that just walked into the Killing Mill, to have their precious babies decapitated & mutilated.  Well she was there using the mega phone for about 45 minutes, reading poems & giving her 'life message'.  It was about 2pm & I saw that Pastor Everett had now arrived to the front lines.  I said to him that I was afraid that he wasn't coming & her told me not to fear for it will be always coming.  I was relieved to say the least.  I then quickly went into the center to se how Karen was doing for Suzanne had not arrived yet.  I went into the center & poor Karen  was stressed out for after she counseled the woman I had brought to her another young lady had come in for a pregnancy test too & it became quite hectic but Karen had it in control, due to her past experience as a Physician.  Just then Suzanne had arrived so I filled her in to some things that I wanted her to know before she started her routine.  Valerie had arrived & was helping out in the center.  I went back outside to the hostile environment, the Killing Zone, at Planned Parenthood.  Two young girls were leaving & as they left I just said to them "no sex" & the driver drove out not paying attention & almost ran into a car.  I always pray that there will never be an accident at the mouth of the parking lot.  I do try, now more than ever, not to say to much to them as they're leaving, so as not to upset them so that they become distracted & have an accident, where they could be hurt or killed, or some one else involved.  I try to do most of my talking as they are coming into Planned Parenthood & when they get out of the car & start walking into the building & when they come out heading to their car & as they are leaving but before they come out to the street.  But sometimes the message I give them is upsetting them already as they are leaving then they react to what I have already said to them.  They will give me their middle finger, throw something at me or say very bad words to me.  The guilt & shame, of what they have done, has already effected them. 
Then two other young girls came out of the building & were walking to their car when I said to the one girl.  "I hope that you weren't involved in the killing of a little baby"?  Sparks flew.  She cursed at me & I told her that wasn't acceptable & was disrespectful.  She said "I don't care".  Martha said back to her "you should care"!  I then added "we do care about you".  Where are their parents???  As they were leaving she made it quite clear for me to see that she had her middle finger up & her face was twisted in anger.  As she drove by me, who was standing on the sidewalk. I called over to her, as she was driving passed me "I love you".  And I really do!  My heart goes out to her if she was involved with the murder of this little person, for it will effect her & her friend who had the abortion, for the rest of their lives.  Lord have Mercy on them & I pray for repentance & counseling, for both of them, real soon. 
The cars were coming out now & some of them that came in earlier were very determined to have their child be killed.  You can tell by their body language, how horrible & cold & heartless.  What goes around comes around, & I only hope that they will repent before they have to stand before Almighty God someday.   There was a man in a car waiting by where we are standing by the bushes.  He got out of the car & came over to Pastor Everett & I.  He said that he was told that she was in there for pre natal vitamins.  I said "sir they don't give pre natal care here & Thursdays are the day that they kill little babies".  He said that he wasn't sure if he was for it or against it.  I said "what do you mean"?  "Abortion is always evil & is wrong".  I then asked him to go into Planned Parenthood to offer the mother help & to save a life, of the baby & of the mother".  He hesitated & said that he couldn't.  I was so frustrated & I handed him a Truth packet which he took.  I then looked over to Pastor Everett & asked him to talk to him, man to man.  He did.  He found out that he was in recovery for drug & alcohol abuse & he didn't have his bearings straight.  He went back into the car to wait.  In the meantime a couple of cars drove in & we needed to talk to them before they went into the Killing Mill.  About 15 minutes later, an older mean looking woman, got into the car with the man & drove off.  As he passed by me, he showed me that he still had the Truth packet.  I called out to him "God bless you".  He was a sad sight but of a good heart but controlled by the old bag who was driving the car, that's for sure.  I'm not sure on his story, for I never saw a young girl get out of the car & go into Planned Parenthood or come out & get into the car.  Not to sure of this scenario.  I hope that this was all in his mind & not a reality, today. 
Martha was now with me & she mentioned to me quickly that she had the mega phone on #8 when she was at the brick side of the building.  I said "what"!  Martha try to make sure, when you're using the mega phone, that it's on #'s 2 or 3, not any higher, for they could take the mega phone away from us or try too.  She said "okay".  She stayed with Pastor Everett & I for awhile & then she went into the center to get warmed up, for it was starting to get colder, outside.  I didn't dress warmly enough for we've had a warm winter so far so I didn't dress properly, which I regret.  The men across the street had to leave thus leaving Pastor Everett & I alone on the front lines.  He spoke strongly giving so much vital information to those who were going into this 'den of death'.  A car was coming out of the parking lot & she had a smirk on her face & then I looked to my right to see that a police car had stopped along side of me.  I looked over at him & said "hello officer, what can I do for you".  He answered back.  "is there just the two of you is there anyone else out her"?  I said back "there were more people earlier but they had to go".  "What is the problem officer"?  He said back to me, "someone form the next street over called 911 to complain of a loud noise".  I said to him that one of our sidewalk counselors was using the mega phone earlier & she told me that she had it up to #8 but usually we try to keep it at 2 or 3.  He replied back "that's okay, no problem".  I then added "we're trying to save lives her officer".  He said "I understand".  In the meantime two more police cars came up University Ave. to join him.  Then they formed a line of the three police cars in the street, thus blocking off the one lane of traffic.  The cars had to go into the other lane to get by the 3 police cars.  I  was glad that there wasn't any 'head on' accidents.  They  left about 10 minutes later.  Nice police officer, he didn't even get out of his car or ask my name & address & phone number.  He seemed to understand what we were trying to do out on the front lines.  The person who called into 911 I hope heard what Martha was saying out there.  The only problem was that she did have the mega phone faced towards the Planned Parenthood building & not the street, so I don't see how they would have heard the noise, or if they did, it shouldn't have been to offensive to them.  I guess I'm wrong.  Lord have Mercy!!  When I later got into the center I told Martha what had happened & I told her that it was all her fault that the police came & we both got a good laugh. 
Another thing that Sheila had told me today, before she had to go, was that a police car had stopped a truck, right in front of the entrance of Planned Parenthood, & was there for about 45 minutes. A man got out of a car & asked the police officer to move his vehicle so that he could get into Planned Parenthood.  The officer did hesitantly & only enough for a car to get through.  As the police officer was checking out this man's license, Sheila walked up to the truck & started talking to the man.  He told her that the truck was his boss's & the registration was lapsed & that he had a suspended license too.  She told him that God had a reason for this & to seek Him out if he didn't know the Lord.  He said "yes I will".  Then the police officer came back & arrested the man & took him downtown for booking.  The employer came & got his truck & drove it away.  Poor guy :(
A man & a woman got out of their car with a baby in a carry all & went into the 'Killing Mill'.  My heart sank.  I called out to them not to have the brother or sister of the baby in the carry all be killed in here today.  Again my heart sank.  They were in there for about 2 hours & when they came out & drove passed me I again said to them "I hope that you didn't kill this baby's brother or sister"?  How sad & no one knows how the sibling of their aborted brother or sister feels.  It's heartbreaking, I know.  The pain is real. 
Pastor Everett had to go & before he left he brought in some of the signs.  I found out later that Martha was doing a pregnancy test in the center, that's why she didn't come out to help bring in the signs & things.  I stayed until 6pm this day but before I went into the center I had tow uncomfortable incidents first.  The first one was a man who was coming out of the vets from across the street hollered an obscenity to me & I caught him by surprise because he didn't see that I had a mega phone & I used it on him.  I said "repent of your murdering".  I hope that he does.  The next incident was that a car had stopped from across the street asking for directions.  So I stuck my head out from the sidewalk to try to help her when all of a sudden I heard a honk of a horn & then I saw a streak of yellow pass  me by & felt the breeze of the bus who was about I foot to where I was standing.  My legs turned to jelly & my heart skipped a beat.  After she left I just stood there for a few minutes to get a grip.  The next day I did call to report the incident & they told me that they needed a bus number to do anything about this incident.  I told them the time & place & asked for her to give this information for investigation to her superior.  She said that she will.  Next Thursday I plan to stay to 6pm to get the bus number & to call them again with that information.  He needs to be called on the carpet for this.  If he did it on purpose or not I don't know but it was unsafe & stupid & very dangerous.  I could have lost my head as he sped by me.  He needs to take 'how to drive a bus 101' again & this time pass the course.  Lord thank you for protecting me out there alone.  I guess it wasn't my time yet, to go, to meet my Maker.  
As I was bringing the signs back into the center I noticed when I returned to the front lines that the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, had left while I was gone.  I did notice that I still had a sign, out there on the sidewalk, of a 8 week old baby in the womb, sucking his or her thumb.  This is the age that she kills most often.  Maybe, as she pulled out of the driveway, this little baby spoke to her heart & that she'll stop killing these precious baby's, in the womb's of their mothers, & that she will go back to being a Pediatrician & help the children, instead of killing them.  Lord I only hope so!!!!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at Focus
'Happy St. Valentine's Day'
Martha & I arrived to the center after Mass this afternoon & Paul came to help take the food bags out of my car & bring them into the center & put them away, until he had to leave, for another commitment.  Just before he left John arrived from the Tithing Committee from St. John of Rochester Church, in Fairport, to present me with a very generous check from the parishioners at the parish.  It certainly was a blessing to us at Focus.  He took a pictures of Paul & I working at the food shelves in the Great Room.  Say cheese :)  Then I showed John our humble center.  We went into one room after another & I told him a little of the room's history.  Two moms were in the Material Aid Room getting things for their children, when he took some pictures of the room & after we left the Rose Counseling Room, Martha went in to assist a young girl with a pregnancy test. The door was now closed for confidentially purposes.  Then John asked if there was someone who could take our picture of him handing me the check from the parish.  Paul had gone & Martha was giving a pregnancy test so I went up the hall & asked our account Elroy if he wouldn't mind taking our picture in the Great Room.  He said "sure" & then he took three pictures of the transaction.  I don't take good pictures & I'm camera shy, to say the least.  I thanked Elroy for this favor & he left the room.  I continued to speak with John for another 10 minutes before he left.  He was so nice & I had such a wonderful time with him discussing Focus.  The committee members like to see the places where they tithe & how it's going to be used.  He was well pleased.  I hope that another check will come my way again, next year, through the generosity of Fr. Peter Clifford & the parishioners, of his church.  Thank you so very much!!! 
After Martha was finished with the pregnancy test which was positive we discussed the situation with the client to better assist her in her pregnancy.  Martha then fixed some lunch for us which was a grilled cheese & tomato sandwich.  She brought in homemade chili for supper.  She then called Fr. Tony to discuss a family situation with him.  Martha's going through a heartache.  Then the doorbell rang & it was another client needing clothes for her grandchildren. The mother left the children high & dry & she dropped them over to the grandmother's house, to take care of, & she's no where to be found now.  The police are looking for her & when they find her they will take her to court for abandonment & the grandmother will then file for full custody of the two boys.  The grandmother was very grateful for food & clothes, for the children, who she loves.  She did say that the one boy cries all the time for the sad.  We tried to give her some emotional support before she left the center. 
We worked in the center for some time when I suggested that we to go out to the Front Lines.  We got the signs & the mega phone & the literature box & off we went  outside.  When we got to the sidewalk I noticed that the Death Escort was just leaving....perfect timing.  I also noticed that the abortionist wasn't there & the parking lot was almost empty.  Yeah!!   We stayed there witnessing & counseling.  A car with two women was leaving the parking lot & had stopped to receive a Truth packet & a DVD.  We talked with them for a few minutes before that left saying "God bless you too".  It was a pleasant encounter.  Then a car had stopped along side of where we were standing & it was Officer Jim, he's retired now from the police force but he'll always be Officer Jim to me.  I greeted him & he told me that he had good news for me.  I said is it about Ben?  It was. His son who is in his 20's is suffering from an auto immune disease that has him bed ridden.  But the good news is that his friend who is a girl & is studying nursing in Brockport is being paid $10 an hour for his care rather than $30 by an agency & she does care about him too.  I said that love & laughter & prayer are true medicines for the body & for the soul. He smiled.  I said stop by again soon & give me another progress report.  He said that he will & then drove off.  Before he did I wished him a happy St. Valentine's Day :) 
We had to leave the sidewalk because we saw that we were needed back in the center to assist our clients.  A father & his two sons & a mother with a young son is a baby carriage.  He was so cute!  After that I went back into the office to do some paper work in there & Martha was heating up her famous chili.  After that nice supper we continued to work in the center & she let around 8pm & stayed later. 

 Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at Focus

 I have good news & maybe not so good news, but I'm hopeful.  The good news is that one of our clients, came into the Focus Center, on Wednesday, for a pregnancy test. She told us that it was five years ago, when Focus was only a one room center, & that she was given a pregnancy test & it was positive & we talked her out of having an abortion.  She brought in her 5 year old daughter to prove it.  We were so happy to hear this great news.  Later on a woman came in that I gave a  pregnancy test to, about a year & a half ago, & it was positive & through the grace of God was talked out of having an abortion.  She brought with her yesterday, her precious daughter, who just learned to walk.  Her test was positive.  She couldn't guarantee me that she won't have an abortion but she said that she will look over what we gave her to take home, the brochures, DVDS & CD'S & she said that she will remember what Martha & I had said to her.  She did tell us that her older son, said to her the other day, that he was going to have a baby brother, even before she knew that she was pregnant.  This was the Holy Spirit at work.  We also found out that she is a fallen away Catholic, so please pray for her return back to the Church.  We prayed with her before she left & I called her, that evening, to talk to her some more. So I am hopeful & I do ask for your prayers for this mom.  We also did a pregnancy test on a very young client on Tuesday & the test was positive.  Martha called her on Wednesday & she hadn't told her mother yet.  So please keep this young mother in your prayers too that her mother won't make her have an abortion.  We follow through on all our pregnant clients, thanks to Suzanne, our client advocate.   

 I would like to introduce our new volunteer at Focus.  Her name is Karen.  She is volunteering two afternoons a week.  She has done so much research for us already, so that we can better assist our clients & has been busy assisting the clients that come in for our services.  She will be leading an educational workshop at Focus this summer, using her medical background, as a Physician.  She's a blessing, as all our volunteers, at Focus are.  Welcome Karen!  We also have a new sidewalk counselor, out on the front lines.  His name is Pastor Everett & he's a prayer warrior, in front of Planned Parenthood.  He speaks truth with conviction & he offers help to those who are going into Planned Parenthood.  He's already been a 'life saver'.  We are blessed to have him on the front lines, along with all the other prayer warriors & sidewalk counselors, who are so dedicated by being out there praying & witnessing the Truth!  Welcome Pastor Everett!

Thank you again for your faithfulness & prayers, for our ministries, we couldn't do it without you!!  We are a Team!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012 on the Front Lines

When I arrived to the center there was our newest volunteer Karen getting out of her van & walking towards me.  I asked if she could help me bring into the center the donations that I just received.  She said "sure" & then she begun to take the bags out of the car & to bring them into the center.  As we walked in together there was Sheila just coming out of the Counseling Room after having done a pregnancy test.  After the young lady left I spoke briefly to Sheila about the time that she was there out on the front lines.  Just then Martha walked into the center & was preparing to go to the front lines to counsel.  Then Sheila told me that a car had stopped while driving out of the parking lot & the passenger told Sheila that she just had an abortion & was feeling badly about it.  Sheila then talked with her for a few minutes & then gave her a Truth packet & took down her name & phone number so that she could call her to give her more help in the future.  Sheila told her that what she'd done was a serious sin &that she needed to confess it to God for forgiveness.  She took the packet & said "thank you" then they drove away.  I said to Sheila that this was the second week that this had happened to her, which is a miracle that anyone would stop after having an abortion.  It's just to bad that they went & had an abortion in the first place.  Our hearts aches for that.  She then said "good bye" & off she went.  I then spoke with Karen for a few minutes before I left the center to go out to the front lines to do battle.  Ephesians 6:12 reads: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.  When I got to the sidewalk there was Martha, Adolf, Dan, Bill & Addision already there praying & witnessing.  I picked up the mega phone & started to speak through it to talk to the people coming into Planned Parenthood mostly to have their baby be killed.  It was about 1:45pm when Pastor Everett had arrived.  I was so happy to see him for he gives a good message out there on the front lines too.   

Martha a went into the center to get warmed up, so it was Pastor Everett & I on the sidewalk by the bushes.  A car drove into the parking lot & a young woman got out of her car.  I called over to her to tell her what was going on in Planned Parenthood & to offer her help. Then all of a sudden she was walking over to us coming around the bushes.  She looked right at me & said "what did you say to me as I was getting out of my car"?  I looked right at her & said "I was telling you that they're killing babies in there right now"!   "I'm gong in for birth control", she said.  I said back to her "well then you're killing babies too, for birth control acts as an abortificiant".  She didn't like to hear that & then she became arrogant towards me.  She had now put up a brick wall between us.  She was a 'know it all' & it was difficult to reach her.  She was a teacher looking for work she told Pastor Everett for she didn't want to talk to me anymore.  I did offer her a Truth packet but she refused & I told her that it figured.  She was so smart that she was stupid.  Sorry but it's true.  Sometimes the so called educated ones that we get to talk to are so hard to penetrate with the Truth but the young girls that are struggling with their education are more able to grasp what we're saying to them, for they didn't get their minds messed up in college.  I could be wrong but I don't think so.  Every time I tried to say something to her she would say "you're interrupting me" or "I'm not speaking to you" or "speak when you're spoken to".  You get the drift.  I finally squeezed in to say "I care about you even though you've been rude to me".  She looked at me puzzled.  They I said that birth control, like the pills, shot, those with hormones, can cause breast cancer.  She started to cry & said "don't talk to me about breast cancer because my mother died of breast cancer".  I said "then you're doubling your risk of developing it, if you're on birth control".  I then looked at her hands & I noticed that she didn't have a wedding ring on it.  So I stuck my neck out again & said "you're not even married so you shouldn't being having sex either".  If looks could kill. At that point I just let Pastor Everett minister to her & he did a nice job of it.  She then went into Planned Parenthood, for 31/2 hours, I started to get worried if she was dead or alive in there, so I figured that she was getting the Depo shot, very bad or the IUD, also an abortificant, very bad, because she was in there for such a long time.  Check out: & .
I will continue to pray for her & to hope that her eyes, ears, mind & heart will be touched by the good Lord to save her life. Martha came back out to the front lines & I asked her if she would go to the brick side of the building to read the poems to the girls that were already in the Waiting Room.  She took the mega phone & the poems & went over to do her counseling there.  I asked her to please make sure that the mega phone was put on either 2 or 3 because we didn't want the police to come again this week.  She said "okay" & off she went.  She was reading the poems & then all of a sudden I heard a voice that was screaming obscenities to Martha, so I butted in.  I said to the young girl not to speak to Martha that way & she got more belligerent.  She then started to swear at Martha & got the three kids that were in the van with her to do the same.  They all had stuck their heads out of the van window & were screaming at, our Martha.  What is going on here??  I decided to take the sign & go over to the sidewalk across the street, for Bill had left & so did Dan,& Addison, Adolf was in the center warming up.  I forgot that I also had the mega phone with me when I went over across the street, in front of the condos.  The woman was now going ballistic!!  I then called over to Martha, with the mega phone, not that if we both keep quiet then she can't retaliate back to us.  Martha agreed.  At this point Martha was saying the 'Hail Mary' prayer & wasn't engaging her at all but was praying for her.  Then all of a sudden a police car was right in my face.  It was Officer Mike.  I looked at him & said "hi Officer Mike, what's wrong".  He said "Mary could you do me a favor & turn the mega phone down",  I said "sure".  The all of a sudden the mean old man from the condo was right in my face with his finger saying that I woke him up.  Then Officer Mike got out of his car & walked over to us on the sidewalk.  Then Martha & Pastor Everett came over to where I was standing.  I looked over to the young girl with the three kids & she was smirking at me.  This fiasco made her feel good.  I wasn't sure if the police were called before I got to the other side of the sidewalk or they were picking on Martha, who was at the brick side of the building, for about 20 minutes now.  The officer didn't know either he just said that there was a call that had come in & he responded.  It really doesn't matter for her was now here.  Well the neighbor Jim just went on & on & on. I suggested ear plugs ( I use them) but this was taken as being sarcastic.  Me, never!!   Finally the officer said that he was going to arrest us all.  I felt that he was being irrational but it scared the neighbor to go back into his condo, he wasn't taking any chances that's for sure.  After he left I said to Officer Mike "Officer Mike do you think I could talk to you without being threatened".  He said "I didn't threaten you".  I said "yea you did".  Then I went on to try to resolve this problem.  I said that this neighbor has 911 on speed dial & that he's always looking out the window taking our pictures & he just told all of us that he had Martha & my pictures on video but he didn't have Pastor Everett's picture yet.  What's that all about , it's creepy.  I then asked him questions about the noise ordinance & he wrote down the information for me to retrieve it on the Internet at www. Cityof  Thanks Officer Mike I knew that you were nice but under pressure you're not.  Bye & thank you.  The next day I called our police advocate Officer Chris & he said that he would talk with Officer Mike & to get a Doppler to measure the sound waves to put this baby to bed once & for all.  The neighbor even said that I called the UPS driver a murderer.  I said that I didn't but if I did I have 'Freedom of Speech", go back to bed.  I truly feel sorry for him because he was in the Vietnam War.  Earlier I spoke with a gentleman who was walking down the street with booze on his breath & spoke with him for a few minutes.  I tried to get him to come back to the Catholic Church for he said that he had left the Church years ago & was going to a Protestant Church now.  He was  nice fellow.  He took the Truth packet wit a Rosary in it & off he goes over to where Martha was standing.  He then asked to speak in the mega phone to the young woman who was screaming at Martha.  He talked into the mega phone for about 4 seconds when she called him a drunken sicko.  Nice girl!!  He then gave the mega phone back to Martha & walked away.  So we know how the war can affect people that were involved in it but we can't have this man harass us either every time we come out to protest this Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood.  That's what I  said to the officer, that we were here trying to save lives.  But he said that he has right to a peaceful home environment.  I said "then why did he buy a condo right across from an abortion mill".  Go figure??   


Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at Focus

After Mass today I headed over to another pregnancy center Embracing Options to be part of a meeting regarding Ultrasound Machine, that will be placed there, & the Place of Hope Resource Center.  I got over to Arnett Blvd. only to find out that I had the right time but the wrong day, it was scheduled for tomorrow, Ash Wednesday at 1pm.  So off I go back to the Focus Center to do my work there.  When I arrived Martha & Paul were there & Martha was doing a pregnancy test & Paul was putting away the donation bags.  I quickly ate lunch & then went into the office to do some work in there.  We had the doorbell ring many time & we offered assistance to many mothers & fathers that came in for children clothes & small items & of course diapers & wipes.  We were so busy & we were unable to go to the front lines but when I pulled into our parking lot I saw two people out on the sidewalk praying & went over to thank them before going into the center.  Rick, the '40 Days for Life' coordinator started an unofficial, '40 days of Prayer', in front of Planned Parenthood during the Lenten season staring on Ash Wednesday & ending on the Sunday before Easter.  So I was so happy to see that the sidewalk have prayer coverage today while we were in the center working.  I wish that I could be in two places at once but I can't .....only God can do that.  My heart in on the front lines because there is where the people are that need the Truth & the information that we are able to provide for them to help change their lives & save their souls.  My heart is also in the pregnancy too, helping our moms & their families live a better & less stressful life too.  It's a great combination. 
We were blessed with people dropping off their donations of food & clothing, it was all so fine!!  A mother brought in bags & bags & bags of clothes for children & adults.  I'm starting to pray for more space for the Material Aid Room & for the portable Ultrasound Machine, so that it can come to Focus, at least one day a week, for our girls to see their precious babies.  That just means that the remaining three business, that are in the same building that we rent at, one of them will have to go some place else, so that we can rent their room.  I'm curious to see how the Lord is going to answer my prayer for more room, for no one is talking about leaving at this time.  We're like family too but I need more space so that Focus can grow. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at Focus

'Ash Wednesday' the first day of Lent.
I returned to the center after Mass today, which was longer than usual, because of everyone receiving ashes, for Ash Wednesday, the first day of  40 days of Lent.  There are more people at this Mass, & really it was standing room only, plus we had the Eastman School of Music playing the music which was beautiful.  I didn't see Martha at Mass so I figured that she went to another Mass.  I was sitting way in the back of the Church, so I left after the Mass was over to go to the center.  There was two moms already waiting for me & then two more moms were right behind the other moms.  I went into the center & opened up the rooms.  In the meantime I asked the moms, to sign in the book, in the Material Aid Room.  I then went to get them  diapers, for their children.  Just then Martha came into the center & took over so that I could go to the meeting about the Ultrasound Project.  I arrived at the meeting at Embracing Options at around 1:40pm & was greeted by Dee, who is the acting director of Embracing Options & Jann, the Life Issues Coordinator for the Diocese of Rochester, Dean, who is from the Knights of Columbus, Kirsten, the director of a Place of Hope Resource Center & Kathy, the ultrasound stenographer.  I was in awe of this group of wonderful people who love God & His children, both big & small.  It was a fruitful meting & much was discussed.  I returned to the Focus Center & there were our three Elim Students working hard.  They are such a blessing to us at the center. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012, at the meeting downtown, & on the Front Lines

I was at a special meeting with all the heads of the pro life community starting from 9am to 1:30pm.  I had Rob, who is a teacher & was on school break & is the sidewalk counselor on Mondays, take over for me along with Martha & the rest of the prayer team, so I knew that the sidewalk had good coverage, so that I could go to this important meeting.  Pastor Everett was on vacation.  When I was at the meeting I did receive a call from Sheila stating that she was having car trouble & had t take it into the shop so she wasn't planning to be there during her time of 10:30am to 1pm.  I was disappointed to hear this but I was glad to know that she was okay.  She felt badly too about this situation.  I talked with her later on this evening.  The meeting downtown was simply marvelous to say the least. I got to meet some new people that I didn't now existed before.  One was a woman named Florence & she is the director of a 'new' pregnancy center in Greece, which is 10 minutes from the Planned Parenthood there, which I just found out that now does abortions.  How horrible.  There is a team of prayer warriors who have been there praying over the past 10 years.  This was a 'Cell' of Planned Parenthood's, which is located across the street from Wegman's in a plaza, & they did referrals, to the head of the Octopus, which is the abortion mill on University Rochester. Now they are killing little babies there in Greece too.  I was told by another sidewalk counselor that he stopped by there one Saturday & saw that there were two ambulances in the Planned Parenthood driveway taking out a young girl.  Her baby was killed & now she might die too.  Abortion is not safe for mother or child.  At this meeting I meet a couple more women that I hadn't known before.  We decided to get together for coffee in the near future.  Great!!  It was a forum of ideas & information & future actives that will enhance our community.  It was a blessing to be there, to say the least.  I got to share a very small portion of 'My Story', which I'm sure surprised many of the people that I had already knew that didn't know about those two incidents.  "What you don't know can hurt you".  Like the Bible says "You shall know the Truth & the Truth shall set you free".  Lies & deception can only make you miserable.  I agreed to two projects, which I will work on, in my so called spare time.  Ha Ha!  Anything to promote the 'life issues' & to investigate & to educate.  After a great lunch we shared some more & it was now 1:30pm & it was wrapping up.  After all the 'good- byes' I went to the center t change my clothes & to get out to the front lines.  I forgot to mention that I had only about 6 restless hours of interrupted sleep so I wasn't feeling too good.  Worse then I usually do, which isn't good at all.  When I arrived at the center Paul was there putting away clothes.  The doorbell rang & it was a young girl with her boyfriend asking for a pregnancy test.  I thought I was in a bad dream for Suzanne wasn't there yet & it was now 2pm.  I started the pregnancy test & then in comes Suzanne to take over so that I could get out on the front lines to join the team there.  It all worked out okay. There was Martha, standing by the bushes & Rob was on the brick side of the building & the three prayer warriors were across the street.  We had the death building covered on all sides.  One car after another came in & went out.  Mass production of deathers.  How horrible a sight.  I hardly get over it. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at Focus
The day started out with a phone call.  A day starting out with a phone is not unusual at all but this phone call was, for sure.  It was an acquaintance of mine named Chris, he's been out on the front lines praying in front of Planned Parenthood, during the '40 Days for Life' during the Fall campaign.  He was giving me a heads up telling me that a young woman had just called the doctors office that he works for as a temporary receptionist, taking over for the permanent receptionist that was on maternity leave, asking to where she could go for an abortion.  The husband & wife team of doctors in this particular aren't even OB/GYN doctors.  Well, Chris was quite surprised to say the least  responded back to her that it wasn't a good idea to have an abortion & call this number & they can help you.  He then preceded to give her the Focus Pregnancy Center's number & my name.  I said thanks Chris you did the right thing.  He then said that he had asked her for her name & phone number to which she gave it to him & then he gave it to me.  This was a smart move on his part, which was the saving grace.  After I hung up I called Sheila, our client advocate at Focus & a sidewalk counselor ,on the front lines, to see if she would call this woman to start to get the ball rolling, in receiving help with her situation.  She said that she would.  I hung up the phone & started to get ready to attend the noon Mass downtown.  A few minutes went by & Sheila called me back.  She said that a man had answered asking who she was & so on.  Sheila handled the situation very well, which I knew that she would, for she has a gentle voice & has phone experience. After that phone call it was a harrowing day filled with so much pain, stress & anxiety that I almost couldn't bear it, only the grace of God, got me through it & today was only the first day, of this most unusual case.  For this story goes on & on..........Come Holy Spirit come fill me with wisdom, knowledge & discernment & holy boldness when to speak or not to speak & to know the difference, To speak with your words, power & grace & to do the right thing, with love  Amen.  I composed this prayer, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to pray before I go out to the front lines to sidewalk counsel. 
Martha & I arrived to the center after Mass & started to open up the rooms to get ready for our clients that need our assistance.  I was so worried about our new girl that she was abortion minded & that we weren't able to connect with her as of yet.  I need to trust in the Lord more.  In the meantime Martha & I were very bust helping our girls in the Material Aid Room.  On of our regular clients came into today with her pregnant cousin & her boyfriend, I wish that I could say husband but that's usually not the case anymore, which is so sad.  They all took so many things & every time that I brought something into the Material Aid Room to put on the shelves they took it.  The one girl came into the Green Room, for whatever reason I don't know, for we usually don't let anyone pass the glass door up the hallway.  The minute that she saw the apples in the bowl she said "oh apples".  I said just take one & then her cousin came into the room while I was busy & she took all the apples & blamed it on her boyfriend, to which I said "first of all you weren't suppose to be in the room let alone take ALL the apples, that was very inconsiderate of you & him, please tell him that".  He was already waiting for the girls in the car & I didn't want to go outside.  After they left Martha & I discussed this situation, to better our clients at Focus. That's not what we want our clients to do, is to come into Focus, thinking that everything is ' free & you can help yourself'.  They need boundaries, as we all do, in life.  We're not helping the girls if we are push overs either. We don't want to set up rules & regulations, in the Material Aid Room or in the center, for it would be to hard to enforce them, because we have so many girls coming into the center weekly.  I don't want a few people to effect all our other clients, when they come in to get what they need for their families.  We want them to respect for our facility.  We love them & we want to teach them values.  Ironically the next day the one girl came back into the center & when I saw her I said "you just were here yesterday my dear & you took half of the room with you", with a smile on my face.  She looked at me with sadness in her eyes & said "I think that my cousin, who was with me yesterday, stole the diapers that I got here".  I know that Martha & I can be push overs, at times, but I really did believe her.  I said "okay you can get more diapers today.  She said "okay, I'll just come alone next month & thank you Miss Mary".  My heart was touched by her respect & gratitude.  We gave her more diapers & then she left with her little girl.  We pray, all the time, to do & say the right things to our girls, for their lives are difficult enough & we want to reduce their stress level, so that they can enjoy their children & not be rough with them, which stress can do. 
I received a call form Sheila saying that she has missed a call from our new client who was abortion minded.  We talked for a few minutes & after I hung up I realized that I forgot to turn my phone back on after Mass today.  I quickly checked my cell phone only to see that a call from her did come in before noon, when I had my phone turned off.  I checked her message & it was desperate.  My heart sank again & I felt sick to my stomach.  I asked the Lord to turn this around please.  I then called the number & it just rang & rang & rang.  Oh no!!  I called 911 to see if a police officer would go over to her house, but I didn't have an address. I thought that by giving them the phone number  they could get the street address from it but I was wrong.  The 911 operator said for me to keep on calling that number until I reached her.  I said "thank you" & hung up, with a sick feeling in the pit, of my stomach.  I couldn't finish my supper so I pushed my plate away.  I then looked at Martha, who was sitting at the table with me, & I asked her if she would call the number again.  Thank God that she said "yes".  I dialed the number & I gave her the phone.  After a couple of seconds passed by she was talking to some one & I thought that it was our girl.  So I asked Martha for the phone & she gave it to me.  I heard a voice on the other end saying "why do people keep calling here, there's no one here by that name ".  My heart sank again & then all of a sudden I heard a female's voice on the other line. I asked her if this was E..... & she said that it was. Praise God!  I told her that we want to see her & if it was possible for her to get to Focus tomorrow, so we can talk.  She said that she will be at Focus at 1:30pm tomorrow.  She said that she doesn't drive, so I asked her to call the Taxi B Company & gave her their phone number & we'll pay for her ride.  She said "thanks & I'll see you tomorrow".  After I got off of the phone I called out to Martha, who was now in the Material Aid Room putting things away, & walked over to her & wept in her arms, for a few seconds.  I thanked the Lord for turning this around & having us reach her after all the upsets & downs earlier today with missing her with the cell phone & also with Sheila missing her too while she was baby-sitting her grandchildren earlier.  I felt like a 100 pounds of stress melted off of my shoulders & I could now breathe easier.   

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at Focus & the Front Lines 
This was a complicated day, to say the least.  I called & gave the heads up to both Karen, our new client advocate & Florence, who I just met last week & was planning to come to Focus to have a tour & receive information, on how a pregnancy center runs, that our new client Ms. E. was coming this afternoon.  The plan was that Ms. E. was to call for the taxi, which Focus was going to pay for, at 1:15pm & then arrive at the center to talk & to repeat her pregnancy test, at 1:30pm.  I was worried that she wouldn't show up but thank God I was wrong for she came on time.  Martha decided to go out to the front lines by herself to pray & counsel.  The day was cold & windy but she weathered through it, she's a hardy one.  Florence arrived & then we all went into the Rose Room to sit down at the oval table to talk.  She was a little scared & we intimidated her, at first, & who could blame her but then she relaxed & spoke her heart out about her life & her present situation.  We repeated her pregnancy test & it was positively positive. She was disappointed by was gearing away  from being abortion minded, thank God.  Karen, who is a physician, did a great job in asking questions & also Florence did a super job in adding her insights, to the scheme of things.  I added my two cents at times.  I heard the doorbell ring & I excused myself & got up to answer the door to see that Valerie had come to help us out this afternoon.  Paul couldn't make it today & with all these women & three more coming at 2:30pm I was glad & I'm sure he would have felt a bit uncomfortable.  After the hour long meeting she asked to stay until 4pm for that's when her abusive boyfriend could pick her up.  This was a great idea, for her to stay with us for a couple of hours, to bond. She has three children but her mother & her 'new' husband was raising them until Ms. E. gets clean.  So I suggested for her to go into the Material Aid Room to pick out some things for herself & her children.  She was happy to hear this & went into the room with her new friend Valerie.  Karen had to leave so I gave Florence a tour & gave her lots of information to take back to her pregnancy care center to use for her clients.  I said that I would email her a list of great  web sites that can bless her center.  She was very grateful.  Then the doorbell rang & it was our three Elim Students coming in to help us out for 2 hours.  I introduced them to Ms. E & to Florence & then they got to work.  I went outside to flag Martha back into the center & she said that she would come back in after she had finished her Rosary.  Anything you say Martha.  I then went back into the center to join the girls.  It was so bust in there & everyone had something to do.  After about 15 minutes I asked everyone if they were hungry & it was unanimous.  So I suggested Wendy's & Focus was buying.  It was our way of saying "thank you".  Florence offered to get our lunches so she took everyone's order & I then gave her the money.  She took one of the Elim girls with her, which was a great idea & off they went.  They returned about 20 minutes later & we all gathered together at the long table in the Green Room.  Martha had now come in from the cold & joined us.  We had a great time eating & sharing our stories, though some of them were painful, but necessary.  It was a 'special' time for us girls.  After lunch Florence said "good bye".  She tanked me for the tour & all the brochures & other things that I gave her to use at her center in Greece, NY..  I was happy to do it.  After she left the Elim girls worked in the office & putting away the bags of donations that we were just blessed with.  Hooray.  It was now 4pm & our new client said "good bye" too & I again had a few more minutes to talk with her.  Earlier in the Rose Room she had called Compass Care to scheduled an ultrasound to see how far along she was for Thursday at 5pm.  I said that I would take her there & for her to meet me here at 4:30pm & if she needed transportation for her to just again call the taxi company & Focus will pay for the ride.  She said that was nice of me & that not to many people have treated her so kindly in such a very long time.  I almost cried.  I gave her a hug & out the door she went.  As I walked back to the Green Room I saw our street friend Cleveland come walking towards the door.  I then walked back to the door & invited him into the center to get something to eat.  Well it turned into a shopping frenzy.  He was wet & smelly & he needed some new used clothes to change into, so I decided to go to the second hand store on Clinton Ave. to buy him some pants, shirts, sweater & a jacket to keep him dry & warm.  I was gone about 45 minutes.  When I came back to the center I noticed that there were two police at Planned Parenthood standing on the sidewalk talking.  I decided to walk over to them & ask them some questions.  I introduced myself & said that I was a sidewalk counselor there in front of this building.  The police officer said "it's not what you think that it is, she had a mental breakdown".  I then said that I knew Officer Chris for he is our advocate & the officer said that he knew him & that he goes to the same church that he does.  I said "St. Mark's" & he said "yes".  Then I said "that means that you know Fr. Bush" & he said that he did.  Small world, isn't it.  I then turned my attention to the fence & I saw that a disorientated woman was walking aimlessly sort of in circles with a team of three Planned Parenthood workers following her in unison.  One was, Jeff Pier, the Director, of the Rape Crisis Service at Planned Parenthood & the other was an older woman who has been with Planned Parenthood for as long as I can remember & I've been there since 1986.  She probably hasn't been there that long but a long time, that's for sure.  The other person I didn't recognize so maybe she was with the police department.  Don't know.  I called out the woman telling her that God loved her & that we would pray for her.  She was finally assisted into the ambulance which came about 15 minutes later.  Poor soul!  I then went back into the center to give Cleveland his new , used clothes.  He thanked me & off he went.  He said that he was living with his brother wherever he lives.  The next day I saw that he had put on the brown corroded pants & not the shirts or sweater?  I don't know what he's saving them for?  He's such a mystery & he frustrated me something crazy but we love him & will take care of him as long as he walks this earth.  God is great!! 
I talked with Martha regarding the woman that was just brought by ambulance from Planned Parenthood & I surmised that maybe she saw the graphic picture that Martha had out on the front lines & it was a trigger for her & she went  ballistic.  If you're post abortion or had any traumatic event occur it usually takes a 'trigger' to have the experience blow up in your face.  Some people can deal with it with counseling & support & other just have a break down.  It seemed odd to me that she flipped out today & the director of Rape Counseling was with her.  Imagine that the have a Rape Counseling Center in the very same place that they murder little babies???  How sick are they, very sick.  Last week there was a woman coming out of Planned Parenthood screaming at me "I'm hear of rape counseling you idiot".  I said back to her "I'm a rape survivor & what would you come here"?  Let her think about that one.  My heart aches that in this city the only place that you cane get so called rape counseling is at a place that they murder children,  You figure that out & please give me your answer.  At least with rape, & I am not minimizing the impact that rape has on a woman but at least she's alive but with abortion, you're mutilated & dead!!!!   For I was conceived in rape & was almost killed by abortion but my twin brother didn't survive the abortion in 1949.  I am an incest survivor & two attempted rapes, on by one male & the other by three males with a knife at my throat, at the Johnson House Restaurant in Churchville, NY back in 1968 & a gang rape survivor of three males at Strong Memorial Hospital in 1971.  I was a virgin & conceived twins from that rape & lost them 6 weeks later by a miscarriage & my mother did nothing about it.  Flush it, just flush it, my mother said & I did. Later on I was molested by Dr.Tulssi Dass, a surgeon at Highland Hospital, who took my appendix out in 1986.  Morris Wortman, who is now the abortionist in Brighton, NY, back in 1978 at Highland Hospital, just two months after my total hysterectomy at 28 years of age, swung me around, in the hallway of the hospital while I was on duty, as I walked passed him & he ruined my back. To this day my right leg goes numb for it is a permanent partial disability at L-5.  I had to give up nursing because of him.  I married two crazy men, one in 1987 & the other in 2002.  I am Church annulled X2.  I am now happily single & still healing & am a director of a pregnancy center.   


Thursday, March 1, 2012 in front of Planned Parenthood 

When I arrived at the center our new volunteer Karen was waiting for me to open up.  We then went into the center & I hurried to open up the doors to the different rooms, though I forgot the bathroom door.  Yes, we even have a lock on that door too, it's a long story.  I told Karen that I was now going out & she was in charge.  I was hoping that Martha & Pastor Everett were coming soon but I was wrong.  When I got outside I went over to Paul & he told me that Sheila was waiting in her car, in the parking lot, to talk to me, so I quickly went over to where she was waiting.  I wanted to talk with Sheila & I did until Paul walked over to us from the front lines to tell me that he was going for lunch & he will come back, to work in the center until 3pm & then his sister Kathy will be picking him up  to go get his car, from the garage.  Poor Paul, for he's been having lots of car problems recently, with his car & it's been costing him lots of $$$.  So after I said "good bye" to Sheila I walked over to the Front Lines, to start talking to the people going into Planned Parenthood, for whatever reason but concentrating on abortion, for it's their surgical abortion day.  Bill was across the street with his sign witnessing the Truth.  Dan came a few minutes later & then Adolph.  Martha didn't come until 1:40pm & later on Pastor Everett, called me on my cell phone, to tell me that he was sick with a sore throat & he wouldn't be coming today.  I said that I wished him well & then hung up.  I noticed that my throat was starting to get sore too.  I think that I got it from him, when he came into the center on Tuesday, for a quick visit. 
I received a phone call from Karen for she was about to do a pregnancy test & the bathroom door wasn't opened.  I told her that there were keys to all of the room in a special hiding place in the Green Room.  She okay & hung up.  A few minutes later she called back to tell me that the keys were not where I said that they were.  I told her that I would be right there to open up the bathroom.  I took the guys who were across the street that I was going into the center for a few minutes & they said "okay".  I went into the center to open up the bathroom for the pregnancy test & left.  Suzanne wasn't there yet nor was Martha, they came a little later.
A young couple were walking on the other side of the sidewalk, across the street to where I was standing, which is on the same side of Planned Parenthood.  I heard her voice & she was talking loud enough for me to hear her, for that's what she wanted.  She was saying to the young man "I don't want her to say anything to me as I go in there, I just don't want to hear it".  I waited for them to cross the street heading into Planned Parenthood before I said "we can help you, you don't have to go in there".  The two voices that came back to me, were nasty in tone, as they both headed for the door.  About 2 hours later they walked back out  & I  tried to talk to them again.  I said for them to ask the Lord into their lives".  The young man said, to me, "I know the Lord".  I don't know why I laughed, but I did.  I guess it's because so many people are saying to me that they know the Lord & are living immoral lives & killing their children too, I'm so confused.  He quickly replied, to my laughing, by saying to me "go to hell".  See what I mean??  There is so much religious hypocrisy.  If you know the Lord then you will try to do His Will & obey the 10 Commandments, that He has given us to live a good life.  What went wrong with Society & the Church??  I continued to odder them help as they walked up the street & around the corner of Gibb's St. towards Main St. to catch the bus.  I don't know why they were in there but she didn't look good coming out of the Death Camp.  Lord have Mercy......
It was one car after another coming into the parking lot, it made my stomach turn.  An older woman & a young girl got out of the car & as they were walking towards the door I still was pleading with them both not to have the baby killed & that we could help them.  Then the young girl turned around at me with a grotesque look on her face & flipped me the 'bird'.  It was so very sad.  Then Martha joined me & started to pray the Rosary. 
Three girls got out of the car & started to walk into the building.  As I offered them help & told them what they did in there, they were very disrespectful to us with words & actions, I can't repeat.  It was heart breaking.  If they thought for one moment that they found an easy target they learned later on that they were wrong.  Where are these girls mothers & fathers??  Does anyone love them???  I know that we do but it's hard to get through to them when they are involved with risky business, like having sex outside of marriage & they're not there yet to change. Some of our girls will have to hit the 'brick wall' first before they can get healing.  They all went in & then a few minutes later two of the girls came back to their car.  I continued to speak to them because abortion is the first thing that we speak about to those who are driving into the parking lot.  If they are there for an abortion or not, that's what we address first & foremost. We take no chances & speak about abortion first, which is the immediate need to save a life.  They also do STD testing, & the insertion of the abortificant the IUD & the abortificant the Depro Provera shot, too on Thursdays.  Then one of the girls screamed at me saying "we're here for our friend's STD testing you --------.  How nice is that, no respect.  I said "that's a consequence of sin".  What you -------.  I said back to them that when you sin there are consequences of sinning & STD's is one way to pay for that sin.  Well they didn't like that to say the least.  As they were becoming more rowdy & I said to them that if they continue that I will call the police.  For they really were getting out of control & we need to protect ourselves.  One of the girls hollered back to me as she was heading towards me saying "I'll have you arrested for harassment".  They always say that.  I returned by saying "you're infringing on my Constitutional right to protest & my Freedom of Speech, so who'll have who arrested"?  I looked through the bushes again & they had stopped dead in their tracks & then went back into the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood.  Good girls, a wise decision on your part!!  I'm not kidding, for they're killing babies in there & most of the people going in there are up to no good.  Not all but most. I love them but I won't be their victim either.  They were in there for about 15 minutes & when they had come out I heard them say probably to their girlfriend who was in having the STD testing, "there she is"!!!  I didn't confront them as they were pulling out, for I was busy giving directions to Focus, for children's clothes, to a father who had his young son with him.  So I wasn't near the exit of the Planned Parenthood parking lot but they sure had to look at the pictures that I had on the sidewalk.  I did take a chance that they would hear me & I used the mega phone to call out to them saying,  "I love you"!!  It makes me cry to see how some of our young people are so messed up today. Thanks for nothing Planned Parenthood, you deviants. 
Another tough case, was an African woman was getting out of her car & I engaged her with some very important information.  I said to her that Black Genocide was happening here at Planned Parenthood.  She laughed, as she was walking into the building.  I said to her "the Lord isn't laughing".  Then she got real angry, so I said the Our Father Prayer.  She came out, a few minutes later, holding some of their literature in her hands, probably about STD's.  She then came over to the fence, where I was standing, & said to me "are you racist & again, in a low tone of voice, are you racist"?  I haven't that response in a long time, so I said to her "no I'm not a racist but Planned Parenthood is".  Well it was like World War III now & I couldn't get a word in edge wise.  So Martha took over & I went back to the sidewalk, by the tree, & witnessed the Truth to the cars driving up & down University Ave..  Martha tried to talk to her but I all I could here her say was "then why did she say what she said"?  I thought to myself, because it's the Truth!!  She was difficult to communicate with but thank God that Martha was able to give her a Truth packet, which has a whole lot of information in it. There are some brochures, in the packet, that will tell her what I was trying to tell her, is that Planned Parenthood is Racist & there is Black Genocide going on in there.  I hope & pray that she will be the woman, that the Lord will raise up, to educate the Black Community here in Rochester, to close down Planned Parenthood once & for all.  It's the, 'I don't want to get involved' people & the Churches that keep Planned Parenthood open, by not doing anything.  Apathy is killing our children!!!!!   As she drove away I waved at her & hollered. "I love you", just so that she really knew that I wasn't a racist. 

Martha & I stayed to pray & to witness along with our guys across the street praying.  Then two young girls came out of Planned Parenthood & started to walk up the sidewalk & we called them over to us.  I was so happy that they were walking towards Martha & I.  We got to talk to them, for a minute, handing them each a Truth packet.  I asked them why were they at Planned Parenthood? The one young girl said that they were there for STD testing.  How sad, for these girls were no older than 15 years old.  I said to them "by having sex you're putting yourself at risk" & then Martha tried to educate them with some very important facts.  I lead them into Focus, for some bottled water, & Suzanne, our Thursday Client Advocate, got to speak to them & to show them around Focus, for a few minutes, before they had to leave.  Before they left I gave each one of them a pin of a baby's feet, who was 10 weeks old, in the womb.  I hope & pray that their lives changed this very day, through the grace of God!!  Where are they heading, when they, at such a young age are already having sex & worried about sexual transmitted diseases??????  So sad :( 

I brought our new client to Compass Care in Brighton for an ultrasound & she's 5 weeks along now & she isn't abortion minded any more.  Praise God!!  

Great News from Focus!  Suzanne calls our clients to see how they are doing & to provide information & assistance for them & she was told by one of our young mothers that her baby was born.  Here is the wonderful news:  Baby boy Jah'zier was born on January 5, 2012 at 3lbs. 4 oz. & has just come home from the hospital on February 6, 2012.  Our 16 year old mom is doing well & is back to school with her precious son being well taken care of when she's gone.  He is gaining weight & growing & is healthy & happy.  Praise God!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at Focus   

I received a call from Ms. E., our client from last week, on Monday saying that she was bleeding.  She called 911 & an ambulance came & took her to Rochester General Hospital.  I went up to the hospital, to be with her, in the afternoon.  It looks like she had an miscarriage.  How sad.  She was abortion minded last week & became to accept her pregnancy & to 'choose life", which made us so happy at Focus.  Our hearts go out to her during this very difficult time & we will continue to love & support her, in the other aspects of her life, that she struggles with daily.  She is in our hearts & prayers, like all our girls, are at Focus.  The great news is that one of the other girls, that  I had asked the prayer team to pray for, is continuing her pregnancy.  She is 14 years old & her boyfriend is 15 years old & she finally told her mother & her mother is supportive of her pregnancy.  Thank God!  I never was worried about her but about her mother, even though she goes to church at on of the biggest Protestant churches in Rochester.  Going to church now a days doesn't mean anything.  I've been in shock, many times, of people saying that they love & know the Lord & are having sex outside of marriage, on birth control & aborting their children.  I can't grasp this, nor should I :(
Martha, Paul & I were very busy at Focus today.  We had much to do in the center & we need to get ready for our fist Mass in 2012 next Tuesday.  We will be having our first Board Meeting tomorrow at Focus, which will be exciting, for we have much to share & much to do, to better our humble pregnancy center.  


Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at Focus   

When we arrived at the center, there at the door, were two moms.  One is our regular client with her very active 2 year old & another was a young girl who was by herself.  I opened up the center & then they went into the Material Aid Room to get what they needed.  The little 2 year old had a mind if her own. very strong willed.  She ventured into the Great Room & was starting to touch everything in sight & she didn't like it when I tried to  stop her from breaking most of the things that she was touching.  I took her by the hand & said "lets go find Mommy".   She was having to much fun to care about Mommy but I finally brought her to her mom.  We gave her some cranberry juice & she puckered so I suggested that we dilute with some water, then she liked it better.  See, I know some things, even though I hadn't raised any children.  They both went home happy, both mother & child.   

I had so much to do in the center today but my heart is out on the front lines too, but there isn't two of me but only one, so Martha went out to pray & witness instead.  I stayed in the center doing office work & I was joined, soon after, by Karen, our new volunteer.  It was so nice of her to have brought diapers size 5 which is what we needed & other wonderful things, for our moms.  I asked her to call three doctor offices, from a list, that I obtained through a reliable source, to see if they did abortions or referred for abortions. I was happy to find out that Unity doesn't do or refer for abortions.  Thank God!!  So we have three new doctors to add to our list of other doctors.  This makes me very happy indeed.  I also gave Karen another list, that I had recently obtained, to see if these were good sources to refer our clients to.  She will check to see & then print them out, for the center to hand out, to those who are in need.  She is so helpful.  She wasn't feeling well today so she left a little bit earlier.  She's renewing her doctor's license & will be hopefully trained to do ultrasounds, for the three pregnancy centers in the city & hopefully at Focus too. This is very exciting news, to say the least.   The three Elim girls arrived then Karen left to go home, so I had coverage in the center.  I greeted the girls then put them to work immediately, for there was so much to do.  They have breaks & lots of fun, so don't get me wrong, it's not all work without play.  We enjoy them & they enjoy us too.  It's mutual.  I was trying to do some projects,  in the office, but I had many interruptions which I understand.  It was either the phone ringing  or the doorbell.  I dealt with every situation, through the grace of God.  I also had to prepare for our first Board Meeting in 2012 tonight at 6pm.  Martha surprised me yesterday with the news that she had a Nursing Inservice Meeting tonight from 4pm until 7pm, & wouldn't be joining us at the board meeting.  I was disappointed, but I have to go on with the bad news, that I receive continuously.   

I was working on two projects or maybe it was three, at a time.  Maybe Planned Parenthood doesn't know it but I never sleep either & I am always trying to find ways, to educate the community about Planned Parenthood.  Hopefully they will stop giving to them, thus closing them down in time, through the grace of God, always.  

I had to talk to our Accountant, who has an office up the hall from us, about a couple of things.  It's quite  convenient for me to knock on his door to ask some questions of him with no charge, so far.  I give him cookies or quick bread in return for questions answered.  A fair deal I think, so far.  The Elim girls were working very hard & then Martha came back into the center.  I asked her what had happened out there in the front lines.  Earlier I had offered my cell phone just in case she had to call the police or me, in the center, for some immediate assistance, but she refused the cell phone.  She said that there was a woman who said to her that her daughter had died two days ago & then went into Planned Parenthood.  Shouldn't she have been preparing for the funeral instead??  So sad.   Then a guy approached Martha from around the bushes, to call her a 'bitch" & asked her "what if a woman was raped"?  Martha replied saying that it was her baby too.  He said "ya, I never thought of  it that way before" & then he stopped calling her bad names.  Just then she said, Cleveland had come walking down the street & she called him over saying  "Hi Cleveland".  "He saved my life", she said.  God used Cleveland, to draw attention to himself, so that this nasty man would go away, which he did.  Thank God.   Martha said that she got bad honks & good honks  today, from the cars driving passed her, on the sidewalk.  It's so puzzling why anyone would call her a bad name or disrespect her in any way, for she is so wonderful & sweet.  A true mother, she acts like's one & looks like one, too.  It's quite puzzling to me, that's for sure.   

I was happy to see Sandy, who has volunteered in the past at Focus, before she got a job at the Strong Museum.  She stopped by the office & we got to talk for a few minutes.  I told her that Paul was coming by & when I had just said this, there he was.  It was great for them to see each other again, for they hadn't seen one another in a long time & they had much to catch up on as they worked together, in the Great Room, putting away the donations.  It was wonderful.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Jim, who brings us food for our clients, during Lent every week.  I got to talk to him, about some deep subject matters, until he had to go.  Then we were blessed by a woman who brought us some diapers & two cans of baby formula, which is very expensive.  I got to talk to her for a few minutes & said how grateful I was for her donations.  She just smiled at me, how nice is that.  Then the doorbell rang again & then Paul said to me " there's someone here to see you".  The young lady came into the office & I said "what can I do to help you today"?  She replied "for a pregnancy test".  I said "come follow me in the Rose Room".  She did & we started the procedure.  I asked to fill out the Intake Sheet & then got the pregnancy test ready while she was in bathroom giving me an urine sample for the test.  Then she came back into the room where she took the test & while we were waiting we talked.  I started to ask he some questions & Pandora's Box opened up.   It was sad to hear that she had just lost her baby son, by a stillbirth at 6 months.  I told her that my good friend had lost her baby by a stillbirth at 6 months, many years ago, & that she named her daughter Nicole.  She had also named her son too.  She was negative today & then we talked about abstinence & she agreed.  She told her boyfriend that she wasn't to be pure & chaste & he agreed to that.  How good is that .  She had sad eyes.  She was a wise young girl with  the right message that abortion & contraception was wrong.  I told her that sex inside of marriage was wrong & for her to ask God to forgive her & He will.  At one point she finally smiled which touched my heart.  I offered her help any time that she wanted to call me or to come back to Focus to talk, for we were here for her. 

Just after our client had left the board members were arriving.  I wanted to freshened up first & to gather all the papers that I needed to pass out to them, such as the minutes of the last meeting in  December of 2011 & also the outline of this meeting, written by our accountant, along with other information that I wanted to share.  It was great to see all my friends once again.  It was a very informative & fruitful meeting & I didn't give anyone a word in edgewise.  No, we all shared a little but I had so much to share with them of what was happening at Focus, so far in 2012, the year of positive change & advancement, for the community.   


Thursday, March 8, 2012 on the Front Lines

When I arrived at the center I was asked to come into the Rose Room where Sheila was with two young girls.  They were half sisters, & they both had a pregnancy test.  One was negative & the other was positive.  Their both heads were down & when they lifted them up they had such a blank look on them.  The young girl, who was pregnant, was 18 years old & had her life already planned out & a baby wasn't in the plans.  She wasn't abortion minded before the test but one never knows after the test, with a positive result.  Sheila asked me to talk with her & her sister so I went into the Rose Room to speak with them, offering them support & hope.  I said that a baby wasn't a curse but a blessing & it's not cancer or heart disease but a person that God put in your life.  I said "you had sex & now you have a baby, that's how it happens".  I again told her that she wasn't alone & that we were here for her & her baby.  Later on Sheila showed them the Material Aid Room & I told her that when she finds out if she's going to have a boy or a girl that she can come back & get what she needs for the baby & everything is 'free' & that's good thing right".  I think that I was starting to see a small smile come over her face.  We gave her a Truth packet & a baby's feet pin at 10 weeks & a DVD & lots of brochures to assist her, one was "How to Take Care of Yourself When Pregnant'.  We always suggest that they go to their own doctor to obtain medical care during their pregnancy & if they don't have a doctor then we provide a list of good pro life doctors for them, that have a positive pregnancy test, or for anyone who doesn't have a doctor.  We are blessed to have added three more pro life doctors to our list to hand out. I'm thankful. Sheila talked to the two sisters for a few more minutes while I gathered some of the things to take outside, then she had to met her daughter for lunch.  Paul was getting a ride from Tim, to go pick up his car that was in the shop, who was there at the center picking up the 501c3 letter so that he can pick up 'free' bread & rolls, from Panera Bread @, to hand out to families in need & also to our clients at Focus. Great!  Paul said that he would come back later on to help us out, in the center, until 4pm.  In the meantime Karen had arrived.  She wasn't still feeling well & she said that she would stay until Suzanne arrived & then would go home.  The only thing is that Suzanne was sick too & came in at 3pm.  She stayed & made some phone calls to our clients before going to the doctors at 3:30pm.  Karen was nice enough to stay until 3pm, then left.  She will be working on the referral lost at home.  She was so helpful for we were blessed with lots of donations & Karen sorted out the winter clothes & the summer clothes & put them away.  I was grateful, for we are having out first Mass in the Great Room on Tuesday & the room has to be cleared of bags of children clothes & large items.  

While this was all going on I had the satisfaction & the relief that both Martha & Pastor Everett were already on the front lines so that it was covered.  I finally got outside to join my sidewalk team, to witness & to counsel, the Truth to the people going into Planned Parenthood, to have their babies murdered, in cold blood.   How horrible is that!!!  I wonder if they ever think about if   their baby was, a boy or a girl, & what their baby looked like & what their child would have grown up to be?  Only God knows now..........


Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at Focus. First Mass in 2012!

I was running late this afternoon so I called up Martha hoping that she would be at the center at 1pm but she was running late too.  We have the Mass this evening celebrant is Fr. Bill Spong, so we didn't go the Mass at 12:10 at Our Lady of Victory downtown today.  I called Martha before I left to go to my errands & she didn't pick up so I assumed (which one should never do) that she was on the way to the center & I was fine in completing my two errands.  Wrong!!  I went to Staples, to get paper & toner & then to Tops to get a plant for next to the altar for the Mass, mission accomplished & off I went to the center driving along saying my Rosary & not to many cares in the world when my cell phone went off.  I refused to answer it for I was driving & I fought the temptation not to & was successful.  I was happy about that.  Then it rang again, oh no.  Fearing that it was an emergency I answered it, which I hate to do & it was a mother asking if I was coming to the center.  I said that I was driving & that I would be there in 10 minutes & hung up.  I guess Martha wasn't there at the center at 1pm like I thought that she was.  Oh phooey.  Next time I will put my phone plug in my ear, which is safer but still not recommended while driving either.  Just don't talk on the phone while driving.....that's the law.  I was a hypocrite today & I'm not happy with myself for I wouldn't want to cause a car accident & hurt or kill someone, myself included.  I'm sorry Lord, please help me to be better.  Amen.  I finally arrived at the center in about 5 minutes for I was closer than I thought & I made all the lights.  Thanks Lord, I do appreciate that.  I got out of the car & went into the center only to find that there was 5 adults & 2 children in the Green Room.  I hurried & apologized to them all for being late today.  There was the mother & the father & the baby. Then there was Kay from St. Pius the Tenth Church, in Chili, delivering baby formula.  Then there was a nice lady from church delivering some clothes for the Material Aid Room & later on she hands me a $50 bill, as a donation for the center, thank you so very much Lord & Thresy.  Then there was another woman with a young daughter, around 4 years old, dropping off some very new & nice clothes for the Material Aid Room.  After everyone had left I got to talk to her for a few minutes.  Her husband in a doctor & she has 6 children & when her youngest daughter is in school she can & help us out in the center.  I can't wait, literally I can't wait, I need more help now, for we are so busy in the center & it has kept Martha & I away from the front lines on Tuesdays, when they prepare the girls for the surgical abortions on Thursday, it's an important day for us to approach them with the Truth & to save more lives, through the grace of God.  I am so frustrated to say the least.  Lord please send more people to help us out at the Focus Pregnancy Center.  Thank you.   

After everyone had left I went to my car to get the things that I brought for the Mass tonight.  I saw one of the Taxi guys so I called him over to help me & he did.  Just then Martha drove into the parking lot honking her horn (to say hi, I guess) & then she parked her car & got out.  I spotted two girls who looked familiar, I had spoken to them at one time when I was standing out on the front lines, sidewalk counseling.  They were not receptive to what I was saying & they went into Planned Parenthood anyway, that day.  I then called over to them & offered them a 'free' pregnancy test & I told them that Planned Parenthood kills babies.  They continued to walk up the sidewalk & then they turned around & walked over to where Martha & I were standing, in the parking lot.  Martha then lead them into the center for a pregnancy test.  I saw the hand of God in this.  As Martha was in the center I was still outside & then a pro lifer, named Chris, who prays in front of Planned Parenthood on Tuesdays, thank God, approached me to ask for 4 more Truth packets.  Sure I said & I then went into the center to get them for her. She is pro-active & hands them out to the girls, walking pass her, on the sidewalk while praying. Yeah!!  Since Martha & I find it difficult to get out on the front lines on Tuesdays, we have Chris out there at least, thank God.  Just before Chris had left in her car I noticed two young girls, one young man & two young children walking up Gibbs St. to University,  I called over to them offering them 'free' baby  & children clothes & 'free' pregnancy tests too.  They walked across the street & followed me into the center.  I then waved good bye to Chris, who was now driving out of the parking lot, to go home.  I lead them into the Material Aid Room & told the one girl who wanted a pregnancy test that someone else was in the room & she had to wait for a little while.  So in the meantime to go shopping in the Material Aid Room, which she did.  I heard her say to the other girl that was with her saying "they're right next to Planned Parenthood".  I then interjected saying "Planned Parenthood kills babies & they're trying to kill your race off too".  I then handed them each a Truth packet.  I then went into the office & I was wondering why it was taking Martha so long.  That usually means a positive pregnancy test & one has to spent more time with a client that is positive, especially if she's abortion minded or in shock.  This was the later situation, for her pregnancy test was positive & she was in shock & was crying & was sorry that she had had sex.  Martha spent time with her & her friend talking to them & giving them lots of information to take with them to look at & also a DVD of Growth & Development, in the womb, & ultrasound pictures too.  I feel so badly that the moms are already rejecting their babies. Suzanne, our client advocate on Thursdays, will follow up on this client as she does with all our clients, if their pregnancy test is positive.  I notice that the people that just came into the Material Aid Room & wanted a pregnancy test had left.  I quickly went to the front door & saw them walking away.  I called over to them saying that Planned Parenthood kills babies & that they don't care about you but we do".  The one girl said that she was going to bring the kids back home & then come back.  I said "okay".  My heart sank because they were going in the opposite direction that I first saw them coming from.  I thought that they were going to Planned Parenthood to get the test & never come back but thank God I was wrong.  It was about 15 minutes later that the doorbell rang & there were the two girls.  the one girl said "here we are for I told you that we'd be back".  I said "great".  Martha was  just finishing up with the two girls that we first brought into the center, for a pregnancy test.  I can't help to wonder if they had gone over to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test & they wouldn't do it & then they gave the two children to the young man to take home.  Never the less they were back at Focus.  That's all I cared about.  Martha lead the two girls into the Rose Room & shut the door.

The doorbell rang & I answered it for it was another client with her young son wanting to go into the Material Aid Room for children clothes & things.  It was a little while later that I realized that this was the same young woman that took so many things from the Material Aid Room, about two weeks ago.  She was accused, by her cousin, for stealing the diapers that she just got at the center, the same day.  Oh, no not again. Then the doorbell rang again & it was this young girl's cousin now coming into the center after I told her that she needed to come alone, the next time she comes to Focus, & not to take so much from the Material Aid Room, this time, for we need to make sure that there is enough for everybody who comes into the center.  "Hi Miss Mary", she says.  Okay so I'm a big softy. Then she goes to greet her cousin in the Material Aid Room.  When the two young girls left the Rose Room, after the pregnancy test, they passed by the Material Aid Room & said to the one girl that was in there saying, "why are you here"?  The one girl said "I'm here getting things for my kids".  They talked briefly & then the two girls left.  I went into the Material Aid Room & asked her how she knew these girls & she said "the one girl is my cousin".  Oh yeah, for she must have many relatives, small world isn't it.  I was already stressed out, for we haven't even set up the Great Room, for the Mass tonight.  I cried out to the Lord, in prayer for more help, & it was about an hour later Paul came & then Sandy came, to help us get ready for our first Mass of 2012.

It was so good that everybody worked so hard to get the Great Room ready for the Mass at 6pm tonight.  The food was ready.  We had sandwiches, macaroni salad, baked beans, homemade soup, & a wonderful fresh veggie plate plus deserts & drinks.  Then the doorbell rang & the people started to come.  Then Fr. Spong arrived.  I have never made him before so Rob introduced him to me.  I shook his hands & showed him around the center.  He then went into the Great Room to prepare for Mass.  It was a beautiful & blessed Mass that touched all our hearts.  I had asked Bill Hunt if he would give a quick testimony, of what the Lord has done in his life, after Mass.  He was surprised but said that he would.  It was a great testimony & I thanked him, for the short notice.  After Mass we all gathered together in the Green Room to start eating.  I was disappointed to hear that Fr. couldn't stay for supper but I asked him if he would hear someone's confession & bless each of the rooms, in the center, with Holy Water first before he had to leave.  He said "yes".  He is a wonderful priest that blessed us so much tonight.  Thank you Lord!!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at Focus
I had an appointment with the Ultrasound group at Embracing Options at 1:45pm.  Karen, our new volunteer at Focus, was going to go with me.  She was running late for she had other responsibilities so I called over to Jann to tell her that we weren't coming.  Just then Karen showed up & we went over for the rest of the meeting.  It was great that we went .  Better late than never...  The group got to meet Dr. Karen & they got to meet her.  It was very productive & I was encouraged, to say the least.  Looks like that the ultrasound program will be completed & will be in action at the end of June for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  The machine & will have Dr. Karen & others to run the machine which will be at Embracing Options & at a Place of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center.  Focus Pregnancy Center is right between them both, which will work out for us & our clients.  After the meeting Karen had to go to take her daughter to an appointment so she dropped me off at the center first.  I went into the center where Martha was all by herself because Paul wasn't able to be with us today & the students from Elim Bible Institute were not coming today either.  Martha held down the fort while I was gone to the meeting.  We stayed in the center even though the day was perfect because we had so much to do & the doorbell was ringing & we needed to be in the center to take care of our clients, too.  I feel guilty that I'm not out on the front lines but where the people???  I can't be in two places at once.  If I had more volunteers at Focus then I came be outside to sidewalk counsel & if there were more people outside praying & witnessing in front of Planned Parenthood then I would be in the center working  to take care of the center & the clients that are coming in for our services.  I'm soooo frustrated.    


Thursday, March 15, 2012 on the front lines 

I felt like I was in Hell today when I entered the front lines.  Martha & Pastor Everett hadn't arrived yet so I was by myself on the sidewalk.  Thank God that Bill was across the street but he's 84 years old!!  I wasn't afraid I was just sick at heart that people were driving in there to have their child killed.  Before I went to the front lines I was in the center first.  Karen was right behind me &  Sheila was in the Rose Room giving a pregnancy test.  To me every minute counts that someone must be on the sidewalk on a killing Thursday, so I quickly spoke with Sheila when the Rose Room door opened.  Karen was staring to do her work already for she sees something that needs to be done & does it, like all the volunteers at Focus.  I said good bye to the both of them & went outside.  I was there for about 5 minutes when two women walked around the bushes onto the sidewalk where I was standing.  One woman was young (the daughter) & the other woman was older (the mom).  As they walked passed me I said "we're here to help you & there is a pregnancy center right around the corner to your right".  The older woman responded "no need, it's to late".  "What do you mean", I asked.  She replied "she just had an abortion".  "What", I screamed, "why didn't you do something to stop it"?  She turned her head around slightly & spoke in a soft voice saying "she's my daughter, I have to give her support".  I said "supporting her in having your grandchild killed, what's the matter with you"!  I went on & on until they were half way down the street.  I'm sure that I told both of them to repent for the sin of murder & that she, the mother to the girl who had the abortion, that she was an accomplice to this murder of her own grandchild.  I was in shock & I just wanted to bury myself in a hole some where but I couldn't.  I then walked back to my post, by the tree, & then there were two cars, almost back to back, coming out of the parking lot saying bad things to me & expressing that they just had had an abortion.  One car had four people in it & I told all of them that they were accomplices to murder & to repent, for Hell is forever.  No cliché but the Truth.  Nothing but.......  I felt like someone had shot me three times & I was stumbling.  I now wanted to go into the center & never come out on the front lines again.  I was just waiting until Martha or/ and Pastor Everett to come & I will escape, to the peace of the pregnancy center, where we're not killing any children.  That just didn't happen. I was suppose to stay & trust in God, during this most difficult time. 
I continued in the spiritual battle, for lives & souls, until Martha came on the sidewalk, to pray.  Then Adolf & Dan came to pray across the street.  A car stopped by Bill to where he was sitting with the graphic sign Malachi.  I later found out that she told him that she had had an abortion in the past & was offended at the picture.  It sure sounds like she's repented.  Not!!  Yea lady it all about you & not the precious baby that you had killed in a violent way. I hope & pray that she really, truly repents very soon.  Don't put off tomorrow what you should do today!!!  I spoke  with Martha briefly & then asked her to pray on the brick side of Planned Parenthood.  She said okay & got the mega phone & the Truth packet, with the poem in it, to read to the mothers sitting in the waiting room, of the killing mill. 
Later she told me that a car had stopped to where she was & said that she lived down the street & because of all the noise she couldn't do her gardening.  Boo hoo, too bad.  They're murdering children in here & all you care about is your stupid gardening.  What a nut case. Martha said that it got heated & the woman told Martha to shut up & then Martha told her to shut up.  You go girl......  I was so busy where I was that I didn't see a car stop & talk to Martha.  I do have a cell phone & I'm not afraid to use it. 
Just then I saw a young girl walking up the sidewalk towards me.  I said to her that we can help her if she's going into Planned Parenthood.  She stopped & said, so matter of fact, "yes I am, I'm going for an abortion".  I looked at her & said "you're not going in there to have your nails don, you're going in there to have you baby killed".  Then I reached into the plastic bag to retrieve the little 10 week old baby t show her saying "this is what your baby looks like, are you going to kill him or her".  "I'm good" she replied.  As she walked passed the graphic signs I quickly showed the pictures & said "are you going to do this to your precious baby"?  As she entered the parking lot she turned her head back at me & said "I can't afford a baby".  I said "we have a pregnancy center & we can help you during & after your baby is born".  She didn't go right in for she sat on the bench by the door for about 5 minutes.  I crossed over to the other side of the street & called out to her & pleaded with her not to have her baby killed.  I walked over to where Martha was standing & pleaded some more.  She went into the building.  I went over to the other side where I usually stand but now I was numb.  Martha came over to where I was now & I told her that I needed to go into the center.  But before I went I told Martha to watch out for a African American young girl with medium length hair, for she was in there having an abortion, she told me.  She said "okay" & I left to regain my strength.  I was in the center talking to Suzanne about some things that were center & client related & then I had a quick sandwich & went back outside to join Martha & now Pastor Everett, who was now on the sidewalk.  Thank God!!  I greeted the Pastor & then I turned to Martha & asked her if the young girl had come out of Planned Parenthood.  She hesitated for a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity & then said "yes, yes she did".  I said "what! please tell me all about it".  She said that when she had walked by her she remembered what I had said to her before I went into the center.  She called her over & offered her the Truth packet.  She said "no, that's okay".  Mother Martha looked at her & said "you come over here & take this packet".  She walked over to Martha & took it.  Then Martha asked her name & she said "Eva", which was my grandmother's name, & she smiled at Martha & then walked down the street.  Martha did tell me that she was carrying a brown paper bag with a long box in it.  I said, the only thing that I can imagine it might be was the Plan B.  Maybe when she got in there she changed her mind & they gave her the Plan B to be used to abort her baby.  Never the less she didn't have a surgical abortion & she took the packet of information, which will continue to tell her the truth, if she reads it, & not to take any pills that is used to kill her baby.  I feel good about Eva, that she choose life today, & we will see her again with her baby. I offered my pain, of the three women who had come out earlier, after they had killed their children, to save Eva's baby.  God used my suffering & pain & heartache & horror, for this incident.  He does that.  Amen. 
I continued to sidewalk counsel.  Then a young, white woman, came out of Planned Parenthood & walked briskly passed me.  I said something to her & she pointed to her ear phones with a pleasant smirk on her face.  I said to her "I have just one word for you, "bondage".  She responded like she did hear me. There goes the ear phone scam down the tubes.  I felt so badly for her & for other women, for they think that they're free but really they're in bondage, by their life choices.  

Martha went into the center now for it was her turn to get something to eat or to renew herself.    Pastor Everett & I continued to counsel.  Then Donna came.  I was so surprised to see her.  She parked her van & got out & joined Pastor Everett & I on the front lines.  I introduced her to him & they talked for a few minutes.  As the cars drove in, Pastor Everett & I spoke to the men & women who got out of their cars, pleading with them not to go in there to have their baby's killed.  There were two men that were walking up & down the sidewalk, by the front door, talking on their cell phones & smoking.  I continually talked with them, to no avail.  Then an older woman came out to the parking lot by herself & her daughter was still in the building & Pastor Everett & I spoke with her as she was putting something into the trunk of the car.  A few minutes later her daughter got into the car & as they drove out of the parking lot, the mother stopped the car & said "you all made a difference, your work wasn't in vain today, for she didn't go through with the abortion".  I called over to them saying "this is wonderful news & we have 'free' baby clothes at 86 University Ave.," as they were pulling out onto the street.  It was nice that she stopped to tell us of the change of heart, Praise God, through His grace always.  All three of us were screaming with such joy at the news that this baby was saved from being killed here today.  We all three were so excited that not one of us thought to give the young girl a truth packet & a DVD.  Phooey.....  

Also, Martha was in the Focus Center very busy this afternoon, after Suzanne had left, with many people coming into the Material Aid Room & the one mother told her that she just had her baby!!  Yeah!




Tuesday, March 21, 2012 at Focus & on the front lines

I was putting up our A-frame sign, on the sidewalk, that tells people driving or walking by, about Focus.  I then saw that one of the workers of Planned Parenthood was crossing over to the side of the street to where I was standing.  I don't think that he recognized me at first but when I took off my sunglasses I saw that his body jerked.  As he got nearer to me I said "why are you doing what you're doing"?  He just looked at me & responded by saying "why do you do what your doing"?  I said "to save lives & to help people".  As he was walking away I called out to him saying "you will stand before Almighty God someday".  I hope that he is converted & repents & leaves Planned Parenthood soon. 
Martha & I were in the center doing our work & I was making chicken sandwiches for our lunches when I got a phone call.  It was from a young girl who was asking to come in for a pregnancy test.  I told her that we were here right now.  She asked if she had to bring any information or any ID.  I said "no, nothing but yourself".  She said that she would be there in a little while.  It was 10 minutes later that she arrived.  Her test was positive.  She wasn't abortion minded, but her boyfriend might be, but that didn't matter to her.  You stay strong there young lady & you'll have no regrets. 
The doorbell rang & it was our Miss T.  She's has had so many problems in the past with drugs but is clean now.  She came in to get baby clothes for her relative who is pregnant.  I asked Martha to call her to ask her what she needed & she did.  Miss T said to me "see I told you, I wouldn't lie".  I felt badly to have doubted her & to follow through by calling this young girl who is due very soon but we're been burned before by other clients.   Sorry Miss T.  She did get many nice things for her relative today.  She said that she went to Holy Apostles Church & meet Fr. Tony & that he was very nice, I agreed.  He is going to take her to Matthew's Closet, for clothes for herself.  Though she did find some nice jeans in the Material Aid Room today.  Yeah!!
I have Great News for you!  Martha & I were out, in front of Planned Parenthood this afternoon, & through the grace of God talked a young girl out of an abortion, for Thursday.  She was with her girlfriend & she said that she couldn't afford another baby.  We told her differently.  Martha then brought them into Focus where she gave her a stuffed animal & diapers for her child at home.  When she came back outside I asked her again, if she was going for an abortion, & she said "no! I'm not" & was excited with a smile on her face & was skipping down the street.  What a transformation through your prayers.  She went away knowing that someone was going to help her in her pregnancy & after her baby is born, too.  We gave her the Truth packet & the DVD & the movie Bella.  While she was in the Counseling Room, Martha showed her & her friend, pictures of an abortion, that freaked them out & rightly so. 
I have a prayer request.  My friend Anne, in Florida, just called me to say that the woman who was going for an abortion last Friday went to the abortion clinic but didn't go through with the abortion but she did make another appointment to have a surgical abortion this Friday at 11am.  So please pray that she doesn't go through with it.  She's  getting pressured by her boyfriend.  Her name is Jackie.   Anne is working with her & she will continue to try to talk her out of it.  Thanks so much!!
We think that there might have been two saves.  The first one, Martha was out on the front lines, & I was in the center getting more signs for outside.  She was holding the graphic sign & the other sign that said 'How much does an abortion cost: One Human Life'.  She said that a car pulled into the parking lot & the man & the woman had their mouths open saying "is that what abortion looks like".  They turned around in the parking lot & left.  I will say that this baby was also saved from being aborted this Thursday, too.  Praise God!!
We were very busy in the center today too, taking care of our many clients.  Thank God that Paul was here to help us.  He put the summer clothes out & then made up the Truth packets for our front line ministry & for Focus clients, too.  Thanks Paul.  Earlier outside there was Rick who was praying out in front of Planned Parenthood form 12 noon until 1pm.  I spoke with him briefly before Chris came to pray for her one hour from 1pm until 2pm, then Martha & I went out from 2pm until 5pm.  There was an older Death Escort wearing a blue apron, that reads:  Planned Parenthood Escort.  Ick!  I lit in her like a match.  It was heart breaking to see an older woman lead these young girls into this death camp, it made me sick to my stomach. 
While Martha & I were outside two young girls came walking up the sidewalk & as they passed us the one girl, with her breasts hanging out of her blouse, said some very colorful words to us as they both walked into Planned Parenthood to be lied to & deceived.  I felt in my heart that she was post abortive.  She was very angry & has a guilty conscious & we pricked it more by showing her the signs that we have on the sidewalk, of aborted babies.  When the two girls came out  of Planned Parenthood, Martha was in the center doing her second pregnancy test & helping the clients get clothes for their children, for Paul had left earlier to go home.  As they came from around the bushes the nasty girl hit the literature box & I told her that if she does anything more I will call the police & have her arrested.  I then confronted her about her abortion & she said to me that I had had an abortion for that's why I'm out here doing what I'm doing.  I said "no that's not true for I've never had an abortion".  Maybe I should have said "no I've never had an abortion but I was almost aborted & I'm trying to save as many babies as I can, through the grace & guidance from God, in honor of my twin brother Jimmy, who was aborted".  I just didn't have the time, for she walked very fast & was half way down the street, in a matter of seconds.  I will pray for her & hope that she will realize what she's done & repents.  So many young girls are following in her footsteps & are so angry & miserable & are in need of God's forgiveness & healing. 
A car drove into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood waving at me.  He got of the car & went to the trunk & was doing something there for awhile while I was engaging him.  I wasn't that pleasant.  I tried to tell him that he is a man & is suppose to be a man & his role is to protect women & children.  I also told him that he as a man will be held more accountable, in the eyes of God, because God created men to protect us & children too.  We are under their umbrella.  First God then men & then women & then children.  That's how it works, but unfortunately, not in today's sick society.  When he drove out I decided to not engage him really because I was trying to talk now to a woman who just came into the parking lot.  Then I noticed that he had pulled his car up to the curb & was engaging with Martha.  I heard something about rape & then I turned around & started to walk to his car snarling as I was saying "you don't kill the baby because of the crime of the father".  I saw the fear on his face & I followed him, as he was driving away, on the sidewalk, with the graphic sign of the aborted baby.  I hope that he got the message.  Martha had told me that his sister was raped & that she had an abortion.  Poor precious baby!!  I then saw him again, for he drove passed me on the other side of the street, a few minutes later.  I just looked at him & he just looked at me.  I hope that he got the message that all lives are precious, in the eyes of God.   If he wasn't such a jerk & acted badly I would have been more calm & approachable & would have told him that I was conceived in rape.  I deserve to be here, on this earth, like all of you!  It doesn't matter how we were conceived, all that matters is that we get born......
Martha called me on my cell phone, to come into the center to help her, for she was so busy.  I brought the signs & things into the center & one of our dear clients helped me.  Earlier, as she walked passed me on the sidewalk, to go to the center to get what she needed for her child, she stopped & gave me a big hug.  It's all worth it!!  :) 
One of our clients stopped back into the center to get her keys that she left the day before & as she was there she worked organizing the Material Aid Room with her 3 year old son.  What a cutie!!  I was working in the office doing 'catch up' & copying brochures for the Counseling / Pregnancy Testing / Literature Room.  Martha was working in the Great Room packing up the winter clothes & bring out the summer clothes.  I will have the sweet Elim girls tomorrow help Martha, so that we can have all the winter clothes gone, & all the summer clothes out in the baskets, in the Material Aid Room.  The warm weather came early this year.....yeah!! 
Martha & I had a nice supper & we did more work after that.  I went outside to look for the top of the literature box & there it was on the ground where we stand.  Our sweet client who was helping me bring in things earlier forget the top of the box.  As I was out there I noticed that there was cars in the Planned Parenthood parking lot for it was now about 8:20pm.  I went back into the center & told Martha that I was taking a graphic sign & I was going out there to witness.  She told me to be careful & so did the dispatcher at the Taxi company, who is in the same building as we are.  Oh, they care, they really care!!!  I went back outside, as planned, & I stood there on the sidewalk at 8:30at night.  I then turned around to see that a young girl, who was riding on a bicycle, was giving me her middle finger.  Oh no!  I said to her to repent of her abortion & to ask God to forgive her, as she quickly rode passed me.  How sad it that!!  I waited until the people started to walk out of their meeting.  I finally realized that it was a Rape Counseling Meeting & informed the volunteers that Planned Parenthood doesn't report statuary rape.  I said to some of them that if they had a caring heart to help people don't do it through Planned Parenthood.  'They kill', 'they lie', I told some of them, & also that they were deceivers & murders, too. 
It was a good night, for I got to tell the Truth, to peole who are in darkness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 in Focus
It was a hectic but fruitful day at Focus. I started out with Martha then Paul then Karen then our four Elim Students, that help us out, on Wednesdays.  Earlier I had received a call form a young woman that said that the Salvation Army had referred her to Focus, for baby things, for she only had a crib & really nothing else.  I told her when we will be at the center today, from 1pm to 6pm, even though I usually stay later, in the center.  She said that she would come in the afternoon.  I said fine & then asked her her name & then I said "I'll see you later" & hung up.  Well, I was in the center & received a call on my cell & the person was saying that she was in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  I said "what, you need to get out of their parking lot so what I'll do is I'll walk over to the sidewalk in front of that building & when you pull out make a right & you'll see me there & then I'll show you where we're located, which is two doors down.  I kept her on the phone & I walked over to the Planned Parenthood & I guided her over to where Focus was.  Yeah!  She had her boyfriend with her & the two came into Focus where I asked Martha to take over to assist them in the Material Aid Room & to fill out an Intake Sheet so that Suzanne can call her at times to see if she needs anything.  She's due in May, so we have a little time, to get what she will need for her baby.  Martha told me later on that they were very nice & were grateful for the baby clothes & for the help.  That's our job!! 
Karen had just come in, so I asked her to do some office work today.  She typed out the Doctor's List, to pass out to our clients.  It was updated with two new doctors that do not do or refer for abortions. Great!!!  I'm so happy.  She also made copies of our updated general referral list.  She is a blessing.
The doorbell rang & it was Donna, a client that we haven't seen in awhile since her boyfriend had thrown her down the stairs but she recovered.  When I saw her today I was hoping for good news but she said that her ex boyfriend had broken into her apartment, last night, while she & her son were away & he put bleach on her carpet & ripped up her furniture & destroyed the apartment.  How sick is that. Martha got her connected with someone from the R.A.I.H.N program @ for a place for her & her son to live.  She has to call them tomorrow again.  She went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for herself & for her son too.  Just then the doorbell rang & it was Pastor Everett & he was there to tell me that he would be late, on the front lines tomorrow, for he has a funeral tomorrow morning at 11am.  I introduced Donna to the Pastor & he spoke with her for a little while .  Then he said "lets all gather together & pray".  That's a great idea.  So I called  everyone into the Green Room, the 3 Elim girls, Martha, Paul & we all held hands in a circle & prayed for each other & for Donna & her son & their situation.   It was such a blessing. 
We're working on putting the winter clothes away & getting out the summer clothes into the Material Aid Room.  We are so busy doing this.  We had a grandmother come in with her two grandchildren that she takes care of to get some things for them.  I gave her a general Referral List & a Food Pantry List too.  She wants to volunteer at Focus but I can't see how she can with the responsibilities that she has with the two young grandchildren.  It was nice that she wanted to.
Paul had the back door open for he was cleaning a stroller that was given to us by one of our clients.  Unfortunately it was too dirty to do anything with so we decided to throw it out.  While I was in the back of the building I decided to walk over to the fence to confront any Planned Parenthood staffer that was there in the parking lot.  I saw one in her car.  She got out of her car & started to walk to the building.  I told her what I thought & said that what she was doing, in there, was so wrong & evil.  She just mockingly tilted her head, back & forth, as if to say "lodi dotty doe".  Poor woman, she just didn't get it.  I then saw the car that I wanted the license number & I got it.  The car was right in front of my face, I couldn't ask for anything better. I couldn't believe it.  I thought that she might be the other abortionist but I feel now that she's just one of the 'Staffer's for Death', at Planned Parenthood.  We might consider to protest in the ally way behind our building for it faces the PP parking lot. 
Martha & I had a nice chicken & sausage supper with mashed potatoes & peas.  She had to go early for she didn't get much sleep last night for her daughter called her at 10pm to come right over to take care of her grandchildren for she & her husband needed to go to the hospital for she was having troubling breathing.  So Martha had very little sleep last night & she was tired & she didn't know if her daughter would call tonight asking for her to come over.  Please pray for Martha & her daughter. Also, please pry for all our clients & for those women & girls that changed their minds that they will stay strong & for all the staff at Focus & those who are on the front lines & for our wonderful benefactors who bless us, all the time.  Thank you so much!!  :)












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