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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 15

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Thursday, March 22, 2012 on the front lines
As I was driving to the center I received a call on my cell phone.  I have a hands free device so I answered the phone.  It was our very pregnant client who was saying that she was at the center to pick up the new car seat & layette for her son who is due on my birthday, March 30th..  I hope that he makes it, for it would be wonderful.  I told her that I was on my way but in the meantime for her to go outside to the next building to find Sheila, who has short hair & glasses & is probably holding a mega phone, & she'll give it to you.  She said "okay & thank you".  It was great that she was blessed with the car seat & layette, from Angel Care Ministry, who runs out of Guardian Angels Church, thank you so much!! 
My heart always sinks, on this day of killing little innocent & defenseless & voiceless children, whom we are suppose to protect.  How evil is this??  When I arrived at the center & Karen was pulling into the parking lot, as I was getting out of my car.  I greeted her & she was carrying a large box of diapers & a bag of clothes, for the moms, at the center.  Thanks Karen.  As I was talking to Karen, Sheila came into the center from the front lines.  She told me that a girl had left Planned Parenthood & was walking across the street.  As she was crossing Sheila said to her "did you just have an abortion"?  She replied "yes I did". Her heart was heart breaking when she was talking to the girl.  How sad & evil is this?  It's no big deal, to most of the girls going in there, what's wrong with people??  I knew that Pastor Everett was going to be late today because of a funeral & I was very happy to see that Martha had arrived.  I told her that I was going out to the sidewalk & she said that she was going to be right behind me after she did a couple of things in the center.  So in Focus there was Karen & Paul & Suzanne came later.  They were busy putting away children's clothes & answering the doorbell, for our clients to go into the Material Aid Room to get the things that they need for their children.  Suzanne was busy in the office calling our clients to see how they were doing & if they needed anything for us as a pregnancy center.  Great job you guys!!! 
I was now outside & it was 82 degrees, how weird is that, on March 22.  The cars started to drive into the parking lot.  How horrible is that.  I called over to the people to try to save them & their baby.  I never saw so many people with the mind set for murder.  I called over to the people coming & going saying "you clump of tissue, you are all alive & walking around now".  For this is how they refer the precious baby in the womb, as a 'clump of tissue, that can easily be removed, like it's no big deal.  Well your mother let you live, you clump of tissue.  I just wanted them to wake up & get real.  Just then I received a phone call from a woman, who wanted to check out the front lines, that Martha & I met at the Maafa 21: Black Genocide in the 21st.Century, which was shown about 2 weeks ago, on a Saturday, at the building across from Bethel Church.  By the way where are they on the front lines????  She called because she couldn't find us & I was trying to give her directions to Focus.  She finally did arrive & joined Martha & I on the front lines.  In the meantime Adolph, Dan & Addison joined Bill, across the street, to pray & to witness the Truth for Life. 
I turned around to see the same man that was at Planned Parenthood on Tuesday that waved at me going into the Death Camp.  I had confronted him about rape & was frustrated that I didn't have a chance to say more to him on Tuesday.  Well, I had my chance today, through the grace of God.  He stopped his car & then put his cell phone right in my face. I didn't care & I then told him that I was raped & that if his sister or one of his relatives were that they should continue the pregnancy because a baby shouldn't  be killed for what the father did.  I went on to say, that there is help for the victim of rape that conceived, through love & support from the churches & the community.  I might have said some other things I don't remember, for these words were from the Holy Spirit.   Then all of a sudden, with a smirk on his face, he said to me to keep up the good work that I was doing in making people feel badly.  I then told him to go home & not to bother me anymore & if he continued, I would call the police, for I wouldn't hesitate to do so.  At this point he scared me & I wanted him gone, ASAP!!  I hope that I don't see him anymore.  I said what I said & if he needs to hear it again then he can replay his cell phone. 
Then was a voice, from the Eastman School of Music apartments, across the street, being very nasty. I asked the weasel to come out from behind the bushes & show himself.  He declined. 
Pastor Everett came around 3:30pm & witnessed with me, for Martha was hot & wanted to go into the center, which was good for I lead a mother with 4 young children into the center for 'free' clothes.  Also, another girl too, I lead into the center, from the sidewalk for 'free' children clothes.  She was very  busy in the center.  Then a car had pulled out of Planned Parenthood & Pastor Everett spoke with the man & woman, who were in the car.  He asked him to pull along the curb to talk.  It was the exterminator & his wife.  By the end of the conversation the man said that he will never do business with Planned Parenthood again.  Yeah!!!  Sandy just arrived on the front lines from the center where she was helping out.  She also spoke with the woman ion the car before she had to leave for her meeting.  She left her hat behind on the ledge.  I'll give it to her when she comes back again. 
Just then the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, got into her car to leave.  As she was waiting for traffic & I spoke to her.  I was holding a crucifix & I told her that she will stand before the Lord someday & have to confess that she was a serial killer, a mass murder & for her to repent now".  She just looked, at me, with a blank look on her face.  Confronting evil is so upsetting.  We pray for her soul & all who work there. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at Focus & on the Front Lines
It was a fast & furious day, both in the center & on the front lines.  The minute that Martha & I entered the pregnancy center's door there were clients coming into the Material Aid Room, for 'free' clothes for their children.  Today Martha did three pregnancy tests which were all negative & each of the girls received brochures to help them with abstinence & to 'start over' again.  A young pregnant girl came in for clothes for her pregnant friend, so Martha asked her to fill out an Intake Sheet for her & her friend, so that we can follow up with them both, with a phone call from our client advocate Suzanne, to see how they're doing. 
Martha & I went on the front lines because we feel that it is so important a day, for this is the day that they get the girls read to come back to have her baby killed on Thursday.  We were out there when I noticed a young girl that came out using her cell phone she appeared to be crying so I decided to walk over to the other side so that I could be closer to talk to her.  When I crossed over to the other side in front of the brick side of Planned Parenthood & approached her with kind words to offer her help.  I showed her the Truth packet & told her about the Focus Center.  I asked her if she would like to follow me there so that I could talk with her & to show her around.  She said  "okay" & I lead her there.  I talked with her in the Rose Room where she told me that she was pregnant with twins.  I said "great", we can help you with both of your children.  She said that she had another child, a little girl age 3,  that the father has custody of, because of her financial woes.  I then preceded to offer all kinds of help & gave her many brochures & some DVD's too.  I then asked her to fill out an Intake Sheet so that we could touch base with her & her pregnancy progression.  She did.  Then I talked with her for 10 minutes & then brought her into the Material Aid Room to get some books for her daughter.  She told me that her daughter reads to her, so I was anxious to give her many books, to take with her.  She was grateful.  I said "good bye & that we will be praying for her too".  She said "thank you" & off she went to get a ride with her friend, that just pulled into the parking lot.  She will be on my ' Worry List '. 
I then went back outside to rejoin Martha, only you find out that she was confronted by a not so nice person, while I was in the center.  I was not happy to hear this.  She can hold her own, out there on the front lines that's for sure, but I wished that she would have taken my cell phone, like I wanted her too, before I left with this young girl to  go to Focus, but she refused.  Stubborn!!   I then decided to go across the street with the graphic sign.  I was standing there without the mega phone when all of a sudden Katherine Lynch gets into her car, for she lives right next to Planned Parenthood, & drives across the street to the vets parking lot,near to where I was standing, & gets out of her car & starts taking my picture.  Oh Katherine what made me so popular all of a sudden again for you've been  good, by not bothering us, for at least a year, why now are you starting up again????  Silly middle aged old bat.  What part of "leave us alone" don't you understand???  You might think that they've let you alone & then they start up again.  It's only a matter of time, I guess, when Jim, Jim & Buckpitt, will show their ugly heads again, against us, on the front lines!!!  It never ends....
I did what any pro lifer would do, I went over to her house, for she got back into her car & drove home, it took her about 2 seconds, & I took her picture on my cell phone.  She gave me the #1 gesture, for she still thinks that I'm #1, but I'm really not.  A car had now stopped in front of her house & an older woman got out, & of course she greeted her with a hug & a big smile.  It must be her client, for Katherine does massages, for a living.  I called over to the woman & said "are you going to let the devil put his hands all over you today"?  They were two peas in a pod, that's for sure.  It's always sad to me when I see an older person, without reason, it really scares me.  Off the two went into her house to get massaged. She came out an hour later ....times up!!   If there wasn't enough evil at Planned Parenthood, now this!!! 
I went back into the pregnancy center & did a pregnancy test & she was negative.  She was trying to have a baby, taking all kinds of prescribed pills to get pregnant, but she wasn't married.  She asked me if being engaged counted & I said "no", for you're not married.  I suggested that she & her finance' wait until they're married to engage in sexual activity & then they will be blessed with a baby, if it's God's will.  I gave her some information & then she left.  I hope she heeded my words today. 



Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at Focus
Karen our new volunteer was with Martha & I today.  Next week she'll be at the center on Tuesdays & Thursdays, I like that better.  We were all doing our work when the doorbell rang & it was a new client that wanted a pregnancy test.  Martha asked Karen if she'd do the test & she said "yes".  As this was all happening I decided to go outside & take some pictures in the neighborhood, & off I went .  The only regret is that I didn't bring a Truth packet with me.  When I got outside I saw the landlord Bernie & he told me that the Ethiopian restaurant was leaving & he had someone else t rent the space.  It will be a restaurant that will be serving in the evening & it will have music too.  Okay, but I was surprised at this new change.  I walked around the block & took some pictures.  I ended up on the brick side of Planned Parenthood & confronted two young girls that were about to go into Planned Parenthood.  They walked over to me on the sidewalk & spoke with them for about a minute.  I was so upset that I didn't have a Truth packet to give them.  They both walked into Planned Parenthood to have their lives ruined.  How sad is that??  I then walked over to the other side of the sidewalk where I usually stand by the bushes & started to talk to the people going in.  I noticed that a woman had two children & I thought that she was putting them into the van & then I saw that she was walking into Planned Parenthood.  I couldn't see clearly because of the bushes in my way if she had the two children with them.  I was so frustrated & I was waiting for a police car to drive down the street & I was going to stop the car & ask the officer to check the gray van for children in it.  I waited & waited by no police was coming down the street.  Then a man was getting into his car that was parked by the bushes & I started to talk to him.  He said that he was on his lunch hour & he was just dropping off his friend.  I asked if it was a STD testing & he said "yes".  I told him about Compass Care & he said that he would pass this information onto  his friend.  Then I asked him if he would just walk over to the gray van two cars down from him to see if there was any children in it.  He stated that he didn't want to get involved in anything like that.  I said that I would be the one to get involved not you just let me know if there is any kids in the van & then I'll take it from there.  He said "why don't you go check to see"?  I said that there was an injunction & I couldn't pass over this yellow line so that's why I asked you.  He said "sorry".  I said "it will bother you that you didn't do anything".  He then drove way.  I decided to walk across the street, which was prompted by the Holy Spirit, & I saw that there was a woman sitting on a bench, by the door, with the two children.  I felt better & I then went back into the center to work in there for the rest of the day.  People that don't get involved are useless, especially if it involves children.  Wimp!!! 
When I went back into the center I was told that the pregnancy test was positive & that the mother was delighted.  She wanted an ultrasound & Karen called Compass Care to schedule.  It was made for tomorrow, Thursday, at 1pm & Karen told the mom that she would pick her up here at the center to take her.  How nice of you & thanks.  How wonderful, a pregnant woman that didn't want to have her baby killed!!!  How unusual......
Karen worked putting the donation away & Martha helped her.  Paul had work to do in his house battling mold....icky, so he wasn't with us today.  Bumber!  I worked in the office until the doorbell rang.  It was our 3 Elim students that were walking down the hall with a Birthday Balloon.  When they saw me they said "Happy Birthday, Mary"!!!  I was surprised to say the least.  My birthday was on Friday & a little birdie named Martha told them a week ago that it was my birthday.  I gave each of them a hug & thanked them.  Then Danielle handed me a card with a message from all of them plus a Birthday Girl pin, that I pinned on my blouse.  How nice of you girls & very thoughtful.  I really appreciated your love.  Then Martha took out a home made birthday cake out of the refrigerator & they all sang Happy Birthday to me.  Wow, I couldn't ask for anything better.  Great cake Martha, my favorite, chocolate.  Then they all got to work making up Truth packets & putting away clothes in the Material Aid Room & assisting our clients too.  It was a pleasant afternoon in the center. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012 on the Front Lines
The day from Hell!  I arrived & it was a whirlwind of events before I could get to the front lines.  Martha was there, thank God, & Paul was leaving & he told me that he couldn't come back because he had to work on his house some more.  I understood.  I was in such a tizzy that I really only got a chance to say "good bye" to Sheila & nothing more.  I felt badly about that.  I was hoping that Pastor Everett was going to come early today but I was wrong because he didn't come at all.  He had to sign for his new church, he was very busy with that & getting ready for his son's wedding on Saturday.  I was of course disappointed, for he is used by God in a powerful way, on the front lines.  I was now on the sidewalk, by myself, for Martha was in the center helping out one of our clients & Karen was with one of our clients at Compass Care getting an ultrasound & Suzanne doesn't arrive until 1:30 or later.  I was standing there on the sidewalk & there was hardly any cars, in the parking lot,  but I'm not fooled by that for I know that things can change very quickly at Planned Parenthood, which it did.  It was about 5 minutes later when one, two, three cars drove into the parking lot one after another.  It made me physically sick to my stomach.  Thank God that Martha had just joined me, on the sidewalk, otherwise I might have passed out from the shock.  I called out to the people getting out of their cars, pleading with them not to have their baby killed here today.  One hollered back at me saying that she didn't have the money to raise the baby.  I called out to her that there was adoption & that murder wasn't the answer & that there are many pregnancy centers that could help her, too  She just smirked & went into the building to do the gasterly thing.  She probably was trying to just play me because that's what some of these girls do.  Evil isn't pretty.....
Then Addison, Dan & Adolf came to pray & to join Bill across the street to witness.  Martha went over to the brick side of Planned Parenthood to pray & to witness, the Truth.  She read many prayers & poems to try to touch the hearts of the girls that were determined to kill their children & ruin their lives here today.  It's a living Hell to be out there, on the front lines, but necessary. 
It was about an hour later when a young man & a young girl & an older woman came out of the building to smoke.  I spoke with them none stop & so did Martha, who was closer to them than I was.  Then I heard the young man say to Martha to "shut up".  I hollered over to him to watch his mouth & to show respect to this wonderful woman.  Then I decided to take his picture on my cell phone.  He called over to me saying "it's against the law to take my picture".  I said "no it isn't".  Then he saw that there was a police officer getting into his car, at out parking lot, where we have our center.  The police was called by our landlord to the Ethiopian restaurant to make out a report, for he was suing them for whatever reason.  So the young kid walked over to the policeman & stood there talking to him for a few minutes.  At this pint the other young girl walked over to us being mouthy then the older woman, who was on the phone, walked over to where I was standing, too.  They were trying to make me believe, that they had to do this, meaning an abortion.  I said "never does any woman have to have an abortion & you are all greatly mistaken".  The young man walked back over to his family of 'deathers'.  As he walked by me I said "I told you that it wasn't against the law".  A few minutes later the young girl came over to me with her camera & said "then I'll take your picture too".  Go ahead you baby killers, I don't care.  Later on when she sees the picture that she took, she'll see that there were two of us in the photo, one was me & the other was the graphic picture, of an aborted baby, that I was holding.  When they look at the picture they will see what they did to their precious baby, that nobody wanted, in this family of four.  How evil!  Later on when the girl came out of Planned Parenthood, I noticed that she looked like the other girl who was harassing me, so I wonder if they were twins?  She just smiled at me as the car left the parking lot & I called over to them saying "you were all involved in a murder here today & you, the mother, will be held more accountable, for this crime.  Who's smiling now...... You ruined your family mom, now what do you have to say for yourself.  The family dynamics will be intolerable for a very long time.  I hope that they find God!!
Martha went into the center to get warmed up & Addison, Dan & Bill had gone so it was Adolf, who was across the street &myself on the other side of the street.  A car with a guy & a girl, in it, just pulled into the parking lot.  I called over to them about what Planned Parenthood was doing & that we can help them.  Then all of a sudden I saw through the trees that the girl was walking over to me with a very brisk walk.  I was near the fence so I felt trapped.  I quickly got out my cell phone to let her know that I won't hesitate to call 911.  She got close to my face & said "they do so many good things in here & they found my sister's cancer".  I said back to her that any doctor would have found her sister's cancer & that they were evil, evil, evil.  I know how to not aggravate an already aggravated person, right.  Then she said a bad word to me & it looked like she was just about to take a swing at me when the guy she was with came around the bushes &  from the back, lifted her off the ground, & carried her away.  I quickly took her picture before she was gone.  He brought her into Planned Parenthood, oh yea, just what this poor girl needed.  As he was carrying her off, I said to him, "if she's going for an abortion, she'll be worse than she is now, do you want that"?  Oh my!!  One never knows what people will do, out on the front lines, that's for sure.  But the good Lord protected me once again, thank you!!  When they drove away I saw that her head was down.  I only hope & pray that she didn't have an abortion. 
Martha came out just as they were going into Planned Parenthood & I told her what had just happened.  I'm glad that it was me & not her!  The girls were coming out after their abortions now.  On was eating French Fries, that her mother brought her, when she came to pick her up.  Probably a thank you gift for killing her grandchild.  You sicko...  Another girl was on the phone & another girl gave me her middle finger.  How sad this all is?
There was another abortionist there today, it wasn't Racheal Phelps.  She wasn't there all week except on Monday, Rob said, for that is his day to be out on the front lines, sidewalk counseling.  I can only hope that she'll repent. We pray for all of them, that kill & help to kill children.  Lord have Mercy on their souls, for Hell is forever!!!!   


Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at Focus
What a day I had today!!!  We were sooo busy which is good but it prevents Martha & I from going outside to protest Planned Parenthood.  Where are the people to help us either on the front lines or in the center???  We can't be in two places at once.  Martha & I were coning out of church at 12:45 & in the parking lot we met a woman named Angel.  Martha was giving her directions to how to get to the pregnancy center & I was giving her a Rosary.  I asked Martha if she would drive her over to Focus & she said "okay".  We all arrived at the center at the same time.  Angel was getting some nice things for her child when Karen came in to help.  Just then the doorbell rang & it was the couple that had called me earlier in the morning wanting a pregnancy test.  Karen was asked to administer it for the client.  The test was negative & the couple were disappointed but they need to be married before stating their family at 17.  Education is so vital to our Focus Center.  While Karen was in the Rose Room, doing a pregnancy test, the doorbell rang again & there were two women & a young boy.  The one woman wanted to go to the Material Aid Room & the other woman wanted a pregnancy test.  So after Karen had finished with the one pregnancy test she was doing another one.  This one was negative & I gave her a Truth packet & some abstinence brochures to take with her.  Karen wanted to orientate herself to the Rose Room literature tables, so that she could give the proper brochure, for the right circumstance.  She also called for Focus to receive more brochures from the Healthy Start Program, which is located next to St. Mary's Hospital.  They have parenting classes for our moms.  I talked to Karen about our future summer workshop @ Focus, for our clients, which she will discuss: Nutrition, Parenting Information, Abstinence, Self Esteem & STD's.  Can't wait!!!  She is such a blessing to us as, all our volunteers are.  I want to do more in the community & at Focus in promoting the Truth to people about Abortion, Planned Parenthood, abstinence, self respect & love for the Lord mostly, for if people really do love the Lord, then they will do the right thing!!  People are duped, lied to & deceived by other people.  How sad is that!!!
I went outside to call out to the people at Planned Parenthood for a few minutes but I didn't have any literature or signs or mega phone.  I was only out there for a few minutes for we were so busy in the center.  Martha said that she was going to take Angel to the church parking lot & drop her off & then she will take the bus home.  Focus gave her a dollar to get the bus.  But Martha was gone for about an hour & a half when she finally came back.  I said that I was glad that she didn't have a car accident & what took her so long to just drop off someone at the corner?  She said that she decided to take her home & that she lived by the lake but first she needed to make a stop at the bank & the World Wide News, for what I don't know.  I was glad to see Martha again, that's for sure!!!  I wish that Martha had a cell phone.....................
Paul came & he was helping us out at the center & he even went to the store for me to pick up smack bags so that we could the little 10 week old plastic babies in them.  We put them in the Truth packets to educate.  He's always a big help.  I asked him if he would clean up the back ally way, behind the center, but when we went outside we were pleasantly surprised to see that someone else had cleaned up the backyard & he didn't have to do it.  It looked great!!  Yeah!!!
Then my dear friend Linda, who I've known for about 28 years, came with her 3 children  to help us out at the center.  her oldest son had to do community service for his High School Project & he picked Focus to do it.  It was our blessing.  They worked so very hard & helped us out so much.  What a blessing it was for Martha & I.  Then Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother, came with little Akira ,who was born 1lb. 7 ozs. about 3 years ago.  Her birthday is July 8th..  The kids all had a wonderful time & so did we.  I ordered pizza & we had a nice supper all together.  It was marvelous, simply marvelous!!!  Thank you Lord for this family blessing & all the help that we received too!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at Focus

We were pleasantly busy with clients coming into the Material Aid Room today.  As Martha & I were about to eat lunch I received a phone call for Pastor Everett telling me that a lawyer from the St. Thomas More Society was coming to meet me at 2pm & it was 1:55pm.  He said that he was on his way & as I was about to hang up the door bell rang & I said to Pastor Everett "I think that he has just arrived".  I introduced my self to him & we were on a roll after that.  He was quite a character with a fine sense of humor.  I introduced him to Martha & they hit it off too.  I went over to Mack's, the store next to us at Focus, to get both Martha & Joe a cup of good coffee, maybe it was to strong I don't really know because I didn't have any for I'm an ice tea drinker.  We all sat sown to the table & talked.  Joe was quite interesting.  Then Pastor Everett arrived & Martha & I continued to share our stories, on the front lines.  It was time for Joe to leave & I tried to give him enough information that I could, before he went.  He said that he would email me some information, so I'm looking forward to receiving it.  Pastor Everett stayed for a few more minutes before his ride came to pick him up.  He said that he will be coming, on the front lines tomorrow, thank God.  After Joe & Pastor Everett had left Martha went to the music store, to get a music rack for our Masses, so that the Lector & the Priest could put the Lectionary down on it to read, rather than holding it.  When she was gone Sandy came to help us at the center.  Then our mother with twins, a boy & a girl arrived with just the little girl, the other twin was home with the an adult, & she got some nice things for her children.  Then our pregnant mother of 4 came to get something's for her children too.  She is due in 9 more weeks, a little boy.  Her husband just got a new job, thank God!!   I was busy in the office & Martha & Sandy were busy putting away our donations.  The doorbell rang & it was Jim who brings us food for our food shelves.  How nice that he thought of us during the Lenten Season.  He's been very generous to us in the past years.  God bless him & his family.  Our street friend, Cleveland came in for food.  He said that he was sick & that he will be going to St. Mary's Nursing Home.  I'm not to sure if there is one in Rochester?  We love Cleveland never the less.  Martha heated up some soup for him & he ate in the Green Room. 
Martha & Sandy heated up the supper that I brought in today & we all ate together.  Jann, the Life Issues Coordinator of Rochester, was going to pick up Martha & I at 6:45pm & she was going to take us to the movie 'October Baby'.  It was a very intense movie that I could certainly relate to except the adoption part.  I cried a lot.  I was so grateful to Jann for asking us to see it with her & it was very healing to me. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012 on the Front Lines
Holy Thursday

This is Sheila's experience, in her own words.

Thursday April 5, 2012, 10:30 until 1:00.Tom and Bill were on the sidewalk when I arrived. Several prolife people walking by took truth packets and promised to pray for us. I did a pregnancy test, since PP turns away walk-ins on Thursday -- they are too busy with their surgical abortions. She left with some good information about the way God wants her to live. When only Chris and I were there praying, a car with four young women drove in. Two went in, and one came around the bushes. We offered her a packet of information and she said she came over to argue with us, but we looked too “nice” to argue with. We both answered with a smile, that we would be glad to argue with her. She seemed to really connect with Chris. She laughed, and began to tell us why she was here. She said both girls who went in are pregnant. One wants to have her baby, and the other isn’t sure, because she already has one child .Chris talked to her about the horrible truth of abortion….murder…. and told her that we have a pregnancy center down the street where we can help her friend. We can direct her to the agencies she needs, and said we have children’s clothes we give away free. When her friend who was waiting outside with her heard that, she also came around the bushes, and said she has children. We invited her to come over sometime. They said they would talk to their friend and then drove away. Ten minutes later they came back, picked up the two who were in PP, and stopped to talk to us. They told us the girl who was undecided, had decided not to have an abortion. They all took packets, and promised to pray for us. Paul helped several moms with material aid throughout the morning.

I was greeted by Karen when I arrived at Focus & she was nice enough to get all the donations out of my car to take into the center to start putting them away into the Material Aid Room.
Martha & Rob arrived at 1pm, Addison, one of our prayer warriors, came about an hour later to pray across the street.  Bill was sick with a cold & Dan was out of town & Adolf's wife, who had fallen weeks ago, was now in a Nursing Home, but I'm sure that they were all with us in spirit, along with all the other prayer warriors, who pray for our ministry.  
I thank God for this great news!  Sheila, who is the sidewalk counselor, on Thursdays from 10:30am to 1pm, along with Paul, a prayer warrior & Chris, who prays & sidewalk counsels, told me this great news before she had to leave.  She was told by a woman who was a passenger in a car that was coming out of Planned Parenthood, that she changed her mind & that she didn't go through with the abortion.  Praise God for this wonderful news!  
Martha was doing something's in the center & Suzanne had just arrived when I went to the front lines by myself.  Rob joined me a few minutes later & he went over to the brick side of the building to sidewalk counsel.  He took the literature box & some signs & the mega phone with him. He made mention to me that it didn't appear to be very busy & I responded back to him "just wait". Then, about 5 minutes later, one car after another drove into the parking lot, some to have their babies killed here today.  It was a day of horror a day of evil..........
I was hoping to see Pastor Everett earlier today but he came much later, for he is starting up his new church, on Hudson Ave., next to the House of Mercy.  He is a dedicated man of God & has plans to have the African American people come out to pray, in front of Planned Parenthood.  Amen....
Martha was now outside now & she decided to go & stand to pray & to witness, with a sign, across the street.  So the Killing Mill was surrounded with pro lifers.  As she was walking across the street, a car drove into the parking lot & a young girl & guy got out of the car.  As they were walking towards the, door of death, I noticed that she was wearing her pajama bottoms, so I said to her "I guess that you're already to go to bed when you get home after killing your baby".  She just looked at me.  I also said to her, before they went in, was that we can help her & that their baby had a heart beat & will feel pain & so will she. They went into Planned Parenthood.  To have their baby killed & to ruin their lives & possibly to dam their souls.   My heart sank, like always. 
Another young couple went in & it was about 10 minutes later that they came out of Planned Parenthood & drove away. She had a look on her face of shock, when she saw the pictures, of the aborted babies.  "Go & sin no more", thus says the Lord.  I was very happy about this & so will they be in about 8 months.  Maybe they will have a Christmas baby???
Rob was talking to a woman on the sidewalk & later on he came over to me & he told me that she came with her girlfriend, who has two children & didn't want a third.  She told Rob that her boyfriend didn't want her to have an abortion & either did she. The friend said to Rob earlier on that she was having problems after the abortion & that she would never do this again.  The way it went for her today she'll probably never be able to get pregnant again.  How she effected her life today & also her two friends now her two children will never have a brother or a sister that God had put in their lives.  They both walked to Planned Parenthood, for the abortion & after it was over she had to get picked up by another friend, who literally had to pick her up, to put her into his truck.  As they were coming out of Planned Parenthood I told the two friends to take her to the Emergency Room, then I saw that the girl was looking at the graphic pictures, all rolly eyed, & I said to her "why did you do it, why did you do it?  I then said "repent".   Lord have Mercy on her soul & all those who have their child killed. 
Martha was now with me, on the sidewalk & she was fervently calling out to the people who were going into this place of death.  Rob came over to us & told us that the boyfriend of 17 year old girl was in there for an abortion.  Rob said that he had asked him what her parents had said & he was told that her mother said that it was "her choice".  This was it, her choice was to have her precious baby be killed!  Why did this boyfriend get involved & bring her here for an abortion??  This will affect his life forever, when he gets out of denial, & her too.  They act as if they don't have a brain, no emotion, just a blank stare on their faces, like puppets.  The bottom line is, that if you're pregnant then you remain pregnant, until the baby is born.  If you can't raise your child then place the baby up for adoption, to a loving couple, that will raise your child.  YOU NEVER KILL YOUR BABY!!!!!  The problem is that people don't care about people anymore & people are selfish & self-centered & they think that abortion is a quick & easy fit, to their problem of being pregnant, at a time when she doesn't want to be.  We live in a 'throw away' society when if you don't want something you just 'get rid of it', including your own child.  Sick & Evil!!!
A young man was walking across the street with a camera in his hands.  When he arrived over to where Martha & I were I asked him his name.  He said "Matt".  Then I asked him where he was from".  He replied "Detroit".  Okay, now why are you taking our pictures & what will you be using them for?  I know that he has every right to take our pictures, if I didn't want him to or not, but I would like to know something about where these pictures of these precious aborted babies were going to go.  It turned out that he was very nice & he said that he just likes to take pictures of things happening around town.  He said that this was very informative & he was visibly upset to see these pictures & he said to me that this just wasn't right, not at all.  I agreed......
It was sad to see the post abortive women & girls come out of Planned Parenthood, on Thursdays.  The middle finger usually goes up or there is a snarl is on their faces or they are eating or talking on the phone or they are slumped over, in the front seat or the back seat.....never the less it's such a sad sight to behold.  I usually ask the fathers, that are walking around the abortion clinic, "where is your baby"?  They never respond back to me. 
Martha went into the center to start supper & Rob & I were still protesting.  I then turned around to see Pastor Everett walking up the sidewalk towards me.  I greeted him.  He is so busy starting up his new church but he was nice enough to  make a presence on the front lines.  I told him all what happened earlier this day.  He  is always upset to know of the violence in Planned Parenthood.  He said that he will work on getting many people out in front of the building to pray.  I said to him that would be great & many more lives will be saved!!  He helped t bring the signs into the center & stood to talk to Rob & I for a few minutes once we were inside the center.  He had to go & Rob & I had to eat fast & to get to Holy Thursday service at Our Lady of Victory at 7pm.  Martha had eaten earlier & had already left to go to her parish which is close to where she lives.  All is well with my soul but my heart aches. 



Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at Focus

I have a very bad cold & laryngitis but the show must go on.  After Mass I went to the center & tried to get into the building but to no avail until Mr. E., the accountant, opened up the door to give both Martha & I a new key, for the lock had been changed, requested by the taxi president.  Okay, no problem.  I wanted to discuss the bathroom situation with Mr. E., who has an office next to mine, for he has been a little unreasonable regarding the use of the Ladies Room, which he likes because it's cleaner & warmer than the Men's Room.  Give me a break!!  I have enough to do rather than discuss the bathroom & who can use it & who can't.  My work just gets more interesting every & different challenges that I thought that I would never have to deal with. 
Martha brought to my attention that there was water on the rug.  We thought that one of the Holy Water bottles had broken & got the rug wet but that wasn't the case.  A lady was cleaning the walls of the restaurant, 2 doors down, & the water leaked into our center & got the rug wet.  Another water nightmare!!!   Will it ever end!!! 
Karen arrived & was nice enough to get all the bags out of the car to bring into the center for us to put away.  We had a meeting at Embracing options today to discuss the Ultrasound Program.  We arrived at the meeting at 1:45pm & it lasted until 3:30pm.  Very interesting.  We will be having a ribbon cutting event at Embracing Options on June 20th at 11am.  Bishop Matthew Clark will be there at that time. 
Karen dropped me off at the center & there was Martha sprinkling Holy Water all over the parking lot.  I saw the face of a young lady that was in her car so I said to Martha, "I see that you're sprinkling Holy Water all over the parking lot".  I saw the face of this girl change drastically since she know knows what is going on.  It must have been a little perplexing, for it was raining slightly, when Martha was walking around with the water jug.  She's so cute our dear Martha, what a character.........
Martha gave me a run down of what had happened while I was gone.  She did a pregnancy test & it was positive & the girl was crying but is not abortion minded, thank God.  She was brought to us by one of our former clients who's precious baby was saved from abortion, by the grace of God.  She will also support her friend, too.  There was three moms who came into the Material Aid Room today to get things for their children.  One mom doesn't have to much so she was happy to receive some nice things for her baby.  We aim to please!!!
Martha was nice enough to get supper ready.  She thought that I had lunch at the meeting.  I didn't even have a cup of coffee.  That's all right with me.  I only had a piece of toast for breakfast many hour earlier so I thought it was nice of her to get supper ready early, though she did have to leave around 6:30pm tonight, to go to a Parish Council Meeting.  She heated up my plate of ham & a sweet potato & then when she was ready to heat up hers the microwave went out, what next???  She called the landlord & he came to reset the fuse.  We had two plugs going on at the same time & it was to much for it.  Martha had finished her supper & had to leave.  I then discussed the issue that Focus has been paying for the toilet paper & paper towels, for the bathrooms, all the time for everyone with no reimbursement from the Taxi Company, the Accountant & the Realtor.  It wasn't fair I told him & he agreed & will talk to them all in regards to this unfairness.  I need support & no more problems.  I want to get along with everyone but now it seems to be strained with Mr. E., for he even complained about Cleveland & the coat rack, with some of our clothes for our moms, in the hallway.  All he has to do is walk straight in the hall to go to the bathroom.  What's the problem??  I think that he's stressed out with all the paperwork he has to do for his job.  I asked him when he was going to do our 990 form & he said it'll be done in time.  I'm not sure why we had to wait until the last minute when I gave him everything that he needed to complete the 990 form about a month & a half ago.  Please don't take us for granted, for we pay you what you ask & right away we give you the check.  Focus is a good client.   I'll say a prayer for Mr. E. tonight & maybe everything will be better tomorrow. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at Focus
I was running late so I called Martha to see if she could be at the center to open up.  She said that she would.  I thank God for Martha, for Focus couldn't be open if it wasn't for her, all our volunteers, prayer partners, benefactors, generous individuals & the churches with their tithing gift.  Praise God!!
My prayer was answered for when I arrived at Focus I was asked by Mr. E. to come into his office.  He apologized to me & asked for us to work out some of our issues.  I said that sounds good to me.  We will ask Tickaboo, the president of taxi company & Dan, the Realtor, to meet with us on Tuesday at 1pm.  I was so happy that the Lord convicted him about the paper products, to the bathrooms & for not letting the taxi dispatchers use the ladies room, that Dan & he have the key for.  Prayer changes things! 
We had to get ready for our second Mass for this year.  Fr. Mickey McGrath will be celebrating.  There is always so much to do to get ready but it is a complete pleasure.  I knew that the Elim girls were coming today so I tried to relax somewhat.  I still have laryngitis & not feeling well at all.  Martha & I started to work in the center & the girls came at 2:30pm.  Danielle told me that the next week will be there last week for she will graduate in May & Bea & Amy will graduate next year.  I promised her that next week we will all talk at the table & eat Martha's homemade cake & have ice cream.  Sounded good to her :)    We have been blessed with our three students, from the Elim Bible Institute, over the last months staring in late September of 2011.  All the Elim students that have been at Focus over the last 4 years have been such a pleasure & a blessing to both Martha & I & to all our clients, that have come into Focus, while they were there.  I hope & pray that we will have more students, from the Elim Bible Institute, again in September of 2012!!!  Thank you Lord :) 
German Mass
After the Mass tonight Suzanne gave her testimony to the people who attended the Mass of how God brought her back to the Catholic Church for she is a Revert, which means those who were once Catholic & left the church & then came back to the Catholic Church.  Then, before we ate supper, Fr. Mickey blessed the water & the salt with an Exorcism Prayer, for our spiritual battle out on the sidewalk & in the center.  What a wonderful & powerful prayer it was against the enemy of our souls.  Joyce was making & bringing in the baked shells with ricotta cheese for our supper tonight, for Fr. Mickey likes Italian food.  We also had a great salad & French bread, from Leo's Bakery, that was a big hit & deserts too. Matter of fact a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies were gone in a flash.  Everybody enjoyed themselves & ate a lot, which is great, mmm good :) 
Hispanic Food



Thursday, April 12, 2012 on the Front Lines
If is wasn't for trying to save lives I'd run as far as I could from this evil place Planned Parenthood.  When I arrived, at the center, there was Martha, Rob & Karen.  Paul was with Sheila & her brother Dennis, earlier today.  On the sidewalk already was Dan, Bill, Addison & Adolf, praying the Rosary on the other side of the street.  Before Sheila left she said that Karen was in the Counseling Room with a young girl that Sheila brought into the center.  She came out of Planned Parenthood & went over to Sheila, on the sidewalk, & asked for a pregnancy test.  Sheila brought her into the center & When Karen arrived she took over.  Sheila told me that when she came out of Planned Parenthood she told Sheila that she went into Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test.  They told her that it would cost her $70 & it was free if she was willing to terminate if it was positive.  They told her that the people out there will do it for 'free'.  She left & came over to Sheila.  Karen told me that the pregnancy test was positive & that she needed a letter, of confirmation, for the Department of Social Services, for some financial support.  Karen wrote a letter on our letterhead & gave it to her.  I went over to Sheila's car & I said "hi" to her brother Dennis, whose visiting from Texas.  It was good seeing him.  I knew that Martha & Rob were out on the front lines so I stayed in the center to talk to Karen.  When I went into the Great Room I noticed that the size 3 diaper boxes, that were on the shelves in the small hallway, were missing.  How could this be???  This room is locked but some people know where I hid the spare keys to all rooms.  Oh no!!  I had to re hid the keys so no one can open up the door to the Great Room to steal anything more. Now we have no more diapers size 3.  It never ends.  I was going to stay in the center because I still have laryngitis but it didn't  work out that way.  I went outside, to the front lines, when Suzanne came into the center.  My hell just began.
I walked over to Martha for Rob was on the brick side of the building to counsel.  The four men were still across the street praying & two of them were holding non graphic signs too.  My intention was to just hold the graphic sign of the precious baby that was murdered by abortion.  Abortion: what a terrible way to die.  Martha & Rob were doing the counseling so I was going to do the witnessing.  I noticed that Martha was getting tired & I just couldn't keep quiet so in my muffled voice I stating to speak.  A short time later Martha went into the center, for she was leading a girl in there for assistance.  I was now alone on the bush side of the Killing Mill Planned Parenthood. 
A yellow spots car drove into the parking lot & parked near to where I was standing & a young girl & guy got out.  I called over to them & told them the Truth but they went in any way.  It was about 15 minutes later that the young guy came out & went to his car.  He grabbed something from the front seat & stood there by the car door.  I finally saw that he was eating a piece of pizza.  I made a comment about this & then I asked him if he cared about what was going on in there with his girlfriend & he shook his head NO.  It figured.  He'll be gone very soon & she will be left without a boyfriend & her baby.  I wish that she would have said "good bye" to him & not to her precious baby.  She'll regret this day & so will many other women who had abortions too once they get out of DENIAL, which is the # 1 disease in America.  He made my stomach turn.  Some of the cars were now coming out of the parking lot & the drivers were driving out so fast.  Guilty as charged. 
A young girl was walking down the sidewalk, towards me.  She stopped cold & said "what did I do"?  "I had an abortion at 6 months & I could have had my baby in my arms now", she said.  I asked her where & she said "Buffalo".  I sensed that she didn't realize that by having an abortion she had killed her baby until she saw the graphic picture of Malachi who was aborted at 20 weeks.  When she saw the picture it hit her that she had killed her baby not just had an abortion for she put 2 & 2 together & got a reality check which was horrific for her.  I gave her a Truth packet & I offered to take her to Focus to talk to Suzanne or Karen if she was still there.  She refused.  I did tell her that she needed to talk to someone & that she can't process this all alone. She said "thank you" & then walked up the sidewalk, in a daze.  Another post aborted female in the world :(
Then a young girl walked by me asking to see the 'other' woman for a pregnancy test.  She meant Martha so I told her that she was in the center &b I directed her there.  Later on I was told that she was positive & Martha helped her to continue her pregnancy for she had an abortion when she was 14 years old & now she is 17.  One in very third female has had an abortion.  It is an epidemic. 
I looked to see that Vitto was walking down the street.  He once did our printing for Focus & has his printing business 3 doors down from Planned Parenthood, on the other side.  He always gave me the impression that he disliked Planned Parenthood & believed in the sanctity of life & was a Catholic too, most Italians are.  He was afraid of a back lash from Planned Parenthood because he was doing business with our pregnancy center.  Thank God that I got some other sources for our printing for I must have smelled a rat a long time ago.  Last year he came over to where Martha & I were standing on the sidewalk, to tell us not to feed Cleveland, our street person, because he was bad for business.  Then he told Martha that he was doing business with Planned Parenthood by doing their printing.  He was now accepting 'Blood Money'.  I really haven't seen him since last years confrontation, until today.  As he was walking by me I said to him "walk on by you traitor".  He stopped & said "what did you say".  I repeated "walk on by you traitor".  He reached in his pocket & got out his cell phone & called 911. He said to the 911 operator that there was a woman using a mega phone slandering me, what would you have me do'?  Then he said "she's still talking to me."  All I was saying was that when I had spoken to him I was not using the mega phone & it isn't slander if the comment is true.  He misrepresented me & the police should have had him arrested for making a bogus 911 call.  Get real man.  Sorry, but no crime was committed, but maybe they should have arrested you, for being a traitor.  What a duffer doff.  I have better things to do then to deal with you.  I confronted him & he was convicted & he didn't like that & either do the people going into Planned Parenthood or the people driving by us, on the sidewalk.  When peope are confronted with the Truth it makes them mad & uncomfortable.  After he hung up he walked over to the other side of the street to wait for the police.  I guess the 911 operator wanted to separate us.  Oh, I'm so dangereous!!!  You need to grow up Vitto.  

Two Men Talking

Then Mr.Jim, the spy guy came out of his condo, to join the other University Ave. low life.  They chummed it up until the police car came.  They both bent down to talk to the police officer I'm surprised that they didn't bump heads maybe some sense would emerge but maybe not :(  Before I had a chance to talk to the police officer.  Another police officer, who happened to be Officer Mike Fry, came to the scene.  All four men had a nice 'men talk'  wow!!  I wanted my say but as I entered the street to cross over to the other side the police cars were moving.  I was in the middle of the street when Officer Mike, who was going fast, had turned on his flash lights.  I was glad that they had to go & I hope it wasn't a serious call.  The two bird heads just went on talking.  I hollered over to them saying "cry babies.  When will they understand that talking to someone on the sidewalk is not HARASSING!  Dugh!!!  Jim hollered over tome "go away".  I said back to him "only when Planned Parenthood closes down, will I go away".  When will they understand this?  Can they be that stupid??  The 'good old boys club'.  Just then Pastor Everett arrived.  I told him all about what just had happened & he went over to talk to Jim when Vitto had left to go back to his print shop, to earn more blood money, to live on.  Pastor Everett & Jim talked for about 10 minutes.  When he walked back across the street he said to me  "he really doesn't like you Mary".  I said "I know that".  He said that he believes in what we do but not how we do it.  He also told Pastor Everett that he was a Catholic.  I wish that he wouldn't tell anyone that because it's scandalous.  No Catholic should come against another Catholic, who is defending life.  So sad!!  So ignorant!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at Focus 

Martha & I arrived after Mass & was greeted, at the front door of the center, by two of our clients that needed things in the Material Aid Room.  The gentleman was nice enough to ask me if I needed any help in taking the bags & boxes out of my car & bring them into the center.  I was grateful to him.  Paul our helper wasn't her today so it was Martha & I in the center all afternoon.  We were so busy working in the Material Aid Room & doing pregnancy tests.  There is so much to do & we do it.  The moms were so grateful for our help & getting what they needed in the Material Aid Room for their children.  We are happy to be able to supply for their needs.  I thank God for individual donations by good people & also from Ana, who is in charge of the Second Thought Thrift Store, in East Rochester, NY..  When we arrived today there was already boxes of things waiting for Martha & I that someone had already had dropped off for Focus.  Thank you whoever you are!! 
After supper Martha had to go to the last Parish Council meeting at her parish.  So I had to go to Bishop Kearney High School alone to hear Jason Evert, the abstinence instructor.  For more inforamtion check out: &  I meet a lot of my friends there & the chastity talk was very interesting & educational.  I later introduced myself to Jason Evert & I gave him our Focus Pregnancy brochure.  He asked me to stay in touch with his web site for more information to help our girls at our center.


 Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at Focus

Paul came to help us at the center today & I was so happy to see him.  It was his birthday today & we had a card & a jar of Kosher pickles for him.  He once mentioned to me while I was eating a pickle with my lunch, that he really liked pickles too & I remembered that.  What do I get for Paul for his birthday?  I know that it sounds strange but at least he got his favorite food.  When the Elim girls arrived I told them about Paul's birthday & we all came into the room, where he was working, & sang Happy Birthday to him & then handed him his card & pickles.  He was surprised & happy too.  Thanks Paul for your dedication at Focus.
Martha & I knew that it was the last day today, with our three Elim Bible Institute Students, that have been with us since late September of 2011.  They have shared with us about their lives & have listened to Martha & I share our lives too.  They have prayed, for us & our clients & have worked, in the Material Aid Room & the office, being pleasant & co operative.  What a blessing these girls have been to us!  We are grateful to the Lord!  Martha had baked a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting & I brought in ice cream & milk to go with it.  I also gave each of them a special card & a candle of their favorite colors.  I told them to look at the candle & to remember that they are the light of the world & to go forth to shine their light in it.  Danielle was to graduate this weekend & the other two girls have two more years to go before graduation.  We all sat down at the table & ate & talked about our lives, thus shedding some tears.  When it was time for them to go we all made a circle & prayed our last prayer together & then cried some more. 
After all the people had left Martha & I spent time working in the center helping out our clients who came in for our assistance.  We then ate supper & I went home after I did some office work.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012 on the Front Lines
When I arrived to the center I saw that Sheila & her brother Dennis, from Arizona, was there & Paul wasn't.  I spoke with Sheila for a few minutes & she told me that a woman came out of Planned Parenthood & she asked her if she had an abortion.  She answered "I did the best for my two kids at home & aborted the third".  What!!  Poor Sheila had to hear that.  Now her two children will be affected by a post abortive mother who has just had their brother or sister killed in such a gruesome way.  What a lie that she believed.  I asked Sheila & Dennis if they could stay a few more minutes while I went into the center to get the literature box & signs.  They said that they would wait until I come back out.  I went to get what I needed for the outside ministry, for Paul & Martha weren't coming today.  Just as I was leaving, the center to go back out to the sidewalk, the doorbell rang & it was a mom looking for children's clothes for her kids.  I lead her into the Material Aid Room & showed her where to sign the book.  I was praying for Karen to arrive & she did.  I opened up the door for her & told her that there was a client in the Material Aid Room & I was alone on the front lines & had to go.  She took over in the center.  Suzanne, will be coming soon, to call our clients to see how they are doing.  I was praying that Pastor Everett would be coming soon out on the front lines to be with me to sidewalk counsel but that never happened for whatever reason.  I was the only sidewalk counselor today.  Thank God, that the prayer warriors, Bill, Dan, Addison & later on around 3pm Adolf showed up when the other three men had to leave.  At one point I was by myself. 
I went back outside to say good bye to Sheila & Dennis & to set up to sidewalk counsel.  My heart was racing & I had already prayed to the Holy Spirit to speak through me & to the Blessed Mother asking her for her Extraordinary Graces, to flood the heats & minds of the people going in there to abort their children, so that they would change their minds & go home with their babies still in their wombs, protected from the abortionist.  I looked over by the fence to see that the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, was indeed there to murder little helpless & innocent children.  I also saw the two old women Death Escorts getting ready to prey on these pregnant women today.  Just then I saw a car going into the Killing Mill so I called out to the young girl & guy not to have their precious baby killed who has a heart beat & brain waves & separate DNA.  That you & your baby will feel pain & women do die from abortions too.  They went in never the less.  Another car, then another car, went into the parking lot.  I called out to each & every person telling them the Truth & that we, as a pregnancy center, two doors down the street, can help them.  They all went into the Killing Clinic.  Just then I saw a police car coming towards me & stopped right where I was standing.  I looked into the car to see Officer Chris.  I said to him "he's alive, he's alive" as I was being tossed by the wind back & forth with my sign swinging around me.  I said "I thought that I said something wrong when I last spoke with you on the phone".  He said "no, everything's fine".  I said back to him that the neighbors are still harassing us & he said that that probably won't change & that a neighbor on Whalen St. just called the police on me.  He said that he had set them straight.  I said "thank you".  Just then I saw that the two old Death Escorts were now standing on the sidewalk, gloating that the police were called on me, only to get no satisfaction as I waved good bye to Officer Chris, as he was headed to the Liberty Poll downtown, to patrol.  They walked back to the front door of the Abortion Mill, so that they could hold the door open, for more women & girls & their accomplices, to kill.  How sick, how evil!!   

An African American woman, in a dark blue scrub uniform, just came around the bushes where I was standing on the sidewalk.  I asked her if she worked for Planned Parenthood.  She said that she worked in the Rape Crisis part of Planned Parenthood.  I then said to her that the rape survivors didn't deserve to be here where they do abortions & that they shouldn't be killing children anyway.  As she continued walking down the sidewalk I also said that they don't report statuary rape & they are racist too.  She continued to walk & I didn't see that she was carrying a purse or anything like that & I never saw her walk back inside Planned Parenthood either.  I would have because I was out on the front lines from 1pm until 6:30pm today.  Where she went I don't know but at least she heard the Truth. 

A car with a young girl & guy went in after I called out to them saying that if he cared about you he wouldn't have brought you here to have his baby killed.  A few minutes later they came out of Planned Parenthood & got into the car & drove away.  While they were stopped at the exit to wait for the cars to pass by I told them that if you're pregnant you are have a baby & he or she is a will be a blessing to you & to trust in god for your future & that you're not alone.  I only hope & pray that this baby was 'saved' from abortion & that they will never come back again & continue the pregnancy & be blessed with their son or daughter. 

A young girl walked passed me as she was leaving Planned Parenthood.  As she walked by me I asked her if she had an abortion.  She replied "no" but she said that she was heading for hell anyway.  I tried to tell her about God's love & forgiveness for anything se ever done.  I pleaded with her not to despair & to seek out God's forgiveness & healing.  I hope that she heard me for when I ended my words she was far down the sidewalk.  Lord please send her someone that can tell her about you & for her to be counseled by a loving person.
A car stopped by the edge of the street & dropped of a girl & a guy with tattoos.  As the car drove passed me I told the driver that if she was dropped for an abortion that he was an accomplice to murder.  They went in & about 15 minutes later he walked over to the sidewalk to smoke where I spoke to him about going back in there to save his baby.  He told me to mind my own business.  I told him that this was my business if he was allowing a person to be killed.  He looked the other way & then started to walk up the street to get away from me.  I felt so badly & helpless top.  I prayed.  About 10 minutes later he came back & walked into Planned Parenthood & I was still calling out to him.  It was about an hour or so later that he & the girl came out of Planned Parenthood & walked right pass me.  I asked he if she had an abortion & she snarled at me & said "you're just mad because you can't have any children".  I said "this isn't about me it's about you & what you just did".  I then went on to say "don't blame anyone but yourself & this man & I hope & pray that you both repent for what you did here today in taking a life of your child".  She looked at me with angry eyes.  They continued to walk down the street.  The man who dropped them off didn't pick them up so maybe he didn't want to be an accomplice to murder.  My heart sank with knowing that she had just had her defenseless bay murdered.  Being so close to evil is nerve racking.  

I was standing there by myself when a car drove into the parking lot.  A girl screamed at me saying "if you start talking to me I'll come over & kill you".  Here we go again.  I called over to her saying "I'm going to call the police".  She hollered back at me saying "go ahead" but I saw that she was nervous so I hoped to reason with her & to educate her instead.  I broke my own rule that if anyone threatens anyone of us we atomically call the police to report the threat.  I did try to get her license number but I wasn't able to see it, once she parked the car.  When she got out of the car & I started to talk to her.  She asked me about what I would do if I was raped.  I told her that a baby shouldn't be killed for what the rapist did.  She said that she was going in for birth control.  I then told her about STD's & breast cancer & heart disease too.  I pointed to her big chest & said "do want your breasts cut off someday because you're using birth control?  I mentioned the side affects of the Depo shot too, which causes osteoporosis, the thinning of the bones thus causing fractures at any time. She was so very angry. She walked into Planned Parenthood but came back out a few minutes later & then walked back inside again.  When she came back out again, about an hour later, she stopped to talk to the old man who was the afternoon Death Escort, he took over after the two old women had left.  I asked her if she wanted his license number so she could get his phone number so when she has all the problems that I just mentioned, she could give him a call & he'd be nice enough to help her out, for the rest of her life.  I wasn't kidding.  She got into her car & when she was pulling out of the parking lot she stopped her car to ask me what if a woman was raped?  I said that I was gang raped years ago & I conceived twins & are you saying that they shouldn't have been born?  Then I said that I was conceived in martial rape & are you saying that I shouldn't be her either.  At this point I was so saddened that life is so depended upon how one is conceived that I flagged her away & then I walked away to go to the fence & call out to more people that needed to here the Truth.  I hope & pray that if she had her precious & innocent baby be killed for what the rapist did to her then I know why she was so angry for she is guilty of murder & I hoe that she will repent.  Rape does not give you an excuse to murder. 

With each & every car that came out of Planned Parenthood, with two people in it, I called out to them both saying to repent for the sin of murder & to the driver  I said that he or she were accomplices to murder too.  Thursdays are killing days at Planned Parenthood.  A car was coming out & I just looked at the young girl, holding my graphic sign, when all of a sudden she put up her middle finger at me & at that point I told her to repent for the sin of murder & the driver too.  Abortion is murder, no matter what anyone is!!! 
A truck pulled into the parking lot & a man, who looked like the two girls father, got out of the truck &walked into Planned Parenthood.  He was so cold & matter of fact in his body language.  About an hour later he walked out with the one daughter while the other daughter was still in there.  It could have been his young wife, I don't know.  They walked to the truck & then walked back inside a few minutes later.  It was about another hour later that the other young girl came out with the man & woman & she went into the back seat of the truck, not looking so good.  Lord have mercy on these family & him especially. 
A car just pulled into the parking lot & an older woman & an younger girl & a young male got out of the car.  She parked near where I was standing by the fence.  When they all got out of the car I called over to them saying that they kill babies here & that there was help for them.  The older woman said to me "I'm here for a job".  I said "why would you degrade yourself  by working at an abortion mill"?  I knew that she was being sarcastic.  This was not good, as she was walking the young girl & guy, into the chambers of horrors.  It was about  minutes later she came out & sat on the bench by the door.  I just continued to talk & talk & talk to her.  She got up & went to her car & moved it closer to the front door.  It was two hours later when the young girl came out & got into the car that was convent for her to get into.  As they were driving out I said to the driver that she will be held more accountable for what had happened here today. 
A group of teenagers, with their teacher, walked by me on the sidewalk & as they passed by me one of the girls said "oh that's discussing".  I replied that these pictures are the pictures of dead babies that an abortionist had killed so be respectful".  As the teacher walked by me  looked at him & said "teach your students the value of life". 
I thought that the horror of the day was finished, for it was now about 6pm, but I was wrong.  A car had pulled into the parking lot with two young girls in it.  I knew because of the hour that they weren't going in for an abortion.  They were combative & nasty right away.  At this point I should have gone into the center to do my work in there but no not me I had to stay outside to do battle with these two very angry females.  I was just trying to get through to them, to help change their lives, & for them to start over, so that they could have a better life, in Christ.  When they got out of the car I started to talk to them in love & truth but they wanted no part of either so when they finally came out of Planned Parenthood I decided not to say anything to them as they were driving out.  I stood there just holding the graphic sign of the poor aborted baby.  Then I heard the one girl say, "oh, you're not talking to us now, what about if a girl was raped"?  I put the sign down from my face & said to the two girls that the baby shouldn't be killed for the crime of the father".  The passenger replied back to me that he wasn't the father!!  Then she said that there was a child in the back seat. I couldn't see if this was true or not & I said "then why would you bring a child to a killing mill"? 
The one girl kept on saying the F word & I told her to stop it, for we will have to make an account someday before God, of every word that comes out of our mouths.  And I told her that it meant 'rape' & what was she saying to me?????  She asked me how many children I had.  I never answered her.  I told her earlier that I was gang raped & conceived twins so I thought that I needed not to say that again to her for she was so angry & she really wasn't listening to me.  She did see the graphic signs as she was coming out of the Killing Mill.  She & her friend the driver was screaming for me not to judge.  I said that we are suppose to judge righteously.  "It's a choice" the one girl  replied & I said that vanilla or chocolate ice cream is a choice not abortion, for that's taking a human life, & once you're pregnant you give your baby a  Birthday & not a Death Day, for with every abortion it is a sacrifice to Satan & the abortionist has to make out a Death Certificate.  The baby gets a Death Certificate & not a Birth Certificate....that's just wrong!!!!!!   At this point I realized that I was not getting anywhere with them so I decided to walk back over to the fence.  I heard the one girl, who was the passenger, scream out "I had an abortion" & the other girl was screaming something to me too but I couldn't understand what she was saying, as they were driving away.  I thought so because they were so angry & combative & wouldn't listen calmly to the Truth.  It's not my Truth but God's Truth.  People don't like the Truth & if they hear it they usually refuse it first if they accept it at all.  It's so very sad & heart breaking too.  I only can hope & pray that they both realize what they had done & repent. 
I went into the center around 6:30pm.  I was so stressed & upset & it took me the rest of the evening to calm down.  I should have gone to church to be with the Lord but instead I stayed in the center to do some work until about 9:30pm when I finally went home.  I cried for all the precious babies that were killed by the abortionist Rachael Phelps, at Planned Parenthood, today & for all the mothers & fathers & grandmothers & grandfathers, brothers & sisters & friends, that were involved in the murders of these precious, innocent children & how their lives will be effected by what they did today.  Lord have mercy on their souls.............  I sure missed Martha!!!  :(


One Rosary a Day to Defeat Abortion


Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at Focus 

When I woke up this morning, after my prayers, I went to my computer & saw that I had a virus!!  I lost all 522 of my Focus email list, which really hurt.  I was numb but I did ask the Lord to straighten this mess out.  When evil hits me I always ask God to turn it around for good.  He always does.  Praise God!!  At Mass this afternoon I was so happy to see Martha again for I missed her on Thursday on the front lines & afterwards.  She got back from Pennsylvania safe & sound, thank God, which I new for she called me Sunday when she got back.  After Mass we went to Focus to do our work there.  I was feeling lousy with my Fibromyalgia.  Please check out:, but I needed to help others & not think of my problems, so I got to work.  The doorbell started to ring right away & I still had bags of food for our food shelves, in my car.  I was disappointed that Paul wasn't here to help us but a few minutes later Karen came.  I told her about the email scam & she went into the office & went to work to try to solve the problem, which she did through the grace of God!!  I got all 522 of my email list back into the proper place, yeah!!  I forgive the person or persons that caused me such grief & everyone else on my list that received this dangerous email.  Lord have Mercy on the souls that do evil. 



I was in my office & all of a sudden a young girl was walking in.  I greeted her & she did look familiar & she was telling me that she was pregnant & wanted to share with me this great news.  Okay.  Then she  shocked me when she said that she had just come from Planned Parenthood with the ultrasound picture of her precious baby.  "What!"!  I said, you're lucky that you & your baby made it out of there alive.  She did say that the woman didn't want to do the ultrasound & after she did she suggested an abortion.  Oh my Lord!!  I asked her why she didn't come to us & she said that she didn't know that we offered ultrasounds.  I said "yes, we do offer referrals for an ultrasounds".  She gave me a paper of abortionist that they gave her, so I looked at it & I found out who they refer for abortions.  How evil is that??  She said that she would never go back in there again, for the lady wasn't nice, & the place gave her the creeps.  Karen brought her into the Rose/Counseling Room to fill out an Intake Sheet so that Suzanne can check up on her to see how she's doing.  When she left the room she went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for her daughter at home.  I gave her some literature & a DVD on growth & development & a gold pin of a 10 week old baby's feet.  I pinned it on her jacket, that Martha gave her from the clothes rack in the hallway, for she was cold & I thought that she was going to cry.  I wished her well & gave her a hug & told her to come back when she could.  She said "thank you Miss Mary" & went out to catch her ride that was waiting for her.  My heart was delighted.  This client came into our center last summer where we ministered to her for her many conflicts & it was great to see her again.  I was so happy that she was happy in being pregnant & had no thought of having her precious baby be hatched to death at Planned Parenthood.  I wish that she & all our clients were married but we need to take them right where they are to transform them & to lead them to Christ who will convict them to do the right thing, in their lives.
The doorbell rang & it was two young girls that have taken us to the cleaners, in the Material Aid Room, in the past.  I went with Martha to confront them at the door.  I make it clear that they get one bag each & no more & to get only what they need & not what they wanted.  She did end up getting the jewelry box never the less.  I don't want one or two girls to ruin it for the rest of the girls that come into the center, for I will not let that happen.  Karen was nice enough to take my keys & to go out to my car & bring in all the bags filled with food for the Food Shelves.  I appreciate that Karen & thank you!  Martha & I put the food onto the shelves.  It was now about 3pm & Karen had to leave.  Tomorrow will be her first class on instruction of how to run the ultrasound machine at the other pregnancy center in the city.  After the all the classes, she will run the ultrasound machine, that we will refer to at Embracing Options Pregnancy Center, Medical Center.  You go girl!!

The doorbell rang & it was a client of ours that has helped us out at the center at times in the past.  I had to dismiss her for many reasons.  She went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for her daughter & then she asked for a pregnancy test.  I asked Martha if she would assist for I was busy in the office.   She agreed to do it.  After about 10 minutes I emerged from my office & asked if she was still her at the center.  Martha told me that she had taken a pregnancy test with her in the bathroom to do her test & when she can out she told Martha saying "see it was negative".  Martha told her that this was not our policy & it wasn't how we do things at Focus.  She then confronted her like a mother.  She left but she should have consequences for her bad behavior today.  She will be restricted in coming into  Focus for awhile & hopeful an apology too.  We are not here to be taken for granted but to learn life's lessons.  
Then doorbell rang & it was Sandy.  I was so happy to see her for her has had some problems lately & I was concerned.  She helps us out in the center when she cans.  She told Martha that she was doing better after leaving the hospital.  I was glad to hear this.  She told Martha & I that she was headed to Las Vegas to visit some relatives but she will be back for our next Mass on May 9th. at the center.  I said "good bye" & went into the Great Room to lie down on the sofa for about 10 minutes.  I got up & went to find Martha who was in the office starting to make up Truth packets.  I asked her if she would wait on them & help me to finish emptying the bags in the Great Room, to put into the Material Aid Room.  She agreed.  We finally got done & it looked great in the Great Room with no more plastic garbage bags in it.  Then the doorbell rang & it was our male client with his two boys that are Autistic. 
.  The father got food & diapers for his young daughter at home.  He is out of work on sick leave for hand surgery. 
After they left the doorbell rang & it was three people coming into the Material Aid Room for children's things & then the doorbell rang again & it was a woman who came after her Social Worker had called me earlier on my cell phone that she needed diapers & baby formula.  She was grateful. 
Martha & I had started supper of roasted chicken & mashed potatoes & salad, it was about 6:10pm when my cell phone rang.  It was Denise, who is pregnant & is due in two months, if her husband could come over to get some food & diapers.  I said "of course he can".  She said that he's going to the bus & he'll be over in about 30 minutes.  I aid that was fine.  Just before Martha & I sat down for supper he came to get the things that he needed for his family.  It was a blessing to him & it's always a blessing to us too.  After supper we cleaned up the kitchenette & I did some more office & then left.  Martha always leaves before me so she was already gone. I'm sure happy that she's back!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at Focus
There is always so much to do in the center & that's all right with me.  Martha & Paul worked putting away all the donations that we're blessed with & I usually go into the office to do my.  The doorbell rings & we're there to answer it & to assist our clients with their needs for their children. We first had a client that the Salvation Army referred them to us. They wanted diapers & formula & money.  I told them that we don't give out money so that they would have to go to Asbury Church for that.  They both needed referrals, to which Martha & I wrote them out, one each to go to the church for more needs to be met. They also went into the Material Aid Room to get some nice things too.
I called Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother, to see how she was doing & I found out that she was sick & was heading to the doctors this afternoon & will be stopping by to see us at Focus on her way back.  I was sorry that she was sick but happy to be seeing her today.  I was in my the office when the doorbell rang & Martha answered it.  I heard her say "Mary guess who's here".  I answered back "is it Pat", for I was expecting her.  She said back to me  "no it's Dan".  I quickly got up from my chair & went into the hallway to see Dan coming towards me.  I greeted him with a holy hug & said that I was glad to see him once more, for it's been awhile.  He said that he's gotten a job & works nights as a Security Guard on the University of Rochester campus.  Not one of my favorite places, that's for sure.  I was happy never the less that he got a job to support his family.  After the greeting & some small talk I got him to work right away.  He's always so co operative & pleasant when I ask him to do something for us at Focus.  Thank God for Dan, & all our other wonderful volunteers!!!  :)
Dan was still there but Paul had to go. But before Paul went he said that he had a washing machine to give away & I thought of Pat, right away.  So when Pat came today I asked her if she wanted it & she said "yes" that she did, so Dan & I tried to make arrangements for her to be able to get the washing machine this weekend.  I was so happy, that finally Pat's family, won't have to wash their clothes by hand anymore. yeah!!!  She had just come from the doctors & had a prescription for antibiotics in her purse.  Martha was nice to offer her some hot tea which she was grateful for.  I sat down, at the table to talk to her, to see how her family was doing.  It's always hard news to hear, for so much is always going on, with Pat's family.  Lord have Mercy!!  Martha & I try to help her out the best way that we can & she's always grateful for that.  We love her & her family so much.
It was supper time so I asked if Dan & Pat would stay for supper.  They both agreed.  God always blesses us with enough food when we're having unexpected guests.  We had enough roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, lettuce & peas plus desert.  It was a nice evening, with good food & conversation, with our friends.  Thank you Lord!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012 on the Front Lines
I woke up this morning with the cell phone ringing at 5:30am.  I reached over to get the phone & to answer it.  On the phone was our mother that came into the center last Saturday, very pregnant, along with her  two sons.  She was going for a C-Section on Monday for her seventh child & she needed an infant car seat to have at the hospital so that she could take her new daughter home four days after the surgery.  After I received the new pink car seat from Angel Care I called her husband on Tuesday so that he could pick it up from the Focus Pregnancy Center.  Well that didn't work out the way I thought it would.  When she called me on Thursday morning she told me that her husband had forgotten to call me back & she was planning to come home today because she went into labor on Sunday & had the C-Section then.  So this was day # 4.  I told her that Sheila would be on the sidewalk by Planned Parenthood praying & counseling & she gets there at 10:30am so ask your husband to get her to open up the office, where the car seat was, to get it.  I said that I had to go back to sleep & then said "I wish you well with your new baby & family & good bye" & hung up & went back to sleep again until she woke me up again.  After that she called me just before I was leaving to go to the center telling me that her father who was going to pick up the car seat went into Planned Parenthood & asked if there was a Sheila there & they said "no" so he went back home.  Oh brother, people need to listen better & to give out the correct information too.  I then was asked to speak to her nurse Ann.  The nurse wanted to know where we are located so that she could come over to pick up the car seat for her shift had ended.  Then she said that she was pro life & I told her about Highland Hospital doing abortions, which she knew about, & it bothered her that they perform abortions there.  She then said that she would like to volunteer at Focus.  I said "great & please take one of the brochures that is by the door. to the center, if you get there before I do".  She said "fine, I will".  I then gave her directions & my cell number if she ran into any problems finding us.  How sweet was this, hopefully we'll get a new volunteer!!
When I arrived at the center Martha was already there talking with Sheila in the doorway.  I had called Sheila earlier this morning & left a message on her cell phone telling her of the car seat pick up.  After I said "hi", Sheila told me that no one had come to pick up the car seat.  I told  her that the nurse that was taking care of our client will be coming anytime to pick up the car seat & then she will go back to the hospital to give it to her so that she can take her daughter home today.  I said that we'll just have to wait for this to happen.  I gathered up some things to take outside with me after I said "hello" to Karen, who jwas just coming into the center, to help out.  Sheila went back outside & Martha followed.  When I got to the front lines & said "hi" to Dennis & gave him a hug.  Sheila & Dennis had to go so I said "good bye & thank you" to them.  Bill was on the other side of the street & he came over to where I was standing to tell me that he had forgotten his Holy Water bottle, so I went back into the center to get the Holy Water that was blessed by Fr. Mickey at out last Mass at Focus with the exorcism prayer attached.  I went around Planned Parenthood & across the street to sprinkle the Holy Water on the sidewalk, to protect us from demonic spirits.  When the rain started to fall I thought that the Holy Water would travel to more places thus exorcising the demonic spirits away from us.  We do not fight against flesh & blood but the powers of darkness.  Later on I was glad that I had sprinkled the Holy Water onto the ground. 
A young girl was walking up the sidewalk & I told her that we could help her if she was going into Planned Parenthood.  She said that she wasn't going for an abortion but for birth control.  I told her that it sometimes causes an early abortion.  She then said "I'm to young to have a baby".  Then I said back to her "then don't have sex if you're not married".  "What, are you crazy"! she replied then she hurried into Planned Parenthood.  When she came out, about 2 hours later, she was walking pass Martha who was now on the brick side of Planned Parenthood, so I called over to her to tell her once again to wait until marriage for sex.   I saw that Martha was also talking to her too.  I hope that it resonated, in her mind & heart today, what she was told.  
Martha was on the brick side of the building & Dan & Addison had arrived to pray the Rosary across the street.  Dan came over across the street to hand me some money for the center which he does about twice a month.  We are grateful to him & to all who help us out financially & prayerfully, at Focus.
A police car had stopped along side to where I was standing & I saw that it was Officer Chris.  I said "hi Officer Chris, how are you today"?  He said that he was fine & then he asked me why was the orange cones on the sidewalk lined up by the curb.  I said "so that the cars can see us so that they don't jump the curb & take our legs off or worse".  He then replied "oh ya I'd have to do a lot of paper work then".  Then he added "I wouldn't want anything to happen to you or anyone else who's out here on the sidewalk".  I said "I know Officer Chris".  Then we said good bye to each other & he left smiling & so was I.
I saw that a young man had come out of Planned Parenthood & was standing on the sidewalk where we were.  He was looking around & had ear phones in both ears.  I didn't care so I took a chance & started talking to him hoping that he would be able to heart me.  He did.  He took the ear phones out of his ears as I was asking him to save the baby that was about to be killed.  He said "I don't want her to do it & I was trying to talk her out of it but she isn't listening to me".  I asked if the baby was his & he said that it wasn't & that he had his own children & was good.  I then said to him that it didn't matter if the baby was his or not just go back in there to try to save this child & tell her that there's people out her that can help her.  He said "okay" & then went back into Planned Parenthood to try again.  Lord be with him.  He came out about an hour or so later & was alone.  I called over to him to go home now & not to be involved with her anymore.  He got into his car & drove out.  I called to him asking him if she had changed her mind & he said "no, she went through with it". I told him that he did all that he could to try to save this baby & he did the right thing as he sped away. I feel for this man for he will also suffer by the tragic death of this precious child. Lord have mercy on him. 
Adolf had now come to pray on the other side of the sidewalk & Bill, Dan & Addison had already left.  It was raining so I got some umbrella's for Martha & I.  She had a hood so she didn't want one so I took one, for I didn't have a hood.  Martha was now on the same side of the sidewalk with me.  We both called out to the people coming into the abortion mill pleading with them not to kill their child.  A mother & daughter drove in with an expensive red car & stayed in there for over two hours.  They sacrificed their child for a car!!  What's wrong with people.  When they came out they didn't look to happy & how could they, for they had a baby slaughtered here today. How sick & evil is that!!
I was by the fence when I heard someone from the business right next door saying "Mary".  I thought that they were going to tell me that we couldn't stand there anymore for we are on their property by the fence where we call out to the people going into Planned Parenthood.  But thank God that wasn't the case.  I turned around to see a nice looking young man handing me some baby bottles saying :maybe you can use these".  I put my hand thorough the fence & took the bottles saying "yes we can use them & thank you so very much".  As he was leaving I gave him eye contact for I couldn't believe that this just happened with someone at Buckpitt, our nemesis (unconquerable opponent) for about 11 years now.  Things can change, Alleluia!! 
I had to go into the center for a few minutes to get something so when I was there I said "hi" to Suzanne & asked if all was well which it was.  As I was about to leave the doorbell rang & Paul answered it.  As I was coming up the hallway to go back outside the two girls that were just let in were walking down the hallway.  I asked what can do for them & the one girl whispered that she wanted a pregnancy test.  I called Suzanne, for she was in the office, & when she came out into the hall I said that these two girls needed her assistance.  She greeted them & asked what could she do for them & the one girl again replied that she needed a pregnancy test so Suzanne lead them into the Counseling Room as I was now out the door.  It was about 30 minutes later that the two came out on the front lines where Martha recognized the girls as coming into Focus last week where she assisted them with a pregnancy test, it was negative but she told her to come back a week later for a retest, which she did.  She smiled at the girls & they asked if they each could hold a sign.  I said "sure just go over there to pick one out".  The one girl was now holding a big picture of the Divine Mercy picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & the other girl was holding a graphic sign.  All was well for about 10 minuets in the rain witnessing to the cars driving by.  There goes the city bus again for the third time honking as it went by us.  The one girl said "there goes our bus driver, she agrees in what you're doing out here".  "That's great", I said back to her.  It was nice getting positive support from the community, for a change.  Then things changed real fast & not for the good either.  A car parked across the street & a man with long hair & a beard got out & started to cross the street towards where we ladies were standing screaming not so nice things at us.  Then Adolf came from across the street & joined us & Paul who was leaving to go home saw that we were having difficulties & joined us.  He was so full of rage that he didn't even see me cross the street to get his license number.  When he saw that I was near his car he went crazy.  I faked calling the police thinking that he would get into his car & drive away but he didn't.  I needed to protect the team as he continued to rant & rave some more so I decided to really call the police this time.  I was shaking because he was near me on the other side of the street where the team was on the other side.  I called 911 & told the operator what was going on & the description of the man.  After the call I walked over to where the others where.  I got a call from the 911 operator asking if I had separated myself from him & I said that I had.  Then the man went in the middle of the street screaming.  I wanted the police to come in a hurry.  The cars were driving slowly so as not to hit him.  It was horrible.  Then he went back to his car & I thought that maybe he was going to get out a rifle but instead he got out a big piece of paper.  Who carry's around with them a big piece of paper in their car & wrote on it.  Then he showed us the paper as he was screaming thing I won't repeat.  Then Martha said "are you Jewish", to which he replied "yes I am".  I was told afterwards that he wrote on the piece of paper 'I AM A JEW'.  He ranted & raved about that.  It was so sad to see a grown man go crazy.  I dropped my umbrella a couple of times due to the wind & he said "you can't even ho;d on to the umbrella".  He was so abusive & has many psychotic problems to which treatment is a necessity.  I looked over to Buckpitt & saw that the two men that work there were grinning.  Oh yea you're real men that protect women.....not.  You are weasels.  Real men protect women & you're not.  Paul sated that this man was demonic I agreed.  He stayed with us & Adolf was now on our side of the sidewalk protecting us too.  They all knew that I had called the police so we were just waiting.  He went back into the middle of the road again & when he almost got hit I said to him "you almost got hit be careful".  He answered back to me "oh you care".  I said "of course I care I want to save lives".  Then the police came.  The officer saw him in the middle of the road & he pulled his vehicle on the side where he was.  I called over to the officer & said that we called the police first for after I called the police on him, for real, he called the police on me because I was near his car & was taking down his license number.  For real??  I walked back over to the other side of the street to where the police was & the man that was acting crazy & told him what he had done.  Then I went back over to be with the team as he talked to the police.  Martha then remembered that this man came up to her when she was alone on the sidewalk about 8 months ago & acted very strange & spit on the ground near to where she was standing.  She said that he finally left.  I asked her to tell the officer, so when she said "yes" she would, I called over to the officer that we still had to speak to him one more time.  He finally came over & Martha told him what had happened months ago.  The officer said that he felt passionate about his side as we feel passionate about our side.  I know that we're for saving lives do you mean to tell me that he feels passionate about taking lives??  He also said  that if he wanted to stand across the street & just stare at us, he could, as long as he didn't threaten us.  Oh no officer just making us feel very uneasy is certainly all right.  Freedom of Speech & Expression is good for all.  I understand, for this is America>>  Finally after the poor man talked hi ear off he finally left & so did the officer after he took my name & address & phone number down as he did the man with the long hair & beard because he called the police too.  Really, I would say that he should be penalized for making a bogus 911 call about nothing.  I thought that at one time this was a no no, now it's okay to bother the 911 operators about nothing.  Boy have things changed. 
After the man & the police left Paul & the girls helped to take things into the center.  I helped too.  When I got into the center Martha & I talked to the girls to see if they were all right.  They said that they were a little scared but not to much.  Then I told then if they wanted to help us out that being in Focus & working in there would be the best bet & not on the front lines.  They needed hours for their class project so they'll be back on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4pm until 6pm to help us out....that sounds like a plan girls.  After Martha feed them with chocolate cake & a big glass of milk we put them to work packing diapers in a plastic bag for our mothers.  They like to do that until their ride came to pick them up.  See you next Tuesday girls.  I wonder what their mothers will say when they tell them what happened today.  Maybe we'll see then & maybe we won't.  We'll see!!


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