Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has been informed that long-time pro-life leader Fr. Norman Weslin passed from this life Wednesday evening. He was the founder of the Lambs of Christ, a group that engaged in peaceful civil disobedience at abortion clinics in the late 1980′s and early 1990′s.

Fr. Weslin was arrested and was jailed dozens of times at abortion clinic sit-ins, also known as Rescues. He boldly placed himself between abortion-bound women and the abortionists’ doors while pleading for the lives of the pre-born. Many children were saved from abortion as the result of his sometimes controversial ministry.

“We mourn the passing of this great pro-life hero who lived sacrificially so others who he would never know could experience the gift of life. May God bless his eternal soul and richly reward him for his service,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. 

Also check out:   http://www.priestsforlife.org/media/weslin.htm & http://lambsofchrist.all-catholic.net/weslin.html


Director Meeting Minutes

Fundraising: United Way: Must renew your designated giving every year or it goes into United Way’s general fund.

Egiving.com: Another giving option that accepts credit cards. Cost is $30/month. Link: http://www.egiving.com/

Church Involvement: Formula for Life: Donna said they do a bottle drive three times/year: January (Sanctity of Human Life Sunday), Mother’s Day – Father’s Day and October (Respect for Life Sunday – Catholic Churches). 

Question was asked how we respond to Catholic volunteers. Dee shared that she uses the “Steps to Peace with God” as part of the volunteer training. Florence shared when she talks with volunteers she asks them specifically if they are a born again Christian which opens up the door for conversation.

Suzanne composed a letter to send to churches to build awareness of her center/services along with a flier entitled “How Can You Help?” Suzanne will email a copy to all.

Florence shared that you can make your own video at animoto.com. Cost for membership $5/month.

Link: http://animoto.com/

Florence feels it is best to show videos at churches to get the word out rather than just asking for support.

Everyone seemed interested in making a “generic” video for baby bottle drives that could be used by all of our centers. Donna to pursue with LaBarge Media.

Suzanne used a YouTube video for her Formula for Life entitled “Care Net Pregnancy Centers – A Look Inside”. Link:


Another You Tube video on abortion recommended was TakeNoGlory.com - could not find actual video. Florence – can you please email the link?

Suggestion was made to approach youth groups and have them share .180movie.com.

Vistaprint.com: Made up “Pregnant?” Business Cards that Florence passed out. Also a good source for banners. Look for promo code on website for discount.

Pat shared that they are advertising on a billboard for 3 months. Lamar Advertising. Cost is $500/month (normally $800/month) plus $235 set up.

Donna shred that they are advertising on an overhead sign at the bowling alley. Cost is $350/year.

Suggestion was made to place brochures & information in local businesses like where prom dresses are sold. Another suggestion was to put information in the bathrooms of businesses that sell pregnancy tests (i.e., drug stores).

Kristen told us about Sarah Lenhardt’s ministry that goes into gentlemen’s clubs. “Dream Again Ministry”. Telephone: 259-6293. Link:


Suggestion was made to identify someone you could call in an emergency (such as a pastor) and have a “code word” that would signify to that person that you are in need of help or to send someone to the center immediately. Some centers have a “panic button” that is connected directly to the police department at no cost to the center.

STD’s Testing, Training and Resources:

Must be medical to offer STD testing. Embracing Options in Rochester offers limited STD screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Because of research that was done by their center for an STD program, the health department gives them 100 free tests per year. They refer to the health department for full testing and treatment. The Care Net Center of Wayne County is also offering limited STD screening.


When I arrived back to Focus, Martha was administering a pregnancy test.  A young girl & guy were together in the Rose Counseling Room.  The test was negative & Martha ministered to them & gave them literature.  As she walked passed me in the hall she said that something had happened while I was gone.  I thought 'what could have happened in the short time that I was gone'?  After the young couple had left Martha came into the office to tell me that two men, in white shirts, came & asked questions about someone in the building.  She gave them as much information that she new of, once they identified themselves to her, with their proper identification.  They gave her their card with their phone number on it & asked if she would slip it under their door. She said that she would but first I made a copy of the card.  I called our landlord to inform him of this situation so that he would be aware of any further incidents.  I was happy when they left the parking lot & then I went to take a fast nap for I woke up tired.  I went into the Great Room to take a nap on the sofa & about 10 minutes later Martha came in to tell me that Kay & Jack, from St. Pius the Tenth Church, were here to drop off donations.  I quickly got up & went to greet them at the door.  I got to meet Sr. Mary Ann today & she brought her camera with her for she wanted to take all of our pictures in the Great Room with all the donations.  Just say "cheese".  They had so many nice things for the good people of St. Pius X.  They brought us new baby & children clothes, diapers, a swing, even a car seat & a stroller. We were so blessed.  Bags & bags of things for our moms children.  WOW!!  Thank you Lord for these wonderful people!!  After they all left Martha & I got busy putting things away, it will take awhile & with more hands to help us.  Paul will be here tomorrow & he said that he will come over the weekend to work by himself putting things away.  Thanks Paul.  Martha & I had to get ready to go to Buffalo for the banquet to hear Try Newman speak.  It was a pleasant drive but I forget my lipstick so Martha was nice enough to stop at Walgreens for me to pick up one.  Sorry about that but I need my lipstick for I look like death warmed over if I don't have some color on my lips.  Vanity, vanity thou art vanity, the Bible says. 



16th Annual Pregnancy Care Center Fundraising Banquet


Wednesday, May 16 2012 by  StationofCross  

Please join us at Lucarelli's Banquet Center in Lackawanna on Wednesday, May 16 at 6:00 PM, for Buffalo’s “pro-life event of the year,”the 16th Annual Pregnancy Care Center Fundraising Banquet presented by WNY Lawyers for Life in association with The Catholic Medical Association, Buffalo 40 Days for Life, and Holy Family Communications,WLOF-FM 101.7. We are proud to recognize and support the important work of nine volunteer-run pregnancy care centers operating in Erie, Genesee and Niagara Counties.  Our dynamic guest speaker is Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. To make reservations just go to wnylawyers4life.org (repeat noting the numeral 4), or call Tim Byrnes, 836-9264.  See you there!

I met & spoke with Mr. Newman & he told me to call him Troy for a few minutes before the banquet began.  The first thing I asked him was to help us in Rochester, NY to come against abortion.  I told him I was a sidewalk counselor in front of Planned Parenthood & am the director of the Focus Pregnancy Help Center which is two doors down from Planned Parenthood.  He was warm & friendly & was filled with wisdom & knowledge as a pro life activist.  His web site is: Operation Rescue @ http://www.operationrescue.org/.