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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 17

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Thursday, June 29, 2012 on the Front Lines 

I arrived at the center at 1:50pm after going to the Mass at the Scared Heart Cathedral at 12:10pm.  I knew that Martha wasn't going to be with me today on the front lines, because she's still baby-sitting her two grandchildren, but I was hoping that Rob & Pastor Everett would show up.  I knew that I'd have the four men across the street praying but I didn't want to be alone on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  As I was getting out of the car the door to the center opened & it was Donna.  I noticed that she had a cart with many things in it.  I was already stressed & I said to her "Donna, you can't take all that from the center"!  She replied that she didn't that she had only taken some things & all this was her stuff that she has from her apartment & she is moving.  I apologized vehemently.  Then I saw that there were two people getting out of their car & heading into the center.  Paul was telling me that he had to leave to go to eat.  Oh no!!!  I needed to get out on the front line to relieve Sheila who leaves at 1pm.  I'm only one person & can only be in one place at one time!!  I went into the center to take care of the two people that had just come in.  I turned around to see Sheila standing in back of me.  I greeted her.  She said that she needed to tell me some things that happened out on the front lines today.  I said "okay Sheila".  Paul took over in helping the two people in the Material Aid Room.  Sheila told me that a mother & daughter, came out of Planned Parenthood, & they stopped to talk to her.  She said that the daughter was about 5 months pregnant & Planned Parenthood referred her to someone but they really didn't want an abortion.  The mother said that she was Catholic & she doesn't believe in abortion.  Sheila told her that Mary will call her later tonight, to set up an appointment, to get some help for you & your daughter.  She was relieved to hear that there was help for her & her pregnant daughter.  She gave Sheila her name & phone number to give to me to call her after 9pm tonight. I did call her around 10 PM tonight & they will be coming to Focus on Tuesday for assistance.  She sounded very relieved & even sounded very happy.  I told her to relax & to enjoy  her daughter's pregnancy because it will go fast.  She agreed.  I said "good bye & that I will see her & her daughter at the Focus Pregnancy Center on Tuesday."   She said "thank you & good bye".  I was happy that this situation turned out all right. Thank God. 

(A sad note. Three days later she lost her mother in law & her daughters grandmother in a fatal fire.  She postponed her appointment & re seceduled for the next week to come to Focus for assistance.  Life is short handle with Prayer.

Sheila also told me before she had to leave that a married couple from India went into Planned Parenthood for counseling :(.  The story goes that they told Sheila when they pulled out of the driveway was that they have two children & they can't afford the third baby.  Sheila told them to go home & kill the oldest child for you'd be killing your third child by abortion.  A life is a life is a life no matter what size the child is!!!  They left choosing life for child # 3.  Praise God !!!   So far I've heard two great saves from Sheila!!  She had to leave so I took over on the front lines.  As I was coming out of the front door there was Rob coming into the center.  Thank God I'll have help.  I greeted Rob & he went into the building to get some things that he needed for his presence out on the sidewalk.  He stands on the other side of the Planned Parenthood building & counsels with the mega phone & some graphic signs.  When I got to the sidewalk there was Tom & Mary Ann.  Tom left & Mary Ann stayed & prayed where Rob will be standing, in a few minutes.  The four men, that come on Thursdays, were standing on the opposite side of the street praying.  The place was covered, with prayer & presence, on all three sides of the building.  Where Martha & I usually stand is being blocked by the tall bushes & the Death Escorts park their vans, by the fence, where we stand to talk to the girls going into the Death Mill.  They say that they are Pro Choice but where is the Choice???  They don't want the girls to get the pro life information. They are Pro Abortion!!!    

I noticed that there was a moving truck, in front of the nasty neighbor Katherine Lynch, who has been persecuting & harassing Rob & I for the last 17 years.  I was so happy :)  How could I not be.  I told one of her friends that I was happy that she was leaving & she turned to me  saying "if you think that she was bad just wait for the next person who will be living there".  I said back to her "don't threaten me for I have the Lord who protects me & stop infringing on my Constitutional Rights to be here in front of this abortion mill to peacefully protest & to speak the truth".  She walked away miffed.  I later found out that the house in under foreclosure.  Some one looked at it & told me that it was a dump & it should be bulldozed & made into a parking lot.  Really!  I told the same neighbor, that was helping Katherine Lynch, later on when I saw her again that no one was going to be moving into that house because it was a foreclosure home & it was a mess.  I really wasn't trying to be nasty but truthful.  
After about an hour in the blazing sun I turned around to see Pastor Everett walking down the sidewalk.  I was very happy.  I told him what was going on, with the girls & guys, going into the Killing Mill. He was very sad & so was I.   About 30 minutes later I told him that I was going into the center for a few minutes which usually means about 20 minutes, & he said "fine".  I went into the center to get a fast lunch & to say hi to Suzanne & to review some things with her.  Our client/friend Valerie was there with all her four children.  She was helping us  out in the Material Aid Room to also to get some things for her children.  It's the bartering system.  You help me & I'll help you.  It works :) 
I rejoined the team outside in the awful heat but it's worth it to save a life.  I looked over to where Rob was standing & I saw that the old Death Escort was talking to him.  I asked Rob later on what he said & he told me that he was not happy with Rob after he said to him that the hat that he was wearing was the blood of the innocent children that are being slaughter here.  He told Rob that he was in the Marines & that he fought for his freedoms.  Rob replied that you fought for my freedoms but what about the children in the womb's of their mothers freedom as you hold  the door open for them to go in there to have them murdered by the abortionist.  He then walked away.  I later on told him that if you fight monsters be careful that you don't turn into one.  I also suggested that he gets counseling at the Veterans Hospital.  I meant it in a nice way, for he does need help. 
It was painful to watch people going into the Killing Mill that were going to kill their child.  Most of them drove out very fast, to get away from us, but they can never get away from themselves.
I looked across the street & there was the nasty neighbor Jim just standing there with his video camera harassing me.  He stood there video taping me for a long time then all of a sudden he screams out very loudly "Mary. Mary you'll be on YouTube tonight"!  Oh no here he goes again!!  He then went over to where Rob was standing by the brick side of the building talking to him, if that's possible.  You can't reason with a man like this, he sadly a veteran who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  I suffer with this syndrome from all the abuses that I have endured, in the past, but thank God I handle it with prayer.  He's retired & has to much time on his hands.  You'd think that he would want us to protest this abortion mill, to save innocent lives from being  killed in cold blood.  You'd think that he would want this abortion mill to close & then he could finally get the peace & quiet that he desires.  But no, he has to bother us who are peacefully protesting & engaging in our Freedoms!!  Then all of a sudden he's right in my face with the video camera edging me on.  I had had it.  I looked right in the camera & said sternly "Jim is crazy & he bothers us all the time as we conduct our Constitutional Rights to be here".  He walked briskly across the street heading for his home.  I went on to say to him that he needed an Exorcism & for him not to tell anyone that he is a Catholic & pro life????  He thinks he's pro life, even though he believes, in abortion & contraception or a Catholic which says that they are both Evil.  He finally went into his condo, yeah!!! 
I notified, the next day, the Thomas More Society at regarding this on going irritating situation, by Jim Martin.  My question was to the Thomas More Society:  'What are our rights, as protesters, out on the front lines'?   Here is their reply:

My name is James, with the Thomas More Society. I have reviewed the circumstances around which this particular military veteran is harassing you and your fellow demonstrators. I am going to give you what New York law says on the matter. These are general laws and cases that are available to the public. I am not an attorney, but I've done some research on your situation.  If what you say is correct, then the bothersome veteran could potentially be guilty of Second Degree Harassment under New York law.

A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person:

 He or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose.

McKinney’s Penal Law § 240.26

Another case has shown how you can prove the demonstrator's intent: 

 “’Course of Conduct’ is more than an isolated effect of verbal or physical act. It is a pattern of conduct composed of same or similar acts repeated over a period of time, however short, which establishes continuity of purpose in the mind of the actor.”

People v. Hotchkiss, 300 N.Y.S.2d 405, 407 (1969) 

If the demonstrator keeps up his behavior, you should be in your rights to call the police.  If you quote those, and tell the police about how often he does this, then they should come down on your side.


(Thanks Jim)!!!!


It was now about 5pm & the four workers at Planned Parenthood put on their blue aprons that read 'Planned Parenthood' in big letters on it.  They stood at the mouth of the entrance with their signs that read ' Parking at Planned Parenthood $5 for the Jazz Festival'.  It made me sick to my sensitive stomach.  So what did Rob & I do?  We stayed out there until 6:15pm.  I told each & every one that parked there that they will be getting $5 worth of demons, for they parked in the devil's parking lot.  I did receive some nasty remarks but what do you expect from the mentally of liberal baby killing people??   Rob & I  then went into the center to have the left overs from the Mass yesterday.  He ate like a growing boy.  He was very hungry &  we had good food for him.  Rob left after supper & I went back outside, to protest, until about 8:45pm.  Paul came back with a new lock for the Great Room that someone had taken or had lost earlier in the day.  He was  nice enough to come back into the center to help wash the supper dishes & to do some other things until he had to leave.  Today I stayed until 12 midnight. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at Focus

I was so happy to see Martha at Mass, for she wasn't with me last week on Tuesday & Thursday, & I missed her.  It was rough not having her with me at the pregnancy center.  After Mass she told me the great news that her daughter was pregnant with her third child!!  Yeah!!  We arrived at the center & started working right away.  I told her that I thought that we would be very busy today & I was right.  Chris came to the door asking for more Truth packets, for her & Dick are out on the front lines praying & counseling on Tuesdays from 1pm until about  2:30pm. Thank God that someone is out there witnessing to the girls & offering them help, for we are so busy in the center that we can hardly get outside anymore to be out on the sidewalk.  I gave her three more packets to hand out.  I thanked Chris for her faithfulness. I then went into the office with the mail & I was floored to see something from the IRS.  I went over to see Elroy, our former accountant, to show him what I just received in the mail.  I felt the deep freeze when I walked into his office but I needed to deal with this problem ASAP.  I told him that I just received this & then I handed him the letter.  He took it & said "so,what do you want me to do"?  I said "I want you to comply with this letter for your name is on the 990 Form".  I also said "I don't know why there is a wall between us & I'm sad about that".  He changed his attitude, thank God.  He asked me to go get him the manila envelope, with the 990 Form from 2011 in it, that he gave me a couple of months ago.  I said "okay" & walked back into the office to try to retrieve it for him but to my surprise I couldn't find it.  I went back into his office to give him the manila envelop with all the papers from 2011, not the completed 990 Form, that he sent to the IRS.  I just left this on his desk & he said "okay".  I gather that he will have to complete the form all over again & sent the information that the IRS is requesting.   Lord have Mercy on us at Focus.  Please work this mess out for good dear Lord & thank you.  I left his office very frustrated for I don't know why he started to treat me so shabbily.  He should have spent enough time with this form in April, for Memo, our Data Entry man, had the information all together in one envelop & if Elroy needed anything more Memo would have provided him with it.  It should have been more fast & simple. 

The day just got harder.  Martha told me that the grabby woman was back into the Material Aid Room.  Martha said that she told her that she was here not to long ago & she replied that she wasn't here last week.  So!!!  I walked in to see if this was the same woman, who I wrote a note to, saying that she couldn't come back into the center to get things from the Material Aid Room, until August.  I looked around the room & I didn't spot her until she got up from the floor for she was in a basket filled with clothes hoarding again.  I quickly recognized her & said sternly "you have to leave right now & don't take anything.  I sent you a note telling you that you couldn't come back until; August.  No I was here, she said.  You were here three times, at the end of June, & you take so much, we need to have things for other people when they come in.  She started speaking in Spanish.  I said "you can take what you already have & no more".  I noticed that one of the children had a large white plastic bag filled with toys.  I said "dear, you can't take that, you can take one thing & no more".  She stated crying, like mother like daughter.  The other daughter was holding two dolls in her hands so I said "only one".  The aggressive mother was going into the white container to get a plastic bag.  I said "no more things".  She said "shish, I'm just getting a bag for the things I already have".  "Okay" I said.  Her mother was on the floor getting things so she spoke to her in Spanish & she stood up.  She told the girls to share the dolls, so each girl had one doll, like it should be. I told the mother that this was her fault that this was happening.   I said "I told you in the note not to come back until August".  They were now gone.  She was probably bad mouthing me, in Spanish, as she passed some other clients that were Hispanic, that were waiting to come into the Material Aid Room.  Another thing is when she was in last she had another woman who she said was her mother many mothers do you have?  And that woman came back another time telling me that she was never here before.  Lies, lies & more lies!!!  I hope & pray that I nipped this abusive situation in the bud!!!  I went into the other room to tell Martha what had just happened.  She said "good Mary".  We can't have people coming in & lying to us & abusing our Material Aid Room.  We gave her a double stroller & I never see it when she brings in the children.  I sent her the instruction manual for the stroller with the note in it saying we'll see her in August & not sooner.  She is a very aggressive woman & I needed to be strong & not to back down.  I need to protect the other clients that come in for things, we want things for them too.  I told Martha that this was hard for me.  She said "I know Mary".  It's hard to be a director & to have to make all kinds of decisions.  Come Holy Spirit come!!!
The doorbell just continued to ring & ring & ring.  We helped out so many mothers & single people too, men & women alike.  I went into the office & did some work in there & then made up some Truth packets, for our front line ministry & for the Focus ministry too.  I then called the mother, to confirm her appointment at 4pm today, with her daughter.  I was given very sad news that her mother in law died in a fire this past weekend.  Her daughter's grandmother.  We rescheduled for next Tuesday at 4 pm.  I gave her my symphony & guaranteed her my prayers. 
I then called my other client that was coming in with her sister to receive help.  As I was talking to her she said that she was at the front door.  I said "okay let me go to answer the door".  There she was with her baby & her pregnant sister.  I asked Martha to help her in the Material Aid Room, while I took the sister into the Counseling Room to talk with her.  I knew that she was pregnant so I asked her to fill out the Intake Sheet.  After she was finished I took a look at it to see that she had an abortion about a year ago.  I was so sad to see this so I addressed this issue first. I talked with her about the abortion & God's forgiveness in taking a life that He just created. She said that she wasn't ready. I said that if you are pregnant then you are ready.  I was disturbed to hear this from her. I said that abortion is always evil & it takes a life that God intended to have here on earth.  I said that adoption or parenting are the two options NOT abortion.  I gave her a Project Rachel brochure to call a counselor anytime to talk with her.  Then I gave her lots of brochures on prenatal care & breast feeding for her baby, in her womb.  I gave her a new doctor list because she said that she is seeing the same doctor ( abortionist Steven Eisinger) that aborted her fist baby.  I said that it was bizarre to see the same doctor, that killed your first baby, to give you prenatal care with this baby.  She said that there were two doctors on our list that she would consider calling because there were close to where she lives.  I called up Pat Smith, who deals with domestic abuse cases, who had just left the center about 20 minutes ago, for she had an appointment with another one of our clients that is experiencing domestic abuse, her & her husband took her home from the center after their talk.  I called her up to see if she could meet with our new client to discuss the abuse that she's experienced in the past from the former boyfriend & the father of this baby.  An appointment was made for next week at Focus to meet with our client to get help for her in this area of her life.  Her sister now came into the counseling room with her baby & she told me her story about the physical abuse of her former boyfriend & the father of her baby.  I said that she could also speak with Mrs. Smith that day.  She was happy to hear that.  I went into the Green Room where we had a box of new baby clothes & I gave each of them something for their baby.  They were very happy.  We all said "good bye" & I said that I will call them to remind them of their appointment a week from this Thursday.   
Paul had come in to help us earlier in the afternoon, thank God. I gave him my keys to get all the donations that I had in my car.  Later on about 7pm while Martha & I were eating, a couple of hours after he left around 5pm, he came back to the center & said "guess what & then pulled my keys out of his pocket".  He said that he forgot to give them back to me after he opened up my car to get the donations, earlier on today & he put them in his pocket & then he just found them when he reached into his pocket to get something out of it.  He was at St. Monica's Church on Genesee St., which is about 10 minutes away.  Not to bad!  I was so happy that I had my keys back even though I didn't know they were missing :)   It's never dull moment at Focus!!!
After supper Martha & I cleaned up the kitchenette & took a walk up the street on East Main.  We walked passed Katherine Lynch's house & looked in to see that she had left some big things in the court yard in front of the house.  There was no Notice of Foreclosure taped to the front door.  We were going around & around to talk about maybe buying the house for the Focus Center but decided that we have more room where we are now & a landlord  to do the hard work & repairs at the center, whenever he feels like coming in to do it.  If Focus owned a house then we would be responsible to do all the repairs.  Then I remembered that the man that I spoke with, last Thursday said to me, after he took a look at the house that it should be bulldozed & made into a parking lot.  I rest my case.  We had a good long walk & Martha went home & I went back into the center to do more office work & I stayed until about 10pm & went home.  It was a very challenging & busy day at Focus!!! 
   Head to S...
Have a happy & safe July 4th.!!!   
Our pregnancy center will be closed tomorrow!!



Thursday, July 5, 2012 on the Front Lines
I arrived to the front lines after noon Mass at the Cathedral.  Martha & Rob joined me momentarily.  We were a team & we went out to the sidewalk to witness the truth.  I met up with Sheila & she told me that there might have been a baby saved on her time.  The young girls was with another person & she had a back pack on her back which means that she brought with her extra clothes if she needed them after the abortion.  Sheila spoke with her as she was walking into the abortion mill, without any interruption.  Sheila doesn't have any Death Escorts on her time, which is real good.  There isn't anyone to walk the girls into the mill, from their cars & hold the front door open for them, as we have on our time when we're out there.  She told me that she was in there about 10 minutes when she came out.  As the person she was with drove out she gave Sheila the thumbs up.  This could indicate that she had changed her mind, through the grace of God. We hope so!! 
I set up the signs on the sidewalk a little differently this afternoon, which to me into some trouble later on.  The one sign I ha set up vertically instead of horizontally & the one woman from Buckpitt & Co., which is next door & we have most of our counseling & witnessing is really in front of their business rather than in front of Planned Parenthood because of the Buffer Zone, which is 15 feet at all entrances of the abortion mill.  That ruling pushed us right in front of them rather than in front of Planned Parenthood which we really should be in front of.  We won on appeal the 1999 ruling to be 80 feet from Planned Parenthood but lost 30 feet. This is still America & we should be in front of Planned Parenthood & not in front of Buckpitt & Co..  It's to bad but they never objected, to the court, only after the decision was made that they gave us nothing but trouble, over all these years, for us being where the court put us.  Go figure!  I say "put up or shut up".   But this time it was my fault for I did have the sign closer to their exit, not realizing the problem with the people exiting, until she drove out screaming at me to "put the damn sign down".  How disrespectful of her to say that about this sign with the aborted baby Malachi on it.  I wonder if she's post abortive?  I did put the sign down vertically & hollered back at her saying "you don't care about these babies".  I am always on the defense, on the front lines.  We have been persecuted, so many times over the many years, that we've been out there, by the neighbors & businesses, that sometimes I think that they are just trying to be mean to us protesters because we're there & they don't want us there.  Then I realized, through the grace of God, that maybe they can't see very well of the traffic coming down the street.  I needed to change that!!  I called Kim, who is the wife of one of the owners of Buckpitt, the next day, to talk to her about this situation. Her & her son are the only two people that I can talk to reasonably.  I did apologize & reassured her that I would co operate with them at Buckpitt & rest assured her of their safety, as they drive out, onto the street.  I said that sometimes I'm not aware of my positioning of the signs, for I don't ever drive out of Buckpitt, so kindly ask me to move them & I will.  I said "lets work together for we have a right to be there but not to cause you & your employees any danger, & that's not what we want, for we protect & defend life.  Kim said "okay" & we said "good bye" & hung up.  I felt better. 
I had the papers from Thomas More Society, the lawyers group, thus stating the Harassment in the 2nd. degree information, for our pesty neighbor Jim, across the street. Also, I had the article of the decision that the Supreme Court just made in regards to the First Amendment.  Freedom of Speech, no matter if you like what is said.   Check out: idUSBRE85R0VH20120628.
Martha & I were on the sidewalk, by the tall bushes & Rob was in front of the brick side of the building & the three men were across the street praying. Paul was in the center.  I saw a young woman getting into her car alone & I spoke to her & as she drove out she indicated that she wanted the packet of information that I had in my hand.  I asked her if she would drive over to the curb so I could give it to her & she did.  When she was beside me, in her car, I gave her the packet of information & a DVD.  I asked her if she was pregnant & she said that she was.  I told her about Focus & asked her if she'd follow me there for more information & she said that she would.  She drove over to our parking lot & as I was walking her into the center she said "you're right next door to Planned Parenthood".  I said "yes we are", with a smile on my face. I introduced myself to her & was planning to do the interview when I saw that Suzanne was walking into the center, so I told her that Suzanne would be the one to talk to her & to help her.  I then introduced her to Suzanne & they both went into the Counseling Room.  I closed the door & then went into the Material Aid Room to get a baby item for her.  I knocked on the door & gave her a striped onesiee, for her precious baby.  I then went back outside to join the team.

I didn't realize it but later on Suzanne told me that she was going in for an abortion today but changed her mind.  Thank God!  We witness outside with prayers & words & graphic signs.  She was touched by the Master's Hand & got out of Planned Parenthood still pregnant.  We will do regular follow ups on her progress during her pregnancy & afterwards, if she still needs us.   A beautiful baby was saved from being killed, by abortion, today :)  Praise God!!   

As I was standing on the sidewalk a young girl was walking up the sidewalk wearing very short shorts & a low cut top.  I worry about the girls!!  I offered her help & she said that she had been on Depo, so I gave her the Warning Information about the drug taking calcium out of her bones causing fractures.  She took the paper & walked into Planned Parenthood.  It was some time later that she came out walking with another young girl, who we found out was her sister.  Martha talked to them about a pregnancy test & they followed her to Focus for one.  Suzanne had gone, so no one was in the center, at this time.  Later on Martha told me that the one girl just had a baby & the sister just had an miscarriage.  Information was giving to both of the girls.  Their mother was in prison down State & the one sister was living with her 35 year boyfriend who wants a baby.   The other sister was saying to her "you go girl".  Her boyfriend, the father of her baby, is in jail.  Here we go again, another dysfunctional family, that we want changed & healed.        

I saw, one of our clients walk by me as I was sidewalk counseling, by the fence & I knew that she was going into the center for some diapers & things for her daughter.  She came out about 15 minutes later & when she passed by me she accidentally caused one of the graphic signs to fall, to the ground, & she went to pick it up.  She was subdued & I thought that she was crying.  I tried to engage her but without success.  I called out to her that we loved her & if she wants to talk just stop by Focus.  I think that she is post abortive & hasn't owned up to what she did at Planned Parenthood.  Denial just keeps you from receiving God's forgiveness & healing.  When I see her again, I need to confront her gently, to what I know she did.
Martha was in the center giving a pregnancy test & I was alone on the bush side of the abortion mill.  I was standing, by the fence & I wasn't saying anything just observing when I turned to return to the sidewalk.   I saw that a guy was throwing a large bottle at me, thank God that it turned out to be plastic.  I hollered to him to "repent".  Rob saw the throw by the corner of his eye & called out to him that It was gentleman like to throw a bottle at a woman.  He came over to me & said that he felt badly that he didn't get his license number.  I said "Rob, he drove passed you so fast there was no way that you could, so don't worry about it".  I only wish that there was a police car right behind him when he threw out the bottle but there wasn't.  "Vengeance is mine" says the Lord.  There will be justice someday, for all of this evil, against God. 
There was a car, with a young man & girl, in it.  He dropped her off & then came back to pick her up about two hours later.  As they pulled out he looked straight ahead with dead eyes & she looked down.  How evil abortion is!
A mother with two of her daughters went into the killing mill.  They came out later & the mother was speaking to the death escort for a few minutes, probably thanking him for helping to kill her grandchild.  As they were pulling out of the parking lot, I asked the girl in the front seat if she had an abortion, & she shook her head 'no'.  Then I looked in the back seat & realized it was this young girl, who had the abortion.  I said to the mother, "repent, for you are an accessory to murder".  She drove away, thus ruining her daughters lives, here today.  Lord have Mercy!!! 
So many babies were killed here today, it's so hard to deal with this horror.  A car did come out & I offered her help & she called to me saying that she was pregnant.  I told her about we offer at Focus & she said that she was fine with things.  She was smiling ear to ear.  Praise God!!       

Martha decided to stay in the center to do work in there because we had so many donations to put away.  Then walking down the street, with her son, was our newest mom who just had a C-Section about 2 weeks ago.   I said "hi" & asked her how she was doing.  She said that she was doing fine & was heading to Focus for some children things.   I said that Martha was in there to help her.  It was so nice to see her after her delivery.  She did say that she will bring Aaron in soon for us to see.  Yeah!! 

Rob started to bring the signs into the center around 5:15pm & was finished about 5:40pm.   Martha had our chicken supper ready for us,when we came in & we all ate together.   Rob did the dishes & went home & Martha freshened up & went to Holy Hour at St. Jude's Church & I went into the office to do my catch up work & went home late. 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at Focus
A very busy day!!  Martha & I saw at least 24 people, including kids, that came into our pregnancy center, needing assistance.  The doorbell rang no stop.  I had a stressful morning before I even got to the center so I was tired at the end of the day & so was Martha.  We were sad that one of our clients, who we haven't seen in awhile came in & ended up in the Green Room, which I said was just for the workers.  This particular person is involved with drugs & apparently got clean about a year ago.  Well time changes everything.  She came in & we greeted her for we haven't seen her in awhile.  She comes in to get a few things for her child but today she took a whole package of wipes that I just purchased for the center.  It contained 420 wipes & we put in about 15 or so into a sandwich baggy for when we give our moms the diapers.  So by what she did this means that the moms won't get wipes with their diapers.  "Thou Shall Not Steal".  She is now barred from Focus for life.  Don't come into our center & lie & steal from us, for if you do, you will not be welcomed back.  It's your choice.  This was very upsetting for Martha & I.  Our hearts were sad because we liked Tina, I just wished that she'd like herself.
Karen, our Tuesday client advocate, came in did a pregnancy test right off the bat & then worked in the office creating a list of good pro life doctors.  Then she emailed the list to Mary Aramini, an attorney, that requested it.  Thanks Karen....great job!!    Martha & I were calling the companies for instruction manuals for the product, like the car seat & strollers.  What a long time this took.  Very frustrating, to say the least.  Finally is was completed.  One of our moms came in to receive her 'free' stroller after I told her that she would have to put the parts that I just received from the company in place before she could take it home.  Karen helped her & they finally got it together & it became safe.  She put her baby in it nice & safe.  I felt good about her now taking it out of Focus.  She was happy about her new stroller for her precious baby. Her older son had a good time in the Material Aid Room picking out toys while his mom worked on the stroller.  
The doorbell rang & it was a grandmother & her granddaughter.  She wanted a pregnancy test.   She said to me as we walked down the hall towards the Counseling Room, "I don't believe in abortion".  I said back "that's great".  She is 15 years old & just had a baby.  The father of the baby was arrested for statuary rape & spent some time in jail & there is an order of protection out on him.  As they were discussing some things with Martha, I chimed in saying "the answer is simple:  NO SEX".  It was a foreign message in the ears of this young girl.  I could read her mind saying "that's not going to happen lady".  Okay my dear, wreck your health by getting the Depo shots & get all the STD's that there are.  Have fun!!
I was very busy in the office making copies & doing my office work.  Martha was nice enough to make supper tonight.  She made Tacos, mmm good.  
The doorbell rang & Martha answered it & there was three women walking down the hallway.  My 4pm appointment has now arrived.  This is the young girl & her mother that came out of Planned Parenthood, a week & a half ago, that Sheila had spoken to & said that Mary would call & set up a time at Focus to help them.  Here they were.  I gave them my sympathy, in regards to the loss of her mother in law & the grandmother of her two daughters, that lost her life in a fire on Bay St. over a week ago.  They said that they were still in shock.  "I know, it takes time", I said back to them.  I then showed them around.  I brought them into the Material Aid Room first to show them the 'free' store for those who are in need.  Then I brought them into the Counseling Room to start the interview.  I gave them two DVD's & many brochures, all for educational purposes.  I asked if she had a OB doctor & I she said "no".  I gave her our Good Doctor List & the mom called & has an appointment for her daughter tomorrow to come in as a 'new patient'.  I was happy that she got a pro life doctor that will take good care of her & her baby.  I informed her that we will do follow up calls to see how she is doing & if she needs anything along the way towards the delivery of her baby.  Her & her mom were pleased that we cared, at Focus.  
I was very busy in the office making copies & doing my office work.  Martha was nice enough to make supper again tonight.  She made Tacos, mmmm good  Thank you Lord!!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at Focus
I received a call from a counselor at the Hillside Center asking if we have diapers for his client's children.  I said "yes we do".  I gave him our hours today & he said that he will come in, this afternoon, with his client.  I said that I will see them later.  I stopped at the Dollar General Store to get more size 5 diapers for the center & baby wipes.  They were stolen yesterday at the center.  I meet Martha at Mass & then we went to the center.  Melissa came to the center to help us out.  Our new volunteer!!  I came into the Green Room to open all the doors to see that the bathroom door had the key in the lock again.  Counterproductive to say the least.  I talked to Tickaboo about this.  Then I said out loud "I'm having a bad day all ready".  Then Melissa made it worse.  She said that she just got promoted to days.  "What", I exclaimed.  She said that we weren't going to lose her it just would be different days & hours.  "Okay" I said & congratulations on your promotion.  Then I put her to work no stop from 1pm until 3:20pm before she had to go to work.  She is marvelous, simply marvelous!!  She's a no stop 'go getter'. 
Martha decided to go out to the front lines by herself.  Lord please protect her.  He always does.  When she came back into the center around 3pm she told me that today was an abortion day.  She saw that some of the girls, were slumped down in the back seat, as the driver was driving out.  The abortionist, Rachel Phelps, left around 2pm after she had killed some children.  Lord have Mercy on her soul!  The people were very nasty to her as they were driving by.  Typical.
I received a call from a mom saying that she was coming into the center for some things for her young son,  I said "just come on in & we'll see you then".  My plan was to have Melissa work in the office but that was put on hold for awhile for we were so busy in the Material Aid Room.  The doorbell rang & it was our mom who had called earlier.  She was filled with much energy.  She was so grateful that Martha had stopped her on the sidewalk about two years ago asking if she needed anything.  She was pregnant with her son, who is about a year & a half now. She lead her into Focus where she was warmly greeted & was shown the Material Aid Room where she got some things for her unborn son at that time.  She was most grateful for the love & hospitality of Focus.  We were able to give her the High Chair that we have in the Great Room.  She was thrilled.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was the counselor & his client.  I greeted them both & lead her into the Material Aid Room to shop for her two children.  She & our other mom hit it right off.  I asked Melissa if she would go into the Material Aid Room to help out the moms which she graciously did.  I then showed the counselor around the center & asked him some questions about some things & then let him sit with a magazine & a bottle of water in the Green Room as he was waiting for his client to finish her shopping.   He was very nice & thanked us for helping out his client.  He said that Focus was first on his Referral List & he was happy that we were able to help out his client today.  She said that she had a lot of baby clothes to donate to us.  I hope that she can get these things to us ASAP.  We are so busy & the clothes are going so fast.  God always provides for us!!!  Thank you Lord for providing for Focus :)
The doorbell rang again & it was a pregnant mom & her friend coming in for baby clothes.  I asked Melissa if she would bring the pregnant client into the Counseling Room to fill out an Intake Sheet so that we can check her progress & see how she is doing & if she needs anything in the future.  They went into the Rose Room to do the paperwork.  She asked us if we had a baby car seat.  It so happened that we did & it was hers.  She was so happy.  I told her that this is rare & please not to tell anyone for they might think that we have a supply of car seats in the back room & that's not the case at all.  She smiled & said "mum is the word".  I said "thank you".  She also received some helpful brochures to take home with her.
I was determined to get the next doorbell, for I wanted Melissa to now work in the office, on our Petition Letters to the Churches.  She critiqued the letter to make it better.  She did a great job!!  It was time for her to leave & she said that she had a wonderful experience here today.  I said that she was a blessing to us. She is scheduled to come back, a week from this Thursday, from 6pm to 8pm. I asked if she would be interested in working on a spread sheet, to put information about our clients on it.  She said that she would but that she doesn't really do well working on spread sheets. But I have a feeling she will be challenged by this request.
Martha was in the center now, thank God, for we were so busy.  A nice lady from India, who is now an American, came into the center to tell us about her church & what they have to offer.  This church takes Catholics away from the one True Church.  You can only get food if you attend their religious service.  No way!!!  She was nice but misguided. 
Then the doorbell rang again & it was a pregnant mom needing baby clothes.  I took her into the Counseling Room, to fill out an Intake Sheet, so that we could check on her during her pregnancy.  I saw, on her sheet, that she had an abortion, in the past.  I asked her some questions about this.  She said that it was two years ago at Planned Parenthood & it was early in the morning.  When she came out there were protesters there.  She saw the graphic pictures & immediately regretted what she had done.  She said that she only wished that we were there to stop her.  I wish we were there for her too.  I gave her a Project Rachel brochure that she was hesitant to take.  She said that there were other girl's having an abortion ,that day, but she was the only girl crying.  She also says that she got right with God & she writes poems about what she did.  Thank God.  She took the other car seat & a breast pump & some baby clothes.  Martha brought her home.
The doorbell rang & it was our client that just had a baby.  She came in for clothes for her young daughter.  She said that she was living with her step father but was angry with him for bringing in bed bugs.  She & her daughter were moving out of the home.  Oh yea!!!
The doorbell rang again.  She was a client that I gave a pregnancy test to about 3 months ago.  She came in with her four children.  I did the test & it was negative.  I spoke to her, about many things, the first time she came into the center for a pregnancy test & I gave her lots of information too.  I thought that I would not do that again today.  I just asked her not to have sex, for she needs to take care, of her four children. I hope that I got through to her today.  After they left I notice a piece of paper that the one child made into a plane & unraveled it.  It was a paper from Planned Parenthood.  So I think that she went over there first, with her family, asking for a pregnancy test & they refused so she thought of Focus & came here.  That's fine with me!!  She & her children were blessed at Focus.  God is Great all the time.
One of our sweet clients came into the center to get the stroller, the last car seat & the pink princess table & chair for dress up, for her two girls.  She was so happy.  Martha & I had fun with the two sweet girls.  The younger girl was going to be aborted, at Planned Parenthood, but the mom was stopped by me talking her out of it, through the grace of God.  The mom's happy & I'm happy but most of all God is happy. 
I made supper tonight & did the dishes.  After supper Martha did some work in the Material Aid Room & I went into the office to do more work in there.  Team work :) 

Thursday, July 12, 2012 on the Front Lines
I arrived right after Mass & Martha came at the same time.  We went into the center.  Dan was there & what a surprise that was for I hadn't seen him in awhile.  He told me that he was applying for another job so that he could get off of nights, which is so difficult.  He was nice enough to do some vacuuming & odd & end jobs while he was waiting for a phone call.  Karen came just arrived for I had asked her if she would come in today to take the place of Suzanne, who had another commitment today & she was nice enough to say "yes".  Martha had sent, into the center, three girls that just had come out of Planned Parenthood.  Karen lead them into the Counseling Room to talk to them.  It turned out that one of the girls is pregnant & wanted an ultrasound.  Karen called Dr. Morehouse's office to schedule a pre natal appointment & an ultrasound, for Wednesday. Karen told the client that she needed to go to DSS tomorrow, to apply for Medicaid, so that she could see the doctor. In the meantime one of the other girls, they were all close friends, wanted a pregnancy test.  I found out later that she had an abortion in the past & so did the young girl that is pregnant that we're caring for. Thank God that Rob came around 1:20pm for I didn't think that he was coming today because his family was celebrating his father's birthday.  He said that he had to leave at 3pm today.  Martha went out to the front lines to join Bill & Addison & Dan & MaryAnn.  She came back in at times to help Sr. Frances, & her friend Georgia's niece, to get a permanent place to live with her young child.  We gave them a referral list & they called around to these places.  They were nice enough to bring some baby things for our clients children.  Then Donna, our client, came in for her appointment with Mrs. Smith for assistance.  We have a program now, to help woman who suffer from domestic violence, with the aftermath from the abuse.  Mrs. Smith came in at 1:30pm & I lead them both into the Great Room to talk. Then two women who could not speak English came into the Material Aid Room to get some things for her baby boy who will be born soon.  I called in Dan to help her write her name in the admittance book.  Paul came in with a piece of gauge on his head.  I asked what had happened to him & he said that he ran into a Stop sign.  I didn't have time to ask him more questions regarding this unfortunate event.  He had to get 5 staples put in his head & the hospital first put the wrong ones in & had to take them out & put the right ones into his scalp, Martha told me later on.  She had more to time to talk to our dear & helpful volunteer Paul.  Now we know why he didn't come in on Tuesday & Wednesday.  Paul please watch out for the Stop signs, we need you in one piece.  Poor baby :(
I literally could not get out to the front lines until about 1:45pm for we were so busy in Focus.  I at least had some peace knowing that the team was out there trying to save lives.  When I finally did get out there Martha told me what had gone on the street.  First the neighbor Jim, from the condo across the street, came out & harassed the team & then egged on the men from the Volunteer's of America, who came to pick up some things from his condo, to harass our Korean War Vet Bill, who sits on a stool holding a graphic sign.  Lord have Mercy!  Then a man in a car drove right up to the curb right next to where Martha was standing & asked him what he was doing.  He said "why are you bothering me, I'm working on taking down information regarding speeders on University Ave.".  Then Martha replied that when a car comes so near the curb she gets worried.  He said back to her "then maybe you shouldn't be here & by the way why are you hear"?  Martha told him that they do abortions here at Planned Parenthood & he replied "so".  He didn't care, in the least, that they were murdering little precious babies. What a nut job!! 
Then Martha told me that Rob was talking to Vitto, another difficult neighbor, who owns a printing business about three doors down from Planned Parenthood, on the other side of the building, that he had taken Planned Parenthood to court for they didn't pay their printing bill. He told Rob that the Judge said that he would take 30 days to make a decision.  Vitto exclaimed to the Judge that it was a cut & dry case, that he provided a service & wasn't paid.  He lost.  I say Vitto "what come around goes around".  Please don't tell anyone that you a Catholic until you can prove it.  Doing business with murders, you deserve what you get.  No sympathy here.  By the way it wasn't very nice to use foul language to Sr. Frances & Georgia because they accidentally parked in your parking lot in front of you business.  God didn't like that lack of charity.  I hope that you repent & make reparation for your sins, soon.  What happened to you Vitto?   When  Focus was doing business with you, a long time ago, you were nice, at least I thought so. 
The cars were coming out of the parking lot with mothers that had just killed their child.  How horrible this is for me & the team.  Martha went back into the center & Rob had gone & so did everyone else but Adolf, who arrived later this afternoon.  Then I saw that the abortionist, Rachel Phelps, was getting into her car.  It was a short day of killing because she killed babies yesterday too.  When she drove out I said what I said to her.  I am sick to my stomach, when I see an abortionist, who are murders of the innocent.
Martha a came back out to join me & we stayed out in the hot sun witnessing the Truth.  I looked across the street to see our neighbor Jim spying on us & using his video camera.  I just ignored him because he craves attention.  Then Martha said that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome & maybe the mega hone reminds him of the war.  Well my heart ached for him.  I decided to walk over across the street to rationally speak to him.  I looked up at him in the window & said that I know what he was going through with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome because I suffer with it too.  I was hoping for a connection. We talked for a few minutes when my cell phone rang.  I answered it & then spoke with the person & then hung up.  I was walking back to be with Martha when I saw that Jim was now outside.  He asked if I would come into his condo.  I said "no".  We spoke again but it went badly.  Then the neighbor, from Whalen St., came by,  as if I needed this duo coming against me.  I knew that I wasn't getting anywhere with these two men so I left to go back across the street to join Martha.  I decided to get the paper that I received from Thomas More Society that says that what he is doing is Second Degree Harassment.  Jim said "bring it on for I'm going to take you to court for you using the mega phone so loudly".  I said that I had the Lord & he said that he had Buddha (as if he could help him).  He's suppose to be a Catholic.  My dear brother, what happened to you?  How sad was this!!  I said back to him that I wasn't going to charge him with this anything but I wanted him to know  that we have our rights out there, on the sidewalk too. I harbor no animosity against Jim, for he is a likable character but confused.  He lives right across an abortion mill & come against us pro lifers??   How sad.  I asked him what he was going to say to the Lord when He asked him if he saved any lives while he lived across from an abortion clinic?  I'll continue to try to love him & to pray for him.  "Pray for those who persecute you", the Bible says.  I did holler over to the both men that they need to spend their time better.  I went on sidewalk k counseling at the abortion mill.  I looked over across the street &  saw both men looking at the big project that the builders were doing next to Jim's condo.   I only hope & pray that the new neighbors will leave us alone. 
I told Martha that I was going in the center  for a few minutes.  When I got to the door there was two people ringing the doorbell.  They weren't together & they both wanted baby formula.  I said that we didn't have any & I gave them phone numbers of other agencies & pregnancy centers that could help them.  Paul was just leaving & I said "good bye to him & thanked him for all his hard work at Focus.  We appreciate all our volunteers, they are invaluable :)
I went back outside to be with Martha & we stayed for another 45 minutes & went back into the center.  Then I received a very upsetting phone call from one of our clients asking for money so that she could leave Rochester with her three children to get away from her abusive boyfriend that she just had arrested.  She was frightened that when he gets out of jail tomorrow that he would come back to hurt her.  She said that he got her into drugs & prostitution.  I told her to get a Order of Protection out on him but she said that would make him more mad & it doesn't even work.  I said all I could give her was $10, for we are a small pregnancy center & we don't have funds like that.  Just then the doorbell rang & it was our three mature volunteers.  I asked the leader of the pack if she would speak to her & she then took the phone & spoke with her for about 3 minutes or longer.  The client hung up on her.  She said that she told her to call the police & to tell them of her fears but she didn't seem to like that advice.  We were also suspicious that she wanted drug money & this is how she tried to get it.  Drug money from a pregnancy center, how odd!! 
Our three volunteers brought us diapers & baby wipes.  Thank you so very much!!  They worked in the Material Aid Room sorted & folding up clothes in the baskets.  It looks so nice in there.  Thanks so much ladies :)  The doorbell rang & it was Valerie & her four children.  She helped out in the center & her twins were not happy in the stroller.  Martha & I gave the two older children a snack, which was now on the carpet.  Oh well it's only crumbs.  One of our volunteers vacuumed up the food on the floor.  Everyone was working very hard.  Martha ate quickly for she wanted to go to her Holy Hour at St. Jude's.  I stayed after everyone had gone & did more work in the office & then went home.  Thank you Lord for a blessed Focus day. 

Friday afternoon, July 13, 2012 at Focus 

I met my friend & her adopted daughter, from China at the Church of the Holy Spirit this morning for the 9am Mass.  After, we got to visit for awhile before she & her daughter left for Virginia, to visit her son who just got engaged to be married.  It was so good seeing her, for she now lives in Florida with her family.  Hopefully they'll come back to Rochester to live someday.  I went back into the church & spend an hour with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  Then I was headed to Focus to drop off the donations that were in my car.  I first stopped at the second hand store & bought a picture for my kitchen & a red blouse with long sleeves for the Fall & two pairs of pants.  Buy one & get the next pair free.  What a deal!!  I arrived at Focus & went over to stand at my usual post by the tall bushes &  the tree & spoke with a Hispanic woman, with her two grandchildren. She walked over with the children to where I was standing on the sidewalk. told her that Planned Parenthood was bad for women & that they kill little babies in there.  She said that her daughter was in there.  I told her about Focus & pointed in the direction where we are located & told her that I will be in there for about an hour & for her to bring her daughter in when she gets out of Planned Parenthood.  I told her that we had 'free' children clothes & things for her two grandchildren.  One of the grandchildren looked like he was going to bite her arm so I told him not to do that.  She was very nice.  I then walked back into the center & knocked on the accountant's door & spoke with him in regards to our 990 Form.  I felt that something was accomplished with this meeting though I am still disturbed with what he did to Focus.  I told him that I was sorry for anything that I did or said that hurt him for it wasn't intentional. 
I then got the donations out of my car & brought them into Focus & into the Great Room.   I went into the office & then, by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I went back outside in front of Planned Parenthood.  I saw two young girls standing by the front door smoking.  I called over to them & saw that the one girl was walking over to me.  I said to myself that she was going to be nice or not nice but I had the good Lord to protect me.  She was nice.  She said "I know that you wanted to tell us something by we couldn't hear you".  I told her about Planned Parenthood.  She said that either she or her friend believed in abortion & that her friend was hear for a ovarian cyst.  I told her about Focus after she said that she had two children.  I pointed to where we are located & she said that she had time right now to come to get 'free' things for her children & her friend who only has the clothes that she's wearing.  She was so happy to see the Material Aid Room & all that we had to offer for her & her children & for her friend.  She picked out some nice things & was so very grateful.  She opened up in the Material Aid Room, which so many woman have, to tell me that she almost had an abortion.  It was at the Freedom of Choice on Lattimore Dr..  She saw the protesters there & started to cry to her mother & told her that she couldn't go through with it.  Thank God that her mother took her home for she had told her daughter that if she didn't have an abortion she would kill herself.  What a horrible thing to say to her pregnant daughter.  Well she had the baby & then about two years later had another child.  She was so nice & respectful & so grateful that we were here to help her & her friend.  I told her that she could come back again & to bring her friend.  She left a happy camper.  Later that day I called up Mike Warren, who was one of the protesters that day & told him that he & Gerry & their team saved a precious baby!!!  He was thrilled :)  What a blessed afternoon!   Thank you Lord!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at Focus  

I woke with a my cell phone ringing & then I tried to go back to bed & the neighbor was taking to someone very loudly, those early risers :(  Then the cell phone rang again.  I walked into the kitchen to see that my cat Godfree had thrown up .  I cleaned that mess up then my cell phone rang.  I was getting ready to go to the post office to pick up a check for our client Pat, our grandmother, written by a friend of mine for her granddaughter's security deposit for her new apartment so that she can get away from the evil neighbors that surround her.  It was a very hot day & I was bringing food for our supper tonight, baby formula & baby food, for the center & I didn't want it all to spoil or be effected by the hot weather.  The doorbell rang & it was the Gas & Electric man wanting to come into the basement to read the meters.  I went back upstairs to finish up & then heard the fire truck coming down the street.  I left my apartment to see that they were in the parking lot.  I asked if everything was okay & they said "yes".  What happened was the Gas & Electric man went over to the duplex next door & smelled gas so he called the fire department to check it out.  Thank God that all was well.  I was on my way to the Post Office only to see that the check had not arrived so I headed to the pregnancy center to drop off all the perishable items that I had in my hot car.  No air conditioning just a fan, which works okay.  I arrived to Focus & as I was getting out of my car one of the taxi drivers came out of the store which is net to us.  He said that he had some things for the center from his daughter & wanted to drop it off.  I said "thanks" & then I asked him if he would help me bring all the things in my car into the center.  I said "thank you".  Then I saw a young lady walk up to the door & I quickly said that we weren't open until 1pm & it was now 11:45am.  I asked her want she needed & she said that se wanted a pregnancy test for Planned Parenthood wouldn't do it because she didn't have her ID for her Medicaid.  I said "come on in".  I brought her into the counseling room & started the process.  I completed the test & did some education & then brought her to the Material Aid Room for her three other children.  She was very happy.  Everything was brought in from my car & the taxi man brought me his donation too.  All is well & I was headed off to Mass.  I sat with Martha & we were blessed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I spoke to some people after Mass & off I went to the center. 
It was Martha, Karen & I running the center today.  Martha was putting things away in the Great Room into the Material Aid Room & I was making up packets & when Karen came in she brought   in a box of 124 size 5 diapers.  Thanks so much Karen we really appreciate this.  Martha had just given out the last of the size 5 diapers to a man that came in for diapers & some clothes for his baby.  He told Martha that his girlfriend, who is the mother of his baby is still married to her husband who is abusive who she is afraid of hurting her, if she divorces him.  Life can get so complicated & twisted!!  Martha suggested that she comes in on Thursday at 3pm to speak to Mrs. Smith, who is an advocate for women that have been or are being abused, for a free consultation & that maybe she can help her & her situation.  I gave Martha our business card to give to him & for her to call me to confirm the appointment.  He said that he will talk to her about coming in on Thursday.  I hope so! 
I asked Karen if she would call our pregnant clients to see how they were doing.  She got through to a lot of our girls to see how they were doing & if they needed anything at Focus.  Later on today one of the girls came in with her two year old son to get some things for her baby girl, who will be born next month.  I called two client to check in on them.  They are doing well & the one client has an appointment along with her sister to see Mrs. Smith this Thursday at 3pm.  I hope that they will keep this appointment.  'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink'!!  The other client has an appointment with her new doctor this Friday & she is hoping for an ultrasound, so she will know the sex of her baby. She has family support, which is good.  This is the mother & daughter that Sheila, the sidewalk counselor in front of Planned Parenthood on Thursdays, spoke with coming out of Planned Parenthood a couple of weeks ago & then they came into Focus to be helped. 
The doorbell kept on ringing & my ell phone did too. We helped many people who were in need & we were very happy about that.  I looked up from the table where I was sorting out diapers into plastic bags for our clients & saw that Pat, our grandmother had come in.  I was happy to see her.  She just came back from the doctors to have her arm cast removed, for she had broken her wrist when she went into the street to save her great grandchild Akira when a car hit her, instead of her precious grandchild.  No charges were filed, for the driver stopped as soon as he saw Pat, in the street.  It wasn't his fault though he felt badly about it.   Well Pat had spent the afternoon with Martha & I just relaxing for she never gets away from all the stresses of her family.  She needed this 'girls day out'.  She also got some nice things for her grandchildren. 
Martha, Pat & I had a nice supper together & then I called a cab for Pat to get home.  Martha left too & I stayed for another hour to do more office work & then went home.  What a fruitful day. Praise God!!! 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at Focus   

Happy 13th. Birthday sweet Sammy :)
I went to the post office & picked up the two checks for our grandmother Pat.  I then went to the bank to cash them & to make a deposit for Focus too.  I headed to Mass & met Martha there.  After Mass we went to Focus & I put the money, for Pat, in the safe & called her to pick it up.  She came later & was very grateful for the blessing. Now Katherine, her great granddaughter, can move into her new apartment & get away from the negative energy that she is exposed to in the apartment that she is in now.  Praise God !! 
The doorbell rang & the first client was a young man who is taking care of his child.  He needed diapers & food & we were blessed yesterday with food for our food shelves from the good people at St. Pius X Church.  They bless us every third month & July is our month.  So Martha brought him back into the Great Room to get what he needed.  Then the doorbell rang & rang again.  We saw so many people today & they were blessed with baby formula, diapers some food & clothes for their children all 'free'.    

One of the clients took the poka dot stroller & was so happy to get it.  Martha helped a client, by giving her information to obtain permanent housing.   I was in the office making copies of important information, to hand out to our clients, so that they can get the help that they need.  Then we saw Paul coming into the center.  Yeah, Paul's back!  He got his staples out of his head today & was feeling better.  He was so busy cleaning our toys & things that we received as donations.  He said that he was going to leave at 4pm but he stayed until 6pm.  Thanks Paul. We made some head way in the Great Room putting away some of our donations.  Paul will be busy again tomorrow when he comes back in the afternoon.   
Tickabbo changed the ceiling titles in my office & in the Great Room.  Martha called the landlord Bernie to tell him that we are having some leakage in the ceiling, now in the Counseling Room.  Not acceptable!  He told her that he was coming tomorrow to look at it.   He needs to go back up to the roof & do more repairs.  It's a continual problem :(
Martha made supper & I did the dishes.  It's only fair! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012 on the Font Lines
I arrived right after Mass at the Cathedral & was met by Martha who was getting out of her car almost at the same time.  She had been at the hospital visiting her granddaughter, for she developed a collapsed lung with the bronchitis that she was suffering with & now was recuperating nicely.  She will stay in the hospital one more day.  I then spoke with Sheila & told her about the client that she stopped & talked with about 3 weeks ago.  She told me that she was going to go for an abortion.  She's not now & I called Sheila a "life saver'.  She smiled back.  I was hoping that Rob would show up & he did about 15 minutes later  & went out on the front lines.  Martha went out to join him.  I stayed in the center to help out some clients that had just came in for assistance.  Suzanne, our client advocate, will come later on, I hope, for she's having problems with her house. 
I finally made my way outside to join the team on the front lines.  A car drove in to the parking lot & I called out to them to offer them help but they went in anyway.  Then two people, in a bright blue truck drove in, & I said to them "please don't kill anyone here today", but they did.  They walked into the killing mill & they didn't come out until over 2 hours later & she was slumped down in the front seat of the bright blue truck, going nowhere. 
Rob was stationed at the brick side of Planned Parenthood & Martha & I were at the side where the very high bushes are. It's getting harder to see the parking lot & to get our message to the people, through the tall evergreen bushes.  But God is everywhere, so He isn't restricted by bushes & bricks. 
Paul passed buy us & showed us that he had a sandwich from Wendy's for us.  I said that I was going into the center to eat my hamburger real fast & I'll come right back outside.  I wish I didn't have to eat but I get a faintly feeling when I'm out on the front lines so Martha & I  take turns going into the center to eat a fast lunch.  But not always.  Martha has to leave to go to the nursing service to sign something & she'll be gone for about 45 minutes, so I thought that I should go first so that she could eat her sandwich & go to the nursing service & then come back again.  I went into the center & the doorbell didn't stop ringing.  I gave a pregnant mom who is due next month some new baby boy clothes & I asked her friend to fill out our Intake Sheet so that we can check her progress, she is due next month with a baby girl.  In the Material Aid Room there was a man & a young girl getting things & he mentioned that he is being visited by spirits when he watches his scary movies.  He said the when he watches these movies the door to the bathroom opens & closes.   I said "stop watching those scary movies because you're inviting evil spirits into your home".  I then mentioned that he might want to call a priest to come to his house for an exorcism.  Just a suggestion!   I wolfed down my hamburger & ice tea & answered the doorbell once more.  There was two young girls wanting a pregnancy test.  I ask them to follow me to the counseling room, then I turned around to see Suzanne, coming into the center.  She took over the pregnancy test for me.  I then went to see Elroy our past accountant & asked him how it was going with the 990 Form completion.  He said that it will be done on Tuesday & it doesn't require my signature.  I said "thank you sir".  I went back outside to join the others.   I saw that Dan, Addison & Adolf were now joining Bill, across the street.  Martha said that she will go & get what she needs to get done & then come back & eat her lunch.  It sounds like a plan Martha for I have Rob across the way to assist me in calling out to the people going into the abortion mill.
The two young girls who just had the pregnancy test was now walking towards me on the sidewalk.  I stopped them I introduced myself to them as the director of the Focus Pregnancy Center.  I asked what was the results of the pregnancy test.  The girl who had the test said "negative".  I said "okay then, stop having sex & behave yourself"  She giggled.  Then I said for her to pull up her blouse so that no one should see her breast.  She did.  Then they told me that they were going to Planned Parenthood for an STD test.  I guided then to go to Embracing Options Pregnancy Center for testing.  The way I did it was to tell them that they would be 'dancing with the devil ' if they go in to Planned Parenthood, which was true.  Then & the one girl said that she didn't wan to dance with devil.  I agreed that this was a wise decision & they took the information that I gave them of the address & off they went to get tested.  Thank you Lord for getting them away from this evil place, where the devil lurks for his victims, to ruin their lives. 
I looked up the street & saw that Valerie walking down the sidewalk with a towel wrapped around  her waist.  She had her monthly flow came unexceptionally & a lady gave her the towel.  She needed to come to Focus to get some new pants, which she found.  She also looked around to see what she needed for her children.  She got two gates which I was happy about for she has four children & three of them are under 5 years old.  She does well at Focus.
I was on the front lines when the phone rang & it was Pat, our grandmother telling me that she had an altercation with Assemblyman  David Gantt yesterday in the parking lot when was leaving Focus.  She told me that she told him off.  You go girl!!!  No police were called for that would bring bad publicity to his re election bid.  While I was talking to her, near the Buckpitt building, some one hollered out the car window, as they were driving by to "get off the phone"!  I was wondering why that bothered anyone that I was on the phone?  Go figure!  I told Pat that I was on the front lines & that I would talk to her another time soon.  She said "okay & good bye" & we hung up.
Two older people drove into the parking lot.  The woman walked into Planned Parenthood & the older man stayed outside.  He finally walked over to where I was standing & professed that he agreed with us & that abortion was wrong & that the Lord will take care of these people some day if they don't repent.  I was upset with him that he came here at all.  e said that he brought his wife here for she's an interpreter.  I said "I wish that she just said "no", for they are killing little babies in there right now.  He wasn't happy being here.  When they came out of the parking I waved at them & they both waved back at me.  I was pretty hard on this man that was Chinese about being here today.  I am so angry when I 'm on the front lines.  Lord have mercy on me!  
A car pulled into the parking lot & a man & a woman got out of the car.  I told then that they were killing babies in there & if they were planning to please don't.  The guy said to me "oh no, I'm a Christian & I don't believe in that, we hear for insurance".  I called over to him saying that the place just passed this yellow building, meaning Focus, could help you but the female started walking into Planned Parenthood.  I was so upset that more Christians were compromising too.  I try not to be self righteous or judgmental I just want people that profess to be Christians to act like Christians.  We're different!!  We have the Lord!!  He will guide you in what you need & you don't need Planed Parenthood, which is murdering His precious babies.  I know that we fail & disappoint the Lord & I do regularly so I hope today that these fine people won't again & that they learned from their mistake in going into Planned Parenthood for anything.  When this young couple came out  I landed in on them like lightening & showed them a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The young man who was on the passenger side looked a the picture.  She seemed to be the control person in the relationship.  Not good!!  He needs to be a man & protect her & she should be lead by him & not the other way around, for the man is suppose to protect the woman, by his decisions.  When will we turn things around the right way the way that God deemed it to be.  Come on ladies are you really happy by taking over the role of man???  Just be a loving woman & respect your man & let him be the man & you're be happy.  Darn that 'women's lib', which ruined everything!!!!!!!  We're all confused now & what a mess it made.  Men act like women & women act like men!  Weird!
I got a nice surprise today.  Donna came to Focus.  Yeah!!  She came with her family to drop off some clothes & diapers for Focus.  How nice of her.  She visited with Rob, Martha & I for a short time because she had her family in the car.  She said that she will stop by again for a longer time before she goes back to Liberty University to study law.  She's going into her second year & has one more year after that & she will then take her Bar Exam & be on her way working to defend the defenseless.  She will made a difference, that's for sure :)
We were eating supper when Melissa came in.  She will help us out on Thursdays, from 6pm to 8pm.  Great!!  She is such a new blessing to the Focus team :) 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at Focus
I am so frustrated that I am unable to go out on the front lines, on Tuesdays, because we are so busy at Focus.  I'm glad that we're busy at the center but we're also needed out on the front lines too but we can't be in both places at the same time.  I wish we had more people to help us!!  Maybe someday we will either have enough people out on the front lines, while Martha & I are in the center, or enough people, at the center, so we could go out to the front lines.  Either way.  I came out of the church & was approached by a gentleman who has been to our pro life activities at Focus in the past.  He handed me an envelop with a check for $100 for the pregnancy center.  Wow!!  Thank you Lord, what a nice surprise.  He said that he also offers his truck to help people who need a large vehicle for moving.  Great :)  I then went to Focus to work in the center with Martha & Karen.  When Karen came in she brought a big box of diapers with her which is always a good thing.  I asked if she wanted to call the clients or do some work in the Material Aid Room, it was up to her.  We were so busy & that's a good thing.  The doorbell rang & Karen answered the door & then went into the Counseling Room with a client, so I knew that she was going to do a pregnancy test.  It turned out that she had been raped, not to long ago, so I went in to speak with her, for I am a rape survivor.  I told her that she was not alone.  She is now living with a mentally & emotionally abusive man that she just met.  She is trying to get away from him & we are trying to help her do just that.  I gave her lots of information & I hope that this will help her start a 'new' life. 
Karen had to leave while I was still counseling our client so I didn't have a chance to say "good bye" to her.  Martha told me to call Karen when I had a chance.  I called her about the client we both counseled & then she told me that her & her family were going on vacation the next week & she'll see me the following week.  I wished her a safe & fun trip to Massachusetts. 
The doorbell rang again & I looked up the hallway to see that Martha was walking down the hall with her arms around a client of ours who had a eye patch on her right eye.  I quickly asked her what had happened & she told me that her husband had put a knife in her eye.  She just had another baby by him.  "What"!, I said.  She said that she was in Dansvile, in a shelter, (I had given her money to get onto a bus, about 3 weeks ago) there with her children but had to come back to Rochester to go to court.  He had changed the locks to their rental apartment & the police were in the Planned Parenthood parking lot waiting for her.  "What", I said "why aren't they parking in our parking lot"?  She briefly showed me the court paper (I didn't look to closely at it) & said that she was going back to the shelter & will be coming back in August to go to court again.  She had no money to get there today so I gave her more money.  She went into the Material Aid Room to get some clothes for her children & off she went.  At that point I wasn't suspicious but a couple of days later I was.  Live & Learn, that's my motto.  I got a lot of learning to do :(
We had a grandmother who was taking care of her grandchildren so that her daughter could go to work.  She looked tired this time.  We want to be there for her in meeting some of the needs of her family.  She was grateful for us helping her get 'free' clothes for her family.  Keep a smile on your face dear heart.  The doorbell rang again & again.  Some of the people who came in were regular's & some were not.  We try to limit our clients to once a month, unless there is a urgent need in their home.  This rule is not well enforced. 
Martha & I were busy which is how we like it.  Our mom came in to get her free highchair & then told me that she was engaged to be married.  We at Focus would like it to be the other way around but it is as it is.  We try to teach abstinence & the waiting to get married to have sex.  That's how God wants it & we follow His rules to the tee.  we are 'seed planters', hoping that the teaching that we give our girls will take hold & produce a rich harvest.  Doing it the right way is so much better.  No pregnancy, disease & emotional grief.  The husband is suppose to provide for his wife & family & they are to love & honor each other in good times & in bad times.  That's how it is suppose to be.  But what has happened, in today's society, where anything goes: Abortion, STD's,  Suicide, & Drug & Alcohol abuse, to numb the emotional pain??????  How sad it that!!!! We, at Focus, want a better life for our girls, either married or single, we're hoping that they want the same thing. 
One of our regular clients came in with her son for her other three children were with a friend.  She told me that she had to go to court tomorrow because her mother was baby-sitting the younger children & the twin boy got a hold of grandma's medication which was a very strong drug, & was chewing on it when our client came into the house.  She rushed him to the emergency room where they flushed him out with IV's.  The hospital had to report this incident, even though it was an accident, because of jeopardizing the child's welfare.  I told her that I wished the best for her tomorrow & for her to keep me posted on the verdict.  We try t be here for all who enter our doors. 

What else could happen today!  Well the accountant (who we don't use anymore due to his negligence in preparing our 990 form this year) could hand me the papers, to sign, for the IRS (which was a good thing) & then handed me a bill for $100, to pay for his mistakes (which was a bad thing).  How unfair it that!!   He'll get his money but not all at once.  I'm so glad that we have another accountant for next year & I know that she will do us right :) 



Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at Focus
Martha had let me know that she'll be running late today & when she comes she'll be bringing her two grandsons, 12 & 7 years old, with her.  When I arrived to the center I went into the hallway to get the A-Frame sign to put out on the sidewalk when I saw that our client with the eye patch was walking towards me.  I said to her "I thought that you went back to Dansville yesterday"?  She said that she had to comeback for a doctors appointment which she failed to mention yesterday when she was in the center.  I quickly mentioned to her that I don't have any more money.  She said I wanted you see my kids pictures & she handed me the pictures of two darling children.  Her 2 year old son & her daughter that was born only months ago & was in the hospital for awhile too.  She said that she was headed to the Alternatives of Battered Women (ABW) & I said if you need us again just stop by.  Wen she left I left that I wasn't sure now on her story, I am suspicious now.  I hope that her story pans out, I hope she wasn't deceiving us at Focus to get money.  If I find out that she was,lying to us, then she will be barred from Focus.  Time will tell.  I then opened up the center & started to put things away & to get ready for anyone to come to get assistance. Then I looked up at the ceiling to see that my office & the Green Room & the Great Room all had water stains.  I picked up the phone to call our landlord Bernie.  I told him what was going on & he said that he'll be over in an hour to look at the problem.  I said "okay" & hung up.  I was upset because I'm so sick of water problems, in the center, to say the least.  I  went to the kitchenette to eat a quick lunch so I won't faint.  I was working in the office when the door bell rang.  I greeted some people who were there for baby & children clothes & of course diapers.  Then I ministered to a woman with her child & her uncle to get some things.  We got talking to find out that the ex boyfriend & the father of the little boy was abusive.  He had been in jail but didn't learn his lesson. He sometimes goes to his mother's house for acceptance. I suggested that he stay there for he tried to break into my clients apartment.  He doesn't work because if he does he'd have to take care of his two children, one by our client & the other by a woman who lives in Buffalo.  He is a dead beat Dad.  I suggested that she gets advice from our Domestic Abuse Adviser & her husband, who is a former Judge.  I called Pat & gave our client the phone to talk to her & to make an appointment with her.  The appointment was made for  early next week at Focus.  I felt good about this appointment because her & her uncle want help.  That makes a difference in getting it. 
As I was talking to some clients in the hallway I saw at the door the older woman, who has had a drug problem & was in rehab for a year, at least that's what she told me, ringing the doorbell.   I went to the door & didn't open it but spoke loudly through the glass saying "you can't come in because you stole the wipes" & walked away.  I heard her say "what"!  I wasn't gong to be sucked into any lies so I kept on walking down the hall to my office.  When she was here last month we had a new large package of wipes that I had just bought & I had laid them on the table in the Green Room, so that I could divide them up & put them into baggies for our clients.  This particular client had come into the center & went into the Green Room, which Martha & I have decided not to have any clients in this room anymore.  But since we knew her somewhat, from the past, I didn't say to much to her about our new rule, when I saw her in the room.  I did mention that this room was now for just the staff & she said "oh, okay".  Well, when she had left & I went back into the Green Room to put the baby wipes into the baggies, the wipes were gone!!  Vanished in thin air, I don't think so, I made the decision that when this woman comes back again I will not let her into the center & today I kept that promise.  How sad is this?  One thing I won't tolerate in the center by our clients or anyone else is STEALING.  One chance is all you get. 
I just sat sown at my desk when I heard the front door open & it was Martha & her two grandsons.  What a nice surprise.  I was introduced to these two fine young men & then got them started in a fun project, to wash the toys, that were donated.  It was a fun time for them both & I think that they went home with a few new toys for themselves, which I told them that they could have.  Martha took care of some of the clients while I went back to the office to work on revising the Referral List, for our clients in need.  I also spoke to two women who called me on my cell phone.  One was about a Focus fund-raiser project & the other was a private conversation.  I suggested that she goes to the media, with the information, that she discovered.  I sure hope that she does.  She asked me not to talk about it, so I won't.  Then Martha said that she had to take the boys back home to get ready for a Soccer game.  I said "good bye" to them & thanked them for all their hard work.  They just smiled at me.  Martha said that she will come back later.  I said "that'll be great", & off they went.  It was about 3:45pm now & there comes Paul through the door.  I said "what, it's so good to see you Paul"!  He said that he could help out until 4:30 but stayed until 6:15.  Yeah!  The doorbell rang & Paul answered the door & helped the people out in the Material Aid Room by giving them diapers.  Then I heard him say "I'll go get Mary & she can give you a pregnancy test".  I got up from my seat & looked at my desk which was piled up with papers & started to go into the hallway & greeted my new client with a smile.  I introduced myself to her & lead her into the Rose Counseling Room, a very peaceful room, which the girls like a lot.  I gave her the test & it was negative & I did some teaching with her.  Her young son had a lot of energy & was throwing my things onto the floor.  Then he quieted down a bit.  Thank God. 
After she left my cell phone rang & it was Martha saying that she was at home & wanted to stay there because she was tired.  I asked her if she could get some coffee & come back to the center for I needed her, which is always.  Poor baby!   About an hour later she came back to the center, I was happy.  I was expecting Bernie which showed up about 15 minutes later.  He fixed the ceilings, which I was happy about then he told me the news plans.  He said that the owner of the restaurant across the street, Gibb 54, was leasing the former Ethiopian Restaurant so that he could fix up the front of our building in the small strip mall.  He will probably sell the whole building to him in 5 years but now he was still the owner of the property.  Sounds good to us Bernie.  The front of the building will be made new & the parking lot will be paved, to be only one level, instead of the two scoops that I usually fall into, going into the center.  When it rains it holds water & turns into a pool, ducks could swim in.  Not good  for adults :(   Martha & I were happy about any improvements to the building, that Focus has been in, for seven years now. 
It was 6:15pm & the doorbell rang & it was out two volunteers that have blessed on several occasions now.  They brought us two bags of clothes from their closets for our moms or single ladies.  What a blessing & thank you ladies.  They worked in the Material Aid Room for awhile & then we all sat down to talk. Martha & I learned a lot from their experiences with people.  They gave us a lot of wisdom when dealing with some of our clients especially those who ask for money.  Our rule is give no one any money but when the need is so great then I give it to them.  Maybe I shouldn't from now on.   This is so hard a ministry.  They stayed until about 8pm & then left.  Martha made supper & I continued to work in the office, so much to do.  We ate late & left late today.  Martha was sure glad that she had that cup of coffee earlier.  God bless her! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012 on the front lines
I have been trying to avoid writing about this day, for it was so horrific.  But I must get it out of my system to start this week at Focus & back on the front lines.  I don't need this day over my head. 
After Mass I arrived at the center, Martha was already there which I was happy about.  She stayed in the center while I went to met Sheila, out on the sidewalk I greeted her & she said that she spoke to many people on the sidewalk today & gave them the packet of information.  That is so good to hear.  She had to leave & thank God, Rob arrived.  I had set up the sidewalk with the graphic signs a few minutes earlier.  We were talking near the fence when I heard some laughing form a car that had just arrived.  I went over closer to the fence to see that there was a young girl, an older woman, two guys & a small boy about 4 years, getting out of the car.  They stayed by the car & I started to speak to the crowd.  The young girl said "we can't hear you".  Then Rob picked up the mega phone & started to talk to them all.  They were as mean as sin.  I saw that the one guy was starting to walk towards us & I told him if he come around the bushes I will call the police.  I felt in my spirit that this was a bad crowd.  I was right.  Rob went on to offer help for them & for them not to kill their baby.  They just laughed & smoked & then they had their fun with us & they all went into Planned Parenthood.  The new Death Escort opened the door for these evil acting people, except for the little boy.  I went over to the brick side of the building to read the heart warming poem 'My Life Depends on You", which has saved lives & one of the lives was 2 years ago, when Martha read it out loud.  The mom told her that she heard the poem & was going home.  Her baby is thankful for that!!  After I read the poem the one guy came out in the foyer & gyrated his hips at me for about a minute when the girl came & got him to go back into the Killing Mill.  How sick was that.  Later on the sick family all came outside to get some fresh air except the young girl & the guy started up again.  I told him that he was a sex pervert & for him to get help.  Martha tried to talk to them & so did Rob.  Then we gathered that they liked the attention & we backed off.  I was so hoping that she was here for a pap smear or a physical but I was wrong.  It was about 2 hours later that they all pulled out of the parking lot, with the two guys & the poor child (who just lost his brother or sister today) in the back seat & the two females were in the front seat.  I just stood there on the sidewalk & just said to them as they all looked my way that there was nothing I could do for them but to just pray.  Martha interjected saying that if you start hemorrhaging go to the emergency room.  The older woman who was the driver just continued to look my way, probably at the graphic sign I was holding & started to pull into the street right in front of a truck. I have been on the front lines in front of this hell hole since 1986 & I never saw such a close call.  Thank you Lord that there wasn't any accident here today.  They are not ready to meet you face to face.  It was heart rendering to see this family come into the abortion mill, headed by the mother, to have this precious baby murdered in cold blood here this afternoon.  A family affair. I was sick to my stomach & frankly I still am.
I went into the center, hoping to never go back out on the front lines again, but I know that won't happen, for the next woman or girl might 'choose life'.  I am where I'm suppose to be, where God wants me until I hear from Him, through His Holy Spirit.  It's the hardest place ,on earth to be, is in front of an abortion mill, that's why there is so few of us out there, for not to many people want to feel this kind of pain.  Either do I, of course, but I give it to God to use it for his purpose.  Martha, Rob, Bill, Dan & Addison, Mary Ann & Adolf were out there so I knew that the front lines was covered with prayer & good counseling.  I'm not vital but necessary to the team.  
I greeted a client that was by the door so I let her into the center, for Paul & Suzanne weren't here yet.  I went to the ladies room & when I came back out Paul had arrived with a hamburger so I ate it.  As I was eating my cell phone started ringing.  I answered it & it was Suzanne calling to tell me that she was on her way.  Okay Suzanne.  When she arrived I told about a couple of things.  I had just called our client asking if she was planning to came back to Focus for a repeat pregnancy test & gave her my number to call if she has any questions.  I showed Suzanne the chart, on the desk, just in case she does come she'll have the information about the client.  We spoke about some other things when all of a sudden Paul stated that he had lost his car keys.  He had to walk to a greasy spoon diner, down the street, for his lunch & my hamburger.  I hope I don't die.  I prayed to St. Anthony, the Patron of lost items, for him to find Paul's keys.  He did answer the prayer but it was a couple of hours later & in a strange way to boot.  Never know what the Saints are going to do!!   I finished my hamburger & the door bell rang & Suzanne got it & lead the couple  to the Material Aid Room .  Then the doorbell rang again & Paul answered the door & lead the young girl & her baby to the Material Aid Room.  I didn't want to go back out to the front lines but I knew that the team needed as many people out there as they could get.  I didn't want to abandon my fellow team members who are also suffering.  I will trust in the Lord to get me through.   
Martha was on the sidewalk praying the Rosary, for she has a huge one, that she got at a gift store at the Fatima Shrine in Youngstown, NY.  A young African American male walked by us & Martha had said something to him & he responded.  Then we all started to talk.  I can't remember everything that he said & some of it didn't make much sense but he was a good boy I could tell.  He mentioned that what we were doing out here, by showing the graphic signs & all, could be hurtful to the woman who had a miscarriage.  I said that I was sorry if it hurt her in any way but it wasn't the same thing, for having a miscarriage the woman is not at fault for the loss of her baby but in an abortion she is responsible for taking the baby's life, in a cruel & inhumane way.  I said that I had an miscarriage years ago & I'm right out on the front lines with the graphic pictures, which break my heart when I look at them for they suffered so much before they died.  He then said that he was 'poor life'.  I said "that's great so why don't you come back next Thursday & help save some lives".  I did say that Planned Parenthood is racist & there is Black Genocide going on.  We are all whit out her & where are all the Black people trying to save their race from being killed off by Planned Parenthood????  He hemmed & hauled, so I don't know if we'll see him next week on the front lines, or not.  I said to him "if you say that you're pro life then you have to be pro life & do something to help save lives".  Get off the fence young man for the Bible says "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth". Thus says the Lord.  Revelations 3:16.  Nice kid, I hope & pray the best for him. 
I looked up the sidewalk to see that a young man, who was at Planned Parenthood, was walking towards Rob.  The two were now talking.  After a few minutes he went back into Planned Parenthood.   It was about 40 minutes later he came over to where I was standing.  Martha was in the center so I was alone on the sidewalk by the bushes.  He said that he had already had a child & was 19 years old.  I said for him to get away from my because he was a murder.  I walked backwards to get away from him on the sidewalk.  Adolf who was standing across the street came over to where I was, to protect me.  I then said to the young man, for I wanted his soul saved.  "Why did you do this, you are an accessory to murder for you brought her here to have your baby killed".  He said again "I already have a child".  I said "you have two children & one you had killed".  He then said that the girlfriend wanted it & there was nothing he could do.  I said "yea there was you could have tried to talk her out of it, you're the man, for you're suppose to protect women & children & you shouldn't have driven her here.  Then I offered him the literature packet & she told me that the guy over there had given him one.  Then Adolf spoke to him & I backed away.  My heart was so heavy with such grief & pain.  The poor baby that was killed here today & also for the little child at home who won't have a brother or sister that should have been in his or her life.  People playing God again.  The Death Escort came & told him that he needed to go back to his car.  He was such a robot.  Young & naive.  His life will never be the same again.  I called over to him saying that every baby that was killed here today will be issued a Death Certificate.  Imagine receiving a Death Certificate before you're even born.  How sad is this!! 
Rob had to leave at 4pm today & everyone else had left too.  Martha was in the center with Paul & Suzanne, for a little while & I was on the front lines & I was still praying to St. Anthony & St. Anne & her husband St. Joachim, the Grandparents of Jesus. Check out:, their feast day was today, to find Paul's car keys.  Then all of a sudden the guy from Buckpitt called over to me saying "did you lose your keys"?  I said "thank you so much & I took the keys from him & walked to the center to give them to Paul.  They were on a gray strap & they were hanging on the gate.  He must have dropped them earlier, when he was out on the front lines with Sheila, & someone must have found them on the ground & hung them up on the gate.  Wow, our prayers were answered & Paul was so happy the he could now go home.  Thank you St. Anthony, St. Anne & St. Joachim!!   I didn't have my keys with me, for they were on the ledge in front of Planned Parenthood, why I left them there is a puzzle to me.  Not to smart :(   So I rang the doorbell to the center & Paul answered the door & I quickly handed him the keys & walked away, without any explanation.  I didn't want to leave everything on the sidewalk for to long just in case someone would drive by to take the signs & the literature box.  Well God had plans.  When I arrived back to the front lines there was the neighbor who lives down the street & has called the police on us at times about the noise.  We use the mega phone, which is under the Federal Injunction, for us to use, to call out to the people going into the abortion mill.  I looked at him & said "thank you for watching over my things while I went to the center to give Paul his keys that the man next door just found".  He just looked at me & he said "your sign blew into the street so I went & got it".  I said "oh thank you so very much, how kind of you".  I was given the grace from God to talk to him without any animosity or anger towards him but with gentleness & love.  I said to him "my name is Mary" & he said back to me "I know".  I wished that I asked him his name, hopefully at another time.  We talked for about 10 minutes.  I said to him that he & the rest of the neighborhood is missing out on many graces by not being here on the front lines with us & I said "not one of you neighbors, in all the years that our pregnancy center has been open, did any of you come to our door to give us baby clothes, baby formula & diapers, for our mothers".  What a shame is that.  He then mentioned that will be be closing soon because the owner of the restaurant is taking over to make a Party House.  I set him sraight & I was very happy that Bernnie, our landlord had told me waht was going on the day before, so I had the correct infromation fro him & for Jim who he mentioned.  Then he said "you don't like Jim".  I replied back to him saying that I don't dislike Jim, I just wish that he will leave us alone, that's all.  The m he daid that he doesn't have any problem with us (prolifers) or Planned Parenthood.  "What"!  I said back to him, "they kill little babies in there & you should have a problem with them, they killl peope in there"!!  An unborn fetus, baby, whateveryou want to say, is a person.  You were in your mother's womb's & you were a person just a small person compared to what you look like today!   We went on a little more then he said that he had to go to supper.  I said "good bye & have a nice evening".  He walked back home. 
Martha came out from the center to help me bring the things in fro supper.  I was just about to leave when a car witha man in it drove into Planned Parenthood's parking lot.  I said that I could help him & he called back to me that he agreed with what we were doing out her but I couldn't stop her".  Isaid back to him "yes you can" to give him some support but in my heart I knew that he was right.  The woman has all the powere  & not the man.  He drove on in the parking lot & parked his car.  When he got out of the car he went over to the other side of the car & then I say that he was hilding a young child.  My heart ached frohim & for this child & for the child that was being killed in there....his child.  What pain & heartache will he have to endure & so will this young child.  Martha came back outside to get more things & I told her that I was going to stay here fro awhile, for now I couldn't leave.  I satyed there until 6pm when Martha insisted that I come for supper.  Iwasn't hungery in the least.  Martha leaves earlier on Thursdays to go to her Hous rHour at St; Jude's Church.  I was expecting Melissa, our newest volunteer, tonight for a little while, for she has called me earlier to tell me that she will be coming later this evening.  Better late than never, for I always have somrthing for her, or anybody else, to do at Focus.  My heart was still on the front lines & after supper I saidd "good bye" to Martha & went back outside.  His car was gone out of the parking lot.  I figured that he received a call from somebaody that his wife or girlfriend was at Planned Parenthood, having an abortion, & he got into his car & came right over here.  Poor man, I felt so sorry for him & his two children, one dead & one alive.  Life will never be the same again.  Most relationsships, married or not married, break up after an abortion. It's a destroyer of familes, just like the Evil One (the Devil) wants. For he hates God & His creation!!! 
I wnt over to our center  & stood by the poll waiting for Melissa when all of a sudden I saw a police car come racing doem the street & I heard "hello Mary".  I looke d to see that it was Oficer Chris & hollered back to him "hi Officer Chris"!!  He is 'special' & will always be in my heart, for I told him about my gang rape at Strong Memorial Hospital, back in 1971.  Sort of reporting the crime to the police officer now, for I never had the chance to do that, that horrible day.  I was coming out of  church one day at Our Lady of Victory & it happedned to be Officer Chris that I told my story to.  He was very sensitive & caring.  We have a special bond.   Plus he oversees anything that we need taken care of out on the front lines.  He is our protector & advocate.  God bless you Officer Chris!!  :)
A few minutes later Melissa showed up with her friend Tim.  How nice was that.  They came into the center & worked in the Material Adi Room & the office for about an hour & fifteen minutes.  They were such a great help to me.  After they left I did somemore things & then went home every sad. 


Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at Focus  

Martha & I came out of church this afternoon & I showed her the offensive Muriel that was painted by a woman artist (maybe) from South America.  The Muriel shows a woman with on of her breast uncovered blowing on something & light emerges with her holding a skull.  A white angel is above her & a black angel is below her.  Say what!!  How offensive this is to those who are going to church, two doors down the street.  Also, to my Pastor of Our Lady of Victory Church/ St. Joseph.  Lord have Mercy!!   Martha & I went over to the men who were standing there by  the building to come to find out they were the workers of the building.  They agreed that this was unexceptable & they are notifying the owner of the building who is away at this time.  The second in charge is upset & so are the renters of the building. I had called the Mayor's office yesterday & I was told to call Mr.Holahan.  He called me back today.  I spoke to the Commissioner of Department of Environmental Services, Mr. Holahan, &.he said that this was not a city issue but a private property issue.  The city can't do anything about this offense.  He was very nice.  I wrote a blurb to ask people to call the owners of the building to take this off of their building or to cover this woman's breast.  We'll see! 

Martha & I went to the center to start our work.  We were blessed with a big check which made our rent for August.  Thank you Lord!  The doorbell rang, rang & rang some more.  I had to go to the bank to deposit the check at the bank downtown but I didn't want to go because we were so busy & I didn't want to leave Martha alone with all the people that were coming into the center.  I think that from 1pm to 2pm we saw at least 14 people, for clothes & diapers.  But I had to go to the bank.  Our landlord was on the roof with his helper trying to patch up the areas that are leaking into our center. I was happy about that but I thought that I was through with this water problem.  As long as it rains we're in trouble, with this flat roof.  I didn't know what lied ahead of us this afternoon  :(   When I returned from the bank I saw our landlord & asked him to come in to see the new leaks & I would write him a check for the rent for August.  He followed me into the center.  I showed him the new problems & he measured the titles, on the ceiling, so that he could go back on the roof to patch it up.  Yea!!  I wrote out a check for $1,1800 for our rent for August.  Thank God that we made our rent again.  God is Great all the time.   Bernie left & Martha & I had a quick lunch & the doorbell rang again.  Martha was sneezing & she thinks that she has a summer cold, oh no!  She looked pale & wasn't feeling to good either.  I gave her some Cold Eze lozenges with Zinc in it to help her get better.  Poor baby :(    She was working in the kitchenette cleaning our toys that we received from donations & I  was making the diaper bags up & all of a sudden  I yelled out, Hi Paul!!  Martha quickly tuned around to see Paul who had just come in to help us.  Yeah!!  He likes to do the cleaning so Martha gave him the job.  I continued to do my work with all the intentions of doing my office work next.  If you want to make God laugh just tell Him your plans.  Oh yeah!  The doorbell rang & it was Valerie our regular client.  She told us all her good news that she was given a washer, a refrigerator & a stove but she had no way of getting these things to her house.  There's where I came in to her rescue.  I called Mark who blessed us at Focus with a &100 check two weeks ago & he said that he has a truck & can help people move things.  "Great" I said to him, hoping that someday I could use his services, well today was the day.  I called him & then I gave Valerie the phone & they made arrangements, along with Paul, to help Valerie get these items tomorrow morning.  How wonderful was this :)   We were all happy.  Then the doorbell rang & it was a woman who needed referrals to help her & her 4 children.  I gave her the referral list & Martha gave her the phone & she called the Catholic Family Center, down the street to assist her with food & shelter.  She was happy & so were we.  I love it when plan comes together.  Well you'd like all was well & we were having a good day, we were until now.  The rains came down so fast & furious that we were in a quandary.  It was so unexpected.  The we hear the familiar sound of the toilet gurgling which sent terror down my spine.  The noise I never wanted to hear again after our flood in 2011.  I walked over to the bathroom to see that the toilet was about to overflow.  I called for Martha, Paul & Valerie to set up a dam effect to protect the water from entering the Great Room.  We grabbed some towels, winter clothes, summer clothes & put it on the floor by the hallway but to no avail the water came streaming over the toilet & onto the bathroom floor & into the hall closet & up the hallway to the Great Room.  I put a bucket in the bathroom where the pipe was leaking, I think that helped a little.  I quickly called Bernie & told him of the current problem & told him to bring the water vacuum with him.  He just got home & said that he will come right back to the center.  Good.  It wasn't his fault that this happened it was just to much rain coming down in such a short time that caused the problem.  Paul brought Valerie home so it was Martha & I at the helm.  Bernie walked in about 20 minutes later to take care of the water rug problem.  In the meantime I went to the hall closet & picked up the box on the floor & it burst open & my shoes got drenched, with toilet water.  Ick!!  I couldn't cry until Bernie got there & he said "Mary I'll take care of this problem".  So I asked him for $10 to reimburse us for the paper towels that I lost in the flood, which were on the floor in the hall closet.  He was so nice to do so, for he didn't want more water (tears), on the floor.  I asked him about putting down titles on the floor of the Great Room & he said "yes that's a good idea".  But later on he clarified that he meant the hallway & the two bathrooms not the Great Room, though he did say that he would get the carpet cleaned.  Things are looking up!!  I always ask God to turn an evil or misfortune into good & He is.  Thank you Lord :)  Bernie did as much as he could do & said "good bye".  After he left Martha & I had supper & talked & talked & talked some more.  She had to go home for she needed her sleep.  I stayed & did office work until I went home around 9:30pm to get cleaned up & to watch the Olympics.  A glass of wine won't hurt.  


Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at Focus
Or dear Martha is suffering with a summer cold & she is such a trooper she shows up at the center when she should be in bed, drinking lots of fluids.  Usually Wednesdays are not as busy as Tuesdays but today we were so busy.  Busy is okay but the phone I received in the office was very upsetting.  I've only received about 4 of them but I want to they to save lives where I am.  I answered the office phone which not to many people call me on it but it is in the phone book so I do get some legitimate calls.  I said "hello this is Mary" & the young voice on the other end said "do you know of any places that do abortions"?  I answered back to her saying "we don't do abortions for we are a pregnancy center that helps pregnant moms with diaper, formula, car seats & the like & we don't give out information to anyone to have their baby killed"  I went on to say that the baby has a heartbeat & feels pain & you'd be post abortive for the rest of your life for murdering your baby, which is a serious sin".  Then she had the nerve to ask me who does do abortions.  I answered back that I would not give her any place to go to have her baby killed.  Then she said "I'm not pregnant but I don't like the way you talked to me" & hung up.  But before she did I said to her quickly, "the reason is because we care about you".  I told Martha what had happened & she called her back & left a nice message on her phone saying that we were praying for her & for her baby & for her not to kill her baby & that we can help her & she gave her my cell number to call me.  She did & she left a message saying that she didn't like what I had said & it was her body & are we going to take care of the child after he was born & when he gets older"?  She is out of touch with reality.  I hope that what we said will resonates with her soul.  I'm not sure if she was calling for herself or for someone else or this was a prank call & she was surprised with the response I gave her.  I only told her the truth & some people can't handle the truth.  Lord have mercy!
The doorbell wouldn't stop ringing & the phone wouldn't stop ringing either.  What a day!!  I answered the doorbell & there were two girls standing there asking for pregnancy tests & that they needed a letter stating that they were pregnant.  The one girl already knew that she was pregnant but the other girl did not.  They were not together but came at the same time.  The center was still a mess & a little smelly from the rain overflow from yesterday but what could I do & didn't have time to do anything because the phone & doorbell kept me so busy that I had no time to clean up.  I did put in air freshners in the electric outlets so I do hope that helped.  As I was assisting these two girls our friends from St. Pius the Tenth Church came with all the food donations.  It was a busy time.  I lead the one girl, that didn't know if she was so pregnant, into the counseling room first & the other young girl in to the smelly Green Room to wait her turn.  Her two sisters came in to use the bathroom & then left to go back outside.  I asked Martha if she would do the first pregnancy test & she did .  The test was negative & she was given some brochures for educational purposes to 'start over'.  I said to her, as she was leaving the counseling room, "no sex until marriage", which I'm sure that Martha had also told her, after the test results.  She then went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for her niece.  I went into the room to clean up & then I called my client into the room to fill out the Intake Sheet.  The test was positive.  I asked her if she had a doctor & she said "yes".  Then she went on to say that she had a pregnancy test in is office at Strong & it was positive & he asked her if she wanted an abortion & she said "no" & he said that she needed to repeat the test & to give him a confirmation of the results.  There is where Focus came into play.  I suggested for her to have an ultrasound of her baby on August 8th at 2pm at HIS Branches right next to the pregnancy center Embracing Options.  I then suggested that she has Dr. Morehouse for her prenatal physician.  She agreed.  What is the matter with the so called doctor that she went to at Strong Memorial Hospital?? 
I received several call from a mom who was referred  to us by the Salvation Army, which many of our clients are.  She needed to know what we offer & to get directions for her husband, for he was the one who would be coming to get the diapers & all.  I gave her the information & she said that he was on his way.  About an hour later he arrived.  He was walking which surprised me for she had asked for directions but he was taking the bus & he needed to know where to go once he got off the bus.  I felt badly for him because he wanted food too, which we just  received from the good people of St. Pius the Tenth Church.  He had quite a selection but he had to carry the heavy bags on the bus.  He was strong, thank God.  He went into the Great Room to get the food & I gave him diapers & he also took some clothes in the Material Aid Room too.  Then he told me his story.  He has two children from a past relationship & his new wife has two children from a previous relationship & they have a daughter from their marriage.  He was walking because he lost his license  because of a DWI offense.  He goes to AA (alcoholic anonymous) & to other support groups to get back on tract.  He had broken both of his legs in a alcohol related accident but has recoved but not without the side effects of some pain.  I saw his heart through his eyes & saw that he was trying very hard to change & to take care of his family.  His & his wife & baby live with her parents but they want their house back.  All their childen don't life with them but so come to visit with stay overs.  It's so sad to see another dysfunctional family that the children suffer but at least they're trying to care from them which I admire.  He wasn't a 'dead beat dad' which was good to see for a change.  He left with two big bags filled with food & things.  Best to you Steve !!

Thursday, August 2, 2012 on the Front Lines
I was having car trouble, so my friend Linda followed me to the center, so if my broke down, she'd be there to help me.  Such a good friend :)  So I arrived at the center about 45 minutes early.  I went in & did some things to get ready for my shift at 1pm.  I saw that Paul wasn't there so I knew that I would have to bring out the signs, the literature box & chairs.  I did ask the guys at the Taxi Co. to help me & they did.  Thanks guys.  Rob, the sidewalk counselor & prayer warrior, was going to be a little late today & leave at 4pm.  I had that in my mind.  Martha was sick with probably bronchitis & a sinus infection, so I wondered if she was coming at all, though she usually calls me if she's not &b I received no call as yet.  She is a trooper !!  When I arrived out on the sidewalk I greeted both Sheila & her brother Dennis, who lives in Texas.  He's here for a visit for about a month.  Yeah!  When they left I was alone but a few minutes later our oldest pro lifer Bill, who will be 83 years old on September 25.  You Go Bill....  He sits across the street of the Killing Mill, while I stand on the same side of the Killing Mill.  I call out to the people, while they come into the parking lot & as they get out of their car & walk to the door, offering them help.   It was about 15 minutes later Rob came to join me to sidewalk counsel.  Martha came a little while later, for she called me on my cell phone, saying that she couldn't find her keys.  A prayer to St. Anthony went up to Heaven immediately.  She was on the sidewalk about 20 minuets later.  Thank you St. Anthony.
Martha just got onto the sidewalk when I spoke to a woman with a young girl around 8 years old getting into the car in the parking lot.  I called to the mom & said to her that it was sad that she brought her daughter to this abortion mill.  As she was coming out of the parking lot she slowed down to where I was standing with Martha.  She hollered over to me saying :"what did you say about my daughter, you blank"?  I said "I said that it was a shame that you brought your daughter to this place where they kill children".  She replied "you blank".  I'm not going to repeat what she said to me.  Then I hollered back to her to watch her dirty mouth & she sped away.  Poor little girl she deserves a mother with a nice tongue.  As her mother & I were talking she just looked at the pictures out on the sidewalk.  I hope that her mother can explain to her why she was in such a place??
Martha & Rob was on the sidewalk counseling & the usual guys were across the street praying I decided to go into the center.  Paul wasn't there this afternoon to help out & I was waiting for Suzanne to take over in the center, she was running late.  When she arrived I was eating a sandwich & we talked for about 10 minutes before I went back outside to join the team.  I'm burning out so I wanted to pace myself out on the front lines while we have Rob until he starts  teaching this fall again.  It's so hard to see the cars going out after they have killed their baby. 
Debbie arrived to be with me on the front lines, & then was going to propose ,a Focus fund-raiser, at our meeting at 7pm. I greeted her & we talked for a few minutes.  Then a young couple were getting into their car when I called over to them saying "I hope that you didn't have your baby killed here today".  "What did you say, I can't hear you", she replied back.  So I said it again & she repeated what she had first said.  I was using my normal voice & not the mega phone but I knew that I was calling out loud & clear enough & there wasn't much street traffic at that time either, for her to hear me .  I heard her okay.  When they drove to the exit I just stood there with the graphic sign of the aborted baby.  They had to see it.  I said to them again "I hope that you didn't have your baby killed".  She looked over at me & wiggled her tongue.  What was that?  What a mess she is.  As they passed by me I said "get a hearing aid & I hope that you repent". 
Then I heard my name called.  Someone was saying 'Mary' real loudly.  I turned around thinking it was Martha but she wasn't there so I looked up the street to see the neighbors on their porch on Whalen St..  I decided to go over there to talk to the woman & try to make peace with her.  It was a very painful encounter & I walked away.  I looked into her blank eyes & just felt sorry for her.  I will pray for her some more.  Debbie was nice enough to put the signs in the center & when I went back over across the street I saw that a young woman was sitting on the bench in front of Planned Parenthood. I said to her that this wasn't a park & they don't care about you.  She called back to me saying "I know".  Now I was on the sidewalk at my regular spot.  I talked to her again & said "I hope that you don't have the Plan B in the bag for it causes abortions".  Then I continued to call her over to me ,by offering her the last Truth packet, that was in the literature box. She said that she was okay. Then I said to her that if she comes over to take the packet it would make my day.  I saw her smile & she walked over to me.  I smiled to her & she asked if there was any hard pictures on the bag.  I said "no" then remembered that there was one piece of literature that did have a graphic picture in it.  I said "yes" I then took out the brochure & then handed her the packet.  She tanked me & then smiled.  I also gave her our brochure along with the packet.  I said "thanks & have a good day".  She said "thanks, you too" & walked back to the bench waiting for her ride.  I brought the literature box into the center, for Debbie had brought everything else in earlier.  I saw that Suzanne was still there, which I was well pleased, for she was calling the clients.  Debbie was nice enough to order 2 large pizzas from Mark's pizzeria. I will never order from them.  Not so good :(  It was a nice get together of Martha, Debbie, Suzanne & I.  Later on Melissa, our new volunteer, joined us in our all girl get together.  We had fun & great conversation, even though we didn't have great food.  I could have been the only one that didn't like the pizza & I made no mention of it to the girls.  After supper Suzanne had to go home to cut her grass, for it was about 6:30pm now & then Melissa went into the Great Room to get all the stuff out of the storage rooms for our new shelves on Tuesday.  That left Martha Debbie & I for our Focus fund raiser meeting.  Taking a chance on the Lottery. Martha &  I made the decision to do it for Focus.  Melissa re joined us after the meeting & then she & Martha left for the night.  Debbie & I continued to talk & to share our stories about our lives which were quite similar to some degree :(.  We talked until 1:30am & then went home.  Yeah! my car started.  I took it to the shop to get an oil change & for the inspection.  I need to have it repaired on Monday to pass inspection.  Something about the steering wheel.  The battery is okay now & no lights are on.  Thank God! 


 Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I arrived at Focus to let the guys in that were delivering our two new food storage cabinets & storage room shelves, that Joe & friends made for an Eagle Scout project, for the Great Room.  The cabinets were so beautiful & so well made. I was impressed & grateful for the way they look in the room.  Great job guys & thanks so much!!
When I opened the door to the office I knew that I was going to be upset.  Rob had called me yesterday to warn me that the two ceiling titles had fallen down onto the floor, from the heavy rain that we just got & had splashed on the papers that were on the tables & made a big mess.  He was so right.  I asked him to call the landlord to come over to change the ceiling titles & to clean up the room.  Well, he replaced the two titles but that was all.  It looked  better than I imagined but it stunk & Martha brought in the dehumidifier to dry things up in the room.  Tomorrow I need to clean up the wall that the water splashed onto leaving small brown spots all over the walls & the things on the tables.  I'm so sick of this problem with the water in this building but I have no choice but to endure it, because we have no where else to go, to be so close to Planned Parenthood, to counteract their Evil. Martha called her ex husband to ask if he would come over to help us clean up. He said that he would be their tomorrow at 1pm.  Thanks Frank, that'll work.  After that I called our landlord Bernie & asked him to come over & to bring his wet vac with him for the carpet in the room was wet, thanks to Karen our volunteer, taking off her shoes to test the carpet.  He said that he would come over a little later.  Progress is being made. 
I asked Karen what she would like to do in the center for her 2 hours that she's with us.  She called one of our clients to confirm her appointment with Grace Community Center for her ultrasound tomorrow.  She will be there to see the first glimpse of her precious baby.  Yeah!!  Karen then helped to put away the donations that we were blessed with in the Material Aid Room.  We were thankful that she brought us a big box of diapers, size 5, our most popular size next to size 4.  We were very busy & the doorbell kept on ringing.  Martha did two pregnancy tests, which were both negative, & did some teaching about abstinence along with handing out the literature packet.  Paul came around 3pm & helped us out for about 3 hours, what a trooper! 
The doorbell rang & Martha went t the door to answer it.  I asked her who it was & she said that it was Fr. Cushing giving us the DVD's that we had out to the people on the sidewalk & in the center.  I quickly went outside to see Father in his car about to drive off.  He saw me & stopped the car.  I went over to the car & thanked Father for the DVD's & asked how he was.  He said that he just come back from seeing the Yankee's game (I sure hope they won) & was tired.  I said now you can go rest Fr. Cushing.  Off he went.  I am so grateful that he brings us a box of DVD's to pass out in the center & on the front line ministries.  He is a 'life saver' :) 
I worked in the office trying to clean up the water damage the best I could until Frank comes tomorrow to really clean it up.  I was busy with paperwork & answering the door & Martha was busy with so many other things.  It was around 6:15pm & the doorbell rang once more.  I went to the big glass front door to see Fr. Peter Helfrich there standing.  I opened the door & greeted him & lead him into the center.  He said that he was doing a dry run for the Mass on August 21st..  He wanted to make sure that he knew where to go so he wouldn't be late for the Mass at Focus. I showed him around all the mess & apologized for it & promised that the center wouldn't look like this in 2 weeks for the Mass & meal.  He said that it was all right & I said "no it isn't, it was a mess".  We talked for awhile & then I asked him if he would hear my confession.  He said that he would & he did.  I felt better afterwards by God's forgiveness of my sins.  Confession is the cleansing Sacrament for one's soul. 
I noticed that Bernie & helper had come in with the wet vac & she was doing the office.  I introduced Bernie to Fr. Peter.  As we were talking Bernie asked Father if he knew Fr. Kellner.  I was in shock for Bernie says that he's an agnostic.  He told Fr. Peter that he met Fr. Kellner, who was the Pastor at St. Bonfice in the South Wedge, years ago & they hit it off.  He didn't say where they met.  I lived in the South Wedge in the 1980's & Fr. Kellner was my Pastor.   He asked if he was still there & I said that he has retired & is living at Mother of Sorrows Church, in Greece, NY.  Small world!  Then I asked Bernie about getting the carpet in the rooms cleaned.  He said "yes" & we'll go half because you use them & spill things on it.  I was sad & Father seen my expression on my face.  He later said to me that he would lend us money for the carpet cleaning & we could pay him back in time.  I said "thank you Father, how nice of you to offer but I couldn't".  I will work on getting the money or not get the carpet cleaned until I have enough money for it.  For I told Bernie that I'm working on the rent for him  which is $1,800 a month plus we have other expenses too.  Lord have Mercy!! 
I said "good bye" to Bernie & helper & thanked them for coming with the wet vac to dry up the carpet, in the office.  Father Peter stayed a little while longer then left to go grocery shopping.  After everyone left Martha & I did more work then had supper.  

Wednesday August 8, 2012 at Focus 
Again, I am so sad that we are not able to go out to the front lines because we are so busy at Focus.  Don't get me wrong I am glad that we are busy at the pregnancy center, for we are helping people in there & hopefully saving lives, but some body needs to be on the front lines too.  Where are the people dear Lord, please light a fire underneath them, to get them to help us or to pray in front of the abortion mill Planned Parenthood.  I was expecting the man to come in his van to fix my car.  The key to my ignition gets stuck so he will come to the center to fix it.  Thank God that he has his own company & come highly recommended from the car shop where I got my car inspection.  He fixed it & went to the dealer to get me a new key so that I wouldn't have to.  Yeah!!  In the meantime the doorbell rang & there were three young girls standing there.  I greeted them & asked what we could do for them.  The one girl said that she wanted a pregnancy test.  I lead them to the Counseling Room & went to get Martha to do the test for I had to be available for the car repairman.  I was waiting for Martha & I started to tell the girls that Planned Parenthood is racist.  The one girl in the group said "I just had an abortion & I didn't find them racists".  My stomach churned & I went to get Martha to come to the room because I couldn't deal with what she just said to me, it made me sick to my stomach. I went back to the office when Martha went into the counseling room.  The doorbell rang & it was the repairman.  After I paid him & put the new key on my key chain I was available to assist Martha with the girls.  I really didn't want to go into the room but I had to.  The girl that had the pregnancy test was pregnant & was going to keep her baby & not have him or her killed, thank God.  I was thrilled.  I talked to her about the 'free' ultrasound that we have available at the Grace Community Center, on Wednesdays from 2-3:30pm & Karen, our volunteer, who is a doctor will do the test.  She  was receptive & we made the appointment for the test in 2 weeks.  I gave her the instructions & also the DVD & more literature for pregnant girls.  I then turned to the other girl who was quiet & said "are you doing fine".  She just looked at me & didn't say anything then she said "I'm going to have an abortion".  I quickly said to her "you're not going to kill your baby"!!  I then went on to talk to her.  I said that your baby will have a Death Certificate before he or she will have a Birth Certificate & Planned Parenthood doesn't care about you.  The other two girls giggled.  I said "what's so funny".  They said that what I just said sounded funny. "Well", I said "it isn't very funny for your baby".  I then got their attention once more.  I was trying to direct my comments to the girl in the room that said that she had an abortion 3 months ago, to have her snap out of denial of what she's done to her baby & herself.  Then the girl that was planning to have her baby killed took out a picture of an ultrasound picture & showed it to Martha, for she was sitting right next to her.  Martha asked where she had the ultrasound done & she said that it was done at Compass Care Pregnancy Center, which surprised & delighted me.  I knew that she got good information from them about her baby.  Then she said that she didn't want to bring a baby in the world that she couldn't provide for.  I said just trust in the Lord who created this precious child.  I said that I was brought up in a middle class home where I was raped & molested & I'm happy to be alive.  Life is not perfect but when a life has been created that life should be protected.  I talked a few minutes more & then the two girls left to join the person who was giving them a ride, in the parking lot.  The abortion minded girl stayed for a minute while I gave her more information.  I gave her a hug & said that we care for her & will help her in her pregnancy & afterwards.  Martha said that we will be praying for her. She smiled back at me & left to join her two friends in the parking lot.  We hope & pray that she will not go to have her baby killed but will continue her pregnancy.  Hopefully we will find out that she 'choose' life.
The doorbell rang & it was a woman, who had gotten clothes from us at Focus, returning was bringing a bag full of clothes back to us, after her child grew out of them.  How nice was that!! 
Paul was there again to help us pick away the donations.  We assisted many mothers in the Material Aid Room with clothes & food today. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012 on the Front Lines
I just came from Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, when I arrived at the center. Sheila told me when I arrived that a woman was coming out of the parking lot, of Planned Parenthood, when she saw Sheila standing there on the sidewalk.  She talked with Sheila, for about a minute & she said that she just had an abortion & wants to go to confession.  Her husband told her not to have an abortion & she did it anyway & regretted it immediately.  Sheila asked me to get her some Natural Family Planning brochures & I suggested that she also sends her some post abortion brochures too.  This was a sad case of taking a life & her husband might even divorce her for this & her family will be ruined.  Her other children will find out someday that their mother killed their brother or sister, by abortion.  Survivors guilt & not trusting anyone, will haunt them for the rest of their lives.  I once was told by a Deacon who was on the Annulment Tribunal that a lot of the cases for annulments were because of the wife having an abortion.  I was already upset by this news even before I went out on the front lines.  Then my cell phone rang & it was Pat, our great grandmother, telling me that Katherine, her granddaughter, was still not doing well & was still bleeding, having contractions on Morphine for the pain & it wasn't working.  She is 23 weeks pregnant at in Strong Memorial Hospital.  She was not pleased that they wanted to first abort this precious baby & Pat fought hard for them not to.  I was already upset before going out on the front lines. 
Dan was in the center so I was happy to see him there, for he works nights & sleeps during the day, so we don't see him very often.  I spoke with him for about 6 seconds & he went out on the sidewalk.  I saw Martha as I was leaving to join him.  I went to the sidewalk & started to set up the signs & the literature box.  I was alone on my side, which bothers me because the cars come driving in & I'm all alone to do everything in the beginning.  The other pro lifer came & I was upset with him for nit being on time like I asked him & he got upset with me.  I went into the center so that he & Martha could take over for I am worn out.  Martha went to join the team & I stayed in the center to work with Paul, in putting all the winter bags back into the storage rooms, after the new shelves were put in on Tuesday by the Eagle Scouts.  I received an email from Suzanne that she will be late today or not be able to came at all, so I thought that I would be available to help out in the center for awhile.  Martha came in to re-group about an hour & a half later.  She told me that a guy walked passed her on the sidewalk & said that he wished that she was dead & then preceded to add that he thought hat he would come back to do the job.  I said "dear Martha, when someone threatens you, you have to call the police".  "Why didn't you come into the center to use my cell phone to call 911"??  She said that the police wouldn't have done anything if she did call, which was correct, but I don't want her or anyone else, to be out there & threatened & not to call the police to have it on record.  She didn't need that stress :(
I went back outside so that Martha could eat her lunch.  I went to the bush side to sidewalk counsel.  A car rove into the parking lot with a woman driving & a man next to her.  I told her what was going on in there & she just waved her hand as if to say 'so, I don't care'.  I called out to her again & then continues to witness to the cars driving by.  Then all of a sudden I saw that she was walking towards me so I got out my cell phone ready to take her picture as she turned the corner.  She started screaming at me right away, cell phone or not.  She said that she was here for rape counseling & not abortion & we upset her.  She got right in my face & her husband , who was behind her, had to hold her back from attacking me.  I think that maybe she had an abortion, at some time in her life, & was triggered when she saw the graphic pictures.  It's a possibility, for she reacted a little to much, as a rape survivor.  Then when his wife went into Planned Parenthood the husband came out to scold me that we were there & I should have apologize to his wife for upsetting her.  What!  Where is his rationale.  We are here because they are killing people here.  They happen to have a rape counselor in there too.  Why?  If they cared about women, they wouldn't be killing anyone & just help women & young girls & have a rape counselor to help them too.  I am sorry for what happened to her & when I told her that it happened to me, so she didn't feel alone, she just shook her hand down again as she did when she first drove into this evil place, as if to say 'I don't care'.  She didn't care that I was raped.  When it comes to anyone else but themselves they usually don't care.  The workers in the Rape Counseling Center came outside & the Death Escort & the people, who were waiting on the bench for their friend who was in there, came over to the sidewalk to look at all the commotion this woman was making.  She went into the abortion mill but didn't stay long.  As they were leaving, for she was the driver, I held up a Crucifix, of our Lord, & told them that He loved them & for them to come to Him, for healing.  I know that rape is a terrible thing, a crime of control & evil, so don't get me wrong for my heart went out to her but abortion is terrible & is evil & it ends a life.  Oh my Lord, please help all these people here, get to Heaven. 
Later on a guy threw a condom at me, when he & the two women he was with, left PP's parking lot.  Ick!  A woman came walking from around the bushes & started to question our presence out here.  When I started to speak 'truth' to her she didn't want to hear it & became defensive.  I then said to her "if you brought your friend here for an abortion, then you are an accomplice to murder".  She walked away.  'You shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free'.  The Bible. 
Martha & Rob were in the center & the rest of the team had left.  I was alone on the front lines.  Two young girls were sitting on the bench under the trees at Planned Parenthood.  I tried to talk to them on the mega phone but what drew them over to me was that I shook my head at them.  Here they were now right in front of me on the sidewalk asking me if I shook my head at them.  I said "yes".  Then we started a very fruitful conversation which lead them to the Focus Center for a pregnancy test, which was negative.  They were receptive to the truth & were blessed by us & so was I blessed in meeting them too. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I got to the center after Mass today & started to work immediately.  I brought the bags I had in the car & started to put things away.  It was about 1:15pm that Karen arrived & I asked her if she would bring me to the MINO (Mothers in Need of Others) camp to get the donations that they had for us .  She said "yes".  But in the meantime Chris, who prayers on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood, brought into the center a young girl for a pregnancy test.  I asked Dr. Karen if she would do it & she said that she would.  The young girl was negative & was angry at herself that she gave into sex, at a party, when she wants to concentrate on her studies.  She will follow her dreams after today.  She regrets that she gave herself to this guy but will put it in the past & go forward.  Go Girl!!  Remain chaste & follow your dreams, though if she was pregnant she would not destroy the precious life growing inside her, but would include her son or daughter to come with her to achieve her dreams.  They would go together.  Life is precious handle with care.   The sad part is that the High School Nurse administered the 'Patch" birth control to her.  How  bizarre is that!!  I thought that you went to school to learn not to fornicate!!  She's graduated.
Paul arrive to help us in the center so I was happy that Martha wouldn't be alone in the center while we were away.  Karen & I picked up some things at the garage on Exchange St. & we went back to the center to put them away.  In the meantime I asked Karen if she would call the clients, that were positive for pregnancy, to see if that wanted a free ultrasound next Wednesday at the Grace Community Center.  Then Martha said that one of our longest seeing clients wanted a pregnancy test.  My heart dropped, for I was hoping that she would be listening to us by now as we speak truth to her about not having sex outside of marriage.  She has a desire to be pregnant & is raising her son in a not so good environment.   I wish that I could get through to her.  I asked Karen if she would administer the pregnancy test & she was nice enough to do it for she had to pick up her daughter at 3pm.  The test was negative & Karen did spend a lot of time talking with her.  I hope that it registered. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at Focus
Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother

Fr. A. had a beautiful Mass at Our Lady of Victory downtown.  It felt like a little of Heaven.  Martha & I arrived at the center only to be greeted by four women of all ages.  I asked if this was one family & they said "yes".  I lead them into the Material Aid Room & they were thrilled.  They saw our A-Frame sign out on the sidewalk, at one time, & came back to check us out & were blessed.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was our mom who was beaten up by her husband who did some damage to her eye.  She said that he was in jai for now & was hoping that he would be there for awhile.  She had papers from the ABW (Alternatives for Battered Women).  I made copies of them for our use in the center.  Then she gave me a hug & thanked us for helping her to get away from her abusive husband.  Martha & I are happy to help her or anyone who is in a difficult situation, that's what we do as a pregnancy center.  We take of mother & child.  She was on her way back to her safe place. 
My cell phone rang & it was Ni would said that a truck from her church was going to come over & give us boxes of bread & deserts from Wegmans.  Wow!!  I thanked her & hung up.  Paul was now with us & he helped bring the boxes, filled with bread & rolls & other goodies, into the center.  What a blessing!  Then after he left the doorbell didn't stop ringing & we saw about ten people right away.  We were happy to see that a lot of the shipment were going to those who are in need.  A young girl came & gave Martha & I a big hug & thanked us for helping her & during her pregnancy.  We are happy too. 
After the many people left the center Martha & I went into the Rose Room to write out the 'Thank You' letters, to our generous donors.  Then we had a hot dog supper.

Thursday, August 16, 2012 on the Front Lines
When I arrived Mass this afternoon Martha was already there in the center giving a pregnancy test in the Counseling Room.  She was walking, on the sidewalk to go to the front lines, when a young girl & her father were walking towards Planned Parenthood.  She said that she stopped them & asked the young girl if she wanted a pregnancy test & she said "yes".  Martha lead them to Focus to give her a test.  The test was negative & she counseled her about abstinence.  I went outside & told Martha that when she comes out I'll go into the center this afternoon because Suzanne, our client advocate, wasn't here today.  She said that would be fine.  I was then greeted  by Rob & he went outside before I did, so he could replace Tom who was with Paul & Mary Ann, who prays out on the front lines in the morning, because Sheila was is the sidewalk counselor, was at a funeral this morning. I came out to set up the signs, on the sidewalk, all though some were already set up for us.  I turned around to see the young woman & her father who were just in the Focus Center was talking to Rob & then they walked into Planned Parenthood with the old woman death escort peeking through the bushes to make sure she didn't lose any victims today.  She probably thinks that she's helping these people that she leads into this abortion mill but she's not.  Twisted thinking or false compassion or she has a death agenda??  I called out to them as they were walking into the mill & said that they are killing little babies right now.  They came out about 5 minutes later & bumped into Martha.  They told her that Planned Parenthood was evil & that they felt it in there, for it was dark & depressing.  They went home after that experience for they had all the information that Martha gave them earlier when she spoke to them in the center.  She wanted STD testing & Martha gave her Compass Care to go to not Planned Parenthood!! 
Paul had beeped as he wen by us to indicated that he had our lunch.  I said that I was going in to eat & then Martha asked to go first & I said "sure".  She went in & I was now by myself by the bush side & Rob was by the brick side of the building of Planned Parented.  It was just the two of us out there on the front lines.  I had my back turned to the street & then all of a sudden I heard this angry voice falling upon me.  I turned around to see an enraged young man attacking me verbally with the infamous words that are so accepted in this society now.  He was complaining that he could here me with the mega phone & that he just moved in across the street & for me to go away & If not he was going to call the police to make sure that I was gone.  Oh no here we go again with the neighbors, dear Lord.  I looked at him & said "I'm sorry that you were so stupid to move in across an abortion mill & you can take up your complain to the Federal Government for I have Freedom of Speech out here".  He was so angry & turned around to leave in the middle of the street & almost got hit by a car.  I thought that he was going into his condo, across the street, which was once owned by Jim & Sue, the meddlesome neighbors that plagued & persecuted, us for years out on the front lines.  But I was wrong.  He was going into the garage to get a weapon, which is a tool called a Level, & threatened Rob with it.  Rob then used my cell phone to call the police.  He then called over to the young guy that the police had been called. The kid got into his car & drove off giving us his IQ finger.  In about 10 minutes two police cars came driving up the street & stopped their cars right in front of the condo.  Then a car with an older woman in it came & drove into the garage of the condo that he just left from.  She didn't like in wife or sister.  The police got out of their cars & Rob walked over to where they were standing to tell them what just had happened.  The police then rang the doorbell of the condo.   The officers spoke with her for a few minutes then spoke again to Rob, who flagged me over, for I was still across the street, to give them my account of the incident.  I told the officers that Officer Chris M. represents us pro lifers & they nodded as their response.  I told them what had happen to my fist before he threatened Rob.  The scoop was that this guy doesn't live there but his mother & father do.  He wants to live with them but they don't want him to.  The police asked for his cell phone number but the mother said that she didn't know the number :(  They told her that he could get arrested for what he did, for it was 2nd. degree harassment charge.  Then the offices asked Rob what he wanted done & he had two options.  One, was to have him arrested by issuing an warrant out for his arrest or to call the police again he does this again.  Rob talked to me about it & then when Dan & Addison came to the sidewalk to pray he asked them.  Rob decided to give the guy one more chance to redeem himself.  I just said to him that I wanted Martha & I to be safe, for Rob will only be with us for one more week, & then he'll be back to teaching school.  But I did understand his reasoning & accepted his decision, not to go for a warrant for this man's arrest.  Besides the Judge probably wouldn't even issue one.  If he comes out swinging again I sure will call the police & have him arrested because some people don't learn unless you go the extra mile.  And some people never learn.  I hope that he will.
Martha came back out to the front lines & I told her what had happened while she was in the center.  Since she was out on the sidewalk & so was Rob, Dan & Addison were across the street praying, I decided to go into the center to eat a quick lunch that Paul had gotten at Wendy's.  I went into the center & greeted Paul who was hard at work putting donations away.  I thanked him for the lunch & took two bites of the hamburger & then Paul said that someone wanted a pregnancy test.  I said "okay" & got up to greet our client.  She was lead into Focus by Martha who stopped her out on the sidewalk.  She was new to Rochester & a very nice young woman, who was heading to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test when she meet Martha.  As I counseled her at Focus, she expressed, that she was so happy not to have been exposed to their evil.  She left with many positive brochures & a church bulletin to come back to the Catholic Church, to start over, with her soul.  As I was completion this pregnancy test a woman who was already in the Material Aid Room getting things for her children asked me if she could have a pregnancy test too.  I said "yes, of course just give me about 10 minutes".  She said "that's fine".   After I cleaned up the first pregnancy test I invited her into the Counseling Room.  Her test was positive.  This is her 8th.child & thank God she doesn't believe in abortion.  I told her that we will help her during her pregnancy & afterwards & also for her 7 other children too.  She smiled.  She was in shock & cried a little but she will be fine.  I gave her the brochure on Natural Family Planning & asked her to call my friend Anne. Check:  She said "thank you" & I said that we will be here for you & don't worry, just trust in the Lord who loves you & your family. 
I then went back into the Green Room to finish up my hamburger when the doorbell rang again.  One of our clients came into the room where I was & I asked her if she would answer the door & that I did appreciate it.  She answered back to me saying "if you appreciate it I'll do it".  "Thanks" I hollered back as she was leaving the room to answer the front door.  It was Dan & his cute 7 year old grandson, who acted more like he was 15 years old.  So mature.  They had both just come from the Barbers & stopped by to say "hi".  I offered them some cookies & the young man said that they will have some desert first before stopping to go to Wendy's for their treat for getting their hair cut.  How cute.  I talked with Dan for a few minutes & then went back outside to be with Martha & Rob, Adolf was on the other side of the street praying & witnessing.  Martha had to go into the center when car drove passed me & turned around up the street & stopped where I was standing.  The woman in the car said "Go home what are you doing here upsetting people".  I asked her if she wanted some information & she replied that if it was from me then "no".  "Okay" I said "then be on your way".  She said "no if you can be here so can I".  Then Rob came over to where I was standing, from where he was standing, by the brick side of the PP building.  He started talking to her about these pictures are teaching tools to some parents.  She didn't want to listen to anyone.  She then said to me "if I drive by with my children & these pictures are out here then I'd be sorry"  I said "did you just threaten me & I got my cell phone & pretended to call the police.  She called out that she didn't threaten me & a about a minute later she drove away.  Yeah!!  I thanked Rob for coming over to assist me with this woman.  Prayer & Education (which is truth), are the Keys!
A mother of the young girl that she brought into Planned Parenthood to have her grandchild killed drove out & when the car went passed by me I said "you have put a curse on your family, may God have mercy on you both".   Cars were coming out after their abortions....nothing can be worse to see.
Rob helped bring in the signs & all that we bring out on the front lines, back into the center.  Martha had supper waiting for us.   Melissa, our new volunteer, came tonight along with Tim who is her friend & helped me in the center.  She started a Focus Facebook for me, how exciting.  It should be up & running real soon :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at Focus
Our fifth Mass at Focus
We were all excited for our Mass tonight at the Focus Center with Fr. Peter Helfrich, for the Church of the Holy Spirit, celebrating the Eucharist.  We planned a picnic like supper for after the Mass, so we always have much to do before the Mass at 6pm tonight.  Tuesday's are our most busiest day at the center so that plus getting the Mass ready was going to be interesting.  Thank God that Karen came at 1:15pm to help me.  She answered the door & helped out the moms that were coming into the Material Aid Room for 'free' clothes & things for their children.  I noticed that we were short on diapers so Karen was nice enough to go to Sam's Club to get us more diapers sizes 4 & 5.  The two most popular sizes for our clients.  Before she left Martha arrived & brought us more diapers but we still needed more.  Martha & I got to work answering the door to let our clients in & she did a pregnancy test too.  Paul arrived to set up the Great Room. He set up the altar & set up the chairs for the Mass.  He then went into the Green Room to set up the tables for the supper.  We were so busy.  Fr. Peter arrived at 5:30pm & we greeted him & lead him into the Great Room for the Mass tonight.  People started to arrive & some brought food.  We were planning to have chicken, sausages, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans & deserts.  A summertime feast :)  The agenda for the Mass was: first the celebrating of the Mass then the blessing of water & salt for spiritual warfare & then after the Mass the Sacrament of the Sick then a short talk given by Rick, the coordinator, in regards to the local '40 Days for Life' Campaign starting September 26th., with the Kick Off Rally at Focus on September 25th..  It was a beautiful & blessed  time, to be with the Lord & our friends all together, at Focus.   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at Focus
The afternoon was busy seeing clients & dealing with their issues, making phone calls & making up the Truth packets that we hand out at the center & on the front lines.  Larry, was at the door, dropping off boxes of bread, for our clients.  So many varieties.  Tim, was at the door, dropping off donations & he was blessed with bread to take home to his large family :)  Paul was with us & he put away our new donations that we were blessed with today.  One of our clients came in to give us two bags of donations & we were grateful.  She's been our client for three years now & she was blessed by us & now she blesses us.  I like that :) 
Martha did a pregnancy test & counseled our new client to the 'Truth' about abstinence.  Hope that she will 'start over' in making better decisions that will bless her rather than hurt her.  Women & girl's power is in "no" not "yes", with that she losses her power.  Guys really don't respect you when you give into them, even if they like it.  Then she's left devastated with a disease or a pregnancy & usually makes things worse by killing her own child, by abortion.  She is now post abortive & depressed & so on.  I can only hope & pray that she will get forgiveness & healing from the Lord & have a life that will help others. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012 on the Front Lines
I arrived after Mass & I greeted Sheila & her brother Dennis, on the front lines.  After they left I was alone waiting for Rob which showed up a few minutes later & Martha arrived a few minutes after that.  Rob went on the brick side of the building & Martha & I stayed by the bush side, nearest the parking lot.  I saw that Rob had spoken to a young lady who was walking up the sidewalk.  She then walked over to where Martha & I were &  said that the man over there said something about a place that has free diapers.  I said "come follow me".  As I lead her into Focus, she said that she didn't believe in abortion & if she was pregnant she'd place the baby up for adoption.  I said that was the right thing to do.  Suzanne, our client advocate, hadn't arrived yet, so I took care of her.  I showed her the Material Aid Room & then went & got diapers for her.  I gave her a brochure & she said "thank you".  I knew that Rob had given her a Truth packet on the sidewalk.  She left & I stayed to eat my hamburger quickly that Paul had gotten from Wendy's,,,, delicious!  I was almost finished when Suzanne arrived.  I spoke with her for a few minutes & then went back outside to rejoin Martha.  Then she told me that the young girl that I had brought into the center had come back outside & walked into Planned Parenthood.  Martha said that she said something about contraceptives to her.  When she came back out, about an hour later, she went passed Rob on his side so I walked over to where he was to talk to her.  The old man Death Escort had walked her onto the sidewalk & he kept an eye on me as I crossed the street towards her.  I approached her gently & asked her what she was doing in there.  I was concerned.  She said that she was there for an STD (sexual transmitted disease) test.  I said "I didn't know that, for I could have recommended two places, for you to go to get testing".  I said "this place is evil".  I said "good bye" to her & she walked up the street to maybe catch a bus. 
A guy was smoking & walking up & down the sidewalk right in front of the door of Planned Parenthood waiting for his precious baby to be killed, instead of waiting for his baby to be born.  How evil, how sad.  When he drove out of the parking, lot with his girlfriend slumped over in the front seat of the car, he looked over at me & gave me a smirkey look from Hell.  I saw the Devil. 
I heard a commotion & looked over across the street to see that Bill, who is 82 years old had fallen.  Rob was already running across the street to help him.  Adolph & Addison went over to help him to.  I crossed over to where he was to help them.  Rob picked up Bill from the street where he had fallen when he got off of his stool & lost his balance.  Poor Bill, who recently, had a heart attack.  Lord have Mercy on our Bill who will be 83 years old on September 25th..   I looked over to see that the old man Death Escort had crossed the street to ask if he could help.  I said "please go away".  I later said to him & his wife who had picked him up after a long afternoon of helping women to have their babies killed by abortion.  As they left I said to them "if you are so nice how can you help to kill children"?  I don't know how they answered my question as they drove back home. 
One car after another came out after having their baby murdered by the abortionist Rachel Phelps.  Most of the woman gave me their middle finger.  You shouldn't be mad at me but you should be mad at yourself.  I hope that you get help & God's forgiveness once you realize what you did here today.  Post abortive women & men are angry people. 
A young girl was walking with two guys coming out of Gibbs. St., which is far down the street to where I was standing alone, on the sidewalk, for Martha was in the center.  She screamed out loud to me saying "Blank you".  I hollered back to her saying "I hope that you will repent for your abortion which was a sin".  They disappeared down the street.  I hope that she does. 
I then took that theme of 'sin' to the people going into Planned Parenthood.  A lot of people don't know about sin.  They think whatever they do is just fine with no consequences for their negative behavior.  They are in for a surprise someday. 
Rob brought all the signs into the center & then Martha, Rob & I had a nice supper.  This was Rob's last supper with us on Thursdays for he'll be going back to school teaching in a couple of weeks & he needs to get his classroom ready.  It was a fast summer. 
It was a blessing to have Natalie & Faye come to help us from JUSTME, self-Empowered Center for Women @  They help us out at Focus twice a month on a Thursday form 6pm to 8pm.  They brought us some diapers tonight, thanks ladies.  They are so nice & helpful :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I were pulling into the parking lot after Mass when I saw two women & four children heading our way,  I greeted them & opened up the door to let them in.  As I was opening the door I saw, walking down the sidewalk a big family of a man & a woman & three children & offered them 'free' clothes for their children.  The all came into Focus & were blessed.  As they were all in the Material Aid Room & the children were running around the center asking for juice & water, with their sweet baby sister quietly sitting in her buggies just looking around & taking in all in.  Then the doorbell rang & there were three young women at the door.  I lead them into the Green Room & asked them to wait until the other women left the Material Aid Room & then they could go in to get what they needed.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was a young mother with her sweet young daughter in the stroller.  She had to wait too.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Tim coming in to drop off donations of clothes & books & toys to our center.  He was also waiting to get some 'free' bread that will be coming soon, for him to take some home & also to pass put to his friends.  Karen our volunteer came to help us out for a couple of hours.  She brought in some of the winter bags that she had stored in her house.  She said that every week she'll bring in some bags until they are all gone for her basement.  Thanks so much Karen!!  The I asked her about my leg pain, for she is a doctor.  She told me about my shoes & to take some pain medication until I'm accumulated to the new shoes.  Thanks Karen & no charge....great :)
Martha was nice enough to make me a sandwich for my lunch because of my gross discomfort.  Thanks sweet nice was that :)  Then Rick came to drop off the boxes of bread & a couple of boxes of canned food, for our food wonderful is this :)
We saw so many more clients, helping them with their needs, in the Material Aid Room.  Our new volunteer Linda came to help us, at the center.  She was a very good helper who put away many of the donations in the Material Aid Room.  She was very nice & she will come back next week to help us out again.  Yeah!!   Dajaih came with her two daughters  & brought us some donations.  She also got some things from the Material Aid Room for her children.  Her little girl looked at me & said "I like raisins".  I said "that's great but we don't have any".  I felt badly about that. 
Martha & I finished putting things away & we than sat down to have a chicken & potato & Cole slaw supper.  Rick, the coordinator for the '40 Days for Life', came & we had an hour long meeting. Then Martha & Rick left & I stayed to finish up the work & then I left to go home to watch the Republican National Convention. 

 I'm back!!
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at Focus & Front Lines
Sorry that I've missed 3 weeks, for I was struggling with a health issue.  During this time I missed 2 days but I was worn out by the end of the day so I didn't write anything.  I will give you a synopsis of what went on during the time of Wednesday August 29th. up to now September 18th..
We had two baby announcements :)   Sweet baby boy Luis was born on 9-1-12 weighing 7lbs. 5oz..  Mom & son are doing well & she is breastfeeding, which we encourage.  Another bundle of joy is baby boy Michael born 9/12 at 6lbs. 22ozs..  Mom & son are doing well & she is breastfeeding also!!  Praise God for these two precious children that were born!!

We, at FOCUS Pregnancy Help Center, have served 874 people, who have come into our door this year, for assistance & for baby, children & adult clothing & small items, referrals for pro life doctors & ultrasound, educational materials, 'free' pregnancy tests & for non perishable food items & this year isn't up yet!  Thank you for making this a record breaking year for FOCUS, to serve our clients, in our community :) 

Please continue to pray for Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother, & her great grandson Zhyier, who was born very premature @ 1lb. 9ozs. 6 weeks ago.  He is now over 2lbs. but he's going through many physical set backs. 
Today news September 18th.:We have another precious baby that was born!  Praise God! Baby girl Trinity was born on August 15th. @ 6lbs. 3ozs..  Mom said that her daughter has gained much weight since.  A good little eater.  Mother & daughter are doing well :)
A prayer request please.  We had a mom come into FOCUS today that we gave a pregnancy test to, which was positive, about three months ago.   She said that she has been in the hospital for the last month with a blood clot by her pancreas (causing inflammation) & liver.  She is on a blood thinning medication & the doctor told her that she might not carry her baby up to the 9 months & the baby could drown in it's own fluid.  Lord have Mercy on mother Lakorsha & her precious baby.  She is about 22 weeks pregnant.  Please pray that she gets better fast & that her & her baby will be safely protected, by the Precious Blood of the Lamb & surrounded by the Mantle of Our Lady.  I told her that I would send out a prayer request & she was so relieved & thankful.

We are so busy at FOCUS, seeing many mothers & single women & men, to give them 'free' services.  On the front line last Thursday we had a man walk by & asked what we were doing.  He figured it out quickly & said "you're protesting abortion".  Then he added "my ex wife had one & that's why she's my ex wife."  So sad, to say the least.  Another walking wounded man walking around.  Martha gave him a Truth packet & we hope that he will find God's peace & be able to forgive his ex wife, in time, for his own salvation.
We are going to host, at FOCUS, the '40 Days for Life Kick Off Rally' next Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
  • The agenda for the rally is as follows:.........Meet and greet
  • 6:30 - 7:00.........Opening remarks and video
  • 7:00 - 7:20.........Fr. Joseph Cantanise Pastor of St. Leo's parish speaks
  • 7:20 - 7:40.........Rev James Harden, President/CEO of CompassCare speaks
  • 7:40 - 8:00.........Rev William Everett speaks & Pat Millon, our grandmother & great grandmother, about her experiences.
  • 8:00 - 8:15.........Mark Walker & Mary Kaye sing
  • 8:15 - 8:30.........Candlelight vigil on the sidewalk
We will have a candlelight march from FOCUS to Planned Parenthood, which is two doors down from us, to say the Rosary.  The next day, Septemner 26th., we will start the 40 day campaign, to pray in front of Planned Parenthood, to end abortion & to help the women to 'Choose Life'.  Check out: 4

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at Focus
Martha informed me this afternoon that she was in front of Planned Parenthood this morning at 8am just standing there on the sidewalk with her picture of Jesus holding a little aborted baby & in travail.  She also holds & says her Rosary when she's out on the front lines along with calling out information to the victims, that there is help for them two doors down, the street.  She counsels women & girls when they stop to talk with her on the sidewalk.  Well, one guy pulling into the Death Camp, didn't like what he saw this morning with Martha standing there praying, so he decided to throw out his car window an empty bag of an already eaten McDonald's breakfast.  He really should have used the trash can at Planned Parenthood to put it in but he decided to throw it at a woman who was standing there all alone.  What a coward!! 
We were so busy at Focus today & it was just Martha & I working in the center & assisting our many clients.  I bought diapers last night & brought them in & put them in a bag for our clients & at the end of the day two sizes were gone.  I can't keep up.  When we walked into the center we were pleasantly surprised to see that our landlord Bernie had the carpets cleaned.  Yeah!!  The only room that he missed doing was the Material Aid Room, so I  will buy carpet cleaner so we can spot clean that small rug.  No problem.  He was happy with the color of the new paint in the bathroom & will buy us a vanity for the new sink.  Tim came in & he said that he would help put it in so when Bernie came this afternoon I told him what Tim said & he was happy.  I called Tim & he & Bernie talked & worked out the sink situation for our bathroom.  Yeah!!  I had to call him later because there was another water leak in the Great Room to which he said that he will fix it tomorrow.  We have a flat roof which causes me much grief with the water in the ceiling dripping down on to the rugs.  He goes up on the roof & try's to patch it up.  It works for a short time then the ceiling springs another leak some where else :(  He needs about $20,000 to fix the entire roof properly, of the mini strip mall that he owns, to which we rent just a part of the space.  I only wish. 
We had two nice clients bring us bags of baby & children clothes, how nice was that!!  The doorbell rang & it was Lynda.  We were so happy to see her because we haven't seen her in awhile.  She wanted a sign to go out in front of Planned Parenthood to stand.  She took the sign that says 'PLANNED PARENTHOOD KILL BABIES'.  Good for you Lynda.  I got to talk to her for awhile & it looks like her daughter & her want to volunteer at Focus.  Great!!  That would be sooo good.  I gave her two Truth packets & off she went outside to witness. Martha & I were so thrilled to have someone outside on the sidewalk to witness & to counsel  because we are so very busy, in the center, we can't get out there like we once did.  When she came back into the center about an hour later she told us that she spoke with a gentleman for about 15 minutes while his girlfriend, who had 6 abortions in the past, was getting her birth control.  He said that she didn't like Planned Parenthood & that he was going to put all the information that Lynda just gave him in the Truth packet on Facebook.  I hope that he means it.  I also hope that his girlfriend will repent for the 6 murders that she committed.  We said "good bye" to Lynda & off she went home.  A very wonderful & energetic lady & her husband Bill is nice too. 
Martha & I then made up about 15 Truth packets for the sidewalk counseling ministry on Thursdays, for that's the day that they do surgical abortions.  So evil & so sad.  When done Martha made supper & then she left & I stayed to do more work & then to the store to pick up two throw rugs to protect the carpet from spills from the kitchenette.  Thank God I have the money to do this :) 

Thursday, September 20, 2012 at Focus & the Front Lines
I wasn't feeling very well probably a virus that's going around so I called Martha & told her that I would be late.  She said "fine but be there".  "Okay, I said back to her".  Come to find out later on that she wasn't feeling very well either but she hung in there until 7pm tonight.  What a trooper she is!!  I arrived around 1:15pm only to find that there was so many people in the center requesting assistance.  One of our clients, who is pregnant with her 8th. baby came in to tell us that her & her husband & family were evicted because there was so many problems with the house that the landlord needs to fix that the Department of Social Services told this family that they needed to leave for it wasn't safe.  They put them up in a temporary shelter until October 1st. then they can move into their new apartment.  Our client was so stressed out but she got some nice things for her children in the Material Aid Room.  She is scheduled for a 'free' ultrasound next Wednesday at His Branches Medical Office, along with her friend.  I talked to her for a few minutes, to encourage & comfort her, as the doorbell kept on ringing off the wall.  Paul was there & he asked me to stay with him in the center.  He didn't even go out to lunch today because it was so busy.  He ate at the center some food we had in the refrigerator.  Sheila, who sidewalk counsels, from 10:30am to 1pm, came in to say "good bye" to me & she told me that she did a pregnancy test earlier this morning.  Great job Sheila.  As I was going outside, to get the donations from my car, I saw a couple with a young child in a stroller walking up the sidewalk so I invited them into the center for 'free' clothes & small items.  They were thrilled, to say the least.  I also gave them information for housing & furniture.  They left very happy.  I went outside to inform Martha that I was going to stay in the center because we were so busy.  She said "fine & I'll stay on the sidewalk to prayer & counsel".  Sounds like a plan dear Martha.  There were Addison & Dan & Adlof & Mary Ann with her, so I was relieved.  I went back into the center to continue to serve the public.  On of our girls asked me if I had something for her to eat because she was just diagnosed with Diabetes.  I gave her some crackers, she felt better.  Suzanne called me to tell me that she was running late & t expect her soon.  I then called Dr. Karen & told her that we had 3 girls scheduled for ultrasounds this Wednesday & she said that's great.  Then I asked her if she could switch from Tuesdays to Thursdays because we are so busy in the center & on the front lines.  She said that she would & will start a week from today.  Thanks Karen!!  I received a call on my cell around 12 noon today & I scheduled a pregnancy test for her at 2:30pm.  She came a little earlier with her boyfriend.  We all had a nice talk & I was blessed by meeting them. 
Suzanne came around 2:45pm just as this couple were leaving.  I then talked with Suzanne for a short time & then went out to the front lines while Martha came into the center to regroup.  Lynda was outside so I joined her out on the sidewalk.  She told me that a Protestant preacher told hi congregation that it was okay to have Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP), which kills embryos (which is a fertilized egg, which is a person).  He just said "don't do it to many times, like one baby isn't enough????  What a distorted message & so wrong & so evil.  He should read the New Testament which says in James 3:1 NIV ,"Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly".  I hope that he repents.  Lynda & I were speaking to the people going in & coming out of the abortion mill.  We started to talk to two girls, that came out of Planned Parenthood, to try to help them.  The one girl said that we were not nice in talking to them.  They walked right passed us, on the sidewalk, it's not like we chased them down the street.  They must have felt guilty about something?   Who can figure out, the responses of people, we just try to do our best to offer them help....rejection & abuse & pain are a part of our ministry.  Lynda stayed about an half hour more then left.  Martha came back out to join me.  She told me that earlier in the afternoon a man came from Planned Parenthood to talk to her.  He said that he & his wife had 5 children & there were hear to abort baby #6.  Martha responded back to him that his mother didn't stop here.  He answered her saying "that's right, my mother had 10 children".  He then looked over to the picture of the aborted baby that we show out on the front lines & he said "that baby is to big our baby was smaller".  You can certainly try to justify your crime but it won't work, you're only fooling yourself.   Ironically, the picture that he made a comment about, was the same age as his son or daughter was, that he had killed here today.  He was so blind.  He will be held more accountable because he is the man & he is suppose to protect is wife & child, but failed here today.  When his wife came out she was crying unceasingly.  Their hell has begun.  I hope that they repent & I feel so very sorry for their other children who will learn the truth, of what their mother & father did here today, & it will affect them all.  Lord have Mercy. 
Coming down the street was our client that we just saw this week in the center.  She is scheduled for an ultrasound with Dr. Karen this Wednesday at HIS Branches Medical Office.  She was pushing her son in a stroller to our pregnancy center, for children's clothes.  She had an abortion when she was 14 years old, & her boyfriend didn't want her abort the baby, but she went ahead & did it.  She said "she was my girl".  After the abortion she went into a deep depression for years but her boyfriend stuck by her & she has a son & is now pregnant.  She had to go by all the graphic signs, on the sidewalk, & she looked at them.  Abortion will never go away but the pain can lessen in time with much prayer & counseling.  We gave her, when we saw her in the center on Tuesday, Post Abortion Information for more healing & forgiveness.  It's a life long process, once the woman or man, come out of denial.  We always encourage, for our clients, to wait to have sex until they are married.  Lust can ruin your life!!!
Martha was in the center & Adolf had to go so I was now by myself, on the sidewalk with the Lord, who protects me.  A man came walking, from around the bushes to where I was standing, & it was Rick Bartell, who works at Planned Parenthood.  He's been there for almost as long as I've  been there on the front lines. He said "good afternoon Mary".  I said back to him that I pray for him but I don't want him to speak to me.  Sorry but my stomach churns because he was directly involved in many abortions by walking the girls in there to have their baby killed.  But I can certainly speak to him, which I did.  I told him, as he was walking, that he was headed for hell & that it would be evil of me not to tell him.  I said "do not to play Russian Roulette with your soul, for you are involved in the abortion industry which is a Mortal Sin, that if not confessed, with a sincere heart, can lead you straight there.  He turned the corner to Gibbs St..  All I can do is to tell him the Truth & he must do the rest, to save his soul. 
I went back into the center to join Martha who wasn't feeling good at all so she went home.  I hope that you'll feel better real soon sweet lady.  I stayed until 10pm & went home. 


Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you.
Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.  I Corinthians 15:58

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at Focus
'40 Days for Life' Kick Off Rally at Focus
Martha, Paul, Rick, the coordinator of the '40 Days for Life' campaign & I were very busy today getting the center ready for the 3rd. annual 'Kick Off Rally' for the '40 Days for Life'.  We also had many clients come in for clothes, diapers & pregnancy tests, positive or negative, with teaching & handing out appropriate brochures for their situation.  I still wasn't feeling well so that made it difficult for me.  I drank ginger ale & had some chicken soup to try to settle my nauseated stomach.  But the show must go on!!  I called our three pregnant clients to remind them of their appointment for their ultrasound tomorrow, by Dr. Karen, at the Grace Family Medicine.  They were happy for the reminder. 
Poor Rick, he was setting up the Great Room for tonight's rally & the TV that he brought in for the presentation tonight didn't work so he had to go all the way back home, which about a 40 minuets away.  He had already made this long trip earlier this afternoon to go home to get something else that he had forgotten :(   When he came back the TV worked & the room was finished & looking good for tonight.  Great job Rick!!!!!  It was worth it :)
Martha & Sandy, who just came in, helped to set up the deserts & the tables that Paul had set up in the Green Room.  People started to stream in at 6pm & the event will start at 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  The speakers started to arrive.  There was Fr. Joe Cantaise from St. Leo's the Great Church, Pastor Everett & Jim Hardon the Present of Compass Care.  Mark & his wife, our musical team, came to bless us.  Rick was the host & he did a great job introducing the speakers & the musical team.  He showed a short track from the DVD '180 Degrees'.  It was poignant & it brought tears to my eyes & to others who watched it. 
Then to my surprise when I left the Great Room to enter the Green Room there was Mike, my former boyfriend, standing there.  At first my heart dropped & I was semi cool as I acknowledged him briefly as I passed by him.  As I entered into the Green Room I felt the grace from God fall upon me to go back to greet him & to talk to him briefly.  I did & to my surprise he handed me a wad of cash saying it for the work at the center.  I thanked him & spoke to him for less than a minute, for I was very busy.  I put it right away into the office & closed the door.  Later on I had time to count the cash & there was 20, $50 bills, which added up to be $1,000, for our center.  Praise God!!  God is great all the time!!  I wish Mike a fine & healthy retirement....enjoy :)
The doorbell rang & it was Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother.  She came in & she was greeted by Martha & I.  She said that she didn't want to speak tonight to share her intense stories about her greatgrand babies who were almost aborted.  She said that she was suffering with pneumonia & was taking her first antibiotic for the cure.  Pastor Everett greeted her & spoke with her for awhile & he took down her phone number for further conversations.  Martha served her with some food & I sat down to talk with her.  Later on the taxi took her home with the table that I got for her at the Second Thought Resale Store. God gave her what she requested & I thank Him for it.  The table was perfect for her needs. 
After the rally most of the people went out with candles, to walk to Planned Parenthood, to pray the prayers, on a sheet of paper, that Rick gave each one.  It was powerful to see all the people in the dark holding candles & praying, in front of the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood.  What an evening to say the least !!!!!!!!!

Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me! Then I shall be blameless, and innocent of great transgression. 
Psalm 19:13
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at Focus
I was still getting ready for Mass then the center when my cell phone rang.  On the other line she gave her name & my heart raced.  I listened to what she wanted which was gas money.  I told her that we usually don't give out gas money but if she needed $5 to get where she needed to go I would do that for her.  I asked her how she was doing & she said "not good".  Then I took the plunge & asked her how her children where?  She replied "I only have one son".  Then I knew she had killed little baby JJ, which my friend Anne in Florida had named, & I told her that when I called her a week later after her pregnancy test at the center, to see how she was doing.  I tried to call her back a week later but her phone was turned off & that was the case week after week. She had an abortion in the past so I knew that she was vulnerable to do it again but hoping she wouldn't.  I asked her, now on the phone, if she had aborted her last pregnancy & she said that she did for she didn't have the money to take care of the child.  I said & look at you now you're not being blessed.  When the Lord creates a life He takes care of that life, you didn't trust Him. You knew that your son knew that you were pregnant & now you're not, you didn't care how he will be effected by this abortion.  I then went on to say to her "you took a life & when you realize what you did & own it we can get you post abortion help at Focus for your healing".  I then said her name & "good bye" & hung up the phone.  My heart sank.  My knees were weak as I continued to get ready to leave my apartment.  All the email list had prayed so hard that she wouldn't have JJ killed & she did it anyway.  All she thought of was herself.  Her two babies dead & her son will be effected for the rest of his life, by what she's done.  How come I was spared mom, you could have killed me too.  I don't have my siblings in my life, I'm so lonely mom & so on.  The irony was that when she came into the center, for the pregnancy test, her son already knew that she was pregnant & told her where the baby was in her belly.  How could you???????
After Mass, Martha, took me to the bank downtown to deposit the cash from yesterday & some donations too.  I wanted to get out of this bank as fast as I could for it had been robbed two days ago.  But that wasn't the case.  I asked if one of our checks had cleared & two bank tellers couldn't find the information on the screen & I almost screamed.  About 10 minutes later I was out of there.  Martha was waiting patiently & brought back to the church to get my car.  I was trapped by the buses for 7 minutes.  Frustrated I got to the center at 1:15pm.  Martha had to go to the post office & to Wendy's for our lunch & she got back to the center around 2pm.  We were very busy taking care of the clients & me doing the work in the office.  Paul came & Linda came a little later & helped put away the donations.  Then my cell rang.  I answered it & it was one of the girls  from the Elim Bible Institute asking if they were suppose to be there this evening for it was  about 4:15pm now & they are about 30 minutes away.  I said "yes I think so".  The reply was we're on our way.  I answered back "that's great"!!  The three young ladies arrived about 5pm.  We all introduced ourselves & I asked if that would fill out our form & then Martha & I showed them around the center.  I then gave them an assignment.  The doorbell rang & it was Faye, from the 'Just Me' group, to volunteer her time tonight.  She brought in some donations to which I was grateful.  The students were very happy when I told them that they could take something from the Material Aid Center to take with them.  The two girls took sweaters & the other girl took a book, very wise.  They enjoyed their experience & were excited to come back next Wednesday.  Martha & I took some time to talk to Faye, which was a blessing.  She's had many surgeries & heart problems & still at 63 is going strong, with the blessing from God who she trusts.  Praise God for everything happy or sad.  He's in control & He loves us all the time.  Martha & I went home happy.

Thursday, September 27, on the Front Lines
This day is the hardest day to write about.  Why would I want to go back to the trauma of what I experienced.  I need to get it out of my system & to write it out & also to let you know what happened out on the front lines.  There is always some good things that happens too & I must remember that. 
When I arrived I was met by Sheila, in the parking lot, then she introduced me to a mother & son who had joined the '40 Days for Life' campaign.  The son belongs to the Unity Liberty Constitution at  He emailed the campaign information to his list & more people are joining the campaign this year now.  Yeah!  I went into the center & talked with Dr.Karen when she came a short time after I arrived.  I still was having nausea & we discussed some ideas of what it could be.  It turned out to be the new multi vitamins that increased my metabolism that caused me much grief.  The good that came from all the suffering was that I lost about 10 lbs. & now I want it to stay off so I'm changing my eating habits & portions.
We had coverage, out on the front lines until 2pm, then Martha & I were to come out to continue the prayers & presence.  Suzanne arrived about 1:30pm & I got to talk with her for a short time.  I had a quick lunch & did some things then went out to the war zone, where they are killing  American citizens.  Dan had arrived & I spoke with him for a few minutes before he went out on the front lines.  He walks up & down the sidewalk, even in the Buffer Zone, with a sign & a small Bible. 
It was horrible from 2pm until I left around 6:40pm.  Cars coming out with the woman or girl slumped out either in the front seat or the back seat.  One was slumped was smoking a cigarette.  One came out with three guys & one post abortive girl & they threw something hard at Martha & I as they left the parking lot.  I still don't know what it was but it was hard for when it hit the sidewalk it made a loud noise.  We were grateful to God that it didn't hit us but we had no time to look around to see what it was.  The Death Escort had gone into PP to get Rick Bartell out to see what Dan was doing.  I heard Bartell say to the Death Escort that what he was doing was okay because he was walking & not standing still.  Oh yeah!!  This is still America!!!
A young man was sitting on the bench, in front of the building of death.  I engaged him with some information.  When he drove out of the parking lot about 30 minutes later I asked him if she was in there killing hi baby.  He said "no, we're not here for that" & left.  He came back about 20 minutes later & waited for her to come out about an hour later.  When he drove out he came out so fast that he burned rubber.  I hollered to them to repent for killing their child.  You can lie to me & to yourself but God saw it all.  Like I said to him "no one is going to get away with murder, repent".  I  say to those who I figured had an abortion by her slumping down in the car or her wearing a white wrist band to  "repent for the sin of murder". 
I was exhausted & felt beaten by a pulp so I let my guard down so when I saw the same man driving by giving me his finger & said something to him I'm not proud of.  I didn't use God's name in vain or use the F word but I was crass in my response back to him.  I went to the Sacrament of Confession, the next day, for I am to represent Christ out there no matter what. 
Scott, who is blind, came to pray & when it was time for him to leave it was a fiasco.  He had called the taxi & gave Planned Parenthood's address so the driver pulls into their parking lot & stays there, even though we're hollering for him to come to the sidewalk where hi customer is standing.  No comprendo.  I called Afendi, who was in charge, to ask him to call his driver to tell him that his pickup was standing out on the sidewalk but that got messed up too.  I was very stressed out at this point.  The taxi driver finally pulled out of the parking lot & we were all calling out to him to stop for this customer but he didn't.  I saw that he had pulled into our parking lot so I walked over to where he was & tried to explain to him to go back & pick up Scott.  He finally understood & went back over to pick him up.  He's from another country & it was difficult to get through to him & he's older & hard of hearing to boot.  I told Scott the next time he's here, on the front lines, to give Buckpitt's address so that this doesn't happen again or I'll scream.  He agreed.  Then John came to pray, he has poor eye sight, though he's not blind.  He prayed & had words of encouragement for me.  Thank you John.  Our usual guys were across the street praying, Dan. Adolf, Addison & Yan had joined them for 20 minutes before he had to leave.  There was a lot of prayer power which was awesome.  I had lead two cars, at different times but very close together, that were coming out of Planned Parenthood over to Focus.  One young woman knew that she was pregnant & Suzanne ministered to her & her girlfriend in the Rose Room.  Then another young woman wanted a pregnancy test.  She was with her girlfriend.  I brought them into the Material Aid Room to  get what they needed, while they waited.  She said that Planned Parenthood wouldn't do a pregnancy test.  I told her that they were to busy killing children to do one.  After Suzanne was finished she brought the other two young women into the Rose Room.  She was positive but not abortion minded thank God. 
I went back outside to join Martha & John for everyone else had left.  I did have some graphic signs out there & a mini van pulled in to the parking lot & the male driver said that he didn't appreciate us having those signs out here for she had an 8 year old boy in the back seat.  I responded back to him saying "you shouldn't be here at all" then he said something like "you're crazy to which I replied "so are you".  He waited in the parking lot for about 30 minutes & when he came out he had a female in the front seat just staring & he gave me a look from Hell.  He was smirking & had put up his thumb finger as if to say "yeah, she did it & you couldn't stop her so hey hippie".  It was sick & demonic & it made both Martha's & my blood curdle.  Lord have Mercy on their souls.  I feel so sorry for that precious baby that they murdered & for their 8 year old son who lost a brother or sister here today.  They won't get away with murder either.  They have to stand before Almighty God someday & I hope that they & all of them repent with a sincere heart before they die.  There is a Hell & it's forever!!!
Jim the neighbor in the condo was walking with his friend from Windsor St. to his condo when all of a sudden he hollered "Mary" & waved.  I just ignored him, for I just don't want to start up anything with him again.  At that time I was talking to a woman who was coming out of the driveway of Planned Parenthood & I was strong with my words to her, sort of tough love, but I knew that Jim, from across the street, wouldn't approve so I didn't want to engage him in any back & forth debate.   I will pick my battles.
Three girls came out of Planned Parenthood & they appeared to be non responsive to what we were saying to them.  Then all of a sudden they changed their attitude.  Martha  & I were able to talk to them & give them a Truth packet & other information.  The Power of Prayer :)
Martha was in the center & John had to leave & that left me out on the front lines alone.  I felt forlorn but not ready to give up for I know that God is in control & He will take care of them all in the end.  I always hope & pray that they all will 'repent' though I know that all will not be saved.  I was standing there, by the fence, informing a man in his car waiting for the woman he brought in earlier to have an abortion, the Truth about abortion & how it will effect his & her life when I saw a woman walking up the sidewalk.  I was all out of words but I did muster up a "hello" when she passed by me.  She acknowledged my words to her.   I was afraid that she was going to be nasty & I was worn out but willing to take it for Christ.  Look what He did for me on the Cross.  To my surprise I saw that she had turned around & started to walk towards me.  I was hoping that this was good which it was.  She came up to me & said "it doesn't matter where I stand on the subject I just want you to know that what you're doing is very good & I know that you take a bunch of crap from people but you keep on 'standing alone for your cause.  I just want you to know that God is well pleased with you".  I said back to her that I didn't deserve such a comment & she said "I know why you feel that way".  I then said "than you for your kind words to me, it was very nice of you".  I asked her name & she said "Michelle" & I said that my name was "Mary".  I said that I will place her into my heart & pray for her.  She said "thank you Mary".  We gave each other a brief hug & she went back walking up the street to her destination.  I thanked the Lord for this healing encounter.  I stayed out there a little while longer & went into the center to join Martha. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at Focus
We were soooo busy!  We met Joan who is the new director of the Women's Care Center, at the noon Mass.  She came to Focus to look around & then we talked for a short time, for she needed to go to the front lines, to pray during the '40 Days for Life' campaign.  The doorbell rang & it was a young girl & guy for a pregnancy test.  Martha did that appointment & she was negative.  She had the prongs of hormones pierced into her skin , for birth control,& I gave her boyfriend the brochure on the poison she was taking.  Martha did the rest of the counseling.  After they left four young people came into the center.  The one young man was talking about condoms & Martha talked to him & set him straight.  I gave him a Truth packet.  Martha asked him if he had school today & he told her that he over slept so he didn't go to school today.  Martha told him that he needed to go to school every day.  Take heed young man. I told him that he was our future but when I said that I felt uneasy.  Rebecca, our client, was here for the child walker that we promised her for the past 3 weeks, for I had to order a part & the company messed up twice, so it look 3 weeks to fix up the mess & sent me the right part for the walker in order to be safe. She was thrilled & so were we.  After they left I asked Martha to do another pregnancy test which was negative & she did some teaching & handed her out some informative brochures.  Then Paul arrived to our joy!!  He was kept very busy today doing so much work with the answering the door & handing out diapers & cleaning the toys & stroller that we received & putting away the bags of donations that we received.  Go Paul Go!!  
The doorbell rang & it was Joan walking in with a young woman.  She introduced her to me saying that she was headed to Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound.  Not good for they try to talk the woman or girl, in having an abortion, saying that the fetus is so small that this is the perfect time to do it :(  Evil Planned Parenthood!   I took the two women into the office because Martha was doing a pregnancy test & counseling in the Rose Room.  I did have to go into the Rose Room several times to get what my client needed.  Joan & I spoke with her & set up an appointment for an ultrasound which was set up for today at 4pm.  I noticed that she had checked off that she had abortions in her past.  I listened to what she had to say & later on I spoke to her privately saying "the day that you take full responsibility for what you did & not blame anyone else is the day that you start to heal".  I gave her many post abortion brochures.  I told her that if she repents, with a sincere heart she will be greeted by her children, when she dies, & she will spend all eternity with her two children.  She was teary eyed.  She had shared that she once believed in God but because so much has happened to her that she no longer believes in God.  I said "you would cry if you knew what had happened to me, in the past, but I love God & that everyone on earth goes through something & that He didn't say it would be easy but He did say that He would be with us through it all".   Also, I said that the Lord died for our sins & that's amazing!  She smiled.  I said "good bye" & off she went starting her 'new life' hopefully.
Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother, called me & said that she was headed to the hospital for tests tomorrow & that Kyeir, who is still in the Nick Unit at the hospital, had an infection & was having a blood transfusion today.  You hang in there sweet baby, who is now over 3 lbs.. Pat said that she will stop by our center after her appointment.  She's not getting better with her pneumonia. 
Linda, our newest volunteer, came to help us out today.  She comes after work on Tuesday's. She's a blessing.  It was so funny when I heard Martha scream because there was a big brown bug flying around, she never lived in Florida like I did for 3 years, talk about flying bugs.  She got the fly swatter & I was swattering the poor bug, throughout the rooms.  It landed in the Material Aid Room & I closed the door behind me. Now it was just the big brown bug & me & the swatter, & I won.   Martha & Linda were happy & I was sad, no need to get violent with bugs :( 
I was so busy in the office.  Martha called the companies, to see if the 3 strollers that had just come in, had any recalls, which they didn't.  Yeah!  One of our clients came & helped us out in the center & then took one of the strollers home with her for her son.  A grandmother came & got the other stroller & we called another client who had been waiting for awhile came & got the double stroller.  All were so happy!!  Two of our past clients came in for a pregnancy test.  It was sad to see that their behavior hadn't changed much.  Where is their mother, for they are sisters??  I think that the grandmother tries but the girls are falling into the same negative behavior again.  Lord have mercy!! 
Paul had left the water running in our kitchenette while he was servicing our clients, so when he came back into the room the water had run down the counter & onto the floor.  Poor Paul.  He said that this was his suffering.  No need to worry, it's only water.  I'm not mad.
The phone rang & it was a lady needing direction to our center.  When she arrived she was most certainly blessed, for she had taken many bags of books & things.  I was happy to see the books go for we are trying to promote breast feeding & reading.  Ni, who volunteers on Mondays, categorized the books into age groups & cook books .... thanks Ni & it looks marvelous!  Very effective so the clients don't  have to muddle through all the books to get the age appropriate books that they need.  Great job!!!
We were blessed, by some home schoolers, with some non perishable food & diapers.  Thank you so much moms & kids, we really appreciate this act of kindness, for our clients, who are in need.  It did my heart good :)
Martha told me that one of the pro lifer was praying by herself this week in front of Planned Parenthood when someone came out of the building & walked up to her & showed her, her gun in a holster & then left to go into her car & drive away.  I called Rick, the coordinator of the '40 Days for Life' campaign, & reported this incident.  Thank you Lord for protecting Mary Lou!! 
The doorbell rang some more, really up to 6pm.  I had to make so many copies, for referrals for our clients.  I'm so happy that they are taking them.   Martha made supper & it was good & she left before me to go home like always, for she is so tied & rightly so around 7pm she fizzles out but she usually stays to 8pm....what a trooper .  I'm more of a night person & I had to stay to finish my office work.  What a blessed day!!  Thank you Lord!!!

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.  Psalm 19:14
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I were at the center working quietly putting away the donations.  Jerry came with the 'free' bread & some canned goods, for our clients.  Then I received a call from Monica saying that she was coming down today with brand new donations for our center.  When she did arrive she brought us diapers, formula, two umbrella strollers, & many other new things for our moms for their babies.  Thank you so much Fr. Ed & all the parishioners & the Social Ministry, at the Church of the Annunciation.  We are so very grateful :)
I called the Women's Care Center & spoke with Melissa, the co director, talking to her about many ideas that I have.  The director Joan & Melissa & Martha & I will get together soon to discuss many subjects to better both centers.  I felt good to have a team effort. 
We had clients today that we assisted with diapers, clothes & formula.  I felt good about that.  Martha decided to go outside to pray, in front of Planned Parenthood.  When she went outside there was someone else there praying, which was good.  Martha came in & got the mega phone so the people could hear her & her very important message. 
Paul came to help out & so did Valerie.  She also took some things for her 5 children.  The doorbell rang & I went to the door to let a woman in who wanted a pregnancy test.  She had two sets of twins who were born prematurely & she had her tubes tied but thought that she was pregnant.  I tried to comfort her in saying "let God be God".  She said if she was pregnant that would be okay.  The test was negative.  I did speak to her about the Tubal Ligation & gave her a brochure.  She said that she was Catholic & encouraged for her to go to Confession before going to Holy Communion.  I said for her to speak to the priest in Confession even though you weren't aware that it was a Mortal Sin.   Sometimes we have to take care of the soul. 
The doorbell rang & it was Rick, Cole & Bob, the Grand Knight, wanting to present us with the generous check from the Golf Fund-raiser.  Rick took the pictures for the Knights Newsletter.  They want us to join them, at their monthly meetings, which will start up in the near future.  We are so grateful for their generosity.
The three Elim Students arrived & Martha put them to work.  After the three gentlemen left I reassigned them different duties.  The Team Leader told me that they like being here.  My heart was touched by her words.  They are such a blessing!! 
Martha made a tuna noodle casserole & I'm eating lighter now so that I can maintain my new weight.  Yeah!!  After Se left I stayed to finish my work. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012 on the Front Lines
When I arrived, at the center, I noticed that Martha was already there & so was Paul.  Sheila had left earlier, from the front lines.  There were people, in the center already, in getting things for their children.  It was now about 1:30pm & Karen came into Focus & was helping out with the donations bags.  She won't be here next Thursday, for she'll be out of town.  A woman named Jane came in & Karen & I spoke with her for about 10 minutes to hear her suggestions during the '40 Days for Life' campaign. 
I will connect with Rick, who is the coordinator, to talk about these changes.  It was now 3pm so Martha & I are heading out to the battle ground.  The cars were going into the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood, & coming out of it too.  It's just so horrible to be standing out on the sidewalk & know that they are murdering little precious babies in there. John & Alex came a little later & both were a blessing to Martha & I. 
Later on when Martha & I were back in the center, Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother came for a visit.  It was so good seeing her.  She didn't look great but I think that she's on the mead, with her pneumonia.   

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at Focus
When I arrived after Mass the doorbell just kept on ringing until the last client left at around 6:40pm tonight.  Wow!!  Martha did a total of 4 pregnancy tests today with Ni, who was here last evening, did one.  The one test was a surprise for Martha did expect to do one with these two girls who came in for some clothes for their family members.  Martha & she started talking & one thing lead to another when she mentioned that she was pregnant & had to have an abortion because she just lost her job.  Martha disagreed & gave her a pregnancy test which was negative, thank God!  I don't know why she though that she was pregnant?  All I know is that if she is she won't be having an abortion!!  Praise God for that!! 
I made up a few of the Truth packets & some other copying projects today.  Tim, came by & dropped off some fine Garage Scale stuff, for us, at Focus.  It was a very busy & fruitful day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at Focus
Martha was going to the Rehabilitation Center to talk about pro life issues but returned to Focus a short time after 1pm.  The woman who was scheduling the speakers put Martha on the spot.  She asked her what she was going to talk about & Martha said about pro life issues.  Then the woman said that was not a good idea.  So Martha spoke with her briefly & then gave her our Focus Brochure & one of our Truth packets & left.  When she returned back t Focus she was livid & didn't speak about the event until much later in the afternoon.  Sorry !  When Martha returned, back to the center, she started to help two of our clients with diapers, that had just come in for clothes.  She was back & I was glad!! 
The door bell kept on ringing but not as often as on Tuesdays.  Martha did two pregnancy tests, which were both negative & did some educational talking with each client.  Great job Martha!!  Then she went outside to pray & to witness.  I decided to join her after she was outside for about an hour & a half.  As I was heading out to join her on the front lines Debra came to join us.  Martha stayed outside for another 10 minutes then went back inside the center.  That left Lynda & I outside by ourselves.  A man came out of the back door & headed up to the sidewalk & was on the phone.  Then I spoke with him after he hung up the phone.  He said that he was there for a test & was against abortion so I gave him a Truth packet to which he walked back into the Planned Parenthood parking lot & went back into the back door.  Only God knows what he was doing & I hope that the Truth packet will aid him.  Then a few minutes after the man went back into the Killing Mill did a woman with a young boy about 17 years old came out of the parking lot to pull out of the driveway onto the street.  The woman said to Lynda & I that she didn't believe in abortion but she was here for condoms for her son.  I said that condoms were the problem & not the answer.  I then said for him to wait for marriage for sex & not until.  As they were driving up the street he hollered something to Lynda & I.  His voice was squeaky & we wish him well & a good & holy life.  After this incident Lynda left.  She went home & I went back into the center. 
Again, more doorbells were ringing.  That was fine with us who work there. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012 at Focus & on the Front Lines
I arrived at the center right after the Mass, at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, around 12:50pm.  I greeted Martha, in the parking lot, for she had just arrived to the center.  When I got into Focus there were people in the Material Aid Room already, for Paul was there.  Sheila wasn't there, on the front lines, today.  I then went out to the sidewalk, to speak to the four people that were out there.  I invited two of them to come to Focus for a tour when they were done praying.  They agreed.  I then said "good bye" to them all & then went back into the center.  I did some work & then Tim came with a nice stroller, which was taken hours later on.  Thanks Tim for everything that you & Molly bless us with, for our clients.  Then Tim & Paul went to lunch together.  Suzanne came & Dr. Karen, is out of town, this week.  After 2pm the two ladies came into Focus for a tour.  The mother is planning to come to volunteer.  I hope that she will come soon to help us. 
It was now about 2:10pm & I left the center to go out to join Martha out on the front lines.  The three men were there across the street praying the Rosary.  When the two men were done they came over to talk with Martha & I, for a few minutes, before leaving.  Adolf stays until 4pm. 
Then the cars were coming into Planned Parenthood & some were coming out.  How sad is it to see them coming in to have their precious baby be killed in there & then a couple of hours later coming out after they had done it.  It's so very, very hard to be out there. on the sidewalk, experiencing this horror.  Martha had to go into the center & now I was alone on the sidewalk by Planned Parenthood when a car had come down the street with the passenger half way out of the car almost on top of the roof saying not so nice things to me.  I replied back to him saying "I love you & God loves you & repent of your sins".  Lord have mercy on him. 
The fingers go up & the words come down on us all afternoon but then there is the sweetness of others, that pass us by.  It makes the pain more tolerable, to bear.   I feel that most of them are post abortive & are suffering with the pain of having an abortion or being involved with the abortion decision, of a woman or young girl.  It's such a heartache for those who did this horrific act against their baby :( 
John came by & he prayed with Martha.  I continued to sidewalk counsel. One of our clients came by to show me the ultrasound picture of her baby.  How sweet was that :) 
It was now about 5:30pm & we went into the center.  John had now left to go catch the bus. Martha & I ate quickly & then Faye & Natalie, from JUST ME, came to help us out.  After they were done working in the Material Aid Room we all sat down to talk. It was wonderful!! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I arrived to the enter after the noon Mass today.  We got to complete some tasks before the doorbell started to ring.  Paul came around 1:30pm to help us out!!   I got to do some work that I needed to do, so I felt good about that.  We had a delivery of a bag of stuffed animals for our clients children.  It was now about 2:30pm & Martha came into the office to tell me that she was going outside now.  She took what she needed & out the door she went.  I wanted to join her but the doorbell kept on ringing.  Then Cleveland, our street person, came by so Paul got him something to eat.  Cleveland then resided along the Buckpitt building, which is right next door, to our center.  It was now about 4:15pm & I was able to get outside to join Martha.  I turned the corner to see that Martha was talking to John C. outside.  She told me of some of the things that went on out there.  One young girl was with an older man & she came over to Martha & asked for the packet.  Martha handed it to her & then she walked away. We continued to be out there on the front lines then we went back into the center.  John had left to catch the bus to go home.  Martha & I had supper & then went home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at Focus
I got to Focus after Mass today.  Martha went to take a friend, to the dentist, & then out to lunch.  I went over to talk to Rick, who was standing, by Planned Parenthood.  Then I saw a woman, who was pushing a double stroller into the center, so I went over to open the door for her.  She was the grandmother who takes care of her grandchildren while her daughter goes to work.  She brought them into the Material Aid Room & shopped around for about 15 minutes & then left.  The doorbell rang & it was Jeremy who delivers bread & canned foods, for our food cabinet.  He delivered 3 large boxes of bread & some used clothes for our clients children.  After he left the doorbell rang again & it was the volunteers, who work at St. Pius the Tenth, delivering the non perishable food items.  They dropped off at least 10 bags that were full of food.  Praise God!!  Then there was Tim who came by & dropped off toys & bags of shoes & used clothes, for the center.  He stayed to help us out with other things.  Thanks Tim for everything!!  Then Martha came & so did Paul.  What a team!!  We all worked hard.  Then a little while later Lynda came to join Martha, who told me that she wanted to go outside to pray.  About an hour later Martha came back into the center & so did Lynda.  In the meantime Linda came by to help us put away the donations that we just received from the Second Thought, the second hand store, in East Rochester.
About a hour later the doorbell rang & it was Mike, who was dropping off some wonderfully homemade items, like hats, scarves, toys, for our clients & for their children.  Wow!!  Ironically he knew Lynda & her husband,  Such a small world! 
The 4 students, from the Elim Bible Institute, came to help us out today.  They come every Wednesday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.  One girl worked making up the Truth packets & the other two girls folded up the clothes in the baskets in the Material Aid Room. They all did a great job!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012 at Focus & on the Front Lines
When I arrived to the center I was greeted right away by a client who was in need of diapers & formula.  Thank God that we had the right baby formula for her precious baby girl.  Just as I was finishing up with her Karen arrived.  We spent a few minutes looking over an Intake Sheet, for our clients, that are sent over to Embracing Options, for an ultrasound on Wednesday afternoons.  The Intake Sheet looked a little intense so I'm not sure what the final answer will be for this 'new' document.  Karen had just returned from a 9 day convention in another state, learning about the Creighton Method of Natural Family Planning, which is for just married couples & is approved by the Catholic Church.  This method has NO pills, shots, devices or plugs that are inserted in the arms of the woman. This is a great!   She said that the long week was very educational.  Karen had to leave early today, for she had to take her daughter & friends, to Buffalo.  Suzanne arrived but she had to leave early today to go to the doctors.  At least this week, for the first time in about five or more months, everyone was there at Focus.  Yeah!! 
Martha wasn't there yet so I started to think of where she could be, so I called her & got her voice message & left a message.  She called me back about 20 minutes later to say that she was at her apartment, along with her pregnant daughter, killing bugs which were in her apartment.  Sorry about that dear Martha. For she doesn't like the bugs that were there.  She came to the center about 30 minutes later. 
I headed out to the front lines when Kathleen, came for St. Louis Church.  She let me use the mega phone & the graphic sign.  This was wonderful for me & I did appreciate it so much.  She was so receptive & I was touched by her wisdom.  I spoke to all the cars that pulled into the Killing Mill Planned Parenthood.  Later on Martha came out to join us & then John arrived & then Lynda came.  We had Dan & Adolf across the street praying the Rosary.  Very effective. 
I can't be sure, but I don't think that any precious baby was saved. there this afternoon.   How sad!  When I finally did go into the center around 5:45pm ,Paul was still there, in the center.  He told Martha & I some jokes & then left after his work was done.  Just before he left Donna & her two girls arrived to the center.  I was so surprised & happy to see her & the children.  Martha was just serving supper so we offered them some but Donna said that they were having a barbecue at their house later on.  We talked & shared & set up a supper time at a restaurant at Panorama Plaza at 5:30pm tomorrow.  Can't wait. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I arrived at Focus.  The doorbell started to ring about 10 minutes after we got there.  We saw a total of 10 women & children this afternoon.  It was wonderful to be able to help these families.  I had an appointment with Joan, the new director at the Women's Care Center, this afternoon.  We went over many things to better both pregnancy centers.  I will call, at least 4 local organizations, to see what their affiliation is with Planned Parenthood, hopefully none at all.  It was nice discussing these matters, with Joan, to try to get some things done in both centers. 
St. Pius the Tenth Church had delivered, more food bags, for us to hand out to our clients. We thank them so very much for all that they do for Focus.  Jerry came with some donations that were a sure give away.  Paul had come to help us out today by cleaning our donations & helping our moms with diapers & wipes.  He was in a 'good mood' for he found about seven DVD's of the old hit TV series, The Rifleman.  I hope that he will enjoy them.  Ni, our client advocate on Mondays, had them by the door, to be put in the dumpster, but Paul found them & took them home.  He was so happy :)
Martha & I worked, to get things done, for tomorrow is our 6th. Mass at Focus at 6pm.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at Focus
Our 6th. Mass at Focus
We were all so busy, with our clients & to serve them with their needs, for themselves & for their children.  We also had to set up for our last Mass in 2012.  It's our 6th. Mass at Focus which was the first time that this ever happened!!  We were so blessed this year!  Paul came around 3:30pm to help Martha & I & our three Elim Students came at 4:30pm. 
Fr. Peter came with his friend from Canandaigua around 5:45pm, to set up.   Mass was started around 6:10pm & it was so beautiful.  Fr. Peter gave us a beautiful prayer, for our protection, to the dear Lord.  It was such a blessing for all of us, who were there, in the Great Room.
We had a delicious meal after the Mass.  Martha had made a great Chili & we had a veggie tray & cheese & crackers plus many deserts.  It was a simply marvelous evening.  Thank you Lord! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012 on the Front Lines
When I got to the center I went right on into the building. Martha came into the center about 5 minutes after I arrived & then she went out to the front lines to be with the  '40 Days for Life' people.  I decided to stay into the center until around 2pm then I'd go outside on this sunny day. I did some things & then Karen came in to volunteer.  She let in two girls & one of them asked for a pregnancy test so Karen took her into the Pregnancy Testing Room, to assist her in the test.   After she was finished with this test, another young girl came into the center asking for a pregnancy test.  I asked Karen to assist her & she did.  She was in the room with her for quite awhile talking to her about her life issues.  After she came out of the room she looked differently.  I was well pleased for she was a post abortive mother.  Dr. Karen gave her the information, both verbally & through the brochures, to start her life over with God's help, this time.  She then went into the Material Aid Room to get some things for her other child.  These are the times that I feel good about what we are doing here at Focus.  The doorbell rang & it was Dan, for he had come by to be out on the front lines to prayer & to witness the truth to the people, going into the Killing Mill.  We talked for a few minutes & then he left.  By now it was about 2pm & Suzanne arrived & we talked over some things & then I went out to the sidewalk to join Martha, Dan, Adolf, Addison & Dan.  What a team of prayer warriors!  Martha had been outside for an hour & 20 minuets now but she was hanging in there.  She had shared with me about the situations that had already occurred. She is a trooper!!  I started to talk to the people that were driving into the abortion mill by telling them the truth.  Later this evening a car came into the driveway & I started to talk to the young girl & guy, who had now parked but didn't get outside of the car.  It was about 5 minutes later that I saw that the car was coming out of the driveway with just only the same two people that went into the parking lot.  I was very happy to see this situation.  I can only hope & pray that they both had changed their minds for having their precious baby be killed but she will deliver her son or daughter sometime next year !!  Thank you Lord!!! 
I spoke with a man, who was on his cell phone, being preoccupied with his conversation.  I told him that nothing was more important then to save his child from being killed in there.  He just ignored me & then went back into Planned Parenthood.  It was quite awhile later that they both came out of the building & she drove out.  I was hoping that she didn't have an abortion but when she had stopped the car to look in both directions I saw that she was wearing a while wrist band, so I started to direct the comments about abortion to them both.  Lord, I do hope that she didn't have their baby killed here today.  He said something nasty to me so I asked him to stop using his phone so much & if she had an abortion here today he is also responsible for the murder.  Good Bye! 
People were driving into the parking lot to pick up the victims of abortion.  But the real victim is the baby that was murdered.  The regular abortionist wasn't here today but someone was in there doing this Evil......
John C., had now arrived on the sidewalk, so he & Martha talked & then prayed together.  Then John A.,came with a pizza, like he said he was going to do.  He was dropped off by the taxi to the pregnancy center.  I called Dan over to tell him about the pizza, so he could get some.  Dan went into the center to get a piece of pizza.  The other 'prayer guys' already had left.  So Martha, John & I stayed outside for about an hour more & then they went into Focus, to eat.  I stayed outside about 30 minutes more & then I went into the center.
It was around 6:30pm when Faye & Natalie from JustMe Ministry came into the center to assist Martha & I with the inside work.  They worked in the Material Aid Room for about an hour & then we all sat around the table, in the Green Room, & shared.  They are soooo nice!! 

 Great info that I want to share:
Hello Rick,
Monday afternoon shortly after 5:00 pm, October 22, three of us (Jim Burke, Randy Smith, and myself) were praying on the sidewalk near Planned Parenthood as part of the 40 Days for life campaign.  A young African-American woman with her baby son in a stroller approached us.  She had just been at Focus Pregnancy Help Center.  She thanked us for being there praying on the sidewalk and told us we were doing a good thing.  She said that about one year ago she had been scheduled for an abortion at Planned Parenthood when she saw pro-lifers praying in front of the clinic.  She pointed to the 40 Days for Life signs and said that the pro-lifers she had seen had been holding them.  She couldn't go through with her abortion.  She was only 16 at the time and she said that her boyfriend and her mother continued to pressure her to have an abortion, especially because of how young she was.  They even later on drove her to Buffalo for a later-term abortion but again she refused.  She was able to have her son and was able to get support from the pregnancy center.  She also told us that after her son was born, her family changed their attitude and now are supportive.  She also said that she had become born again, giving her life to Jesus, and was not being sexually active anymore, determined to wait until her upcoming marriage which was to be in March.  She again thanked us for being there and was so grateful that the public witness of pro-lifers praying that day one year before helped her to be strong enough to do what was right and protect the life of her son.  We were all uplifted by her kind words and it was great to see one concrete example of the results of all the sacrificial prayer and witness of those participating in the 40 Days for Life.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I were very busy today.  We saw a total of 10 clients this afternoon.  I noticed that Ni, who is at Focus on Monday evenings, saw 8 clients who came into the center for clothes & needs to be met.  We had Paul & Linda who helped us out with our work at the center.  I am so grateful for all our staff, who work so very hard!!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at Focus
I am so grateful to God for His goodness & grace. Martha & I started things off this afternoon & then later on Paul came into the center & I sent him to help Mark, in moving one of our clients.  She was so very grateful & so was I.  Sandy, one of our volunteers, came into the center with a multi colored wig on her head.  She said that she was a clown.  Okay dear Sandy.  She helped out in the Material Aid Room putting things away in there.  Then Linda came with her daughter Lisa, they both want to volunteer at Focus.  Yeah.  Linda went outside to pay & to witness & Lisa stayed in the center & I orientated her some what.  A little at a time.  She was putting away our new non perishable food items that were brought to us earlier by the husband & wife team at St. Pius the Tenth Church, when 5 people wanted food as they came into the center.  It was now busy again.  We never know when this surge will happen.  Then Linda came back into Focus so I spoke with her for awhile before mother & daughter had to leave.  We will see Lisa tomorrow as our 'new' volunteer.  Linda will start next Wednesday.  Yeah!!  Thank you dear Lord for answering my prayer, for more people to help us out, at Focus.  I do appreciate this so very much! 
I received a phone call from one of the Elim Students saying that they couldn't make it this evening.  I said that I understood & we'll see them all next Wednesday.  The work that I planned for them did get done tonight. 


Thursday, November 1, 2012 on the Front Lines
Feast of All Saints Day
Martha & I got to the center right after the long Mass today on this Feast Day, in our Catholic Church.  When I got into the door I went right to the office which was open.  There was Sheila standing by the desk.  She was just finishing the Intake Sheet of a client that she just had seen.  This client earlier, was walking into Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound, & then for the Abortion Pill afterwards.  Dr. Joe & his wife Maureen were standing there on the sidewalk for the '40 Days for Life' team, he & she also spoke with this client.  Sheila brought her & her friend into Focus where she asked her to fill out an Intake Sheet & she spoke with her about her life giving options, either to parent or go through the adoption process.  Sheila, also gave her some literature, for her benefit. Later on today Suzanne, our client advocate, gave this client a call about an ultrasound appointment & left that message on her voice mail.  We will continue to call her in the near future again.
After Sheila left, I had to call her on her cell phone, stating that she left her Focus keys in the office door.  We worked out a solution so that she can get her keys next Thursday, when she arrives, to sidewalk counsel.  She was happy about that.  Then Martha got a little lunch & then went outside to join the other people that were there already, on the front lines.  Karen came into the center to help us out for two hours.  I spoke with her about the ultrasound program, I had some questions for her.  I had the hard copies, on my desk, that were just sent to me by Jann.  I need more clarification when it comes our way.  Karen took our summer bags & boxes with her when she left today to bring them home to store until 2013.  Thanks Karen!   Suzanne arrived & I spoke with her about our new client.  She said that she would call her this afternoon. 
I was now heading outside to join Martha when I saw that our new volunteer Lisa was getting out of her car.  I turned around to greet her & to let her into Focus.  I then introduced her to Karen & Suzanne.  I asked the ladies of they would continue to orientate her to Focus.  Paul just came into the center to help us out.  I then felt that I could leave to go to the Front Lines. 
Feast of All Saints Day
Martha & I got to the center right after the long Mass today on this Feast Day, in our Catholic Church.  When I got into the door I went right to the office which was open.  There was Sheila standing by the desk.  She was just finishing the Intake Sheet of a client that she just had seen.  This client earlier, was walking into Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound, & then for the Abortion Pill afterwards.  Dr. Joe & his wife Maureen were standing there on the sidewalk for the '40 Days for Life' team, he & she also spoke with this client.  Sheila brought her & her friend into Focus where she asked her to fill out an Intake Sheet & she spoke with her about her life giving options, either to parent or go through the adoption process.  Sheila, also gave her some literature, for her benefit. Later on today Suzanne, our client advocate, gave this client a call about an ultrasound appointment & left that message on her voice mail.  We will continue to call her in the near future again.
After Sheila left, I had to call her on her cell phone, stating that she left her Focus keys in the office door.  We worked out a solution so that she can get her keys next Thursday, when she arrives, to sidewalk counsel.  She was happy about that.  Then Martha got a little lunch & then went outside to join the other people that were there already, on the front lines.  Karen came into the center to help us out for two hours.  I spoke with her about the ultrasound program, I had some questions for her.  I had the hard copies, on my desk, that were just sent to me by Jann.  I need more clarification when it comes our way.  Karen took our summer bags & boxes with her when she left today to bring them home to store until 2013.  Thanks Karen!   Suzanne arrived & I spoke with her about our new client.  She said that she would call her this afternoon. 
I was now heading outside to join Martha when I saw that our new volunteer Lisa was getting out of her car.  I turned around to greet her & to let her into Focus.  I then introduced her to Karen & Suzanne.  I asked the ladies of they would continue to orientate her to Focus.  Paul just came into the center to help us out.  I then felt that I could leave now to go to the Front Lines.  When I got there I saw Martha, Yan, Addison, his wife Glenna & Adolf.  I saw that Adolf was alive which was very good!  Last week he had a stranger get in his car to take him to the drug store, for some medicine.  I was not happy with his decision but he did it anyway.  The guy took his $100 bill & left the car & never came back with the change, for his so called medicine, from the store.  Why on earth did Adolf give this guy a $100 bill & thought that he would come back with the change is very hard to believe.  Poor Adolf he wishes that he never did that, last week, & he'll never do it again.  Then on top of that he got a speeding ticket too.  Poor wonderful Adolf, such a kind man :) 
Martha & I continued to sidewalk counsel & to pray.  Cars coming in & out of the abortion mill & precious babies being slaughtered, one after another.  How horrible is this!!!  It was about 3:30pm & Paul came outside & told me that our new volunteer Lisa had her cell phone stolen.  I went back into the center to see what had happened.  Lisa had her purse in the Green Room & one of our longest clients, who was the only person in the Great Room at the time, apparently took the cell phone from Lisa's purse.  How bad is this!  Lisa was on the phone canceling her minutes to the stolen phone....great idea.  I told her that we would pay for a new phone but she said "no".  I then said to her that when you come back, next Tuesday, just put your purse in the office behind the desk.  She said that she would.  I spoke with Martha, later on, & we both decided that it would be best not to have Donna back inside the center ever again.  My heart hurts for Lisa.  We can't have stealing, in our pregnancy center!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at Focus
We were very busy at Focus today.  We saw 10 clients today assisting them with their needs for their families.   Our new volunteer Lisa came to help us out at the center.  She was doing fine after her cell phone was stolen last week.  We had donations to put away so she helped with that.  Linda, our volunteer came early today so she helped put away the clothes into the Material Aid Room.  I worked in the office & Martha worked with Lisa & Linda.  The doorbell still doesn't work so Martha had called our landlord Bernie to see what was happening with that problem.  He said that he would bring a new battery as soon as he could to fix the doorbell.  All right Bernie!! 
It was another blessed day at Focus!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at Focus
Martha & I saw 10 clients this afternoon, so we were very busy again today.  This is what we want to be happening at the Focus Pregnancy Help Center.  Praise God!!  We had Lynda come into the center to tell Martha & I that her daughter Lisa, our new volunteer wasn't going to be able to come in tomorrow for her was sick.  Also, so was her father Bill, he was sick too.  Lynda dropped off some clothes for one of our clients to have.  How nice was that...  Lynda couldn't stay today either for she had to go back home to take care of your family who were not feeling to well.  We hope & pray that all will be well with them.  (Friday I received a call from Lynda that her husband Bill's mother had died & that Lisa, nor her, could come to Focus the following week, to volunteer, for they all had to go out of town for the funeral Mass.  We are so sorry about their loss & they are all in our hearts & prayers. 
Martha told me that she was going out to the front lines today.  I said "okay Martha but please be careful".  When she came back into the center over an hour later she told me what went on while she was out on the sidewalk praying & witnessing to the public. 
It was now 4:45pm & the two Elim students had just arrived to help us out, in the center.  Leaha wasn't with them today.  I put the two girls to work. I asked Ruth to complete the 'Food Pantry List', so that we were sure of the information that we had on the referral page, that we hand out to our clients, for their needs to be met in the community.  She typed the update list & I made copies, to put into the Material Aid Room & the Counseling Room, for our clients.  Great job Ruth & I have other referral lists to complete too, probably next week.  Zion, was helping Martha out with the donations, & she was very helpful with her project.  We are so blessed with all the help our Elim Bible Students give us!  Thank you Lord!! 
I received a call from Faye, one of the two women from the JustMe Ministry, that come to Focus twice a month to help us out.  She said that she had hurt her back & that Natalie, the other woman, were not able to come tomorrow but will come the following Thursday to volunteer.  I said that was okay & I hope that you will be feeling better soon.       

Thursday, November 8, 2012 on the Front Lines
I got to the center right after the noon Mass at the Cathedral.  I was surprised that Martha was already there, for she had to take her friend to the doctors & I thought she'd be here later. I was so happy that I was wrong.   She had a quick lunch & then went out to the front lines while I stayed in the center until all was settled.  Julie will be coming, in a few minutes, to be orientated some more. Julie, is our newest volunteer, & she will open up Focus at 9am until 1pm & then Martha & I will be there until 8pm, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  This is wonderful!!  Thank you Lord, for we have been praying for more volunteers, & you have blessed us with them.  Karen, came in with bags of winter clothes, that she's been storing in her home.  She's now taking our summer bags to store for next year.  This has been such a great help to us.  Julie had just came into the center.  I spoke with her for a short time then I took her to the counseling room for more orientation.  Suzanne just arrived & she had meet Julie already from a protest at the Unitarian church about two years ago.  What a memory you have Suzanne!!  I think that Julie felt very comfortable.  I just received a phone call from Jennifer who was outside with Martha.  She had said that she was walking with a sign up & down on the sidewalk & she said that a man named  Eric told her that she could not walk in the buffer zone, for it was in the Injunction papers.  She mentioned to him to show her the Injunction, to which he said nothing back to her. She called me up asking me what she should do.  I said for her not to go into the buffer zone.  She said "okay". 
I now had to go outside to be with Martha, so I said "good bye" to all & then went to the front lines.  As I was walking outside I saw Jennifer, walking into the parking lot, so we talked for a few minutes about what had just happened.  She understood the situation but, as we, she didn't like it either. She left but I'm sure that she will be back out on the front lines next week.  I can only hope & pray that she will.  I then met up with Martha. She told me that the man who parked in front of Buckpitt said to Jennifer that he had his four babies be killed by abortion & then he walked over to the condos that were being built across the street.  My heart was so sad that he felt no remorse for what he had done to his four children. Lord have mercy on his soul & for the souls of the woman or women that took their lives. I then saw that Adolf, was standing across the street by himself, holding his sign. Dan & Addison didn't make it today on the sidewalk. It was again horrible to be there where little precious babies were being murdered, by the abortionist, through their own mothers & sometimes fathers.  Not all men want their baby to be killed.  They have NO power to stop it.  It ALL depends on the mother.........
John, from the '40 Days for Life',  which is now finished this year, came walking down the sidewalk.  We were so happy to see him approach us.  We greeted him & then Martha & John said the Rosary & the Divine Mercy prayers together. The power of prayer!!  After their prayers Martha went back into the center to help out another client with clothes for her family & John & I stayed out, on the front lines, a little longer.  Then I saw a young man, who was walking from where the condos were, heading towards the car to which I was told about earlier.  As he came closer to us he said "well is it time to unload".  I then spoke to him bluntly but with love.  I had asked him if he had been involved with four abortions & he answered me back that he did & then he started to say more when I told him to now listen to me.  I said "you are heading for Hell unless you ask God, with a sincere heart, to forgive you for taking four lives".  He tried to talk to me but his face was changing into a harden face.  He then got into his car. He drove his car, making a circle, so that he could pass me by. He then made a face, from Hell, as he drove away.  I will pray for his soul. 
A car did come in later on this afternoon & went into the parking lot & they stayed in the car for less than 5 minutes & then they left Planned Parenthood. No one got out of the car or into the car while they we there.  Praise God!
John helped me bring everything into the center.  I was grateful for his help for he can't see very well & he is an older gentleman too but very sufficient.  He stayed for a very short time then left to catch the bus.  We hope to see him next Thursday again.  Martha finished our work & then had supper.  She left early tonight, for she was going to go to St.Jude's Holy Hour, which has resumed.  Praise God for that!!    

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at Focus
I know that Tuesdays are our most busy afternoon & it was that way today again.  Martha & I saw 13 people even more for not everyone signs in the book in the Material Aid Room, unfortunately.  When we fist arrived we saw that Donna was in the parking lot.  Martha had parked closer to her than I so when she got out of the car it was Martha who approached her first.  She told me late what she had said to Donna.  She approached her gently & said "Donna you're not allowed in Focus I just what you to pray & we will continue to pray for a result in this matter".  She said "okay" & walked away.  Martha & I felt badly about this but we had no other choice.  If she did take Lisa's cell phone, then we can't have her in Focus, that's the way it is.  Sometimes we have to do the hardest things to protect our clients & staff.  So now Martha & I were both in the center starting to put things away.  Then we saw Bernie, our landlord & I thanked him for repairing the doorbell.  I even think that it sounds better than the last doorbell ring.  Yeah!!  Then Frank came to get his money from Bernie because he had painted the front room that's now for rent.  We pray that it will be the right person.  I then went to my car to get some things from it & I bumped into Jennifer.  She told me that she had some boots for Cleveland, our street friend, to wear in the winter & then she went over to her car & gave them to me to take into Focus.  I thanked her for her kindness & generosity to him.  I then told Martha about the boots & she put them on the shelf in the hallway.  We haven't seen him in over a week so we hope that he's okay.  After that I went to the kitchenette to start to make our chicken sandwiches for lunch then the doorbell rang.  Martha went to the door to answer it.  She was now in the counseling room & was preparing for a pregnancy test.  A few minutes later there was two young women in the Green Room where I was preparing lunch.  I continued then I started to speak to them.  They had gone into Planned Parenthood this afternoon & when they did the woman at the front desk asked her if she wanted an abortion.  She said "no, I just want a pregnancy test".  The woman said back to her that Planned Parenthood doesn't do walk in's at this time.  So when they left they were approached by Jennifer who lead them to Focus, which they were happy about.  They had to wait for awhile for Martha was busy in the counseling room but it was time for them to go in.  She was negative & surprised.  She didn't feel well & wanted to go to Anthony Jordan's Health Clinic.  Martha asked me if Focus could pay for her taxi to the clinic.  I said yes but just to the center & not from the center to their homes.  They understood & said "thank you".  I called the taxi man & then while they were waiting we talked more.  The young woman has may issues & her life is a mess but she doesn't really 'get it'.  I hope & pray that she does real soon. 
We knew today that we weren't going to get any volunteer help.  Julie was with her parents at her grandmother's funeral, in another state & Linda was down near New York City, with her daughter that just had her precious baby.  So Martha & I were very busy.  Then the doorbell rang & rang & rang again.  Later on Martha did two more pregnancy tests.  The good news was that they all were negative!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at Focus
I had been invited, by Maria, to speak about the Focus Pregnancy help Center at a Bible Study women's group at St. Joseph's Church in Penfield this morning.  I did enjoy meeting the ladies & speaking about the history of Focus.  It was a well participated group with some of them sharing about their own experiences with abortion.  They also had blessed us with diapers, baby wipes & baby formula, how nice was that!!  Their kindness was well appreciated.  After the talk was over I went to T-Mobile to get some more minutes for the Focus cell phone & then went to Mass at 12:10pm.  After Mass Martha & I went to Focus for the afternoon & evening to work.  We were doing things in the center & one of them was that Martha was making us lunch.  Before we sat down for a quick sandwich the doorbell rang.  It was our grandmother with her grand children who she takes care of.  She was happy with what she received in the Material Aid Room & then left.  Martha & I then went to the table & sat down to eat our egg salad sandwich when the door bell rang.  I got up to answer it.  At the door was Jerry delivering 4 big boxes of bread for our clients.  Yeah!!  I greeted him & the he brought in the boxes.  I then called Tim, for the had asked me to, & he said that he was on his way to Focus.  He came about 10 minutes later to get a box of bread for his family & friends.  He also did some other things to help us out.  After Jerry & Tim had left we went back to the table to finish our lunch.  Then the doorbell rang again & again & again. 
Martha did 4 pregnancy tests today.  All clients were negative but Martha had to counsel them in their life situations, which takes time.  She was very tired at the end of this day.  Paul was having car problems so he wasn't with us & we felt that loss.  We finally got to sit back down to have supper about 6:30pm & that was great!   


' Lean on Jesus '

Lord Jesus, as you lived on this earth you showed us how to deal with trials and hardships. Be with us now. Teach us how to trust in you.

Thursday, November 15, 2012 on the Front Lines
When I arrived at Focus there were two women waiting for me to get a Referral Form for clothes & household items at a church on East Ave..  So I had to go into the office to get the forms to fill out & to give them to the women.  Thank God that Paul was already here & then Martha came into the center, so I felt better.  She then went out to the front lines for I told her that I had to orientate Julie some more this afternoon.  Karen had called me earlier this morning telling me that she wouldn't be at the center today for she had to go to an appointment.  Julie, our new volunteer, just arrived.  I greeted her & then took her from one room to another taking about what usually goes on in each room.  She is so nice & receptive to all the information that I bombarded her with.  Suzanne had now arrived, to work in the office.  I felt better, knowing the center was staffed sufficiently, when I finally went out to the front lines at 2:10pm to join Martha.  When I did join her she was by herself on the sidewalk with Adolf on the other side of the street.  WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!  I just don't get it!!!  We need more people to be more effective to save lives.  Lord please have Mercy on us all.  Thank God that we do have many people that are our benefactors & prayer partners but where are the other people that go to different churches on Sunday??  Why are they not out here to defend like?  I have to just go on without an answer.
The cars kept coming in & going out of Planned Parenthood, all afternoon.  I always say when they leave the parking lot to "repent of the murder of your precious baby", or something like that, so that someday they will repent of this crime against their own son or daughter & to save their souls from Hell.  I hope that they will remember the Lord words through me.  The Holy Spirit will help them to remember. 
John came around 4:30pm so Martha & him said the Rosary & the Divine Mercy Prayer to help save lives & souls.  Then after the prayers Martha went into the center & there helped a mom get what she needed for her family.  John & I stayed out there for a little while longer.  As we were getting ready to leave I saw a police car drive into the Planned Parenthood's parking lot & then another police car came a few minutes later.  I knew that they know where the pregnancy center was if they wanted to talk to me or talk to me when I'm still out there but I knew that I didn't come against anyone today so I really didn't think that I was involved with the police today.  When I came back outside from the center where we store all our signs that I was putting away I saw one of the policeman driving out of the killing mill & he waved at me.  I just looked at him & waved back to him.  Then I looked into the parking lot again & I saw an Ambulance that was parked further up the driveway.  It was hard to spot but I did, through the grace of God.  I then waited by the fence on the sidewalk to see what was going to happen.  I got my cell phone out of my pocket & was ready to take pictures as the ambulance left.  While I was waiting, the car of the smiley young woman who always smiles at me & waves as she drives into this place of horror, was driving out.  I took my camera & took her picture.  She wasn't smiling anymore.  She got her camera phone ready & took my picture too.  As she was leaving I said to her "thanks for the picture" & waved at her.  Maybe she won't be back again.  I can only hope.  About 5 minutes later the stretcher came out with a young Afro-American girl on it.  The two attendants took her to the Ambulance & drove out.  As the Ambulance was leaving I called out to her saying that I will be praying for her.  I did take three pictures too.  Only God knows what had happened to her. 
I now went back into Focus & told Martha all that went on.  John said "good bye" & went to reach a bus to go home.  Martha & I worked in the center until supper time.  Faye & Natalie came to volunteer with us around 5:45pm tonight.  After their work was done, we all sat down at the table, to share.      

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at Focus
I knew that we would be busy, on this Tuesday, & we were.  We saw a total of 16 people this day.  Martha was with her friend taking her to the doctors so I wasn't sure when she would be at Focus, this afternoon.  When I first arrived at the center I started my work then the doorbell rang & it continued all afternoon, which is what we want.  Thank God Paul came at 1pm so I felt better after Julie had left.  Poor lady.  When she arrived she fist put out the A-Frame sign & then went on to open all the rooms but had a horrible time opening the Pregnancy Testing Room.  She called me but she didn't let the phone ring enough so I didn't talk with her so she called Martha & she did.  She asked Martha what she should do if someone comes into the center for a pregnancy test & she can't get into the room to do it.  Martha told her that we had some pregnancy tests in the office & also the Intake Sheets too, if she needed them.  She said that the doorbell was ringing so she had to go.  Julie told me that the woman at the door was a pregnancy test & she was ready to give it with what Martha had just told her.  Yeah!!  She finally got the Pregnancy Testing Room door opened, after the client left.  She was relieved!  Sorry about that dear Julie :(  She wrote down all her questions so that I could answer them.  Great idea!  Otherwise she had a great FIRST DAY at Focus !!!!  See you tomorrow Julie.....
The doorbell rang & it was Valerie.  I was happy to see her come in to help us with the work.  She greeted Paul & then went to the Material Aid Room to assist the clients that were in there. 
Then Julie came into the center.  I greeted her & was happy to see her back after losing her grandmother, last week.  I brought her into the office & told her that I would like for her to work on updating our Focus Brochure.  She said that she would.  She sat down at the desk & we started working on this project.  It was about 10 minutes later that a young girl came walking into the office asking for a STD test.  I said that we don't do them but I know who does & I called Dee at Embracing Options & she said to have her come on over.  I said "thank you" & hung up.  I told this young girl & she was upset because she didn't know how to get there.  I went over to the taxi office but no one was there so I was just about to call them when Lisa said that she would be happy to drive her there.  I said that would be fine.  She didn't know how to get there so she went to the computer & got directions on Mapquest.  The young lady asked what we do so I gave her our Truth packet & our brochure & a DVD.  She was happy with all of that & off they went.  Lisa came back about a half an hour later & I was relieved.  We then continued our work on the brochure.  What a project, this was especially difficult for Lisa.  She wasn't familiarized with our old program but she worked for almost 3 hours without complaint.  You go girl!!
We had one client that stayed for hours.  I got to talk with her for a very short time.  She is the friend of the woman that we called the taxi for last week to go the Jordan Health Clinic.  She has many children so she took many bags of things for her family.  I hope all is okay at home for she is a married woman.  She got to spend some time with Valerie which I was happy about. 
Then I heard Paul say "hi Martha" so I went to the hall to greet her.  After I did I saw that she had brought Mary Lou with her from the doctors.  I greeted her & talked with her for a short time.  She was feeling a little dizzy so wanted to go home after a half hour.  I said "good bye" & Martha left to take Mary Lou home.  But before this happened Martha did a pregnancy test, which was negative.
Lisa did a fantastic job on the Focus Brochure & she made a copy of it.  Looks & reads great.  I am so happy with all the new changes.  Thank you dear Lord for Lisa!!    Lisa had to go & it was now 5:30pm.  We'll see her next week to help us with more things in the center.  
The doorbell rang & it was Linda.  She is a new grandmother!  Yeah!!  She brought in some pictures of Grayson Michael, who was born 10 lbs., last week.  Wow young man!!   The parents & grandparents are so delighted & so are we.  Praise God!  Then one of the clients, who was in the Material Aid Room, just told us that she delivered her daughter Princess on November 1st. & she was 11 lbs.  Wow young lady!!   Two big babies :)  Linda helped Martha with putting away the donations & Paul & Valerie had just left. 
After everyone had left Martha made supper & we ate & talked.  Wow what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at Focus
 Funny Pic...
Eve of Thanksgiving Day 
Martha & I got to the center after Mass today &  started our work, for we are very busy.  Jerry came with 3 boxes of bread, from his ministry.  After he left I called Tim to tell him that we now have bread.  He came over to pick up some of the bread for his family & friends.  The rest we put into the Material Aid Room for our clients.  It is always a blessing for them & their families.  The doorbell started to ring so we were starting to assist our clients now.  I knew that the three Elim students weren't coming today so I started the office work.  Martha & Paul were busy with the clients & the donations, to put away. 
Martha did a pregnancy test & thank God that it was negative for she had had two abortions & was 17 years old.  Lord have Mercy on our young girls.  Why did this happen?  Why wasn't anyone there who could have talked her out of this violence?  Martha counseled her with the truth & gave her our Truth packet & other informative brochures.  I hope & pray that she will abstain from sex until she marries the right man. About 6:15pm Martha & I had a nice supper & went home. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at Focus
I came into the center & greeted Julie, our newest volunteer.  She said that she was busy this morning.  I told her that now when someone calls me I say that we are open from 9:30am to 6:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  She will be getting busier in time. 
What a very busy day.  Today we saw 23 clients that came in to the center for assistance in the Material Aid Room.  The two client advocates did 4 pregnancy tests today.  Julie did two & Martha did two as soon as she entered the center this afternoon.  One of the girls will be volunteering for 10 hours due to her class project.  She will start soon.  Then another client came in & asked if she could volunteer because the Dept. of Social Services requested this of her.  I told her that the young girl that came in just before her asked & I said "yes" to her but look around & if you can't find any place then come on back to us at Focus.  She said "thanks, that sounds good".  She is a nice young lady we'll see what will happen.  I did some work while Martha was in the Counseling Room doing the pregnancy tests.  After she got out of the room I told her that I had to go to the Alternatives of Battered Women to drop off a bag that was left at my door at home.  I don't know the person who dropped it off on the porch by my mailbox with a note on the bag.  As I was leaving to go out the doorbell rang.  I saw that it was an older man.  I let him into the center & asked him what I could do for him.  He said that he just wanted to know what we do here & that he was 100% pro life.  I said that's great!!  I took him around the center & introduced him to Martha.  He asked me some questions & I answered them for him.  His name is Neil & is was so nice.  I said for him to come back again to see us.  He agreed.
I left now to go do my errand.  I arrived to my destination & dropped off the heavy bag.  I hope all is well with this mission.  I then returned back to the center & made a quick cheese sandwich & when I was almost done with it Julie came.  She brought her laptop to do work on the Focus brochure.  She brought it into the Green Room where I was eating to do the finishing touches on the brochure.  She was going back & forth to the office & the Green Room to finish the very important project.  I then called Rick, for him to check out the brochure.  He emailed back about a half an hour later saying that it printed out fine.  Great news!!  Thank you Lord for sending us Lisa & all our great volunteers at Focus!   What a team!! 
Martha told me two things.  One was that Elroy, the accountant, was now leaving.  Friday will be his last day.  Now we will have back the men's bathroom & we'll make it the Ladies Room & our bathroom will be the Men's Room.  Something finally normal happening.  Yeah!!  The other thing Martha told me was that she was outside on the front lines today at 10am praying & witnessing.  She spoke with a woman who walked out of Planned Parenthood & she told Martha that she had had an Etopic pregnancy, a couple of months ago, & now was here for a pregnancy test. Planned Parenthood just gave her a Depo shot saying to her that now you'll be sure not to get pregnant so you can heal from the Etopic pregnancy.  WHAT!!  How evil they are.  The Depo shot is dangerous & was not necessary for her or any female!!  Martha gave her our Truth packet & other information.  This woman was so sad that she didn't know about us before she went into Planned Parenthood today.  Now she knows where we are located if she needs us. 
Paul came & cleaned the donations that I brought in from Ana, in East Rochester.  He was so busy but he enjoys the work.  Then later on Linda came in to volunteer.  She & Martha worked hard to try to empty the Great Room where we put the donations.  They did but then later on a woman with her tow girls brought in two big bags of clothes for us to put away.  We'll save that project for tomorrow.  Julie worked on other smaller tasks in the office.  She also likes what she's doing.  Thank you Lord for these happy camper's!! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at Focus
It was another very busy day at Focus.  When we arrived, after Mass, we noticed that the parking lot was filled with cars, which was unusual because the two businesses, in the front offices, have left & the business for the taxi company is low so not to many people in that room working.  We got a spot each & then went into the center.  We both said "hi" to Julie & noticed that there were two women in the Material Aid Room looking over the clothes for their children.  The one young lady said "hi Miss Mary", I said "hi" back.  After Julie left Martha & I got to work then the doorbell rang.  It was not as busy with the clients today as yesterday but it was still busy.  It was about 1:45pm when Jerry arrived at the door with his boxes of bread.  I said "thank you" to him & he was gone.  I called Tim right away & he said that he will be over as soon as he could to get some of the bread for his family & friends.  I was grateful for that.  We put some of the bread in the Material Aid Room for our clients.  They are always grateful for that treat.  Tim came about 45 minutes later & took some of the bread, we still had a lot left for our clients.
Linda H. came to help us out today & she was feeling much better than last week.  Her & her daughter Lisa, our new volunteer, will be going to Mexico to Guadeloupe next Wednesday for 9 days as a Religious Retreat.  Wow!!  What a blessing that will be for them.  I asked them to pray for us at Focus on their Pilgrimage.  Linda said "yes".  What a blessing for us!!   We will miss  them.
Martha told me that Cleveland, our street friend for over 17 years, had been arrested on Scio St. the day before.  One of our clients told her that.  I hope that he stays in jail to get new clothes & to get cleaned up.  I guess he was lying in front of the Grocery Store & when the police came he spoke badly to then & tried to hit one of them.  Not a good idea Cleveland.  But ironically he came to our door this afternoon, looking better I'd say.  He wanted food so Paul, who had just arrived, gave it to him.  Some things never change>>>  I received a call from one of our pregnant clients asking for Paul's phone number.  She wanted to call him to ask if he would help her to move a couple of boxes to her new residence.  When he came in late today I thought that he was helping her but I was wrong.  He said that he had took his phone off the ringer to sleep in today & he slept until 11am.  Good Paul but could you do me a favor.  I told him what I would like him to do & he said "okay".  I then gave him the phone & her number & he called her to make arrangements for him to help her.  They made it for 6pm tonight.  Yeah, I'm so happy & thankful that this worked out dear Lord.  It was about 7:15pm that Paul brought our client in to see us.  It was great!!  Then after a short visit he brought her home.  That was so nice of Paul.
It was about 3:30pm when Donna came with her son & his friend to help us out at the center. I greeted them & then I sat them all down, at the table in the Green Room, & they folded the brochures, that John had just printed & left for us at the front door, on Saturday.  They will be coming back & bringing maybe two more students with them. 
Sandy came earlier today & she worked very hard along with Martha.  Martha went outside to pray in front of Planned Parenthood but she ended up taking a woman home that had just come out of the mill.  Praise God!!  Then when she came back to the center her friend arrived, with two very old Crosses, for our clients.  Martha brought them into the center & I brought them into the Material Aid Room.  They were both beautiful!!  Then Martha stayed in the center to continue her work there.  I only hope & pray that some people will come out to pray & to counsel or witness, out on the front lines in front of the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood.  I hope real soon dear Lord.

Thursday, November 28, 2012 on the Front Lines
I arrived at Focus at 12:50pm & the center was busy.  There was 3 women in the Material Aid Room with one child.  Julie said that one of the women was taking to much so I said that she had the authority to make sure that doesn't happen.  I went into the room & said that you can take 5 items per child.  They were fine with that news.  I went back to talk to Julie again & suggested that she goes into the room to be with the women when they are in there, to talk to them & to observe them too.  She said "okay".  Sheila then came into the center to talk to me about the Mass, in Holly, NY, on December 8th..  She will meet Martha & I at the Mass then after Mass, Father Mark will bless Martha & I, for the Consecration to the Blessed Mother Mary.  Yeah!!  Then Sheila told me that she had met Julie, some years ago.  I said "it's a small world".  Then they both left.  Paul was there with me & I gave him my car keys to get out all the new donation bags out of my car.  Then Dr. Karen just came in with bags of winter clothes that she had stored in her basement at her home.  She was mad at herself that she forgot the other winter bags that she left at home, so she said that she would bring them to us on next Tuesday along with diapers.  Thanks Karen.  Suzanne, our client advocate, emailed me earlier today to tell me that she couldn't come today because she had work to do at her job & her homework assignment too. I just gave this to the Lord.  Maryanne, who prays out on the front lines at different time on Thursdays, called to me & said that she wanted me to have a Rosary that was 'special".  I thanked her for her kindness to me & the blessing that she gave me too. Then Sandy arrived & was in the Material Aid Room helping out our clients.  She stayed for awhile to help us out.  I felt like I could go outside now, to be on the front lines, even though Martha wasn't here yet.  When I went outside there was Tom waiting for me.  He is with Sheila & Paul on the morning/afternoon shift.  He told me that a baby was saved from being aborted.  I said that was great!!!  I later spoke with Paul, who is out there with Sheila & Tom.  He said that a car pulled out of the Planned Parenthood parking lot & told him that she was here for an abortion but changed her mind because people were out here.  He told her where the Focus Pregnancy Help Center was located & she thanked him & then left.  Praise God for this wonderful news for both mother & child :) 
It was Maryanne & I for awhile, out on the front lines, then Adolf arrived to pray on the other side of the street, right in front of Planned Parenthood, to witness to the public.  Maryanne had to leave so now it was just Adolf & myself.  We had the Holy Spirit with us & the prayers & protection of the Angels & the Saints too.  I felt safe.  I spoke to every car that drove in the Killing Mill.  No one reacted or really cared to hear the Truth.  Oh Lord what has happened to us as 'people'?????
It was about 2pm now & Martha drove by me on the street.  She came to the sidewalk about 10 minutes later.  She had things to do in the center first.  When I saw her I greeted her then I asked her what had made her late today.  She said that the bugs came back to her kitchen.  I told her that she needs to call her landlord & we'll talk more about it later.  I was very happy to have her there, out on the sidewalk with me now, to pray & to counsel.  She went on to counsel everyone who enter the parking lot.  I stood on the sidewalk witnessing to the people driving by with a graphic sign.  I hope that we're saving lives, for our offended Lord.
Then the women & girls started to come out of the Killing Mill, with their heads bent over.  It's always a horrible sight to see.  There were two men who had dropped off their girlfriends & then they left & came back a couple of hours later to pick up their victims. 
Martha & I went back into the center about 4:40pm.  We continued our work in there then ate supper of homemade turkey soup & salad.  We talked about our experiences out on the front lines & other Focus issues. We went home, very tired but satified that we were able to help again, many people in the center, this week.  

Here is a note from Sheila, who sidewalk counsels in front of Planned Parenthood, on Thursdays from 10:30am to 1pm along with her dedicated team members of usually 2 or 3 people.  This was a prayer answered & thank God for your prayers to make this happen. Praise God!!  Here is her note, that she sent to me:

Thursday Nov. 29/2012

When I arrived there were about 10 or 15 people praying outside Planned Parenthood!  What an awesome presence!  Pat and Bill were there, and Tom, and Jennifer who is usually there on Tuesday. A group of Charismatic Episcopal Church members were there also. It looked as though they had held a service…..there were booklets entitled “Liturgy for the Preborn at the Time of Death”. Several clergymen were there, including Rev. Canon Terry Gensemer, from Alabama, and Bishop Gregory Ortiz from New Paltz NY. The group left shortly after I arrived, and so did Pat and Bill.
Tom began circling the block praying the rosary, which left Jennifer and myself on the sidewalk. While we were there alone, a car exited the parking lot and pulled over when we asked them to. I asked the woman passenger if she had been at Planned Parenthood for an appointment. She looked upset. I asked her if she had just had an abortion. She said no, she couldn’t do it. She was there for that purpose, but left. Jennifer asked her what made her change her mind, and she said it was seeing the people praying on the sidewalk. We were, of course, very happy. We told her about the Focus Pregnancy Help Center, and that we would be there to help her. She didn’t stop in today, but I gave her a packet, and wrote her name in my Golden Book of People I Pray For, and asked her to pray for us. She said she would.

God Bless,
Fr. Terry's website is
Bishop Ortiz's website is

  Prayer is a Gift

Prayer is best thought of as a gift of our faith, rather than a requirement of it. We will all experience loss, even abandonment, at some point in our lives. But we know that God is there, waiting to help us make sense of it all, to come through the fire better and stronger than we were before.
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at Focus
When Martha & I got tot he center we started our work right away. I spoke with Julie & she told me that she had called everyone in the Client Intake Sheet folder & three of our clients had their babies.  Yeah! 
1.  Baby boy was born on September 12th..  Both mom & son are doing well.
2.  Baby boy Niamiah was born October 14th. at 7lbs. 3ozs..  Both mother & baby are doing well.
3.  Baby girl Princess was born in November.  Precious baby was born 10 lbs. & is now over 11 lbs.  Wow!  Both mom & daughter are doing well & she has come into Focus for things for her child.  
Paul came in about 15 minutes later, which was good.  I was expecting Lisa, our new volunteer, but I received an email from her saying that she wasn't feeling well & couldn't make it.  We had Rita-Marie come in to help us, from St. John of Rochester Church.  It was nice meeting her & for her to assist us with our needs. Martha did 3 pregnancy tests, within an hour, of us being open.  They were all negative. 
I worked mostly in the office today & Martha & our volunteers worked in the center putting away our donations in the Material Aid Room.  We did have a slight icky occasion in the Material Aid Room but we worked it out.  A 'new' client was a little bit greedy in there but we set her straight. You have to.  It doesn't happen to often.  Next week we'll have the table set, in the Green Room, with homemade & bought cookies, punch & milk, for our clients & their children who come to Focus to get the help that they need.  It should be fun!!
I came out of the office to hear Paul say to one of the pregnant woman, that all we have are beans, in our Food Cupboard.  Which is true unfortunately. I tried to talk with her & asked her if she was going to breast feed her baby.  She said "I don't think so".  I told her that it was the best for her baby & then went into the room to get her the 4 brochures on breast feeding & gave it to her.  She had shopped in the Material Aid Room & had some bags filled.  I also gave her our Referral List, for Food Services, & our other Referral List, that has general information on it. She was grateful.  She had looked in the bags, of winter clothes, that Karen had just dropped off along with a big box of diapers.   She got some things in there too then left.  It was about an hour later that Jennifer came in to tell me more about this young pregnant girl.  She said that she was walking on the sidewalk where Jennifer was sidewalk counseling & come to find out that this girl had had an abortion in her past.  She said that she would never do that again & now has a son & is pregnant again.  She told Jennifer that her boyfriend, of 6 years, beats her when he's drunk.  Oh Lord no!  She & her son & baby in her womb are in danger with this abusive guy.  So Jennifer & I spoke & I gave her the girls phone number that she left in the Material Aid Room's Sign In Book & also I wrote down the names  phone numbers of The Bethany House, Alternatives for Battered Women & a post abortion counseling group Rachel Project, for her to call her & to give her this very important information for her & her children's 'freedom'.  I'm sure that Jennifer will get back to me, in regards to her phone call, with this young girl.  We want to help her & I only hope & pray that she wants the help that we have for her. 
The doorbell rang & it was Ni, who is at Focus on Mondays, from 4:15pm to 5:30pm.  She stopped off to drop a couple of bags of things that her customers gave her for us.  How nice was that!!  It was now 3:40pm & Linda, our volunteer, came into the center to help us out & she does a great job too.  She comes right over from her work day, on Tuesdays, to spend a couple of hours with us putting away things. A lot gets done when she's at  Focus.  I went to the car to get the gallon of paint that I got for our bathroom.  I put some of it on the wall & Martha & I don't like it.  Not 'yellow' enough.  So now I have to go back to the store to get more yellow put into the paint....booo!!   Frank will be coming on Thursday at 10am to start the painting in the bathroom so I have to go tomorrow to get the paint fixed up.  I hope that all will go well with the paint getting 'fixed up'.  
Martha made supper of chicken & sweet potatoes & a salad with broccoli & tomatoes then when we were done, around, 6:45pm, the doorbell rang.  I went to the door & it was Todd, who is on our board.  I opened the door & greeted him & said that the next board meeting was next Tuesday, not tonight.  He said that was all right & stayed & talked with me for about 10 minutes. What a shame but he said that he'll be back next week, for the meeting. Martha left & I stayed, for a short time, to finish up my work, then I left to go to the Post Ofice, to pick up a check donation, for Focus.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at Focus
It was a quiet day until later.  We had a very nice young man come to the center to shop for his 1 year old son.  I gave him some bread for him to take home.  I also asked if he wanted a Christmas Tree & he said "yes".  I was happy & then made arrangements for Paul to take him & the tree home, for he said that he lived right in this neighborhood.  Later on he said that he had called his mother & she said that they already had a tree & for us to give it to someone that really needed it.  Martha & I thanked him for his consideration.  Tim came in & gave Focus some clothes from his home.  He had asked me if Jerry the bread man had come & I said "no".  I asked Tim if he wanted me to call him if he does & he said "sure, why not".  I said "okay I will", but Jerry never came today & he didn't call either.  We did have some bread in the freezer form last week that we put out into the Material Aid Room, for our clients & their families, which was appreciated.  Tim, while he was at the center, made our front doorbell work better.  Thanks Tim. After he had left Martha, Paul  & I went back to work, after Martha & I, had a quick lunch of an egg salad sandwich & corn chips.   Then Martha & I wrote down some information about the Focus Center, for an article, for her Newsletter, that Donna, from St. John of Rochester Church, had requested that we do for her. It had to be from 200 to 250 words, so we worked on that project together, Martha did most of the work, I just added something's to it. I was going to do the Christmas Card for our wonderful volunteers when the doorbell rang.  Martha got the door & went into the Pregnancy Testing Room with two young girls.  The one girl was afraid that her mother would find out that she needed a blood test, with her insurance, but I told Martha that she has to tell her mother in order to see a doctor.  This young girl hasn't gotten her period in 2 months & needs to see a Physician to see why.   Martha went back into the room to talk with her again & to give her our Doctor's List, that she could call to make an appointment with.  The two girls seemed to be better just before they left.  While I was making out the Christmas Cards for our 3 Elim girls the doorbell rang & it was 3 young girls that came into the center & into the Green Room where I was at the table.  I asked them what could I do for them & they answered that they needed a pregnancy tests.  I said to them, that Martha was doing a test, so they would have to wait for a few minutes.   When the Elim girls came today I was surprised because I thought that last week was their last week before Christmas but I was wrong, today is.  I had Ruth type Martha's letter to Donna & Leah, I had her help one of our clients in the Material Aid Room & then to put some donations away.  Zion was not with the other girls today for she had lots of studying to do.  I then offered them Martha's homemade raisin cookies & they liked them & then thanked me. 
 I continued to write out the cards for the girls when Martha said to me "Mary, Cleveland, our homeless man, is lying right in front of the front door", then she went to the Green Room to have the girls come in for the pregnancy tests.  Leah & I went to the front door & I couldn't get out of the door because he was on the ground right in front of the door.  So I called out to him to move & then I heard him say that he had passed out earlier & had fallen.  I saw that his face was reddened by the blood.  He then said that he wanted to go to the General Hospital.  I said I'll call the police & he didn't object so I did & they came right away.  I finally made my way outside, maybe Cleveland had moved a bit so I could, & I went over to the police car while I was still on the 911 call & asked him if he was here for Cleveland & he said that he was.  Another police car pulled into the parking lot then another, it was wild.  Then Cleveland said "I don't want to die".  I responded to him that he wasn't going to die & that he'll be okay.  The one police officer said to me that he was going to live longer than he will.  I smiled at him for his sense of humor.  I then told Cleveland that God loved him & Martha & I did too.  Then we heard the Ambulance siren but it was the Fire Truck instead.  The same officer said that they had nothing to do so they came out tonight.  He has a wit. Then the ambulance came to the scene.  Mack, for next door came outside, & I told him what was happening to Cleveland.  He looked relieved that he was being taken care of.  When the ambulance people came one guy was a little nasty to me.  Once they had put Cleveland on the stretcher I had asked him if he could have a blanket & he said for me to shut the door & let us do our job.  I said back to him "no, he's my friend & I'm staying here".  Cleveland said that he was sick all over.  I was so happy to see that he was cooperating with the ambulance attendants & was going to the hospital to get better.  The same police officer said to me that he'll probably be out tomorrow.  I hope not for he needs a bath & his hair washed & for him to get better.  Lord have Mercy on our dear rough Cleveland.  
Martha was now out of the Pregnancy Testing Room & the 3 girls were gone.  She had done four pregnancy tests & counseling in an hour and fifteen minutes.  These three girls were in need of God's help, like we all do.  Martha spoke to them, as a mother, & she gave them lots of information for then to think about.  They were all negative Again they didn't want their mother's to find out that they were here at the Pregnancy Center.  The families need God's help too.  We also hope & pray that they will not have sex again until marriage.    
Martha asked me to make supper tonight, for she was bushed, & I said "yes".  We talked & talked & talked somemore about this later part of the afternoon.  I told her that when I went outside I heard a voice call out to me from across the street saying "Mary, what's going on" & he then walked over to where I was standing.  It was Jim, from the condo across the street from Planned Parenthood, that's given me a hard time over the years when I'm protesting that evil place.  He hasn't in a while.  We talked about what was happening to Cleveland & then he left.  He can be nice at times.  I hope that he will stay this way from now on! 

Thursday, December 7, 2012 on the Front Lines
Pat, the grandmother & great grandmother, called me as I was getting ready for Church this morning.  She said that her great grand baby Zymeir, who was at her house after coming home form the hospital about 3 weeks ago, had stopped breathing so she breathed into him & got him to the hospital.  She had to fight with the main Pediatrician for her to have him stay in the hospital for tests & observation.  Pat was worn out with the bad attitude of the doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital.  I feel so badly for her & her family.
When I got to the center, after Mass today, I met Julie in the parking lot & said "thank you & good bye" to her & that I'll see her on Tuesday.  Then I spoke with Sheila for about 2 minutes.  Paul then approached me & said that he was going to get something to eat so I asked him for a hamburger, for myself. & for Martha a chicken sandwich, which he said that he would get for us.  I went into the center to say "hi" to Frank that was just finishing up painting the bathroom. He left.  Then Karen came into the center to volunteer from 1pm to 3pm. I got to speak with her for a few minutes before going out to the front lines.  When I was leaving Martha had just arrived.  I got to the sidewalk & there was Tom & Jennifer standing there.  I got to speak with them for a few minutes then Maryann came over from across the street & gave me her donation for Focus & told me that she will see me again in April of 2013.  We will certainly miss her praying on the front lines.  Tom had to go but Jennifer was going to stay with Martha & I until 2pm.  Martha had now come out of the sidewalk to pray & to counsel.  The cars were going into the abortion mill & coming out of it too.  A car with a young girl pulled on into the parking lot to pick up another young girl, who had just had her precious baby be murdered in there, by an abortion.  Why don't they know what they're doing dear Lord against you & your child that you just created.  Lord have Mercy on them all.   
Paul drove by with our lunches so I said to Martha "you first, me second".  She said "no, you go first then I'll go in when you come back out".  "Okay" I said back to her & then left to go into the center for a quick lunch since Jennifer & Adolf was with Martha.  When I arrived into the center & started to eat, Martha came in.  She said that Jennifer said that she wanted her to eat her warm lunch now & that she'd be there witnessing".  So Martha & I ate quickly & was back outside by 2pm to relieve Jennifer.  How nice of you Jennifer.
I was standing by the tree by the entrance when a car pulled out of the driveway & the very pale girl put up fingers, from each hand, at me.  I said to her to repent for the sin of murder/ murder, I said the word twice.  Abortion is not a game it's murdering a child, so that you can live, as you want to.  How evil is that!!! 
Two young guys were walking down the sidewalk & I asked them if they wanted a packet.  Martha & I got to speak to them & lead them to Focus to get some 'free' things for the one guys young son.  As they walked passed us again they went into Planned Parenthood.  How does one deal with this?  I just have to give them to the Lord & then let go!!!!  They weren't in there for very long but 'why' did they want to go into a place that was killing little children, is my question?????
The Martha & I saw a Black woman of about 60 years old walk into the killing mill.  Martha asked her to come talk to us & she did.  Martha asked her why she would want to go into this horrible place.  The woman answered "to give them support".  "What", I said, you have to be kidding.  Then the woman stated to talk about God & quote the Bible.  I called her a hypocrite & she got mad at me & started to approach me.  I spoke in Tongues & then so did she.  I said to her that you responded when I called you a hypocrite so you are.  Martha was pouring Holy Water onto the ground, where she was standing, but she didn't even notice.  I said to her "to go", just go" & she did, right into Planned Parenthood.  How sad & evil was this!!!  What is wrong with people. 
Mike V. came today & we talked for a few minutes & then he went over, across the street, to be with Adolf.  We haven't seen Francis, in such a long time, he stood in front of the vets office, across the street witnessing with a sign.  He came over to Martha & I & greeted us before he left.  It was good to see him again.   I received a phone call for one of our clients & she asked if we were at the center right now, to drop off bags of donations for us.  I said that we were & she said that's great.  I thanked her & we hung up.  She did bring many bags of things & some big toys too.  How nice was that!! 
It was 2:50pm & I went back into the center to see if Suzanne was in there, I was starting to worry.  She wasn't there yet.  I talked with Karen for a few minutes then Suzanne arrived.  She said that she's so busy at work & school but she still wants to come to Focus.  I said for her to come at the time that works out for her, so that she can still come, to help us.  She agreed.  I said "good bye" to both ladies & went back outside to rejoin Martha.  She was talking with a young girl when I approached them.  The girl said that she was 51/2 weeks pregnant so I lead her to Focus for some assistance.  I got to the door & lead her in & Suzanne was walking down the hallway & greeted her.  She came out of the center about 20 minutes later.  Martha & I spoke with her for about 1 minute & then she walked into Planned Parenthood to wait for her mother to pick her up.  Martha suggested that she waits for her mom, at the Focus Center.  She came back outside about 5 minutes later & said that her mom wanted her to walk to Hudson Ave. for her pick ride.  Oh gee, thanks mom.  Poor young girl. 
We went into the center around 4:45pm & did some more work in there.  I called the hospitals but Cleveland wasn't at any of them. Poor Cleveland.  Valerie came to help us out & Paul brought her home about an hour later.  Martha & I ate supper then she left.  I stayed for awhile then I left to go home .  Big downtown meeting tomorrow morning, with Jim Harden, from Compass Care Pregnacy Center & the gang.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at Focus
When I woke up this morning the phone rang & it was a client that told me that no one was there at the center.  I told her to keep ringing the doorbell because maybe Julie is in the back room & she can't hear it.  She said that she had & no has answered.  I told her that I will call the office & then call her back.  She said "okay" & hung up.  I called the center's office phone hoping that Julie would answer but it went to voice mail & I hung up & called the client back & told her that I was sorry that Julie wasn't there but if she could please come back at 1pm when we'll be open.  She said that she would try & then hung up.  I then called Julie & got her voice mail & left a message for her to call me back.  Then my cell phone rang again about 30 minutes later saying that no one was at Focus & he was there to pick up the baby stroller, that we had for him.  I told him what had happened & he said that he will come back on Thursday afternoon.  I said "fine, thank you".  It was about 15 minutes later that Julie called me back & told me that she had called me yesterday & left a message on my cell phone to tell me that she will not be working at Focus anymore, for she had hurt her back at her paying nursing job & couldn't come to Focus to help us out unless she gets better.  She was worried about her job & finances & that she will miss Focus.  I told her not to worry for the Lord has a  plan for her & all will be right just wait & see.  I said if she could come back to Focus that would be great & she agreed.  We said "good bye & Merry Christmas" & hung up the phone.  I was in shock for her & for us but I knew that God had a great plan for both of us & to trust Him.  I got ready to go to Mass at noon. 
After Mass I told Martha & she was disappointed but understood that Julie had no choice.  I understood too & then after I got to the center I made some phone calls to tell the people that I had already told, of our morning hours, that they have changed for their donation deliveries.  We made other plans.  It worked out well & then I made a sign for the front door that gave our Focus Center's days & hours.  I hope that helps, for me to receive fewer calls, in the morning. 
Martha was busy setting up our Christmas table, of fruit punch & cookies, both homemade by Martha & store bought, for our many Tuesday clients & their children, that they bring with them.  It worked out very well & all where very happy :)   Martha saw 10 clients today.  She did one pregnancy test & it was positive.  She gave her the Truth packet & other informational materials for her benefit.  She, thank God, was not abortion minded.  Yeah!!!!!!
Linda came in today to help us out along with Martha & Paul, who was working hard cleaning all our donated toys, that we were blessed with.  I was in the office for most of the afternoon & I am happy to report that I did a lot & am almost caught up :)   I have two big projects left for this year but I'm sure that they will get done before 2013!
We had our last Focus Board Meeting tonight of 2012.   Three of the board members couldn't come tonight.   Hopefully we will have a full meeting in March of 2013.  We discussed all the wonderful events of 2012 at Focus.  It went very well, thank God! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
The Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe
Martha & I went to Mass today on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.  It was so beautiful!!  After Mass we went to the center.  She went out to the front lines to pray the Rosary & I stayed in the center to do my work in there.  Jerry came with 2 big boxes of bread for our clients.  I was waiting for Lori who was going to bring us about 4 boxes of clothes & things, from her home, to us at Focus.  She came around 1:45pm & was impressed with our humble pregnancy center.  There were two men getting things for their children, in the Material Aid Room.  Martha was back from the front lines, & she was helping them with things.  I was showing Lori, around after she had brought in the donation boxes, from her van.  She though that the center was great & was going to tell her friends at the Bible Study, at St. Joseph's Church, where I recently spoke.  It was a marvelous time with Lori today.  Then Paul arrived & got to work cleaning the toy donations.  He enjoys this so much.  I'm glad.  Sandy came in about 4pm & stayed for awhile & then Paul brought her home.  We had a couple of more clients in the Material Aid Room & Martha did one pregnancy test.  Her boyfriend & baby came in to the room with her.  She was negative & Martha spoke to her with love & truth.  Her boyfriend seemed to agree with Martha, which was a surprise.   Martha gave her a Truth packet & him a Maafa 21: Black Genocide DVD to take home.  I hope & pray the they both watch it.   Seems like a nice couple who love their baby now I hope that they love themselves & remain chaste until they get married.
Martha wasn't feeling well so she went home early tonight.  I stayed to do more work then I left.  It was a good day on Our Lady's Feast Day!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012 on the Front Lines & at Focus
I new that Pastor Hockey was going to drop off donated toys to Focus this morning at 11am.  I told him to ask Sheila to open up the door for him to get the toys in the Great Room.  Also, Tony called me to tell me that he was going to drop off the sofa to the center this afternoon. I also received a call from a client from yesterday that I told him that we were going to have 'free' toys in the center around 1pm on Thursday.  He called to see if the Pastor had dropped off the toys.  I told him that I didn't know because I wasn't at the center until 1pm & for him to stop by this afternoon.  He said that he would.  I then got ready to go to Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.  After Mass Charles stopped me to tell me that he had two bags filled with stuffed animals for the center.  I asked him if he could please drop them off at the center for I didn't have any room in my car for it was filled up with bags & boxes from Ana who had dropped them off in my garage.  He said "okay".  When I got to Focus there were people getting out of their cars & coming to the door.  I was overwhelmed.  I didn't even get into the center & there were 8 people right there in the doorway.  I didn't even know, for sure that the Pastor had dropped off the toys, thank God that he did.  I walked into the Green Room to see a not that Paul had left saying that he wasn't able to get to Focus this afternoon for he had to help one of our clients.  I was in a dizzy but I trusted the Lord that He would see me through & He did.  I led the army into the Great Room & saw all the plastic baskets filled with clothes & toys.  I told everyone that all that were in the baskets could be taken & nothing else.  I also asked them to take only 5 things per child.  Then one of the ladies accidentally broke a vase that we have flowers in for our Masses.  She said that she was sorry & I felt badly but I knew that it was an accident.  The one of the ladies asked if she could have a pregnancy test along with her two young children.  Thank God that Karen, our wonderful volunteer, came into the center & I asked if she would give a pregnancy test.  She said "of course I will".  She lead the client into to the room, along with her son & daughter, for the test.  It was negative. She was given some literature to take home.
I was also worried about the team out on the front lines but I knew that God will provide & He did.  When I went to the door to leave for the sidewalk Martha was coming into the center, it was about 1:30pm.  I said "hi" & left quickly to go out to the front lines.  There was Jennifer, all by herself, but she said that she doesn't mind.  Martha joined us about 10 minutes later.  She was feeling better than yesterday, thank God.  Jennifer then went across the street to the sidewalk, to witness with two signs, where the nasty young man who threatened Rob, this summer, gave her the finger.  How sad it that!  I hope he gets help for what is bothering him.  She left at 2pm today.  I went back into the center to get something & lead two clients in with me.  I told Karen that Paul wasn't going to be her this afternoon & that Suzanne was going to be late.  She understood & worked very hard with all the clients & donations. We saw 18 clients this afternoon.  Wow!! 
When I got back to the front lines there was Dan talking to Martha & about 10 minutes later Mike arrived.  We spoke for a few minutes & then I started to witness again with the graphic sign &  using the mega phone. Martha was praying along with Dan & Mike.  The cars were coming in & out of the Killing Mill.    A woman, when pulling out of the driveway,with her daughter, gave me her finger.  I told her that she had her grandchild be killed in there & for them both to repent.  It was so horrible.  How could this have happened?????
Dan & Mike had gone & know it was Martha & I out there.  I had to go back into the center & when I got to the door there were two girls wanting to get into the center.  Karen was leaving now.  I had to go in & to wait until all the people had left, before I went back outside, to be with Martha again.  Suzanne had called me to tell me that she was coming.  It was now 3pm.  After everyone had left I went back outside again.  It was about a few minutes later that a man had come around the bushes to talk to us.  I told him what was going on in Planned Parenthood.  He said that he had brought his daughters in for a physical.  I gave him two Truth packets & a two DVD's for his daughters.  He was grateful & then left.  It was later on that two young girls came to us & asked for a packet & a Rosary.  We talked with them for about a minute & come to find out that these were the two daughter of the mane that we just spoke with.  One girl was pregnant & the other girl wanted a pregnancy test.  I told them where to go & lead them to Focus, where Suzanne greeted them, at the door.  The father came a few minutes later with the one daughter's little daughter.  Suzanne lead them all into the pregnancy testing room.  There she did the teat, which was negative & she counseled the young lady & gave her literature.  Then she lead then to the Material Aid Room for clothes & things.  Martha & I met up with them back on the sidewalk.  They told us that their father had to go & were waiting for a ride from their mother.  The little girl, came over to the aborted baby sign, & said "baby".   My heart sank, for this so true.  I was so touched by the tenderness of this small child when she went from one sign to the other & said "baby".  Oh Lord!! 
This afternoon when Martha & I were out on the front lines, in front of Planned Parenthood, a car had pulled out of the driveway with a young girl  driven by an older woman, rolled down the window.   I asked her if she had an abortion & she said "no, I was but you all changed my mind".  I offered her a truth packet & DVD & she got out of the car to receive them.  I asked her what changed her mind & she said it was the graphic pictures.  We then all hugged.  I said that now you'll have a Merry Christmas & a great New Year. She turned around & smiled at Martha & I & then got back into the car & left. She was very happy.  This brightened our spirits, after many hours of praying & witnessing.
We had a couple of nasty, evil acting people harass us, but we're not bothered by them, we feel sorry for them & pray for their souls.  When I got into the center tonight there was a client of our who greeted me.  She had her daughter with her.  Scott, had come with the pizza as he had promised & our client was eating a piece of it.  It was very good.  She had left, to get the bus, before I got back into the center again, for I had to go outside to get the signs & the literature box to bring in.  I did say the workers as they were leaving Planned Parenthood that a baby was saved from being killed but did they care???  It didn't seem so.  How sad it that. 
When I finally did get back in the center & took off my coat there was Scott & Martha & a very nice pizza.  It was delicious!  Then around 6:15pm along came Natalie & Faye came to help us out.  They got to work ASAP & they did so much too.  At the end of the hour & a half, the Great Room was looking great again.  They had taken all the plastic bins & had emptied them into the Material Room.  Great work ladies.  After they left I stayed for another 30 more minutes & then I left.  Martha had left around 7pm to go to Holy Hour at St. Jude's Church.  I also found out, on the computer, that Focus received today from ROC the Day $246.00, from donations.  It was a blessed a marvelous day!!!  Praise God!!!   

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at Focus
We saw 18 clients & some children today.  It started when I put out our A-Frame sign, on the sidewalk, when a man was walking up the sidewalk asked me if he could come in or was it only for women.  I asked if he had a child & he said that he did, so I said "come on in & get what you need for your child".  He was so happy.  Then the doorbell kept on ringing.  We had three new volunteers come in today from St. John of Rochester Church group & I showed them around & got them started to put our donations away.  They worked so very hard for an hour that it blew my mind.  It was great!!  I asked if they wanted anything to eat & they said "no, thank you".  They left & said that they will bring food, for the Food Cupboard, when they come back in February.  Yeah! 
Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother came in today & we were so happy to spend some time with her.  Her fifth great grandson came home from the hospital & is doing okay.  He was prematurely but is surviving through  the grace of God.  Thank you Lord!!  She took some things from the Material Aid Room for the children for Christmas. 
Linda came in to help us out & we were pleased to see her today.  I noticed that the pregnancy tests were almost gone in the Rose Room so I went to the drawer in the office to see that the box was empty.  I was shocked because I new that there were some still in the box.  I called the volunteer from Mondays & she didn't know what happened to them.  So I called & ordered a box to be sent to us as soon as possible.  Then I called Dee from Embracing Options & asked her if she had any for Focus & she said that she had a box that she would give us.  I said "thank you so very much Dee" & said that I would ask Paul to go over to pick them up for us.  She said "fine".  I then asked Paul & he said that he would drive over to get the box of pregnancy test & he did.  When he came back I got Martha's birthday cake ready for us all.  When she came into the Green Room we all sand Happy Birthday to her.  She was surprised!  We all had the chocolate cake & talked.  It was a great day!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at Focus
The day was good & pleasantly busy, which is what we want.  When Martha & I arrived, at the center, after noon Mass we were greeted by Pastor Hockey who brought us about 10 basins filled with toys & clothes for our clients, last Thursday.  He came today along with some young people to pick the basins up at the center early in the afternoon.  I was blessed to have meet him & the young people that he had brought with him.  After that Martha & I worked & she answered the door while I fixed a cheese sandwich lunch for us both.  Paul arrived....yeah!!  he helped to get diapers for our clients & to answer the front door & to clean the toys that will go into the Material Aid Room.  I worked in the office printing more brochures & making up Truth packets.  Martha did one pregnancy test.  I was in the office when Paul came to tell me that a woman was here for a pregnancy test but Martha was in the Rose Room helping another client out with one.  I said "thanks Paul" & went to the hall to greet our new client.  She was with her young daughter who was around 10 years old.  I brought them into the Green Room to have a seat to wait for Martha to come our of the Counseling Room.  I worked at the table putting diapers into bags then I asked the woman if she was in a hurry & she said that she was.  So I knocked on the door & went into the room to get the Client Intake Sheet & then left.  I asked her to fill the page out then she could take the test that she would administer.  She filled the form out then I gave her a cup & lead her to our bathroom.  When she came out I then brought her & her daughter into the Rose Room for now it was available to us.  The teat was negative & I talked with her briefly & gave her a Truth packet & lots of brochures, to help her in the decision of abstinence.  They were now on there way out the door & thanked me.   Martha's client was negative too but more complicated than my client was but Martha had time to talk with her & to give her some information to take home with her.  On the way our she thanked us.
We didn't have any volunteers today except Paul who is a regular.  But Dan stopped by to visit with Martha & I for awhile & he had supper with us too.  He even had some of Martha's birthday cake which he enjoyed :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012 on the Front Lines
It was a horrible day of Evil!!  It's so hard to write about Thursdays but I must, for you & for me.  Martha & I got to the center & then went out to the front lines.  Paul was in the center, taking care of our clients that will come this afternoon & putting away donations & Suzanne was out preparing for a test on Friday & wasn't going to come this afternoon & Karen said that she would be late today for she was going to the Christmas Party at Embracing Options  Pregnancy Center where she does the ultrasounds on Wednesdays & is preparing to work there as a Physician.  So I was ready.  I wished Sheila, who is out on the front lines from 10:30am to 1pm, a Merry Christmas & gave her, her present & card.  I was happy to be able to greet her.  Tom was out there too so I wished him a Merry Christmas too before he left.  They told me that the abortionist, Rachel Phelps, had left with some women in the car probably to go to lunch.  They said that it wasn't to busy, this morning.  But that means that precious babies are being killed, which is horrible.  I was hoping that she wouldn't come back to kill more children this afternoon.  I was wrong.....she came back around 1:30pm with the woman in her car.  I begged them to leave this place of murder & that you're following a mass murder, the abortionist!!  They all went into the back door, of Planned Parenthood, to kill some more children. 
It was now just Martha & I out on the front lines & Adolph & Dan came about 30 minutes later to witness & to pray, across the street.  One car after another went in & out of the abortion mill.  I greeted the one Death Escort, who was walking down the sidewalk heading to the abortion mill, that she was worried about Hell, for she had called the police on me awhile ago & I said to her "you are heading right to the place of evil & pain & torment forever".  She just smiled at me as she entered the gates of Hell of Planned Parenthood.  Some people just won't listen to the Truth.
It was about 4:15pm now & Adolph was gone, for he leaves at 4pm.  He drives about 45 minutes to go home, from the front lines.  He's so dedicated.  Dan had left earlier.  Martha & I were standing on the sidewalk when a car drove down the street when it stopped, & a man got out of his car to walk over to us. He greeted me saying "please keep on doing what you're doing here".  I said "thank you, we will".  Then he said something so horrible.  He said to me "my girlfriend is in there killing my child".  Martha was now next to me so she heard his statement.  We both almost passed out but we have to stay strong.  He said that he has tried for two months now in trying to talk her out of killing this baby but she refused.  He then said that her mother drove her in.  Martha & I said "yes we know for we just saw them pull into the parking lot".  I asked him to go in there, to try one more time, to talk her out of the abortion but he said that he said all that he could say to her already & then he looked right in my eyes & said "men have no rights".  I said back to him "no they don't. I'm sorry".  I gave him some literature & Martha took him aside to speak Truth to him about his future behavior.  He left very sad & so were we.  How dreadful is this????? 
It was about 4:30pm when a car, with a young girl, a child in the back seat, with an older woman driver, drove out of the Killing Mill.  I noticed that the car pulled into our parking lot which is two doors down the street.  I told Martha that I was going to go to see why there were going into Focus.  When I got to the door the young girl was being lead into the center by Paul.  I asked her why she was at Planned Parenthood & she said "for birth control".  I said "no it acts as an abortificant drug that could kill her unborn baby & can hut you".  I said that I had a packet of information for her.  She replied back to me that she already has on".  I then said to her "then please look at it & read it".  She was at Focus for diapers & some things for her child, who was in the car.  I left the center & went to the car to try to talk to her mother who was like a 'brick'.  It was very difficult for she didn't want to hear anything about birth control though she said that she didn't believe in abortion.  I told her that they are the same for they both kill an unborn baby.  She didn't agree.  I said "it doesn't matter if you don't believe in what I just told you but it's TRUE, so you should for the sake of your daughter"!  I left to go to the front lines to get a Truth packet & walked back to the car where this woman was waiting for her daughter to come out of the center.  I said to her "this is my Christmas present to you".  She looked it & said "no thanks".  I said "you refuse my present" & she said "yes".  As I was walking away from her I asked her to not hurt her daughter.  I just didn't want her daughter to keep on taking the birth control that can kill her baby & hurt her too.  This mother was no help.  When I got back to the front lines I asked Martha if she would go try to talk to this woman.  She said "okay" & then left.  She came back about 10 minutes later so I thought that they were having a great talk but it turned out not to be the case.  The girl was getting into the car when Martha arrived so she said to the woman "the Lord loves you" & then they left. Martha went into the center to go make coffee, for she was very cold.  She tried at least to talk to this hard minded woman/mother/grandmother.....
It was about 5pm when we went back into the center for the evening.  Valerie, our client, came out  to help us bring, into the center, all that we had out on the sidewalk.  I saw the mother of the girl, that was in there killing the man's baby, that objected, & I just looked at her & I can't remember what I said to her.  My heart just sank.
I went into the center to now visit with Paul, Valerie & Martha.  A couple of clients came into the center to get what they needed for their children for Christmas.  This was comforting to me.  Martha & I had supper & then I did some work in the office & Martha left to go to Holy Hour.  Then I locked up the Focus Center & left to go home.    

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at Focus
It was a quiet day at the center being the day after Christmas.  Martha, Paul & I were pleasantly busy with our work to better our pregnancy center.  Martha & I had lunch together.  We had a cheese sandwich & some pickles, on the side.  Paul always eats before he come to Focus.  There were plenty of deserts to eat all day long.  We had six clients come into the center.  Some were guys getting diapers for their children, which is great to see.  We usually thank them for taking good care of their children & they smile bad at us, which makes us feel good.  The fathers need our support too. 
Tim came in to see if Jerry had come with the bread.  I told him "no, he hasn't come in today".  So Tim stayed for about 10 minutes taking to us.  I thanked him & his wife Molly for all that they do for Focus & for our clients.  They, like all of our donators, are simply the best ever!!! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012 on the Front Lines
We had a big snow storm late night so Martha called & said that she couldn't get her car out of the parking lot where she lives.  So I asked her if she wanted me to come get her & she said "yes".  I did some phone work from my apartment & then got ready to go to pick up Martha.  The party that I was invited to was canceled, for later this evening.  I figured that would happen because of the weather.  Sheila called me to tell me that she & Bishop Ortiz & his parishioners, from the Lutheran Church, had come to pray in front of Planned Parenthood this morning.  I asked her if they were doing abortions today & she said "yes Mary, they kill children every day".  It wasn't the answer I wanted to hear but it was so true unfortunately.  She said that they had just cleared off the parking lot, where our center is, so that the cars could now get through.  That was good to hear.  I told her that I would be there at 1pm & she said that she was going to leave a half an hour earlier today.  I wished her a Happy New Year & she did the same for me.  I then left to go to pick up Martha.  The roads weren't that bad, which I was happy about.  We arrived at the center around 1pm.  We got there at our usual time to witness for life.  Paul was already out on the front lines praying & when he saw us he came into the center, while Martha & I were outside, on the front lines. 
Martha & I were now out on the snowy sidewalk that hadn't been plowed so it was a mess.  I had bought a shovel before I went t pick up Martha today so Paul came out of the center to do some snow plowing for us.  How nice he is.  After he got done Martha & I started to witness the 'life' message to those coming in & going out of this Killing Mill.  Then we saw the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, leave.  We were so happy thinking that no precious baby would be killed here this afternoon.  I was so wrong, for she came back into the parking lot about an hour & a half later, & she did murder more children today.  It is so horrible to be at a place where they are murdering little babies.  As they leave the mother & father flip up their middle finger at me as I give them a soul saving message.  Evil is so blind. The biggest why is 'why is Planned Parenthood killing little babies'???  That's the 'why' I can't, nor do I want, to understand.
Adolf, who was across the street, Martha & I were the only people out there today praying & counseling & witnessing, to the public with our graphic signs, when a police car stopped where we were standing.  I thought that it was Officer Chris, who is our pro life advocate, but it was Officer Mike.  Martha & I greeted him & spoke with him for about 5 minutes & then he left.  He is so nice & is a prayerful man.  He was our saving grace for this place Planned Parenthood is sooo Evil.  It was about 15 minutes later that Officer Mike came back with 4 Hot Chocolates for us.  How nice is that!!  We thanked him for his kindness & told him that we will say an extra prayer for him & he said "thank you" & gave us a big smile & then left.  God is Great!!  We called Adolf over for his Hot Chocolate & he came over to enjoy the beverage.  I then went into the center to give one to Paul & he was happy.  Suzanne wasn't there yet so I went back outside. 
We continued to call out to the people going into the abortion mill to tell them that we can help them.  I pleaded with them not to have their baby killed but they did never the less.  How evil!!
There was one young girl that parked close to where I was standing, while Martha was in the center.  I told her that I had a packet of information for her & it was free.  She came over to where I was standing & said "I'm not here today to have an abortion".  I said "I hope any day will not have an abortion".  She smiles at me & said "no I wouldn't do that".  I handed her the Truth Packet & she gave me a hand shake.  I asked her name & she gave it to me & I told her my name & she left.  I hope & pray that she will stop coming here.  Education is Power!!! 
Adolf helped me to bring in the things from the sidewalk & he left.  Suzanne was now in the center so I greeted her & she thanked me for the Christmas present that I gave her.  She called some of the clients & assisted one young lady with a car seat application from the county.  Good job!
I went to my car & got a plastic bag from my car that had my thermos bottle, filled with tea, my vitamin case, a bag of tortilla chips, my eyeglasses & maybe some other things that I can't remember which we in the bad that I didn't want to get lost.  I brought the bag inside the center & took out my glasses & the chips & then left the bag on the table in the Green Room.  Oh darn, for later that evening I realized that I hadn't had any tea today so I went to look for the bag & I couldn't find it anywhere. Later on I found the thermos, on the floor, in my car.  It must have fallen out of the bag.  I had prayed to St. Anthony, the Saint of lost items, for me to find the it. 
Paul & Suzanne were now gone home so it was Martha & I at the center.  We were finished eating when the doorbell rang.  It was Donna!  I haven't seen her since November for she's living in Virginia, with her husband & kids in an apartment, studying law.  She & her husband also own a home in Rochester but I don't get to see her until she comes home on Holidays or school breaks.  She looked great!  She brought in four bags, filled with clothes & toys, from little Hannah, who is almost 4 years old.  She sat down & we visited for about 40 minutes.  Martha joined us but then she got up from the table & said that she was going to call her ex husband to come take her home so that she can go to Holy Hour tonight.  Donna had to go so we said "good bye & I love" & gave a big hug.  Frank, came about 15 minutes later to pick up Martha.  We said "good bye & happy New Year" & hugged.  I stayed until all was done. 

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