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Saturday, November 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 18

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  In the Cross is strength of mind, joy of spirit, height of virtue, full perfection of all holiness. And there is no help for the soul or hope of everlasting life save through the virtue of the Cross.


Thursday, January 3, 2013 at Focus

I was sick with the flu yesterday & I didn't make it to the pregnancy center, but Suzanne, our client advocate, emailed me this information, from the Focus Pregnancy Help Center, that I want to pass onto to you.

A new precious baby boy Mekhi was born on12/18/12, 8 lb 3 oz.  Baby is doing well.  Mom's recovering slowly from a c-section and will come by Focus, when she feels up to it.  The mother, of baby girl Egypt, who was born in September came into Focus to receive some new baby girl items, that we were just blessed with, to give to her.  She was very happy.. 

Pat's, great grandson Zyhmere, is still on a feeding tube & he's still in the Critical Care Unit, at Strong Hospital, but seems to be stabilizing. Thank God!  The young boy Omere, the other great grandson, who was in the hospital is now home recovering nicely.  Thank you for your continual prayers for this wonderful family that needs them so much.

 If we won't spend time with those we love, those relationships will slowly deteriorate from lack of nourishment. The same is true with our relationship with God. We need to spend time with God in prayer if we want God to be at the center of our lives.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at Focus
We really weren't to busy today after Christmas time.  We figured that most of our girls & guys came before Christmas to get what they needed for their families.  Martha, Paul & I put things away & when Linda came she helped us too.  We were pleasantly busy with our work load.  Some clients did come in today for diapers & for food.  Martha did one pregnancy test of a young girl who went by our A-Frame sign outside.  She came inside for a 'free' pregnancy test which was negative & she was counseled by Martha about abstinence & self respect.  She left, with a packet full of brooches, to assist her in her 'new life'.  Prayer & Education are the Keys to a new & better life for our clients & for everyone. 

'God Is Always With Us'

God is with us in the struggles and difficulties of life to help us choose life, to choose God, even when we don't feel God is with us.
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at Focus
When Martha & I arrived to the pregnancy center this afternoon we saw that water was on the rug by the first bathroom.  So Martha called Bernie one of the landlords to tell him about the water situation.  he said that it was a back up from the water heater because it wasn't being used as much.  He said that if we use the hot water it will deplug & not back up any longer.  Okay Bernie.  It didn't leak anymore because Paul used the hot water in cleaning all the toys that Ni,our client advocate on Mondays, had brought into Focus from a neighbor friend of hers.  We are most grateful for both of your kindness & generosity, to our clients. I received an email yesterday, from Janene, stating that she & her two home school children & her friend will be coming to Focus today to volunteer.  That is always wonderful.  We have volunteers, from St. John of Rochester Church, that come twice a month to help us out.  When they arrived we greeted them & then gave them a work assignment which was to straighten out the baskets of clothes in the Material Aid Room so that the right size clothes were in the right basket.  They worked for 2 hours in that room & at the end it looked great!  We also received a box of bread & some canned goods from our friend Jerry.  Also, we received many bags of non perishable food items from the good people of St.Pius the Tenth Church, in Chili.  It was great to see our two friends again as they brought in the food, for we haven't see them since October, of 2012.  They look & feel fine. 
The three Elim Bible Institute students weren't here today, for school hasn't begun yet.  We will hopefully see them soon.  Jean, one of the students, will no longer be with us so we will be given another student to take her place.  The very best to you dear Jean!!!
Clients came in today & we were well pleased.  One of our clients, who was jailed in the past because of child abuse, came in today with her son.  All is going well with her & her son now.  Thank God!!!  It is a tough road and you have to be careful on it & one thing is 'NOT TO ABUSE YOUR CHILD'.  She knows that she is still accepted at Focus & we will give her the love & support that she needs to be a good mother.  I said to her, "please say hi to your grandmother for me".  She smiled at me & said "yes I will", then she left with her son. We are always interested in the health & welfare of our girls & their children.   
Martha went outside, on the front lines, by herself this afternoon.  Later on when she came back in she told us that the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, had left.  She got to talk to some people walking by her on the sidewalk & gave them a Truth packet for educational purposes.  Great job Martha!  We always feel better when we can go outside to sidewalk counsel too.  Focus, does keep us very busy, though.  We wish that there were more people, out on the front lines, to educate & to help save lives & souls, for Chrtist.  Lord have Mercy!!


Thursday, January 10, 2013 on the Front Lines

Sheila called me telling me that she was not able to be there today from 10:30am until 1pm, out on the front lines.  She also said that Tom was not going to be there either.  I told Martha & she said that she had a car appointment, for her car to be fixed, at 1pm so she would be there on the front lines, at 10:30am until 12:30pm today with Mike & Paul.  I told her that I would come after Mass at 1pm.  So it was all agreed.  I did arrive at 1pm & Paul was there & Mike.  After being in the center talking with Paul for a few minutes went outside to be with Mike.  Thank God that Karen came to be in the center along with Paul.  I did go back into the center to speak with Karen & while I was there a young girl with her baby in the stroller asked us if we were going to be having any meetings.  I asked her of what?  She replied "oh something like encouragement classes".  I said "maybe also Parenting Classes & topics like that".  She said "yes".  I asked her to go back into the Material Aid Room to write it down on the Intake Sheet there so that when we start we will notify her of the class.  She said "okay" with a smile on her face.  Karen & I just looked at each other, for we had talked about having classes last year, so maybe this is the year for classes.  I then went back outside & Jennifer was there. I greeted her & she took two signs & stood in the bike ride, area of the street, to witness. 

I had received an email from Debbie asking if she & her college daughters could come to Focus to help us out today.  I called her up & said "yes, that would be great".  She said that they would be in around 3pm. I know that Karen leaves at 3pm so I was hoping that Suzanne would be there to let then know what to do at Focus.  It worked out that she was there when all three ladies showed up today.  I did get to meet them all & it was a blessing for me.  They will return back to Focus when they can. 
I was so happy that Jennifer, Mike, Adolf & Dan were with me today.  I knew that Martha was coming back after her car appointment but I didn't know when that would be.  So I started to witness to the people driving into the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood.  It's such an horrible sight to see the girls coming out in the car with their faces down or their bodies placed down in the car.  They usually give me the finger or say not so nice things to me but I figure that they just had their precious baby be murdered, so they're not going to be to happy with us.  We are the ones that tried to help them not to make the worst mistake of their lives, to which they will suffer, & so will, the drivers of the car, for they are supporters of this murder against this child.  No one wins after having an abortion, for we hurt too. 
An African American man was walking down the sidewalk & he said to us "keep up what you're doing out here".  I said "we will".  Then Jennifer asked him to join us.  He said nervously "no I can't".  I said "they're killing off your Race".  He said "they're killing all Races".  I returned saying "yes they are killing all Races but they're killing off your Race".  He continued to walk up the sidewalk away from us.  I hollered to him saying "you have a good heart & have a nice day".  But we were disappointed in his response of the loss of his Race of people.  Lord have Mercy !!!
Mike had to leave & so did Dan.  Dan told me that Addison was back from Florida, but his health is getting bad, so he might not be outside with us any more.  I said that maybe he will be back when he's feeling better.  I hope so. 
I noticed today that there were a lot of men with the woman who were going into the abortion mill.  It is so very sad to see that the men aren't protecting both the woman & the child, like they're suppose to be doing.  They will be held more accountable, before the Lord, on Judgment Day,  I hope that they repent too.  Two young women were bringing in three children, which sends a shiver down my back.  Poor kids.  Some guy hollered out his car window something I won't repeat.  I hollered back to him saying "love ya".  I should have also said 'repent'.  I don't know if he even heard me for he was up the street when I said what I said.  It doesn't really matter, for he had disdain in his heart, for what we were doing out on the front lines.  Poor guy :( 
If  he only knew that we could help him.  He was probably a post abortive Dad.
Martha came at around 4:30pm & she stayed in the center to help out our new volunteers.  I stayed outside with John, who came around 4pm, just after Jennifer & Adolf had left, to 5pm & then we both left to go into the center.  I said "hi" to Suzanne & spent some time with Debbie & her two daughters.  They helped us out a lot today.  Paul was still there & he does so much at Focus.  He is our 'cleaning man'.  I noticed that the front door was not locking behind me, when I came into the center, so Martha called Bernie & our new landlord Dan.  Dan called back & I got to speak with him about the door.  He said that he would call the taxi company, so that they remember, when they come in to make sure that the door is locked behind them.  I also wrote them a note.  He said that it would be fixed tomorrow, which it was.  Thanks Dan.
Everyone had left so Martha & I had supper.  The doorbell rang & it was Faye & Natalie, to help us out this evening.  Tonight they brought in diapers, size 5.  Wow!!  We had a young man come in to get some things for his son & Natalie started to talk with him.  She gave him some important information, to assist him.  See how Focus works.  Thank you Lord!  I was sad to hear that they have become so busy that they will only be at Focus once a month instead of twice a month They are such a blessing to Martha & I & Focus.

Forgiveness is something we do internally. It is a refusal to hate, resent or desire revenge. It is an act of the will, not a feeling. Once we understand God is not asking us to pardon someone when we forgive, we can work on forgiveness.
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at Focus
We were pleasantly busy today.  Martha & I were there but Paul didn't make it this afternoon.  Lisa came in to help me put in the office.  She did two updates for Focus.  She was a great help!!  The client that came in on Thursday came back with a friend & a car.  I just told her nicely that you can come back monthly but if you are going through a difficult time then you can come in twice a month.   She & her two precious children got away from an abusive boyfriend. They are in a safe place right now.  Thank God.  We saw many more clients during the day & that's what we want.  I handed out two Truth packets to our girls & I gave one of them a brochure on IUD's so she'll get it removed.  IUD's causes an early abortion.  Some of our girls are young & victims of lies & deception, mostly from Planned Parenthood & their parents & schools.  How sad is this phenomena!
Linda came in to assist us later on this day & she was a great help at Focus.  Valerie, our client, also came in today & helped us out.  After two hours of working & talking, Linda drove Valerie home.  How nice.  Martha has a test on Thursday morning so she won't be with us on the Front Lines, this week & she's leaving earlier on Wednesday too.  She is a great worker & we need her Lord & thank you for her & all our wonderful workers at Focus!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I went to the bank after Mass to make a Focus deposit.  We got to the center & started our work.  I just got a cell call from a mother whose baby will be born soon.  She doesn't have very much so I told her that we can give her a bag of new baby girl clothes.  She sounded happy on the phone.  Martha worked on the layette for her when she got into the center.  I ate a quick lunch & went into the office to do some things.  Later the doorbell rang & it was a client who needed some thing for her friend's child that she is caring for while mom is in jail.  Martha was going to leave early today to get ready for her test on Thursday.  Lynda came in to help us this afternoon.  We all talked for a short time & then Martha left.  We then received bags of non perishable foods from St. Pius the Tenth Church.  Kay, who brings the food in with her husband, asked me to write a note for the Church Bulletin to let the people know what happens to their food donations.  "Maybe you'll get more food if you can write a short note", Kay said.  I said that this was a great idea & I will write one.  We decided that next week, when she & her husband bring in more donations for our clients, I will give it to her.  This is a great idea for our clients who are in need.  More food the better.
Then the doorbell rang again & Lynda got the door.  She came in to get me because there was three young girls & one was pregnant who came into the Material Aid Room.  One of the girls was more aggressive then the other two girls.  She was the girl that I had asked to leave, last year, for she was taking to much & I had said a couple of times to her "only one bag not three".  We reconciled at another time when she came back to Focus.  I just have to watch her closely.  She's fast & furious.  I guess that's her personally.  Lynda & I went into the storage room & got a nice bag of baby girl items for the new baby who will be born soon.  They went into the Great Room to get some food too.  They all left happy.
Lynda & I worked together & then the doorbell rang again & two young girls came into the Material Aid Room for things for their children.  Then another lady came in for her needs to be met.  The doorbell rang again & two young ladies came in with some big toys & some other donations.  That was so nice of them.  Lynda came them with some new things that she had brought into the center, for our clients.  It was a black leather purse & a watch.  They were delighted with this surprise.  It was now 4:30pm & Lynda had left to go to Mass at Holy Cross Church.  I was now alone.  Jerry, the bread man, & Paul didn't come today.  The Elim Bible Students didn't come today either so I hope that they are coming next Wednesday to help us out.  I worked until 7:30pm & then left to go to Wendy's for my supper tonight.  All is good!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 on the Front Lines
Today is the surgical abortion day at Planned Parenthood.  There is always a lot of people having the killing take place.  Why, I don't know, that a mother would pay to have her son or daughter be murdered by the abortionist.  Adoption or parenting are the ONLY two options of her pregnancy of her precious baby created, by God, for His purposes here on Earth.  God is the creator of us all. 
I knew that Martha wouldn't be with me on the front lines today but I thought that Jennifer said that she would be here & she wasn't.  I did have Mike V. with me until 2pm when Adolf came to replace him.  Francis came to protest with his sign 'Men Regret Lost Fatherhood', standing by the Veterinary Hospital, across the street.  I spoke to everyone who came into the Killing Mill & left the horror house.   Some had just had an abortion, the killing of their very own child.  I try to witness to them in what they just had done & for them to REPENT for the sin of killing their child.  I usually get the finger or a nasty comment or they just look down in the passenger side of the car.  I try to address the driver too, of their sin against God, of being an accessory to this killing. 
God & us, who are out on the front lines, want their souls to be saved. 
I asked Adolf that I was going to go into the center to get warmed up for about 10 minutes & he said "okay".  I did go in & had some yogurt, for lunch, & to get warmed up.  I spoke with Karen for a few minutes & she was helping Paul put away the donations that we received this morning from Saints Place, at St. Louis Church.  I saw & spoke with Suzanne, as I was leaving the center, & going back to the front lines.  Sandy was walking up the street heading to Focus to help us out this afternoon. All is going well in Focus.  Thank you Lord!
It was now 3pm & I turned around to see Jennifer walking up the sidewalk.  I greeted her with excitement.  She said that she had a meeting to go to today so that's why she was late.  I said "thank you for coming Jennifer".  She is a good witness on the sidewalk.  A truck with a man & a woman in it parked right by the fence.  I started to speak to them offering them the Truth & help in choosing life.  The woman hollered to me saying "why don't you mind your own business".  I said back to her that this was my business if you're going in there to have a baby killed.  Then a young girl came out of, I guess in a hole in the truck, for I really don't know where she was sitting in the truck for she wasn't in the front seat when they drove into Planned Parenthood. When she got out of the truck she smiled at me & they all walked into the abortion mill together.  My heart sank.  A little while later he came out & sat in the truck so I tried to talk to him to be a 'like saver'.  He went back into the abortion mill & stayed there.  I felt so horrible that they wouldn't listen to the Truth & to protect this child rather that have this precious child be killed.  It's a living Hell out there on the front lines & it's hard to take.  Come Lord Jesus Come!! 
Two young girls were coming out of the Killing Mill & I spoke to them.  The driver of the car said "I had an abortion" & the passenger was smiling.  "Oh no" I thought.  Jennifer had just let me on the sidewalk when this was occurring.  When they drove out onto the street they stopped the car & I got to talk to them & I gave them the Truth packet & a Growth & Development DVD.  The driver didn't have an abortion & the passenger was saying that she's going to Hell.  I said "I hope not".  The driver was in there to got the Mirena put in ( is a soft IUD that releases small amounts of hormone locally into your uterus). Mirena prevents pregnancy in two ways: it releases a low dose of progesterone which sometimes, but not always, prevents ovulation. It also thins the lining of the uterus so that an egg, if fertilized, will not implant.  I told her to get it taken out , for it causes an abortion, & then gave her our Pro Life Doctor List.  I showed them, for their was a child in the back seat, where the Focus Pregnancy Help Center was for 'free' clothes & items.  They both said "thank you" & drove away. 
A car came in with a couple & the man looked at the graphic picture for a long time.  They left about 5 minutes later.  I want to believe that they 'chose life' today.  Praise God!  John came around 4pm & prayed the Rosary.  He later on helped me to bring the things back into the center.  Sandy was still there & we received a client who needed diapers & some clothes.  We assisted her then the doorbell ran again & it was a young man who comes in for diapers for his son.  He also got some men's clothes for himself.  I thank him for being a good Father.  Sandy was laving when the doorbell rang again & it was three women.  The mother of the daughter who is pregnant came in with her sister & her young son, for diapers & clothes.  I took the daughter into the counseling room & talked with her for a few minutes.  I prayed with her & gave her a Truth packet & a Growth & Development DVD.  Her mother is supportive of her situation.  Thank God!    When everyone had gone I called Martha & found out the her test was negative & all is well with her.  Thank God!!  I did more things at the center & then went home without having supper.  I thought that I would eat at home tonight again.  When I pulled into my garage I saw two cars pulling in behind me.  One of the cars was Ana, from the Second Had Store, bringing in her donations for the pregnancy center.  The man in the other car helped her put the things into my car.  Yeah!  I got to talk to Ana for a few minutes which was great & then she left.  I went into my apartment & fixed a fish supper with a glass of red wine & ate. 

Catholic social teaching reminds us that it is not enough to passively await God's kingdom in the next life. We are also called t make that kingdom present now, by working as God's instruments to remove injustice, discrimination, poverty and disease from our midst.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at Focus
Roe vs. Wade Day.  40 Years of abortion, in these United States, with more than 56 million precious babies, who have been murdered horribly, at the request of their own mothers.  What evil!!!  My heart hurts every day, since there is still abortion, in this land.  How can this be?? How can a mother pay to have her child ripped to pieces.  Pregnancy is a gift for women not a curse. This is what they want to believe so that they can do it.  It will bother them, in time, until they get out of denial but it still will hurt.  How can it not.  I hope & pray that they ask God to forgive them of their sin & start the healing process.  It will take a lifetime for them to forgive themselves.  So much pain & misery. This should not be happening anywhere in the World!!!!
Martha & I went to Focus & started working when the doorbell rang & rang again.  It was starting to get busy quickly.  Diapers are the number 1 request & then they go into the Material Aid Room for clothes & in the Great Room for food, if they need it.  One of the young women came over from Planned Parenthood where she just had a pregnancy test, which was negative.  The sidewalk counselor told her when she walked out of the abortion mill where we where so she came over to Focus.  I spoke with her briefly & I gave her two DVD's.  One has a lot of information on it & the other was Maafa 21: Black Genocide.  She took both of them then left.   I hope that she will come back again another time.  It was so busy in the Material Aid Room so I didn't have any more time to speak with her but I felt that I didn't want to scare her off either, with to much talk.  I did tell her that Planned Parenthood kills little babies & is killing off her Race.  I hope that was enough information today for her.  She also was given, by the sidewalk counselor, a Truth packet too.  All is well.  Susan Burke came in from praying out in front of Planned Parenthood, Martha & I got to talk with her for a few minutes.  She needed a bumper sticker for her car & some Rosaries to take with her to the March for Life, in Washington, DC, this Friday.  She's such a good person & does a lot of good too.  It was great seeing her again.   
Paul wasn't her this afternoon until 3:30pm when he walked into the center.  His car battery went dead so he had to get another one put in.....poor Paul.  Lisa cam in around 2pm & she helped in the putting away of donations along with Christine who came at 1pm to help us out, for the very first time.  Martha was busy answering the front door letting people into the center for assistance.  Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother came in for diapers & told me that our 5 month old preemie baby boy was now home from the hospital & is doing better.  She was very tired & is worn out.  She also needs a gas stove for her stove broke down...... poor Pat. 

We saw more clients when we got three more volunteers, from S. John of Rochester Church.  A mother & her son & his friend, who is a young lady.  They worked hard in putting things away.  I sat down & spoke with the mother for about 10 minutes.  We had a very interesting conversation then they had to leave.  We had a lot of help today at Focus, thank God. 



Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at Focus
Martha was going to go to get a new car today but her son was sick so they didn't go.  I knew that she was disappointed by has faith that it will work out at another time.  We got to the pregnancy center after Mass to work.  The doorbell rang & it was two women getting things for their families.  Martha made a bagel & cheese lunch & then the doorbell rang & it was Jerry delivering three boxes of bread for our clients.  He had a lot more boxes but we couldn't take them.  Martha mentioned to him about delivering them to St. Jude's Church & gave him directions to get there.  We don't know if he did but we hope that he did.  I then finished my lunch & then called Tim to tell him that we had bread for his friends families too.  He said that he will stop by tomorrow to pick some loves.  Paul came now & Martha & Paul & I talked for a few minutes, at the table.  That was nice.  Then the doorbell rang again for a client to receive some assistance.  It was now 2:30pm & Lynda came to help us out.  I got to talk to her about fundraising for Focus.   She later on blessed us with a check.  Praise God for that!  We run on good Churches & good people to stay open.  Rob called about the pro abortion protest tonight, on Winton Rd., but the weather was getting bad so he wasn't going to stop by to pick me up.  I said that I had to go so I won't be there tonight, just to busy.  He said that he was going to go. "Great", I said back to him. 
The doorbell rang & it was Linda, who come in to volunteer her time with us.  Then the three Elim Bible Students just arrived.  One of our girls just got engaged on Christmas Day at the College.  Yeah!!  We were so happy for her.  She'll be getting married in May of this year.  I got to meet the two new girls that will now be coming to Focus for this next semester.  They are very nice. I showed them around the center & then my cell phone rang, it was Dean wanting directions to Focus.  He did arrive soon after & Martha introduced Dean to all the girls.  I was in the office answering the phone, when he came in to the center.  I greeted him when I saw him in the Green Room.  We prayed first & then he talked about the Knights of Columbus & then about Focus & then about Martha & I.   He then handed me a check for $500.00 for Focus.  Such a wonderful donation towards our rent.  He then talked about the new kids coats that he brought, in for our clients children.  They were so nice & new.  He then said "good bye" & left.  It was a wonderful encounter with our volunteer team & Dean.  Praise God!!!  After Linda & Lynda left, I gave an assignment to the three girls.  They worked hard & did a great job in the Material Aid Room.  Then we all talked for about 20 minutes, it was wonderful.  Martha mentioned the book 'Unplanned', by Abby Johnson, to take with them to read.  I also gave them the website address of 'Live Action'.  They left well educated. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013 on the Front Lines

When I arrived on the front lines there was Sheila & Paul standing in the freezing cold, on the front lines.  A lady came up to us asking if there was someone in the center.  Paul said that he would go to let her in.  She was grateful.  I spoke with Sheila for a few minutes & wished her well on her first trip to Washington, DC, tonight for the' March for Life'.  Martha was going to go too, on the bus.  After Sheila left I was by myself.  I was setting up our signs, on the sidewalk, when I saw that a car had just pulled out of Planned Parenthood & was almost hit by the young man who threatened Rob, during to the summer,  Rob had called the police.  The big African American man stopped his car & got out of it & started to holler at the guy across the street.  He was angry.  The guy hollered back at him saying "I didn't hit you, did I"!  As the tall man was getting back into his car I called over to him saying "I hope that you didn't kill your baby here today".  He just stood still with a shock look on his face.  Lord have Mercy on him & her.  His hell just begun & I hope & prayer that they will repent of their Mortal sin against God.  He's only a prayer away. 
When Martha, Jennifer & I were out on the Front Lines this afternoon, in front of Planned Parenthood, a young woman came out of the Killing Mill & we called her over to where we where standing.  She said that she couldn't do it. She meant that she didn't have the abortion.  Praise God!  I brought her over to Focus where Dr. Karen talked with her. She was given literature & 2 DVD's. The young lady was grateful & we were delighted too. She also received some things for her two other children. Focus will now take care of her & her needs. 

A young girl was walking down the sidewalk & she stopped to talk to us. She said that she was heading to Focus to get some things for her son & was appreciative that we were out here on the sidewalk. She said that about 2 years ago her mother, who wanted her to have an abortion, brought her to Planned Parenthood.  She saw us & heard us speaking to her offering her help. They both went in & she then told her mother that she couldn't do it & ran out of Planned Parenthood. Her mother took her home & she delivered her son 11/2 years ago. Thank you Lord. Sometimes we don't find out about a baby being saved until years later.  God is Great!  
I had gone into the center several times & the last time when I went back outside Jennifer had gone.  It was Martha, Mike, Adolf & John out there now.  We prayed & witnessed all afternoon.  I only hope that other women 'chose life' today too.
A young man & a woman walked out of Planned Parenthood & headed to the sidewalk, where I was standing alone.  I spoke to them & the guy bent down & picked up some snow.  I quickly told him that if he threw that snowball at me, I'd call the police.  He put the snowball down.  She was walking funny & he was defensive.  I told him "don't you know about tough love"?  The girls are walking out after having their precious baby killed.  I hope that they heard me say "repent". 

We went into the center around 4:30pm today & Scott had just arrived & had pizza with him.  It was nice eating pepperoni pizza & talking with Martha & Scott.  After they left, our ladies came to help out at Focus.  Faye & Natalie came & did a great job, in the Material Aid Room & we even spent some time talking together. They will be coming once a month now.  They are such a blessing to Martha & I & to Focus. 



 I've now come to believe God's presence is more abundant in our suffering than at any other time--because very often this is when the miraculous power of prayer can swoop in and tenderly lift us.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I got to the center after Mass & it was raining.  I bumped into Jennifer when I drove into the parking lot, for she was headed to the front lines, to witness & to pray.  I saw Chris was on her knees, in the rain, praying holding a big umbrella, when I drove into the parking lot.  Jennifer said that her friend was gong to come to join her & she had deserts for us at Focus, from her church donation Sunday, that made us some money for our center.  That was great news, praise God & then she handed me a pizza box for Martha & my lunch.  This all happened in the parking lot. Thank you Lord.  I then went into the center to open up the doors of the rooms.  The doorbell rang while I was busy in the office so Martha answered it.  It was a woman breathing heavily coming into the Green Room to sit down.  Her daughter who has a baby 2 weeks old doesn't have much, so she came to Focus.  Martha handed her a layette, for her granddaughter, & she was thrilled.  Then Susan came in & found out that this woman needed things & gave her $20 to buy what she needed for the baby.  She was thrilled.  Then Tim came in to drop off a bag of clothes for our clients & he had heard her say that she needed a pac'n play or something to put the baby into, for she didn't even have a drawer. Tim mentioned Saints Place,, so Martha called & they had a pac'n play & they will call me when it's ready & Tim said that he will pick it up & bring it to Focus where the grandmother can pick it up.  See how God works, in strange & mysterious ways.  She was thrilled again & left happy.  Team work!!
The doorbell rang when I was in the office & Martha told me to go out to the front lines for Pat, our grandmother, was in Planned Parenthood.  I hurried to put my coat on & out the door I went.  I saw Jennifer & her friend & they told me that Pat had asked if they would get me for she was going into Planned Parenthood.  Then they said the car across the street was the person who drove her here.  I then went over to the driver of the car & saw that it was nephew & I asked what was going on.  He said that Pat received a call from her friend saying that her daughter was at Planned Parenthood having an abortion.  Pat was trying to save another life.  I then went back across the street to re join the ladies.  We talked for a few minutes & then they left.  I was by myself with a mega phone & no signs or literature packets.  I did try to talk to those who were going in & going out of the Killing Mill.  When I turned around about 10 minutes later there was Pat.  I greeted her & then she said that the young girl wasn't in there, which was great news.  She then walked over to Focus forgetting her nephew.  It's called stress.  I stayed outside a few more minutes then I went into Focus.  The place was a zoo, it was so busy with so many people.  Yesterday, our client advocate Ni, ministered to 8 people who had come to Focus from 4:15 until 6pm.  She must have been tired for she wasn't feeling to good when I talked with her yesterday afternoon.  But she got through it & so will we today.  Pat sat down & then she realized that she needed to tell her nephew where she was so she went back outside to tell him.  She came back into the center & he rang the doorbell about 5 minutes later.  We offered them the goodies that were just given to us by Jennifer's friend & they were delicious!!!  Pat also called her friend tot ell her what had happened about her daughter.  I can only hope & pray that she didn't go back to Planned Parenthood to have her precious baby be killed.  Lord have mercy!   Pat stayed for about 30 minutes & then they both left.  She was grateful for what she did get from Focus & it was great seeing her again. The new coffee maker didn't work so Martha & Pat had no coffee.  I'll take it back & hopefully get on that will work, for Martha loves her coffee. 
Then Lisa came into the center & I greeted her & she went into the office, to work on the major donation letter, that we will send out next Tuesday to some of the Parishes.  She worked on it all afternoon.  She is a computer whiz.  Then I looked up to see our new landlord Dan & he wanted to speak to me.  He lead me to the front hallway & asked if we could put the clothes rack in the Great Room for he's now showing the two room & it doesn't look good.  I said okay.  Then he brought me into the Green Room & said that we need to share this room with the other people that will be renting the two rooms up the hall.  I said "no problem" as my stomach was churning.  I hope he's not going to be a problem & I can swallow my pride & get along well with him, for he's a nice man.  Change is hard.  After he left I told Martha & Linda what happened so we talked about it & then we threw out the coat rack, for it was unsteady, & they put the clothes on it in the Material Aid Room.  I did  tell Dan, the landlord, that we will talk & get along with the 'new people' when they arrive, for no one has committed to the two rooms yet.  All is well!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at Focus
When I got to the parking lot of the center I was greeted by a client at the door.  I parked right by the door & she saw all that I had a lot of things in my car in the car.  She asked me if I needed any help & I said "yes I do".  So she helped bring the bags & boxes that I got from Ana, from the Second Hand Store, into the center.  I was very grateful to her for helping me.  Paul didn't come today so I was very happy that God had another plan.  The client then went into the Material Aid Room to get what she needed for her two children.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Tanisha with her little girl.  They went into the room to get things & then into the Great Room to get some food.  The little girl said that she was hungry so Martha gave her a homemade plan cookie.  The little girl also went into the Counseling Room & got two lollipops, from the table, until I locked the door.  Busy little girl, so cute. Then the doorbell rang & rang again.  It was a very busy day at Focus.  Our new volunteer came in around 1:15pm & I greeted her & put her to wok pronto.  She adapted very well.  Martha & I thanked God for her because we don't know if we could have done it without her.  She'll be back next Wednesday around 2:30pm or so.  Thank God!  Then we had our three girls come in, that are somewhat aggressive, or I should say that one of the girls in the group is the aggressive one.  Lynda came & talked with all three, she worked well with them.  One of the girls is pregnant with a baby girl so we want to take care of her & her friends.  Then a another pregnant mom came in with her two young children & she saw the musical rocker.  I tried to call to see if there was a recall on it but we couldn't find the number to call.  So we gave it to her & she signed the Liability Wavier, to protect our center.  She is a mature mother so I know that she will be fine with it.  She also said that it was a new version of the rocker so she didn't think that there were any recalls on it.  I did ask her to call the company if she finds the phone number & she nodded her head 'yes'.  My heartache came when she signed in & it was reported that she had three past abortions.  How sad.  She had to leave so I didn't address that today but I will, in the future sent her some Post Abortive brochures for help & forgiveness & healing.  It's something that won't go away by itself.  
Then at around 4pm when everyone had left we all sat down at the table & talked & talked some more.  It was wonderful.  After these ladies had left then the three Elim students came at 4:30pm until 6:30pm.  They worked very hard in the Material Aid Room.  The doorbell rang & it was a mom that they helped.  Someone else came in too that they assisted with diapers & clothes.  I received a call from the Social Worker from Hillside so he came by to pick up the things that his client needed.  Martha & I got to talk to two of the Elim girls for a few minutes tonight.  They are wise & wonderful & we at Focus are so blessed to have them volunteer here on Wednesdays.  Praise God!!   

 I have become more firmly convinced than ever that forgiveness is the universal path to wisdom and the only reliable passage to freedom and joy.


Thursday, January 31, 2013 on the Front Lines
I knew that Martha was looking to buy a car so I figured that she wouldn't be with me on the front lines until later in the afternoon.  When I arrived after Mass at the center I bumped into Paul who had just arrived.  He was now going to stay in the center to help out this afternoon.  A few minutes later Karen showed up with a new car seat that she got on line.  I was so grateful to her for her kindness to a client in need.  I spoke with her for a few minutes then went outside to greet Jennifer & Mike.  Sheila had already left & Don was now leaving for they were on the 10:30am till 1pm shift.  I noticed the abortionist car in the driveway & my stomach churned.  It was a very windy day so I was holding one sign & Jennifer was holding a smaller sign & Mike was saying the Rosary.  Later on Addison & Dan showed up & prayed in the truck across the street because of the wind.  My big sign blew in Planned Parenthood's driveway & almost hit a parked car.  Thank God it didn't.  I asked a young man, who had been in Focus earlier & now was talking to us on the sidewalk, getting more information, to go get the sign for me & he did.  Thanks young man.  This man & his friend had rung the doorbell when I was first at Focus this afternoon.  When they both walked by us they stopped to talk to us & to get a Rosary & a Truth packet & a DVD, for spiritual & educational purposes.  They were very nice men.  The one man was taking care of his child that he has partial custody of, for he has the child for one week then the mother has the child for the following week.  This is hard for the child & for the parents but he's doing okay & we try to help him too.  Amen brother. 
The wind was tearing through us on the sidewalk but we managed, through the grace of God, got through.  It was now about 2pm when Martha arrived at Focus.  She didn't come out to join us so I went into Focus to see what was going on.  She said that she just woke up from a nap & she didn't go to get a car today.  Okay I said & then asked if she could go outside because Mike had to leave & Jennifer was already gone.  Mike meet her at the door with the sign because it was blowing all over the place.  He brought the sign in the center & said "good bye".  Martha went out to join Addison & Dan, who were in the truck.  I spoke again to Karen & then ate a very fast lunch of blueberry yogurt so I wouldn't faint.  Then I was asked to go to the Material Aid Room where a client wanted to speak to me.  I said "hi" & she greeted me back.  She is a regular client & today she brought in her friend who is 4 months pregnant & is nervous because she doesn't have much for the baby.   I asked Karen if she would bring her in the Counseling Room to fill out an Intake Sheet & she did.  We will call her at time to see how she is doing & what she needs for her precious baby daughter.  I then went back in the Material Aid Room & asked how our young lady was, for  she has Diabetes.  She said that she was doing better & I was happy to hear that. 
I then went back outside for Karen & Paul had everything under control.  When I returned out on the sidewalk I saw that John was with Martha & Addison & Dan had left.  I greeted John.  Then a car was pulling out of the Killing Mill & I was now holding a smaller pictures of a graphic picture of an aborted baby.  The mother looked at the picture briefly & then gave me the finger.  I called out to her & the driver to 'repent for killing your baby".  My hear dropped which it always does when they come out after having an abortion.  I just wished that they will listen to the Truth & go home with their baby still in her womb. 
Martha a then said to me with nervous excitement that her car was suppose to be inspected today not in February but in January.  She forgot.  So she said that she had to go to get another car today.  I wished her the best & she left.  John & I stayed out for a little while longer then left to go into Focus.  Suzanne was now in the office calling the moms & getting some of them car seats for their children, from the Monroe County.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Connie & Lynn from the Church of the Transfiguration, in Pittsford.  They handed me a large check from a church bake sale, for Focus & for the House of Mercy.  It was such a blessing to us.  We talked for about 15 minutes & I showed then around the center & then they left.  This was great & thank you Lord for your kindness to our pregnancy center. 
Our new landlord came in around 6pm & I gave him the rent check.  I also asked him about us renting the first room up the hall.  He said that we could talk about it on Tuesday, so I gave him the hours that I would be at Focus, & then said "good by" to him.  We'll see & it's what God wants for us not me wanting for us.  It's in His Hands!!!



 Blesses be life!

I tell you it's good to be alive.

Blessed is she who bore me and tenderly gave me what I needed

Blessed is the fruitful seed in the womb.

Blessed is the growing embryo destined to be born

Blessed is every child, of God, come to full term.

Blessed are all the children of the world,

Blessed is every Mother who brings her baby to birth.

Blessed be every Father who supports bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.

Blessed be every doctor who refuses to abort life but seeks to save life.

Blessed be the miracle of LIFE and the gift of LIFE who provides for every living creature.

Blessed be the Virgin Mary who did not refuse to bear the Son of God.

Blessed be the Lord Jesus who did not despise being a fetus in the sanitary of the womb.

Written by Brother Martin


Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at Focus
When Martha & I got to the center I saw tat Jennifer, the Tuesday sidewalk counselor in front of Planned Parenthood was talking to a mom with a child in the stroller.  When I got out of the car I walked up to them to open up the door to find out that the young girl was the girl that her precious baby was saved from being aborted 2 years ago.  She has a remarkable testimony & I asked her if she would give it to the people after the Mass on April 10th. at 6pm.  She said "yes" with a huge smile on her face.  I was smiling too.  I said that I will call her closer to the date to remind her & she said "thank you that would be great".  I opened up the door & she went into the center to get some things for her fine little boy.  I briefly spoke with Jennifer before she headed to Planned parenthood to pray with Christine.  Then Martha came into the center & we opened up all the doors to the center.  I then went to the car & got out all the bags of donations, from Ana, at the Second Thought Store, in East Rochester.  I then got the mail & went to the box at the corner to put them in it.  I felt relieved that that was done.  I went back to the center where there was a lady coming out & I stopped to talk with her.  She said that she wanted to stop by to see if we could help her with her daughter that might be having sex.  She said something like "I should give her condoms".  I was surprise & upset with that comment.  I then gave her our Truth packet & some other brochure & a DVD.  I told her to also read the materials that I just gave her.  I asked if she could bring in her daughter so I could speak with her.  She said "yes, I'll try".  We'll see if she does.  I sure hope so.  Then she left.  The doorbell rang & I still had my coat on so I answered it & guided the two women to the Material Aid Room.  The older woman said that she had called me & I said that we could make up a layette for her daughter for she just had a baby girl two weeks ago.  Martha had made up a boy & girl layette so I went to get the one for a baby girl.  I then brought the young lady into the Rose Room & asked her to fill out the Intake Sheet so that we could call her on occasion to see how she was doing.  I gave her a Truth packet & a DVD & some other brochures & information.  As they were leaving I asked the mother, of the daughter, what are the name of her twins that she had referred to.  She said London & England.  I said "I remember you".  She said "yeas I was here about 4 years ago & you helped me with my twins.  I said "great & know you're helping out your daughter".  She said "yes I am".  I asked them to come again if they needed anything else.  Then they left.
Martha had brought in an Italian pasta salad for lunch & we ate quickly.  The doorbell rang again so I got up to let the young girls into the Material Aid Room.  I then went to the office & checked my email & there it was, an email from Lisa saying that she was a t the car garage getting her car fixed so she wouldn't be there at Focus today or next week because she'll be visiting her sister in California.  Oh darn.  I had things for her to do in the office but it worked out & I got some of the things done myself.  Paul didn't come today either for he was helping out one of our clients with her needs.  Martha & I missed him, that's for sure.
I received a call on my cell phone asking for directions to Focus.  The two ladies arrived about 5 minutes later.  Then one lady said that Jo, from church, told them about Focus so they decided to come to look around.  The one young girl just had her baby about 2 weeks ago & needed many things.  I went back in the store room to get some new things for her to take with her today.  They both were grateful.  After they left I called JO up & he said that the one girl was the girl that had nothing that had lived on Grape St. before she was evicted & is now living with her sister temporally.  I said that I didn't know that was her & I had a package filled with information in it.  I asked for his address so I could sent it to him to give to her but then I said that I would call her friend that had brought her to Focus to come back to get the information.  After I hung up with Joe I called the woman & she said that she will try to stop by on Thursday for the package.  Great!
Linda came in to help us today with a cold & Martha wasn't feeling to great either.  Oh my!!  She worked with Martha putting away the clothes & things in the Material Aid Room, for our clients.  She did a wonderful job especially when not feeling well.  Trooper!!  Martha then made supper & I called one of our clients for the new car seat that Karen brought in last Thursday.  It was about an hour later when Martha & I were eating supper that the doorbell rang & it was two of the three aggressive girls.  The pregnant girl first says "I'm hungry, do you have anymore of those brownies left, from last week".  I said "no we don't" & went to get the car seat for her as the other girl went into the Material Aid Room to help herself.  I told them that this was it for February so we'll see you again in March.  They need tough love.  I also said that your child couldn't be growing that fast, for you were in here last week.  I then walked back to the table & finished my supper.  I hope & pray that these two girls will do all right in this big world.  The pregnant young lady has a lot head of her & we are here to help her.  After supper I called one of our clients to tell her that we had a boy's layette for her & she said that she will try to stop by tomorrow to get it.  Then I called two of our clients to see if they were going for the ultrasound tomorrow.  The one girl said "no" but the mother of the other girl said "yes, she will be there tomorrow & thank you".  I emailed Karen to inform her of the appointment at 1pm. 
Martha did the dishes & then left to go home.  I did a couple of more things & then I went home too.  When I got home about an hour later Martha called to tell me that both the microwave & the roaster came at Mary Lou's apartment, for Pat, so could Paul help her with getting it into the car tomorrow.  I said that I will call him to ask him & then I will call you right back.  Paul answered & he said that he was still helping out Valerie tomorrow but he'll stop by the center around 4:30pm to help Martha out.  I called her back to tell her & the only thing that upset her was the time for it was during the rush hour.  I said that it all will work out so don't worry about a thing & we said "good night" & we hung up.  Get some sleep tonight dear Martha for it's going to be a busy day tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I arrived to Focus after Mass this afternoon. Martha brought into the center perishable items for Pat & put them in the refrigerator, for her to pick up later.  We opened up the doors of the center & started to work. I brought in some bacon & tomatoes for a bacon & tomato sandwich for lunch.  Martha was getting our lunch ready when the doorbell rang & it was a client & her young child to get something's in the Material Aid Room.  I was on the phone with Lynda telling me that she couldn't come in today because her old dishwasher broke down & water was all over the kitchen floor & some of the water seeped down into the family room below, causing a mess.  She told me some other things & I was on the phone, with her, for about 15 minutes. After I hung up I went into the Green Room to eat lunch with Martha.  I was disappointed that Lynda couldn't make it today, for I had a lot to do, especially in the office, that I wanted her to help me with.  That happens & I have to deal with it.  Then Katherine, another volunteer, didn't show up so I called Rob & he told me that she said that she couldn't make it every Wednesday only when she could.  Okay, disappointment # 2.  Thank God that Sandy showed up to help us today.  I made arrangements with Paul yesterday for him to stop by today, after Valerie's doctor's appointments for her two children, so he could go over to Mary Lou's apartment with Martha, to get the microwave & roaster for Pat.  I hope & pray that that will go well.  Pat called me back & said that she was at the Board of Education office arguing with the Board for them refusing to come to her house, because of where she lives, to give care to her great grandchildren.  She was so upset.  I said "don't get arrested for I don't have the money to bail you out".  I asked her to calm down & to talk reasonably with the people & to pray to God to help you.  She said "okay".  I then told her that all her appliances will be at Focus tonight & for her to stop by around 6pm to pick them up.  She said that she would try & thanked me & hung up.  I was upset that she was upset.
Then at 4:30pm the doorbell rang & it was our 3 Elim Students & a young man with them named Dan.  I greeted them all & then gave them assignments.  They are such a great bunch of young adults & it does my heart good to see them each Wednesday.  It was now 5pm & Paul showed up.  Martha & I were so happy to see him.  They asked Dan to go with them to pick up the large & heavy appliances & he said that he would.  The girls continued their work.  The doorbell rang & I let in a woman in who wanted diapers.  I asked her if she was here last week & she said "yes".  I then told her that she could come in once a month.  She said "I only need diapers".  I said then twice a month for we can't supply you with your diapers, you must find a way to buy some.  She looked disappointed but if I did that for her I'd have to do it for everyone & we couldn't afford it.  I felt badly about that but we also want to teach them to how to survive plus helping them when they are in need.  They are the chief providers of their family, we're not, we're only a temporary helper. 
Martha, Paul & Dan came back with everything & brought it all into the center.  It was fantastic to see it all for our dear Pat.  We then all got together & held hands & prayed & then said "good bye" & they left.  Martha & I started supper & when we were done the doorbell rang & it was Pat.  She sat down at the table & we talked for about 15 minutes.  She needed to get it out, all her frustration.  They said that they will call her on Friday.  They did call the police but she was not arrested, thank God.  Martha & Pat got all the things in the car & Pat was finally happy.  So much got done today because of the Elim girls & guy :)  Thank you Lord!!!


The Holy Spirit is the vehicle by which we leave off the old self bound by sin, slavery, fear and egoism, and embrace the new, open to grace and freedom and love.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 on the Front Lines
When I arrived at Focus after noon Mass I saw that Martha was already there.  I was glad.  I went into the center & Martha went outside to the sidewalk.  I wanted to stay in the center & wait for Karen to come because Paul would be alone & there was much for him to do plus answer the door.  When she came Paul did go to get me a hamburger for my lunch.  Dr.Karen came in with two large boxes of diapers & many bags of baby clothes which she bought.  It was great because we've been out of them for a couple of weeks.  We have some empty baskets now, in the Material Aid Room, until we can get more clothes via donations, for our client's children.  I thanked her for her generosity & kindness. Then the doorbell rang & it was a young man.  He was here last week so I informed him to come once a month unless their there is an emergency.  He smiles & said "okay".  Then he asked me to use the phone.  I went into the office to get the phone for him to use.  A short time later he said that the phone wasn't working.  Oh no, I thought.  I said to Karen that I'd have to call Time Warner this afternoon to get it fixed.  I don't know why I didn't give him my cell phone to use?  He then went over to Mack's, next store, to use his phone to call for a ride home.  Later I found out that he called for a taxi.  Nice young dad that has been at Focus for awhile now.  I then went outside to be with Martha.  I noticed that two other pro life women was with Martha praying.  One was Susan & she was holing her Crucifix real high so that they could see it in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  A little while later Adolf, Dan & Addison came to witness & to pray, across the street. 
I called out to the people in the cars going in & coming out of the Killing Mill, telling them the Truth & offering them help.  Then I saw that the abortionist, Rachael Phelps was coming out of the parking lot.  I called to her saying that we were praying for her & for her to stop killing these children.  Off she went with a blank look on her face.  I pray for her conversion, repentance & salvation every day, along with all abortionist, all over the world.  I briefly thought that there were no abortions today but I still called out to then that went in there.  I found out a short time later that another abortionist was there killing little babies.  The girls were coming out walking with difficulty to their cars, which usually means that they had an abortion.  So another abortionist was in there doing his or her Evil.  My emotions go everywhere, from sadness to more sadness. 
I received a call from Suzanne, our Thursday Counselor Advocate, saying that she was in the hospital with her boss, who was sick.  She didn't think that she could make it in today.  I said that I would pray for them both.  She was grateful for that.  I was sorry to hear this news.
A young woman was walking up the sidewalk & she got to where I was standing & she stopped & spoke with her.  I asked her if she was going into Planned Parenthood & she said "yes".  I then asked her why & she said for a STD test.  I then mentioned to her that Compass Care & Embracing Options, on Arnett Blvd., did then for free.  Then I gave her a Truth packet which she took.  Then I asked her if she wanted to call to make an appointment & she said that she had an appointment at Planned Parenthood.  I then said that they were killing babies, in there, right now & she walked away to go into that Evil place.  I was sad to see that she wouldn't call to get the right help that she needed.
Martha went in to the center & didn't come back outside so I was now with Adolf & Mike who came to pray.  The people in some the cars that came out of Planned Parenthood, waved & smiled sickly at me, when I tried to save their baby's life & their life too.  Someday that'll know why we were all out there, on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood :(
I was heading back into Focus for it was now 4pm & everyone had gone.  But I looked up the street & saw that John was walking towards me.  He is an older man who very poor eyesight.  He comes on Thursdays, when he can, to say the Rosary.  So I decided to stay with him for awhile.  Paul came out to the sidewalk to help bring the big signs back into the center.  I was left with my graphic sign & the literature box & mega phone.  John & I were standing there when all of a sudden I saw that two females were walking to the car near the fence.  The younger female started hollering at us.  I tried to talk with her but she just called me names like "you white blank, blank & then some more icky talk.  She even threatened me saying that she was going to hurt me.  Then she got into the car & they pulled out.  While the car was waiting for the on coming cars to pass, I asked her if she did that & I pointed to my graphic sign.  Then she got out of the car & she walked up to me threatening me.  I said "first I want to call the police" & reached for my cell phone.  "I don't care if you call the police you white blank, blank".  Then she said that she was going to get the man too.  Poor girl!  Her mother called her back into the car & she started to go back to the car when I asked her "are you racist"?  She looked surprised at my comment & then went into the car & they drove away.  Yeah!!  Then John said to me that I shouldn't talk to people that are so aggressive.  I said "John, please don't scold me, for I did what I thought I should do, & we're okay, by the grace of God".  Why didn't he say "I thank God that we're okay", or something soothing like that?  I felt defensive to him.  I was more upset with him then I was with her, I think.  Maybe because I knew that God would protect us & I wasn't afraid, even though she was threatening & aggressive & very loud, & because I've had people approach me like that for a very long time, in my street ministry.  I felt like I was being prideful so I asked God to forgive me, for what I said to John.  I said that I was sorry to him too.  We both then went into Focus & Martha, John & I sat at the table &we talked, for about 15 minutes, about other things before he had to go to catch the bus.  He is a dear man & I respect him so much.  Martha & I had supper & I stayed to finish up & then went home.  Praise God!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013
We have another new baby born.  Mom called me & told me that her precious baby girl Reign Prudence was born 7lbs. 6oz. at 2:46am on February 3, 2013.  Mom & her daughter are doing well!  I invited her to come back to Focus to get some nice things for her baby.  She said that she will when the weather gets better.  

Also, Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother, had an issue with the Board of Education, regarding the professionals coming into her home, in a bad neighborhood, to give her great grandchild Akira, who was born a preemie about 3 years ago her weekly treatments.  The people didn't want to come to her house, for they were afraid, but with Pat's determination & constant fight for her family was told today, by phone, that the professionals will be back to give Akira her treatments on Monday.  Praise God!  God has & will continue to protect all who go over to Pat's house on Frost Ave..  It was a sticky situation
for both parties.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I got to the center after Mass where our priest cried while he was giving the Homily about Pope Benedict XV's retirement.  He said that he is in shock & I know how he feels, for I'm in shock too.  We got in to Focus & I noticed that the picture that I had in the hall had fallen unto the floor & the glass was busted but no one had cleaned it up they just put the plant closer to the picture, I guess to protect us from being cut.  I don't know what happened.  I called up Ni, the client advocate who comes in on Mondays, & she didn't know anything about it.  I asked one of the taxi guys & he didn't know what happened either.  I'll never know what really happened.  Martha & I cleaned it up later on in the day.  I put up another picture & threw the broken picture out.  That's the way it goes. 
I made cheese sandwiches for our lunch when the doorbell rang, Martha answered it.  Our first client of the afternoon.  She came in for her baby boy Layette which she was grateful for.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was Jacquie & she brought in a handmade sweater & hat for our first baby girl that was born.  I showed her around & she was pleased.  I asked her to thank the person that made the beautiful pink sweater & hat, it was gorgeous. I went back to the table to finish my lunch & to talk to Martha for a few minutes then the doorbell rang again & Martha got the door.  It was a new mother & she needed a Layette for her baby girl.  I got up & went into the Great Room to put one together for her.  She was pleased.  The doorbell rang & a pregnant mom came in & saw the Layette, for the other woman, & asked for one & Martha told her that she will get one but not today for her baby isn't due until May.  I said to Martha her to get her a few 'new' outfits for her baby girl still in utero & Mom was happy.  Then we went back to the table & finished our cheese sandwiches, for lunch.  
The doorbell rang & Martha let into the center a young girl who was 17 years old & her boyfriend, who have two children & she is pregnant again, after Martha gave her a pregnancy test today.  She spoke with her & him about Adoption & she said that it was a possibility.  We were blessed by a friend of Ni's that gave us a stroller, car seat, a baby swing & baby jumper & at the end of the day three of them were taken.  Martha called to see if all was well with these items & all was well with them except the car seat which was on Recall & was over 6 years old & had to be thrown out.  How discouraging is that but we get through it.  We need car seats &  we will receive them.
I now went to the office to do my work in there & the doorbell rang & it was Linda, our volunteer.  She said that she had pink eye this past weekend. I said that I hoped that she was better & she said that she was well.  She went in to the Material Aid Room & worked on the clothes baskets, to make sure that all the clothes in them were the right sizes, that the label on the basket said.  Martha was tied but she finished her Intake Form & wrote two 'Thank You' letters for donations that we received today in the mail. Thank you Lord.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at Focus
Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent
Martha & I returned after Mass today at 1:15pm.  I put a note on the front door saying that Focus will be open at 1:20pm today.  Mass is a little longer on Feast Days.  When I pulled into the driveway there was a woman with her young son who was around 4 years old standing by the front door.  When I got out of the car I said to her "how long have you been waiting" & she said "for a little while".  She had bags of groceries with her too.  I opened up the front door to let them in & then I went to open up the rooms.  Martha was now in the center when the lady asked her for a pregnancy test.  I started to make lunch, tuna fish sandwiches & corn chips, & I did some other things too while Martha did the pregnancy test.  After the client left Martha told me that she was negative but had had an abortion in the past.  She has four children now but thinks about what she did to her other little baby. Martha gave her Post Abortion brochures to help her to get forgiveness & healing for what she did.  She also mentioned abstinence to her.  She also said that she was a Catholic that didn't go to church, so Martha spoke to her about coming back to the Catholic Church.  She told her that there was a Rosary in the packet of information that she just received from Martha.  She left saying "thank you & good bye".  We try to educate our clients in the Truth so they will heal & be forgiven by Almighty God.  To start over & to do better with their lives. 
After lunch which was about 2pm the doorbell rang & it was Lynda, our wonderful volunteer.  We talked for a few minutes & then Martha said that she was headed out to the front lines.  I said "here are some DVD's to take with you along with the Truth packets that you already have".  I gave her a small bag to put those things into & off she went.  I hollered to her to please be careful.  Then I brought Lynda into the office, to start to work on the letters for donations, to the parishes.  The letter was already written by her daughter Lisa, who volunteers on Tuesdays, but she couldn't make it yesterday for she was away.  So they needed to be addressed that's when we ran into the problem of where to sent it to when there are Church Clusters?  What a mess.  So Lynda said that she would call the Diocese to get more information.  She did.  She bought the pregnancy center a Diocesan Handbook & a CD for us, which was $20.  Wow!!  Thanks Lord & Lynda.  Now I can get the names & address, of the Priests & their Parishes, to send out the letter correctly.  When I was waiting for the CD to be instilled, on my computer, the doorbell ran & Lynda went to answer it.  When she came back she told me that two young girls were here for a pregnancy test.  I said "really" & got up from my chair.  I went to the Green Room where they were sitting & greeted them & introduced myself to them.  I said that I wanted to do one pregnancy test at a time in the room, so the one girl said that she would go first.  Lynda sat with the other girl to talk with her while she waited.  They were cousins. After she did the test I told her that she had to wait for 5 minutes & then I started to speak with her about the things on the Intake Sheet.  Then I looked at the results & said "you're pregnant".  She was shocked.  I asked her what she was afraid of & she said labor.  I said "please don't worry about that right now, you'll do fine".  I try to talk to her about many things asking about her parents & boyfriend.  Then I went I got her many brochures to give to her to take with her & told her that we will call her at time to see how she's doing & to call me anytime if she has any worries or concerns.  She wasn't abortion minded or adoption minded & said that she will take the responsibility that she needed to.  She also said that her mother, when she was her age, had an abortion & regretted it something awful.  I asked her if she'd like an ultrasound & she said "yes", so I called Dee & set up an appointment for her for next Wednesday at 1pm.  I asked her to call me if she has to cancel & she said that she would.  I tried to give her lots of support & said that all will be fine.  Don't worry.  I went to get her cousin, into the room, to have her do her pregnancy test.  She was nervous.  I asked her if it was okay that Lynda was in the room too & she said "yes, it was fine".  She was negative, so I had a long talk with her & gave her appropriate brochures, to take with her.  They both thanked us & left.  In my prayers.
Paul was now in the center & I was glad to see him.  He went to work right away cleaning our toy donations.  Then Martha returned  from the front lines safely.  The doorbell rang & it was Sandy, she came to help us out too.  Great!!  Lynda had to go & said that she won't be here next week because she'll be in California visiting her sister, so she'll see us hopefully in two weeks, unless her boss wants her to do some overtime, then she'll see us in three weeks.  We'll see what will happen.  We'll miss you Lynda but have fun & be safe. 
Martha told me that Planned Parenthood was doing abortions today.  My heart sank.  I wish that there were more people, out on the front lines, to pray & to speak to the girls going in there.  It saves lives.  Maybe someday hopefully.  She did speak to two girls & gave both a Truth packet & one girl she gave two DVD's too.  Then she said that one girl came out of Planned Parenthood & spoke with Martha & then went back into Planned Parenthood to get her friend out of there.  When she came back out they were together & the mom told Martha that she was having twins & couldn't kill them.  Martha & I are glad that she didn't.  Praise God!! 
Paul & Sandy left & I then received a call from the Zion, one of our Elim girls, saying that they got lost & were heading back to the campus for it was too late to come to Focus this evening.  They went a different way & got lost.  I said that we'll see them next week & she said that they will, for sure.  Things happen!  Martha & I were finishing supper when the doorbell rang around 6:45pm & it was the hairdresser at the salon two door down for us in the strip mall.  She wanted to ask me if we needed children's clothes & I said "yes we sure could use them for our clients children".  She said that she will gather them up & then bring them to us when she could.  I said "thank you so much".  I then went back into the Green Room to talk with Martha & then the doorbell rang again.  It was Elaine, our Board Member, dropping off the paper & envelopes for Focus.  How nice of her to print them up for us for 'free'.  Martha & I got to talk with her for about 15 minutes & she told us that her daughter was engaged to get married to her longtime boyfriend in August.  How wonderful!  She said that she was asked, by her daughter, to walk her down the aisle & she accepted.  How wonderful!!  She was a happy mom, to say the least.  She had to go to visit her 98 year old mom & to read to her & to talk with her.  How sweet!!   It was great seeing her again.

 Heavenly Father, help me to see that the earthly goods are nothing when compared to the eternal treasures you long to give us. Thank you for this earthly journey, meant to lead us all to our true home with you in heaven!
Thursday, February 14, 2013 on the Front Lines
Happy St. Valentine's Day
When I arrived to Focus after Mass I was the only person in the center but three people were on the front lines praying & witnessing.  I noticed that there was a new leak in the Great Room & I called the landlord & he told me to put a plastic bag under it & he's be by in the near future to go up to the roof to take some of the snow off of the roof.  We'll have to change the ceiling title at another day.  I also called Joe to tell him that I will sent him the packet of information that I promised him for his client & our client too.  I was hopeful that he'd be at church today so that I could give it to him directly but he wasn't, so I'll send it to him.  I then went out to the Front Lines to start counseling.  I greeted my team members & spoke with Sheila for a few minutes before she had to go.  Mike & Tom stayed with me so that I wouldn't be alone.  Martha didn't come until 1:30pm.  When she arrived I went into the center to speak with Dr. Karen.  I asked her if she would call the clients, because Suzanne called me earlier, to say that she was called in on her day off, for an emergency meeting, due to the illness of her boss.  So I knew that she wasn't coming in again & I wanted our clients to be called to see how they were doing.  Karen said that she would call & she did.  Thanks Karen!  I ate my hamburger fast & then went back outside.
I called out to the people, going in & coming out, of the Killing Mill.  I was so sadden by them going in to Planned Parenthood, to be lied to & deceived & the people driving by, on the street, & looking like that they didn't care about what was going on at Planned Parenthood until a car stopped & asked me what was going on here.  I said what Planned Parenthood does to children, in their mother's womb's, by killing them.  I also told her that they were Racist to the African American Race.  She took the Truth packet & two informative DVD's.  I then told her about, Focus Pregnancy Help Center, which is two doors down the street & told her that everything was 'free', for her & her grandson who was with his mother in the back seat of the car.  I directed her over to Focus & Paul helped her with things for her family.  She was grateful & so was I. 
Francis came by to pray & came by Martha & I to say "hi".  It was good to see him.  He is a Post Abortive Father & is still grieving for what he & his wife did 37 years ago, to their child.  I then went back into the center to talk again to Karen & when I returned back to the sidewalk a woman was hollering at Martha.  She was a nasty woman.  She got into her car with two men in the back seat & when she was about to pull our of the driveway she decided to come out of the car & confront us on the sidewalk.  She told Martha to "shut up" & I told her not to talk to this wonderful woman like that".  She was so vulgar, so I said "just go away".  She replied that she was standing in the right place & she could stay there".  Then she said "it's not a baby until born".  I said "you were lied to, for that's not correct".  She then took out the condoms, in a brown paper bag, that she just got at Planned Non- Parenthood & hit her butt, to show disrespect to us.  I suggested to Martha not to talk with her but she said that she wanted to & she did.  When the woman got back into the car she rubbed her breasts, which I don't know why she did that.  Then she started to mock God & I said "good bye lady".  As she was driving away I told her again that it was a baby before he or she was born.  Martha & I think that she might have had an abortion, in the past, & was now triggered by what she saw on the sidewalk, with our graphic signs.  I wish that we could have helped her today & maybe we did, through the grace of God.  You shall know the Truth & the Truth will set you free.  The Bible said that.
Paul cam out of the center to help us carry the signs back in & so did Adolf help us too.  It is so stressful & upsetting out on the sidewalk in front of a building that murders little babies, that God just created.  How Evil of them to kill these children who deserve a Birthday!!  It's his or her's RIGHT to be BORN!!! 

 Who is your neighbor? All those for whom Christ died. If that is true, can you exclude anyone from your prayers, your service, your heart? Your compassion may be the gift that saves someone from death.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at Focus
After Mass this afternoon Martha & I went to the pregnancy center.  We were putting things away, that we brought in from our cars, when the doorbell rang.  Martha helped this client out while I made lunch.  Before we got to eat Tim came in & I asked him to do some things for Focus.  Martha then gave him a bowl of her homemade Chili.  The doorbell rang again & it was two young women with a baby in a stroller, sleeping.  It was hectic in the Material Aid Room, for there were four women & a baby in a stroller in the small room, getting things for their families.  I was introduced to the one woman & was told that she was pregnant.  Martha suggested, that I have her fill out an Intake Sheet, so I brought her into the Counseling Room.  She said to me "I can't have anymore children for I can't afford it".  I quickly replied back to her "so you kill someone if you can't afford to feed him".  I then went on to educate her some more.  She wanted an ultrasound test so I called over to Embracing Options to schedule one for tomorrow.  She was happy that I did make an appointment for her & so was her friend.  After I showed her some graphic pictures of aborted babies I then gave her many brochures, some on adoption, & three DVD's to take with her.  I know that she will be okay. 
Paul came to help us at Focus today & I was thrilled that he was here with Martha & I.  I then went into the office to work on my letters to the Parishes when Pat, our great grandmother came in.  I had called her earlier, to tell her that Mary Lou had paid Martha to buy some food for her & for her to come on by to pick it up, & she was.  I got to talk with her for about an hour & she told me what was going on in her life with her great grandchildren's care.  She picked up the groceries & some other things from us too.  It was great seeing her today.  After Pat left we saw more clients to assist them in their needs. 

 Feel the sorrow in your heart when you apologize, but also feel the gratitude when you give thanks for God's gentle work inside your heart as he continually labors to make you more Christ-like, day by gently day.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at Focus
Martha told me that she was out in front of Planned Parenthood, this morning,  before noon Mass.  She thought that they were doing abortions.  How bad is that!!  I wanted to get to Focus before Mass to give Karen some information that she requested before 1pm today for the two ultrasounds that were scheduled.  When I hurried to get into Focus to do my work the doorbell rang & it was a mother & her two children & her mother.  The pregnant woman said that they were looking for Focus on University Ave. for a  long time.  I greeted them & then told them that we open at 1pm but since I was here they could look around for about 10 minutes before I had to leave.  They agreed.  When they were leaving I asked the pregnant mom when she was due & she said in a couple of days & she's a girl.  I replied back to her that when the baby is born you can come back to get a Layette for your baby.  She smiled & left.  I did some other things & then went to church.  I got to church about a minute late which was too late.  It wasn't the client's fault it was mine. 
Martha & I got o the center & started our work.  Paul came about 15 minutes later, thank God.  We had a fast lunch & then I went into the office to work on the letters to the Parishes for financial donations.  I completed 15 & sent them out in the mail.  Dan came today which was great!  I greeted him & then put him to work.  I asked Paul & Dan to fix the ceiling in the Great Room which they did.  After they worked so hard on it, it started to leak again.  Darn. It just will have to drip.  Then by the power of the Holy Spirit I got up from my office chair & asked Martha, Dan & Paul to start to work in the new room up the hall.  They did & it looks great.  A lot of heavy work, that I let the men do.  Martha was nervous about her 11th. grandchild to be born very soon & she was in another world.  The two Elim girls came without the other girl who has strep throat.  She'll get treatment tomorrow, I was told.  They  worked in getting the books in order & putting the Women's Clothes in many baskets so that they could be seen better.  The rooms look good, thank God.  The girls spent two hours with us & then left.  Martha & I had a nice supper & she left & I stayed to do more work.  I didn't want to lock the new room because I don't have a key but I accidentally did lock the door.  Phooey.  I called the landlord & l left a message on his answering machine to please come & open up the door early tomorrow & to give me some keys for the door.  I hope that he will.  He stopped by earlier this evening & we all had a nice talk.  He said that he's doing Yoga & I told him that wasn't good for the Church said it's occult.  He was shocked.  I told him that I would give him the information when I give him the rent check for March.  I hope he listens.  It's the Truth Dan!!! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013 on the Front Lines
I arrived to Focus after Mass & went into the center to do some things before Rob & Martha came.  Karen came fist so I asked her to do something's.  One was to call the client again & try to reach her because she didn't go for the ultrasound appointment yesterday & she didn't call me to cancel.  I was concerned because she was abortion minded, unfortunately.  She couldn't reach her she said later to me.  I'll keep on trying.  Then Rob came & I asked him to go to the front lines & that I'll be there soon.  When I went into the Ladies Room I noticed that the seat was up, so I knew that a man had used our bathroom again but I'll deal with this at another time.  I said "good bye" to Karen & then headed out to the sidewalk.  There was Mike V., who was there earlier, so he had to go soon.  Then that left Rob & I to counsel.  I spoke to them going in & coming out & Rob spoke to them as they got out of their car & walked into the devil's camp, Planned Parenthood.  I spoke to a young girl that was walking up the sidewalk & I gave her a Truth packet but she walked right into Planned Parenthood.  When she came out about an hour & a half later I tried to talk to her again but she just kept on walking.  I don't even know if she still had the Truth packet or if it was in her back pack.  I hope she didn't give it to the two Death Escorts as she went into the building.  So sad when they don't want the Truth but want to mess up their lives instead. 
Martha drove by us heading into the center, when she didn't come right out I waited then I went into the center to see if all was all right.  She came out & I stayed in to eat a quick lunch.  As I was eating I saw the taxi man going into his office & said that the problem was still occurring with the bathrooms.  Then Paul, who was there with a friend putting away donations, said that he had used the bathroom this morning.  I said "okay but please put down the toilet seat when finished".  Then the taxi man got upset & said that all should use both bathrooms or for me to put a lock on the door.  Oh no, I thought, I can't get away from the war zone.  I said that you have been using the bathroom down the hall for years now so please continue & I don't want the Ladies Room door locked, why should it be locked just don't use it.  I then said that we are a pregnancy center so we want a nice clean room for our clients.  I thought that would be it but it wasn't.  Then he said that he paid for the lock to the main door but so many people have the key to get into the building.  I said that I have the right as the director of Focus to give the key to our permanent workers. I reassured him that no strangers have keys to Focus.  I then said I was sorry & lets just let this all go & not fight any more.  He agreed.  When I went back outside I was told by Martha & Rob that a man had stopped & said "you can't have a mega phone & these pictures are bad, I'm calling the police" & he took out his phone & started to dial.  I said that I was going back in the center to get the Injunction & I'll be right back.  I retrieved the document & waited but no police car came .  Thank you Lord!!!! 
Dan & Addison & Adolf & his friend came to walk & witness & to pray, across the street.  Then later on John came to pray with us too. They are a God sent.  Rob had to leave at 3:30pm so it was Martha & I at this time.  No precious babies saved today unless we don't know about it, which is possible.  It's so very hard.  When I went back into the center Karen had left & Suzanne was here.  I spoke with her for a few minutes when we received a very large donation from a mom who was moving.  What a blessing & more work for the two men.  Our new room is shaping up well.  Thank you Lord!!
We all went back into the center at 4:15pm today & Martha & I did some work in Focus before eating supper.  I was planning to go to hear a woman who was invited by another pregnancy center tonight at Murphy Hall at St. John of Rochester.  It was informative & interesting.  It was great to see a lot of my pro life friends again!!!

Tuesday, February, 26, 2013 at Focus
After Mass today Martha drove me to the bank to make a deposit of some cash that I received before church & a check & nice card from Sue H. after Mass.  I didn't want to hold onto all of this so I asked Martha if she would take to the bank after Mass downtown & she did.   After she dropped me off in the parking lot, of the church, to pick up my car & I  then met her at Focus.  I took the diapers & things that I bought for Focus yesterday, out of the car, & put it in the Green Room.  I then started to make lunch.  It was a corned beef & cheese sandwich with pickles, on the side.  The doorbell rang & it was our first client.  Martha answered the door & took care of her.  After lunch Bill came by to look at the two material aid rooms for shelves on & off the wall.  I had emailed him last week so he emailed me back saying that he would drop by on Tuesday & he did.  He said that he needed a week to get things going & for me to call him if it takes longer.  How nice he is to us.  While he was there Lisa showed up t the center.  It was great seeing her today & that she's back from California safe & sound.  I asked her if she would do the parish letters so that we could send them out & she did.  Great work Lisa!  Her mom came to pick her up later on to take her home for they have only one car know.  It was great seeing her too for she's been away too.  She said that she has to work tomorrow but we'll see her next Wednesday, to help us out at Focus.  Lisa we will see in two weeks for she's going away again.  Great mother & daughter team!! 
I went back into the office to make more copies & to do more paperwork, while Martha pondered her soon to be born grandson.  She was a bit nervous today.  Waiting is no fun :(
A young lady came in for food but we didn't have very much, we are working on that.  Martha called around using our referral sheet for Food Pantries & found that the Salvation Army would take her today & feed her.  She left happy!!  A couple more clients came in for things, in the two Material Aid Rooms & we gave away one of our umbrella strollers too.  Martha & I ate & we left soon after that.  Nice day :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at Focus
I arrived at Mass only to find that Martha wasn't there.  Then the Holy Spirit reveled to me that she said that she was going to get her hair done this morning & wasn't going to be at Mass this afternoon.  I figured that she'd be at Focus when I arrived but she wasn't there & Paul wasn't there either.  I just did my office work & was ready for the doorbell to ring.  I grabbed a yogurt around 1:45pm & continued my work when the first time the doorbell rang.  There were two girls at the front door & I asked what I could do for them.  The one girl replied that she wanted a pregnancy test then I heard Martha's voice in the parking lot saying "yes she wants a pregnancy test".  I looked over to where I heard her voice & she was now coming into the center, to my relief.  I introduced myself to the two young ladies & brought then into the Counseling Room & gave the Intake Sheet to the one girl who asked for the test.  I looked over to the other girl & asked if she also wanted a pregnancy test too & She said "no" that she didn't want one.  I said "good" & the other girl said that she was old enough.  I said "old enough for sex, no you're not, for your not married".  She said back to me "yes you're right".   Then I left the room for Martha to continue the test.  The test was negative, thank God, & I hope she changes her life today, through the grace of God.  My heart aches for our girls. 
I talked with Martha & said that her hair looked very nice.  She said that she tried to call me but it didn't go through.  I don't know what happened, for I had the phone turned on.   I asked Martha to call my cell phone, on the office phone & it went through.  I did received calls earlier on the phone.  Maybe she dialed wrong.  She then received a call on the phone saying that her daughter was in the hospital in labor with her third boy.  She only wanted her husband with her at the hospital.  Martha asked if Paul, who now had arrived, & I to say a 'Hail Mary' prayer, for her daughter & grandson.  We did with joy.  My cell phone rang & it was Sally, who is a friend of Jennifer, who is out on the front lines on Tuesdays & Thursdays, saying that her & her husband were coming to Focus to drop off a high chair, stroller & bassinet & many bags of clothes for our clients.  When they came they were a blessing to us.  She brought us chocolates too. 
It was getting late & the three Elim Students weren't at Focus.  Zion said last week that the girls wanted to come from 4 to 6pm.  So at 5:15pm I called Zion & left a message on her voice mail.  She called me back about 10 minutes later & said that she had called me earlier & left a message that the weather was to bad for them to drive.  I said that I didn't receive a call or a message, so she said that next time she will keep on calling me until she gets me on the phone.  I agreed to her plan & that we'd see them next week. This is the second time today my phone failed me.
The landlord came to give me the new Material Aid Room key.  We showed him some water leaks in the Counseling Room where the water fell onto Martha's head when she was talking with the two girls earlier in the afternoon.  What a mess.  I had to cover up the literature rack with plastic table clothes, for if it got wet, there would be such a loss of literature, which I didn't want.  We talked about some other things too before he left. 
Tim came with his two daughters with donations from Mary's Place. It was wonderful. I was amazed how much both Martha & Paul got done with the many donations, filling the baskets with all these clothes.  Martha called about the stroller & highchair which were both on recall & needed parts which the company will send me.  It took a lot of time & effort on Martha's part to do that.  Paul put a child play center together & then cleaned it & put it into the Material Aid Room, plus other projects too.  Great job you guys!! 
The doorbell rang & it was the grandmother of the daughter who came to Focus & filled out an Intake Sheet & I then set up an ultrasound appointment with Dr. Karen at HIS Branches & she didn't show up.  I then called & spoke with the mother & she said that she was going to go to the next appointment & she didn't show up again.  I wanted to call her today but it never happened & hear they were.  I quickly mentioned to the mother of what had happened & she told me that her daughter had a 'melt down' but she's okay now & had an ultrasound at her doctors office & is 12 weeks pregnant.  The daughter came in & I got to speak with her & found that she was just frighten but is doing a lot better now.  Thank God!!  They received some things & then left.  I felt better & I charted her situation. 
Martha had invited Paul to eat with us but he said that he had food at home.  Martha & I ate at 6:30pm & after she did the dishes she left.  I left around 7:45pm to go get a hair cut.   

Think First

A peaceful attitude can go a long way toward living the message of the Gospel. If we think (and pray) before we speak or act, we will save ourselves and others a great deal of misunderstanding and heartache.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 on the Front Line
Martha had called me to tell me that baby Joshua was now born at 7lbs.10 ozs. & he doesn't have any hair, she was told by her son in law on the phone.  She said that she was going to go up to the hospital to see her daughter Katie & new grandson Joshua this morning & we be at Focus sometime in the afternoon.  Congratulations dear Martha :)
I was heading to the Cathedral for noon Mass when I saw Channel 8 standing by the front door.  I hollered "we love Pope Benedict", for it was his last day as Pope.  Then as I walked to the front door the reporter Amy stopped & asked if I'd like to be interviewed.  I looked surprised but said "yes" to her.  She asked me many questions about the Pope & I answered after praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance.  I later in the evening saw the interview on Channel 7 & 8.  I said that the Pope was loved & will be missed by us Catholics & other faiths too. 
I got to the center after Mass & went into Focus to do some things before going to the front lines to counsel.  No one was in the center so I went outside & met Paul who was going to go to get a sandwich & then come back.  I spoke with Sheila for a few minutes & she told me that a car coming out of Planned Parenthood stopped & the woman on the passenger side told her that she just had an abortion & that she regretted it immediately & she was crying.  We wished that she didn't do it either & so did God & her precious baby too.  She had a boyfriend with two children & didn't want baby number three until after the abortion.  How sad, how misguided.  No sex outside of marriage girls!!!!!!!  Sheila said that she gave her some information & Project Rachel's phone number, which is a post abortion help line that connects you with a counselor that you can meet & get free counseling.    She might call today, tomorrow or two years from now but at least she has their phone number to seek out God's forgiveness & mercy & her baby too. 
It was now just Tom & me out on the front lines.  I started to counsel for Tom is a prayer warrior.  I called out to every car going in & coming out of this death place.  After 15 minutes & I had to go into Focus to see if Karen was there & she was.  I asked her to call our clients to see how they were doing & she did.  Later on this is what I found out.   We had three babies born: 
We have three babies that have been born:
1.)  Baby girl Zyanne was 4lbs. 7ozs. on 7/5/12 & weighs now 13 lbs..  Mom & baby are doing fine.
2.)  Baby boy Kaden was born 12/13/12 at 7lbs. 20oz. & 21 inches long.  Both mom & baby are doing well.
3.)  Baby boy Marcus was born on 12/15/12 & both mom & baby are doing great.
I was so very, very happy to receive this wonderful information.  Thanks Lord.
I was now back on the front lines & Dan, Addison & Adolf & his friend were there praying across the street.  Tom had to go now & I thanked him for his presence & prayers.  It was now 2:15pm & Martha had arrived.  She spent some time in the center eating her lunch & then she came outside to pray & to counsel.  I was thrilled to see her.  She is so faithful.  We talked briefly & continued our ministry.  John came at 4pm to pray & then later on Martha, John & I went back into Focus.  Scott was there & he had told me on the phone that he had a surprise for us, it was a pizza for supper.  It was delicious & we all thanked him for his wonderful surprise :)  The doorbell rang & it was Natalie, volunteering at Focus, once a month.  We all greeted her & off she went putting the donations away.  All afternoon there was Paul & Steve working hard putting away things & assisting our moms with diapers & wipes.  What a team!!!!!!  Thank you Lord!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at Focus
Martha was going to take a job on Tuesday afternoons but she declined, thank God.  I know that sounds selfish but I really do need her at Focus.  It was her decision not mine.  When we got to the center after Mass we did some work & I made a chicken lunch with chips.  Then the doorbell rang & Martha answered it & then did a pregnancy test.  The mother of the daughter was controlling & she said that she had an abortion at Wortman's, the Brighton abortionist, a long time ago after being raped.  "I was young", she said.  Well it doesn't matter you still had this human being, which you were the mother, killed.  Martha didn't think that she had much remorse about what she had done.  Rape does not justify abortion.....nothing does, for it's always Evil.  Her daughter was negative, thank God, because the family history is still there to repeat itself again.  The only thing to break a family pattern or sin is YOU!  Just don't repeat what was done, that was not good, in your family, handle it with prayer.  Martha did say that she took the Truth package & we hope & pray that will have her to 'come around' to her past so she can repent & be forgiven by God, who she offended.  And to seek out forgiveness, for her child, who she had killed. 
I went into the office to do the letters to the parishes asking for donations to Focus.  It does take time.  Paul & Linda came later in the afternoon to help us out, which they did.  They are great workers.  Another young girl came into Focus for a pregnancy test which Martha over seen.  It was negative which is great.  She did some teaching with her & gave her some helpful brochures too.  My girls are deep into my heart, for a better life of abstinence & self respect & loving the Lord & obeying the 10 Commandments, for a better life now & after death.  Some other girls came in for clothes...yeah! 
I received a call yesterday asking for a crib for their new baby who was born in January at 1/2 lbs..  Yes, that's what the Mom & Dad said to me.  Their son is now 9lbs. & can't come home until he has a bed of his own.  We had a bassinet so I asked them to come on in the next day which was today to get it.  The father of the baby & his cousin came in to receive the bassinet & some 'new' newborn clothes & some diapers.  The baby will be coming home tonight.  Yeah!!  Glad to be able to help this family, through the grace of God.  Amen.  Martha did call Angel Care & ordered a pac'n'play & Martha will be picking it up tomorrow.  She called the parents & the father will pick it up tomorrow.  This will work out better for baby & both parents.  Thank you Lord!!!  Martha & I had supper & then went home at 7:40pm tonight.   

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