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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 19

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at Focus
I had to go to the Motor Vehicle Department in East Rochester today to renew my car license & after that I went to the bank & then to church for Mass.  After Mass, Martha & I went, to Focus.  I made lunch fast so we could eat before any clients come, to better serve them.  The door bell rang while we were eating tuna fish sandwiches & Martha went to the door.  It was Jerry delivering two big boxes of bread.  I thanked him & he said that he will go to pick up the food supply from the Boy Scouts on March 23rd..  I said that I would be her at 2:30pm to let him into the center.  He said "fine" & then left.  How nice of him to do that for our pregnancy center.
Martha & I went to my car, to get the donations out of it, for Paul hadn't arrived yet.  Just then Linda came to help us.  Then we got a client that is pregnant & has five children.  She was busy looking in both rooms for things for her large family.  Just then our Mom & Dad came in for the pac'n play & layette, that Martha picked up this morning, at Angel Care.  I asked if their son was home now & they said that he was in surgery. It was his lungs & he's had the surgery before.  I almost flipped out, when hearing this news.  He'll be okay & then he'll come home & be put into the new pac'n play.  That's a great plan.  He was a preemie born four months early & is doing fine, he's Thank God for this precious baby.
It was great having Linda here at the center.  She was talking & working at the same time.  Martha was working on the stroller that we received, putting in the new piece that was sent to us, for it was on recall.  It's fine now & a young man, who has three children & one on the way, came into the center for diapers & got a stroller too.  He was very happy :) 
It was now 4pm & Linda left & the three Elim girls came to help.  Zion has class now at this day & time so she'll be back in April.  We were sent Charity to help us along with Amanda & Rachael.  They worked very hard for two hours & the center looks great!!!!  What a team of students.  Martha showed then the baby picture of her latest grandson Joshua....she's so happy :)
Martha & I spoke with the taxi man who has an office, next to my office.  He said that he lost many drivers, they started their own businesses or went to another taxi company, to survive.  It was a sad conversation & he's trying to hold on to his business that he started over 2 years ago.  We hope that he makes it. 
It was 6pm & the Elim Students had left to go back to campus. Martha started supper & I went into the office to finish up some work there.  Martha had told me that she was out on the front lines this morning for about an hour & a half.  She said that a man, came walking up on the sidewalk & passed her & as he did she stopped him to speak to him.  She said that his eyes were very dark & she got no where with him & then he walked away.  Maybe that was for the better Martha.  She let a mom into the center for diapers & spoke with some other people this morning too.  She doesn't have a cell phone which I wish that she did, if she needed to call 911.  Lord please continue to protect Martha & all, that are on the front lines, in witnessing the Truth. 

'God Is Love'

Everything we have—every blessing, every talent—is a gift from our Father. The only thing that's all ours is our sin.

Thursday, March 7, 2013 on the Front Lines

I wish that I didn't have to write about Thursdays because it's so horrible but I must.  It's so hard to see the girls go into Planned Parenthood & come out after having an abortion.  It's so Evil.  I wish that they would not have their precious baby be killed but place their baby up for Adoption or raise their child , one or the other.  They won't even listen to us as we speak Truth to them & offer them assistance while pregnant & afterwards.  Women have changed!!  God bless the women & girls that don't have their children murdered.  Abortion is selfish & inhuman & sometimes ignorant of certain facts, before hand
When I got to Focus, Martha was there about 10 minutes later.  Paul was eating a quick lunch & then he went to my car to get the donations, that I had.  Dr. Karen came in about 10 minutes after Martha.  She called our clients & found out that we had another precious baby born.  While she drove passed us later on, when we were on the sidewalk about 2 hours later, she rolled down her window to tell us that a baby was born.  Here is the information that she received when making the call earlier: 

'We, at the Focus Pregnancy Center, want you to know that we have baby boy Samuel born ! He was born on February 6, 2013 at 6lbs.10oz..  Mom & baby are doing well & will be coming into Focus to receive something's for both mother & son'.   This was great news!!! Thank you Lord for this bundle of joy to the world :)
When I went to the front lines there was Sheila, Mike V. & his wife Karen with him.  I spoke with Sheila quickly for she had to go.  Mike & Karen stayed with Martha & I until 2pm, when Dan, Addison, Adolf & his friend, came to pray across the street.
A young man came walking down the sidewalk & I offered him the Truth packet & he said that he was going to Focus.  When he returned I gave him three DVD's & a Truth packet to take with him to read & to pass it onto to his family & friends & Pastor of his church.  I hope that he does.
A young woman who was driving out of Planned Parenthood alone in her car, rolled down her window to say to me that my mother should have aborted me.  I said back to her "shame on you but I love you" as she drove away.  How sad was that !!
AS a young woman & the man in the car driving out of Planned Parenthood saw our picture of the aborted baby they both gave us their finger.  How sad!!!  I hope that they repent.
Two young women were driving out of Planned Parenthood & the driver said that she was 71/2 months pregnant so don't show me your horrible pictures.  I said "don't speak about this baby like that, & they are doing that in Planned Parenthood right now", & I pointed over to the Killing Mill & said "why aren't you mad at them for doing this"?  Then she said "I'm hear for condoms for my sister".  To which I replied back "no sex outside of marriage", to which her sister rolled up the window & they drove out, right in front of a car. Thank God that he stopped to let her out. Lord have Mercy!!! 
John came to pray with Martha & then we went to back to Focus at 4:30pm. 

'Peace Within Family'

Communion between God and his creation came with the shedding of Christ's precious blood; communion in our families can begin with the shedding of our deeply held resentments.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at Focus 

Martha & I went to the bank after Mass so I could make a deposit.  What's on Martha's & my mind is the election of the new Pope!!!!!!!!!  It's an exciting time in the Church, though we love & miss Pope Benedict XV.  When we arrived at the pregnancy center we were greeted by the doorbell ringing right after we got into the center & it didn't stop ringing all afternoon.  Yeah!!  Yesterday Ni did three pregnancy test & today Martha did two.  Two of the girls were pregnant & need our assistance.  One was a girl that we gave a Baby Shower about 3 years ago with her son & I was hopping that she won't have sex until marriage.  I can only hope & pray for our girls & tell them the Truth.  Sometimes they don't listen & sometimes they do, it depends. 
The doorbell rang  while Martha were eating an egg salad sandwich & it was Sue, from Our Lady of Victory Church.  She came to volunteer.  Martha offered her some tea & she said "yes' to the nice offer.  We all sat down to talk for a few minutes when the doorbell rang again & it was my turn to answer the door.  To my surprise it was our pregnant mom who said to me "I just got the car seat from the county & thank you so very much".  I said "it is our pleasure".  The lady with her wanted a pregnancy test so Martha wolfed her last bite & went into the room to assist her.  I asked Sue if she would like to join the two ladies & she said "yes" so I went to the client & asked her if it would be all right & she said "yes", so Sue went into the Rose Room along with Martha.  The test was negative so Martha did some teaching with her.  Later on another woman came in with her Social Worker to get a pregnancy test & it was negative too.  The Social Worker asked if she could get some resources of literature & I said "certainly" & I brought her into the Rose Room for her to help herself.  She was so grateful.  Earlier today there was another Social Worker who came in for diapers for her client & was grateful for Focus.  I said "thank you".  I was happy to hear that.  Praise God!!!!
The doorbell rang & it was Lisa & I greeted her for we didn't see you last week for her & her mother went to a Conference in Atlanta Georgia.  Glad that she was back.  She had brought in her lap top Computer & started to work on our new brochure on Depo Provera.  It will take a few more weeks by when it's done it'll be great.  I put Sue to wok on other things when Paul came into Focus.  I introduced her to everyone.  She had to go & she said that she'll be back next Tuesday for a couple of hours.  I was so grateful for that great news!!  It was now 3:30pm & the doorbell rang & it was Lynda coming to help us out, she's such a hard worker. 
It was now 6pm & most of the Focus Board Members came to our first meeting in 2013.  It was a wonderful meeting.  Jose took down the minutes.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at Focus


We have a new Pope!!!!!! 

After Mass Martha told me that she had lost the one lens to her glasses & couldn't see very well. Oh no! She said that she couldn't go to Bill Smith's wake today & I said that I'll see if I go tonight.  Martha & I got to Focus after Mass today & started our work. We had a quick lunch when the doorbell rang. Martha got up to answer it & then came back to the table to finish her lunch. The doorbell rang again & it was another client to get what she needed. I went into the office to see if I could get anything on the Internet about the vote for the new Pope. I prayed & I finally found Youtube Vatican & saw the chimney sitting on the roof. I called Martha into the office & we sat & watched it for awhile. The doorbell rang again & Martha went to the door to open it & it was Sandy, our irregular volunteer, for she comes when she can. She said it was her Birthday today & she was 50! We wished her a Happy Birthday & sat back down in front of the computer to keep on watching the screen with the non smoking chimney. Then the doorbell rang & Sandy answered it three times. Lynda, our volunteer, came in & watched the screen with Martha & I. All of a sudden the black smoke came through but the people were cheering then all of a sudden the smoke became white like wool the bells were ringing. Yeah! we all screamed, we have a new Pope. We waited for an hour before we knew who he was. Then Sandy came into the office to say "one of the girls is here for a pregnancy test". We all looked at each other & Martha said "I'm staying right here". "Okay" I said back, "I'll do it". Lynda then said "I'll start the paper work for you”. I said "okay & thanks" & continued to watch the computer to finally see our new Pope come out onto the balcony. He was all in white & just stood there quietly then spoke. At that time I got up to complete the pregnancy test. I greeted the young lady & then brought her into the Rose Room for the pregnancy test. The first thing that she said to me was "this place doesn't believe in abortions"? I said "Your right, we don't believe in abortions, for it's the taking of a life of an innocent baby". Then I looked on her Intake Sheet to see that she had had two abortions & had one child & was 18 years old. She did the test & as we were waiting I gave her all the post abortion literature that we had & our Growth & Development DVD.

Her test was negative we both were very happy. I didn't want anymore children to be killed if she was thinking about abortion again. I spoke to her about abstinence too & asked her if she knew the Lord & if she did for her to ask him to forgive her for taking two lives. She said that she did already. I said then “no sex before marriage, wait for the right man to be your husband”. I then said “good bye & God bless you” & she replied “God bless you too”. I felt badly for her. I then started to walk back into the office when Sandy said that another woman wanted a pregnancy test. I then went back to the Rose Room to clean it up & then went to the Green Room to greet our other client. She said to me “you remember me”? I said “yes I do”. She is a nice lady that came with her friend last year. She said that her friend is pregnant now. She had her daughter with her who had lots of energy & they were now both in the Rose Room after she had filled out the Intake Sheet & got a urine specimen for the test. Her daughter who is 4 years old took about 6 suckers that we have in the bowl on the table & I asked her to put some of them back. Her mother took them out of her hands to return them to their rightful place. She did the test & we waited for about 4 minutes & I looked at it to see that it appeared with only one line so I said that she wasn't pregnant. Lynda took the daughter to amuse her & I locked the door because when I looked at the test again I saw that another line was peaking through. I asked her to do another test & she did & the same thing happened again. She is a mother of 7 children & she was happy with baby number 8. Praise God!! What a difference in these two women. My heart was happy & sad. I cleaned up the room & went back into the office to see what was on the screen when the doorbell rang again & it was the two Elim students to help us out today. I kept them very busy.


  'Invite God Into It'

Having a good day? Thank God for it. Struggling through a bad day? Invite God into it. Just another “ordinary” day? Find God in it. And—every day—praise God, for life is a gift never to be wasted


Thursday, March 14, 2013 on the Front Lines
Bill Smith's Funeral Mass- a pro life warrior
I went to Bill Smith's Mass at Holy Spirit at 11am & it was so beautiful. I sat with Tucker & saw some of my pro life friends. Fr. Fred Helfrich celebrated the Mass. After the Mass, I had to leave to go to Focus & then the front lines, so I didn't talk with anyone. I got to the center at 12:20pm & ate a quick lunch & did some things. Martha was speaking, to the people at the Pinnacle Apartments about pro life, so she will come to the front lines after she's finished. I went out at 1pm & greeted Sheila & Mike V.. Paul went to get something to eat & I knew that Dr. Karen was coming soon. After Sheila left it was just Mike & I in the spiritual battle for lives & souls. A car with two older men drove into the parking lot but came out about 5 minutes later. The passenger made a very rude comment about my sign & I said "shame on you". He said something to Mike & he spoke back to him. I don't know what he had said to the passenger who was a very sick man. He also gave us his finger, how sad was that. What he saw out there, on the front lines, must have made him feel very uneasy. It was a very windy day so really all we had was the sign that I was holding as the wind was trying to blow it away. I had to hold it against the tree & my body, with the sign in the middle. It was a rough afternoon.
I spoke with a nice African American young lady as she passed by me on the sidewalk. I gave her a Truth packet & a Maafa21 & Growth & Development DVD & a doctors list. I told her that Planned Parenthood was an evil place that is Racist. She said that she was going in there for an exam. I asked her to call one of the doctors on the list for her health care. She smiled at me & said "thank you". When she came out, about an hour an a half later, Martha spoke with her. She said that she still had the information & then walked away with a smile on her face. I felt good about her & that she won't be back to this Killing Mill. Please pass on the info that you received today young lady so more people will get educated to the Truth!!!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at Focus
Feast of St. Joseph the Foster Father of Jesus
I met Martha at Mass on this wonderful Feast Day of St. Joseph.  The Mass was beautiful & so many people were there celebrating with the Lord.  We went to get something to eat, after the Mass in the back room, they had tables of meatless foods & deserts.  It was marvelous.  I visited with some people & then left to go to Focus. I got to the center before Martha & I opened it up.  Karen & her family came after the meal & brought us some things from their home for our clients.  It was well appreciated.  Martha was now with me & we got started with our work.  The doorbell rang & it was a mother, father & child around 4 years old.  She just had a baby about 2 weeks ago, though the baby wasn't with them & they came in to get some things for their family.  Martha & I went into the Great Room & almost fainted but we are so grateful, for we had bags & bags & bags of clothes, stuffed animals, toys & shoes for our clients.  We had to get to work!!  Just then the doorbell rang & it was Sue, thank you Lord!!  We greeted her & we all got to work putting away all the bags of donations.  I had to go to the office a couple of times to do some work in there during the afternoon.  Lisa wasn't feeling well so she wasn't with us today but she said that she would work on the Depo Provera brochure that she put together for our clients.  Get better dear Lisa & we'll see you next week.
We had fun putting away the items that we were blessed with this afternoon.  The doorbell rang & it was more clients & the fathers too.  Yeah!!  They came & received free food & diapers & clothes.  It makes our hearts feel good to see them being blessed at Focus, by the Lord, who provides all for them.  Then Linda came in & so did four girls.  One young lady was by herself & she had been over to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test & they said that they weren't doing any today so go down the street to us.  Martha did her pregnancy test which was positive & she's not abortion minded, thank God.  Hopefully she'll get married.  Please young lady don't go back to Planned Parenthood for anything. I was greeted by three girls & one wanted the test.  I got to speak to all the girls about abstinence with tough love & vital information.  She was negative which we all were relieved.  No more chances -just do the right thing!!!  She said that she wasn't going to do that again.  I hope she means it.  I gave a lot of information for her & her two sisters.  She said that she was going to college to study t be a Pediatrician.  My heart goes out to them & I am worried about all my girls.  God is with them & so is Mother Mary to protect them & to watch over them too.  
Linda, Sue, Martha & I were working hard to get almost everything done & we did.  Yeah!!!  Thanks girls.  I had an appointment with Sally Jo & her friend Charlene at 6:30pm for an interview & application for free food for the center. After supper when we were done the doorbell rang & there they were.  Martha & I greeted then & then we showed then the Focus Center & the we all sat down to talk.  Martha & I shared about Focus & Sally Jo & Charlene shared  about their ministry.  It was great!  I filled out the application & we will hopefully be getting $1,000 worth of free food items & diapers for our pregnancy center, thank you Lord, in about three weeks.  Our client s will be very happy!  God is blessing our pregnancy center :)    



'Light in the Darkness'

Keep the light of faith ever burning—for Jesus alone is the way that leads to the Father. He alone is the life dwelling in our hearts. He alone is the light that enlightens the darkness. Be not afraid. Christ will not deceive us.
—Bl. Teresa of Calcutta


Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at Focus
I got to the center & started my work, for Martha wasn't going to be there until later, for she drove her friend to the doctors at 11am & then went to lunch.  I first went into the office to start my work there when the doorbell rang, it was Jerry with the box of bread for our clients.  He'll be picking up some food, from the Boy Scouts, for us on Saturday & he'll bring it to Focus at 2:30pm that day.  Martha & I'll be there to help him unload the truck & put the food items away in the shelves.  After he left Tim came & he brought us some boxes of books & bags of clothes from Saints Place.  As we were speaking Martha came into the center.  He spoke with her about putting up some shelves in the new Material Aid Room.  He'll get what he needs & he'll stop by when he can to put them up.  Thanks Tim. Then a mother came in & got some things & Martha gave her a layette for her sister just had a baby.  She was happy about that.  Then Lynda came in to help us.  She was looking in the Material Aid Room where we have the books on pregnancy & told me that some of them had pages on abortion in them.  We got them & threw then out in the dumpster.  Sick!!!  She helped us out a lot today but said that she'd be gone for two Wednesdays, for she was going to California to see her sister, who was becoming a Catholic.  Yeah!! 
The doorbell rang again & more people came in to get things for their families.  Then Donna came in with her son & his friend to help us out.  They worked hard for a couple of hours.  Then the two Elim Students came to help us too.  One of the girls was talking to one of our clients & she enjoyed that.  I wasn't happy to tell one of our clients that have come in for diapers for the last year or more that I saw him at Wegmans & that if he's low income that he needs to go to another store more reasonable.  It was hard but he did get free diapers today again.  My job can sometimes be hard. 
Martha & I ate & then we went to the Little Theater to see a documentary film on Sex Trafficking called  'Not My Life' @   It was so difficult to hear & to watch I almost passed out.  Lord have Mercy on us!!!


 'Commanded to Forgive'

We cannot understand fully what our rebellion and sins look like to God, but we know it took Jesus' brutal death to set it right. If God says we have to forgive in order to be forgiven, then we have to forgive.


Thursday, March 21, 2013 on the Front Lines
When I arrived at Focus there wasn't anyone in the center.  As I was opening up the doors two girls rang the doorbell & one asked for a pregnancy test.  I needed to go out on the front lines but I needed to be here too.  I went quickly outside to tell Mike & Karen, his wife that I'll be out as soon as I can for I'm doing a pregnancy test.  I said hi to them & went back inside to do the test.  She was Spanish speaking but she managed to fill out the Intake Sheet.  The test was negative & then I spoke to her about abstinence.  She said that she was Catholic so I told her to go to Confession with a sincere heart to ask God to forgive her of her sins.  Her girlfriend did understand & hopefully will guide her friend to the Confessional.  Have sex outside of marriage is a serious sin & must be forgiven by God.  We save lives & souls at Focus.  Nice girls & they were happy getting things for their children.  She also took the highchair.  Martha came in at 1:30pm, she's so faithful that I didn't get mad at her today for her being late, for Thursdays are a killing day at Planned Parenthood.  She went outside & I followed her about 5 minutes later to the front lines to join Mike & Karen.  When we got out side Mike said that he spoke with one young girl that was going in for a physical exam.  She said that her Aunt was in the hospital & that she was worried about her.  She also said that she didn't believe in God so Mike said to her "if your Aunt survives would you then be a believer"?  She said "yes".  He asked her what was her name & her Aunt's name & said that he would be praying for her so go in peace.  She also said that she didn't believe in abortion but she had no where else to go but here.  Entrapment come to mind. 
Mike & Karen had to go for it was now 2pm.  Adolf & Ron came to take their place, along with Martha & myself.  We both spoke to the people going in & coming our of this abortion mill.  Drop off & pick up about 2 hours later, how evil of you sir & REPENT, for your involvement in the killing of this little baby, for your hands are also bloody with innocent blood.  A car from Florida & New Jersey came in to the mill today.  A couple came walking right by me on the sidewalk, for Martha went to the other said of Planned Parenthood to counsel, & I spoke to them but she just whizzed on by me into the abortion mill.  He was a follower & not a leader, some guy was he.  Later on around 6:30pm Martha was leaving Focus to go to Holy Hour at Church when we saw them cutting through our parking lot at Focus.  I simply said to them "choose life".  They went around the corner & disappeared.  They were in Planned Parenthood from 2:15pm until 6:30pm, I think that she had an abortion.  Lord have mercy on their souls. 
One girl driving into the mill said "I'm here for birth control".  I told her about birth control & she showed me her finger.  Nice girl :(   Then another girl came out & said to me "I'm fixed & I'm here for condoms for my friend".  I said that you shouldn't be fixed for that is wrong & what kind of a friend are you to get condoms for your friend?  She wasn't happy with me either.  'You Shall KNOW the Truth & the Truth shall set you FREE'.  The Bible.  I only hope that she will change & repent of her sins. 
John came & stood by Martha & prayed the Rosary & the Chaplet of Dive Mercy near the windows of Planned Parenthood.  Martha told them to change their sign, in the front, to say 'Planned Abortions'.  How evil are they.    
Dr. Karen came today around 2pm & stayed to help us out until 3pm.  Suzanne came earlier today to call out clients to see how they were doing.  Paul wasn't with us this week but his friend Steve came to help out at Focus.  Thank you all!!!!  What a team!!!!!!!!!


'Humble Submission'

We don't need to be in control so that things will work out well. God is in control so that we don't have to be! There is tremendous freedom in embracing that reality.
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I got to the center after Mass this afternoon & then the doorbell rang.  I let the mom & the children into the Material Aid Room to shop.  I then made lunch with the egg salad that I brought in today.  Then the  doorbell rang again & Martha got the door.  She came back to the table & ate quickly.  Paul came in to help us & we were very happy about that.  Then the doorbell rang once more & through out the afternoon.  Martha did three pregnancy tests & Ni did two yesterday.  All were negative.  I went into the office to check my email & Lisa said that she had to work today so she couldn't come in this afternoon.  Sue didn't come either but I think last week she said that she wasn't able to come today.  The office phone rang & it was Charlene & she said that she would like to come tomorrow at 1pm to drop off some food for our center.  I said that was great & we'll see her then.  Martha & Paul were busy putting away the clothes for the donation bags.  The Pat came to get some diapers for her five great grand children.  She said that she bought a truck & that she was busy cleaning out the mold that was on the outside of her house, along with her nephew who was helping her.  She was tired but was happy that things were straightening out now.  Praise the Lord!!   As she went by the Material Aid Room she saw a stuffed monkey & took it with smile on her face, good for you dear Pat.  We had a nice Pat visit today.
Lynda came in around 3:40pm to help us out.  She's a good worker & all got done today.  When I went home there was more donation bags, from the Second Thought Resale Store, in my garage, for the pregnancy center  Thank you Lord!!!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at Focus
What a day!!!  It started that when I went to the Post Office to get a check in our mailbox to find out that it was a big check, so I went to the bank to deposit it right away.  Thank you Lord!  Then when I went to Mass, Martha wasn't there, so I was worried about her, if she was okay.  She had to go to the Emergency Room on Sunday night for an Asthma attack & was in the hospital for about four hours getting treatment for her allergic reaction to some cleaning products that she used in her bathroom.  Her face swelled up so she had to drive herself at 11pm to the ER.  When I got to the center I retrieved my messages to find out the she had taken some Bendryl & couldn't wake up so she called & left a message on my phone to tell me that.  I felt better once I knew that she was okay.  She came in about 20 minutes later.  Yeah!! 
Karen & her husband & their son Gregory who has Down's Syndrome came in & dropped off some things.  I had just got off of the phone speaking to a client who's daughter is having a baby girl in two weeks & he asked for a car seat & things for the baby.  I mentioned this to this family & they said that they had one at home & if their daughter, who's pregnant, doesn't want it it's ours for this client.  They said that they would give me a call once they knew if it was ours.  He called me about two hours later & told me that it was to old but he wanted to buy one for this grandfather.  I said thank you, how kind you all are.  It will be delivered to my apartment soon.  I called the grandfather & he was so happy.
The ladies came with food, dippers, wipes & baby items for Focus.  They also brought in two strollers & a crib.  The car seat was to old so we couldn't give it away legally so we had to throw it out.  Sorry about that.  What a selection of items for us to give out to our moms & dads.  The doorbell rang it was a couple of moms getting things for their children.  One young woman even helped to carry some things into the center from the car.  How nice of our client. 
Sandy & Paul were there now working hard.  Valerie, our client & friend had come to help us us too along with her son.  Martha & I had just finished a late lunch when the doorbell ran & it was the Life Insurance Agent selling me Life Insurance. We had a 2pm appoinmtment.  It took a little while to fill out all the forms but it finally was completed around 3pm.  I asked Paul if he had Life Insurance & he said "no" so he bought some too.
Then the taxi man said that he was leaving for sure & he wanted us to have the room.  The landlord was coming in at 4:30pm to talk with Martha & I.  I hoped & prayed that he would make us a great deal.  Then the Elim students came in to help us out.  We kept them busy.  Then the Landlord came & we spoke with him trying to bargain up a deal.  He said for us to pray & he would pray & he'll see us tomorrow, with an answer.  Then the Account came in at 5pm & spoke with me about the 990 Form, it's looking good.  She is doing the work for 'free', thank God.  How nice is that!!  What a day!!!!! 


Thursday, March 28, 2013 on the Front Lines
 Holy Thursday.
Wen I got to the center at 1pm no one was there so I did a couple of things then went outside to start counseling in front of Planned Parenthood.  I meet Sheila as I was walking out to the sidewalk & she said that a car had stopped & gave her $10 in cash for our work.  I put it away & I will put it in the bank when I can get there.  How nice of that person.  I wished her a Happy Easter & then said "good bye", for she had to go & I had to join Mike V. who was already there witnessing.  It was great seeing Sheila for she's so kind & thoughtful & is a wonderful sidewalk counselor who saves babies & their mothers too.  A few minutes later Rob joined us on the sidewalk & then Martha came.  The afternoon team is emerging. 
The battle was fierce today on the front lines.  We are so very happy about the precious baby that was saved for being killed. Planned Parenthood told the mother that it was so small that it shouldn't take to long to abort.  Lord have Mercy!!  A woman came out & as she passed by me in the car, for she was the passenger, she threw her drink at me & missed.  She had a Rosary around the car mirror.  Lord have Mercy.  Then some guys came in to the PP parking lot & when I tried to talk with them they were very nasty. Not nice talk at all.  Then the, not so nice neighbor across the street, came out & did things that were not good so Martha called the police & four of them came to speak to him.  Lord have Mercy.  Many babies were killed today on Holy Thursday.  I am so very sorry dear Lord.  Thank you for you prayers & encouragement Fr. Edison, for we need them, for being out on the front lines is not pleasant but we must continue to do it to try to save more babies from abortion.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at Focus
When we got to the pregnancy center it felt strange that no one was there but us, for we have all the rooms now, & it feels scary but wonderful.  Thank you Lord for your goodness & kindness to us at Focus!!!!  The new landlord came in to tell us that the safe that's in the taxi room will be taken out very soon.  I told him that the room is scheduled to be painted on Thursday at 11am.  Then Afandi, the taxi driver, came in & took the harddrive & said that he wanted the desk if we didn't.  I said "fine, you can have it".  He said that he'll be back later this evening to get it.  "Okay" I said back to him as he was leaving.  It was good to see him again.  Then Sue, our newest volunteer, came in to help us & she did a great job doing many different things & she stayed until 7pm.  Such dedication.  Martha, Sue & I picked out a paint color which is a medium blue with a touch of green in it, for our newest room.  So pretty.  Lisa was going out of town so she couldn't come today but will be with us on April 16th..  We miss you dear Lisa.  She's also working on a Miscarriage brochure for our clients.  Great!! 
We had may clients come in today & one of them wants to give us food because we've given her food for her family.  How nice is that!  Later on today Linda came in to help us too.  She gave me a potted miniature rose bush plant for my Birthday.  How nice is that!!  Paul was with us all day today cleaning up the toys & getting the diapers for our moms & one dad.  He also answers the front door too.  What a great help he is. 

'Alive in Christ'

Heavenly Father, from the very beginning you planned for us to be obedient, happy children here on earth, and together with you in heaven someday. No matter how many obstacles our willfulness and disobedience put in your path, you continue to show mercy and provide a new way for us to journey back to you, making us alive in Christ.


We are so grateful to God for the gift of forgiveness that we never forget its liberating powers and feel a need to share it with others. Forgiving others and ourselves is discovering a gift that truly keeps on giving.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at Focus
It was an exciting afternoon.  We have our 'new room' from where the taxi people were located.  The owner, of Taxi B, will work out of his home now.  We wish them the very best, for they were good to us.  We'll miss them.  We have Frank coming in tomorrow to paint the room a beautiful medium blue/green.  This will be our storage room, the place her we put our many donations in, for the center.  We need all the rooms to complete our work at Focus & we thank the dear Lord for it all. We are very grateful.  The main door lock will be changed soon.  We had much to do & we got it all done today.  Paul was there to help & we appreciate his fine work.  The Three Elim students were a great help as always.  Zion was now back with us, for her class had ended, & her sister Rachael & a substitute for today named Joshua, were here today.  They straightened out the clothes bins & made up Truth packets & the cards that are first put into the bag.  It felt so good getting so much accomplished today.  Martha even went outside to pray in front of the Killing Mill.  Valerie, our client friend, came in with her son & they even helped out.  It's looking good :)  We had clients come in today too & they were helped. 

'Never-Ending Sacrifice'

Lord Jesus, You are the Messiah, the Son of God and the Lamb of God. You are all these things and more to fulfill all the promises made by the Father. Let me continually praise you for your sacrifice!

Thursday, April 4, 2013 on the Front Lines
The started with a phone call to our landlord asking if the ladder was in the center for Frank.  He didn't answer so I went to Mass at St. Louis Church at 11am.  When I got to the center at 11:45am there was Randy who helps the landlord Dan standing in the parking lot.  He asked me if I wanted the ladder & I said "yes", so he got it from the old Ethiopian Restaurant, two doors down, in the Strip Mall.  I went quickly into the center & Frank was painting the walls.  He now had a ladder, thank God.  Paul came in & asked if I wanted a sandwich from Wendy's & I said "yes", so off he goes.  Sheila & Tom were outside praying & counseling.  I was still worried that our mother, who had come to Focus via Martha last Thursday, who was going into Planned Parenthood to have her baby killed, was coming back today.  I knew that there was Jennifer, who comes earlier then Pat & Bill then Sheila & Tom, so I knew if she had come back that they would helped her to 'choose life'.  We're working along with Women's Care Center with this client, for she was with them in January for a pregnancy test & she lives closer to them then to us, at Focus. Sheila said, that no one with the description that I emailed her with, came on the sidewalk today.  I was happy to hear this. 
Paul had come back with a hamburger so I started to eat it when I heard the front door open.  Then I saw Sheila with a man & a woman walking into the Green Room.  The young lady was at Planned Parenthood to ask for a written statement for her pregnancy so that she could get financial assistance for her & her son, who was 4 years old.  They said that they didn't do pregnancy tests on Thursdays. Yeah because they kill children all day on Thursdays.  Sheila called them over to her when they were walking out of Planned Parenthood & they came over to her.  She then brought them to Focus.  I quickly finished my hamburger & then lead the client to the Rose Room to fill our the Intake Sheet.  After the positive pregnancy test I wrote the note for her.  The father of the baby was in the Green Room with her son.  I showed them the Material Aid Rooms & they all went in there to get the things that they needed.  As I was leaving to go to the sidewalk she asked me for a hug which I gave her.  She was a happy lady & so was I. 
(I called for an ultrasound appointment for her on Wednesday).  Karen was on vacation this week but Suzanne came in later & called the pregnant clients to see how they were doing.
Sheila & Tom left & now I was by myself, for Martha wasn't there yet.  I started to call out to the people, coming into the mill & going out.  My cell phone rang & it was Martha saying that she was on her way, it was 1:40pm.  I was very happy when she arrived a little after 2pm.  She is such a trooper & I thank God for her but it's awful to be alone on the Front Lines. 
Adolf, Addison, Ron & his young daughter came & prayed across the street right in front of the Killing Mill, with their non graphic signs.  I told them about the nasty neighbor last week & that Martha & I had to call the police on him.  They stand right in front of his condo.  I asked them if they wanted to speak to the girls they need to come over across the street where Martha & I stand to say something.  They agreed.  A while later when just Adolf who is 82 years young was alone a woman from Planned Parenthood walked over to him on the cell phone & asked him if he was with us.  He said "yes" & he asked her about adoption.  She walked back, to Planned Parenthood, still on the phone.  How disjointed & oh so very Evil.  For babies are being killed & all they care about is if Adolf is with us or not.  He's been out on the front lines for over a year. 
While I was in the center Martha told me that a man who was walking down the sidewalk stopped to talk with her.  He gave her the creeps to what he was saying & then she gave him a Truth packet & a DVD of Maafia 21: Black Genocide in the 21st. Century & then walked away.  She handled the situation well with the grace from God.  One never knows what will happen on the Front Lines but we know that God is with us at ALL times.  
John came to pray the Rosary & Divine Mercy Prayer with Martha, I continued to sidewalk counsel. A car came out of the parking lot & the passenger held up her middle finger.  How sad is that.  Maybe someday she'll realize that we were there for her & her precious baby, that was killed today. Post abortion mothers & fathers are very angry people. I pray that they will Repent!! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at Focus
Cleveland is with the Lord

“My grace is sufficient for thee. My strength is made perfect in weakness.”
I heard the sad news that Cleveland, our street friend, had died on Passion Sunday, from pneumonia.  I had asked the Lord where was Cleveland & He told me through Rob calling me on the phone.  I told Martha & we were sad but glad that he was with the Lord now & we knew where he was & is safe.  Lord please have mercy on (Cleveland) Steven Green's soul, Amen.  We will miss you Cleveland & please don't forget us & pray for us at Focus too.
When we got to the center this afternoon there were two young  women waiting for us at the door.  I let them into the center & then they shopped.  The door kept on ringing all afternoon ,for we saw 13 men & women & some of their children too.  We had a delivery from an agency here in the city that brought us some toys.  The young lady's father is Mike Warren, the pro life advocate here in Rochester, that I've known for so many years on the front lines.  This was such a blessing for Focus & our client's children & we thank them so very much for their kindness to us.  Kathy brought her pregnant co worker with her & that was a blessing too. 
Then Tim came & did some work for us as I made him & Martha & I a ham & cheese with tomato & lettuce sandwich, for lunch.  They were well pleased.  I asked him & Paul, who was with us working at the center, if they could move our outside sign & put it right above the front door.  He aid that he needed some tools & he will do it next week alone with making the coat racks, for our women & men's clothes, in the Material Aid Room.  Thanks Tim.  Paul left early to go to the doctors for he's complaining of being dizzy.  We hope that you're okay dear Paul. 
Martha was helping out the many clients that came into Focus today & I did some work in the office.  Linda came & was now putting away the donations that were now in our newest blue room.  They got it all done, great job ladies.  When I got home tonight, Ana from the Second Thought, the second had store in East Rochester, had been in my garage with more donation bags, great!!!!!  We're havinmg our first Mass in 2013 tomorrow & we're all excited about that.  Fr. Edison will be the celebrant & he will also give us the Sacrament of the Sick.  We are going to have a testimony of a young lady that her mother drove her into Planned Parenthood for an abortion but when she saw our graphic signs & heard what we were saying got out of there & went to live with her grandmother until her baby was born.  He's 2 years old now, praise God!!!!
Martha made supper & she dropped the white potatoes on the floor that she was mocrowaving & made a mess, don't worry dear Martha it's only potatoes :)  We had a nice supper of ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus & pineapple slices.  Mmmmm good!!!   I then went to the store to get more diapers & things for our pregnancy center. 

Wednesday, April 10th. 2013 at Focus
Our first Mass in 2013 - Fr. Edison Tayag   
When I got to the center, at 12:45pm, there were two women already there waiting for me. who needed things in the Focus Center.  I let them in & the one woman was also giving us donations from her home.  She spotted a car seat, in the Blue Room, & asked for it & then gave us her fairly new smaller car seat, for one of our clients.  What an exchange!!  The other woman, recently came here in Rochester, with her young child.  I gave her food & clothing for her & her daughter & some referral informational Food Pantry sheets too, in our community.  She left happier than when she first came into Focus.  When they left the doorbell rang & it was a young lady wanting a pregnancy test.  She had gone to Planned Parenthood & they weren't doing pregnancy tests today, so when she had walked down the sidewalk she saw our A-Frame sign & then rang the bell.  She was a nice young lady.  Her test was negative & then I gave her lots of literature that will hopefully help her to remain chaste.  Then I spoke with her about her life & come to find out that she was a Catholic, so I geared her to Our Lady of Victory Church for Confession & I gave her an old Bulletin to take with her that gave the days & times of Confession.  She was a mixed up Catholic in name only, so far.  We said "good bye" & off she went happier than when she came into Focus. 
My cell phone rang & it was Martha saying that she will be on her way very soon.  Okay Martha I'm waiting.  I got busy putting away things & doing things until Paul & Martha came to help me.  Lynda & Sandy also came to help us out too.  Great for everyone is here.  They set up the Great Room & then the Green Room with table & chairs for our supper.  Martha plugged in her Crock Pot with her famous Chili in it & on we went setting up the rooms for our first Mass in 2013.  There was a man at the door asking for food which he obtained with delight.  He spoke about Cleveland which he knew & we all were very sad about our loss of our street friend that influenced us so much.  We love you Cleveland & miss you too.  We also lost Bill Smith, a long lived pro lifer, & we love & miss you too. 
Martha said that she couldn't find the box, with the plastic ware of knives, spoons & knives, for our meal tonight.  I then asked everyone to pray to St. Anthony, who is the Patron Saint of loss items.  I was lead to go into the Great Room to put a tablecloth over the phone books, that were under the table near the Alter & when I turned around I saw that the box was on the first chair by our Altar.  I yelled out that St. Anthony came threw again & we all thanked God & our Saint of loss items too.  We all were very busy answering the front door & assisting with our client needs & our needs to.  It all worked out very well. thank God.
Then people were coming in for our Mass.  Fr. Edison came in at 5:40pm & I greeted him & showed him where to go to set up for the Mass.  It was now 6pm & Father wanted to start the Mass.  It was so beautiful.  Then the doorbell rang & it was our young lady with her boyfriend to give her testimony about her pregnancy.  After Mass Father gave those who wanted the Sacrament of the Sick.  I then introduced to the 33 people, after thanking Father for a wonderful Mass, our young couple.  Infidelity gave the most poignant testimony that I have heard & all our hearts were touched by her bravery, through the grace of God.  She was 14 & her boyfriend was 16 when she got pregnant & her mother & the boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion.  The mother drove her into Planned Parenthood when she saw & heard us out on the front lines telling her the Truth.  She told her mother that she didn't want to have the abortion & made a fuss & the mother wasn't happy.  They left the inside of Planned Parenthood & got into the car & when the car stopped on the way out she jumped out of the car & fled.  She said that she went to her grandmothers house until she was further along so that her mother wouldn't drive her back to Planned Parenthood or anywhere else to have an abortion.  Her baby was a month early & is now 2 years old.  The boyfriend in now supportive & they she is waiting until marriage to have sex again.  She is a Christian & is obeying God's laws the 10 Commandments.  Good for you dear Infinity & boyfriend.  When we all went into the Green Room to eat Fr. Edison spent much time in speaking with this fine couple.  We all had a great time eating good food & talking.  I went into the office to get Father's Thank You card & I handed it to him with a verbal thank you for coming & celebrating the Mass & blessing all our rooms at Focus & for giving us the Sacrament of the Sick too.  He looked at me & smiled.  I then went back into the office when I heard a voice from behind me saying "no Mary I cannot accept this, you keep it for Focus".  It was a small monetary donation that I had put in the thank you card, he didn't want it so thank you again Fr. Edison for everything.  Then he said "how many Masses do you have at Focus yearly"?  I answered back "about 4 to 6 Masses each year".  He said "I think that you should have a Mass at Focus every month in the good weather months & I can ask a couple of Priests friends of mine if they will celebrate a Mass here".  Then he said : I want to do another Mass in May & I'll email you the day & time because I'll be leaving to go away for a couple of weeks in May".  I said "okay Father I'll wait for your email".  I thanked him again & then he was out the door.  When I got home about two hours later it was on my email that he wanted to come back on Thursday, May 9th. at 6pm.  Okay Father Edison I will work on a flier & sent it out to the many people on my email list.  Hurrah!!!  What a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Are God's Agents

Faith, salvation, the conversion of the world, the accomplishing of God's plan is brought about by God, not by us—except as instruments of his saving power.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 on the Front Lines
I knew that there was a water leak in the office yesterday, so I put down some pans over two plastic bags, to catch the water.  I spoke with the newest landlord Dan & he said that once the weather was better they were sending a company up there to fix it permanently.  "Okay" I said "I can't wait, for we've been having this problem for many years & we're tired of it".  I was nice but firm.  He feels the same way we do at Focus about the ceiling leaking so much. I do trust that he will get it fixed correctly.  So after Mass this morning I went to the bank to drop off the donations of fine people that have blessed us & went right to Focus.  When I got in there was nobody there so I opened up all the rooms to get ready.  It was to early for me to go out to the front lines so I decided to eat lunch of the left overs that were in the refrig.  I was eating when the doorbell rang & I got up to answer it, it was our client-friend Valerie coming in to help out.  She saw that I was eating so she said that she was going out to the sidewalk to be with the people out there.  I said "thanks & I'll see you later".  I then continued to eat when the doorbell rang once more.  There was a young girl at the door asking for a pregnancy test.  I let her in & greeted her & then lead her to the Rose Room for the test.  She filled out the Intake Sheet & then she did the test.  It was negative.  I saw from the Intake Sheet that she had had an abortion so I spoke to her about that & I gave her lots of informational brochures for her to take with her.  She said that she would never do it again & that she had asked God to forgive her, she was young & foolish.  She said that she was planning on marrying her new boyfriend soon.  I then called Embracing Options Pregnancy Center & spoke with Dee about their Post Abortion Ministry.  She said that they were starting a Bible Healing Class, in the Fall, so I gave the phone to our client & she gave Dee the information that she requested & she will call her in the Fall before it starts.  How wonderful was this!  Then as I was leading her into the Material Aid Room ,to get some clothes for herself, she asked me a question, so I said for her to wait in the Rose Room until Dr. Karen comes & I'll sent her in, to speak with her.  Karen came about 10 minutes later & I spoke with her for a minute & then she went into the Rose Room to speak to our client.  They spent at least 12 minutes in there talking & then the young lady went in to the Material Aid Room where Valerie was now in there & they befriended each other.  It was wonderful to witness this between these two strangers. Sort of like an immediate sisterhood forming. 
I was so happy when Dr.  Karen, who does the ultrasounds for us & all the pregnancy centers, told me that all of our clients, at Focus, made their appointment for an ultrasound on Wednesday & all were very happy when they saw their precious baby, even the young lady, that Martha got away from Palnned Parenthood two weeks ago, who wanted an abortion.  Yeah! for this is great news!! 
I had heard Martha coming into the center while I was in the Rose Room so I knew that she was now out on the Front Lines.  I went out about 2pm to join her & the others.  When I got out to the sidewalk there was Martha & Jim was leaving & across the street was Adolf & Ron standing holding non graphic signs & praying the Rosary.  As I came outside Martha then went inside which was fine.  She came back out around 3pm & I stayed with her for a short time witnessing to people on the street & in the parking lot of the Killing Mill.  A car came out of Planned Parenthood with a young girl sitting in the passenger side giving me her #1 sign.  How sad it that :(  I went back into the center to do something around 3:15pm.  I saw that Suzanne was now there & Karen had left.  Paul & Valerie were still working hard.  I then received a phone call from Sharleen who was giving us the $1,000 worth of 'free' food from the Mormons.  I told her that I didn't have anyone to pick up the food boxes on Friday or Saturday & she said that she & her husband Jeff would pick me up at my apartment tomorrow at 9:30am  & take me to the Storehouse in Canandaigua to pick it up & t bring it to Focus!  Wow!!  This was a prayer answered.  Bill & Lynda offered but their car was to small & it was so far away for them too, I thought.  This was great news.  I then spoke with Suzanne for a short time & then Martha opened up the front door & said to me with a loud voice "Mary come out right now, for a car almost ran over the two guys, who are on the other side of the street".  I got what I needed & left immediately to go back to the front lines.  She said that Ron called the police & that she got the license number of the car.  Great!  We were now waiting for the police to come.  And we waited & waited & waited some more.  Martha called back 911 & gave another street address for the police & we waited & waited & waited some more.  The two men had to leave, for it was now 4pm, & Ron had to pick up his daughter from school.  Martha went into the center & called 911  again & when I came into the center around 4:45pm she said that an officer was coming to Focus.  Okay I thought & what happened!!  We were doing things now in Focus when the doorbell ran & it wa Officer Mike Fay.  We know him & he knows us.  He said that he was on his way after he received the call but then another call came in which was a homicide  & he had to take that call first.  We said "okay & we're glad that you're hear now".  Martha told him everything so he wanted to go outside to get a better description of the event.  When they came back into Focus, Martha told me that the abortionist, Rachel Phelps, was driving out when they were standing on the sidewalk & she saw them both.  She murdered so many little babies here today, how evil is that!!!!  Officer Mike said that the two men, when they come back next Thursday, needed to call again 911 to get a police report completed.  He said that he will check out the license number & do a check but he really couldn't do anything else until they call next week.  I don't think that they will call 91 next Thursday, for Ron said that they were all right.  I said back to him "you might be all right now but the next time you might not be"!  They also need to protect, all of us as, few as we are out there, by reporting this crime.  I hope that they will change their minds.   What a day!!!!!!  Sometimes you just want to cry.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at Focus
It was a pleasant afternoon today.  There was a lot of help & a lot got done.  Yesterday Ni saw a lot of clients but she couldn't get the first Material Aid Room open because the key didn't work, that we have hidden in the center.  She had to wait until Rob, our sidewalk counselor on Mondays on the front line, came to open up the room.  Later on tonight, I went & got another key made for the room, & I hope that it works.  She's a trooper but I don't want that to happen again.  Martha & I went to Albany on a bus with 52 other people to talk to the Legislators about Cuomo's third trimester abortion bill.  There was about 300 people that we joined to pray & to talk & to peacefully protest.  I hope & pray that some hearts were changed today.  Martha & I were standing on the sidewalk protesting, in Albany, with our non graphic signs & a young woman, said something that wasn't very nice, it was even really bad, as she drove passed us.  Poor young girl, I hope that you repent.  Otherwise the people were nice there.   I got home at 11:30 pm for we were gone for 12 hours.  When I got back I looked at the TV to see more about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, it was horrible & so very sad.  It was evil. 
When Martha & I got to the center we saw that Valerie, our client friend, was coming around the corner from the Buckpitt building.  She had been standing with a sign, on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood, for an hour & she said that she was cold & tired.  After lunch she took a nap with her head down on the table.  Pleasant dreams dear lady :)  Please take care of yourself Valerie.  Then I was just about to call Sue to see if she was okay when the doorbell rang & in she came.  She said that she was sick last week with a stomach bug & it wasn't any fun either.  I get your drift Sue & we're happy to see you alive & well.  She said that she lost 6lbs. but gained it back, I would never have guessed for she looks great.  She also mentioned that her son was Confirmed yesterday, at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, & she was very happy :)
Paul came in to work & his birthday is tomorrow & Suzanne's birthday is on Thursday.  Martha will be making a chocolate cake for the celebrations.  Mmmmm good :)  She had to go to her doctor's for an appointment & while she was gone a young lady came in for a pregnancy test.  It was negative & I spent some time talking with her & giving her lots of brochures.  She said that she likes to read.  Yeah!!  I also suggested that she come back next week for a repeat test if she needs to, for it might have been to early today, we'll see. 
Tim came in to see what we needed & he'll be back when he can, to work in the Material Aid Room, in putting up a clothes rack, so we can hang up our clothes for better visibility.  Can't wait!  Linda now came in to help us put away our donations.  I was so happy to see her too.  Our clients were so nice & we were so happy to help them.  Today we had the two brothers get what they needed for their families.  I usually thank the one brother, who comes more frequently, for being a good father to his children & encouraged him to get married.  Lets hope so.  He wants to but she doesn't, go figure.  She just had another precious baby who was born 4lbs. & she's now 6lbs..  She's growing up.  We had a pregnant mom come in with two of her three children.  Her 2 year son was tired & 'no' was his favorite word.  He didn't even finish his lollipop, that's tired :( 
Everyone was gone so Martha & I ate a nice super when I received a call asking to speak to Mary.  I said that I was Mary & who was I speaking with.  He said that he had a Summons for me to testify, & he name the names, for they were suing the City of Rochester.  I said that I didn't even know these people & never saw anything to testify against.  He said that he would leave the papers by my front door.  "Okay" I finally said back to him before I said"goodbye" & hung up.  Martha & I were trying to figure this one out, when I remembered the lady at Buckpitt who had fallen down, on the icy sidewalk in front of the business where she worked, about 3 years ago.  Martha I & were out on the front lines when we heard her cry out & we went over to help her.  She did go to the hospital & was hurt & she's now suing.  On the way home I received a phone call so I stopped my car by the main library to answer it & it was Martha, who was now home, telling me that she also received a Summons to appear in court on May 23rd. at 10am.  At least I'll have the Lord & Martha with me on that day if they don't settle before hand, which we hope that they do. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I were busy today along with Paul & Lyndia helping us but first we celebrated Paul's Birthday with an homemade chocolate coconut cake, that Martha made, it was delicious.  We gave him a card a some chocolate candy & Wendy's coupons, he was so happy.  It was so nice & I think that we sang Happy Birthday to him about four times.  Sandy came in to celebrate with us too.  The Life Insurance man came in to give Paul & I are documents.  He is very nice.
We saw a lot of clients today which was very good. Martha did a pregnancy test & it was negative & when the client was leaving Martha noticed that she had the bathroom spray in her purse so she told her to leave that behind when you leave.  She said "okay" & gave it back to Martha. I was not happy when I heard this, for some of our clients think that they can take anything that's not nailed down, how bizarre is that.
 Lyndia went outside in front of Planned Parenthood & brought into the center a woman who along with her husband & 4 year old daughter who had come out of the mill.  She said that they mixed up her records & told her that she had a sexual transmitted disease & then laughed.  I told her that they were evil & not to go there for anything & to tell her friends that too.  Martha did another pregnancy test & Lyndia played with the little girl.  They had fun.  The pregnancy test was negative so I said for her to go to her doctors office for a blood pregnancy test because she thinks that she is pregnant.  I then mentioned that if the test is positive then call me & I'll schedule a free ultrasound test, she agreed & they all went home.  It was so good that Lyndia went out to the front lines this afternoon. 
I was busy in the office & that was good & Martha was busy ding the donations along with Paul.  The people from St. Pius the Tenth Church came in today & brought us so many bigger items for our clients, along with food, that was great !!

Thursday, April 18, 2013 on the Front Lines
I arrived to the center at 12 noon after Mass at St. Louis Church & the bank.  Paul was in the Green Room working on a ceiling project for us, in the hallway.  He's such a hard worker.  I knew that Dr. Karen wasn't going to be with us today but I thought that Suzanne will be with us for it's her Birthday & we had cake!!  Later on she called me to tell me that she had a real bad cold & her head was pounding.  She was sad that she couldn't be with us all on her Birthday but we'll celebrate next Thursday along with Dr. Karen.  I was still tired from yesterday for I have much stress but this is a killing day so I needed to be here for the babies & their mothers, to try to save both.  I was hoping that Martha would be there at 1pm but she wasn't, she came a little later & I must get used to that, for she does so much good at Focus & on the sidewalk.  I ate quickly & did a few things before I went out to the sidewalk.  I met with Sheila & Tom & greeted them.  After Sheila left Tom stayed with me until Martha arrived around 1:30pm to pray & to counsel.  I am always so upset when I'm out on the front lines & some people don't understand that "if you're not angry about abortion then what could you be angry about".  Come Holy Spirit come!!  At 2:20pm Adolf came without Ron for he's looking for work.  I asked him f he would call the police to make out a report about last week's incident & he said "no, I have to expect that kind of behavior here".  I give up!   Adolf went across the street to pray & to witness with his sign that read "Planned Parenthood Kills Babies". 
Sandy came in to the pregnancy center to help Paul out this afternoon for we received 10 clients & I received many phone calls too.  Great job you guys.  I did go into the center while Martha was outside & in came a mother & her daughter, one of our pregnant clients, telling me that she just found out today that she was having a boy.  "Yeah" I said back to her & then I needed to address her very low & short & tight top on a heavily breasted woman.  I told her to go into the clothing room to get herself some new clothes for herself & she did.  Yeah again!   It's nice to be able to help our moms & to address many aspects of their lives, to make it better.  
I then went back outside to be with Martha.  A car came out of the parking lot & the passenger, who looked very pale, gave me her finger & then I knew that she just had her precious baby killed.  Oh no Lord!!   Then I noticed that a woman was sitting on the bench that is in front of the mill with a young child about 4 years old playing with her.  I told her that Planned Parenthood was killing little children & this was not a park but a Killing Mill & she's bring evil into her life by being here.  No response from her & I know that she could here me with the mega phone.  Then the Death Escort old woman walked a young girl out onto the sidewalk & when she got to the woman & child on the bench she started to wiggle her bottom & to play with the child.  I almost threw up.  Martha was so upset that she went into the pregnancy center.  I followed not to long afterwards.  I told the Death Escort that she was helping to kill children, by holding the door open for them, to go into this horrible place to have their baby be killed.  I told her that she was an accomplice to murder.  Her & her white hair, you'd think that she would know better but she doesn't.  This place is hell on earth.
Martha & I had to get ready to go to Webster for the Women's Care Center's Banquet tonight.  We will hear a man that was placed up for adoption & Rebecca Kiessling at, who was conceived, in a horrible rape, of her mother.  Later on, after both talks, I went up to Rebecca & told her my story & she wants me to write about it & put it on her web site.  I told her that I would do it as soon as I could.  It was a blessed evening & we're always happy in helping the other local pregnancy centers here, in Rochester :) & to see all our pro life friends too :)

Growing In Love

God knows how hard it is to suffer. But he has created us to love. Our hearts are made for him. We can only grow in this life by recognizing him and loving him more.

Saturday, April 20, 2013
At the St. Jude's Banquet for Focus & other Charitable Organizations
I went over to Martha's apartment around 4:20pm & we visited for a short time before going to St. Jude's Church for Sunday Mass.  We sat with Sam & Linda, who invited us to this K of C Banquet for Focus.  Linda volunteers for us on Tuesdays.  After Mass we went into the  banquet room & we sat with Agnes & her husband.  I haven't seen her in awhile.  She started the prayer group over at the Planned Parenthood on West Ridge Road, where they give out abortion pills to the victims to kill their babies.  She has a group of 10 to 16 people every Saturday across the street in front of Planned Parenthood for the past 9 years.  Great job dear heart!  Then we went to the appetizer table & had some good food before supper.  I really didn't know many people for this wasn't my parish but I saw Joan, who is the director of the Women's Care Center, in Charlotte, & we said hi to each other.  The we went up to the buffet supper of chicken, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, sausage & peppers & tossed salad we sat down to eat.  After supper there were announcements & the rewards were handed out.  The Focus Center was called & Martha & I went up to the podium.  I had prayed to the Holy Spirit, for the right words to enter my mouth, to speak about Focus.  He did.   I was well pleased.  We were given a check of $300 for our expenses at the pregnancy center.  I am so very grateful for this donation & wonderful experience this evening.   Thank you Lord & the K of C & to all the wonderful people that donated to the Focus Center & other charities.  God bless you all!!!! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at Focus
What a busy day at Focus!!!  When I got to the center, after Mass, there were four adults & one child already waiting to get into the center for clothes, diapers & food.  It didn't stop until 5pm today.  Martha did two pregnancy tests, one was negative & the other was positive & she was happy.  Thank God!  We had Paul who came to help us & later on Linda came to help us out too.  Mary Rita, a new volunteer will be coming in at 10am tomorrow to help put away the donations & Paul will come to let her into the pregnancy center.  Sue couldn't come today to help out but she said that she will come tomorrow to do the work. Lisa was here today who's been sick from her traveling but is doing better now.  She worked very hard & did many things at Focus to help us out.  I noticed that yesterday & today we had seen 26 clients to help them out, which is exciting to us at the center.  Linda came in at 4:30pm to help us out too.  What a worker she is!   Martha called the companies, of the bigger donations that we received, & I made copies of the manuals that were sent to us, for our clients.   I did some office work too.  It was non stop & I came in tired & so was Martha :(  but through the grace of God we made it :)  We had many happy people stop by, to receive the things that they needed, for their families.  Yeah!!!  Martha & I had a spaghetti supper & I then went to buy diapers sizes 4 & 5 for our mothers, for tomorrow. What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at Focus
I got to Focus before Mass today for I wanted to meet Mary Rita but I was to late for she had gone.  Paul was leaving to & he said that she did a lot of work this morning in the short time that she was here.  He said that he was taking a friend to the doctors & will be back later on today ^ then said "good bye" & left. I then went to the Blue Room t see that she had put all the boxes of clothes!  She's fast.  I was very happy.  I then was going in to the bathroom & the doorbell rang.  I went to the door to be greeted by a Fidelis Care Representative.  She said that she was driving by & saw our sign on the building & decided to ring our doorbell.  I let her into the center & introduced myself to her.  She wondered if we needed anymore brochures about Fidelis Care Insurance, for our clients, & I told her that would be great.  I mentioned that we do pass out the brochures to our clients in need.  I then showed her around Focus.  She said that she was going to clean out her basement & bring her children's things to Focus for our clients & that she will tell others about us too.  I was thrilled t hear this news.  I then said "good bye" & went to Mass down the street. 
When I got to Focus, after Mass, there was no one there, so I started my work.  The doorbell rang & I let the mom in for the things that she needed.  I then received a phone call from Iris, our client, & she told me that we have two more babies that were born!!  Her precious baby boy Damian was born, on my birthday March 30th., 2013 at 6lbs. 1oz., 19 inches long & he's a cutie, & she & her son came into the center later on today for some clothes & was also given a bassinet.  She was very happy!  Our second baby was born & the mom Samantha is a friend of Iris, little girl named Aliamna at 6lbs. 2oz., 19 inches long, on March 28th. 2013.  Both mother & daughter are doing very well. This was great news!!!  Praise God!!!
Martha has arrived & I was happy to see her.  Then about a half an hour later Sue came in to help us out then about a half an hour later Lynda came in to help us out too.  The Jerry came in with two clothes racks for the Material Aid Room & a big hammer.  Yeah!!  We set up some clothes on the two racks & I was thrilled to see this happening.  Jerry had come earlier to deliver some bread & we got talking & he said that he had some clothes racks at home & he'd go get them right now & he did.  Dedication!  Martha got the winter clothes in bags & boxes for Dr. Karen to take to her house tomorrow & I emailed her to warn her ahead of time & for her to bring her bigger car tomorrow.  She emailed me back saying that she will also bring in some of last years summer clothes too.  Sure Karen.  We are hoping to see Suzanne tomorrow to celebrate her belated birthday for she was sick with a bad cold last week.
Paul came into the center with his friend that he took to the doctors today named Maria.  She is very nice lady.  He stayed for about half an hour & then left saying that he will see us tomorrow.  The Sue & Lynda had to leave.   The doorbell rang & it was one of our clients, who is from another country.  Today she had brought her her two daughters & younger son with her, to get the  clothes, diapers & food, that she needed.  She told Martha that he was a 'Focus baby'.  How great was that to hear :)  We saw six clients & some children here today.  It was another blessed day at Focus!!!
We had an appointment with Lou Ann, who had called me about a week ago, to say that she was a student & that she would like to do her paper on Focus to make us more visible, in the community.  She was a delight & the meeting went very well with Lou Ann & Martha & I.  Much was discussed about our pregnancy center & I am hopeful of her knowledge to help us be better. Thank you Lord! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013 on the Front Lines
Linda, one of my longest friends, mother died this morning at 10:10am. 
Lord grant her peace, for her blessed & precious soul!
Thursdays are the most difficult day, for both Martha & I, being on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood's Killing Mill, where they murder so many precious babies.  Lord have mercy!  Tom came into the center to use the bathroom & told me that Planned Parenthood told Sheila & him not to put anything on their ledge where the bushes are.  We'll try to honor their request & it's a good sign the we are getting to them, yeah!!!  I brought a portable table out there to put more of our things on it like our water bottles & Truth packets.  We want to fight them on the front lines, not in court.  Martha had now come & we both went out to the sidewalk together.  We were by ourselves when Dan & Addison came to pray across the street & then about an 45 minutes later Adolf came to pray.  Dr. Karen came in the center & I left the sidewalk to talk to her about a teaching at Focus.  We agreed that Saturday, June 22, 2013 from 11am to 1pm at Focus would work out very well.  I was very happy, for she will be teaching, about parenting, self esteem & nutrition to our girls.  Thank you Lord :) 
When I came back outside, Martha went into the center to do a pregnancy test, for Paul came out, to say that there were two girls in the center now requesting pregnancy tests.  When Martha came back out she told me a very upsetting story that one of the clients, who just came in for children's clothes, had just told her as she was leaving to go back outside to the front lines.  She had a little girl with her & she told Martha that years earlier, when she went to Planned Parenthood, she was told by the nurse that she couldn't hear a heartbeat & that she should schedule for a termination.  This young woman said that she wanted to wait & she left, thank God.  When she went to her own doctor he told her that the heartbeat, of her baby, was strong & regular.  Oh Lord thank you for this wonderful mother!  Sheila, had told me later on that she had told this young lady, earlier in the day when she spoke with her on the sidewalk, that they need to do as many abortions as possible to meet their quota.  This was a wise mother to have left Planned Parenthood & not to have gotten trapped in their lies & deception.  She is thrilled that she has her little girl.   Planned Parenthood is so very EVIL!!!!  We continued all afternoon in praying & witnessing & calling out to those who were at, Planned Parenthood's People Killing Mill.
Suzanne, our client advocate, came in to call our clients to see what they needed & how they were doing.  I sang Happy Birthday to her & she opened up her card & saw her present.  Glad that she's back feeling better!! 
A well dressed man was walking by Martha & I as we told him about Planned Parenthood.  He said that he didn't believe in abortion & was a Catholic.  I said if you are a Catholic then you better be careful not to get Excommunicated, for no Catholic is suppose to be involved, in Planned Parenthood.  He was a nice man but a bit confused.  He reassured me again that he didn't believe in abortion, which I was happy to hear.  He met up with another gentleman in their parking lot & they both went in the Administrative door.  I hollered over to them both that Planned Parenthood doesn't report saturator rape either.  They were in there for an hour or so when they both came out.  As the man that we spoke to earlier had passed by me, in his car, I hollered to him saying "please don't do business with the devil".  I hope he doesn't. 

This week we saw & helped 30 clients & their children with clothes, diapers, & food. Thank you Lord!!  We pray that it will continue.   We pray & educate & love the people, who come to Focus.  We Care!!!!!!

Nada Mary (Skultety) Hasman

Hasman, Nada Mary (Skultety)

Rochester: Died peacefully at home April 26, 2013, at age 86, surrounded by her loving family. Predeceased by her grandson, Joseph and granddaughter, Nicole. Survived by her husband of 62 years, Norman; her children, David (Judy), Warren (Donna), Calvin (LouAnn), Linda Hasman-Williams, Pamela (David) Cooper, Donna (Tony) Perry; grandchildren, Norman, Scott (Angela), Jennifer, Michael (Ana), Mark, Rebecca, Katie and Mark Hasman, Julie (Kris) Hall, Austin, Tyson and Allison Williams, Jared and Rachel Cooper, Valerie and Jay Perry; great-grandchildren, Zoe, Hope, Caleb, Evelyn, Brady, Aaron and Alana; many nieces and nephews. Nada immigrated to the U.S. from Czechoslovakia at the age of 9. In her early years she worked at Eastman Kodak Co. before taking on her most treasured role of raising her family. Nada was a long-time member of St. Margaret Mary Church.

Friends may call Thursday, May 2nd 4-7 at New Comer Funeral Home, 2636 Ridgeway Ave. Her Funeral Mass will be held Friday, May 3rd at 10AM at St. Kateri Parish St. Margaret Mary Church, 401 Rogers Pkwy. Interment Holy Sepulchre. Her family wishes to thank her dedicated care-givers for the compassionate, loving care that they have given her. Memorial donations may be made toAlzheimer's Association , Rochester Chapter, 435 E. Henrietta Rd., 14620.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at Focus
Yesterday I spoke with a Director of another Pregnancy Center & she told me that she had just spoken to a mother on the phone who wanted her daughter to have an abortion. She wants her grandchild to be aborted.  Her daughter doesn't have enough money, for the abortion, and she asked if the pregnancy center provides money for abortions.  How sad is that!!  The director tried to talk with the mother of the daughter, but to no avail and she hung up the phone.  Please say a prayer for this family that they don't destroy the life that God has given them. 
Martha & I arrived at Focus after Mass & we saw that all the bushes were down in front of the offices.  We learned that the landscape will be 100% better.  Great, for it's been a long time for that to happen. We are paying big money which is fine with me for our center is so important & essential for our community but we want it to look great on the outside too, which it will.  Thank you Lord :)
Martha & I did some things in the center before the doorbell started to ring.  Sue came in today to help us out for many hours.  She works hard & is a blessing, like all of our volunteers are to Focus.  Then Lisa came in & she worked hard too.  Later on Linda came to do some work & she is fast & furious in her working abilities.  It is great having these fine women help us out on Tuesdays.   Paul didn't make it in today :( 
Since Monday we've assisted 16 clients & their families.  The children are oh so cute :)  The small statue of the Blessed Mother did get knocked down & broke & Sue glued it back together & I put it in a safer place.  Things happen all the time at Focus & we work it all out, through the grace of God. 
Our clients thanked us for being here, to help them out, & it did my heart good to hear their feedback to our prolife ministry.  Thank you Lord for Focus & for all our prayer partners & benefactors, that bless us with the money for the rent & expenses, so that we can continue our work for you Lord, in helping the people, in the community.  Lord please bless them all!!!!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at Focus
St. Joseph the Worker- Feast Day today
They put in a new walk way to all the offices & businesses in the strip mall today....yeah!!!   Our clients should also be happy too.  It looks great!   The landlord Dan came in to get the rent check & he said that the landscape & fixing the parking lot will come next.  So good to hear.  I invited Dan to our next Mass at Focus on May 8th. @ 6pm, with Fr. Edison celebrating.  It's the Anticipatory Mass for the Ascension of our Lord into Heaven. He said that he will come. 
We had a lot of 'new' clients, with their children here at Focus today.  It was said that a mother introduced her child to us & one of us asked the mom what her name is & she said Excodus because she was the last child that I wanted to give birth to.  How abusive is that!  She said that she had her tubes tied & I told her that it was a wrong decision.  She didn't agree.  I went to the Rose Room to get the brochure on Tubule Ligation & spoke with her for a few more minutes.  She said that she had five children & didn't want anymore.  I said that maybe God wasn't going to give you anymore children, why didn't you trust Him?  If He did sent you another child He then would provide for her or him.  She was also post abortive so I gave her a Truth packet of information & also Post Abortion information too.  I pray that she will wake up & repent.
We saw a mother & her two children who was pregnant with her third child living in the Cadillac Hotel.  Lord have Mercy!  I know He will not let her down & we will help her with her needs.  Another mom came in for diapers, formula & clothes, with her small baby girl, how cute she was.  Another mom came in for assistance too.  We saw many moms & their children at Focus today.
Lynda came in to help us & after some talk she went outside to pray & to witness in front of Planned Parenthood.  She was out there for a good hour.  Paul was there to help us out too.  Much work was completed at Focus today. 
I received a phone call from my younger sister & she said that she will be having Lung surgery next week for the growth that the hospital found on March 30th..  I told her that I would be there for her.

Thursday, May 2, 2013 on the Front Lines
I was just coming down the street to get to the pregnancy center & was passing Planned Parenthood when I saw that Sheila was using the mega phone on two people, a male & a female, that were walking so close together very slowly across the street.  My stomach sank.  I spoke briefly to them when I parked at Focus & got out of the car as they were turning down Gibbs St..  I felt sick to my stomach because I knew that she had just come out of Planned Parenthood after having her precious baby killed.  I went into Focus but I really wanted to go home.  We're out in front of the abortion mill to try to save babies from being killed so I went into Focus until 1pm, it was now 12:15 pm.  I greeted Paul & started to do some things at the center first.  Suzanne had called to say that she was unable to come this afternoon & I was very disappointed.  I do understand that she has other commitments too.  Martha & Paul had already told me that they will be leaving at 4pm today, oh well :(  When I went outside to relieve Sheila I asked her if that girl that was walking so slowly had an abortion, hoping that I was wrong.  She said "yes" & we tried to talk to her but she wouldn't listen.  I wish that she had. It's always wonderful to see Sheila & I thank God for her powerful presence, in front of Planned Parenthood, every Thursday from 10:30am till 1pm.  She's a 'life saver'!! 
I am so happy to report to you that a precious wasn't aborted today at Planned Parenthood!!  I was on the front lines when I saw two girls walking into Planned Parenthood   I called out to them offering them help.  A young lady came over to the sidewalk & said that she didn't want her God sister to have an abortion.  I said we don't either & I handed her a packet of information & a DVD, for her friend.  She then went into Planned Parenthood, where her friend was already.  Martha arrived on the front lines & I had to go into Focus for a minute.  It was about 15 minutes later that the doorbell ran & it was the two girls.  Dr. Karen had just arrived & was standing behind them.  I brought them into the counseling room with Dr. Karen & closed the door. Sue had come into Focus to bring us some donations, so Paul & a client -friend & I prayed together for this situation.   It was about 10 minutes later Dr. Karen told me that the abortion minded girl wanted an ultrasound right away & she wouldn't wait until Wednesday to go to His Branches, for one. The God sister was trying to save this precious baby too. The two girls had gone back into Planned Parenthood.  Both Dr. Karen & I were very upset & we prayed together.  The girl, that was with the abortion minded girl, came outside later on & I called her over to me.  We talked.  She said that Planned Parenthood wouldn't let her in the back room with her friend  She told me that her mother made her have an abortion at 14 & she was devastated & in shock by the gruesome event that cost her baby's life. I told her that we can help her too.  We waited together, on the sidewalk, until the young girl finally came out.  She wasn't smiling so I asked her if she had an abortion & she said "no".  I said then you should be smiling & she did.  Thank you Lord!!!!  I gave them the Focus brochure & told them to stop by to get the things that you needed for this precious baby. They said "thank you" & walked up the street.  Alleluia!!
Three guys pulled into the parking lot & went into the mill.  As they were coming out of the parking lot I looked right at them & said with a stern voice "no sex outside of marriage".  I guess they didn't like that comment & the passenger who had a smirk on his face threw an unwrapped condom at me, so I guess that was their plain before & said what I said to them.  These are the guys of today :(  we're in trouble :( 
Martha & Paul had left so I was all alone in the center.  I did things that I needed to do when the doorbell rang, there were two young girls at the door.  The one girl asked if we do pregnancy tests her & I said "yes we do, come follow me" & I lead them into the counseling room to do the test.  It was negative & I did some teaching & gave her many brochures that I asked if she'd would share with her friends.  She agreed.  She was young & sweet.  These guys :(
I decided to eat at home tonight so I continued to do my work when the doorbell rang again.  This time it was Natalie form JustMe. Faye was away with her daughter who was graduating from Culinary school in South Carolina.  Great news.  She brought us some diapers & were packaging them when I told her about Dr. Karen's class at Focus on Jun 22nd from 11am till 1pm.  She asked if she & Faye could be on board that day to help the girls who want to find a job.  I said "you sure can, that would be fantastic"!!  So we planned after that seminar she would also come on Wednesdays form 6pm to 8pm to assist the girls in need.  I was sooooo happy to hear this for I felt that the Lord was saying to me that this was the year of teaching.  Thank you Lord :)

Photo: Trust me, I know it's hard!  I just answered almost 100 emails and boy were there some cranky, miserable people!  I said a prayer, forced a smile and wrote them back with love!  It was not easy... But with God, it was possible :)Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I got to Focus after noon Mass today.  I was impressed that they had put in a new brick area,  by each of our front doors of all the offices there in the strip mall, & will be putting in flowers on the sides of the doors too, it's going to look great for our clients.  Thank you Lord!  Sometimes things do take time & a change of landlords, too.  I saw Bernie & Dan, our two landlords, this afternoon, it was good.  Everybody is happy with everybody, I guess.  Improvement is good & very necessary :)
Paul, Lisa & Sue weren't  with us today but they'll be helping us out tomorrow with setting up for the Mass at Focus with Fr. Edison celebrating a second time in a month & he asked me if he could.  Yes Father, every month if you want too!   It is such a 'special' time for us to all thank the great Lord that died for our sins on the Cross & then rise again.  No problem dear Fr. Edison & we thank you so much!! 
The doorbell started to ring & we took care of all of our many girls that came in, some with their children too.  Martha did one pregnancy test & her friend came into Focus months ago & had strange symptoms & we sent her to her doctor & she had an Etopic Pregnancy & she is also Post Abortive.  She was given literature in regards to this & asked the Lord to forgive her & said that she would never do that again.  Her friend was negative & I told her that to make sure of that is not to have sex outside  of marriage, she agreed.  I gave them more information to take with then to help their friends who want abortions to help to save their children's lives.
We were given donations of clothes & a beautiful pink bassinet. A woman, who had come into the center about 5 minutes earlier, had seen the beautiful bassinet asked to have it for her sister, who just had a baby.  Martha said that she needed to make sure that there were no call backs & to hopefully pick it up tomorrow.  She said that she would come back on Wednesday to do so.  Now nice was that :)  I received a phone call, from a young woman, saying that she just had taken a pregnancy test, from a drug store, & it was positive & she asked to come into Focus for another pregnancy test tomorrow.  I said "yes, of course".  She asked if we gave referrals for abortions & I said "no, we have nothing to do with abortions, for it's taking a life".  She said that she agreed, for she had an abortion in the past, & doesn't want to do it again.  Thank God!  She also said that her partner doesn't want this baby.  Some people treat children like trash, can you believe it  :(  She asked if he could come to & I said "yes, he can".  We have to get to his conscience & his heart, if it's like flesh & not stone.  Lord please change his heart!!  I hope that she & he will come tomorrow & that all will go well. 
Linda came to help us out & she's so fast & efficient putting away, the many great donations that we have been blessed with, by many people.  We talked about the planning the supper for tomorrow, after the Mass.  There should be many people & the supper should be great too!!!  Looking forward to the Anticipatory Mass, for the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven. 



'Hold Me, O God'

Loving God, be with me in this time of sadness, pain, and uncertainty. I feel disoriented, and hunger for a time before death transformed my life. Help me to believe that this pain is temporary, and that after darkness, I will find light and peace.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at Focus
Anticipatory Mass for the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven: Our second Mass at Focus
Today was a very busy day for we will be getting ready for our next Mass at Focus with Fr. Edison.  Sue came early to start to move things around so that the chairs would be in the Great Room & the tables would be in the Green Room.  Plus we had to serve our clients with their needs too.  Paul came & then Lynda came too.  Paul helped us get the rooms ready & Lynda went outside to pray in front of the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood.  About 30 minutes later she brought a young lady into Focus that had been bleeding.  We called St.; Joseph's Center & made an appointment for her for Thursday.  She just had been at the emergency room at Highland, which she doesn't like but she dislikes Strong more.  I don't blame her for that.  They did some test & sent her home when Lynda came into her path.  She wasn't feeling well so Lisa was called, for she was heading to Focus, & she brought her to Highland Hospital for further care.  I called her the next day three times but was  unable to reach her by phone.  I am sure that she was fine & back to work.  She apparently had a miscarriage earlier unfortunately, she said.   
We saw many girls & children this day  & we are always happy about that, that's why we're open.  Many new faces lately.  I was in the office when the sweetest face  came around the was Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother of 5 beautiful children.  She had the youngest boy with her, Ziere, who was born 1 lb. 15ozs., with her.  He is sooooo cut & solid like a brick.  I almost flipped for he is 9 months old now, boy does time fly.  Martha & I were to the hospital when he was born & asked the hospital to call for a priest to come & Fr. Kennedy came to administer the Sacrament of Baptism, to this very, very tiny little boy.  We didn't think he would make it & we were wrong, thank you Lord!!  Pat never thought that :)  I told her that I was trying to call her but the phone just kept on ringing with no answer.  She said that it was turned off, I guess there is no money for a phone  :(   It was great to see her again.  I invited her to stay for the Mass & she said that she would.  I also asked her if she would give her testimony & she said "no" but she changed her mind after Mass & spoke about her family for 20 was terrific! 
Then the people started to arrive for our Mass.  Fr. Edison came early to set up.  I introduced him to Pat & be for Mass he came out to the Green Room to talk with her & they both were blessed.  There were 40 people who came to the Mass it was wonderful & oh so beautiful.  The young girl who crowned the statue of the Blessed Mother, for May Day, was celebrating her birthday today & this was the best gift that she received today.  It was such a blessing for her & her family too.  All smiles.  After we received the Sacrament of the Sick, Pat gave her testimony & all listened attentively to her words.  Thank you dear pat.  Then the doorbell rang & it was one of our clients, whose baby's life was saved 2 years ago in front of Planned Parenthood.  She came to tell me something  about Mondays & I listed to her & then invited her for supper.  She gave her testimony at the last Mass last  month.  She didn't know that we were having a Mass tonight.  The food was plentiful & the conversations were welcomed.  It was a very blessed evening with the Lord & Mother Mary & all the people that came to celebrate with us :) 

Divine Mercy

In Scripture when Christ tells us about “the unforgivable sin,” it means the sin we don't ask forgiveness for, that pride is the sin against the Holy Spirit, not allowing God to forgive.

Thursday, May 9, 2013 on the Front Lines
The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord 
I will continue to try to have more people join us out on the front's gruesome & sometimes violent.  A woman drove out of the Planned Parenthood parking lot & she threw a large can out of her car at Martha & I. I flagged over a police officer who took the license number with him to check it out.  I doubt that I will hear from him in regards to this offense.  How can the people in that car be happy after having this innocent baby be murdered.  We are NOT their victims, they are victims unfortunately.  The words of the people driving by were also horrible but we need to be out there to try to save precious babies & mothers lives, & we do at times, through the grace of God.
Martha & I were out on the front lines yesterday, in the afternoon, when a young girl came waking up the street.  We invited her to go to Focus to receive what she needed.  She said that she was going into Planned Parenthood to have an abortion over a year ago & when she saw our graphic signs & heard what we were saying she was convicted & turned around & went back home.  Her child is now 1 years old & she's so happy & so are we :) 
Paul & Dr., Karen were busy in Focus today & Suzanne came much later to call our clients to see how they are doing. There was an incident this morning with Jennifer, who prays & side walk counsels, out on the front lines, & Planned Parenthood called the police.  I told her that we support her efforts in trying to save & change lives.  No arrest were made.  Apparently she was in the so called buffer zone.  We are the good guys & we are the ones that are trying to help all who go into this Killing Mill & we can't.  She was trying to help people & they are in there killing them.  How evil is that!!!  It's twisted!!  They are afraid of us?  We're not killing anyone.  Wait until they stand before Almighty God someday, if they haven't repented!  Lord have Mercy on their souls!! 

'Giving God Our All'

To anyone who lives in friendship with God, it is natural to praise, to thank, to repent, to petition, and yes, even to tell him of our grief and our sufferings.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at Focus
When Martha & I got to the center we noticed that there were chairs lined up in the Green Room & we knew that we didn't put them there.  I then went into the smallest room to see that there where two desks in the room now so I suppose that they rented the room out.  We put the chairs back into the room.  Who would want to be in a pregnancy center, except us??  It would change the dynamics.  We'll see, in time.  We hope not!!  The doorbell rang & there were five adults & one child.  Okay.  One young girl was with her mother & she wanted a pregnancy test so Martha did it.  She was pregnant so we called for an ultrasound for tomorrow.  The other woman was five months pregnant so I told her to come back again around the time of delivery for new baby clothes & she said that she would.  She was with her husband & his father & her child.  Nice family.  Sue came in to help us & then Paul came.  The doorbell just rang & rang.  I received a call from Kay saying that her & her husband & a friend were going to bring over the donations there were given to Focus for Mother's Day.  When they arrived it took 15 minutes for them with help to get everything out of the van.  We were blessed BIG TIME!!  Thank you Lord & Mother Mary & St. Pius the Tenth Parish for this wonderful blessing to our clients at Focus.  A mother of three children had cone in & saw the car seat & the pac n' play & received them both.  She was sooooo happy :)  We had to call to see if the items were on recall & they weren't.  We received new & slightly used baby & children clothes, diaper, baby wipes & baby shampoo & lotion, etc..  It was great!!!! 
The doorbell rang again & it was Chris & Jennifer to receive more Truth packets for their front lines ministry on Tuesdays.  Great job girls!!  Martha was asked to give another pregnancy test which was positive & we set up another ultrasound for tomorrow.  Later on Martha did another pregnancy test & it was negative.  The young girl received a Depo shot from Planned Parenthood, about a month ago, & she didn't get a period so she thought that she was pregnant.  The girls usually do. 
Lisa came in & I asked her if she would call our pregnant clients to see how they were doing.  One of our girls had a miscarriage & she told her that we could talk with her if she'd like to.  A lot of the phone numbers didn't work & that happens.  She also left messages & spoke with some of the clients & all is well with them.  Lisa called the companies of the pac n' play & car seat, that we also received today.  She was busy for hours too.  Linda came in at 3:30pm & worked for a couple of hours.  Sue had to go & she worked so very hard for so very long.  Thank you Focus volunteers for ALL the hard work that you put into our pregnancy center for our girls & guys.  We had a couple of men at Focus today, it's always good to see them.  I try to than then for being a great father.  I wish that there were more out there in our community. 
I worked a lot in the office & then Martha set me up to soak my bad toe.  She's a fantastic nurse but I'm not a good patient. Later on we had a nice supper & we shared the day together.  Thank you Lord for such a blessed day for our clients & for us workers too. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at Focus
When Martha & I got to the center we were told by the worker that the smallest room was for the landlord & his secretary if she needs it at all.  So no new people have rented out that space or will.  Thank you Lord.  He also put in new bushes in front of our center, they look great.  Things are coming along very nicely. The doorbell rang & it was some clients needing things for their families.  I was in a slump because of my chronic pain & bad big toe but I got through the day.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was Dawn, from the Elizabeth Ministry at St. Louis Church, dropping off many nice things for our clients & their families.  We were blessed again today!!  The baby & children clothes, diaper boxes of many sizes, baby wipes & many more items were fantastic :)  We were so busy again today.  I wish that I could get someone to open up on Friday's.  I'll still pray for that to happen. 
I went into the office to make copies of different brochures that we pass out if the pregnancy test is negative & made up more Truth packets for our front lines ministry.  I worked on the two thank you letters for our wonderful donators & did other things too.  Martha worked hard organizing the clothes, diapers & all the other items.  The doorbell rang again & we helped out this mom too.  It is a nice feeling to be able to assist the people that need help.  Then Lynda came in & we all talked for about 10 minutes & then she went outside, on the front lines, to pray & to witness & to talk to the people going into the local death mill, Planned Parenthood.  When she came back into the center, about an hour later, she said that she spoke with one woman, to no avail.  It's sometimes very difficult but we need to be there so that we can at least plant the seed.  No seed, no crop. 
Paul & Valerie came in later & helped us out while they were there.  Thanks you guys.  So much to do but we get it done in time.  We are blessed with many new clothes for our families & such great selections too.  The clients are so grateful for the 'free' food, clothes & diapers & we're so happy to serve them.  There is so many places that Martha & I need to be in these last weeks of May & then in June.  I wish that I felt better.  It's only through the grace of God that I function.  I'm grateful Lord.  God is Great all the time!

'Love Them Anyway '

Love even the most abandoned: love whatever faith in Christ remains in them: if they have lost this, love their virtues; if these have gone, love the holy likeness they bear, love the blood of Christ through which you trust they are redeemed. —St. Ignatius of Loyola
Thursday, May 16. 2013 on the Front Lines
Sheila, who is on the front lines from 10:30am until 1pm sidewalk counseling, came into Focus at 12:45pm today with two women.  I came out of the office & was told that the one young lady had been at Planned Parenthood & had changed her mind about aborting her baby.  Her mother was with her.  She filled out an Intake Sheet & I made an appointment for her to have an ultrasound by Dr. Karen next week at His Branches.  She was also given brochures, a growth & development book & DVD.  Focus will now care for this family. Thank you for your prayers & support, so that we can help the people, in our community. We praise God that this precious baby will have a Birthday :) Great job Sheila & your team!!
I went out to the front lines & Martha was there.  I was relieved.  Then she had to go into Focus & I was by myself.  A car with a man & a woman drove out of Planned Parenthood parking lot.  I said to them that I hoped that no one in this car killed a baby.  She screamed the bad words at me continually.  She said that she was raped & I told that I was raped too & I didn't kill my babies.  She then said you blank, blank. blank.  I told them both to repent as they drove away honking the car horn at me.  Lord have mercy on their souls.  Then a worker at Planned Parenthood came in & I said "why are you working at an abortion mill"?  He said the bad word to me too.  I expect it, unfortunately.   
When Martha came back onto the sidewalk we counseled the cars going in & coming out of the abortion mill.  When I went into Focus to talk to Karen about some things, Martha said that a girl who was coming out of Planned Parenthood spit at her & gave her her finger.  Martha said "you are a spitter & you know how to use your finger so I'll have to pray for you".  The car went out of the parking lot fast.  How sad.  When we were together now on the sidewalk a young girl came out of Planned Parenthood with her baby in a stroller.  We called her over to us & she came.  She said that not everyone is in there having abortions & she was here for rape counseling.  I told her that I was a rape survivor & I wouldn't come her for anything.  I told her to go to Catholic Family Center which was down the street for her convince.  As she was walking away I told her that it wasn't her fault, & I said it again & that Jesus cried for her that day".  I hope that I helped her.  It's interesting that when I tell someone that I was raped they don't care.  I wish that I wasn't but I was & I conceived twins which I miscarried.  At least I am a mother & I know that my son & daughter are in heaven & I didn't kill them.  I am at peace & I know that I will  see them after I die & that they are in great hands with the Lord. 
Lynda came to witness the Truth with Martha & I out on the front lines today.  There was also Adolf & Dan who were praying & witnessing on the other side of the street.  Thanks guys.  Martha & I went back in to the center & we did some work before supper.  After we ate Donna came in for a wonderful visit. 

'Meaningful Goals'

The most meaningful goals in life are those that can be accomplished with the help of God's graces. We should use those graces to give us confidence that, with God's guidance and help, our gifts are capable of being developed well beyond our imagined potential.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at Focus
We were blessed today to find out that we had three new babies born......

1.  Baby boy Jalen was born on May 16, at 1:06pm at 6lbs. 6ozs.  Mother & son are doing very well.  She brought her cute son into Focus this afternoon to receive some things that she needed & we all got to see him.  Yeah!!

2.  Baby girl Shyaja was born on April 5, at 6 lbs..  Mom came into Focus today, without her daughter, to receive some things that she needed.   We were so very happy.  Praise God!!

3.  Lisa, our client advocate, called our clients today & found out that baby boy Camenn was born on January 31, at 7 lbs. 4ozs.  Both mother & son are doing very well.  Terrific!!!

We had a very busy day today with seeing many clients & their children.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was negative.  We were blessed with Dr. Karen, Paul & Linda to help us help our clients.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at Focus
We were very busy again today!!!  Martha & I came to the center after Mass & the doorbell rang & rang.  I thanked God that Sandy came to help us but told us that her mother had died in Nevada.  We tried to console her.  Then Jeannine came with her two Home School children to help us out too.  Then Ni came to help us out & later on Lynda & Paul came.  I was happy.  I mostly stayed in the office to do work there.  The doorbell rang & I answered it.  A young girl came in asking if we would confirm her pregnancy for DSS.  I said "sure" & asked Martha to give the pregnancy test & to write the letter.  Then Martha asked if she could have an ultrasound done this afternoon so I called & spoke with Dee & made an appointment with Dr. Karen.  The client was very happy... now we had sent three pregnant girls to have an ultrasound done this afternoon at His Branches.  We were very happy.  Then I realized that I had a missed call on my cell phone, when I had my phone off for church.  I called the number & it was the mother of the young girl who went to Planned Parenthood last week & almost aborted her precious baby.  She was asking for directions to the  office for the ultrasound but said that she found it & her daughter saw her baby & heard the heartbeat.  Then she threw me a curve saying that she is still up in the air about having an abortion & Planned Parenthood told her to go to Strong Hospital, for she was over 12 weeks now.  I almost passed out.  I said that can't happen & the mother agreed.  I said that we will pray more for the family & for Savannah & her baby.  I said for her to call me anytime & she said that she had my cell number, on speed dial.  I said that's fine.  After I hung up I went to the computer & sent out a prayer request to my email list of over 400 people.  I know that they will pray. A very busy day at Focus.
Two things today.  One is 'Planned Prenthood Merger' at and the Pro Life Protest at Senator Ted O' Brien's office, the so called Catholic pro abort.  Can't be Ted & where do you go to church???  Check out :  We'll pray for your conversion Ted & don't go to Holy Communion until you go to Confession first. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013 on the Front Lines
Earlier in the morning, before the 11am Mass at St. Louis, I was given a revelation from the Lord, I thought.  When you hear a sweet, soft voice reveling something to you, at any time, you must ask for a confirmation because it could be the voice of the Lord or the Enemy.  I knew it wasn't my voice because I was just walking into the bathroom, to get ready for the day, & I wasn't even thinking about what was revealed but there it was right in front of me.  You shall know the "Truth & the Truth shall set you free" but first it can make you miserable.  The Truth has power because it is of God.  It was a revelation about my earlier childhood that was abusive & traumatic.  I was a bit rattles from this revelation but I knew if it was from the Lord them it will be okay, in time.  I prayed for the confirmation which came later, so I knew it was the Truth.  Now what Lord? 
I then went to Mass & then to the bank for Focus & then to McDonald's for lunch.  I was tired & still shaken from the morning but I decided to go now to Focus, even it was early.  When I arrived there was Sheila walking into the parking lot.  I saw three young girls heading towards the center but I figured the Paul was in there & he would answer the doorbell.  I spoke with Sheila & she said that she had to go now for an eye appointment & she wouldn't be here next Thursday for she had a class but after that she'll be back.  Okay I said back to her.  Then we noticed that the three girls didn't get into the center & were walking away.  I said that I'd let them in & I did.  Then I turned to them asking what they needed & the one girl said that she wanted a pregnancy test.  I almost dropped to the floor.  "Okay" I said & I lead them to the Rose Room.  While the client was in the bathroom I said to the two girls, that Planned Parenthood was killing off their Race.  The one girl said "oh no their not".  It went down hill after that.  I was ready to have them leave so that I could consecrate on the girl who came for the pregnancy test but I didn't.  The Lord had me in His grace.  Then the one girl said that abortion was a choice of the woman & what if she was raped?  I looked right at her & said "I was ganged raped & I didn't murder my twins".  It was back & forth with these two girls so I decided not to give them anymore verbal information so I set up the Truth packet with many more brochures for the three girls to read & to get educated.  When the young girl came back from the bathroom I asked her how she found out about Focus.  The two girls were giggling so I said "what Planned Parenthood sent you here.  "Do you know why", I said, it's because their so busy killing babies & they don't have time to do pregnancy tests".  I was stern with what I was saying to these girls.  The pregnancy test was negative & I said to the young girl,  face to face, no sex until your married & you don't have to worry about pregnancy or sexual transmitted diseases".  This girl was 19 years old & she had a miscarriage at 15.  Why are these girls submitting to these, none caring boys?  It's so very sad. I then handed the plastic bag filled with information & showed then the Material Aid Room & said that if they needed us again please come back.  They left & later on when I came into the center I saw that she had put the plastic bag filled with literature in the trash can next to our front door.  After they let Focus I was told by Mike who was on the sidewalk that they went back into Planned Parenthood.........these girls need lots of prayer.  I felt badly that I didn't do better with them.
Martha came into the center & then went out to the front lines.  I had to stay in because I was expecting Katherine to come to volunteer & I wanted to show her around.  She came & I greeted her.  Paul was in the center so after I orientated her I knew that she would be fine.  Suzanne came later & they all worked hard, because they saw 12 people, who came in with needs to be meant.  Kathleen will be back from 1 to 4pm in two weeks.  Thank you Lord. 
I was now on the sidewalk with Martha who was with Tom.  I set up the signs, for there was a bit a wind which blows the signs into the street, no fun.  Tom had now let & at 2pm Adolf came to pray & to witness across the street.  Dan came around 3pm today.  A car came out of Planned Parenthood & when she saw us she started to make faces & act funny.  She had a wrist band on her arm so I knew that she had just had her little baby killed by the abortionist in there.  This scenario happened again today.  How evil is killing your baby & someone helping you.  I hope that they all repent.
Martha & I got to talk to some people who were walking by & gave them informational packets & showed them Focus was, if they needed us.   We went back into the center at 4pm.  I said "good bye" to Katherine & said that we'll see her in two weeks.  The doorbell rang & it was Dan.  We haven't seen him in so long because of his job.  He said that he got a new job it will be days instead of nights.  Yeah!!!  We got to visit with him for awhile.  Then just after we finished supper the doorbell rang & it was Faye.  She comes once a month to help us along with Natalie, who came later.  It was nice visiting with them too.  Martha left for her Holy Hour & I closed up the center around 8:30pm tonight.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at Focus
This day was so busy!  We attended to 14 clients & their children, for those who brought them, into the center.  Sue & Linda & Lisa came to help us out with the donations. What a team!!!  Paul didn't come today. The day went fast because we saw so many people.  We were tired at the end.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at Focus
This day was sooo busy!  We attended to 18 clients & some children.  Lynda came at 2:30pm & we talked for a few minutes & then she went out to the front lines to witness.  I was in & out of the office all afternoon.  Martha did two pregnancy tests that were positive & we scheduled an ultrasound for them for next Wednesday.  They were young girls & one was post abortive, her mother forced her to have an abortion but she won't this time because she's older now & in control.  I always ask the girls if they have asked God to forgive them for this grievous sin & then give them brochures, to help them, in the healing process.  After they left Martha did another pregnancy test & it was negative....thank God.  We always teach abstinence, after each negative pregnancy test, & give them appropriate brochures to assist them in making better decisions, in their lives. 
Martha called me after she left tonight after supper to tell me that I should go to the After Hours Medical Center for my swollen left toe.  I didn't want to but because she called me I thought that the Holy Spirit spoke to her first & it was a message to go get medical attention.  I'm glad that I did.  It was Cellulitis & if it got infected it could lead to blood poisoning, oh no!!!  I also met four fine people while I was there.  The doctor told  me to continue my work as she was leaving the examining room & the nurse had an unplanned pregnancy & new Compass Care & did a Documentary about them.  The Receptionist had a baby when she was 20 years old & her boyfriend left her.  good bye Charlie...  And the last lady, who gave me a big bag of clothes for the Focus Center, said that her grandson was almost aborted but his life was saved.  Thank God for all these wonderful women. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013 at Focus & on the Front Lines
I wasn't on the front lines today because of my foot.  Martha was out in the blazing sun from 1pm until 4pm.  She said it was horrible & I believe her.  Dr. Karen did a pregnancy test & it was negative.  We were very busy in the Focus Center.  Pule & Valerie were there helping out with the many bags of donations.  Lynda came later on & joined Martha out on the sidewalk with Dan & Adolf.  Suzanne came later on & made calls in the office of our clients, to see how they are doing.  It was a fruitful day at Focus.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at Focus
I had to go to a director's meeting at Birthright in East Rochester.  We are setting up a 24x7 call line for clients who think that they are pregnant.  It will be awesome!!  It was also great seeing & speaking with these wonderful women who 'protect & defend life'.  While I was at the meeting one of our volunteers called to tell me that she was at the hospital with her Aunt who had fallen & needed surgery.  I felt badly for her & her family. I hope & pray that all will go well.  I then took my bad foot & limped leg to Focus where Martha was caring for the people who are in need. I first stopped at the bank to order more checks & deposit slips for Focus.  I am now at Focus with Martha & it was 3:30pm.  I was happy to see that Linda & Lisa was there helping Martha.  Paul didn't come today & Sue was with her Aunt.  We were busy but not as busy as last week.  Martha did two pregnancy tests which were negative.  I went to the office to start my work & the ladies continues to assist the clients & their children. 
We had an effective Focus Board Meeting tonight with all but two members there.  Much was discussed.  It was great seeing Jose again & he just Graudated from college & is now a Marriage & Family Counselor.  Great job Jose!!!!!!

'Heavenly Army '

As the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, we, too, are called to live out and share our faith in our daily lives. However, we do not have to face this challenge alone. We have the promise that Jesus goes with us, we have a Church that encourages us, we have the Blessed Mother in heaven praying for us, and we have the Holy Spirit with us, offering the right words at the right time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at Focus
It was a semi busy day today but effective.  We saw clients & their children & they were happy.  Fred came with our new sound system that he & his wife Mary bought for Focus & we're well pleased.  This was their donation to our center.  Now when we have Masses said & have speakers come in, people will hear them better.  Thank you Fred & Mary, how generous & kind you are.  Lynda came in & we spoke for about 10 minutes & then she went outside to the front lines with literature packets & DVD's to sidewalk counsel.  Thanks Lynda!  The doorbell rang & it was Sharlene, our Mormon friends, who came with so many donations & diapers for the center.  How nice of you all.  I spoke to her about our lagging food situation & she said that next month she will bring food to Focus instead of clothes & things.  Thank you so much! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013 on the Front Lines
I was a mess with my bad but healing toe & my right leg which I don't know what's wrong, I just know I can't walk very well.  Martha was gone to PA. & it was raining hard.
I new that I had to be out on the front lines today to try to save babies from being killed by their mother's request & some of the father's & grandparents & friends too.  Poor babies :(   When I arrived at Focus I did only a few things & then went outside to begin my sidewalk counseling & witnessing.  Thank God that Jennifer just arrived we walked to the front lines together.  We greeted Tom & then he left.  Paul had brought out the signs & the literature box for us.  Jennifer prayed & I spoke out to the people going into the Killing Mill.  At 2pm Adolf came & stood across the street & at 2:30pm Lynda came to witness.  I told the girls that I was going into Focus because of my foot & leg.  I know that they understood.  I was in Focus for an hour when I was told that they both had left, so I went back out to be with Adolf, until 4pm.  I can't wait until June 20th. when Rob will be back out on Thursdays on the front lines.  I saw that a car drove into the parking lot, with a guy & a girl in it & I spoke to them for at least 5 minutes hoping that they would leave but instead they both got out of the car & went in to this horrible place.  I was sooo sad.
I went into Focus at 4pm & Adolf & Paul helped bring the things back into the center.  I was so glad that Kathleen had come at 1pm today & was there until 4pm.  She was somewhat busy because of the rain.  Suzanne came for an hour which was great too. 
I received a call from Sheila & she said that Miss S. DID NOT go for the abortion yesterday, at Strong, but went to her OB doctor instead.  She is now taking her Prenatal vitamins.  Yeah!!!
Sheila & I were calling her but only got an answering machine & we left messages on it.  Sheila again called today & spoke to Miss S. & she told her that she is having her baby.  Please continue to pray for this young lady so she continues her pregnancy.  Thank you so much for your love & prayers for her & her precious baby.  Praise God!!

'Be Not Afraid'

Let us never be afraid to reach out to those whom we might think of as far away from God. In truth, no one is ever far from the heart of the Father no matter how hard they may try to distance themselves from him.
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 not at Focus
I was not there today at Focus, due to my right leg problem.  Martha & team took over & did a great job taking care of our clients who were in need.  Lisa went to the Dollar General downtown & bought many things for Focus, diapers, paper products, etc..  Half of the cost was supplied by her mother Lynda.  Thank you both so very much for your generosity~!!!  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at Focus 
I called Martha this morning to tell her that my right leg was still bothering me.  She told me to call the doctor & that she would pick me up to take me there.  I called & I received a 11:30am appointment & Martha picked me up at 10:30am.  My doctor wanted an ultrasound to rule out a deep Thrombosis & she ordered a cane & pain patches & Physical Therapy, which I informed her that I wasn't covered but found out days later that I was with a $40 co pay.  The appointment for the ultrasound was made for 1pm today & the office was the building right next door.....thank God!  They took me in at 12:45pm & did the ultrasound & exclaimed that there was NO blood clot formation.  I hollered "thank you Lord"!!!!  We left to go right to Focus & there waiting for us at 1:20pm were three clients at our door.  We just missed Jerry, the bread man & I called him & left a message on his phone to come on back but he didn't.  To bad :(
We were busy today, like always.  Lynda came later on & then went outside to stand on the front lines to witness to people.  We saw many girls & Martha worked very hard in assisting them.  Lisa won't be with us for two weeks & Lynda won;t be with us for three weeks & Suzanne won't be with us for two weeks & Sue for one week & Kathleen for one week.   Summer time!!!
After we ate supper Martha took me to Wegmans to pick up the pain patches & a cane, which she bought for me at nice!!!     What a day!!!!!


'Pray Incessantly'

God already knows what you need; now He just wants to hear you say it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013 on the Front Lines & at Focus
I received a phone call this morning from Sheila, stating that the literature box that was filled with Truth packets & DVD's & informational literature, was stolen.  She had flagged a policeman down from the street & he said that he would go over to the house because Tom took down the car license number.  I was told that the person wasn't home & that's the end of it :(  I hope to see it again someday, maybe.  I'm not sure why this woman took the container & put it into her car, only God & she knows.  How sad & evil acting was this!!  I know that things get stolen but why would she????  Poor Sheila & Tom who are pro life troopers!! 
Martha again picked me up to take me to the pregnancy center.  I stayed inside & she went outside, to sidewalk counsel & to pray.  Kathleen came today & I was happy to see her & Paul.  We were very busy.  I did a pregnancy test on a mom who had twins & she told me that she was going to abort them but saw our graphic pictures & couldn't ......thank God.  I told her to behave herself so that she can take care of them & her other children.  She was receptive to the Truth!! 
 Martha came in at 4pm along with Adolf & we had to get ready for our third Mass with Fr. Edison.  It went very well & there were about 30 people who showed up....Praise God!!!  Pat, our great grandmother,  came to give her testimony about the drug situation that was occurring next to her house on Frost Ave. & her great grandson's health issue with his lungs.  This precious baby was born premature at 1lb. 12 ozs. many months ago.  We also received the Sacrament of the Sick & I went to Confession.  We had enough food for everyone that stayed & it was good.....thanks Martha & friends for a wonderful meal.   We are blessed by the Lord, at Focus!!! 



'Casting the First Stone'

There are enough people with stones in their hands ready to hurl away. Let us adopt the example of Jesus who, at every occasion, seeks to wrap the individual in love and calls them to a life of holiness.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at Focus
Martha was nice enough to pick me up at home to take me to the center.  Thanks Martha!  We went to Mass first & then to Focus.  We were so busy at Focus, which is what we want to be.  The doorbell kept on ringing.  Paul said that Valerie, our client friend, wants to be a Catholic, which is great.  That is our prayer for her & her family.  Paul will be her sponsor & they tried to see Fr. Tony but he wasn't at the Rectory.  I said that you should call first to make an appointment.  It sounds good to me. I knew that Lisa won't be at Focus for two weeks but Karen came for an hour to help us out then Sue came & Linda came, she was so tired today.  We have so many donations to put away. Ni received many donations, yesterday when she was at the pregnancy center, & she did a pregnancy test too.  She likes to work hard & she did. I spoke with Jennifer about something important & then she said that she won't be on the sidewalk for a couple of weeks for she was having skin cancer surgery & had other commitment too.  I was sad to here this. 
I asked Dick, who had come to the door asking for more literature packets for the front line ministry, to ask Jennifer if she could stop into the center, for I wanted to talk with her for a minute.  He said that he would.  Jennifer came in about an hour later from witnessing on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood.  When she came into the center she said that a young man was driving out of Planned Parenthood & stopped the car to speak with her, for she was hold a sign that read 'LIFE', on it.  He said that his girlfriend was in there getting ready for a chemical abortion.  Jennifer spoke with him for a few minutes then he called his girlfriend on his cell phone.  Just then, one of our clients that almost had an abortion years ago, was walking up the sidewalk & Jennifer handed her the phone to talk to this young pregnant girl, not to have the abortion.   We hope that she was successful.  She wrote the girls cell phone number to call her later today. Thank you Lord for this wonderful scenario.    
I received a very upsetting phone call from a mother of a young pregnant girl who Sheila helped coming out of Planned Parenthood about four weeks ago.  We sent her to have an ultrasound at His Branches Health Center, by Dr. Karen.  We were pretty sure that she wasn't abortion minded any longer but she went to Strong Memorial Hospital several times after the ultrasound to seek an abortion.  The first time she just went there & talked about it but didn't do anything to make it happen but this time she was driven there to have the seaweed rods, put into her vagina, to start the abortion process for the next day abortion.  Her mother called me to say that she had changed her mind & wanted the rods out of her & if I could help.  I was devastated first, but I had to give her the helpful information, to save this precious baby's life.  I quickly went to my desk to get the pro life doctors list & I gave her two doctors name & phone numbers.  I said that these doctors couldn't do it go right to the Emergency Room, of one of the hospitals.  I asked for her to call me back after they saw the doctor but I never received a call back, so I was worried.  I then called Sheila, for she was the first contact of the mother & daughter coming out of the Killing Mill, weeks ago.  She said that she was going to call Miss S. to see what had happened.  She didn't call me back either, to tell me what was going on, & I was so worried & I prayed so hard to God & for Mother Mary's intercession, that this baby would not be killed.  My heart was aching. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at Focus
I couldn't stand it any longer so I called Sheila.  She picked you the phone with the first ring.  I asked what had happened & she said that she called twice last night & left a message on the phone & no one called her back.  I asked if she would call again this morning & she said that she would.  She also said that she won't call me back if she doesn't reach Miss S. or her mother & she would call back if she did connect with one of them.  I agreed & said "thank you & good bye" & hung up.  I was upset still & decided to eat breakfast which I threw up.  I called Martha to tell her that I might not be at Focus today & she understood.  After I hung up with her the phone rang & it was Sheila saying that Miss S. was still pregnant & that Dr. Morehouse took out the rods yesterday evening & that she was going for an ultrasound, with Dr. Karen at 1:45pm today.  I was sooooo happy to hear this great news.  Praise God, that all worked out for this precious baby again, that mom keeps on trying to have killed.  What is wrong with some pregnant moms??????  Sheila told her that if she gets tempted again just call her & she'll take her to lunch.  Okay Sheila this is a great idea!!!  God bless you always, you life saver you!!!!  I felt much better & I got ready to go to Church & then to Focus.  Before I got into my car I received a phone call asking if we do pregnancy test which I replied "yes" & I gave the days & times that we were open.  The I received a call from a woman who was referred by the Salvation Army.  I answered her questions & she said that she would stop by Focus today to get some diapers & things for her baby.  "Okay, see you later & have a great day" I said & then I hung up the phone.  I was a few minutes late for Mass, which I wasn't happy about.  I need to leave earlier.  After Mass I stopped Officer Mike & spoke to him about my relative which I just found out was in jail & was going to be transferred to prison for 5 years for robbing three convenient stores with a BB gun, along with some gang members.  Not to smart.  I want him to start his 'new life' in prison & I was asking what could be done for him to make this happen.  This poor soul has had a rough life & was almost aborted 18 years ago & his father was murdered on a street in Rochester & he has 21 half brothers & sisters & a mix-up up mother too.  He didn't complete his High School credits either.  It's so very, very , very sad.  But if you do the crime you must do the time. I hope & pray that he will come out of prison better then when he went in.I t's a rough place but there is always hope in God to protect him, to change him & to heal him.  I will trust in Him!!! 
Martha & Paul & I saw 14 clients today, even though the men were tarring the parking lot, right in front of our door.  We were so busy that I was stressed out & not always patient with Paul, though he understands me.  I was sorry about not being patient with him.  I also apologized to Martha for we disagreed about a pac'n play that she just received from Angel Care & now couldn't reach the client, so I asked her to give it to another mom who needed it, but she wanted to wait.  I said "okay but not for very long". This client was now unreachable but she might stop in at any time we really don't know.  I know that she was disappointed & I should have understood that.  It can get icky in there, at times, but not very often & we all get along very well.  Thank God!!!  :)

 Prayerful Fidelity'

Peace, patience, and above all prayerful fidelity in suffering constitute the path most of us are called to travel. Perhaps we can manage to be cheerful in the midst of suffering; this is a courageous virtue and one not easily attained.


Thursday, June 20, 2013 at Focus & the Front Lines
I received a call from Sheila as I was eating my lunch at McDonald's where there was an ambulance & a police car, that had parked horizonily so on one could get by, to speak to a man in a car down from where I was parked & eating.  I was getting a little nervous.  We're still trying to get our literature box back from those who stole it a week ago.  Sheila said that she called 311 to get it reported & told me that the police will call my cell number after 1pm if  he didn't call before 1pm, to speak with Sheila.  We'll see what will happen?  I appreciate Sheila doing this.  After lunch I drove right to Focus & I was in the center for about 5 minutes or less when a woman was ringing the doorbell.  It was Sue for the Gates Community Church with the donations that were collected, at three churches, over a week ago.  There was sooooo many items that we were blessed with.  Sue & her friend put the items in the Green Room.  Martha came & then Rob came to go out to the front lines to try to save babies lives & their mothers too.  Paul was with me & we were sooooo busy.  Martha came in at 4pm.  It was around 4:15pm that Donna came in for a visit.  It was great seeing her & talking with her for awhile, then she went outside to join Rob on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood.  God bless her & the team that witness outside. 
Rob, Martha & I ate together.  Donna wasn't hungry & Paul had left.  It was about 6pm that her husband & children came to pick her up for they had been to the Zoo.  We got to talk to Bob for a few minutes & to see her wonderful children too!!  It was great!!!

When I stand up, I want people not to see me -- but the plight of the preborn.


When I speak, I want people not to hear my voice -- but the voice of the preborn, and their mothers, abused by abortion.


When I ask for help, I want people not to hear my need -- but the need of my nation, bled dry, dehumanized, callused, by the killing of defenseless children



Tuesday, June, 25, 2013 at Focus


I greeted Christine after Mass today as she was heading to the front lines, by herself, to pray & to sidewalk counsel.  What a blessing she is to the team.  Tracy came after Mass with her three relatives & blessed us with a donation of French Fry money.  They gave up eating French Fries yesterday & gave us the money to help our clients, how nice was that!  Also Tracy gave us a big donation & it was a big blessing too. 


I knew that Sue wasn't going to be with us today to help us out & we had a lot of donations, in the Blue Room, just waiting to be put away.  I prayed before hand for some help, other than Martha & I, & Valerie came by, when Martha & I entered Focus, at 12:50 PM.  Yeah & thank you Lord!  It's sometimes overwhelming for us but every week we get through it, through the grace of God directing us.  The doorbell kept on ringing & Martha had done two pregnancy test right off the bat.  They were both negative but you have to do some teaching too.  Then some pregnant girls cam into the center to receive layettes for their babies when they are born.  This pleases Martha & I so much.  I was working in the office when Martha said that it was to warm in the center, so she called the landlord, who came over to check the thermostat out.  He said that he had fixed it but it was broken so it was still warm in the center.  Martha was some what grumpy, which she never is, so I wanted this fixed as soon as possible.  I had to wait for the next day :(   We are blessed with our 'new' landlord.....thank you Lord!   For the problems, that we have experienced, have been for such a long time. 


The doorbell rang & I answered the door.  A young lady had greeted me asking for diapers.  I said "yes" & showed her around.  I gave her the diapers & left her saying "if you need anything we're down the hall& happy shopping".  She had enter the Green Room to see that Martha had the Highchairs out in the room cleaning them & calling the company to see if there were any Recalls on the products.   She said that she needed one very badly so Martha said "okay" & gave her a Highchair.  They got talking & come to find out that she had been to Planned Parenthood, today, & was getting ready for the abortion procedure for Thursday. They were ready to insert the rods into her to stretch her cervix for the abortion but she said "something happen inside her to change her mind" & she said that she got out of there real fast & came to Focus.  Praise God!  Our new client Miss C. told me that her former boyfriend had raped her & also had beaten her up in the past & had abused her Autistic son too.  He was arrested & was in jail for one day & was let out with no more jail time.  We will help her with her many problems but for now she's staying with her mother along with her two children.  She is a nice woman who is in pain from the abuses.   She wanted the Adoption information & pictures of aborted babies to take with her. I gave her both plus other brochures & a DVD too. I told her that we would call her & please come again when you need us, for you are not alone. She left after she filled out the Intake Sheet.  I also shared my gang rape & miscarriage of my twins with her, which made her feel not alone. She left happy & so were we.  Later on I found out that Christine, who was out there on the sidewalk praying with her sign, had spoken with her as she was going into the abortion mill.  She was so happy to hear that she might have 'saved a baby'.  Oh yeah, you did Christine, for God was using you to reach her !!!  Martha &  Valerie & I were so very, very happy too.


I was just finishing lunch when the doorbell rang & Valerie answered the door.  A minute later into the Green Room where Martha & I were came Jennifer, who had called my last Friday wanting to volunteer at Focus.  She was blind.  It surprised me, for she didn't mention it on the phone, which wouldn't have made a difference but I was surprised.  I was worried that I didn't have anything for her to do but I was wrong.  After we talked for about 10 minutes we put her to work putting diapers into plastic bags, which she enjoyed.  Hopefully she will come back again to bless us at Focus.  It was nice meeting you Jen. 


What a wonderful day at Focus!!! 


' Gospel of Freedom  '

Your own holiness is the best “gospel of freedom” you can offer. If you are holy and happy, people will know you are somehow different, and they will want what you have

Wednesday, July 26, 2013 at Focus

Martha & I got to the center after Mass today & we were busy from the start & saw many clients come in for their needs to be met. Martha did a pregnancy test too. She was negative. It was warm in the center again so I called the landlord & he said that someone professionally was coming in a couple of hours to check the system. I said “okay, that sounds great” & said “goodbye” & hung up the phone. I told Martha & she was thrilled, for she was becoming grumpy again :( Poor sweet Martha. We ate lunch late today because we were seeing so many people, which was fine. Paul came into help us around 2pm & it was good seeing him & he's such a big help too. There is so much to do & I spent a lot of time in the office doing copying & making phone calls, to our pregnant clients, that were abortion minded. They both are doing well now :) Thank God!!

Martha helped a man who had come to Focus for food, in the past, to get his bike fixed. She called an organization, which gave away 'free' bikes, but no longer offer this service. She added him the best she could. She made out a Referral Letter for him to go somewhere else to get what he needed. He left with a free sunglasses though. He was happy.

Paul stayed with us for supper tonight which he never does. We had a nice meal & talked at the table. The doorbell rang at 7pm & Paul answered the door & brought the young couple to us in the Green Room. She wanted a pregnancy test. I asked Martha if she would do it & she said “yes”. I told the boyfriend that he could go into the Rose Room, with his girlfriend to be with her, if it was okay with her. It was. The test was negative & Martha counseled them for about 10 minutes. They saw our A-Frame sign, outside on the sidewalk, & came in to the pregnancy center for the test. They were on University Ave. for the Jazz Festival. I hope that their lives changed tonight by knowing the Truth.

Martha & Paul had left & I was about to leave when the doorbell rang. It was almost 8pm. It was Pat, our grandmother/ great grandmother at the door. I was happy to see her. She told me that Zimeir, the last premature baby was in the hospital for he stopped breathing due to the Whooping Cough. She was frantic. She needed diapers so I gave her what she needed. She couldn't stay to talk but said that maybe she'll see me at Focus tomorrow. Sure Pat, I hope so. She gave me a hug & I said that we will be praying for her & her family & don't worry, for God was in charge. She smiled & said “goodbye” & left to go back to the hospital. Lord have Mercy on her & her precious family. I then left to go home sad.


'Living Example'

The way you live is more important than any sage advice you might possibly give.

Thursday, June 27, 2013 at Focus & the Front Lines
I woke up feeling lead to go to the Front Lines earlier, for I thought, that Pat & Bill would be coming later today.  I got up & got ready & was there on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood at 8:50am.  I saw that a car was zooming into the parking lot & was dropping off a young girl into the abortion mill.  As the car was leaving I hollered out to the female driver that if she had dropped off a girl for an abortion that she was an accomplice to this murder of this innocent baby.  She had a angry look on her face & drove fast out onto the street.  I went over to the fence & started to try to speak to the girl that was just dropped off to try to save her baby's life.  I don't know what the outcome for this was for Bill had just arrived & Pat came about 10 minutes later.  I spoke with the two of them & then went into the pregnancy center so that they could start their time out there on the front lines.  I did leave the graphic picture out there against the tree. 
I answered the Focus Pregnancy Center's door today to let a pregnant mother in, around 12:10pm.  When she got into the hallway she told me that she had, in the past, been to Planned Parenthood and was going for  abortion but she saw our graphic pictures, on the front lines & left the clinic.  She said that we gave her an informational packet & a DVD.  When she saw the DVD later on, she cried.  Her precious daughter is due on October 10, 2013.  I gave her some brand new things for her sweet baby.  I asked what she had named her child & she said "Justice".  Praise God for this wonderful, unexpected  news!  I was so happy for this great news!!  Wish there were more.
It was now 1pm & Kathleen, who helps us out on Thursdays, just came into the center & Martha came a few minutes later.  I was happy to see them both.  Rob then came in & got what he needed for the sidewalk ministry.  So Paul & Kathleen were the two who were going to help out our clients, in the center.  Then Martha, Rob & I went out to the front lines.  Rob went over to the other side of the building to witness.  I saw Sheila when I went out & spoke with her for a few minutes & then to Mike before he left.  It is always so difficult out there where they are murdering little defenseless babies, for money.  Then I saw the abortionist drive in with two young females with her in the car.  Oh no.....more abortionist!!!!  She's probably training these women to have them kill too.  How sad!
It was now 2pm & Adolf & Dan & Addison had arrived to pray & to witness, across the street.  It's always good seeing these fine men.  Mary Ann came to pray too & with her dog.  It was now later & Martha went in to the center & then she called me to tell me that it was so busy there that she decided to stay in to help Paul & Kathleen.  Fine Martha.  It was now 5pm & the woman with the blur Planned Parenthood apron came out to the sidewalk with her sign that read 'Parking at Planned Parenthood $5'.  They were trying to reel them in to park there for the yearly Jazz Festival.  Icky!    Rob & I stayed to witness more.  The first car that drove in to park had two children in the car.  When the family were walking out of the parking lot to the street the little girl fell right on her knees.  They took her back to the car to fix her up & then all four of them came back out to enjoy the festival.  Poor kids to have parents that don't car that PP is killing little children.  No cars came in for about 30 minutes for they saw our graphic signs & read the sign that says 'Planned Parenthood Kills Babies'.  Rob & I tried to witness to the woman who was holding the sign & then her husband, who works at PP came over to her with his blue apron too.  When the cars started to drive in we knew that these people were hard & uncaring.  Rob & I tried to witness to these people but they had those 'far away faces' & we knew that they just didn't care :( 
 It was close to 6pm so we decided to go into Focus for supper.  Martha said that center was very busy & some of the mothers had made a mess & she told them to pick up the things that you dropped on the floor.  Respect please!!!  We had Paul with us for supper tonight & we had a nice meal.  The doorbell rang & Paul answered the door at 6:30pm & it was Natalie, our volunteer from JUST ME ministry.  How nice!

Tuesday June 2, 2013 at Focus
It was another busy day at the pregnancy center.  We had so many moms & their children come in almost all at once.  Karen came in with the last bags of summer things that she has stored in her house.  We appreciate her kindness.  She has taken many bags & boxes of winter clothes that many people dropped off in the spring time.  She spent some time playing with the children.  When I see a child by her or himself I just say to them "go find your mom" & off they run.  I don't want any children lost.  All our clients today were blessed with many nice 'free' clothes for their children & for themselves....thank you Lord!
I received an email from Lisa saying that she couldn't come to Focus today because of an unexpected situation that just occurred :(  Hopefully we'll see her next week & she can assist me with a letter to Bishop Cunningham requesting some funding for the Catholic pregnancy centers, in Rochester.  Our rent is $2,400 a month plus other bills & expenses & I need more help.  Jesus I trust in you! 
We were blessed with Emily this week who helped us out.  She has a job as a Nanny & had some time this week before her hours were to increase after that.  She was such a blessing & a great help putting the clothes away & answering the front door & giving diapers to our clients.  Yeah!!  Paul was with us too & Linda came later on this afternoon.  There was so much work to do.  I was in the office mostly for everyone has their job to do.  I called our client that was at Planned Parenthood last week to encourage her with her pregnancy.  She told me that Planned Parenthood had called her to tell her that she was over 12 weeks & Planned Parenthood doesn't go beyond that time & they referred her to Strong Memorail Hospital which does abortions in the second trimester.  My stomach churned & I was so upset to hear this.  I said "I pray that you're not going to have an abortion" & she said "no, I'm not".  "Thank God" I said "& I'll send you some information that will also help you".  She said "that would be great".  I asked her to keep in touch with me & to call me if she just needed to talk or needed anything for her other two children.  She said that she would & thank you.  I said "good bye" & hung up very upset.  I only hope & pray that she will continue her pregnancy.  I will call her again soon.

'Praying the Psalms'

The psalms, all divinely inspired, are also truly the Lord's prayers! They, too, will teach you how to pray: how to praise, how to thank, how to repent, how to petition, and even how to complain to God about suffering and injustice. It just makes sense to pray in the words
that God gave us.
Wednesday, June 3, 2013 at Focus
Another very busy day, even for a Wednesday.  Paul & Emily were here to help us today & I was very grateful for that.  We saw many clients & Martha did a couple of pregnancy tests, which were negative.  We do teach abstinence & self respect to our clients at Focus.  We want them to have better lives & not one based in sin & heartache, as they get rejected & get sexual transmitted diseases, which some of them will be with then forever in their lives.  Not good.  We teach in love.
Jennifer, our visual impaired volunteer, came to help us out today.  Her mother was with her helping us out too.  Also, Sharleen came with her two daughters & their friends, with bags of food & clothes, for our clients to take home with them.  Our clients are all so grateful for Focus!!!  We are blessed by their presence too. 
We had a couple of pregnant moms come into Focus today & they are going to breast feed.  Yeah!!  I gave each of them four brochures, to assist them with breast feeding their infants, when they are born.  I was busy in the office making up new Truth packets for our front lines literature box & making up referrals, for the Material Aid Room, for our clients.  I was busy & so were the other great volunteers that bless us at Focus.  So much going on at Focus :)
Do you know how happy that we all are, on the front lines, for tomorrow is the Fourth of July, & Planned Parenthood won't be surgically murdering any sweet, innocent, voiceless & defenseless children tomorrow, for they will be closed.  Yeah!!!!   I wish every Thursday would be the Fourth of July :)

'Offer It Up'

Now that Christ has defeated sin and death, our own sufferings, joined to his, do indeed have meaning. Any pain can be offered to God in union with Christ's passion. And thus we are privileged, as members of his body, to save souls along with him.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at Focus
Today we had Paul  with Martha & I, which was good but where was Sue?  I called her & she said that she's been so busy she forgot to inform me that she will no longer be able to volunteer at Focus, due to the fact that she & her son were moving to Colorado, to be with her husband & his job.  I told her to try to stop by to see us before she goes but I doubt that she will have time to see us again :(   She sounded stressed & I don't blame her, for moving is so stressful.  This decision came quickly she said.  We will miss dynamic Sue & thank you Lord for her presence at Focus, for we all have been blessed by her.  The best to you always dear Sue.
It was 2pm & finally Martha & I had lunch & the doorbell rang & Paul brought down the hall into the Green Room where we were sitting the two people from Fidelas Care.  I was surprised to see them for I had forgotten that Brian had said that her & Rebecca were coming today, about two weeks ago on the phone.  We usually don't eat this late either.  My sandwich was crumbling with the ketchup dripping out it looked horrible.  This is not what I wanted to be happening when they came.  It was out of my control at that moment.  I should have written down the day & time, when they were coming, for that was my fault that I didn't :(    I greeted them & spoke with them & then brought them into the Rose Room to set up.  I went back to woof up my distorted hamburger & then went back to the room acting more professional.  I spoke with them for quit awhile & Martha was giving me the eye, for we were busy & it was just the three of us.  I don't blame her but this was important too.   I get stretched a lot ~~~~  Rebecca, from Fidelas Care, will be coming to Focus twice a month for two hours on a Tuesday for help the girls receive insurance from Fidelas Care, a great company.  When we open the door to let them in we will ask them if they'd like to talk with a representative of the company.  Hopefully we can get them to apply & be taken care of.  This is our goal & their goal, too!!
We were busy which was fine & all got done to serve our clients.  Linda came by, as always, on a Tuesday afternoon, to help us out.  The blue storage room is packed with large items, for our moms to pick up. 
At supper tonight Martha & I talked about going to the hearing tomorrow.  We were hoping that they would settle out of court & maybe they will but they needed our testimony regarding the environment out on the sidewalk back then.  I don't even remember when it happened.  This incident happened to the female worker, at the Buckpitt Co. next door to Focus & Planned Parenthood, that had fallen on the sidewalk & hurt herself, that Martha & I helped.  We hope all will go well & it will be over.


'Be a Witness'

“People today put more trust in witnesses than in teachers, in experience than in teaching, and in life and action than in theories. The witness of a Christian life is the first and irreplaceable form of mission: Christ, whose mission we continue, is the ‘witness' par excellence and the model of all Christian witness.” -John Paul II


Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at Focus
I got up early & got ready to meet Martha at Focus at 9:30am so that we could get downtown by 10am for the meeting with the lawyers.  When we got there we were told to wait in the lounge, for the ex husband of the injured woman, was going to speak first. Ironically this was the same place that we have our pro life meetings four times a year at.  How wonderful!!  About 30 minutes later the ex husband had left & then the man came out & asked us who would like to come in first.  There was silence then Martha spoke up to say "I'll go first".  Okay, fine with me. It was about 30 minutes later that Martha came out & I was told to wait until someone comes out to get me.  It was my turn.  I was lead into a large room where there were three people one was a African American woman, who the Attorney for the City.  I was introduced to all of the people & shore to tell the truth the whole truth so help me God.  I said that I was happy that they still used the name of God & the stenographer smiled at me & said "yes".  Then the questions started.  One after another.  After abput 35 minutes later it was resolved that the woman probably slipped on the ice in February in 2011 & not by the sidewak, for nothing was wrong with it.  Ironically, I had written on my website that day in 2011, that she had tripped in the ice, so I rest my case.  The lawyer pulled up the website & looked it up, I didn't even know that I had written that in for I didn't know the date of the incident until today.  You can't sue ice!!!  It took a lot out of Martha & I, but we were summoned to be here this morning.  We went to Mass but were late.  Then we went to Focus to start our day.  
Another busy but wonderful day at Focus.  Jennifer, our vision impaired young lady, came today.  I asked her to put five pieces of paper together, of different sizes, & she got flustered so I'm sad that I did that to her.  Next time I'll ask for her to put diapers in a bag for she feels comfortable with that project.  I don't want to lose her.   She is so nice & is a blessing to us :)
The doorbell rang & rang & we answered it & helped the people that came into Focus with what they needed.  A man came to the door & said that we helped his wife with their first baby a couple of years ago & she was in the hospital, for she delivered by C-section their second child.  He saw a stroller & asked for it, he needed it so I said "yes".  He was thrilled.  He worked on adding the piece that came in the mail, that was needed for the stroller, to be perfect.  Poor guy, he worked on it for about 45 minutes but was happy that when he left, it came with him.  Paul brought him home.  He said that he would come tomorrow to the front lines to protest with us, for there is where he first meet us, a couple of years ago.  I hope that he does for we need me with us witnessing to others. When his wife is coming home from the hospital I don't know.  C Section moms usually stay 3 to 4 days, in the hospital. 
I was working the office when the doorbell rang at 2:30pm, it was Lynda.  It was so good that she was back, for she was visiting her girlfriend in Florida, who has a tumor.  It was a difficult trip but necessary.  It's always great seeing Lynda.  We talked for about 10 minutes, then she went out to the front lines, in front of Planned Parenthood, to witness.

'Sharing Your Faith'

"He will see us and our hearts will rejoice, and our joy no man shall take from us; for this is the sole reward for those who suffer for God's sake, to rejoice forever in his sight". —St. Bede the Venerable
Thursday, July 11, 2013 on the Front Lines & a Mass at Focus

I got up & got ready to go to Focus at 1pm.  When I arrived to the center, in the parking lot, there were three women & three children, waiting for me to open up the center.  Paul wasn't there so I opened up the door & recommend to the ladies that maybe if they come on a Thursday that they could come a little later because of the situation we face on this day.  Then the door to the Rose Room opened up & out came Sheila & two young people, a girl & a guy & they were smiling.  Sheila had done a pregnancy test.  I greeted Sheila & went on with what I had to do.  The one woman who came in with me was a regular client, for she takes care of her many grandchildren & the other two girls have been to Focus before.  One of the girls was pregnant.  I wish that I could have spent some time with her but I did ask her to fill out an Intake Sheet for our records & I gave her some boy clothes & told her to come back again.  I wanted her to smile, for she looked so sad, & I finally got her too.  Yeah!!  Mike V. came into the center, from the sidewalk, & gave me some money from his son & asked for a Mass for him which I said that I would do.  I had no time to talk for I was suppose to be out on the front lines now & I was still in the pregnancy center.  Martha came around 1:10pm & brought in her food for the supper tonight, after Mass.  She then went to the front lines & I did more things in the center & then Karen came in to help us.  Thank God!!!  
When I got to the sidewalk around 1:50pm I heard loud music from the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.  Martha said that the man in the van started to turn up the volume of the radio, when she started to speak to him.  I spoke with him & then a lady from inside Planned Parenthood came out to ask him to turn it down.  He did for about 5 seconds & then turned  it up again.  One of the prayer warriors went into Buckpitt's parking lot to take down his license  number.  I said to him that we now have your license number for a police report, then he finally turned it down.  We can only hope that he didn't bring someone into Planned Parenthood to have her baby be killed here today.  It was about 20 minutes later that she came out & went into the van they drove off. 
Then a young man came out onto the sidewalk & asked what we doing here.  Martha & I invited him over to where we were standing.  He said that his ex girlfriend was here for an abortion but he didn't want her to do it.  He did look sad.  I reached in the literature box to get out a brochure for 'Men Only After An Abortion' & handed it to him.  Martha gave him a Rosary to take with him & she spoke with him for a few more minutes & then he left.  It was about 15 minutes later that when Martha was in the center he came back out & walked over to me with his shirt off & his paints slightly low, you could see part of his underwear.  He said to me "God forgives doesn't He".  I said "yes of course He forgives, with a sincere heart, but we're not suppose to kill our children".  I then asked him to go back in there to save his baby's life.  He said that she already had the abortion.  Then I asked him why he was still here & if he had driven her here.  He replied back to me that he had told her that he would support her in her abortion decision, if that's what she wanted.  I almost fainted, for this isn't what he had projected earlier to Martha & I.  I said back to him, with a deep breath, "your an accomplice in you baby's killing & you need to repent".  I asked his name & the name of his girlfriend to pray for them.  He gave me their names & walked back into the Abortion Mill.  Lord have Mercy!!!!  My heart ached :(
As I was standing on the sidewalk holding a graphic sign of a precious aborted baby, a woman came to the sidewalk form Planned Parenthood just stood there.  I asked her if I could help her & she said that she wasn't pregnant.  Then she said that she was going to call the police because I abused one of the worker of planned Parenthood.  I knew it was about the Death Escort because I had just said to her "I pray that you don't have a stroke or heart attack because you haven't repented yet".  I then said to this woman "if you continue to harass me I'll call the police & I'll make out a police report".  She was gone, in a flash.  Then Rick Bartell came out to the front lines, with his bazaar attitude, & looked around then he left & went to put on a Death Escort apron on.  Nothing changes, like years ago!!!!  I've learned, a long time ago, that some people you just can't talk to you just have to let go & stand your ground!!
Thank God. today that there were three men, who prayed the rosary across the street, & Mary Anne who prays on the brick side of Planned Parenthood.  It was a powerful blessing.  Then all of a sudden, the man that came to Focus Pregnancy Center yesterday for some clothes for his baby that was just born, came to join us out here on the front lines.  We greeted him & said that it was great that he was here.  He then took a graphic sign & went to join Mary Ann on the brick side, right in front of Planned Parenthood, to witness.  Praise God, an African American man, with a purpose to 'save children' from being killed here at Planned Parenthood!!!!!!  Miracles do happen!!!!!!
Martha had come back outside with me.   We were calling out to every car that had pulled into the parking lot t give them vital information to try to save their baby's life.  Then a man with a small dog came from around the bushes.  He said "isn't it to hot for you to out here".  "No" was our response.  He then started to say to us that she is only 13 years old & she's a kid having a kid".  Martha talked to him more then I did but by some weird reason I thought that this 13 year old girl had already had her baby but Martha later on said that "no, she was here for an abortion".  I just didn't want to here that she had her precious baby killed.  If you have your period then you can have a baby.  What people are doing to their children, souls & bodies is beyond me!!!!  This girl was probably brought in by this goofy man & someone else, for he can't be in PP with a dog.  They will wish someday that they weren't here doing what they did. 
Suzanne, our client advocate, was here today too & she called our clients to see how they were doing to find out that we had another baby!!!!    When she called one of our pregnant moms she was told that a precious baby girl Laylah, at 7lbs. 6ozs. was born ,in the morning of July 11, the same day that she called her.  She was excited to hear this great news!   Mom & husband & baby are doing well & mom is breast feeding, which is important.
Martha & I went back into Focus around 4:45pm to get ready for the Mass at 6pm.  Thank God that Paul, Sandy, Karen & Suzanne were in the center taking care of the clients & the room for our Mass tonight.  Team work......
The Mass was beautiful & a blessing like always.  We really want to thank Fr. Edison that he has blessed, the Focus Pregnancy Help Center, with a Mass every month & will continue to.  What a blessing to us & to our important ministry, in saving & changing lives, for Christ.  The homemade food was tasty too.  I want to thank all who participated in feeding this group of fine people.  Pat, our great grandmother came tonight too, it's always good to see her. What an evening at Focus  :)

Friday, July 13, 2013

I received a very sad phone call today, from Dee, at Emabracing Options Pregnacy Center, saying that Miss S., who was abortion minded twice had changed her mind again the second time & had Dr. Morehouse remove the lamerina rods, that Strong Hospital, had inserted into her cervix to prepare for the abortion.  She had changed her mind for the abortion & I referred her & her mother to Dr. Morehouse's office where he revoved the rods.  She went for an ultrasound the following week & all appeared fine but had the miscarriage at 21 weeks the following week. 
This was reported:
Sad news for Savannah, Miss S. today.  She miscarried at approx. 21 weeks a little girl 9 oz. Mary Rose.  She is loosely connected with Christ the King Parrish on Kings Highway. Paul Harris Funeral home will help her free of charge with final arrangements.

Dr. Morehouse would greatly appreciate prayers for Miss S..  She is a client of Focus but was also connected with Embracing Options & Dr. Morehouse office too. Please pray for this young teen & her boyfriend & family. Thank you.

'Heavenly Riches '

Certainly you know that the great Lord when coming into the virgin's womb chose to appear contemptible, needy, and poor in this world. He did this so that human beings, who were utterly poor and needy, might be made rich in him in the kingdom of heaven that they will certainly possess. So, exult exceedingly and rejoice, filled with great joy and spiritual happiness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2013 at Focus
I went to Focus around 11:55am & I walked to Mass downtown, for Mass.  I wasn't even late for Mass, which was good.  It must have taken me about 7 minutes to walk & it was pleasant, even though it was a hot day. Maybe this will work because they took our parking lot away, right next to church :(  The parking meters are money hungry for 25 cents for 10 minutes, are they kidding.  Always something.  I found out that our priest, who is the Pastor of Our Lady Of Victory Church, lost his mother in death on Sunday, she was 99 years old when the good Lord took her to be with Him in a closer way.  I later on received an email from Mary A. that the wake will be tonight & tomorrow & the Funereal Mass will be on Thursday at 10 am.  Martha & I went tonight & joined our friends to soothe Fr.'s grief & to pay our respects.  After that Martha & I went to see her niece to pick up some copies, that Margaret made for Martha.  She has a nice house in Irondequoit & she makes great cookies & homemade lemonade too....mmmmm good.  It was a nice evening. 
Martha & I were by ourselves working at Focus, for an hour,  before our volunteers started to show up to help us.  Then Paul & Valerie came to help work & then Lisa came & later on Linda came ....great!!  We received some nice donations form a woman who found us from the Wishing Well Magazine, yeah!!  Then Anna came & dropped off some really nice things......fantastic!!
Then Shirley came & got so many things & then another lady came in & received so many things then our young man came in & received a stroller & some nice things too, etc..  Then a young lady came in with her 7 year old son & received clothes & food.  She had a hard story of an abusive ex boyfriend.  We tried to help her.  Then Infiniti came in & told me a difficult story about her niece & nephew who she saw walking down the sidewalk with a stranger saying that she bought these kids.  The mother sold the children for drugs & is pregnant.  She is now in rehab.  Infiniti called the police & is now taking care of them & she came into Focus for support & clothes for the children.  She is a terrific young lady that 'choose life' for her precious son, 2 years ago.  So much heartache in the streets of Rochester.
The people from St. Pius the Tenth Church came to Focus to give us non perishable food for our clients.  Also, Ni came in & gave us bread & food & a child's bed from her client.  How the Lord blesses Focus is so awesome & thank you Lord for all your blessings. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at Focus
We were busy again today,  Much to do at Focus!!  The doorbell starts to ring & we answer it & only God knows what He has in store, for us.  We were eating lunch & the bell rang & it was three young girls & a baby in a stroller.  Today was another very hot day.   So I suggested that they make sure that they drink enough water & stay inside.  They agreed.  I spoke to them not to have sex before marriage & I hope that they don't.  Please God please!  I know that we do have a 'free will' but it's only' free' if we chose correctly.  They are nice girls with children.  Paul,Martha & I finished our lunch & back to work we go.  I went into the office & made up the Truth packets to pass out at Focus & out on the front lines.  Martha & Paul did their work in the pregnancy center.  Lynda came around 2:15 today & we were blessed with her presence.  She then went out to the front lines to witness to the people.  She came in about an hour later for it was sooooo hot outside & we have air conditioning.    She dedicated like all the pro life volunteers are!!!!
Elizabeth came at 5:30pm & she worked in the second Material Aid Room fixing it looks organized & so, so nice.  Thanks Elizabeth!!  Martha, Elizabeth & I ate together & the food was good.  Elizabeth & I left at 8:30pm & I went to the Dollar General to get some things for the pregnancy center.  Thank you Lord!!!!

'Living in the Present'

God extends his patience and generosity to us all. It's never too late to let go of past failures. We can always make a choice to do the right thing in the present moment. When we do, God can bring it to good purpose.

Thursday, July 18, 2013 on the Front Lines
Martha & I met at Focus at 9:30am so that we could go together, to Fr. A.'s mothers funeral Mass, at Our Lady of Victory Church at 10am.  We parked in a parking lot on Andrews St. & walked to church, for we lost the rites to park at the parking lot right next to church, only on weekends can we park.  Thing change unfortunately :(  There were many people that came to be with Fr. A. in hi grief.  Many priests were there & many altar servers were there too.  The altar was so beautiful for it was a High Mass for the soul of Helen.  When Father got up to the podium, to say the homily, the first thing that he said was "I have lost my best friend", he started to weep.  It was a beautiful dedication to the mother that he loves.  Everything was in honor of God & His Mother Mary. 
After Mass, Martha & I went to Wendy's for lunch & then to Focus.  I went to the front lines to tell Mike that I have the Mass card for his son Chris, who blesses us with great donations but I ran into Sheila's brother Dennis, for Texas.  I went up to him & we hugged.  I said that it was great seeing him & how long will you be here.  We talked for a few minutes.  Sheila & Mike were talking with a young man, on the sidewalk so I didn't say "hi" to them.  When I walked back to Focus there were some women & their children at the door.  I let them into the center to get what they needed.  Martha helped the moms.  It was now 1pm & I told Martha that I was going to stay inside until Karen came.  Rob came at 1:10 & he went outside to be with Martha.  Paul & I were in the center working.  A few minutes later our client, who is African American, came to get a graphic sign so that he could join the team outside.  Praise God!!  It was about 40 minutes later Martha & Rob were bringing in the signs & were inside the center.  I said "why are you guys in here"?  I was told that it was thundering & lightening outside.  I was upset but I wanted them safe.  Rob finally went back outside & Martha stayed inside, it was a very hot day & it just rained & she was tired.  I understand for she is a warrior.  I have problems out on the front lines seeing women going in & out after they have had their baby killed at Planned's horrible.  The doorbell rang & I went to the door to open it for Karen.  I greeted her & then the gentleman came to the door asking to use the mega phone.  I asked if he could use his own voice out there & he agreed & left to go back to the front lines.  A few minutes later he came back into Focus with attitude & told Rob, who just came back into the center, that he was going.  I didn't know that he was upset so I said "we'll see you next Thursday"!  He replied "maybe yes or maybe not".  He was now gone.  Rob then said, with much apprehension, that he just spoke with a woman out there that was planning to have an abortion.  "She went into Planned Parenthood", he said.  "Please pray he added.  Karen put her head down right away & was praying.  My heart sunk & I said a short prayer but was discouraged that she probably would have an abortion.  I thought, "God is in control". 
Rob, the sidewalk counselor, was on the front lines today & he was standing at the front of Planned Parenthood.  A young woman walked up the sidewalk & stopped to talk with Rob.  She said that is 29 years old & has three children & wants an abortion because she didn't think that she could handle baby number four.  Her boyfriend didn't want her to have an abortion.  This mother was by herself.  Rob gave her a bag filled with many informational brochures & a rosary & he said that the Focus Pregnancy Center, which was down the sidewalk, could help her with baby things for 'free'.  She did go into Planned Parenthood & then Rob rushed into Focus where Martha, Karen, Paul & I were & told us to pray for her.  We did.  It was about 2 hours later she came out of Planned Parenthood & went over to where Rob was standing & then she came over to where I was standing on the other side of Planned Parenthood.  She greeted me & asked for our Focus brochure & I gave her one.  She said that she didn't have time to go today but will stop by the center soon!!   I smiled.  Later on Rob told me that she told him that she didn't have the abortion.  Praise God!!!   Well done Rob.  Great job prayer warrior :)  Thank you Lord.


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