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Saturday, November 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 20

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  'Feeling Down'

It is OK to feel whatever we do feel about our circumstances. After all, God created us to have feelings. We can bring our feelings, whatever they may be, safely to God and allow him to lead us through them.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at Focus
It was a very busy day.  We saw 13 people today, not counting the many, many children, that came into Focus.  As Martha & I were eating a quick lunch the doorbell  kept on ringing.  We finally finished our sandwich some time later.  Paul came in & I was so happy to see him.  He set up two tables in the hall & put all the garage sale items on the tables, from my car.  I received these items from my friend Anne this weekend.  The girls took the items quite fast, still some things left for tomorrow.  Rebecca, from Fidelis Care,came in & I set her up in the Rose Room, for the next two hours, at Focus.  She worked on her computer & phone.  No one was brought into the room, for her to assist, for they all had insurance.

'Love as He Loves'

Now that I experience Jesus's presence in my life, I want to live not only for him but in him. Living in him gives me a share in his wisdom, love, and power—to know as he knows, to love as he loves, to give my life to and for the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at Focus
Another very busy day, at Focus, which worries me a little, for we don't want to be so busy that we're unable to assist the girls with their other needs, too.  When so many girls & their children come in at once we don't have enough people to give them one on one attention.  If the girls come in & there is no one in Focus at that time it is better for her & us.  I am praying for more volunteers to assist us at Focus.  We usually have many donations to put away plus other assignments to do.  I thank God for all the wonderful people that come to Focus to give us things & to help us with the work.  We need more people Lord! 
I received an email from Lisa saying that she wasn't able to come today only to drop off two bags for one of our clients & she won't be back with us for the next two weeks.  I understand but we miss her ,for she is so nice & is so helpful when she's with us, but she has her life & work too.  Paul & Martha & I were today & Linda came in later in the afternoon to help out.  Martha spoke with a young girl that came in yesterday with her two friends to get children's clothes & a pregnancy test.  She was wearing around her neck the Rosary that she was given, by Martha, yesterday.  Martha went over to her to tell her that it wasn't jewelry but a prayer bead.  She gave her the instructions again, on how to say the prayer.  Later on today Martha mentioned that maybe the client can't read, which is not unexpected.  Another issue we wish that we could help the girls with.  Maybe another referral for them, when I can find one that can help them.  I want Focus to be a center for help & instructional information, for our girls to have better lives, for themselves & for their children.  I know that the Lord will help me with that request I have for Him.  

Elizabeth, our newest volunteer, came at 5:30pm tonight while Martha & I were getting supper ready & doing other things too.  We all were going to the Pro Life Prayer Service at Bethel Church tonight at 6:30pm.  For the Operation Save America people came from all over America & Rescue Rochester, which is a local organization, were putting it on in Rochester this year.  They pray & witness, with graphic large signs, at abortion mills, & we have six of these evil places, throughout the city.  When we got to the church, there were many people already there.  It was great seeing some people that we knew there.  Donna found us as we came in the door & she sat with us. The man was singing on the stage & people were joining him with songs to the Lord. The music was loud & praising to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.  It was great!!   We sat behind the Burke's & Rob, the sidewalk counselor, who prays & speaks to people going into Planned Parenthood.  He & I have been out on the front lines, for 19 years, protesting the Killing Mill here in Rochester.  After the music ended then the Pastor's spoke to the crowd.  There were many & they were all on fire for the ending of abortion, in this Nation.  It was 9pm & Elizabeth had to go for she rode with us back to Focus to get her car.  I passed by Mike, the ex boyfriend & we said "hi"  to each other.  I saw Dan & Paul as we were walking out.  Tucker, Tom, Heidi (who sat behind us) Carol Crossed & Barb Frederick's was there too.  I'm sure there were more but it was somewhat dark in the room & had to see.  Martha & I will meet tomorrow morning at 10:15 at Focus so that we can go together to the big pro life event at the Presbyterian Church, on East Ave., for the memorial service of the precious aborted baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy.  It will be a difficult day!     



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Thursday, July 25, 2013 at the Memorial Service for the Unborn Baby Daniel

How do I talk about a very difficult emotional day?  It's not been easy for me to know that children are being killed by their own mothers, it's a very painful ministry.  God gets me through it. 
I met Martha at Focus at 10:15 with her friend.  There was a few of the Operation Save America people there.  They said that the police read the 28 page Injunction to them.  Oh boy!!  We then went over to the Presbyterian Church on East Ave. for the Memorial Service, for baby Daniel, who was aborted by Gosnell.  When we got to the church there was many people there on the grounds some I knew & some I didn't know but we were all one.  Then some one said that Fr. Frank Pavone wasn't coming today for there was a mix up with the time.  I was so upset.  I saw Mike Warren & I went over to him & stated what I just heard.  He said "no everything is going on as planned & by the way there is Fr, Frank, over there".  I was so happy to see Fr. Frank & I went over to him as he was entering the grounds.  We shook hands & greeted each other.  I've meet him many times over the years.  He looks healthy & rested.  It was good seeing him again in person.  Then the ceremony began.  The precious baby Daniel, was brought into the area, by the six young men.  It was so hard to see the procession of this little baby who was killed by a doctor who was suppose to heal.  The man who was holding the small white casket had only one arm, which you can't notice in the above picture.  The casket was placed on a white table in the center of the grounds.  Then the ministers started to speak, then Fr. Frank, then a post abortive woman who was so sorry that she had had an abortion, in the past.  She was speaking so loud & I felt that she was still in pain form her past but forgiven.  Then people where passing out red & white carnations for us to place at the casket of the baby when we passed by to say a pray & to touch him.  I was perplexed by touching the baby but I did.  It was difficult but I did it, thought he grace of God.  This precious baby, who was so bruised from the way he was murdered, was in a casket rather in his mother's arms.  Lord have mercy on us!!!! 
We had to get to Focus for it was 12:50pm.  Martha dropped me off to the center & then took her friend home.  As I was getting out of the car there was Sharlene with her four children dropping off many donations that she blesses us with once a month.  In the center was Katherine, who just came back after two weeks away, visiting her family.  Welcome back :)  I was so busy getting things together & then I thanked Sharlene & her family.  What blessings for they just gave us so many nice things for our clients.  Katherine said "where do I begin"?  I said "just start anywhere & you'd be good".  I knew that she could take over as I prepared to go to the front lines.  Rob just came into the center to get what he needed for the street ministry.  Paul stayed in the center to help out Katherine, I was happy.  Suzanne came later on to work in the office calling our clients. 
When I went out to the sidewalk I meet Sheila & her brother from Texas & I greeted them.  Sheila said that they wouldn't be back for two weeks.  Her ministry is from 10:30am to 1pm when we start.  I said that I'll worry about this later on.  Martha came back about 45 minutes later, she ran into traffic.  I was glad to see her out on the front lines.  Addison & Adolf were now across the street praying, thanks guys.  I didn't see the abortionist car so I thought  that maybe they weren't doing abortions today because of the Operation Save America group was in Rochester.  Wortman the abortionist in Brighton was closed.  Later on I saw a young girl struggle to get into the car that an older woman was driving.  The young girl slumped down in the front seat, which is so typical of having an abortion.  I was now not sure if they were doing abortions or not.  This was a sad sight to behold. 
We were on the sidewalk for more than an hour when some people from the Rescue Rochester group & the Operation Save America came to help us out on the front lines.  Yeah!!  Donna was there & she was using the mega phone righteously & effectively.  There were one police car across the street & then two & then three cars were parked in the vets parking lot.  A man came over to us ladies & started to take our pictures because we were making to much noise for he was studying across the street near the apartments on Gibbs St..  Donna said to him that he should be here with us & then asked him if he was a father.  He looked funny & didn't answer her.  I said to him that he could take my picture but I was having a bad hair day.  I said for him to get ear plugs & go study.  Then I said "I'm turning around & if you want to take my picture you'll be in the street & then I'll have to go over to the police to have you arrested".  He walked back home, where he needed to be.  We're protesting an abortion mill, trying to save live, for goodness sakes.  No one cares in this neighborhood that Planned Parenthood is murdering children, how evil & sad. 
Rob crossed the street to witness to a man along with two other people.  The lady from the Operation Save America came over to where we were said to one of the men "can you go over across the street because they're Catholics".  I turned to her & said "I'm Catholic the Church that the Lord started".  Why is it always the Catholics verses the Protestants????  There should be NO division in this ministry.  They are good people that don't have the complete Truth but we should be able to function together & not be separated.  Lets hope this will change very soon.  United we stand....divided we fall.  We don't want to fall. 
I went into Focus for a few minutes to see how everything was going on.  When I came back outside I noticed that there was a young man standing by the tree holding a sign that read 'Don't murder fur'.  I said to him that he was at the wrong place but he said that he had a right to be on the sidewalk.  I then mentioned that no one would e able to read his sign as they drive by & it was a waste of time.  He keep on hollering 'don't murder fur'.  It's so hard to deal with some people.
I must admit I wasn't very nice to him.  He finally went to talk with the two Death Escorts & then went into Planned Parenthood.  What?  Maybe his girlfriend was in Planned Parenthood for why did he go in & stay there.  Rob & I finally went into Focus &  he still was at the Killing Mill.  Only God knows.
I was so tired & an emotional mess because the day was so intense as I entered the pregnancy center.  There were two mothers & I thought only one two year old little girl know in the center.  The little girl was eating potato chips that the mom must have given her....not my choice of food for a two year old :(    The mom was on the phone using not so nice language & her friend said to her to use nice language.  Martha & I agreed.  The little girl saw a package of chocolate chip coolies on the counter of our kitchenette & started to reach for them.  I bought them for the Operation Save America people as they protested  Planned Parenthood.  Martha told me to give her one & I did.  She was still hungry so we gave her cheese, a better choice.  I walked to the first Material Aid Room & I saw that there was a baby carriage in there so I walked over to it to see that there was a baby in there.  I walked to the Green Room where there was only one mother & asked if this baby was hers & she said "yes".  I went back to the room & brought her baby & told her that she should be with her infant & not alone in a room.  Prayer & education & love are the answers for our moms.  The little girl started to cry loudly & wanted everything & she was difficult to handle for Martha & I, for the mother was just sitting there at the table doing nothing.  She called for a ride home & as she was getting into the car Martha heard her say to the driver "I wish that I could put my daughter up for adoption".  She should have done that two years ago.....poor child.  She needed food & a nap & lots of love.  As she was leaving I gave her our flier for our class on the last Wednesday of August taught by Natalie & Fay from the J.U.S.T.M.E group at:  Thank God!!!!   I hope that she comes & gets knowledge to be a better mom.  They are young & inexperienced as a parent & we want to help them be good mothers. 
Natalie & her mom came in as we were having supper, that is just the way it goes when you're on the front lines & come into the center later.  They didn't seem to mind & did the work that was needed to be done, which I was grateful.  Natalie will be putting on the teaching class, at the end of August, which I'm so happy about.  I made more fliers & put them out in the first Material Aid Room for our clients to take.  I hope that we get some girls who want to come to learn more.  
It was a emotional day.  There are some things that I can't even talk about. 

Jennifer wrote on Friday July 26, 2013

I got there at Planned Parenthood about 10:00 and the Operation Save America, crowd was gathering. Another clinic, Wortman's in Brighton, that they were supposed to be in front of today was closed, so they also came to our site and we had double the people! They were surrounded! People were down the block near Scio St. also. There was a guitar and drums and everyone was singing praise and worship songs. It must've freaked them out. Then the Rochester organizer (Mike) was in the back with LOUD speakers and I do mean LOUD, playing music and preaching. I'm sure it disturbed them inside the building. He had a permit so there was nothing they could do. Many Federal Marshalls and official looking people in undercover cars came. They had a pow-wow in the parking lot, but nothing came of it. If it was like this every day, I'd pitch a tent on University Ave. I also wish our people would come out on Thursdays like they did this week. Maybe now they will. 



'Mary, Pray For Us'

May Mother Mary embrace you with her motherly love and grant you many graces as well. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at Focus

Martha will not be with us today for she is taking care of her two grandchildren, for the week.  We'll miss ya!!  Before Mass I received a call from my friend who lives in Florida & who is up in New Your for a short time with family.  She said that she will come to Focus at 1pm today for a visit.  Yeah, I miss her for she lives so far away.  When I arrived at Focus I saw that Anne was with Christine & Dick praying in front of Planned Parenthood.  I walked over to her to greet her.  She said that she'll finish her rosary & then come into Focus. I then greeted Chris & Dick & went into the center.  Paul was with me & Ney came in about 30 minutes later, thank God.  It was another very busy Tuesday & I was grateful that I had help.  Anne came in looking very tired & she said that being out on the sidewalk counseling is very hard.  I agreed.  She wanted to go back out for a little while again & she took two Truth packets with her.  She came back into Focus about 20 minutes later & she gave away the two packets & talked with some women.  Great job Anne!  We sat down to talk about many things.  Her daughter will be getting married in Rochester in September so I will see her & her family again soon.  I'm thrilled.  Anne is so kind & caring & generous & I thank God for our long friendship.  I worked for her husband for almost 10 years before the company closed.  Just before she left Pat came to Focus along with a tall strong man who is her relative escorting her.  She has lost weight & looks not as good as when I saw her last.  She had a silent heart attack about a month or so ago.  She's on lots of medications & refuses surgery.  Can't talk to Pat, I just have to listen.  I do try to plant seeds, for she's so angry, which isn't good for soul or body.  Pat is Pat & only God can change her along with her saying "yes" to Him.  She loves God just not some of His people.  She just saw the doctor & wanted to come to say "hi" to us.  Anne was happy to see her after so many years.  Anne gave Pat some money to buy what she needed for her family.  Anne had left & I visited with Pat for some time as Ney was whizzing passed me looking  very busy.  I knew that she understood.  When Pat left she & her relative walked over to Assemblyman's David Gantt's office for she wanted to speak with him.  He wasn't in but was let in by one of his staff.  I said "goodbye" & went back to Focus.  It was great seeing both friends today.  Thank you Lord.
I then returned to the pregnancy center to help Paul & Ney with the work & to serve our clients.  Linda came at 4:30pm to help us out too.  Ney approached one of our clients who come in frequently, who has 5 children two sets of twins, if she had a laundry problem & she said "yes".  Ney offered to go to her home on Sunday to help her out & she said "yes, that  would be great".  We are trying to change our girls lives.  I had ordered brochures for the Literacy Organization & I put them into the first Great Room for the girls to take so that they can lean how to read better for 'free'.  So many problem & we have the answers, through the grace of God. 


The painters were out painting the strip mall....yeah!!  It's been so long for this property to look good.  The building is three different colors that all look good together.  He's planted nice bushes in front of the building, fixed the roof, even though it still leaks a little in our hall & Rose Room, filled in the parking lot & is pleasant to work with.  Thanks Dan, our new landlord, with a heart & good taste.  Praise God!!!      



We all missed our beloved Martha, even after one day!!!!!


  Spirited Doula: Why Mothers Kiss Their Babies

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at Focus

Today we won't have Martha or Lynda & yesterday we didn't have Lisa who's out of town on a work related case.  Lord we need more people.  I know that in the summer this happens more than the winter time I must be grateful that the Lord brings enough people to do the work, for our dear clients.  Paul was with me again today & I was thrilled that I had him with me.  
I answered the door & a woman came into Focus with two of her children & said to me that the baby that she was carrying now was going to be aborted at Planned Parenthood but he saw our graphic signs outside of the abortion mill & changed her mind.  He daughter will be born in early October, 2013.  She came for things for her precious baby.  Thank you Lord!!
The doorbell rang again & there was a tall man with a baby in a stroller telling Paul & I that the wheel broke & he needed another one.  We had one in the Blue Room but it was promised to someone but I decided to give it to him for the stroller he had was not safe for this child.  The boy was 18 months old & was sleeping like a lark.  The grandfather said that he had just given him two hot dogs form down the street & that put him out.  Oh no, nitrate filled hot dogs.  I hope that he doesn't eat to many of those, for health reasons.  The man also said that his daughter is pregnant again & the boyfriend is not a good man & why does she pick out these kind of men?  I don't know sir but I'm upset about this too.  I'm of course thrilled that she didn't abort this child that she is carrying but DON'T HAVE SEX GIRLS until your married!!  The message is foreign in the ears of most girls unfortunately...we mean to change this girl at a time.
Valerie, our client friend helper, came in to do some work & so did Sandy.  Paul & I were grateful.  The doorbell just kept on ringing.  I was in the office when Paul told me that a girl was here for a pregnancy test.  We did some this week & all were negative.  I went out into the hall to see a familiar face of one of our clients that I haven't seen in awhile.  She introduced me to her sister & we went into the Rose Room for the test.  The young lady said that her daughter that we helped her with was now 5 years old & is very smart.  She said that when she was 17 years old & was pregnant everyone said for her to have an abortion even a man from a Catholic Church that she walked into one day, when she took off, from school.  He said "if you do it before 60 days they'll be no problem".  She said "thank God that I didn't listen to him or anyone else that wanted me to have an abortion".  She came to Focus & we helped her & she was glad of that.  I asked if she knew the man's name & she said "no, I never went back there again".  I felt so badly that he said that to her for that is not what the Catholic Church teaches.....abortion is ALWAYS EVIL.  Lord have Mercy on him & I hope that he learned the truth & has gone to the Sacrament of Confession to confess his sin.  This young girl was so right in continuing her pregnancy & she knows it too.  The conversation went o her sister who is 17 years old & is on birth control.  She had the rod of hormones planted in her upper arm & is complaining of headaches.  I went over to the shelf to get the brochure about the drug she's taking & read the Side Effects to her.  The first one was headaches to which she replied that she has many of them.  The list went on & on & at the end of the list she said that she will be getting this out of her arm as soon as possible.  I said "yes" & "no sex until you're marred".  They were both good girls seeking the Truth.  The pregnancy test was negative but she might have come in to early, so she will come back if she needs to, for a repeat test in two weeks.  Okay girls now go & be happy in Chastity. 
Martha called me around 6pm & said that she had just woken up.  I said "what"!!  She said that she was coming today but she had sat on the couch for a minute & fell asleep & she just woke up.  I knew that she needed the sleep for she's caring for two children in her apartment, for a week.  That is trying & tiring.  Her other daughter took the kids in the afternoon so that she could come to Focus but she didn't make it for she went to sleep.  I was happy that she got the much needed rest & sad too because she wasn't with us at Focus. 



Thursday, August 1, 2013 on the Front Lines
Our client advocate Suzanne had sent out letters to our clients, for some information & one mom called me on Thursday to tell me that her precious baby was born a month early but is doing fine.  He is little Gianni & he weighs 6 lbs. 11 ozs..  Mom needs some things for her son too. Praise God!!

 On the sidewalk ministry, in front of Planned Parenthood, a car was leaving the parking lot & I offered our truth package, which has much information in it, to the two ladies in the car.  The car stopped in the street & when I went over to the car I saw that the passenger had a white wrist bracelet on, which means an abortion. I quickly asked her if she had an abortion & she said that she was going to but changed her mind.  She took the package of brochures & I told her where the Focus Pregnancy Center was down the street.  Her precious baby was saved from being killed by abortion & now she received the truth. Thank you Lord!!
It was Rob, Adolf, Mary Anne, Dan, Addison & myself out on the sidewalk today.  Paul was in the center working alone.  Martha, Suzanne & Kathryn couldn't come today :(   A man walked up to me on the bush side of Planned Parenthood were I was standing alone.  He said that he had driven by & wanted to know more about we do out here.  He is a Christian & a pro life man who had been in the Military.  He talked with me for awhile & then I guided him to speak to the men who were across the street & to Rob who was on the brick side of the building.  He did.  He was told when we're out her & He said that he planned to join us sometime.  I hope so!!
This ministry is so painful & difficult at times but I know that the dear Lord is with us always & a life saved is sooooo worth it!  Rob & I went in at 5pm & he was starving so I asked him to wait for a few minutes so I could catch a breath before I start supper.  He agreed.  Valerie was now in the center & Paul had left.  She works hard when she's here & is a blessing to us, for sure.  I put out the food & told them to put it on their plate & into the microwave......poor host I am.  Martha!!!!!!
We were eating when the doorbell rang & in came Michael, from Our Lady of Victory Church.  I looked at him & said "Mike the Mass is next Thursday, not today".  Rob offered him some supper & he sat down with Rob & I for Valerie had to go.  While we were eating a woman came into the Green Room.  She looked at us & said "is Mary here".  I said "I'm Mary".  She said that she was Barb, from St.  John of Rochester Church.  I said "Barb, the Mass is next week, not today".  I am so glad that she came today for I spent 2 hours with her talking about Focus, for her blurb that she will be putting in the church bulletin next week, for the tithing that they plan to give us.  Rob had left & I had the time to spend with Barb.  Great Lord!  

We missed you again Martha!!!!








'Journeying Together'

God chooses the people who influence our lives for good, and He chooses those whom we will influence. Because we have an influence on others, we should strive to be a positive influence by being a good person. This is the kind of person God calls us to be, and it is a call to love.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at Focus
The day was busy & Martha & I had Paul & Linda to help us see & serve all the clients that came in for help & to receive free clothes for their children & themselves.  The men's cloths are going fast....thank God.  We again need more help for we are being blessed with so many donation & see so many people :)  One of our moms who has two sets of twins & another child & is 22 years old just told me that she came back from the Monroe Community College after applying for a college course.  I said "good for you my dear, I'm so proud of you" & I smiled.  Yes, you can have children & still go to school!  Another lie people give pregnant women to have them have abortions.  So Evil, the deception that they give our community!!!


 'Loving Actions'

Our actions with others not only affect who we are, they affect our relationship with God, who created us for the purpose of love. We are to love God, and love others for His sake.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at Focus
We were busy today too.  I think that we saw more clients today than yesterday.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was negative & she took time to talk with her about her life.  Good decisions is from good decision making.  The girls have been so fooled by parents, boyfriends & the community too :(   We want to tell them different things than they have been hearing, that are TRUE, that will change their lives for the better :)
Lisa couldn't make it yesterday her mother said as she came in today because of her work schedule.  I understand & have no problem with her time that she comes for it has to work out for her too.  She felt badly about it her mother said.  Lynda, Martha & I did some talking & then she went out by herself to the front lines, at Planned Parenthood.  When she came back into the center about an hour later she said that she had spoken with a few people.  One girl said that she was at Planned Parenthood for birth control so that she won't have an abortion.  Lynda set her straight about that thinking.  Birth control kills babies too!!!!  Be free & happy & holy girls just stop having sex, until you're married.  Do what God says to do!!
Lynda said that she won't be at Focus next Wednesday afternoon but will be with us with her friend from France on Thursday.  He is a pro lifer there which is dangerous. Okay Lynda sounds like a good plan. 

Friday, June 10, 2011 

Thursday, August 8, 2013 on the Front Lines
When I got to the front lines there was Jennifer, Tom, Mike & his wife Karen standing there talking.  I went over to greet them & then set up more signs out there.  We talked about the amount of evil that we see & hear, more than we have ever before in our long lives & that God was hopefully going to do something real soon.  Maybe show a sign of His presence.  Come Lord Jesus!!  After they left Martha, who had just come on the sidewalk were prying & speaking to the people going in & coming out of the Killing Mill.  Rick Bartell was instructing a new Death Escort & brought her to the sidewalk where we were standing.  Poor Rick :(   Directions, for moms to know, "How to Kill a Baby'.  Evil, evil & more evil that's PP. 
A car drove into the parking lot & a girl & a  guy were in the car.  He was driving & smoking & she said something to me as I talked to her.  It was about 20 minutes later when they came back out he stopped the car & she said "I didn't get the Depo shot".  "Great" I said & then handed her a Truth packet & a DVD, to help her get more educated.  Nice couple.
I went into the center to get a chair & some bottled water & while I was there I was told by Paul that there was a girl wanting a pregnancy test.  "Okay" I said ask he to come into the Rose Room.  He was setting up for the monthly Mass tonight with Fr. Edison.  I noticed that there were three girls so I asked the two girls to wait out in the Green Room until we were finished.  They did.  This young girl was 17 years old & her mother made her go to Planned Parenthood to have the rods implanted in her arm for a three year dose of hormones.....thanks Mom....what are you thinking.  She told me that she didn't do well on the implant & got it taken out....thank God for that!  Her test was negative so I asked her to forget about the sex & just be the best teenage girl that you can be with God's help & then you'd be doing the right thing & won't get pregnant & a sexual transmitted too.  Sounds good to me :)  She was receptive & I hope that she does better with her young life.
Our Mass was well attended & after we ate our feast of many fine foods we saw a video of Father's trip to the Way, in Spain & Portugal.  Great trip, I wish I was there.  A wonderful evening!!!


 'Heirs of Heaven'

A real transformation occurs in us through baptism: We die to sin and become one with Jesus Christ in such a way that we share in his very own life. In baptism we receive the sanctifying grace that gives us a heavenly life. It makes us sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus, and heirs of heaven.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at Focus
It was a busy day at the pregnancy center & Martha & I had Paul to help us.  Lisa had to work & Linda came later on from her job at Wegmans.  It is always busy on Tuesdays bur now on Wednesdays & Thursdays too, which is very good.  We try to help our moms & their children & some fathers come in for assistance also which pleases me so much & I tell them that they are 'good fathers'.  I worked in the office mostly & Martha & Paul worked out in the center.  Rececca was there in the Rose Room working & waiting to help some one with health insurance.  Martha was doing a pregnancy test now in the Green Room, we are a grassroots center, for sure.  She was negative so Martha spoke Truth to her about being Abstinent!!!
Yesterday I had my car inspected & I was told that all was okay but that was a mistake, for my window wipers were going very slow, so I thought that something was wrong, but as long as they work I'm fine with that.  My car is 10 years old so something will go out sooner or later.  Well today was that day :(  I was starting to drive to Mass at noon when it started to rain & I put on the window wipers before I got onto the expressway & THEY DIDN'T WORK....AT ALL & I COULDN'T SEE OUT OF MY WINDOW.....ICY!!!  I said a prayer & made a U-Turn back to the station that inspected my car just yesterday.  When I finally got there for I had to pull over to the curb many times, he said that he couldn't do the work for he was very busy & he was by himself for a week.  I asked him what shall I do with this problem?  He told me to go to another garage down the street but he goes for lunch from 12 noon until 1pm everyday.  It was now 12:15pm.  I knew that Martha was at Mass & she doesn't have a cell phone so I thought that I would call her at the center at 1pm when she got there.  It stopped raining so I went home first then to the garage down the street off of Washington St..  I sat there waiting for the man saying my Rosary.  He came at 1:05pm & I told him my problem. He said that he was very busy & he couldn't do it & it would be hard to get the part for the car is 10 years old & they don't make Saturn's anymore.  I asked him what should I do then & he told me to go to the dealers.  I then drove the car up the street to Dick Ide's, where I purchased the car back in 2005, at that time it had only 17,000 miles on it.  It was owned by someone who didn't drive it much.  When I got to the desk he took some information & said that would be $114.00.  I said "what, you haven't even looked at the car yet".  He said that it will have to be put on the computer.  Oh Lord please help me.  I then called Martha & told her what was happening  & asked to speak to Paul.  I asked him if he would come pick me up from Dick Ide's & he said that he would.  I walked down to the street to wait for him to pick me up which he did about 20 minutes later & took me to Focus.  Thank you Lord!  The service center called me up about 2 hours later telling me that the motor was kidding so he would have to order a part & that would take 2 to 3 days for the motor to arrive.  He said that I could pick up the car before 8pm.  I said "thank you" & hung up.  Later on Martha drove me to pick up my broken car......I hope that it doesn't rain tomorrow or the next day or the days after that until my car gets fixed, for it's too serious a problem to drive when you can't see :(


Pray for the strength to give some things--even a few at a time--to someone who has need of them.

Wednesday, August, 14, 2013 at Focus
Martha was nice enough to pick me up from my apartment to take me to Mass & then to the center, for I wasn't sure if it was going to rain today & I didn't want any horrible surprises, though I know that the Lord does take good care of me.  I need to trust Him more.  Paul was with us at the center & Lynda wasn't going to be with us today but tomorrow she was going to come to the front lines with a young man from France that protests abortion but he's now moved to America & is protesting & sidewalk counseling in Harrisburg, PA..  It will be great meeting him tomorrow & to have extra people out on the Front Lines.   
We were again busy at Focus, which is great.  We had many bags & boxes of donations to put away, into the two material aid rooms, as the doorbell keep on ringing.  I though that I would wait until tomorrow to call the dealers to see if the motor had come in yet but it's a little nerve racking for me to wait. 
Paul had mention about going to Mass tonight at 5:30pm at Blessed Sacrament Church for the Anticipatory Mass, for tomorrow, for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven.   It is a Holy Day of Obligation which means that if you don't go to Mass, unless you are sick, it would be a Mortal Sin, which means, if you die without repenting (confessing) the serious sin, you could end up in Hell.  Then we found out that the time was for tomorrow & not tonight so I said to Martha "why don't we go to Holy Spirit Church & then we can go to supper".  She agreed.  Elizabeth, our Wednesday volunteer, emailed me earlier to tell me that she had to work late today so she wasn't sure if she could get here tonight.  I emailed her back to tell her that we'd see her next Wednesday so don't worrying about tonight.  So we worked hard to get as much done as we could & I asked Paul if he'd stay until 6:30pm & he said that he would & he'd go to Mass tomorrow evening.  After Mass we went to eat & then went & got ice cream :)  All is well :) 

 'It's All About Jesus'

God wants all people to be saved. He fills us with his Holy Spirit—to guide and inspire us, to give us insight, wisdom, and courage. In baptism we were marked with the priestly character of Christ himself.


"Do not accept anything as the truth if it lacks love.  And do not accept anything as love which lacks truth."   Edith Stein

"Love and truth are inseparable".  Pope Francis (Lumen Fidei)


The Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos. (Photo © Slava Gallery, LLC; used with permission.)

 Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven


Thursday, August 15, 2013 on the Front Lines

What a mixed up day!!!!  When I was at home I received a call from Paul saying that he had good news for me.  "Okay Paul what is it"?  First, he said that we were going to get the key, from the landlord Dan, that we will be used for the dumpster out side.  "Great Paul" I said.  "What else"?.  He said that there was a leakage of a substance on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood & the street was blocked off by fire engines.  "What, that's great", I said.  Then he said that the street blocked off so no one could get through & Sheila & her brother Dennis went home, for the police asked them to leave the sidewalk.  I said "thanks Paul & I'll be coming soon & see if I can get through some how".  I trusted in the Lord that I could get into Focus.  I finished getting ready & then went to the bank for Focus & then to McDonald's for a chicken wrap & then went to Focus.  When I got to University Ave. the parking lot to Focus was blocked off, so I parked on the street & put in my 7 quarters in the meter & walked over to the parking lot where everyone was standing.  I saw Paul, who was on the other side of the yellow tape, & Martha & Rob, Dan, Addison & Jim, who were on the sidewalk behind the tape.  Adolf & Kathryn had left to go back home. The policeman who was standing there said that if we were to go into the center we couldn't come back out until the all the trucks were gone.  I said "okay officer".  I then saw that I could go down Gibbs St. to park in the back of the building.  So I went back to my car & drove to the parking lot in the back of Focus.  I knew that we could get into the center through the back entrance, so I pounded on the back door & Paul answered.  Rob & I went in & got the literature box, mega phone & graphic signs & walked to the back of Planned Parenthood with everyone but Martha, for she stayed in the center with Paul.  Planned Parenthood recently opened up the back fence to let the people come & go from the mill.  When we arrived I saw that there were two women standing by the open fence wearing Blue Aprons that said 'Planned Parenthood'.  The Death Escorts were in place.  It made my stomach hurt to see these women there helping to kill & misguide so many women & men.  Then Rick Bartell came out & put on a blue apron too.  I said to him "nothing changes around here, you people are all the same".  I called out to the people going in & coming out of this miserable place.  There was a car with a young man & woman in it & I called out to them.  They came out about 5 minutes later & I said to then "please don't come back here to kill".  This baby has a chance of life, thank God.  I don't think that this afternoon they were doing abortions but in the morning, before the liquid spill, they did kill precious babies, for some men were waiting for the girls that they had brought in here, to have their baby killed, were waiting for them to recover & leave.  We spoke to them too.  I tried to call Kathryn & I left a message on her voice mail but later on I received a call from the person that I left a message saying that I got the wrong number..sorry sir :(

Then I turned around & saw that Lynda was walking down the sidewalk with a very tall young man.  She introduced Sebastian to us all.  He was a very nice man who is pro life...yeah!!!  We spoke to each other & he spoke to the people using the mega phone.  He was a blessing to all of us out on the front lines.  I then walked to the front of the strip mall & saw that the fire trucks & police cars were leaving it was now around 3:15pm.  I went back to the other side & told everyone to move to the front of the Killing Mill & we did.  Martha came outside now to join us.  A couple of girls were walking into Planned Parenthood & I spoke with them & they went in only to come back outside about 10 minutes later.  I again spoke to them & then lead them into Focus.  As we were walking into the center the one girl asked if we do pregnancy tests & I said "yes we do".  I lead them into the center & directed them into the Rose Room.  I went into the office to tell Suzanne that there was a pregnancy test to do & she said that she had to leave now.  I then went back into the Rose Room & the client administered the test which was negative.  I spoke with the two girls for about 15 minutes trying to help change their lives.  Then I went back outside to re join the team.  Rob, Dan, Jim & Addison had to leave & at 4pm Lynda & Sebastian had to go too.  It was a pleasure meeting him & thank you Lynda for bringing him to the front lines today.  The best to always dear man of God.  Martha & I stayed out for a short time & then went back into Focus to do our work in there.  We had a mother who's due date is next month come in to get new things for her baby...she was happy.  It was about 6pm when the doorbell ran & it was Natalie, our once a month volunteer, to talk about the Workshop on August 28th. at Focus.  She has all things planned & I'm at peace with all that is doing.  Now we pray that some girls will show up to get the knowledge that they need in this cruel & deceptive world.  What a day!!!!


  'Our Only Concern'

Let our only concern be this: to love God and to please him. Let us not be concerned about anything else, knowing that God will always have us in his care more than we can ask or imagine. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at Focus
Want to share.....Worth the time to see. Don't let this culture of death silence you. Help shine a light on the problem of our day. Please pass this on:
This morning at home I received a phone call from a woman asking for formula.  I told her that we didn't have any & told her to call the City Help Line 211 number,  for assistance.  She said that she received our name from the Salvation Army & gave me the times when we were open, which were all wrong.  I felt badly that I couldn't help her much.  After I hung up I called the Salvation Army & spoke to the person in charge & asked if she would remove, from their referral list, that we give out formula & changed the days & times & phone number.  I asked if she would send me their referral list & she said that she would.  I was pleased. 
I brought my car into the service center yesterday at 1pm & picked it up today at 12 noon.  Yeah!  I had enough time to get to Focus by 1pm.  As I was driving into the parking lot Martha came in too.  She had to bring a friend to a doctor's appointment at 11:30pm this morning & had enough time to go to Mass & get a $35 parking ticket.  She spent time talking, after Mass, with a woman that she had worked with years ago at the Psyche Center, as a Nurse, saying that she would like to take into her home a girl who has no where to live.  Great information & an assess to help someone in need, which is what we want at Focus.   
Martha had some lunch & the doorbell started ringing.  I microwaved my chicken when the doorbell rang & I answered it, it was Carla, dropping off some donations, for the clients & their families.  We talked for a few minutes then the doorbell rang again & it was Lisa, yeah she's back.  We three sat down to talk while I finished up my chicken.  Martha continued to work helping the many clients that came in.  The doorbell rang again & it was more   clients & children.  Paul now arrived & sat with us girls to eat his late lunch, too.  Carla left & we all went to work helping the many people & the different scenarios that occurred. I did office work too.
It was 7pm & we had a fantastic first '40 Days for Life' meeting with a total of 8 people sharing & planning the campaign.  It was wonderful :)
Check out:


'Yearn to Love God'

Even if someone has only a yearning to love God, that is enough. It comes from God himself, because God is present wherever there is a desire for his love. Yearn for him always, yearn with greater confidence, and do not be afraid.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at Focus
A busy day again :)  So many people to see & to help.  We try to see if they need  anything other than clothes when they enter Focus.  We try.  Martha & Paul were here today & Lynda came later on.  We talked for a short time & then she went, by herself, to the front lines to witness.  When she came back into the center, over an hour later, she said that she ran into some 'not so nice' people but shared any ways.  That a girl Lynda!  For you shall KNOW the Truth & the Truth shall set you free.....the Bible.  We try.   



'Give Your Heart'

Put your heart at His feet. It is the gift He loves most.
-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Feast Day of the Queenship of the Blessed Mother Mary
Thursday, August 22, 2013 on the Front Lines & at Focus
After Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral I went to Focus.  I quickly walked over to the front lines where Sheila was standing along with Mike.  I said "hi" to them & asked how were things going, for there weren't to many cars in the parking lot.  Sheila said that they were at lunch.  "Oh" I said & left to go back to Focus.  I stayed there all afternoon.  Martha was on the sidewalk & Rob came after & the prayer men were there too.  I was busy in the center.  Katherine & Paul were with me.  The doorbell rang & in came five women with their children & three were pregnant.  They were blessed with many nice things.  Martha told me later on that they went to Planned Parenthood first thinking that we were in there & found out that we were down the street. Thank God!  They were new to Focus.  As they were in there shopping the doorbell rang again.  Katherine was putting diapers in the bags for our moms when she went to answer the door.  There were so many people in Focus that it scared me for a minute.  I walked up to the material aid both rooms & spoke with the girls.  I handed them our Workshop fliers & asked if they would come.  I hope that they do.   

Then I heard a voice saying "where's Mary"?  I came out into the Green Room from my office to see Mike standing there with a young woman.  He said something very fast & I said something & she said "I already have two children" & moved her body as being upset.  I said :thank you Mike" & then to our client :come & we'll talk in the Rose Room".  She said that she new that she was 8 weeks pregnant & we sat down at the table & I spoke with her for about 20 minutes & she listened to what I was saying.  Her attitude was good & I was happy that she was listening attentively.  I gave her lots of brochures on many things & some regarding Adoption too.  I then showed her the two Material Aid Rooms.  She had filled out an Intake Sheet earlier & we will be calling her to see how she is doing soon.  I said we are hear for you & please don't worry just trust in God.  She left smiling.  Then it poured down rain.

 It was about an half hour later that Rob & Mary Ann came into the center & a man was with them.  Rob introduced him to me & we shook hands.  He was a reporter from the City Newspaper.  We all at down in the Green Room & talked.  I told him many things about Focus & the Front Lines.  When he left her shook my hands another two times & asked if he could come back next week to take pictures of the center.  I said "yes, of course".  He shook my hand again & left. 
It was about 4:40pm when Martha & Rob came back in the center.  We had supper & they left.  Natalie came in around 6pm to help us out & to talk about the Workshop next Wednesday.  It was a fruitful meeting.  Can't wait to when it happens.  Teaching will be beneficial to our girls!! 



'We Have a Choice'

It's hard when life kicks us in the pants. We always have a choice—give into bitterness and anger, or pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and with God's help, start again


  'A Battle of Wills'

We sometimes fight God's plan when it challenges our own. Emotional attachment to our plans—or emotional resistance to God's—can obscure the wisdom of his ways.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at Focus 
It was another busy day at the pregnancy center.  There was Martha, Paul, Linda, & myself today.  Lisa emailed me saying that she had a work related project to complete.  There were so many clients coming in for assistance for clothes for their children or themselves.  I received so many calls asking for food & formula.  It was sad for me to say that we didn't have either.  When we receive formula & food it goes so fast, from the people, that come into Focus.  I pray that we have more money so that we can buy food & formula for our clients in need.  I try to inform them of other resources places to go, if they have them either.  We try!

I called Miss S., who I counseled last Thursday about not having an abortion, but I was unable to reach her at the YWCA.  I left a message on the voice mail & gave my cell number for her to contact me if she had any questions.  I hope & pray that she will leave her precious child alone to grow & to be born, that what mother's do!! 



'Life of Holiness'

If we are faithful in little practices of love, in little sacrifices, in little interior mortification's, then we will become more Christ-like and build within ourselves the life of holiness. Holiness is only a very high degree of love. Let us all unite in helping each other to become holy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at Focus
Our first Workshop
Another overwhelming day at Focus.  We had a ceiling leak in the Green Room & in the hall by the office door.  It's tough to get a hold of the landlord & to get things done quickly.  It's hard to fight so many battles but through the grace of God I do.  I don't like all the excuses when I try to get things done, for I take our center very seriously & I want it to look nice all the time, for our staff & clients.  That's the way it should be!  Lynda would be at Focus today for she'll be out on the Front Lines tomorrow afternoon instead.  Natalie was here bringing in things for the Workshop this evening.  She is putting it on & we're hosting it.  She brought in food & drinks for the girls & their children & gifts to win.  It should be a blessing for them who will attend.  She had to leave but will return later to set up the rooms. 
Natalie came back & set up the rooms & they look so good.  In the meantime we were answering the door to let the people come in to receive what they needed in the two Material Aid Rooms.  Martha did a pregnancy test & did some counseling to the young lady about abstinence for the test was negative. 
I felt a little lugish today, maybe because of the Workshop, for we never had one before & it was 'new' to Focus.  I do trust Natalie though so I lightened up some what.  I was starting to get excited, for a young woman & her child came in to attend the Workshop, so I knew it was on.  Then a little while later more women came in for the evening, so I relaxed more.  I knew that Elizabeth was coming later on to assist me, so I was now fine. 
I was busy in the center so I missed the first session that Natalie presented.  Martha had to go to a Wake, for her friend died last week.  I was sorry that I couldn't go with her to give her support.  I was now finished with my work so I went into the room to hear the testimonies of two women.  Elizabeth had arrived & we went into the Great Room together.  The testimonies of these two women were fantastic & I felt that the Lord wanted me to give my testimony, for the first time in a large group, for there were nine women & their good children in the room.  I was impressed & inspired by the two women & how God helped them in their lives.  I wanted to give God the Glory too for what He has done in my life.  I walked up to the podium & I asked Natalie if I could give my testimony & she said "yes", so I did.  It flowed smoothly but as I was speaking I thought, 'did all these things happen to me'.  It was overwhelming to me to listen to my pain.   God's grace is sufficient for me & for all of us. 
After the Workshop  a women came up tome & said that she had an abortion 23 years ago & it still bothers her.  I brought her into the Rose Room & talked with her for about 10 minutes.  I gave her two phone numbers to women to talk with for healing.  Then I went over to the material rack & gave her many brochures to help her.  She said that she has five children & had her Tubes tied.  I told her that was wrong & asked her to ask God to forgive her & gave her another brochure about Tubule Libation.  I said that you needed to trust in God, who you believe in, & you weren't suppose to do things like that to your body.  She was receptive to the Truth that I was speaking.  She had asked the Lord to forgive her for the abortion.  I was happy to hear this.  Catholics go to Confession & Protestants don't have that Sacrament, so they have to ask God with a sincere heart to forgive them, for their serious sins.  She told me that she was 15 years old when she had the abortion & she asked her Aunt to drive her there.  She didn't tell her Aunt that she was taking her for an abortion & had to ask her years later to forgive her for what she did.  Abortion effects so many innocent people. 
Another woman stated that my testimony effected her too.  All mothers are not there for their children & she could relate to this too.  It's sad that so many people are suffering, with family issues, but with God there is 'freedom & healing'.  Elizabeth & I left around 9:15pm.  A well spent day :)


'A Joyful Heart'

The best way to show your gratitude to God and to people is to accept everything with joy. A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. —Mother Teresa


Thursday, August 29, 2013 at Focus & on the Front Lines
The day of death & destruction at Planned Parenthood.  Surgically killing little defenseless people there all day.  It's so hard to imagine & I find it very difficult & so do the people who are out there too.  When I arrived at the center I walked over to the sidewalk to say to Sheila, who was by herself :(
It wasn't for all the time that she's out there but it was for now.  She's such a good sidewalk counselor & I'm sure that many babies have been saved on her watch.  After we said "hi" to each other she told me what the situation was at Planned Parenthood.  She told me that a young man had come out of the building & came over to speak with her.  He said that he had brought his girlfriend in her to have an abortion but it was her decision.  He has a child by a different woman & she has a child by a different man.  She just lost her job too.  No excuses sir, for abortion is always evil & we're not suppose to kill our children, no matter what!!  Sheila asked him to call her on the phone & he said that his wasn't working.  So Sheila let him use his.  He called her & she said that she was in the back room & she was going to go through with the termination.  He hung up & gave the phone back to Sheila.  She told him about God & hopes that he & she will find Him & repent.  Later on they came out of Planned Parenthood & he was screaming at me with his face all wrinkled up & his hands off the steering wheel.  The girl was looking straight ahead with a blank look on her face.  A post abortion couple.  They killed their child today.   Sheila tried to save the baby & the parents, but they refused. 
I went back into the center & spoke with Kathryn, our volunteer.  She told me that she'll be gone for three weeks after next week.  I was miserable hearing this news.  We'll be short but it'll work out okay for it always does.  We'll miss you & have fun Kathryn.  Paul was bring out the equipment for our sidewalk ministry & then he stays in the center to help out our clients.  Martha came about 1:15pm & she went outside to pray & to counsel.  I finally went out to be with Martha.  It was about 2pm when Lou Ann & her sister in law Colleen came out on the front lines then Lynda showed up.  I noticed that the City Newspaper reporter was observing us from across the streets by the Veterinary building.  He crossed the street & came over to interview us all.  We hope that he does a very good job for the article.  As for our noise & pictures, if the neighbors across the street don't like it, I DON"T CARE. Silly people, referring to their complaints about us, for we're trying to save lives & they are not. 
I went into Focus & there was Maria & her friend Lilly.  I haven't seen Maria for a very long time for she's moved to Georgia a couple of years ago.  It was a stressful encounter for so much was happening in Focus when she arrived.  I received a phone call from another director of another pregnancy center & I had to ask her to call me back & when she did I asked her if I could call her back but she spoke quickly for what she had called me about. It was good.  There were two volunteers that will take the calls for Focus with the new pregnancy testing referral number.  I can't, for I'm so busy.  Also, the other center will be having a walk through two weeks from Saturday.  Okay Joan, sorry that I couldn't spent more time with you. I went into the office to get something when the phone rang.  It was a woman who wanted to donate some money to us.  I asked where she find out about Focus.  She said from the bulletin at St. Charles Borromeo Church.  She asked what we do & I spent time telling her & where to sent the check.  This doesn't really ever happen.  After I hung up I went back to speak with Maria & Lilly.  Then Frank came in to find out what we needed for the music for the Kick Off Rally for the '40 Days for Life' campaign.  I didn't have the fliers, with the information on it, so I had to go to the computer to try to get one for him.  I was some what successful & I handed it to him as he was driving out of the parking lot.  He didn't wait because Martha had told him the day & time when she came into the center from the front lines.  Stress!!!!   I showed the two ladies the pregnancy center & talked about a lot of things.  I introduced Kathryn & Paul to them.  Maria knew Paul & his sister & starting to talk with him.  She mentioned that she has two houses to rent out before she goes back to Georgia & I mentioned Valerie to her.  Paul takes care of her & her children when he can & he tried to look for her phone number but couldn't  He said that he would go over to her moms house to get the  I hope this will turn out for both Maria & Valerie. God's will be done.  We finally said "good bye" to each other & Lilly said that she would like to come to Focus to volunteer...okay.  We'll see, for so many people say that & they don't come back.  Their intentions need to be made complete & they should come to help us, at the center, or don't say anything....please.  So many disappointment that I have to endure.  Suzanne now called & said that she couldn't make it today....Lord have Mercy!!!!     
I went back outside to join the team.  The City Newspaper reporter was now across the street talking with Adolf & Dan. We'll see how he will put all of this on paper.  Then Mary Lou told me that a man came from Planned Parenthood & said some negative things about the graphic signs & he was wearing a Cross, too.  I looked over to planned Parenthood & saw him talking with the Death Escort. I picked up the mega phone & said "please take off the Cross until you become a Christian.  Then someone said :he's walking over here".  I went to the sidewalk, from being near the fence, & then I saw this man come towards me all 5ft. 4inches of him, with his finger wiggling up & down.  He said "what did you say to me"?  I said "take off the Cross until you become a Christian" & please put your finger down, for that's not how you treat women".  He said "I'm calling the police for harassment".  I said "don't waste their time & it's not harassment, don't you know what harassment means".  I interjected that we knew the police & they are nice. Martha started to talk with him saying that he should thank his mother for life.  He said that he gets along with his mother & then he said that he was Pro Choice.  I said, "Martha don't talk to him anymore, for we'll get him for harassment".  I wanted him to go.  Mary Lou & Colleen said "go, get out of here".  You go work!!!  He finally left.  Then I saw that Rick Bartell, from Planned Parenthood, was now talking to him.  I hollered over there saying "Rick Bartell".  Then I saw that he was waving at me.  No sense at all.  I then said to him that we were praying, for him, to St. John Fisher for his conversion. He graduated from the college with this saints name.  I then went on calling out to the people going in & out of the Killing Mill, trying to save  babies lives.  A car stopped & said "thank you for what you're doing out here, keep it up, I thought you should know".  I said "thank you for stopping by to tell me that".  It's all worth it trying to save & change lives, for the Lord, I just wish this wasn't happening out here.
Mary Lou & Colleen & I went back into the center & talked about what we needed as a pregnancy center & how they could help us get what we needed.  We also talked about the dynamics of the front lines.  We were in the center for about 30 minutes when Martha & Lynda came in with the sidewalk equipment.  They joined us with the conversation. Because of this meeting, the next day, I asked Lynda if she would be on our Board, she said that she would come to the meeting on September 17th. & she'll bring Bill, her husband.  Sounds like a great plan.  She said that she would come next week on Wednesday & Thursday, on the front lines, great news again :)   A very busy day!!!! 


Rachael Phelps 






'Have Courage'

It took courage to be Christ. He lived and spoke the truth, even when it wasn't popular, even when it meant humiliation and rejection. We're called to do the same.
We need to be more aware of the power of our good examples and our personal contacts—even something as seemingly insignificant as our smile.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at Focus

Another busy day at Focus which is what we want.  There was Martha, Paul & Lisa helping out at the center.  Linda came later on to help us out.  I asked Lisa if she would go to the office to 'revamp' the Food Pantry List.  She worked so hard on updating these papers to renew the information, for some pantries have closed or changed their days & times, of service.  We want to give out a beneficial list that will feed people.  So many people in Rochester are suffering a food loss.  Our clients & their children are not eating good food but foods that are high in sugar & starch, that are inexpensive.  We are trying ,at Focus, to feed our clients better.  We don't always have food in our cupboards & when we don't we want to be able to give them a 'good list' of food pantries here in Rochester. 
We are now putting out the winter clothes, in the baskets in the two material aid rooms, for our clients & their families.  Paul is calling the companies of the bigger items that we receive for children to make sure that there isn't an 'recalls' on them before we give them away.  Safety is so important. 



'Live an Adventure'

If we do everything with love, every day will become an adventure. The Holy Spirit will transform even our boredom's and drudgeries into chances for love and service.
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at Focus 
I was driving downtown to Mass & when I turned the corner to park on the street using the meters I noticed that a red bag was on all of them on both sides of the street.  No where to park.  I decided to go to Focus & leave my car in the parking lot & then walk to the church.  I went into the center to drop off some things praying that someone would drive me to church.  My prayer was answered.  As I was leaving there was Dr. Karen coming in to drop off the bags with winter clothes in them, that she stored at her house this summer.  I told her what was going on & she said "would you like me to drop you off".  I said "I would appreciate that Karen & thank you so much".  It was less then 5 minutes later I was sitting next to Martha at Our Lady of Victory Church.  Thank you Lord & Karen.  God answers prayers, in His perfect time.  We just have to wait & to trust in the Lord.  He loves us all the time & wants to be in our lives for He is only a prayer away. 

The doorbell kept on ringing today.  Tuesday was our busiest day but Wednesday is sometime more busier.  My head spins with so much activity, it's hard sometimes with Fibromyalgia (is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain and reduced pressure pain threshold (tender points).  God gets me through the three days evey week, for I want to be there to help the people, who are in need.   


 Mom n Baby Expo in Cochin | Kochi Cochin News

Thursday, September 5, 2013 on the Front Lines & at Focus
It was such a hectic day sooooo much happened.  Before I left to go Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral I received a phone call from Sheila stating that she was by herself out on the front lines.  Paul wasn't there & Tom had eye surgery & was recuperating .  I told her that I was getting ready & I'll be there as soon as I can.  As I was putting on my face the phone rang again & I thought that it was Sheila saying that Paul was there so therefore I didn't have to be there until 1pm but it wasn't Sheila on the phone it was the photographer, at the City Newspaper.  He said his name was Mark & he was calling saying that he was planning to be out on the sidewalk this afternoon to take pictures of the people who were protesting.  "Okay" I said, please come at 2pm when they'll be more people out there.  He said "fine & I'll see you then".  We hung up & I continued to get ready to get to the sidewalk to be with Sheila. 
When I arrived at the center I saw that there was a young woman sitting on the wooden ledge that surrounds the big bushes that block our view of the people going into the mill.  I saw Sheila talking with two women in a car.  When I walked up to the front lines Sheila asked if we had the Abby Johnson flier to give to the woman in the car.  I gave her a Truth packet, our Growth & Development DVD that has many other information on it & the Maafa 21: Black Genocide DVD along with the flier.  I went to the car & said "hello" & then backed away & let Sheila do the talking.  After the car left & drove down the street she told me that the passenger was a pregnant worker at Planned Parenthood.  Lets hope that she'll get out of this Killing Mill to start her 'new life'. 
I then went over to the young woman who was sitting on the ledge & asked how she was doing.  Sheila said that she was 5 months pregnant & was hungry.  I went into the center & brought her out some food to eat & a beverage to drink.  After that she wanted to go into Focus so I lead her there.  I asked her to fill out an Intake Sheet & waited for Kathryn to arrive & then I went back outside.   
As a car was coming into the parking lot the woman, who was the driver, gave me her middle finger. The truth really bothers those who aren't living it.  I said a couple of informative things to her to tell her how rude this was & she shouldn't be here today.  It was about 5 minutes later I saw a large young woman, sitting on the bench in front of the building, facing the parking lot, on the phone.  I called some information to her & she gave me her finger, too.  That's what happens here. 
It was about 2pm when Mark, the photographer, walked down the sidewalk & introduced himself to me.  He then started to take pictures.  It was about 15 minutes later that Mr. Malacalluso the City Newspaper reporter came.  We shook hands & then he said "I have some more questions for you to complete my article".  I said "okay, that'll be fine".  We got started with the interview.  I did share that my Grandmother in 1920 had an abortion at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  We named my Aunt, Mary Elisabeth.  Also, I told him that I was gang raped at Strong Memorial Hospital in 1971 & miscarried my twins at 8 weeks gestation.  I also shared that my sister was also raped & her daughter, who was conceived in that rape, now has two children.   My sister didn't have an abortion either.  He also said that the neighbors, who live in the condos across from Planned Parenthood, didn't want to be interviewed.  He said "some people said that maybe your too intense".  I replied "if someone was going to kill them I would be there to save them too".  How intense is that??  He agreed.  He said that some of the businesses have been effected.  I said that they were still in business.  I mentioned that the Federal Government told us where to stand so is isn't our fault where we ended up on the sidewalk.  The business next store to Planned Parenthood, hasn't been kind to us over the many years.  He seemed to understand more about our pro life team of wonderful people.  He smiled at me & we shook hands & he left.  I hope that he's fair about us out here on the front lines for his article in the City Newspaper.


 Please go to Front Line Weekly # 21.  Thank you!!!!


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