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Your pregnancy resource help website

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 22

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'United With Mary'

Mary becomes for us someone to help us look at our lives, to show us who we are, to help us become ourselves and to live fully. In turning with devotion to the real life of the Mother of God, in seeing how Mary lived by faith, we might find the courage and grace to do the same, united with her.
Saturday, October 19, 2013 at the Little Theater
'Mary of Nazareth' movie
This evening our Focus Fund-raiser was scheduled at the Little Theater showing the movie 'Mary of Nazareth'.  After the Mass at 4:30pm at Our Lady of Victory Church I went over to the theater & walked in to see no one!!  I was horrified.  I saw a woman who was standing there in the hall & I asked her if she was here for the movie 'Mary of Narareth'.  She said "yes".  The I asked her where was it showing & she said it was at the main theater on East Ave.  I thanked her  & left quickly.  When I arrived at the front door I was greeted by so many people.  I was numb though excited.  I saw Martha & walked over to her & Rick, who was standing beside her.  I greeted them & asked what they wanted me to do.  I looked around to see so many people & almost fainted.  I then went over to the long table & started to place the donation envelop into our Focus brochures.  Then a woman came up t me & introduced herself to me.  She wanted to pass out her postcard promoting the March Women's Convention in 2014.  I asked her if she would pass them all out to the people sitting in the theater & she said "yes", & did with a smile on her face.  I saw so many people that I knew & so many people that I didn't know.  It was fantastic that so many people came to see this wonderful movie.  I sat next to Martha & her friends & Gene Michael's introduced Focus to the crowd.  He did well.  Then the movie started.  It was an awesome movie & so many people were shedding tears.  How could you not!!  After the movie I stood up & hollered "thank you all for coming".  I saw my long time friend Linda & she had wet eyes so I gave her a hug.  I said 'good bye to the people & then went to the bathroom downstairs.  I met an African American woman in the bathroom & asked if she saw the film.  She said "no" & I started to talk to her.  I told her that Planned Parenthood is killing off her Race & that abortion was killing an unborn baby.  She agreed & smiled as she said "good bye" to me.  I went back upstairs & got my purse & coat from Rick who was holding them & then said "good bye" to Martha & gave her a hug.  I then walked out with Linda to our cars & went home.  What a night :)  Thank you Lord, Mother Mary & St. Joseph for your true story!!!!

'Model the Faith'

We are asked to teach as Jesus taught, patiently to mentor the young people and adults with whom we work. If they are to believe and live the faith we teach, they have to see that we believe and live it when we are with them.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I were walking in the parking lot after Mass today I was talking to her when I noticed that she had fallen face first on the cement of the parking lot.  I tried to pick her up but a gentleman from the church did.  He told her that she fell on her money so she should be fine.  I laughed at what he said.  She did seem to be fine but tomorrow might be a different story.  Lord only knows.  When we got to the pregnancy center I waved at Christine who was the main person to organize the Focus fund-raiser for the move 'Mary of Nazareth'.  She saw me & then meet me in the parking lot.  We went into Focus.  She had a big bundle of money, collected at the film, & I was delighted to receive it.  Then the client's came in & Martha took care of them all.  After saying thank you & talking with Christine for a few more minutes I went into the office to get the money ready for the bank, which I decided to go today to put it into our bank account.  I finally left to go but there was just Martha at Focus, I felt badly leaving her alone but I had to go to do my errand.  I got to the bank safe & sound & then went to East Rochester to go to the Dollar General to buy the diapers & plastic bags for the diapers.  I them went up the street to eat a fast lunch at Wendy's.  I had already prayed that someone would come to Focus to help her out.  When I got back to the center there was three people there....thank you Lord.  She was hurting somewhat from her fall earlier in the parking lot by the church.  She's so brave.  Lisa was on the phone calling put clients to see how they were doing.  I went into the office & Lisa said "I have something to tell you & it's not good".  I said "one of our girls had an abortion, right".  She said "yes".  She is 16 years old & has Sickle Cell & her doctor told her that she could die if she continues the pregnancy & should have an abortion & she did.  This so-called doctor will be held accountable for the death of her child.  The right thing is to help both mother & child if the mother's life is at risk.  I know that hers wasn't.  Now she is a post abortive mother.  I felt so sad to hear this really bad news.  Lord I am so sorry to have failed you for not calling our clients earlier on.  This part of our center is so important & we lost Suzanne on Thursdays, for health reasons, & she was the person who was calling our clients weekly.  It's not her fault for we try so hard to do the right things at Focus but I feel like I failed this young woman for she made a bad decision by listening to her so-called doctor of death.  Lord have Mercy!!!!
Paul & Sandy was at the center putting away the donations & Linda was on vacation in California this week.  Everyone was doing something to help out our center. Thank you Lord, for our wonderful volunteers at Focus, for we  couldn't do it without them all. What a blessing :)

'Stay Faithful to God'

Dear Blessed Mother Mary, you suffered in various ways precisely because you love Jesus and obeyed God. We come to you in your sorrows, especially as you stood at the cross of Jesus, and ask you to help us gain wisdom about our own suffering, difficulties, and challenges of life.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at Focus
Martha came in today around 2pm so I was by myself for that time.  The doorbell rang & I answered it to see a man, woman & four children.  I showed them the two rooms & she signed in, on the paper, in the first Material Aid Room.  I got her diapers & wipes & then she asked me for a pregnancy test.  I lead her into the Rose Room & we began.  After she administered the test I told her that it would be a 5 minute wait.  I then talked with her about some things from the Intake Sheet that she filled out & then I looked at the test panel to see two lines.  I said to her "your pregnant".  She said "that's awful".  I said "why did you say such a thing".  "Because I have four children", she replied.  I said that when you have sex with your husband, for she was married, you might conceive a child & God has a plan for this child like your other children.  After this child we can talk about getting you assistance for Natural Family Planning Program.  She started to cry a little but I talked with her some more.  Her & her husband weren't abortion minded thank God.  We'll call her in a week to see how she's doing. 
Martha was now with me, for we can get so busy, & it's hard for just one person to be there.  Ney, who is alone on Mondays & Fridays, she seems to do well & she's busy too.  The doorbell rang & it was Lynda.  She came into the office, for I was at the desk working, & we talked for about 10 minutes.  Then the doorbell rang & she got up to answer it.  I heard a lot of talking in the rooms so I went out to see what was going on.  I went into the Rose Room where Martha, Lynda, & the two clients were standing, talking.  I picked up the drift of the conversation. I was blessed to have met a woman who just had a C-Section, not to long ago.  Her precious baby was saved, from being aborted at Planned Parenthood.  Martha & I met her out on the front lines, on a cold winter's day in January & brought her to Focus for assistance.  Her precious daughter Justice was born on October 3, 2013 at 5 lbs. 14 ozs.. Both mother & beautiful baby girl are doing well, though because of the C-Section, she really shouldn't be driving yet.  Mom is so happy & so are we.  She received some nice things today in the material aid rooms at Focus.   There was a pregnant young lady with her & I was told that she was thinking about adoption for her baby girl.  She is 16 years old & her mother isn't supportive & she lives with her.  Her boyfriend has no means to financial support for this baby either.  I then thought of Anna, who's been coming into Focus for years with her wonderful donations, from her home.  The last time she was here she mentioned that her & her husband wanted to adopt a child.  She has two biological children.  I then asked this young lady if she would like Anna to call her to speak with her.  She said "yes" & she gave me her name & phone number.  This was surreal.  I later called Anna to tell her of the great news!!!  She said that she will call her on Friday.  Praise God!  We've never done this before. Lord your perfect will be done. 
I received an email from Christine stating that she wanted the Focus Fund-raiser Team, for the movie 'Mary of Nazareth', to join her in a celebration at a restaurant on Winton Rd., this Tuesday at 6pm.  I spoke with Martha & Lynda & I answered back with a "yes", to the dinner invitation.  It'll be hard to leave Focus that early, but we don't often do it, so it shouldn't be a real problem.  How nice of Christine to do this for us!  It should be fun :) 

'Filled With Joy'

Lord Jesus, may we come to believe in you ever more fully. May our faith in all you have done—in your miracles, healings, saving death, and glorious Resurrection—and in your full humanity and divinity ever fill us with joy.

Lord, righteous Judge of the living and the dead, in order to prevent the condemnation of the world you allowed the world to condemn you. By your condemnation free us from the sentence our sins deserve.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 at Focus
When I arrived to Focus I greeted Sheila who was in the parking lot.  We spoke for a few minutes & then she left.  A lady named Cathy was on the front lines so I walked over to her saying that I was trying to get someone to be with her & left to go into Focus.  Martha wasn't there yet.  When I opened up the door there Kathryn was standing in the hall & I greeted her with a joyous enthusiasm.  It was so good seeing her after 5 weeks.  I opened up the rooms & she got to work.  The lady who works in the small room let her into the center.  It was 1:30pm & Becky came to help us out.  She must have heard me say something because I didn't ask her to go out to the front lines.  All of a sudden she said to me "I'll go outside if you want me to".  I answered back to her "if you don't mind  sure would like you to join Cathy outside", & she did.  She was out there for three hours.  In the meantime I called Mike from Rescue Rochester if him & his team would take over Thursdays from 1to 4 or 5pm.  He said that he will speak with Jerry & get back to me.  I said "thank you" & hung up the phone.  I'll have to pray & wait for an answer.  Martha got to the center at 1:40pm.  I asked her what had happened & she said that she was with her daughter & her grandbaby & she couldn't let go of him.  I was happy that she was okay & I really did understand, for it's a miracle that she comes on Thursdays at all.  It's such a hard day for all of us but we want to save lives of little precious babies & their mothers. 

I came out of the office & was heading down the hall when I saw Martha talking to someone in the second Material Aid Room.  When I passed by the room again I saw the young lady that went into Planned Parenthood a week ago with her friend who came to Focus for a pregnancy test.  I was told that her & her friend then went over to Planned Parenthood & I was determined to speak with her when she came back again.  I wen over to her as she was shopping & asked her what that was all about.  She said that her friend wanted a Sexual Transmitted Disease test.  I then said to her that all you have to do is ask & we will provide for you & your needs.  I asked her to wait for a few minutes while I went into to the Rose Room to get her two brochures for this need.  I then handed them to her saying that these are the two places that can help her friend.  She accepted them readily & then left when she was finished shopping.  We want to educate our girls to the people that can really help them with love & truth.
Paul was with us & drove a client home with her friends.  Then I received a call from her saying that she forgot the diapers that were in his trunk, so Paul went back to her house to give them to her.  He's such a great guy.  Later on the doorbell rang & it was such a wonderful surprise to see Faye again, she came with Natalie tonight, to help us out.  Faye had hand surgery which caused her so many health problems but she's doing so much better now.  It was a blessing for them both, with usat Focus.  Natalie spoke with me about getting us a new volunteer & I hope that it will work out.  She emailed her friend & I emailed her back.  I hope that it will happen.  David came tonight & was a big help.  Suzanne I guess won't be back until she feels better.  I hope that it will happen soon for her & for us.   We assisted many clients today.

Friday, October 25th., I received a call from the hospital from Christine & she told me that her precious daughter was born.  Praise God!  She is the girl, two years ago, that Martha & I befriended & she threw us a curve.  She said that she will bring her baby in, in two weeks, to visit us & to get some things for her.  That sound's good to me :)


'True Happiness'

Happiness ultimately never depends on material possessions, or even on success in life. It stems from the inner knowledge that you are who God wants you to be, that you are doing what he wants you to do.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at Focus

A very busy day today!  We had Paul & Linda & one of our clients to help Martha put things away.  I was in the office for most of the day.  Two young girls came into my office, later in the day, one of the girls said  "Mary, remember me"?  I said "I see so many girls I'm sorry" & then she reminded me of where we first met.  She said that I spoke to her coming out of Planned Parenthood a couple of years ago & I said to you "it's to late".  I then asked her now what she met.  She said that she had already had the abortion.  I looked sick at heart her & started talking to her about post abortion problems.  Then I saw that the girl, who was with her, looked a little funny & I asked her if she had had an abortion & she said "yes, they were twins".  I looked sicker at heart at her now.  Then the one girl asked me to show them some abortion pictures & I brought them into the Rose Room to show them.  I heard them scream. Then the one girl said that she wanted to see her baby but Planned Parenthood said "no" & they continued the procedure of killing her precious baby. How horrible. Lord have Mercy!! 

After the girls left I noticed that the pregnancy tests were gone, there were at least 5 of them in the covered basket, on the cart. My heart was sick. I'm not sure if these girls took them or someone yesterday on Ney's time, not sure but they're gone.  I decided to move the cart deeper in the room & not to leave any girls alone in there ever again!!!  It saddens my heart, that our girls are stealing from us, who give them what they need for 'free'. I went into the Ladies Room to see that someone had taken the cloth towel that was hanging there.  Here we go again :(

'Find Your Calling'

Finding your calling in life ultimately comes down to finding the answer to the question: “How can I help?”

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I were busy & Paul wasn't with us today, for he was helping one of our clients Valerie, with her & her four children, to move into a safer & nicer home.  We were answering the door & putting away donations into the two Material Aid Rooms.  The doorbell rang & I answered the door & a young lady requested a pregnancy test.  I lead her into the Rose Room & gave her the Intake Sheet to fill out.  After she did the test I said that it takes 5 minutes for the results & for us to talk for that time.  I asked her about herself & she told me.  What a story, my heart was beating fast, hearing all what she shared with me.  Her Aunt & her friend's friend were both shot to death at different times.  She is a survivor of rape & abuse too.  Alcohol has been a problem for her mostly in the past rather than now, for she is under control more.  She's attending college & is engaged & is living with her finance' but no date has been set for their wedding.  She reefers  to her finance' as her 'husband'.  I did correct her about using this name right now before she's married.  She is a Catholic woman but isn't going to church.  I suggested that she goes to talk to Fr. Mickey for some counseling & the Sacrament of Confession & then attend Mass every Sunday.  I hope that she does.  She seemed to think that she has to be perfect before she come back but that's not true, we fight for our salvation with fear & trembling & we need the Sacraments to help us.  Her pregnancy test was negative & I suggested that she doesn't engage in anymore sex until after she's married.  She took the Truth packet & all other brochures that I gave her plus two educational DVD's.  I said to her as she was leaving, that if she needed us again, please come back.  I smiled at her & said "good bye".  Such a nice young lady who wants her life to be better than the people around her.  I hope & pray that she will be protected by Mother Mary & her Guardian Angel & she will come back to the Catholic Church, for graces to fight the fight, but mostly to honor God completely.   


'Stand Firmly'
Lord Jesus, you took flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary to save us from that devastation of evil and sin. Teach us to have faith in you and stand firmly against sin so that, like the sinless Virgin Mary, we might be reborn into the eternal joys of heaven.

'Seeking God's Love'

The darkness of our personal hells, perhaps more so than anything else, can help us understand the love that makes for heaven. It's this love that we seek in prayer. The love of God is not something to be admired; it is something to be seized and lived under.


'Surrender to Faith'
What faith gives you is the assurance that God is good, that God can be trusted, that God won't forget you, and that, despite any indication to the contrary, God is still solidly in charge of this universe.  

Thursday, October 31, 2013 at Focus
I arrived to the center & Martha wasn't there & either was Paul or Kathryn.  I met with Sheila & we spoke for a few minutes before she had to leave.  This morning she did a pregnancy test which was negative & also made an appointment at Compass Care for another young lady who was going into Planned Parenthood.  She got to talk with her & then brought her to Focus for assistance.  The ultrasound appointment was for 1pm today which was now.  Great job Sheila!!  She said that she won't be on the front lines two weeks from today for she's going to Israel, please pray for us & our clients intentions. Thank you Sheila!  She also said that she was in Focus more than being outside but thank God some people from the '40 Days for Life' were praying & witnessing the Truth.  This is the last week of the campaign :( 
After Sheila left Kathryn arrived, with bags of food for our cupboards, for our hungry clients.  How nice was that!  Martha came around 1:15pm & Paul was still helping our client Valerie move.  Her daughter was found by her mother with black mold in her mouth & is being treated for Lead poisoning.  I'm so happy that she's going into a better home with none of these problems.  Please watch your children for they are fast moving & they find things & put them in their mouths all the time. 
Our new volunteer came in around 1:45pm & we talked for a few minutes & she went outside to sidewalk counsel.  I thought that Lynda would be with her but her dog ate chocolate, which is a poison to dogs, the night before & almost died & was still being treated at the vets.  Becky was not by herself out there on the front lines.  Next week either Martha or I will have to be with her until Lynda comes at 2pm.  I emailed Mike at Rescue Rochester & he emailed me back that his team will be out on the front lines, at Planned Parenthood, in two weeks.  Some of our people will also join them.  Martha & I need to be in Focus for we're so busy & there is so much to do & we couldn't do both, the pregnancy center & the front lines.  God made a way to solve this concern. 

'Mystery of Forgiveness'

When we forgive, we have to let go of our own feelings, our own ego, our own offended identity, and find our identity at a completely different level—the divine level. I even wonder if it is possible to know God at all—outside of the mystery of forgiveness.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at Focus   
I went to my Holy Hour this morning at St. Jerome's Church & after that went to the Second Thought Resale Shop to say "hi" to Ana & she then gave me four bags filled with donations to take with me.  When I got to the place where I usually park & saw that the meters were covered in a red cloth, so I couldn't park there.  I went up the street & found a place to park my car in front of the Fire Department.  After Mass I stayed to talk to a friend then went to Focus.  When I arrived there I went over to say "hi' to Christine, she was the only one out there on the front lines sad.  I then went into the center & Martha told me that the Dan, our landlord, said to her, as he looked at the table that I had put in the middle of the room & covered with a table cloth, "what's that, it has to go".  I said to her "what did he say"?  Then I said sternly to Martha "it stays".  The day has begun!! 

Unfortunately, the landlord took out our Summer Storage boxes, from the little bathroom that we had & said that it was his & not our room to use anymore.  We have to pay him to use our room.  I, the Executive Director, told him "no, you can't use that room because we have summer storage boxes in there.  But he went & found Martha & asked her & she said "yes", unfortunately, and he took it over.  We took out our stuff & he put in his stuff.  A couple days later Martha put in some storage boxes & he didn't like to share & he vehemently pronounced that room was 'his', again!  Martha & I are both upset because she said that he tricked her, for she didn't have anytime to think, when he boldly went into the room where she was working in, a few weeks ago, to ask her.  What he should have done professionally was to say, " Martha & I disagree & for us to discuss it & then get back to him", but he didn't do that & it has caused us not to trust him anymore.  We lost a space that we need & we are paying him to use it.  Go figure!!!  I told Martha that I was giving him to the Lord to deal with, not me.  I will pray for him more & so will Martha.  Landlords :(


Wednesday November 6, 2013

New Bishop named in Rochester, NY               

On Nov. 6, Pope Francis announced that Bishop Salvatore R. Matano of Burlington, Vt., will be the ninth Bishop of Rochester. The Catholic Courier will continue its coverage of Bishop Matano as his Jan. 3, 2014, installation draws near.


Check out:

Great News!!  Praise God!!!  Thank you Lord :)


'Interior Journeys'

Prayer is not a technique for getting things, a pious exercise that somehow makes God happy, or a requirement for entry into heaven. It is much more like practicing heaven now.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at Focus

I was putting diapers in bags when the doorbell rang & Martha went to the door.  I heard a male & female voices as she was leading them to the Rose Room.  I figured it was a pregnancy test but later on I was told by her that they came into Focus for some education for a school project. She spoke to them for about 20 minutes & gave them educational materials, brochures & DVD's, for their project.  

I was so happy that yesterday Lisa re- wrote two 'Thank You' letters, for me to send out to the two parishes that blessed us, with generous donations.  I called them to thank them too. There is so much to do in the office & I thank God for Lisa's assistance.  I have so many ideas for 2014, to make that year even better, then 2013!!  I was busy in the office when our Elim Bible Students arrived.  When I came out of the office to greet them there was another young girl with them.  She was the niece of one of our students.  I said "hi" & we all talked for a few minutes.  I found out that next Wednesday will be Rachel's last day.  She will be quitting school, to go to live with her parents, who will be moving to Myrtle Beach from Philadelphia.  She said that she misses them & wants to be with them.  How sweet.  We will miss her, she's such a dear girl. 
Paul wasn't with us yesterday & today so we'll see if he comes tomorrow....I hope so.  I depend on him so much but this week I think that he was helping our client-friend Valerie & her four children to move to a better house, which is great!!   We had donations dropped off & people to put them away.  Martha did a pregnancy test, which was negative, & she did some teaching too.  Another busy day at Focus!     


'Recognizing Humility'

Truly holy people are always humble. If you are not humble, you have not experienced the Holy One. If you don't see humility and patience in religion, you know it's not on the right course.


Thursday, November 7, 2013 at Focus & the Front Lines


The phone rang at 9:45am & I answered it to find out it was Sheila, the sidewalk counselor who is out on the front lines from 10:30am to 1pm every Thursday.  She told me that she was suffering with Shingles & was in a lot of pain & couldn't come out today.  She is scheduled to leave for Israel this Monday, for a week, & I hope that she will be able to go.  After we talked for a few minutes I said "good bye" & hung up the phone.  I started getting ready to go to the sidewalk when the phone rang & it was Tom, who stays with Sheila on the sidewalk.  He said that a young girl wanted a pregnancy test.  I was getting ready & I wasn't ready yet so I said to him to inform her that I'll be there in 30 minutes, that was cutting it close.  He spoke with her & came back to the phone saying that was fine.  As I continued to get ready the phone rang again & it was Tom again.  He said that the girl had to go & she will come to Focus tomorrow for a pregnancy test instead & for me not to rush.  I said "okay & thanks" & hung up.  I continued to get ready & then I left.  As I was passing the Sign Shop I stopped to order the A-Frame for the sidewalk ministry.  My friend Anne & her husband sent me a large check to purchase one.  Wonderful people!   

I was now on the sidewalk with the graphic sign & the literature box in front of Planned Parenthood, with Tom.  I started to counsel the people going in & coming out of this Death Mill.  This place makes my stomach turn. All of a sudden I looked ahead to see two girls walking arm in arm out of Planned Parenthood.  The one girl was saying something to me as she was holding onto a girl who was walking funny.  I then went on to tell them both to repent for the murder of a precious baby today.  I went on & on, until they walked down the side street next, to the new condos.  My heart sank & it still hurts.  

I went back into the center & I saw Martha in the hallway.  I was surprised because, I had called her over her ex husband's house, to ask her if she could go to the front lines this morning.  She told me that her mother-in-law had died early in this morning.  I said that I was sorry & hung up.  I really didn't expect to see her today but hear she was.  We talked for a few minutes & she went outside to be with Becky, our new volunteer, on the front lines.  I then spoke with Kathryn, our Thursday volunteer, when the doorbell rang.  She went to let our clients into the center.  Paul wasn't with us again :(     

It was 2pm & Lynda came to Focus.  I thought that she was going to the front lines but I was wrong.  I didn't know, that the cold effects her blood flow & causes her a lot of pain, in her joints.  Now I know.  We went into the office & started to work on a monetary Grant application from Walmart.  It was going good then I came to page 6 & had to discontinue the application.  We don't have a Spread Sheet to answer those kind of questions. Oh well!  We were both disappointed :(  

Kathryn said "good bye" & left.  It was now 4:10pm & Martha & Becky came into the center with the signs & literature box.  We were in the Green Room talking when the doorbell rang.  Lynda went to answer it.  I heard a man say that his wife called earlier about these donations.  I went to the door to see a man in his 30's with a white bag.  I said that I took the call from his wife & we went on talking.  I don't remember how it came it this but he mentioned that he was Catholic.  I asked him what parish he attended & he said "St. Mary's downtown".  Then he said "I go to my church one week & then to my wife's church the other week, she Anglican".  I looked surprise at him & said "no you can't do that you're Catholic so you have to go to the Catholic Church every week". Then I said "aren't you afraid of Hell"?   He said with a smile on his face :I'm not afraid of Hell for I've been to Baltimore".  Lynda said that Fr. Canton is at St. Mary's.  I then said to him "go to Confession & then go to Mass every week".  We talked for a few more minutes & then he said that he had to go to pick up his daughter from school & he said "good bye" & left.  I hope & pray that he will understand that Hell is worse than Baltimore & for him to 'start over'.  God works in strange & mysterious ways.  


'Thy Will Be Done '

We want what God wants, knowing that His will is the best for us and for the world.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at Focus
'Mass at Focus'
Every day, at the pregnancy center, is a challenge & must be first lead by prayer.  It's life & death that we deal with & we need God's help always.  Paul & I were there for we were getting the two rooms ready for the next Mass with Fr. Edison at 6pm tonight.  So much to do!   Martha came later with her friend for the Mass.  I had an appointment for 2:30pm with a client that had called the Diocese 1- 800 #.  I was happy that girls were starting to call that number & when they do they are referred to the pregnancy center that is closest to them for care.  So the center was hectic when the doorbell rang & I was summoned to the hallway.  I introduced myself to the young girl & lead her to the Rose Room for the interview.  I gave her an Intake Sheet to fill out & she asked me where was this information going.  I reassured her that the information was confidential.  She was relieved.  After she completed the sheet I started to talk with her asking her some questions.  She didn't have insurance so I asked her to fill out the Fidelis Care Sheet so that I could fax it over to them later on.  Then she said that she was pregnant & she thought that we were a medical clinic for an exam.  I said "no we're not".  I asked if she wanted to do another pregnancy test & she said "yes" so she did one & it was positive.  I asked if she wanted an ultrasound & she said "yes", so I called over to Embracing Options to schedule her one for tomorrow.  It was possible & she was scheduled for 1pm the next day.  I asked her to fill out their form so that she could take it with her to give to them. I said to her that where she was going tomorrow there was an OB/GYN doctor that she might want to make an appointment with for her pregnancy care, while she awaits her health insurance situation.  Now she was settled or least that's what I thought.  As we were talking again so much popped up.  I found out that she is a Baptized Catholic & hasn't lived her Faith, over the years.  I talked to her about how to repair that.  Her home life is not good so I talked to her about that situation.  I encouraged her to come back to the Catholic Church & to go to Confession.  I hope & pray that she will soon.  I asked her to go over to St. Michael's Church, that is near where she lives, & to speak to Fr. Mickey, a wonderful Priest.  I gave her two DVD's & lots of literature that were appropriate for her needs.  I stood up & invited her to go shopping in our two material aid rooms for herself & her other child.  I said that when she gets closer to her due date & knows the sex of the bay we will give her a Layette.  She smiled.  I said "good bye & we are here for you".  It was an intense interview but I hoped that I helped her. 

When I went back in to the Green Room there was so much happening.  The tables were being set up & the food was heating up in the microwave.  I went to the Great Room & started to set up the Alter.  So much to do but it always gets done.  I went back to the office to see that Linda was sick today & wasn't coming.  The doorbell rang & it was Lisa.  I asked her if she would continue to call our pregnant clients to see if they needed anything.  She said "okay Mary I will".  I'm always relieved that she's calling our clients for they are very important to us.  No new babies so far, though I know of two that were due.  It's sometimes difficult to reach our clients by phone.  I received an email from Job saying that he was sick & was unable to come to the 5pm meeting regarding the new Focus Pregnancy Center's web site.  I was so disappointed & upset.  I hoped that he was okay but was disappointed that he wasn't coming for Fr. Edison & Lou Ann were attending the meeting tonight.  I really couldn't even pray.  I think that I was angry for I was miserable with my legs & could hardly walk but was I hear so what couldn't he be hear too.  So unreasonable don't you think.  The doorbell rang & it was Fr. Edison so I told him that Job was not coming because he was sick.  He said that we'll still have a meeting before Mass.  Okay Father.  He acted much better that I did. The doorbell rang again & it was Lou Ann.  I lead Father & Lou Ann into the Rose Room for the meeting.  She gave us some paperwork & started talking, after our prayer to God, for guidance.  She was discussing she work on her presentation at RIT College about Focus.  It was wonderful to hear.  Then all of a sudden I saw Job & he came into the room.  It was so surreal.  He said that he had a Migraine & took 800 mg. of pain medication & was feeling better.  Good to hear.  After a few minutes he said "I don't know why I didn't say this first but my wife is pregnant with baby # 5".  We all congratulated him on hearing this wonderful news.  He was happy too.  Then he began to discuss the web site that he was doing for Focus for 'free'.  It sounds so good & it will be so beneficial to the girls that are looking for help on line.  I'm so excited.  Then Lou Ann said that her sister-in-law created two new logos, for Focus, but it will be a surprise for me to see in a couple of weeks.  I can choose the better one for our pregnancy center.  Can't wait.  The meeting was so beneficial but it had to end because Father had to celebrate Mass & then be on his way, for he had an appointment at 7pm somewhere else.  Rush, rush, rush. 

When I got into the room for the Mass, Jose was reading the First Reading was Wisdom 3 1:9.  When I heard it I started to cry quietly.  This was the reading that the Lord gave to my friend Denise in 1991 when I called her to say that I needed to come over to see her, for something just happened & I needed to talk with her about.  I never mentioned what it was.  It was that the Lord told me that I was a 'twin' & the events that happened after that revelation. The Mass was beautiful & there were many people there.......fantastic!  After Mass Father spoke to me about the post abortive woman & if we could attend to them here.  I said "Fr. Edison, I wish that I could but the girls are in denial of their abortion".  We do have referral numbers to give to the clients that seek forgiveness & healing for what they have done.  He said "good bye" & I thanked him again as he was leaving.  



'Sharing Our Pain'

After the cross, we know that God is not watching human pain, nor apparently always stopping human pain, as much as God is found hanging with us alongside all human pain. Jesus's ministry of healing and death, of solidarity with the crucified of history, forever tells us that God is found wherever the pain is.
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I arrived at the center after Mass.  When we get there we open up the rooms & then doorbell starts to ring.  We let in a lot of women & some with their children to get what they need at Focus.  Later on I went to the door to let in a young girl & guy.  She asked for a pregnancy test & I lead them into the Rose Room.  I started the procedure by giving her the Intake Sheet to fill out & after she does the pregnancy test we wait for 5 minutes & that's the time I use to talk to the client.  It was a very intense 25 minutes.  Again two more Baptized Catholics that lost their way.  It went back & forth for awhile & then I looked down at the pregnancy test to say "you're not pregnant".  I gave them information to contact Father, at Our Lady of Victory Church, were she was attending for awhile to talk to Farther & hopefully to go to Confession.  She is post abortive earlier on in her life.  I asked if she was sorry for what she did & she told me that her mother made her have the abortion but she's the one that went to have it done. She said that she asked God to forgive her but I interjected that by being Catholic she must go to Confession to confess that sin because it was a Mortal Sin & is very serious, for a life was taken.  I went to the office to get the church brochure to give to her & she accepted it with kindness.  The two are planning to get married but are living together.  I strongly suggested that they refrain from sexual activity until they get married.  It was a lot for them to take in but they were nice about all I said.  She went to the material aid rooms to get what she needed for her niece.  Then the young man came up to me & said "what if we get married & we go to Jamaica for our Honeymoon & she gets raped & gets pregnant what should she do"?  I said back to him "she should have the baby & if you can't or don't want to raise the child then place the baby up to a loving couple for adoption".  Then I quickly shared my gang rape & pregnancy experience to him (not in detail) & I almost started to cry.  He came closer to me & gave a quick hug & then left to find his girlfriend.  It's a hard day already but that's what we're hear for, is to save lives & souls, for ChristI hope & pray the best for these two people.
The two Elim College students didn't come today.  I guess it was their last day last week, my mistake.  Nice girls.   

'Decide to Love'

Jesus commanded us to love; so we know love is not just a feeling, since we cannot command feelings. Love is mostly a decision.
Thursday, November 14, 2013 at Focus
Sheila was still in Israel so I knew that Jennifer,Tom, & Paul would be out on the front lines this morning.  Martha called me earlier this morning saying that she had an appointment for her oil change at 1pm today & would come right after, she also said that she wasn't feeling that well either.  I hope & pray that she will come to the center this afternoon.  Kathryn emailed me yesterday saying that she was ill & couldn't come in today.  Oh Lord please help me. 
I did a couple of thing in the center when Paul came in to get the literature box & a sign.  I gave him the graphic one of the precious aborted baby & he went back outside.  I decided to go out leaving Focus without a volunteer.  I figured that when someone was ringing the bell & no one answered then she would call the number on the door & I would come back to open up the center for her.  But that wasn't the case this afternoon.  I put my coat on & started towards the front door when I saw three young girls at the door.  I opened the door & let them in.  I said "do you all have children" & the one girl asked for a pregnancy test.  I almost flipped because I was headed out to the front lines.  God is in control so I lead her to the Rose Room & the other two girls followed us.  I stated that there be just the client in the room but she asked for her sister to be with her, so I said "okay".   She filled out the Intake Sheet as the doorbell was ringing.  It was the woman who wanted the stroller & she was with her friend, who has five children.  I let them in & said that Martha wasted here yet to call on the stroller to see if there were any Recalls but shop around until I finish what I was doing.  One should not be alone in a pregnancy center I needed more help.  I went back to the Rose Room & continued my interview.  I called for her sister to come in as the test was at hand.  The two girls came in together...not an easy time for the director.  As we were waiting for the results of the test the room became a nightmare for me.  I asked the girl saying "how can a mother kill her baby"?  I didn't know why I was saying that to her at this time but I did.  Then the one girl said"I had to have an abortion for my life was a mess"!  I said "no you didn't it never okay to have an abortion, it's always evil".  I said "adoption would have been the answer".  I now saw that she was pregnant & she was rubbing her big belly saying to her baby "I couldn't give you up to somebody I didn't know".  I thought to myself 'but you had no problem having the abortionist cut your baby up in many pieces & be thrown in the fire'.  Oh my Lord this is so messed up. Then I saw that the test was negative & told her so.  Then she said to me that she had a pregnancy test before & it was negative & she was pregnant & had an abortion at 5 months.  I almost threw up & I couldn't think anymore.  I thought that I was in a very bad dream.  But I woke up & went to the shelves to get the post abortion information for them.  I also went & got two DVD's to put into the Truth packet.  She said that she was on Implanon birth control (surgically put in to your arm) & now had it taken out.  I said that a young girl yesterday said that it caused her to have a blood clot & she had it removed too.  I gave her a brochure  to inform her of the Side Effects.  
while implanon is generally regarded as safe and effective the
The sister of the client said to her "why don't you just go to Planned Parenthood for the test".  I looked her & replied "that are killing off your Race, don't go to them for anything".  I talked to them more.  I then said to the client "you need to go to your doctor for a blood pregnancy test, then I quickly said to her "you won't have another abortion would you"?  She said "no".  I was relieved to hear this from her.  The pregnant girl was upset with all the talk so she left the room & walked out of the center abruptly.  The sister was the last to leave the room & I said to her "you didn't have an abortion did you".  She said "yes I did".  "I had the Ru486 & I tried to talk out the rods but I lost my baby in a  miscarriage two weeks later".  I said "please read the information that I put in the bag".  Then said "I did ask God to forgive me".  I said "that's very good".  Lord please help these girls & all the girls that come into Focus & all Pregnancy Centers throughout all the World & thank you!!! 
The doorbell ran & I was still alone.  I let in a very short pregnant girl & a very tall man into the center.  She said that Mary said to come in for a Layette.  Oh that Mary :(  I said that I was Mary & I wanted to help her with that.  I then asked if she was having a boy or a girl, she said "a girl".  I said it will take me a little time to get it ready so shop in this room & the other room to your left down the hall.  I then went to the other two girls that had been waiting for about 10 minutes & asked the girl, who wanted the stroller, to get me the account number & the date & the model number off the stroller & then I'll Graco to see if it's okay for her to take.  I then went onto the Blue Room & got a bag & put in many nice new baby clothes for the pregnant mom.  I also put into another bag a beautiful handmade blanket for her baby daughter.  I handed her the two bags & she said "thank you" but looked disappointed so I asked her if all was okay.  She said that she was grateful to receive the clothes & things that I gave her, for her baby.  But I wasn't sure if she wanted or needed more.  I went into the office I got her the list of the other pregnancy centers in the area & said for her to call them for more clothes for her baby.  She said "thank you".  The man who was her Uncle said "thank you for these books, it'll sure help me because there isn't any father interaction".  I looked at her in the eyes & said "you'll be fine just ask the Lord to assist you & you have your Uncle's help too, you'll be fine & you can always come back to Focus for more clothes for you baby".  I said "the best to you both" & then left to go to the other two girls, who were walking around the Green Room, about the stroller.  She gave me the information & the toll free number to call which I did & thank heavens there was no Recalls so I said that she could have it.  She smiled at me & said "thank you".  I asked her how her Diabetes was doing & she said that she was doing fine.  Glad to hear that.  As I was finishing up with them Mike V. came in, someone must have let him in, & he talked about what had happened out there today, on the front lines.  I was so busy so we didn't talk for very long.  Then Tom came in & started talking to me.  I said that I was busy & I couldn't talk for very long.  He said that the ambulance was called.  I said "was it a rape victim going to the hospital"?   He said "no it was the older Planned Parenthood escort that was in the ambulance".  I remember telling her a couple of months ago that I hope that she doesn't die a sudden death like a Heart Attack or a Stroke because she wasn't ready. She was upset with me & asked Rick Bartell, who works at Planned Parenthood to console her, for he then put on a Blue Apron & assisted her as an escort, that day.  I hope & pray that she & all of them REPENT!!
I heard that someone had come into the center & I looked to see Martha.  I was soooo happy to say the least & then told her all what had happened.  After that I thought that I should have a quick lunch but before that Becky came in for her sign to take to the front lines.  I found it for her & she went outside & then I saw that Martha went outside to pray & to counsel too.  I was again all alone.  I went & made a fast lunch of a salad & then went to the pepper mill to put some pepper on my salad to see that it was GONE!!  On no, hear we go again.  I can't trust anyone being in this room alone.  Everything isn't 'FREE'.  I felt betrayed & angry too.  I later called the girl that took the stroller but as you know the phone number wasn't good.  How can you be so generous & give away everything that is free in the material aid rooms & then they steal from you......not real.  The pepper mill was in the kitchen area so she, who ever took it, must have know that it wasn't free.  "Thou Shall NOT Steal" a Commandment of God, which when broken is a serious sin. If they come back again I'll confront them to see if one of them took it.....oh sure Mary keep on dreaming!   I love our girls but I will not tolerate stealing & if caught I will call the Police.
It was now 4pm & Martha & Becky came in from the Front Lines & put the things away.  Adolf came in to give us three bags of apples.  That'll be great for our girls.  Becky & Adolf had to go but told me that there were many people out there praying today.  "Great" I said!! 
After supper tonight Martha left to go to the Holy Hour & I stayed to do more work in the office especially.  I was waiting for Elizabeth to come tonight to help us out.  She came around 7:15pm & said that she had to wait for at least 20 minutes for there was a car accident on the Expressway.  I hope all was okay & I was glad to see her. 


May we be content with what we have and turn away from the temptation of always wanting more.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at Focus

When I got to the pregnancy center's office I saw that on my desk was a note. I read it quickly & found out that Ney's cell phone was stolen by the client that she did a pregnancy test on yesterday. After the test the young girl asked to use her phone & then she left with it. Ney tried to call her several times but she didn't answer. I was so upset with this news! I told Martha who was standing now in the office & I asked if she'd call the girls for I was livid. She did & the girl didn't answer the phone so Martha left a message on the voice mail to call Focus & she gave my cell number. I then tried to call Ney & she didn't answer so I left a voice message on her phone to call me ASAP. It was several hours later that Ney called me back. We talked for awhile. She said that she got another phone & all was okay now. I said if this ever happens again, which I hope it doesn't, you MUST call the police to make out a report. She was hesitant to do that she said but I insisted that you must to protect yourself & Focus. She said that she has forgiven the girl but hopes not to see her again. I feel badly for what happened to Ney & also the girl for she was pregnant & we could help her. How sad was this situation. I do not tolerate stealing & if caught I will prosecute!!!

Our newest volunteer Tanya came to help us out today. What a blessing she is in our work at Focus. Later on, Linda came to help us out too, for last week she was in bed sick. Glad to see that she feels better now. We get so many donation & some of them take time to call to see if there is a Recall & then to wash the big items & then to call the client for pick takes so much time. Martha & Paul usually do the bigger items & I do the office work. It was about 3:15 pm when Lisa came in today. I asked her to call our clients to see how they were doing & she said that all the clients have been called that she could reach. I was happy to hear that. Then I asked her if she'd work on a letter that we could send out to some of the parishes, for Focus fund-raising. She did a beautiful letter that we will sent out in January 2014. Thank you Lisa!

We saw many clients today & we tried to assist them with their needs. Praise God!! Later on this evening Tanya said that she lost her cell phone ….oh no! This is phone day :) Martha & I prayed to St. Anthony the Patron Saint for lost items & a little while later she found it...yeah! Thanks St. Anthony for your intercession to the Lord.



When I got home tonight I received a call from Pat, our Grandmother & Great Grandmother, saying that she was just interviewed by Channel 8 TV News for her being out on the street in a tent.  She said that someone destroyed her first tent & Carol C. bought her another.  She was there for her family.  I said that I would watch it at 10 PM & again at 11 pm tonight.  I saw her on TV & she was marvelous so I called her back & spoke with her.  I said it was about drugs in your neighborhood for I thought that it would be about abortion too. She was furious to hear that, for she said that she spoke with the reporter for 20 minutes saying, that this was dedicated to the saving of her five great grandchildren's lives, that were almost aborted.  She was livid & said that she would call Channel 8 tomorrow morning to complain.  "Calm down Pat & relax",  I said,  "all will be okay".   I also said that she was doing a great job & I was so proud of her :)   Check her interview now at:



'Your Greatest Joy'

Your greatest joy should not come from all you do in His Name, but from the fact that He knows your name (Luke 10:20)
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at Focus
Martha & I were at the center after Mass & it was pleasantly busy.  Later on Lynda came & she talked with me for awhile about what was going on in her life & asked for prayers.  Yes, I am praying for you Lynda.  I was also working in the office doing many things.  Martha & Lynda & Tanya were working out in the rooms putting away our donations & answering the door & assisting our moms, which some had their children with them.  Martha was holding a baby when she spit up all over cute :)  Glad that it wasn't me!  Martha did a pregnancy test which was negative & counseled her for awhile.  It was nice seeing Tanya's mom today for she came in to get some things for her grandchild.  Thanks for letting your daughter help us out here at Focus ....she's a blessing!  Another fruitful day at Focus!!!
Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother, was again on Channel 8 TV at 11pm tonight talking about the crimes (abortions, shootings, drugs) that are all around her & her family on Frost Ave.  She was disappointed that they didn't report on the abortion issue which brought her out onto the street.  The woman at Channel 8 told her that it was to political.....what!!!  She said that she has an interview with the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper reporter this Sunday & we'll see how accurate he reports her story......
When will this end, miss reporting?????

'Each Day is a Blessing'

We are called to love God and one another. That is our primary vocation. The reason we rise in the morning and the purpose of our life on earth is to learn how to receive God's love and then share it. God's gift of life to you each morning is a sign that He has a mission for you that day.

Thursday, November 22, 2013 at Focus
I received a phone call from Sheila this morning telling me that she was unable to be on the front lines today due to her Shingles, that she was suffering with.  She said that she was doing better after being in Israel on her pilgrimage but she needed to have a full day of rest.  She said that she was taking pain medication every 4 hours on her trip so that she could be with everyone going to the places where the Lord was.  I don't blame you Sheila.  Glad that you're back safe & sound dear lady.  We have missed you :)
I had an appointment at 11am so I knew that I couldn't be there so I called Martha.  She said that she would go out at 10:30am on the front line, so I felt better.  I met with a friend that I haven't seen in awhile that I once worked with at NGC.  He goes to Spiritius Christi  now which means that he's Excommunicated from the Catholic Church, which is a serious sin.  He needs to go to Confession & comeback to the Catholic Church to make this right.  I only hope that he & his wife do that soon. 
I got to the front lines where Martha & Tom was standing & praying at 12:30pm.  As I went to the center to get the graphic sign & my cell phone rang.  It was one of our male clients that asked if I could go to his house to drop off some diapers.  I said that we don't do that at Focus & he would have to come & get them or ask a family member or a friend to.  I said "good bye" & hung up & went into the center.  Then the cell phone rang again.  It was my sister Carolyn saying that her daughter was in the hospital with contractions.  She's 6 week before her daughter is due to be born.  She was dehydrated & had IV's going.  The doctor told her not to smoke anymore & stop drinking soda. Thank God.  I pray that she & her precious baby girl will be okay.  I finally got back outside to the front lines & witnessed near Planned Parenthood.  I was looking for the young girl that I was told had a 1pm appointment for an abortion but I didn't notice anyone coming into the parking lot except the works coming back from lunch.  Thank God!!  It was about 1:10pm when a car with two people stopped by where I was standing.  It was Mike & another pro lifer.  He asked where to park & I told him in the parking lot by the center.  A few minutes later he walked up the sidewalk with the other pro lifer & his long time life pro life partner Jerry.  I was so thankful to God to see them & have them take over so that Martha & I could be in the center, for no one was there.  Kathryn was still sick & Paul was with Valerie helping her out.  I asked Mike if he would pass out our Truth packets & he said that he would.  I was happy to hear this.  He took out his mega phone & he had a sign, with him, that I didn't see.  I left one of our graphic signs with him & some other non graphic signs too.  Just before I went into the center I called out to a girl in a red car that was coming out of the parking lot.  She then pulled over to where we all were standing & said "what did you say to me"?  I knew that Mike could handle this & Martha & I walked to the center, to do our work there, feeling very relieved that the sidewalk ministry was under control & in God's hands. 
A short time later the man that had called me earlier asking for the diapers came into the center.  I heard his voice & then I heard Marth's voice saying "no we don't give out money".  Then I saw his body come into the office.  He felt privilaged that it was his right to ask for & to receive money for us.  I first said "no" then I heard that he only needed a dollor to get back ontothe bus to go home.  Why didn't he have a dollar to return back home ???  He has been my challenge.  I did feel badly for him because he does take care of his grandson so I reached into my purse & took out a dollar that I was grateful to have & gave it to him saying "if we did this for everyone we wouldn't be open".  I said "good bye & have a nice day" with a smile on my face. 

It was about 3:10 pm when Mike came into Focus to say that he was leaving.  I showed him around Focus quickly.  He was impressed & I praised God for what He has done.  I said to him "we'll see you back in two weeks" & he replied "yes, we'll be back".  I was so happy to hear that.  After he left I was told how good he was on the front lines speaking & dealing with the people that stopped to talk with him.  Also, one of the woman workers at Planned Parenthood came out & got into his face asking who he was.  And I was told he had a very graphic sign that he had brought with him that effected many people that saw it.  That's what we want.  Great job Mike & the gang :)  Becky came in at 4pm & said that there were 9 people in front of Planned Parenthood today.....great news to hear!!!!

Tanya ate with Martha & I tonight & we got to talk to her for a bit, nice young lady.  Martha brought her home before going to her Holy Hour at St. Jude's Church.  Just after they left Elizabeth came & did some work for us.  I got to talk to her for awhile too, she's so pleasant & such a blessing to me.

'Joyful Submission'

God's has great plans for you today, creative and unexpected means by which He will make you a saint. He needs only your joyful submission.

Monday, November 26, 2013 at Focus & on the street with Pat
Martha & I went to the street where Pat is & talked with her then a woman came into the van & told us her story of what Wortman, an abortionist, who is a doctor did to her & her precious baby.  It was horrible.  It made me sick to my stomach.  It was in humane.  We're trying to help you & I invited her to come to Focus & I can get a Lawyer for her.  She has one but she's  not doing anything, it's been a year now.  This woman didn't go for an abortion but for an ultrasound to see how big her baby was & her or she was almost 20 weeks.  He did an abortion one her never the less & left the baby's body parts in her......her baby died & she almost did too.  She had to have an hysterectomy too & she's 33 years old.  She's very upset & so is Martha & I.  She cried & was angry too.  Then later on Pat said that she went home for a very short time & when she came back someone had broke her radiator in the van & she was mad, mad & mad some more.  Poor Pat.  So much is going on my head is spinning.  It's suppose to snow up to 10 inches the TV reporter calmed.  Okay Lord!  He's in control :)  This is the article of Pat in the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper today it was good.  I was upset & I told Pat about the part where she said that she doesn't need church but she said she didn't say it that that way, it was the reporter's wording.  Ick!!!  Check Out:

'A Sense of Urgency '

You and I must develop a sense of urgency about telling the Good News to everyone around us. One of the great spiritual dangers of our generation is apathy, the lazy disregard for Christ's call to really live our faith in him, not just talk about it. Close behind apathy follows indifference.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at Focus
We saw some clients toady who came into the center to get things from the material aid rooms, for themselves & for their children.  There were two large boxes filled with food on the kitchen shelf for Pat, our grandmother/great grandmother for Thanksgiving.  The turkey & the apple cider were in the refrig for them.  I called Pat & she said that she will come to pick it up on Wednesday, that will work out well.
Later on the Fidelis Care lady came & there was a client that met her here today.  Martha brought her into the Rose Room for the interview.   She stayed for her usual time & then said that she would call when she was coming again.  I said that would be fine.  It was around 4:15pm when Linda came & it was so good to see her.  She is so nice & works so hard too.  I completed, in the office, the last of the two evaluations for the Elim Bible Students.  I was happy to do it for these are great girls!
Paul was also with us & Sandy came in for a quick visit & then left.  Wished her a Happy Thanksgiving Day on Thursday.

'Silence is Good '

Many of us feel uncomfortable with silence, but we need silence in order to hear the still, small voice of Christ calling us. Our minds and bodies need times of silence for self-reflection, prayer, and decision making.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at Focus
When I arrived at the center after Mass there was Rick waiting for us by the door.  He was there to get the '40 Days for Life' container & the signs.  I had the container to give him but we couldn't find the signs.  Later on I found the signs in back of the office door & emailed him & he was happy about that.  I told him I had put them away but forgot where I did :(    He will come, when he can, to pick them up....yeah! 
Pat came with the poor woman that Wotman killed her precious baby & almost killed her too.  She was still distraught & didn't want to go into the Rose Room so we brought her in the Green Room instead to talk.  When she talked she was crying too.  Pat came to get her Thanksgiving boxes & turkey for tomorrow.  She looked tired & bedraggled.  The woman said that she had an appointment with attorney next Tuesday.  If this attorney does do something we will try to find her one that will. 
It was heart breaking that she was so upset, but her precious was killed & she almost died too & had to have a Hysterectomy because he left the baby body parts still in horrible for both mother & baby.  She said that all she wanted was an ultrasound NOT an abortion.  Lord have Mercy.  She spoke with Martha & then she gave her the phone to call Project Rachel for post abortion counseling.  She did so now she will be assigned s a woman who can help her 24x7, thank God!!
God is Great!!  We have three new babies that have been born & now in this world.
1.)  Baby girl Senise was born at 8lbs. 7ozs. at 22 1/2 inches long on November 18th..  Mom was 
 C-Sectioned so she is uncomfortable but her precious baby is healthy. Mom is breastfeeding :) 

2.)  Baby girl Mykayla was born on September 13th.. Mom & precious baby are doing well!

3.)  Baby boy was born on July 12th..  Mom & precious boy are doing well.  

Suzanne, came in today & called our moms & it was a fruitful day.  Praise God!!  Lisa has called our moms recently but as I mentioned before it's sometimes hard to reach them.  They were all invited to come back to Focus, for the many nice things that have been donated to us, for the cold & snowy winter months ahead.  They were thankful. The smiles on our clients faces are memorable & gives our staff such joy.  For the joy of the Lord is our strength.  

Please again have a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving time with family & friends!  Please enjoy the time with them & all the great food too. God bless you always! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013
  1. Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States.

A Pro-life Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

Father of mercies,
God of all creation,
Source of life and of every blessing,
We thank you today, and every day of our lives,
For all that you give us!

Our thanksgiving is not only a duty,
But a joy and a source of strength,
Because it reminds us of your faithful love,
And inspires us with the hope of a future filled with blessings!

Lord, we thank you for guiding our fathers,
Who, inspired by the prophets
And by the saving work of your Son,
Founded a nation where all might live as one,
Acknowledging their dependence on you
As the source of their right to life.

We thank you for your blessings in the past,
And for all that, with your help, we must yet achieve.

We ask you to bless us as we thank you,
That our giving thanks may be accompanied by our firm resolve
To proclaim, celebrate, and serve
The gift of human life, born and unborn.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

'Staying Faithful '

Lord, thank you for your faithfulness to your promises throughout the generations. I know that you will always be faithful to me. Help me always be faithful to you
Monday, December 2, 2013 at Holy Spirit Church for a 'Talk to Teens'
Martha & I arrived at Ann's house for supper at 6pm before the talk that we will be giving at 7pm.  She had called me about 6 weeks ago to invite us to talk to the Coffee Club Teens at Holy Spirit Church.  She then invited us to her home for supper.  We have never met her before.  She answered the door with a smile on her face & then introduced her 5 children to us, her 3 other children don't live with their parents anymore.  The youngest daughter, who was about 7 years old, was so cute, Miss Manners was she.  The supper was a meatloaf & a sautéed vegetable mix with pasta, it was so good. 
We went to the classroom where the meeting would take place around 7:10pm, for the teens come into the room to get re acquainted for about 10 minutes, before the talk begins.  I wasn't feeling nervous because I had prayed earlier, to the Holy Sprit for insights for my talk, for He knows everything.  I began then Martha went on the share about her younger daughter who got pregnant when in High School.  Her baby boy was born & what she went through with the pregnancy.  Her grandson is 12 years old now & has two half brothers & a father.  All is good!  I went on to share about the pregnancy center & sidewalk counseling & some things in my life.  I asked saying "what is the only reason that a woman could have an abortion" & one girl responded "there is non".  I answered back "you are correct, for there is never a reason to take a life on a pre born baby".  I was relieved by her answer.  The a young girl said "what about rape"?  I answered "no, not even rape that a precious baby should die" & I said that I was gang raped at Strong Hospital & got pregnant with twins & had a miscarriage at 7 weeks & that I had named my babies & think of them every day & that I will see them someday when I die".  Then she looked up & said that her mother had had an abortion years ago & she isn't the same woman that she was back then".  I asked if she had repented & she said that she had.  I was happy to hear that.  Another girl said that her brother was killed by abortion & that she misses him.  I said "I know the pain too".  Later after the meeting I gave her a hug & said that everything will be okay.  God will make it all right, later on, by His love & justice, for them & for us.  She smiled.  I did hand out some Truth packets & our Focus brochures to the teens.
Now is was some time for socializing & a young man came up to me & asked if he could help me to update our brochure for Focus.  I said "yes, that would be great".  I have an appointment for him to come to Focus, a week from this Wednesday, to talk.  How nice is this :)  Martha & I said "thank you, for this has been a blessed evening for us" & we left.   God bless Ann & this wonderful group of fine teens for the Lord.....they are our future!!!!!

'Lord, Open My Eyes '

God, sometimes I get so caught up in my own life that I become blind to the needs of those around me. Open my eyes this Advent to see how my life fits into the larger story of your plan for the human family.
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at Focus & RIT
I ran into the two landlords today,when I arrived at the center, one being the owner.  I was going to ignore the owner one but he came up to my car & said loudly "Mary, how are you"?  I got out of the car & told him, then I asked if he was still the owner of the building, where we rent, & he said "I'm still the owner as far as I know".  So funny he thinks he is :(  Then I mentioned the additional room that we were not privy to & he said "Mary you knew a long time ago that I was going to add two rooms to the big space & now I have".  I was standing with two difficult men & stated talking about my aggravation about the new room, to no avail.  I then said "good bye Bernie & have a nice day".  I went into the center with Dan, the landlord, to talk more with him in the 'new' Conference Room along with Martha.  I will say that we made some head way which pleased me just a little.  I said that we were going to paint the rooms lighter to make it look bigger, he said "okay".  I don't know if he will reimburse me for the paint & tools for painting, another expense for Focus.  Changes that have upset me greatly but I must accept them.  Lord please help me & thank you. 
I had so much to do in the office & I knew that Lisa wasn't going to be in today so I went into office to start working as the doorbell kept on ringing.  Martha is such a trooper & she answered the door many times to help our clients, with their needs.   Lou Ann had her RIT Presentation tonight at 7pm for Focus for her Master's Degree & I was excited for this to happen.  Bill H. was going to go with Martha & I to RIT tonight, he was having car problems. 
When we arrived to the building it took us a little time to find to the room.  When we went in we saw some people there & two large food trays, a desert box with cookies & coffee.  Martha & I had already eaten but Bill hadn't so he took some fruit & cheese & crackers for his supper.  The coffee was cold :( poor Bill.   We sat down & a few minutes later Richard M. came in & sat next to Bill who was next to Martha.  We started talking & then Todd C. came in to the room & sat in the row above us.  Then Lou Ann came in to the room with her husband & was smiling, she looked relaxed.  I spoke with her briefly & then the Professor introduced himself to the crowd.  He asked us to go around the room to introduce ourselves to the other people there.  I was last & I said that I was once a nurse & now am the Director of the Focus Pregnancy Center.  He said that he liked what I had on, which sounded strange but not as strange as what I had said to Lou Ann as we were leaving.  I asked her if he was married & she said "Mary why are you asking, yes he is".  How embarrassing.  It was so unusual to have a Christian Pro Life Professor with no wedding ring on.  Today, he announced that it  was his 57th. Birthday. We sang 'Happy Birthday' (I started the song) to him at the end of the Presentation after we clapped for Lou Ann, for her intense presentation of abortion & of Focus.  She did a great job & will be speaking at our Focus Board Meeting tomorrow at Focus.  As I was leaving, the Professor came up to me & took my hand & said "keep on doing what you're doing".  I was impressed & answered back "I will & God bless you".  It was a very interesting evening. 

'Second Chance'

Lord, thank you for the second chances you give your people. You are always ready to strengthen, heal, and guide us by your Holy Spirit. Help us hear your directives and respond ever more faithfully.
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at Focus
Another busy day at Focus.  I had to go to the office to get the papers ready for the last Board Meeting for 2013 tonight at 6pm to 7pm.  I had to email & call the people to let them know that I had told them 7pm to 8pm :(  I also had a Birthday cake for Martha too, I wanted it to be a surprise :)  We also had to decide on the color  we wanted for the new smaller room.  Not easy picking out colors but we decided on a nice yellowish white, hope it goes okay with all the other Focus colors.
We had a whole lot of clients come in today so when it wasn't as busy we decided to eat lunch.  I had brought in some stuffed peppers so Martha put them in the microwave & the lights went out, who would figure :(  Paul put the switch back on & Martha tried again & the lights went out again.  She called the landlord about the newest problem.  All of a sudden Martha stated that she had the heater & the microwave in the same switch which was to much for it, so when the Landlord called back I had something to give him of what the problem was.  We found some candles & lit them so we could see to eat a cold  turkey sandwich which was good.....thanks Martha for she had brought in the turkey.  He came & said that an Electrician was coming tomorrow to check things out.  "Okay" I said & "thank you".  Messing up our center, not good :(
All were at the center so I turned on & off the lights in the new Conference Room, where we were having the Board Meeting  & then I started to sing the Happy Birthday song for Martha, she was surprised.  I brought in the Leo's Bakery cake which was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, it was a half of a cake .... sorry.  We then started our meeting with a prayer.  I introduced Lou Ann & she gave a terrific talk about Focus.  She addressed our problems of rent money & people that we need to help us at Focus.  We talked & laughed & had a good time.  She said that we were very quiet yesterday at RIT, I know.  She had to go to the hospital to visit her mother in law & we then continued the meeting & then had cake mmmm good!

'Liberated from Sin'
God, sometimes I get so focused on the troubles in my life—at work, with my family, in my relationships—that I can almost forget the deepest problem you want to address in me: my sin. Help me this Advent to return to you and be liberated more from my sins.

Thursday, December 5, 2013 at Focus
I called Sheila yesterday & she said that wasn't going to be able to come today but will be here the following week to sidewalk counsel in front of Planned Parenthood.  Get better dear Sheila....we miss you!!  I called Martha yesterday & asked her if she would go the sidewalk at 10:30am to 1pm & she said that she would & she did.  When I arrived to the center today I never went outside to the front lines at all, for we are so busy in the pregnancy center, even on Thursdays.  I knew that there would be enough people, out on the sidewalk today, to witness & to inform the people going into the Killing Mill about abortion & not to do it.  When I went into the center I started to get to work right away for there was many clients waiting at the door.  I lead them in & asked then to print their name on the rooster in the fist Material Aid Room.  I went on to open up all the rooms to get ready for the afternoon.  It was about 1:10 pm that Martha came into the center & a few minutes later Kathryn came in to help us.  She started to answer the door & to help out our many clients that came in for 'free' clothes & some food & diapers. 
Martha was doing a pregnancy test, in the Rose Room, & I started to help a mother & father of two children with a pregnancy test, in the Green Room.  She was pregnant & I made an appointment for an ultrasound for her on Wednesday.  I gave them some DVD's & lots of brochures.  They will do fine.  Not abortion minded & I hope & pray that they stay that way.  We do try to call our clients to see how they are doing as often as we can. 
We were still talking about the paint decision which is always stressful for me but we all decided on the same color so it was now chosen.  The yellowish white is the winner, it will brighten up the room more then the darker green which has been in the room for about 2 years.  I hope that this is the last change in the center boys!!!!
I was in the hallway when Kathy who was outside witnessing came in with a young man.  She introduced him to me but his head was down.  She said that she started talking to him as he passed by her on the sidewalk & he said that his girlfriend is pregnant & wants an abortion.  My heart dropped.  I said "we will help you so that you can help her".  I said "thank you Kathy" & she went back outside to pray & to witness some more.  I brought him into the Rose Room & we talked.  I asked him his name again & he said "Andrew".  I went over to the stand to get the Truth packet & filled it up some more helpful brochures.  I also gave him three DVD's even the newest one that shows how abortions are done in all three trimesters & the award winning movie 'Bella', he said that he would watch it.  I asked him what his girlfriends name was & he said "Maria".  He then said that she wanted his baby out of her.  How horrible, to hear this from his so called girlfriend.  I said that if she does have an abortion for him never to see her again & he would have to forgive her too (that takes time & strength from God).  I asked if he had a Bible & he said that he has read the whole Bible, so I suggested that he continues to read the Bible passages every day for wisdom & strength.  I then said to him "hopefully she will change her mind & when she does you come back here to tell me the great news".   He smiled at me then I prayed with him for a few minutes & then he left with all the information, that by the grace of God, could save his precious baby. 
Pat came in with the woman that had an abortion by an abortionist in Brighton against her will.  He killed her baby that he butchered & was still in her, as she almost bled to death & had to have a Hysterectomy, at 33 years old.  Mike W. & Jerry C., who were out on the front lines, came in to say good bye, & then started talking to her too.  She had hust seen her attorney & it looks good for a conviction.  She's soooo angry at the abortionist & soooo hurt by what he did to her baby & to her.  After Pat & she left I approached Mike & said that I was told by Mike V. that there was some commotion by the neighbor Jim Martin, who lives across the street, from Planned Parenthood.  He said that the mega phone was to loud & started to threat that he would call the police, which he didn't do.  Mike & Jerry have been on the front lines, in front of abortion mills, for years & through the grace of God know how to handle the problems & the attacks that come their way.....great.  They will handle Jim Martin.  This man drove Martha & I crazy for years & then stopped when I handed him a paper from the St. Thomas More Society that I could get him for 2nd. degree Harassment.  He stopped harassing us for about a year & I thought hat he was better now but NO he hasn't changed.  He's the one that bought a condo, in front of an abortion mill, & he wants peace & quiet. 
Poor Jim  :( 

'Resting From Sin '

In Jesus we are able to find our strength in the One who does not faint or grow weary and whose knowledge is beyond scrutiny. In Jesus our iniquities have been pardoned and our ills have been healed. We have only to accept his invitation to bless his holy name.

Tuesday, December, 9, 2013 NOT at Focus
My back & legs ached so much I could hardly move so I called up Martha & told her that I was unable to come to Focus today, the painting day.  She said "you just stay in your apartment & get better Mary", how nice is that!  I called her many time today to find out what was going on & she told me.  First she said that Frank & Fred had to go buy more paint for it was showing threw.  They did make half the wall the yellowish white & the other half the dark green that we had in that room for years.  Martha said that it looked real nice & I believe her.  She said that 10 clients had come into the center & she was so busy.  Thank God that Linda came in around 4pm to help her before it started to snow real hard.  She also did an Intake Sheet for the client that had called the Diocesan Pregnancy 1-888 # that we received from Women's Care Center.  We are working with both the mother, of our client, & the client herself.  The young boyfriend was there too.  "He didn't say to much", Matha said.  An ultrasound was scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday 12-11-13 at His Branches, on Arnett Blvd., by Dr. Karen.  Martha was so busy today & she was mostly by herself....she's terrific!!!!  I hope to be at Focus tomorrow.

'Love the Good '

Look at everything and everyone around you and imagine how a creating and loving God would see what you see. Love the good; do what you can to change what needs to be changed.
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at Focus
I was happy to be back at the pregnancy center, even though I was still in pain with my legs & gut.  I looked at the newly painted room & was so delighted by what a great job Frank & Fred did yesterday & the two colored wall was fantastic.  Paul had come in earlier to put some of the furniture back but didn't complete the room so Martha & I did some what.  I was praying for someone to come to help us & my prayers were heard & answered about 15 minutes later.  Valerie, our client friend, came & she did a lot of work for us & at the end of the day the room looked wonderful!!!  So much to do at Focus. 
A young woman came in asking for me so I went to see who she was.  I approached her & she said "Mary do you remember me"?  I said that I see so many girls everyday.  Then she said "I came here this year after being at Planned Parenthood for an abortion but I changed my mind & left & came here & you sat me down & talked to me about your situation & I never went back to Planned Parenthood again".  I said "yes I remember you now & I'm so happy that you have your baby".  She was raped by her boyfriend & I told her my story.  She said that she's in premature labor now &  that she's due January 15th. 2014.  I asked her what was the sex of her baby & she said "a  girl".  I then asked her name & she said 'Nevaeh', heaven spelled backwards.  She then said that the baby was a little over 6lbs. & if born now she will survive.  I was so happy to hear all of this terrific news.  She needed many baby things so Martha did a lot of shopping for her.  We are trying to get her a car seat too.  We said 'good bye" & I gave her a hug & said for her to come back soon.  She smiled & said "yes I will".  My heart sang after she left, knowing that we helped her with her pregnancy, for we have called her many times to see how she was doing.  Unfortunately the last call was in September that she was reached.  I'm soooo glad that she came into Focus today!!!

The two Elim Bible Students did not come this evening.  Paul came later on to take Valerie home & after supper Martha left to go home for she is a monning person & I am a night person.  It works out well :)

'Words of Hope'

In his Son God has taken up a place with us, precisely to search out those lost in the dark valleys of human fragility and the wastelands of human indifference. Jesus' words should give us comfort and strengthen our hope, for sometimes we still wander.

Thursday, December 12, 2013 at Focus & the Front Lines
The Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe
Patron of the Unborn & the Americas
I went to Mass at St. Louis Church in Pittsford & after Mass I noticed that I had a missed call so I called the number that was given.  The phone rang & then someone answered & I said "I'm returning a call that came from this number".  The I heard a female voice say "Mary this is Donna"!  I said "I Donna how are you"?  She said that she was doing okay & then said that Niclole had her baby.  She said that she went to the hospital for a visit.  Baby boy Marquan was born at Rochester General Hospital on December 10, @ 3 pm at  6pounds 12ounces.  Mom delivered early but baby is healthy.  Sweet boy will go to a Foster Home until things get better with mom & the father, who is misguided.  I was happy that the delivery went well & the baby was healthy but sad that the mom & the father are just able to be parents to this precious baby boy.  Not all mothers can be MOTHERS.  The father is a problem & she decided to live with him, so here we go again.  The father has been in jail recently & is verbally abusive.  Need I say more.  The baby will be well off in a home with good & protective people that are kind & loving.  The mom is a loving young lady but has some emotional problems.  The child should be safe & sound....sorry people but it's not about you, it's about your innocent child.  Their 3 year old daughter is living in a Foster Home now.  No baby should be aborted & no baby should be raised by people that are not responsible, either.  Lord, please help these little children!! 
I then said "goodbye to Donna" & left to go to the bank for a Focus deposit.  When I arrived there I thanked John, the Teller, for finding my wallet last Friday & then calling me to pick it up.  I told him that I got it the next day. (He wasn't working that day). He smiled & I said "good bye" & then left to go to Mc Donalds for a quick lunch.  I ate in the parking lot & then went to the center.  I was heading to the Front Lines to say "hi" to Sheila but I found that I was saying "hi" to Martha instead.  "What happened to Sheila", I said.  Martha said that Sheila had just left, for it was becoming harder for her, to be outside.  I was glad to see Martha but confused because she told me that she wouldn't be at the center until 2pm today, so I was wondering how she got to be where she was at 12:30pm.  She said that the luncheon was canceled so she decided to come to the Front Lines instead.  Then she told me that an ambulance was there earlier today & a young girl was in the back.  A girl walked passed her from just coming out of Planned Parenthood & told her that 5 girls had left when the ambulance had left.  Good & please don't go back to Planned Parenthood again or any other abortion mill girls.  Tom had taken a video of the ambulance driving out of Planned Parenthood for it showed their sign.  I said that I will tell Mike Warren when he comes here later on today to sidewalk counsel.  I then went into Focus & started to open up the rooms.  I was told by the employee of the restaurant that Dan was going to have a conference with some men this afternoon in his new room.  I was upset for I think that's inappropriate of him to do this when we are open as a pregnancy center.  Why doesn't he understand what we are doing here :(
Well, the landlord, never had his conference meeting & I was happy.  I must accept this new change in our pregnancy center & it's so hard. 
The doorbell rang & Martha answered the door.  I was in the smaller green room & I heard a woman say "I'd like to see Mary", so I got up from the chair & went to the hallway.  There I met a pregnant woman who said that I had helped her with her last child who is 3 years old now.  She said that she is labor, somewhat, & needed everything for her baby, because her boyfriend, the father of the baby, took everything when he left including the car seat.  Nice guy :(   So Martha & I went to get her what we had, for her baby.  The car seat will be a bigger problem though.  She was happier when she left, for she had nothing, when she came into the center. 
Great news!  Christine said,  the next day, that her & her husband will buy the car seats for this mother & the mother from Wednesday.  Can't wait to tell them & thank you Christine & Jack :)
Melody came in to say "hi" & to give us a can of formula.  A mother called Focus about 2 hours later asking for formula & we had some.  Thank you Lord!!  He does provide always!!!
Lynda came to help us out today & we were able to talk in the office for awhile too.  Becky, who has sidewalked counseled for the last 4 weeks, said in an email that she was away & would hopefully be back in January.  I hope so!  The Rescue Rochester team were out on the Front Lines for 2 hours before leaving.  I went out in the freezing cold, with no hand warmers, to be on the Front Lines along with Adolf who was standing across the street praying & holding a sign.  He's so dedicated!  I was standing by the tree when I heard a voice from the Vets across the street saying "what about the hangers".  Oh no a carzy man & I have to deal with him all by myself.  I know that the Lord & the host of Angels are with me.  I said back to him "sir you started talking to me first & I don't wan to be hasseled by you so do you want me to call the police so you can talk to them.  I reached for my phone & found it not in my coat pocket by in my paints pocket instead.  He kept on hollering "what about the coat hangers, you crazy moron."  Call me names I don't care I only want to save babies & to help moms to 'choose life' & not to murder their precious baby.  He ket on going & I just let me at tis getting the message to a man that has probably paid for an abortion.  How sad & disturbing too.  His family came out of the vets with the cat or dog & went into the car & as they drove by I said the 'Hail Mary' prayer & he hollered out the window "what about the coar hangers".  Good bye sir!  I wish that I could have told him that my Grandmother aborted her Daughter, my Aunt, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, in 1920.  So messed up.  I then continued to talk to the people going in & out of Planned Parenthood for about 45 minutes.  My hands were numb & I was mad at myself for not being more prepared, next week it will be different.  Martha & Sheila will be there in the morning & Rescue Rochester will be there from 1pm to 3pm & I will be there from 3 pm to 4 or 4:30pm.  The whole day is covered because Jennifer & Pat & Bill are there from 7:30am till 10:30am.  I wish that there were people there everyday with prayer & presence.  Lives would be saved & changed too.



'Close to the Cross '

Marvel at the courage of Mary—at the foot of the cross, in the greatest human sorrow filled with fortitude. And ask her for that same fortitude, so that you, too, will know how to remain close to the cross.
–St. Josemaria Escriva

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at Focus
Mass at Focus tonight
What a painful & difficult day today was.  It started out with problems & ended with our Mass, thank God.  Paul forgot to come today so it was more hectic without him, though Martha & I were there working taking care of our many clients, that came into Focus, with their needs to be met.  I was in & out of the office & my heard began to turn because the doorbell kept on ringing.  I knew that I had a meeting with Fr. Edison, Job & Lou Ann today at 5 to 6pm & then the Mass at 6pm.  We for the first time had to get the Banquet ready for the supper after the Mass & it was two doors down to the right of our center.  So much to do!  We had people that brought things into the center (donations) & then we had people take things out of the center (clients). 
Martha had left, for she went to pick up her friend, to help us this afternoon & the doorbell rang.  When I went to the door there was a girl & a guy so I thought that they were together but they weren't.  The young man asked to speak to me privately so I lead him into the Rose Room. He was the young man that came to Focus, from the sidewalk lead in by Kathy, who was out there that afternoon about a week ago.  After speaking with him for awhile that day I asked him to come back with good news, that his girlfriend didn't have an abortion but 'chose life' for their baby, but that's not what I heard him say to me today.  I then recognized him after he said to me "she went to Planned Parenthood & killed it".  I said "I'm so sorry Matthew that they killed your precious baby".  My hear sank into my chest.   He said that she was gone from his life & his life will never be the same again.  I handed him a brochure, for fathers of abortion, & I hope & pray that he will call for counseling.  I said to him that he is a good man & wait until you find the right girl get married & have children.  I hope he listens.  I said "good by" & asked him to come back to Focus in the future so I could see how he is doing.  I felt so helpless. 
I went back into the green room & reflected by what I just heard, I was dumbfounded.  I then went up the hall & spoke to the young lady that came into Focus earlier.  Thank God Martha came back with Eleanor & I told her what had just happened to the young man.  She felt badly too.  It's so sad to hear that someone is dead & the mother had made an appointment to have her precious child be murdered.   Ick!!!
Martha & Eleanor went back & forth, to the Banquet Room two doors down, to set the tables & to bring in the food & things for tonight.  I was busy in the center getting ready for the Focus website meeting at 5pm.  The doorbell rang & I answered it to see Pat, our grandmother, great grandmother standing there at the door.  I said "hi Pat" & she then said "she's right here" & then I saw Shy standing there with a fixed look on her face holding a wrapped up bundle in her arms.  I said to myself "oh no, this couldn't be".  I asked her what she was holding & she said "this is my baby"!  I led them into the green room where they sat down on the sofa.  I started talking to Shy & said "dear your baby is in heaven".  I told Pat that there was a Mass tonight & she asked if Shy could give her testimony.  I said "I don't think that this would be a good time for her".  She took offense & I was now the scapegoat.  Okay, I thought to myself!  Linda came in to help us.  A few minutes later Martha & Eleanor came in too.  They got to talk to Shy & Linda gave her $20 & gave her some food from the food shelves.  Then Martha told me that when she went back to the Banquet Room the door was locked.  "What", I said!!  I couldn't believe all that was going on today.  Then I saw that Shy was unwrapping the blanket & I saw a baby doll with her head off.  I almost threw up.  I walked up the hall saying "the devil is on my back".  Not because of Shy but because of the Banquet door being locked.  I find it odd but she heard me, I was far away from her when I said this, & she reacted & a few minutes later Pat & her left.  Pat was upset, over the situation, that Shy was over reacting.  I was numb.  No need to explain, because she wasn't in the right frame of mind, to talk to her rationally.  I felt so badly for her.  I pray that she can successfully sue the abortionist that murdered her precious baby & caused her to have a hysterectomy, at 33 years of age.  She went to him for a GYN exam & he did an abortion on her, without her being aware of what he was doing, & left the head of her precious baby inside her uterus.  How evil!! 
I had asked a young lady, that comes to our Masses, if she's gone to Sunday Mass every week.  She said "yes, I went last week but not the week before".  I politely informed her again, for we've had  this conversation before, that she needs to go to Confession first, to confess this sin, before receiving the Body & Blood of Jesus, in the Host, at Holy Communion tonight.  She went to Holy Communion tonight, in spite of what I had said to her.  I called her up the next day to say that until she is free of Mortal Sin it's best if she doesn't come to the Masses at Focus.  Lord have Mercy!  Sometimes it's so hard but we must not offend the Lord. 
Job came in & I asked him how his wife was doing, for she just had a miscarriage & Lou Ann had just lost her stepmother, of many years.  So sad.  We were waiting for Fr. Edison.  The meeting started without him, for he was setting up for the Mass.  The meeting went well with Job & Lou Ann & myself & I think that Focus will be having a web site soon :)  Job got called away from the Mass, by his wife, who needed him after her D&C yesterday & Lou Ann had another meeting to attend at 6:45pm tonight.  The Mass was beautiful!  Fr. Edison couldn't stay for supper, for he had a meeting to go to tonight, I was disappointed.  We all put our coats on & went over to the Banquet Room, with food in our hands.  The room was so cold, that no one took their coats off, but ate a delicious supper.  I will speak to our landlord, as soon as possible about this, so it won't happen again next month. 

Rejoice, O Israel!

Lord Jesus, you came into the world to set us free from the forces of evil both within our souls and from the culture in which we live. Set us free to worship you without fear, holy and righteous all the days of our lives.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at Focus
Another difficult day but it's all worth it.  Our young lady that 'chose life' came back into Focus to get some more things for her baby who is due anytime for she is 51/2 centimeters & should be on bed rest now but she's at Focus instead :(   I'll call her next week to see how she's doing.  Her baby is rightly due January 15th.2014.  It was great seeing her & her being pregnant.  Praise God!!

The doorbell rang & I answered it to see Pat at the door & her friend Shy.  I lead them both into the Green Room & it became difficult.  I am the scapegoat but no one should be.  Shy went on & on about being judgmental but she talked with her Physiologist this morning about yesterday.  Oh no Shy, just talk about you & how to recover from what Wortman did to you & your precious baby.  It is sooooo confusing so I just have to accept it when she comes into Focus.  Martha did spend some quality time with her thank God.  She returned the food & the $20 that Linda gave her.  If that made her feel better that's fine with me.  As she was leaving & reassured her that no one yesterday was being judgmental of her situation & how she's handling it.  I hope that helped her.  Sometimes things get so perplexing I just have to leave it alone & let God take care of it.  Pat said to me that she told her to leave the wrapped up doll in the car today.  How people handle trauma & grief is a personal experience.  I pray for her recovery & my heart aches for her too.  What she went through was horrible!!!!!  Really two lives were taken that day by Wortman, the abortionist, the baby's & the mother's.

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'Mingling With God '

Prayer is a way in which God can deal with us directly, giving the story of our lives a chance to mix with God's great, silent story of gracious, forgiving love.

Thursday, December 26, 2013 at Focus
I got to the pregnancy center & found that no one was out on the Front Lines but Martha was in the center.  I was hoping that the Rescue Rochester team would come today but they didn't, maybe they were away.  I went out, for a short time, but I felt that they weren't doing abortions today....Praise God, & I went back into Focus to work in there this afternoon!!!   Sheila (it's good having her back) & her brother Dennis (who was visiting) & Mike & Martha, were out on the Front Lines, this morning.  Pat & Bill were out ther ealrlier this morning praying & witnessing.  Thank God!!!

We were busy in Focus & I was happy that Paul was with us too.  We were answering the door & assisting our clients with their needs.  In the hallway there was boxes filled with bread, potatoes, baked goods & looked fantastic & I appreciated it so much.  Our clients were so blessed today for we had five people from, St. Pius the Tenth Church, bring in boxes & boxes & boxes of food from the Chili Fire Department for our was such a blessing & my heart sang with gratitude.  Later on today Lisa H. came in & she did the many 'Thank You' letters for all our contributors.  It felt great getting it done so everyone would receive a letter in the mail very soon.  Thank you Lisa. 
Then the doorbell rang & I answered it & asked the young lady if she needed any clothes for her family.  She asked for a pregnancy test.  I always feel sick doing the test for I don't want anyone saying that they want an abortion but I must do them.  I lead her to the Rose Room & asked her to fill out an Intake Sheet & she did.  I gave her the cup & lead her to the bathroom.  When she came back to the Rose Room I showed her how to do the pregnancy test.  I then said that we have to wait 5 minutes & we can talk. I asked her about her life & how it was going.  I then looked down at the test & said to her matter of fact saying "you are pregnant".  She gave me a big smile & then said that she was quite warm & asked for some water.  I got up & went to my office & got her a bottle of water from the mini refrig.  She was thankful & so was I that she was happy to be having a precious baby.  I did say to her that she, like so many others, are doing things a little bit mixed up, for God wants us to Marry first then have sex & then have the baby.  She said "I know & I have asked God to forgive me".  She said that she was going to marry the father of her two children, one who is 2 years old & the other child in her womb.  She said that she loves him & he is a good man but she's scared.  I went to the literature counter & got two brochures on marriage & handed them to her.  She smiled at me & said "thank you".  I said "you are more then welcome".  She also told me that she went to Planned Parenthood first & they told her that they don't do walk in pregnancy tests.  As she was walking down the street she saw our A-Frame sign saying that we do 'free pregnancy tests' & came on into Focus.  She had a pink paper in her hands & she handed it to me & I threw it out & went on to call Embracing Options to make an appointment for an ultrasound test for Wednesday, January 8th. at 1:30pm.  She was thrilled & then left.  As I was cleaning up in the Rose Room I went over to the trash can & took out the pink paper & opened it so see that she had an appointment for a pregnancy test for Wednesday, January 8th. at 1:30pm but she won't be there, at Planned Parenthood, for she will be seeing her precious little baby, in her womb & hearing the baby's heartbeat, at that time at His Branches:)  Praise God!!!
Scotty came today & surprised us with a large pizza with mushrooms & pepperoni.  It was delicious!  Then Lisa, Martha's daughter, came to help us out.  It was a busy place today as usual.  Kathryn will be back next Thursday.
The doorbell rang again & in came Elizabeth, I was so happy to see her, for she was in Las Vegas last week, with friends.  She came earlier today & that was great.  She meet both Lisa's, who were on their way out.  Martha asked her if she wanted supper but she said "no".  So after supper Martha left, for her daughter & her family were coming in from Pennsylvania on Friday, so she had a lot to do at home.  I said "good bye & I'll see you next week Martha".  Off she went but as she was walking out the door David came in to help us.  So it was Elizabeth & Scotty & David with me now.  Scotty, who is visually impaired, was walking around talking to us & Elizabeth & David were putting the rest of the donations away in the two Material Aid Rooms. Finally the Blue Storage Room was empty of new was great!  There is still things in the room like tables for the infant clothes & boxes of summer clothes in the corner but the new donations were all put away.  Great job you two.  Scotty had a ride so he went home & then David went home about 30 minutes later.  Elizabeth stayed to vacuum the center & it took her 40 minutes but she liked doing it & it looked so nice afterwards.  Thank you ALL, for everything that you do for FOCUS, & our clients.  May God bless you always!


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