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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 23

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I command you: be firm and steadfast!  Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ( Joshua 1:9)
'Do Good to Others'

Let us make this a year of peace in a very particular way: We will try to talk more with God and to God and less with men and to men. And then, from the silence of our hearts, we can preach the peace of Christ as he did, by going about doing good to others.

Happy New Year!!!!!

 Thursday, January 1, 2014 at Focus & the Front Line  

Hope that you have a blessed & happy New Year in 2014!!!  This morning I received a phone call from Sheila saying that she wasn't able to make it, to the front lines today, because of the bad winter weather.  She lives very far away.  Starting next week she'll be coming on Thursdays from 11:30am to 1pm, to sidewalk counsel.  She's feeling better now, thank God!!!  I hope to see her next Thursday, for it's been a long time.  I knew that the Lord would work out the details of today, as He does every day.  I got ready to go to the bank for Focus & then to the pregnancy center.  I knew that Martha & Tom would be there so I didn't worry to much & then at 1pm there would be the Rescue Rochester team but after that I wasn't sure.  We need more people to be out on the front lines, in front of the killing mill Planned Parenthood, when they are open, praying & witnessing the truth.  This is my continuous prayer. 
The weather was bad & it was the worse storm in many years in Rochester, but here we are doing God's work.  I went into Focus & Martha came in a little while later.  She said that it was horrible out there this morning between the killing of children & the people that she encountered.  She said that a woman & her daughter came over to the sidewalk where she was & the mother lit into her like a match.  She said to Martha that she should be ashamed of herself that she is out here doing what she's doing,swearing & cursing, while she was talking.  She put her finger in the face of Martha but Martha stayed strong.  Then the woman said "I hope that you die in two weeks & I'll be praying for that".  Martha asked her if she was a Catholic & she responded back, "100%".  Martha then said that she should know better.  The woman said that her daughter, who was standing by the tree smoking, that she was here because of an Etopic pregnancy & didn't have insurance. She said that the baby was dead.  Martha said "the hospital is where you should be not an abortion mill".  I said to Martha that I doubted that it was an Etopic pregnancy but she probably was here for a D&C.  This was upsetting to here, that's for sure.  Here we are trying to help & save people & they wish we were dead.  Martha did very well holding her own with God's help.  She did say that Tom, who was standing across the street, came over to protect Martha.....thanks Tom.    
Then Martha said that when she first arrived there on the sidewalk a man came over to her saying that his girlfriend said yesterday that she was going to have an abortion today because they got into a fight.  She's already had four abortions & the last one was while he was in jail, so he couldn't save his child.  He said that he was going in to see if she was there.  A few minutes later he came out & said that her name wasn't on the schedule & he was happy to see that.  Martha gave him DVD's & out Truth packet to help him save his child's life.  We prayed & hope that his precious baby will be born & not aborted.  
I went outside to mail information for one of our clients that I just spoken with & she said that she was going to the hospital, for she is pregnant & in pain.  I said "that is a good idea & I'll check on you soon".  I  ran into Mike & Jerry, from Rescue Rochester, as I was coming back from the mailbox.  I said to them "it's 3pm already"?  Mike said that they were going to leave now because it was so cold outside.  Before they left that he told me that a young girl came out of Planned Parenthood & said to him that when she was 16 she had an abortion & it was the best thing that she ever did.  Jerry said that if that was the best thing that she has ever did, then she must have a miserable life :(  Wait till she gets out of DENIAL!!  Oh no, I thought, what a day so far!! 
When I went back into the center I thought that I must go outside for awhile so I got my coat, hat & gloves on & went outside with the literature box & graphic sign.  Tom came out with me a few minutes later & stood across the street to pray & witness.  I was talking to the people going in there but I couldn't see anything in the parking lot.  I stayed about 20 minutes & went back inside to help Martha out for we were seeing clients today.  I emailed Elizabeth & told her not to come & Lisa said that she was unable to get there because of work & weather. 
We were busy in the center today & we stayed only till 6pm because of the bad weather & the went home.   Difficult short day.  



'Protecting Your Heart'

We shall draw nearer to God not by trying to avoid the sufferings inherent in our lives, but by accepting them and offering them to Him; throwing away all defensive armor. If our hearts need to be broken, and if He chooses this as the way in which they should break, so be it.
—C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 

The City of Rochester has shut down do to the extreme cold that we are experiencing.  God is speaking loudly & I hope that we are listening.  My niece is in labor right now & I hope & pray all will go well for her & her precious daughter.  A former client advocate at Focus emailed me saying that her friend, who worked for the Diocese, has died.  She fought long & hard is now with the Lord of Lords & His Mother Mary.  Well done good & faithful servant.   



'Seeking Justice'

Far from mere giving, Christian charity requires that we imitate Jesus' active loving kindness for all. This fulfills Jesus' central command to love our neighbors as ourselves. Especially if that neighbor is in need, Christianity requires that we come to his or her aid and actively seek justice.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at Focus
My niece had her baby girl yesterday she was 8lbs. even & both are doing well.  Yesterday we were closed for the first time ever.  Believe it or not a client came to Focus & then called me asking if we were open.  I said that the City of Rochester was closed & we'd be back Wednesday to assist her.  One never knows.  I hope she shows up today.  The weather was still bad but everything was open.  Martha & Paul were there which was good.  I had two appointments with two women who wants to help us at Focus.  The first was Liz & she came & we talked in the office for over an hour.  She will come back next Wednesday afternoon to help me in the office.....great!  She used to work at Catholic Charities & then left.  She will come to Focus until she gets another job, maybe she will go back to school.  She will set up a Focus Facebook & do other things that will make Focus better.  I am thrilled of someone with experience that can help me in the office, my prayers have been answered.  Just as she was leaving Heather came in for an interview & I showed her around Focus.  She is a student at MCC & needs to volunteer at a non profit organization & she found us through the Wish List.  She was a nice young women too.  (On Monday 1/13/14 I received a call from her Professor at MCC & she asked me to tell her what we do at Focus & I told her.  Then she asked me twice what I would say to a woman who wants an abortion.  I told her that we were a pro life organization & I would tell her to either place her baby up for adoption or to raise her child with support.  We will help her during her pregnancy & after her baby is delivered.  We don't want her to be post abortive woman who will have pain, guilt, shame & regret & a woman who kills her baby isn't a good mother".  She said "okay & thanks".  I said "have a nice day" & she recanted the same back to me & we hung up.  I'll see if Heather will be apart of the Focus team.....I hope so).



'Jesus Longs For You'

The devil may try to use the hurts of life, and sometimes our own mistakes to make you feel it is impossible that Jesus really loves you. This is a danger for all of us. And so sad, because it is completely the opposite of what Jesus is really wanting, waiting to tell you. Not only that He loves you, but even more—He longs for you. He loves you always, even when you don't feel worthy. —Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Thursday, January 9, 2014 at Focus & the Front Lines


I finally got to see Sheila today for the first time since November, it was great.  She is doing better but still experiencing pain.... a brave pro lifer.  After we talked at the Focus door se left & I went into the center.  Martha was there on the front lines earlier this morning & then had to go to pick up something from a friend nearby.  I was alone until 1:30pm when Kathryn & Paul came in & Martha came in about 10 minutes later.  I had let a mother & her son in to receive something's in the material aid rooms & she was happy.  I knew that the Rescue Rochester team was out on the front lines at 1pm until 3pm when I then went outside for an hour along with Adolf.  It  was horrible seeing the cars come out with a guy & a girl knowing that they just had had their precious baby be murdered.  One guy was so upset I thought that he was going to have an accident.  That's what abortion does to you, it makes you crazy.  It was now 4pm & Adoph had to go so we went back into the pregnancy center & a few minutes later he left.  Last evening I received a phone call from Bill, Lynda's husband, saying that she wasn't able to come in today because she was sick with the flu. I hope that she feels better soon.  I then started to work in the office & Martha & Paul in the two material aid rooms & the blue room.  The doorbell kept on ringing which is what we want.

Martha did a pregnancy test on a young lady with her two friends with her.  She was thinking that she wasn't pregnant until the test said that she was.  Her friend, who has a young daughter, said that she would help her with her pregnancy but she had to tell her parents.  Hope they are pro life. 

Martha did another pregnancy test which was negative.  She called Daija & left a message on her phone asking how the ultrasound went the day before & to pick up the double stroller that she had brought into the center before she knew that she was again pregnant.  I tried to call her on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday & her phone wasn't working.  I called Embracing Options & they said that she came with her two children but never said that she was there for an ultrasound & left without having it.  Oh no! 

Elizabeth came to help us out tonight.  She is a pleasant young lady & a big help too.  After supper Martha did the dishes & then left to go to church.  The doorbell rang & it was Melody.  It was great seeing her again & she brought in two cans of formula, for our moms.  She said that she will try to come in once a month for a visit.  Sounds good to me. 



'The Hour of Death'

Mary, in your own life journey, you personally witnessed the suffering and death of your own son at the foot of the cross. As our mother, may you intercede fervently for us at the time of our dying—and welcome us into God's kingdom. Amen.




Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at Focus


I was in so much pain & misery with my legs that I thought that I might have to go home earlier but through the grace of God I did not.  I just stayed mostly in the office & let Martha & Paul & Linda do all the work.  When Martha & I got to Focus after Mass we let in two women who needed formula.  I asked the one woman how life was for her & she said that she has custody of her niece & nephew, for her sister was beating them up, giving them black eyes.  Thanks Mom :(   I was happy to hear that their Aunt now has custody of these beautiful & precious children from God.  Come back again I told her as she was leaving with the formula.   So much abuse going on in the world.  How sad!!  About an hour later Martha did two pregnancy tests which were both negative.  We educate our clients for them to make better & healthier decisions for their bodies & souls, because we care!    Martha was answering the door & she was letting many clients in for assistance.    



Lisa, our client advocate, called some of the moms today at Focus. We found out that a young lady, who was due this month, gave birth to her son Timothy prematurely on October 3, 2013 at 2lbs. 2oz..  Rest assured that her son is now home & is doing very well.  Lisa invited the mom to come back to Focus for things for her baby & herself.  She was delighted.  I just wish that our girls would have a working phone so when we do call them we could reach them.  Lisa called & emailed many girls today to see how they were doing.



 Faith Leaders Launch Local Campaign Against Abortion


I was near the front door when I saw that Pat, our grandmother & great grandmother was in the parking lot.  Two small children were with her.  She had Akara & Kymeir with her today.  It was great to see them all.  We sat down at the table in the green & beige room to talk.  She had gone to  Bethel Church for the meeting at 10am this morning.  Please check out: .  She said that Carol C. took her When asked to speak to tell her story she refused because the people there weren't supportive of her mission.  It's all hogwash but I can't do anything about someone's thinking process.  I told her that they probably didn't know that you were out in the van on the street protesting.  Give me a break dear Pat, I love you but this is ridiculous!!!!  It was a nice visit but she couldn't stay to long today.  It was great seeing her & the children




Adhere to true church doctrine 

The Diocese of Rochester is blessed having Bishop Matano here to correct all the abuses that have taken place over the years. His work will be effective as he proclaims the truth which should be obeyed. For the people who don’t like the true teachings of the Catholic Church, you can leave, but please go peacefully, and hopefully you will be back some day.



 Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper 1-15-14 

 Tuesday, January 15, 2014 at Focus

I was checking my emails this morning when I came across one from Pat. S. saying that she saw my Letter to the Editor & said that it was good.  I remembered writing the short letter after Fr. A. at Mass had stated that he was upset with the Democrat & Chronicle's Letter to the Editor regarding our new Bishop.  I then checked the letter on line & found it offensive too.  I needed to write a letter so I prayed to the Holy Spirit & wrote.  The first letter got canceled as I forwarded to the D& C then I prayed again & wrote the letter above & sent it & it went through this time.  I felt that it was a good letter but it probably wouldn't get printed.......but it did.  He of little faith.  What puzzled me was that they never called me to ask permission to print it like they did in the past years.  I guess they changed their rules so I was dumbfounded to see that it was on line.  Praise God!!  Later on today I asked Paul to buy me the newspaper & he went up to the corner store & got one & also lunch for Martha & I.  I had tuna & Martha had her salty hot dog, it make her thirty all day.  Another very busy day at Focus. 


'Pray With Confidence'

We believe that Jesus heals. We believe that Jesus wants good things for us. And so we make our prayers with the confidence and the fervent expectation that something wondrous, something powerful, something life-giving will happen.




“For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth. By thee have I been holden up from the womb; thou art he that took me out of my mother’s bowels; my praise shall be of thee.”


Psalm 71:5-6


Thursday, January 16, 2014 at Focus

Mass tonight at 6PM

I had to go to the bank for Focus then I went to the center.  I had a chance to speak to Sheila for a few minutes.  She's doing better, thank God, & is planning to go to Washington, DC for the 'March for Life' this Wednesday, January 22nd., the 'Day of Shame' for this country.  She's such a pro life trooper & I hope that Martha & Sheila will connect & hang around with each other during the March & meals!  Martha was in the center for she now goes out to the Front Lines in the morning before Sheila gets there at 11:30AM.  We talked for a few minutes & we started our work.  My left leg is still bothering me so I was limping along.  Tom came in from the sidewalk & said that Rescue Rochester was now there.  Thank God!  These fine people have been faithful pro lifers for many, many years & they accepted my invitation to come to pray & protest, in front of Planned Parenthood on Thursday afternoons, so Martha & I can stay in the Focus Center to help the people that come in for their needs to be met. 


Bishop Salvatore R. Matano (bottom center) poses for a photo with pilgrims from the Diocese of Rochester Jan. 22 on the steps of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
Rochester New York Group
Bishop Matano of Rochester in center, Fr. Edison, Martha, Pat & Jose (Focus Board members). 
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at Focus
Roe vs. Wade Day .....41 years in killing American children by American mothers
Martha is in Washington, DC for the 'March for Life' event & I am at Focus with a bad leg.  It's a very cold winter day here in Rochester & in many other cities on the East coast.  Listed as one the coldest winters ever!!  My fellow pro lifers are so very brave & dedicated in going on a bus traveling so far away in the frigid cold to protest abortion.  It's a worthy cause!  Sheila also went this year.  God bless them all :) 
A quote form Pope Francis :
" I join in the March for Life in Washington with my prayers. May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable"  9:00 AM - 22 Jan 2014. 
Paul was with me this afternoon & I was grateful for we had a full day of clients coming in for assistance.  We are grateful for their presence & for us to help them with their needs.  Lisa & her mother Lynda came in at 3pm to help me & I was grateful.  I talked with Lynda for a short time & then asked Lisa if she would send the letters, that were already written, to the parishes requesting financial support this year, for Focus.  She worked hard & we sent out many letters tonight.  We usually do this in January.  We are blessed with the financial support of the parishes, individuals & the Knights of Columbus to help pay our expenses.  Thank you Lord!!
When I got home tonight there was a package at my front door which was 250 Advocate magazines from Live Action.  I had to bring them upstairs so I picked up the package & started to go up the stairs when all of a sudden a very intense pain went across my lower back.  I stopped on the stairs for I could hardly move.  I put the package on the floor & I had three more steps to take before I reached the top so I hung on the banister.  It took me about 5 minutes to complete the stairs.  I was thankful to God that I didn't fall backwards on the stairs.  When I opened the door to my apartment I straddled into the apartment.  I really couldn't move my legs.  I finally got to the chair & stayed there for awhile.  I picked up my cell phone, in my pocket, & called Martha who was on the bus heading backing back from Washington, DC that I wouldn't be at the center tomorrow,Thursday.  I was so sad.

'The Key to Humility'

Instead of trying to puff themselves up into something greater than they are, Christians should simply be happy to do what is right.
Thursday, January 23, 2014 not at Focus
I called Martha several times today to see how she was doing at Focus.  When I first called her she told me that she had a wonderful time in DC at the 'March for Life' & she met Bishop Matano & was so excited.  She forgot to mention Focus to him for he was surrounded by so many people & really couldn't talk with him but to say "hello".  She then said that Kathryn was with her for she was not suppose to be there today but things had changed & she was....Praise God!!  She had to hang up for someone was at the front door.  I called again & she said that she was very busy & many people were outside on the front lines today.....thank God!!   She had to go for she was busy.  I called later on & she said that Elizabeth & Natalie were with her now to help her.  Thank you ladies :)  I still felt badly that I wasn't there to help but I was in pain & misery. 
On Friday I called my doctor & made an appointment for Monday at 1:30 pm to see Dr. Nugent.  I called Martha & she said that it was a long time before Monday & maybe I should go the Accu Care in Pittsford today.  She said that she would come at 4pm to pick me up & she did.  I canceled my doctors appointment.  She took me to the Medical Facility & the doctor checked me & told me that I needed a shot to help reduce the inflammation in my lower back, so I had the shot.  She gave me Flexural, a muscle relaxant, & off we went to Wegmans to pick it up.  I was able to do some grocery shopping & to eat at Wegmans Food Court.  Martha took me home & brought up the bags & left them in the kitchen before leaving.  She is such a dear friend :)
It was about 8 pm when the phone rang & I answered it.  There was a man's voice saying "Mary, this is Bishop Matano".  I was in shock & responded "hello".  He said that this call was in response to my email, which Kathryn, Bill & I wrote on Wednesday, regarding me asking the Bishop for an appointment to came to speak with him about pro life.  We talked for about 10 minutes about Focus & the Front Lines ministries.  I then said "thank you Bishop Salvatore" & he responded "you can call me Bishop Matano, for I favor my last name quite a bit".  I said that I would.  This was a wonderful surprise that I will never forget, thank you Lord!  What a wonderful Bishop that we have hear in Rochester, New York!!!!

'Prayer for Grace'

Lord, please give me more grace, strengthen my faith, and increase my knowledge of you and your Church, so that I will be full of faith and full of joy in my proclamation and witness of Jesus Christ to those around me. Amen.
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at Focus
I wasn't able to go to Mass today because I just couldn't wake up so I decided to just go to Focus & I was a half an hour late.  I guess I need the sleep because my lower back & left leg pain has been so hard on me.  Thank God that Martha was there because I received so many phone calls, in the morning, asking when we were open.  When I arrived, at Focus, Martha was busy with four women helping them out with what they needed, she's so personable.  I went into the office & started to do my work in there.  We had many women come in for what they needed.  I put my head out a couple of times to see what was going on.  In pain of course.  That's my blessing, I guess.
It was about 3pm when the doorbell rang & it was Lisa, Martha's daughter, she came to help us out.  It was about 10 minutes later that Linda came to work at Focus, so I decided to ask them both if they would work on the Tax Exempt sheets so that I could sent them out.  They worked together for about 2 hours & Lisa will come back on Thursday to finish them.  I am so happy for this is a big project & it's almost done.  I like it when things get done.  I am so grateful for the help.
It was now 5:30pm & there was to be a Focus Fund-raiser meeting with Christine, who heads it, & Jose, Bill, Rick, Martha & I.  It was good seeing them all.  It went very well & I'm so happy to have these fine people help us, at Focus, so we can continue to be here for the people in the community.  Thank you Lord!!!


'Only a Short Wait'

Pope John II touched our hearts. He showed us joy in the face of bodily decline, a joy based on the knowledge that the decline was only a short wait on the way to infinite happiness.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at Focus
I met Martha at Mass today & I felt like the Lord spoke to me through Fr. Antinarelli.  I was comforted by his words during his homily. He talked about the virtue of Patience & you have to wait until God works & it's not always quickly.  I know. When Martha & I got to Focus the doorbell stated to ring.  She answered the door & I went into the office.  Paul came later with a hot dog for the two of us & it was very good tasting.  I had it in my office with my ice tea & the door bell rang again.  Martha was doing a pregnancy test on a married woman who wanted another baby.  When she got pregnant at 15 the father of the baby married her & they lived with her mother gain & the mother told her to have an abortion.  When she refused the mother kicked her pregnant daughter & husband out.  They & their daughter are doing well now.  She told Martha that the grandmother can't stop fussing over the granddaughter. She said that she isn't for abortion but her mother is for it.  So sad!  Why is abortion even mentioned in a pregnancy??  Her pregnancy test was negative today & she was disappointed.  What a wonderful young women she is :)
The doorbell rang & it was Kay & her husband, from St. Pius the Tenth Church, delivering the last bags of food until April when they will start again.  What a wonderful blessing they are to Focus.  Then Faye came to drop off some clothes, for she comes once a month, but has been recovering from hand surgery & has lost a lot of weight.  She was bringing in her bigger clothes for our clients which blessed a mom later on today.  Thanks Faye & I'll hopefully see you & Natalie tomorrow night at Focus, to help us out. 
It was 2pm when Liz, our new client advocate came to help us out.  She brought her friend Andrew with her.  I greeted them both & spoke with them for a few minutes.  I then asked her if she would like to call our pregnant clients to see how they were doing.  She said "yes".  So I got her the files & the phone & lead her into the Rose Room to make the calls.  This is what she found out:  We had three babies born! 
1. Baby girl Ivavelle was born on December 30, 2013 at 7am & was 6 lbs.13 ozs..  Mother & daughter are doing well have come to Focus for diapers & baby clothes.  
2. Baby girl Autum Nevah was born on January 21, 2014 at 6 lbs. 7 ozs..  This mom was at Planned Parenthood & changed her mind & came to Focus for assistance.  Thank God!

3. Baby boy Gayden was born prematurely on January 11, 2014 at 5 lbs. 9 ozs.. This precious baby has gained 2 lbs. since birth.  Baby & mom are doing well.

How wonderful & I was so happy :)  I had asked Andrew if he would help our Martha & Paul & he said that he would.  He also did a great job today.  I will see Liz next week at Focus to help us out again. 
I received a call from the Women's Care Center for baby formula which we had.  So the mom came to pick it up when another mom came in for formula too.  She said that she got our center from call 211 in the city.  I just happened to have another can for her. 
I received a call from a client of ours who said that she wanted to 'give back' for she had a lot of Enfamil to give us.  So Paul was nice enough to go get it tonight.  What a nice surprise.  Another client wants to give us baby & children clothes but we have to pick them up on Chili Ave..  I'll ask Paul next week to do this for us. 
I also finished a letter to Bishop Matano with some help from Liz.  I just wanted to fianlly welcome him as our new Bishop & to again tell him about Focus & the Front Line Ministries.

When I got home I checked the website 'Ocean to Ocean' to see if the Black Madonna was coming to Rochester.  Fr. Peter West, the Vice President of Human Life International, called me asking if I would assist him in getting the Black Madonna in a church in Rochester.  I suggested St. Stanislaus & called the Rectory.  The Rev. Roman Caly, Pastor, contacted Fr. Peter & it was now confirmed on the web site
I thank God & Mother Mary that this worked out.  I called Fr. Peter to thank him for wanting this beautiful & powerful Icon to come to Rochester. We will be blessed!!!! 
P.S.  Fr. Peter, when he was at the 'Priest for Life', was the first Priest to celebrate Mass at the Focus Pregnancy Help Center, in 2006. Because of that we have been blessed with Masses, by many wonderful Priests over the years, & now every month by Fr. Edison Tayag, for almost a year now!!  Thank you Lord for blessing all of us at Focus & to the wonderful people that come to celebrate the Lord in His goodness & then to have a nice suppper after with time to visit. 


'Plunge of Faith'

If you remain stagnant in your faith, you'll wither and die. Instead of sticking around in the sand dunes, dive into the ocean of faith. The more you live the faith, the deeper will be your desire
to grow closer to God.

Thursday, January 30, 2014 at Focus
When I arrived at the pregnancy center I was greeted by Jerry, from Rescue Rochester, who was at our door.  I said to him "do you want the ticket money now for your Banquet on February 28th."?  "Yes" he said.  So I handed him $40.00 for Martha & my ticket.  He said "thank you" & then went to the front lines to counsel the people going into Planned Parenthood, not to have their precious babies be killed.  He was joined by two women who prays & shows signs to the public.  I knew that Martha wasn't going to be here today until 1:30pm, for she was visiting her daughter & grandson.  I went into the center to start to open up all the rooms & get to work.  Tom & his friend came in & we spoke for a few minutes.  Then Paul came in to help us. Then Kathryn came in to help us. Then Martha came in & I was so happy.  I went to the office to start my work there & then at 2pm Lynda & her daughter Lisa came in to help us today.  I spoke with them for a few minutes then I asked Lisa if she would help me with my letter to the Bishop.  I had it all done but wanted to make sure it was a good letter.  She read it & said that it needed some punctuation work & I said "okay Lisa for I want it perfect".  She finished the letter & it was sent out this afternoon.  I was thrilled.  I just asked the Bishop for a few pro life events.  First:  was that I said that it would be great if he would celebrate a Mass at Our lady of Victory Church in 2014 & then lead the people to Planned Parenthood to say a Rosary.  Second: I had invited Bishop  Matano to visit the Focus Pregnancy Center & Third: I had invited him to concelebrate a Mass at Focus with Fr. Edison.  We'll see :)   I said other things to Bishop Matano too & I praise God we have him here in Rochester!!!
Lynda said to me that she & her husband Bill wanted to pay for Martha & my Rescue Rochester Banquet tickets & wrote out a check for $40.00 & handed it to me.  What a surprise!!  Martha & I were dumfounded & so grateful.  These are wonderful people!  Lisa, Martha's daughter came into Focus & she worked on the Tax Exempt letter & sent them out to the generous people that have blessed Focus in 2013!! 
Judy came in to get warm from the front lines.  Then she went back outside & they all stayed until 3pm & left.  Adolf was by himself standing across the street with his sign from 2pm to 4pm.  It was 3:30pm that I had asked Lisa if she would see if anyone was out in front of Planned Parenthood.  She came in & said "there are some people coming right now".  I saw Mary Beth & another women & about 4 teenagers, all with signs, heading towards Planned Parenthood.  Mary Beth saw me from the glass door & came in for a few minutes & then left to join her team to peacefully pray & protest the abortion mill.  She asked for the mega phone which I gave her to use.  They were there for about an hour.  Great!! 
Elizabeth emailed me saying that she had a patient that was coming in late so she wasn't able to come in tonight.  I'll see her next week :)   I called Nancy, who had emailed me earlier about some things that she wanted to know, for she is starting a pregnancy center, in her part of New York State.  A very interesting call.  She's not getting the cooperation that she needs from Religious & her Board :(  She will pray & go on :)
I was in the Rose Room for about 30 minutes interviewing a new volunteer who found us on the Web.  She filled out the two page form & we spoke about Focus & what we do here.  I asked her four required questions & she answered correctly.  Emily will be coming in for a short time on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. 
Martha & I were just finishing our supper around 6:30pm when the doorbell rang.  Martha answered the door & a woman with two children came in to get diapers & some clothes.  She & her children then came into the dining room.  The mom was holding her son who was about 15 months old.  Her older son was eyeing the candy that we have on the table.  I then said to him "if your mom says 'yes' then you can have some.  She said "yes" & he had a lot.  The she started to talk to Martha & I about her health issue for she has Lupus & was not getting much help from the medical field.  I gave her Dr. Morehouse's name & address & phone number & asked her to fill out the form for Fidelis Care. Web site:  We all talked for about 20 minutes discussing her future. The father of her two sons died less then a year ago too.  After she left Martha & I said that our hearts were hurting for her & her family.  I then went into the office & called the Fidelis Care agent, who comes into Focus twice a month, & I also faxed over the Intake Sheet, too.  Good news....the Medical Insurance Company agent told me that she will be insured on Tuesday, February 11, 2014.  Praise God!!

'It's Your Choice'

We can grow bitter when loss strikes our lives. Or, we can use our pain to better the lives of others, with the help of Christ. The choice is ours.
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at Focus
I received a called from Ney this morning stating that while she was there on Monday some girls came into the center & stated, after talking with them for awhile, that they were depressed.  So Ney asked them if they would like a Bible Study at Focus.  They quickly said "yes".  So she called me to ask if it was okay.  I said that I wanted to talk with Martha first & requested that there wasn't going to be an interpretation of the Word, & she said "no, I won't do that".  I felt more comfortable for Ney isn't Catholic but a Messianic Jew.  After Mass I talked with Martha as we were walking to our car to got to Focus & she said that it was a good idea, so this afternoon I called Ney to tell her & she was so very happy.  It will be in the near future on Mondays from 6pm to 7:30pm, with a snack afterwards.  Thank you Lord for young girls studying your Word & being set free :)
When I arrived at the center I waved to Christine & Dick, who were standing on the sidewalk praying & talking to the people who walk passed them to offer them assistance, then I went into the office & started my work. Martha was nice enough to make me a steak & cheese sandwich & brought it into the office for me.  I ate it later.  I had to call Focus on the Family to order $500 of free brochures which I do once a year....thank you Heartlink!!!  Then I had to call the Church of the Resurrection about a donation from 1-15-13.  All is well now.  An older women came into the center for things for her new grandchild.  Martha met her on the sidewalk & had invited her to Focus weeks earlier.  She was a nice woman who goes to church at Holy Apostles.  I asked to say hi to Fr. Tony from Martha & Mary at Focus.  She said she would. 
Many clients came in for assistance & were blessed.  It was a great day & a lot got done in the office & in the storage room.  Emily came in to help to us & so did Linda, for Paul came earlier to do his work.   Thanks volunteers :)


'Good Intentions'

Let your intentions in the fulfillment of your duties be so pure that you reject from your actions every other object but the glory of God and the salvation of souls. -St. Angela Merici


Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at Focus
It was Rochester's worst day for snow but Martha & I got to Mass then to Focus.  After we got it the center the doorbell rang & I saw two women standing there, I let them in to shop.  I went back to the office & did some work then Martha & I had lunch.  Paul called to see if we were here & I said "yes" & then he said that he would be over to help us.  The landlord had a meeting in the Conference Room which was noisy but we're getting along real well which pleases me. 


I have enough conflicts.  I went back in to the office & Martha & Paul worked in the two Material Aid Rooms putting things away.  I bought a lot of diapers so Paul put them in bagsI made some phone calls in the office then made up some Truth packets to had out.  We did a final count & Focus saw approximate 1,300 people in 2014!!  Thank you Lord.

The weather was getting worse so Martha made supper & we ate after Paul had gone & then went home.  When I got home I received a disturbing email & I don't know, at this time, if I will talk about it.  Another  conflict.



“In the inner heart of every person the voice of God and the insidious voice of the Evil One can be heard. The latter seeks to deceive the human person, seducing him with the prospect of false goods, to lead him away from the real good that consists precisely in fulfilling the divine will.”

~ Pope John Paul II,
Angelus, March 9, 2003
Thursday, February 6, 2014 at the Front Lines & at Focus
I knew that I would be on the Front Lines today from 1 to 2pm & I was.  When I arrived at the center I saw that Martha was out on the sidewalk with Mike & Tom.  I quickly went in to Focus for a few minutes & Martha came in.  I greeted her & went outside with Judy who just came.  As we were leaving I greeted Karhryn ,who just came into the center, to help us out .  Paul was already there.  It was just Judy & I as we say "good bye" to Mike & Tom.  I used the mega phone & was holding a graphic sign which saves lives.  A young girl was walking up the sidewalk & I asked Judy to go talk to her.  She greeted her kindly & she started to speak to her. The young girl said that she was going into Planned Parenthood for a Sexual Transmitted Test.  I told her that Embracing Options could do one today.  She knew where it was located.  She was anxious as I showed her the graphic sign saying that this is what they are doing in there today but I knew that she was going to go in & she did.  Another victim.    


I was out on the sidewalk a little longer when Jerry showed up & he said that Mike was on his way.  I asked how it went with talking to the pastor of the church that they went to & he said that the meeting went well.  I then said "more people out here, I hope".  I said "good bye" & went into the pregnancy center.  Wen I arrived I saw that Lynda was there along with Martha, Kathryn & Paul.  I asked Martha & Lynda to come sit down at the table for a talk.  I knew that I had to approach them about what I had just learned.  It seems that the Diocese doesn't want anyone to give out or show graphic pictures.  I received an email in regards to this & I was upset, to say the least.  I wasn't sure if I was going to share this with you.  I stated that yesterday.  I told Martha & Lynda about what I had received & they agreed & I do too that we will continue our two ministries the way we have for many years because we know that the graphic signs SAVE LIVES!!  That's what we want to happen!!!  So many moms have told Martha & I that the reason that they did not have an abortion was because we showed them the graphic signs & they couldn't do that to their baby.  Praise God!!  Also, the literature Truth packets help to educate & to save lives, too.  I felt relieved that we all agreed now I need to explain this to the Diocese.  It will happen in time maybe at the Women's Conference on March 1st..  Focus has a table there & there will be many people from the Diocese, for me to talk with, about showing the graphic pictures.  It's all in God's hands :)
We were all doing our work when I walked up to the door to let a young girl into the center.  She said that she just wanted to look around for the people out in front of Planned Parenthood sent her here.  She said that she just had a pregnancy test at Planned Parenthood.  I asked if it was positive or negative & she said "negative".  I showed her around & went & got a Truth packet & three CD's for her to take with her.  I then said "Planned Parenthood is not a good place & she responded back to me quickly "no it's not".  I smiled at her as she was leaving & I said for her to come back when she had more time.  I then gave her our Day & Time schedule for her convince.  Before she left Martha saw the brown cigarette, that wasn't lit, in her hands & said to her "try to give that bad habit up".  The young lady said "yes" & smiled back at Martha & then left.  Nice encounter. 
Judy, from Rescue Rochester, came in to get warmed up from being out on the front lines.  Lynda & I had a nice talk with her until she left to go back outside.  She is a former Catholic.  I went in to the office to see that I had received an email from Rachael, at Elim Bible Institute, saying that the roads were still not so good were she was & she was afraid to travel on them.  She said that she will see us next Thursday.  I then saw an email from Elizabeth saying that she had a late patient appointment tonight & couldn't come but she will see me next Thursday.  Okay girls :( 
Martha & I had a nice supper & then she left to go to the Holy Hour & I stayed for a little while longer finishing up some work. 


As Christians, one of our most needed characteristics is sincerity. In all that we say and do, we must consistently portray the goodness of Christ. May our sincerity be a reflection of the nature of Christ for all the world to see.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at Focus
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
Martha & I arrived at Focus after Mass & did a couple of things & then ate lunch.  Some clients came in to receive what they needed for their families, which we are happy to give them.  They are so grateful.  It was not a busy day which I think was the first in so many Tuesdays, the dear Lord though that Martha & I needed a rest.  Paul didn't come today but hopefully tomorrow.  I went into the office to do my work there thinking about the young woman who Ney did a pregnancy test yesterday on which was positive.  I was told that she wanted an abortion & I looked on her Intake Sheet & saw that she already had three abortions & two living children.  I was so upset.  I thought to myself, I will ask Lisa to call her when she comes in later on, for I feel I will mess it up, not trusting in God at this time :(  Remember Mary it's never you, it's always the Holy Spirit, who speaks through you to save a life, so remember that.  God alone gets the glory !!!!!!  I had asked my email list of over 400 people to pray & if at least some of them did this precious baby has a chance to be born & not aborted.  I then went on with my other work.  Martha came into the office & told me that she was out on the front lines earlier & when she came into the center she was greeted by the landlord Dan who told her that he saw a message on the door telling our clients that we will be having a Bible Study on Mondays from 6pm to 7:30pm by our client advocate Ney.  He told Martha that this was not going to happen for he will not allow it.  I said "what"!!  Something more to be upset about.  I was confused for why would he care what we do at Focus??  I thought about it & then called our Spiritual Director Fr. L..  He said the same thing, that we should not branch out doing other things but do the work that we're doing in saving & changing lives, through Christ.  I thought that's what we'd be doing in sharing the Word of God to our clients.  I must be obedient though.  He did say that maybe this wasn't the right time & it will happen later on. I hope so.  I do respect him greatly. 
Lisa came & we talked for a few minutes then she connected me with a radio program to listen to.  It was fantastic & so inspiring too.  I then asked her to call our client.  She did but she wasn't home & her mother answered the phone.  I asked Lisa to call later on but she was running late & had to go.  As she was leaving my phone rang & it was our pregnant client calling back.  I told her who I was & started the conversation.  I said "you were here yesterday for a pregnancy test & it was positive, are you going to continue your pregnancy, for we can help you".  She said that she was abortion minded yesterday but changed her mind today.  I was delighted.  I offered her an ultrasound which she said that she now wanted & I asked her to come in tomorrow to fill out the sheet & for me to call His Branches for the appointment .  She agreed.  Praise God!  I thanked her for calling me back & she said "you are welcome".  I said that I will see you tomorrow at 1pm & have a nice evening & hung up.  I went over to Martha, who was working in the storage room, & we celebrated with a huge yeah!!!!  I will remember this for in my future for 'nothing is impossible with God'!!!!!!  Just trust Him :)
Linda came in to help us out, she is such a blessing along with all of our volunteers.  What a great team of wonderful people at Focus.  I was still in the office when the doorbell rang & Martha answered it.  A few minutes later a women said "where's Mary"?  I went in the hall & said "here I am".  She then came in to the office & we talked.  She said :how is Sue, the elderly lady who is out on the sidewalk holding the sign".  I said "who"?  I the asked her if Sue saved her baby & she said "yes".  I then asked her if she was holding a graphic picture sign & she said "yes".  I asked if the picture of the aborted baby saved her baby's life & she said "yes".  I was so happy to hear that but the only problem is that there, to my knowledge, there is not a Sue out on the Front Lines???  Sometimes there are Angels :)

I was sad to here that one of the girls in her family was thinking about having an abortion & she said that she tried so hard to change her mind but she went over to Planned Parenthood & had the abortion.  Now she is having nightmares of crying babies.  I gave her Project Rachel's phone number for her to call & other brochures to help her family member heal & to be forgiven by God & her child.  This client is now trying to save lives, where she is needed by God, to do it.  Don't say "no" but "yes" to God always.  All children should be born & not aborted, God needs our help to save them. 



    'Respecl Life'

In giving human beings dominion over creation, God has charged each of us with protecting its human creatures. How will we respond?

Tuesday, February 12, 2014 at Focus

I was anxious to meet Miss S. after speaking with her yesterday on the phone but she never showed up or called.  Needless to say I'm upset.  I called her number & left a message & then called another time & a man answered & said that she wasn't home.  It's so upsetting to say the least.  God please have this precious baby be saved from being aborted.  I hope that she shows up tomorrow, which could happen. 

Lynda came to help us & we talked for awhile about many things that were on our minds in the pro life movement.  Paul was with us today which was great & he even took a client home with her daughter, he has a carseat in his car.  

Martha did a pregnancy test on a young girl which was negative, thank God.  She is living with a man, in her home, who is addicted to sex & gave her Gonorrhea too but he's the father of her two young children.  He's also physically abusive to her.  She had an abortion when she was 14 years old & Martha gave her some post abortion information for her to take home to read.  She was a nice girl but has many problems which Martha tried to help her with.  Lord please deliver her & her children from this man.   

The doorbell ran & I answered it to find a young lady at the door.  I showed her the two Material Aid Rooms & we started talking.  She said that she doesn't have any children but hopes to be a Foster Mom & took many books for her son or daughter to read.  She said that at this time she's not sure what will happen.  She said that she is a Catholic but is disappointed in herself because she had sex before marriage which she didn't want to happen.  I asked her if she had gone to the Sacrament of Confession to confess this serious sin & she said that she has but she can't forgive herself.  I said if God can forgive you then you can forgive yourself just don't do it again.  I saw that she was suffering.  She said that she was adopted from Romania & has a brother & sister which she is trying to find.  A very pleasant young lady & I hope that she come back again. 

I worked in the office making up Truth packets & made an order & finally put thing away.  Martha made a comment about the office saying "Mary the office looks good"...thanks Martha, I appreciate that.  We had a nice supper & then she left & I stayed for a little while longer for I wanted to get home by 8 pm to see the Olympics which I'm enjoying with my glass of red wine. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014 at Focus
When I arrived at the pregnancy center Martha was walking down the sidewalk from being in front of Planned Parenthood praying & sidewalk counseling & she said to me "their hearts are cold".  I knew that the people going into the Killing Mill were not receptive to the truth today.  How sad.  Then she went into the center & I stayed outside for a few minutes getting the mail & Mike, who was with Martha, drove into the parking lot.  He said that he had to leave but he did talk to the girls going into the Planned Parenthood building to try to save their little babies lives.  After he left Jerry came to be on the front lines for two hours.  I greeted him & then Mike W. drove by & honked.  I waited for him to get out of the car & greeted him too.  He was getting his signs out of the back seat of his car & join Jerry.  I spoke to him for a few minutes about the showing the graphic signs & he said that he had emailed J. about them, for she is not for them.  I said 'oh I know", then went into the center.  Kathryn wasn't able to be here today for her grandson was coming in & she wanted to visit with him.  Paul was here & the Elim Bible Institute girls were coming at 4pm & Elizabeth & Natalie were coming later this evening, so I thought that we would be okay today. 
The doorbell started ringing & we saw many clients, to help them out, this afternoon.  I didn't eat lunch or supper today at Focus & before going home I stopped at Wendey's for a hamburger.  It was that kind of day.  


'Faith in Action'

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.
—St. Augustine

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at Focus
Mass tonight
When I arrived at Focus Martha was already there helping out a client.  She is nice & needed some financial assistance so I gave her $4.00.  I did ask her not to tell anyone & this was the last time I could help her this way.  She said "thank you".  Frank came in with a truck load of big things for our clients & he put them into the Blue Storage Room.  Now it will take some time for Paul & Martha to call on these item to see of there is any Recalls so we can give them away.  Then two more clients came in & one asked for a carset & I told her to write it down & we will try to get her one.  Martha had to leave so to pick up Eleanor & to get me a hamburger at Wendys on her way back.  The lady for Fidelis Care came in with her student & I lead them into the Rose Room.  There were here for two hours.  The doorbell rang & I answered it.  I saw a man & a woman holding a big basket filled with items.  She said that this was from the Franciscans & she is delivering this to us at Focus.  I thanked them both & they left.  How nice was this.  I then set up the altar for our Mass tonight & then went into the office to do some work there.  Martha came back about an hour later with the hamburger but no Eleanor, for she wasn't feeling well to come tonight.  I then started to eat when my cell phone rang.  I answered it to find out it was Paul asking for a ride because he was waiting for the bus for a long time & it wasn't coming.  I asked Martha & she said that she would pick him up on the way, for she was picking up her friend Pat, too.  I said "thank you Martha" & she left.   More clients came in for some things in the two Material Aid Rooms.  She was gone for about 45 minutes & then the door opened & in came Mike, Martha, Paul & Pat.  I was so happy to see them all.  Mike brought in a couple of bags filled with personal items for  our clients needs & then we talked for about 10 minutes before he left.  How nice was that!
Job came in for our Focus website meeting & I said that I would be with him in a few minutes.  I lead him to the Conference Room.  I went & did what I needed to do & then went in to the room to start the meeting.  A few minutes later Lou Ann called to say that she was on her way.  The meeting was successful & I was pleased.
The people started coming in for the Mass.  Tonight we had 35 people in the room & after Mass we went to the Banquet Room, two doors down & had a feast.  It was great seeing some people that I haven't seen in a long time.  An idea was presented to me so I need to find some people that could help me develop a small recipe book for Focus, sort a like a miniature fund-raiser.  Also, we have another new volunteer who will start Tuesday.  She will be with us until June when she starts her Internship for Family Medicine.  It was a wonderful & blessed evening.  Thanks Lord!!!!!

'Burning Heart'

Lord, Jesus Christ, we praise you and adore you. Like Francis, we are amazed that you held nothing back from us in pouring yourself out for us so totally through your holy wounds on the cross. We ask you to breathe forth your Holy Spirit into us and set our hearts on fire, so that, with the Spirit's help, we might respond more fully to you. Amen.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at Focus
After Mass today, Pat who is on our Board, stopped Martha & I & told us that her client said to her that she is from another country & was in a difficult situation with her pregnancy.  Pat said "why don't you go to Focus Pregnancy Center & they can help you".  Then she said that she had already did & said that she was going to commit suicide & they helped save my life.  "What" I said, this is wonderful news Pat & thank you for telling us.  God is a God of miracles, that's for sure!!!!!!
A quiet day with just Martha, Paul & I working at Focus.  The doorbell rang & Martha answered the door.  She was now helping a mom & dad with a newborn.  They had come into the general room where I was washing the dishes after our lunch.  I turned around & told the man nicely that nothing here & in the big room was 'free' only in the two Material Aid Rooms & the food shelf, which is in the large room.  He said "okay" & I then turned around to do the dishes.  I then heard the candy jar lid open & I turned around to see him in the candy jar.  I was upset.  I said 'yes you can have the candy but I did just told you that nothing in this room is 'free' & I'm not happy with what you just did.  I then turned around to finish the dishes.  After they left Martha & I talked about what had happened.  She said that this is their home & I said that this is the place where they receive free assistance.  I don't know why this man did what he did but he did.  Candy is such a temptation.  I want our clients to have some boundaries at Focus. 
Martha & Paul called the companies to see if what we received yesterday was Recalled.  This takes time & they did it all today.  I worked in the office & came out on occasion to help the team.  The doorbell rang again & Martha went to the door.  She stuck her head in the office & said "Mary, there are five women who have babies, that just came in".  I said "okay Martha" & went out to help her a few minutes later.  One of the women was pregnant & all wanted formula too.  They received it.  I said that WIC can help them too. 
I answered the door & let a client in the center.  I asked her to complete the form which they fill out when they come in.  I said this the only requirement that we have here at Focus.  She said "okay" so I walked down the hall & then heard the front door close, so I walked back to the first Material Aid Room & saw that she didn't complete the simple form.  Sometimes I don't know what to do to help our clients??

'Stay Focused!'

The next time you are distracted, ask the Lord what is at the heart of that distraction. Pray for grace to turn your heart back to God. As St. Francis de Sales wrote, even if you spend your entire prayer time offering your distractions back to him, your prayer will be worthwhile.
Thursday, February 20, 2014 at Focus
When I arrived at the center Martha was out on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  I went in to see that there was a mess on the floor in the All Purpose Room.  The ceiling title fell down on the carpet & someone had put a bucket on the floor to catch the water coming down.  What a mess!!   Martha then came into the center & told me about what was going on for she's been there since 9am.  All of a sudden the doorbell rang & there was Janeane & her children & two home school children & one was Rebecca.  I greeted them & then told them about our dilemma in the room that lies ahead.  I was so sad but I had to keep on going.  I left a message on Dan, our landlord's phone & he called back & told me that someone was coming within an hour to clean the mess up....he never came.  We were so busy that I just left it, for Paul, Kathryn & Lynda weren't with us today & I had no time or engery.  I just told everybody to please be careful while walking into that room....they were. 
I was in the Material Aid Room & I looked at the Sign In Sheet to see that someone had put down St. Bridget's as their parish so I asked "who put down St. Bridget's on the sheet"?  A pregnant young lady said "I did".  Then I said to her "St. Bridget's has been closed for about 6 years now so that's not true".  I said to her that she needed to go to Confession & her girlfriend agreed.  She said to her "I told you so".  I asked her what parish she goes to & she said "the one on Hudson Ave.".  I said "St. Stanislaus"?  She replied "yes".  Then I asked her to take her friend to Confession this weekend but I said to her first "you have to be truly sorry that you've missed Mass for all those years & had sex outside of marriage too, both are  Mortal Sins".  She said that she would try to go this weekend & I hope that her & her friend did.  I handed her a brochure on Heaven & Hell & she took it.  I hope she reads it. Thank you Lord! 
Rob, my friend of 19 years, came in & said to me that he was only going to be out on the front lines until 3pm.  I was upset for he never told me. He wasn't having supper with Martha & I either.  He must have thought about it for he was outside until 4pm & came in to Focus & talked with me for 15 minutes before leaving.  Mary Beth came into Focus around 5pm so I was happy to see her & to know that the abortion mill was covered all day.  She must have seen the stress on my face for she hugged me twice before going was a rough day.  
Elizabeth came in while Martha & I were finishing up our supper & we got to spend some time with her.  She helped me out after Martha left.  She's such a great worker & a dear person too.  I was also disappointed that the two Elim Bible Students didn't show up today nor called or emailed me that there weren't coming.  This is ongoing problem with them 

I am so happy to inform you that the two girls that Ney, our client advocate, did a pregnancy test on that were abortion minded have now chosen life!!  They have both talked with Ney & said that they will not have an abortion for they are post abortive mothers.  Praise God for this has been going on for over two weeks.  Thank you for your powerful prayers for Miss D. & Miss S..


'Practice Silence'

Being silent and being sorry work together. Practice silence during the fever pitch of emotion, and you won't have to practice sorry afterward.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at Focus
I had to stay home for I was receiving an important phone call at 1:30pm.  After the call I went to see Ana at the Second Thought Resale Store & to get the donations that she was giving us for Focus.  I got to do a few minutes of shopping before I left.  I arrived at Focus at 2:20pm & greeted Martha.  I was trying to settle in when the doorbell rang & I heard Martha say "hello Nicole".  This little lady gave us a challenge months before but I wanted to stay positive.  I then got out of the office to greet her.  Martha & I asked her how she was doing & she told us her story.  She said that she wanted to shop first & then to help us at the center.  I said "okay' & walked back into the office.  We weren't that busy for a Tuesday but we did see some clients that came in for clothes, books & things.  It was getting later so I said to Nicole that I wanted her to leave before it got dark, for I didn't want her out in the dark.  She replied back to me "Mary do you hear yourself speak".  I said "yes & you heard what I said, for Martha & I care about you & we don't want anything to happen to you".  She left about 10 minutes later without a problem, thank God.  Some of our girls just don't have self respect for themselves & we do for them.  They want to be loved & we love them at Focus. 
Linda came to help us out this evening, she is such a great helper.  It was after Linda left that Elizabeth came in to do some work tonight instead of Thursday.  She worked in the office typing out the Food Panty List to update it.  She is such a great person & works hard.   It was a good day even though I was sad!


'Don't Say It'

Follow this rule: When you feel most driven to say something, don't say it. Even if you delay for seconds, the impulse to verbally blast will recede fast—if not every time then enough of the time to avoid heavy fallout in relationships.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at Focus

After Mass Martha & I went to the center & opened up the rooms.  A few minutes later our new client advocate arrived, Angela.  We all talked at the table in the All Purpose Room & then I asked her if she would call our pregnant clients to see how they are doing & she said "yes".  I was so happy to have this happen again that our clients would know that we care about them.  We have a new baby born on December 30th. 2013 at 6lbs. 15 ozs. & her name is Isabel.  Great news!!! 

 I went into the All Purpose Room to see our Dan, (not our landlord) who we haven't seen in about a year.  He has now gotten a day job, thank God!!  We hugged & I said that it was so good to see him.  He said that he will try to stop by more often.  I hope so.

I went back into the office to do other work there while Angela was calling all our clients.  I spoke to her when I could.  We want to make up a Project Rachel brochure about Post Abortion Counseling, here in Rochester, so we can pass them out.  Martha was busy answering the door & helping out our clients that came into the center for assistance.  It was about 4:30 pm when Lisa came in to help us out.  I asked her to do the diapers in the bags & then the Rosaries in the sandwich bags while I put the Truth packets together in the office.  Martha left early to go to church, for a visit, & to rest for she was tired.
It was about 6:30pm when Lisa, Angela & I stood in the office & talked for almost an hour about so many different was fantastic!!!!



'Jesus is Our Religion'

Dear God, Jesus taught us that just because someone is in love with religion does not mean that person is in love with God. Help us realize that Jesus is our religion, and that all you ask is we open our hearts to him and love him and follow him along the way on our pilgrimage towards you.
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at Focus
Ash Wednesday - beginning of Lent

After Mass today Martha & I went to Focus.  It was a quiet day but we did some things.  A new mom came in for a Layette for her unborn baby girl & was happy to receive the 'free' items for her daughter.  She is a gestional diabetic & also wanted food.  I told her to come back again after her precious baby is born. 
Lynda came in today to help us & so did Paul.  Martha & I got to visit with Lynda for awhile then she worked in the Blue Room putting away the donations in the two Material Aid Rooms.  The doorbell rang & Lynda answered the door, for I was still in the office & Martha was vacuuming the rugs.  All of a sudden Martha was in the office getting a pregnancy test & out she went into the Rose Room.  About 10 minutes later she walked back into the office to show me the ultra sound sheet of paper.  I got up & went into the Rose Room.  I introduced myself to a man & a woman who were there & I said that I would call over to Embracing Options to schedule an ultrasound for next Wednesday.  I called & spoke to Dee & scheduled an appointment for 1:30 pm for next Wednesday.  I then asked the woman if this was her first baby & she said quickly "no this is my fourth".  I said "be happy & smile".  She did & I said "you look beautiful".  I saw that the man was holding a Bible that Martha gave him.  I said good bye to them & off they went.  I spoke to Martha & she said that she has three children 21, 18 & 16 years they has another child.  We both gave this situation to God, to take care of her & her husband & baby.  All will be well for their family. I'll call her next Tuesday to remind her of her appointment.
The doorbell rang & it was Rick who was coming in with the box for the Truth packets for the mini '40 Days for Life' campaign.  I hope that it works for Tuesdays & Thursdays to be out in front of Planned Parenthood to pray & to witness the Truth to the people going in there to have their precious baby killed. 
Lynda & Paul had left & Martha made a fish supper.  



'Hope In the Cross'

God does not love us because we are good. God loves us because God is good.
Christianity does not offer a life free of suffering. But from the cross we see that our suffering does not need to end in death; it can bring new life. This is the hope God offers us, which the world cannot give.

Thursday, March 6, 2014 at Focus
Martha called me this morning saying that she will not be at Focus today because she was sick & was heading to the doctors.  Her face had swollen & she had chills.  Get better dear Martha.  I arrived to the center at 1pm &  then walked over to the sidewalk to say "hi" to Jerry & to thank him & Mike for a wonderful pro life banquet on last Friday for Rescue Rochester.  Then I went into the center to be with Paul until 2:30pm when he had to leave to take a friend of his to the doctors because he was in a car accident yesterday. Some clients came in & I took care of them.
It was now 4pm & the Elim Bible students came to help me at the center.  I was introduced to a new girl Grace & Nathan came back with the team.  We talked for a few minutes & then they went to work in the Material Aid Room were there is larger clothes in the baskets to sort out & to fold them in the baskets.  They did a great job!  The doorbell rang & two women came in.  I asked the girls to write what Religion that they were in the booklet.  The one girl turned around to say that she was Catholic.  I asked her what parish she belongs to & there was no answer.  I then said to her "I guess you haven't been to church in awhile".  She said "yes".  I then went on to tell her that she must go to Confession for her soul is in risk.  I gave her a pamphlet that I have in the room.  She smiled back at me & said that she will go to Confession soon.  I hope so.
Elizabeth emailed me to tell me that she couldn't come to the center tonight because she had to work late so I brought my supper in the refrig home for my supper & left about 7pm.  I had to go to the Post Office to pick up the mail for Focus & I prayed & decided to go across the street to get my hair cut.  I walked in & was lead into a chair to get my hair trimmed.  I started talking to the Hair Stylist & was pleasantly surprised that we both love God & we pro life.  As we were talking I discovered that she was a Catholic but unfortunately wasn't attending a church.  I told her that she must go to Confession & come back to Mass & Holy Communion every week.  She agreed.  I gave her a Rosary & paid & left to go home. 

Friday, March 7th. 2014

I received a phone call from my friend in California who has a pro life ministry & she asked for prayers for a young girl named Miss J. who is scheduled fro an abortion in Buffalo, NY. this upcoming week.  A woman Linda is trying to save this baby's life but Miss J. hangs up on her when she calls her.  Her boyfriend lives with her in her mother house & her mother is post abortive.  She supports the abortion of her granddaughter.  Please pray for this family that this precious little baby will be able to be born, which is what babies are suppose to do!  Please also pray for Linda that she can deal with this situation.  It's so hard for her.  Thank you for your love & prayers!!!!




'Hold Hands With God'

Take the time you need to remember and thank people who over time have proved themselves disciples of Jesus to you. But don't stop there. Be sure to remember and give thanks for the gifts you've received. This is how we hold hands with God, and God with us.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at Focus
Mass tonight
I have been speaking with Linda, who is speaking to a family in Buffalo, trying to save a baby's life, which is scheduled to be killed this Thursday in Buffalo.
Martha was there when I arrived & she stayed until 1:20 & then went to pick up Eleanor for tonight's Mass.  There was a woman & her two grandchildren still in the center & the other lady had already left.  My gut pain was still very annoying & I had hoped for a quiet time until Martha returned but that didn't happen.  After I was in the office for 5 minutes the doorbell rang & I got up to answer it.  I was greeted by three young girls & I asked them what I could do for them.  The one girl said "I want a pregnancy test, then the other girl said "I want a pregnancy test" and the third girl said "I don't need a pregnancy test".  I said "that sounded good".  I lead them to the Rose Room to start the paper work.  I asked them not to use the cell phones, for two of the girls were on them, when they came into the room.  Remember I wasn't feeling very good & I want respect always.  I gave the two girls the Intake Sheet to fill out & took one girl at a time, for I didn't want to get confused.  The first girl had an abortion in the past & today her pregnancy test was negative.  I spoke with her about her abortion & she said "I was 16 years old" to which I replied "it doesn't matter how old you were you still took the life of your child".  I gave her many post abortion brochures to take home & some DVD's & the Truth packet.  The other young lady did her pregnancy test & I started talking with her about her life & I looked down at the test & said "you are pregnant".  She looked somewhat surprised but was in control so I started to ask her some questions.  One of the questions was are you planning on having an abortion & she said "no".  I was happy.  Then I asked her about her parents, who she was living with & her boyfriend, the father of her baby.  She said that she didn't know how they would react.  I asked her if she wanted an ultrasound & she said "yes".  I asked her if Wednesday afternoon was good for her & she said "no" so I asked her if evenings were better & she said "yes", so I called Compass Care for an appointment.  I talked with April & then gave our client the phone to make the appointment.  After she hung up she said that it was for this Thursday at 5:30 pm.  I gave her & the other girl a Truth packet & some more DVD's to take with them.  The pregnant girl asked if she could look around & I said "yes" & lead them into the Material Aid Room & she took a few things.  I said to them all if they ever needed to come back please do & said "good bye" & they left.  It was a few minutes later someone came in to drop off some children's clothes & I remembered that I didn't ask if they had a Bible so I quickly went outside & saw that they were sitting in the car & I asked them.  They said that they did have a Bible so I said for them to read it everyday & smiled.  Thank you Lord!!!
Martha & Eleanor had come in while I was in the Rose Room with the girls & when they had gone Martha told me that she had a hamburger from Wendy's for my lunch.  I said "that was so nice of you & thank you".  It was good & I needed some food.  I was in a slump because the pain is so horrific & I have suffered with it for all my life.  Lord have Mercy on me, please.  He does give me grace to function & to endure it but I'm only human & would like to feel like one someday soon for 64 years is a long time :(
Paul wasn't here with us today so us girls had to do it all.  I set up the Mass room & the table for the Mass.  Martha had bought some very beautiful flowers for the table, they were gorgeous for our Lord. 
Martha & Eleanor had gotten the food  tables ready & answered the door, when it rang.  I had a meeting with Lou Ann at 5 pm & when she came we went in to the Conference Room to talk.  She said that she has an idea for all the pregnancy center's financial support & she couldn't continue to be a Focus Board Member because it would be conflict of interest.  I asked her to contact the other pregnancy center's to see if they were interested in her idea first & she agreed.  Then we saw Fr. Edison walking down the hall & I hollered out to him & he came into the room to join us in our meeting.  It went well.  Job will show me the new Focus web site soon.....can't wait.  I'm also waiting for our new Focus brochure too. Martha says "be patient Mary". It's not easy :(
The people came into the center & settled into the large room for the Mass, it was beautiful & there were 25 people who attended.  After Mass I made an announcement that the Black Madonna was coming to Rochester on March 22nd. at St. Stanislaus all day by Fr. Peter West, from HLI.  It was well received & hopefully many will attend.  Then we set up the tables for supper & ate a delicious meal of home made soup, salad, cheeses & crackers.  Fr. Edison said that he will eat with us after Lent.  It was a blessed evening.
'Celebrate Life'

For me, food and the fascinating cooking process is a means to an end. The cooking and the food itself leads to something far more important: a communion of persons around the common mean, around the table, and around the celebration of life.
'Grace Before Meals'

When family and friends, or even strangers, come together to celebrate a meal, they have the opp
ortunity to say grace. And when God is invited to the dinner table, miracles happen!   


 'Holy Ambition'

Holy ambition can lead a person to take leadership in projects to promote peace, ensure justice, clothe the naked, and welcome the stranger. It calls us to get involved in the deeds of love, service and justice that are needed in the day-to-day world in which we live.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
The City of Rochester & the Focus Pregnancy Center are closed for another Winter Storm.  All places have shut down due to the snow....what a Winter this year!!


'Beloved Child of God'

Negative comments can bring us down, but prayer can help us turn down the volume on our internal bully and accuser. Only then can we hear the loving voice that arises out of silence: “You are my beloved. I delight in you.” That's a message that needs to be written in our heart's journal every day.
Thursday, March 13, 2014 at Focus
Everything is now open due to yesterday's storm.  When I arrived at the center I saw that Martha was on the Front Lines with Mike & Tom.  I walked over to them & spoke with them until I went to talk to Mike Warren, who was at his car, on Gibb's St..  I asked him if Planned Parenthood was closed on Saturday's now & he said "yes".  I was so happy to hear this.  He & Jerry &Judy went to the sidewalk to pray & to talk with the girls to try to save their baby's lives. 
Martha & I were now in the center.  Paul wasn't with us this week.  About 30 minutes later Lynda came in & we spoke for a few minutes & then she went to work writing 'thank you' letters to our generous donors.  After that she answered the door & assisted our clients.
I asked her if she would call our client from Tuesday & remind her of her ultrasound appointment today at 5 pm.  As she was talking to her, Lynda's eyes lit up & was excited looking, so I asked her for the phone.  I asked our client if she was going to the appointment today & she said "I already had an ultrasound by my doctor & I am 5 months pregnant with a girl".  "What" I said, that's terrific!!!  I told her that I would cancel her appointment for today & she said "thank you", to me.  I asked her to come to Focus to receive whatever she needed for herself & her baby.  I then asked her how her parents & boyfriend took the news & she said "they are all happy".  This was great news!!  After I hung up I called Compass Care to cancel the appointment & told her the great news. 
I received a call from Rachael that she & the team weren't able to make it today because of the weather, they are 45 minutes away.  I said that I would see them next week. 
My heart was heavy today for I was told by Linda in Buffalo that Miss J. went to the abortion clinic this morning with her mother & boyfriend.  My heart & prayers were on going to the Lord & asking Mother Mary's intercession for a miracle. 
Later on today I was given this great news:

Praise God!!  I was just informed by Linda that Miss J. did go to the abortion place in Buffalo but she was given an ultrasound & 'chose life'.  She is 11 weeks pregnant.  She & her mother & boyfriend went home with the precious baby safe & sound.  I thank God for JoAna (Calif.) & Linda (Buffalo) & for all your prayers to the dear Lord to make this happen. Prayer & Education save lives. Thank you Lord & all who prayed to Him for this to happen.
This was fantastic news!!!!!!!!    Keep praying............ 


'Accepting Others'

Father, help me to be gentle and humble like Jesus and always see the good in everyone, accept people where they are at, and try not to make them over into what I feel comfortable with. I know you have to be patient with me; help me share the same patience with others.
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at Focus
Martha & I arrived at the center right after Mass & got started.  The doorbell rang many times today & we were busy.  I was in the office most of the time & Martha was assisting our clients.  Paul & Lisa didn't come today.  Lisa will come tomorrow, for I need her help creating a Project Rachel brochure, Post Abortion information, for our clients.  We ate a fast lunch at 2:15 pm today & supper at 7:30 pm, after our Focus Board meeting at 6 pm to 710 pm, which went very well, much to talk about.  Lisa, Martha's daughter, came in around 3 pm & Linda came in at 3:45 pm, so we did have some help today.   We are usually very busy at Focus & that's what we want.  

'Complete Trust'

Father, help us to have trust in your wisdom, accept what we cannot understand, and follow you along paths that are dark ahead, knowing that you will lead us, even in the darkness. We ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at Focus
Feast of St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus 
Martha & I went to Mass which was beautiful & while the last song was singing I received a phone call on my cell phone which I answered in the hallway.  It was a women asking when we would be open today & I told her 2 pm.  After that I went back into the church & then to the room for the St. Joseph's Table which was marvelous.  The company & food were terrific!  I then received another call from a client that couldn't get out of work for her ultrasound appointment at His Branches at 1:30 pm today.  I told her when I get back to the center & will call to cancel her appointment & to reschedule her at Compass Care which has more day & hours for her test & wouldn't effect her job.  I then left to go to Focus, to do what I told her I would do, for her.   When I arrived at the canter Martha & I were busy all afternoon & evening long.  We took out the diapers that I bought yesterday that I had in my car & I then  went to the office to make the call to cancel her appointment & to call her with Compass Care's phone number for her to call to make an appointment that would be good for her.  The day begun. 
The doorbell just kept on ringing & Martha was the one who answered the door the most for I was in the office.  She has s Sinus problem which was discomforting for her though she doesn't complain & works very hard at Focus.  She told me that one of our past clients came in & she found out that three of her children were in the car.  She told her that if she didn't get her children out of the car & into Focus she would.  Go girl!  We always make sure that children are safe!!!!  The lady from yesterday came back & helped in the center for three hours straighten out the clothes, in the Material Aid Rooms, & making the baskets look great.  Thank you!!
Lynda came to help us out & I was very happy to see her.  She wrote two 'thank you ' letters for our generous donors & folded up literature for me to use in the Truth packets to hand out to people.   She also put the Rosaries & How to Say the Rosary into snack bags, for us to hand out.  She is such a help.  Then Mike came to bring us the shelves that he blessed us with.  It fits nicely & looks great in the Resource Room & will be functional for us to use for our donations.  Thanks Mike!!
I was in the office making calls & doing paper work.  Lynda left & her daughter Lisa came to help us.  They met at the door.  Lisa make up a new Project Rachel brochure, for it's been very difficult getting them, from the Diocese ... so we made our own & Lisa did a fantastic job!!!  Now we have Post Abortion brochures to put in our Truth packets & to hand out in the Pregnancy Testing Room to our post abortion girls.  Finally! 
I called my friend Anne, in Florida, to wish her (adopted) daughter a very Happy Birthday & also her son.  Same day Birthday!!  I was happy to hear her voice!!!  I miss her :(   She is a wonderful pro life woman.

'Jesus' Gift to Us'

Holy Communion is the most visible, tangible means we have of God sharing his love for us. What a gift we have as Catholics, to celebrate the True Presence of Christ each time we participate in Mass!

Thursday, March 20, 2014 at Focus
PP worker left
Martha was sick with Asthma & had already gone to Urgent Care for treatment this morning.  We pray her well.   I was by myself this afternoon. When I arrived I got started.  The doorbell was ringing so I got the door & it was Jerry & Mike, from Rescue Rochester, who needed to use the restroom.  I got to speak to them for a few minutes before they went out to pray & witness in front of Planned Parenthood.  At one time I was talking with Donna, on the phone, & had to hang up because I was getting another call & the doorbell was ringing.  I couldn't believe it.  No lunch today.  Paul didn't come today either, but thank God Maria came to help me.  She was putting the donations away in the two Material Aid rooms & helping out our clients that were in the rooms.  I answered the door to meet a father, mother & toddler in the stroller.  I greeted them, then I got them diapers for their child.  I thanked the father for being a 'good' father of his family.  He smiled & so did I. 
I went to the door looking out & I saw Pat walking towards Focus.  I haven't seen her in awhile so I was happy to see her today even though it was busy.  I greeted her as she came in & we went to the All Purpose Room down the hall so we could talk.  She went & sat on the sofa & I at the table, in the center of the room.  She began saying that she had many battles to fight & started with the first one at Head Start.  She said that it was completed & then onto the other on which wasn't yet.  Her granddaughter is being harassed by the lesbian girls in the locker after GYM class & she's tired of it so she want's to quit school & go to GED classes instead.  I told Pat that she has three more months to go & for her to hang in there.  What she does is her business.  I certainly don't want anything to happen to Arrianna.  As she was telling me of the third problem the doorbell rang so I got up to get it.  There at the door was the saleswoman from Buffalo.  She came because she's selling water coolers.  I knew that it would be difficult with two women in the room but I will persevere.  She sat down at the table across from me & started her talk.  Then she looked at the Great Room & I said that this room is where we have Mass.  Then she said that she was Catholic then the she went on to say that her husband had been married before & they were married in the Protestant church.  I asked if he was married in the Catholic Church with his first marriage & she said "yes".  She said that she still goes to Mass every Sunday.  I asked if she receives Holy Communion & she said "yes".  My heart was in shock & I quickly replied that she should not receive Holy Communion until there is an Annulment for his fist marriage & a blessing for their marriage.  She said that they were married for 28 years & I said that don't matter & asked her to go talk with a Priest in Buffalo as son as she could & in the meantime continue to go to Mass but DO NOT receive Holy Communion for you're putting hot coals on your heard because this is serious.  She said that she isn't going to ask her husband to get an Annulment for he has had children & his wife as re married & not going to church.  Please I said again go talk to a Priest.  The doorbell rang again so I got up to answer it.  It was our regular client of two sets of twins & another child & she's pregnant.  I asked her how she was doing & keeping her head down said "all right".  I then went back down the hall & Pat was talking about the sexual abuse of Priests.  I said "why are you talking about this"?  Pat said that she has the Freedom of Speech & I said "not here".  I went on to say that it isserious but remember that less than 1% committed this crime.  It was so inappropriate to talk about this at this time.  I almost fainted for I'm trying to save a soul here.  She went on now to talk about the water system & I was about to say "yes" when she added that I would have to make a commitment of 5 years.  I said this changes my decision.  Before she left she said that she would call me next week to see what I finally decided.  We said "good bye" & she left.  I went back to talk to Pat.  I was upset with her so I said what I said & then she continued on with what was going on in her life.  I gave her diapers for her great grandchildren & we said "good bye" & I gave her a hug.  She is a special women & I can't stay mad at her. 
I went to the office to check my emails & saw that Rachel from Elim Bible School stated that she & her fellow student weren't coming today because of car trouble.  I emailed back to her & said that I will see them both next Thursday. I was disappointed. Maria came to me saying"the girl took  a couple of bags" & appeared upset.  I said to her that she has 5 children & is expecting another baby very soon & she's a regular client.  I also said if you feel that someone is talking to much then just ask them how many children does she have.  I wanted her to settle down.  She put so may bags away & is such a blessing.  I asked her if she could come tomorrow & Monday to help Ney out.  She said if she could she will.  I thanked her.  
Maria left & then the doorbell rang & I answered it to see Adolf standing there.  I greeted him & we went down the hall.  As he was settling in he said that as he was standing across the street as he always does a car drove out of  Planned Parenthood & stopped were he was standing.  He said that today was his last day & he was happy & he said "thank you for your prayers".  I was so happy to hear this.  There are only 4 men who work at the abortion center so I didn't know who he was, at this time.  Then the doorbell rang & I saw Suzanne at the door.  I greeted her & we went down the hall to talk.  She was happy to hear what Adolph just shared.  I told her about the woman from Buffalo & she said that was common.  We need to teach, teach & teach some more.  The doorbell rang & it was David to help us out this evening.  I told him that Martha had Asthma & to please pray for her.  We went to the room down the hall & we all talked for about 15 minutes.  After everyone left I went to the computer to check my email again & saw that I received one from Elizabeth saying that she had to work late tonight so she wasn't able to come in tonight.  I emailed her back & continued my work until 9pm & then went to Wendy's for supper & then went home.  A challenging day.  I missed Martha :(


'God Is on Your Side'

Be bold enough to believe that God is on your side, even when you forget to be on His. Live your life, then, not by law, but by love. If you love God, you will never do anything to hurt God, and, therefore, never make yourself unhappy. —Fulton J. Sheen
Sunday, March 23, 2014
I received an email from Linda, who tried to save this little baby's life, in Buffalo: 

Dear Mary,
Thank you for your support in helping me help Miss J..
  I just found out this morning that she aborted her 13 week baby on Friday. Now I know why she wouldn't return my calls or talk to me. I'm heartbroken. That baby had no one to defend it.

Her mother & boyfriend brought Miss J. to the abortion mill.   She saw her baby's ultrasound at the abortion facility, in Buffalo, & left.  A week later she went back to have her precious baby killed.  Please pray for their souls.  


Also, please pray for Linda, for she is suffering. Our hearts are aching too.

 A man handed me his poem which was inspirred by the Holy Spirit it reads:
'a baby in the womb'
     "a baby in the womb"
     "a baby in the womb"
     "a baby in the womb"
     "a baby in the womb"

'True Humility'

True humility is knowing so well who we are in God's loving sight that nothing anyone says or does can shake us.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at Focus
Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord
What a day!!!  And I thank God & Mother Mary that they were with me, otherwise I'd fall on my face.  Martha called me this morning saying that she wasn't coming in because she was still sick & I said "okay".  My heart cringed but what was I suppose to do, for Martha's health, is important. After Mass & drove to Focus & was greeted by a young girl.  I asked her to give me a few minutes to open up & she did.  I then asked her what I could do for her & she said that she wanted a pregnancy test.  I said "okay" & lead her to the Rose Room to fill out the Intake Sheet.  She did the pregnancy test & it was negative but I noticed that she had had an abortion in her past so I directed my questions to that & I gave her appropriate brochures for her post abortion.  She said that she like to read.  She said that Planned Parenthood suggested us to her & thank God for I needed to talk to her today.  While this was going on the doorbell kept on ringing, so I apologized for this.  I asked Infiniti, our regular client, to assist me & she did so gracefully.  She told me that another girl wanted a pregnancy test, who was sitting on the sofa, so after the first test I approached her & brought her into the Rose Room to fill out the Intake Sheet.  The doorbell kept on ringing.  As I was waiting for our client to return to the Rose Room after giving me a specimen I saw that Agnes had brought in the Friars & sister into the center.  I quickly greeted them & then went back to the Rose Room to continue the pregnancy test which as positive.  She was post abortive twice so I spoke to her about this & then I asked her if she wanted a 'free' ultrasound test & she said "yes", so I called Embracing Options & scheduled a test for tomorrow, with Barbara.  She was happy & the left Focus with her many brochures.  She also said that she liked to read so I gave her many pamphlets.  She came to Focus  through Christine who was out on the sidewalk praying & when this young girl came out of Planned Parenthood she directed her to Focus for a pregnancy test......thank you Christine!!!!
I was blessed in meeting the Friars that Agnes brought into Focus alone g with a sweet nun.  It was wonderful.  I spoke with then all & one of the Friars gave me a Benedict Medal & I graciously accepted it & showed my St. Benedict Medal around my neck.  They all said that they would pray for us.  I was impressed & thankful.  I went in to the first Material Aid Room to help someone & when I came out I heard the sweet voices of everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' to me, I almost cried.  The one Friar came up to me & said d that he has Crohn's disease so he knows abdominal pain.  I said that I gave had a ripping in my gut all my life.  He said that he had a healing & that he will pray that I receive one too.  I was so touched by his kindness & thankful to him.  His name is Friar V.  God bless you all & you to Agnes, for I was delighted by you presence:)  We all hugged as they left & Infiniti also was give a hug by everyone.  She also gave them a tour of Focus while I was doing the pregnancy test & told them about her child, who was almost aborted...  how blessed was this :)  What an experience !!!
As they all were leaving I saw Paul in the driveway & said "hi" to him but he never came in.  I'm perplexed :(  Then I saw Eugene at the door & greeted him & lead him into Focus.  He came to give me a check.  I was so grateful for his generosity & we sat down to talk.  He said that he will give us Catechisms for our Catholic clients & a check , each month, to help us out .... wow!!!  Thank you Eugene :) 
The day continued to be busy so I asked another client who had come into Focus with her two boys to help me & she did, I was so thankful to her!!!   I finally got into the office at 4 pm to do my work & ate lunch at 4:15pm.  I was so happy to see Linda come in to help me.  We talked for awhile & then she put away the bags in the Blue Room.  The doorbell rang at 6:30 & I let in the father of Infiniti's son to get what he needed for his son.  I worked on the list of 10 things that Christine needed to start the First Focus Newsletter & I called Martha to see how she was doing & insisted that she come tomorrow.... hopefully she will be better :)  Thank you Lord & Blessed Mother for ALL your help, I appreciated it sooooo much!!!


'Gift of Salvation'

God our Father, thank you for setting this glorious plan of salvation into action! Through your Son, we have true freedom from bondage and a full membership in your family. Help me to see Jesus' great gift in a new way this Lent.
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at Focus
Surprise Happy Birthday Party!!
It was a quieter day than yesterday & thank God I had Martha back with me :)  After Mass we arrived at Focus trying to find a parking spot.  I had to park further from the door which I don't like because I stay late.  Later on I moved my car by the door when the other car left.  We saw clients & had some donations given, which is always nice.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was negative.  I called Embracing Options to ask if our client had arrived  today for her ultrasound & I was told "no she did not come in today". I was upset & Barbara asked if I would like her to be called & I said "yes".  She called me back to say that she left a message on her voice mail. This 18 year old girl has had two abortions already & said she would never do it again, lets hope she really means it. 
I worked in the office getting things done....I was happy that I was all caught up, except for making up more Truth packets, which I will do tomorrow.  Martha was putting donations away in the two Material Aid Rooms & answering the door.  When we had lunch I told her about yesterday & what went on in the center. Then I told her more of my traumatic past, & she listened, which was s o nice of her.  Lisa called to say that she was coming in later & I said "okay, see you then".  When she came in she brought the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, for my Birthday, I was surprised & thankful. I then asked her if she would call the clients, to see how they were doing, since January, there were 8 clients, & she did.
I was in the office & I turned around to see Lynda there with about 6 large balloons & I gasped.  I thought that maybe we were going to have a small Birthday Party with Martha, Lynda & Lisa but I was wrong for it was a big Birthday many people came & I was shocked.  It was so fantastic to see all the people that I love & admire coming to Focus to greet me a Happy Birthday.  I never had a surprise Birthday Party in all my life.   It was memorable to say the least & a complete surprise.  I was told that Rick put it out on the email & to not to send it to me.  They all kept it a secret & did a very good job for I never thought that I would have a Birthday Party.  It was wonderful... great food & great cake  (Martha had hid the cake in the refrigator, in a black bag, I never saw it) & the beautiful Birthday cards (some of them were Mass cards too)! I thank especially Martha & Lynda for all of this & all of the people who showed up.  Thank you Lisa, Bill, Rob, Christine, Lou Ann, Bill F.,Tony & Joy, Pat, Jennifer & her husband, Sandy, Bill & Kim.  You're all terrific!!  Best Party EVER :)  I'll never forget it ......never!!!!!!!


'Owning Up'

Without the discipline of frequent confession, we can drift away from the reality of our shortcomings. If we are to achieve holiness, we must be honest about our faults and do penance for them.

'Jesus' Gift to Us'

Holy Communion is the most visible, tangible means we have of God sharing his love for us. What a gift we have as Catholics, to celebrate the True Presence of Christ each time we participate in Mass!
Thursday, March 27, 2014 at Focus
I was called in the morning by Sheila but I had the phone turned off.  When I awoke I turned on the phone to see that I had two calls & called back right was Sheila asking where was the pregnancy tests?  I told her that they were now in the office because some of the clients have taken them in the Rose Room.  I must have forgotten to tell her.  She said the young girl & her uncle were gone but were planning to come back later today for the pregnancy test.  I was relieved to hear this news.  She said that she told them to come back around 3pm after the young girl gets out of school. "Okay" I said back to Sheila & "I'm sorry for this mishap".  I went to the bank for Focus & then to the center. I saw that Tom was holding a graphic sign out on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood & I waved before I parked my car.   When I arrived I went in & opened up the doors to the center.  I quickly went outside to say "hi" to both Tom & now Mike was there & spoke to them for a few minutes & then went in to the center.  Martha wasn't there yet.  The doorbell rang & I went to open it & to assist the clients that came into the center for clothes & diapers.  I was busy for the hour that Martha wasn't there.  It was now 2pm & Martha came.  She had to bring her girlfriend to an errand.  It was about 2:15pm that Lynda came to help us today. Paul has been gone for three weeks now & I hope that he comes back soon.  I got to talk with Lynda & she then helped answering the door & putting away the donations into the two Material Aid Rooms.  I mostly stayed in the office doing work in there.  The three Elim Students came in around 4pm to help us out & they did a great job.  Elizabeth came at 7pm when Martha had already left to go home.  She helped to make up the Truth packets & I did the printing of the brochures that were needed for the packets.  It worked out well. 



'Welcoming Community'

To be Catholic calls a community to welcome all people, regardless of their human circumstances. It demands that we reach out with love for everyone, neighbors next door and on the far side of the world—to care without borders.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at Focus

 This was no April's Fools Day!!!!!

When I get into my car, since it's a 2002 Saturn, I thank God that it starts but today it made some noise & it went louder & louder so I knew that I needed a Muffler.  I got to Mass & after while driving to Focus I noticed in my mirror that there was a police behind me, thank God he didn't stop me.  I got to Focus & called the garage in East Rochester to make an appointment for tomorrow.  Martha later on said that I should go today at Monroe Muffler.  So I looked it up on the Internet & saw that there was one up the street so I called.  I went over to the garage & left my car there & Martha picked me up to take us back to Focus but first we stopped at Wendy's for a fish sandwich, for lunch.

When we arrived back to the pregnancy center there was a volunteer in there helping us.  When we arrived at the center, after Mass, there was a client who helped us get the donations out of my car, & did some other things in the center.  She is a terrific woman.  Then her friend arrived & she shopped around for her family.  I received some calls & some other people came in for things.  I went to the office & worked in there for most of the time.  Then Linda came to help us out & we talked with her for a little bit.  Things are coming along just fine.  I called about my car & it was more than a muffler which cost me $650.00, my heat sank but my car is old & he said that it should have been fixed about 5 years ago.  Thank you Lord!  After supper Martha took me home but first she took me to Staples for Focus office supplies & I had to get a new computer for $410.00, for my XL would not do me any good any longer.  I don't want  any viruses & a lack of support.  Wow what an expensive day!!! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at Focus
Yesterday Martha took me home because my car was still being fixed at the shop but before she took me home I asked her to stop at Staples which was across the street from the Post Office which I had to go to & pick up mail, for Focus.  I had to buy a computer, fro my home, for my XL was expired.  Boo!! It was a stressful purchase.  Today Martha picked me up for Mass & then to pick up, my car, which wasn't ready & then to Focus.  This was stressful for us both.  e we got into the center I noticed that Dan was in the Conference Room.  I then moved the basket, housing the water that has been falling down, from the ceiling in weeks.  I saw at this time no water so I moved it & all hell broke out.  I was testy & so was much has been going on in such a short time something is bound to happen & it did.  We were eating & I impatiently asked her if she was going to give me support in this ceiling nightmare & she didn't answer me so I asked again & she spoke to me in a not like Martha.  But while this was going on, the landlord who probably heard, what she was saying to me came out of the door.  I said to him "here is you rent check"& we're both upset about this situation.  He said, as he was walking out of the center, be careful what you ask for Mary", I quickly answered him back saying"I want a new roof" & the door closed behind him.  I walked into the office to stew.  Martha & I had only two episodes, in 7 years, so I knew that we doing okay & sometimes a blow out works to settle the tension.  It did.  We love & respect each other & we're both Catholics & believe in forgiveness & working tings out in a good way......which we did later on.  We hugged & I said that I willed to forgive you at suppertime. 
I was in the office & the doorbell rang.  I got up & went to the hall to see Gene walking down the hallway.  I greeted him & lead him to the office.  He had some Catechisms of the Catholic Church with him so we could give, to our clients, that have not been to church in awhile.  I thanked him so much for this gift.  Then I asked him about moving the two shelves in the Material Aid Room & Blue Room so we could unitize the spaces better.  He measured & said that he would come back, next week, to start this project.  I said "thank you & I can't wait". 
I have wonderful news for you during this Lenten Season!  A grandmother came into Focus today & told us that her grandson was born!!  She was excited & then went on to say that we at Focus saved this little baby's life!.  Her daughter was going to have an abortion but we talked her out of it.  Praise God!!! This little fellow was born on March 26th. at 6lbs. 12 ozs..  His name is Samuel.  The mom & grandmother came into Focus last week to get some things & then went to the hospital later that evening to deliver this precious baby.  God works in strange & mysterious ways.  Thank you for your bountiful prayers for all of us at Focus & our clients. 

Father came with the burned CD's that he does for us every month & thank you so much for 'saving lives'!!!  It was a busy afternoon.  



'Saving the World'

Our actions may never make headlines. Not all of us are called or have the opportunity to be heroes in a dramatic way. But every time we make the hard right choice or extend ourselves in some life-giving way, we are helping to save the world.

 Thursday, April 3, 2014 at Focus

Lynda was with us today & the doorbell rang & she answered it.  I was on the phone & Martha was in the Kitchenette.  All of a sudden I heard "Mary" & saw Lynda.  I asked her to ask Martha, for the help that she needed, for I was waiting on the phone.  After I was finished with putting in the order Lynda said to me that when she answered the door the girl said "I'm here for my birth control".  She lead the young girl & the young man with her into Focus.  Martha was in the Rose Room now talking with them for about 20 minutes & then they left.  She said that she spoke with them, & the guy was more attentive than the girl, who said that it was her own body & didn't believe in God.  The young man took some literature packets with him when they left.  He needs to get himself another that believes in what God says in the 10 Commandments. We pray for them both.  

Elizabeth didn't come tonight & I stayed to finish my work until 8:30 pm. She had to work late so I'll see her next week.....thank God!!!



Pray for the strength to give some things--even a few at a time--to someone who has need of them. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at Focus

 It was busy right away when Martha I got to Focus.I saw Mark & he said that he started up a band & they were good.  I went over to where Christine was praying, in front of Planned Parenthood, & told Mark to speak to her for she helps us with our Focus Fundraising.  It might work.

I did receive help from the man who parked right next to me in the parking lot.  He brought in the big bags that I just got from A Second Thought Resale Shore, who blesses us with so many bags filled with clothes, toys & miscellaneous items, for our pregnancy center, weekly. Three people walked into Focus for assistance & then a pregnant mom, who is due in two weeks with her 2 year old daughter, in a stroller.  Then more people came into the center, for clothes & things.  Martha & I ate quickly, a toasted cheese sandwich & soup. Frank came to put in two light bulbs in my car for they were out & I could have gotten ticket :(    Melody came & brought us a big box of diapers & a short visit.  She looks well.  Then Linda came in after work to help us out.  It was a good day.

Pope Francis Quote: To the Young People at World 
Youth Day 2013:
“I want things messy and 
stirred up in the congregations. I want you to 
take to the streets. I want the church to take 
to the streets.”  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at Focus

We had a good day today at Focus.  We were more busy today than yesterday. The doorbell rang & rang.  Lynda came in for a couple of hours to help us out. Then Dr. Angela came & she called the pregnant moms to see how they were doing.  She was on the phone for 3 hours.  We talked afterwards about my life.  It was another blessed day.  


 'You Are Precious to God'

You're worth more than you know. Your soul was purchased with Jesus' blood, and your love for God is your thank you.


Thursday, April 10, 2014 at Focus 

When I arrived I went over to the front lines to talk with Jerry about the invitation of Planned Parenthood inviting the legislators on Monday at 5 pm for a tour of the abortion mill.  I called Rob already to tell him about this & left a message on his voice mail.  I was worried because he's usually the only one there on Monday evenings praying & holding a sign in front of Planned Parenthood.  So I decided to ask Rescue Rochester if they would join Rob, we'll see.  I then went into the center & got busy.  Martha was already there & had assisted a mother & afterwards another client already. This morning at 10 am I received a call from a young lady asking if we were open & I said "no, we open up at 1 pm but ask if Sheila, who is on the sidewalk praying, & she can let you into Focus". She said "thank you" & hung up.  We were very busy today seeing 16 people plus their children.  At one point I got dizzy with all the people shopping in Focus.  I was in the office when the doorbell rang & Martha got the door.

Rick came into Focus & got a Truth packet & other information form the Rose Room.  He said that he spoke with a young girl going in & wanted to give her this information.  I later went outside & hollered to him that it was Depo not Zipo, which is what he heard the girl say, that he wanted information on.  Just then I heard a voice from a car in planned Parenthood's parking lot saying "yes it was Depo & I received this information & I'm reading it now".  I told her some of the effects of Depo & that her daughter should wait until marriage before having sex.  She thanked me & I went back into Focus.  About an half an hour later I went out to speak to who was out there & I saw that a man was walking his young child in our parking lot.  I asked him if he wanted anything 'free' for our center.  He said "no I'm just waiting fro my girlfriend who is over at Planned Parenthood.  I said "is she there for an abortion'?  He replied "no she was having trouble with her IUD".  I told him that it kills babies & hurts women & he said "that happens".  So I said to him that he probably has children in heaven & for im to repent.  I walked back in the Focus Center, with a heavy heart.  

Then I heard the radio was off so I figured that she was doing a pregnancy test but I was wrong.  A few minutes later the doorbell rang & I got up to answer the door seeing a young man at the door.  I asked what he needed & he said that his girlfriend was in here.  I said "for a pregnancy test" he said "no maybe something for our daughter".  I thought this is a good father.  He walked up the hallway to find her talking to Martha in the Rose Room so I went back to the office for less than a minute when the doorbell rang again.  I got up to answer the door to see that it was Jennifer standing there.  i let her in & then she said to the man "your bus is waiting".  While he left to get his girlfriend Jennifer looked at me & said "she just had an abortion today at planned Parenthood".  I quickly walked away fro her & went back to the office for Martha was witnessing the Truth to her.  We want to save souls but my heart sank for what they both had done to their precious child, that God just created.  I said to them "repent"as they walked out the door. How horrible.  

Adolf came into the center with his bag of apples for our clients.  He prays on the other side of Planned Parenthood from 2 pm to 4 pm every Thursday & he lives about 45 minutes away.  How faithful!!  Lisa came later on to write a letter requesting $1,000 worth of 'free' food.  Thanks Lisa.  I will sent out all that they requested & order the food towards the end of the month.  St. Pius the Tenth Church came yesterday with food for our clients, in April.  It was good seeing them again.  

Then Scott came with the pizza, that he told me two weeks ago, that he was going to bring us today.  We were just sitting down to eat when the doorbell rang & it was the pregnant mom with her boyfriend & their son to receive the pac'n play that Martha ordered from Angel Care.  They had pizza.  Then the doorbell ran again & it was Donna & she ate with us.  Then the doorbell rang & it was a mother & her daughter & the daughter had pizza.  Then the doorbell rand & it was a grandmother & grandfather & their grandchild getting what they needed at Focus.  I got indigestion. So much again was happening in such a short time.  Thanks Martha for all that you do at Focus.   Elizabeth couldn't make it again tonight :(


 'Free Gift of God'

To convert now means to believe the good news (“gospel”) that salvation is offered to people as the free gift of God; it means seizing the kingdom that has come and leaving everything else behind in exchange for it.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at Focus 

Martha had her daughter & I year old grandson at her apartment this morning so she got to Focus at 2 pm today....she said that she couldn’t stop playing with this sweet boy.  I arrived at Focus after Mass & when I got there I was encountered by our male client to help me bring in the bags, from my car, that I just got from the Second Thought Resale Shoppe.  He was a prayer answered.  I was happy.  He did some shopping for his two grandchildren & for himself & then left.  I answered the doorbell & assisted a couple that wanted an HIV test & I gave them two phone numbers to call.  I hope all went well.
I then went into the office & worked for a short time & then answered the doorbell to see Gene at the door.  He came to help me with moving the two shelves today.  I was talking with Ney on the phone yesterday & she suggested to move the big shelf into the first Material Aid Room & I thought it sounded like a great idea so that’s what Gene did.  I was worried if he could do it himself & then the doorbell rang & I saw three people standing there.  There were two women & one young man.  They said that they came yesterday & helped Ney out & they were back again today....I was so happy.  I asked the young man if he could help Gene with moving the large shelf from the Blue Room into the first Material Aid Room & he did.  I looked great & is so much beneficial to our clients.  They moved the smaller shelves into the Blue Room to store our smaller baby clothes.  I spoke with Gene for awhile & he left saying that if I needed him again just contact him.  Thanks Gene.
Dan, our landlord, came in & I spoke with him for a few minutes & then handed him a Easter card.  He said to me “thank you”.  He told Martha & I that he was working on the roof & everything should be back in shape next week....I hope so. 
The three people were working so hard & did so much & I was so grateful.  Focus looks great!!!  I asked how they found out about us & they said that we were on the McQuaid High School website.  They mentioned Sheila & I think that she did this & I thank you Sheila for it, for they were such a blessing.  
The doorbell rang & it was Linda.  She said that she didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so she was tired.  Kudos to you for coming in Linda.  The the doorbell rang twice & there were at least 8 people with two babies in Focus .....Martha needed help so Linda & I left the office to help our clients out.  So much was going on.  Oh, it’s Tuesday the busiest day of the week usually.  After that the doorbell rang again & it was Kate, Lynda’s daughter, & she was set in organizing the office to make it more functional.  I spoke to her briefly & she got to work.  It was almost 6:30 pm when the three people left after so many hours of working.  I thanked them so much.  Martha was now getting supper ready & I invited Kate to join us but she said that she had to go.  She’ll be back next Tuesday with her sister Lisa, who volunteers for us at Focus, to work in the office again....thank you so very much!!!  What a very satisfying day & thank you Lord!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at Focus

What a day!!!  Martha & I got to the center & started to assist people at the door right away.  i was praying that the three people form yesterday came again today & they did!!!  My prayer was answered.  They were fantastic :)   We were soooo busy again today helping soooo many moms & dads with their children (some of them).  We had to counsel one mom who doesn't want her beautiful daughter who is 3 years old to touch anything so we counselled her that this was not a good idea to holler at this precious child about everything.  She told me that her mother did it to her so I replied "so now you want to do this to your daughter, change the".  She looked like it sank in.  Hopefully this child & mother be good together.  I was sad when I had to wipe her watery precious.  

A lot of men came in to Focus today to get things for their children.  One father said that he was raising his 3 year old daughter, by himself.  I told him that he was doing a great job!!  It sad sometimes in answering our door.
I was walking in the hallway when I saw Martha in the Rose Room doing a pregnancy test.  As she passed me in the hall a few minutes later she said "she's thinking of having an abortion".  "What" 
I said "no way".  She went back in the room to speak to the client & I went in a few minutes later to see if I could help.  I said to her "are you thinking of having an abortion"?  I hope not.  She said "I was thinking about it but I'm not anymore, for why should this child die for what I did".  I said "good thinking". I scheduled her for an ultrasound appointment at His Branches for next Wednesday & gave her more brochures.  Martha already gave her the Truth packet & DVD's earlier.  I said to her "it doesn't matter what other people say just don't do it"!!!  "I won't" she said back.  She left with a smile on her face. I'll call her her next Tuesday to remind her of her appointment on Wednesday. We'll pray for her.
  Thank you Lord!

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at Focus

Holy Thursday in Lent
When I arrived at Focus it was so busy  that my head on shoulders almost fell off.  I first went to the front lines to say 'hi" to Tom, Jerry & Sheila who were out there praying & calling out to the girls going into the Killing Mill, Planned Parenthood.  I the went into the center where Martha was already there talking care of some clients. Then the doorbell rang almost non stop until 4 pm.  Praise God that we had some help otherwise I don't know if Martha & I could do it by ourselves.  It was nice seeing Maria back with us again & our three people that have helped us all week were with us doing so much, they even cleaned the bathrooms today & the refrigerator & microwave yesterday.  They answered the door & cleaned up the toys,that I had in my garage,from the Second Thought Resale Store.  They were all such a blessing.
So many people where in today!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at Focus
Mass at Focus tonight
When I arrived Focus it was 1:07 pm I was a little late but Martha was there already & she was giving a pregnancy test to a young woman.  Frank had dropped off some food that he personally bought for our clients at Focus.  Thanks Frank!!
I was in a lot of pain in my gut & I had a issue with my landlord on Monday for I had to call the Police & they came & the Fire Department also came to try to figure out why my Carbon Dioxide alarm was going off on Easter morning, after I came back from the Easter Vigil.  They both said that it was too old.  The landlord finally agreed & he will replace the old one with a new one.....yeah!!
The young lady was pregnant so I made an appointment for tomorrow for an ultrasound at His Branches.  She had a far away look on her face but was happy with her pregnancy.  I found out after she had left that first she went over to Planned Parenthood for she was new in the Rochester area & asked for a pregnancy test & they told her that they did not do the test this afternoon but if she wanted an abortion for her to come back on Thursday.  She felt sick at heart & said “no” & left & then she saw our sign & came in for a pregnancy test.  Thank you Lord.  She got some clothes for her other children & as she left the center I told her to come back when she needed us again & she turned around & said “thank You” & left.  Nice young lady. 
The doorbell rang & it was Angela.  She was ready to help us out today.  She helped our Martha & then went to Wegmans to get us diapers size 5 & some potato salad for supper.  Thanks so much.  When she came back she made some calls to our pregnant mom clients to see how they were doing.  I called our mom to remind her of her ultrasound appointment for tomorrow but she had to cancel because her 2 year old was sick & she couldn’t get a ride.   I called Embracing Options to cancel.  Strangely she came in to Focus with a friend later this afternoon, she talked with Martha.
I was in the office working to try to get $1,000 worth of ‘free’ food.  So much paper work but it’s worth it.  The Mormons do help us a lot at Focus.  I received a call from Lisa saying that she will be coming in at 5 pm with her sister Katie to work in the office to organize it more efficiently.  Thanks girls.  I have an appointment with Lou Ann at 5 pm & we incorporated Lisa to help me to create a web site for Focus Pregnancy Center alone.  It will work out.  It was a great meeting. 
Fr. Mike came in to get ready for the Mass at 6 pm tonight.  It was so good to have him there.  There were some people that came & I was happy.   Fr. heard my confession & gave me the Sacrament of the Sick....I was happy.  I sat at the  supper table that Fr. Mike was sitting & the conversation was informative & fantastic!!!!!  What a day!!!!

'Eyes Wide Open'

We are given signs and opportunities every day. If we walk with eyes wide open and venture out of our comfort zones, great things can happen. One short journey, one stop along the way, one encounter, one great thing, can change our lives.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at Focus
It was just Martha & I all afternoon working.  We saw at least 18 mothers, fathers & children that came into Focus for assistance.  I was in & out of the office doing my work.  Martha was so busy answering the door that she asked me if I could help her & I did.  I called our clients to remind them of their ultrasound screenings tomorrow.  I was also working on the $1,000 Food Grant from the nice Mormon people that supply this for us once a year.  I have to do some paper work first.  The phone was ringing so I had to answer the many calls that I received.  The St. Pius the X Church came in & delivered some food for us by their generous parishioners.  Thank you Kay & Jack for delivering the food to Focus.  I wrote a ‘Thank You’ letter for our gratitude, to the parish of St. Pius the X, for helping our clients.   So much to do but it’s worth it.   We need more volunteers though!

'Start Today'

Countless souls choose not to honor Christ—in their behavior, works or speech—while alive, yet magically expect Him to honor them upon their death. Scripture confirms that’s not a good idea. Don’t wait. Go to God today.
Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Focus
Martha was there on the front lines in the late morning & early afternoon today.  Sheila said that she had surgery on Monday for a  Kidney Stone but was doing better & she would be there in the morning......brave soul.  Martha told me, when I got to the center, that possibly some people left & didn’t have an abortion.  I was so happy to heart his great news.  The doorbell started to ring & today was another busy day.  We had Linda come in on Thursdays which is great.  She is so helpful & saw so many clients.  Judy from Rescue Rochester & rested a little.  I saw that she had a Chick Publication in her hand so I asked her not to hand out the Anti Catholic brochure to anyone & she said that she wouldn’t.  She said that someone handed it to her as she was out on the sidewalk. 
Rob was on the front lines today so there was 9 people out on the sidewalk, in front of Planned Parenthood, to try to save lives....I think that they did. Rob enjoyed supper with Martha & I later this evening. 
Martha & told me that Israel came out on the sidewalk this morning.  She looked awful, she’s so confused.  She witnessed to her & gave her the small booklet ‘The Catechism of the Catholic Church’ that Gene M. has blessed Focus with for our clients that need to be educated about the Catholic Church, that they left.  I hope she reads it & comes back to the  Catholic Church, where she was Baptized.  Martha showed Israel, her love, by giving her the 'Truth'.  

Sunday, April 27, 2014
Mercy Sunday & the Canonization of Pope John XXIII & Pope John Paul
A wonderful blessed day!!!
Check Out:

Pope Francis' Homily at Canonization Mass of Sts. John XXIII and John Paul II

"May these two new saints and shepherds of Gods people intercede for the Church"

Vatican City,  ( | 4921 hits


Here is the translation of the Pope's homily at the Canonization Mass of Sts. John

XXIII and John Paul II today in St. Peter's Square.




At the heart of this Sunday, which concludes the Octave of Easter and which John Paul II wished to dedicate to Divine Mercy, are the glorious wounds of the risen Jesus.

He had already shown those wounds when he first appeared to the Apostles on the very evening of that day following the Sabbath, the day of the resurrection. But Thomas was not there that evening, and when the others told him that they had seen the Lord, he replied that unless he himself saw and touched those wounds, he would not believe. A week later, Jesus appeared once more to the disciples gathered in the Upper Room, and Thomas was present; Jesus turned to him and told him to touch his wounds. Whereupon that man, so straightforward and accustomed to testing everything personally, knelt before Jesus with the words: "My Lord and my God!" (Jn 20:28). 

The wounds of Jesus are a scandal, a stumbling block for faith, yet they are also the test of faith. That is why on the body of the risen Christ the wounds never pass away: they remain, for those wounds are the enduring sign of God’s love for us. They are essential for believing in God. Not for believing that God exists, but for believing that God is love, mercy and faithfulness. Saint Peter, quoting Isaiah, writes to Christians: "by his wounds you have been healed" (1 Pet 2:24, cf. Is 53:5). 

Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II were not afraid to look upon the wounds of Jesus, to touch his torn hands and his pierced side. They were not ashamed of the flesh of Christ, they were not scandalized by him, by his cross; they did not despise the flesh of their brother (cf. Is 58:7), because they saw Jesus in every person who suffers and struggles. These were two men of courage, filled with the parrhesia of the Holy Spirit, and they bore witness before the Church and the world to God’s goodness and mercy. 

They were priests, bishops and popes of the twentieth century. They lived through the tragic events of that century, but they were not overwhelmed by them. For them, God was more powerful; faith was more powerful – faith in Jesus Christ the Redeemer of man and the Lord of history; the mercy of God, shown by those five wounds, was more powerful; and more powerful too was the closeness of Mary our Mother. 

In these two men, who looked upon the wounds of Christ and bore witness to his mercy, there dwelt a living hope and anindescribable and glorious joy (1 Pet 1:3,8). The hope and the joy which the risen Christ bestows on his disciples, the hope and the joy which nothing and no one can take from them. The hope and joy of Easter, forged in the crucible of self-denial, self-emptying, utter identification with sinners, even to the point of disgust at the bitterness of that chalice. Such were the hope and the joy which these two holy popes had received as a gift from the risen Lord and which they in turn bestowed in abundance upon the People of God, meriting our eternal gratitude. 

This hope and this joy were palpable in the earliest community of believers, in Jerusalem, as we read in the Acts of the Apostles (cf. 2:42-47). It was a community which lived the heart of the Gospel, love and mercy, in simplicity and fraternity.  

This is also the image of the Church which the Second Vatican Council set before us. Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II cooperated with the Holy Spirit in renewing and updating the Church in keeping with her pristine features, those features which the saints have given her throughout the centuries. Let us not forget that it is the saints who give direction and growth to the Church. In convening the Council, Saint John XXIII showed an exquisite openness to the Holy Spirit. He let himself be led and he was for the Church a pastor, a servant-leader. This was his great service to the Church; he was the pope of openness to the Holy Spirit. 

In his own service to the People of God, Saint John Paul II was the pope of the family. He himself once said that he wanted to be remembered as the pope of the family. I am particularly happy to point this out as we are in the process of journeying with families towards the Synod on the family. It is surely a journey which, from his place in heaven, he guides and sustains. 

May these two new saints and shepherds of God’s people intercede for the Church, so that during this two-year journey toward the Synod she may be open to the Holy Spirit in pastoral service to the family. May both of them teach us not to be scandalized by the wounds of Christ and to enter ever more deeply into the mystery of divine mercy, which always hopes and always forgives, because it always loves.


 'Part of the Plan'

God has a plan for us that we may not understand at the moment. As the day unfolds, however, we often come to see clearly His amazing grace. He tends to lead us on the paths we may never have journeyed on our own.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at Focus

Martha &  I were very busy today.  It was just us until 4 pm when Linda came to help us.  The Fidelis Care  women came in to talk with me & to ask me if their counselor can come into Focus every Tuesday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm now.  I said “yes” that would work.  We talked for a few minutes & then they left.  Earlier  I had gone over to Christine, who was praying in front of Planned Parenthood, to say “hi”.  She told me that her friend was coming to Focus for an interview for the first ‘Focus Newsletter’.  I went back into the center to prepare for her coming.  The only thing was that she didn’t come today but will come next Tuesday.  All is well.   I had some donations in my car & Martha & the Taxi man helped me bring them in to the center.   I was grateful.  We had a client who was waiting in her car for us to open at 1 pm.  She was blessed & thanked us.  Glad to have helped.  Then a new mom with her father came in t get some things.  The doorbell kept on ringing & so was my phone. 
Pat, our great grandmother,  had called to tell me that she had emailed me a picture of the police officer that saved her great grandson’s life , when he had stopped breathing.  She called 911 & he had appeared to save this young boys life.  What a man & his name is Officer Jim LaRuez, performed CPR on Zhyeir.  Thank you & God bless you!! 
Frank & his friend Fred, went to Linda’s house, to pick up a coffee table & two end tables.  Pat was still at Focus so she took them.  She  called me up  later to tell me that she got home safe & sound & that she was going to put them in her bedroom.  I was happy to hear this. 
I got to speak to the landlord about the ceiling & I was pleased to hear what he had planned.  Linda, Martha & I went on to talk, for we were all worn out to put any of the many bags of donations away, that were lying in the Blue Room.  All of our many clients were agai well taken care of today.  


'Love as Mary Loves'

Ask Mary for the grace to love Our Lord as she loves Him and to remain faithful to Him in life and in death. –St. Bernadette 
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at Focus
After Mass Martha & I got to the center to start our work.  A few minutes later the doorbell rang & I heard the young girl say “is Mary here”.  I walked down the hall & introduced myself to her.  I said “are Michelle”?  She responded “yes”.  I welcomed her to Focus.  She had called me earlier asking to come to get some things for her baby that was born early.  As she was getting some things I went to take out the A- Frame sign out on to the sidewalk.  I saw that there was a lady with two children walking up the street coming to Focus.  I opened up the front door to let them in to the center.  She was having a tough time with DSS & needed many things for the children.  That’s what we are here.  I was now in Focus & I asked how Michelle was doing & she said that she was doing great.  We finally said “good bye” & she left.  It was a few minutes later that the doorbell rang & it was one of the taxi men at the door.  I said “hi” & he said that one of our clients that just left had bumped his car.  He said that he had called for her to stop but she didn’t & left the parking lot.  He was very upset.  I went outside to see the damage but there was no bump or visible damage.  He said that the paint was taken off the fender.  I didn’t see the accident.  I called our client & she said that she didn’t do it.  So I told the landlord  left it alone.  No police were called. 


Heralds of the Gospel 

We are all invited to walk the streets of the world with our brothers and sisters, proclaiming and witnessing to our faith in Christ and making ourselves heralds of his Gospel. –Pope Francis
Thursday, May 1, 2014 at Focus
When I arrived at Focus Martha was already there, for she had been out on the sidewalk, praying this morning.  The doorbell started to ring a few minutes later after I arrived.  Kathy C. came in to help us put this afternoon with our work.   There was so much to do & we need more volunteers.   I was in the office working & came out to help the women with the clients.  Lynda came in at 2 pm to help us out & I gave her three ‘Thank You’ letters to write & then to put the Rosaries in snack bags so we can hand them out to people.
A woman came into Focus at 6:20 pm tonight & told me that she had her baby daughter.  She was able to get out of the house tonight to get some things for her. The baby's name is Izabelle Jean & she was born on 12-30-13 at 7 am.  She weighted 6 lbs.15 ozs. & is healthy.  She said that she will bring her into Focus, for Martha & I to see her, as soon as she can.  We are happy for her & her child.  

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