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Your pregnancy resource help website

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 25

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  1. The family - father and child (the boy).


'Fresh Opportunities'  

God’s job, I think, is to keep lovingly disrupting our lives, and our job is to see if there are fresh opportunities for faith hidden within those disruptions. As a result, God keeps finding fresh ways to shake up our complacencies and challenge us to resist the seductive temptation to play the victim.
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at Focus 
A very difficult day at Focus today.  God got us through it.  It started out as a busy beginning with some clients coming into the center.  We had Sharlene came in with many bags of donations that Rob, who was with Christine & Dick out on the sidewalk praying this afternoon, put in to the storage room.  He cleaned the back of the storage box behind the desk with Clorax because there was a stain on the wall.  Then he through out the big rug that hung over the fence in the back into the dumpster.  We lost this rug after the last water damage about 5 weeks ago. We kept him busy until he had to leave.  Thanks Rob.  
Martha did a pregnancy test & I scheduled an ultrasound appointment for tomorrow.  Unfortunately she was Post Abortive twice.  How sad.  Her sister was with her with her 2 year old daughter & she was pregnant again.  I said to her that she should get married but she wasn’t interested in that.  She wanted more babies in time, without marriage.  She's due in September.  She will give her sister support as well as we will.  
I called our client to remind her of her ultrasound appointment for tomorrow & left a message on her voice mail.  It was about 10 minutes later that a woman came in to the center asking for Sheila.  I said that she is here on Thursdays & could I help her.  She gave me her name & I told her that I had just called her & left a message on her voice mail.  She wanted the informational sheet & she filled it out & I made a copy of it.  She said that she wanted to volunteer at Focus.  I said “after your appointment tomorrow come on by to help Martha & I”, & she said that she would.  I hope so.
A, mother & grandmother, came in with her two young children.  She was upset as she was helping to put some donations away.  She said that she just had to get out of the house where her son was causing much trouble.  He had just got out of jail & she said that he's heading back if he doesn't shape up soon.  Her children are being mistreated by the neighbors across the street & her young son witnessed a shooting & he has ADD. Martha gathered some clients around her to pray for her & her family.  Come join us in pray, she announced. God will take care of her & her family from being harmed. She is a nice God fearing woman.  So many of our clients are hurting from injustices.
Lisa, Martha’s daughter, came in today to help us.  She was gone when the water came down in the Rose Room but Scott, who is vision impaired, came into Focus today & stayed for awhile.  He experienced Martha & my stresses.  
I was in the office when I heard a males voice say “there is a leak in the pink room”.  I got up from the chair in the office & went to the Rose Room to see rain water come down in droves.  I was in shock.  We had the man from Isaac Heating & Cooling came in to clean the air conditioner this day & he had left & we finally had air conditioning & Martha & I were thrilled.  Then this happened.  Water was coming down from the ceiling in buckets.  Our male client helped us & Martha & I worked to get plastic buckets under the water.  It filled up fast.  A lot of papers got wet.  I was very upset to say the least.  I called the landlord & left a message & then called him back & he answered.  I told him that we were having a flood in the Rose Room.  He said that he was 20 miles away & was on his way to Focus.  I thank Keith the client for helping us & he said that we help him all the time & it was his payback.  I said “thank you” again.  How nice.  
The landlord's room & ceiling got wet too.  He finally came in & I showed both rooms.  He was upset for he said that this was a ‘new’ leak.  I told him the only way to solve this ongoing problem was to put a new roof on, he agreed.  We’ll see.  I can only hope & pray that this misery will finally end.  He said that tomorrow it will be cleaned so that we could put every thing back again.  Before he left I saw that part of the ceiling came down, I called him back into the sad & frustrating this problem is!!
Martha & I ate. We then went to Holy Hour, in different churches, to pray.  

'Appreciate Others' 

Spend time to remember and appreciate the people in your life who, despite it all, kept you hopeful as you encountered situations of evil, suffering, and sadness. See, too, the love and grace that touches all our lives in these situations.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at Focus

It was just Martha & I today working at Focus.  We saw many clients in need & tried to assist them.  I later on called Embracing Options to see if our two pregnant clients came in today for their ultra sound appointments & they did .  They both showed up to see their baby & to hear the heart beat of their precious baby.  Dr. K. thought that she saw two babies with one of our clients but didn’t say anything to her until the gestational time increased.  This mother has had two past abortions. 
In the two room,s that were effected by the rain, had a industrial fan on the floor.  I decided that tomorrow the Rose Room would be back to normal.  I hope this water problems will stop, it’s been so long & has been so destructive.  The landlord will not put on a new roof (it’s to expensive) but he will continue to have it patched up each time it the rain goes through the ceiling.  It’s so hard.  He later on told me that the roof had a crack in it & the roof repair man fixed it it won’t happen again.  Only in your mind.   

You’re Not Alone 

In times of intense loss and grief, we take our place with Mary as she embraces all our grief in her own as she is silently holding in her arms the stark presence of our suffering God in the lifeless body of her Son.
Thursday, July 10, 2014 at Focus 
When I arrived at Focus I saw that Martha & Tom were on the sidewalk.  I walked in to the center to start my work.  It was about 15 minutes later I went outside to the front lines to speak to Jerry & Mike, from Rescue Rochester.  Jerry was closer so I spoke to him & waved a hello to Mike who was on the other side.  Tom was across the street witnessing.  The buffer zone, on the sidewalk, was painted orange by Planned Parenthood so if to say ‘don’t cross this line’.  How evil they are.  The only change in the buffer zone saga was in Mississippi. 
Rob came at 1:30pm to go out on the sidewalk to try to save lives.  Carol came into Focus at 1:10 pm to work in the Storage Room & the Material Aid Rooms.  She’s a hard worker & will be with us for one more week & then she will be gone for two months, on vacation. & hopefully will come back to Focus twice a month.  I can only hope.  I received a phone call from our pregnant that had the ultrasound on Wednesday & was going to come to volunteer after her appointment said that after the test her car was stolen.  I sais for her to try to come in tomorrow to help Ney out & she will be blessed.  She said that she will walk to Focus.  I hope so. Our clients, staff & benefactors are in our daily prayers.  

'The Sacrament of God' 

Recall the tremendously important fact that Jesus is the Sacrament of God. In Him we see God in human flesh. We know what God is like by looking at Jesus, by listening to Him.
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at Focus 
Martha & I waved a ‘hello’ to Christine & Gene, who were out praying, in front of Planned Parenthood.  When we went into the center we started to open up the doors to the rooms.  About 10 minutes later Kathy & Rob came in to get what they needed to go out to the front lines to witness.  Kathy took the literature box & the mega phone.  The rain was coming down now & I was worried that thee would be another Focus flood today.  We always have to worry during rain days.  I was opening the door to let the clients in for what they needed.  I lead Catherine, the Fidelis Care counselor, into the Great Room. to do her work.    I looked around & thank God there was no water coning down in droves but some rain did come down in the office, not much but still it came down.  I called the landlord & he came over about 30 minutes later.  He said that he was still repairing the roof.  I keep telling him that the problem will continue until he gets a new roof.  I can only hope that someday he will. 
I was in the All Purpose Room with Pat & her friend James that came in to show us the new Youtube video. Here it is:

Check out the first five reels, for that's Pat.  She’s a remarkable woman!!!  I wish more people were like her.  As we were taking Rob came in to say “hi” to them & then left.  I knew that Kathy had already left from the front lines. Pat, James & I spoke for another 10 minutes & then James went to get some things, in the Material Aid Room, for his family & himself before they both left.  
It was about 40 minutes later I was looking for the literature box so I could put some packets in it but I couldn’t find it.  I called the prolifer who was out on the sidewalk today & got no where for he couldn’t remember where he put it.  I said "it always goes in the office".  I hung up discouraged, for I was told that he was seen with the box, coming into Focus.  I called the other prolifer who was outside today, for she had taken the box & mega phone outside earlier, hoping that she had the box in her car, but she didn’t & she offered to come back to Focus help look for it.  When she came back she couldn’t find it so she paid for the mega phone.  I called California & ordered one for free shipping & handling & no tax.  I was feeling a little better but we lost Truth packets, Rosaries & a lot of DVD’s.  I think that it was put in the hallway & one our clients thought it was free & took it.  Martha & I were busy with other situations so we didn’t see anything.  Martha was hoping that it would be returned but I doubt it.  I do understand, that things will again happen, at Focus, but I hope not for awhile.  I did forgive, through the grace, of God.  I appreciated her generosity in making was very nice of her.  I know that God will bless her for her kindness.  

'Silent Communication' 

The best kind of friend is the one with whom you can spend time without having to say anything. You can just share the moment and enjoy each other’s company, knowing your relationship is deeper than the spoken word. That kind of silent communication is what takes place between you and Jesus when you participate in Eucharistic Adoration.
Wednesday, July 16, 204 at Focus
Mass at Focus tonight on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
I arrived at Focus after buying two packets of beautiful red flowers for the table, in the Great Room, for the Mass tonight.  It’s always a little hectic as we administer to our clients & set up for the Mass.  It was around 1:30 pm that our pregnant client & her daughter came in to help Martha & I today.  Chris was there with her two daughters & son & was going to come back with Connor to assist us but they weren’t able to come back.  I thought that Job was coming today to work on the ‘new’ Focus website but it’s next Wednesday.  I’m answering the phone & doing work & Martha was helping our clients.  I set the table up for the Mass.  Our poor client & her daughter hungry so I got some food for them to eat.  She expressed that she wanted to stay for the Mass even though she wasn’t Catholic.  I just told her that she was welcomed but  she couldn’t go up to receive Holy Communion when we do because they weren’t Catholics.  She understood.  Her & her daughter were very helpful to day. 
I was happy to see that Carol was here, for this is her last day at Focus, for two months.  Hopefully when she gets back from her vacations she will come to Focus twice a month to help us out.  Carol had brought some food bags from St. Pius the Tenth Church for our food cupboard.  They are such a blessing to Focus.  Yesterday Frank had bought a lot of food, diapers & formula for our clients.  He got a membership at Sam’s Club just for Focus.  How nice!!  Paul was here today too.  I felt better to know that we had enough help. 
I walked out into the hallway to see our client & she was very pregnant.  My mouth dropped.  I asked her who the father was & she said “my husband”.  I said no more to her because her husband is an abuser & she ran away from him with her other children.  She came to Focus with bandages on her face because her eye was almost knocked out & so on.  She even lived at Alternative for Battered Women with her children for awhile.  I wish these wonderful women would learn that once an abuser always an abuser.   I hope & pray that she can protect herself & her children (again). It’s usually a matter of time.  Not all the time but mostly they will repeat their abuse again. The answer is to get away from them & to stay away from them.  I know.
Lynda came in around 5:15 pm & I got to welcome her back from her vacation in Oregon.  No time to talk.  Then I saw that both Fr. Fred & Fr. Peter were getting out of the car.......I was relieved.   I welcomed them in to Focus & showed them around before leading them in to the Great Room to prepare for the Mass.  It was a beautiful evening with many blessings.  Five people were initiated into the Scapular movement.  Each received a prayer & a Scapular, now they are forever wonderful!  After Mass Fr. Peter said the prayer for the Sacrament of the Sick & those who wanted to receive this Sacrament went up to Father & was blessed with Holy Oil the palms of their hands & forehead.  This Sacrament is a healing Sacrament.    Then we all went over to the Banquet Room to eat a delicious Pot Luck supper.  Fr. Peter ate so much of his favorite ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. 
What a day!

'The Sustaining Force'

Forgiveness is a practice worth pursuing with all one's strength, as it may be the single most sustaining force in any relationship, as well as being indispensable to one's own emotional well-being.
Thursday, July 17, 2014 at Focus
Mike & Jerry & their team, from Rescue Rochester, are in New Orleans for two weeks doing pro life work with Operation Save America, so there was Tom, Rob, Adolf, Donna, Jennifer outside today.  About 1:15 pm Diane & Raphael, mother & son, came to do some work at Focus but asked if I wanted them in the center or outside witnessing.  I thought for a moment & said “outside, for maybe you can save a life”.  They took signs & some Truth packets with 4 DVD’s in it.  They came back hours later.  They will be back next week. 
Lynda came in today to do some work & she talked with the clients to see what they needed.  Donna, a new person who lives far away,  came in at 1:20 pm & went out to the front lines.  Later on Lynda went out to speak to Jennifer, out on the front lines around 3:30 pm. Jennifer comes from 3 pm to 5 pm.  It was now almost 6 pm & Lynda was leaving & noticed that Donna was still outside, all by herself, with a graphic sign.  She called her into Focus & a few minutes later she came in.  We talked for a long time & around 7:30 pm she left.  Her face was sun burnt.  A very nice lady.  
I had to do some office work, for I was expecting Todd & Ginny today, regarding a Focus situation.  They both came later on & it will be rectified by Todd.  Thank you Lord!!   



'Notes to Self' 

Don’t pretend to be a saint—intend to be one. Bend your knees but never your morals.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at Focus

Another busy day at Focus!!  I waved to both Christine & Dick who were out on the front lines praying & witnessing to those who were going into Planned Parenthood.  What wonderful people they are.  When we came into the Rose Room there was a TV on the floor.  The first client took it.  She didn't have a car so will come back later on to pick it up.....hopefully.  The Storage Room door was closed & locked which never happens.  We have a shower curtain on it ....thank God I had the key.  Tuesday is always a 'surprise' day!!!  Our first two clients brought a baby in the stroller with them & Martha assisted them with their needs. The phone didn't stop ringing this afternoon, so many calls & situations to deal with.  The American Cancer Organization called in regards to fighting Breast Cancer & was planning a Breast Cancer Walk this summer & wanted to know if we'd be apart of this campaign.  I informed the woman on the phone that breast cancer is also caused by abortion & contraceptive drugs.  She didn't hang up on me so I was happy. At least I informed her of these two events.  I did tell her that I don't hear this in the news.  We'll see what she'll do with this new information.  Another call from the RG&E Company & I told him that the landlord is responsible for that bill.  He hung up.  Another call was from Elroy our past accountant that had an office right next to my office in the past.  We're trying to work on a Focus situation with the State.  It will work out fine thank God.  Todd called & I gave him the information that he requested.  Another call by a pregnant mom & another call from a mom who needed our services. Tom called in regards to letting me know about the Focus brochure that he's working on.  Another call from from an Accountant in regards to information that she was seeking for her client that was being audited.  So many calls today but it's okay :)

The doorbell kept on ringing but we were blessed with Christine & her three teenage children who put so many donation bags away, in the Storage Room, which was great.  Christine & her son Connor will be back tomorrow.  Job & Tom are planning to come to the office tomorrow so we' I'll be busy again with office work.  Martha is so helpful with the clients & their children in assisting them.  There a father who was standing in the hallway & I asked him a question & he just said "it's hot out there".  I said "trust in the Lord & He'll get you through".  I had asked him if he knew the Lord & was going to church every Sunday.  I think that he said that he was.  Martha told me later on that the baby's bottle was to warm & the milk didn't look good so she took care of that problem.  He told her that he had a newer apartment so things should work out better for them.  We hope so!!

One of our clients came in Nicole & we administrated to her needs.  Ironically her sister came in to the center with her son & Nicole's son, who is 6 months old, who she is caring for.  How odd.  

Linda came in this afternoon to help Martha out with clothes distribution. What a hard worker.  Earlier today Donna came in with her mother & they both went out to the front lines for about 3 hours in the hot sun witnessing to the people with a graphic sign Malachi.  What troopers.  

Fr. Mickey called me in regards to a situation regarding one of our clients who said to me, a couple of weeks ago, that the devil was in her house.  I called Fr. Mickey to take care of this problem. He was trying to connect with her & got me by mistake.  While I we were on the phone I asked Fr. Mickey if he would celebrate a Mass, at Focus in September, & he said that he would.  So Wednesday, September 10, 2014 we will having a Mass. Thank you Lord!!
After supper Todd came in to receive the two checks for the State. Thank you Todd.  What a day!!! 

'Our Job' 

We don’t need so much to talk about God but to allow people to feel how God lives within us, that’s our work.
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at Focus
Martha had an appointment this morning & was planning to come to Focus after so she wasn’t going to Mass at Our Lady of Victory today.  After Mass I met Paul, who volunteers at Focus.  I said “hi” & asked him if he was planning to come today to help us out.  He said that he was headed to Val’s house to pick her & the kids up to take them to the Library for a class & if she doesn’t need anything he’ll try to come on by to help us later.  I said with a smile on my face “thank you Paul” & off he walked to his car.  Then all of a sudden I saw that he was walking back towards me & he stopped right in front of me & said “please pray for Val, for she has aggressive breast cancer, that was just diagnosed”.  “What”!!  I don’t believe it!!!  He said she just found out. He walked back to his car & left.  My heart sank as he walked away & I was headed to Focus all by myself. 
When I got to the pregnancy center there were two women & a child in the car waiting for Focus to be open.  It was 12:45 pm & I was by myself so I asked them to wait until I opened up the center & they said that they would.  I brought some donation bags in with me as I went to each room to open up the doors.  As I was coming down the hallway I saw that there was a young man by our glass front door so I said to him as I opened up the door “come on in”.  I called over to the ladies in the car & said “come on in now”.  I spoke to the young man for a few minutes & went & got the diapers & food that he needed.  I said to him “thank you for being a good father”.  He said “ I love my son”.  My heart felt full with his remark.  As I was taking to the two women & acknowledging the child who was with them the doorbell rang.  I answered the door to see two women there.  I let them in & greeted them.  I was very busy getting diapers & leading them into the Great Room for food.  I was happy when Martha got there at 1:30 pm & I said to her “I am so glad that you are here”!!  It was busy for a Wednesday.  Usually Tuesday is our busiest day & then Thursday & then Wednesday but things can change quickly here at Focus. 
At 2 pm Job came to talk to me about the new Focus website.  He showed me the video he did a couple of weeks ago so I had to see it & hear it.  He put it on the Facebook page.  Hope it helps!!   I need a haircut.  Vanity is a woman's downfall.     
It was about 3 pm when Paul came in & I was so happy.  I came out of the office, I had to make copies & to make up Truth packets to hand out, so I could assist Martha with the clients, for it’s a team effort.  I try to ask each client how their relationship with God is & if there isn’t any I try to talk to them briefly.  It takes just a few minutes to plant a seed.  
We give out a lot of diapers & I have been receiving many phone calls requesting baby’s so hard because we don’t receive much formula so I say to the mothers that they always need to take good care of their baby & not to dilute the baby bottle with water & they need to set some money aside to buy formula when it’s needed.  Also, I give them the 211 number to call for them to try to get formula from the community.  Hope all this helps our moms.  Martha & I teach a lot during the afternoons. 
Miss N., our client, came by & she is our challenge.   She needs to know that when she’s with us she needs to help us out & not just walk around aimlessly.  Her two children are being raised by other people & she doesn't have much to do at her apartment.  We don’t babysit anyone.  I’m responsible for her when she’s at Focus & I usually don’t have time to watch her all the time.  She is a sweet girl that has emotional & developmental problems.  We try & she knows that we love & care about her. 
A woman, from India came with her two children, & she had such a strong order that was disturbing our other clients & to Martha & I.  This situation is difficult to handle.  We got the deodorizing spray & sprayed it all around.  I wish today we had deodorant & soap on our shelf.  We didn't.  I figured that someone who lives with her should tell her not me.  Maybe I was wrong, so if this happens again, I will take her aside & speak with her.  We try to help the whole person.


 'Through Mary’s Eyes '

Many Christians are confused as to why Catholics honor Mary the way that we do. She is different, however. She was set apart. One of the greatest things a Christian can do is to contemplate the life of Christ through Mary’s eyes. As we see in sacred Scripture, she pondered things “in her heart” (Luke 2:19).
Thursday, July 24, 2014 at Focus  
Always a difficult day, more so then others, because Planned Parenthood is murdering little defenseless babies by surgical abortions, all day.  It makes my heart hurt.  The Rescue Rochester team were in New Orleans, with the Operation Save America campaign, for a week of peaceful prayers & protests, so they won’t be here today & also Rob, was away & Diane & Raphael weren’t coming either.  I trusted the Lord that there was going to be enough people out on the front lines today.  There was.  Martha was out there when I arrived to the center & there was Jennifer, Tom & Adolph.  Kathy, Mary Anne & Mike came later.  So the afternoon was covered thank God.   
In the center we were busy.  Lynda came in to help us & she called our pregnant clients to see how they were doing.  No babies born yet.  Our of our pregnant clients, who I referred to the Catholic Family Center Emergency Fund, was told that they couldn’t assist her for the security deposit, for her new apartment at Wilson Community Commons, so she could get away from her abusive husband, because the Catholic Family Center & the Wilson Community Commons, was receiving money, from the same agency & they couldn’t double dip.  So sad!!  I hope she gets the help she needs to get her & her children away from this abusive husband & father.  It’s so hard & frustrating!! 
I was in the office & Martha, Lynda & Paul were working in the Material Aid Rooms & caring for the clients when I heard the doorbell ring & then the voice of Mary Ann, who was out, on the front lines.  I heard my name & I then walked out into the hallway.  I saw a lot of people by the door & saw Mary Ann who said that this woman was upset with what she sees in the sidewalk.  I looked at her & introduced myself to her & then asked her what was upsetting her.  She said that she didn’t like the yelling to the cars going into Planned Parenthood.  I then preceded to tell her what Planned Parenthood was doing in there now.  One of our clients, who was in the fist room, overheard what this young lady was saying & then came out to tell her her testimony.  She said that she was going into Planned Parenthood & she saw our graphic sing of the aborted baby & after being in there for a few minutes left.  She said that her son is 3 years old now.  Martha & Lynda also spoke truth to this young lady too.  Then all of a sudden she said “I am pro life”.  “What”, I said.  I would never know this by what you were saying.  If you’re pro life then it should be recognized by others.  I felt so sad.  Bottom line is that she doesn’t believe abortion is okay as birth control but doesn’t have a problem if the girl was a victim of rape or incest.  I said that abortion was ALWAYS EVIL, not just some of the time.  I said the woman who was raped &/ or incest can place their baby up for adoption & get counseling.  I told her that I was gang raped at Strong Memorial Hospital & miscarried twins & I think of them every day.  Abortion, makes a woman wounded, for she is the victimizer & her baby the victim.  I invited her, to come volunteer at Focus, if she’d like.  I also invited her to stand, at Planned Parenthood on the sidewalk with a sign, that we have behind the bush to pray.  I said if you don’t want to talk, that would be okay, but the Holy Spirit will probably change that in time.  I wish her well & will pray for her.  
Later on today the doorbell rang & I went to the door to see  Faye, who once volunteered at Focus.  I opened up the door & gave her a big hug.  She said that Natalie was parking the car.  They both came in to the center & we talked for awhile.  I was with them in the Great Room when Nicole, our client, just walked into the room.  I said that we were talking & she left.  Martha came in a few minutes later to talk with the ladies.  Natalie said that she will be in North Carolina for 6 months & when she returns next year she’ll be back at Focus to help us out & in the meantime Faye will come by, to bring diapers & formula, for our clients. It was so nice of them.  I will miss Natalie but will be happy to see Faye when she can stop by.    Natalie said that I needed a vacation & I said I can’t & either can Martha......we will continue to trust in the Lord for our rest & relaxation.  
Nicole, our client, ate supper with Martha & I tonight.  We had hot dogs & potato salad.  After supper Martha left to go to church & I stayed to do more office work.  It was about 7:20 pm when the doorbell rang & I saw that it was Melanie & another young girl.  I was happy to see Melanie, for we see her once in awhile now, for she used to volunteer at Focus.  She introduced her friend to me. They brought diapers, formula & baby clothes.  How nice of them!  I showed her friend around Focus & spoke briefly to them & then they had to go.  It was so nice to see Melanie again!!   


Friday, July 25, 2014 (not at Focus)
This was a very upsetting day!!  I went to Mass at Our Lady of Victory & was heading to my dentist appoint for a 1:30 pm cleaning.  When you take the elevator it ends up in the Healthy Start program area & you walk in there until you get to a door, in the room, which is the Dentist office.  Well, I got to the office at 1:05 pm & the door was locked & on the door it is written ‘Lunch from 1pm to 2pm.  I called & spoke to someone from the Answering Service that told me that the door will be opened soon for my appointment.  I was relieved.  I walked over to speak to the girl at the Healthy Start desk & started talking.  I spoke about Focus & she said that she’s been there before.  I said “great”.  I looked to my right & said to her “are these condoms”?  She said sweetly “oh yes they are”.  I said “what! why are these here?  She replied that they were for the sexually active girl.  My heart sank for we at Focus has been referring there brochures for years.  I go to my Dentist every 6 months & I am sure that they were not there before.  I asked to speak to the supervisor.  A few minutes later out comes a woman, with real short hair, walking towards me.  She introduced herself with her name stating that she was the director of Healthy Start.  I replied saying “my name is Mary Jost & I am the director of the Focus Pregnancy Center.  Then the war begun!!  I asked her why she had condoms here & she said that they are a medical center to which I replied “you don’t care about the soul in a medical facility”?  I said “you have all feel good words on the board & then you have condoms which doesn’t protect from STD’s, HIV & pregnancy”.  All of a sudden she said “I want you to leave right now please go otherwise I will call Security.  I said sternly “don’t talk to me like can’t handle this? .........I have an appointment with the Dentist, & I pointed to the door next to me, but it’s locked & until it opens I will be here.  If you’d like you can move from my space & she did.  I never expected her to be so unwilling to talk about this important matter.  When people can’t answer they try to humiliate you, but not today!!!  I am sure happy that the Holy Spirit was with me.  A few minutes later the door opened & I walked into the Dentist office.   I talked to the Dental Hygienist & she agreed that having condoms was awful....thank you Lord.  She was a good woman who had daughters & cared.  She told me that two years ago she was very sick & her daughter wasn’t feeling well either.  They took a cab & went to Highland Hospital for care.  They started an IV in the mother & the daughter was just standing in the ER room there, was no chair, so she went into the hall & sat on a stretcher.  The nurse got mad at her & then the mother got mad at the nurse for treating her daughter so badly.  Well the the mother & daughter got kicked out of the Emergency Room & were lead out via the Security Guard.  How awful!!!  We were meant to meet today.  Check out:
As I was leaving the Dentist office I said to the young girl, who had been to Focus in the past, that she could come back anytime.  I said “good bye” & left.  I will pray for this situation..........
I decided to go to see Pat, our Grandmother & Great grandmother, for she had a tent set up on the corner of Jefferson Ave. & Frost Ave. to witness to her neighbors in her very bad neighborhood.  When I got there I was greeted by her grandchildren who were playing.  Katherine the mother of the three boys was sitting on the chair with her head in the phone.  I also asked who the woman was who was sitting next to her.  She said that her name was Bonnie & she met Pat about 4 months ago & was here to give her support.  I was happy to hear this. She came to pray with Pat & her family & is from Embracing Options Pregnancy Center in Candandaigua, NY.  I told her that we at Focus sends our clients to the Embracing Options on Arnett Blvd..  She asked me if I knew Dee & I said that I did.  She said please say “hi “ to her from me when you talk to her in the future.  I said that I would.  We talked for about 15 minutes for Pat went to get pizza for lunch.  She said that a family of skunks came into the tent last night & people had thrown stones at it.  I asked Katherine if there has been any crime here lately & she said that there was a murder just yesterday, up the street.  Come Pat come!!  She finally arrived a few minutes later & we talked for a short time.  She was happy that I came & I told her that both Martha & I care about her & her family.  I said “good bye” to everyone & hugged my sweet Goddaughter Akara a second time.  I left feeling that Pat is doing a good thing.  

'The Ten Commandments'

The commandments are a gift, not a curse. Sin is less about breaking the rules and more about breaking the Father’s heart.
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at Focus and the Chancery for Mass with
Bishop Matano
courier photo by mike crupi bishop designate salvatore r matano smiles ...
A very interesting day!!  Martha & I were invited to the Chancery for the 12:15 pm Mass celebrated by Bishop Matano.   I thought that we would be very late to open up Focus so we’d go to Our Lady of Victory Church instead.  Another person stated that we would be okay with the time to open up Focus & it was the feast of St. Martha today so I called Martha & we agreed to go to the Chancery.  What a blessing.  I went to A Second Thought Resale Shoppe to pick up the donations that we receive from them weekly & then off to Buffalo Rd. for the Mass with the Bishop Matano.   When I arrived there was Martha in the parking lot as I was getting a missed call from my cell phone.  We went in together.  We signed in & put the name tag on our chest & waited in the small room off the reception area.  There  was Teresa, who was the former director of the Women's Care Center, & we talked for a few minutes then Lynda & Christine came in a few minutes later. About five minutes later we all were lead, to the Chapel, for the Mass.  Bishop Matano walked in & got ready to celebrate this awesome Sacrament, there were a lot of people there today.  The Mass & homily were beautiful.  After Mass I asked Lynda if I could speak to the Bishop & she told me that it wasn’t possible so I was disappointed.  I went into the hallway & turned around & saw Bishop Matano standing there & I greeted him & then al the women came into the hallway & started talking to him.  He said “I knew something was up when I saw all these women at Mass today".  He lead us in to the small room off the reception area & talked with us for about 20 minutes, what a sense of humor he has.  What a blessing he is to the people here in Rochester. What a wonderful Bishop.....I wish all Catholics would realize it.  When I said that I had to go & he remarked “leaving so soon”.  I said to him that Martha & I had to go to open up the pregnancy center & he smiled.  He made a comment that there was a Martha & Mary at the center.  It was a wonderful experience!! 
When we arrived at the center there was two men at the door.  I got out of the car & asked if there were here for the pregnancy center & they said “yes, for our children”.  I opened up the front door & then went around to open up all the other doors.  I lead them in to the Material Aid Rooms & asked then to sign in the booklet, which they did.  One of the men asked if we had diapers & I said “yes” & the two men gave me their order & I went to get them the diapers for their children.  I showed then the other Material Aid Room where there is men clothing & I thanked them for being good fathers.  Martha was in the center now.  The doorbell rang again & she assisted them with their need.  There was no one coming to help us today.  We were very busy. 
Frank went with Martha this morning to get us food for the cupboards & it was a lot.  He also bought diapers & formula, for our clients, too.  Martha was busy for most of the afternoon putting the food items away as people were in there getting food.  I think that all the clients that came in today wanted food, diapers & clothes.  This was their day!!!  It was hectic for Martha as she was putting the food away someone was taking it.  I called Frank to thank him & I told him that a lot of it was already gone. Sorry Frank :(  I appreciate his kindness & generosity to feed our hungry clients.  They were certainly blessed & it did our hearts good to see the smiles on their faces & to hear their thank yous, as they left the center.  
We had a Focus Fundraiser meeting at 5:30 pm today & the doorbell rang, & it was Christine & then Lynda & Bill came & Rick, to discuss what we were going to do to get donations for Focus.  We came up with some ideas & one was to show the movie ‘Man for All Seasons’ at the Cinema theater this fall.  This should be fantastic!  We also talked about having a Blue Grass group sing for a fundraiser next spring.  It was a fruitful meeting. Thanks Christine!!

 We become more like Jesus, not just by imitating what He ate, but by eating His very Flesh and Blood in the Eucharist.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at Focus
A busy Wednesday this week.  So many people came in to get the things that they needed.  One young lady asked if we had food & I asked if her & her children are eating & she looked down & said “it’s the end of the month so no.not really”.  I lead her back to the food cupboards & Martha helped her there.  When she walked by me a little later I saw a smile from one end of her face to the other.  It was marvelous to behold, & I thanked God for His kindness to us, for her.  There are so many miracles each day at Focus.
It was just Martha & I so we work well together so we just do it.  I think that she answers the door more than I do but I try to be there for her & the office.  This year is the first year I have been in the office so much.  I guess that’s advancement. 
Martha did a pregnancy test & I went in to the Rose Room giving the young lady all of our DVD’s to take with her.  I don’t know why I did that because Martha is good in the pregnancy testing/educational room but I think I was lead by the Holy Spirit.  I usually don’t interrupt what Martha does nor does she interrupt me when I talking to a client in the Rose Room.  But today was different.  I knocked on the door & was given permission to enter & I asked if the client had a DVD & she said “yes”, so I gave her the pile of DVD’s for educational purposes.  She smiled at me & thanked me & I then went back to the office.  After the client left Martha came into the office & said “that was Divine Providence, for this young lady had had two past abortions & was on drugs & a prostitute, in the past, & really didn't have a good place to live now.  I said “really”!  She also claimed that a pro life doctor put her out & then took her baby from her.  Pro life doctors don’t do abortions.  She said that Planned Parenthood wouldn't put her out so this doctor did.  Martha called his office to confirm that he DOES NOT DO ABORTIONS!!!  He is an advocate for the life issues.  I don’t know why she said this awful thing to Martha?????  Later on I put a prayer request out to the people on my email list to pray for her.  I hope she gets forgiveness & healing from her two past abortions.   Sometimes it’s so hard!!!!
The doorbell rang again & I answered the door to see the client that was here on Thursday was back today saying that she could help us out for a awhile.  I called Martha & she went with her.  A little while later I went by her & said :thank you for coming back to help us”.  She said “no problem for what you do for me”.  I said “I didn't do anything for you”.  She said “my twins are London & England”!  I said “are you kidding me”  She said “no”.  Remember three years ago I was going into Planned Parenthood to have an abortion& you were on the wet sidewalk telling me not to have an abortion & that you could help me.  You showed me a graphic sign of an aborted baby & talked to me again.  I went home & months later I had my twin daughters.  Later on that year I drove by & I saw you again in front of Planned Parenthood & I told you that I had my girls & I named them uncommon names, London & England.  You were so happy.  I was so surprised, for I didn't recognize her, for it was three years ago.  I just stood there still because it was wonderful to hear what God did through me.  I am humbled by this information.  It’s hard to process that anyone would kill their children but thank God she didn't & now she’s came back to Focus to give us her thanks by helping us out.  What goes around comes around!!


   'Listening to God'   

Prayer should be more listening than speaking. God gave you two ears and one mouth...use them proportionately. 


Thursday, July 31, 2014 at Focus 

Martha was coming to Focus later on today so I was by myself for more than an hour.  I was so busy & my head almost started spinning.  It’s so hard to service so many people in such a short time.  It rained earlier this morning so I was nervous when opening up the doors, hopefully, not seeing any water on the floor.  I was happy to see no water damage for the first time in years, after a rain.  Maybe things are getting better.    

Martha came in & I was so happy to see her.  We were now busy with the clients together.  I called the landlord to inform him that I had the rent check for him to pick up.  He said that he wanted to talk with me tonight so he’ll be stopping by later on.  I said “okay” & hung  up wondering what this was all about.  I found out later & it was horrible.
Martha & I heard from our landlord & he is requesting some changes at Focus.  One thing is that he would like us across the street from Planned Parenthood, for he is buying the building.  He wants three rooms at Focus for office space for he is renovating the strip mall into a business mall.  He wants us to separate which makes no sense & I don’t know what he’s thinking.  I said “no” we are a hole in the wall working for God so just please leave us alone.   He wants to meet with our Board Members & I did set that up for him for next week.  One member will be meeting with Martha & I on Tuesday & the others will come next Thursday.  I called the landlord to ask  him to come to both meetings.  I left a message on his cell phone.  As pro lifers we are always under here we go again!!  He is a Catholic & says he’s pro life so I think that we can reason with him for he doesn’t want us out just to separate.....icky.  I called Eternal Word  Television Network for prayers & the Thomas More Society for legal information & prayers.  They were both  beneficial to our need.  God is in control, for Focus is His center, which He started nine years ago!!!  Lord have Mercy on us!!!!  Please turn this out for good & thank you.


‘In Awe of Life’    



For now, begin to look at your body and your soul with wonder. With every morsel you eat, do not presume to understand the mystery that you are. Instead be in awe of each moment of life that courses through your veins, of each breath you inhale and exhale.    

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at Focus
Martha & I arrived to the center right after Mass so we could walk up & down University Ave. to check out all the vacant properties.  When we got there we saw so many young people standing where Christine & Eugene were praying, in front of Planned Parenthood.  I went over to see if they was the students from Candadaguia.  I said “hi" to Christine & Eugene & I asked if Liz was in the group & she was.  I said that I was so happy to see them all & Martha & I will be back to open up Focus in 5 minutes.  Then we went & got some information, of the empty buildings, on this part of University Ave. for maybe our new future.  I personally hope not but God is in control. When we got to the pregnancy center’s door there they all were, waiting for us.  I think that there was 8 students & two adults.  I greeted them all & let then in.  It was sooooo busy this afternoon.  Martha was directing them & I went into the office as the doorbell kept on ringing.  I got up to answer the door & it was Tom with the new Focus brochure!  I was so excited to see him.  I lead him into the office & we talked & then he showed me the new brochure & it was marvelous!!  The only thing I told him was that we had to wait to print 1,000 of them until we know if we’re staying where we are now.  I was sad in saying this.  I said that we might be moving across the street from Planned Parenthood.  He was receptive & agreed to wait for printing.  I was so appreciative of all his hard work & time in creating a wonderful brochure for us, for free.  God does provide for our needs.  Thank you Lord!!!!

‘Mature Prayer Life’
Most of us have had experiences when we knew God was saying something specific to us, even though we heard the words only in our hearts. God can speak in this way even when we are not at prayer. But a mature prayer life will make our souls more sensitive to these direct inspirations, and create more room for God to speak directly more often.
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at Focus
We did the things that we needed to do but didn’t have time to do it....this was that day of catch up.  It was fruitful assisting our clients & spending time with them & doing the things that were needed to do in the center.  We felt fulfilled.  Later on Lynda came to help us & she is a blessing.  We talked & worked to accomplice the things that we need to do to keep our pregnancy cert up to par. 
Later on Lynda’s daughter Katy came to help organize the’s looks great!!  We were also talking about the possible changes that Focus might face in the future.....we’ll see.  Moving is no fun :(  It’s what God wants & not man.  This situation has been very challenging to both Martha & I & also to our Board Members.  Hope that it gets resolved soon!  I did office work & helped those who were working in the much to do :)  Martha is the Mother of Focus!!   


 ‘Repelled by Sin’
The idea of the ugliness of sin and the feeling of sorrow for my personal sins are a response to God’s action in my mind as He guides my mind’s eye to perceive certain aspects of His truth while I listen to Him speaking through His revealed Word in the Bible.
Thursday, August 7, 2014 at Focus
Our Board Meeting with the landlord....we’ll see how it will go!  Anxiety is a friend of mine.  Wen I arrived to the center I walked over to the sidewalk to speak to Jerry about the Operation Save America outreach in July.  He said that it was very successful & a lot got accomplished.  Great news to hear.  There was Mike V. to tell me that his daughter was now in labor & to pray for her.  I said that  would.  I waved over to Mike & hollered “hi Mike, save lives”.  He waved back.  I then waved over to Jennifer who was on the opposite side of the street holding a sign.  I then said “good bye” & walked back over to Focus to start my work.  I asked the taxi guy if he would bring the donations from my car in to the storage room & he said that he would.  The guys over at Mack’s retail store are so helpful to us.  God bless them always.  Martha was now in the center from being on the sidewalk in the morning.  We were buy answering the door & servicing our clients. 
It was now 6 pm & Lynda was the first person to arrive for the meeting.  All the rest came later.  We discussed the situation in the Great Room & all were receptive to my questions.  Then at 6 pm our landlord arrived in the room & the discussion started.  He stated the situation & what he wanted to happen in the mall, in the future.  He went on & then the questions came forth from the members. Martha & I were upset but composed as we made comments.  I asked if this was going to happen soon & he said “no”.  I was relieved to hear this.  He made it sound like he was buying the corner house on Windsor & University right across the street from Planned Parenthood.  I asked to see the property on Tuesday & he said “yes’, I’ll show it to you then. He said that his wife had called him several times & he had to go & said “good bye” to everyone & left.  We sat there & discussed what he had said for about 15 minutes.  I then asked if everyone would like to go see the property & they all said “yes”.  I went in to the office to get a pad of paper & a pen & we all walked up the street to see the outside of the house.  It’s hard to discern if God wants us there but we will.  His plan will come clearer as we continue to pray.  

'The Light of Christ’
During those times, when we are most humbled and most in need, the light of Christ beckons to us in our darkness and, like a lighthouse in a storm, guides us safely to shore.
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at Focus 
This was the day that we were going to see the new property on University Ave., for our pregnancy center.  We all met at our present pregnancy center at 1pm, there was Kathryn, our realtor, Martha, Rob & I, planning to go see the property.  We walked up the street to meet the new landlord.  He showed us the building & we asked him some questions.  I was happy to visualize Focus there.  It was a different layout but sufficient for our needs.  We just want it cleaned up & the refrigerator & stove taken out.  The parking will be a challenge but I know that God will work that out for us & our clients, who have cars, which are very few.  The trash situation will work out with some changes.  We always have a lot of trash & there is only one blue can for pickup.  As long as we have a place, with a lease, we can work out all the other situations, with the help from the Lord.  Let it begin!!  We walked back 
to the center to discuss the situation.  We wanted the landlord to know what we do, as a non-profit organization, so Kathryn called his retaliator & she called back to say that it was alright.  Yeah!!  I was told that we had to get the board members together for a vote & the landlord will be going to Alaska for a week long cruise & he’ll be back on Friday, August 22nd..  I hope we can sign then & move the following weekend which will be the last of the month.  The plan is for me to call a professional mover & to ask for volunteers to help pack the things in the center.  We will have pizza & pop for them, for their work. 
Martha & I talked while we worked, for the doorbell, kept on ringing.  When we arrived to the center, at 12:45 pm today, there was a young mom with her child already there, so we assisted her before we went to see the new property.  This afternoon a father came in with his child to obtain our services & he left happy.  I try to say to the fathers before they leave “thank you for being a good father”.  They usually smile & say “no problem”. 
Linda came in later & worked for over an hour, we appreciate her faithful service.  

‘Now’s the Time’
If you’ve encountered Christ but have been reluctant to really jump in and change, now’s the time. It’s like a yard sale for the soul. Everything (you know) must go, so that God’s will is all that’s left.
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at Focus
Mass at Focus tonight
It was busy immediately when I arrived.  There was seven adults & four children & one was in a stroller waiting for me.  No one had called on my cell phone which I was grateful for I don’t answer while driving & it only frustrates me that it’s ringing & I can’t answer it.  I was by myself for Martha wasn’t here yet & I was 15 minutes late today because on my way to Focus, as I was heading onto the expressway, the Holy Sprit whispered in my ear that I had forgotten the beautiful red flowers for the alter for tonight’s Mass.  So I had to go back home to get them in my hallway.  The hall was dark & I didn’t see them as I left.  I thanked the Lord because if I had to turn around on the expressway I’d be 30 minutes late.  I told the many people that once they signed in, that half of you have to separate into the two rooms, so you’d be mIore comfortable.  They did as directed.  Thank God that Martha came in about 15 minutes later to help me out.  Baby formula is so requested this year that my heart aches that there isn’t any at times along with non perishable food items, though we do give them a food pantry flier.  We always have diapers & clothes, etc. thank God.  Hopefully, when we get to our new place we will have more money to buy formula & food, for our clients in need.
Lynda came to help us out today.  The doorbell rang & a mother with her precious baby came in to the center.  She told me that this little baby, who was 9 months old, was going to be killed at Planned Parenthood earlier in her pregnancy but we saved her baby’s life.  We know that God is the one that saves lives He just uses us to help Him.  Martha & I were, at that time out on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood, to try to save babies from being killed.  This was one of our babies.  She was so cute & Lynda picked her up & patted her gently on the back & she throw up on her shoulder.  I got a wet cloth to clean her up.  This was a memorable moment.  It was a bit hectic because we were also setting up for the Mass & answering the door. 
Fr. Eisemann came in at 6pm & graced us with a beautiful Mass this evening.  His homily was so informative to our ears.  He is a blessing to our community.  After Mass we all went to the Banquet Room next door to eat a delicious supper made by Martha.  Father had two plates of food & enjoyed it so much!!!  Thank you Fr. Eisemann for celebrating Mass at Focus tonight!



'Posture of the Heart' 
It’s never too late to fall into the arms of God. Prayer is not complicated, and it should never be scary. It’s not about the words—it’s about the posture of the heart. Stop and pray right now, and ask God to speak to you.
Thursday, August 13, 2014 at Focus
Martha won’t be with me today for she has her grandchildren from Pennsylvania come to visit.  I had asked Lynda if she could help me today & she said that she couldn’t but I received a text message from her saying that she could come from 1 pm to 3pm today........I was so happy.  If Lynda didn’t come today I don’t know how I could have handled all the people coming in & a pregnancy test too.  Thank you Lord!!
We were so busy!!  This ministry has to have at least two people at Focus at all times to be effective.  We assisted so many people plus the phone calls & all else that was going on.  We had a client come in crying saying that she has five children & was trying to get emergency food stamps but they refused her.  She was on hold with DSS for over an hour until I told her that they weren’t going to answer & to hang up.  I went into the office & got a bus pass, that was given to Focus a couple of days ago, they were for the clients that were going for an ultra sound appointment but she needed it.  I went & got some money from the Mass collections yesterday.  I went in the room where she was & gave her these two things.  The smile on her face was priceless.  I thank God for providing for this woman in need. 
I went outside for a minute to get something from my car & I saw Mike W. walking up the street trying to talk to a young girl with a baby in a stroller.  I knew that he was trying to help her so I hollered to her that we could help her & all our items are free for her & her baby.  She stopped & looked at me & then went up Gibbs St..  Mike W. said that her baby was saved. I was so happy to hear this important information.  He said that when she came out of Planned Parenthood she said that she had changed her mind.......Praise God!!!  What great news to hear. 
I went back into Focus & about 20 minutes later I heard Martha’s voice.  I walked out of the office to see Martha with two children.  I went up to her & gave her a big hug.  She introduced her two grandchildren to me & to Lynda.  How nice!!  She lead them into the storage room to put things away.  The doorbell rang & I went to the door to see two young ladies standing there.  They said that they were hear to help us.  Hurray!!  They both worked with Martha putting things away, for we had a lot.  I told them that they were a prayer answered.  They stayed for over an hour.  What a day!! 

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