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Your pregnancy resource help website

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 27

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HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2015!!!!!



 ‘Connect with Others’ 

Healthy relationships nourish us and teach us how to love. Whether these relationships come through family, friends, or a faith-based group, if we seek, we will find. God will always lead us to what we need. Our job is to be open and willing to follow.
Tuesday, January 6. 2015 at Focus
This Tuesday it was Martha & I & later on Linda came to help us.  It was a quieter but somewhat busy Tuesday.  We did see clients this afternoon & there was no problems.  I was able to get a lot done in the office today.  I called our client, that was scheduled for an ultra sound appointment for tomorrow at His Branches, but her phone had no minutes on it so I couldn’t reach her.  She has two children that she had to give up but does visit them & is pregnant again.  I am sure she would not have her baby killed by abortion.  Pray, pray & pray some more (always). 
Martha was giving away a pac’n play & helping the moms with things for their children.  She was busy so I went out to help her when I could.  I like to talk with the girls to see how they are doing in their lives & to give them the ‘10 Commandments’ paper to take with them.  It was a good day~

Formal prayers can help us entrust ourselves to God’s care. Moreover, the psalmists praised God but also shared their hearts and bared their souls in the most gut-wrenching emotions. We can do the same.
Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at Focus
Today was a harder day than yesterday.  A woman came in & Martha was talking to her & then I started to talk with her & found out that she & her two children weren’t baptized.  I spoke to her about find a good church & get established & getting everyone baptized.  She said she would.  I hope she will.
Then came into Focus was a woman who was there when I was sick & Martha told me abut her.  She was married & then her so called husband didn’t want children so she had two previous abortions.  He’s in jail for a very long time, I didn’t ask for what, & she’s divorced now.  She had three children by her boyfriend a 6 year old & twins 6 months old.  I asked her if she’d like an ultra sound appointment & she said “yes”, so I called over to Embracing Options, to make the appointment for a week from today.  She said that she’s had an ultra sound already & I asked her where.  She said it was on Lattimore & I knew that it was the abortion clinic there that she went to.  She said that the nurse told her not to look at the ultra sound pictures if she was going to terminate (how loving was that).  She said that she was discussed with her words & left.  She said that she was thinking of having an abortion, at that time, but couldn’t.  Thank God.  I said “of course you can’t kill your baby”.  I gave her some Project Rachel information & asked her to call that number so she could talk with a woman & to start the healing process of her two past abortions, that caused her much pain.  I mentioned adoption but she said that she wanted to parent.  I said that there was nothing wrong with adoption & gave her some information to take with her.  I also gave her the Catholic Family Center brochure for her to call them for assistance too.  She smiled & thanked me. 
I could tell that she was abortion wounded...........


‘Solemnity of Mary’
As we start this new year, let us look for ways in which our hearts are still proud, or areas where we are called to be merciful or forgive others. Today is also a day of prayer for peace in the world; perhaps there is an opportunity to evangelize by reaching out, forgiving, and reconciling with members of our family or our friends.
Thursday, January 8, 2015 at Focus
When I got to Focus, Martha had already done a pregnancy test.  She told me that the young girl said that she had gone to Planned Parenthood first & they told her that they didn’t do pregnancy tests on Thursdays only abortions all day.  This made me sick to my stomach & my heart ached.  What is wrong with those people?????   Her test was negative & Martha gave her appropriate literature to help her to say “no” next time.  Some of our girls have no boundaries.  We can only try to help them make better choices in their lives. 
Frank, came in, with a dozen of ‘Donuts Delight’ donuts....mmmm good.  He also put plastic on the window, by the Lady of Guadeloupe mural, by the Storage Room, to make it warmer.  He is a good helper.  So much to do at Focus!!
Barb, our Landlady, came in for the rent & to help us out too.  Terry was there & Kathryn came to help us out today. Thursdays are hard for me because they kill precious little babies across the street at Planned Parenthood.  So horrible!
A young woman came in for diapers, baby formula & clothes.  She needed boots for herself, too.  A nice lady.  I gave her the ‘10 Commandments’ to take with her & she was receptive & kind when I handed it to her.  We care for the souls too.

 ‘Glorifying God’  
A wasted life is a life lived without worshiping God. A life well-lived is a life spent in his presence and offered for His glory.
Experiences on January 13th, 14th, & 15th at Focus
A very, very busy Tuesday!!  Martha & I got to the center after Mass & just kept on working until 6 pm.  Linda came to help us out for an hour later in the day which is always helpful.  doorbell kept on ringing which is what we want to happen. 

Wednesday I called over to Embracing Options to see if our client showed up for her ultrasound because I called her the night before & could not reach her on the phone, which is frustrating.  Today I was told that she had come for her test & was delighted.  Also, I asked about another client that missed her appointment last Wednesday & I could not reach her on her phone.  She was there too.  A counselor was taking with her now & will set up an appointment for next Wednesday.  I was relieved to say the least!!  Later on the first pregnant mom came into Focus tell us the great news that she was 11 weeks pregnant & her precious baby.  She was trying to show us the ultrasound picture but couldn't find it in her messy purse.   A little while later I received a ne call from the other client & we talked on the phone for a few minutes.  I was happy that they both chose life.  

Thursday we were busy at Focus.  We were blessed with a male helper who needed to do community service work & was referred to by our attorney-friend.   He was very pleasant & very helpful & will be back again next week for 3 days to assist us at Focus. Terry also helped us out today & later on Marcy came to volunteer.  We saw many clients today & helped them with baby formula, diapers & clothes.  



 'Mary's Role' 

Oh Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament, Mary responded wholeheartedly to your invitation to bear you in her womb. In a similar way you ask me to bring you into the world by my love and actions toward others. Like Mary, I am in awe of your invitation. And like Mary, I say yes to you. Let your will be done now and always.


Tuesday January 20, 2015 at Focus

Another busy day!!  When Martha & I got to Focus there was our male volunteer waiting for us to open up.  He is a nice young man.  Also, there was at the door a client who needed things for her friend for she has many children & is pregnant again.  We were helpful to her & she was so happy.  After she left the doorbell kept on ringing & so many people came to get what they needed for their children.  we gave away may diaper packs & baby formula.  I have to go to the store again for more.  We also were given many donations of very nice clothes.  Brian Able came with many bags of children clothes for our clients.  I showed him around & he was impressed.  Also, someone who found us out on the WishList came & donated many nice things. Also, I came in with the donations from A Second Thought Resale Shoppe in East Rochester.  Many blessing today:)

We saw many men here at Focus today which is always great. I always thank then for being good fathers.  Martha did a pregnancy test today & she was negative.  She doesn't want any children.....then don't have sex!!!  Prayer & Education is what we try to do.  All our clients take the 10 Commandment sheets to reflect on & to confess their sins to the Lord.....we must also worry about their souls.  One of our clients had two children & is pregnant again with the third & is not married.  She is unable to raise her children so they are taken away from her because of her poor developmental skills.  She said that she has sex because then someone loves can we get through to her????

 ‘Window into Heaven’  

Oh Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament, give me greater faith that it is truly your Body and Blood that I receive. Where I lack faith, increase my belief in your real presence. Amen. I believe in you.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at Focus 

I received an email today & we will be blessed with 4 Elim Bible Institute students at the end of January.  It will be Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm.  That will be a blessing!  Maybe I can get some office help.......hope so! 

Martha & I were busy with no volunteers today but we made it through.  We just keep on doing what we need to do at Focus.  I called over to Embracing Options to see if our client came for her ultrasound & she did...thank you Lord.  I spoke with Dee for awhile because we are concerned about this client metal capabilities.  We will observe her when she comes to Focus.  She came into Focus this evening with her look alike brother.  I saw that she was relaxed & in good spirits.  I as happy but I will continue to observe whenever she comes into Focus.  She has been pregnant three times & doesn’t have her two children with her because she is unable to care for them in a proper way.  The Social Worker is in control, of this situation.  She is not abusive but immature.  I spoke with her about not having sex but she said that she feels loved when she does.  I’ll keep on trying before & after this precious baby is born.     

I wrote up some Thank You letters, for the many donations that we receive, from generous people & churches.  What a blessing they all are!  This is a team member ministry!


‘March for Life'
Washington, DC
(42 Years of child killing in America)

‘Mind Blogging Love’  
We must allow ourselves to be filled with wonder and awe at His majesty, and at His mind-boggling loving kindness as evidenced by the simple fact that He has created us (He didn’t need to), has redeemed us (we didn’t deserve it), and has continuously invited us to walk with Him toward our everlasting home in His heavenly kingdom.


Thursday, January 22, 2015 at Focus
The day that abortion (baby killing) became legal in America
A sad day to be sure!!  Rescue Rochester was coming out to the front lines in front of the main Planned Parenthood this morning from 10 am to 12 noon with Mike’s team & an out of town Pastor & his wife & 8 children.  I was there at 11 am & I was introduced to them & spoke to the Pastor for a few minutes before going into the Focus Center.  When I came in Martha greeted me & told me that Frank had brought donuts for the people.  I went back outside to tell them that thee was a treat for them at Focus & two by two they went in to receive a delightful donut.  I took a coconut donut & left it by my desk for later.  This act of kindness truly helped me to cope for Thursdays are my most difficult day of the week. 
Terry came in & spoke to us for a few minutes before going back outside to pray & peacefully witnessing the Truth.  The Rescue Rochester group left at 12 noon & I was hoping that someone would be in front of the Killing Center but no one was there.  I decided to go out by myself for Martha had been out in the early morning for a couple of hours & she needed to be in the center now.  I gathered the container together & took the mega phone & graphic baby saving sign & went out & planted myself in front of Planned Parenthood’s building.  I showed the graphic sign, to the people in the cars driving by, & calling out to the people going in to the death center.  A car came into the parking lot & the driver in a red jacket came out along with a younger woman with, I guess, with a 3 year old child.  I called out to them fiving them information & they asked if she was here for an abortion.  She answered me by saying “are you”.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t here if she said “yes” or “no”.   I replied back saying “no, I wouldn’t kill my baby”.   I kept on talking to her until they were all in the abortion mill.  I stood out there until Mary W. came & was with me.  I decided to wait until someone came to be with her.  It was about 10 minutes later that Pastor John, who is new to our team, got out of his van & joined us.  I introduced myself to him & then to Mary & pointed to where Focus was located.  He said that he’d stop by after his two hours on the sidewalk.  I said that I will see him later & showed him the box of Truth packets & gave him the mega phone & graphic sign.  I said “good bye” & thanked Mary for being there & left to go back to the pregnancy center.  My heart was aching for I didn’t hear what the woman said to me. 
It was a little after 1 pm that Kathryn came in to help us out.  What a blessing!!   I then went in to the office to do my work.  I heard the doorbell ring & it was Holly, from Woman’s Care Center, that came in for a few minutes before going outside to pray with Scott, who came earlier with two pizzas, for our clients.  How nice is that!!  Kathy came in & was bringing back clothes that she had washed, to be put into the Material Aid Room baskets.  We had quite a group in the main room.  The doorbell rang & it was a regular client that came in & was talking to Martha & then to Holly & Kathy.  She was there for awhile.  As she was leaving I came out & asked her from a distance, what the St. Stanislaus meeting was all about, for the last time she was here she told me that they were having a meeting.  She quickly told me that it was for service in the church.  She left & I stayed out in the room to talk with all who were there.  Martha had told me that this client, who just had left, that her brother, who has mental problems, got angry with her & he threw hot oil on her face & neck & she has third degree burns.  I really didn’t notice this from afar.  How sad was this.  She was counseled by Martha & Holly & Kathy, who was bringing her home with her bag of clothes, for her 6 children.  I was so happy with this mom because she was Catholic but left & came back to the church & went to the Sacrament of Confession & is being chaste.  The Evil One is alive & living in the world.  I know that the Lord has his hand on her & she will triumph, through Him
The doorbell rang & it was Pastor John.  I got to talk to him & found out that he lives in Leroy & is the father of 8 children.  How blessed is he!!  I then asked him about the two women & young child that went into Panned Parenthood.  He said that they came out & left.  I was sooooo happy to hear this.  She must have said to me “no, are you”.  Thank you Lord.  The front lines is the most difficult ministry but oh so necessary. 
We were eating pizza & chicken wings when Holly began to share about her adoption of a 15 year boy from the Ukraine.  She told us about the desire & then the process, of overseas adoption.  She just returned back a couple of days ago with her new son.  She was elated.  Her face was glowing.  What a beautiful testimony that she blessed us with!!!!
Susan B. came in & needed to use our restroom.  I greeted her & it was good seeing her.  He father Bob, who prays with Rob on Mondays, was on the sidewalk praying now.  It was around 3 pm & Marcy came in, with her two sons, to talk with us for a few minutes.  She is a mother of 8 children who sings.  She has her family that goes to sing at events.  Such beautiful voices.  She gave us a bag of popcorn to nibble on.  How nice is that!! 
We saw some clients today that were helped at Focus.  It wasn’t a busy client day as most days.   It was about 5 pm now & everyone had left so Martha & I had to eat quickly because we were going to the Rescue Rochester’s event at the church on East Ave. at 6:30 pm tonight.  We took our cars & drove there.  As we were walking in & greeting Mike he says to me “I’d like for you to give your testimony about the saves at Focus”.  I was delighted to talk about Focus when I can but I was a little upset that he didn’t ask me earlier in the day when I saw him.  Oh well, I’ll do my best.  I said to Martha that she needed to be with me to share.  Remember she deflates at 6 pm....she is a morning person & she leaves Focus right after supper to go home.  She smiled at me & said “okay”.  Right on dear & faithful Martha.  A man & a woman sat right in front of us & the man turned around to tell me this story.  He said, years ago, myself & two daughters drove by Planned Parenthood where you were standing on the sidewalk & my daughters asked me what you were doing.  I said “she’s trying to saves babies from being killed in that building”.  “Really” my daughter replied “how great is that”.  I then decided to go get hot chocolate for you & stopped by to give it to you.  You were pleasant & thankful, for it was cold outside.  “That was me”, he said.  I lost my breath & said “how nice of you & your daughters, for that didn’t happen very much out there.  “God bless you for your kindness”!!!!  Then he said that his wife prays in front of Wortman’s abortion mill in Brighten & I told her that I knew him & what he does to women & precious babies.  I asked her to keep on praying there.   The music stated so they turned around so we could Praise the Lord.   What a nice experience was this. 
We sang praise songs & people were still walking in.  I saw Pastor John with his lovely wife & good looking 8 children.  I smiled at him & continued singing.  It was now time to talk about Focus.  Martha & I got up & went to the front of the room & I started to talk about my earlier experiences & then Martha talked about the baby that was saved about 4 months ago.  Mike let us know pleasantly that it was time to sit back down.  I could have talked about Focus & the sidewalk counseling ministry for hours but we had only minutes.  I need to write a book.  Maybe someday. 
For more information check out: on 1/22/15


 ‘Who’s in Control’
Is God in control of your life, or are you? Does He have your permission to take you where He wants to, or are you the control freak who wants Him in the car but won’t let Him steer?
TuesdayWednesday & Thursday, January 27,28 & 29th. at Focus
Tuesday, Martha & I were working in the center & had much to do & we did it! The doorbell rang & it was a mother that needed formula & diapers & clothes.  We were able to assist her.  Every person, that comes into Focus is special to us, & we try to help them in any way that we can.  We have many referrals, on the front desk, as they come into the center.  We have food, shelters, & general lists of places, with phone numbers, that can help them solve their problems.  Since we have added baby formula to Focus I have been very busy buying it at Wegman's & Tops market.  It's expensive but as long as we can buy it we will.  We want precious babies to have good food so they grow up healthy.  

We had a young woman come in, later on, Tuesday evening, she was pregnant & due this Sunday.  She took some clothes for her 3 year old son & baby in her womb. I talked with her for a few minutes & she said that she was married but that her husband is not in her life.  He was becoming abusive so she asked him to leave & he did.  I hope this situation will get better, in time.  She then asked when the bus was coming & I said that I didn't know.  It was now dark.  I looked at Martha & she said that she will call Frank, her ex husband, to take our pregnant mom home.  He said that he will be over here in 15 minutes & he was.  As she was waiting she told me that when she was walking to Focus a car stopped & asked her if she wanted a ride....thank God she said "no" & he left without incident.  One never knows.   I was happy that Frank took her home safely & helped her bring her bags to her residence. Thank you Lord!!

Wednesday was a quiet day, which is good once in awhile, for we need that to get more things done.  We still saw clients today & helped them with their needs.

Thursday was busier but we had lots of help today.  We started out with Terry until 3 pm & then Marcy & Molly for about an hour. Holly came in & we talked about a situation, which I hope will be okay. She said that she will come back next Thursday to tell me. Hope it it good news!  Cathy came to help us out too today. 

I received a phone call from one of our male fathers saying that he needed baby formula & diapers & he was coming with his daughter. "Okay" I said & he came later on.  He said that someone stole all his baby's things.  We talked. Then the doorbell rang & there was five young women standing at the door.  I greeted them & said "are you from Elim Bible Institute"?  The one girl responded "yes" & I let them in.  I was worried about what we could have them do but they were all busy until 20 minutes past their time here.  They introduced themselves to Martha & I & we talked for a few minutes.  The students were so happy to see a 1 year old in the stroller & the Dad let each of them hold her for awhile. They were ecstatic!!  They were so helpful.  I was so happy to get so many things done.  

 Father Gerard McMahon
I went to my email & saw that our dear Fr. Gerard McMahon had died this morning.  I cried.  He was a wonderful priest that helped me & so may other people.  May he rest in peace!!

Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Salvatore Matano, on Saturday, February 7th., at 9 am at The Church of the Holy Spirit, in Webster.  


'Greater than Evil' 
I hear far more people discuss the presence of evil in their lives than they do the supreme power of grace. God is bigger than evil!
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at Focus

Since Neyoka didn't open up Focus yesterday because of the winter snow I thought that we would be very busy today, but I was wrong.  It was a pleasant afternoon with our clients. 

Father brought me some DVD's that he burned of the pro life movie '40'   at & he asked me to contact them to see if I could pass them out to our clients.  After Father left I emailed them about giving them to our clients, at our pregnancy center, so I hope that they say "yes, it's okay"....we'll see. 

I did office work & Catherine, from Fidelas Care, came in to work.  She saw three client that spoke Spanish with a male English interpreter with them. They shopped at Focus toady.  The man asked for a Rosary for them & they each picked out one that they liked.  I was happy to see this.  
We had a woman come in & she got some nice things.  She said that she got a red rosary fro us at Christmas time & she showed it to me, for it was around her neck.  Martha asked her if she was praying the rosary & she said "no".  Martha gave her a new 'How to say the Rosary' pamphlet for her to start.  All of a sudden she said "I feel so much better since I stopped using birth control"!!!!  I said "what did you just say"?  She told Martha & I that she stopped using birth control & started to say "no" & is doing so much better. "Oh yeah" I said back.  I told her that she looked great & was shinning.  I offered her the 'Ten Commandment" papers & she said that has has them & has looked the papers over many times.  Praise God!!!  I gave her some DVD's one was Maafa:21, Black Genocide, & a Margaret Sanger brochure to take with her.....she thanked me & smiled & then said "good bye".   O dear Lord thank you for this, for it melted Martha's & my heart, with such joy!!!  
One person at a time, sweet Lord!!!!


'Worth Dying For'

If you’re confused as to why God would die for you, you either need to rethink your vision of His mercy or of your own worth.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at Focus

A very quiet day, thank God, for Martha & I worked on the 2014 Tax Exempt letters to sent them out to our great & blessed donors for Focus.  We did 93 of them.  Earlier, Neyoka did the first work, by addressing the envelopes & filling in the form with the information that Memo, our data entry man, gave me earlier on & today I signed the sheet & checked it & Martha put the stamp on it & sealed the envelope.  All done!!  At the end Martha spilled her water on three of the letters & we did them over.  No problem, though her glass broke in many pieces.  At least the floor got cleaned.  

The doorbell rang & it was a pregnant woman, coming to get diapers & formula, for her 3 month old daughter.  All of a sudden she said "I'm not talking about an abortion I'm talking about an Etopic pregnancy I have".  She went on to say that the doctor told her that she had an Etopic pregnancy & if the baby doesn't move into her uterus she will have to have surgery.  We know what this means for this baby.  We prayed together.  We all held hands in a circle & prayed that the Lord would have this precious baby move into the uterus & be born later this year.  She was grateful with our prayers & then left, with all that she needed, at Focus. I pray to hear good news!!!

A couple of girls came in later on & we assisted them with their needs.  

'Trust in Jesus'

When all else fails, I recommend taking up the prayer Jesus taught us through St. Faustina and making it the constant refrain of your heart and mind throughout every season of your spiritual journey: “Jesus, I trust in you.”


Thursday, February 5, 2015 at Focus

I had just dropped off 8 cans of Enfamil baby formula at the door & then moved my car into the parking lot.  I had some trouble getting my car into the area but prayed & finally got it in.  I then went into Focus to be greeted by United Health Care Counselor.  Kathryn came into the center now. I was a mess so I excused myself for a moment to get my coat & boots off &staighten my hair a bit.  We sat at the table & talked. I was well pleased that she believed in what we are doing at Focus.  After she left Mike V. came in & right behind him was Mike, my old boyfriend.  I was shocked but no one knew it, I hide things well.  All in all he stayed a long time.  I showed him our new Focus.  He liked it. Then we sat down with Kathryn, to talk, Martha was moving around doing things but talking to us too.  He said that he will stop by to take pictures to put on a board so we can bring it to the Rochester Catholic Women's Conference & to other places that Martha & I go to.  He said that he would put up some smoke alarms & a carbon monoxide fixture & do other thing to better Focus.  Okay!  It was a pleasant visit & a surprised one too.  He gave me a big hug & left. It was good seeing him again.

Martha told me that earlier in the morning before I arrived that she saw a pregnant woman in the center.  She was due soon of a little girl.  Martha asked if she had any other children & she told her 3 boys.  Martha asked what the father did for a living & she said that he just watches TV & plays video games all day.  Great job!! 
The father of her baby girl isn't the same man & she doesn't know where he is.  Really!!!!!  How typical & how sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're trying to change that by the truth & love & prayers & education.  The family is under attack by the Evil One & we must pray & act to try to redeem the families back to what God has intended them to be ........united!
The five Elim Bible Institute students came in & helped us out a lot.  They are a blessing!!  Martha took care of a mom that just delivered her premature baby girl. She is still in the hospital getting bigger & stronger.  She can breathe on her on but has a feeding tube. She was due in April.  A good day!


Embrcing Options Pregnancy Center is where we referred our client to for an untrasound & here is there report:
S32 was having an ultrasound today but just needed to talk. She has three children with the youngest twins and only 8 months old. She admitted to having 2 abortions over 10 years ago.  She wants to go through our Earn to Learn program and has joined the medical practice downstairs. She has visited Focus, Womens Care and now EO.  This is a group effort where she was abortion vulnerable but has now decided to carry.  Pray that she will find strength in the Lord and go to the church that we referred her to. She needs to know deep in her heart that Jesus loves her.  He can straighten the path before her.

Jesus loves her,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at Focus

A good day & Martha & I got a lot done.  We saw some clients to assist.  We always try to teach while the clients are here to better their lives.  
Catherine, from Fidelis Care, called me to say that she was driving back from Buffalo & would be at Focus as soon has possible.  I said "okay & be careful" & hung up.  She & her fellow worker came & stayed for about 2 hours.

We had a Focus Fundraiser meeting tonight with Christine, Rick, Martha & I. It went well & much was, discussed & decided, to benefit Focus.  I am so grateful for the support we get, from fantastic people, to assist us with our needs. It is a team effort!!!  We couldn't do it without them :)  Thank you Christine, Focus Fundraiser leader, for your time & effort to assist Focus!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at Focus
Mass night....Fr. Peter from Africa

We arrived at Focus at 1 pm & Martha & I struggled to get our cars into the parking space.  So much snow & no one to shovel the small area except sometimes Frank will help but it was bad today.  We finally got in & I got snow on my'll dry.  When we got into the center the doorbell started to ring, which is great.  We assisted some moms with the help that hey needed.  
It was about 1:20 pm when Lynda came in to assist us.  She & her husband were away on vacation all of January & some of glad that they're back!!!   I put Lynda to work right away after talking with her for a short time.  i asked her if she'd call the pregnant clients to see how they were doing & she did.  This is what she found out:  The Focus Pregnancy Center want to share that two precious babies have been born!!!

1. Baby boy Jashire was born in November 2, 2014 at 7 lbs. 2 ozs. & mother & son are doing well.

2. Baby boy was born as a preemie at 1 lb. 13 ozs. & is coming home today at 4 1/2 lbs. 5 ozs.   Same mother, of a 9 year old daughter, is in the hospital due to being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Please pray for mom Miss T. & her two children & thank you so much!! 

We were very sad when a mother called back & we found out that she had an abortion.  I will send her out post abortive brochures.  We tried :(  
It wounds my heart when I hear this happening.  She has had an abortion years ago she said & was very depressed & went on Prozac & became worse. She said that she would never do this again & she did. Lord, I don't understand.  

We had to get the large room ready for the Mass & our catered supper, from Paninoteca Italian Deli, on Park Ave.  Our friends Tony & Joyce's son owns it with his father-in-law.  We got the chairs in the room set up, with Frank's help, earlier this afternoon & we had to set up the two tables where the food & deserts would be.  We also saw clients.  

It was about 5:30 pm when I heard the girls say "hello Fr. Peter"!!   I came out of the office to greet him.  I spoke with him for a few minutes & then showed him around the center.  He thought it was very nice.  I then asked him if he would hear my confession & we went into the office.  After that more people came in for the Mass.  There was 21 people, in our main room, for the Mass. Then the food was brought in & set on the tables.  It looked good!  Father Peter started the Mass at 6 pm & it was beautiful!!! After Mass he gave us the Sacrament of the Sick.  How blessed was that.  Then we all ate the delicious food, from the deli, & fellowshipped.  It was such a fantastic evening :)  Thank you Lord!!!  Today is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes & World Wide Prayer Day for the Sick.  Much to pray about.  


 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  Phillipians 4:6-7  

Thursday, February 12, 2015 on the Front Lines & at Focus

I received a phone call at 9 am from Martha saying that she had to wait for the Frontier man to come to fix her phone so she wouldn't be able tobe on the front lines today.  I said "okay & I'll see you when you come in this afternoon", & hung up.  I was in distress because no one really want to be out in front of an abortion mill but we have to be there to try to save babies lives from being killed by abortion.  I got dressed & ate a quick breakfast & then I went to the bank, as planned, to deposit the checks & then to sidewalk counsel, in front of Planned Parenthood.  Tom was standing alone there with one sign that read Women Regret Their Abortions.  I had some trouble in parking my car in our bad parking lot but I prayed & finally got in.  I went into Focus to get the literature box & mega phone & the large graphic picture of an aborted baby to take outside on the sidewalk with me.  It was very windy so Tom walked over to help me. Once I got on the sidewalk I picked up the mega phone & prayed to the Holy Spirit for words of wisdom & then started to talk & didn't stop until 1 pm when Mike & Jerry came to relieve me.  Tom was holding the graphic sign that has saved many babies lives.  It is always difficult being out there.  A car came out of the parking lot with four people in & driving fast.  I told them ALL to repent.  Another car came out with a mother & young daughter.  I spoke to them & then they both gave me their finger & then I knew that she had had an abortion.  It's hard. Some cars driven by gave us a good honk.  A pizza car came in to deliver lunch.  I spoke to her in the car.  We'll never use JJ for an order.  I wasn't very cold which surprised me for I didn't wear my long underwear.  God must have been breathing on me to keep me warm.......thank you Lord!

It was 1 pm so know I was in Focus by myself.  I was opening all the blinds when the doorbell rang.  It was a mother needing diapers, food & clothes for her two children.  I told her to shop in the Material Aid Room& went to get her the diapers & wipes.  I told her to enjoy her quiet time in shopping.  She smiled.  I knew that Kathryn wasn't coming in today & Marcy & Molly couldn't come & Terry was sick & Martha was waiting for her phone to be repaired, so I was alone.  But not for long.  The doorbell rang & it was Maryann S. bringing in bags of donations from generous people & then all of a sudden there was Lynda at the door. Thank you Lord!  She had just come from Mass at the Pastoral Office with Bishop Matano & stopped by, at Focus, to help us. Yeah!  We gathered some left over sandwiches from last evening & ate together when Martha came in.  Yeah again!  She also sat down with us to eat.  Then the doorbell rang & it was Mike V. & Martha made coffee for him & he ate a sandwich but left the bread, for he's on a diet.  Then the doorbell rang again & it was Mike W. to get the check, from Lynda & Bill, for their Rescue Rochester Fundraiser dinner on February 27th..  Martha & I are gong to.  He fist saw the  pretzels. on the table, & reached over to the bowel & indulged saying "I really like pretzels & I eat them all the time".  I reached into the cupboard to get the pretzels in the bag & said "here Mike these are yours".  He said "thank you, for they will all be gone before I get home".  A real pretzel lover :)

After lunch we all got to work doing what needed to be done.  Tyrone, our client, came & got the size 10 boots that Lynda gave him, for he had holes in his sneakers, the day before. She called him to tell him that they were at the center to pick them up which he did. He was happy & his feet will now be dry :)  

Another client came in to tell me that she is having twins.  A boy & a girl.  The last ultrasound didn't pick up on the two babies because one was hiding in back of the other & they couldn't see the precious child.  She was pleasantly shocked but I told her that we would help her with her family of children.  She smiled & said "thank you Mary".  She got some things in the Material Aid Room & left happy :)  

At 3 pm Holly came in to visit & to help us out.  She said that she will come every Thursday, while her son in at Hockstein, for his music lesson.  She was delightful.  The doorbell rang & she assisted three young girls with what they needed.  

It was now 4 pm & the Elim Bible Institute girls came into the center.  We kept them very busy & they were such a help & a blessing.

'Focused on God' 
Prayer keeps our sight focused on God, so that the more prayerful one’s life is, the more one is aware of God’s call, His plan, and His promise. A life rooted in prayer is a life lived in the context of God’s grace.


 Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at Focus 

 Death of Dr. John C. Willke, Father of Pro Life 


Martha had brought her two grandchildren, Madison & Melissa, with her toady.  I arrived after Mass & opened up the pregnancy center.  Our small parking lot, next to Focus, was snow covered & difficult to get in.  So far we have really no one to shovel the snow for us & someone took our shovel :(  Our landlady is trying to get someone.  I hope soon.  It was about 2:30 pm when Mike McBride came into the center to take pictures of Martha & her grandchildren, myself & our clients, for the poster for our table at the Catholic Women’s Conference, on March 28th..  It was a good time but I personally take bad pictures :(  I told him that I just wanted one of me for the poster.  There was a decent one of me at the office desk.  Martha is photogenic!!  Our clients were co operative with this picture taking event at Focus.  It should be a nice poster for people to see. 


We saw some clients come in today & we assisted them with what they needed for themselves & especially for their children.  We want happy, healthy & holy families :)


It’s been a very cold winter though we have seen about 270 people so far this year.  We saw 2,400 people in 2014..........



National Right to Life Mourns the Death of

Dr. John C. Willke

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nation's oldest and largest pro-life organization, joins with pro-lifers across the country and around the world in mourning the death of former National Right to Life President Dr. John C. (Jack) Willke, an obstetrician who devoted his life to the right-to-life movement. Dr. Willke died at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Friday. He was 89.

"There is no way to quantify the contributions Jack Willke, along with his wife Barbara, made to the right-to-life movement," said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life."Jack's generous heart and wonderful sense of humor will be greatly missed. He and Barbara devoted their lives to the right-to-life movement, and we will be forever in their debt."

In the early days of the right-to-life movement, Jack and Barbara Willke helped form the foundation of right-to-life educational efforts through the development of the "Willke slides" on fetal development and abortion, and their first book, "The Handbook on Abortion," which sold an estimated 1.5 million copies. Both were considered must-haves for local activists.

"Every pro-lifer relied on the 'Willke slides' on fetal development that beautifully depicted the development of the unborn child as well as the brutal reality of abortion," Tobias said.

The Willkes crisscrossed the nation for four decades speaking out on behalf of society's most defenseless members. They inspired some of the earliest state and local right-to-life groups combatting abortion before the Supreme Court decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. The Willkes co-founded Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati in the early 1970s.

In September 1973, Dr. Willke joined the National Right to Life board of directors representing his home state of Ohio, and served continuously until his retirement in 2012. He served in a variety of capacities throughout the 1970s, including terms as vice-chairman of the board and vice president. He was elected president of National Right to Life (1980-1983 and 1984-1991), serving a total of ten years. During his tenure, he helped raise the profile of the organization through countless radio and television appearances, and trips across the country and around the world as an ambassador for the right-to-life movement.

To expand National Right to Life's efforts to educate the nation, on January 7, 1985, Dr. Willke premiered Pro-Life Perspective, National Right to Life's daily radio program. The show, now in its 30th year and hosted by National Right to Life president Carol Tobias, has served as an educational resource for countless millions of Americans concerned about the right-to-life issues.

In 1990, Dr. Willke helped lead National Right to Life's response to the late Congressman Henry J. Hyde's request that the pro-life movement come to Washington to "stand and be counted." That response was the "Rally for Life 1990," which remains one of the largest gatherings ever to be held on the National Mall.

In addition to his work locally and nationally, Dr. Willke expanded right-to-life efforts with the formation of the International Right to Life Federation, which brought together pro-life organizations operating in countries around the world. He was president emeritus of the organization at the time of his death.

In 1991, he founded the Cincinnati-based Life Issues Institute, and through the organization, continued his passion to educate the nation and the world about the tragic realities of abortion and euthanasia.

Together, Jack and Barbara Willke co-authored twelve books on human sexuality and abortion. They created audio and visual pro-life educational materials used throughout the world, and those materials have been translated into 30 languages on five continents. They jointly spoke in 64 different countries. For their selfless dedication and innumerous contributions to the pro-life cause, in June 2014, National Right to Life presented its inaugural "Henry J. Hyde Award for Lifetime Achievement" to Dr. Willke, and posthumously to his beloved wife, Barbara (who died in April 2013).

"The right-to-life movement has lost one of its most influential activists," Tobias added. "But we know that Dr. Willke's legacy of education and activism will live on in the countless men and women who were inspired to join the fight for life because of his efforts."

National Right to Life file photos of Dr. Willke are available for media use with credit to National Right to Life at

May you Rest in Peace dear Mr. Willke.................



‘Preaching by Example’
Dear God, let us preach You without preaching, not by words but by example, by the catching force, the sympathetic influence of what we do, the evident fullness of the love our hearts bear for You. Amen.
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at Focus

Martha still had her granddaughter's with her today. They enjoyed themselves helping us out.  Lynda came in today & was a great help. The doorbell rang & it was an entire family & they didn't speak English very well but we took good care of them non the less.  It is hard but through the grace of God all things can be done.  

It was a little hectic this afternoon with so many people coming in but we manage okay with the team work of Martha & volunteers.  It can get stressful at times but very few times.  

Martha did a pregnancy test & it was negative & she spoke with the client about abstinence & self respect & gave her appropriate literature & DVD's to take with her. We want our girls to be 'set free'!!

Thursday February 19, 2015 at Focus

I was just leaving my apartment to go to the bank for Focus & then to Focus early today but my cell phone rang & it was Martha.  She asked if I was at the center & I said "no, aren't you" I asked.  She said "no, I'm not coming in today because I had an Asthma attack earlier this morning".  I wasn't sure why she didn't call me sooner & I was upset that she had an Asthma attack.  I said to her to stay at home & get better.  I hung up & decided not to go to the bank & headed right over to the front lines.  It took me a little while to get into the driveway but I finally made it.  I went quickly into Focus to get the literature box & mega phone & large graphic sign.  As I was walking up the street Tom came over to take the box from me to make my load lighter.  How nice!!  I greeted him & thanked him & took the mega phone & started talking.  I could only see the people come in & out of the killing center because of the large snow mounds but I continued, almost non stop, the Truth.  A car came out with a girl with her head down on the passenger side & the young man put the window down & said something that didn't make any sense & drove off as I was saying for them to repent for the killing of their child.  How sad evil.  

In came the car with the initials JJ on it a second week in a row.  I said to him that even people that kill children need to eat lunch :(  As he was driving out he looked straight ahead with no sad!!!

It was now 1 pm & Jerry from Rescue Rochester came up the sidewalk so I went into center.  I was by myself for a few minutes when Terry walked in & then Kathryn was right behind her.  I told them what had happened to Martha & we were all sad that she wasn't with us today :(

It was a busy afternoon with the doorbell ringing a lot of times. Finally I got a chance to call Martha to see how she was doing & she didn't answer so I became worried for I thought that maybe she had gone to the hospital but found out later on that she was just sleeping....yeah!!!   

It was now 4 pm & the Elim Bible students came into the center.  We had enough help today so I decided to share our lives with each other.  Before that we had two St. John Bosco students that were assisting us with their help.   It was the young man's fist time at Focus & he was such a delight.  The us girls shared & were on the same page.  I told them my horror story & they were sensitive to my pain.  After that we all prayed to Martha's healing.  It was a beneficial day but we missed our Martha!!!!
I had a phone call, from a man asking to help out at Focus, for he found us out on the web.  I invited him to meet me & to see Focus tonight around 7 pm.  Tonight I didn't have time for supper so when the doorbell rang at 7 pm I knew who it was.  I opened the door to see a tall, handsome man holding a little girl.  I expressed "you brought your daughter with you"!   I greeted him & lead him to our table to sit down so we could talk.  He is a teacher at Marshall High School which is not to far away from Focus. His wife is also a teacher but is now a stay at home mom & her name is Mary.  The little girl's name is Sophia & is 15 months old & is a mover, for at the end of our 60 minute talk, Dad looked very tired.  She walked around everywhere & into the office, in the back, twice.......what a cutie!!  He wanted to do pro life work in Rochester for him & his wife have been here two years now.  They taught all over the world & has settled down in Gates.  I made mention that we need him out on the front lines.  I mentioned that Rob, who is also a teacher, & Tucker are out on Monday evenings & they could mentor him.  He thought that this was a good idea & will come this Monday at 4 pm.  He also mentioned that his wife could help in the office & I said that that would be great!  I showed him the pregnancy center & he was impressed.  As we were in the office I saw on my desk the two tickets that Lynda had left for me to try to find someone to take her & Bill's place, at the Rescue Rochester Banquet, on February 27th..  I asked him if he & his wife would like to attend, for it is a pro life function. He said that he is Catholic & I told him that Martha & I are also.  This was a good Protestant group that loves the Lord & His children & you'll learn a lot & meet many pro life people too.  He said that he & his wife will come & took the tickets ...our welcome gift to you.  As he was leaving I asked him his name rude of me to wait so long & he said Patrick.  I looked at him funny & he interjected that his father is Irish & his mother is Filipino......"oh" I said, that makes sense, for he has olive like colored skin.  A very nice man!

After Patrick & his beautiful daughter left I went into the office at 8:10 pm to do some writing & then the doorbell rang.  I was a little apprehensive to answer the door this late but went to the door, on this very cold winter night, to see Tim, the neighbor upstairs, standing there.  I went to open the door & he asked me to please move my car for he had to get out.  He said it in a stern like voice so I said that I wish he had given me more time.  He said that he didn't know that I was still here & he couldn't get out & he was late for a music gig.  He said that he was going to clean off his car, for it had snowed, & I said "okay give me a few minutes to close up".   I did as much as I could in closing Focus but was going to come back into the center to finish up after I move my car across the street .......plans changed.  I moved across the street but he was stuck in the snow & couldn't get his car out.  I told him that I would stay until he gets out & he said "thank you".  I saw him going into hi apartment but still waited & then saw him walk across the street asking for a ride & I said "sure".  I went back in to Focus & closed it down completely & I took him to where he need to go, on Monroe Ave., to do his gig.  He was happy.  I then went to Wegmans at 9 pm & grocery shopped & then went home at 10 pm & ate supper.  What a day!!!!


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