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Your pregnancy resource help website

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at Focus

When I arrived at the pregnancy center Martha was already here. I had things in my car & Catherine helped me get them into the center. Clients came in as soon as I entered the door. I went into the office to do some work when I heard that there was a client in the main room in need. A girl came in for a pregnancy test, which Martha did, which was negative, while I was helping the pregnant mother with no home. She is married & has 3 children & pregnant with number four. She was so nice but so much has happened to her & her family. Her husband sleeps in the car while her & her children stay with her mother that drinks & isn't nice to her or her children :(( Her husband just got a job so maybe in a little while they can get an apartment to live in before her baby is born in 3 weeks.....we hope so!! Her husband is a Catholic but doesn't go to church & either is she or her children baptized & go to church. I tried to help her with that problem. She said that she has a heart problem & has had a stroke, I didn't notice anything wrong with her face. She said that she died twice, nice when she was a young child & everything was beautiful & another time, in her early 20's, & everything was horrible. People with no faces grabbing her face & screaming. Icky!! She was referred by her doctor to Focus. I gave her lots of numbers to call for a place to live but with no availability.....horrible. She had a smile on her face & when we prayed for her she cried. We gave her a hug :)) She was a sweet woman & we pray the best for her.


We were very busy & helped a lot of people today. We had only one volunteer Linda who comes at 4 pm. Martha did another pregnancy test which was positive. She is getting help with her drug problem. So sad a situation. She also had had an miscarriage & was given a brochure. My heart aches for our girls.

As of today, May 10, 2016, we have seen 916 clients come through our door for assistance. We have done 56 pregnancy tests & 19 are pregnant & 37 are not pregnant. We are very busy pregnancy center !! Thank you Lord!!




Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at Focus


I won't hesitate to mention that May has been a very slow money month.....but I trust in the Lord, for He is faithful. This situation was mentioned this evening at the Focus Fundraiser meeting headed by Christine May. There was also Bill, Rick, Martha & I at the meeting. We are trying to work on a fundraiser to get Focus more money for our rent, bills, diapers, formula & office supplies & literature materials. The meeting went well. We might have Forest Hills do barbecue chicken at Archangel School to make some $$$$$.


Earlier in the day I received a phone call regarding pregnancy tests. She came in about 10 after the call. She was a married woman with two children & on on the way. He pregnancy test was positive but she was 5 months pregnant so we couldn't refer her for a pregnancy test at His Branches. She was upset because her husband was abusive & was trying to get away from him. She was new to the area. She asked to speak to a priest so I gave her Fr. Mickey McGrath's phone number to call. She was not abortion minded. Thank God. Martha called Dr. Morehouse's office to see if our client could call for pre natal care. She needed health insurance but she wouldn't give Catherine from Fidelis Care her Social Security number or her last name. Not sure why? We will keep her & her family in our hearts & prayers.

I was expecting for Danielle to come to speak to me from Successful Passages this afternoon. Just after she came Jackie came to the center so I asked her to sit with us at our meeting. Martha was busy with the clients in the Main Room. It was a wonderful meeting of the same minds...all loving God & serving Him the way He wants to be served. It was fantastic & I will not hesitate to refer our teenage clients to her & her agency for more assistance. We are blessed have Danielle in our community.


We had a very busy afternoon & I was hoping for more help & they came. Two people entered our door saying they would like to volunteer at Focus, one for school credit. His name is John & he is a senior at McQuaid High School & his mother. I was stunned & thrilled at once. They would come back tomorrow to help nice is that!!!! God always answers prayers :))


Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at Focus

What a day!!! When I arrived at Focus I was putting the money in the meter when I heard Martha say that the meter she was at was not registering. There were people already at our door across the street waiting to come into the center. I told Martha to open up & to call 311 to read meter. She did & I continued to feed the meter more money. When I went into Focus I told the person who parked right in front on the center to go out & put his flashing lights on or he could possibly get a ticket. He did. The I went to the office to put the bags I brought in & to get the lock for the A-Frame sign. When I was putting out the sign a woman walked up to me & said that a car was parked in front of the garage door across the street. I thank her for the information & then walked back into Focus to ask who had the burgundy car & to move it because it was parked in front of the garage. She came out with a pac'n play. I told her to leave it here to move her car because she needed to sign the wavier. She went & moved her car abruptly in front of two parking meters. When she got out of the car I asked her to move up because she was blocking two meters (I thought that it wasn't fare if someone wanted to park there & couldn't). She came out of her car like a bear & the trouble began. She came back into the center & was not nice to me. I lost it. I confess that I did raise my voice & I was not happy with me. She got her diapers & left. She did not get the pac'n play......I don't know why. Maybe it was because she was mad at me for telling her what to do :((


I went over to the building next door to say hi to Mike, for the girls in the center, said that he was real nice. He is the construction worker over there. I met him & his son & we talked for a few minutes & he showed me around the refurbished building which laid barren & closed up for 30 or more years. I've been on University Ave. protesting Planned Parenthood for 30 years now & it's been vacant. Hopefully we will get good people in there, for we are right next door.


Linda came to help us & then Jackie came too. Cathy C. also came to assist us. We were also blessed toady with John form Mc Quaid High School & his mom & aunt. What a blessing!!!


E'Tiana came at 3:30 pm & I ordinated her to the office work with pregnancy tests. She will replace Neyoka on Saturdays. Praise God!!!

I walked over to the neighbor to thank her for letting me know about our client's parking mistake & as we were talking she mentioned that there was a parking space right across the street with no meter. Thank you Lord.! I told Martha & she parked there. Hopefully it will work out. It's better to pay for one meter then two!!!

I was in the office when a woman came in from St. Pius the Tenth Parish. She said that she had brought some things in for our clients. Then she handed me an envelop & I opened it to see a large check in it, I cried. Now I can pay the rent & other things for the center....Praise God!!! After you pray God will answer, it's just a matter of when & how!!!!


Jackie had a suggestion to have a pray book where the client can write in a prayer request & we can pray for it. What a wonderful idea!!! Prayers do get answered :))

Neyoka & John did such a wonderful job, on the side of the building, with the looks beautiful!! It was a good day except the beginning was a little rough :((


Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at Focus

I spoke to one couple as I was parking my car & they asked me where Planned Parenthood was. I spoke to them & the young girl said that I won't be happy to hear why they are going there. I said "for an abortion" & she said "yes". I spoke with them for another 5 minutes. As they walked towards PP Christine who is out there praying & counseling spoke with them too. They did go into PP but came out less then 5 later. I walked across the street & said something else to her & she tuned around & I think that she understood what I was saying. The young male that was with her was grinning as I was speaking to them earlier. So sad! I didn't get their names but God knows who they are.


Also, as I was opening up Focus there was a young couple that was sitting on the ledge across the street. I invited them into the pregnancy center. Christine told me a little about them. They had been to PP & she told them to wait for us to open. The young girl went in for a pregnancy test with Martha & I stayed out in the main room, as so many people were coming in, for assistance. I took the time & spoke with him about her situation. After she came out of the testing room I called Compass Care for a Pill Reversal Procedure & the nurse spoke to the young man & then to the young lady. Their appointment is for this evening. I called Jessica & she couldn't drive them there so she asked her mother Carol to take them to Compass Care this evening. Later on when they were suppose to be here for a ride they weren't & they have no phone number but I did get their address. Martha & Carol was driving to the house & Martha spotted them walking towards Focus. Carol brought Martha back to the center & off they went to Compass Care. Please pray for Miss T. & Mr. J. that the pill she took, given by PP, 2 weeks ago didn't effect her precious baby's life.

Carol emailed me saying that Miss T. was not pregnant & they were both relieved that they did not abort their baby. They conflicted each other with the events. This was a confusing situation. We still don't know what pill PP gave her & either does she & her boyfriend?


Today was a stressful day!!! My body hurts. I did receive the Sacrament of the Sick from my Pastor Fr. Antinarelli,.......thank you Father!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at Focus

Another nice day at the pregnancy center!  Martha was assisting our clients & I was in the office today working, for there was much to do after me taking last week off, with my move. Moving is hard but I am now in my new studio apartment & I thank God for His blessings!  A sad thing was one of the movers told me that Becker's movers moved Wortman, the abortionist in Brighton, & Planned Parenthood.  He also said that his former girlfriend was mad at him & went to get an abortion, at Wortman's, she was five & a half months pregnant.  When he came home she was in bed bleeding.  He took her the hospital right away.  She almost died but her precious baby did die.  He was heart broken to say the least.  He still feels the pain, for I saw it on his face.  I told me that I was sorry for the lost of his child.  His son, that was with him helping him with the move, for the loss of his brother or sister.  The three men that moved me were pro life!!!! 
I wrote a thank you letter to the Gates Catholic Community for all their wonderful donations that they blessed us with.  Our clients were very grateful!  They dropped off items & it took two days for them for there was so much!  Praise God!!  I also faxed our Tax Exemption Certificate to the place where I ordered checks for Citizens bank.  I just changed our bank, to make it more convenient for me with the Focus needs.  I don't have to drive so far now.  I love serving Focus & it's people :)

Linda came to help & she was kept pleasantly busy.  So much to do!!


Thursday, June 4, 2015 at Focus  
Martha was there at the center when I arrived at 1:10 pm for my bank said  that I owe $8,000 so I was there longer that I expected for I just wanted to  change my address.  Thank God they apologized for their mistake.   Okay...... 

Terry & Kathryn weren't at Focus today :(  next week.  Barb did come in  later to help us.  Martha did two pregnancy tests.  Both were negative.  The  first client was asked by Martha if she was pregnant would she have an abortion & she answered "why not".  Martha then educated her.  So sad young lady :(   She brought her boyfriend with her today, the father of her 3 year old.

The other client had brought her sister into the center for a Layette, she  had nothing for her baby. I told them no sex outside of marriage & the  sister responded that she was engaged.  I said wait until your married.  They  both said "good bye & thank you".  Our hearts were happy. People are mostly  respective to the Truth.

A young mom had brought in a pac'n play & a highchair saying that we  had saved her baby & was grateful & was bringing in these items as a  thank you.  Great news to hear.  Unfortunately, they were both dirty & we  had to throw out the pac'n play & was about to do the same with the  highchair when a mom came in & asked for it.  She said that she would clean  it & we said okay & she signed for it & she took it with a large  smile on her face.  She needed it desperately for her son.  She was so happy :)   Martha & I were thrilled that we had something to do with saving her  baby......through God's power. 

Another young girl came in with short shorts......bad.  So I had her shop  for longer shorts in the Material Aid Room.  She went in there & 10 minutes  later came out showing me her new shorts that were good :)  She  was happy too.

A t woman came in with short shorts & I spoke with her.  She went into  the Material Aid Room & came out with longer shorts but they were so tight  she broke the zipper but her shirt covered it.  Oh well we're trying.  She sis  that she doesn't date cause she is carrying foe her 3 year & 2 year old  twins.  She also said that she was going for an abortion & we talked her out  of it.  She goes to Dr. Morehouse which we recommended with her earlier  ultrasound.  She is trying.  We are happy to help.   Where are the  fathers??????


Thursday, June 9, 2016 at Focus

I am having trouble with my website......I lost a years worth of information that I wrote about what happens at the Focus Pregnancy Center.  I did save the pages but I have to find them & copy & paste them on to the web page.  I did a little work then when I copied the pages onto page 30 the page expanded so I had to email Richard to help me.  It might take some time to repair  :((

This is what happened today.  I was in the office when I heard a voice coming from the Main Room saying "I had 3 abortions" & she was hysterical.  Then all if a sudden Martha brought her into the office.  She was the young girl that had come into Focus  a week ago with her friend who was also pregnant to get some things for their baby.  I was sad to have any woman say that she had an abortion. Cathy was walking behind her & I asked her to speak the client, for she is also post abortive. She did spend some time with her in the office.  The client said that she had taken our literature packet (no graphic pictures in it) a week ago & realized that she had killed three of her children. She also said that there was a graphic picture out on the sidewalk that made her scream.  We tried to aid her the best that we could.  I gave her all of our Post Abortion informational brochures, that we had, including the Project Rachel brochure so she could call & meet with a woman to talk to her & go through the healing process.  I found out that the girl that she was with today was also post abortive.  I handed her the Project Rachel card to call too.  I felt so badly for the precious babies, who were killed, & their sorrowful mothers.  Abortion Hurts both Mother & Child!!

It's always difficult after we hear this information.  But we are in the saving & healing ministry!!!

It was another busy day at the pregnancy center.  We had some helpers come in to make the time easier with our many clients.  



Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, June 14th., 15th. & 16th., 2016 at Focus


I left my phone on (I shouldn't) when I was a t Mass today & it rung.  I turned it off immediately & when I left Mass it rung again. I answered the phone.  She was a mother that needed diapers (today) but it was hard to hear her on the phone by the parking lot.  It sounded like that she needed to have someone bring them to her which I replied that we, at Focus, don't make house calls.  I asked her to call me back after 1 pm when I was at Focus.  I hung up the phone & continued to talk to Ryan.  When I got out of my car to go into Focus the phone rang again & as I was answering it I spoke to the two PP workers not to help kill babies.  When I answered the phone it was the mom that wanted diapers again.  I asked her to call me back in 10 minutes, for there were people at our door, & Martha wasn't here yet.  She called me back in seven minutes.  I took the time to talk with her to see if I could assist her.  I did say that we have diapers but she has to come & get them or a friend or family member would work too.  She told me that she called another pregnancy center but she told her to come on Friday.  She said that she couldn't wait that long.  She said that she could walk over there & if I would call the woman to see if she could come today.  I said "okay, but no promises". She said that she wasn't very nice to her & she apologized.  I thought 'oh no'!!  I called the woman at the pregnancy center & she was upset with me for getting involved...I guess she felt betrayed.  She said "no & she can't come back to her pregnancy center ever again because of what she said to her.  I told her that the diapers were for her child.  She didn't listen & we hung up.  I called the woman back to tell her & she was upset & hung up. A few minutes later she called me back to tell me that someone was coming by to pick up the diapers for her son, he's a year & a half.  I said okay & we hung up.  About an hour later she called back to ask if he had shown up & I said "yes" & we hung up.  About an hour later the woman at the pregnancy center called me back & told me what the client had said to was awful & she asked if she had talked to me that way & I said "no".  She said that she had called the police because she threatened her life & will make out a Police Report.  I told her to try to relax & all will be well.  She was still upset that I had called her regarding this client ...oh well. I was just trying to help the child & mother.   I am sorry that she was disrespected & threatened but I wonder if this would have happened if she told the client to come today & get the diapers (her baby needed them & she can't drive).  Panic!!  Desperate people do desperate things.  We're here to help people not cause stress, if we can help it!!   I felt bad for everyone today. 


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, June 28, 29, 30th. at Focus

Martha & I were here today & Linda S. came later on but Jackie can't make it for a short time because she's moving.  The Lord blessed her & her husband with a beautiful home.  The best to you Jackie :))   Martha did 4 pregnancy tests today & they were difficult.  On Wednesday I did one on a married woman with her husband by her side but it was negative.  I told her to come back in a couple of weeks for a re-test.   I did another pregnancy test & she was positive & not married.  I made an appointment at His Branches for nest Wednesday.  As she was leaving the room she told me that her sister had 6 abortions & I gave her all the post abortion informational brochures that we have.  Lord have mercy!

A woman came into the center with a young girl & said that her brother & sister-in-law were arrested & gave her their 5 children.  Four boys & one girl who was with her.  I asked what had happened & she told me that there were arrested for robbing a convenient store with a Be Be gun for drugs.  I told her that my great nephew is in jail for 5 years because he did the same thing but for a gang problem.  He had a young girl on her knees with the Be Be gun to her face.  Lord have mercy!  We gave her whatever she needed & told her to come back again, if she needed anything  else for the children.  The young girl with her will be 11 ears old in 2 days!!  So sad!! 

We had a Mass at Focus tonight but few people showed up due to the parking because of the Jazz Festival.  There was an experience that Jeff saw the Precious Blood on the Host during the Consecration.  Maybe!!  It was a beautiful Mass, as always.  Bishop Matano had now state his permission to have Mass outside of Church  because of some abuse.  We will write to him & leave it up to God.  We hope that we permission due to the fact that we are right across the street from Planned Parenthood's abortion mill.  We are always in a spiritual battle.......we need God's power/

Our landlady came in saying that the building were we rent Focus will be pained in September thanks to Jessica S..  Thanks dear lady!!!  She wouldn't tell me the colors of the building,  not sure why  :((  I think the building will be beige with a burgundy shutter.  Will look good, I'm sure  :))

Rob was out on the front lines this week on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  He is a fantastic pro life man.  When he came into the center for supper he told Martha & I that he was told that Tavern 58, who is owed by our former landlord back at 86 University, that they own Planned Parenthood's parking lot.  WHAT!!  I called Mike & asked him to look into this claim.  Lord have Mercy!  Another busy week!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at Focus

I was getting out of my car to put the quarters in the meter when I saw a man on a bicycle talking to me.  He said "do you remember me"?  I said "I can't see you from across the street very well".  All of a sudden he was right next to me.  I said "hi Ryan & yes I do remember you".  He said that he was looking for an apartment but not around Planned Parenthood.  I agreed that would be awful.  I asked how his son Ryan was doing & he said that he will be graduating form High School next year & has a job & a girlfriend.  "What", I said.  Time has passed us by so quickly.  He asked if I needed any help & I said "yes that I did".  He brought the bags, from Tops market, into the center. I was grateful for the help!!

As I was coming into the center there were people already coming into the door.   I put the things away as quickly as I could.  There were large things on the floor like a small crib & car seat.  I knew it would be taken care of soon. One of our clients came in with his friend & I was told that I needed to print out the car seat manual.  The client left before it was given to her.  OPPS!!
Martha did a pregnancy test on a married woman who was in her 40's.  The test was negative. Nice couple.  
Linda S. came & Martha & I had the time today to sit down to talk.  Sometimes you just have too!!  Paul came today & will do the windows tomorrow :))
I am just sad & tired lately, so much going on in the world that just isn't good, but with the grace of God we will continue!!!  This gross abdominal pain, I have had all my life, is so awful  :((  Please heal me Lord!!!


 Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at Focus

When I arrived there were people already here.  Lynda came in with our Wendy's lunch & we were eating  when more people came into the center. One of the mothers, with her child, had shorts on so short I was disturbed. She said that they weren't to short & she was so hot she couldn't stand it.  She doesn't tolerate the heat very well, she said.  The bad thing was that she wanted formula & Martha saw that she just received it a couple of days ago so we had to refuse her.  We gave her diapers & wipes & said to come only once or twice a month for her needs.  This community is so needy!!!  

A woman called me asking to work at Focus for her community service time of 8 hours.  Her & her daughter came in at 2:45 pm & stayed until 5:30 pm.  I will never do this again !! Such a hassle.  She wanted things for herself & for her neighbor.  I told her "no" you are here for community service not shopping.  I told her that she needs to come back another time when her service is over.  Martha gave her a pac'n play for her baby due in October.  She wanted a boy & is getting another girl.....oh well.

I spoke with Fr, Cushing who gives us our DVD'S for our clients to save their children, from abortion.  He said that he has bladder cancer but not the fast growing kind.  He is on expensive chemo therapy drugs.  He is in our daily prayers for a quick recovery.  The doctor said that he thinks that he got it all.

Martha got another parking ticket on Windsor St. so I guess she won't park there anymore. They said that she was 3 feet from the driveway but she measured  & she was the correct amount of 5 feet.  What's going on here????

Catherine helped me with a letter to the Bishop asking permission for Masses to be celebrated occasionally at the pregnancy center.  Lets hope he says 'Yes'!!!
Martha was hot & tired so she left after supper to cool off...I tolerate the heat better :))

 Thursday, July 7, 2016 at Focus


A hot day at Focus!!  All the help were complaining that it was to hot for them, event though we had a 6 fans on in the center.  Martha had called me this morning asking if we could call the woman with her daughter not to come in today due to the problems of yesterday.  I said okay but you will have to call her.  She called & left a message on her phone not to come in today.  But she did.  Martha talked with her at the door & then invited her in for the letter to the Judge for yesterdays time.  I went out of the office & spoke with her for a few minutes telling her that we were not happy with what happened yesterday.  She apologized & asked to be here today.  I told her whatever Martha says will go....her yes will be yes & her no will be no.  Then I went & got Martha....she said "yes" & they got to work.  I noticed on her paper that she was a Catholic so we talked with her & gave her & her daughter a rosary & a Catholicism & a brochure of 'How to Make a Good Confession' to take with with her.  Also, I asked where she lives & gave her St. Ambrose Church confession time.  Her children need all to get Baptized.  Lord please help her to do the right thing by coming back to your Church which you founded.  Her feet swelled up & I told her to call her doctor.  They left later on with a letter for the Judge.  It was changeling.  

Rob came in & behind him was Jeffery to go to the front lines to witness & to counsel, the people going into the killing mill, Planned Parenthood. God bless the people, that save lives, through God.  

A woman came in for a pregnancy test & Martha did it.  She saw our 'Free Pregnancy Test' in the window as she was walking by.  She was an older woman & she was negative.  She was post abortive & started to cry.  Martha gave her the post abortion literature to take with her.  She said that she was young & stupid but Planned Parenthood just looked at her money on their minds.  Hopefully she will call Project Rachel soon.  

Kathryn came to help us & Linda came to but she didn't stay long due to her children being to hot.  Catherine wrote a letter to the Bishop asking him if he would give us permission to have Masses here at Focus occasionally.  Hopefully he will say yes.  Please Lord please.

I had a lot of work in the office as we were receiving many donations form A Second Thought Resale Shoppe in E. Rochester & Tim brought us some things from Garage Sales.  Thanks you all !!! 

Rob came in from the front lines & made up Truth packets.  Martha fed us & as we were cleaning up the doorbell rang.  There were two girls & one wanted a pregnancy test.  Martha brought them in the office after I put things away.  They had far away looks in their eyes which we don;t see that often.  The test was negative,  Martha talked with them for awhile & as they left I gave them the '10 Commandments'  & 'Heaven, Purgatory & Hell' brochure & '10 Ways Not to Have Sex Before Marriage', hopefully that will help.  They had no DVD player so no DVD's were given.  Hard girls to proclaim the truth to.   The girl that had the pregnancy test had a contraceptive patch on her arm & had a pregnancy test over a year ago, with us, which was positive & her baby is a year old now.  Mother is 18 years old.  Sometimes it takes awhile to get the truth through!!!

Martha left & was heading tomorrow to Clayton, NY, where she was born & raised, for a Family Reunion on Saturday......have fun dear lady  :))) 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at Focus

When I arrived at Focus, Martha was already here, taking care of some clients. As I was putting quarters in the meter I saw a young man going into the parking lot right next to me.  I called over to him saying that he was in private property.  He went behind a bush & I though the worse that he was urinating but he pulled out a bike instead.  I called over to him again saying that his bike could be stolen & he walked right up to me as I was standing on the sidewalk by the parking meter.  He said that he had an hearing problem so I said to him loudly "Jesus loves you" & then said it again.  He smiled real big & thanked me & went on his way without incident.  I then walked into Focus to get started with my work.

It was calm day today but we saw some women with their children.  So cute! Mike came in later on with a huge sign that gave the phone number to call to get treatment for the abortion pill.  This will be used on the front lines. Thank you Mike.  He stayed & talked with Linda, Martha & I for a short time then left. A good day!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at Focus


We were given a huge & I mean huge bear probably 5 ft. tall yesterday & a client took it today.  It now has a new home.  Because of the intense heat we have not seen many clients today.  One father came in & said that he need diapers for this baby but was not going to bring the child outside due to the heat.  A good father  :))

We have a precious baby born on May 23rd..  Her name is Ma'Layni & was born 5 lbs. 2 ozs..  Mother & daughter are doing well.  Lynda called our pregnant clients to see how they were doing & we have more babies due in the following months.  

A sad note. Catherine wrote a nice letter to Bishop Matano regarding our Masses celebrated at Focus.  He called me to say that we cannot celebrate Masses at our center anymore ONLY in church. There has been abuses such as Masses in parks, by the water, back yards, etc..  This is not acceptable.  He is a good bishop & we will obey,  We do feel sad though.  We are going to have Prayer Sessions at Focus, in the near future. For all who have shared the wonderful experiences of Mass at Focus, over the years, thank you so much & God Bless!! We have had wonderful priest to celebrate...they are terrific!!

Martha said that a mother came in with a stroller & some bags of baby clothes for our clients.  Her baby died at 4 months due to pneumonia after heart surgery.  So sad!!

Focus received a big check from Fr. Leone & the parishioners of St. Jerome's church in East Rochester.  I was now able to pay all the bills & will have enough money for rent.  Thank you Lord & to ALL the people & churches, that bless us all the time, so we can continue our 'ministry of life'.  I bought more baby formula.  Mothers will be happy  :))  It was a pleasant day!! 


Thursday, July 14, 2016 at Focus

Martha said that she & Pat were praying & Martha spoke to a woman that said that she was going into Planned Parenthood for an abortion.  Through the grace of God she left & never went into the killing mill....thank you Lord!!!   A precious baby was saved from being killed today  :))  A good start of the day. 

Kathryn came to help us today but told me that she lost her son 18 ago & needed to be with her husband, after working at Focus, for 2 hours. Before she left she told me that she will be away for 3 weeks.....we will certainty miss her.  Lynda H. will be gone for 3 weeks & Linda W. is not with us much because her twins are home for the summer & Jackie has been gone for the past 3 weeks because she was closing her new house & moving.  Martha & I have been & will continue to be very busy, for sure  :(( 

We have seen 1,500 people so far & I received & made 42 phone calls today......

I spoke again to Jeff to make it clear that that was no Focus Miracle occurred at the lass at Focus was his miracle & his alone.

Rob came in form being on the front lines trying to save lives & also Mike Mc. & Mike V. & others were out there.  God bless you all.

After supper Rob took me to the wake, in Webster, of Dorothy Macaluso.  May she Rest in Peace...  A lovey woman & wife of Mike Macaluso.



Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at Focus 

We have no volunteers for 3 weeks to help us except Linda S. on Tuesdays for an hour & a half later in the later day :((  It will be more difficult.  I arrived late because I had to go to the Post Office & then across the street to the Bank to deposit the check, which is in Tops Food Market, then to buy diapers,formula & a Birthday gift for Linda W., a plant & a small balloon, if she is able to come in this week to receive it.  While walking into the center I lost the top of the baloon & it was moving fast up the street.  A car stopped & a nice young man got out of the car & picked it up & handed it to me.  I said "God bless you for your kindness" & told him if he needs anything we have it at Focus & pointed to our center.  He smiled & went back into the passenger side of the car.  The driver, who stopped, & the passenger, who got the ballon top, were a blessing :)) Thank you Lord & please bless them for their goodness to me.

As I was coming into the building carrying bags filled with formula Martha says to me "Mary this client needs a car seat for his baby".  What... I thought for it takes me so long to get my computer going.  I told the father to fill out the form & I will go into the office to start the computer.  He filled out the application & we were on our way.  I gave him the number to call tomorrow & hopefully the City will be able to help him receive a new free car seat for his daughter.  

I was told by Jeff yesterday, as I made & received 28 phone calls, that the rain water wasn't going down the drain outside & we might have water in the basement.  Yes he was correct.  I called Neyoka who is at Focus on Mondays to go to the basement to check & there was water on the floor.  She quickly got Kevin, one of our clients, to help her move things downstairs & 1 bag of clothes which was in a bag got wet, so she hung the clothes on chairs in the Main Room to dry.  I called Mike Mc. & told him about the situation & he said that he was going to come to Focus today & he did.  We went over the building that is being fixed next door & he got a long latter & he went up it to get the debris out of the drain & he said went in to Focus to get a pal of water to clear out the drain.  He will come back tomorrow to work on it again.  After he left our landlord called & I told her of the problem & she asked if Mike could call her so I called him & asked him to call her.  Wow!!!  

Martha did a pregnancy test which was negative & I called to make sure our client has an appointment for her ultra sound tomorrow....she does.  

I bought 6 cans of formula & we have none left.  Diapers fly out of here so fast.....we do want to help the children.  We saw 4 fathers today it was wonderful!!!  Thank you for being a good  :))

I'm busy in the office, making copies of referral papers, that can help people.  I received a call today at 12 noon saying that she was at Focus & was in need of formula.  I told her that we open at 1 pm .  She saw that at the door where I have a paper hanging.   I don't have wings & can't fly....sorry.  Also, I received a call this weekend asking if we carry AC' we don't.  And someone called me today asking if we do finger printing.....I said "no we don't, sorry".  Wow, we are the 'go to' pregnancy center.  I do try to make referrals if I can help.  And a counselor called & asked me for housing information.  I gave him 2 numbers to call.  Hope he was successful.  A very busy day~~~~~~


Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at Focus

What A Day!!!!!!  It sooooo busy our heads spun.  We miss our regular volunteers  :((

It was very busy when I arrived today.  Martha was already seeing clients.  I quickly put money in the meters......$8.00 worth.  I came into the center after hollering at a car that was going fast on University & could have hit me  :((  what a concern.  A lady who was walking up the street agreed with me that they drive fast on this street.  Hard to cross the street!!!

I was in the office when Martha said that a small boy threw up in the Main Room & she was doing a pregnancy test.  "Okay" I said & out of the office I went.  I gave the mother a  roll of paper towels & I sprayed a disinfectant onto the clear omit....sorry.  It was mostly water which he was drinking earlier.  Okay, we can deal with this....I hope.   Martha's client was negative & was given lots of information to help her get educated.  I went back into the office again to do my work.  I come out every so often to see how things are going & when I did I greeted a young woman who wanted a pregnancy test.  I brought her into the room & she did the teat which was Negative then she told me this awful story.  She said that she had had a blood test which said that she was pregnant but had to go to get her Kidney stone removed.  She said that she told Dr. G. at Rochester General Hospital that she was pregnant but he gave her the anesthesia anyways.  After he was finished she said that she bleed & bleed & bleed some more.  I told her that she probably had a Miscarriage & was so mad at this doctor that didn't listen to her.  I told her to call Legal Aid & the American Medical Association to report him.  She said that she would.  My heart goes out to her & her horrible experience.  I gave her a brochures on a Miscarriage.  How sad is this!!!

I was so upset with one of our regular clients, who is emotionally challenged, who wanted a pregnancy test.  She has three children who 3 people are caring for.  Her mother has one child & her sister has another child & her oldest child is being raised by a Foster Mother.   When will she learn....probably never!!!   Her test was Negative....  We love her & she knows it!!!

We had a mother who is about to give birth in 3 weeks, she could hardly walk, come into the center.  She just had Breast feed her other child.  I said that we could help you give birth at our pregnancy center if you go into labor, for Martha & I are retired LPN"S.  I worked OB/GYN & Martha worked Mental Health, oh well!   Maybe someday someone will......never know but I really hope not. She was very nice & we gave her what she needed for her family.  

As we were all here, Martha, Catherine, Holly & her two teenagers & in came Linda to the rescue.  She helps us out when she can.   As she was in the Layette Room working, I told every body, that it was her birthday tomorrow. I said  "I will call her out here & we all will sing 'Happy Birthday' to her".  I called her name & when she came out we all sang (beautifully) & she was so happy.  We gave her a nice plant & a small HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon, which lost it's top in the street earlier, but was retrieved.  We have known each other since 1982.  Wonderful friend  :))


Thursday, July 21, 2016 at Focus

I had to go to Tops Market to get more diapers & baby formula.  It is so heartbreaking to see these mothers & fathers not have any money to buy their baby formula or diapers.  I wish an agency or center would help with these two items.  The need is GREAT!!!

It was just Martha & I & we were again busy.  Out of 12 formula's we only have 34 left.  Poor babies.  I have to concentrate on the rent now  :((

Martha did a pregnancy test on a young girl who already has a baby.  Her mother & sister & brother brought her in.  I gave them all the 10 Commandants to take with them. 


Melissa came into the center for baby formula for one of her new clients. Then she told me that one of her clients was coming out of her apartment as Melissa was in the driveway.  She asked her where she was going & she replied that she was going to Parenthood to have an abortion...........
Melissa said call me if you need me & then left.   Melissa is pro life & was trying to save this little baby's life & the mother.  Melissa texted her an hour later & was told that she did not go through with the abortion, for she was afraid.  Maybe it was the pro life people that were out there praying & talking to her about the truth about abortion.  She went home with her precious baby still in her womb.  Praise God!!!  She was former prostitute that was post abortive. 

A man came with 3 of his small children, one was a baby.  He has what you call Irish Twins, for the son & daughter were born, the same year.  One in January & the other in December. I spoke with him for awhile & gave him much information.  He also subscribed to Fidelis Care.  His father & his girlfriend's father were killed in a gang related episode.  He didn't want his life to turn out that way.  He said that his first born son changed his life for the better.  Nice man.  His girlfriend is going to hairdressing school & will graduate in December. He has no job at this time.  I hope he gets all of his family Baptized & they get married.  It would be a prayer answered.  

Another nice man came in for formula & diapers.  I asked if he was married & he said "no". He said that she doesn't want to .....oh no!!  He said that he will call me about his situation sometime.  Okay!  

Mike Mc. came in & fixed the water problem in the basement due to plugged spout on the side of the building.  He said that the water that he put in came out fine.  I said "thank you & we'll see with the next rain". Please Lord no more water.....thank you!!!  

Martha was yawning so I made her some strong coffee to drink.  Sweet lady!
I just want to say that I could not do it without her & all the people that help us here at Focus & all our prayer people & benefactors.  Thank you Lord for this remarkable team!! Please bless them all & our clients & their families. too


Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at Focus

I arrived an half an hour early today & thought that I would do some office work before we open officially at 1 pm.  The meter was only good for 2 hours because after that it didn't work.  I later on called 311 requesting a repair.  I barely got in to the center when the doorbell rang.  I went down the stairs & told her that we are open at 1 pm & usually no one is here at this time but I will let you in in a few minutes while I open up.  She said "okay".  I went & started the fans & opened up the blinds & then let her & her young daughter in the center.  She signed in & used the hand saintlier & then received some diapers.  She looked in to the Material Aid Room while I did some other things.  When she can out of the room she told me how un nice I was & I didn't reflect a church going person.  What I thought to myself.  She said that she was going to find out my landlord's name to report me for I do receive money.  What I thought & I am all alone with her.  What brought that on!!!  I was sarcastic at this time but apologized & then told her that she was being judgmental.  She quieted down.  Scary.  I know that I am not perfect but I'm not that bad.  I went out to put the A-Frame sign by the side of the building when I saw a car come out of Planned Parenthood. I saw that Christine was talking to the person driving the car so when it passed by me I said loudly "they're killing kids at Planned Parenthood" to which they (the male driver & female passenger) "shut up you bitch".  To which I replied nothing.  I then went back into the pregnancy center to see the young woman that just gave it to me.  I again apologized as she passed by me in the hallway.  I had to go on with the day because so many people were now coming into the center to receive what they needed.  She was probably having a bad day  :((  I do understand.  I will try to be better.  

We saw so many people but through the grace of God we did it.!!   Catherine is working on a Focus Fundraiser flyer.  How nice of her  :))

The men are working on putting down stone pavement, next door, so we were worried that they would cover up our drainage system.  I don;t want anymore water in our basement. Martha & I went over to talk to them & they said that they know what they are doing & don't worry.  Okay & thank you......  It made us feel better since we first called Barb, Ricky & Mike.  
Martha brought her two young granddaughters today it was fun seeing them & they were helpful.  They will also be with us for the next two days.  

A regular client came in & told me that she was again pregnant but this was her last one. I quickly told her that let God be God & don't be so negative & enjoy your present pregnancy.  She just looked at me & mumbled something. She is a nice lady so I know it wasn't bad.  She is married & is in her 40's....okay that's good  :))



Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at Focus

We saw so many people that my head spun...I thank God for dear Martha for we didn't have any volunteers today......2 more weeks to go!

We saw a couple of men taking care of their children.....good fathers.  

Martha did a pregnancy test today & it was negative.  Her mother, who was waiting for her daughter, received a couple of nice things that Neyoka had brought in earlier from a Garage Sale. It goes fast here!!  

Martha's granddaughters were picked up by their Aunt, who took them, to the afternoon movie.  They came back later on & said that they liked it.....they are now working in the center putting diapers together.  How nice!

Later on Martha & her two grandchildren & I were at the table eating supper when the door opens & the mother with triplets came in.  They were very active 2 year old. We made it!  We assisted the mother to what she needed for her family.  She is a busy lady!!

Then two women came in with their children to receive what they needed. Martha & I were helping them when a man came to our door & sat down at the table, filled with deli sandwiches, & started talking to me.  He was a salesman & as he was talking he mentioned that his company does business with Planned Parenthood.  Martha & I said "what" together.  He looked dismayed but we straightened him up quickly.  Then one of the woman heard the conversation & stated that Planned Parenthood had killed her friend's baby when she was 16 & she was 14.  As the abortionist was killing her friends baby (she can't have children) for the abortionist at Planned Parenthood messed her up so much said to her, for she was 6 months pregnant, "after I finish her I'll love to do you".  She said "no" & has a 21 year old daughter who she loves.  I gave her post abortion information to give her friend who is still grieving.  And gave both of the girls Maafa:21 DVD.

This man heard all of this & almost fall off the chair.  He saw many clients & how they were being helped. I said that we were a God believing center & he replied that he was a man of faith too.  Hope he quits his job & gets a better one ASAP!!  He left with a Focus brochure & a business card & a DVD of Maafia:21.....that should work.

He said good bye & gave me his card & asked if we could talk sometime...I'm not sure.  As he was going out another client came in at 6 pm.  She was a grandmother who finally got custody of her 18 month old grandson.  She was grateful.


Thursday, July 28, 2016 at Focus

I went shopping at Tops Market for baby formula & diapers before I went to Focus.  It costs a lot but our clients are worth it.  We have seen 1,770 people so far in 2016.  Praise God!!
When I arrived there were many people in the center already with Martha & her two grandchildren.  One of our client came out to help me bring the bags & boxes into the center.  I thanked her profusely.  How nice was that!!  

It went on & on & on which is great.  Martha did two pregnancy tests which were both negative,  I did one which was negative too.  Some of them were going into Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test but they wouldn't do it....thank God!!!!   One girl said that after your positive test they try to schedule you for an abortion....she said "oh no".  Good girl.

We saw  a lot of fathers with their children today.  How nice is that!! Responsible fathers....yeah!!  

There were 8 men out on the front lines today & no female counselors.....what's happening?  You go boys!!!  Responsible males.....great!!!

Martha left at 4 pm today with her grandchildren to go to their Aunts house who just put in a pool.  Thanks for all your help girls  :))

Rob & I were eating at 5:15 pm when Ryan cane in with three boxes of diapers & a hardy check.  Thank you Lord & Ryan.  It will be such a great help. While he was here two men & a mother & a child ,in a stroller, came in for diapers.  She asked for a pregnancy test which was positive.  She was surprised but happy.  That's what is suppose to happen.   While she was here a new mother came in with her precious baby of 2 weeks.  She was small & sleeping so sweet.  I helped her with some things & she was on her way. Then another client came in for a bag full of things.  She said she was pregnant but was smoking a cigar, in the car, as she drove away. Confusing & scary.

I finished my chicken supper after everyone had left.....Rob had really eaten by himself.  We are always busy now.  A good day!!  



Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at Focus

A quieter day.  Martha reminded me it's because it's the first of the month when the mother & fathers are more settles it's usually the last two weeks of the month that is very busy.  
We did see some moms & dads today.  One married woman had 8 children & one is on the way.  Her husband asked for a prayer rosary which I gave each of them one.  Many blessings to this family.

Rob came to sidewalk counsel out in front of Planned Parenthood.  He came back into the office several hours later to say what had happen out there. One girl was there for the Morning After Pill which Rob told her all about & what it can do to baby & herself and another woman told him she was here to get information for an abortion.  Rob talked to her about life for her child. Hopefully she will 'choose life'.  What is wrong with women?????????  

One client wanted just Enfamil but we only had the substitute....sorry.  She didn't take it but she got other things for her children.

I was busy with office work & Martha was fixing up the Material Aid Room & putting diapers together.

Linda came to help us, she is our regular Tuesday lady.  How nice!!

We are going to have our first '40 Days for Life' meeting tonight at 5:30 pm, with Rick presiding.  It will start later in September.




Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at Focus

A Message:

Dear Mary,

On Saturday, August 6th, Students for Life America is organizing the  first-ever National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day!  The Students for Life chapter at SUNY Geneseo is participating, but the decision has been made to hold our sidewalk counseling event this Friday from 9-1:30 at the Planned Parenthood in Rochester at 114 University Ave.  (Abortions are not performed at this facility on Saturdays.)

For more information about the event click the link below:

I hope to see you on Friday,


This was a wonderful email that I receives after talking to Kasey's father who is helping her put this project on in front of Planned Parenthood.  What a great father  :))  I sent this email to the many people on my list.  Hope they will come to learn how to sidewalk counsel & save lives of both mother & child.

Martha & I were busy again but we don't mind.  We have seen 1,825 people so far in 2016!!  A father with 3 boys came in for diapers.  Nice kids & he said that they get along great!!  Yeah!!  We saw more father's latter on today.  Our pregnant mom came in with large bags of donations & we blessed her with a beautiful maternity dress for she came back latter wearing it!!

Catherine helped with a lot of literature changing our old address to our new address. She is wonderful to have at Focus!! 

The doorbell rang & a man came through the door saying he was from the Fire Department, along with him was a man & a woman.  They all looked around & found that we needed a Fire  Extinguisher & a Carbon Monoxide plug in & two EXIT signs for each door.  They said that they will give me some time to purchase these items & then come back in a few weeks into the center to check.  They were so nice & helpful.  Later on this evening I went & purchased these items for Focus to make us safe!!!  A great experience!

Martha was getting ready for her two grandchildren, from Pennsylvania, to stay with her for 2 days.  I probably won't see her tomorrow  


Thursday, August 4, 2016 at Focus

No Martha today & I was worried how it would go without her but it went very well.  Not busy at all.  I did miss her but know she was having fun with her two grandchildren.  She deserves it!!!

A pro life man came up our three steps to say to me "Mary I'd like to give you my knee pain for a day" to which I replied "I'd like to give you my abdominal pain  for the rest of your life".  He then asked for water to which I said I would pour him a glass to which he replied "no I'm getting a bottle from the refrig" which he did & drank.  I told him that I was saving the water for the people that were coming out on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood tomorrow & I didn't have enough.  He was a bit nasty but that is not unusual for this man.  Pain changes people's personalities for sure.  I hope & pray that he feels better soon.  Mike Mc went & got 4 huge containers of water at Wegmans for us at Focus.....thank you so much!!

We had two women that came in & helped put some things nice was that!

I did a pregnancy test on a shy 17 year old girl & it was Negative....  I asked her to look at me while I was talking to her & told her to come back next Thursday or Friday if she didn't get her period yet.  She took all the DVD's & the Truth packet that I make up.  Hope it helps!!

Catherine & I had a nice long talk toady very rare.  A nice young lady.  

The EXIT signs are above the two doors thanks to Catherine & the Fire Extinguisher is in the Kitchenette & the CO monitor was put in the plug.....all is well for our next inspection by the Fire Marshall's.  

it was a quiet & good day at Focus.......but not across the street where they kill little babies. Rob almost got punched in the face today out on the front lines.  Thank you Lord for protecting him.  He is a good pro life man.  God bless you all who pray & witness the Truth to people, in front of abortion mills.   Lord have Mercy on us all.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at Focus

Not a real busy day today but we still have things to do.  We did see come young girls & helped them with what they needed.  Martha brought in a baby items from the Rummage Sale from St. Pius the Tenth church this past weekend.  

Rob was outside praying in front of Planned Parenthood & told me when he came in that Christine, took a young lady to the Emergency Room, for she said that she might be having an Ectopic pregnancy.  How good of Christine.  Hope all goes well.

Catherine brought me the revised flyer for our Focus fundraiser chicken BBQ......looking good!!!  Can't wait to pass it out  :))

Parking Meter problems today, so I called 311 & reported the non working meter & a nice man came out to fix it  :))   

A nice day!!! 



Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at Focus

Yesterday evening Linda W., who is my long time friend & volunteers at Focus, called me to tell me that her nephew Mark was killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. This is what was reported:
My heart sank & I am still very upset.   May he rest in peace!!

My feet & legs are hurting but I need to be at Focus so I went.  When I arrived there was so many people in the center getting tings they needed.  Lynda was back ....thank God!!!

Salvatore, an older man who came yesterday, was back today after Martha called to tell him we had a Bassinet for his grandchild, who he is helping to raise, along with his older granddaughter.  Nice man.  He was blessed yesterday & today  :))

It was an hectic busy day but we got though it.  Martha had to leave earlier to pick up her two granddaughters, for a couple of days, while their grandmother is in the hospital.   She will bring them with her tomorrow.  It will be fine.


Thursday, August 11, 2016 at Focus

Martha called to say that she might not be at Focus today due to the fact that she is watching her two granddaughters while their mother is with their grandmother who is having surgery.  I thought that they would be with me today but the mother doesn't want to drive Downtown to pick them up so Martha has to stay at her apartment to wait.  

I got to Focus at 12:40 pm only to see a mother with 5 children waiting by the door, for me to open up.  I asked her to come later next time rather than earlier.  I opened up the center & invited the family in to get what she needed.  Then a young girl came in & asked for a Pregnancy Test. I said "yes' of course".  I helped her with the test.  She was Negative but wasn't sure if she could still be pregnant due to some of her symptoms.  I gave her a doctors list & told her to make an appointment to get a pregnancy blood test to make sure. She will.  A nice young girl.  We had a good talk before she left & I gave a Truth packet with all the DVD's in it.  She said that she will keep me in touch!!

A man & A woman came in & she went right over to the stroller & said that she wanted it.  I told her "no" not until your baby is born....she was not happy.  She is an aggressive person who I have dealt with before.  She has been give a lot of things for her baby, at other times, I told her not today.  

I had a nice talk with Kathryn, for we haven't seen her in 3 weeks, due to her 50 Year Wedding Anniversary celebration with her family in all parts of the USA.  Congratulations dear Bob & Kathryn!!!!  Welcome back :))

It was a pleasant hot day today, it was 96 degrees, water, water & more water.

Martha called & probably won't be here today but I will see her Saturday for the Right to Life Rummage Sale, at the Church of the Annunciation, to get free items for our clients....Yeah!!



Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at Focus

When I pulled up after Mass this afternoon a woman was waiting at the door.  After putting in $8.00 worth of quarters in the meter I greeted her at the door.  When she came in she asked for resources so she could hand out.  "My pleasure", I said.  I went & got her all I could give her for her ministry,  She was grateful & so was Martha & I.  It was wonderful to do this for her.....she was grateful.  

After she left Catherine, from Fidelis Care, came in & stated her work.  It is always nice to see her.  Then the girls came in three by three.  We had two pregnant moms, with 1 child with them, & three people that didn't speak English well.  It's usually challenging.  They all received what they needed. Martha is fantastic with the girls & their children.  She is such a blessing  :))

I work in the office & I come out, at times, to see how our clients are doing.  I need to know how they are doing too.  It is team work........

Linda S. came to help....she is steady on Tuesdays.  St. Pius the Tenth Church came to bring us food for our small cupboard. The people are so grateful if they can get a few food items.

I bought a large for Focus because the rug that is down in the play area has stains on it. This oval rug is nice with dark colors.  Neyoka said that she take the stained rung home to work the stains out......sure enough. 

We have seen 1,920 people so far in will be our biggest year yet.  Neyoka & I did pregnancy tests yesterday & today all 4 were negative.  We teach abstinence in this center.

It was a good day!!  I suffer with much gross pain but I plan to be here until the end.....God willing.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at Focus 

A little boy was standing at our door when I first arrived after Mass today. His grandmother was in her car on the side street waiting for us to open.  Martha pulled up behind me & we were putting the quarters in the meter at the same time.  How cool....

Lynda came a few minutes later & worked so hard this afternoon.  She told me at 4 pm that she will see us in 2 weeks because she is going to a day retreat next Tuesday & also to see her fiend, in another State, who is dying. We will miss her  :(

So many people came in today & it was so hectic.  A man came to drop off boxes of donations from A Second Thought Resale Shoppe.  Thank you Lord!!!

I walked out into the main room when I saw a young girl that I told not to come back until after her baby was born because of theft.  I told her during the Christmas season in 2015. She came with her friend that told on her.  She was not pregnant so I confronted her nicely & walked into the office.  We have to give people a second chance & I know she won;t take from the Layette Room again!!

We have a young lady that has to do 80 hours of Community Service for her college.  Her mother called me last week to ask if her daughter can come into Focus to do it.  I said 'yes'.  

Fr. Cushing came in & he gave me new DVD's of the abortion history to give out to the clients. It was good seeing him & he looks well.  




Thursday, August 18, 2016 at Focus

A horrible day for the prayer warriors out there in front of Planned Parenthood.  I had a feeling it was going to bad.  Before I went to Focus I had to go to Tops to get a special kind of formula for a premature baby. The grandmother called to ask if we had it & I said that I was planning to go to Tops Market & I will get it for her.  It was Enfamil 1.  She came later to get it for her grandchild. Wish all grandparents were like her.  


There was a very rude woman that came out of Planned Parenthood. Her mouth was bad.  She said that she had a blotched of the first in 1973. How evil & she had alcohol breath......I wish she wanted help.  Staying in her denial is what she wants to do.  I hope she repents of her sins.

Martha told me that a man came out of the house, right next to Planned Parenthood, & got right into her face.  He is a new neighbor.  He said to her "why are you here", "mind your own business, women have a choice" & then swore at her as she was holding a picture of Christ.  Lord have Mercy!!  She said that he was holding his phone as to intimidate her that he was calling the police......he is new to the street & doesn't know a thing. He is one to watch in the future.  I wish Martha used a cell phone but she doesn't want one.  Oh boy!!!

This is the 'Death Neighborhood', on University evil.....

Kathryn was here to help us & the young lady doing community service, Dametnya.  We were busy with many people today.  Martha did a pregnancy test & it was Negative.  She has two boys & they were playing in the Main Room with Dametnya, who was watching them.  The mother was quiet. Hopefully she be abstinent & care for her two boys.  

Rick came in to check the dropped ceiling & will be back tomorrow to fix it. Something about the roof.  Mike took care of the dead mouse in the basement.  Need more mouse traps.  First mouse & first ceiling's looking like 86 University right now. Our daily issues.  First part of September we will be here, at 135 University, for 2 wonderful years!!  May it continue.  


Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at Focus

As Martha & I were putting our quarters in the parking meters when I saw lots of people & a child waiting for us to open the center.  I called over & asked the two men if they would help me get the bags out of my was diapers & formula.  They did & I thanked them.

Martha helped the clients while I talked with Jeff in the office.  A Planned Parenthood worker called the police on Jerry yesterday, who was in the buffer zone, on his knees praying.  The police came & went into Planned Parenthood but left without talking to either Jeff or Jerry. No problem just be careful guys!!!  The Lord is with you as you witness the Truth to people.

A man & a woman came in with two small children. Apparently one of of his children was with the mother (former girlfriend) & she neglected the child & he was taken away & given to the father & his wife.  Now they have two children.  Needed formula & diapers.  

Busy in the office with much to do.  Linda S. came in to help Martha & I today as she does every Tuesday.   God bless our great volunteers.

Catherine, from Fidelis Care, came back after calling in on Thursday.  She said that she wasn't feeling well & slept, slept & slept some more.  That is a good thing.  Sleep is so important.  

The young girl who was doing Community Service work did not come in on Friday, Saturday or today & didn't call to tell me she wasn't coming in so I will wait until she calls or doesn't.  It rarely works out.  

The men were working on the area between us & them next door.  They are making it into a small parking lot, I think.  I said to them that I hope we won't have our basement wet in the future.  We are trying Madam for that not to happen.  "Okay", I said back. 

E'Tiana had an indecent on Saturday.  A woman who spoke Spanish came in for formula & left.  A few minutes a man who spoke Spanish came in & asked for formula.  She asked him if he knew Krystal & he said "no" but when he left he got into the car with her & left.  On the Sign In sheet they have the same home address.  I asked E'Tiana to call the phone number to say that either person is no longer welcomed at Focus, but they gave a wrong phone number. We all will keep our eyes on their possible return   :((   No messing at Focus!!!

This evening Martha mentioned to me that the new place next door had put their trash in our cans & it was filled with heavy commercial materials.  I said "what, the nerve of them"!! The cans were so heavy we needed to ask one of our male clients to put the cans out on the sidewalk for us for trash day tomorrow.  Poor garbage men  :((

I had to go outside to the back porch to put something in a bin when I heard something right next door.  I went over to the end of the porch to see the owner of the property standing there by his car.  I thought to myself ......good timing Lord.  I comforted him nicely & he looked around & said "you talking to me"?  I said "yes, there is no one around but you".  He is a challenge. I told him that he didn't even ask us if it was okay to come on our porch & use our containers to fill them up with heavy trash.  I said you can come over here to see for yourself. He said something nasty & I sternly said "DO NOT TRESPASS AGAIN" & went back into the center to tell Martha.  I prayed for him when I did my Hour Hour, with the Lord, later tonight.  The next day I called a number that was given to me & reported him to 311 for a Warning.  We hope it doesn't happen again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at Focus

It was just Martha & I today...Lynda is on Retreat.  We were very busy which is okay with us.  We were greeted by a young girl at the door who needed formula & diapers.  She is in desperate need.  Then two other women came in with on child sleeping in a stroller.   As we were talking they all admitted that they all had their tubes sad is that.  I gave them the '10 Commandments' & a brochure that says 'Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.  I told them if I didn't care for them I wouldn't have said a thing.  They all understood.  Hopefully they will repent & do better.  One of the girls said that she did ask for God's forgiveness at church.  

Martha did a pregnancy test which was positive & she made an appointment at Embracing Options for an Ultrasound, next Wednesday.   She had lost her baby about a year ago he or she just stopped growing after her boyfriend's death.  She was happy she was pregnant.  
I did the next pregnancy test of a married woman with children & it was Negative.  All is well.

I did the next pregnancy test of a woman who came in with her sister.  It was Positive & I made an appointment with His Branches for an Ultrasound for next Wednesday, too.  They both were happy & the client knows Dr. Karen who is a friend of Martha's & I & had worked at Focus a couple of years ago before she started her Practise with Dr, Morehouse.  She is so nice.  The client is looking forward to her pregnancy & to see Dr. Karen next week, too. She might be to early to see her precious baby.  Her sister will be supportive....lets hope her boyfriend will be too.  Her baby is safe, in the womb, with this mom. 

Neyoka called & said that she will be bringing in more bags of donations from a Garage Sale in tonight.  Okay Neyoka!!  Good!!

I told the man who was here with his wife that he was parked in the parking lot across the street & he could get towed.  He looked at me kindly & said "the owner of the property is a friend of mine".  I said "what"!!!  I asked for his name & phone number & also the man I was talking to his name for reference. The owner is named Keith. We'll see  :))

Martha was busy because Fred came in & repaired our ceiling which was still bulging down, from the water leak two weeks ago.  Rick did say that he fixed the problem which I was happy to hear but left the bulging ceiling. The Lord heard our prayer & sent us Fred today & he did a marvelous job!!  Thanks Lord & Fred.  He also brought us some food supplies & a huge bag of M&M's for our candy dispenser. While he was here St. Pius the Tenth Church worker brought us some food supplies for our small Food Cupboard....lots of baby food this time.  Yeah!!


Thursday, August 25, 2016 at Focus

The young lady that gave me some trouble came in when I was putting quarters in the meter.  I called over to her saying that Martha was in the center & for her to go in.  While I was putting money in the meter I spoke to two young people walking down the street towards Planned Parenthood.  I said to them that I hope they weren't going into Planned Parenthood & she quickly said "I'm going in for Depo".  I said "it can kill you & your baby & they don't care about you",  "They're killing babies of your Race right now".  The male person turned around & said something to me & I told him he needs to Repent too.  Just say the TRUTH & trust that God is with you & keep on going.  Don't give up!!

I went into Focus & greeted the young lady who was by the door & Martha & Katheryn & went into the office to start working.  Rob came in with two packages of cookies for desert tonight & I quickly told him to get out there to save babies lives.....he's so dedicated.  Mike came in with lots of bottles of water & he then went outside to save lives, too. 

I called Rick regarding some questions about our Focus Chicken BBQ Fundraiser at Archangel School in Chili this Saturday.  Wow....can't wait!!

We saw many clients today & we're working to change their lives through Truth & Love.



Tuesday, August 30, 216 at Focus

I saw the owner of the building next door in his white truck so I took his license number down ....just in case there is future problems with him.  I also saw the nasty neighbor across the street ,in the house right next to Planned Parenthood, who who swearing at Martha 2 weeks ago.  It's a sad neighborhood  :((

Martha came in & we got lunch today.  I have to eat a better breakfast.

I called the two clients to remind them of their ultrasound appointments tomorrow at His Branches.  Neyoka called her client yesterday, to remind her of her ultrasound on Tuesaday, for she was scheduled at Compass Care.  

Martha did a pregnancy test & it was Negative.  She spoke to her about her past abortion at Wotman's.  She started to cry.  You can't kill your precious baby & all will be's just NOT going to happen, no matter how hard you try.  You have to start by REPENTING.  Abortion is a Mortal Sin & if you don't ask God to forgive you, with an sincere heart, you will go to Hell....forever!  Remember abortion is murdering you own child.  

Linda S. came later to help us.  Earlier we had a woman come in with her two daughters & dropped off many bags of cloths & stuffed animal for our clients. How nice was that.  She found us online.  

We had our BBQ fundraiser on Saturday at Archangel School & we made no money & Rick was nice enough to cover us for $50.00 & Forest Hills Catering took a $300 deduction.  Maybe next year it will be better.  We have to try  :))



Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at Focus

Martha & I are the only ones working at Focus today, hopefully Lynda will be back next week.  Some girls came in for baby formula & diapers are usual.  I called Embracing Options about our two clients coming in for their ultrasounds, they both did.  The one client worried Barb at Embracing Options stating that she might be abortion minded.  She made some reference towards it.  I told her that Martha's notes stated that she wasn't abortion minded.  She also said that she was Catholic.  My heart ached.  The other client is happy seeing her precious baby & seeing her favorite doctor....Dr, Karen who works at His Branches.  All is well with her.  After I hung up I asked Martha to call the client that was abortion minded & she spoke with her for a few minutes.  All seems to be okay right now but we will call her next week too to see how she is doing.   We pray that she will not have her baby killed.  

I looked out my office widow to see that all the trash was not picked up.  Paul put all the stuff that the new neighbor next door put in our pails & the City said "no" & dropped off a notice to us.  Martha called Barb the Landlord & reported this mess after she called 311 to report this unkind situation.  We don;t want to deal with this selfish owner but how dare he do this to us  :((  the nerve.  Barb said that she also will report him to the City.  She also said that we are going to paint our building in October after the City approves the paint color. Hopefully they will.  Also the railing in on the back porch needs repair so no one falls off the steps.   So much to do!

All of a sudden Focus was filled with people male & females galore. Martha gave a Layette for a pregnant mom & we saw 3 Fathers almost at one time.  It was hectic for awhile.  

Martha's coffee fell to the floor so she moved her coffee pot to the other side of the Kitchenette.  It's more convenient for all the coffee loves (just Martha).

I called Mission Realtors to ask if we could use their parking lot on the corner of Scio St. & University Ave. & the man I spoke with transferred me to Madeline & I left a message.



Thursday, September 1, 2016 at Focus

I spent so much time at Tops Market picking up things for Focus that I was a little late today but I let Martha know.  Sorry  :((  

It was a slow day but we had much to discuss with our landlady that came later in the afternoon.  People are on our back porch like it;s okay but it's 'Trasspassing'...not happy. Martha said that she had let two big toys on the porch & went into the center to get something to wash them with & when she came back they were gone.  Really!  So much to worry about.  We are going to get our center painted next month in October before the snow comes down....yeah!  It is now 2 years that we have been at 135 University.....yeah!!!
Happy Anniversary !!!

We saw some girls that came in for diapers especially & a worker for Baby Love Program came in for Formula.  Tim S. came in & dropped off some donations which was great & I gave back the cooler to Jeff when he came into the center.

It is always hard to be on a street where they slaughter the innocent........





Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at Focus


Martha & I were at Focus without help until Linda came later to assist us with our needs.

One pregnant young girl came in & told Martha & I that her doctor at Strong Memorial Hospital wanted her to have an abortion at 25 weeks....she said "no" & want to place her precious baby up for adoption.  I said "good for you dear girl".  I went into the office & came out with a Bethany Adoption Agency informational brochure to give her & asked her to call.  She said that she will. Thank God!!!  She was with a pregnant friend that is due in a couple of days. Okay!!  Doctors do kill!!!!!!!!  Please make sure your OB/GYN doctor doesn't.
I spoke with a nice woman on the phone that called & said she needed diapers for one of her clients who has 5 children.  She came in & was so nice. We talked for a few minutes & then she left.  In walked another woman whose granddaughter was born 3 months early & is now 4 lbs..  She came & got some small things for baby. She also was praising God....two in a row.

I did office work & went out to help Martha on occasion.  She is a TROOPER!!!!



Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at Focus

was late today but Martha & Lynda was there.  I went to Tops to get Newborn Diapers & baby lotion & soap & bottles.  I bought a container of chewy assorted flavored candies for our clients.....they will like that.

When I got to Focus, Neyoka was across the street bringing in donations from her car, from the Second Thought Resale Shoppe.  They are so generous!!  I gave her a roll of quarters for parking & said that I will see her tomorrow at the Focus Fundraiser.   I also said that she will have a few minutes along with Martha to speak about Focus.....if Christine lets them. 
I will have plenty to say about Focus Pregnancy Center.  

A woman came in for diapers & wipes & started talking to Martha.  I came out of the office & she began to share & said that she says her Rosary prayers. Yeah!!  She also said that she goes to the Sacred Heart Cathedral for Mass.  I asked her if she went to Confession before she went to Holy Communion & she said "yes". Martha & I were so happy to hear that!!!  What great news!!!

Lynda called our pregnant clients to see how they were doing & talked to some clients.  

Rick, Christine our Landlady's Nephew, came to do some work in fixing things that needed repair.  She said that she has an appointment with the City to approve of the painting of the building........a dark bluish grey color with a blue awning. She said that she will try to get the appointment earlier.

A lot of office work so I was busy as Martha was busy putting away donations!!!  Fidelis Care gave us boxes of Back Packs.  Thank you!!!


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