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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!!  Lord have mercy & He does.  Time Warner was suppose to come to Focus between 1 pm to 2 pm so I had to hurry to get there.  I was hoping to receive some checks from the Post Office today but there were none.  I am a little short with the rent check this month.  God will provide!!

I was in the center when Frank hollered there is the Time Warner truck so I knew our address number is not very evident that out on the door so I went out to flag the truck down.  When I opened the door I saw, to my right, five people walking down the street towards Planned Parenthood, they were workers at the killing mill.  As they walked by me the females were smirking at me.  I told them to stop killing children & to stop hurting women who we try to put back together here.  They crossed Windsor to come face to face withe dog lady.  They all bent down to pet the dog & made a big fuss with him.  I hollered over "you care about animals but you don;t care about humans, who you kill".  I also said that they will see someday all the children that they helped kill.  They will!!!  They then walked into Planned Parenthood to do more damage.  It was upsetting.

I then went back into the center & answered the phone & it was Time Warner asking if I was at home because he was ringing my doorbell & no one was answering.  I said are you at the door & he said Yes.  Then he mentioned my living address & I said to him that the problem was in the city at the business.  He said that he was residential so I had to call to set up an appointment with the business service.  He gave me a number but it didn't work.  I called a toll free number & got through to a person.  He then connected me with another person who said that someone will call me within an hour to set up an appointment.  No one has called since.  Waiting is NO fun!!

Then there she was Sarah!!!  It was two & a half months since we have seen her to have her baby. She brought sweet baby Louise with her today but Helen was with her Grandmother.  The Cookie, Cookie girl (Helen) could not come today but Sarah said that she will bring them both in 2 weeks when they come back. Yeah!!  Just before she left she wrote Focus out a big check & handed it to me.  Praise God!!!  Now I can now pay the rent & some other bills.  You are faithful Lord!!!  Thank You  :)))

Wednesday &Thursday, August 2 & 3, 2017 at Focus

The death of Attorney Mary Aramini, Wednesday, August 2, 2017


All afternoon & evening Ken was here with Mike at Focus to set up my new computer it took 8 hours.  I felt badly for his wife Mary, our Pro Bono attorney & friend, who I have known since 1999 wasn't feeling to good but he said that she was at home resting.  I felt better after he said that.  She was with her dog named, Ramson, who loves her so much so I felt even better.  He instilled my new computer & we all left at 8:30 pm to go home.  It was on Wednesday morning that Michael called me to tell me that Mary was dead.  She had just died on the way to the hospital via ambulance.  Ken had called Mike to be with him during this very difficult time.  Mike asked me to call Fr. A. & I did but he didn't return my call until around 3 pm.  I was unable to go to Focus today for I was distraught but dear sweet Martha was at Focus with Frank to help with the many clients that came in to receive what they needed. She is a God sent! 

Today Thursday I went to the Post Office & then to the bank to deposit the checks & bought some formula & diapers, for our clients children.  God does provide!!!  When I arrived at Focus there was a car parked out in front with it's flashers on but I couldn't park behind it to unload all which I had just bought.  All of a sudden Rick, our board member, came out of the center.  I asked if this was his car & he said "yes it was".  He helped me bring things into the center & gave me the new & improved Focus brochures that he had copied. What a blessing this was!  God's timing is perfect.  He left to go to a meeting & was now running late.  He drove off with his flasher lights still on so I called & left a message for him to turn them off.  

Before I went into Focus I went over to to Mike Warren, on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood, who I was with in court in 1999, with Mary as our attorney, to give him a consoling hug. It is hard for both of us.  As I walked back to the center I saw the neighbor,across the street, just standing there watching the pro lifers.  I said as I walked by him "we are your friends not your enemies you just can't see it for you are blind, sorry to say"  He mumbled something but I just walked in the center to be with Martha.  No volunteers today.  Brittany did not show up for her required hours.  She did call or tex me.

Martha & I spent some time talking today at the table in the main room.....unusual.  She said that she will help me tomorrow, at Focus, & we will order lunch at Wendy's then go see Mary, layed out, at the Funeral Parlor. Martha & I should be together.  Mary A. helped us out so much during 1999, in Federal Court in Buffalo, all summer long until this year 2017 in January which she helped us out at the City Hall with the neighbors persecutions.  A remarkable woman.  May she Rest in Peace!!!

Two young girls came in together & one asked for a pregnancy test the other girl said that she was 4 weeks pregnant.  Her cousin was Negative.  I got to talk to the young girl while Martha was doing the pregnancy test.  A good conservation we had.  

A young mother with her adorable little boy who found a doll & hung onto to it while driving the large truck.  He was so cute.  The mother had a sour face & when she had left I saw her from the office walking up Windsor St. saying "shut up" to her precious son.  I called out to her asking for her to love her son. She said that he doesn't listen, so I asked her again to love her son, to which she replied "thank you".  I hollered back "you are welcome & God bless".  

Memo came later & we worked on the receipts of last year.  A couple of things to go through.  I was having trouble printing the '10 Commandment" & he didn't know what the problem was, so it didn't get fixed.  A new computer..... After he left Martha, Rob & I ate a delicious chicken supper. They went home but I stayed for I needed to do more office work & make up more Truth packets.  As I was looking in the Material Aid room form the window I saw a car pulling out of the driveway next door & it said on the car door  IT.  I quickly opened up the front door & went over to the car pulling out of the driveway & asked if he could help me with my computer.  He did !  He came in & after 15 minutes later all was well!  Alleluia!!   He fixed all my computer problems.  I gave him my new brochure & card & asked him to send me a bill in the mail. Also, when the '10 Commandments' got printed I gave them to him.  I introduced myself to him as he did me & I asked him if he had any children to which he replied he had two .  He said that he doesn't understand abortion & I said that I don;t either.  He gave me his card & I said that I will call him again if I need him, I said "for you know what your doing & you are for life"  He smiled & left. 

What a Focus miracle & thank you Lord for always providing for us at FOCUS!!! Glory to God in the Highest!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!  When I arrived Martha & Frank were not here.  I was surprised not to see Frank because he was going to help Neyoka in Pittsford with house items for our clients.  But Martha!!!  I waited as I was helping our clients with their needs & again Martha!!  I was worried.  Lynda called & she said that she will not be able to come tomorrow & I told her that Martha wasn't here yet.  They saw each other at Mass & it was longer today but it was after 1:30 p so I knew she would be hear by now.  I was thinking of call the hospitals to see if there was a car accident with her in the car.  It was 1:50 pm when I saw Martha walking form behind the bushes across the street they were blocking her car.  I was so happy & Lynda called & I told her that Martha had just arrived.....thank God!!!

A woman came in & I told her to pull up her top which was to low...she did not like that.  After she signed in she asked for baby formula & I told her that we are going to give it so freely this time & I need to ask her some questions.  She did not like that & left abruptly.  Question asking is to help the client.  

Mike came & he brought in so much bread & perishable food for our clients. Thank you Mike we really appreciate what you do for us at Focus  :))

Neyoka came in with two strong men & brought in two cribs & other things for our clients.  I did check on the cribs & one was recalled & had to be thrown out.  The other is promised to a client.  

Jackie came in & helped us a lot.  We are blessed.  Earlier Fr. Cushing came in to show me a 10 minute video tape of an interview with Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood worker, who has converted & became Catholic. She worked for them for 8 years & now is pro life & works to end abortion.   Fr. C. said that he would add this to one of our DVD' nice is that!!  He heard my Confession & left.  What a wonderful Priest!
Stress...what a wonderful thing!!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at Focus

It was a painful day....again!!  I had a Conference Call today with three people at 1:30 pm.  It went well but it really doesn't concern the Focus Center, unfortunately.  We are all trying to end abortion!!!

Martha was the only person with me today for Brittany couldn't be hear for she has a job interview.  Hope she gets it if the dear Lord wants her too.  We will miss her though.

Martha said that she had to go to the Lady's Room so I knew something was going to happen & it did. Sometimes that is just what happens when there is just one person.  A man came in & asked to speak to the one in charge.  That was me I said.  He said the owned a company in Rochester & drives by & wanted to donate to us.  He handed me his card.  I introduced myself  to him & then showed him the center.  Martha came out of the bathroom now.  As he was leaving I asked him if he was Catholic for his business in right near the church & he said that he was once Catholic & now isn't.  He said that he went to a Catholic College & was thinking of being a Priest then he heard the Bible Studies on the radio & became Protestant.  What!!!  He wouldn't bend & we talked for awhile.  I offered him the '10 Commandments' & 'Heaven & Hell' literature but he said "no".  I was disappointed to say the least.  He left & we will pray for his return to the church founded by Christ, the Catholic Church.   This was a painful event, though a seed was planted. 

Carla & her daughter came in to bring us some donations.  They went fast.  A man came in for formula & I spoke with him for a few minutes & gave him some formula for his baby.  We want all babies fed.

Two woman came in & I felt not at ease with them.  I heard some noise in the Layette Room which was open I have asked Martha to make sure the door is always closed but this does not always happen to my dismay. I got up from my seat to see this woman put in her bag all the Toothpaste &  Ivory soap a 6 pack & something else in her bag,  I quickly told her that she need to put these ting back & got up & showed her the sign  that reads DO NOT ENTER THIS SPACE.  I did't see it, I was told.  Okay!  I then remembered that these were the two women that came in about a month ago & took so much.  She said that she was homeless but said something that made that untrue.  I was told after they had gone that Linda had lost her drinking cup that day which made me suspicions that she had taken it.  I asked them both to leave.  It took about 5 minutes & they left & I locked the door behind me.  I also told them not to come back again.  Hopefully they will listen.  It was upsetting!!  

We also talked with two women about their Faith & I gave them some literature & a Rosary each. Hopefully they will become Catholics.
Souls matter!!  

Thursday, August 10, 2017 at Focus

It was a good day!!  I arrived at Focus to see Martha & Frank here working with the clients, how wonderful.  I had answered the phone while stopping with my flasher lights on Penfield Rd. to hear my downstairs neighbor say that she was going to the hospital to get checked out.  She said something bizarre but I had to get back on the road for tit was dangerous the way i was parked. I called her a little later to see how she was doing.  She is having a difficult time with life right now but she does love the Lord & He will see her through. She later on called me to tell me that she was alright & was coming home.  "Okay" I said "that is good news".  It is a worry when a friend is having problems. Martha & I didn't see eye to eye yesterday with the woman who stole the things from the Layette Room but we are fine now.  I do not like to fight with a friend.  No fun!  Martha has a lot on her mind with her twin sister having problems.  She & Frank are going to the family reunion this weekend. Her sister doesn't want one but don't say that to Martha.  She's going!!!  You are in my prayers dear heart  :))

We had a large family that has been in America for only one week & they needed a lot of things. One of the Spanish speaking girls lost her ID & it's all in Spanish so I can't red it.  It has her picture on it, though.  I hope she comes back to get it soon.

One of the girls left her cell phone here until she came back to get it.  I handed it to her & then said "don't do that again & keep it in your pocket".  Someone lost a cell phone yesterday, for this is two phones in three weeks.  Not good  :((

Martha & Brittany were busy & Frank was too, for there is so much to do at Focus.  Tom came in to chat before he left to go home, for he prays out in front of the killing mill Planned Parenthood, in the late mornings & early afternoons. Later on Adolf came in to say that there wasn't many people going in & out of PP today & last Thursday.  He thought that maybe they had changed their day to do surgical abortions.  No, I thought, for they know that we would be there on that day too.  It was around 4 pm when Mike came in & we talked for awhile.  It is always good seeing him  :)))

Rob came in at 4:30 pm & before we had supper Karen came in & we invited her to sit with us at the table.  She wan't hungry so she didn't eat with us.  We enjoyed good conversation.  After Rob & Martha left, Karen stayed for another hour, & left.  I went into the office to do more work when I heard someone pounding at the door.  The CLOSED sign was on the steps but it didn't make a difference.  It was 7:20 pm.  I saw a man standing there & he asked for food.  He looked familiar so I let him into the center.  He gave me some compliments & said that I shouldn't be alone here so I said a prayer.  I gave him food &he needed shoes so he went into the Material Aid room to get some for his children. As he was leaving he asked for the large brown bear that we just got in.  He said it was for his niece.  I said good bye & locked the door.  I checked each room, as I always do before leaving, & I left at 8:10 pm tonight.  It was a good day!!  Thank you Lord for being with us ....always!!
As I was leaving I got a call in the office for formula but she said that she will come to get it tomorrow.  Please Lord we need more $$ or formula!!  Thank you!

 Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at Focus 

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven!

Martha, Frank & I came at the same time today.  We all got right to work. Neyoka did such a great job on Monday & we are blessed.  Focus looks so good. We had some clients come in & we assisted them with their needs. Later on I heard a sweet voice & it was little Helen with her mom & her baby sister. It was great seeing them all !!  Little Helen looked at me & said sweetly, almost in a whisper "cookie".  Okay little one & I went to the cupboard to get her a vanilla thin cookie.  She said in a sweet voice "tank you".  My pleasure  :)))
A little later Linda came & we were happy to see her too. Martha & Linda helped our other clients that came in to get what they needed.  We had a family come in asking for a microwave.  I gave her a frying pan instead.  I received an email for a Washer & Dryer & one of our clients needed them. I gave Sharleen her phone number to contact.  Hope it works out okay!

Frank went to get the food from the Food Pantry & brought back so many good things.  Our clients are happy to receive them.  
It was a fine day!!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at Focus

I received a call in the morning stating that she had "Bad News".  I waited for her to tell me & she did. She had lost her apartment, car & Focus keys.  Oh no!! She sounded so stressed that I was concerned.  I asked her to look some more & then call me for I had planned to get my car inspected this afternoon & I had to stop at the Post office to pick up a check & then to go to Tops to deposit it. Martha did call back to say that she had found her spare apartment & car keys but no Focus key.  I told her that I will meet her at Focus & then I will go to the Monroe Muffler to get my car inspected & an oil change too.  I am praying that they will not find anything really wrong with my 2002 Saturn. Please Lord please.  When I arrived at Focus there were two women & a young child already there & two women with two young children walking across the street towards Focus.  I told both car owners that there were parked on Private property & had to park on the street with their flasher lights on. They moved their cars.  Off I went to the Monroe Muffler.  I get there & they told me that it will take some time because there is only one person.  I called Martha & she picked me up to take me back to Focus until I hear from them.  When we arrived at Focus I was greeted by Lynda who has been ill for about two months so hasn't been with us .......we have missed her!

I went into the office to work & Martha, Frank & Lynda was working out in the main room.  I asked Frank if he would go to the Hardware store to get a copy of the Focus key & he did........thanks Frank!!!  It works.....don't lose it Martha!!

I'm trying to get enough people to be out in front of PP's challenging.   Jim & his wife, from the Station of the Cross Radio Station, will be out there with their children in the morning.   Praise God!!!  Marcy is trying to get out there in the afternoon.  Rob is away visiting his parents in North Carolina & Mike W. is away too.  They are afternoon people.  Rob will spend one more Thursday, when he comes back next week, & then school will be staring again....he is a school teacher.  Hope we can get more people.  "40 Days for Life" will be starting at the end of September......thank God, a few more people, at least.
It was a good day but Martha & I forgot to bring food for our supper tonight. Stress is a pain!!!!



Thursday, August 17, 2017 at Focus
Before I arrived at Focus today I received a phone call from a woman who said that she had a Positive pregnancy test from the Drugstore & wanted another test & an ultrasound.  I asked her to come in today & if she was pregnant I would schedule her for an ultrasound for next Wednesday or Thursday.  She quickly spoke & said "I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it"  My stomach went into spasm.  I quickly said back "it's an Human Being & your child so please do not kill your baby"!!  She hung up on me right away.  I tried to call her back but all I got was someone speaking Spanish & with no ring to leave a message.  Later on Martha called & the same thing happened.  I will continue to pray, for her & her precious baby, who wants to live......

I had to go to the Post Office & then to Tops Citizens Bank & bought diapers & formula too.  I went to Staples in the plaza, to by special rubber bands for Focus.  It's usually many errands for me.

Martha did a pregnancy test on a mother of four children.  She said that her blood test was Positive but our urine test was Negative.  I asked her if she had a GYN doctor & she said that she doesn't want them to tell her she has enough children, for no one is going to tell me to kill by baby.  I was impressed to say the least.  I gave her our short amount of pro life doctors, in our city, to call. Hopefully she will.  I told her that all we say is "don't have sex outside of marriage".  She smiled.  
Later on Martha did another pregnancy test of a young girl that had a pregnancy test from us in the past.  I looked at her & said "no sex until marriage".  She said back "that's right & I will find the right man & we can wait".  I said "yes in deed".  She smiled & left.  Hopefully she will listen to her words of wisdom.
Tamara was out there praying in front of Planned Parenthood.  Praise God!!  Then Mary Ann came & so did Bob.  Tom had just left.  Then more people came out praying on the sidewalk.  Then the Police came for someone called not PP & complained that the small group of people were blocking the sidewalk & were harassing people. They weren't of course.  The Police said that PP did not make the call.  There was an angry woman walking around the sidewalk I was told so she could have called or the neighbors of death.  We really don't know!!  Earlier Jim, for the Station of the Cross, came on the sidewalk with his wife & five children praying, The PP Security guard came by & read the Injunction to them,  How nice is that  :((  Jim said he spoke with him & told him that he could help him get another job.  He said that he was fine.  WHAT!!!  It's so sad!!!  I spoke to a PP worker on her way to go to the coffee shop down the street but she just gave me a sick smile.  Death people are so deaf, dumb & blind!!  Pray their eyes will open!



Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at Focus

Queenship of Mary

Mike's Birthday!!

It was a good day nothing to stressful today.  The next door neighbor called to say that he will call the Towing Co. if the electric truck doesn't get out of his parking lot.  He was doing business in the apartment upstairs. Barb was there too.  He moved his big white truck.  It was a shock seeing him walk by me with a beard & long pink & blonde hair in a pony tail.  One does not know what one will see anymore.  He's a good electrician though, I WAS TOLD.

Miss M. called tell me that her husband left her for another woman & she was just fired from McDonald's.  She has two children.  We helped her with formula & some other things today.  Hope her life straightens out soon.  WE'VE KNOW HER FOR A LONG TIME. 

The call I received last Thursday, from a woman that said that she might have an abortion, had an ultrasound yesterday at Compass Care.  Jackie was able to contact her over the weekend & get her scheduled.  Hopefully she will 'choose life'!!  

It is Mike's birthday today so Martha made a chocolate cake & frosting.  
I heard it was delicious.  I need to lose some weight so I didn't have any. Will power  :)))  We all sang him the Happy Birthday song.  Hopefully he had a good time!!  We wish you well Mike~~~

Mike brought some food from the Food Pantry......fresh food too!! 
Frank helped us out a lot today too.

Barb, our landlady, was here & we talked a little, it was good seeing her.  

Sarah came with her 2 month old baby girl Louise, who slept most of the time.  Helen was with her father & I just bought some Lemon creams for her  :((   Sarah called our pregnant clients to see how they were doing. She told me she will be back, from her vacation, in 3 weeks.....this will be hard for us but have fun sweet Sarah......  Her & her husband & their two children are going out West before they move back to France, in January.....we will certainly miss them!!!!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at Focus

WHAT A DAY!!!  Martha had a 1 pm appointment with the foot doctor so I knew she would not be here for awhile but Lynda is suppose to come & Frank so I wasn't to worried.  When I arrived after Mass this afternoon there was two cars parked at the STOP sign on Windsor St. so I had to go to their car to tell them they had to park on the street across from Focus.  I opened up & assisted them with their needs. One woman said that her baby was born 1 lb. & is doing well now.  First 1 lb. baby at Strong Memorial Hospital.  She said that she did not believe in abortion.....very good!!  Then we started talking & she said that she has a boyfriend because her husband would not divorce her.  I said that was Adultery & is a serious sin. She looked at me & said "I'm going to Heaven".  I said "not with that sin on your soul & handed her the 10 Commandments to take with her & our brochure 'Heaven, Hell & Purgatory'.  She took it was a smile on her face & thanked me for the information.  I will pray for her.

The next client said that her daughter was in jail for killing her abusive boyfriend & that she has her four children & her daughter is 4 months pregnant in jail.  So very sad.  She said her name & I looked it up on the Internet to see one of our clients on a Mug Shot.  She is 29 years old but looks 50.  I wish our clients listened to us when we speak TRUTH to them. We are trying to protect them from Evil but some of them go right to it.  So sad!!!

Lynda came in with formula & diapers & I put them away.  She said that she will not be able to come in next week for Lisa her daughter was coming in from Chicago.  Okay!  Barb, our helpful client, came to assist us & she did.  It was so busy with many needs.  The phone didn't stop ringing.   

Martha called to tell me that she will be coming in later for she had to go to another office to get her feet molded for arch supports.  She came in much later & wasn't feeling to good.  But she was here.....thank God!  

Jackie came in & helped us greatly.  She took a call from a mother of seven & assisted her. Neyoka came in with generous donations from her boss where she cleans.  A lot of nice new things for children.

We had a father of three young children come in for clothes & told us that his girlfriend is taking him to court tomorrow to get custody of the children but she doesn't do anything for the children & even forgot her son's Birthday yesterday.  We gave him some Lemon Cream cookies. Happy Birthday dear boy!!! 

Another father came in fro diapers & he got more than diapers.  He has two children but the girlfriend has called the Police on him st time & he has been arrested for abuse.  No wedding bells here.  I did tell him that he needs to move out for the sake of his soul.  His father is a Preacher.  I am not sure if he liked what we said but he heard it anyways........souls are important to save.

Miss J., who I spoke with on the phone last Thursday about NOT killing her precious baby, had an Ultrasound on Monday at Compass Care, thanks to Jackie, & will continue her pregnancy.  Thank you Lord!!  His power!!!

It was an intense day about saving souls & about changing bad habits, in life. 



Thursday, August 24, 2017 at Focus

I was told that the abortionist, Rachael Phelps, wasn't there & there were hardly any cars, in the parking lot, especially in the afternoon. This is good only if they didn't change the day of baby killing. Don't know!!!

It was a busy day but Martha & Frank were in the center working hard.  I received many phone calls & did many thank you letters.  Martha does the general donations, she had writes them & I do the Churches & Knights of Columbus ones, for I like to do it on our stationary & typed.  It works out well.

We give out so much formula & we get referred to by Baby Love & U of R, Medical Facility.  Please get your own formula & hand it out to your own clients.  That's only fair!!!

This was Rob's last day on a Thursday, to sidewalk counsel in front of Planned Parenthood, for he will be teaching school, once again.  He is such a good pro life sidewalk counselor.  Thank God he gives an hour an a half every Monday after school to stand on the sidewalk to counsel the people going into the Killing Mill.  He is so faithful.  Prayer & Education is so important!! 
Rob did say that two police cars came, for someone called.  Mary Ann, who prays the Rosary out there, talked to them saying that there is an angry girl, with blonde hair, that walks up & down the street looking for trouble.  The police then left.  She could get arrested for a false report.  The police didn't know who called.  Not good.

Tamara was out on the front lines today too.  So sweet!

I bought food for our supper tonight & Frank stayed & had supper with Rob, Martha & I.  We had Fried Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, Asparagus & Lemon Pie for desert.  Nice time with friends  :)))

It was a good day.......thank God!!  



Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at Focus

WOW!!  I got to Focus a little late for the traffic was intense but no excuses.  When I arrived there was Frank & the Baby Love counselor that called me while I was stopped at the light on Main St. & Clinton Ave..  I hurried & opened up the door & started working for Martha was at the Eye doctor. Then another counselor came & asked for a baby formula that was for Preemie babies which we didn't have.  Then I was helping the first counselor & she was getting diapers for her client that had two sets of twins & a 3 year old.  Our clothes supply is getting low due to the fact that we are seeing so many people, 2,000 people, so far this year!!  Then one of our regular clients came in & heard that this woman needed a double stroller & our client said that she received one from us about 6 months ago but doesn't need it anymore so she said for her to pick it up on Thursday, for her client.  Another Focus miracle!!!  Thank you again Lord  :))

Then we saw some more people & was working on seeing if our four strollers, that were donated to us were safe to give away, but two were sad!!  Better safe to give out than not......

I was in the office & then came out to see two people into Focus.  One was a man & another was a woman.  They were not together but had the same bad attitude.  Read our Rules I am not playing. She said that she just had a baby & her WIC appointment was in a week & needed baby formula.  I told her that we are low & she said that her Social Worker told her to come here.  I said that she needed to know that we are low on formula today.  I gave her the formula & the man saw me & asked me what he had to do to get formula.  I said that we were really low & then asked if he was working.  He mumbles that he was not & Frank said that he needed to get work to provide for his daughter.  He said a very bad work to him & I asked him to leave.  I had handed him some job information & the 10 Commandments & Save Yourself for Marriage brochure & Frank found them on the street in front of our center & picked them up.  He needs to get more responsible & get a job!!!  We locked the front door when he left.....

Frank has been so busy at Focus today & he even went to the Food Pantry to get us food. Unfortunately we had to throw most of the spoiled food out  :(((  Maybe next week will be better...

Martha dealt with a difficult client to this afternoon but all is well.  The need is GREAT!!!

Fidelis Care, Health Insurance, said that they would like to come back to work at Focus.  I said "okay that would be fine" Hopefully she will have to like a lot of noise & a little room to work in.  I mentioned Catherine,who worked with us for years, & she said that she went to her Wedding last weekend, in Ohio.  Really.  I asked if she married in Church & she said "No"...I am sad about that for she is married in the eyes of the law but not Christ, for she is a former Catholic.  Lord please bring her back into the true church which you started.  Hopefully soon!

Jackie came & was very helpful & Barb & Linda came later & were working hard too....Ty girls!

Bill Keenan, a faithful donator, lost his mother Margaret & in liu of flowers people were asked to give to Focus!!  May she rest in peace!! 

Bill emailed me saying " Mom died a beautiful death, including Confession, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Communion, and having a vision of our Blessed Mother at the foot of her bed and a heavenly choir over her door singing "beautiful tunes," as she put it.  She had a wonderful death, to her eternal home, forever!  If you live good you die good!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at Focus

Today was a good day not as hectic as yesterday!!   We gave all our baby formula out.  It does our hearts good that a lot of people have been helped for another month.  It was Martha & I & Barb, our client that helps us out, was here too.  We kept her busy.  So much to do!!!

Martha did a pregnancy test on a woman that was abused & the man is in jail. Test was Negative.  
We saw some clients & had no formula but thank God no one wanted any.  We have a check for $100, from a generous donor, that I will deposit in the bank tomorrow.  It will certainly help.  The rent for September has been paid. Everything will wok out like always.  Thank you Lord!!!
Stats so far this year in 2017.
Total Pregnancy Tests were 80
Pregnant  23
Not Pregnant  57

Total number pf people that we have seen since 1-2-17 is  2,134 



Thursday, August 31, 2017 at Focus

I received a call this morning, from Mike, to ask me to call Our Lady of Americas church to use their facility, for our Children's Christmas Party, in December.  I did & we will be there with Santa Claus (Mike) on Saturday, September 9th. from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.  I filled out the paperwork at Focus this afternoon. All is done except sending them a check. I have time for that in the near future.
Before I got to Focus, with more diapers, baby formula & wipes, she did a pregnancy test which was Negative. The mother, of a young son, had two past abortions as a teen.  Post abortion information was given to her to repent & to heal.  Why are females killing their children???????

Martha was out on the front lines, in front of Planned Parenthood this morning, counseling & praying & she told me that they were so busy killing many precious babies.  A lot of young couples.  I was hoping that abortion was ending.......I am wrong.  
Tim was here, with his daughter, giving us so many bags of donations from neighbors in Pittsford, a wealthy community, of people.  Real nice things!!!  He dropped off a huge princess tent, for girls to play under.  It went first by a woman that took it all apart to take it on the bus with her friend & two small children.  I saw that the young child in the stroller was sucking on the '10 Commandments' papers, that I just gave her, & I took it away from the child. Ink is not good for children. Then four women, with children, came in & I asked them not to take to much.  One girl had a bad attitude.  She just starred & wouldn't smile.  She said that she has six children & I told her that she could take two items per child.  I also said that we want enough for all the people that come into Focus...they must certainly understand that.  They left with full bags.    

Martha will try to get two pac'n plays for two mothers that just had babies.  A woman came in for formula & another woman came in for newborn baby boy clothes, grandmother had a stroke & was in the hospital.    

Father C. came to drop off more educational DVD's & heard my Confession. Thank you Father!!
I talked with Tamara & she said "don't give up hope Mary".....I won't!!!  We have God's grace & promises!!!  Come Lord come!!!!

Martha said that a huge tree branch was at our front door & went out to see why this was.  It was a neighbor who was walking his small dog.  He hollered to her that we are responsible for our trash & we should cut it up & throw it out.  Martha asked him to check us out every day & he was offended.  Go figure!!  I asked him what was wrong, from the office door, & he said "then call the police, if you want".  I said "you are making more out of this than you should & no, the police are not necessary"  He said "this is Windsor St." as if I didn't know, we have been here for three years now.  He cares about a tree branch, on the ground, which isn't our trash, than Planned Parenthood killing little people. My heart aches!!!!  How sad the neighbors are  :(((  Please repent! I pray every day for them all to convert. 

Barb, our client friend, came in to help us & help us she did....thank you Barb!!!   


Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at Focus


When I arrived there was just Martha & the two baby formulas that we had were already gone!!   I had bought two more cans & put it on our charge.  I need to think about September & formula because I have offended Mike in regards of not being able to pay him for his work at Focus & WCC. He will receive it as soon as I have the money.  August was terrible with donations.....
I will just continue to trust in the Lord, with all my heart, for this is really His ministry & He has never let it down.  
A pregnant woman was asking for a car seat from the City but she was only 5 months pregnant & the requirements are if you are 7 months or further along. She will come back in November or December for a January birth.  Another woman wanted a car seat so I am working on that for her.  
We received many donations for Heritage House & we are well pleased.  Good for clients.  We were pleasantly busy today with no volunteers, except Frank, who works hard.  Linda did come later on to work.  We did receive many great donations today.  Neyoka was paid by our Landlady to clean the center & she did a great job & will do it again in two weeks.  Great!!
A mother came & needed somethings for her 5 children.  I asked if she was married & she said "no". I then told her "no sex until you are married".  We love the kids but we don't like moms bad behavior. Sorry if this sounds judgement but it isn't. What's right is right & what's is wrong is wrong. Another pregnant woman came in & we asked where her boyfriend was & she said "he's in jail". Okay!!!  Her behavior was weird.  Hope she does well in the world.  
Neyoka came in with donations from A Second Thought Resale Shop.  Great for we have many things to give out.  One can of formula left & I can't buy anymore until I receive more money :(((  sad!!! 


Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at Focus

I had to get pictures of Martha & I taken for the next Focus newsletter.  That was a chore.  Lynda did a great job & I emailed them to Gene who works on the newsletter,  He also wanted a picture of Our Lady too.  After that a young pregnant mother came in & she asked for help with her donations.  She said that her baby's father was in the car & he came out to help.  I asked if they were married & he exclaimed that he wasn't told fashioned.  I said that we cared about their souls.  She said that they had another child & handed her the '10 Commandments' to take with them.  He gave me a look like he could do me harm.  I guess he doesn't l think about his soul.  Hope she does.....
Lynda is here today & we are blessed for we were given so many bags of donations that the people that were here were going through the bags & taking so much I had to tell them that there are other people that need things too.  Please just take what you need....they usually do!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017 at Focus

 There was Martha, Frank Jackie & Martha's & Franks daughter Lisa was ere helping us.  We received so many large bags of donations & we needed all the help we could get.  Neyoka said that her & her helper will finish putting the rest of the bags away.  Team Work!!!

Martha did a pregnancy test yesterday & I noticed her had had two previous abortions.  Martha said that she was here not long ago for a pregnancy test. Today it was Negative.  I will send her all our Post Abortion information next week in the mail.  Hope for her repentance & healing.  

A nice young woman came into Focus for she saw our awning & wanted to know what we did here.  I took her into the office & we spoke for about 15 minutes.  She shared that she reads the Bible & she didn't have sex until she was married......hurrah!!  Very unusual in today's time.  She works as a nurse at a Nursing Home now & will start a new job at Highland Hospital, in the Women's Health Clinic, next week.  I told her that they do abortions there. She said that they don't do them where she will be working, for they help pregnant moms, to give birth.  Good to hear.  She will be careful for she is a pro life woman.  She just moved to a street where our center was for 9 years & her husband goes to school at Eastman School of Music.  I gave her our Truth packet & all of our DVD's to educate her more.  She was grateful & I was well pleased to have met her.  She said that she maybe can stop by to help us on a Wednesday or a Thready after 5:30 pm.  A working girl, so we'll see if she can come to help, us at Focus in the future.  I took her name & phone number in case we need her she said to call.  Okay & thank you!!!  A blessing!!!  She will help many  pregnant moms with the Truth!!!!  A heart of gold~~~~

Mike, a wonderful pro life man, was here & we talked about Dr. Alveda King coming to Rochester in October.  She will be coming to three places & one of them our clients can attend for it is a church on Joseph Ave. near where a lot of our clients live.  They can come, for free, to hear the Truth!!!    Thank you Carol & her daughter Jessica for bringing Dr. King to Rochester.   Alleluia!!!  Carol had taken a fall about a month ago & is now recovering at home.  Get better dear great pro life woman.  


Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at Focus

A rough day but we got through it through the grace of God!!!  I arrived late because of the traffic because their doing work on Main & Clinton where I turn to get to Focus.  Martha was by herself.  I got to work in the office right away. My printer was a problem for most of the afternoon but it got fixed....a bad jam.  Then I opened up the envelope from Citizens Bank & was upset.  I have to go to the bank tomorrow to get it straighten out.  It will work out....

Mike, our faithful helper, came with some fresh vegetables & apples, peaches & tomatoes & lots & lots of different kinds of bread.  Okay Mike & thank you :)) Our clients will take most of it but not the long bread for they are afraid of that bread  :((

Jackie came in & helped us out so much.  She said that she has been texting Miss J. who stated that she might have an abortion.  She called me a couple of weeks ago & hung up on me because I told her that she was having a baby not an IT, as she mentioned.  Jackie called her & has been communicating with her for a couple of weeks now & she's encouraging her to continue her pregnancy. She is suffering with morning sickness & is thinking of abortion.  No No No!!!

I was so busy that Martha & I didn't even eat together at Focus.  We left hungry.  There was a lot of donations that Neyoka brought in to the center.  a busy day!!!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at Focus

A good day!!  I went to the bank & got it all straightened out.....thank you Lord!!  I received a text for Jackie stating that she was taking Miss J. out for lunch & try to get to know her.  She said that she is better now of not having an abortion.  Yeah!!  This is Jackie's baby & thank you Lord for sending Jackie into Miss J.'s life.  A life saver!!!

I called Embracing Options Pregnancy Center & asked about the young lady that called me for an ultrasound.  She said that she has a transportation problem so I got her a ride form Jessica to take her to Embracing Options for a pregnancy test & then an ultrasound.  She is about 14 to 16 weeks pregnant & is very happy.  Jessica will take her to DDS on Monday to get her some help.  
Two young girls & a young man came into Focus for things that they need & I asked if they had a DVD player to which they said "no".  The young man said that his sister has one.  Then he mentioned that he saw Maafa:21 that we gave him awhile ago & he has seen it three times & it changed his heart.  I said "oh yeah, it would"!!!  A Black Genocide DVD against Planned Parenthood. He was very nice & was grateful for all the DVD's that I gave him.  

Linda W. came in for a surprise visit for she a new job as a Teachers Aid.  It was so good seeing her.  She says she's busy at work a lot of running around.
Then Lynda H. came in & later & her daughter came in with her two young children.  Bill, the Grandfather, came & picked them up Lincloln later for Lynda has to stay for the Focus Board Meeting tonight. It was good seeing her daughter Katie & the new baby & Lincoln, the two year old.  A great family!!

Our board meeting is at 6 pm tonight.  Much to talk about.......

Thursday, September 14, 2017 at Focus

During our Board Meeting last evening there was a lot of loud noises coming from outside.  Some of us got up to go to the door.  I grabbed my cell phone real quick & went to the door & outside.  There was a bunch of teenagers in a group & two were fighting on the driveway of the place next door.  I hollered that am calling 911 so get out of here & don't fight again.  They left. There were girls & guys in the sad was that.  The neighbor across the street asked if the police were coming & I said that I didn't call I just wanted them to think that for them to leave.  It worked.  Hopefully they will behave the rest of the way home.  We went back to our was a very good meeting & I was happy with all that we covered in an hour.  A lot going on in the Fall.  

Today I though I would speak with Martha about our continual conflict & it didn't work.  I am not sure what's happening but I am sad about it.  Maybe I will become invisible without words.  We disagree with how to handle our many clients.  I want sometimes tough love because I am worried about them & their children.  The truth hurts but it does open up your eyes.  Martha is the gentle one with no discipline.  Maybe I will just let her work the Main Room & I will work the Office.  We have worked together for 11 years now & I certainly don't want to lose her.  The clients are in both of our hearts. They will get by.
I am so upset with all the thievery that's been going on in a 'Free' Center.  On Tuesday a woman who was shopping in the Material Aid Room left & then she came back & said that her wallet was missing.  I asked her why she didn't put her wallet in her purse or pocket & she said that she didn't have either. What!!! She had put it down next to the baskets & someone had seen it & blandly took it.  It has all her information in it & some money.  Martha called the girls & no one answered or called back.  One of them is GUILTY of Stealing!!  I am tired of it.  It's usually cell phone now wallets.  What's next!!!

I only could buy one can of formula so I brought it in for a girl that called me this morning.  She said that she has had formula but it has been stolen from her apartment.  Poor baby!!  She finally did change the lock.  I told her to come in for a packet of formula that an agency gave us yesterday. She did, for she was here before, I got here.  The formula that I bought was given to another mother in need.  A counselor called me.  Her boyfriend stole her purse, with the WIC check in it, for the baby's formula......nice Dad  :((( 

When I get more money I will pay my Focus bills & get more formula & diapers...the children need it.  Where are the Fathers?? Thery're not all in jail...
That's what the moms say mostly or they just don't know where they are....really.  So sad!!!  They need to contribute for the welfare of their child by providing diapers & formula so that their child too, won't suffer.  This Society is scary to me.  We need to do better~~~

Martha mentioned that there was a group pf people, in front of Planned Parenthood, & wanted to go out to see who they were.  I was hoping it was a group of people praying but I was wrong.  I saw that there was a young man writing down our days & hours that we are open, at the door.  So I went out to give him & his girlfriend our brochure & business cards & they were thankful.  Then I saw a lot of young girls come to Focus. I asked if they were praying in front of Planned Parenthood & they said "no".  I was disappointed.  They said that they were from Strong Memorial Hospital for medical instruction.  I said "at Planned Parenthood"!!!!   I told them what they do & I saw a young girl in a pink blouse starting to laugh & turn around.  I mentioned it to her that it wasn't funny.  I invited them into the center & showed them around & gave a Truth packet to them & all our DVD's to take with them. They said "thank you " & stated that they will look at it at the dorm.  Okay, I thought, please educate yourselves to the evil, of the medical profession, now.  

The truth will set you free.....

When Martha came back into the center she said that a man was taking pictures & he took one of her too.  Our pro life friend & sidewalk counselor Jennifer, came by just at this time & took our her sign out from the car that read "All Lives Matters' & handed Martha a generous check for our needs at Focus.  Thank you dear heart.

We received more donations & a wooden Highchair, from our attorney, Jim....thank you.

Martha & I hugged & said "good bye".  She is a God sent...thank you Lord  :))))


Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at Focus

There were Martha & I by ourselves until Linda came at 4 pm.  We work well together though.  Martha told me that she will be going to Clayton, NY, to see her twin sister Mary, who is in the hospital.  She will be gone for the rest of the week.  We will certainly miss her!!!

I worked in the office & Martha worked in the main room, so much to do but we get it done.  Neyoka stopped by with a large donation from A Second Thought Resale Store.  They have blessed us for years  :))

A nice young girl came into the center & asked for a Rosary.  She just wanted a Rosary.  I gave her a couple & I asked if she was Catholic & she said "no, but she wanted to become a Catholic".  I told her to talk to the Priest at the Catholic church nearest where she lives & to start the process.  She said 'thank you" & left with a smile on her face.  How nice was that!!!  

Mike came & brought lots of good bread for our clients.  They will be happy.  He took out all the trash cans off the back porch for the pick up tomorrow .....Thanks Mike!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at Focus

When I arrived at Focus, Agnes & Lynda were waiting for me it was just 1 pm.  Agnes had brought diapers & some baby clothes with her.  How nice was that!!  Lynda came in to help me so we talked for a few minutes & then came two women with a newborn baby.  They both wanted formula but only one received it.  My heart aches when this happens but she seem to understand.  They both received many nice things,  Then a woman came in saying that she had called me about formula...okay because you had called.  She received a can & there is only one more left.  She left happy.  I asked if these ladies were married & they all said "no".  I said that sex wasn't worth going to Hell for & the one girl said laughing"oh yes it is".  I said "if you want to go to Hell then you need help".  How strange was her statement!!  I said"then you don't know what Hell is like" do you?  She apologized & said that she was only kidding........really.  They all were given the 'Ten commandments" & Heaven, Hell & Purgatory leaflet to take with them.  Please repent!!

A regular girl came in & was signing in when I said to her that she was here not to long ago & it's once a month.  She said that wasn't so.  I said yes it was.  I went in the office & I heard Lynda say to her "Mary said you can come back next month".  She left.  I have caught her in lies, & her group of girlfriends had stolen some things, in the past, but she said that she knew nothing about it .......really.  I believed her, unfortunately.  She also said that she was having no more sex because she went back to the Catholic Church & went to the Sacrament of Confession.  She just had baby number 6.   We love children that have been conceived but she wasn't suppose to have sex....again  :((

A mom & her 7 year old son came & got some things & they stayed to help put away all the food donations that were brought to us by St. Pius the Ten Parish.  Praise God!!  Then Christina came in & brought us some of her donations. Thank you!!  She is looking for a job!!

Linda, my long time friend, came in to help me out for about 45 minutes.  She is having pain in her upper right side so she will be going for a CAT Scan tomorrow.  She hopes it's not cancer.  Me too dear Linda!!  I will pray~~~

I closed up earlier & went to the office to do my work.  I figured if someone is at the door they will probably call me, & I will let them one so far.  I spilled my cold tea all over my desk & some papers did get wet  :(((  That's Life!!!!  So much on my mind~~~~~

Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Focus

Martha was still in Clayton with her twin sister.  I miss her!  I did the best I could without her.  One of the workers from another pregnancy center came & as I was talking to two clients a girlfriend & a boyfriend & their 2 year old child.  I was trying to tell them not to engage in sexual behavior until they get married.  Then my friend said that they had time!!  What!!  Now is the acceptable time, with your soul.  I didn't like her interference.  But that was the way it went.  I am sure she didn't do it on purpose.  I spotted a purse & I asked the clients if it was theirs & all said "no".  Then my friend said it was hers & she said "don't worry it's okay".  What, again!!  No it's not, for our clients steal from us.  You have to be careful with your personal property.  Focus is NOT responsible with stolen objects.  Scott came in & we wished him a Happy Birthday.  We sang to him too, he was happy.  He's now 45 years young.  Before they both left Tamara came in to help me for awhile, thank you Lord.

Tamara put diapers & wipes away & vacuumed the floor.  I made up some more Truth packets & did more office work.   Because we were so busy with the clients I stayed until 9:15 pm.  I took more work home with me.  I missed Martha  :((


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at Focus

It was a busy day but Martha is back!!!  Alleluia!!!  Frank was here too!!  Yeah!  Jackie is on vacation & Sarah didn't come today.  She's been on a three week vacation.  Hope she had fun  :))

We saw many clients & their children, all needing something, & thank God we have it for them, just the formula I need to cut back on & it breaks my little heart.  Hopefully, we can get some churches to aid us, in the future.  

We start the '40 Days for Life' tomorrow, in front of Planned Parenthood, so we are going to have the 'Kick Off Rally' tonight.  It will be at the Lady of the Americas, for a Mass at 6:30pm, with Fr. Mickey celebrating, & then a talk from Jim H., from the Station of the Cross, after the Mass.  Martha made her homemade cookies & I brought store made ones....a good combination.  

Linda came & then Mike, with lots of bread, & then Neyoka came & we were very busy administrating with our many clients.  A mother of twins  keep us very busy!!!  The need is great!!

I wish I felt better  :((((

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at Focus

Yesterday evening Martha & I went to the Mass & the '40 Days for Life' Kick Off & it was wonderful.  
Fr. Mickey is such a good priest & he ministers to his flock very well.  He is a blessing!!

There were many people there which was great & we even had two singers who sang three great inspiring songs.  We got to see a;; our pro life friends & there was many children running around. 
Pro Life life women give birth & Pro Death women don't.  

It was an encouraging evening.  Jim H., from the Station of the Cross, gave a great talk & he even, through the grace of God, saved a baby's life & she's 12 years old now. Praise God!!  He is very enthusiastic & wants the '40 Days for Life' to work here in Rochester, for it is a very effective means in saving lives.  We have a leader!!!!  

It was a good day at Focus & we had Lynda come to help us, we kept her busy.

So far we haven't had any trouble with our many clients.....yeah!!  Maybe it's the Rules on the wall?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

It was a good day with volunteers today.  We did have on older woman asked if she could volunteer at Focus & Martha said "sure".   Surely Martha knows that we are not having our clients volunteer but it was to late to change things.  I interviewed her briefly & asked her to fill out an application for our records.  She did.  She agreed that we do not believe in abortion, living together or sex outside of marriage.  She agreed.  I called Neyoka to tell her she will be having a volunteer come help her tomorrow.  She said "okay".  

Mike came in for a few minutes.  It's always good seeing him  :))
Rob came out on the front liens after work today.  He was with Jim H., from the Station of the Cross".  Great team!!  They were interviewed on
You Tube....should be fantastic, for TRUTH always is  :))

Martha is worried about her twin sister Mary, in Clayton, & maybe she will see her with her son next Wednesday.  Whatever you need to do Martha you do!

Linda came to help us too for a short time, she's going through a very hard time with family.  When your Family & Friends hurt, you hurt too!!  Pain & suffering is redemptive!!!!


Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at Focus

Dr. Alveda King came to Focus

What a Day to remember!!!  Dr. Alveda King came to Focus & then to Planned Parenthood to join about 50 people standing on the sidewalk & street praying.  What a pro life witness!!!

First I received a call from Dorothy who asked if Alveda could come before the march to eat her lunch, I said "sure I will get to Focus very soon".....I did too.  Mike was picking up 10 pizzas from Little Cesears Pizza a donation from Jennifer.  How nice was that  :))  I got to Focus then Martha & then Mike & we let Alveda & her two friends in to converse & to eat.  I first met Dr. King at the Women's Care Center's Fundraiser on Sunday in the Ladies Room.  I saw her sitting on the bathroom chair & I went up to her & introduced myself.  The the National Anthem came on & we sang it together.  I said to her after "we should go on the road together".  She just smiled.  She was so nice.

So many people were coming into the center & Hollie brought in a big cake from the Genesee Bakery for us to eat.  We had food galore.  After Alveda ate we walked out to the front lines to sing & to pray, to the Lord, to close down PP & all abortion centers in the world.  It was wonderful!  She prayed then sang & we all listened.  I met a African American Pastor who's church in in this area....WHAT!!  Where have you been???  Hopefully we will reunite someday, soon, to talk.  It's important!!!!

After the event Alveda took my arm & we walked together back to Focus ........what an event & I will never forget it.  She & her two friends stayed for about 20 minutes & then we all said good bye to each other & they left.  What a memorable time in my pro life history.  Thank  you Lord  :))

Martha & Jackie & I started to work, for we had clients, & we were so happy.  I received a call from Monica saying that she was bringing a donation, from the Church of the Assumption.  I said "great" & she came about 10 minutes later with so many nice things for newborn babies.  Another prayer answered!!!  We're all set for awhile now! 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at Focus

Martha was with me & we had the four Elim Bible students come to help us too.  We kept them busy.  One of the young girls helped me in the office, which I was appreciative of, for we got a lot done.  It was a good day.  

Earlier I received a call, on my cell phone, asking if we could help her with surrogatesy & I said that we don't do that for it's immoral.  I stated that we could help her with Adoption for I had two agencies to recommend to her but she said that she wanted her own baby.  She said that she has a physical condition & was pregnant two times but the doctor had to give her shots & she lost both babies.  I know that she is grieving but surrogatesy is NOT the answer.  I pray the best for her.

Another call I received was from a woman that had had an abortion years ago & has repented.  She has gone to the Sacrament of Pence to confess her sin but her husband did not like what she did.  I said to her "you have to understand what he went trough" but she said that the abortion was before him.  She said that he was abusive & has left him & is living with friends,  She wants all women to know that abortion is NOT a good thing & wants no woman to do it.  She needs a job but I said that we don't pay, for we are volunteers, here at Focus.  She said in the future if she could volunteer she would like to at Focus.  The best to you dear heart.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017 at Focus

It was a day with Martha & then three students from St. John Bosco School came for their required volunteer hours criteria.  They were very helpful.  They will come back again.  We had more people out on the front lines today because it's the '40 Days for Life' campaign.  It does my heart good to see praying people in front to f Planned Parenthood~~~~ saving lives!!

I was in the office, for most of the afternoon, so much to do but that's all right,  Martha does a great job out in the Main Room with the clients.  We both work well together.  We are over 12 years old now.  We have seen over 2,400 people so far in 2017.

We saw some clients today.  We need time to reflect sometimes.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at Focus

It was a pleasant day in a killing neighborhood.  We saw many clients in need & assisted them.  I also received a call from Linda, who lives out of town, asking for her to pray for us regarding our court case this Thursday.  She called me & she said a beautiful prayer to the Lord.  I know He was listening & will answer it.  It gave me peace.  

I worked in the office writing 'Thank You' letters to the wonderful people that have just blessed us.  Some people were out on the sidewalk praying in front of Planned Parenthood for the '40 Days for Life' campaign.  More people are needed!  

We're getting ready for our Focus Fundraiser, on October 26th., with Fr. Amato presiding. Can't wait!  Mike brought two boxes of apples & oranges & fresh bread, for our clients.  They will be happy  :))  He also brought pictures of our Dr. Alveda King event.....great job Mike!  Jackie wants to put two of the pictures on our new website & one for our next Focus newsletter.  Yeah!! 


Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at Focus
Lynda's Birthday

It's Lynda's birthday today & we had a small party for her, at Focus.  We bought her a flower's & McDonald's coffee & a small balloon & a card.  Martha made a homemade apple pie (delicious) & I bought vanilla ice cream.  We sang Happy Birthday song to her too. It was marvelous!!  May she have many birthdays to come!!

A woman came into the office to talk to me.  She has five children & wants to find the fatherg of her childreng to take him to court for child support.  She asked if I could help.  As were taking she said that she was a fallen away Catholic from St. Monica's church so I told her to go to Confession this Saturday & after that don't miss Mass again!!!  I gave her a Catechism of the Catholic Church & Rosaries for her & her children & a friend. I also gave her a booklet on how to make a good Confession.  She said that she will go to Confession, on Saturday.  I said "I hope so because you are in Mortal Sin & that is not good for your soul".  She will do better once her sins are forgiven & her children are Baptized.  I told her to pray to St. Anthony to help find the father of her children.  I did tell her "no sex until you're married".  Please do better, your children depend on it!!

We have so many needing people that we try to help.  That's our ministry.  


Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at Focus (continued)

After supper Linda came in to help us out.  Before Martha left a nice man came into the center & asked for bread, we had one loaf left & it was his.  He also took some soup we had in the food pantry.  He said that his girlfriend got rid of him & also his baby.  How sad was this statement.  We tried to console him.  I told him to ask the Lord if the baby was a boy or a girl & then name your precious baby.  He said that he will & was grateful for the advise.  He was happy that he stopped in Focus & said that he will come back again.  Hope so!  

Then the horror happened!!  I saw that a woman with a young girl was at the door so I went to the door to open it.  I asked what I could do for her & she said "is Neyoka here"?  I said that she works on Mondays & Fridays & the I asked them to come in.  We started to talk as the little girl was playing in the play area.  My heart dropped when she told me that on of our clients was murdered.  I said "what'!  I asked if it was her husband or boyfriend & she said that it was Veronica's female roommate.  She was gay & then became transgender male.  She even changed her beautiful name too.  They had a domestic argument & the roommate stabbed her in the chest & she died a couple of hours later.  She left her 8 year old daughter who was just born when Veronica came to Focus.  Her father took her into his home but she had never met him in the past.  He did come to the funeral & then took his daughter.  Veronica's family made up some things about him so they could take her daughter.  What a mess!!  The daughter is so sweet & innocent, though she has probably seen so many bad things, in her short life.  Then I was told that the family of the woman that stabbed Veronica took everything in the house that they lived in leaving the little girl nothing.  We are working on getting her many new things.  This story shook me up......
Lord have mercy on the soul of of our dear Veronicia.......may she rest in peace.

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at Focus

Court Case Hearing re our sign in the window.

Today is the day!!  I met Martha & Jackie at Focus & Jackie drove us to the court house.  It is stressful but I made it fun.  We were in the main room & then came Carol & her daughter Jessica & their two friends, Mr. Arena came & Barb, our landlady.  We talked for awhile & then came John & Jim, our attorneys, & we all went up to the 5th. floor to await the hearing.  While we were in the hallway, Jim Martin came out from the elevator, the man that lives right across from Planned Parenthood.  "Hello Mary" he said & then went right up to Barb asking if she's going to buy the vacant building, across the street were we park.  I told him that Focus was not going to move & then walked away.  We finally went in to the room & awaited the case to be heard.  It was interesting & lasted about an hour & a half.  The Judge at the end asked if we could all get along & work things out by picking up the phone.  We'll see.  He also stated the the sandwich board was fine to put out just like everyone else.  Yeah!!!

We came back to Focus & started our day with our clients.   
Friday, October 13th., the 100th year Anniversity of Our Lady of Fatima, I was informed that we had 'won the case' so I could put back the sign in the window.  Martha & I put back the sign that was down for 8 long months, on Saturday, before felt so good!!!!  Then we found out that the City is still on our case because of their loss & the neighbors aren't happy either..... it will continue!!  :(((

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at Focus
Jim Havens called me to ask if he could have a Sidewalk Counseling Teaching Class, at Focus on Saturday morning, October 28th., at Focus. I said "yes"... It is the first one ever in Rochester....  Can't wait!!  Dorothy Hayes will teach also.  Great team........We will get more people out in front of PP after the '40 Days for Life' Campaign is over, in early November.   A prayer answered....thank you Lord!!!

Martha , Lynda & I were very busy today.  We saw many clients that came in all at once, which makes me nervous, for we can't keep our eyes on all the people & we don't have time to talk to them to see how they are doing either.  It happens!  I spoke to a new mother on the phone & when she asked for formula I asked her if she could ask her family, friends, church or the father of the baby for the formula.......she took offence for when she came in to the center she said to Lynda that she was offended by the woman that she spoke to on the phone today.  I called to her to come into the office.  I spoke to her for about 10 minutes & eased her heart.  She left with formula & being a happier mom.  I explained our situation & I told her that I suggest that to all who want formula to ask others about the monthly formula.  I treat all clients the same.  She now understood.  Our clients need to know that I can't even get formula, at the store, for I went to two big stores & they didn't have any. What am I to do. Frustrated!!!!!!    



Thursday, October 19, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!!  First Larry came by to get a sign on the back porch & told me that you couldn't really see the 'Free Pregnancy Tests' sign form Planned Parenthood because of the tree by our side building.  Okay I thought we will trim our tree so that the sign will be more visible.  Later on Linda trimmed the tree & I went up the street to PP to see the sign perfectly.  Yeah!!!  Second, Jim, our attorney came in & spoke with me for about 10 minutes about the sign.  He placed it away from the window so the City could not come against us.  He also suggested that we leave the front lights on all night long.  Agreed!  He also is working on a way that we can put our business cards out by the door.  He is really quite helpful.  Also he stated that the City made our pregnancy center into a Residential property no more Commercial property  :((  What are they up to now.  We might have to get a Certificate of Occupy.  How about 'no one' occupies our area at night.  We are truly Commercial Property.   City stop playing games!!!!!!

Martha was here & we worked together taking care of our many clients.  We were sitting at the table talking when a Afro- American woman came in with a sign, for she had been praying at PP.  She sat down & started to talk.  She said that she heard Alveda King talk last week at the Baptist Church & she was convicted to come out to pray in front of PP.  She wants to be there every Thursday.  Then all of a sudden she stated that she was once Catholic.  Martha & y heart dropped & i asked her if she would come back to the church.  She quickly said "never, never & then said something about our Blessed Mother Mary. God's mother & our mother.  She was getting nervous so I wen to the office to get a Truth packet & all the DVD's that would educate her some more.  She refused them all stating "that there better not have any Catholic things in it"  I asked her if she missed not receiving the Body, Blood & Divinity of Jesus in Holy Communion & she sated nervously "we do receive it".  "No" I said "you don't".  She went out the door so fast & went back up the street to pray some more, in front of Planned Non- Parenthood, who kills babies.  It was a heart wrenching situation with this lady, who we will be praying for to comeback to the true church founded, by Christ. 
This is a well attened '40 Days for Life' Campaign......more people this year than ever!!!  Great to see  :)))

I decided to order food in tonight because Martha was so tired.  I ordered pizza & jalapeno poppers.  A lot of clients & there children came in at that time.  Two kids were so cute & so good too.  Then Linda came & she ate supper with us, we had enough. The left over will go to Neyoka tomorrow. Martha left & Linda stayed, to help me in the play area sorting out the not appropriate books, for kids.  Then she trimmed the outside tree!!!!!  Well done Linda & thank you!!!  My dear friend, of many years, is suffering with many family problems but she trusts in the of long suffering!!


Two weeks from October 24th. to November 2, 2017 at Focus
Focus Fundraiser on October 26th.

Been so busy that I just couldn't write what was going on in this two week frame.  So busy but that's okay!!  We saw many clients that we tried to help

Such sad stories of there lives fall upon our ears.  A lot of the men beat the girls & one tried to kill her & her baby in the womb & he's out of jail now & wants to see his child.  She has a court date soon for supervised visits or no visits at all.  I pray the Judge is wise.  Another girl told Martha after a negative pregnancy test that Planed Parenthood aborted her baby after telling them that she was spotting.  Thy said that the baby would not be healthy.  She is now suing them.  I hope she wins!!  Another woman said that Planned Parenthood aborted her baby & she didn't want them to do that.  They deceived her.  What is wrong with these woman?????

I received a call from a woman that said that all her pregnancy tests were negative & the blood test too but she insisted that she was pregnant.  I said for her to go to Embracing Options for a test & possibly an ultrasound.  Which was all NEGATIVE.  She must have a physical or mental problem.  Embracing Options wanted to talk to her but she left without counsel.  So sad!!!!

October 26th. is our Focus Fundraiser & it was so successful!!!  Praise God!!!!  We had 75 people that came to hear Fr. Anthony Amato who Martha & I saw Ordained this past summer at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.  It was so beautiful & powerful......

Martha & I went to the Requiem Mass on Holy Souls Day on November 2, 2017 at the Chapel at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.  It was so reverent.  Fr. Amato & Fr. Peter were celebrating the Mass, both priests were speakers for the Focus Fundraisers.  Very holy priests.

E'Tiana was sick on Saturday so I took over at Focus & it was a blessing.  Two young girls came in with their children in strollers with one older son.  I got to talk to them & they said that no one told them NOT TO HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE>  They know it now!!  They listened & took a rosary & all the DVD's & abstinence literature.  They're on their way to being better mothers!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at Focus

It was a pleasant day at Focus!!  The first client came in wanting food for she was hungry.  I gave her a plate of food & some bottles water to drink.   She said that the Volunteers of America just gave her $8.00 & that wasn't enough.  She got some clothes for herself before she left..  She was happy........

The Sarah came & with Helen & Louise.  Little Helen, who is growing up so fast, asked for a 'cookie' & Martha gave her one & she said "thank you".  So cute. Sarah helped me in the office today & one drawer is now organized.  Looks good.  Martha brought in three pac'n plays, for our clients, & two Layettes, for our expecting moms.  Martha tried to call our Hispanic mom who is scheduled for an ultra sound tomorrow, she couldn't reach her.  Hopefully she will remember.  It is so frustrating.

A woman called & needed furniture for her new apartment.  Neyoka came in to drop off donations & I gave her the phone.  She told the woman to call Women's Care Center & gave her their number for a pac'n play.  Hopefully they will be able to assist her.  So many people need so much, we're trying to help.

Barb, came in to help us out, & so did Linda S..  It was a good working day!!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!  It was Martha & I today because Lynda & Jackie are sick  :((   We were very busy but the four Elim Bible Institute girls came at 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm to help us.  The room was filled with people but all was good.  One client has a darling one year old who was walking all around the room cute as could be.  Then the mother shared her story with us.  She said that she was pregnant with a married man who she didn't know he was married & had thought to kill her unborn baby because. of so many reasons.  I asked who saved this child from death & she said "God....only God"!!!  Praise God!!!  She said that she is doing well & is chaste & glad of it.  She was a wakened & her life is so much better.  I asked if she goes to church & she said that she was working on that.  She gave me a name of a church she sometimes goes to called the Sufi Order of Rochester Center.  I looked it up on the computer & said for her to find another Protestant church or become Catholic.  Go to the rectory & ask to start the process. I gave her the Catechism of the Catholic Church booklet that Gene buys for us.  She was grateful!  She gave her powerful testimony to the Elim students when they arrived.  They were touched.  
Martha called Hollie, at Women's Care Center, & she later on brought us a pac'n play & a car seat for a mother who called us earlier today.  Thank you Lord!!!  It was good seeing Hollie....
David from General Security came & took down some information for our new security monitor that will be put in next Thursday.  He professed to being a Christian & we talked for about ten minute & he prayed for nice was that!!!  It was a blessed day!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017 at Focus
Our court case was today at 9:30 am but our attorney didn't want us to go because it looks like over kill.  Okay, we didn't go, but Martha had a Physical Exam so she wouldn't have been able to go & Jackie was sick, so it worked out well. Don't know at this time what happened but I'm sure that the Judge was not happy to see the Grove Community lawyer again for a bogus complaint.  He said that Focus should not have sued them it should have Barb C., our landlady instead.  A waste of the courts time  :(((

We saw many clients today & children.  I did one pregnancy test of a married woman & it was Negative.  Nice lady!! 

Women's Care gave our client a car seat & a pac'n play & she was so grateful  Martha gave her the Women's Care Center's address for a Thank You note.  Hopefully she will write & send one.     

Martha & her three daughters are going to visit Martha's twin sister Mary, in Clayton, tomorrow for she is ill.  

I spoke to someone today & she said that the young adults are using sex as a 'DRUG'.......we can see it happening.  Today's culture is so messed up  :(((

My office is a mess I need to clean out my desk drawers.  Neyoka will be speaking at the Knights of Columbus meeting at St. John of Rochester t
onight about Focus.  Wonderful  :))) 


Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at Focus

WE WON OUR CASE AGAIN!!!  IT IS OVER  :))  Praise God!!!

This email message is what I received from our attorney John::

Team, attached is the Court’s decision denying Grove Place’s motion to reargue (which is good) and denying our cross-motion to drop GP as a party on the basis that it is moot, because the Court’s prior Decision annulling/vacating the Pres. Board’s determination concluded the action, and there is thus no action pending from which to drop a party.


Bottom line:  barring an appeal by GP and/or the City, this case is over.  So far, so good.  We’ll keep you posted.  Best, John.

Thank you Lord!!!!

We had a good day at Focus!  Our clients were nice & received many great things.  Frank came & he helped us out a lot today.  It kept him busy.   Jackie came later & Lynda called to say that she was still sick & won;t be with us tomorrow  :((  I was busy  in the office doing office work  :))

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at Focus
It was a busy day today but we got through it.  There was Martha & I only, until the four Elim Students came, at 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm.  They are a big help!  I was so happy to see Sarah come through the door for a visit, for she is getting ready to go to live in France, with her husband & two young daughters.  Happy for them but sad for us  :(((  She is delightful  :)))

At one time there was five people coming through the door. There was already people in the center already, so it was hectic, for about 45 minutes.  I told one of the girls to move her car because she was parked next door & could be towed.  She moved her car quickly!!

Martha did a pregnancy test on an 18 year old girl who first went to Planned Parenthood & they told her that they do not do Walk In Pregnancy Tests, so she saw our sign saying 'FREE PREGNANCY TESTS', & came over to us.  She was Negative & Martha gave her Maafa:21 DVD & I gave her the one on Chastity.  She is an ex Catholic & lives not to far from Blessed Sacrament Church, so I gave her their information & encouraged her to call Fr. Jones, to set up a time for Confession & to return to the true Church & to obey the 10 Commandments in order to go to Heaven, for all Eternity!!  She listened attentively.  Nice young lady!!  Fred came in & is trying to fix our doorbell.... & he put the storm door on my office door, it is warmer now.....yeah!!  It was a blessed day!!!


Thursday, November 16, 2018 at Focus

It was a very busy day......  I was so happy to see Dr. Bryan come into the center. He was such a big help.  There were donations that had just arrived from Nativity Church in Brockport. I just stared at the large boxes filled with things in the main room.  It was overwhelming.  

Two student from Spencerport came for an interview about Teen Pregnancies.  Dr, Bryan joined me, in the office, with the discussion.  I gave them DVD's & a Truth packet for educational use.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at Focus

I almost didn't come today for my legs hurt.  But I knew that I had to go & did.  I live with constant pain & get through. through the grace of God!!  Thank you Lord.  If you want to take it away that would be nice.......

When I arrived it was already busy & Martha was already here.  I was expecting a large donation this afternoon.  An adult young man came with his mother & helped us out a lot.  Then the lady from the Open Door Baptist Church brought in many large bags of donations.  It was hectic to say the least.

I had a confrontation with a woman & she was upset that I asked for her & her friend to leave for there were many people coming in & they were here for a long time.  They took so many things & their car was filled with so many bags from us & Wal Mart that the children didn't have a place to sit.  Jackie went to talk to them about not coming back for awhile.  Really!!!

Fred & Tim came in & helped us out some.  Fred went to the basement to turn off the dehumidifier until next summer.  Tim brought in donations.  He saw a fan that we used this last summer & the cord was half off.  He took it with him to fix it or throw it out.  Thanks Fred.  We could have had a fire :((

Sarah came in with Louise & her 5 month old baby.  She was so good but did start to cry when Tim was talking to her....he is a father of eight.  Sorry Tim.  We will miss Sarah & daughters when she goes to France in January 2018.  Hopefully we will see her when she comes back for a visit.  

Linda & Linda came to help & more donations came into the center. The front room is loaded with so many large black bags to put away.  We are sooooo busy.  The two clients came & got their food for Thanksgiving Day!!!  Yeah!!  Thank you Tony, Joyce & are so nice  :)))

A man names Jim came in to use the bathroom who was out in front of Planned Parenthood witnessing with a sign.  He had brought in a young woman who was over PP for a pregnancy test.  Martha did it & it was Negative.  She stayed with us for a long time & got ministered to.  A difficult life with two children & no home.  Her ex husband's mother is caring for the children.  Hope all goes well.  We invited her back.....hope to see her again  :))

Two young girls came in & one wanted a pregnancy test that Martha did & it was Negative.  I gave her friend a Truth packet to take with her for she was talking to Jackie about Depo shot.  Very bad!!!  It was a difficult but good day.  



Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at Focus

What a day!!!  Michael called to say that he would be over to help us get ready for the City Inspector who was coming at 2 pm this afternoon.  When he called I was at the bank for Focus & then I had to drop by to get free Infant size diapers for Focus.  When I arrived at Focus all the work was done & Michael left shortly after.  Our center looked GREAT!!  Thank you Martha & Mike. Barb, our landlady, came in before 2 pm & we got ready for the inspection which occurs every three years.  But before this happened I was told by Barb that the City charged her three hundred dollars each, for our two signs, the one in the window & the sandwich board, on the property.  he submitted the paperwork to our attorneys.  We won the case by Judge Taylor & the liberal neighbors won't accept the results.  Wow!!!  This is upsetting me quite a lot.  The inspector came in & introduced himself as Jimmy (I forgot his last name).  He smiled at me & appeared friendly.  I called Mike up & he said that he knew him & it was okay to say that we knew him which I did.  He said to say "hi" to Mike from him.  He said that he did a great job for all looked good.  We passed & got our Certificate of Occupancy. Thank you Lord!!!

We received so many donations recently so the rooms are filed up with many things. Just before the inspector arrived the Knights of Columbus came & brought us two huge boxes of brand new coats of all sizes.  We put the coats in the Layette Room so they wouldn't be in the way for inspection.  The boxes went to the Recycle trash cans.  

Then one of our long acting clients came in & my heart dropped.  I know she is having problems but she has not gotten her life on track yet over the many years she has come into Focus.  I just asked her if she was done yet & she flipped out on me so I brought her in the office to deal with her.  She has problems.  This is always upsetting but thank God it doesn't happen to often over the twelve years I've been doing this.  

So many people came in & I guess this makes me's probably good that I'm in the office as much as I am.  I just don't feel the understanding from the staff at times.  They like to get my goat, but that makes me feel badly.  Being the director is no fun at times.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017 at Focus

For the first time ever I called in today & Martha took over.  She had assistance & our good doctor helped her out for awhile today.  Matha is such a trooper!! 
Sorry guys!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at Focus
Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadelope Patroness of the Unborn
Starting an orgaziation, in Rochester, for the sexual abused person

It was a fruitful day at Focus today!!  When I arrived there was Frank waiting in the parking lot across the street, he helped me bring in the things from my car.  A few minutes latter Martha came in & we all started working.  The clients came in one after another.  Very busy!!  Then one client came in with her new born baby & told her story.  She was married for 16 years & has five children.  All children are his but he is involved with Pornographic materials every day since he was 10 years old & it is effecting their marriage & family.  She told him that he has to leave & is seeking out a divorce in January.  She said that she cannot forgive him yet & it is very painful.  Just as she was telling me her story our volunteer Linda came into Focus.  She has had the similar experience.  She sat down & they talked & exchanged phone numbers.  They will keep in contact.  I gave her Catholic Family Center's number to call for more assistance.  She left a little happier.  Thank you Lord that Linda showed up because she has no set time to be here.  The Lord sent her.  

Then Sarah came & a little while latter Jackie came into the center.  I called Willow, the Domestic Violence, organization & we both talked to the woman who answered.  We are going to start an organization that helps women & men who have been sexually abused.  I am a survivor & want to help others to heal.  There is no organization, here in Rochester, that we know of. 
It's time!!!!  We want them to tell their Story & to get healing from God.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @ Focus

Fr. Frederick Bush Funeral Mass
Martha & I went to Fr, Bush's funeral Mass at  Holy Spirit Church & we met Mike there too.  It was a beautiful Mass celebrated by Bishop Matano.  I saw a lot of the priests that I know.  It was an awesome experience & I was blessed.  We will miss Fr. Bush so much!!!  We love you Father & please pray for us ......  

I had to go to do may errands for Focus I arrived there at 2:30 pm.  Martha & Lynda were there working hard & we just had a donation as I was dropping off the things I just bought for Focus.  Tonight is our last board meeting of 2017 & we will be celebrating Martha & Rob's birthdays until Martha just told me that she has to leave early this evening to help, a family member's friend, with an emema.  This an elderly woman who needs a nurse which Martha is a Licensed Practical Nurse.  There is always something!!!


Thursday, December 14, 2017 at Focus
New shelves in front room!!
It was a busy but pleasant day!!  The man that I wanted to see if he could improve the Material Aid room for better utilization of space came & he said that we did a good job in there & I should work at Macy's I said "no, I'm fine where I am".   It is a team effort though.  Then, as if, Martha & I were reading each other's minds we asked if he could put up shelves, from under the Kitchenette, in the Main Room.  He measured the area & said "yes I can".  We chose Cherry wood & the workers will be coming tomorrow at 12:30 pm.  No day off for me, which is fine.  Can't wait!!

A Grandmother brought her year old  grandson into Focus, for his mother will be incarcerated for a long time, when caught.  Grandma is going to care for this wonderful child.  Sooooo cute!!!!

We received a big donation of coats from Calvary Community Church & the coats were brand new & so beautiful!!  We helped many people today.  

Linda came in & was a big help!!  Thank you Martha also.....  Good day  :)))))




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