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Your pregnancy resource help website

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


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Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at Focus
Happy New Year!!!

The start of a new year, it will be a good one!  I came to Focus & there was Martha, Lynda, Joan & Frank also Fred came a little latter & painted part of my office wall, thank you Fred!!!  We all were very busy today.  So many people in need.......

I went to the Post Office & the copier didn't work so I had to go to the office & print them out on our printer & Lynda took me to the bank to deposit them all.  Thank you everyone!!!  I was busy in the office & all the team were busy out in the Main Room!!  So much to do!!
Thursday, January 3, 2019 at Focus

It was a day of bad men.  Sorry to say that because we have nothing but good men come into Focus to receive the help that they needed.  But today was different, unfortunately.  
The first man is the boyfriend of our pregnant client Miss T. who came in for a pregnancy test & was scheduled to go to Compass Care of an ultrasound the very same day but didn't.  He is the father of this baby & four other children, with her, but the man is not with it at all.  I called many times to talk to Miss T but he wouldn't give her the phone & then when I called days latter he hung up on me twice.  I really don't know if she's still pregnant. He came in to get diapers & I spoke sternly to him.  One of our volunteers said that when he came in she smelled Marijuana on him, she is an Registered Nurse.  I gave him the diapers & he left & he texted me an unkind text.......scary.  I did not respond for he pretended to be Miss T..  So sad!!
Then the other man was unkind to Martha.  I was in the office & heard what he was saying to her & I got up from my chair & told him he had to leave, as he was going down the stairs, or I would call 911.   Hopefully we will not see them again unless they get better.  Please God please!!  

Otherwise it was a fruitful day helping people in need & they were all grateful. 
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at Focus  
It was a good day, for I had Martha with me, & Linda came latter on to help.  We saw many nice clients that appreciated what we were doing for them.  The smile on their faces is priceless.

I worked in the office that looks so much better now for we have put many things away & it looks less messy.  Thank you to all who helped me especially Bobbie, she was wonderful.  

I went to Holy Hour, at St. Joseph's Church, in the evening instead of the late morning before Focus, it's much more quieter & I did miss the people that were there.  It's been awhile.  
Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at Focus

Early this morning I received a phone call from a young woman who said that her boyfriend & his mother wants her to have an abortion but she doesn't want to.  Praise God to hear that. She needed lots of support & we talked for awhile.  I called her this afternoon & asked if Jessica could call her to talk to her & she said "yes".  Grate!!  She was headed to the doctors for she was in pain.  She is under so much stress.   I told her to call me anytime day or night & to keep in touch & she said that she would.  She sounds like a very nice girl.  She is working & has her own apartment.  She had called the Police on him but they said that they could not help her.  She is seeking out an Order of Protection but probably won't get one, for you have to have marks on you first, or be dead....sorry dear girl.  The Lord is with her & her precious baby.  I emailed all to pray & they will.  

Martha, Joan. Lynda, Annette & Frank were here today to work.....hallelujah.   I got a lot done in the office today, yeah!!  
Thursday, January 10, 2019 at Focus

When I arrived to Focus there was Martha, Frank & Fred helping, it was great!  Fred fixed the doorbell.  Yeah!!  I was in the office mostly for we didn't see many clients today.  Latter on Jackie came & we had a meeting for we are going to change the Sign In sheets to Index Cards, trying to get to know our clients better & this should help.  We want to be better.  We see many people from different countries to assist & clients in pain too.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 @ Focus

There was Martha & I all afternoon until Linda came much later but we made out just fine.  Trying to have someone volunteer for Tuesdays from 1 pm to 3 pm but it is so difficult.  Oh well!!!

I received a call from a man who runs the Perinton Food market & he had many boxes of lactating cookies to give us & I said "okay".  He & his volunteers brought them into the center & now we have many boxes of lactating cookies.  We never know what we will receive at Focus.  Grateful!!

Jackie came into Focus, to instruct us regarding the new Index cards, for our clients, we'll see how this new system will work out. 

I was in the office most of the afternoon & Martha worked out in the Main Room, it seems to work.   Mike stopped by to see if we had a podium.  No we didn't.  He asked me to send a paper to Rochester Area Right to Life, & I did.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at Focus

A good day with so many people helping us out.  There was Lynda, Joan, Annette,  Roberta (Bobbie) & even Frank came to help.....yeah!!  A lot got done & we saw clients to help them out with supplies for their children & themselves.  Bobbie wrote the Tax Exempt letters out to our generous donors, God bless them all.  

Lynda & I got upset when two Catholics came in with donations & starting talking.  The one friend stated that the other friend's daughter went to Planned Parenthood to get contraceptives.  The mother said that was fine for she was sexually active & should have them & doesn't agree with the Church's teaching on contraception.  Really!!  She would not listen to what Lynda & I said about  contraceptive drugs.  So sad!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at Focus
Roe vs. Wade
46 years of killing babies in America  

We had a very bad winter storm & my car had at least one foot of snow on it & it was completely covered.  I cleaned off my car & broke the boom I was using to clean it off.  I finally got to Focus at 9:10 am & people were already here.  The kitchenette was covered with food, fruits, bagels donuts & coffee.  How nice!  I saw Fr. Leone & then four other Priests that were here  There was Fr. Tony, Fr. Evan Simington, Fr. Mike Mayer & Fr. Jim Hewes.  Felt so happy to see them at Focus along with a lot of other Pastors in other Denominations.  Pastor Walter Hoye spoke at Focus today & will speak again tonight. It was splendid to be a part of this wonderful presences of good pro lifers.  The speakers were informative & I learned so much.  Mike lost a cover to the Podium that he rented. Jim was so gracious in his talk & presentation.  

Martha's daughter Katie brough so many nice kids things for our clients children.  My office was a mess but later on we put everything away. I do not like messes.  

I took a picture of a little girl who took the Kitchenette that Martha's grandson  gave away.  He will be happy to see the picture.

Kathy C. came into Focus with a woman who was with her out in front of Planned Parenthood to counsel.   It was a nice visit for Martha & Fred.  I was in the office working.  

Two clients came in & I spoke to one of the woman who said that she will have her Tubes tied,  I talked to her & then gave her a brochure to read & take with her.   Also, I gave both of the women some important literature to take with them.  Education & Prayer will change people's minds.  

Tonight we will be standing, in front of Planned Parenthood from 6 pm to 7:30 pm, with the Rosary & candle lights & speakers.  A peaceful prayerful event on this horrible day.  
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at Focus

Albany lawmakers passed a reproductive health Bill, late yesterday evening, to have more babies be killed by abortion.  Now it's up to, just before you're born, that you can have your baby killed. Babies lives mean nothing to some.  How sick & how sad!! .  Please pray for these people of death & destuction, for their souls are in jeopardy of Hell, if they don't repent of their serious sin of advocating abortion. 

I saw that Spectrum News put our group on air at 1 am Wednesday morning.  I looked for it at 9 am & it wasn't on.  Media is so corrup & liberal.......we deserve better!!!
There was a big group yesterday evening that came to pray the Rosary & to listen to Pastor Walter Hoye speak the truth about abortion.  The next door neighbor, right next to Planned Parenthood, called the police because he is pro choice & doesn't like us.  The police came & drove down the street but didn't stop, to his dismay, & he probably called the police again & the same police officer stopped to let us know that we had to stand on the sidewalk & not in the bike ride section of the street.....okay, we want to be safe!  Thanks neighbor.  Then the neighbor next to Jim Martin came out & honked all the way down his driveway & I stood there saying to him from the car window that we loved him & he gave me his finger.  It doesn't bother me for maybe someday he won't.  Next was a man walking down the street hollering "pro choice" & I said to him "pro death" & repeated once more then I said "you should be ashamed of yourself & he continued to holler as he walked up the street.  Poor misguided man.  Abortion is seriously killing off the African American Race just like they planned many years ago.  Maafa:21 DVD, please get it & watch it, you will learn a lot.  

Saw some clients today with the help from Joan & Annette.  Lynda went home after dropping off the 25 cans of baby formula for she was not feeling well & is planning to go to Florida tomorrow for a two week vacation.  Hope she will feel better to go.  

Thursday, January 24, 2019 at Focus

I arrived with food from Kentucky Fried Chicken & felt worse than I usually do after eating it.  Martha & Frank also partaked.  Lunch was supper today for Martha & I didn't eat supper together tonight .......sorry Martha.

Frank helped so much today so alot got done.   I ordered the Gosnell movie for Focus today.  Abortion is so hard to deal with, it is so EVIL!! 

Sorry it took so long for me to start writing again>>>>>>>

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at Focus

It was a good day at the pregnancy center.  We saw clients & helped them with their needs.  We had our new volunteer Sandy here to help us & Bobbie came in too.   It's always better to have help so things get accomplished.  I was in the office most of the time after going to the store for Focuses needs.  I signed for the movie 'Unplanned' to see on March 28th. in Henrietta & so did Martha.  Also, so did Sandy & Bobbie.  It is a very difficult movie to see so I am glad that the Theater will be filled & the proceeds will go to Focus Pregnancy Center......thank you Rick!!!!

Martha did a pregnancy test on a young 16 year old female.  Her boyfriend came in with her.  An ultrasound was scheduled for tomorrow at Compass Care in the early afternoon.  But before they came in there was a ruckus in the front & I went out to derail it.  The group left quickly & quietly in theri red car.  Thank God!!  I told them if they don't leave I will call 911, with my hand on my phone.  It worked.  I was told that one of the girls was a family member, how sad.  Please get along girls.  I said to the man to protect both his girlfriend & baby.  He said that he would. 

Neyoka did a pregnancy on our client that constantly is pregnant.  Baby number 5 is coming this year.  She has some emotional problems & is probably looking for love in all the wrong places.  We'll take good care of her & baby. like always.  She has an ultrasound appointment tomorrow too.   
We love our clients........not their behavior!!!!
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at Focus
We had another good day at our pregnancy center.  Joan, Annette, Fred & Frank were with Martha & I & we all worked hard.  Fred went to Target, to purchase two pac'n plays, for our clients.  I gave him the credit card & the tax exempt paper to take with him.  Before I came to Focus I went to Home Depot to purchase the keys, for the back door, if we ever need them, for the people who have the front door key.  All is well.

We are unable to see if our pregnant client went for her ultrasound at Compass Care today, they cannot give out that information.  We are unfortunately unable to reach our pregnant client through phone, email, text, so upsetting.  We only hope & pray that she will continue her pregnancy.  So maddening for us when this happens.  

Thursday, March 14, 2019 at Focus
Laura Jean was with Martha this morning from 11 am to 1 pm & then we had a new helper named Lisa come in to help us.  She brought her daughter this time for she will be going back to school soon.  She is going to liberal college, though she is conservative. Yeah!  They helped us putting away clothes & then we all talked, so interesting a woman & her daughter.  Thank you Jessica for bringing Lisa to us on Thursdays.  We are doing well with new volunteers....the Lord heard our prayers!  Thank you!!!

Interesting to see what happened, to our next door neighbor, who is not very kind to us.  I was standing in the small area by the window by the Material Aid Room & saw a statue of the Blessed Mother Mary on his desk, it appeared to be but it was a reflection of our statue that reflected in his office space.  I showed Martha & she was also stunned.  Thank you Mother Mary  :))

We didn't see to many clients but one mom brought her 1 year old daughter who was so cute & another mom brought her 8 day baby into Focus, so cute too.  A counselor came in for a car seat & a Layette for her client. 
I went out again, in front of Focus, to show people driving by the horror of abortion.  
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at Focus
Feast of St. Joseph
Martha & I went to Mass at Our Lady of Victory/St. Joseph to honor St. Joseph.  After Mass we ate at the St. Joseph's Table with lots of good meatless food.  We got to Focus at 1:30 pm & there were two moms waiting with their children in strollers.  It was nonstop for over an hour.  Thank God Fred came & fixed two things that were needed to be fixed.  Thank you!!! 

I need to buy more pac's plays for our pregnant clients.  We gave away two in a weeks time but we need more.  We also need new Layette clothes for boys & girls & other baby items.  

Sandy & Bobbie called in sick today & Linda didn't stay long because she just got to feel better. 
Thank God for Martha because I couldn't do it without her........

We saw many pregnant girls about to deliver their babies, one mom was already 4 centimeters dilated.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  She was counseled by Martha.

We have our first Board Meeting of 2019 tonight from 6 pm to 7pm.  It was a good meeting a lot got done.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at Focus
First Day of Spring

I had to go to buy Pack n' plays for our clients so I bought five of them & newborn baby clothes for our clients babies too.  I arrived at Focus & Martha & Frank came out to get them out of the car.  

I was busy in the office & I was also waiting for Mike to come to put in the shelves, in the Layette Room, but he couldn't do it today.  He brought the shelves that he make & they will be kept here until he can do the work.  He said in one to two weeks.....can't wait for that project to be done.

We saw clients & Annette & Joan helped them with their needs.  Thanks girls!!!

It was a good Board Meeting yesterday a lot of things got done.  We can now have our benefactors usr the Donation Key online now this should help us us a lot.  
Thursday, March 21, 2019 at Focus

I had to go to the Post Office, Bank & Tops Supermarket for Focus supplies,  When I arrived there was Lisa with Martha & it felt god to see them both.  Lisa made up many Truth Packets for us to hand out.  Barb came in later to get some business cards for a Knights of Columbus newsprint.  She's working on the front door signage.  We want it to look nice when the clients come on into Focus. 

Martha did two pregnancy tests which both were Negative.  One of the clients just had an abortion of twins, three months ago.  It was the babies or the car, her Father told her, & she chose the car.  Lord have mercy!!!!

Just found out that the movie 'Unplanned' that was showing for free on March 28th. the proceeds were for Focus then Rick found out that it was for '40 Days for Life" instead.  I'm disappointed but understand the situation.    

Tuesday & Wednesday March 26 & 27 at Focus

It was a busy time at Focus doing many things for the center.  Pregnancy tests were done & one was Negative & the other was Positive.  She had an oral pill abortion & part of the baby could still be in her womb, not sure yet.  Sent her Compass Care & they referred her to her Physician to check her out.  She could be pregnant with twins but the abortion was in March.  

We had a lot of help this week though Lynda couldn't come & Annette too but we got a lot done which is good.  Fr. Cushing came to drop off the DVD's he makes for us each month & delivers them to us.  Thank you Father!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Focus

My surprise Birthday Party at Focus!!!!

I knew of my surprise Birthday Party because it was sent out to the people on my email list & my name was on it too.  I went into Focus & shouted "who's birthday is it"?  I was surprised for the outside was decorated with a a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign on our front window.  Looked good!!!

I saw many people wishing me a happy birthday.  I received cards with $ in it...thank you Lord!!
Martha mande a birthday cake & Scott brough in four boxes of Caesars pizza for us & our clients
Then Neyoka came in with a pizza too.  I looked on the box to see it was from Bay & Goodman Pizzaria.  It was voted the best pizza in Rochester & I never had it.  It was covered with artichokes & red peppers & it was the most delicious pizza EVER!!!!  It was fantastic!!!  I had a great birthday experienced.......thank you ladies  :))

We had to get ready to go see the movie 'Unplanned' at the theater tonight & the proceeds go to Focus Pregnancy Center.  Thank you Rick!!!

Before the movie started Rick spoke to the many people that were sitting there & then I sple after.
I looked at them & put my hand on my heart & said that you all do my heart good.  I spoke about Focus & our wonderful staff, too.  

It was a intense movie but I needed to see it.  
Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at Focus

I arrived & there was Martha, Sandy & Bobbie working in the center.  Good to see.  I was in the office most of the time & they were out there working on seeing the clients & putting away the donations.  It worked out well.

Father Leone came in & I had a client who is due in May if she was Catholic & she said that she was but haven't gone to church in awhile.  Fr. Leone took her phone number down & he said that he will contact another priest to set up a time for Confession & Baptism.  Thank you Lord!!!!

I was told that Planned Parenthood had put up a fence by their front door.  The people are hurting their business....yeah!!!!

Wednesday & Thursday, April 3rd. & 4th. 2019 at Focus 

It was a good week where no one called in sick...yeah!!  We got a lot done with many hands, it which was fantastic!!

Jackie did a pregnancy test on a woman who has children & had an abortion at Planned Parenthood a few years ago.  We scheduled her for an Ultrasound at Compass Care next week.  We will continue to follow her through her pregnancy.  

Fred came in to fix our dehumidifier & the furnace which had a slight problem.  Thank you!!

Lisa brought her older son in to help us out today, he's a nice young man.  He is 6'7'' tall. I talked for awhile with him & his mom.  Conservative!!!

We received money from the 'Unplanned' movie thanks to Rick.......
Lynda brought me to the Bank to make the deposit. Thank you Lynda.  It was good seeing her.  

Christine sent me the Focus Fundraiser flyers to pass out.  She did a great job!

Planned Parenthood has now put up a fence in front of the building right next to the sidewalk so the pro lifers can't talk to the victims going into the place of death & destruction  :((((

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at Focus

What  a day!!  It started last evening when I received a call from Neyoka telling me that water was on the basement floor & that there is a NO PARKING TOW ZONE sign in the parking lot were we have parked for over 2 years now.  I talked with Barb & Mike & they went to Focus to see what was happening in the basement.  There is condensation from the toilet upstairs in the apartment that was left running while the guy went away for the weekend.  Barb called the Plumber & he will come this week to fix it.  One problem solved.  I was upset with the water & the NO PARKING sign.  I spoke with Barb & she said I hope there will be no more problems & I said "okay".  Then I saw that I had a text on my cell phone & it was Jackie asking for prayer of a woman that waa going for an abortion in the morning.  Oh No!!!   I wrote it out for my email list & sent it out to them for prayers.  At this time I don't know if she went or not......hopefully she did not go!!!!

Now it it Tuesday & I went to the bank & got $100.00 worth of quarters for the meters & spent a total of $25.00 to the city for parking.  It would cost Focus so much money if we have to park on the street!!!  Martha & I went to the corner business & spoke with six people that were having a meeting & they said that they did not put up the sign & knew nothing about it.  Okay & thank you!!!  Who did???  I went over to the sign & called the towing company & he was not there & I was told that he would call me when he got in the office.  He finally called back & said that it was him who put it up & he will take it down & will not tow us........Praise the Lord!!!!  Thank you Lord!!!!!!!

We were very busy & we saw so many clients to assist them.  Two new people, who were praying on the sidewalk, came in with two sisters for a pregnancy tests, who were at Planned Parenthood.  One was pregnant & is scheduled for an ultrasound.  Not abortion minded!!  The two young students from the Eastman School of Music walked them out.  They were life saviors today  :)))) 

A man who was outside praying came into Focus to introduce himself & said that he could help us with putting a pro life message on Youtube.  I received his name & phone number to contact them.  

I just heard that the mom, who was planning on aborting her precious baby, has chosen life for her sweet child.  Thank you Lord!!!!  Great News!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2019 at Focus

There was just Martha & I today for Joan had to take a test & Annette had to work.  But Fred came & fixed our dehumidifier down in the basement.  Thank You so much!!

We saw some clients today & a married couple came in to receive some things for their family.  They are now living in a Shelter near Joseph Ave..  Better days ahead for them!!!  I gave them both a Rosary & a short version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  They want to become Catholics in the future.  The Counselor came in to receive the three Layettes for her clients & was thankful.  Frank & Mike came in for a visit today...... a nice day!!  

Thursday, April 11, 2019 at Focus

It was a good day at Focus.  Saw clients & assisted them with their needs.  I am preparing to speak to the Knights of Columbus this evening about the Focus Pregnancy Center,  I was invited by Ross, a Holy Hour participant, at St. Joseph's Church.  It was an honor to be invited.

When I got to the church I saw Tucker, he is the co founder of Focus Pregnancy Center 14 years ago.  I was greeted by Ross & the other Knights of Columbus, it was so nice.  I was told that I would be introduced by Tucker & then I cane speak for 10 minutes.  He said that we found Focus because we needed a Bathroom, yes that was a reason too but we really need a room where we could talk to our clients & to do pregnancy tests.  I talked for about 15 minutes & ended with my poem 'Jimmy' that I wrote in 1992.  It was a blessed evening for me & for Focus!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at Focus

I was in the office all afternoon, so much to do.  Martha & Bobbie did the work in the main room.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative & talked to the client for awhile.  

Sandy, who volunteers here at Focus, was at the doctor's office & then had to go to the hospital for more tests, probably won't see her today & we wish her well.  

Focus probably won't use the City Car Seat program the restrictions are to high.  Jean, from the program, did say to me the there isn't many car seats left.  Sorry!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at Focus

It was a good day.  We had Joan & Annette helping us out today.  God bless them both!!!  We were pleasantly busy, we're seeing a lot of pregnant moms coming into Focus for Layettes....yeah!!!

I had to do more office work but it gets done through the grace of God, thank you Lord for your help!!

Working on the Focus Fundraiser, for next Thursday, it should be GREAT!!!
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at Focus

We had a lot of help today!!  We had of course Martha, then Bobbie, Sandy, Frank & later on Linda showed up.  A lot got done.

Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative, she was post abortive.  Neyoka did three pregnancy test yesterday which were all Negative.  They both gave positive instructions to make, our clients, lives better. 

I was in the office working & all of the volunteers were busy in the Main Room.  We had many clients today & Neyoka was very busy yesterday at Focus.  The work never ends.  
Martha & I had just finished supper & the time was a little before 6pm when the doorbell rang & a man & woman came in with a two bags of donations.  I asked for him to put it by the kitchenette & she asked for a pregnancy test. "Okay" I said, & asked Martha to do it.  I cleared the table & spoke to the man who was waiting for her.  Martha & her came out of the office & Martha said that she was Negative but her Blood Test was Positive.  Where she received the blood test I don't know.  Martha called over to Compass Care & spoke to the woman answering the phone & explained the situation.  She said that if she just had a baby (early April) the hormones could still be in the blood.  The woman wanted an ultrasound to make sure she wasn't pregnant for she thinks she is, so an appointment was made.  Then Martha said that she was going to tell me something that would be upsetting.  "Okay" I said....  She told me that the client had been gang raped, with a knife to her throat, a couple of years ago, & had an abortion.  She was sorry.  Can't bring the precious baby back...... She was given Post Abortion information to start the healing & forgiving process.  The client said to me what had happened to her & I said back that I was gang raped too & lost my twins (Jessica & Aaron) by a  miscarriage..... abortion is always wrong!!!!  I went to my Holy Hour & gave it to the Lord~~~ 
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at Focus
I had to go get my oil change in my car for it was past due, Martha was holding down the fort along with Joan & Annette.  Thanks girls!! 
I am not feeling well, as usual, but I arrived at Focus & am doing the office work. We were somewhat busy.   Martha & I are getting Focus ready for lunch tomorrow, with the Sisters of Life, at 12 noon.  Can't wait!!!!!!! 
Thursday, May 2, 2019 at Focus
Focus Fundraiser this evening!!

What a day!!  We were pleasantly busy today & we had Jackie come in to help us.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  She was instructed by Martha to start over.  Chastity is the answer!!  

Martha & I left to go to St. Anne's Church for Mass, which will be celebrated by Fr. William Leone, tonight at 6 pm..  After Mass we headed in the Conference Room for a delicious supper & then the talk of the 'Sisters of Life',  Sisters Lucy & Agnes.  Sr. Lucy spoke & she was wonderful.  We had 100 people attend tonight which was our biggest fundraiser so far.  We have had four fundraisers so far.  Thank you Christine May for great coordinating.  Great job!!!  It was a beautiful blessed evening!!  Thank you Lord!!!  

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at Focus
It was a good day with lots of things going on.  We had Bobbie come in to help us but Sandy had her tooth pulled yesterday & still was not feeling well so she will see us next week.  We saw clients that we helped.  One mother had to take her sister's children in to raise because she & her husband was killed in a car accident recently.  She has her own biological children too.  So we gave her a stroller & a new pack n' play to take with her to help her with her 'new' family.  We also gave her formula & diapers & clothes for the children.  She was very happy!!!
A client came in to get some black paints for a new job she will start tomorrow.  She was so happy to find some her size.  Thank you Lord...
Mike & Ken came by to look at the property next door & to buy a fan for the basement, for it is a mess down there.  He is trying to fix it.  
I worked in the office I had much to do. Martha was out in the Main room & she had a lot to do too.

For the week of May 21, 22, & 23th. at Focus
It has been so very busy that are are heads are spinning.  We want to help people but they all seem to come to Focus.  I wish the other pregnancy center would hire a director & be open more days & hours to help the mothers & fathers in this community.  I hope & pray this will happen. We have seen some difficult girls & had to deal with them & their personalities.  So hard at times.

Martha did two pregnancy tests which were both Negative.  They were given literature to help them be chaste.  Education & prayers will help stop abortion.

We have great volunteers to help us & sometimes have werry looks on their faces for the demands are great. They keep on coming back thank God.  Sandy will be gone two Mondays for her & her husband will be going to Alaska to see her brother.  We will miss her, for sure.   

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at Focus

Tuesdays are my Mondays, we were busy today which is good.  Martha did three pregnancy test & two were pregnant & were scheduled for an ultrasound at Compass Care.  Bobbie was here today & she called our pregnant clients.  The first client had a repeat ultrasound appointment at 4 pm today & did not have a ride with no bus service close by.  Thank you Lord that Bobbie called & we gave her the Park Ave. taxi Co. to call for a ride to & from the appointment.  That was the only way in such a short notice.  She made her appointment today at 4 pm.  But again she did not see her baby & is rescheduled again for another appointment for her third time.  

Sandy called in today, for she had a temperature of 102 degrees, hopefully she will be feeling better & returning to us next Tuesday.  We will be getting Amy next Tuesday, she was with us a year ago for she is a Kindergarten teacher at Archangel School, for that will be great.  

Martha did a pregnancy test & while she was with the client & friend I went out to the Main Room to do some work there.  While I was in the room there were two girls also in the room & one was pregnant.  She asked if I recognized her & I said "no not really" for I see so many people.  I smiled for I didn't want her to feel badly.  Then I started talking to her asking her a little about her situation.  She said that the father of her baby is living with her & her friend.  I asked if she was planning on getting married & she said "no I'm only 16 years old".  I asked if she was sleeping with him & she said "yes I love him" & when I turn 18 we are going to get married.  Oh no I thought!!!  I asked how old is he & she said "he's 18 years old".  Disaster I thought.  I asked if there was an adult in the home & she pointed to the girl texting on sitting on the blue chair which Martha calles the Truth Chair.   She said "it's to late now &  I know it's wrong but everybody's doing it".  Oh no again!!!  I said "if everybody is jumping off the bridge will you follow"?   My heart sank.  Bobbie followed with some words of wisdom.  I walked in the Material Aid Room & when I came back out the loder girl who was not pregnant was jiving.  I said we don;t do that here & she stopped shaking her body all over the place.  When the four girls left I gave them all the '10 Commandments' & the pamphlet 'Heaven, Hell & Purgatory' to take with them to help change their lives.  The client in the office was Positive & Martha made an ultrasound appointment for her.  Society is so very broken!!!!

It was a busy day, but we through the grace of God, got through.  


Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at Focus  

I had a stressful beginning this afternoon.  When I arrived on the right side of the street with my flasher lights on I came again a huge truck that parked right in front of me.  I asked for them to move so I could come closer to the back door where Martha gets the things I just bought for Focus.  I asked one of the men if he could move & he was abrupt & said he was here for a job.  Okay but could you move so I can get these things in the center which I run.  The truck did't move until I flagged my ar to insist.  In the meantime the neighbor across the street was coming out of her garage looking at me with some distain & I put my hands up as if to say "your own your own".  She got out without a problem.  Neighbors too!!!!    I called Martha but she didn't answer the Focus phone but finally came out after I honked for 10 seconds,  Then our landlady came out & I was trying to tell her what had happened but she slammed my door closed loudly as if to defend the workers who were taking down the old central air gismo, on the roof.  I received no consolation when I came into the office but finally got an apology from the man I spoke to, which was somewhat rude to me earlier.  He finally apologized to me & I said "okay".  What a stress.  Even one of them said to me "sorry if I jumped your blood pressure up".  These men all have children but no wives, the main man said to me, no wonder!!!!!!

We had Joan, Annette & Barb helping us out for a couple of hours.  Thank God!!  We finally gave away the old stroller with personality.  

Pregnant Carla, our friend, came in to bring us some bags of clothes & things.  She will have her 7th. C-Section on July 11th., the feast day of St. Benedict, who she loves.  She has his metal around her neck & a bracelet too. He is watching over her.  The baby daughter's name is Christina Marie.  After Christ & Mother beautiful.  

Thursday, June 20, 2019 at Focus

Jackie was here & she did a pregnancy test on a young teenager who already has a baby.  Her pregnancy test was Positive & she was upset.  Jackie asked if she would consider to place her baby up for adoption. "I am not going to carry this baby for 9 months to give it up would rather have an abortion" she said. How sad is that!!  Jackie made an appointment for an ultrasound for Friday, the next day.  Jackie called her on Monday & was told that she is pregnant with twins & was going to Strong Memorial Hospital for her prenatal care & her boyfriend & grandmother was supportive.  Thank God!!  We will keep her in our prayers & call her for support.  Martha made a call to Sr. Nancy, for her special program, for more support. 

Martha made a call to another client that Neyoka did a pregnancy test on & was not abortion minded & was pro life too but after she asked if she went for her ultrasound appointment the phone went dead & when she called back no one answered.  I asked Neyoka to text her & she did.  The phones are such a problem here at Focus to reach our clients.  Frustrating at times......

We received some donations which is always a blessing & keeps us busy!!!!


Monday, June 24, 2019 at Focus

Neyoka was not able to come today at Focus, her daughter was coming in from Boston & wanted to spend some time with her, so Bobbie & I came in from 1:30 to 5 pm.  We were fairly busy & helped some mothers. The children were so good & cute, one young man was doing somersaults in the room, & he was pretty good too.  One young girl had something in her hands, which was to small for her, so I asked for them & she gave them to me without a problem. So nice!!

I did a pregnancy test with a young woman who was married & she was Negative.  We talked & then I asked if she was Catholic & she said that she was but hasn't gone to church in awhile. So I got her a church bulletin for St. Helen's, on line, which was the closest to her & her husband's home. She wanted to come back to the Catholic church & to get her 3 year old son baptized.  Her husband is not Catholic.  We care, about the soul, at Focus. too.  

One client left her Driver's Permit so Bobbie texted her to pick it up but so far she hasn't come to get it

As were leaving, in came two mothers & their children, we took care of them & then we left to go home.  The traffic was bad but worth it coming in on a Monday!!  Thanks Bobbie for coming in!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at Focus

It was so good seeing Amy today she will again help us this summer before she has to go back to teach Kindergarten in September.  She is a blessing!!  Also, later this afternoon Sandy came back, for she was sick last week.  She will be gone until the end of July & then she will more consistent with us.  She had many places to visit this summer.  She is also a teacher at MCC.  Also a blessing!!!  Martha sis a pregnancy test & she was Negative.  Thank God.  
It was a good day!!  I will be taking next Tuesday & Thursday off next week because I need it & we will be closed on Thursday because of the July 4th..  I need time to reflect.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at Focus

I was in the office most of the day writing thank you letters to the generous Churches & Knights of Columbus that have blessed us & Martha wrote thank you letters to the many fine people that write us out a check to keep us going.  It takes up time but it is worth it.  Martha saw many people & I came out to help her when I could.  We had Amy & Bobbie helping us & they work so hard putting the donations away. There is always so much to do. 

I was leaving Focus this evening when I saw two young people come out of Planned Parenthood & I waited by  the parking lot to talk to them.  They crossed the street in front of me & I hollered over to them saying "did you come out of Planned Parenthood just now"?  Then she hollered over to me saying " I'm keeping it."  She was holding the ultrasound pictures as she was walking.  I pointed over, to Focus Pregnancy Center, across the street & said if you need anything please stop by & we can help you & your baby & the young man too.  She said the most wonderful thing "I talked to a woman in there before".  I hollered "thank you Jesus".  So we were beneficial for this baby to be born & not aborted. Praise God for this kiss from Heaven!!!  God id good all the time!!!!!   I went to my Hour Hour, to be with the Lord, rejoicing!! 

Thursday, July 11, 2019 at Focus

This was a pregnancy testing day.  Martha did one pregnancy test which was Negative & Jackie did 5 more which were all Negative.  She spoke with them with a heart.  Education is so necessary.

We were busy helping moms with what they needed today. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at Focus

Another busy day at Focus.  Yesterday Neyoka said that she was very busy. I was in the office in the afternoon & Martha, Bobbie & Amy were out in the Main Room sorting out clothes for the baskets in the Material Aid Room.  They were busy.  Bobbie's birthday is next Tuesday so she will not be here & Sandy is still out of town until the end of July so next week will be short of help.  We'll survive though.  

I heard a client say out in the Main Room that her doctor wants her to have an abortion.  I went out into the room & we all talked to her to help her choose life for her precious baby.  Even a client told her not to have an abortion.  She had three previous abortions in the past when she was a teenager that she regrets.  I gave her post abortion brochures to take with her along with other information to help her.  She has a abusive husband & has lost two of her children that she can have back after she takes parenting classes.  We counseled her the best that we could.  We will also pray for her for she has been with us at Focus for a couple of years now.  As we were talking to her another woman can in requesting a pregnancy test.  Martha & Bobbie went in the office to set up the test.  She was Negative. She was living with her mother.  I heard that she was Catholic but hasn't gone to Mass in awhile so I printed out the information to reach St. Helen's Church for her to go to the Sacrament of Confession & to come back to the Catholic Church.  She now has a address & a phone number to contact the church.  She was open for this information.  Praise God!!!  


Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at Focus

It was a very busy day today.  We had Annette & Joan helping us but there were so many clients to care for but through the grace of God we did.  We gave away so many pac'n plays & strollers, which was good a little gold mine, for our clients to come in to receive what they need.  God is good all the time!!!! 
I was also busy in the office which is good that we all have our jobs to do at Focus. 
I did have a couple of clients park right next door which is a problem for the neighbor has called for cars to be Towed in the past but today he didn't call.  Thank you Lord!!!  I did comfront them to read the NO PARKING sign in the parking lot on the side of the building.  Read & don't park there.    
One of the clients took our pepper shaker, but I truly believe that she didn't realize it was ours, to use in the center.  Enjoy!!

We pray for our clients, staff & benefactors daily.....we are all in need.

Thursday, July 18, 2019 at Focus

I was a little apprehensive today to drive into Focus because yesterday I had two cars pull right in front of me when I was driving in the rain.  A little slippery out there on the road!!!  It was okay today though. When I arrived at the center Martha was there working in the Material Aid Room.  About 45 minutes later Fed came in & helped us out so much.  He is a good worker.  I received a call this morning from a client, in the past, & she needs our help once again, for she is pregnant again.  I told her to come in & we would help her.  She received a nice pac'n play that Fred had just brought in & she was grateful.  She will come back on Saturday to receive more items that Neyoka has in her garage. This client said that she had lost a lot of things due to a flood in her home. Sorry about that!

Jackie came in & brought a lot of nice clothes in from her daughter....thank you so much!!
Neyoka came in & planted some beautiful flowers on the side of the building.  Looks so nice!!!

I called Barb, our landlady, to tell her that Mike V. said that he would do the job down in the basement & that she could pay him later on.  I say "go for it" for I want the basement to be dry & smell good & for Neyoka to be able to bring the winter clothes back, from her house, to be put back down in the basement.  Barb said that she will call Mike V. to talk to him.  Okay let's get this done!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at Focus

I had to go to get my car inspected & I was away until 2 pm.  When I arrived at Focus there was Martha, Frank & Amy working.  I had to ask Amy to take me to the bank downtown so we went.  we were not gone long but when we came back there was a woman coming out of the center with a Truth packet in her hands & she got into the car which was parked in the front.  I walked over to the car & nicely told her that she could not park here for there is a No Parking sign right in front of her.  She appeared anxious.  I told her that if she needed a pregnancy test she could come in any time we are open to receive a free test.  She told me that her daughter had one at her doctor's office.  I said "okay" & smled & she left.  I saw a baby in the back seat being fed by a young girl as she drove off.  When I came into the center Martha approached me with the woman that was just here said that her daughter's doctor & boyfriend wants her to have an abortion for she is in High School & is on the Honor Roll.  Martha told the daughter's mother that the baby would like to be on the Honor Roll someday & that abortion could possibility take her life too.  She gave her a Truth packet & that has a lot of information in it plus two very important DVD's. She did not give a phone number or a name, for she was in & out in minutes.  I put out an email request for prayer for this girl & another client who is abortion minded.  I saw that Martha was shook up & so was I.  It was terrible to hear this request for death.  This ministry is so difficult at times, our hearts just ache. 


Thursday, July 25, 2019 at Focus

It was an interesting day!  We had Lynda, Lisa & Jackie helping us & they did a terrific job!!  We saw some clients today but yesterday we saw about 20 people that came into the center for assistance.  Our small food cupboard is now empty.  All the big items are gone & the clothes baskets are getting filled up quickly.  

Martha did a pregnancy test & she was Negative.  She is a married woman & was disappointed that she wasn't pregnant.  She has a health problem & Jackie sent her information, in the mail, for her to get help in getting pregnant.  A very nice young woman.  

Us girls had time to work & to talk about what is going on in today's society.  


Tuesday, July 30, 2017 at Focus

As I was coming in the center & I told a pregnant mom to please ring the doorbell because I saw some girls just walk into the center without ringing the doorbell,as I was across the street.  I knew that something was wrong with the door.  After I said what I said she said rudely "the sign says OPEN".  I said that we were having a problem with door & when you come back again in order to get in you will have to ring the doorbell.  Okay now I'm up the stairs & there was so many clients in the center which makes me nervous because you cannot watch them properly & serve them.  I saw a woman with such short shorts that I said to her that they were & to go into the Material Aid Room to get some other clothes.  She left with a huff.  I was surrounded by some angry woman & I was no better today.  I called the pregnant mom later & apologized & she gave it to me again.  I said that you come to my house & please don't treat me with disrespect. Said "good bye" & hung up.  The end!  Thank God this doesn't happen very often.  

It was a very busy day & Marha & I got through it with love.  Thank God that Amy & Bobbie was here to help. I was in the office most of the time working, so much to do in there. 


Tuesday, July 31, 2019 at Focus

Lynda was here & also Joan & Annette were here helping, so good.  I had work in the office for the Grant that Fr. Hughes is trying to receive so I had a lot to do for him.  I had to go twice to Citizens Bank to get the new account for the travelling ultrasound van.  Memo helped me to get the documents for Fr. Jim I needed.  

Wednesday, August 9, 2019 at Focus

I was having feet problems yesterday so I was not at the center but Martha, Bobbie & Amy were there doing so much work.  I kept in connection with them on the phone.  

Today I came back, wearing different shoes, hopefully they will help my feet.  We had five young adults come in from St. Benedict's church in Canandaigua.  Such a great help they all were!!!

Frank & Fred came in & helped us out & then went to the store to buy 4 pack n plays for our clients.  They go fast......

Annette was hear too & later on Joan came with her grandson who stood in front of Planned Parenthood to witness with prayer & presence.

All of a sudden we saw so many people at once & Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  It was hectic but we got through it, thank you Lord.  We had a huge dog & a kitchen set taken.  Again I say to the unmarried mothers.  NO SEX UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIED>>>maybe someone will listen someday.  


Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at Focus

It was a good day first I received a call from one of our clients saying that Neyoka helped her to choose life for she was going to get a medical abortion but couldn't, thank God.  She will be coming into Focus later to get some things for she is 8 months pregnant.  God was with her & her precious baby!!!

I had to go to the Tops store to get something for Focus diapers & all.  When I got to Focus there was a young woman that said "you've been here a long time for you have helped me & I thank you".  I was surprised & spoke with her for a short time she was with her friend & her daughter.  God bless them all.

Frank was here with Martha & Bobbie & they were busy helping our clients.  Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative & the client is moving to Florida.  I said to her "no sex until marriage " & she said "I know".  Okay!!!

I have been working in the office all afternoon doing work for the new Traveling Ultrasound Van along with Fr. Jim Hewes & my other office work.  God bless Father Hewes!!! 
I called the City of Rochester regarding them taking the parking meters out, in front of 114 University Ave., which is PP.  She said that someone will call be back regarding my question.  We'll see......

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at Focus

A hectic day with much going on.  Stress is no fun!!!  I had to go to Tops Market to buy more diapers & formula & other things for our clients children.  Martha & Annette was here working helping our clients out.  Martha did two pregnancy tests one was Negative & one was Positive.  She will go for an ultrasound tomorrow at Compass Care.

It was busy in the Main Room & we received many donations form Sharlene & from St. Stanislaus Church.  We also received a two car seats & a nice stroller which will go fast. 

Martha gets stressed & then she gets mad at me, I can't figure it out, for I am in the office working on the office work most of the time. She thinks that I'm saying to her that she doesn't do anything right......WHAT!!  Not true.
We have worked well together three times a week for over 12 years going through very difficult situations together at Focus.  Stress is NO fun!!!!    Thank God that we forgive each other fast......Couldn't do without Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2019 at Focus
Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother

Martha is in Clayton, NY with her family, mourning the loss of her nephew who died sullenly last year, she want to confort her sister & to see her twin sister Mary who is having health problems. we missed you Martha!! I thank God I had Jackie, Linda & her husband Sal & later on Joan came with Skyler her grandson.  We were busy & they were a great help.  It was helpful to me because I have so much to do in the office.  No problems with our clients, they all were grateful.

I called the City of Rochester, for the third time, asking why are the parking meters were taken down in front of Planned Parenthood?  No one has called me back yet. The 311 operator said that someone made a request & it was granted so the meters are gone & they added a 'NO PARKING' sign there instead!!!!!  It will take more perseverance but through the grace of God I will get an answer.  

I was told that there was trouble, in front of Planned Parenthood, with the nasty neighbors.  This is a very liberal pro death/Democrat neighborhood.  It is very difficult to be here but once I close the door, in Focus, I am better.  


Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at Focus

Fr. Mike Mayer blessed Focus & Neighborhood with Holy Water

I had to go to the Post Office, Bank & to Tops to get things for Focus so I arrived at the center at 1:45 pm & there was Martha, Frank, Bobbie & Amy there working.  Later on Linda came to help.  A lot got done.  We were busy & saw many clients that were helped.  

Then Fr. Mike Mayer came in to Focus to bless bottles of water & salt & with a Exorcism Prayer & he sprinkled it all over Focus inside & then we went outside up the street on Windsor & the Condos & Planned Parenthood & our neighbor next door.  All were covered.  May this help!!!!
We are grateful to Fr. Mike.........God bless him.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at Focus

It was a busy day again.  Annette & Joan were here helping & Annette did the many 'Thank You' notes for me to send, to the generous people, who blessed us at Focus. 

I talked with a young girl that told me that we were responsible for saving two of her children.  Praise God!!!  Her husband left her with 5 children & she is taking him to Court.  She said that she was going to have her Tubes tied so I told her not to & gave her a brochure that hopefully will change her mind.  She was grateful for Focus.  Thank you Lord!!!!

A mother was here & her young daughter gave me a hug & then her younger sister gave me a hug.  It was so nice of them.  Children are a blessing!

Martha & I just had finished supper when a young Black man came to the door.  He said that his church was walking around the neighborhood to witness the Faith.  He said that he had spoken to Chris, who was standing to pray & witnessing, in front of Planned Parenthood.  I gave the man two DVDs, one was Maafia:21 & the other was an informative DVD & the Truth packet, with lots of informative brochures.  We were grateful that he came into Focus.  I gave him information regarding the next Men's Conference.  He took the materials & seemed excited to go.  He was so nice.  Martha said that because of Fr. Mike, sprinkling the Holy Water on the entire neighborhood yesterday, let God's grace come through, for this man & his church to come to witness in this neighborhood. .  Amen!!!!!    

Thursday, August 22, 2019 at Focus
Queenship of Mother Mary
Happy Birthday Mike!!!

It was a stressful day!!  We saw many clients today in much need.  We had a 17 year old girl who Martha helped.  Martha called Sr. Nancy, What's Next Program, to help her more.  She is due the first week in September in 2019.  

We had an older man come in & he was found in the basement.  First time EVER!!!  He stole from us in the past & will be coming into Focus again.  'No More Service' is now on his card, in red.  Thank God Frank was with us today.
Nicole came in to tell us that she is not doing well with her pregnancy & her baby will be coming early.  She said that she broke her water 2 weeks ago & was in the hospital for 2 weeks being observed.  I never have done this before but I pointed my finger to her & said "NO MORE SEX until you are married".  This will be 110th. time she has been told this.  I will keep on praying for her.  I also told her if she is bleeding &/or in pain to go directly to  the Emergency Room.  She said "okay".  God be with you Nicole.  We have been through so much with this dear girl for many years now.  We love her & we tell her that too!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at Focus 

Last day for Amy our wonderful volunteer.

It was a very busy day!!  I had to be at the Bank today at 11:45 am to work on the banking for the Mobile Ultrasound Van & have to go back tomorrow to sign some papers & we are good to go for the donations for the van.  Thank you Lord for using Fr. Jim so well.  

We had a former client come in & she gave a remarkable testimony of faith & trust.  I spoke to her months ago & she had no place to live with her son & daughter.  I said just trust in the Lord & all will go well.  She did.  She had her birth control device taken out of her arm & is going to church & says the Rosary every day.  Alleluia!!!  What a testimony!!!!

Another client came in to get diapers & I asked if she received the '10 Commandments' on her way out the door.  Oh no, she is the lady that thinks we worship Mary & she went on & on & on.   She baptized her child in her bathtub.  Poor misguided woman.

Martha did two pregnancy tests one was Negative & the other was Positive.  The positive client had her sister with her who is pregnant & due December.  She has an appointment for an ultrasound September 3, 2019.   She is not abortion minded & might get married now.  Good!!! 

Tim Shine, came with his son William, & they brought in bags of donations for our clients. They will come back tomorrow too with more donations.  

Fred came in & he painted the ceiling titles that were wet from previous rain storms.  He did a great job & the ceiling looks so much better.  The roofers have not come by yet to fix the roof.........
Today we said good bye to Amy, our volunteer for the summer, for she is going back to teah Kindergarden at Archangel School.  We had cake, two kinds, & a card & flowers.  She is so nice & we will certainly miss her terribly.  We will see you next summer Amy :))).......Praise God!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2018 at Focus

It was a very busy day at Focus.  Joan brought her two grandsons to help us, which that did.  Great helpers.  Annette came & brought us delicious subs to have for lunch.  She also wrote the 'Thank You' notes today.  Tim Shine came back with many donation bags, the Main Room is filled with white bags, on the floor.  We'll get to them soon.  Frank wore the Security hat that Mike brought in & it worked our well. 

I signed the papers, at the bank, for the Mobile Ultrasound Van, before I got to Focus & I also had to go to Tops to buy items too. When I arrived at the Center Fr. Cushing was waiting for me in my office.  He has been such a big help to Focus over many years.  He will be having hip surgery in the near future.  I told him that we pray for him daily & he said that he prays for us too. 
Thank you Fr. Cushing!!!  Please get better soon........

Thursday, August 29, 2019 at Focus

It was a great day today for a precious baby was saved, in front of Planned Parenthood, this morning.  She went into Planned Parenthood & then came out to say "I saw all of you out here & I changed my mind & I'm not doing it".  Praise God for this baby was saved. Wish all babies were saved too. Great news!!!!!!!!

Fr. Cushing came in today & said that he just saw his surgeon & was told that he does not have to have hip surgery. Yeah!!  He was told that he to hold his cane on the other side to get balance & it worked.   He was not in pain & was smiling.  Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!!!!!!

Lisa & Jackie came in to help us out today.  Jackie's daughter just had baby number three & he is soooooo cute.  Andrew Stephen.  He has a brother & a sister to fight & to play with.  God bless!


Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at Focus

We had Linda, Bobbie, Lisa & Frank come to Focus to help out.  They were busy putting away all the recent donations that we received.  I was in the office working.  

Martha did a pregnancy test before I arrived & the client is Positive & said to Martha, I'm going to have an abortion".  Martha said back "no you're not" & made an appointment for an ultrasound for tomorrow at Compass Care.  She went outside & brough the father of this baby & her 3 month old inside & told Martha that he will not let that happen.  A good father.  

Martha did another pregnancy test & it was Negative.  I told her to wait until marriage & she said that she new that & will try.  

Martha did another pregnancy test & it was Negative.  I told her to wait until marriage & she agreed.  All received the '10 Commandments" & Heaven, Hell & Purgatory brochure.

Jose came & brought tons of baby item,s for our clients, from a neighbor.  Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at Focus

We worked on all the donations that Jose left yesterday & there was a lot.  We now have a car seat, stroller, & a high chair, which is saved for Neyoka's client, that she is helping.  We need more beds though.  In time.  We hd Annette & Joan & Frank helping us out.  I went to the Post Office, Bank & to Tops Market for Focus supplies, we can't be without.  

Our client who is pregnant, that told Martha that she wanted an abortion after the pregnancy test,  went to her OB doctor today & is now on prenatal vitamins.  Praise God!!   I put an email out last night to our prayer partners for prayer & God heard them.  This is great news!!!!

I can't wait for the mobile ultrasound van on University Ave. for our clients!!!  It's coming in 2020!

Thursday, September 5, 2019 at Focus

I lost it today  :(((  When I arrived, to Focus, I had to have Frank take out the bed frame to my bed that I gave away to a client from my car & then in front of me was a car parked in the front of the building behind another car who was dropping off car seats for donation.  I asked her to move because I couldn't see to pull out & saw that she had taken one of the car seats.  I got out of my car & told her that the car seat has not been checked out yet so please put it back & she did.  I asked her to move her car to across the street where it will be safe.  She moved further up the street where you still cannot park.  I tried.  She did that we have helped her with her 5 children & that she loves us. Ditto!  I went into Focus & asked her to wait but before I got to the office I called out to one of our long helping mom & dad that we will not help them any longer until they get married for there is 7 children involved. They have been at Focus for mamy many years & I thought it was time but I was so wrong. Tell you later.  I went in to the office to start my computer but had a problem until it was solved & checked the car seat that this mother wanted. There was no recalls on it so I said that you could take it.  She looked at it longer & saisd that it was to big for her newborn baby, Okay mom!  She went into the material aid room & get some things & then left.  Later on the mother that I asked not to come back called me & talked.  She told me that she & the father do not live together & don't have sex because thee was domestic violence a couple of years ago where he punched her in the mouth & broke her tooth.  I said that I was sorry & please don't marry him, I didn't know & that I was sorry that I was rude & that she can come back anytime, again to take care of her children.  She said "thank you' &I said that I was glad that she called.  Forgive me Lord I don;t do this kind of thing.  Maybe God allowed this so I could talk with her for awhile to see what was going on.  I strongly suggested that she waits next time for marriage & she said "yes".  She is chaste now & I hope & pray that she will continue.  

Later on in the afternoon I heard that another precious baby was saved at Planned Parenthood from being killed.  This is a second in two weeks may it continue & be more.  Praise God!!

Martha was tired today for she doesn't get much sleep but we work well together..  We didn't have help today except Frank & he was a big help.  Martha & I are trusting in the Lord for the Grant money to come to help us out at Focus.  We said 9 Memorares, inspired by St. Mother Teresa, on her Feast Day.  Thank you Mother Mary & St. Mother Teresa  for interceding for Focus.  Amen!!!

I was in the office when I saw a new face come up the back stairs & went to the door & he introduced himself to me his name is Ben & is a Pro Life advocate at MCC.  He is a Sidewalk Advocate now on Thursdays.  I gave him copious amounts of literature to take with him to educate the people that come his way.  A very nice young man.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at Focus

It was an hectic beginning.  I had to go to the Post Office & then the Bank for deposit, then to Rite Aid to buy diapers & water for Focus.  When I arrived to Windsor St., next to Focus, I called for Martha to come out to get the things out of my car.  She could not for her & Bobbie were so busy so I said that I will wait with my flasher lights on.  Two car, as they passed by me by, beeped at me nice of you dear people. Then one of our clients parked in back of me so I had to get out of my car to tell them to park across the street.  They omved finally. Then I saw a pro life man with his sign & asked if he would help me get the things out of my car.  He was so nice.  So much was going on in Focus where Martha & Bobbie were helping the clients.  Then Sofia came in so I had to confront her, for over a year ago, I asked her to leave because she just had an abortion & wasn't feeling badly about ti.  I asked if she has come to terms to having had an abortion & did you go to Confession & are sorry.  She said "yes" to all questions.  We are helping her now again, for she will be induced, with her pregnancy tomorrow.  If I see her again I will talk to her about chastity.  My heart aches that she is fornicating (two people not married to each other have sexual intercourse) again.    

Bobbie did two pregnancy tests which were Negative.  She spoke with them for awhile for teaching purposes.  A very busy day .



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