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Your pregnancy resource help website

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Source for locating a Center in your time of need!


Toll Free  1-800-712-HELP (4357) 


Locate a pregnancy help center here: Pregnancy Centers


Front Line Weekly 36

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Thursday, September 12, 2019 at Focus

It was a stressful day wit, two of our clients, who are sisters giving me trouble.  I shopped for things for Focus & when I got to Windsor St. which is right beside Focus to drop off the items I just purchased. There were two cars parked, right by the STOP sign, which is ilegal & dangerous. I got out of my car & asked for them to move & they lighted on me like a match.  It was not pleasant.   One of the sisters went into Focus & started screaming why do you think that was necessary  :((  Some of our girls are troubled & do what they want to do with no correction from anybody....& here I came & correct.  I am not a victim so I waited until they went home with their mouth still moving.  So sad!!  The other car, which was behind them, moved with no problem. Some people are workable & some are not......  we saw many people today & it was so busy.  


Tuesday & Wednesday, September 17 & 18, 2019 at Focus

Stress is my friend for I receive so much of it we better get along in order to run the pregnancy center.  It is so busy & that is good but it is hard at times.  Enough complaining.  

I did receive permission to show the important movie 'Unplanned' at the Focus Pregnancy Center but when Mike & I tried to start it wouldn't start so I had to cancel the next day.  We worked on it all evening long & Mike thought that a friend of his could help him but couldn't I had to cancel for Wednesday evening.  I certainly hope that no one shows up.  

I was looking for the DVD player that Rick generously gave Focus & I couldn't find it so I called Neyoka. She called me back saying that she accidently threw it out.  Sorry Rick.....  Mike & I went to Best Buys at 7 pm on Tuesday to purchase a DVD player.  We then went back to Focus & set everything up but the DVD would not Play. We tried & tried & tried so many times & ways but it would not Play.  Gave up & I got home at 12:10 am.


September 24, 25 & 26 at Focus 

First, I want to acknowledge Planned Parenthood, for reading my Blog, hope your heart & mind will change & you will stop murdering little babies, for money, the root of all EVIL.  Women are permanently affected by abortion. Why would you want to injure women, too? Please REPENT for Hell is forever.

It was a challenging week at Focus ministering to all the clients that come into the Center for assistance.  We give the Truth to the clients & most are grateful for that.  Some have already changed their lives & are happy, healthy & holy.   

We spend time with the clients to see what they need & try to provide for them.  My recent request is for more non-perishable food items.  Someone gave me $40.00 in cash to go buy some for our clients who are hungry.  Another $10.00 came for another donation so I will have $50.00 for shopping at Tops Market for our food cupboard.  Thank you Lord!!!

It was a busy but rewarding week......many more to come.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at Focus

I went to the Post office & then to the Bank & then to Focus.  I knew that Martha had an appointment, so she had to leave by 3pm, so I had Linda & her husband Sal come to check the equipment for the showing of 'Unplanned/ next week & to work the center.

I was in the office working & was told that there was a client in need of a pregnancy test.  She found us online.  She was a nice young lady & her test was Positive.  I gave her our list of pro life doctors who don't do abortions nor refer for them.  She was happy & was not abortion minded.  She is hoping for a son.  We'll see. 

Linda was busy taking care of the many clients that came in for assistance. I can't buy diapers & formula fast enough.  We have healthy, happy moms & children. Thank you Lord for making that possible.

Then I was told that another client wanted a pregnancy test.  I went out to the main room & saw two girls coming my way.  The one girl I recognized but the other girl I did not.  She was the one for the test. They were very nice.  Her test was Negative & I began to talk to her about waiting until marriage for sex.  She was quite respective & I was glad,  She said that she goes to church & I said that if you believe in God then you must obey His Commandments.  She smiled & said "yes, that's right".  I mentioned that she can be a Secondary Virgin & she said "yes, that sounds good".  Her friend was supportive to her too.  Her dress was to short & to low, so I invited then to go into the Material Aid Room to shop, which they did.  More clients were coming in with their children & so I invited them into the office to receive a Rosary to pray daily.  They chose the color of their personal Holy Rosary & left with a smile on their beautiful faces.  


Wednesday & Thursday October 2 & 3 2019 at Focus

Both days were good days for we helped many clients with love.  We had great volunteers to assist us & were pleasantly busy.

On Wednesday Martha did a pregnancy test & it was Positive & she is going for an ultrasound next week I will call for a Taxi for her for she doesn't have a ride.  She is happy to be able to see her baby through the ultrasound. 

A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner came to Focus to talk to Martha, Jackie & I for he wants to get involved in the Pro Life cause.  Jackie gave him some suggestions to help him.  It was so nice to have met him & spend some time with him, a very interesting man, and he loves God.

On Thursday I went to Tops Market to get Lynda some Birthday presents.  We got her a beautiful bouquet of multicolored flowers & her favorite candy & a dreamie light pick chocolate cupcake unique.  When I arrived at Focus there was a young girl near the parking lot where we park so I had crossed the street & she crossed the street so I called out to her that Planned Parenthood kills babies & hurts women & we at Focus don;t kill but help for We Care!!!  She was approached by the pro life team who was on the sidewalk ner to Planned Parenthood so I know that they spoke to her too.  I only hope & pray that she didn't go into that horrible place to take the abortion pill that is also killing women besides their precious babies.  Girls you are a victim of their Lies & Deception.  Killing your baby will haunt you for the rest of your lives..... until you REPENT for this serious sin against Almighty God.  He forgives all sin with your sincere heart but please don't do this & have your baby & we & other Pregnancy Centers will help you. Dont believe Planned Parenthood!!!

When I went in to Focus I had a heavy heart & said the Hail Mary prayer many times & trusted in the Lord that she will not have an abortion & well as all women.

There were some clients already here so I waited until they left & got the card & asked Martha to sign it & went out to the Main Room with everything & we sang Happy Birthday to our sweet Lynda who's birthday is October 11th., but she can't come to Focus next week, so we celebrated it today.  We had a surprise for Kathy Burke came in to surprise us & to give us some donations.  It was so good to see her again.  Then came Jackie, & she brought us some donations too, lots of Christmas things.  We all sat at the table ate & talked, it was so nice. Tom joined us later after being out on the front lines for hours. 
A pregnant woman came in with her mother to get some things for her children.  I started to talk to her & she said that her twins were conceived in rape.  I shared that I was gang raped at Strong Memorial Hospital & conceived twins but I miscarried them.  My heart still hurts.  I was going for a Pap Smear & that didn't happen but the gang rape did happen & one of them is the father of the precious twins that I lost.  I named them Jessica Rose & Aaron Joseph.  I will see them in Heaven someday!!!  We got her some church bulletins to go to Confession & then back to weekly Mass & she was receptive.  She got many things & was grateful  She thanked us but I thank her, for  she never thought of killing her twins, who were conceived in a Rape!!  Good girl sweet lady.  God smiled on you!  
We ordered out & the woman who brought the food told us that she will be bringing things for us for our clients, she's never been here before....Wow!!!  I guess she was touched when she came into the Center!!!  It was a good week!!!  Thank you Lord!!!!
Bobbie please have a blessed Saturday as your son gets married.  Hopefully he will come back to the one true Catholic Church & get his marriage blessed some day!!!  Don't worry just keep on praying. 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday on October 8, 9 & 10th at Focus 

This week was busy & I had no time to write on my diary of what happens at Focus.  Sorry!

We showed the very important movie 'Unplanned' about a former worker there for 8 years, at Focus on Wednesday. This is the second time Martha & I have seen it & it was just as hard to watch again.  You can't get anyone at Planned Parenthood to watch it, I guess for it hits to close to home.  The Director of the killim mill said that it was fake when we peacefully protect their art event in the back of Planned Parenthood this summer.  Really, it called DENIAL Miss PP Director!! 🤔 

We saw may young mothers that have chosen to give birth rather than to destroy their precious baby in the womb.....what do you think the womb is for? It's to house your son or daughter it's their home for 9 months as it was your home for 9 months.  It's now become a place of death for the inhabitant.  A pro choice women with education satated to a pro lifer that if you think abortion is murder that why are not these woman in jail.  My question too!!!



Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at Focus

I dropped my car off at the garage & Martha brought me to Focus.  There were two people waiting at the door to come in for things. Parking is working out okay but sometimes is a challenge that we are working out for our many clients.  I went into the office to do my work & was busy for awhile & Martha was working with Bobbie out in the main room.
Martha did a pregnancy test & she was Positive & an ultrasound appointment was made for the next day.  She was happy & was married.  

Fred came later & went to Target & purchase two pac'n plays for our clients.  One of our clients stated talking to Martha & Bobbie & is interested in joining the Catholic Church.  Bobbie offered to be her sponsor & will meet her next Sunday at church.  Great news!!!


Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at Focus

I had to leave my car at the garage on University overnight so Jackie drove me home & Martha came to pick me up at home, in the morning.  We went to Mass, at Our Lady of Victory, downtown before we got to Focus.  Then Martha went to Wendy's to get our lunch.  We started to see clients shortly after 1:30 pm & we pleasantly busy.  Joan came to help us & she was kept busy.  

I was in the office working & answering the phone.  A young girl came in for a pregnancy test which was Negative & she was told about Abstinence & was given a Truth packet to take with her, 

Our clients mean a great deal to us & they are thankful we are here to help with their needs.

I received a call from a girl & she was asking about if we do free pregnancy tests & I said that we do so she was heading over to us.  In the meantime I was called by the garage to pick up my car which was ready.  I called the client & she said that she could wait until Martha gets back.  Thank God that it was very close.  Martha dropped me off & then went back to Focus to do the pregnancy test.  My car needs more work at the Dealers....really  :(((
When I returned Marha told me that this client had two abortions & one pregnancy was Triplets. My heart sank along with Martha's.  Before I new I told the father of this baby to marry the mother of his child  & he said that he was going to.  Then I had to hear this awful news.  She did say to my walking out that she was going to keep her baby.  An ultrasound was made for next week.  Thank God!!

This is the hardest ministry in the world.  We are trying to save & to change lives.  Women don't kill your baby!!!  Women aren't suppose to have abortions........Planned Parenthood thinks you can & they destroy your baby's life & yours too.  They just want your $$$.  An EVIL organization that lie to you & manipulate your young mind,  What you do in the darkness will be exposed to the light.  It's a matter of time!!!!!!! 😢

Thursday October 17, 2013 at Focus

I went to the Post Office & then to the Bank & then to Tops to purchase things for Focus the to Focus where Martha is from 11 am to 6pm then she goes to her Holy Hour to spent time with the Risen Lord, can't do this most difficult ministry without her, thank you Lord!!! 
pregnancy & we were able to give her a Layette for her baby girl & a pac'n play. She was happy!
We had a large donation of new baby clothes & items for our Layette Room.  Thank You Church of the Assumption!!   

Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  She gave her some good teaching on Chasity.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at Focus

Neyoka told me that she was so busy on Monday probably saw 20 clients plus their children.  Thank God that Christine was with her.  So today wasn't as busy as Monday but we were still busy trying to help our clients with their needs.  

We had Bobbie helping us & she such a hard worker as all of our volunteers are.  I was in the office most of the time so much to do. 


Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at Focus

A very stressful day!!  Like most day but it was more today.  We had a regular client come in to say that she had gone to her doctors office at Lattimore & was told that her baby had no heartbeat & they told her to go to Planned Parenthood which she did & they gave her a pill to put under her tongue.  She went outside & spit it out down the drain & came to Focus.  We called Compass Care & they will stop the abortion process tomorrow. They will give an ultrasound to see if she is still pregnant, she said that she was carrying twins.  She was crying & quit upset.  I asked why she would ever go to Planned Parenthood & she said that she was confused.  I gave her a list of good doctors to take with her.  I gave her bus money for she wants to take the bus tomorrow.  I offered a taxi cab but she said "no".  She did take a pac'n play for her 6 month old daughter for she said that she had bed bugs.  Her husband came & go the pac'n play to take with them.  I asked her to come to Focus or call me tomorrow after her appointment she said that she would come by after the appointment.  I have my doubts with this client.  We'll see.
Thank God we had 5 volunteers with Martha & I today for we were so very busy.  So many children came in too.....great.  We want time to talk to our clients to see how their lives are doing & seeing so many people it becomes harder.  Every day is so different. 




Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at Focus

I went to vote & there I ran into a friend of mine. I lived with her for a summer  It was the best summer that I can remember.  It was so nice seeing her & talking with her for a while.  After that, I went to Focus & asked Martha to get the bag of blankets that I bought from Tuesday Morning yesterday for our clients.  They are thankful & I am happy to purchase the blankets for them to be warm, for the weather is getting colder, now.  

Martha had made me lunch to take to my office & before I took the first bite our young girl came in for an interview.  It went so well but she works & couldn't come into Focus until after 5 pm.  So disappointed.  Maybe she can come at least once a month, hope so!!!

Linda came to volunteer & was so helpful.  Martha & Linda worked hard in the main room & the material aid room & I worked in the office. It's always lighter in the first two weeks of the month until the middle of the month, when the clients need so much for the next 2 weeks until the first of the month again.   We are receiving many donations now & we need to put them away.  

Someone left a nice stroller at our door plus two large back bags at the front door.  Our first client was so happy to receive the stroller, for hers was stolen, on the bus, so sad.  She left very happy!!!



Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at Focus

A very stressful day at Focus.  I started out & went to the Post Office & then to the Bank & then to Staples, to get rock salt for the center, for it snowed so much yesterday.  When I was driving I received a call & at the red light & told the person to call me back in 5 minutes for I was almost at Focus.  I tried to pull into the parking lot & got stuck, while I was praying for help when I called the client back. She asked if she could have a pregnancy test & an ultrasound.  I told her to come in & we can guide her for a pregnancy test & a referral for an ultrasound. She asked if we could help her with an abortion if she decides to have one.  I said that we don't help moms do that to their child who has a heartbeat & a soul.  We help them during & after their pregnancy with what they need. She said okay & hung up.  How sad that a loving woman wants the option to have her precious son or daughter be mutilated.  What is wrong with this society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had two men come to help me & I was now in the parking lot & parked.  Mark came in & he put the three new bulbs in the socket on the ceiling.  He was such a help today at Focus.  He was praying in front of PP this afternoon.  God bless them both.  

Michael came in & told me about his program to help so many of our clients with shelter & education, etc..  We will use him in the near future.

Martha told me that a young couple came in & thought this was PP & she told them it was not.  She told them that they kill babies but we do not.  They ran out.  She was stressed today.

Linda came & helped us out immensely for we saw so many clients on a cold snowy day in Rochester. 

I pray for New York State & Planned Parenthood that thinks that baby killing is okay...Wounded mothers & fathers are not pretty!!!!


Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at Focus

Another busy day at Focus.  So many people & so much work that we are happy to do.
I thank Joan & Frank, for helping out, for we could not have done it without them.  The office is looking good & more organized.  It will finally happen!  

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at Focus

I received a call, from a young lady, for a pregnancy test tomorrow.  I hope she will come.  I went to the Post Office & not to the Bank for there was nothing in the box today.  But when I arrived at Focus & Martha handed me the mail I was so happy.  I asked Linda, who was volunteering, to take me to the Bank & to deposit the very large check for the Mobile Ultrasound Van.  Praise God & thank you Knights of Columbus for this very generous donation to save lives of people in the womb!!

Martha & Linda were very busy which is what is expected at the end of the month  The next-door neighbor from Focus called the Tow truck yesterday on one of our poor clients.  Thanks again, Tom Ellis!!!

I was so happy that when I drove by the house, by the expressway, that had a sign on their front yard which read 'I STAND FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD', in the recycle bin.  I honked for the last time today.  They must have found out the truth about this organization that kills people for money. 

Every day I pray, for the pro-death neighbors & Planned Parenthood, which surrounds our Pregnancy Center. It's like being surrounded bu wolves.  I only hope that they will come to Christ before they die.  Lord Have Mercy!!! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at Focus

A busy but pleasant day at Focus. I arrived after having going to the Post Office & the Bank tomorrow.  When I arrived I saw a young woman coming out Focus with a car seat which is good until 2021.  I cleaned my car off some more & it looks good now.  I went into Focus & saw that Neyoka made it a Christmas wonderland!!  She did such a great job!!  

I went into the office & starting working & Martha was out in the Main Room working then the doorbell started ringing.  Started to get busy.  Later on, Linda came in but first Cathy came in waiting for someone to meet her outside to pray & advocate.  No one came so she stayed to help us out & will be back next Tuesday before & after she prays & advocated out on the frontline. 
We need more help on Tuesdays for Bobbie will be in Arizona until after Christmas.  We do miss her.  Much later Linda W. came to help us too......fantastic.  We had someone drop off donations earlier with many bags.  They worked hard helping the many clients that come into Focus to receive assistance.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019, at Focus

A very busy day with clients & donations that we given to us on Saturday.  Martha had a mother & daughter, that was here at Focus, to help her with putting things away for a couple of hours.  They were so nice & helpful.  One of the girls said that she was at Planned Parenthood earlier to get condoms & I gave her a Truth packet & she threw out the condoms.  She said " no sex until I am married right," I said "right".  Her mother smiled. This is a beginning of the first day of her life. Your power is in NO not YES!!!!

I was told that a mother, of many, went to Planned Parenthood before she came into Focus today,  I then said to her "don't come back to Focus if you go there". This woman had heard the truth for so many, many years.  She brought her newborn baby into the center today.  She has children that other people are raising.  This breaks my heart that she is not learning to save herself & is planning on giving herself to any man (again).  I pray for her by name daily.  Please wake up dear girl.  Where are the fathers of your children, mothers???

Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at Focus

We had a lot of help at Focus today.  There was Joan, Annette & Frank.  It was so nice to help Martha, for we had a lot of donations, & it takes time to sort & then to help out our important clients, too.  We are encouraging our moms, hopefully, dads & children to come to our Christmas Party this Saturday.  It should be fun.  Santa can't wait!!!! 

Preparing for Martha's & Rob's birthday, they are close together.  I got a cake & birthday cards & we should have a nice celebration after our Board Meeting tonight.  Fr. Jim will be at the Focus Board Meeting tonight informing us of the advancement of the Mobile Ultrasound Van.  Should be interesting & informative.  It's always good seeing our wonderful & active board members. 

A catch-up, on many weeks at Focus, at the end of 2019

Wished you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy & Blessed New Year in 2020!! 

I was so busy I didn't have time to write on my Blog or Diary of events that take place at the Focus Pregnancy Center.  Here are a few events that took place at the end of 2019!!!

We had a  wonderful Christmas Party, for our clients, at Our Lady of the Americas Church in December & we had a great Santa Claus for he enjoys it so much.  We had people that decorated the vast room & we had many cookies & candy & new books to give out along with many unique gifts for the children. Pizza for all & all enjoyed it very much.  We saw many people on this rainy & cold day in December.  All left happy  :)))

We saw many clients that came in for gifts for their children for Christmas & were grateful.  Martha did some pregnancy tests & we will have new babies in 2020!!  That's what it's all about!!!!

By the way, a Mobile Ultrasound Van was purchased...Praise God for this!!!  Can't wait for this wonderful team to be on the street, to save lives, from being killed by Planned Parenthood.

2019 was a great & productive year with many of God's blessings!! 
Thank you, Lord, for you are the creator of life!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, January 7th., 8th. & 9th. 2020 at Focus

The new year has begun!  We have seen many clients assist them with their needs.  Martha did two pregnancy tests which were Negative & they were educated with the Truth packet each.

One day I was on Windsor St. & I asked a young lady walking up the street if she needed anything that we can help her at Focus & I pointed to the facility.  Then I asked her if she was going to Planned Parenthood & she giggled & continued to walk up the street & made a left hand turn down the street.  I went to park my car across the street & saw her talking to the sidewalk advocate & then walked into Planned Parenthood.  My heart sank.  I called over to the sidewalk advocate & he walked towards me & we talked & he said that she took the brochure that he offered her before she went into the death building.  He said he will talk to her when she comes out.  I said "thank you" & walked into Focus.  It was about 10 minutes later that Kathy came in with a young girl so I left the office & went out to the main room & said "hello" to the young lady that I spoke to on Windsor St.. Martha did a pregnancy test which was Negative.  She made an appointment to see a doctor at His Branches for medical care for she is new to Rochester.  She is a Christian & I explained some things to her.  She gave me a hug as she left.  I was so happy!!

Wednesday as I was coming into the center & saw a woman that has been to Focus before & she hollered to me saying "Mary you saved this girls baby".  "What," I said, as she was crossing the street & getting into the car.  I guess she couldn't talk but she said a lot as she left.  Thank you, Lord, that you saved this precious baby from being killed, but happened to use me for it, too.  

A nice gentleman came into Focus with all of his 9-year-olds things from infancy & a little beyond.  The whole front room was filled with large items, such as a changing table & big toys & a High Chair, etc..  It was so nice of him & he was happy too, now he can use his basement.  He son was adopted & he is the only child.  His wife found us through a friend. Thank you!!!

Christine M. came in with food, for a nice lunch for us girls, & we talked & talked some more. She gave us a donation, from her generous brother, & some baby items from a pregnancy center in another area.  We were blessed.  Now we have so much more to give out, to our many clients, to help them with their families needs.  Praise God!! 
It was a good week!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, January 14, 15 & 16 at Focus

January is a very difficult month for me because evil is celebrating the killing of over 61 million people in 47 years plus the numbers who were killed before abortion became legal. Can you imagine that there are women in the world that actually kill babies & promote it & the women who let them kill their precious child?  What is wrong with WOMEN??  It is unnatural to kill your baby........ We are here to help them with their pregnancy & afterward too. We offer to help women, NOT by death & destruction, as Planned Parenthood does.  Why do they do this?  Maybe it's for the $$$$$$$ for you NEVER are helping them by killing their child.  Women NEVER get over their abortions, it might take a lifetime to get out of denial, but someday they will have to face God with what they have done & I hope & pray that they ask for His forgiveness before that time.  I really hope & pray that they will NOT kill, their precious child or children, in the first place.  Death bed confessions, there are many.  

Planned Parenthood is celebrating, the murdering of children, in two Rochester events this month.  It's so difficult to comprehend.  I pray that the blinders will be removed from their eyes, minds & hearts, & that they repent & change their lives, through the love of the Lord.  He alone can save!!!

We received many donations from good people this week again.  So helpful!!!!

A married couple, from Persia, came in with their daughter & the mom is pregnant again with another girl & needs a pac'n play, stroller & a car seat.  We will try to get these items for her soon.  There were so many requests for pac'n plays this week.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at Focus

I was having car trouble, since Friday of last week, so Frank said that he would pick me up, & then go to the store to get what we needed for Focus.  I bought 6 pack n' plays, a highchair, diapers, newborns & size 4&5's, wipes, many cans of baby formula & some baby clothes & filled his large car with it all. I was grateful that he helped me. We got to Focus & the car garage called me & said that my car was fixed & I can pick it up before 6 pm. Good. It was a busy day at Focus & the grandparents came to pick up the highchair that their son called me about yesterday.  They were grateful & praised the lord as they left.  We also gave away a pac'n play as they were coming into the center.  The need is great. 

We had an incident with one of our clients.  I was in the office & Martha & Frank were in the main room & the doorbell rang & there were 5 young girls that came in asking for many things.  Martha was getting tired so I went out to the room & said: "ladies it's time to leave, you got a lot of things for your children including formula".  They smiled & said "oaky". Then one of the ladies said, "the girl that just left doesn't have a baby & she sells things on the street in front of the House of Mercy".   "Really," I said, "that's not good".  I asked Martha if she showed an ID for herself & baby & she said "just her's".  I said they need to show two ID's, remember.  I printed out a flier & we have it hung in front of the Sign-In table now.  Hope this works, for we decided, on this procedure months ago.  I guess it just slipped by.  I told this lady that told us about what she did that God saw what she did & she will have to stand before Him someday as we all will. I think she might be on drugs.... don't know.  I said a prayer for her life to heal & change.  I pray for our clients, staff, financial & material donors & all who work at Planned Parenthood, for their conversion, salvation & repentance, daily.  

Kathy C. came in to help us & Frank stayed so that he could take me to the car garage before 6 pm. It was a busy fruitful day. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at Focus

Roe vs. Wade Day, 47 years of murdering little babies, that God just created to be on this Earth.  65 million people have died a horrible death by abortion.  

The otherside celebrates this day of death & destruction's a disgrace!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020, at Focus

Roe vs. Wade Day, 47 years of murdering little babies, that God just created to be on this Earth.  65 million people have died a horrible death by abortion.  

The other side celebrates this day of death & destruction's a disgrace!!!!!!

Martha did a pregnancy test today & she was Positive but was Post Abortive seven years ago & she regretted it so very much & she almost cried while talking about it.  She is scheduled for an ultrasound, next week, & is happy & so was Martha & I.  Abortion Hurts Women!!!


Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at Focus

I receive many phone calls, every day except on Saturday's & Sunday's though I get a few, but today's phone call was special.  The young lady asked if she could receive things for her baby, who is due to be born soon, & I said "yes, of course, come on in" then she told me that she came into Focus, last year, for a pregnancy test & was going to abort her baby but what we had said to her saved her baby's life.  Praise God, for we know that it was the Lord's words through us.  Can't wait for the baby to be born.  Mom is doing well.  

I worked in the office most of the afternoon & Martha, Linda & Kathy, worked in the main room, & saw many clients to assist.  It was a good day!!

Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday, February 25th., 26th. & 27th. at Focus

All last week I was not at Focus for my car's breaks stopped working so I got my car to the garage ASAP & thank God the car stopped before I crashed into the Goodyear glass window in the front of the office.  It was there for three days & cost a lot of money.  I do have my car back now thank God.  It is an old faithful car.  Things happen!!

I am now back at Focus. We were not that busy this week but we did help some clients with their needs. 

We did have a leak in the playroom, the ceiling pad does have a hole in it now, but I called a roofer, I got from the Internet, & he came right away & fixed it.  Great job Mr. Fussy.  

We did a lot of work with the donations & cleaned the books, toys & stuffed animals with the nontoxic Clorox spray.  A lot got done this week. 
I pray for the end to abortion daily & for the conversion of those people that think it is okay to murder a defenseless baby in the womb & even outside the womb.  They sell their souls for $$$$$$$.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at Focus

I had to go to the Post Office today but not the bank.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I had to drive to East Rochester before I got to Focus & give them the information that they required for the Tax Exempt status.  I have done this before but they needed more information which I gave them today.  Hopefully, this will work this time. 

Fr. Leone came in with three women who were praying on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  It is always good seeing him.  He blessed us & our center & left.  He comes to pray on the sidewalk once a month.  Thank you Fr. Leone!!!!

Linda & Kathy came to help us & we were pleasantly busy.  Our pregnant mom is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow at Compass Care. She is anxious to see her precious baby.  

We received a lot of donations that are being put away by our volunteers.  Thanks girls.  Our doorbell stopped working but Martha fixed it. Ty Martha!
No more leaking from the roof & I need to purchase a ceiling patch to replace the one with a hole in it.  Nice not to have water coming down on our heads, it reminded Martha & I of 86 University Ave., when it happened almost weekly, even after the two floods where the water was on the floor up to the front door.  The ceilings were usually wet due to the flat old roof. Things are better hear at 135 University except seeing Planned Parenthood across the street where they murder babies.

Tuesday, March 11, 2020, at Focus

It was a good day at Focus & now we are able to buy car seats, pac'n plays, strollers, etc. for our clients in need.  Praise God for this fine blessing.  Our clients are in desperate need & we want to be able to assist them right away.  

Martha did a pregnancy test later this day & our young girl has had sex since she was in 5th Grade.  She said that she did a naughty & I replied do not do it again until your married.  Where is her mother & father?????  The rod was in her arm, & she thought she was safe, but now figures she's not.  The test was Negative but will come back in a week for a repeat test.  I gave her important literature for her to read.  I said "you are young, change your life, so you can live better".  CHASTITY girls!!!  It will not disappoint you!!!

I went to my Holy Hour, to cry out to the Lord, who hears & helps me.





Martha & I are back at Focus starting on May 19, 20 & 21st.. Neyoka has been working, in the center during the Pandemic, so we have always been open.  Thank you Lord!!!

We have been pleasantly busy with our clients who have to wear a mask & is helped at the inside of the front door. They can't come up the three stairs to the main room.  All get what they need.  I purchased a three container cart with wheels so that we can put the clothes into it from the Material Aid Room & roll it to the door & they can see what we have for their needs.  It works out well. 

Neyoka, is here at Focus, on Mondays & Fridays & works hard.  E'Tiana will be back on two Saturdays in June.  All is going well.

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